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#keepmemphiscreative 11/27 Saddle Creek Pop Up

First Dibs Party

Loflin Yard Pop Up


At Arrow we believe in the artistic growth of our city and Arrow that we believe in the the holidays. the At power art and designevents haveduring to strengthen our artisticgrowth ofourcityand thevoices Arrowof staff, board of directors community, amplifying the the individuals who power that art and design have and volunteers are honored to make our city special. This holiday season, we're to strengthen our community, carry the torch. This year’sproud show amplifying voices ofand the support isn’toneover tomiss. ourexpanded promote 85Inindividual to be able tothe individuals who make our city facilities off Central Ave., the artists at the Holiday Bazaar. artists and makers of Memphis special. This holiday season, we’reproudtobeabletopromote are sure to make your holidays support over 85was individual Theand Holiday Bazaar a timebright! honored tradition at artists at the Holiday Bazaar. Memphis College of Art for 69Join years, one oflocal our us inand supporting The Holiday Bazaar was a time makers we continue to build personal favorite events during the asholidays. Arrow honored tradition at Memphis a community to Keep Memphis staff, board of directors and volunteers are honored to College of Art for 69 years, and Creative. carry the torch. Thisfavorite year's show isn't one to miss. In our one of our personal

expanded facilities off Central Ave., the artists and makers of Memphis are sure to make your holidays Final Weekend Pop Up 11/21-12/23 bright!12/15

Join us in supporting local makers as we continue to build a community to 12/18-12/19 Keep Memphis Creative. Open Retail at Arrow Early Risers Shopping


Arrow Creative has a new home just off Central Avenue, which will serve as the hub for the Memphis creative community. With artist studios on site, shared equipment, co-working space, and classes year round, a visit to Arrow is sure to delight and inspire your inner creative. “A space like this is vital for creatives all over, but especially here in Memphis,” said Memphis jeweler of IV, David Quarrels, “We’re getting back to our roots, welcoming the resurgence of makers. So, a place to create, collaborate, and, of course, make money as an artist is something we’re all looking forward to. (Arrow) will help us all to continue to breed the atmosphere of community that our creatives need: that our city needs.” Meet the artists and watch them work, then purchase a piece from their studio to take home. Learn a new skill, utilize specialized equipment, or support the budding mini-maker with classes for kids, all in one location. With special events, artist chats, and multiple galleries with ever changing exhibitions, every visit to Arrow offers something new to appreciate, enjoy, observe or learn. Many makers in Memphis find themselves without the resources and space they need to create. Since our opening, we have worked to make Arrow a place for artists to grow as solo entrepreneurs in Memphis. Arrow provides, to the art enthusiast as well as the creative entrepreneur, equipment, classes, work space, gallery, exhibitions, creative studios, and a retail area to create a thriving center where art and business merge. Join our creative community and Keep Memphis Creative.



Jessica's colorful paintings reflect her love of nature and encourages a responsibility to care for the environment, a source of personal renewal and energy. Her symbolic work depicts vivid, emotional, playful and dreamlike versions of reality. @jessica_mahan_art

Rachael Grant // Crimson + Clover

Specializing in contemporary floral design that combines blooms in unusual ways to make a big impact! It's our goal to express and convey your feelings through flowers. Ready-made arrangements are available for pick up. @crimsonandcloverflowers

Debi Vincent

i've been collecting antiques for as long as I can remember and they are a constant inspiration for my art. i use bright colors and patterns to freshen them up. give me ALL the color! @debivincentart

Meghean Warner

Meghean Warner is inspired by Memphis, God’s glorious creation, and the wonderful people in her city! @megheanwarnerart

Emily Dunn // Boho Grit

A multimedia artist currently focused on delicate, modern gold jewelry and modern geometric plywood shelves. Minimalism and natural beauty are her signature themes. @boho.grit

OUR STUDIO ARTISTS Rachel Mattson // Aunt K Paints

A teacher by day and an artist in all the in between spaces. Rachel paints the world - vegetation, human constructions, and animals - as she sees it. "The insides of our brains are a wild adventure and I’m learning to be more comfortable putting mine to paper." @auntkpaints

Lauren Tester // Lauren Brook Jewlery

Jewelry for every woman. Both minimalist and maximalist designs that take the wearer from home, to work, and everywhere else she finds herself. @laurenbrookjewelry

Shelby Ash Brown

Shelby focuses her paintings on the collaboration between sheer color and cutting, scrappy marks. Her milky, muddled abstracts bring peaceful sceneries while layering line carvings with intentional mark making. @shelbyashbrown

Saratou Kane // Hanan Pretties

A graduate of the fashion design certificate program, Saratou Kane makes children's clothes that combine a playful vibe with comfort of using only natural fibers in her garments. @hananpretties 5

Terial Lee

"It’s my goal to express my personal style and the changes I make to hopes that others will be inspired to define and understand their own personal style." @teriallee

Dorothy Collier

Mostly creating with oil paint, Dorothy Collier paints with impressionistic strokes. In her studio you will find pieces she created to bring bright maximalism grandmillenial vibes to your home. @dorothyart

Ramone Allen // Mural Muse

Fluid ART/Resin/Acrylic/Ink @mural.musedesign

Naiima Love // Kipepeo Collective

Handmade magic for the divinely aligned. Slow fashion~In order to fly we must allow ourselves space to play and remember our dreams. @kipepeocollective

Louise Palazola // Palazola Productions

Louise Palazola’s work envisions the natural world as a place both beautiful and challenging. Her photographs emerge from a process of ongoing engagement with nature. A formally trained studio photographer, Louise has recently began making organic dream catchers from vines and found objects. @palazolalouise

Yemi Allen // Invictus Designs

Arrow's AutoZone Youth Creative Entrepreneur Residency student, Opeyemi Allen, a 16 year old, at Germantown High, turned his passion for fashion into Mall of Muyiwa, a custom apparel and merchandise business. @invictus_designs

Toriyell Howard // Gaia's Gift

Arrow's AutoZone Youth Creative Entrepreneur Residency student, Toriyell markets a variety of crystal jewelries. Each crystal has a different meaning and its aid can be applied to many facets of the human experience.

Deanna Hamsley

Deanna spends her time creating pieces that feel like the familiar world, but are ambiguous, general, and abstract. She loves working with different mediums which allows her flexibility with concepts and design. @deannahamsleyartwork

Goose Maiden // Dreadnought Photo Werkz

A published freelance photographer, currently living in Memphis. He's been involved in photography since the mid 1980's. He's currently working on several projects in the studio. @dreadnought_photo_werkz

Arrow Creative is honored to carry on a 69-year-old tradition, the annual Holiday Bazaar featuring local makers and creatives. The Arrow Creative is honored to carry familiartableofexpertlycraftedwooden popular event was once run by the Memphis College of Art, which on a 69-year-old tradition, the annual cutting boards and spoons. Adorable closed May of 2020. Holiday Bazaar featuring local makers plushies wink at you from a pasteland creatives. The popular event was

infused table. Ceramic mugs call out to



Arrow mini maker instructor, artist Terriyou, Scott put it perfectly when once run by the Memphis College asking to be held. As one painting she spoke about the former MCA event, "The excitement is of Art, which closed May of 2020. is removed from the wall, another takes contagious. With a cup of wine in hand,itsyou weave through the place. Everyone is lively, carrying You have a mental you want toandvisit crowd. Arrow mini maker instructor, artistnote Terri of which theirtables treasures to check-out, feeling first. table of carefully food ajewelry beckons you ScottAput it perfectly when shecrafted spoke little drunk on wine and holiday cheer.” forward, youMCA can’t resist about theand former event, “Thegazing upon the colorful paintings and sculptures inspired bya cup sea life. There’s familiar table of excitement is contagious. With Arrow the is proud to keep this tradition expertly cutting boards spoons. Adorable of wine incrafted hand, youwooden weave through aliveand for local art enthusiasts as well as plushies at you fromnote a pastel-infused table. Ceramic mugs the crowd.wink You have a mental of our creative entrepreneurs. In ordercall to is removed fromArrow the out to you, which tables asking you wantto tobe visitheld. first. AAs one painting showcase our artists and makers, wall, place. EveryoneCreative is lively, carrying their typical tableanother of carefullytakes craftedits food jewelry changed the bazaar’s treasures check-out, and feeling a little drunk onamonth-long wine and beckonsyouto forward, andyoucan’t resist weekend eventto endeavor holiday cheer." gazing upon the colorful paintings and complete with a ticketed First Dibs Arrow is proud to keep this tradition alive for local art enthusiasts as well as our creative entrepreneurs. In order to showcase our artists and makers, Arrow Creative changed the bazaar’s typical weekend event to a month-long endeavor

complete with a ticketed First Dibs Party, private shopping experiences and creative classes through out the month. creative classes through out the month. the brim with amazing pieces from local artists and makers.

We look

With Arrow Creative’s dedication to help locals find unique gifts With Arrow Creative’s dedication forward to welcoming you into our and products curated by their local creative counterparts, the to help locals find unique gifts and new home in Midtown Memphis. ambition to highlight Memphis talent of all ages will continue on. products curated by their local This year’s Holiday Bazaar will featureRead Arrow's makers of many creative counterparts, the ambition to more of Terri’s “A Love Letter to fashion design, fiber arts, mediums, including ceramics, fine art,the highlight Memphis talent of all ages Holiday Bazaar” on Arrow’s blog photography, and will continue on.woodworking This year’s Holiday Bazaar will feature Arrow’s makers of

Arrow hopes toincluding help everyone theDibs holiday finding many mediums, ceramics, get into First Holidayspirit, Bazaar party is a the giftdesign, for your and family. few pages fineperfect art, fashion fiberfriends arts, ticketed The eventnext on Saturday November give you a glimpse intoand our show, but 20th. the gallery is tickets filledand to the photography, woodworking more. Grab your join us! brim with amazing pieces from local artists and makers. We look forward to towelcoming into our new home in Midtown Arrow hopes help everyoneyou get into Memphis. the holiday spirit, finding the perfect gift for your friends and family. The

Read more ofgive Terri's "A Love Letter to the Holiday Bazaar" on next few pages you a glimpse into Arrow's page our show,blog but the gallery is filled to

First Dibs Holiday Bazaar party is a ticketed event on Saturday November 20th. Grab your

First Dibs Host Sponsors Abby and Jack Phillips

Lauran Stimac

Amanda Goetze

Miller and Hunter Cowan

Amber McCabe

Molly Polatty

Anne and Kemp Conrad

Rhea and Ed Crenshaw

Crady Schneider

Ruthie Bowlin

Dorothy Collier

Stephany Goodnight & Robert Munoz

Kat Gordon

Tate and Webb Wilson

Kelly Jo and Mitch Graves Follow and join Arrow in our support of local creatives



GOODIES STARTING AT $12 Jess Tinsley Mini Canvases $60

Julie's Artwork Mixed Media "Church" $375

Jeff Elzemeyer "Lily" $150 Photograph printed on metal 12x12

901 Drift $48 Gold Plated Drift Wood Ring

September Nails $12 Handmade bath bombs contain natural emollients and softeners to help moisturize and indulge your skin.

Leah Sweet $15-$23 Hand painted terra cotta planters. Multiple sizes and patterns available.

DLynn Art $25 Hand painted Memphis bridge ornament


to p $160 t e p Re rry Lam s a l g Dou er & Che Pap


Buying for kids can be the most fun! Stop by Arrow to see an assortment of coloring pages, stuffed animals, clothes, books and more!

GIFTS FOR KIDS Frayed Knot Crochet Bunny Lovey $38.

Goodnight Memphis Hardcover Children's Book $20 Sketcheroos Pins and magnets $15-25

Hanan Pretties Cotton Dress $36 Keep Memphis Creative Nylon Bag $35


We know your kids want phones and gadgets, but we think you should surprise them with purses, jewelry and fun art, all made locally!

Jorja Lyneé ge $80 a t in v d e k r o rew

D "Dancer imitri Stevens Portrait" $575

Trashed Cookie Earrings $15

GIFTS FOR TEENS New Harbert Peabody Hearth Candle $22

Sketcheroos Memphis Stickers $8 901Drift Driftwood Earrings $50 Perry Pencil Co. Schitt's Creek Pencil Set $10

Melanie Anderson Pugs and Kisses 8x8 $30

I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUSE Arrow Creative has pieces small and large for the Mom, Wife, Sister and Aunts in your life. Choose from luxurious bath products to glittery jewels and everything in between.

DL0y1nMn eAmrtphis No. 9 $50

Bead Town 2 Salad Set $150

"HaSpopphia O y Abslench tract"ek $75


Lindsey Glenn Scarf $24

Leah Sweet Ring Trays $18 New Angle Leather Cuff Bracelet $140

Liz Steiner Mica Hoops $195

DIsco Memphis Tee $38

THE HAP-HAP-HAPPIEST CHIRSTMAS Don't forget the fellas. Arrow has hand worked leather items, wooden bowls and wine stoppers. Look sharp this season with bow ties and pocket squares, all created and designed by local makers.

GIFTS FOR HIM Smeary Soapbox Press Sputnik Color Print $25

Combustion Ceramics Match holder $15 Black Sheep Hot Sauce $50 Drew Cox Catch Me If You Can $425

Jeff Elzemeyer Hardwood cutting board $85

Holiday Bazaar Creatives Aunt K’s Boho Grit Roselo Candles Rose Pereira Hell + High Water Jeff Elzemeyer Doc Pottery 901 Genuinely G Sketcheroos Good Egg BMB Designs Jess Tinsley Combustion Ceramics Etch Doodles Amavi House Janey Bee Jems Avenue Wrapping Mary B Pottery Kipepeo Collective Jacklyn Scott Frayed Knot Dorothy Collier Lauren Brook Jewelry Good Night Memphis Dale Martin Liz Steiner 901 Drift Sol & Co Mrunal’s Vintage Memphis Greetings Jared Rawlinson Black Sheep Bottling Roots by Rickie Shelby Brown Fido Fresh WeCanToo Louise Palazola Dimitri Stevens Leah Sweet Trashed Cookie Jean Marie Burks Colors by Kait

Just a M.O.M. Creations Budding Flowers Jeannie’s Art Mona’s Musings Najee Strickland Debra Ferber Lidsey Glenn Bead Town 2 Anna Bearman Swirling Dreams Renee Gibson Sofia Olenchek Douglas Repetto Designs Art by Melanie Anderson Drew Cox Art Kelly Cox Deanna Hamsley Another Story Designs Phyllis Boger Studio Julie’s Artwork Happy Little Paintings Erica Qualy Art JH Artwear and Designs Hester Lane Golden Beauty Grass Perry Pencil Co Kate Oates Adorn Daily Art Jorja Lyneé Susan Maakestad Meghean Warner Grace SIler Mary Couillard Alexis Coleman Christopher Davis Catherine Pena Three Notes Skincare New Harbert Candles


ibs D t y s t r BAZAAR r BAZAAR Fi a P Wednesday


10:00 - 5:00

1 1 . 2 0 . 210:00 1 Thursday - 5:00 6:00-8:30PM


10:00 - 6:00


10:00 - 6:00 Saturday COCKTAILS. SHOPPING. 11:00 - 5:00 Sunday

CONTACT US ABBY PHILLIPS Executive Director, Co-Founder

JACKLYN SCOTT Programs and Office Manager

EMILY DUNN Retail Manager Founder of Memphis Modern Market

SOPHIA MURPHY Retail and Programs Assistant

CHRIS BELL DAVIS Digital Media Manager


ADDRESS 653 Philadelphia St off Cenral Ave across from Central BBQ

PHONE NUMBER (901) 213-6320