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SEPTEMBER 2013 Promoting Te Aroha Edition 17 Circulation 3100 The f O n o i t a OrHganis PIAKO HEARING ASSOCIATION INC. Month

‘I BEG YOUR PARDON’ An I-Pod, MP3 player or an i-phone can bring a lot of listening pleasure, especially to teenagers. However it does come with a couple of risks. The first risk is uncommon, but can be fatal. Distraction when attempting to cross a street causes the listener to not notice the car, bus, truck which is about to squish him (or her). The second more subtle risk is the long term exposure to very loud music which over time causes irreversible hearing loss. Ninety percent of teenagers have some type of in ear listening device. Of this, sixty six percent are listening at a level that can cause damage. Many devices deliver one hundred and twenty decibels which is the equivalent to a jet engine at full cry. The problem is that the technology is still so new that the researchers and experts are still coming to terms with the potential for an epidemic of deafness in relatively young people. If you are interested or concerned and would like more information, just google ‘hearing loss - i-pod’. “It is a bit of a worry,” I beg your pardon,” “I said It is a bit of a worry”. The Te Aroha Hearing Association Branch are holding FREE Hearing Tests on Tuesday 10th

24hr Breakdown 0800 4AXIS1 0800 429471 • Repairs & maintenance to all makes & models • Trucks, 4WD & commercial vehicles • Auto Electrical & on-site repairs • Boat servicing & repairs • WOF - TYRES Tel: 07 884 7039 Lawrence Ave, Te Aroha


September from 9am-12noon at the Senior Citizens Hall, Church Street, Te Aroha. Phone 0800 4327 4373 to make an appointment. A display and talk about various assistive devices for people with hearing loss will follow at 1.00pm. This presentation will be run by Bill Rennox, Audiologist and Raylene King, Hamilton Hearing Association. This is open for anyone to come along and find out what is available. Further enquiries to Murray Barker 07 884 9933. see page 10

at your service!

ANY Animal ANY Problem ANYTime

35 Rewi Street,Te Aroha

07 884 9459

Imagine if if your income Imagine your income stopped coming in. stopped coming in. Few people realise that their biggest asset isn't Few people realise that their biggest asset isn’t something they own – it’s their to ability something they own - it's their ability earn an to earn an income. And like every valuable income. And like every valuable asset, it should asset, it should be protected. be protected. To talk about protecting your income

call AMP Assure onincome 889 5117 Totoday, talk about protecting your today, call or 88 44 225. AMP Assure on 889 5117 or 88 44 225. A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.

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Across 4. First electricity supply came from here in Hamilton Street. 7. H Kenrick was the first warden of the 8. Maori All Blacks scrum coach a former _______ 15Player 9. There was a scattering of ________ in Te Aroha in the 1870’s 17 11. Morning cuppa raised $600 for____ NZ 14. Used to transport you across the river before the bridge 15. Fonterra ______ for 9021new jobs 20 22 16. Passenger boat for pleasure trips on the river were built by W.M. _______ 17. Have you got your ________ in to stand? 18. Opened in 1886 with a rush of steam 23. Tui mine was contaminated by 24. The gold town that vanished 2925. Council has no interest in ______ with anybody 27. Fonterra ______ scare 29. He built the Hot Springs Hotel for his father in law 30. Te Aroha ___________ wins two top awards

1. This band h year since 1 2. Bygrave & 3. This Tank e club 5. This Compa 6. Te Aroha _ 10. This season 12. Kotuku was 13. Treaty settl 19. Local teen g 20. Te Aroha M to help com 21. Youth Emp Board Gran 22. This flower 26. This Te Aro tournament 28. Committed

Answer Key HTML Down Answer Key PDF List this puzzle for the pub Across 4. First electricity supply came from here in 1. This band has played at Field DayPrintable WaihouPDF every Other puzzles by a Hamilton Street. year since 1989 29 Use the "Printable HTML" get a clean page, in either HTML 7. H Kenrick was the first warden of the 2. Bygrave & Aislabie Te button Aroha to were button to print. won't have buttons or ads, just your puz 8. Maori All Blacks scrum coach a former _______ print 3. This Tank engineThis has page arrived at the model railway 30 know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the pag Player club Don't panic! 9. There was a scattering of ________ in Te Aroha 5. This Company backs planting days ____ _____ in the 1870’s 6. Te Aroha _______ Boxing Club annual tournament 11. Morning cuppa raised $600 for____ NZ 10. This season has begun Down Across The Te Aroha Crossword questions and answers are kindly researched and produced Used tohas transport across theWaihou river before 1. 14. This band playedyou at Field Day everythe 12. Kotuku was the name of J.C. ____ boat 4. First from here byelectricity the staff supply of the came Te Aroha and in District Museum. bridge year since 1989 Hamilton Street. 13. Treaty settlement was completed in______ time Answers page 25. Fonterra ______ for newwere jobs 2. 15. Bygrave & Aislabie Te 90 Aroha 7. H Kenrick was the first warden of the 19. Local teen gets her book ______ Passenger boat has for pleasure on the railway river This Tank engine arrived attrips the model 8. Maori All Blacks scrum coach a former _______ 3. 16. 20. Te Aroha Miniature and Model Railway need –____ were built by W.M. _______ club Player to help complete a project Have you gotbacks your planting ________ in to stand? This Company days ____ _____ 9. There was a scattering of ________ in Te Aroha 5. 17. 21. Youth Empowerment Service benefits from ______ in 1886 with a rush steam tournament in the 1870’s Board Grant 6. 18. Te Opened Aroha _______ Boxing Clubofannual Tui mine has wasbegun contaminated by 11. Morning cuppa raised $600 for____ NZ 22. This flower represents a special August charity day 10.23. This season The gold that of vanished 14. Used to transport you across the river before the 12.24. 26. This Te Aroha club recently held its annual Kotuku was town the name J.C. ____ boat bridge 25. Council has no interest in ______ with anybody tournament 13. Treaty settlement was completed in______ time 15. Fonterra ______ for 90 new jobs Fonterra ______ scare______ 28. Committed to “Keeping it _____ ” 19.27. Local teen gets her book 16. Passenger boat for pleasure trips on the river builtMiniature the Hot Springs Hotel for his need father–____ in 20.29. Te He Aroha and Model Railway were built by W.M. _______ law complete a project to help 17. Have you got your ________ in to stand? Te Aroha ___________ wins two top awards 21.30. Youth Service benefits from ______ TE WHARE TAONGA O Empowerment TE AROHA 18. Opened in 1886 with a rush of steam Board Grant HTML a special AnswerAugust Key PDF List this puzzle for the public Solve Online Printable HTML 23. Tui mine was contaminated by 22. ThisAnswer flower Key represents charity day 24. The gold town that vanished Printable PDF Other puzzles by author 26. This Te Aroha club recently held its annual OPENING HOURS tournament 25. Council has no interest in ______ with anybody Winter Season Everyday 12.00-3.00pm Use the "Printable HTML" 28. Committed to “Keeping itbutton _____to” get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's 27. Fonterra ______ scare printtimes button to print. This page won't have Other by appointment onlybuttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to 29. He built the Hot Springs Hotel for his father in know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. law Don't 102 panic! Whitaker Street, Te Aroha 30. Te Aroha ___________ wins two top awards 26





This Month’s Display The Telecommunication Room

see d n a e Com displays the

Phone/fax 07 884 4427 Email: Answer Key HTML Answer Key PDF List this puzzle for the public Solve Online Printable HTML Printable PDF

Old Bakelite radios, story about the TV mast and telephone in Te Aroha. Goodnight Kiwi is Search there too.

Other puzzles by author

Use the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's print button to print. This page won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDFONLINE format allows the-web site to NOW Check out know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. 26/08/2013 Don't panic!

Aroha Advertiser

The Aroha Advertiser is printed and distributed during the first week of each month throughout the Te Aroha region. If you have any contributions please contact us. Search Deadline for next issue: Wednesday 25th September All enquiries can be directed to: This edition is printed on paper from Te Aroha Print Ltd. responsible sources and uses toners and printer parts that are recycled 40 Kenrick Street, Te Aroha 26/08/2013 along with any associated waste. phone: 07 884 9133 • fax: 07 884 9137 email: Aroha Advertiser - Page 2

Scott Simpson, M P Coromandel Funding for WWI commemorations In 2015 we will come together to commemorate the sacrifice our nation made in World War One almost 100 years ago, a sacrifice that has long been regarded as New Zealand’s coming of age. The World War One centenary commemorations will be significant and will take place over several years commencing in 2014. Community-driven projects will provide us all an opportunity as New Zealanders to reflect on the war’s impact on our character, identity and place in the world. Like many parts of New Zealand, Te Aroha has a proud history of service with World War One and this is a tremendous opportunity for us to remember and honour that service. In mid-2012 the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board recognised the importance of this centenary event to our nation and allocated $17 million of funding to support community events, activities and capital projects associated with commemorating the centenary. Two pools of funding are available. More than $7 million has been set aside for community events and smaller capital work projects and $10 million has been set aside for one or more large-scale projects of national significance. Eligibility criteria for applications have been expanded since the first funding round to include arts and sports activities, and projects located overseas, to enable a wider range of community projects to access funding. Already, 17 projects commemorating the centenary of World War One have been granted close to $1.7 million in Lotteries funding. This funding will enhance commemorations for everyone, regardless of where they live in New Zealand. Projects funded through the lottery grants will sit alongside a wide range of activities and events, including those being organised through the official centenary commemoration programme. While the first two funding rounds have passed, applications for the third funding round will close on 20 November 2013. I want to encourage organisations in Te Aroha and the surrounding areas to get in behind this

opportunity to have a special stake in a significant milestone in our country’s history. You can find out more about funding for not-forprofit organisations at www.communitymatters. If you would like support with this or need more details phone 0800 824 824 or email More information from Parliament and around the electorate is available at www.scottsimpson. To receive my latest e-newsletter please email

Tel/Fax: 07 868 3529

Scott Simpson MP FOR COROMANDEL “A large part of my job is helping people. Please contact my office for an appointment.” Email to request my latest e-newsletter



Streaming Live on

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Telephone 07 901 0100

W hat's On in Te Aroha SEPTEMBER 2013 Sunday, 1st Monday, 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Tuesday, 3rd Tuesday, 3rd - Saturday, 7th

Racing Te Aroha - RACING AWARDS 2013 HOUSIE, Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm DANCE CLASSES Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP

Saturday, 21st Saturday, 21st Monday, 23rd Tuesday, 24th Tuesday, 24th Wednesday, 25th Wednesday, 25th

Anglican Church Fundraiser - GRAND COLLECTION OF VINTAGE GOWNS Operatunity & Community Springs Trust I REMEMBER IT WELL Toy Library 7.30 pm Toy Library 10 am Te Aroha Camera Club - MONTHLY MEETING HOUSIE, Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm DANCE CLASSES Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Toy Library 7.30 pm Piako Toastmaster Humorous contest night all welcome Toy Library 10 am HOUSIE, Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm DANCE CLASSES Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Toy Library 7.30 pm Continuing Education Group Te Aroha To be advised - Dr Catherine Beard St Marks Church at 1.30pm TE AROHA STREET MARKET Toy Library 10 am HOUSIE, Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm DANCE CLASSES Future Te Aroha Centre - UKULELE GROUP Toy Library 7.30 pm Toy Library 7.30 pm

Friday, 27th Monday, 30th

HOUSIE, Te Aroha RSA 7.30pm

Wednesday, 4th Wednesday, 4th Saturday, 7th Monday, 9th Monday, 9th Tuesday, 10th Tuesday, 10th Wednesday, 11th Wednesday, 11th Friday, 13th Monday, 16th Tuesday, 17th Tuesday, 17th Wednesday, 18th Wednesday, 18th

Piako Toastmaster meeting all welcome

s Mountain

to do

‘Operatunity’ Concert at Senior Citizens Hall Wednesday 4th. Tickets $25 available at the door or phone 8849932.


Held on a farm at Hill Road, Te Aroha 30th September - 3rd October

ADULT HELPERS NEEDED Day Camp is an exciting, challenging and fun filled four day outdoor adventure camp for 200 primary school aged children and 50 teenage leaders. The children participate in bush exploration, hut building, flying fox, horse riding, mountain bikes, climbing wall, waterslide, camp fires, art and crafts, and more. Day Camp is run by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers from Te Aroha Springs Community Trust, Paeroa Community Support Trust and the Co-operating Parishes of Te Aroha and Paeroa, many of whom have been doing this for 20 years. Their tasks include erecting and dismantling the camp site, providing the morning and afternoon teas for the children, supervising the games and activities, administration and general site maintenance over the four days. The team is in need of extra hands and help in this rewarding work. Could you join the team for a morning, an afternoon, a day or more where your help would be much appreciated and you’d also have fun. If you can help at Day Camp please call 884 9932 to talk about what you’d like to do.

New look guide to the region’s tracks and trails

Sonia Frimmel’s new ‘Great tracks and Trails – Waikato, King Country and Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre Taupo’ is a useful one-stop book with telling people where to go since 1894 more than 100 walking tracks, tramping tracks and bike trails described. There’s 102 Whitaker St everything from easy ambles to day-long Phone 07 884 8052 epics and it reaches from Mercer to marunui and Te Aroha to Taupō. A good size to put into your day pack, it’s in full colour with clear maps and crisp photos. You can tune into Coromandel FM in Te Aroha! Tune in to This book follows on from her publication, ‘Day Walks of 106.7 and hear our weekly ‘What’s on in Te Aroha’ spot every Waiakto and King Country, but is fully updated, expanded, Thursday at 11.30am. restyled and re-titled. Priced at $28.00, it can be bought from the author ( and is also available You can add your own Te Aroha event to our website for from several of the region’s information centres (including Te FREE – or tell us and we’ll do it for you. Tell us and we’ll tell Aroha) and selected outdoor stores and bookshops. everyone! Aroha Advertiser - Page 4

Did you know…

OnTime Mobile Services 07 884 8955 027 351 6559 Email: Workshop: 456 Stanley Road South RD1, Te Aroha OTMS provides you with mobile workshop that comes to your FARM or HOME at your convenience. We can Service or Repair your bike or Quads - at a time and place that suits you - leaves you free to carry on with that important job of Farming. No Call Out Charges - No Mileage Charges - No Pickup Charges Call us for any Quads or motorbike services - we'll be happy to assist you.

Daisy Hill Designs for Wools, Books & Crafts

154 Whitaker St. Hours: Tue-Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 10am - 1pm Tel. 07 884 4597


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Visit us online at Desktop Support - Sales - Networking - Websites - Programming Since 2005 we have worked hard to become the trusted computing partner to hundreds of homes & businesses in the Matamata-Piako & Hauraki district. For fast, friendly & effecient service, contact us.

Business IT Solutions & Websites

Home Servicing & Sales

0800 00 12 72

07 884 4403 Aroha Advertiser - Page 5

Community Information Te Aroha


Changes to recycling If you currently receive kerbside collection service, there are some changes you need to know about. In addition to your rubbish bags and recycling crates, you will soon have a wheelie bin for your recycling. •

Your rubbish bags will still be collected weekly

Your green crate (glass only) will be collected fortnightly

Your new wheelie bin (all other recyclables) will also be collected fornightly

The new wheelie bins will be delivered in late September, and can be used from 14 October. For more information about the changes to recycling go to

Business Night Out – get your nominations in Nominations for the 2013 Business to Business Awards close on 6 September. Businesses can nominate other businesses for awards in Customer Service or Business Excellence at www. The Business Night Out is an opportunity for local business people to network, listen to great guest speakers and enjoy the awards. This year’s key note speaker is Masterchef judge Josh Emett - a local lad from the Waikato who has achieved international success. The winner of the Customer Service category will be decided by public vote. Keep an eye on the Piako Post and between 11 and 27 September to vote for the business that you think gives the best service in Te Aroha. Tickets are selling fast for this event and are expected to sell out. To order your tickets phone Council on 0800 746 467.


BA5; The next BA5’s are as follows: 23rd September - Te Aroha Museum Association members and non-members welcome to these events, it’s a great way to catch up wit the business community in a welcoming and informal environment. Proposed Tourism initiative: Waikato Tourism, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Council and the business association are embarking in a joint effort to look at ways to capitalise on the increased tourism to our town. A workshop was facilitated with representatives from Council the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Business association, the museum and Hamilton Waikato tourism. An independent consultant that specialises in heritage tourism ran the proceedings and is to report back in due course with a way forward for the town. It is great to have central government into this initiative and is a positive step in the right direction. We recognise that the town needs to provide unique experiences for visitors. The town is rich in history and stories that have the ability to connect people to the town and in turn have them talking to others about the attractions of the town. Cruise in: The web site is up and running www. Sarah has been very busy organising the event and it is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. A big thanks to all those helping Sarah the more help she gets the more successful the event will be for our town. Next meeting – Come and meet the prospective council candidates 13th Aug 5:30 Palace Hotel Te Aroha Local body candidates have been invited to present to the members, each candidate will be given 10 minutes to discuss their candidateship, so please come along and see who you want representing the town on our behalf. Shaun O'Neill Chairman Aroha Advertiser - Page 6

Spring is in the air and it is a busy time in Te Aroha for events, with the Aroha Cruise In weekend coming up, as well as a brand new ‘Arty Bra’ design competition and show. One of the things we do at i-SITE is help spread the word about community events. These are some no cost and low cost ways you can use to get the word out there: • Give us an A4 poster to put on the notice boards next to the pedestrian crossings in town. Make your poster bold, colourful and eye catching without putting on too much detail - just the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’. Remember to include a phone number people can ring to find out more information. • List your event on our website at www. Go to ‘What’s On’, click ‘Add an event’, enter your event details and submit. Give us a ring and let us know you’ve submitted a listing, and we’ll check it and put it the site. • Eventfinder is a national website where you can list events for free www. Once registered, you can list as many events as you like. Add a photo to make it more appealing. • We have a three minute chat with Coromandel FM on Thursday mornings, where we talk about what’s coming up in town. • We can spread the word to other i-SITEs in the greater Waikato. You tell us and we’ll tell everyone! • For maximum impact you can advertise your event on the billboard at Skidmore Reserve, just before the Coulter Bridge. Event listings are $75 for two weeks. You can have signs up there for longer depending on how many events there are in the queue. Just think how many people drive past that sign every day! Thank you to all those people who have sent us photos for the 2014 Te Aroha Calendar. There are some tough decisions to make to choose which ones to use! There is still time for community groups to get their event dates for 2014 to us if you want them to be included in the calendar. The calendars will be printed in September so if you want your community event included, please don’t leave it too late! Till next month - the i-SITE team


8 Lawrence Avenue, Te Aroha Phone 07 884 9156 Fax 07 884 7156 Email

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For all your rental requirements:

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Grafted tomatoes, strawberries, zuchini and seedling tomatoes, seed potatoes, capsicums, beans - dwarf and climbing, peas - sugar/snow/garden, basil, coriander, garlic chives, normal chives, parsley, lettuce, spinach and silver beets/beetroot. Plus a full range of culinary herbs, fab blueberry selection gooseberries and red & black currants. Walnuts, hazlenuts, pecans, apples, peaches, pears, plums, nashi, persimmon, grapes, apricots and full range of citrus. TE AROHA'S NEWEST BUSINESS THANKS YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR VALUED SUPPORT Aroha Advertiser - Page 7

Sandfly City Trading SELL - SWAP - BUY Cover (Front) $14 for 5 lines & $2.50 per photo. You can view photos of the items by either using your smart phone and USE THE BEST IN THE the QR code or by entering the link on the ad on your search engine or by Suppliers QUALITY visiting the online version of this edition which is available of on

Sand • Metal • Fertiliser • Calf Beddin

FOR SALE. Dehumidifier, Delonghi CFO8E (manual included) $100 ono. Contact 884 4376 FREE. 2 Lounges and Lounge Chairs. Suitable for boys house or shed. You take away. 021 702 975. FOR SALE. Firewood - She Oak, shed stacked and dried. $80 cubic metre. 0274 452 090. FOR SALE. Tough Water Spot Remover. A cleaner that really works, for showers etc. Codey 021 727 251 FOR SALE. Grandfather Clock. Tempus Fugit. Good condition, keeps good time. Offers 021 702 975.

• Truck and Excavation Hire for all Your D 132 Whitaker St, Te Aroha • Livestock Cartage “Get it QR code generated on

07 884 9513

MANAWARU SANDFILL & YOU ASKED FOR IT - NOW COCKERTONS HAS IT Manawaru Road Te Aroha Brand new range of end of line clothing


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FREE QUOTATIONS For all Milking Machine and Water Pump Sales and Service k forward to Allan and the team loo looking after you and your girls

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Kelby Stewart

Landscape & Building MANAWARU SANDF • All landscape work, soft and hard Manawaru Road • All aspects of building work • Bobcat & tip truck

Te Aroha

Ph 07 862 8748 • Mob 021 395 400

Farm Services & Supplies E. • Transport Operators

USE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY Suppliers of QUALITY • Sand • Metal • Fertiliser • Calf Bedding • Moss Rocks �

Truck and Excavation Hire for all Your Drainage and Site Works “Get it Right Livestock Cartage

the First Time”


Manawaru Road Te Aroha Ph 0-7-884 6625 or 0-27-445 2090 Aroha Advertiser - Page 8

Is Your Best Friend Suffering In Silence? In many ways, dogs are like their owners. As they get older, they start to suffer from aches and pains they never experienced when they were younger – no wonder they start to slow down! As with humans, the cause of aches and pains in senior dogs is often arthritis. But unlike their owners, senior dogs can’t call their doctor and make an appointment when they start to “feel their age”. They seldom let their owners know, either, as the condition develops slowly. In fact, dogs often adapt to the pain and hide it from you, so when they finally let you know, you can be sure the pain is really severe. That’s why we recommend regular health checks for your senior pets. A simple consultation could save your dog from unnecessary pain. We’ll look for early signs of stiff joints, and recommend a suitable treatment program. This could include some diet changes, exercises for your dog and suitable medication aimed at reducing pain and stiffness. Remember, arthritis in dogs is extremely common. In fact, one in two dogs over the age of six has some form of musculoskeletal problem. So why not give us a call at the clinic ph 07 884 9522 for an appointment and to discuss the simple, effective treatments that are available. We’ll make sure your dog isn’t needlessly suffering from the pain of arthritis.

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ARE YOU DEAF OR GOING DEAF? The Te Aroha Hearing Association can assist you!


SENIOR CITIZENS HALL CHURCH STREET, TE AROHA Phone 0800 4327 4373 to make an appointment A display and talk about various assistive devices for people with hearing loss will follow at 1.00pm This presentation will be run by Bill Rennox, Audiologist and Raylene King, Hamilton Hearing Association. This is open for anyone to come along and find out what is available. Further enquiries to Murray Barker 07 884 9933 Aroha Advertiser - Page 10

Waihou Community Hall Meet the Candidates

Piako Stationery Suppliers Ltd

The Waihou Community Hall Committee has organised a public meeting for all residents on 5th September, 2013 at 7.30pm. The meeting will be held at the Waihou Community Hall, State Highway 26, Waihou. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the candidates for the upcoming Matamata-Piako District Council and Waikato Regional Council elections. All 5 Mayoral candidates will be present, as will all 6 of the Te Aroha Ward Councillor candidates. Candidates for election to the Waikato Regional Council will also be there. With significant changes to the way Local Councils will operate in future, it is important that resident/ratepayers elect people who will best represent them. This meeting will allow us all to meet the candidates and to ask them questions. The format will be that each candidate will get a short time to introduce themselves and what their views are on issues relevant to our local community. The meeting will conclude after a Question & Answer session where residents and ratepayers can ask their questions. For more information call: Sam Bearda, Chairman Waihou Community Hall Committee on 07 884 9932.


Call in and see us for friendly and efficient service

DECRAPAVE CONCRETE 2013 LTD Concrete Placement Specialist

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Thank you to those who responded to my advertisement for chestnut pickers. We harvested Call in and see us for efficient overfriendly 9 tonne thisand year and sent 2 tonneservice to Japan. We expect a bigger crop next March. Names can be added to my pickers list by calling 8848234. Jim Stewart. Te Aroha (near the Holiday Park) Sending the chestnuts to Japan was a cooperative effort involving orchardists from Te Kuiti to Clevedon. Each of us contributed chestnuts selected for variety, size and freshness, towards filling a container. We have planted more trees to supply the growing local market. Chestnuts are now being used in goat and alpaca feed for the de-worming effect. I have been feeding chestnuts to my sheep and cattle for years. They come running if they see me with a bucket in my hands. Chestnut production takes around five weeks of picking, sorting, washing, bagging and making deliveries. We couldn’t manage without the team of pickers who turned up every day for two or three hours. Thanks everyone.

Restore the body’s natural healing mechanism Our XanGo business has given us free holidays and good health. Cooperation makes the product free and gives customers financial security which can be inherited by their children. Google: “Benefits of Mangosteen”.



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Aroha Advertiser - Page 11

Te Aroha Identities Doctor William Richard Lawrence – 1891-1957 Doctor W.R. Lawrence was 30 years old when he came to Te Aroha to practice as a Medical Practitioner in 1921. He attended the Medical School of the Otago University in Dunedin and had been working at the Auckland Hospital prior to moving to Te Aroha. Doctor Dick as he was known played an active interest in the town and its people. With his ability as an organiser Te Aroha became one of the first towns of its size in New Zealand with an ambulance of its own, and while leader of the 5000 Club, support for the Plunket Society enabled them to open their new headquarters in Rewi Street in 1952.

Surgery – 102 Whitaker Street

He was also involved in raising funds for the hall for the Boy Scouts Association in Honi Street. Just some of the organisations he was a part of over the years were the Rugby Union, Te Aroha Club and Te Aroha Rotary. In 1952 Doctor W.R. Lawrence was awarded in the New Year Honours list, the MBE for Outstanding Work to the Community. His legacy in this town lives on – in 1958 Council voted to change the name of Bridge Street to Lawrence Avenue and every year the Dr W.R. Lawrence & Laurie and Elsie Mackie Memorial Trust provide funding support to local organisations.

Ambulance – first ambulance in Te Aroha

His most staunch supporter was his wife Mina Biggs, of Te Aroha, whom he married in 1929 in St Marks Anglican Church.

Rugby – Piako Reps, 1925 President – back row on the left Aroha Advertiser - Page 12

PIAKO TOASTMASTERS Piako Toastmasters had an eventful meeting on July 24th. As well as the usual 2 prepared speeches and a vibrant, spontaneous table topic, a significant presentation occurred. June Wyatt was honoured with her Toastmaster Gold Award. To achieve this June has given a minimum of 46 speeches over a 10 year span with the Piako club. A truly great achievement from June. The 14th of August was a first for the Piako Toastmaster club because the complete evening was given over to improving toastmaster skills with PowerPoint. Bette Blanche, who is very proficient in the use of PowerPoint, spent time helping fellow members develop their skills in its use. The less experienced worked with the more experienced. Each Toastmaster put together a 2 minute presentation on the night and presented their efforts at the end of the evening. It was a very rewarding night for all. If you would like to know more contact Kay Russell on 027 289 8155 From left to right Peggy Lawton, Kay Russell and Charry de la Cruz working together with Powerpoint.

Carol De Haas presenting June Wyatt with her Toastmaster Gold Certificate.


books received this year the club is always wanting more as it is the club's main fundraiser for local community projects or organisations. Te Aroha St. John’s Youth Cadet Group and the Te Aroha Springs Community Trust, are the two local organisations who will benefit from this year's Book Fair so it is hoped to have record profits to help these worthy organisations continue their work for the local community. Although this annual fund raiser for the club is mainly focussed on the sale of pre-loved books, the club also welcomes donations of puzzles, CD’s and DVD’s as these are always good sellers too. All donations for the Book Fair can be left at the various local collection points – Te Aroha Century 21 or Waihou R & P Stainless Steel or the Old Post Office in Whitaker Street, Te Aroha but with regards to the latter phone Catherine Cossar first on 07 884 8222. Any further details can be obtained from Book Fair Co-ordinator, Phillipa Davey, phone 07 884 9781. Members of this active all women Lions Club are also hosting the Te Aroha Combined Service Clubs Dinner on Wednesday October 23rd October at the Te Aroha RSA this year. This annual event is a time for members of the main local services clubs, Lions, Rotary and the Masonic Lodge to get together and celebrate the many ways in which they serve their community. Guest speaker this year will be Noela Vallis – the visionary founder and chair of the Spinal Cord Society New Zealand Inc. Mrs. Vallis founded the SCSNZ in 1988 after her husband suffered a jet-boating accident in 1984 incapacitating him with paraplegia. It became a vision for Noela that she would raise funds to assist people with spinal injuries by supporting effective research towards the goal of a cure for spinal cord injury. In 1991 the SCSNZ was formed into an incorporated society. It is a non-profit organisation for cure, research and treatment of spinal cord injury and related problems. Mrs. Vallis's longer-term goal was to establish a research laboratory in New Zealand, translate research into clinical treatments, and ensure New Zealanders would benefit directly from the money raised by the society. For further inquiries about Te Aroha Mountain Lions Club contact the Club President, Wanda Brittain, phone 07 884 7489 or the Club secretary, Caroline Hubbard, phone 07 884 8302.


At a training day last year members of Te Aroha Mountain Lions Club were told that the average age of a New Zealand Lions Club membership is 72 so it is good to know that this all women's Lions Club has a considerably younger age average. However, increasing membership is always high on the agenda of this busy and enthusiastic club who actively promotes the benefits of belonging to their club. Due to keeping a high public profile the club has recently inducted three new members with another to be inducted next month which will (1st & 2nd November) bring membership numbers to 25 many of whom are still in full time employment. Drop-Off at TA Century 21 Te Aroha Mountain Lions Club have just had another success annual Daffodil Day stall and raffle and are also busy sorting R & P Stainless Waihou the many books they have been donated for their annual Book or Ph: 07 884 9781 or Ph: 07 884 8222 Fair which will be on November 1st and 2nd this year at the Catholic Hall. Despite the record numbers of good quality Aroha Advertiser - Page 13

your Pre-Loved Books Puzzles - CDs & DVDs

For Te Aroha Mountain Lions Club



aroha print ltd .

TE AROHA COELIAC/GLUTEN-FREE GROUP At the July meeting of the Te Aroha Coeliac/Gluten-Free Group, members enjoyed a very stimulating talk by naturopath Linda Hoggard, and were rather startled by some of the thought-provoking information Linda provided. Now we know what is responsible for some of those odd complaints many of us have been suffering from. For our next gathering we are trying something different: morning tea at the Te Aroha Organic Health Shop in Lawrence Avenue. 10 am, on Monday, 23rd September. Kim always has plenty of yummy gluten-free food on sale, and we look forward to meeting some more local people for a chat. For any further information please phone Dorothy 884-6098 or Pam 884-4449.

Present this voucher during the month of September 2013 for your discount

We have moved... Come and see us in our new store at 136 Whitaker Street, Te Aroha. We have a great range of collectables including Crown Lynn, Temuka, LP records, English china, glassware, furniture and much more - new stock arriving weekly Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 5pm Phone: 07 884 4261 Email:


Te Aroha Primary School PTA is very proud to be bringing an exciting new show to town. The organising of the Arty Bra Te Aroha is well underway and if you want an evening of fun, creativity and great entertainment then reserve 19th October in your diaries now. The essence of Arty Bra is wearable arts on a smaller, more irreverent scale. It’s quirky and creative and the bras promise to be ingenious, innovative and a show case for the talents of local people and businesses as well as accomplished artists from further afield. Professional artists such as Adrian Worsley are contributing their own creations for our Avant-Garde finale and these will be up for auction on the night. In addition, we have a professional and fabulously entertaining MC in Ms Crystal Chandelier, great music and other entertainment guaranteed to add a bit of magic to your evening. We are grateful to Powerco, Wallace Corp, Ryan Law, Diprose Miller and Te Aroha Print for their generous support and encouragement. Tickets are a mere $20 and are available from Piako Stationery, Eventfinda (price includes booking fee) Julie 884-9265 and from the Te Aroha Primary School Office. Entries close on 30th September. see page 16


T hen and Now

"Now" photos were taken by Liz Dodd in 2009. "Then" photos from Te Aroha Museum archives. Aroha Advertiser - Page 14

40 Kenrick Street Te Aroha 07 884 9133


PHONE 07 884 9491

Member of NZ Retailers Association 1990-2013 - Promoting Excellence in Retailing Te Aroha Business Association 2013-2014

THIS MONTH'S MUST HAVES SPRING HAS SPRUNG, THE WEEDS HAVE RIZZ! I WONDER WHERE MY GARDENING TOOLS IS? McGregors New Season Seeds packed fresh in NZ McGregors range of Sprays & Weedkillers, Snail Bait, Lawn Seed, Hose and Accessories Garden Tools in Stock



Stainless Steel



MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER As Mayor I will deliver: * Accountability, Transparency and Representative Local Government to serve the Community’s needs

Priorities will include:

* Promotion of the District to create Employment and Business Opportunities * Uniting our 3 Towns while promoting their individual qualities * Removal of red tape and fixing those things that frustrate the people of Matamata Piako District * Lowering and controlling of Rates * Completion of the Te Aroha Sports Centre in a cost effective way

I Bring to You:

* Enthusiasm * Passion * Councillor Experience * Town Planning Experience

* New Ideas * Building Experience

* Family Values * Business Experience

Te Aroha needs to attract Business, Jobs and Families and have a Dynamic Promotions Strategy





Together we can build the Te Aroha Economy Contact Ph: 07-884-7123


Authorised by: Susan Mahon 12 Russell Ave Te Aroha

Aroha Advertiser - Page 15

WHATS ON AT FUTURE TE AROHA CENTRE The Crazy Quest of Tim, Tom & Terri Where will you find the ‘Great Rock'n'Roll Travelling Road Show Computer’, pirates, aliens, flames, rainbow people and creatures of the underground? The answer – at Future Te Aroha in the show ‘The Crazy Quest of Tim, Tom and Terri’. A young cast has been enthusiastically rehearsing for the last two months for their big production. This year they are being joined by the children of Morrinsville Theatre’s ‘Junior Drama’ group. Four Shows only: Future Te Aroha. Saturday Sept. 14th 6:30pm & Sunday Sept. 15th 3.00pm. Morrinsville Little Theatre. Saturday Sept. 21st 6:30pm & Sunday Sept. 22nd 3:00pm So come along and take part in the incredible journey ‘Tim, Tom and Terri’ have to make to find the answers required by the Great Rock'n'Roll Computer. Tickets: $12.00 Adults, $6.00 Children Contact Future Te Aroha 07 884 9489 WANTED SINGERS to appear in Killer Karaoke In October. Test your ability to keep singing while being cajoled & tortured at the same time. The Killer karaoke is part of a variety concert to raise funds for the centre which takes place on Friday 4th October at 8.00pm. We also want local performers to participate. Those interested, ring Future Te Aroha 07 8844407 ALL NEW VOCAL GROUP: This is an exciting opportunity to work with vocal co-ordinator John Mullon on an experimental vocal project exploring contemporary pop and world music leading to a performance. No auditions needed just bring your enthusiasm. Secondary age upwards…… Start date Wed. 17th Sept. 6:30 – 8:00pm. ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS: MUSICAL MONDAYS with Danny at 6:30pm. Whatever your instrument, come along & join in & make great sounds. Singers are also wanted to accompany the musicians or just come along & listen to the eclectic sounds coming from the musicians. UKULELE TUESDAYS with Dave at 6:30pm. Dave is working towards creating Te Aroha’s own Ukulele orchestra. Have fun while learning together as a group.


Every Friday, Tui Park Bowling Club at 12.30. Come and join the fun! We will teach you if have never played before. Ring Patsy Cross 884 8891 or Berry Cook 884 9868.

MANAWARU TABLE TENNIS CLUB Every Wednesday at 7.30pm at the Manawaru Hall on Shaftesbury Road, Manawaru. All welcome. Contact Ragvir Singh 884 6758.

ART FOR BEGINNERS & ART CLUB with Ruth at 6:00pm. Create art in a relaxed & informal atmosphere with likeminded people exploring different mediums. INTRODUCING A NEW PROGRAMME MAORI TIME with Mapuna every Wednesday after school….. 2:00 – 3:00pm Introductions (Karakia – Kaupapa) Maori World View 3:00 – 4:30pm Activities (Mahi) Sharing is Caring 4:30 – 6:00pm Show & Tell (Korero) Listening & Speaking All ages welcome – starts 17th Sept. Haere mai CHILDREN’S CLASSES: Monday – Acting 4.00pm Tuesday – Creative Beginnings 4.00 pm Wednesday – Art 4.00pm Thursday – Percussion 4.00pm & Ukulele 5.00pm (Children can come straight from school before class at 4.00pm, relax or do homework) Contact Future Te Aroha 13 Boundary Street 07 884 9489

Te Aroha Dollars iness ha Bus Te Arosociation As

Date: To:

ARS DOLL rs at any A H O ty dolla E AR of twen

$20 T


Sold by

her his vouc


e the valu business. ods to rs er to go iation membe the bear oc entitles Business Ass __ ______ ha _____/ Te Aro ___/__ __

__ ______ ______ ______ ___ ______ ______ Name: ______ ______ __ __ : re Signatu


til ____

Valid un


Available as as a gift for friends, family, or staff .

Redeemable at all financial Te Aroha Business Association members. Available from Piako Stationary or Kay’s Way

INVENTORS CLUB Persons interested in forming an Inventors Club with the idea of mutual help with each others projects. Confidentiality assured. Contacts email 884 7735 884 7714

Do you know... te aroha print ltd Can print it all...

te aroha print

07 884 9133

Bring in your print requirements and leave it to us We can scan originals or read off your memory stick, cd or you can email us

e e r y F s e a l E Hass Local South American products - Rosamonte Yerba Mate - Serena Canarias - Dulce de leche - Corazones de palmito Steamed (ready-to-eat) pork dumplings & pork buns AND a huge variety of Asian foods, spices, noodles etc. We have it here at ORIENTAL TRADING! Visit us at 162 Whitaker St Te Aroha (by the clock tower)

Photo reproduction Restoration Canvas Prints Large Posters... ...and much more

AROHA CRUISE IN All the classics

4 – 6 October 2013


Spa town

See whats happening at AROHA CRUISE IN All the classics

Contact Jane on 07 8380 328 or your local contact Michelle 884 7545

Waihou Hall Centenary To be celebrated On 15th June, 2014

The Committee is now collecting anecdote and photographs relevant to the History of the Waihou Community Hall and the families that have used it down the years. Please contact Ernie Bygraves on (07) 884 8414

CALLING ALL WOMEN!! Te Aroha Mountain Lions need you!! Make new friends and help make a difference to our community.

JOIN US NOW Phone Margaret 07 884 4422 for further details

Entertainment Guide ANGLICAN CHURCH FUNDRAISER Grand Collection of Vintage Wedding Gowns 1882-1982 held in St. Mark's Anglican Church, Te Aroha Tuesday 3rd Sept to Saturday 7th Sept Hours: Tuesday 3rd September 10am-3pm Wednesday 4th September 10am-3pm Thursday 5th September 10am-3pm Friday 6th September 10am-3pm Saturday 7th September 10am-12noon



Our primary logo should be used wherever possible. The vertical format best displays the heart device, while ensuring all elements are legible. Wherever possible the RSA heart should appear in red, with charcoal or white lettering and badge. For other situations the black or white logo can be used.






Wednesday, 4th September, 2013

Where the background is red, 2.00pm - Concert 3.00pm Afternoon Tea use the white (reverse) version of Senior Citizens Hall, Church Street, Te Aroha


the logo.

Four singers and an accompanist will entertain you in MINIMUM SIZE For optimum reproduction and legibility, the logo shouldn’t be smaller than 25mm in height.

I Remember it Well $25 per person

including afternoon tea

to book please call Jean 884 9932 THIS EVENT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY

Te Aroha Springs Community Trust fostering social services in the community

Monday 23rd September - 1pm

CLEAR SPACE Leave a space of at least the width of the letter ‘A’ (taken from the logo) between the other elements. A logo niceandchance to get out and meet some new friends and old.

a selection of best loved tunes from shows, music hall and concert repertoire 25mm


Let's get together and have a cup of tea and a chat. We can pick you up and drop you off - NO TROUBLE AT ALL! Come to the RSA and enjoy the entertainment by Don Letcher. The Te Aroha RSA would like to invite you and your friends and neighbours to come and enjoy a monthly catch up! A place to take some time out of your normal week and come in and have a chat and catch up with friends. To register your interest or put your name down for a ride please ring the club 884 8124.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Aroha Advertiser - Page 16


884 4536

Hi Folks, Lorraine and I are proud to introduce the Palace Hotel Newsletter. We have been at the LOCAL for 2½ years now, and are proud to call Te Aroha home and be part of such a cool community…Bruce

Introducing…. Kids Corner When having a coffee or dining in our lounge, let the kids settle down and watch the kids TV, read books or play games while you enjoy a little peace. Kids Dine Free Wednesday nights, kids ordering off the kids menu (under 12s) dine for free, when dining with a dining adult!! Delivery Service Although Zebedee the delivery car is at the doctors getting a transplant, we are still doing deliveries of meals and pizzas for the small charge of $5 per address, so go on, give yourself a break, and let us do the cooking!! JESTERS SOCIAL CLUB From the start of September all the PALACE clubs etc will come under the banner of the Jesters Social Club. All fees and advantages of being involved will still apply. SOCIAL club night will replace Handle club on Thursday evenings with Raffles, swindles and a $25 bar tab draw for all members. Pending Social club events 26th September Bus trip Cambridge Trots. 14th September Thames Valley Rugby @ Taupo October ?? Katikati RSA Darts trip.

Whats On…. Wednesday nights Darts from 7pm $5 entry Thursday nights Social Club specials, swindles and draw Friday nights Sport on the big screen and $10 Roast dinner Saturday nights There’s always something fun going on @ the Palace

Coming up… Sept 7th Karaoke Come along for a fun night of great music Sept 21st ToeJam Rocks the Lounge Bar Jot down in your diary November 30th The Great Movember Ball Formal Dress, entry $5, tickets on sale now Sunday 1st 5pm onwards Te Aroha Jockey Club Awards Free entry, Nibbles Guest Speaker Keith Haub

Jesters Darts Club

Going into September there are only three trophies left to play for this year. Next Wednesday will see members competing for the drawn pairs, good luck to all.

WINNERS TO DATE Open Pairs Leeann Stoneham Aaron Morgan Mens Pairs Barry Rose Steve Dare Womens Pairs Leeann Stoneham Tania Sarsfield Womens Champ Colleen Weller Mens Champ Bruce Austin After six months there are only two members of the 180 club Eric Van Lankveld Aaron Morgan Sorry POM if it ain’t in competition it don't count. Winter has seen the numbers down on darts night but with the fine weather just around the corner numbers should increase again. Anyone interested in coming and joining our very social Darts night are welcome to come along. 7pm Wednesdays

Punters Club

Still slow on the returns, Bruce is top dog, but many members are only missing out by a nose. Spring racing is just around the corner so good returns are ahead. Lets hope for better returns this week SPECIAL MENTION HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITCHIE TURNER 65 Last Monday Best wishes from all at the Palace

PALACE HOTEL Phone 07 884 4536 Aroha Advertiser - Page 17

Community News Nichole has become a published author!

The Book is called: “Am I right for you?” This is a book about how to take care of your puppy. It helps you decide which breed of puppy you want and why, it tells you what equipment to get, what to do the first nights, what signs to watch out for, how to train your puppy to obey simple commands, and so on. This book contains pictures of my puppy, and how he developed into a big, friendly dog. It also shows easy-to-read charts, and pictures of other breeds with facts about each one. It also contains a list of what to buy, and helps you decide if you want a puppy or not. Hi! I am Nichole Suarez Perdomo the Author of this book; I hope you enjoy reading my book as much I have enjoyed writing it. What really inspired me to write this book was my passion towards helping animals and my dream of one day to become a great vet. But now I’ll talk a bit about me: I was born in 2000. I come from Uruguay but I am a New Zealand citizen, so I am bilingual (I can speak Spanish and English) I am a school leader, I sing in the school band, (Stanley Avenue school) and have sung in the Rock shop Band quest, and with Suzanne Prentice as a soloist for Kids-forKids- (Over the rainbow). Why I chose to write this book: I chose to write this book because I thought it could help inform people more about the responsibility of having a puppy. I also wanted to make people understand that a puppy will not stay puppy forever, and that it’s like gaining a new friend. But, the main part is because I simply adore animals! For more information please type at your computer search: or Google: Nichole Suarez Perdomo Amazon


asters Construction

- Local Building Specialists BEN MASTERS Text only: 021 063 4400 Fax: 07 884 8137 Email:

Colours Flying at the Waihou Hall

The extension and improvements at the Waihou Community Hall were passed with flying colours on the 23rd August, the last day of the time allowed by the existing Consent. “The Council was very good in managing the consent issued by itself to itself for the Hall that the council owns” said Les Munro Chairman of the Waihou events Society. With a huge grant from the Lion Foundation, the Society has been able to double the storage space at the Hall, and upgrade the toilet area to provide sparkling facilities for Hall users. A purchase of 100 chairs funded by Pub charities could only be stored in the supper room up to now, and these have finally found a home in the new storage extension. “All the band stuff is now secured in a locked space of its own .” said Les. “The Piako Concert Brass band moved its home to the Waihou Hall in 2009, and its valuable collection of instruments and band gear formally required the whole of the old storage room.” “We have now succeeded in rescuing the Hall for at least the next 50 years,” said Les, “And our community now has an up to date traditional hall that is an ideal venue for Weddings, family gathering and funerals.” The Hall can seat up to 200 people theatre style and about 80 guests at tables. Coming events are: Summer Bowls every Monday at 7.30pm Brass Band Music Tuesdays at 7.30pm Meet the Election Candidates Thursday 5th at 7.30 Dancing each 3rd Friday – next 20th Sept from 7.30 Contact Les Munro (07) 884 7210.


FRIDAY 20th September from 7.30 WAIHOU HALL  Varied dance prog  1700 CDs mean some great music!  Café Setting – COME AS A GROUP OF FRIENDS  Entrance - $5.00 per person  Tea coffee and prizes included  BYO Drinks and a supper plate  All Welcome Waihou Events Society Inc. Les Munro Chairman (07) 8847210


For Community Van Phone Kerry 884 4128 For Wheelchairs, Crutches etc Phone Frank 884 7954 For Meals on Wheels Phone Lelia 884 9962 For enquiries phone Grace 884 8475 or Judy 884 7954

Aroha Advertiser - Page 18

For all your rental requirements:

Phone Bryce 027 478 8881


Grafted tomatoes, strawberries, zuchini and seedling tomatoes, seed potatoes, capsicums, beans - dwarf and climbing, peas - sugar/snow/garden, basil, coriander, garlic chives, normal chives, parsley, lettuce, spinach and silver beets/beetroot. Plus a full range of culinary herbs, fab blueberry selection gooseberries and red & black currants. Walnuts, hazlenuts, pecans, apples, peaches, pears, plums, nashi, persimmon, grapes, apricots and full range of citrus. TE AROHA'S NEWEST BUSINESS THANKS YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR VALUED SUPPORT

Aroha Advertiser - Page 19



As a company that bases its service on the principles of ‘care, quality and community’, Visique’s winter mission was obvious. Set out to find caring heroes in every region of the country and make them famous for their goodness and kindness to others. And after putting the word out through radio advertising and posters and word-of-mouth throughout Visique’s 63-clinic nationwide cooperative, the new hero of Te Aroha has been identified. For the past year, Te Aroha local Viv Spedding has served the town by organising the Red Cross community transport service. The service offers elderly clients transport to and from their local doctor or Waikato Hospital, which is a two-hour return journey. Ms Spedding and her partner Kerry assumed responsibility for managing and organising the service a year ago. She was nominated by her colleague, Erin Hallet, who wanted to acknowledge the time donated by Ms Spedding to help manage a service that is so vital to elderly Te Aroha residents, who have no public transport alternative available to them. Ms Spedding, who also serves as the treasurer for the Red Cross, says it is a “great feeling giving back to the community.” She is in good company, as one of 348 winning local heroes from 18 towns and 12 cities. Their stories range from Murray Barclay, a teacher from Orewa in Auckland who has worked as a volunteer fire-fighter, to Janette Ford, a Whakatane local who goes above and beyond in her job caring for elderly residents. Viv Spedding, like her fellow heroes, was nominated by an admiring acquaintance, friend or family member who wanted the world to know about their chosen person’s good deeds. One hero is being awarded each week from 1 July to 8 August.. Visique O’Hagan Vision Care optometrist Peter O’Hagan says, “This is our first local heroes campaign, and we have been thrilled by the response and by how many people are perceived as heroes by those who nominated them. “The campaign was inspired by the many anecdotal stories we all hear about people who go out of their way to help and support others – even when it seems they are the ones most deserving of help themselves. Some people seem to draw strength from giving, and we wanted to find those people in our community and offer them a token of thanks and some recognition on behalf of the many people who benefit and draw inspiration from them. “As a business that that prides itself on serving the people of Te Aroha, we felt this was an ideal way to give back to the community and take a moment to celebrate a hero in our midst.” Visique is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated and has been providing New Zealanders with quality eye care since 2000 through its network of 63 locations nationwide from Auckland to Otago. Visique offers a wide range of designer eyewear with local and international brands including Kate Sylvester, Silhouette, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Oroton, Guess and Convertibles. Visique has a wide selection of optical frames, contact lenses and sunglasses for men, women and children. Staying true to its core values, Visique takes pride in offering the best possible quality eye health and delivering genuine care and value for money throughout New Zealand communities.

President: Mrs Daphne Ellis Ph 884 4347 Meetings every Tuesday 1.30pm Senior Citizens Hall, 24 Church Street New members welcome SEPTEMBER PROGRAMME 3rd September Jan Barnes - Mayoral Candidate 10th September Hearing Association - Open Meeting 17th September Matamata Senior Singer Plate please 24th September 11.30am Kindergarten entertain 12noon Soup Lunch 1pm Ash Tanner - Mayoral Candidate Cards (500) and Bowls every Thursday 1pm Hall for hire - Reasonable Rates Contact Jack Cohen Ph 884 7771

TE AROHA FREEMASONS At our last meeting on August 15 at our Lodge Rooms in Paeroa, we had a big crowd as expected with an Official Visit of our District's Grand Master. This is a special occasion in any Lodge's year, and is looked forward with anticipation and excitement. After the meeting we adjourned to our refectory for a sumptuous supper, accompanied by toasts, good humour with good friends. Much of our activity and objects are well documented on the internet, but that can't portray the results of our meetings which include universal harmony between men of high ideals and good character. Our meetings inculcate the adoption of the principles of integrity, goodwill and charity towards everyone. Because we emphasise universal harmony, discussion of politics and religion are not permitted which means all men of good character and with any religious persuasion can join and feel they are amongst friends. We are NOT a religion, nor any substitute for a religion. Our foundations are buried in antiquity but it is generally accepted that it developed from the stonemasons of medieval Europe. We are one of the world's oldest and largest fraternal organisations. All members strive to make a difference in the community, and to themselves. We do not ask anyone to join. Men do so because they have a desire to improve their personal wellbeing. Our members come from all walks of life, with a huge diversity of interests. To join: just ask. If you would like more, you could phone Logan Packer at (07) 884 8851 or David Freeman (07) 884 4364 or email freemasons@ or search the website We are NOT a secret society as it is often portrayed, but we do embrace confidentiality like all reputable organisations.

TUI PARK BOWLING CLUB INC. Gilchrist Street, Te Aroha

OPENING DAY Sunday 22nd at 1.00pm Intending players most welcome. Bowls available. Club days every Tuesday and Sunday. Enquiries to Terry Mace (07) 884 9012.

Aroha Advertiser - Page 20

Aroha Advertiser - Page 21


Chase the Face

Put a name in the boxes below to these iconic Te Aroha faces and be in to win. The first correct entry drawn will win a large pizza and a choice of a pint or garlic pizza or chips courtesy of the Palace Hotel. Just fill out the entry form, detach and deliver to Palace Hotel front counter. Some clues are (in no set order): Think - community minded, having a beer, sparkies and development.


Detach and put in Entry Box at Palace Hotel counter Name ............................................................................................. Contact phone .........................................



Dennis Williams Williams Furniture & Hardware

Michele Laurie Te Aroha I-Site

Nikki Close Te Aroha & Districts Hospital

Hugh Vercoe Mayor

Last months lucky winner was Jillian Williams Aroha Advertiser - Page 22

Kay Russell Kay's Way Hairdressers


Te Aroha Tennis & Squash Club

86th AGM Monday, 23rd September 2013, 7.30pm Te Aroha Squash Club All Welcome Members Required to Attend Enquiries to Megan Farac, Secretary 07 884-8782 / 027 448 4541

FREE independent hearing tests and advice available for those aged 16 and over with Hearing Therapist Sue Jennings at Health Te Aroha every month. Information and assistance with Hearing Loss management and tinnitus. Ph 07 884 8053 for an appointment. Please check the link below: and open the hearing therapy tab for more information. CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU The Te Aroha bureau is located at 137 Whitaker St. Opening hours 10.00-2.00. Ph. 884 8037. Email:

Do you want your children to have the toys that you have always dreamed of having? Without the cost and hassle of having your house over run with toys? Then the Te Aroha Toy Library is for you! There are HUNDREDS of toys to choose from for one annual subscription, without any additional borrowing fees! This is one of the top toy library’s in the region, with toys in fantastic condition. Come along and check it out, opposite the “Nunnary Backpackers”, behind St. Davids Parish, Burgess Street, Te Aroha. Open Wednesday evenings and alternate Friday and Saturday mornings. Fees: $70 per year or $40 for Community Service Card Holders! Phone Joline – 07 884 8216


A big thank you to everyone who supported our Toy Library raffle at the Countdown Supermarket on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 August. The winners were: 1st draw: 80B 4 orange clubs Colleen Foster 2nd draw: 89D 4 yellow dots Carol Ingles

A long standing Rotarian has been further honoured by the Te Aroha Rotary Club at an afternoon function on Wednesday 21 August. Mr Alan Cooper was presented with a Sapphire Paul Harris pin. A good attendance of well wishers was present as an indication of the esteem with which Alan is held and everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon. Alan first joined the Rotary Club of Te Aroha on July 27 1965 and served as President in 1984-85. He was also the District Governor for the 9930 district in 1993-94. Te Aroha Rotary Club awarded Theo Van der Lee honorary membership . Theo has been a hardworking loyal member of the Rotary Club for 23 years. The club extended their grateful thanks for Theo’s time and input into Te Aroha Rotary Club. He served as president for the term 1996-97 and was always willing to help with any project that the club was running. Theo and Jo are still welcome to attend the Rotary Club events at any time and we look forward to more close relationships with them both in the future. The last meeting in July was a discussion group about the use of the Hauraki Trail with Tina Cornes attending and participating in this discussion. There is so much potential here for our town and we look forward to the growth of this tourist attraction and the business it will and is generating. ADVANCE NOTICE: Rotary has been asked to organise and run the auction of the Monk Family Estate garden tools, carpentry and plumbing gear. This is to be held on Saturday October 12 and all proceeds are being donated to the Te Aroha Community and District Hospital. For further information please contact Charlie Mace 884 9681 and more on this auction in next month’s Advertiser. You will notice that the order form for the fertiliser this year is in the advertiser. Order forms can still be dropped in or filled out at Don Edward Photography shop in town. The uses of the products are as follow: SUGGESTIONS FOR FERTILISER USE NPK Fertiliser: A nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertiliser blended for the garden lover. Great for lawns, vegetables and general garden use. Lime: Annual dressing on lawns, addition to compost bins will raise pH of the compost and general garden use to raise pH or add calcium. Be careful around acid-loving plants eg rhododendrons and camellias. Blood and bone: A natural fertiliser for side dressing those vegetables in the garden. Good for shrubs and general garden use. Peat moss: For mulching around the garden, for adding to compost bins or used as part of a potting mix. Acid loving plants love it. Chicken Manure: A natural fertiliser mixed with shavings from the chicken sheds. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and calcium. One of the best for side dressing around the drip line of citrus trees in early spring and autumn and for side dressing those vegetable plants throughout the season, especially potatoes. Good for adding to compost bins. Dalton’s compost: Full of natural goodies for mulching around the flower and vegetable garden. Also good around roses and trees. Compost bins love it. Our Facebook page is under the name of Rotary of Te Aroha if you are curious to see more of what we are doing in our area and overseas. If you are interested in knowing more about Rotary please contact the secretary on 884 9521. To learn more about Rotary activities we have a website which promotes our district 9930 on

PILATES classes held at Te Aroha Physiotherapy every

Tuesday at 1pm, all ages and abilities welcome, great exercise for strengthening the core, toning and mobility, $10 per person. Enquiries phone Vicki 889 4566

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Door to Door service!!

Te Aroha Town Bus every second Tuesday all year round

(Pension Day)

Out of Town Bus 3rd Monday of the month:



September 16th November 18th January 20th March 17th May 19th July 21st

19th August 21st October 16th December 17th February 21st April 16th June

NOW GOING TO HAMILTON Bi-monthly on 2nd Monday Starting 9th September then 11th December Information and Bookings

884 9932

Te Aroha SHOPPING BUS is funded by


Provided for the community by Te Aroha Springs Community Trust 32 Church Street,Te Aroha. 3320. Ph: 07 8849932 Mob: 0210606625 email: Charitable Trust No. CC22427


Are you having difficulty with exploring the Internet or sending emails? Would you like to be able to sort and store your digital photos? Do you have a problem with Microsoft Office? Do you have a general computing query? Perhaps Te Aroha Seniornet can help you. Why not come along to one of our Friday morning sessions aimed at helping the over 50’s better understand the wonderful world of computing. Please contact Dave Clark 889 7987 or Lyndsay Noble 884 9299

Te Aroha Family Budgeting Services welcome 2 new trained Advisers, Linda Sheehan and Pam Mohring. If you want your bills paid and money for Christmas - let them show you how. Phone 07 884 7490


Meeting at Te Aroha Club Centennial Avenue Wednesday nights 5.30 for 6.00pm. Phone secretary 884 9521 for further information.

Te Aroha Physiotherapy Hall. Tutor: Jenny Lucy - 25 years experience. Classes commenced in June have now finished. Ongoing groups will run for 12 weeks, at a cost of $60 payable at commencement. Pro rata refund made after 3 sessions if you decide not to complete the course. TUESDAYS: 6.00pm-7.00pm

Sun Style 73 Form. Advanced Group - ongoing class. .ROTARY CLUB OF TE AROHA WEDNESDAYS: 9.00am-10.00am Modified Sun Style 40 Form and Sun Style 43 Form Advanced group ongoing class.


Number required NPK Fertiliser: 10kg Lime 10kg Peat 50 l bag Chicken Manure 50 l bag Dalton’scompost Plus 40 l bag Trailer compost self-pick-up Trailer compost delivered

$15.00 $8.00 $10.00 $9.00 $9.00 $60.00 $70.00

………… ………… ………… ………… ………… ………… …………

NAME:……………………………………… ADDRESS:…………………………………. PHONE:……………………………………... TOTAL:…………. PAID YES/NO Initial orders in early September

All proceeds go to charity account for projects within our local community Please leave your order and payment at: Don Edwards Photography, Whitaker St, Te Aroha Phone orders to Tom - 884-9521 FREE DELIVERY to the door ASAP

Beginners classes will be offered in the Summer. To enrol please phone/text Jenny Lucy 027 245 8418. Wear loose comfortable clothing and soft footwear. 10kg TE AROHANPK APFertiliser: &H Lime 10kg HOME INDUSTRIES SECTION Peat 50 l bag

$15.00 $8.00 $10.00 Chicken 50 l bag Section$9.00 Schedules are out now for Manure the Home Industries of the Dalton’scompost Plus 40 l bag $9.00 AP & H show for Trailer the 117th year.self-pick-up Some sections have changed compost $60.00 slightly. Some haveTrailer had a compost few classes either deleted or added delivered $70.00to.

Number req

…… …… …… …… …… …… ……

Photography section theme has changed this year also. NAME:……………………………………… Childern can do some craft work for their section at home if they wish - a great holiday entertainment idea for the wet days anyway. ADDRESS:…………………………………. Theme for Courts/Decorative this year is "Stage Show". PHONE:……………………………………... TOTAL:……… We have Budz, a new sponsor, sponsoring the entire Decorative section of the show. They have come to the party, so to speak, PAID YE Initial orders in early September with all the class descriptions for this section and supplying all prize points gifts. All proceeds go to charity account for projec Schedules are available from shops showing yellow sign on within ourthe local community their windows including Daisy Hill Designs, Info centre, Library, Salon Chez Helene, Framing Quilt andleave Craftyour justorder to name a few. at: Please and payment Donbut Edwards Whitaker St, Te Aroha Don't forget anyone can enter if youPhotography, have any queries please Tomor= 884-9521 do not hesitate to contact ClarissaPhone Hartorders 887 to 3655 Colleen Walsh 884 9964. FREE DELIVERY to the door ASAP A big thank you to all sponsors, your help really helps us.

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223 Whitaker Street Te Aroha 07 884 7573 / 022 3085607

Unique Unique Spa Beauty &&&&Spa Beauty

Beauty with a Difference!

FAREWELL WINTER, & CALVING with the final of our WONDERFUL WINTER WARMER'S Whether you're coming out of Hibernation and in need of a complete and overall pick me up, or whether you have survived yet another long and exhausting calving season, we have just what you need here at Unique Beauty & Spa! For the entire month of September treat yourself, or someone special to the final WINTER WARMER! * Warm foot soak with a foot and lower exfoliation * Warm oil back, neck shoulder & scalp massage * Warm oil sugar scrub *Unique Honey Hydration facial * Eyebrow sculpt *Bella vi mineral make over * Just Gel manicure Total Value over $200! call now for ONLY $90 Conditions apply, and limited spaces!! BURLY BLOKES PACKAGES

Say Thank-You this Fathers Day with either of these BURLY BLOKES packages just for DAD! *Deep tissue back, shoulder & neck massage with a tingling scalp massage. * Deep exfoliating back scrub *Deep cleansing, oil reducing, pore refining facial using Living Natures 100% certified organic men's facial line.

Total value $135...ONLY $90

Receive a complementary aftershave balm with the 1st 3 packages booked. *Deep Tissue back, shoulders & neck massage with a tingling scalp massage. *Deep exfoliating back scrub *Chest * back wax.

Total Value $120...ONLY $75

We have relocated to 19 Kenrick St Te Aroha

24 hours - 7 d days ays a ys a week

Residential Rural Commercial Industrial

For professional, prompt & quality service call

BEN COLLINS Mobile: Phone: email:

021 138 3823 07 884 6613


Piako Stainless & Alloy Specialists Ltd

The Te Aroha Miniature and Model Railway is open every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month 10am-2pm at 39 Burgess Street.




For all your stainless steel needs. We weld aluminium, magnesium, titanium, die cast & steel.

Ph 07 884 9713

Manufacturers of low pressure hot water cylinders. Alloy plank systems for Herringbone pits.

Across: 4. PowerHouse, 7. Goldfields, 8. COBRAS, 9. Settlers, 11. Alzheimers, 14. Barge, 15. Recruiting, 16. Cullen, 17. Nomination, 18. Railway, 23. Mercury, 24. Waiorongomai, 25. Amalgamating, 27. Botulism, 29. Lipsey, 30. Felter Down: 1. Brass, 2. Butchers, 3. Thomas, 5. WallaceCorporation, 6. Amateur, 10. Calving, 12. Firth, 13. Record, 19. Published, 20, Volunteers, 21. Community, 22. Daffodil, 26. Boxing, 28. Local


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9 Honi St, Te Aroha p 07 884 9122 f 07 884 9121


erlusconi on whitaker

A la Carte & Pizza Menus

Restaurant & Bar

wine and cocktails • premium cuisine open Wednesday 5.30pm - late Thursday - Sunday brunch & lunch from 11.00am dinner from 5.30pm - late

149 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9307

Don't Forget

FATHERS DAY Sunday 1st Sept

Kerry McKinley


Glenda Milligan


1997 Honda Torne

$5995 NOW $4995

Short Street, MATAMATA • Ph 888 8333 Whitaker Street, TE AROHA • Ph 0800 862273

213A Whitaker Street, Te Aroha Ph/Fax: 07 884 9378 Mob: 0274 744 144 Email:

e Signag e t e l p m o



• footpath signs • shop fronts & fascias • sign manufacturers With Compliments• banners flags stickers • car detailing • computer cut lettering • window tinting & frosting • wide format digital printing • vans trucks buses boats • uniforms & sportswear printing

169000 kms - Silver - Alloy Wheels One Owner in New Zealand 2.0l VTec Climate Air Fully serviced - Excellent condition


Kenrick Street, Te Aroha

0800 838 900


22 Gilchrist St Te Aroha


Phone Murray 021 08222516 (20+ years experience in joinery)

07 884 8143 If you want to know more ....

07 884 8143

   

WOF Inspections Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs Free Battery Testing & Charging Quotes


Beauty Therapy Gifts - Crystals 135 Whitaker St Te Aroha 07 884 9457


3 Lipsey Street, Te Aroha Ph: 07 884 4555 Fax: 07 884 4005 A/H: 07 884 7828 Mob: 0274 908 858


Does your Hair Style Suit your Face Shape?


*All aspects of Property Maintenance *Wooden joinery repair specialist *Re-shingling Bay Windows *Tiling, Gibbing/Plastering and painting *Rotten deck and stair repairs *Handcrafted wooden signs



• Waxing • Brow and Lash Tints • Facials • Ear Candling • Massage • Reiki Treatments • Foot Fantasy • Hand Care • Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings Reiki Workshops - enquiries welcome - bookings essential

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