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3 Augie was found planted in the middle of the road one night in late August in Tiverton. Despite being in slightly rough shape, she came right over to us and happily let us put her in the car to take her to a 24 hour vet. The next month flew by as we tried to find her previous owner to no avail, and to get her medical attention after learning she had a bad skin infection and Lyme disease. In that month we also got to experience first hand what a cool dog she is. Some of her favorite things include catching treats (quite the skill), going on long walks (not necessarily on the beach but I’m sure she’d love that) and barking at animals on TV. She is also super smart and was able to quickly learn sit, down, paw and wait, all within a matter of days. In late September we adopted her out to a family with high hopes that it would be her forever home. While things did go well for awhile, she started getting into fights with their other dogs, and the adopter was unable to get a handle on the situation, so she was returned to us. She would do best in a home with no other dogs or cats so she can be the top banana, and with an owner who has dog experience and can help her socialize and be a strong leader for her. She likes slow introductions to new people, but once you are in her inner circle she is fiercely loyal and such a little snuggle bug. Our vet estimates she’s somewhere between 5 and 7, with so much life left to live! She seems to have had a rough early life, but is ready and waiting for her forever home. For more information please email Steph at

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DEDICATION... a word that is both used and abused these days. But I want you to know that I really am dedicated to my customers and to my • Healthy Food, Treats & Chews • Durable, Long Lasting Toys For Dogs & Cats • Brand Name, Superb Quality Harnesses, Leashes & Collars


54b Richmond Townhouse Rd. (Rte. 112) Richmond, RI 02898 •

profession. If a real estate transaction is in your future, let’s talk. Then you can decide for yourself if you really believe that I am...


to serving YOU! Call me today!

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Some Hotels Accept Dogs. Other Hotels Tolerate Dogs...

Vermont’s Paw House Inn Caters Entirely to the Unique Needs of Dog Lovers.

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{Letter From The Editor}


s I sit, writing from the comfort of my bed in the early hours of the morning, the only sounds I

can hear are the (not so quiet) snores of my dog Bodhi. He often sleeps on the couch only to come lay his body the long way next to mine every morning. Little Simon who never leaves my side, has lost most of his hearing and is often oblivious to

Bodhi’s arrival... so at the moment things are peaceful. This is my typical morning as well as one of my favorite parts of the day. I may spend a fair amount of time being woken up by a small dog on my head or a big dog trapping me under the blankets but it’s mornings like these that make me love sharing my life with dogs. What I’m also reminded of is how lucky I am to wake up at 4am to write a letter about it to you as the editor of this magazine.

5 Editor: Stephanie Georgia

Assistant Editors: Harvey R.I.P. Simon the Sinister Caprica 6 Bodhi (permanent foster asst. editor)

Graphic Design Stephanie Georgia

Contributors: Mike Fink Lisa Rodier Stephanie Caress Jim Phillips Lucian French Dr. Marty Becker DVM

Photography: Jim Phillips Stephanie Georgia

Printing by: TCI Press

While I’m cuddling in bed with the pups, I’m also putting the finishing touches on one of my other favorites things and that is the holiday issue. This particular issue includes our yearly gift guide which I hope you find useful. Each item we’ve included can be purchased in the area. I hope you find time to visit and purchase Christmas gifts from some of the amazing businesses we’ve included. I encourage you to shop small and local as much as you can this year and please tell our supporters who sent you! Also inside this new issue, you will find some interesting articles such as “Pets Empower”, highlighting a fairly new organization that is helping domestic violence victims and their pets. Another informative read is “Toss Those Cookies” on page 26. While not the most ‘appetizing’ article, I feel it’s important to know how to induce vomiting in an emergency and how to determine when or if it’s necessary for your pet to ‘toss their cookies.’ I hope you enjoy the newest issue of the Animal Print and have a safe and wonderful holiday & new year! Stephanie Georgia editor/publisher

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Rescue Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

Dogs give friends food

Familiarity promotes prosocial behavior Compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, the human capacity for cooperation is something quite special. Cooperating with one another requires a certain amount of prosocial behaviour. This means helping others without any direct personal benefit. Prosociality has already been demonstrated in animals that are very closely related with humans, i.e. primates. One study found prosocial behaviour in dogs toward humans. According to Friederike Range of the Messerli Research Institute, however, it remains questionable whether the dogs were merely reacting to the communication from the humans and were being “obedient” or if they were truly exhibiting prosocial behaviour. The researchers studied the prosocial behaviour of the animals using a bar-pulling task in which the dogs had to pull trays and decide whether a second dog would receive a treat or not. In the test, the donor dogs used their mouths to pull a string to bring a tray toward a second dog. They could choose either an empty tray or a tray containing a treat on the partner’s side. Dogs donate to familiar partners more often than to unfamiliar ones.

Lauricella runs a goat rescue group called Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey. She thought a duck costume would look cute on her baby goats, especially the newest rescue goat named Polly. So she bought the costume and took it home, not thinking too much of it. Little did Lauricella know just how much Polly would love that duck costume. Polly is a baby goat with serious medical issues. She’s blind, has neurological problems that affect her eating ability and is severely underweight for her age. She also suffers from anxiety. When Polly can’t find Lauricella, she frantically runs around the house, crying her heart out. Polly also has some weird habits, which Lauricella thinks are linked to her anxiety issues. “She’ll find a corner of a wall in the house, and she’ll just start sucking on the wall.” “So all the corners in our house have these little suck marks from her mouth.” When Lauricella put the duck costume on Polly for a photo, something amazing happened. “As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm,” Lauricella said. “There’s something about that duck costume that calms her. She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she’s out.”

Whether the donor dogs knew the recipient made a difference. Donor dogs pulled the giving tray more often for familiar dogs than for unfamiliar ones. “Dogs truly behave prosocially toward other dogs. That had never been experimentally demonstrated before. What we also found was that the degree of familiarity among the dogs further influenced this behaviour. Prosocial behaviour was exhibited less frequently toward unfamiliar dogs than toward familiar ones.


“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.”

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Holiday Hazards

With the holiday season just around the corner, the Animal Print would like to remind you of a few of the most common holiday hazards in a n effort to keep your pets safe.





* Certain plants such as Mistletoe berries, and the leaves, stem, and flowers of the Poinsettia can be dangerous to pets. Be sure to keep these plants well out of the reach of animals in your home, or consider using artificial versions. * Foods and drinks such as alcoholic beverages, seeds and pits from many fruits, chocolate, macadamia nuts, walnuts, coffee, tea, salt, onions, and other foods can be harmful to pets. * Never feed pets leftovers from the dinner table. Items such as chicken bones can easily shatter and choke cats and dogs.


* When cooking dinner for your guests, be sure to move pet birds away from the kitchen area. Fumes released from nonstick cookware and self-cleaning ovens can be deadly.


* Decorations such as tinsel, glass ornaments, and garlands can easily attract pets, but are dangerous choking hazards. Electric decorations such as stringed lights can give your pets a shock should they chew on the wires. Keep decorations out of their reach.

* The unusual commotion of the holiday season can be stressful on animals as well as humans. Put your pets in a quiet room or quiet area of the house when guests are visiting. * When traveling with your pets, make sure they are properly secured and don’t fly them in the cargo area on airplanes unless absolutely necessary. For more information about what is poisonous to your pet, visit


Antifreeze is a deadly poison! Unfortunately it has a sweet taste that may attract animals and children. Wipe up spills and store antifreeze (and all household chemicals) out of reach. Better yet, use antifreeze-coolant made with propylene glycol; if swallowed in small amounts, it will not hurt pets, wildlife, or your family.

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Most Popular Cat Names This Year!

So you think your cat’s name is something original, right? Well, if her name is Lucy or Cleo, think again. Rover. com just released its annual survey of the most popular cat names, taken from data collected from its users. The site pulled together the 10 most popular names for male cats and the 10 most popular names for female cats. My Sherlock and Watson are in the clear for being original, but check the list to see how your cats’ names fared!

Animal portraits • Murals Illustration • Design For prices and details visit: contact Alyssa at: 203-927-6732

Join Our Team Top Female Names Luna Chloe Bella Lucy Lily Sophie Lola Zoe Cleo Nala

Top Male Names Oliver Leo Charlie Milo Max Jack George Simon Loki Simba

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Domestic Violence Victims Find Help With

PetsEmpower by Stephanie Caress


ost pet owners face the challenge of needing to find care for their pet at some point or another - whether it be due to a vacation, perhaps to a visiting allergic relative, or a myriad of temporary reasons. But what if your reason left you with an uncertain time of return? After a conversation with Jordan Ross, CEO of PetsEmpower, I learned that there are many pet owners who struggle with more indefinite circumstances that pose significant obstacles to finding a good, temporary home for beloved companions. For instance, up to 65% of domestic violence victims are unable to escape abusers because they are concerned about what will happen to their pets. Ross found himself one of these victims, as he was seeking an escape from domestic violence. In an unfortunate turn of circumstances, Jordan found himself and his devoted dog, a black lab named Jazz, homeless on the streets of downtown Boston primarily because he could not find a refuge that would allow pets. Refusing to let go of his dear companion, Ross searched for alternative solutions for housing. After a year of struggling, and knowing that survival was becoming too risky for both of them, Ross was connected with the Pine Street

Inn, which would help foster Jazz while he was able to get back on his feet, staying with friends and searching for a pet-friendly apartment. Ross would visit Jazz each week for three months until they were happily reunited, “I was also pleasantly surprised when the men looking after Jazz revealed how he lifted their spirits and how much they loved him. I was happy to see fosterers also deeply benefit from this temporary arrangement.” Through his personal experience and continuous researching, Ross realized that he was not alone in the need for pet-friendly housing. In the U.S. alone, approximately one million domestic violence survivors search for pet care in order to stay in a shelter. In Rhode Island, a release from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence of 10/17/16 shows that 1 in 4 Rhode Islanders will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes and 1 in 10 R.I. high schoolers report that they have already experienced physical dating violence. “Because RI communities are so close-knit, we have all witnessed the suffering caused by domestic violence, or know someone who has.” After spending time talking with community rescue organizations, Ross was able to tout the benefits of fostering: companionship, loyalty, and the cohesion of reuniting pets with owners. He knew

15 he wanted to make connections with people who were willing to care for a pet as their own, but also realize that they were, in turn, caring for the owner - by helping them get the space and time needed to heal, and the confidence they would be reunited with their companion once they were ready, “It’s a critical stage - they’re offering a new lease on life.” He also expressed the importance of allowing owners to visit their pets as-needed, as that can be a healing visit for both. Ross also knew that he needed to be an advocate - a real connection between those seeking safety for themselves and their pets and to inspire hope through the real prospect of reunification. From his personal experience, he founded, a non-profit organization which “preserves healing pet relationships at risk through no fault of owners in crisis that threaten one of the most important relationships on the planet.” PetsEmpower focuses on a myriad of complex, at-risk situations where one might be in need of pet care. Along with domestic violence, they assist in cases dealing with veteran and senior hospitalizations, addiction recovery, sudden job loss, foreclosure, natural disasters and more. Using his own service, Ross recently fostered Shiloh, whose owner was going to be hospitalized and needed help in a hurry. Ross and his own dog loved having another in the house and they played every day together, “[It was] super delightful to spend time with him. It was an incredible experience to see how happy they were to

Jazz (top) Jordan Ross (right)

reunite.” On the fostering experience, Shiloh’s owner, Amber, left a testimonial that stated “Your company relieved the unnecessary stress of finding a boarding facility in a hurry… there was also complete trust that Shiloh would be taken care of by PetsEmpower… Jordan, you and Pets Empower were a complete lifesaver during a difficult time for me.” Since starting PetsEmpower, Ross has gained quick traction and has been nominated as a finalist for both Social Enterprise Greenhouse and EforAll Southcoast Continued on page 17.


Country Club for Dogs and Cats



to Washington County and Block Island Seychelle Hoffer, DVM, CVA

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Norman Bird Sanctuary Receives $10,000 Grant from the Rhode Island Foundation for Animal Ambassador Program

The Rhode Island Foundation’s Program for Animal Welfare awarded the Norman Bird Sanctuary a $10,000 grant to further develop the Animal Ambassador care and education program. The program is designed to directly support the care, feeding and enrichment of the animals in Norman Bird Sanctuary’s care, including a barred owl, two redtailed hawks, rabbits, rats, turtles, snakes, amphibians, and a collection of insects and invertebrates. The Animal Ambassadors, many of whom are recognized by name by local children, play a lead role in Norman Bird Sanctuary’s environmental education programs, helping school children and community members of all ages to learn about animal physiology and build awareness of the wildlife native to their local environment. “Our Animal Ambassadors are an integral part of educational programming that helps community members expand their awareness, knowledge, and compassion for wildlife and conservation issues,” said Natasha Harrison, executive director. “We are delighted that the Rhode Island Foundation shares our commitment to fostering the diverse group of animals that both support and rely on us.”

The NBS education department conducts over 40 public education programs each year to help community members connect to their local environment, including 10 vacation and summercamp sessions; after-school programs at 8 local public schools; and in-school outreach and field trips throughout the year for every local public school. Educational programs that feature the Animal Ambassadors, approximately 90% of all programs, are among the most popular, and highest impact. Limited access to open space combined with a cultural shift toward increased “screen time” indoors has limited opportunities for community members to learn from native animals. Accordingly, a growing number of teachers and school administrators are looking for experiential learning programs to complement classroom curriculum, particularly in light of new Next Generation Science Standards. The further development of the Animal Ambassador program seeks to combat this cultural shift and engage children with live animals to capture their imaginations and advance key learning concepts. The Rhode Island Foundation awarded nearly $470,000 in grants to fund 28 animal welfare programs across the state. “The generosity of our donors and the commitment of our partners are expanding humane education, increasing awareness and improving the quality of animal care in Rhode Island,” said Adrian Bonéy, who oversees the R.I.F.’s Program for Animal Welfare. “Their work is producing new approaches to animal welfare and humane education across Rhode Island.”


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st #1 rBie nary

Vete ctice Pra n a row!

si 4 year’

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Pets Empower


Continued from page 15.

accelerators. He has also gotten significant press through his passionate efforts of trying to build awareness. However, he is still seeking help from the community.

these at-risk scenarios: social workers, mental health experts, past fosterers, animal rescue personnel. And of course, he’s in search of good foster homes.

Ross is always looking for new cases where PetsEmpower can help. He is currently looking to connect with mental health and more domestic violence organizations, along with homeless pet owners looking to transition into another shelter as they all may provide valuable referrals. But after his own time spent homeless in Boston, Ross knows what it’s like to wait, “I realized I need to be patient - it’s going to take some time.” Meanwhile, he’s working to help people find and provide resource and guidance to the inquiries that come.

“I’m touched by how many people have shared their stories with me, are willing to help, and have validated our concept. Please spread the word. Allow us to continue the dialogue.”

Volunteers are always needed. PetsEmpower is currently seeking anyone looking to offer support (a few hours per week) to help build operational capacity, along with being brand ambassadors (hanging flyers, spreading the word, sharing social media, etc.). He’s also looking to build a network of people who understand

Friend Us On

Follow: Facebook: Twitter: @PetsEmpowerOrg #HowPetsEmpower: If you have a story about how your pet has helped you through a difficult life challenge, share it via a 30-sec video or short story and photo with: jordan@

Visit us at: and get lots of extra news, event photos and a chance to win exclusive facebooks contests!


Fina l Gi ft Pe t Aft e rcare

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Private Cremation

Witnessed Cremation

If you wish to be present during your pet’s cremation, we offer a comforting, private viewing area so that you may witness your loved one’s cremation. This service does require a scheduled appointment.

Your beloved pet will be placed into a completely private crematory chamber. We have designed and pioneered the most technically advanced, environmentally friendly equipment that allows for 100% private cremation while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.

Individual Cremation

Your cherished pet is placed individually into the crematory and kept separate from all other pets by means of partitions.

Communal Cremation Thank You For Making Us #1 for 8 Years In A Row!

Your pet will be cremated in a group setting with other beloved pets. This option maintains a high level of dignity but for a modest price. Pet ashes are scattered at our discretion on our beautiful cemetery grounds located at Pet Memorial Park.

Other Services • • • • • •

Guaranteed 72 hour cremation service Same Day cremation service is also available 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week/365 days a year Free access to the “Final Gift Online Grief Counseling Center” Our representatives are available to speak to you 24 hours a day A variety of urns, caskets and memorial items

We Be l ie ve T ha t Pets Are What M Sh o ul d Re p a y T hem For T heir Eve


a n d Memor ia l Ce n t e r s

munal Cremation And Private Burial Services. land, Foxboro, Massachusetts And Dover, New Hampshire. boro, Massachusetts, At Pet Memorial Park And Cemetery.

Private Burial Services

A member of our team will work with you and your family on selecting the private burial service that best fits your needs and your budget. We offer a variety of private burial packages that include a private burial space, casket of your choice and beautiful granite or bronze burial plaque.

Preplanning Burial Services

Prearranging pet memorial services carries with it many specific benefits, including: • A chance to discuss options with your family to receive their input • Time to reflect on the process and make the best, most informed decisions • Comfort knowing that you have prepared for your beloved pet’s passing • Financial peace of mind by securing budget-friendly prices through a prepay option Aftercare preplanning offers you the best path to be sure you give your cherished pet the final gift that it deserves. Pet Memorial Park is here to help you through each step of the way. It is never too early. Contact us today and we will help you begin the process.

The Companies

Pet Aftercare Services & Memorial Center DAILY SERVICE To all of New England (401) 464-8338 • Cranston, RI (800) 477-5044 • Foxboro, MA (603) 516-0340 • Dover, NH

Ma ke A Ho us e A Ho me And T ha t We rl ast i n g Love With O ne Fina l Gif t.

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Plaid Bowtie by Creative Works (Handmade in Hope Valley, RI) - $17.99. Available at Benny and Jack 237 Robinson St., Wakefield, RI

lollipups Made locally from all natural ingredients. Available at Jack’s Snacks 158 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, RI . 401-633-5522.

Ruffwear Powder Hound Coat in Red Currant Available at WoofWoof! 31 Bradford St, Bristol, RI

Orbee Tuff Holiday Toys by Planet Dog These festive toys are Made in the USA and are guaranteed tough! Made from nontoxic materials and made to last! Prices range from $11.95-$16.95 (depending on size and shape). Available at FETCH RI 54B Richmond Townhouse Rd., Richmond, RI 1.401.539.8080

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Pet Fooled

A New Documentary Exposing the Secretive Commercial Pet Food Industry

Happy Holidays! from everyone at providence river animal hospital - Dr. Jane Linden, DVM, and the staff at Providence River Animal Hospital

Gravitas Ventures will soon distribute PET FOOLED, a feature film exposing the underbelly of the commercial pet food industry. The film is directed by Kohl Harrington. PET FOOLED premiered at the 2016 Catalina Film Festival, winning the Deb Bauer Humanitarian Award. The film follows two integrative veterinarians, Dr. Barbara Royal, who is Oprah Winfrey’s Vet, and Dr. Karen Becker as they take viewers on an entertaining, honest, and heart wrenching journey challenging the multi-billion dollar pet food industry of which only 4 multi-conglomerate companies dominate worldwide sales. Director Kohl Harrington states, “I made this film because I believe every consumer has a right to know exactly what’s in the products that they are purchasing. Consumers have a right to question the products they are buying and demand transparency from the companies regarding quality, sourcing, and long term health effects.” The filmmakers have teamed up with GATHR for nationwide theatrical on demand screenings. Health focused pet food stores across the country are participating in the on demand screenings, urging pet owners to think about the quality and species appropriateness of the diets they are feeding to their dogs, cats, or any animal for that matter. On January 10, 2017 PET FOOLED will be available on VOD platforms worldwide. iTunes and Vimeo are projected to be successful opportunities for viewers worldwide to watch the film immediately on the release date, which many cable providers will carry on their VOD platforms as well.

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Now Until December 22nd Shop at Jack’s Snacks to support a local shelter all season long. Now until 12/22 spend $5 or more and Jack’s Snacks will donate a seasonal treat and $5 to a local shelter or rescue. Jack’s Snacks in located at 158 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, RI.

Thursday, December 8th Photos with Santa and Mrs Claus at Jack’s Snacks Dog Bakery from 6-7:30pm at 158 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, RI. No apppointment necessary.

All of December Lowered Adoption Fees During December at the RISPCA For the month of December, the RISPCA is running an AMAZING promotion where adoption fees are lowered and freebies are being offered! For more info visit

Friday, December 9th Naughty or Nice with the Gay Men’s Chorus! The Providence Gay Men’s Chorus will be donating the proceeds from their “Naughty or Nice” performance on Friday, Dec. 9th at 7pm to PARL! “We’re making our list and checking it twice because we want everything perfect for this year’s holiday concerts.” As the name implies, you can expect both traditional and not-so-traditional holiday fare at our concerts this year. Come and let the PGMC put you in a good mood for the holidays with this musical exploration of the perfect mix of beauty, grace, silliness, lump-in-the-throat, humor, and joy. “We could tell you about how wonderful this evening is going to be. We could tell you how the performers are fabulous and that this will be a holiday concert extravaganza unlike any other. But why don’t you just come to the concert and find out?!! Never fear, we don’t think there’s anything you can’t handle. Come

and experience the holiday magic that is the PGMC.” The performances will be held at the Beneficent Church, 300 Weybosset Street in Providence. Donations of pet supplies, food, toys, blankets and towels will also be collected during all four scheduled performances. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Saturday, December 10th Holiday Photo Booth Grab your furry best friend and head over to Animal Rescue RI to be photographed at their holiday photo booth event. Noon to 4 pm. For more info visit

Sunday, December 11th Vaccination Clinic at The Providence Animal Rescue League PARL is bringing back our monthly vaccination clinics just in time for the holiday season! SAVE THE DATE! On Sunday, December 11th they will be offering 1 year Rabies Vaccinations, 1 year K9 and Feline Distemper and Microchipping for $20 each, or all 3 for $50. Please note, to accommodate people and their pets during winter months, appointments will be scheduled in advance vs. our typical “first come, first serve” style clinic.

Check our website for event updates:! Call today with any questions or to reserve your spot! We are also scheduling appointments now! 401. 421.1399 x213.

Tuesday, December 13th 12 days of Christmas Giveaway on Facebook Contest!


What Would Jeff Do? Every Saturday

Sunday, January 15th Vaccination Clinic at The Providence Animal League

The Animal Print Magazine will be giving away some great gifts for the 12 days leading up to Christmas and all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook, share and comment! One winner will be selected each day to win that days prize. Visit us on Facebook at

They will be offering 1 year Rabies Vaccinations, 1 year K9 and Feline Distemper and Microchipping for $20 each, or all 3 for $50. Please note, to accommodate people and their pets during winter months, appointments will be scheduled in advance vs. the typical “first come, first serve” style clinic. Call today with any questions or to reserve your spot! 421.1399 x213

Monday, December 19th Pic Ur Pet at The Duck & Bunny!


Join The Providence Animal Rescue League, Duck & Bunny and William Raveis on Monday, December 19th from 6pm to 8pm for a “Pic Ur Pet” at Duck & Bunny! For a $10 donation you can have your pet’s picture taken by a professional photographer with a holiday background! You will receive a printed and a digital copy of your photo! For more information visit

Sunday, December 25th Merry Christmas!


Real World Dog Training Talk Radio on AM 790. When: Saturdays 8am -1pm. www. Station Hotline: 401.437.5000. Tune in, call in, and get saved

Every Saturday 6:30am on 630WPRO listen to “PET CARE” live with Dr. Paradise

“Pick of the Litter” Every Tuesday Each week, Channel 6 hosts a program called “Pick of the Litter” that features adoptable animals from the RISPCA. Tuesdays at 12pm.

Every Saturday

VSA on WJAR Channel 10 A volunteer with the Providence Chapter of Volunteer Services for Animals (VSA) appears Saturday mornings on WJAR Channel 10 at approximately 9:15am with a cat or dog available for adoption and is currently residing at the Providence Animal Care and Control. facility. Through this segment, the Providence Chapter has had great success with finding many, many animals a forever home.

Happy Holidays!

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Surviving Your

First 30 Days With a New Puppy By Dr. Marty Becker DVM Courtesy of

You want to know the first two thoughts of a new puppy owner? I got a new puppy! Now what do I do? Congratulations! You’ve just entered the Twilight Zone. In a good way, of course. For the next 10 or more years, you are going to have more fun and love and licks than you know what to do with. Let me help you get started with the first month, and then you and your puppy will be off and running to a great life together.

Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic Progressive Medicine in a Family Practice Atmosphere

Dr Linda Farrington, Dr Ranjini Abraham Dr Laura Roman, Dr Richard Coates & Dr Amy Kaspryzcki

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Compassionate Care Veterinary Cl inic + Wellness Care + Hospital Services + Surgical Services + Dental Services + Emergency Visits

+ M-F 8am - 11pm and Weekends 8am - 4pm + 1509 Mendon Rd. Cumberland, RI 401.333.7911

Thank you for voting us a Top Dog in 2015!

Going Home

The first day with your new puppy will involve traveling, whether it’s a short distance from the shelter or a local breeder or a long ride in a car or the cabin of a plane. This is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your puppy to love his crate. Be sure it’s well stocked with treats and, if possible, a towel or t-shirt that bears the scent of his mother and littermates. That will go a long way toward making him comfortable in his new surroundings. When you arrive, make sure he potties before you bring him indoors. Praise him and give him a treat when he does. Keep him on leash inside — free run of the house is still far in his future. Sit on the floor with him or on the sofa, if you plan to allow him on the furniture. Love on him and talk to him, so he gets to know the sound of your voice and touch of your hand. This is a great time to start teaching him that it’s OK for you to touch his paws, look inside or sniff his ears, rub his belly, touch his tail and groom him with a soft brush. Remember that puppies don’t have good bladder or sphincter control yet, and excitement can make them need to pee or poop. Take your puppy out to potty after 15 to 20 minutes of play, as well as after every meal. A potty run should be the first thing you do with him in the morning and the last thing you do with him at night. Let your puppy spend a short amount of time in his crate. This is a big day for him, and he needs some time to himself, so he can process his new situation. It’s okay to have the crate in the living room or some other area in the home where people are coming and going, but don’t bug him while he’s in there. Unless he needs to go potty, walk away calmly if he starts to whine or bark. Don’t let him out until he’s being quiet. You’ll want to get your pup to the veterinarian within 48 hours of bringing him home. That’s important to make sure he’s in good health. Many puppy purchase contracts require an exam within that time frame as well. Without it, the seller may be unwilling to accept the pup’s return if he has a serious illness or congenital or hereditary defect. The first visit can be strictly for a physical exam and weigh-in. It’s a good opportunity for your pup to meet some nice new people, get handled by them and get some yummy treats. Depending on when his last set of vaccinations took place, you can then schedule the next round of vaccinations.


RI’s Mobile Vet Salmon River Vet, LLC

MOBILE VET SERVING RHODE ISLAND •F  ull Service State-of-the Art Surgical Unit. • L ow Cost Spay & Neuter Services for Cats • Laser surgery available

Dr. Ryan Loiselle, DVM 401.793.0092

Eating, Sleeping and Playing

Feeding your puppy does more than help him grow — it’s a way of bonding, and it gets him on a schedule that makes it easier for you to house-train him. Start with the food the breeder or shelter has been giving him. If you want to change it, gradually mix in the new food over a week to 10 days to limit tummy upset. I don’t recommend free-feeding dogs — leaving food down all the time — at any point in their lives. A regular mealtime gives your dog something to look forward to, helps prevent obesity and ensures that you know if he is starting to eat less or becoming ravenous, both of which can indicate health problems. Consider hand-feeding your puppy for at least the first week he is with you. Just as you would if you were feeding him from a bowl, measure his food, so you don’t give too much. Give him pieces of kibble from your hand as long as he is sitting still or looking at you. Don’t reward him for jumping up, barking or doing anything else you don’t like. Feed him in different areas of the house. If you walk away with the bowl and he follows you, give him some more. Sit in a chair or stand in the kitchen. Pretty soon, you can start asking him to do things, such as sit, down or spin for kibble rewards. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per meal, and any family member can do it. The longer you hand-feed, the better. This will help your puppy to develop a soft mouth, so he doesn’t nip or bite when he takes things from your hands. It teaches trust and self-control. It helps him learn not to wolf down his food. And it creates a dog who will likely be crazy easy to train, because he will be so focused on you. Your puppy’s socialization continues through the night — even though you’re both asleep. You may plan to let your pup sleep on the bed, but right now he’s still too young to be allowed that privilege. When it’s bedtime, take him out for one last pee and then matter-offactly put him in his crate with a treat and his towel that smells like mom. Continued on page 28

Ruffin’ Wranglers dog excursions Visit our website at Contact Blythe Penna 401-419-4318 Email:

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Toss Those Cookies? The ins and outs of making your dog vomit. By Lisa Rodier (Reprinted with permission from the Whole Dog Journal)

I can still vividly recall the panic I felt five years ago when I looked up to see my beloved Bouvier, Axel, then 12 years old, stretch out his neck, give a gulp, and swallow the IQube Puzzle Plush squeaky plush ball that he’d been sucking on. I looked at him in disbelief; had he really just quaffed that thing? And should I try to get him to throw it back up? For most of us, seeing our dogs orally inhale a verboten item, whether it be a toy, medication, food product or what-have-you, is one of the most frightening pet parent moments. If your dog swallowed something harmful, would you know if and how to induce vomiting? In Axel’s case, I didn’t even try, and quickly took him to an emergency veterinary clinic where they induced vomiting. Despite their efforts, the ball remained in his belly. We were given the okay to take him home and observe him for any signs of discomfort. Today, my husband and I share our home

with an adolescent Bouvier, Atle. While Atle is no more prone to eating inappropriate items than the next adolescent dog (that is, fairly likely!), I’ve decided it’s high time that I learn how to induce vomiting in an emergency. In A Hurry To Hurl? Dr. Jennifer Pittman is a critical care specialist at BluePearl-Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Atlanta, where she spends most of her time in the ICU and ER, and sees anywhere from 4 to 10 toxicity cases a week. As a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, toxicity is right up her alley – and she would like the opportunity to consult with a pet owner before said owner induces vomiting. “There are things that we don’t want to come back up,” Dr. Pittman warns. Also, inducing vomiting is not without risk of potential complications, such as aspiration of vomitus, which could lead to the development of pneumonia. Talking with

a veterinarian beforehand lets you weigh what your dog has ingested against the risk of inducing vomiting. If your Chihuahua eats one Hershey Kiss, for example, it’s likely he’ll be okay, so inducing vomiting can probably be avoided. Although Dr. Pittman says that she hesitates to provide hard and fast rules of when we should absolutely induce vomiting, she does have some general guidelines for different situations: Induce Vomiting Immediately... If you see your dog ingest antifreeze, induce vomiting immediately. Anti-freeze is very rapidly absorbed across the gastric wall; within 30 minutes or less of ingestion, enough antifreeze has already been absorbed by your dog’s body to cause kidney toxicity. And then get your dog to a veterinary clinic ASAP. You Should Induce Your Dog... If your dog ingests human medication or a goodly dose of another dog’s medications, it’s

27 a good idea to make the dog vomit. “That would be a time I’d say to induce vomiting regardless,” Dr. Pittman advises. It Depends on What’s Swallowed... Say your dog swallows a golf ball or your daughter’s teddy bear. Depending on the size of your dog versus the object, inducing vomiting might be a good idea, but many times, the object needs to be removed with an endoscope. In these cases, confer with your veterinarian regarding the probability that the object could make it back up your dog’s throat if vomiting was induced. You Probably Shouldn’t Induce If... Your dog drinks an acidic substance such as bleach or a household cleaner, or eats a sharp-edged item. Inducing vomiting in these cases is more safely accomplished under the direct supervision of a veterinarian who can weigh the risks and benefits and act quickly if the plan goes south. Do NOT Induce Vomiting... If your dog is sedate, comatose, or displaying signs of neurologic impairment or seizures, do not induce vomiting. Dr. Pittman says, “The dog must appear clinically normal when you try to induce vomiting.” If he’s not normal, do not induce vomiting; you run a high risk of complications from aspiration. The Art Of Induction 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the therapy to use should you need to induce your dog to vomit. The solution works as a direct irritant to the dog’s gastric lining; in a perfect world, the dog vomits fairly quickly after administration. The dose is not a lot: 1 teaspoon per 5 lbs of the dog’s body weight, with a maximum of 3 tablespoons. There are 3 teaspoons in a

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tablespoon, so the maximum dose for dogs who weigh more than 45 lbs is 3 tablespoons per dose. If the H2O2 works its magic, your dog should vomit within two to five minutes of receiving the first dose. If he doesn’t vomit within five minutes, it’s okay to re-dose. Then stop. Dr. Pittman warns that if your dog does not vomit within 10 minutes, you should be on your way to the vet. Do not administer more than the suggested dose. If given an exceedingly large dose of H2O2, the dog’s stomach could rupture! How To administer A syringe is the first choice; it enables you to measure the dose precisely, and squirt it right into the back of the dog’s mouth. If your dog is prone to eating odd things, keep an unopened bottle of peroxide (so that it’s unoxidized and fizzy-fresh if needed) and fasten a syringe to the bottle with a rubber band, so you have everything you need in an emergency. Another tactic that Dr. Pittman finds useful is to soak a piece of bread with the measured dose of hydrogen peroxide and immediately feed it to the dog. Don’t be disappointed if your pooch doesn’t produce. “In the majority of cases, trying to induce vomiting at home, unfortunately, is not as successful as we wish it would be. Don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work, and know that you’re not alone,” says Dr. Pittman. Whether the induction “works” or not, your next move is to head immediately to your dog’s veterinarian or veterinary emergency clinic. Continued on page 29.

28 Surviving Your

First 30 Days

Continued from page 25.

Don’t respond to whining or barking. Tell him good night and go to bed yourself. He’ll soon settle down, and your scent and the sound of your breathing will help to calm him. Depending on his age, he might not be able to last through the night without another potty outing. If you hear whining or scratching at the crate door late at night, hustle him outdoors, so he can do his business, and then bring him right back in to his crate. You don’t want him to get the idea that you’ll play with him in the middle of the night. You most likely bought a few toys before bringing your new pup home. Now that you’ve observed him for a couple of days, you probably have a better idea of how he likes to play and what types of toys intrigue him. If he’s a big pup who likes to chew, make sure his toys are tough. They shouldn’t have any pieces that he can chew off and swallow or any stuffing that can come out if he rips the toy apart. Some pups are gobblers. They rapidly bite off and swallow pieces of rawhide or anything else they can chew up. Avoid giving them anything like that and stick to large, tough rubber items, such as balls that they can’t take a bite out of. I’m a big fan of puzzle toys, too. Put food or treats inside and watch your puppy go to work trying to figure out how to get at them.

Learning Starts Early

Depending on where you got him, his breed and his individual breeder, your pup is anywhere from 7 to 12 weeks old. That’s right during his critical learning period, when he is soaking up all kinds of information about the world around him and how he should behave in it.

This critical period lasts until he is 14 to 16 weeks old, so you may have as little as a couple of weeks to make the absolute most of this rapid learning stage. Of course, he’ll still learn afterward, but the things you teach during this time — good and bad — will really stick in his memory, so make sure it’s the right stuff. The goal is for him to have lots of positive experiences with friendly people, dogs and cats. Meeting the neighbors, learning the sounds in your home and neighborhood, and going to the veterinarian for the first time are all part of your puppy’s socialization process. Once he’s been with you for a week, it’s time to turbocharge his introduction to the world. During his critical learning period, your puppy should meet at least 100 different people, not just the same 10 people over and over again. To get the numbers up, introduce him to the people delivering mail and packages and the gardeners in your neighborhood. Take him for short car rides and on errands, where you can take him into local businesses, such as the dry cleaners, a private postal service or an open-air shopping mall. (Be sure he potties outside immediately before you take him onto the premises, so he’s always welcome back.) If it’s a place where other dogs might go, carry him in a puppy sling or backpack or put him in a cart and don’t expose him to other dogs until your veterinarian tells you he’s had enough vaccinations. Take treats for strangers to give him. Meeting new people and having lots of different experiences is important, because it gives a puppy broad experience to draw on later in life. A puppy who has met only middle-aged people or only your friends or neighbors doesn’t cope as well when he meets other types of people, such as young children, people wearing uniforms, people in wheelchairs or people from other cultures. Continued on page 33.


Toss Those Cookies Continued from page 27.

If you succeed in getting your dog to vomit, it’s helpful to clean up and bring the vomitus with you to the vet’s office. “That’s probably the least glorious part of this whole process,” says Dr. Pittman. “If you’re worried that your dog ate four pills, we’ve got to search through that mess and try to identify those four pills.” REALLY? The vet wants the mess? Yes and no. “Absolutely, we’re happy to evaluate what came up,” says Dr. Pittman. That said, even having the vomit won’t solve all the mysteries. “But some medications, like gel caps or rapid release formulas, dissolve the minute they hit the stomach, so we’ll never find those.” But if fragments of the pills are found, it can make a huge difference in the next course of action, says Dr. Pittman: “The difference in the pills still being there versus them not, may mean three days of hospitalization.” SIDE BAR Who you gonna call? Your initial call for advice can be to your local veterinarian or a poison control hotline. If your dog has ingested something fairly pedestrian (yet still potentially dangerous) such as a box of dark chocolate, a pound of raisins, a bulk package of gum containing xylitol, or other potentially toxic food products, odds are that your vet can adequately advise you. If your dog’s choice of poison is something more exotic, such as a cocktail of grandma’s beta blockers, statins, and anti-anxiety meds, you’d be better off making your first call to an animal poison control hotline. There are two phone consult toxicology services, both offering consultations 24/7 and run by veterinarians: ✓ ASPCA Animal Poison Control: (888) 426-4435. Fee: $65 payable at time of call by credit card. ( pet-care/ animal-poison-control) ✓ Pet Poison Help Line: (855) 764-7661. Fee: $49 payable at time of call by credit card. ( When you call, you’ll provide the consulting veterinarian with the details of what your dog consumed, his age, weight, and other pertinent facts, and in return you’ll get a case number. The benefit to doing this before traveling to your vet clinic, or even en route (if someone else is with you and they are driving) is that by the time you reach the clinic, your veterinarian can call the service back with your case number and hit the ground running. Dr. Pittman notes that many veterinary clinics themselves will err on the side of caution and consult poison control for two reasons: 1. To check for updated information about recent toxicities and newer formulations of drugs and combinations; many drug interactions are not commonly known. 2. To document the case and build a bank of information for treatment of future cases. “In a perfect world,” Dr. Pittman says, “you’d initiate contact with your local vet and contact the service at essentially the same time.”

Wandering Tails: Iguana On The Roof By Mike Fink

I buy the pet series stamps at the post office, and dwell on my memories of each creature we domesticate, imprison, and also love. One of my alums--former student--had a pet iguana! “Fred” asked me to visit stores that sold lizards and other reptiles to investigate what it is about them he finds so soothing and charming. Well, this Fred has “dreads” and is...what?...”of color.” He is also a twin. He never knew his dad and, I believe, adopted me as a sort of father-figure. Fred visited me at my home, which faces an abandoned strip of farmland, currently with hibernating salamanders or newts slumbering under rocks. They came out and yawned and relaxed on Fred’s long, graceful fingers. I snapped a shot of this lovely and strange image. I guess the world ruled by the iguana was his spiritual realm. Something like that. Anyway, to come to the point, that iguana led Fred to his career! Quite literally. He went to work for our downtown gallery/shop for giant monsters: it’s called “Big Nazo.” From there, my friend and ally Fred made his way first to Bali and thence to Hollywood...and he brought his pet iguana with him! His entire design destiny was inspired by that fabulous creature. He makes the nightmares of the American People, but playfully. I have a bas-relief of the idealized iguana on my garage: it was a gift of monster-maker as a souvenir of our tours of the pet-shops of Providence and its provinces and a memoir of our comaraderie. I can see him now in my fond mind’s eye, with the iguana on his head, the dreadlocks along his sideburns, a big smile, and the postman staring in wonder at the marvelous sight!



Cranston Animal Shelter 920 Phenix Ave Cranston, RI

Hello my name is Glimmer! I am a beautiful, young cat looking for a warm bed to snuggle in. I was found outside in early October and have just started trusting the shelter staff. I’m shy and would do best in a quiet home without dogs or small children (for now!). Please adopt me!

Hi i’m Lucinda. And i’m an absolute beauty! I am young and a bit on the shy side, however I’m warming up to everyone here at the shelter. I was found outside and would need sometime to adjust in a new home. If you are interested in me please take me home!

Hi my name is Lola. I’m a two year old female pit bull. And I’m an extremely loving lady! But I do not like children very much. I’m looking to be the only animal love in the family!! I take treats gently and know simple commands such as sit and paw.

Hello I am Greyson. I love attention, so I would have to be the only dog in the house. I love to play fetch with any ball and try my hardest to catch them all! Please adopt me soon!

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc. Foster, RI •

My name is Tulip. I’m one of 20 Dutch rabbits removed from an illegal/squalor filled garage operation. I’m estimated to be just over 1 year old. I’m spayed, healthy, active and playful. I’m a great bunny for an adult home or home with older kids or a mellow dog.

Howdy my name is Big Bertha! I am about 15 lbs! I have come a long way and would be a great companion for an adult home or rabbit experienced home. I do not do well with loud noises so smaller kids or barky dogs not good for me. I’m an awesome gal but I do need to slim down.

Hello! I’m Anna Banana. I am spayed and mat free. I’m kind of shy around strangers but warm up once I get to know you. I’m a little over 1 year old and doing good with my litter box.

Nice too meet you, I’m Truffle. I am one of seven bunnies taken by seizure after being left behind due to eviction. I’m a young, fluffy, sweet and now neutered male. I’m very clam but playful and one of those rare bunnies that is OK with being held, if held properly. I’m a great first bunny for the right home.

Rhode Island SPCA 186 Amaral Street • Riverside, RI •

Hi my name is Bijou and I may be a Golden Girl (12 yrs) but I still have a lot of love to give. I am a Marvin’s Friend too, which means my adoption fee has been waived. But that shouldn’t be the only reason you should want me….Let me just say I am the real deal! I still enjoy playing ball…..if you’re ready, I’m ready! Please adopt me!

Hi, my name is Princess and I am a 5 year old St. Bernard/Shepherd mix. I came into the shelter with my Mom, Lady, who was adopted out some time ago. My owner had the two of us along with two other dogs and we were living in a car (so as you can imagine, I am very comfortable in a car!)

Nice to meet you, I’m Simba! I’m a 2yr old greyhound/English Bulldog/Pit mix who came in with my brother (litter mate) Zeus when our owner was losing her home. I’m a laid back boy who loves to play but will love to be a lap dog more! I love the car, people of all ages and other dogs, however I have no experience with cats.

Hey! I’m Alice! I’m a 2 year old pit bull that was taken from another shelter as a cruelty case. When I first arrived at the RISPCA I brought her two pups with her. I’m a very friendly girl, with high energy. I love to play, go on walks, and cuddle a bit too.

This page was made possible through the generosity of:


401•453•3007 711 Westminster Providence M-F: 7:00-5:30, Sat: 8-5:30, Sun: 10:00-5:00


Help Save Lives... Adopt A Pet Today! Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull Type Dogs • RI

Hello! I’m Amelia! I’ve been working hard on my training and behavior with some of the best certified trainers in New England! I’m a fun-loving and very sweet young dog who has maintained an amazing temperament for over a year in a shelter environment. I can be protective of my toys in some settings, but I’m very playful!

Hey! I’m three year old Chance. I’m very sweet and very gorgeous. I am a higher energy dog looking for a fun loving person to take me home. I’m extremely well trained and know all of my basic commands, i am very clean in the house and very well mannered. I’m quiet unless I need to alert someone.

Hello! My name is Pumpkin Spice. I’m estimated to be between 5 and 8 years old. I was a stray, underweight and had a serious eye infection. But after some good vet care, good food and lots of love from my foster mom, I am feeling much better and I’m ready for my forever home!

My name is Truman! I’m very special dog and absolutely adorable. Everyone who meets me quickly falls in love. I’m young, sweet, and affectionate. I like to take walks, but do not require a ton of exercise. I have made a few dog friends over the last few months, and tons of human friends!

Bristol Animal Shelter •

Hi, I’m Daisy Duke! I’m a 2 year old white and black short-haired cat. I have had a rough life up until this point. I’m friendly and sweet, but prefer to be the only pet in the house.

I’m Latte! I’m sure I’ll be your favorite! I am a beautiful 2 year old dilute torti with oneof-a-kind orange and grey markings. I am a smaller, petite girl who was found this winter living among a feral cat colony. I was never a feral girl though, I was just hungry!

Hello, I’m Redford! For months, I struggled to find food and was lucky to find the comfort of a feral cat colony, but I knew that living an outside life was not for me. I always stayed behind to finish the food that was left, but I wasn’t like the other cats, I wanted and craved the attention of people. I trust people and want to be loved.

Hello I’m Piper. I have a beautiful black coat and I’m super sweet. I love to be pet, and absolutely love catnip…but I’m still a little shy to come right up to you. I’ve been at the shelter for 9 months, so it is time that I find my fur-ever home.

Pet Refuge 500 Stony Lane, North Kingstown, RI •

My name is Brooke. Someone left me at the shelter and now the people who work here are taking care of me. I recently had kittens before I came to the shelter and now I’m hoping to find a new home where I can relax. I have double paws and like to be held. I’ve been told I’m nice and sweet and I’ll give you kisses, too.

My name is Miley. I’m hoping to find my special forever home where I’m able to be the only pet and there are no children. I love attention from adults and I’m completely content to just chill. If you’re looking for this type of friend, I’d love to be yours.

My name is Gronk and I’m shy and sleepy. My name is Sheila and I’m a chunky little I was abandoned outside the building and kitty who loves treats. I’m about 3-4 years now I live at the shelter. I would take a little old and I’m passive around other cats, so I’ve while to adjust to a new home, but I’m sure had trouble finding a home. I’m a little bit of I’d be happy once I did. I’m hoping to find a scaredy cat so I need to find a gentle and a new home with Carmen, if we could. loving home where any other pets, if there We’re both white and orange and about 6 are any, will be nice to me. months old.

Air-conditioning • Eclectic Jukebox • Pool Table

75 South St. Providence, RI • 401.861.7290

OPEN Daily at 3pm


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Art Pepper Painting 9 Bar/Restaurant India Restaurant 34 Bar/Restaurant Julians 22 Bar/Restaurant Nick-A-Nees 31 Dog Bakery Jack’s Snacks 11 Dog Daycare Off the Leash Daycare, Inc. 2 Dog Daycare/Training/Boarding Canine Behavioral Services Inc. 20 Dog Daycer/Boarding Bark Republic 2 Dog Running Canine Cardio Co. RI 34 Dog Tags Skoubee RI 9 Dog Training Lisa Rodier K-9 nosework class 13 Dog Training/Dog Daycare Canine Mastery 7 Dog Treats The Brass Ring Pet treats 6 Dog Walker/Dog Adventures Ruffin’ Wranglers 25 Fencing-electronic Moriarty’s Invisible Fence 36 Jewelry Reliable Gold Ltd. 7 Kennel Delmyra Kennels RI 15 Kennel/Boarding/Grooming East Bay Kennels 6 Liquor Store Nikki’s Liquors 25 Lodging Paw House Inn 4 Mobile Vet Salmon River Mobile Vet 25 Organic Grocery Store Whole Foods 22 Pet Boutique Fetch RI 3 Pet Boutique The Cheeky Hound 17 Pet Crematorium Final Gift 33 Pet Crematorium/ Cemetery Angel View Pet Cemetery 35 Pet Sitter Furry Fellas Pet Sitting 6 Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Woof! Woof! 27 Photographer Traer Scott Photography 13 pooPooper Scoop Dog Logs 2 Realtor Elise Penn Pansey/Century 21 3 Rescue Save One Soul Animal Rescue League 9 Rescue Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue 23 Veterinarian Comp. Care Veterinary Clinic 25 Veterinarian Cranston Animal Hospital 8 Veterinarian Dighton-Rehoboth Animal Hospital 27 Veterinarian Oaklawn Animal Hospital RI 16 Veterinarian Providence River Animal Hospital 21 Veterinarian (Holistic) Wolf Rock clinic RI 13 Veterinarian/Grooming/Boarding RI Animal Medical Center and Four Paws 4 Veterinarians Atlantic Animial Hospital & Wellness Center 15 Veterinarians North Kingstown Animal Hospital 12

Help Wanted

Advertising Sales Needed The Animal Print is looking for an experienced ad sales rep. The ideal candidate should be: • Experienced & skilled in advertising sales. • Great with people and easy to get along with. • Enjoy selling to customers both on the phone and face to face. • Computer literate. • The ability to work as an Independent Contractor. • Commit to at least 3 days a week. We pay a competitive commission plus bonuses based on monthly sales goals. We also offer some other fun perks. Please send your resume and cover letter to

Magazine Intern Wanted The Animal Print is looking for a motivated intern to assist the editor in a variety of duties which include internet research, phone calls, marketing, data entry, errands/deliveries, proofing, event help and general office help with the magazine. We are looking for an easy going person who is comfortable speaking on the phone and in person to clients, self motivated and hard working, and is available at least 2 days a week. Please send your resume or a short letter about yourself and we will be in touch if we feel you could be a good fit for the position.Email to

Fundraising Help Needed Rhode Island Canine Search and Rescue Inc. seeks your assistance with raising funds to purchase a generator and lights to help us provide assistance to the citizens of Rhode Island by providing trained canines and handlers to locate missing persons. The generator and lights will provide us the much needed ability to search at night and provide our response trailer electricity to support our team members out in the field. Any help you could provide, would be greatly appreciated! Please click on the link below


Volunteers needed at Hands That Heal Rhode Island Looking for volunteers to join a Fundraising Committee. The Committee will be responsible for ideas, planning and execution as a team.If you would like to volunteer, please email us at:

VOLUNTEERS WANTED Volunteers needed at the Humane Association of NW RI, RI’s oldest no-kill shelter located in Pascoag. We need friendly visitors to pet and play with the adoptable cats, as well as people to help with fund-raising activities such as bake sales, yard sales, car washes, craft fairs, etc. Please support our nonprofit no-kill shelter. Call 401-568-5734.

RATES: $10 for first 20 words, .50 for each additional word. (Call for business prices.) Contact


Surviving Your First 30 Days Continued from page 28.

A little adversity during this time is good for your pup’s adventurous soul. Moderate amounts of stress during the socialization period can prepare a puppy to be ready for anything. Give him a change of elevation by putting him on top of a picnic table or clothes dryer, or surprise him with a toy while playing peekaboo. These simple things can help him become unflappable as he matures.

Time for School

The first two to three weeks after you bring him into your house is a great time to start training him at home. You’re teaching him how to learn and developing a relationship with him at the same time — a real win-win! It’s easy to teach tricks, such as sit, down, come, high-five, roll over and more. You should also start to work with him on important commands like “drop it” and “give it,” which not only improve his manners but can help to keep him safe. Start looking for a good puppy kindergarten class as soon as you

take your pup home. By the time he has typically had two sets of vaccinations — usually by 10 to 12 weeks of age — he’s ready to start school. Ask your veterinarian when your puppy is ready. Puppy kindergarten classes offer socialization opportunities with other pups and people. The trainer can help you learn to teach your dog throughout his life. If you’re smart, you’ll never let learning end for your dog. Learning new things keeps his mind and body active and helps to keep him out of trouble. Here are six things your puppy should be learning: • No teeth on people — ever! • No jumping up on people. • Always potty outside (don’t give him any chances to make a mistake). • Meeting people is great! • Going to the vet is fun!

{Memorial} My Dearest Beloved Milan Where there is deep grief, there was deep love. May you rest in peace, you will forever live within my heart. My greatest teacher, my best friend, my Son. Milan Pepin 5/1/06-11/3/16

Pet Aftercare Services & Memorial Center 401.464.8338


CURB STYLIN’ seen around town

Canine Cardio Company of Rhode Island

Dog Jogging, Walking &

Off-Leash Excursions Now Accepting New Jogging Dogs For Off-Leash Group “Wagging Trails” Fully Insured And Bonded

• Off-leash running and exercise (supervised) • You’ll come home to a happy, exhausted and well socialized pup! • Leashed walking and jogging available.

– FREE warm up to meet dog. 401-919-2267

Shawn & Gary Jerome What do you do for a living? Shawn: Business Manager/DJ Superhero Gary: Carrying bags and other items down Hope St. home for dad.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Shawn: Full Moon rise over the beach. Gary: Digging holes in the sand at the beach. Is there anything that embarrassed you? Shawn: When Gary rolls on the sidewalk instead of walking.

Gary: When Shawn tries to hoist me into the car, I can do it.

What is your most treasured possession? Shawn: Yearly flower beds and vegetable gardens. Gary: The dirt in the garden in the backyard. What is it that you disliked most in life? Shawn: Having to constantly drive Gary around. Gary: That I have to stay in the back seat. What is your greatest fear? Shawn: The Great Dane at the dog park. Gary: The Great Dane at the dog park.

Doggie Menu

Hamburger & Rice Chicken & Rice Vegetables & Rice Yogurt Pops After a stroll on the Boulevard treat yourself & your pet on our beautiful front patio.


Best Pet Friendly Outdoor Restaurant

1060 Hope Street Providence 401-421-2600



FALL 30th

Installation Anniversary Offer Sale

SAVE SAVE up to to up

$200! $300!


Fence Company PEAC E OF MDogs I ND PET SAFETY We Train and Cats SOLUTIONS All Ages

Volunteer – Do pt – na do

Shelter Support



Schedule online today, or call us:



• N. Stonington • Warwick • Portsmouth

30ANN: Offer installed outdooroutdoor pkg. Offer has$100 no cash value,pkg.Must is not combinable with any or previous presented APFALL14: Offervalid validfor for newly $100 off newly installed pkg and off training purchase training andoffer outdoor install pkgpurchases. for full $200Coupon discount.must Offerbe has no cash combinable any other or previous purchases. Coupon mustMoriarty’s be presented at time of sale. Supplies expires only is with Moriarty’s atvalue, time isofnot sale. Supplieswith limited. Offeroffer expires 12/31/16. Valid only with Fence Company. ©2016 limited. InvisibleOffer Fence, Inc.12/31/14. Invisible Valid Fence® a registered ® Fence Company. ©2014 Invisible Inc. Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. All rights reserved. trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc.Fence, All rights reserved. Moriartys_AnPrint_NOV2014_7_5x10.indd 1

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