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is excited to launch a limited edition collection of nail polishes - each with a unique story! We collaborated with four amazing women to create beautiful custom colors, as well as one special shade inspired by the Spiritú Box. Visit our Shop at to learn more and get your hands on one of these exclusive colors!

Llamen a los Bomberos by PIli Montilla 02

Azúcar Morena by Roxana Velazco

Café con Leche by Solange Nicole

Spanglish by Barbz

Tú by Spiritú

Llamen a los Bomberos is a vibrant red inspired by Puerto Rico’s flag. Pili is a proud Boricua and wanted to bring some of that Caribbean warmth into this nail collection - crystal clear warm waters, luscious mountains, vibrant colors, the taste of fresh tropical fruit and the sound of the coquí.

Pili Montilla

Azúcar Morena is inspired by the color of brown sugar with a hint of burnt orange. Roxana loves earth tones and neutral colors that remind her of the earth and the mountains - colors that are both delicate and strong.

Roxana Velazco Spanglish is a blue that signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth, which Barbz strives for every day. The name represents the power and beauty Barbz embraces as a Latina who speaks English and Spanish.

Café con Leche is Solange’s perfect nude. This color makes her feel polished and elegant and will look gorgeous on all skin colors. Plus the name is inspired by her favorite coffee to drink with family and friends.

Solange Nicole


Tú is inspired by the color of the Spiritú Box that was designed by Mexican artist Tania Peregrino. We hope that by wearing this color, you feel beautiful, bold, and ready to take on the world.

Spiritú WINTER


GLORIA MARTÍNEZ “GOYO” Photos by: Javier Falcon Chavez Jewelry: Daniela Salcedo

Contents WINTER

ISSUE 2019






Carlos is a colombian designer passionate about editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. What does Carlos think about design? Quoting maestro Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication.” You can contact Charlie at: @mckadamia.


Felipe Agudelo Gallego is a digital communication strategist & journalist. He received his B.A degree from The Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana & his Masters in digital marketing from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is a creative producer who brings his light to all of his projects. For Felipe, creating is a vital part of his life,which permeates his understanding of fashion,culture & digital experience. He loves to travel & find friends around the world. @agudelofel


Iv’e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I’ll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your “A” game. I’m here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory.


CCommercial Space Designer and Visual Marketer. Designer of spaces by profession, designer of dreams by conviction.


José Andrés Cortés is a Colombian photographer and filmmaker. He’s biggest passion is storytelling. He believes that no matter how many times we have seen the same elements on an image, as long as there are people to connect with, there will always be a new meaningful and interesting story to bring from it. Contact Jose at: @joco737


Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.


She is a strong believer that we can design our lives. She loves to inspire other young professionals through her creative design & branding. She loves to share her experiences, knowledge and lifestyle with all the creative minds and free souls that identify with her. She believes we should be all living our dreams. You can connect with Tania @taniaperegrino


LETTER Dear ALEGRIA Familia, I am filled with gratitude for another year together. This 2018 made us grow tremendously as a family. We got together to support each other during difficult times in our country and the world this year, raising our voices for our brothers and sisters who were affected by immigration policies that forced many to be separated from their families. We had to rely on each other for hope when we felt hopeless in the face of erratic leaders and devastating violence. It was young women like Edna Chávez and Emma González who gave us strength and deep conviction. It was the recognition of the incredible work of women like Carolina Rubio MacWright and a group of volunteers -who went to detentions centers to offer pro-bono work for these families,- which has inspired me this year. That’s why I decided to have our last edition of the year highlight the contributions of women, who are giving back to all of us through their different ventures and non-profits.

Photo by: Nico Stipcianos

Some of them are creating businesses that motivate us to take care of ourselves through healthy eating and the wisdom of ancient sciences like Ayurveda. Others are working hard through their non-profits to bring awareness to domestic health issues like Anel Parra at Bold Ascension & Kat at Golden Wellness. There is not a better time than NOW to live our dreams with a heightened sense of purpose. Personally, this 2018 brought me a higher sense of responsibility and awareness through everything I do and create for our community. I stepped out of my comfort zone creating our first ALEGRIA Fest and sharing the beauty of the healing arts with all of you as I have found them so helpful in my own journey. I launched my second book, Finding my ALEGRIA, to bring awareness to mental health issues and addiction prevention to our youth through free Yoga and creative writing classes in Los Angeles. This has tremendously expanded my heart and my inner calling to create a bigger impact in our community. It is my hope that this new year will bring you all the ALEGRIA you yearn for as you continue to grow your dreams with radical purpose. I am so grateful for all the joy who have brought me this year. Much Love & Light.

Davina Ferreira


Alegria Bilingual Magazine Publisher CEO @davifalegria





A Mindful Life dariana moreira Photo by: Vinny Moreira

It’s not just worth it, it is imperative to live up to our highest potential

f @dariluna @lunadari_ c /ArtistDariLuna/ g

Venezuelan artist and mindful, creative guide Dariana Moreira is the creator of Dari Luna. Even though Moreira has a degree in advertising, she has devoted most of her life to exploring countless art and spiritual expressions, as well as spiritual practices of selfawareness and mindfulness. “I truly believe that our creative force will guide us to soul expansion. Life fulfillment comes from following our curiosity, exercising our ideas, seeking beyond our comfort zone and creating a body of work that takes us closer to a higher version of ourselves.”


Dari Luna’s services include a Creative Wings Mastermind Circle (an ongoing monthly subscription group for women entrepreneurs) and One-on-one Coaching Sessions What do these words mean to you?

Change/ Without change, there would

be no alchemy. If we couldn’t grow into higher versions of ourselves, life would be a mistake.

Success/ Is the manifestation of a vision that brings meaning to our life and fulfills us completely. Looking forward to/ More moments

with nature, adventure, meeting new friends and connecting on a deeper

level with old friends, being with family, learning, expanding my business, peace of mind, smiling, laughing, dancing and living life in full! Giving back/ Is the way the universe works. Nothing is wasted; everything is reused and transformed. We move through a magnetic field that is so fertile that we always get what we give back. ALEGRIA/ One of my favorite feelings in life! The more mindful and aware I am, longer the ALEGRIA moments seem to last. Latina/ The blood that runs through my veins. I’m so thankful and proud of my Latina idiosyncrasy and my culture.

Community/ Two of my favorite quotes are: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” and the second one, by Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean”. Your Voice/ Speaking up is our pow-

er. We to be persistent in the journey to align with our real voice. It’s not just worth it; it is imperative to live up to our highest potential. What did you learn this 2018?

That anything is possible, and that life gets better as I grow older.

¿Qué significan estas palabras para ti?

Cambio/ Sin cambio, no hay alquimia. Si no

pudiésemos transformarnos en versiones superiores de nosotros mismos, la vida sería un error.

El éxito/ Es la manifestación de una visión que trae

sentido a nuestra vida y nos satisface completamente.

Con ganas de.../ Más momentos con la naturaleza, aventura, conocer nuevos amigos y conectarme en un nivel más profundo con los que ya tengo, estar con la familia, aprender, expandir mi negocio, tranquilidad, sonreír, reír, bailar y ¡vivir la vida plenamente! Dar a la comunidad/ Es la forma en que funciona el

universo. Nada se desperdicia; todo es reutilizado y transformado. Nos movemos a través de un campo magnético que es tan fértil, que siempre obtenemos lo que devolvemos.

ALEGRIA/ ¡Uno de mis sentimientos favoritos en la vida! Cuanto más consciente estoy, más duran los momentos de ALEGRIA. Latina/ La sangre que corre por mis venas. Estoy muy agradecida y orgullosa de mi idiosincrasia latina y mi cultura. Comunidad/ Dos de mis citas favoritas son: “Si quieres ir rápido, ve solo. Si quieres llegar lejos, ve juntos ”y el segundo, de Ryunosuke Satoro:“ Individualmente, somos una gota. Juntos, somos un océano”. Tu Voz/ Hablar es nuestro poder. Debemos ser

persistentes en el viaje para alinearnos con nuestra voz real. No solo vale la pena; es imperativo estar a la altura de nuestro potencial más alto. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

Que todo es posible y que la vida mejora a medida que yo voy envejeciendo. WINTER



Colorful Visions

Artist Anna Alvarado has gone on a journey to become the person and artist that she is today. Here, she passes along what she has learned about art, life, and the importance of giving back.

AnNa Alvarado By Clare M. Miranda

Vibrant, colorful, unique - these are some of the words that come to mind when viewing the art pieces created by Anna Alvarado. However, those words could also be used to describe the artist herself. Anna’s passion and excitement are genuine and evident as she discusses her work and creative process.

Her foray into the art world was put on hold when she became pregnant with her first child. Placing her focus on raising her young family, her artistic passion remained dormant, until one day her son challenged her to draw a piece, and “...suddenly, I was lost again in work. I think I spent 6 or 7 hours just working on this piece. You forget what it feels like to get lost in your art. I felt that I had my voice again,” Anna recalls.

She was a budding artist from a very young age, “I started drawing as a little girl. There was an art teacher in school who was was hard on me, but only because she saw potential.” Later, she decided to formalize her education at the Art Institute of Seattle. Although managing the demands of her career along with the intense curriculum of her program was a struggle, it was worth it. “I just loved it; I didn’t get any sleep. It was demanding, but I would just get lost in creating and making art.”

Anna returned to Los Angeles, where she was grew up. Her art has also undergone an interesting journey. As she discovered her preferred medium -multi-colored permanent markers on wood,- her works incorporated the iconic imagery and symbolism of the Hispanic and Chicano culture. Her work has been featured in various publications, such as Latina and Cosmopolitan Latina, and has been admired in various spaces and galleries in LA, New York, and international destinations as well.


Anna has used her work to bless the lives of others by donating her pieces and benefiting various non-profit organizations and local charities. “I’m passionate about causes, especially those related to mentoring children and teens, and helping immigrants. I like to donate to charities that are more local, and that may not get as much attention as a large, national charity,” Anna explains. For her, sending her art out into the world isn’t just about raising money, but also about sending out positive energy, “A lot of me goes into my art and what I create is intentional, personal, and I try to pass along that positive energy through my art.” Despite the immense joy her art has provided her when asked about her ALEGRIA, Anna says that it has been her family, “When I think of my art, it really is my family and the love and support that they have given me that has kept me going. They are my source of constant inspiration and joy.”

Vibrante, colorido, especial: estas son algunas de las palabras que vienen a la mente al ver la obra de Anna Alvarado. Pero esas palabras podrían usarse también para describir a la artista. La pasión y entusiasmo de Anna se evidencian cuando ella habla sobre su trabajo y proceso creativo. Desde muy temprana edad fue una artista incipiente: "Comencé a dibujar de niña. En la escuela, había una profesora de arte que era muy dura conmigo, pero solo porque veía potencial". Más tarde, decidió formalizar su educación en el Art Institute of Seattle. Aunque manejar las demandas de su carrera junto con el intenso currículo de su programa fue complicado, valió la pena. "Me encantó; no dormía. Era difícil, pero me perdía creando y haciendo arte".

Su incursión en el mundo del arte se pospuso al quedar embarazada de su primer hijo. Mientras se enfocaba en la crianza de su joven familia, su pasión artística permaneció latente, hasta que un día su hijo la desafió a dibujar una pieza, y “... de repente, me perdí de nuevo en el trabajo. Creo que pasé 6 o 7 horas trabajando en esta pieza. Olvidas lo que se siente perderte en tu arte. Sentí que recuperaba mi voz”, recuerda Anna. Anna regresó a Los Ángeles, donde creció. Su arte también ha recorrido un trayecto interesante. A medida que descubría su medio preferido -marcadores permanentes de varios colores sobre madera-, sus obras incorporaban las imágenes icónicas y simbolismo de la cultura hispana y chicana. Su trabajo ha aparecido en varias publicaciones, como Latina y Cosmopolitan Latina, y ha sido admirado en varios espacios y galerías en Los Ángeles, Nueva York y también en destinos internacionales. Anna ha usado su trabajo para bendecir las vidas de otros, donando sus piezas y beneficiando a varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro y organizaciones benéficas locales. “Me apasionan las causas, especialmente las relacionadas con la tutoría de niños y adolescentes, y ayudar a los inmigrantes. Me gusta donar a organizaciones benéficas que son más locales y que tal vez no reciban tanta atención como una organización benéfica nacional”, explica Anna. Para ella, enviar su arte al mundo no se trata solo de recaudar dinero, sino también de enviar energía positiva. “Pongo mucho de mí en mi arte y lo que creo es intencional, personal, y trato de transmitir esa energía positiva a través de mi arte “. A pesar de la inmensa felicidad que su arte le ha brindado cuando se le preguntó sobre su ALEGRIA, Anna dice que ha sido su familia: “Cuando pienso en mi arte, realmente es mi familia y el amor y el apoyo que me han brindado lo que me ha mantenido en marcha. Son mi fuente de inspiración y ALEGRIA constantes “.



By @helloesperanza

When I was a little girl, my parents never took us to Palm Springs. They always talked about it as if it were a foreign land, even though we only lived minutes away. That was the land of “los ricos,” the rich, they would say. When I got to high school, my friends and I would drive out to Palm Springs, windows open, hair wild around our faces. We would sip exotic tea under the balmy desert moon, our laughter effervescent. Having grown up in the Eastern Coachella Valley, I understood from a young age that while we may have shared the same palm-tree-lined sky, we were living in two separate worlds. The East Side is made up of fields abundant with life that fills our grocery stores and tables. There are warm smiles, and mouths full of buenos dias and buenas noches. There is art and culture and loud cumbias blasting out of every other window on Saturday morning. The West Side is fizzing mimosas, glittering chandeliers, bubblegum pink doors, the promise of Frank Sinatra. Its palm trees look like lanky flamingos, violaceous mountains, and a tramway to heaven. When I “grew up” I devoted myself to the East Valley: organizing, advocating, telling the untold story of my home. But there was a piece that was missing; a bridge to the West Valley I could identify with. I am both cumbias AND Frank Sinatra. I am midcentury modern AND the tejidos of my Purepecha friends in North Shore. I am the bacon flight at Cheeky’s AND the perfectly toasted tortas, slathered in aguacate from Jalisco’s in Downtown Coachella. This is where Hello Esperanza was born; an intersectional space that challenges what it means to be a chicana mother of two who is passionate about social justice AND the perfect shade of red lipstick. Experiencing #AlegriaFest was an honor. Connecting with like-minded, beautiful souls before taking flight is an experience I will never forget. It was a blessing to get to strengthen my voice as I straddle and raise my babies in two beautiful worlds. Because though I live and breathe the Eastern Coachella Valley, man, do I love Palm Springs.


Algo muy especial de este festival es que tenia algo para todos. Ya que las puertas estaban abiertas no solo para las chicas interesadas en yoga sino tambien para hombres y niños. En la agenda podias encontrar clases especiales no solo de yoga sino Tambien de diseno grafico, y hastas clases para madres e hijas. Despues de la Hermosa clase que nos brindo Paula, me dirigi con mucho entusiamo a la clase de Tania Peregrino en la cual aprendimos muchas cosas sobre el diseño grafico. Llegada las 9 de la noche nos dirijimos a las recepcion de bienvenida, donde nos esperaba un concierto al aire libre con Vadhir Derbez y docenas de nuestras tiendas favoritas. El domingo despues de nuestro desayuno nos dirigimos a una clase de yoga restaurativa al aire libre donde la conexión con el ambiente y la naturaleza nos permitió relajarnos y conectarnos con nuestro cuerpo. Sin duda alguna mi momento favorito fue la clase de Ana Lilia, es muy dificil describer con palabras su taller. Gracias Alegria Festival por las hospitalidad, nos vemos el proximo año



We celebrated our 1st ALEGRIA Fest this year along 110 Incredible women at the Saguaro hotel,Palm Springs. We want to thank everyone who supported us this year & made our vision come to life. It is because of YOU that all of this magic keeps unfolding!


We want to say thank our wonderful sponsors & supporters as well as our workshop leaders & vendors. @BuickUSA / @Dove / @Suave / @gtskombucha / @Banyanbotanicals / @sheamoisture / @clarinsusa / @evamacias / @artbyannaalvarado Workshop Leaders @Taniaperegrino / @karissaraya / @luzwarrior / @analilia / @sacredinteriorsbypaula / @mariafelipe / @pamcovarrubias / @garyhquinn / @normarapko / @kalidurga




People tsk at millennials - at our openness, our carelessness - but truthfully we are the solution. We are smashing the invisible borders our own parents set for us. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. Experiencing ALEGRIA Magazine’s #AlegriaFest in Palm Springs was an honor, and the perfect blend of both worlds: the glamour Palm Springs with a healthy dose of Spanglish all weekend. Connecting with like-minded, entrepreneurial, beautiful Latinas was an experience I will never forget. As social media influencers, much of our time is spent behind a screen. Meeting women like Karissa Raya (@aceitemami) and Tania Peregrino (@taniaperegrino) in person, and attending workshops they hosted was invigorating, to say the least. Through their workshops, I was not only able to inject new life into my writing and storytelling work, but also my spiritual and emotional work as a mother, wife, and community activist who straddles and raises babies in two beautiful worlds. Because though I live and breathe the Eastern Coachella Valley, man, do I love Palm Springs.

Photos by: David Martin Jr.

#ElPacíficoNosUne La costa pacífica colombiana es uno de los patrimonios naturales de la humanidad. En ella existe una riqueza inmensa de vida marina, ballenas, tortugas carey, arrecifes coralinos, tiburones martillo y extensos manglares, entre muchos otros. Es una de las regiones con mayor biodiversidad del planeta y por eso la WWF la considera como uno de los 17 sitios prioritarios para la conservación del mundo. En los últimos años esta zona ha sido afectada por la contaminación marina y el mal uso de desechos, causado en gran parte por la falta de recursos y el desconocimiento de las consecuencias nocivas de los residuos contaminantes para la vida y la biodiversidad. Aunque el panorama en esta región es alarmante, aun tenemos tiempo de actuar y contribuir al bienestar del paneta.


Existen fundaciones como Ecopazífico, cuya misión es ofrecer proyectos y alternativas educativas en las escuelas y comunidades de la región para combatir este gran problema. La conservación costera y marina del pacífico dió origen a la alianza entre Ecopazífico y OQ by Claudia Bahamón, que tiene como objetivo generar conciencia y aportar soluciones sotenibles en pro de un océano limpio y una cultura activa hacia el reciclaje y la educación. OQ by Claudia Bahamón decidió apoyar este proposito lanzando una colección de zapatos y accesorios en cuero sin cromo, intevenidos con lonas y fibras naturales, de cuyos fondos recolectados se destinará un porcentaje a la organización de jornadas de limpieza y la construcción de un sendero ecológico en esta zona del pacífico.



Claudia was born in Neiva – Colombia. She graduated in architecture, but her artistic talent changed her destiny.

Claudia is a professional TV hostess, recognized and loved in her native country. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a model. Soon, her charisma was discovered, and she started a successful career in what became her true passion in life: television. Claudia worked for five years as TV hostess in prime time on one of the most important private TV Channels in Colombia, as an anchor for the entertainment news on a daily basis. Claudia is in love with the environment. She is a member of CO2Cero company dedicated to reforestation and the care of the ecosystem and for the las 5 years is the image and activist of Earth Hour and WWF’s ambassador.




POTENTIAL TO CHANGE THE WORLD Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national organization working to clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future. Joining parents with our staff, we match each child with a mentor to foster a friendship built on trust, learning and growth. Together, we are defenders of potential. 22




MONSIEUR PERINÉ The idea of ​​this collaboration came from the interpreter from the moment he composed the theme. Upon receiving the proposal, Monsieur Periné accepted immediately.

“I’m very happy. For us, it is an honor to be able to sing with Beto, to be able to make this video and an incredible story that everyone will enjoy. Don’t miss it!” said Catalina García. The video clip stemmed from an original idea by the singer, and it tells a fun story inspired by the James Bond aesthetic. Gustavo Garzón directed this major production in various Mexico City locations. "I am a fan of the James Bond movies, and this video reflects different passages from some of the most emblematic scenes, as it carries a narrative thread of love and lost-love, reflecting the song’s theme," said Beto Cuevas. "Rosas en el Lodo" marks a departure from the interpreter’s previous work and a new musical stage in his career as he experiments with fresh sounds. Beto will be touring Mexico City and Monterrey ahead of the launch to present his new single. "Rosas en el Lodo" is available on all digital platforms.

f iambetocuevas d iambetocuevas c Beto Cuevas Oficial


El cantautor chileno realizó una fusión explosiva para su nuevo sencillo, “Rosas En El Lodo”, con el grupo colombiano ganador del Latin Grammy, Monsieur Periné. La idea de esta colaboración provino del intérprete desde que compuso el tema. Monsieur Periné, al recibir la propuesta, aceptó de inmediato. “Estoy muy feliz. Para nosotros es un honor poder cantar con Beto, poder hacer este video y tema increíble que todos van a gozar, no se lo pierdan”, comentó Catalina García. El videoclip -una idea original del cantante-, fue dirigido por Gustavo Garzón, y se filmó en diversas locaciones de las Ciudad de México con una gran producción, creando una historia divertida inspirada en la estética de James Bond. “Soy fan de las películas de James Bond y este video refleja distintos pasajes de algunas de las escenas más emblemáticas, llevando un hilo conductor de amor y desamor, que refleja fielmente al tema musical”, mencionó Beto Cuevas.

“Rosas en el Lodo” marca una nueva etapa en la carrera del intérprete ya que experimentó sonidos frescos y diferentes a sus anteriores trabajos. De cara al lanzamiento, Beto Cuevas realizará un tour por la Ciudad de México y Monterrey para presentar su nuevo sencillo. “Rosas en el Lodo” estará disponible en todas las plataformas digitales a partir de este 19 de octubre, mismo día en que se estrenará el videoclip del tema. 23









At DYNMK (Dynamic) STUDIO, our mission is to be the wind beneath your wings, think of us as the influencer behind the influencer. We strategize with you, craft your message and help you reach the right audience. No matter if your brand is just starting or if you’ve been in business for a while, contact us now for a FREE DIGITAL EVALUATION 24


JOIN Each season you pay $39.99 to treat yourself to a box that contains over $100 of amazing beauty and lifestyle products. RECEIVE We will pack up and ship out your Spiritú Box straight to your door four times a year. SUPPORT This gift to yourself is also a gift to others. Every box sold will also support women through our commitment to reinvest in entrepreneurs, creators, and the community.

Spiritú is a platform for women that supports and features Latina entrepreneurs and creators. Use code ALEGRIAHOLIDAY18 for 20% off your first Spiritú box at WINTER



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Authentic & Award-Winning

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Winner of the NAMIC Integrated Digital Hispanic Campaign of the Year



g n i l k r a p S into the new year

Photo: Marin Sild @marinsild Make up and hair: Mona Masing @monamasing. Model: Eleriin Sild @eleriinsild Dress: Perit Muuga @perit.muuga


Gloria Martinez aka Goyo continues to inspire Afro Latinas all over the world & women to go after their dreams Gloria Martinez aka Goyo is a singer, MC and producer, cofounder of Chocquibtown, born in Condoto – Chocó in the Colombian pacific coast, heiress of a musical family in which her mother and aunt helped her cultivate her melodic voice while her father also encouraged her love for music. She is the heart and soul of the band and the African beauty par excellence. We got a chance to share some quality time with her this year during the Latin Grammys week in Las Vegas. So nice to see you again Goyo, since I saw you last you have become a mother and a designer as well, tell me about this new cycle in your life as a designer:

Designing for me is an extension of art, fashion allows me to communicate another part of myself just like music. I have always loved to create my own clothes and I also like to find cool designers who are creating great things. It is a new way to connect with my fans.



Coming from a place where opportunities do not abound, do you feel the responsibility to inspire women there in El Chocó…

I do feel a great responsibility to help these women to work for their dreams like those people who helped me when I wanted to fulfill mine. Dreaming and believing in yourself is key and having people that can support you is essential. And now, let’s talk about becoming a mother...

I feel like I was reborn. It has been such a beautiful experience and a lot of women artists may think that once you have kids, you

can’t continue living your dreams and that is not the case for me. Since I have my daughter, I am even more focused. I feel that if you have your dreams clear, being a mother just makes you even more motivated & stronger. Working with family…

Es Hermoso! We are all about family. Working with Tostao and Slow is great. There is no competition between us and we have never had issues for money or anything like that. When one shines more we just get happy together. Our dream is a collective dream. What’s coming this 2019…

Lots of Music and working on our USA tour & promoting Pa’ Olvidarte, which will also sound a lot this 2019! We are just so happy to keep learning & so grateful to God for allowing to keep putting the name of Colombia por lo alto. And Goyo, before you go to enjoy the Latin Grammys, what’s your ALEGRIA…

Besides my family and music, I love connecting with people, besides touching people’s hearts through music, being able to give or receive advice and connect, connect with people.

ABOUT Chocquibtown Choc (Chocó) Quib (Quibdó) Town (our town), Colombian hip-hop and alternative music band. Has become one of the most internationally wellknown Latin American bands. Mixing urban sounds with folklore from the pacific coast region, they initially achieved success independently and now with Sony Music Latin have become a group of musicians, ambassadors of Colombian music in the world. Their sound merges funk, hip hop, reggae, pop, Latin rhythms and elements of electronic music to produce elaborate beats resulting in a blend of flavors. Nominated several times to the prestigious Latin Grammys, they won a Grammy in 2010 for the song “De donde vengo yo”. In 2011, they accompanied the Argentinian Diego Torres and the Brazilian Ivette Sangalo singing the America’s Cup hymn “Creo en América”. Chocquibtown released its first record titled “Somos Pacífico” in 2006, which opened the doors to Colombia’s heart, produced by Iván Benavidez and Ernesto Santos. Their two most recent albums “Eso Es Lo Que Hay” earned a gold record for sales and in December 2013 they released the album “Behind The Machine”, which they were nominated to the regulars Grammys latest. They were invited by Carlos Vives to participate in the song “El Mar De Sus Ojos” (Debuted #1 on the Billboard chart) and went on tour with him in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Miami and Los Angeles. The song was nominated to the Latin Grammys. They also collaborated with Carlos Santana in his most recent record Corazón with Ziggy Marley. In 2015 they are releasing their new album produced by the multi-awarded Andrés Castro. This 2018 Pa’ Olvidarte was launched and they are currently planning their 2019 USA tour.

Chocquibtown Choc (Chocó) Quib (Quibdó) Town (nuestro pueblo), agrupación colombiana de hip hop y música alternativa. Se ha convertido en una de las bandas latinoamericanas con mayor renombre internacional. Mediante la mezcla de sonidos urbanos y folclor del litoral pacífico, lograron el éxito de manera independiente en sus inicios y ahora de la mano de Sony Music Latin se convierten en el grupo de músicos que son embajadores de la música colombiana en el mundo. Su sonido fusiona funk, hip hop, reggae, pop, ritmos latinos y elementos de la música electrónica para producir elaborados beats que resultan en una mezcla de sabores. Nominados en varias oportunidades a los prestigiosos premios Latin Grammys. Ganadores del gramófono dorado en 2010 por la canción “De donde vengo yo”. En 2011 acompañaron al argentino Diego Torres y la brasilera Ivette Sangalo interpretando el himno de la Copa América “Creo en América”. Chocquibtown lanzó su primer disco titulado “Somos Pacífico” en el 2.006, el cual les abre las puertas del corazón de Colombia con la producción de Iván Benavidez y Ernesto Santos. Sus dos más recientes álbumes “Eso Es Lo Que Hay” recibieron disco de oro por ventas y en diciembre de 2013 lanzaron al mercado “Behind The Machine” álbum con que fueron nominados a los Grammy Anglo mas recientes. Fueron invitados por Carlos Vives para participar en la canción “El Mar De Sus Ojos” (Debutó en Billboard como #1) y así mismo acompañaron la gira que el astro samario tuvo en Colombia, Puerto Rico, Miami y Los Ángeles. Además el tema fue nominado en los Latin Grammys. También tuvieron colaboración con Carlos Santana en su más reciente disco Corazón junto a Ziggy Marley. Para 2015 lanzan su nuevo disco producido por el múltipremiado Andrés Castro. Lanzaron este 2018, Pa’ Olvidarte y estan organizando su gira por USA para este 2019.


“ A veces hay que pasar la pagina, cambiar de emisora. No le tengan miedos a los cambios, CADa comienzo es grande para todos.�



Inspired by the spiritual arts and the launch of her book, Finding My ALEGRIA, Davina Ferreira created a unique portfolio of products with female artists and artisans to cultivate and connect with our sacred body within.




LAtinas Giving Back f 40

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M O NI C A D I A Z Empowering Girls to Dream Big onica is a proud first generation Mexican- American woman, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She acquired a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling and has been working in education and non-profit sectors for over 10 years. She is also the Owner and Founder of Uniquely Beautiful (Bella) Inspirational apparel and Founder of My Worth Project. Her goal with both initiatives is to support young girls in developing a strong foundation, which begins with self-love and confidence, simultaneously providing them the tools to thrive in every area of life. My Worth Project’s mission is to build a strong network for young girls, encouraging them to dream big, to believe in themselves, and connect them with resources. By inspiring and empowering girls now, they will be resilient, diligent, and driven at a young age.

What do these words mean to you?

Change/ Change signifies growth.

Change equals Challenge. Without the challenging moments in our life we do not appreciate the wonderful victories.

Success/ Success means fulfillment. Success is not necessarily the level of education, the top corporate position or material things; you can have all that and still have a void in your heart. If I am fulfilled with my journey– in my mind and heart, I have succeeded.  Looking Forward/ To making a

difference; giving the best of me to myself and to others. I visualize a world of strong, confident, driven young girls with an abundance of resources and opportunities for growth.

Giving Back/ Going above and beyond; giving with a full heart without limitations and or expectations. ALEGRIA/ The genuine people in my

life. The connection and the magic felt


when I connect with individuals who genuinely want to make a difference. Latina/ Fierce, driven, determined,

go-getter, leader.

Community means collaboration. Together we will always achieve more. It’s not a competitionthere is enough to go around for everyone. Community/

Your voice/ My voice means freedom.  I

use my voice to connect with others, to inspire, to make a difference. Without our voice, we make no impact. Please make sure to use your voice for a good cause. We can all learn from one another. What did you learn this 2018?

I learned that balance is vital in life. The presence and support of my family have been a blessing this year. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve fallen it gives me strength to know they are right behind me giving me unconditional love and support.

¿Qué significan estas palabras para ti?

Cambio/ Para mí el cambio significa

crecimiento. Cambio equivale a Desafío. Sin los momentos difíciles en nuestra vida no apreciamos las maravillosas victorias.

Éxito/ El éxito significa satisfacción. El éxito no es necesariamente el nivel de educación, una posición corporativa superior o cosas materiales; puedes tener todo eso y aún tener un vacío en tu corazón. Si estoy satisfecha con mi propio viaje personal... en mi mente y en mi corazón he tenido éxito. Con ganas de.../ Hacer una diferencia;

dar lo mejor a mí misma y a los demás. Visualizo un mundo de chicas jóvenes fuertes, confiadas y motivadas con una gran cantidad de recursos y oportunidades de crecimiento.

Dar a la comunidad/ Ir por encima

y más allá; dar con todo el corazón sin limitaciones ni expectativas.

ALEGRIA/ La gente genuina en mi vida. La conexión y la magia que siento cuando me conecto con personas que realmente quieren marcar la diferencia. Latina/ Feroz, energética, decidida,


Comunidad significa colaboración. Juntos siempre lograremos más. No es una competencia, hay suficiente para todos. Comunidad/

Tu voz/ Mi voz significa libertad.

Utilizo mi voz para conectarme con los demás, para inspirarme, para marcar la diferencia. Sin nuestra voz no hacemos ningún impacto. Por favor, asegúrate de usar tu voz para una buena causa. Todos podemos aprender de los demás. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

Aprendí que el equilibrio es vital en la vida. La presencia y el apoyo de mi familia han sido una bendición este año. No importa cuántas veces me haya caído, me da fuerza saber que están detrás de mí y me brindan amor y apoyo incondicionales.




Photo by: Nancy Cerón

n 2001, Tatiana Pacheco came from Lima, Peru, to Los Angeles, looking for new opportunities. Andrea’s Healthy Kitchen was born two years later, out of Tatiana’s desire to encourage healthy lifestyle changes in friends and family members. For Tatiana, it was also an experiment to document her journey to health and wellness. Andrea’s Healthy Kitchen has now launched a website, and their products are now sold in local cafes, and at numerous community events every month. Tatiana loves what she does, and enjoys it when her customers “feel and see a difference after drinking my juices on a weekly, monthly and even quarterly basis. My juices promote weight loss and internal cleansing.”, says Tatiana. “I hope and pray that my juices will continue to enhance the health for all of those that buy them ... and most importantly, that they are tasty as well!” What do the following words mean to you?

Success/ Only comes with perseverance and patience. Giving back/ Always, especially to those who were with

you in your journey towards success.

ALEGRIA/ Part of my growing in 2018. Grateful to be part of this beautiful community. Latina/ 100% Proud Peruvian! Community/ Our most significant network of support to continue with our business. Your Voice/ Very important to always express my ideas

or thoughts.

What did you learn this 2018?

I learned never to give up and fight for my dream.

Cambio/ Es vital seguir creciendo. Éxito/ Solo viene con perseverancia y paciencia. Dar a la comunidad/ Siempre, especialmente a aquellos

que estuvieron con usted en su viaje hacia el éxito.

f Andrea’s Healthy Kitchen and mytan3 c Tatiana Mejia Pacheco

ALEGRIA/ Parte de mi crecimiento en 2018.

Agradecida de ser parte de esta hermosa comunidad. Latina/ ¡Peruana orgullosa 100%!

Andrea’s Healthy Kitchen has now launched a website, and our products are now sold in local cafes, and at numerous community events every month

Comunidad/ Nuestra red de soporte más importante

para continuar con nuestro negocio.

Tu voz/ Muy importante para expresar siempre mis

ideas o pensamientos.

¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

Aprendí a nunca rendirme y luchar por mi sueño.



randie Carlos is a born and raised East LA native. She is the owner of Formation Digital Agency and the Founder of Therapy for Latinx (TFL), which is striving to be a national database resources, practitioners, and Latinx who share their stories of mental health, healing, and advocacy. Currently TFL has listings in 18 states, over 100 therapists nationwide, and a partnership with Mental Health America. TFL came about after Carlos lost one of her best friends to suicide in February of 2018. As she looked online for professional support, there was no one with a Latinx name. That’s when she stumbled across Therapy for Black Girls and thought, there must be something like this for the Latinx community. When she realized the URL was available, she took it as a confirmation that the work needed to be done.

Formation Digital Agency Photographer: Rochelle Ulloa TShirt: Social networks. Personal: f @iambrandiec d @brandiecarlos Therapy for Latinx: c Therapy for Latinx f @therapyforlatinx d @therapy4latinx

Success/ When I get messages from people saying “I was able to find my therapist through your website” I feel like the most successful woman in the world. Looking forward…/ To having our first

TFL mental health fair. We are working on putting together a live event in Los Angeles that will provide free short sessions with therapists, workshops, and lectures on the importance of mental health in English and Spanish.

Community/ TFL has created a community of therapist and mental health advocates across the country. Our Instagram account has connected therapists who are now hosting events together, sharing resources, and becoming friends offline. According the American Psychological Association only 1% of their membership identifies as Latinx. So our goal is not only to be a community for those Latinx looking for mental health services but also for those in wanting to get into a mental health profession.

ALEGRIA/ Now more than ever, I find

brown ALEGRIA to be something that should be celebrated. Our joy at a time when our country is in such strife is an act of resistance. With the support of mental health services my hope that is more Latinx can find their ALEGRIA.

Latina/ As a Latina in tech I constantly feel as though I am part of the boys’ club. I am happy to be able to translate the essence of who I am as a Latina into a digital platform. I feel like an alchemist.


What did you learn this 2018?

In 2018 I lost two friends, both were the type of people that would light up a room. Although they are no longer here physically, I can continue to honor their light by acting on the dreams. When I put TFL together there were many of elements I didn’t know how, but I woke up every day and tried to figure it out. When I am committed to my vision the universe will rearrange itself to make it happen. I’ve had developers and psychology professors that have manifested in my life at the right time. Looking back, I know this would not have happened if I didn’t take that first step.

Éxito/ Cuando recibo mensajes de personas que dicen “Pude encontrar a mi terapeuta a través de su sitio web”, me siento la mujer más exitosa del mundo. Con ganas de... / Tener nuestra prime-

ra feria de salud mental de TFL. Estamos trabajando para organizar un evento en vivo en Los Ángeles que proporcionará sesiones cortas gratuitas con terapeutas, talleres y conferencias sobre la importancia de la salud mental en inglés y español.

ALEGRIA/ Ahora más que nunca, creo que la ALEGRIA parda es algo que se debe celebrar. Nuestra alegría en un momento en que nuestro país está en tal conflicto es un acto de resistencia. Con el apoyo de los servicios de salud mental mi esperanza es que más latinx pueda encontrar su ALEGRIA. Latina/ Como latina en el mundo de la tecnología, constantemente siento que soy parte del club de chicos. Estoy feliz de poder traducir la esencia de lo que soy como latina a una plataforma digital. Me siento como un alquimista. Comunidad/ TFL ha creado una comunidad de terapeutas y defensores de la salud mental en todo el país. He tenido

la suerte de conocer gente que nunca hubiera conocido sin el uso de la tecnología. Nuestra cuenta de Instagram tiene terapeutas conectados que ahora organizan eventos juntos, comparten recursos y se convierten en amigos fuera de línea. Según la Asociación Americana de Psicología, solo el 1% de sus miembros se identifica como Latinx. Por lo tanto, nuestro objetivo como organizaciones no es solo ser una comunidad para aquellos que buscan servicios de salud mental en Latinx, sino también para aquellos en la industria o que desean ingresar en una profesión de salud mental. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

En 2018 perdí a dos amigos, ambos eran el tipo de personas que iluminaban una habitación. Tener que enterrarlos me enseñó que, aunque ya no están aquí físicamente, puedo seguir honrando su luz al actuar para realizar sus sueños. Cuando armé TFL, había muchos elementos que no sabía cómo crear, pero todos los días me levantaba y trataba de resolverlo. Siento que cuando me comprometo con mi visión, el universo se reorganizará para hacer que suceda. He tenido desarrolladores y profesores de psicología que se han manifestado en mi vida en el momento adecuado. En retrospectiva, sé que esto no habría sucedido si no hubiera dado ese primer paso.



n an industry full of movers and shakers, there’s no denying that a strong hustle and around-the-clock grind is necessary to not only create an impact but make a wave in the entertainment and digital market, and Nicky Garcia has proven time and time again that she is a woman who deserves a seat at the table. Beginning her journey at Los Angeles’ No. 1 hip-hop radio station, Power 106, Nicky quickly climbed to become Big Boy’s social media manager and Liz Hernandez’s on-air filler. Along with conducting interviews with music business’ biggest stars, the So-Cal native also became intrigued by social media, which led her to become Sway Calloway’s social media director in 2012. She also served as a strategic and creative manager for international video app, ooVoo, and led major campaigns for REVOLT TV as their Digital Marketing Manager. This experience allowed her to execute plans with brands such as AT&T, Doritos, ADIDAS and even produce original content for digital platforms and TV. Nicky has also created her own brand to empower women, called Her Own Lane ™.

NI C K Y GA RC I A f @NickyGeezy / d @NickyGeezy

A POWERFUL VOICE Photo by :Joel Marasigan @flashpointgrafix

What do these words mean to you?

Success/ Success equates to happiness,

inner peace, and good health. My Abuelita has always said, “La salud es lo más importante,” and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how true that is. Now I’ve made it a priority take care of my body, mind, and spirit.

Giving back/ This year, I teamed up

with Charity Navigator, the largest charity evaluator in the world. We educate young people on smarter ways to give back. I’m thrilled to say that those changes are truly happening.

I’ve also been leading workshops through my company, Her Lane™ to educate women with the tools for success through life and business. ALEGRIA/ It’s our job to choose what

makes us happy and let go what no longer serves us.


Latina/ Although I may not speak Spanish perfectly or make the greatest empanadas (shout out to my mom for making the BEST Colombian empanadas en el mundo), I carry the blood of fighters in my veins. I share the ideals of family, and I’m doing my best to honor my parents, my Abuelita and my ancestors. Your voice/ Your voice is so powerful.

It’s incredibly important to be mindful of how we use it.

Merely speaking about issues that are unjust, or that make you unhappy, can lead to change. The tone of your voice when speaking to others can either escalate a conversation into an argument or soothe indifferences into understanding one another. How blessed are we to even have a voice that carries into the world! Let us use it for good and carry love with every word we choose to speak.

Ahora cuidar mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi espíritu es una prioridad.

Latina/ Aunque no hable español a la perfección o haga las mejores empanadas (un reconocimiento a mi madre por hacer las MEJORES empanadas colombianas en el mundo), llevo la sangre de luchadores en mis venas. Comparto los ideales de la familia y estoy haciendo todo lo posible para honrar a mis padres, a mi Abuelita y a mis antepasados.

Filantropía/ Este año, formé un equipo

Tu voz/ Tu voz es poderosa. Es

Éxito/ El éxito equivale a felicidad, paz interior y buena salud. Mi Abuelita siempre ha dicho, “la salud es lo más importante” y, a medida que he crecido, me he dado cuenta de lo cierto que es.

con Charity Navigator, el evaluador de caridad más grande del mundo. Educamos a los jóvenes sobre formas más inteligentes de aportar recursos. Me emociona decir que esos cambios realmente están sucediendo. También he estado dirigiendo talleres a través de mi compañía, Her Lane ™ para educar a las mujeres con las herramientas para el éxito a través de la vida y los negocios.

ALEGRIA/ Nuestro trabajo es elegir lo que nos hace felices y dejar ir lo que ya no nos sirve.

increíblemente importante tener en cuenta cómo la usamos. El simple hecho de hablar sobre temas que son injustos o que te hacen infeliz puede llevar al cambio. El tono de tu voz cuando hablas con otras personas puede hacer que una conversación se convierta en una discusión o aliviar las diferencias para entenderse mutuamente. ¡Qué afortunados somos de tener una voz que resuena en el mundo! Usémosla por siempre y transmitamos amor con cada palabra que elijamos decir.

f @cobiux f @cafeconpampodcast f @snoozetlife

“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.”



What do these words mean to you?

Change/ A magical opportunity that

invites us to evolve.

Success/ Peace of mind at the end of

the day.

Looking forward…/ To seeing the

am is a documentary photographer, podcast host, brand strategist, and a storyteller at heart. A self-described recovering procrastinator, coffee lover, elote and sweet plantain addict, Pam works with individuals to help them develop their personal and company brand. Through her diverse career, Pam has learned the importance of branding and positioning and has combined her skills as a creative and strategic marketer to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their goals while staying true to their stories. Pam’s mission is to spread ideas, move people. She recently launched a new product: Snoozet, a fabric pocket for your phone that lets you enjoy real life. The goal of this product is to promote mindfulness and increase productivity while letting us live the best life we can in the present moment.


growth and healing our community is experiencing.

Giving back/ Essential to living a full life. ALEGRIA/ The song your heart sings. Latina/ Driving force. Resilience. Power. The future.

¿Qué significan estas palabras para ti?

Cambio/ Una oportunidad mágica que

nos invita a evolucionar.

Éxito/ Tranquilidad al final del día. Lo que más anhelas/ Ver el crecimiento y la curación que está experimentando nuestra comunidad. Dar a la comunidad/ Esencial para una

vida plena.

ALEGRIA/ La canción de tu corazón.

Community/ Stronger together.

Latina/ Fuerza motriz. Resistencia. Poder. El futuro.

Your voice/ My truth.

Comunidad/ Más fuertes juntos.

What did you learn this 2018?

To use my voice and speak my truth. I had been living in doubt for a long time until I read a quote that said: “There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.” That put many things in perspective, and I took action. By owning my story, I was able to elevate other people’s voices and teach them the power of their own story.

Tu voz/ Mi verdad. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

A usar mi voz y decir mi verdad. Viví en duda mucho tiempo hasta que leí una cita que decía: "Hay personas menos calificadas que tú, haciendo las cosas que quieres hacer, solo porque decidieron creer en sí mismas". Eso puso todo en perspectiva y tomé medidas. Me adueñé de mi historia, pude elevar las voces de otros y enseñarles el poder de su propia historia. 45


SU SA NA M A RQ U E Z Wellness Para La MamÁ ellness Para La Mamá emerged from her own experience with postpartum depression and anxiety and the lack of services in the Latinx community. Wellness Para La Mamá provides free and low-cost services in Spanish.

Susana Marquez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Maternal Mental Health Clinician.

These include therapy, support groups, educational workshops, healing circles and community support for mothers suffering from a perinatal mood disorder during pregnancy or postpartum. Susana helps mothers take control of their mental and emotional wellbeing through their darkest and most challenging moments. With empathy and understanding, she helps these women learn how to care of themselves, which ultimately benefits their children as well. Marquez specializes in educating the mother on mental health, helping her and her family understand what they are experiencing, the importance of the mother’s mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and connecting them with the proper resources in the community. Wellness Para La Mamá empowers, validates and strengthens the mother in her journey, reminding her that regardless of the challenges, she is not alone.

What do these words mean to you?

Change/ It’s not linear, it’s constant, and it’s never-ending.

It is ugly, it is scary, beautiful but most of all it’s evolving. It brings me closer to the person I truly want to be.

Success/ The beautiful blossoming of hard work and sacrifice. The high of all my lows, and the moment to be proud. Success is my everyday progress to be better than I was yesterday. Looking forward…/ To growing as a mother and

woman, to continue doing the work I was called to do and to raise a respectful and empathic son.

ALEGRIA/ Everyday moments with my family, the beach, my son’s smile and seeing our community rise. Latina/ I’m powerful, a warrior, a fighter and daughter of immigrants. I am a go-getter, humble, driven and strong. Community/ My support system. Everyone who motivates me pushes me to keep fighting for what is right. Your Voice/ It is vital and continuously evolving. It’s

loud, assertive, confident and grounded. It’s my truth; it’s who I am. My voice is my story. What did you learn this 2018?

To trust and be patient. To have patience with myself and my growth. To trust in my process, trust in my journey, to trust myself. 46

Cambio/ No es lineal, es constante,

y es interminable. Es feo, da miedo, es hermoso, pero sobre todo está evolucionando. Me acerca a la mujer, a la mamá, a la persona que realmente quiero ser.

Éxito/ El hermoso florecimiento del trabajo duro y el sacrificio. La cima de todos mis valles, y el momento de estar orgullosos. El éxito es mi progreso diario para ser mejor de lo que era ayer.

Photo by Rachel Carillo

Con ganas de.../ Crecer como madre y mujer, continuar haciendo el trabajo al que me llamaron y criar a un hijo respetuoso y empático. ALEGRIA/ Momentos cotidianos con mi familia, la playa, la sonrisa de mi hijo y el fortalecimiento de nuestra comunidad. Latina/ Soy poderosa, guerrera, luchadora e hija de

inmigrantes. Soy una persona ambiciosa, humilde, motivada y fuerte.

Comunidad/ Mi sistema de apoyo. Todos los que me

motivan a seguir luchando por lo que es correcto.

c Wellness Para La Mamá and Heal and Grow Therapy f wellnessparalamama and healandgrowtherapy

Tu voz/ Es vital y evoluciona continuamente. Es ruidosa,

asertiva, confiada y conectada a tierra. Es mi verdad, es quien soy. Mi voz es mi historia. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

A confiar y ser paciente. Tener paciencia conmigo misma y con mi crecimiento. Confiar en mi proceso, confiar en mi trayecto, confiar en mí misma.

ALEGRIA/ It is a choice, and we must choose to invite ALEGRIA into our lives on a daily. Latina/ There is certainly a positive shift happening in our Latinx community. I am so proud to say I am a strong, healthy Latina! Community/ I have learned that together is always better and that we are more powerful in numbers than we are alone. Your Voice/ When we use our voice to impact in a positive way it can be both healing and therapeutic to the person sharing the story and to the one choosing to receive it. We live in a time where we can use our voice and resources for the change we have all yearned for. What did you learn this 2018?

I have learned the power of self-awareness and to observe my actions with curiosity instead of judgment and to correct as needed. I have learned to observe people around me with that same curiosity, instead of judgment. The more we care for ourselves, mind, body, spirit, the better we can be for everyone around us.

¿Qué significan las siguientes palabras para ti?

Éxito/ Se comparte con las personas que nunca han dejado tu lado y continúan apoyando tu misión y visión, sin importar lo locas que puedan parecer. Con ganas de/ Continuar colaborando con mujeres

increíbles que sienten pasión por el bienestar general de la humanidad.

Dar a la comunidad/ A menudo, pensamos en devolver solo en valor monetario, pero en la forma de compartir tu amor, luz y tiempo, a menudo es más valioso. ALEGRIA/ Es una opción, y debemos elegir invitar la ALEGRIA a nuestras vidas todos los días.

J E S SI C A G U Z M A N A Holistic Health Coach with a Passion for Helping Women or ten years now, Jessica Guzman has worked as a nurse, but this year she took a huge leap of faith and pursued her passion as a full-time Holistic Health Coach. She had always been interested in nutritional genomics and learning how food affects everything -from our thoughts and emotions to the way we physically feel,- but began her health and wellness journey after experiencing postpartum depression. Her passion is to help women create a healthy plan that not only benefits them but compliments their journey. With the help of two amazing partners, she has created a retreat that provides women the tools and guidance to achieve mind-body balance.


What do the following words mean to you?

Success/ It is shared with the people who have never

left your side and continue to support your mission and vision, no matter how crazy it may seem. Looking forward to…/ Continuing to collaborate with

amazing women who are passionate about the overall wellbeing of humanity.

Latina/ Está ocurriendo un cambio positivo en nuestra comunidad Latinx. ¡Estoy muy orgullosa de decir que soy una latina fuerte y saludable! Dar a la comunidad/ Aprendí que juntos siempre es

mejor y que somos más poderosos en número que solos.

Tu voz/ Cuando usamos nuestra voz para impactar de

manera positiva, puede ser curativo y terapéutico para la persona que comparte la historia y para la persona que elige recibirla. Vivimos en una época en la que podemos usar nuestra voz y nuestros recursos para el cambio que todos anhelamos. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

He aprendido el poder de la autoconciencia y de observar mis acciones con curiosidad en lugar de juzgar, e ir corrigiendo según sea necesario. He aprendido a observar a las personas a mi alrededor con la misma curiosidad, en vez de juzgarlos. Cuanto más nos preocupemos por cuidar nuestra mente, cuerpo, espíritu, mejor podremos ser para todos los que nos rodean.

Giving back/ Often, we think of giving back only in

monetary value but giving back in the form of sharing your love, light and time, is often more valuable.


ANEL PARRA BOLD ASCENSION Photo by: @clickinclassyphotography

“Anything is attainable; when we put the action behind our passion, we create magic” he awareness campaign, I am BOLD I Rise, features 13 phenomenal women who have risen above their circumstances and are now able to share their triumph over sexual abuse, depression, bullying, and finding their voice. The women are featured in an empowerment calendar in which 100% of the proceeds go back to bringing awareness to domestic violence.

I am BOLD I Rise Bold Ascension was created to inspire hope in women who do not feel worthy of having their voices heard. My mission is to support these women to rise above their circumstances. I do this through workshops, awareness campaigns and by connecting them to the resources they need to thrive.

What do these words mean to you?

Change/ Fear often holds us back from making changes.

However, after all the adversities that I have been through, instead of pushing away from change, I now lean toward it. We all are more resilient than we think.

Looking forward/ Remember not to limit yourself, if you are passionate about something, follow that and watch what will happen. A pilot never flies without a flight plan, an architect doesn’t design without a blueprint, yet many of us live life without a plan. Giving back/ Bold Ascension is my way of giving back

to everyone one who has helped lift me. I did not get to where I am by myself, I’ve had wonderful women role models who have been there for me when I needed them most. This is my gift to the world.

ALEGRIA/ God, family, and love. Without any of those three components, I would not be complete. Latina/ If I had been given the opportunity to choose

my culture, I would still choose to be a Latina. I love everything about it. The strength, resilience, family values, food, music, language, all of it. Everyone loves us!

Community/ If people in your life are not contributing to your growth, remember you do not have to keep them around. Your voice/ Sharing my story on domestic violence was a very important part of my healing journey; however, the most rewarding part was finding that it created a space for other women to use their voice and own it. Never be afraid to use your voice. What did I learn in 2018?

Don’t wait to start; there is no perfect time, start where you are with what you have and what you know, you will look back and be so proud that you started when you did.


Cambio/ El miedo a menudo nos impide hacer cambios.

Sin embargo, después de todas las adversidades por las que he pasado, en lugar de alejarme del cambio, ahora me inclino hacia él. Todos somos más resistentes de lo que pensamos.

Con ganas de.../ Recuerda no limitarte, si algo te apasiona, persíguelo y observa lo que sucederá. Un piloto nunca vuela sin un plan de vuelo, un arquitecto no diseña sin un plan, pero muchos de nosotros vivimos la vida sin un plan. Dar a la comunidad/ Bold Ascension es mi forma de

retribuir a todos los que me han ayudado a levantarme. No llegué a donde estoy sola, he tenido maravillosas modelos que me ayudaron cuando más las necesitaba. Este es mi regalo para el mundo.

ALEGRIA/ Dios, familia y amor. Sin ninguno de esos tres componentes, no estaría completa.

Latina/ Si me hubieran dado la oportunidad de elegir mi cultura, volvería a elegir ser latina. Me encanta todo al respecto. La fuerza, la resiliencia, los valores familiares, la comida, la música, el lenguaje, todo. ¡Todos nos quieren! Comunidad/ Si las personas en tu vida no contribuyen a tu crecimiento, recuerda que no tienes que mantenerlas cerca. Tu voz/ Compartir mi historia de violencia doméstica

fue una parte muy importante de mi viaje de sanación; sin embargo, la parte más gratificante fue descubrir que creé un espacio para que otras mujeres usen su voz y la posean. Nunca tengas miedo de usar tu voz. ¿Qué aprendí en 2018?

No esperes para empezar, no hay un momento perfecto, comienza donde estás con lo que tienes y lo que sabes, mirarás hacia atrás y estarás tan orgulloso de haber comenzado cuando lo hiciste.


hristina Marie Brophy describes herself as “a 28-year old Afro-Latina from Oxnard, CA”. She began her career less than a year ago after reaching a breaking point in her life in which she turned her brokenness into a breakthrough. She developed a drive and a vision to create change, to break cycles and help women facing challenges like the ones she had overcome. In less than a year se became a licensed business owner and created workshops and women’s events, became CEO of Zeax Marketing Agency (helping women build brands), founded The Ventura County Networking Group, The Women’s Empowerment Expo (an event to create empowerment for Women and Young Girls nationwide), opened The Creative Media Studio and began managing the nonprofit Loving The World, which creates resources for women and children.

MARIE BROPHY Her Voice is Her Power

Her mission is to help women live life to their fullest potential, and for that, she has created partnerships with radio stations such as Q95.9, Live 105.5, Dash Radio, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Español and over 500 business owners

Change/ Growth. It means having a different mindset,

an open mind and always searching or creating new opportunities.

Success/ Whether the goal is big or small, if I have grown, helped somebody while helping myself along the way, that is success.

I cannot pour from an empty glass. I can do a lot by myself, but much more can be accomplished with collaboration and teamwork.

Looking forward/ A future of strong women.

Empowered women. Boss women. I will continue to spread awareness, and to create change nationwide and internationally.

Giving back/ It is always is a must. Loving The World

is a non-profit that was started a few years ago, and I am now running a new segment of the organization to provide resources, shelter, healing and counseling for women. ALEGRIA/ A feeling you experience when you are at

a point in life where no one or nothing can take that happiness away.

Latina/ Being Latina has always been tough for me,

considering I am a mixture of two races, Mexican and African- American. I recently developed a strong desire to dig deep into my roots. Come to find out I make the best Mexican rice, pozole and tamales! Community/ It’s everything.

My organization, The Ventura County Networking Group, created a bridge between non-profits and local businesses. I recently organized an event between a shake bar and women’s shelter and raised hundreds of dollars in a few hours. My voice/ My voice is my power. Not until I voiced my opinions, shared my thoughts and spoke up did my world begin to change into the life I had envisioned.


@Christinamariebrophy @thevcnetworkgroup @thewomensempowermentexpo @thecreativemediastudio

Cambio/ Crecimiento. Significa tener una mentalidad

diferente, una mente abierta y siempre buscar o crear nuevas oportunidades.

Éxito/ No importa que la meta sea grande o pequeña,

si he crecido, y he ayudado a alguien mientras me ayudaba a mí misma en el camino, eso es éxito.

Con ganas de.../ Espero un futuro de mujeres fuertes. Mujeres empoderadas. Jefas. Ansío seguir creando consciencia y cambios a nivel nacional e internacional. Dar a la comunidad/ Siempre es un deber. Loving

The World es una organización sin fines de lucro que inició hace pocos años y en la que ahora dirijo un nuevo segmento que proporciona recursos, albergue, sanación y asesoramiento para la mujer.

ALEGRIA/ Un sentimiento que experimentas cuando estás en un punto de la vida donde nadie ni nada puede quitar esa felicidad. Latina/ Ser latina siempre ha sido difícil para mí, considerando que soy una mezcla de dos razas, mexicana y afroamericana. Recientemente desarrollé un fuerte deseo de profundizar en mis raíces. ¡Descubrí que hago el mejor arroz mexicano, pozole y tamales! Comunidad/ Es todo. Mi organización, The Ventura County Networking Group creó un puente entre las organizaciones sin fines de lucro y las empresas locales. Recientemente organicé un evento entre un shake bar y un refugio para mujeres y recaudé cientos de dólares en unas pocas horas. Mi voz/ Poder. Solo hasta que expresé mis opiniones,

compartí mis ideas y levanté la voz, que mi mundo comenzó a transformarse en la vida que había previsto.




riven by a deep love of community Luz is an active and vocal voice in the worlds of real estate and mortgage financing. Luz’s belief in the power of community to create lasting change has driven her to become not only a successful business owner and entrepreneur but a source of empowerment for the people around her. With a strong focus and talent for managing her time, Luz has successfully founded the corporations New World Mortgage (1998), co-founded international business development / event management platform, HUP (2016), and recently created investment LLC, Citroen (2018), with the focus on social entrepreneurship projects. In her free time, she continues to impact the community and create culture by being an active board member for the local Stay Gallery as well as co-founding the (non-profit) high school sports leadership program Home Field Advantage. Luz lives in Los Angeles, with her husband and three kids, and spends as much quality time with them as possible, preferably traveling the world. What do these words mean to you?

Change/ Changes means to continuously be a better version of ourselves. Society has changed a lot in just one decade; we have become more aware of the social injustices. The voices of women are louder than ever, and we are heard. Success/ We are so committed to succeeding financially that we forget that the only important part of success is happy. I look forward…/ To a well-balanced life. I strive to create lasting moments with family and friends while continuing to hustle with my work. I look forward to a better year for the world, with fewer tragedies and more positive stories in the wo. Giving back/ There are always opportunities to give back. There is no need to wait for a tragedy to happen in order to make a difference. ALEGRIA/ Laughter! It’s the joy of being alive, breathing, and enjoying all the small things around us. It’s a warm feeling we get in our hearts that is created by the things we love.

There are always opportunities to give back. There is no need to wait for a tragedy to happen in order to make a difference. c /luzlluncor

Latina/ Culture, fun, being daring, powerful and beautiful. We are being noticed and progressing every day. It is inspiring to see so many Latina entrepreneurs succeed.

Cambio/ Significa continuamente ser una mejor versión de nosotros mismos. La sociedad ha cambiado mucho en solo una década; nos hemos vuelto más conscientes de las injusticias sociales. Las voces de las mujeres son más fuertes que nunca, y se nos está escuchando.

Community/ The people around us who share the same goal and who are willing to work with us to make a change.

Éxito/ Estamos tan comprometidos con el éxito financiero que olvidamos que la única parte importante del éxito es la felicidad.

Your Voice/ To express yourself; to speak out loud for things that matter; to give your opinion while respecting everyone; to not stay quiet. Don’t hide your words; we all have something important to say.

Con ganas de.../ Una vida bien equilibrada. Me esfuerzo por crear momentos duraderos con mi familia y amigos mientras continúo trabajando.

What did you learn this 2018?

I learned that health is really all that matters; without it, we can’t pursue our dreams. Finding the time to take care of ourselves reflects in the energy we have to offer the world.


Espero un año mejor para el mundo, con menos tragedias y más historias positivas.

Dar a la comunidad/ Siempre hay oportunidades para retribuir. No es necesario esperar a que ocurra una tragedia para marcar la diferencia.

ALEGRIA/ ¡Risa! Es la ALEGRIA de estar vivo, respirar y disfrutar de todas las pequeñas cosas que nos rodean. Es un sentimiento cálido que recibimos en nuestros corazones, creado por las cosas que amamos. Latina/ Cultura, diversión, ser atrevida, poderoso y bella. Estamos siendo notadas y progresando cada día. Es inspirador ver el éxito de tantas empresarias latinas. Comunidad/ Las personas que nos rodean que comparten el mismo objetivo y que están dispuestas a trabajar con nosotros para lograr un cambio. Tu voz/ Expresarte; alzar la voz por cosas que importan; dar tu opinión respetando a todos; no quedarse callado. No escondas tus palabras: todos tenemos algo importante que decir. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

Aprendí que la salud es lo único que importa. Sin ella, no podemos perseguir nuestros sueños. Encontrar el tiempo para cuidarnos a nosotros mismos se refleja en la energía que tenemos para ofrecer al mundo.

KATHY NOVOA Shedding Light on Domestic Violence Photo by: John Mediana

athy Novoa is an LA native and a certified domestic violence advocate. Growing up in “a huge Mexican family,” she witnessed “what seemed like normal relationships, but were actually abusive relationships.” She never thought much about them because of the lack of physical abuse. However, she shared a story about her past on a blog, which struck a chord in the community. “Many shared how they were in abusive relationships and felt trapped.” Kathy decided to do something about it and got involved with Su Casa, a non-profit domestic violence shelter in Long Beach. As she spoke to the residents one night, a lady grabbed her hand and -with tears in her eyes, - said: “Thank you for being our voice when no one else is willing to do it.” That shook her to the core. She realized domestic violence is a real issue happening behind closed doors “and no one is shedding light on it. I began to hold weekly wellness training sessions to help the survivors heal, to empower them and provide emotional and mental healing.” Today, her mission is to create awareness through dialogue, apparel, and community events to break the cycles of domestic violence.

What do these words mean to you?

Change/ To do something in a different way to

get the desired outcome. A necessary part of life.

Cambio/ Hacer algo de manera diferente

para obtener el resultado deseado. Una parte necesaria de la vida.

Success/ Going after your goals relentlessly -even if you’re afraid-.

Éxito/ Perseguir tus metas sin descanso, incluso

Looking forward.../ To evolving so that I can bless others in more creative ways. My wish is to create an organization that will employ survivors of domestic violence.

Con ganas de.../ Evolucionar para que pueda

Giving back/ It means sharing what I have received. I cannot give what I do not have, what I am not.

Dar a la comunidad/ Significa compartir lo que

ALEGRIA/ The joy that comes from being in alignment with my Creator and myself.

ALEGRIA La felicidad resultante de estar en

Latina/ Embracing my beautiful, bold, colorful culture and showing up in the world wearing my colors proudly. Latina is BEAUTY!

Latina/ Aceptar con entusiasmo mi bella, audaz y colorida cultura y salir al mundo vistiendo mis colores con orgullo. ¡Latina es BELLEZA!

Community/ It’s EVERYTHING! We were created to co-exist in this world.

Comunidad/ ¡Es todo! Fuimos creados para

My voice/ My voice is a weapon I to use to love, heal, and empower others.

Mi voz/ Es un arma que decidir usar para amar,

What have you learned this year?

I learned that I possess a special light I need to share with the world, unapologetically, every day. WINTER

“Thank you for being our voice when no one else is willing to do it,” said the resident of a domestic violence shelter to Kathy.

si tienes miedo.

bendecir a otros de manera más creativa. Deseo crear una organización que emplee a sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica. he recibido. No puedo dar lo que no tengo, lo que no soy. alineación con mi Creador y conmigo misma.

coexistir en este mundo.

sanar y empoderar a otros.

¿Qué has aprendido este año?

Que poseo una luz especial que necesito compartir con el mundo todos los días.

f @_Goldenkat f @Goldenwellnessofficial c @goldenkat 51



arolina Rubio MacWright was born in Bogota, Colombia, but when she turned 20, she found herself in need of a safer place to call home. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelors’ in Fine Art. After graduation, Carolina felt the need to understand the legal system, so she moved to Oklahoma City, where she received her Juris Doctorate Degree. Carolina has worked as an immigration attorney in Miami, Oklahoma and New York City.

What do these words mean to you?

Change/ The beauty of life. We have the power to

reinvent ourselves and the world around us. The options are endless when we realize change is inevitable and always teaches us something.

ALEGRIA/ Is what keeps us going! The best act of resistance is a joy. That is how you defeat the dark because joy is a manifestation of pure love. Latina/ As we harness our power, we realize that our identity as Latinas is truly POWERFUL.

Success/ Success is directly correlated with our power to dream. For me, it is a concept that is never still and changes as we evolve, and our surroundings change.

Community/ Change starts in our community, kind of like in the book The Alchemist. My work is building bridges in communities through art and law.

Carolina’s experience as an attorney opened her eyes to the realities of the broken American legal system. She believes that art can be the most powerful way of explaining life and is passionate about finding innovative ways to bring communities together.

Looking forward/ To finally having a platform where

Your voice/ Every single voice is important. We all have

Her program, pARTicipate, uses art to empower different communities and create a dialogue between them. She believes that -when inspirational ideas and passionate people come together, - anything is possible. Carolina lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Giving back/ This is the sauce of life. We are so blessed

After continuously falling down the trap of frustration. I realized that the strategy I was using needed to come from pure genuine love.

¿Qué significan estas palabras para ti?

Cambio/ La belleza de la vida. Tenemos el poder de

communities can come together and have the necessary conversations to propel us to a better future. I believe that love can save us, and I want to share how I envision that change.

and have so much that it is easy to forget how little others have. Working with immigrants in detention brings it home and makes me want to make sure our children understand how lucky they are.

ALEGRIA/ ¡Es lo que nos hace seguir! El mejor acto de resistencia es la ALEGRIA. Así es como derrotas a la oscuridad porque la alegría es una manifestación del amor puro.

reinventarnos y al mundo que nos rodea. Las opciones son infinitas cuando nos damos cuenta de que el cambio es inevitable y siempre nos enseña algo.

Latina/ A medida que aprovechamos nuestro poder, nos damos cuenta de que nuestra identidad como latinas es verdaderamente PODEROSA.

Éxito/ El éxito está directamente relacionado con nuestro poder para soñar. Para mí, es un concepto que nunca está inmóvil y cambia a medida que evolucionamos y nuestro entorno cambia.

Comunidad/ Donde ocurre la magia. Nos olvidamos de que estamos destinados a conectarnos. Mi trabajo es construir puentes en las comunidades a través del arte y la ley.

Con ganas de.../ Finalmente tener una plataforma

Tu voz/ Toda voz importa. Todos tenemos algo

donde las comunidades puedan unirse y tener las conversaciones necesarias para impulsarnos a un futuro mejor. Creo que el amor nos puede salvar, y quiero compartir cómo imagino ese cambio.

Dar a la comunidad/ Esta es la salsa de la vida. Somos tan bendecidos y tenemos tanto que es fácil olvidar lo poco que tienen los demás. Trabajar con inmigrantes en detención me hace comprenderlo y me motiva a asegurar que nuestros hijos comprendan qué afortunados son.


increíblemente valioso que contribuir a este mundo. ¿Qué aprendiste este 2018?

Después de caer continuamente en la trampa de la frustración, me di cuenta de que la estrategia que estaba usando tenía que venir del puro amor genuino. Me estoy enfocando intencionalmente en el trabajo de transformación positiva.

something incredibly valuable to contribute to this world. What did you learn this 2018?

I am intentionally focusing on positive transformational work that reminds us of our resilience.

chool psychologist Michelle Morales spends her days working with students to help them address various mental health needs, including trauma, depression, and anxiety, all of which she believes have been detrimental to the Hispanic community. "In the Latino community, there is a lack of resources and a lack of education for people to get the help they need," Michelle explains. "There is also a lot of stigma, fear, and shame attached these issues, and that doesn't make getting help any easier." Michelle can speak about this matter, not only from a professional standpoint but a personal one. She grew up in a community much like the ones her students come from. Born in Los Angeles, she and her brother were raised by a single mother who was also dealing with mental health issues herself. "Growing up, I struggled with finding a safe place and felt a lot of fear, Michelle recounts. At a very young age, she found an escape in dance and came to specialize in merengue and salsa. As she explored career options later, she realized she was interested in "… advocating for

Latinos and disadvantaged people". Despite becoming proficient at dancing, Michelle admits that dance itself sometimes brought up additional insecurities and caused her to struggle with selfworth, but this journey led her to create a unique program: Dance Warriors. "I created Dance Warriors to help people reclaim their power through dance; to provide a safe space to explore their thoughts,t insecurities, and fears, " MoDance Warriors is open to dancers and non-dancers, offering various programs, seminars, and workshops that incorporate a dance element with coaching, based on Michelle’s background in psychology and her interest in mental health. rales explains. "A big part of my program is helping people become aware of the thought patterns and belief systems that are holding them back from dancing freely. Often, what's holding them back from dancing freely, is holding them back from thriving in life as well." For Michelle, who hopes to expand and grow her program, being in tune with herself is her ALEGRIA: "My joy is to be in alignment with who I am and engaging and empowering others to do the same.”



La psicóloga escolar Michelle Morales pasa sus días trabajando con los estudiantes para ayudarlos a abordar diversas necesidades de salud mental -incluyendo trauma, depresión y ansiedad-, que han sido perjudiciales para la comunidad hispana. "En la comunidad latina, hay una falta de recursos y una falta de educación para que las personas obtengan la ayuda que necesitan", explica Michelle. "También hay mucho estigma, miedo y vergüenza ligado a estos problemas, y ello no facilita la obtención de ayuda". Michelle puede hablar sobre este asunto, no solo desde un punto de vista profesional sino también personal. Ella creció en una comunidad muy parecida aquellas de las que provienen sus estudiantes. Nacida en Los Ángeles, ella y su hermano fueron criados por una madre soltera que también estaba lidiando con problemas de salud mental. “Al crecer, luché por encontrar un lugar seguro y sentí mucho miedo”, recuerda Michelle. A una edad muy temprana, encontró un escape en el baile y vino a especializarse en merengue y salsa. Al crecer y explorar opciones

profesionales, se dio cuenta que su interés “... era abogar por los latinos y las personas desfavorecidas”. A pesar de ser cada vez más hábil como bailarina, Michelle admite que la danza a veces provocaba inseguridades adicionales y la hacía luchar con la autoestima, pero este viaje la llevó a crear un programa único: Dance Warriors. "Creé Dance Warriors para ayudar a personas a recuperar su poder a través de la danza; para proporcionar un espacio seguro para que exploren sus pensamientos, inseguridades y temores", explica Morales. Dance Warriors está abierto a bailarines no bailarines, y ofrece varios programas, seminarios y talleres que incorporan un elemento de danza con entrenamiento, basado en la formación de Michelle en psicología y su interés en la salud mental. "Parte importante de mi programa es ayudar a las personas a tomar conciencia de los patrones de pensamiento y los sistemas de creencias que les impiden bailar libremente. A menudo, lo que les impide bailar libremente, también les impide prosperar en la vida". Para Michelle, que espera ampliar y hacer crecer su programa, estar en sintonía con si misma es su ALEGRIA: "Mi alegría es estar en alineación con quien soy y comprometer y capacitar a otros para que hagan lo mismo".

La misión de la bailarina y profesional de salud mental Michelle Morales, es promover la sanación a través de la danza.

By: Clare M. Miranda / Photo by @Iamdjlogic

Mental health professional and dancer Michelle Morales made it her life mission to promote healing through dance.





NEITH AVALOS ACTIVISM THrOUGH ART Photos provided by the artist

Isis Avalos is a dancer, choreographer, and artist. She received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of North Texas, where she trained in Modern Release technique. The origin of her movement began with her training in ballet, jazz, flamenco and folklorico as a young child. Her influences of Mexican regional (folk) dance, modern release, jazz, hip-hop, and most recently house, create a vibrant and culturally-bold aesthetic to her movement.

Looking forward.../ To having this beautiful baby and continuing to dance professionally through my motherhood. Giving back/ There are so many ways to give back. My way of giving back is to speak up about issues that affect communities of color. To talk about the sociopolitical issues of Mexico that ultimately affect our culture and community. Bringing light to the humanity behind the immigrant experience.


Dar a la comunidad/ Hay tantas formas de hacerlo. Mi forma es hablar sobre temas que afectan a las comunidades de color. Discutir sobre los problemas sociopolíticos de México que -en última instancia-, afectan a nuestra cultura y comunidad. Iluminar el aspecto humano detrás de la experiencia inmigrante.

Comunidad/ Es donde encuentras tu apoyo, tu fuerza. Estar en comunidad es hacer que los demás se hagan responsables y, a su vez, responsabilizar a los demás. Una red de amigos que se convierten en familia. Mi voz/ Utilizo mi voz para hablar sobre la verdad de mi historia como ex-migrante indocumentada en este país. Utilizo mi voz para elevar y empoderar a aquellos que han tenido experiencias similares a las mías. En última instancia, nuestra voz habla de la verdad de nuestra experiencia.

Avalos is currently a touring performing/teaching artist for LA-based, dance activist company, CONTRATIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater. In 2014, she was appointed as a Cultural Ambassador for the United States Department of State through DanceMotionUSA.

Success/ Has no monetary value. The world wants us to think that the richer we are, the more successful we are, but true success comes with contentment. With feeling truly happy with yourself and those around you.

Con ganas de.../ Tener este hermoso bebé y seguir bailando profesionalmente durante mi maternidad.

Latina/ Una mezcla de belleza. Nuestras líneas de sangre son llevan un linaje africano, español e indígena. Somos mujeres poderosas.

n 2013, Avalos was the National Winner for Schick Xtreme 3 Latino ad campaign for the most inspiring Latino artist in the United States. Her activism through art derives from her experience as an undocumented child from Mexico growing up on the South Texas Border.

Change/ Is inevitable. How we handle it shows our true character.

Éxito/ No tiene valor monetario. El mundo quiere que pensemos que cuanto más ricos somos, más éxito tenemos, pero el verdadero éxito viene con la satisfacción. Con sentirse verdaderamente feliz contigo mismo y con los que te rodean.

ALEGRIA/ El acto de resistencia más poderoso.

The world wants us to think that the richer we are, the more successful we are, but true success comes with contentment

You can see Isis on renowned Activist Chicano band, Las Cafeteras’ “Tiempos de Amor” music video released by NPR Music. Isis was also a featured guest speaker for ACLU’s “Families Belong Together” rally in her hometown of Brownsville, Texas, where she discussed her embodiment as a borderland woman. In July 2018, she appeared on the cover of Nat Geo en Español.

Cambio/ Es inevitable. La manera en que lo manejamos denota nuestro verdadero carácter.

¿Qué lección aprendiste en 2018?

ALEGRIA/ The most powerful act of Resistance.

Las mujeres son chingonas, punto. Actualmente estoy embarazada de mi primer hijo y estoy asombrada de lo que nuestros cuerpos femeninos pueden hacer. También me asombra la forma poderosa en que las mujeres se ayudan entre sí. Somos como una tribu. Aprendí que existe un vínculo más fuerte que nos une, una hermandad mundial.

Latina/ A mingling of beauty. Our bloodlines are a mix of African, Spanish and indigenous lineage. We are powerful women. Community/ Is where you find your support, your strength. To be in community is to have others hold you accountable, and in turn, holding others accountable. A network of friends who become family. Your voice/ I use to my voice to speak about the truth of my story as a former undocumented migrant of this country. I use my voice to uplift and empower those that have had similar experiences as mine. Ultimately our voice speaks to the truth of our lived experience. What lesson did you learn in 2018?

Women are Chingonas, period. I am currently pregnant with my first child and am in awe of what our female bodies can do. I am also in awe of the powerful way women help each other. We are like a tribe. I have learned that there is a stronger bond that unites us, a worldwide sisterhood.



Claudia JAWHER Photos by: Alma Salomon

Claudia Jawher moved to California from Guadalajara as a young woman with big dreams and aspirations. She realized quickly that here in America, “credit is king.” The three largest purchases one makes in one’s lifetime are a home, a car, and an education, which are all obtained through access to credit. She was not accustomed to this life of credit cards, loans, and debt. In Mexico practically, every large purchase is paid up front.

Jawher wants everyone to understand that -no matter your age- there are three fundamental rules: 1. DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENTS LATE 2. DO NOT RUN YOUR CREDIT FREQUENTLY 3. DO NOT UTILIZE MORE THAN 30% OF YOUR CREDIT CARD LIMIT “One of my biggest passions -besides finance- is to help people. It has been a blessing to be a bilingual woman because I have been able to reach a wider demographic group and help them in many ways. With 15 years of experience, I became an expert, and I’m proud to say that 80% of my clients are all on a referral basis.”

ninguna información con respecto a la compra de una vivienda y lo importante que era tener un buen crédito para poder hacerlo. También notó que la poca información disponible provenía principalmente del consejo de agentes de bienes raíces y ninguna de esa información se centraba realmente en cómo comenzar a establecer un crédito o cómo mejorar una puntuación de crédito dañada. Investigó todo lo que pudo y aplicó sus conocimientos a su negocio de bienes raíces. Comenzó imprimiendo folletos y volantes que contenían gran parte de la información y distribuyéndolos. La respuesta fue abrumadora. Resulta que ella no era la única persona que quería entender la importancia del crédito e implementarlo.

Her background in finance allowed her to understand the financial systems here in the United States and to become a Credit Expert. When she first received her realestate license, 15 years ago, she noticed that the Hispanic community had very little to no information regarding purchasing a home and how crucial it was to have good credit to do so. She also noticed that the little information available mainly came from the board of realtors and none of that information really focused on how to start establishing credit or how to improve a damaged credit score. She researched as much as possible and applied her knowledge to her real estate business. She began by printing brochures and flyers that contained much of the information she learned and distributing them. The turnovezr was overwhelming. It turns out she was not the only one who wanted to understand the importance of credit and implement it. Then, she decided to start conducting regular credit educational seminars in Spanish, and soon, her workshops became very popular. A book with credit guidelines followed.

Luego, decidió comenzar a realizar seminarios educativos de crédito en español que rápidamente se hicieron muy populares. Le siguió un libro con información básica acerca del crédito.

Jahwer desearía que toda la gente supiera que, sin importar su edad, existen tres reglas fundamentales: 1. NO ENVÍES NINGÚN PAGO TARDE Claudia Jawher se mudó de Guadalajara a California cuando era una mujer joven con grandes sueños y aspiraciones. Se dio cuenta rápidamente de que aquí en los Estados Unidos “el crédito es el rey”. Las tres compras más grandes que uno hace en la vida son: una casa, un automóvil y una educación, que se obtienen a través del acceso al crédito. No estaba acostumbrada a esta vida de tarjetas de crédito, préstamos y deudas. En México casi todas las compras se pagan importantes se pagan por adelantado. Su experiencia en finanzas le permitió entender rápidamente los sistemas financieros aquí en los Estados Unidos y convertirse en una Experta en Créditos. Cuando recibió su licencia de bienes raíces, hace 15 años, notó que la comunidad hispana tenía muy poca o

2. NO CORRAS TU CRÉDITO CON FRECUENCIA 3. NO UTILICES MÁS DEL 30% DEL LÍMITE DE TU TARJETA DE CRÉDITO “Una de mis pasiones más grandes, además de las finanzas, es ayudar a las personas. Ha sido una bendición ser una mujer bilingüe porque he podido alcanzar un grupo demográfico más amplio y realmente ayudarles de muchas maneras. Con 15 años de experiencia, debo decir que me convertí en una experta y me enorgullece decir que el 80% de mis clientes vienen por recomendación”.

Claudia Jawher Legal Department Concred, Inc. 25124 Springfield court #100 Valencia CA 91355 Toll Free: (800) 566-4564 Office: (661) 253-0878 ext. 100 Fax: (661) 253-1502 ·


By Clare M. Miranda

“What put me in the game was constantly networking, interning, and volunteering for any experience,” Varona says of getting her start in the cutthroat industry that has intimidated many others. Now, with over ten years of experience, Varona has shot everything from music videos to digital media and major films, and has started her own production company, Varona Productions. More recently, she produced the film, Shine, which tells a story of two brothers, interwoven with the topic of gentrification, and a short film, Flavor of Life. Both films have been shown at various film festivals. Despite her success, Varona is very honest about the obstacles that she has faced in the film industry, revealing that it’s difficult being a Latina and getting your voice heard when “… you’re a minority and you’re different. When you’re the only one, they might not pay as much attention to you as someone who is white and male.” Any negative experiences she faced have served as inspiration to make a positive difference within the film industry. Her philosophy is to have a positive attitude and to maintain a calm and

professional environment, which has influenced her in trying to help others make it in the industry: “I like helping good people find work and opportunities and as a producer, I like finding people whom I believe in and believe in their vision.”

Sandra has made a point of trying to add women and minorities to her team and crews and has also started a group, Film Gals, which provides camaraderie and networking opportunities for women of all backgrounds who work in the film industry. Needless to say, she looks forward to seeing the direction this group takes and to start working on her next projects. But no matter where this path leads her, she will never stray far from what’s close to her heart. When asked what her ALEGRIA is, she readily admits: “… my son. He is special needs and feels things so deeply. When I’ve come home after a bad day, the smile on his face always brings a smile to mine.”

ilm producer Sandra Varona is often found behind the camera telling someone else’s story. F Now, she reveals the secrets behind her triumphs and how she wants to share her success with others.

Music fills the air of the Pasadena restaurant where I’m meeting film producer, Sandra Varona to talk about her life and work. Sandra’s career began when she was a little girl who was intrigued by cameras. “I wanted to be in production since I was a kid. I would find camcorders from yard sales and be so interested in how filming worked. Even just holding a camera, I liked it how it felt,” Sandra recalls. Working behind the camera empowered the storytelling capabilities of this Mexican immigrant who grew up in Los Angeles.

La productora de cine Sandra Varona a menudo se encuentra detrás de la cámara contando la historia de otras personas. Ahora revela los secretos detrás de sus triunfos y cómo quiere compartir su éxito con los demás. WINTER




his wonderful new restaurant is the culmination of years of hard work in the kitchen by Lourdes Cuello Pernia whose recipes are featured on the menu. Indeed, Lourdes learned the art of Venezuelan cuisine at a young age as she sat at the feet of her mother and grandmother and observed the tender touch and far-reaching influences on the food. The centerpiece of the menu is the ubiquitous street food found throughout the country: arepas. However, Lourdes puts her own unique spin on this delicious offering which is both tasty and healthy. In keeping with family tradition of handing down kitchen secrets, Lourdes’ two daughters, Yelitza and Yesika, are heavily involved with the restaurant. Both help


with the cooking, but they also bring their own specialized training to make this dining experience all the better. Yelitza has been trained in business administration and technology, so she carefully guides the all the business decisions. Yesika, on the other hand, who is a graduate of the prestigious Hotel School of Venezuela and Cornell University restaurant management program, brings more than 15 years of experience and expertise in restaurant hospitality to the mix. Together, it truly is a family affair, one that promises to add an amazing dining experience to Pasadena and Los Angeles in general.

950 E. Colorado Blvd., CA 91106 Phone (626) 639 3399

When it comes to family dining there is no better place than Casa Sanchez With unique family recipes that have been passed down through generations, we take pride in providing an authentic and traditional experience

CASA SANCHEZ Fine Mexican Restaurant (310)397-9999 4500 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles California






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