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stanley kubrick


Stanley Kubrick. Columbia University. 1948. Museum of the City of New York. The Look Collection. Used with permission of Museum of the City of New York and SK Film Archives.


Marvel at rarely exhibited photographs that reveal the makings of one of cinema’s greatest visual storytellers. 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 • (310) 440-4500 FREE on-site parking; street parking strictly prohibited

Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs was organized by the Museum of the City of New York in collaboration with the SK Film Archives LLC.



Contents WINTER ISSUE 2019









Commercial space designer and visual marketer. Designer of spaces by profession, designer of dreams by conviction. You can contact Carolina at: @Caritogutim SANDRA RODRIGUEZ - EDITOR

LA-based Sandra Rodriguez is a former editor for Mexican newspaper Reforma, one of the most influential publications in Latin America. In this capacity, she met numerous leaders and A-List celebrities, attended international fashion weeks and Hollywood press junkets, and took part in a prestigious fellowship program for international journalists sponsored by LG and Seoul National University in South Korea. She currently writes on topics ranging from finance to entertainment for different media outlets in both the U.S. and Mexico. Entirely fluent in English and Spanish, Sandra holds certifications as a Court interpreter and a medical interpreter, and has translated a number of books for major publishing houses. Publications translated by her include medical, self-help, and business books (one with a foreword by President Bill Clinton), novels, and books focused on spirituality and personal growth by popular authors such as Louise Hay, Nick Vujicic, and Neale Donald Walsch. CLARE MIRANDA - WRITER

Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in speech communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma. DIANE CASTAÑEDA - ART CREATIVE DIGITAL

Diane Castañeda has worked in the communications field for over 10 years. Her work includes working with non-profits, startups/ small businesses and female entrepreneurs. She has worked in local, state, and national bilingual conservation campaigns including the plastic bag ban of California, the establishment of protected areas, and sea turtle conservation. Last year, through her passion for women in politics, she helped run her successful first city council campaign. Her other passions also include design, highlighting women’s achievements, the outdoors, and the protection of our environment. You can check out her work on Instagram at @sirenascreative KELLY LANDAVERDE - JOURNALIST

Desde los once años ha escrito historias y poemas sobre el amor por la música, su familia, el futbol y todo lo demás que le apasiona. Realizó pasantías en distintos lugares, incluyendo las oficinas del Distrito de Los Ángeles y una revista bilingüe. Fue corresponsal para una transmisora de radio por internet enfocada en temas deportivos. En sus reportajes, le gusta abordar historias poco comentadas en los medios de comunicación sobre personas de origen latinoamericano, pues así se siente conectada con su gente. CHARLIE MENDOZA - CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Carlos is a Colombian designer who is passionate about editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. What does Carlos think about design? To quote maestro Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication.” You can contact Charlie at - @ mckadamia FELIPE AGUDELO GALLEGO - BRAND STRATEGIST

Felipe Agudelo Gallego is a digital communication strategist & journalist. He received his B.A degree from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana & his Masters in digital marketing from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is a creative producer who brings his light to all of his projects. For Felipe, creating is a vital part of his life,which permeates his understanding of fashion culture & the digital experience. He loves to travel & find friends around the world. @agudelofel DAVID JR. MARTIN - PHOTOGRAPHER

I’ve always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I’ll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top-notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your A-game. I’m here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or preserve your memories

The Team


Letter This 2019 was filled with ALEGRIA thanks to all of YOU Thank you to our incredible team, partners and supporters, who keep making our ALEGRIA vision - a bigger dream than I could have ever imagined. This year, our new Alegria Mobile bookstore reached over a thousand people as we traveled to our local communities to connect over the beauty of our stories and our LatinX authors.

We keep growing in our PASSION + PURPOSE For our holiday edition,It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you 10 incredible Latinas of Impact, who are making a difference in our community. They are here to keep inspiring a new generation of Latina women to live their best lives! I am looking forward to creating even more impact this 2020! A New Decade For Change!

Davina Ferreira Alegria Bilingual Magazine Publisher CEO @davifalegria



With a paintbrush in hand and his toddler on his hip, California-based artist and muralist David Flores puts the finishing touches on his latest painting, an eight-by-six-foot portrait of a Mexican calendar girl. “It’s all steeped in tradition,” says Flores. “Everything just kind of represents Hispanic culture.” The piece features his signature stained glass-style patterns in cool grey, traditional Mexican marigolds, or Cempasúchitl flowers, in warm orange, and a background of deep, vibrant magenta. But it’s not just any shade of magenta, this particular shade belongs to T-Mobile.



Uniting_ LatinX communities_ through_

Write by: Susie Plascencia / Photos by: Eddie Sakaki

The wireless provider teamed up with Flores on artwork for limited-edition mobile phone cases in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month which takes place annually in the U.S. from mid-September to mid-October. Available exclusively through giveaways on T-Mobile’s social channels, app, and in select stores, the phone cases were just one way the company aimed to engage with its LatinX customers and employees during the month-long celebration. Other initiatives included participating in or hosting more than 80 events across the country, a $10,000 donation to the Sea Mar Museum of Chicano Latino Culture in Seattle, and they offered a 2:1 match for employee donations to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Javier Barrientos, director of diversity and inclusion at T-Mobile, says that the provider’s decision to participate in Hispanic Heritage Month is centered around pride and celebration.

With a campaign hashtag of #EstamosUnidos, or ‘we are united,’ he says T-Mobile is proactively inviting the LatinX community to come together following the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla. and August 2019’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. “The notion of that we need to be united to face those challenges is more important than ever,” says

Barrientos, “and that requires that every Hispanic is this country, including the large number of them who work at T-Mobile, and all our allies, to step up through concerted action in order to create and drive change.”

With more than half of employees identifying as racial minorities, T-Mobile is the most diverse major wireless company in the country. Barrientos says that the company takes pride in its large Hispanic employee and customer base and stresses that diversity is part of T-Mobile’s DNA. “We believe No Hay Uno Without the Other,” says Barrientos, “which is our way to say this wouldn’t be America without the contributions of the Hispanic community and we wouldn’t be T-Mobile without the contributions of our Latino customers and employees.” When it comes to celebrating cultural heritage, Flores says he contributes the best way he knows how— creating art. He says having others appreciate his artistic self-expression fuels him professionally, and he hopes his art helps make the ever-diverse LatinX community feel recognized during Hispanic Heritage Month, and also year-round. “Everyone should be proud of their heritage, says Flores. “You can enjoy Hispanic heritage and culture, any race, any time of year.”


Con un pincel en la mano y su pequeña hija abrazada de su cadera, el artista y muralista David Flores, ubicado en California, le pone los toques finales a su pintura más reciente, un retrato de ocho por seis pies de una chica mexicana como las que adornaban los calendarios antiguos. “Está totalmente empapado de las tradiciones”, dice Flores. “Todo como que simplemente representa a la cultura hispana”. Esta obra presenta sus diseños emblemáticos al estilo vitral en gris frío, las caléndulas tradicionales mexicanas conocidas como flores de cempasúchitl en naranja cálido y un fondo magenta profundo y vibrante. Pero no se trata de cualquier tonalidad de magenta, sino que este tono en particular le pertenece a T-Mobile. El proveedor de servicios inalámbricos se asoció con Flores para un proyecto de arte, fundas para teléfonos móviles de edición limitada con motivo del Mes de la Herencia Hispana que se celebra anualmente en los Estados Unidos de mediados de septiembre hasta mediados de octubre. Están disponibles exclusivamente a través de sorteos en las redes sociales y la aplicación de T-Mobile y en tiendas selectas. Las fundas para teléfono fueron solamente una de las maneras en que la compañía buscó interactuar con sus clientes y empleados de origen latinoamericano durante el festejo con un mes de duración. Entre las otras iniciativas, organizó o participó en más de 80 eventos en todo el país, donó 10,000 dólares al Museo Sea Mar de Cultura Chicana Latina en Seattle, y ofreció donar el doble de lo que sus empleados donaron a la Fundación de la Herencia Hispana (Hispanic Heritage Foundation). Javier Barrientos, director de diversidad e inclusión de T-Mobile, dice que la decisión del proveedor de participar en el Mes de la Herencia Hispana se basó en el orgullo y el enaltecimiento. Bajo el hashtag #EstamosUnidos, que identifica a la campaña, dice, T-Mobile está invitando de manera proactiva a la comunidad de origen latinoamericano a sumar fuerzas después del tiroteo en el centro nocturno Pulse de Orlando, Florida, en junio de 2016, y el tiroteo masivo de agosto de 2019 en El Paso, Texas. “La idea de que necesitamos estar unidos para enfrentar esos retos es más importante ahora que nunca”, indica Barrientos, “y eso requiere que cada persona hispana en este país, incluyendo la gran cantidad que trabaja en T-Mobile, y todos nuestros aliados, asuman la responsabilidad por medio de acciones conjuntas para crear e impulsar un cambio.” Cuando se trata de celebrar la herencia cultural, Flores dice que él colabora de la mejor manera que puede: al crear arte. Dice que el hecho de que otros valoren su auto-expresión artística lo impulsa desde el punto de vista profesional, y espera que su arte ayude a que la comunidad de origen latino, cada vez más diversa, sienta que recibe un reconocimiento en el Mes de la Herencia Hispana y también a lo largo del año. “Todo mundo debe enorgullecerse de su herencia”, asegura Flores. “Puedes disfrutar la herencia y la cultura hispana siendo de cualquier raza y en cualquier época del año”.







Photos by: Dak @dakmpa

Pili Montilla is an Emmy-award winning TV host and producer, a content creator, and a taste maker. An expert in music, fashion, arts and travel, she created, produced and hosted the Emmy-winning music show “Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla,” in which she gave the audience an inside look at the lives of musicians.



er newest project is “Pili, Raúl and La Música” an uncensored, bilingual, 5 star-rated music podcast she created, hosts and produces alongside renowned DJ Raúl Campos. It is available on iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. Raul established a residency in the early 90s on Power 106FM’s longest-running after-hours mix show Power Tools, along with Richard Vission and Swedish Egil. He then found a home at public radio station KCRW 89.9FM. Under the mentorship of renowned Music Director Nic Harcourt, Raul secured a weekly show in 2000. As a DJ, Campos has opened for artists such as Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, Stevie Wonder, Cafe Tacvba, Moby and Lionel Richie. He’s also been the official host of the Latin Alternative Music Conference for the last 13 years. Pili has also worked as a TV host for several networks in both the Hispanic and general markets, as a live host for events such as the Latin Billboards, Latin Grammy events, Miss Universe Puerto Rico, and New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival. She has been brand ambassador for Walmart, AT&T, Starbucks, Lexus, and others.

Host, Producer and Content Creator Pili Montilla Joins Forces with DJ Raúl Campos in a New Podcast How did this amazing collaboration between you two come about?

Our mutual love for Latin music has been bringing us together for over 10 years. We would bump into each other at concerts, festivals and music conferences, and the conversation would always go: “We have to work together!” It wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that we finalized our idea— a music podcast. We share a passion for Latin music, but more specifically for telling the stories of the artists who create it.

Why is it still important for you to promote independent artists, who otherwise might not have much of a presence on mainstream media?

Independent artists are the future. We’re always looking for that new, up-and-coming singer, music and vibe! Everyone deserves an ear, especially when the music is really good. Because of technology and since the world is getting smaller, there’s so much amazing music being produced, and it’s easy for stuff to get lost in the shuffle. Both of us have always gravitated to alternative and more progressive sounds. The podcast landscape is a brave new world and a perfect avenue for many artists that would be easily overlooked by traditional commercial media. What have been some of the highlights of your podcast collaboration so far?

Flying to Mexico City to interview legendary rock en español band Fobia was undoubtedly a dream come for us both. Sitting down with music genius Draco and hear him speak openly about his life was super special. So was interviewing Mon Laferte at Coachella; that interview is so intimate and real! Once a month we do a live recording of the podcast in front of an audience. The series is presented by Jack Daniel’s and these en vivo sessions are truly a magical experience. Hand-picked guests come together to see their favorite artists up close and personal while we interview them. This is followed by a Q&A from the audience and a live, stripped-down performance by the artists. All the while, the guests enjoy handmade cocktails inspired by the band’s songs. From Grammy-winning bands like La Santa Cecilia, to Colombian sensation Monsieur Periné and electronic rockers Kinky, we’ve had some amazingly special guests at Jack Daniel’s Presenta Pili, Raúl and La Música En Vivo.


“Se está produciendo mucha música increíble, y es fácil perderse en la confusión”

What brings you ALEGRIA?

Hearing and seeing these artists talk openly about their stories has been the biggest ALEGRIA! We thrive on the idea that our conversations are less question and answer, but more of creating an environment where they feel comfortable in a way that allows for intimate and candid story telling about the journey throughout their careers. When we were given the opportunity to bring the podcast to an audience for a live recording, it created an opportunity for us to share the joy of being face to face with these superstars of the Latin alternative world with fellow like minded music fans. It’s extremely rare to see artists of this caliber drop their guard and be willing to be vulnerable. And when we look around the room and see the smiles on captivated people’s faces, it validates that we have something very special with this project!



CREATING NEW SOUNDS FOR A NEW ERA Write by: Clare Miranda / Photos provided by: Talent

VINYL SOUL WITH ENRIQUE NAMBO AND JOHN PATRICK With guitarist Enrique Nambo hailing from San Diego and singer John Patrick living in Imperial County, the talented musicians might never have crossed paths. Luckily for them and for their audiences, when they met back in 2004 at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, the musical artists had an instant connection and according to Nambo, “We got to discussing our musical ideas, which were very similar at the time and we decided to work together.”


nce they teamed up, Vinyl Soul was born. With a foundation of Latin soul from the 1960’s, they have intertwined layers of Spanish guitar with pieces of mambo and bolero music while also mixing in elements of hip hop and R&B. Nambo says that the focus of Neo Latin Soul is, “ preserve Latin-soul by paying tribute to Latin music references, be it sound or Spanish lyrics.” Utilizing so many different genres of music has, at times, been challenging when it comes to promoting their work because it is difficult to categorize their body of work, however, Nambo and Patrick believe that it has been worth it saying, “The fusion invites our audience with familiarity and perhaps introduces them to other sounds which they otherwise might not be inclined to listen to. This has led to such a wide diversity of fans that follow us.” The musical duo also state that social media has allowed them to spread music on a global level and has helped them to keep in touch with fans from around the world.

As their audiences have grown over the years, Nambo and Patrick and their music have also experienced evolution and growth. Their years of working together have served them well, explaining that, “Time and experience come through in our performances. We know each other’s grooves and are generally in sync compared to our earlier days. We’re learning how to keep this thing going. We’re artists and we’re friends, so we should always be growing and helping each other along.” Conscious of their friendship and their growing global reach, they are also aware of the LatinX impact that saying that it is about visibility of diversity and having that kind of impact means having the purpose of reasserting their cultural identity. 2020 already promises to be a busy year for Vinyl Soul. They have plans to release a new album full of all new music that they are excited to share with their audiences and the world. For them, getting feedback about their work is rewarding and exciting and they state that their ALEGRIA comes from their interactions with fans and hearing how their music has played a part in their lives.



Carolina Arenas offers colorful bags inspired by her Colombian roots How was Meraki Wayuu born?


I am a social worker, mom of two boys that is now taking on a new venture as a business owner. I worked as a social worker for over 10 years and after having my second child we decided that it was best for me to be a full-time stay at home mom. I take my hat off to all moms! Having experienced the hat of a working mom and that of a stay-at-home mom I can say that they are both equally hard and rewarding. I applaud you all. As time passed I started to think about what I wanted to do with my career. I always knew I wanted to have my own business but I never knew quite what I wanted it to be. I came to the conclusion that I would take the plunge and start my own business, but what? In February 2019 my family and I decided to take both kids to Colombia and stay with our family for a month. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I am a proud first-generation Colombian American. My mother would take me to Colombia almost every summer vacation. I feel that my Colombian roots are well grounded and I wish to share that same experience with my children. During our time in Colombia I started to feel a sense of direction with what I wanted to do as a firsttime business owner. The one item that stood out to me the most was the Wayuu mochila. These bags come in bright, beautiful colors. But then I stopped myself and said, I have seen these bags and owned them for years. Ever since I was six years old I had been around items made by the Wayuu. Why didn’t I think of this before? A lightbulb went off in my head. I want to work with the Wayuu artisans and bring their items to customers. I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate my passion for social work with my intention of becoming a female entrepreneur. I want to share a little of what my parents’ beautiful country has to offer with you. I want to represent my culture in Houston and other places, sort of like an ambassador. My family is originally from Antioquia and, although we do not have any family members from the Wayuu tribe, we do have a lot of respect and love for the Wayuu culture.

www.merakiwayuu.com_ merakiwayuu@gmail.com_ @merakiwayuu_

Photos by DANIELA @velamoraphotography

What is the most rewarding part of educating people about the beautiful art and cultural traditions of La Guajira, Colombia?

Located deep in the La Guajira dessert, close to the Colombian and Venezuelan border, is a traditional, historical, indigenous community known as the people of the sun, sand and wind. Meraki is a greek word that means creativity, love, and soul you put into something; the essence of yourself you put into your work. This word stood out to me a lot because Meraki is what I see when I see a finished product handmade by powerful Wayuu artisans.


The most rewarding part of sharing the beautiful art and culture with others is that of providing an open door, a spark of interest into another culture, encouraging travel and dialogue. It’s bringing awareness, a spotlight on a culture that you might not know existed. Embracing Colombian culture, sharing our liveliness, energía, and colores. We want to give our community the opportunity to shop with a purpose. In doing so, we are giving back to their community and giving them a voice the rest of the world can hear. In educating others I too continue to learn and grow as an individual. What brings you ALEGRIA?

I want to say everything but if I had to narrow It down I would say music, family, friends the connection to others. Humanity. I believe there is more good than bad in this world and when I see us all coming together and putting our differences aside it makes me feel genuinely happy.

As a visitor, it is not expected of me to wear traditional clothing, but covering up my shoulders and upper arms, not wearing anything above the knee, and keeping all parts of my midriff covered was a good way to show respect for this culture of modesty present among the locals. To stay cool in the warmer climate, wear breathable fabrics and keep garments loose. This increases comfort and adds a modesty factor to your outfit as well.



Marrakech Fashion Has Become a Hybrid of Traditional Styles and Internet-Ready Trends

Article by: Alejandra Calvente / Photos by: Mariano Calvente / Wardrobe: Lina Rose @linarosestudio


eeking exciting inspiration for your wardrobe? Turn to Morocco, a fascinating place to visit, where fashion has become a hybrid of traditional styles and young internet trends. It’s a country built for Instagram-ready moments, getting lost on street markets or colorful streets, finding once-in-a-lifetime bargains at the many souks and discovering polished, vibrant fashion finds. Morocco has robust offerings, and it’s definitely a bucket list- worthy destination for fashionistas.

The way fashion had always been in Morocco is quickly changing. Now, if you walk down the streets of Marrakech, you will find a fusion of traditional outfits with a Western twist. The street fashion in Morocco is diverse and exciting. Many Moroccans wear Western clothes, but traditional Moroccan attire is especially popular amongst older people.

Modest wear is still the standard, but there are certainly opportunities to play around with style here. Morocco’s contemporary styles are all about sophisticated, authentic looks that elevate women to look chic and elegant.

In general, big cities like Marrakech are more fashion-forward, while rural areas are more conventional. In rural areas, traditional women’s clothing generally consists of a brightly-colored djellaba (long, loose robe), a button-down top called a kaftan, and a headscarf. The footwear that Moroccans tend to wear are slippers called babouches, and they are usually made of soft leather, do not have a heel, and are usually brightly-colored. These Moroccan slippers come in a wide variety of beautiful designs and patterns. Many women also wear high-heeled sandals that are often decorated with sparkly finery. Contemporary women may dress in more form-fitting, shorter djellabas, and/or pair them with jeans, without the need to wear headscarves (khimars). Modern Moroccan women, however, are still embracing the headscarf to symbolize their pride of being Muslim, but this doesn’t mean they’re becoming more conservative overall in their attire. The headscarves are viewed as a fun, decorative accessory, and come in many pretty colors and patterns.

It’s very important, while traveling abroad, to respect the way locals live their lives. Morocco is a modern, rapidly-changing country, but there are things to consider when it comes to the way you dress as a visitor in this Northern African country. Remember to save a bit of space in your suitcase to bring some souvenirs home with you from the souks. You will want to take all the babouches home!





For this Holiday Season


fruity scent with a modern and colorful touch. Tory Burch’s signature fragrance is perfect for everyday use.






Perfect for a night out, Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist luxurious perfume is inspired by the feel of cashmere on a woman’s skin.

3.4oz Just as the name suggests it, Michael Kors Wonderlust’s fragrance captures an desire for discovery. Its blend of luxurious blossoms mingled with delectably spiced notes will transport you to wonderful places this holiday season.





Aramis Special Blend is a limited-edition fragrance. Crafted with notes of reserve blend whiskey for an urbane quality, fresh cedarwood and tonka bean add a subtle sweetness to an intensely masculine fragrance with lasting impact.

rose, blood orange, vetiver, and a little luck.


BE DELICIOUS 3.4oz scent for the modern and playful woman. A wonderful blend of fresh apples with crisp cucumber and sparkling grapefruit. This fragrance is sure to smell Delicious.




Combines essences of Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and the freshness of bergamot against a warm background of sandalwood, amber and musk.





Five shades each with a a unique scent experience: Raspberry, Butterscotch, Orange Cream, Peppermint, and Sorbet.


eyeshadows—including Constellation, a super-sparkly topper—as well as a removable mirror for touchups deeper Satellite and Eclipse create a new take on the smoky eye. With a silky-smooth consistency and formulated with Butterpowder to boost pigment, these long-wearing powders blend seamlessly and evenly.



Since I was a little girl I became curious about the natural and home remedies that my grandmother used to make. I saw that they were very effective and for that reason I have always used plants and home remedies for the skin and internally for myself.



Desde niña me entró la inquietud por lo natural y los remedios caseros que mi abuelita hacía. Yo veía que eran muy efectivos y por esa razón siempre he usado plantas y remedios caseros para la piel e internamente para mí.

What is something most people don’t know about the harm of using chemical skincare products?

Something that most people do not know is that there are many scientific studies of the use of chemical and toxic ingredients that indicate that there are shortand long-term consequences. Little by little our body becomes sick and, as a consequence, there are many diseases such as cancer in the skin because our skin is a sponge that absorbs everything we apply to it, and it goes directly into our blood. What inspires you to keep growing your brand?


Definitely the satisfaction of seeing and knowing that my formulas have helped improve my clients’ skin in a natural and non-toxic way using organic ingredients. What new products can we expect this 2019?

I’m very happy to present to you a firming mask with antioxidant properties with a cocoa concentrate and a luxurious Quetzalli perfume with cacao and avocado with an exotic and organic essential oils base.

a n a i r d A galde Is your bicultural heritage a part of your brand?

Yes, it is something that I have worked hard and carefully built since my brand contains ingredients that represent my culture as well as contributing to the protection of human beings and the environment.

U @QuetzalliSkinCare Photos provided by Quetzalli Beauty

LEER es Follow our journey as we share the beauty of our culture! 20

We will curate a unique cultural program with bilingual authors and poets for both children and adults. We will be updating our weekly locations via and instagram f @alegriamagazine



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Corazón de




Bringing Hope to Children in Baja California

ilda Pacheco-Taylor is the founder of Corazón de Vida Foundation (CDV), a non-profit organization based in Irvine, California, that provides support and services for orphanages throughout Baja, Mexico. For the past 25 years, she has made it her mission to enrich the lives of abandoned and orphaned children in Baja. What inspired you to create Corazon de Vida and its social impact initiatives?

My siblings and I grew up in an orphanage in Baja, Mexico. We were provided with a second chance in life and I am very grateful for that. I was in the orphanage for 8 years, my siblings for 10. Years after leaving the orphanage, I went back to visit and found that the orphanage was in desperate need of donations and support. That was over 26 years ago. I started rallying my closest community, my co-workers, and with the help of many wonderful, caring people, we started fundraising for the orphanage. That is when Corazon de Vida Foundation was born, 25 years ago. What is the mission behind your vision?

We are on a mission to end child abandonment by breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. We provide life-changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico through a network of 10 or-


phanages. These orphanages provide a loving home for over 500 children. The orphanages we support are all located within a couple of hours from the Mexico/San Diego border, giving us the ability to stay connected and aware of their most pressing needs. We provide funding to cover food, water and utilities. We also partner with individuals, groups, clubs, churches and organizations to provide project-based funding to improve the quality of life for the children. This includes construction, repairs, and overall facilities improvement. We also provide scholarship-based funding for teens that have aged out of the orphanage system to attend college or technical school. We started with 3 students who entered university in the 2012 school year. Since 2012, over 60 students have entered the program and 20 have graduated with degrees in accounting, business, engineering, law, marketing, nursing and psychology. Supporting continuing education for teens aging out of the orphanage system is an important program for CDV, as it provides them with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves, their families and their community. What is one piece of advice you can offer an entrepreneur who wants to give back and really make a difference in their community?

Advocacy is a powerful medium to support a cause you are passionate about. Choose a cause that resonates with you and become an ambassador for that cause, have it become part of your organization’s purpose.

Please tell us about your trips that benefit orphanages in Baja California

We provide an opportunity for people in Southern California to visit the children we support. We organize monthly charter bus visits to the orphanages in Tijuana, with pickup locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. On that day, we focus on spending time with the children, organizing games as well as arts and crafts activities, and providing oneon-one attention. These trips provide a great opportunity for donors and volunteers to see, first-hand, the difference their support makes in the lives of children. Trip dates are posted to our website here: The experience is life-changing. You can read volunteer reviews here:” @mychiquimiau

Photos by Mayra Azanza

Artist Mayra creates personalized toys I was born during a beautiful winter in Los Angeles, when 3YO Emilio wanted to show how much love and appreciation he had for a very special friend he called “My Kitty”. I am a mix of childhood memories, creativity and lots of love. I became popular almost instantly, with kids and moms hugging me and playing with me, I felt so much love.

How did art find you?

Art is in every part of my body, from the special care my creator Mayra and her team devote to personally curating the best fabrics from around the world to the very last stitch. Each one of us is basically a unique work of art, we believe each person is special so toys should be as unique as their owner.

Chiquimiau seems to be very closely related to your own Mexican roots and your culture, how important is it for you to bring a part of your heritage to every creation you make?

Latino culture in general is so rich in creativity, colors, shapes and ideas it just seems natural to add a touch to it. I have been an alebrije sculptor for decades, so there’s definitely a strong influence of Mexican folk art in my personality and charisma that goes beyond one single We love the concept of Chiquimiau because it is a curated culture, but connects many of us equally. work of art made with love, what is the creative process for each Chiquimiau?

We have a profound love for art as much as for technology, being now based in Silicon Valley we have a wonderful mix of both, so the first step is to visit our website and decide if you want a Chiquimiau or a Buttercup, who is a smaller version of Chiquimiau. Then you click on your fabric choice for the head and the body, and then the website will take you to over 100 fabric options for the legs and arms. Once you submit your order, Chiquimiau Workshop gets started with the magic of giving life to your very own creation, like a collective work of art. We add our little touch of creativity to the ears, nose, tails whiskers and belly button… yes, we have the cutest belly button! (And we are very ticklish.) Once each one of us is done, our team gives us a hug to wish us a good trip and then we’re carefully placed in beautiful boxes to travel to our final destination where we will spark love and creativity for years to come. We also have the option of making it a subscription and getting your very own Chiquimiau and a membership for accessories and other fun items like clothing, toy food, coloring books and lots of other fun stuff once a month.


What brings you ALEGRIA?

I am so honored to reconnect kids and their families to their very roots of role-playing, sparking creativity and inspiring art in many forms, including the art of playing. I am Chiquimiau and it gives me a lot of ALEGRIA to ask, who would you be if you were a cat?










Creating Empowering Content/ oralys Britto was born in the Dominican Republic as the second of three children to a doctor and a chemist. She had always gravitated towards communications, marketing and computer sciences, and by the age of 17 was hosting a live radio show. Soon thereafter, she began her television career, as master of ceremonies for televised national events in her country of origin. She also began hosting a daily news show, and was responsible for a majority of the research, coordination and content production. After several years in the broadcast industry, she was offered the position of managing the professional calendar for international celebrity Julio Iglesias. Over the next few years, she traveled extensively all over the world with Julio and his team. She eventually returned to the Dominican Republic and created, directed and managed Miss Femme, a very successful series of beauty contests.


Then, she opened a modeling agency and created a YouTube channel focusing on beauty tips for Latinas. The channel began as a hobby, yet Doralys ended up realizing the potential of her platform and became a full-time YouTuber. Her channel currently focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and content that empowers women.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

just too distracted to listen, or too scared to act on what we hear. New things are always scary, and that makes them hard; it is easier to do what you know, even if it isn’t working. Yet doing new things is what brings ALEGRIA!

My focus for several years has been to empower women to live their best lives. I certainly want to press ahead with that. There are subtle societal norms that place enormous pressure on women to meet certain standards that are often unattainable. When young women fall short of these standards, often their self-esteem suffers, and that impacts their ability to be their very best. I want to keep providing content that empowers women, whether it is through self-improvement, self-acceptance or self-empowerment. I get so much energy from the letters I receive from young women who have found personal answers in my work. So, I want to continue that work and help as many people as I can!

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

Listen to your gut. Intuition is a powerful thing, and the answers we seek are often within ourselves. We’re

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

When I moved to the United States many years ago. I didn’t have any friends or family here, didn’t have a job, felt uncomfortable speaking English, and soon found myself completely alone in a strange country as my marriage began to fail. It was a very bad long-term relationship and we had decided to go our own separate ways. It was a difficult and scary time. I found a teeny-tiny apartment and an entry-level job, however, and I persevered. Slowly things improved as I made friends and began having professional success. Over time, everything worked out great, but having no one to rely upon during a very difficult period made me recognize my own inner strength. Like with many bad things that happen to us, with the passage of time those things often turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to us.


What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

Balance. Work has been crazy busy this year, and at times I lost my work/life balance — I wasn’t spending as much quality time with my husband as I wanted, I wasn’t working out as much as I should have, and I often didn’t take as much personal time for myself as I should have. As the year progressed, I got better at prioritizing and things improved. I recognized that a lot of professional responsibilities just aren’t that important in the big picture, and that I should focus on the stuff that really matters. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Travel! I have so many amazing trips planned in 2020. I wish it were January 1st already. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Time with people I love. My friends, my family, my husband, my dog… What is a quote that you love?

“Never apologize for being a powerful woman.”

A Latinas of Impact


Transforming Los Angeles/ ura Vasquez has spent the past decade working on the most transformative issues in Los Angeles. She fought to get driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, and for better housing practices and community benefits as a neighborhood Council representative. She fought to get Los Angeles off of coal and gas, and to create a pipeline for green jobs as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power commissioner. Now, she is running for Los Angeles city council. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I am running for Los Angeles city council to continue serving my community by finding solutions to our homelessness crisis, building more parks, improving public transit, and making sure our city is the best it can be for all of us!

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?


It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams. When you are doubting your power, remember that every day is an opportunity to work towards your goal. The most important thing is to take that next step and move forward. Stepping into your own power can be scary, but you must! We need more empowered women in the world.

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

There are a few moments in my life when I certainly owned my power. One of them was when I decided to run for office. I knew it was going to be hard, but following my calling has been incredibly rewarding, and also one of the most radical actions I have ever taken in my life. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

You are stronger than you think. Life is full of challenges, and in the face of them we must step up. Be resilient, and trust that your journey is taking you exactly where you need to be. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

More adventures in nature and being the first Afro-Latina Councilwoman of Los Angeles. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Dancing, art show openings, and working alongside my community. It’s a blessing to serve people; I feel honored. What is a quote that you love?

“You just have to keep going.”


“ Following my calling has been incredibly rewarding. It’s a blessing to serve people; I feel honored.”




Latinas of Impact





Powerful Latina/

atinas Poderosas, or Powerful Latinas in English, is the name of a platform developed by Kay Lopez to connect with a LatinX community on social media. She had once felt a lack of LatinX representation online, and has worked on changing that.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I hope to continue to impact our comunidad by amplifying the accomplishments we’ve made and are currently making. These accomplishments should expand across all industries, whether that is during speaking engagements, online, or when representing Latinas at different events, sharing our perspectives and vocalizing the need for equal representation, pay, and inclusion. It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

My one piece of advice to a mujer that is doubting her poder is to remember that we are capable of anything, to be inspired by those who came before her. We Latinas come from generations of hard-working people, who sacrificed and faced injustice, and because of them we are capable of anything.


Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

When I stepped away from a long-term, unhealthy relationship that was going nowhere. I realized then that a person can take many things away from you, but two things that they will never take are your education and your drive. Realizing this at 22 propelled me to complete my college education, pursue my dreams of working in New York City, moving to New York on my own, landing a job at the top beauty company in the U.S., and then moving to Los Angeles. I haven’t stopped learning and chasing my dreams since. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

To keep going. Even when things are not going so well, something better is always right around the corner. I moved to LA living in multiple Airbnb’s, taking the bus to get around, going on countless interviews where I received several “thank you, but we’ve decided to go with another candidate” e-mails. I almost gave up on my LA dream, but I’m still here, almost settled, and doing better.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I’m looking forward to growing Latinas Poderosas, speaking at more events, connecting with more mujeres and fighting for our voice to be heard. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My familia brings me ALEGRIA. As I get older, I’m getting back to basics and focusing on what makes life meaningful. Sitting in my parent’s sala, catching up and laughing bring me so much ALEGRIA. What is a quote that you love?

“Famila over todo” and “Más fuertes juntas que solas.”

“ We Latinas come from generations of hardworking people, who sacrificed and faced injustice, and because of them we are capable of anything.”



Latinas of Impact

Building a Life of Significance/

udy Stella is a survivor of child abuse who went on to become a powerful entrepreneur who has been running a business for many years.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

My vision is to continue to share my story in hopes that it will encourage others to believe in themselves, to become free of any self-limiting beliefs, to break negative cycles and to live up to their fullest potential. To achieve their own success, however they choose to define it, and to transform their success into living a life of significance.

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?


If you are feeling fear, it’s okay. If you experience self-doubt and go through phases in which you don’t believe you can achieve your dreams or goals, it’s okay. I have felt and experienced the same feelings. They are just that, feelings and fears. It doesn’t mean they are facts about you. Find the right support systems, see a professional therapist, be teachable, ask questions, foster a sense of humility and keep an open mind! Be encouraged, and if you need a bit of encouragement, please reach out to me. I believe in you!

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

I have experienced several of these key moments throughout my life and I’m confident that I will have many more. The first was when I was 10 years old and made the decision to disclose to my mother that I was being sexually abused. Second, when I decided to leave a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship at the age of 17 after going through a miscarriage and feeling so afraid. Recently, I have been challenging myself to continuously step out of my comfort zone as I transcend from living a successful life to a life of significance. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

Have the courage to be kind. To myself and others. I feel very fortunate to have found a wonderful mental health therapist that has shown me what true unconditional love and acceptance is and feels like. It is the best gift in my life to have had the opportunity to let go of unnecessary shame and pain that I carried for many years and that did not belong to me. See the quote below. It’s one of my favorite messages and I read it every day. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Make up by: Adriana Leyva

To grow and evolve by continuing to do things that add value to myself, so that I can continue to add value to others. I look forward to writing my book and sharing more about my personal life experiences and the life lessons I have gathered in my 36 years of life. To continue to live a beautiful life, surrounded by those whom I love immensely, and to be the best version of myself for my children.


@judystella What brings you ALEGRIA?

Embracing all parts of me and accepting who I am in the now. I allow myself to feel proud for being able to break so many cycles of abuse and trauma from being passed down to my children. Feeling grateful for the life-long relationships that I have been able to foster and nurture. My love and commitment to being a life-long learner and having a sense of humility. My desire to add value to others and believe in others with unconditional love and acceptance. What is a quote that you love?

“Do it afraid— fear, doubt and confusion are the enemy of our success. If you are afraid to take the next step, you are exactly where you need to be. You will learn and experience that the only way to become someone you have never been before is to do something you have never done before.” - Paul Martinelli

“ I allow myself to feel proud for being able to break so many cycles of abuse.”





Latinas of Impact





Bilingual Beauty/ onica Veloz is a beauty influencer with Dominican blood running through her veins. The gorgeous bilingual woman, who describes herself as an Afro-Latina, has amassed a huge fan following and is managed by sociaLebs, a boutique digital management company that represents a growing, hand-picked group of talent. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I hope to continue to create impact in our community by continuing to be myself and live my truth, regardless of what people say. It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

One piece of advice I would give a woman who doubts herself is to remember that no one is built like you. You may feel like you’re doubting yourself now, but let these moments be the fuel to make you keep going.


Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?


When I did my Latina tag video and got so much backlash for using a tag that was so common on YouTube. That’s when I realized people are not used to seeing a black woman embrace her culture. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

If you live in gratitude, life will open up to you. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I hope to continue to use my platform to show people that morenitas can prosper, and the best part is I never had to change. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Gratitude. Being content where I am right now makes me grateful. What is a quote that you love?

“Si te molesta mi brillo, ¡ponte lentes!”

“ You may feel like you’re doubting yourself now, but let these moments be the fuel.”


Latinas of Impact



A Girl and Her Curls/ ulissa Prado is the founder of Rizos Curls, a company that encompasses what she calls the 3 C’s — curls, community, and culture. Growing up, she went through many phases with her curly hair. She hid it in a tight ponytail, sprayed it stiff, and even straightened it with a clothes iron. She saved her money to buy every curl product she found, but nothing ever worked. She then spent years creating the perfect product that would celebrate all curl types, from her aunt’s coily strands to her sister’s loose waves. Rizos Curls is her formula for defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

Rizos Curls is a trifecta of my products, my Latino culture and the local community. Whatever I do with the brand, those three things are incorporated. Leaving an impact for my current community and our future generation is at the center of what I do.

I want to continue building momentum so that I can create opportunities for my Rizos Reinas to connect and empower one another. For example, earlier this year, we had a successful event series called The Latina Ladder. We hosted a special panel in which Latina entrepreneurs shared business insights to empower the next generation of Latina entrepreneurs in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. The Latina Ladder really left an impact on all the women who attended. Our premise was that when one Latina rises, we have to pull up the next one to grow. As Latinas, we don’t often hear this sort of message, so it really impacted the community. We must remember the importance of collaboration versus competition.

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

To anyone doubting their own power, I would say just go for it, whatever it is. Pursue your passion! You will never have all the answers, but you can reach out to resources around you and to your community for guidance, and they will help propel you forward. For example, if you want to start a business, start small if you need to, and grow from there. I saved for over five years before launching Rizos Curls, and launched 100% self-funded. I didn’t have all the answers then and I still don’t, but I’m figuring it out as I go along. Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

Owning your power and being comfortable taking up space is a constant process that never ends. Even to this day, there are many spaces where I feel intimidated. Sometimes I won’t feel accomplished enough, or I’ll just feel insecure. It’s normal to not always feel at


@Julissa_Prado @RizosCurls your most powerful. I’m very comfortable recognizing these moments and allowing myself to feel. When I’m ready, I give myself a pep talk to remind myself that I DO belong, and am worthy of everything my heart desires. These pep talks have taught me that the universe will create a reality out of what you convince your mind to believe. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

In 2020, I would love to expand with retail distribution for the brand in-stores, not only domestically, but internationally. You would not believe the amount of requests I receive every day from customers asking for the product to be sold in stores near them, whether it be in California, Puerto Rico or the Netherlands. My goal is to satisfy their requests and build a sustainable business with longevity. Ultimately, I look forward to reaching as many of our Rizos Reinas as possible. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Being with my family and being able to do work that I’m passionate about every day. What is a quote that you love?

“When someone shows you their true colors, simply add their paint to your portrait of life and move on” and “Better than I was, worse than I’m gonna be.”




Latinas of Impact




L @LuzLluncor

Encouraging Entrepreneurs to Thrive/ uz Lluncor is a mortgage expert and has also headed an incubator in Montebello with the intention of offering budding entrepreneurs guidance and encouragement. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I hope to continue to create impact by setting an example by contributing to areas in our community that need support through our Youth HFA Leadership program, through coaching education, by staying involved in our local arts, by educating more families about the possibilities of home ownership and by educating more women on how they can become entrepreneurs.

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

Who is currently doubting her own power? Don’t doubt yourself! Have a voice, share your words with others; someone is listening. You don’t need to impact hundreds of women; even if you could impact only one person, you share your power.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

What melts my heart and fills me with ALEGRIA is to see my kids happy. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing them growing up and becoming beautiful human beings, willing to help others, to be leaders in their community, and, most importantly, to care for the world we live in. What is a quote that you love?

“You can either prioritize your schedule, or you can schedule priorities.” - Stephen Covey

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

When I became a mother. When I first looked at my daughter, I realized that now it was my turn to be the best I could be.

“ You don’t need to impact hundreds of women; even if you could impact only one person, you share your power.”

What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

That health is important, that you are only as powerful as what your body and mind can handle.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I’m looking forward to a healthy year, to spending more time with my family. As far as business goals, I look forward to getting back on track and working on my new projects, to be announced in 2020.



T Latinas of Impact


True Survivor/ amara Mena is a bilingual motivational speaker, actress, host, model, content creator, ambassador, survivor, and eternal optimist. She was born and raised in Leon, Mexico, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13. At 19, she suffered a horrific car accident that left her paralyzed from the mid-chest down and killed her boyfriend.After miraculously surviving a neardeath experience, Tamara chose to dedicate her life to sharing her message of hope. She attended California State University Stanislaus, where she majored in Communication Studies and, despite several hospitalizations, graduated summa cum laude. Although she lost her voice for some time after the accident, when her lungs collapsed, she recovered. At CSU Stanislaus, she was the first commencement speaker in a wheelchair to deliver an inspirational speech in front of 10,000 people, and received a standing ovation.


She has spoken at major international conferences, such as Ciudad de las Ideas, Creative Inspirational Forum, and Hispanicize. She has also been on numerous TV shows, including Sábado Gigante, Aquí y Ahora, Qué Noche, The Doctors, Inside Edition, American Latino, Speechless, and El Hormiguero. She participated in Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty pageant and reality TV show. She proved her talent and motivated millions of people with her story, yet states she was not given the opportunity to move forward because of her disability. This fueled a fire inside of her. She has fought for disability inclusion and representation in the media. She has been one of very few women in a wheelchair to model for major runways, such as Milan Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Tamara is also the first host in a wheelchair to work with LATV for their show American Latino. She is host and co-producer of Beauty on Wheels and See Beyond TV. She has produced, co-written, and acted in several short films that are disability-inclusive. She was selected this year to participate in the Screenwriters Guild of America Disability Scene night. She performed a few scenes with wellknown actress Jamie Lynn Sigler. This year, she appeared in commercials for brands such as Apple and Disney. She has worked as an ambassador and influencer with companies including Red Bull, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ipsy. Along with her fiancé, Chris Matysuk, she was featured in a TV commercial for Kay Jewelers for Valentine’s Day. This was a breath of fresh air for her; she feels producers saw past her disability, creating true inclusion. They selected the couple simply because of their beautiful love story. Tamara also strives to empower women and promote body positivity through her Embrace YOU Project.


How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I plan to continue showing people what I can do. I will keep raising the bar and changing stereotypes of people with disabilities, and create more content that raises awareness and shatters negative perceptions! What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

I have young girls looking up to me. A few are in wheelchairs and “want to be like me.” This is said by their mothers, and it’s so flattering and sweet, but there’s also a sense of responsibility to fight harder so that one day they won’t have to face the lack of opportunities and the discrimination I’ve had to face! My advice to any woman is to accept and embrace whatever makes you different. Being different is beautiful and powerful, and our world needs to see that across all platforms! Was there a key moment when you decided to own your power?

Well, it’s not just ONE key moment and it doesn’t happen overnight! Your journey is part of your process and everything prepares you for what comes next! My mom is my biggest supporter and has always taught me to believe in myself. She’s really helped me become the person that I am now. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

Even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable, to always advocate for myself and others! I started out this year with amazing opportunities, but was also betrayed by someone I trusted. That really taught me to continue believing in myself, to stand up for myself as a woman, and to be my own boss always! What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I’m looking forward to seeing more of my goals come to fruition. I can’t wait to see the entertainment industry create more inclusion and diversity! I’ve gone to so many more castings and have booked so many more things this year as a wheelchair user than last year. I will keep fighting for more opportunities for everyone!

“ Being different is beautiful and powerful, and our world needs to see that.” What brings you ALEGRIA?

Fulfilling my dreams. Also, just spending time with my loved ones, being present and dancing! Dancing always brings a special, unexplainable joy for me, it brings such a special smile to my face! What is a quote that you love?

“Every person, regardless of their background, deserves to see themselves represented in the media in a powerful and positive way!”

Dress by: @glaudi / Stylist: Stephanie Thomas @disabilityfashionstylist




Latinas of Impact






Promoting Self-Love/ im Guerra is the artist, writer, and entrepreneur who created Brown Badass Bonita, a brand and a movement that offer apparel and art based on self-love, as well as on love for the LatinX community. Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

¡Gracias! ¡Es un honor! I hope to continue having an impact on our community by continuing to write, create, collaborate with other LatinX creatives, and organize and host more workshops. One of my goals is to engage the community through workshops centered on healing, creativity, and poetry.


It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

Mujer, you are worthy. Tú puedes. Remember who you are. Eres la victoria de tus ancestros Solo por existir. Whatever your battle Whatever your dreams-Tú puedes. The courage of a thousand generations La luz of a thousand suns Runs through your veins.


Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

The moment that changed my life was when I decided to love myself and live accordingly. This became my revolution and I never looked back. I left unhealthy relationships, wrote a book, did a book tour, and moved to Los Angeles. I committed to my healing, my work, myself, and my glow. I owned my power because I was tired of making myself small. What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

“ I owned my power because I was tired of making myself small.”

2019 has taught me to glow. It’s taught me to spread my wings and believe in myself. It’s been a year of doing things because I want to, because I deserve it, and because I can. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I am looking forward to dreaming bigger dreams and making them a reality. I’m also looking forward to settling into Los Angeles, finishing up my master’s degree, and traveling. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Queens empowering queens bring me ALEGRIA. What is a quote that you love?

“THE QUEENDOM IS HERE! Women of color gathering together is magic. Let’s make magic, Reinas.”


w Latinas of Impact

Making Peace with Money/

ho wouldn’t want to quickly learn how to manage finances and feel worthy of having it all? That is what financial expert Eva Macias offers her clients.

Eva is a powerful leader and sought-after speaker who specializes in helping women easily create a plan to achieve financial freedom. Budgeting, she explains, may enable you to fulfill dreams such as buying a home for you and your family, going on a vacation that you can actually afford and enjoy, or starting a business that will build wealth for generations to come. She currently offers a 5-week, in-person bootcamp for those seeking to improve credit scores, get out of debt, and become financially confident.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?


I will expand my 5-week Financial Bootcamp to make it virtual. This way, all Latinas, and all women, can have access to the information and knowledge I have collected over the course of 12 years.


It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

The quicker you forgive yourself for the “should-have, could-have,” the sooner you will let go of the old self and focus on falling in love with the journey towards your new identity of OWNING your POWER. Embrace it, and deeply fall in love with it.

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

When I focused on my community and no longer made it about me. My vision needed to be greater than my fear. What helped me was focusing on how I could help many. From that point on, I allowed fear to flow out of my life, without judging myself so much.

Make up by: Adriana Leyva

What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

Falling in love with the process of becoming who I want to be, year after year. Each year I continue to grow and glow. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Motherhood. I have never experienced this journey, and I can only imagine the lessons I will be embarking on through this new journey. What brings you ALEGRIA?

I enjoy keeping my life simple, keeping my family healthy, helping millions of people in their financial journey. Helping my tribe succeed! What is a quote that you love?

“Be who GOD called you to be.” -Unknown


“ I enjoy keeping my life simple, keeping my family healthy, helping millions of people.”






“He sido claro con mi público, y en mi canal, sobre las cosas que le suceden a mi familia”.



Minds/ Changing Reality


10 years later, Jorge’s channel, Reality Changers, has grown and has proven that Jorge’s idea and hard work have paid off. His channel, which is centered around himself and his family’s daily life, including his wife Nancy, and his other two children, Eliana and Aaron, has allowed the family, “ share our story. I’ve been transparent with my audience and on my channel about things happening to my family and wanting to keep us together,” Narvaez explains. With the desire to be transparent, the channel has not only featured videos of the family doing fun things like going on vacation or celebrating birthdays, but it has also delved into tougher, hard-hitting subjects, such as immigration issues that relatives have experienced and health scares that the family has encountered. Although it has been difficult to be vulnerable and to share so much about his family, Jorge says, “I’m proud to be vocal about my causes and how this has resonated with audiences and brands. My channel has reminded people of the importance of being present and the importance of family.”


or social media personality and influencer, Jorge Narvaez, the year 2020 is a significant year. Not just because it’s a new year and a new decade, but because it marks 10 years since he and his daughter, Alexa, uploaded a simple video of the two of them singing a cover of “Home” to YouTube. “It was accidental. The success of the video wasn’t planned at all; it was just me singing with my daughter,” Jorge says, but nonetheless, the video went viral and made them an internet sensation, which led them to fielding opportunities like performing in Asia and making an appearance on “Ellen”. The success caused a lightbulb to go off in Jorge’s head causing him to wonder if it would be possible to make a living as a vlogger on social media.

As if the new year wasn’t enough of a sign of time passing, Jorge’s daughter Alexa, the little girl who performed with him in the video as a toddler, is, in fact, no longer a toddler and is now in high school. As his children have grown and the years have passed, he has been contemplative and he has realized that he has additional goals that he hopes to reach. In addition to continuing to create new content and more videos, he has plans to do more public speaking promoting his theory of MAR - Mindset, Alignment, Reality - and hopefully showing people how they can change their reality by simply changing their mindset. Despite wanting to grow his work and his channel, Jorge also says, “I’m continuing to learn how to balance and how to distinguish when it’s time to turn the camera on and when to put it down and to just enjoy my life with my family. I’m trying to apply my own advice that I give.” In the new year and the new decade, Jorge hopes to continue to inspire people and, of course, to spend time with his beautiful family, which he considers his ALEGRIA. He wants to enjoy all of the difficult and the beautiful aspects of having a full life.


Diana Diaz


& Her

RAWW Movement is making waves in Central California

We quickly learned that the need for events like RAWWTalks was much greater. No one in our region was/is tackling these issues the way we were. We are bold and unapologetic about our approach. We remove the intimidation factor that many clinical places are known to have by designing spaces that make it easy for participants to relax, retain and focus solely on the themselves. This has allowed us to build trust and loyalty among our community. Women know that when they go to a RAWW event, they will be treated like the queens that they are AND also leave with transformative health and wellness information. Why do you believe it’s important to break the stigma around mental health issues in our community?

Our goal shouldn’t be to break the mental health stigma, our goal as individuals should simply be to initiate healthy conversations about our mental health within our family and friends. Breaking the stigma sounds daunting, impossible, unrealistic, even a little intimidating and rebellious. A conversation however is doable and practical. Maybe not always easy but its ripple effects have tremendous power. Changing the way we think about the problem allows us to see ourselves as part of the solution versus mere bystanders of this meaningful work. We can all play a role. We MUST all play a role. The truth is, we ALL know someone who has struggled with their mental health at some point in their life. Ignoring these issues don’t make them go away. We must be the change, even if the acts of change feel small. This is how we ensure that our future generations can continue to thrive in a world that is ever-changing and unpredictable.


ounder, skilled facilitator, freelance writer and storyteller, Diana R. Diaz is on a mission to break cultural barriers, build courageous womxn and communicate the importance of crafting our personal narratives for maximum community impact. As a wife, mother of 3-year-old twins, and survivor of severe anxiety herself, Diana is an avid advocate for mental wellness and prioritizing ourselves in motherhood. 48

ABOUT RAWW: Real Authentic Women Wellness (RAWW) is a revolutionary non-profit focused on promoting the comprehensive wellbeing of women while creating healthy dialogue around tough and sensitive wellness issues. We do this primarily through our RAWWTalks which draw upon the art of storytelling to cover topics of depression, anxiety, sexual empowerment, sexual trauma, sex education, mental abuse and many more subjects that are typically considered taboo.

What are some of the biggest needs in a community like the Central Valley? What changes would you like to see?

How did your passion for creating a space like RAWW evolve into what it is today?

“Nuestra meta como individuos simplemente debería ser iniciar charlas sanas sobre nuestra salud mental”.

It began as a creative and healing outlet for myself and my closest female friends. After experiencing severe anxiety in college and navigating through postpartum depression, I felt a sense of responsibility to change the way we talked about mental health and other taboo-natured topics (e.g. sexual and spiritual health) that women often deal with throughout their lives. Culturally speaking, not being able to have these critical conversations within my family made the healing process so much harder. I was on a mission to change this. I wanted to create spaces where we could have healthy dialogue around tough and sensitive wellness issues without feeling shame or guilt. More importantly, I wanted to create spaces where we could actually have a good time through it all.


In addition to the obvious lack of access to affordable healthcare, collectively, we still struggle with accepting that mental health issues are real and that they should be treated with the same respect as other health conditions. We are also in need of high-quality culturally-relevant information that is both engaging and digestible. We understand that RAWW can’t fill all the gaps and dream of one day working with a RAWW-like organization focused on doing the same for men and youth. In the meantime, we will continue to create memorable and informative experiences for the women in our community. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Knowing that I am positively changing lives. Knowing that I am leaving my mark in this world. Knowing that I am living my purpose and that after I am gone, my work and impact will live on. Knowing that I am being the change for my children. All of this brings me ALEGRIA.

Throughout 2016 and into this year, LegalShield has focused on several digital initiatives. Through their new and enhanced technology-based products and services. LegalShield offers the convenience of do-it-yourself technology with the assurance of a dedicated Law firm in the palm of your hand.


“Everyone should have an attorney to advise them how to navigate the legal system, which is complex and byzantine,” Jesse says. “Who would want to go through that without someone who’s experienced and educated in law.”

Protecting Small Businesses


Today, LegalShield provides legal services to 1.6 million members and 47,000 small businesses across North America. LegalShield has individual and family plans for as little as $20 a month and $39 monthly for a small business. According to “ The Legal Needs of Small Business,” a research study commissioned by LegalShield, nearly 60 percent of small-business owners who said they experienced a legal event in the past two years reported not hiring an attorney to help them. The most sought-after reasons for seeking legal help by small businesses were debt collection and review of contracts and other business documents-two prominent services covered under LegalShield’s small-business membership plan. Thanks to LegalShield, small-business owners have ready access to the quality legal advise and counsel they need so that they can focus on properly managing and growing their business. Don’t let the intimidating and expensive legal system stop you from getting legal counsel when you need it. Bridge the justice gap by becoming a LegalShield member today. (Contact Jesse) LegalShield is considered the original disrupter in the legal industry. 45 Years ago, it pulled together a community of consumers-average American-and matched them to accountable and responsible law firms. LegalShield is the only legal service provider that has a dedicated network of law firms and lawyers supporting its members. “This unique attorney network provides a dedicated law firm in every state-except Alaska, which will be available by end of 2017-to direct service each LegalShield member.

Jesse expresses the importance of Protection with the growing epidemic of the 5 Types of Identity Theft.

JESSE RAMOS Legal Shield Business Solutions Small Business Expert CTRMS Identity Theft Benefits Advisor Jesse. /contact 909-413-2266

With identity theft, it is not a matter of “if” you, your family, employees or Business will be impacted, but “when.”

ID Shield has helped restore nearly 10,000 individual identities back to pre-theft status.

Plus! When employer-paid, new IRS rules make iden-

tity theft protection a non-taxable benefit for your employees.

Identity Theft and Legal protection are among a new

wave of voluntary benefits companies are offering employees. When they are protected, they have peace of mind and more productive at work-a huge advantage for your organization.

“THE MILLENNIAL MOVEMENT IS FLOCKING TO LEGALSHIELD AS IT IS LEADING THROUGH INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY” According to data from Millennial Branding nearly 60% of millennials surveyed consider themselves entrepreneurs, with ideas, capital, and plans laid out for ventures. Jesse Ramos is a sought out expert and speaker on Identity Theft and is extremely passionate about serving the Small Business. In communities nationwide, the amount of Bilingual Small Businesses is poised for a tenfold growth over the next 5 years. Having a Law Firm in the Palm of your hands will become the norm.




“Al gobierno se le olvida que tratamos con la vida de las personas�.

Helping Families and




ttorney Delia Franco moves at a quick pace. Talking with her at two o’clock in the afternoon, her day as an attorney and founder of her law firm, the Franco Law Group, has no signs of slowing down. She’s especially busy though because she is tying up loose ends before she heads off to a camping trip in the wilderness of Utah. It’s an attempt at trying to manifest one of her personal goals that she has as she heads into the new year and new decade explaining that, “Achieving a better work/life balance is definitely something I’m trying to work on. Hopefully getting to travel more as well.” In the years since she opened her doors, Delia has noted that immigration law has been everchanging and some years have proven to be more difficult than others when it comes to advocating on behalf of her clients. “The government is forgetting that we are dealing with people’s lives and actual human beings. We want and need a permanent solution,” Delia states. To match the needs of her clients, her own law firm has evolved and grown in its own way as well. She has added more people to her team and also has two office locations and has plans to open a third location. For 2020, she hopes to manifest more growth of her firm, while ensuring that the quality of services continues and that they can help more people while sticking to the core values that her firm is based on. Because for Delia, when she has clients that she has had for many years bring in their family it“... makes me really happy to help generations of families,” and those moments of joy, clarity, and pride are her ALEGRIA.

It’s a much deserved and much needed rest for Franco, who has been working and hustling ever since she was a child. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Delia recounts that she had a full and happy childhood, where she grew up around a loving family and with a strong sense of community. It wasn’t until she went to school at UC Irvine when she realized what had been missing from her and her community in terms of access to opportunities, education, knowledge, and resources. “Going to school was a big wake-up call for me. I never knew what I was missing and how far behind I was. I felt like I didn’t belong there and it was tough to discuss those feelings with other colleagues who had different backgrounds than I did,” Delia says. Reaching out for help, getting mentors, educating herself on areas that she lacked knowledge on got her through her undergraduate years and later, her law school years at UCLA. She developed an inner strength and work ethic that would prove to be useful later down the line when a law firm that she was working at suddenly closed and she decided that it was time to open her own practice where she would work in immigration law. “It was very unexpected and it wasn’t part of my plan to start my own practice. I had been planning on doing that maybe 5 to 10 years down the road and now, it was two months,” Franco remembers. Delia also remembers being struck by the support that she received from various people who helped guide and cheer her on and adds that, “I was so scared, but before I had my own law firm, I had been very involved with the community and now, it seemed that they were returning the favor.”



By Clare M. Miranda





Concebido como un proyecto integral de hospedaje que conjuga el arte mexicano con la hospitalidad y esencia campestre del Valle de Guadalupe, Casa Frida es el lugar ideal para los amantes del arte y lo sofisticado. Su look vintage, mobiliario midcentury e interior ecléctico brindan una experiencia de moda y vanguardia al Valle.

Gran parte de mi familia se dedica al arte de manera profesional y apasionada, y han llevado su obra a diferentes lugares del mundo, por lo que sentí que me debía a mí misma reconectar mi vida con estas hermosas y mágicas raíces que dieron como resultado a este proyecto en agradecimiento al exquisito arte mexicano.”

Dentro de la belleza que nos envuelve y regala nuestro Valle de Guadalupe, se encuentra esta nueva joya, Casa Frida. Concebida como homenaje al arte mexicano y familiar de la fundadora Grisell de la Rosa, este concepto es también abrazado por la fuerte cultura del vino para brindar una experiencia mágica que deleite todos los sentidos.

- Grisell de la Rosa / Fundadora

“Casa Frida se hizo en honor a mi abuela, Petra Elena García Zamora, fundadora de la primera galería de arte en Ensenada hace más de 60 años, en la que yo pasé muchos momentos inolvidables de mi infancia que marcaron mi educación y aprecio por esta sublime disciplina.

La arquitectura de todo el complejo Casa Frida fue un trabajo desarrollado por dos maestros de esta disciplina. El rediseño de las casas vacacionales (Casa Frida y Suite Diego) fue llevado a cabo por la arquitecta Dora Padilla, quien siguió e innovó tendencias arquitectónicas y de interiorismo con base en su inspiración: la Ruta del Vino. Por otro lado, la construcción y la obra de la nueva sala de degustaciones Frida Wine Tasting se completaron gracias al diseño original del apreciado arquitecto Alejandro D’Acosta.


If you think you have seen it all when it comes to Valle de Guadalupe’s landmarks, think again. Casa Frida‘s vintage appearance, midcentury furniture, and eclectic interiors bring a whole new fashion-forward boutique hotel experience for art fanatics to the Valley. Within the surrounding beauty, a gift from our Guadalupe Valley, you will now find a new gem, Casa Frida. Conceived by founder Grisell de la Rosa’s as a tribute to her family’s passion for Mexican art, it also embraces the strong local wine culture to create a magical experience that delights all the senses. “Casa Frida was created in honor of my grandmother, Petra Elena Garcia Zamora, who founded the first art gallery in Ensenada over 60 years ago. There, I spent many unforgettable moments of my childhood that marked my upbringing and my appreciation for this sublime discipline. A large part of my family is devoted in a professional and passionate way to the arts. This led many of my relatives to work in different parts of the world; therefore, I felt I owed it to myself to reconnect my life with the beautiful and magical roots that resulted in this project, in gratitude to the exquisite Mexican art.” - Grisell de la Rosa / Founder The architecture of the entire Casa Frida complex was developed by two masters of this discipline. Our vacation homes (Casa Frida and Suite Diego) are the work of talented architect Dora Padilla, who followed architectural trends and also innovated. The Wine Route was her inspiration for the interior design. Renowned architect Alejandro D’Acosta was in charge of conceiving the original design for the new tasting room, “Frida Wine Tasting”.


2 1 3 3 7 P A C I F I C C O A S T H W Y, M A L I B U , C A 9 0 2 6 5 The Cliffdiver is as beautiful as a jewel-box. This coastal Mexican-inspired destination, in a historic sheriffs’ station along Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway, is open for dinner, and Saturday & Sunday brunch. The menu will feature a standout seafood and ceviche program, Pacific Coast tacos, and farmers market-driven vegan options. 54

Guests can enjoy perfectly executed margaritas or a signature frozen cocktail while nestled in a woven wicker chair or a plush velvet booth, or while playing a game of bocce ball on tree-lined patio. A full bar with an expansive mezcal selection will round out the experience.




hauna Marie Sichi, in charge of West Coast Communications for General Motors, is proud of the brilliant women she has met on the job, including engineers and designers from diverse backgrounds. When did your passion for the world of communications begin?

“We should all have the opportunity to do what we love while having an equal seat at the table.”

I was a fairly shy child and, as I grew in school, it became apparent that I needed to challenge myself in areas that didn’t quite come naturally, such as performing or public speaking. While attending college at California State University, Long Beach, I purposefully chose classes that gave me a healthy dose of fear and simultaneously pushed me to grow in ways that would benefit me as an adult, which ultimately led to my career. Through this growth, I learned that people are my passion, and managing the Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands on the West Coast allows me to engage with all types of people. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to raise my own bar every day by doing something new, different and creative in this industry through communications. What is the most rewarding aspect of working at General Motors, as a female leader in a space usually led by men?

As a female I feel very empowered working for General Motors. Currently, GM has the first all-female executive team in the auto industry and that is a lot to be proud of! I’ve met so many wonderful women, including designers and engineers, who fascinate me with their level of brilliance. Their diverse backgrounds and learning what inspires them makes me appreciate being in good female

company. We should all have the opportunity to do what we love while having an equal seat at the table. GM provides that environment.

How does your bicultural heritage influence your work?

I’m Italian and Puerto Rican, and being deeply rooted in my cultural heritage has made me curious about what defines other cultures and makes them unique. Knowledge is so accessible to us and being a good, global citizen requires paying attention and expanding ideas that reach all audiences.

What are your looking forward to this 2020?

Balance. I am constantly on the go and with that comes personal responsibility to make sure I prioritize self-care. It’s so important to take a moment here and there to check in on your body and mind, but it takes consistency. We live in a fast-paced, very connected world that can easily result in all-around fatigue. Women often feel like they need to do and be everything. While it’s rewarding to feel like you’re bringing you’re A-game and challenging yourself daily, it also requires knowing when it is time to hit the brakes, take a few deep breaths and hit the reset button. It should be no surprise that I’ve learned some great in-car/travel stretching and breathing techniques, because one thing we know living in Los Angeles is that there is no shortage of traffic! What brings you ALEGRIA?

I am so fortunate to have been born and raised in Southern California. I spend a lot of time outside because year-round we can—not to mention

we are completely spoiled with great road trip destinations! Hailing from a state where you can surf and ski in the same day is pretty neat (I’ve done it; it’s fun but exhausting)! I enjoy exploring trails and hiking whenever I have the opportunity because nature does a solid for my headspace. I have a 150-pound Italian Mastiff who is always up for an outdoor adventure and makes life so fun.

“Soy italiana y puertorriqueña, y el tener un profundo arraigo a mi herencia cultural me ha despertado curiosidad acerca de lo que define a las demás culturas.”

Also, any way I can stay tethered to my Italian/Puerto-Rican roots makes me happy. I lived in Italy for some time and that gave me the opportunity to learn Italian and study various periods of art which became a personal passion. Staying close to my culturally rich backgrounds and learning about new ones through art, traveling, and cooking bring me lots of joy. And let’s not forget about eating! Nothing beats sharing a good meal with mi amici or mi familia.


Thank you to everyone

who has made our 2019 such a special year filled with ALEGRIA! We are so grateful for all of you!




Thank you! @dove @suave @beautycounter for your support for our ALEGRIA Wellness day #alegriadayfest 57




Nos enorgullece representar cada cliente como si fuera nuestro propio padre o madre.”

LUCHANDO EN MANTENER FAMILIAS INMIGRANTES UNIDAS “Somos abogados de confianza, contáctenos para programar su consulta.”

213 200 1505 /



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