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OTILIA MENDEZ Founder, Senior Designer of I-AM-ZOE A clothing brand she started in 2014 her strong routed background has shaped her abilities to design unique garments. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Since then, she has been designing for a confident and minimalist type of women.



ASHLY ANDRADE Former Creative Director of Alegria, Ashly is a brand consultant and co-founder of I AM ZOE, a womenswear brand founded on women empowerment and the thought that women should dress and live comfortable within their own skin. As a female entrepreneur, it is essential for her to support women and future female-led businesses.

DAVINA FERREIRA - PUBLISHER Davina Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine. She is also a poet and published author. Recently ,she received the prestigious Rising Star Award by the National LBWA at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This honor recognizes entrepreneurial excellence to a business owner under 35. She is currently working on her second book: "Finding my ALEGRIA." Her ALEGRIA? Sharing time with her loved ones and her dog Emilio, traveling (minus the flying) and helping others accomplish their dreams.

SHARON RAPOPORT - WRITER / TRANSLATOR Sharon Rapoport is a professional writer. She has published more than 1,000 articles, stories, and interviews in well known magazines and online media, both in Mexico and in the U.S. She has written about every imaginable topic, from work strategies, to health, personal finance and parenting. Her husband thinks that if she were to practice 5% of advice she´s provided through her articles, she would be the perfect woman.

CLARE MIRANDA - WRITER Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.

RIITTA KÄRÄVÄ - TRANSLATOR Editor Riitta Kärävä was born in Helsinki, Finland and received her Master of Science degree in International Marketing of Foodstuffs from the University of Helsinki. She spent her free time playing ice hockey, designing fashion semi-professionally, learning languages, and travelling extensively while working as a multilingual tour guide for 10 years in Europe. After two decades in California, she decided to immerse herself in Spanish language at California State University Channel Islands, where she obtained a certificate in Spanish translation and a pool of Latino friends. Her husband and two adult children bring her mucha Alegría. She is still passionate about languages and international travel.ttt SANDRA RODRIGUEZ - WRITER Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandra’s areas of expertise, but she enjoys talking and writing about all topics, be they mainstream or obscure. This bilingual communications expert with considerable experience in media and publishing currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Previously a managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers en Latin America, she has impressed various industry leaders. She has, for instance, been described as “a great conversationalist” by the former Senior Creative Director for BBC Worldwide, and as a person who is “always up-to-date on the latest trends and brings great intelligence and creativity to all of her endeavors” by the Marketing Director at Discovery Communications. PAOLA HERNANDEZ - WRITER Paola Hernandez is a journalist and a co-founder of KiiKAS (a breast cancer awareness program) from Pereira - Colombia. She is a passionate writer, an amateur chef, and a love expert. She posseses a unique sense of humor and a lot of friends. Paola is a proud Scorpio and a sexy momma who loves to read, travel and go on hot dates with her husband. Paola’s ALEGRIA is her son Santiago.

YESIKA BAKER - SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR This Venezuelan beauty is an award winning trainer and entrepreneur. She is the director of ALEGRIA´s special events division. In her free time, you can find her hanging out in Hawaii or running a marathon. Her son Matteo and merengue music bring her true ALEGRIA.

the TEAM CARLOS MENDOZA - CREATIVE DIRECTOR Carlos is a colombian designer passionate about illustration, editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. His spare time is spent creating graphic publications with multiple applications (clothes, magazines, archigraphy), also cycling and walking his dog “domingo.” What does Carlos think about design? Quoting maestro Leonardo Da Vinci and what he tells his students: "Simplicity is the utmost sophistication."

DAVID JR. MARTIN - PHOTOGRAPHER I moved to LA from the Bay Area to pursue my music career some time ago. Along my journey I did many photoshoots myself, as an artist. I slowly fell in love with the art of photography. I can now see through both sides of the lense while bringing my experience and passion into every shot that I take. Iv'e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I'll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your "A" game. I'm here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory. ARIANA SANCHEZ - WRITER/TRANSLATOR Ariana was born and raised in Denver, Co to immigrant parents from Mexico. Passionate about creating a bridge in language barriers, Ariana obtained her degree in spanish translation and interpretation from the University of Colorado at boulder, and has gone on to get multiple state certifications as well. Her ability to be seemingly bi-cultural and bilingual has helped her pursue her passion for the arts in the entertainment industry. After getting a taste for acting and modeling in Denver she relocated to Los Angeles, Ca. Ariana is an actor, model, and host, and is currently working on stand-up comedy. Ariana is passionate about living the “american dream” and encouraging others to do so. DAISY SOLIS - WRITER Daisy Solis is a Los Angeles based freelance writer of Mexican descent. She currently works in the field of education but enjoys doing a kaleidoscope of things. She is the Event Planning Coordinator for Latin Dance Pro, a Los Angeles/Pasadena-based dance academy. What gives me ALEGRIA? That’s easy: writing, dancing and creating beautiful events!” Daisy can be reached at: Dais.0727@gmail.com and via Facebook.

KARLA SILVA - MARKETING Born and raised in Mexico City. She comes from a family where her parents taught her that honor, respect and integrity are the main keys of credibility in the business world. Karla got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana in Torreon, Mexico in Communication Sciences which covers marketing, publicity and journalism. She came to the United States to study English as a second language and found many opportunities for her career and future. Karla started her own design studio for record labels in 1995 and was very successful for twenty years. As we all know the record industry changed and this led Karla to explore many other business opportunities in the Latino and Armenian community. Karla has become an image consultant, designer and marketing director for many successful business owners. MAX FERREIRA - DISTRIBUTION Originally from Colombia, Max oversees local distribution and also freelances as a photographer and videographer for red carpet events in Los Angeles. He loves motorcycle racing and enjoys music such as Reggaeton. You can catch Max Lounging on Venice Beach in his free time, always spreading his ALEGRIA.

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SURFACE TENSION BY KEN GONZALES-DAY October 6, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Part of the Getty-led Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, exhibition explores historical and contemporary impact of murals in Los Angeles. Skirball collaborates with prominent artist and 2017 Guggenheim Fellow Ken Gonzales-Day to document the city’s current mural landscape.


The Skirball Cultural Center announces Surface Tension by Ken Gonzales-Day: Murals, Signs, and Mark-Making in LA, on view October 6, 2017 through February 25, 2018. This exhibition features more than 140 new photographs by Ken Gonzales-Day that capture the vibrant face of muralism and related practices, such as street art, graffiti writing, and sign painting, throughout the city of Los Angeles. An interdisciplinary artist whose practice considers race and representation, Gonzales-Day examines Los Angeles’s rich tradition of muralismfrom the celebrated to the humble, the historic to the contemporary- and illustrates how murals invite participation from artists of all backgrounds, portray the experiences of diverse communities, and define the visual landscape of Los Angeles’s streets. In a city characterized by an expansive sprawl of diverse neighborhoods easily bypassed via freeways, the exhibition encourages visitors to examine their surroundings, venture off familiar paths, and encounter new communities. “I believe these images reveal more about Los Angeles and its communities, its struggles, and its losses than one can find in any book,” Gonzales-Day remarked. Developed collaboratively between Gonzales-Day and Skirball curators, the project set the artist on a ten month journey across the city -from East Los Angeles to Venice Beach, from Pacoima

8 08

to Watts. As he traversed hundreds of miles, Gonzales-Day photographed the murals he encountered, and explored cultural influences such as graffiti writing, street art, sign painting, film, music, television, and commercial advertising. His works document contributions by numerous prominent muralists, including Kent Twitchell and Levi Ponce, as well as artists who remain anonymous but no less important to the aesthetics of the city. Surface Tension by Ken Gonzales-Day is inspired by the city’s dynamic history of muralism, which has strong roots in the Mexican Renaissance of the 1920s. During that period, Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros came to paint in the United States. The exhibition situates contemporary artists within this larger history of muralism, considering how Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros, and others inspired generations of artists to take their brushes, rollers, and aerosol cans to the walls of Los Angeles. “Ken Gonzales-Day’s sensitive and dynamic photographs demonstrate how murals tell stories of L.A. communities and individuals. Accessible to everyone and often stumbled upon accidentally, murals reveal how art often stimulates conversation, bridges divides between people, and creates understanding,” said Robert Kirschner, Skirball Museum Director. “The sense of invitation inherent in these public works and the ways they foster human connection are central to the Skirball’s mission.”


SURFACE TENSION POR KEN GONZALES-DAY Octubre 6-2017 a febrero 25-2018

Parte de Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA traída por Getty: exposición que explora el impacto histórico y contemporáneo de los murales en Los Ángeles. Skirball colabora con Ken Gonzales-Day, destacado artista y miembro de Guggenheim 2017 para documentar el paisaje mural actual de la ciudad.


El Centro Cultural Skirball anuncia Surface Tension: Murals, Signs and Mark-Making in Los Ángeles, de Ken Gonzales-Day, desde el 6 de octubre de 2017 hasta el 25 de febrero de 2018. Esta exposición presenta más de 140 nuevas fotografías de Ken Gonzales-Day que capturan el vibrante rostro del muralismo y prácticas relacionadas como el arte callejero, la escritura de grafiti y la pintura de signos, en toda la ciudad de Los Ángeles. Artista interdisciplinario cuya práctica considera raza y representación, Gonzales-Day examina la rica tradición muralista de Los Ángeles -de lo prestigioso a lo humilde, lo histórico a lo contemporáneo- e ilustra cómo los murales invitan a la participación de artistas de todos los orígenes, retratan las experiencias de diversas comunidades, y definen el paisaje visual de las calles de Los Ángeles. En una ciudad caracterizada por una extensa expansión de diversos vecindarios que fácilmente se sobrepasan con las autopistas, la exposición anima a los visitantes a examinar su entorno, aventurarse fuera de caminos familiares y encontrar nuevas comunidades. “Creo que estas imágenes revelan más sobre Los Ángeles y sus comunidades, sus luchas y sus pérdidas de lo que se puede encontrar en cualquier libro”, comentó Gonzales-Day.

Ponce, así como artistas que permanecen anónimos, pero no son menos importantes para la estética de la ciudad. Surface Tension de Ken Gonzales-Day se inspira en la dinámica historia del muralismo de la ciudad, que tiene fuertes raíces en el Renacimiento Mexicano de los años 20. Durante ese período, los muralistas mexicanos Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco y David Alfaro Siqueiros llegaron a pintar en Estados Unidos. La exposición sitúa a los artistas contemporáneos dentro de esta gran historia del muralismo, considerando la forma en que Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros y otros inspiraron a generaciones de artistas a llevar sus cepillos, rodillos y latas de aerosol a los muros de Los Ángeles. “Las fotografías sensibles y dinámicas de Ken Gonzales-Day demuestran cómo los murales cuentan historias de las comunidades e individuos angelinos. Accesibles a todo el mundo y a menudo encontrados accidentalmente, los murales revelan cómo a menudo el arte estimula la conversación, rompe las barreras que dividen a la gente, y crea entendimiento”, dijo Roberto Kirschner, director del Museo Skirball. “El sentido de invitación inherente a estas obras públicas y las maneras de fomentar la conexión humana son fundamentales para la misión de Skirball “.

Desarrollado en colaboración entre Gonzales-Day y los curadores de Skirball, el proyecto envió al artista en un viaje de diez meses por toda la ciudad, desde el East LA hasta Venice Beach, de Pacoima a Watts. A medida que atravesaba cientos de kilómetros, Gonzales-Day fotografió los murales que encontró y exploró influencias culturales como la escritura de grafiti, el arte callejero, la pintura de signos, el cine, la música, la televisión y la publicidad comercial. Sus obras documentan las contribuciones de numerosos muralistas prominentes, entre ellos Kent Twitchell y Levi FALL


ANOTHER PROMISED LAND: ANITA BRENNER’S MEXICO September 14, 2017- February 25, 2018


Features works by luminaries of the Mexican Renaissance including Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and Frida Kahlo..


The Skirball Cultural Center announces Another Promised Land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico, on view September 14, 2017 through February 25, 2018. This exhibition illuminates the life and work of one of the most fascinating cultural figures of twentieth-century Mexico, Anita Brenner (1905–1974). A Mexican-born journalist, art historian, and anthropologist of Latvian Jewish descent who spent part of her youth in Texas, Brenner chronicled the Mexican Renaissance of the 1920s and played a vital role in introducing Mexican art and culture to American audiences. Through more than 150 objects -including artworks by close friends Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Edward Weston, Jean Charlot, and Frida Kahlo- the exhibition underscores her efforts to build cultural understanding between the United States and Mexico.

As the child of Jewish immigrants in Mexico, and herself an immigrant to the United States, Brenner often found herself in the position of the outsider. This sense of self informed much of her work. She fought against prejudice she faced as a Jew; and as a Mexican-American, she worked tirelessly—through her books, articles, poetry, and the tourism magazine she founded and edited—to create a favorable image of Mexico in the minds of Americans. Another Promised Land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico opens a conversation about the complexities of nationality and identity on both sides of the border by weaving together Brenner’s story with the history of Mexico and its relationship with the U.S. in the twentieth century. Another Promised Land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico is part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and

Latino art in dialogue with L.A., taking place from September 2017 through January 2018 at more than seventy cultural institutions across Southern California. Pacific Standard Time is an initiative of the Getty. Major support for the exhibition and its companion publication has been provided through grants from the Getty Foundation. “The Skirball Cultural Center is honored to participate in the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, which fully aligns with our mission to bridge people of diverse heritage and history,” remarked Robert Kirschner, Skirball Museum Director. “Another Promised Land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico invites us to learn about our neighbors while challenging us to consider how we represent cultures that are not our own.”

ART OTRA TIERRA PROMETIDA: EL México DE ANITA BRENNER Septiembre 14-2017 a febrero 25-2018


Presenta obras de luminarias del Renacimiento Mexicano, entre ellos Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco y Frida Kahlo.


El Centro Cultural Skirball anuncia Otra Tierra Prometida: El México de Anita Brenner, en exhibición desde el 14 de septiembre de 2017 hasta el 25 de febrero de 2018. Esta exposición ilumina la vida y obra de una de las figuras culturales más fascinantes del México del siglo XX, Anita Brenner (1905-1974). Periodista nacida en México, historiadora de arte y antropóloga de origen judío letón que pasó parte de su juventud en Texas, Brenner hizo una crónica del Renacimiento Mexicano de los años 20 y desempeñó un papel vital en la introducción del arte y la cultura mexicana al público estadounidense. A través de más de 150 objetos incluyendo obras de sus amigos Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Edward Weston, Jean Charlot y Frida Kahlo la exposición subraya sus esfuerzos para construir la comprensión cultural entre los Estados Unidos y México.

“El Skirball Cultural Center tiene el honor de participar en Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, que se alinea completamente con nuestra misión de unir a personas de diversos patrimonios e historia “, remarcó Robert Kirschner, director del Museo Skirball. Otra Tierra Prometida: El México de Anita Brenner, nos invita a aprender acerca de nuestros vecinos mientras nos desafía a considerar cómo representamos culturas que no son nuestras “.



ART Introducing proyectosLA, A #nowalls Cultural Platform Bringing Modern and Contemporary Latin American Galleries To L.A. During September and October of 2017, proyectosLA will host a curated, commercial exhibition of the top 20 Latin American Modern and Contemporary Galleries LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: proyectosLA is a cultural platform that provides a unique opportunity for modern and contemporary Latin American galleries to exhibit in Los Angeles at a critical moment for Latin American art. It will take place at werkärtz studios, a 20,000 sq ft converted Downtown LA (DTLA) warehouse from September 16 through October 28, 2017.


proyectosLA will exhibit the most prestigious and innovative Latin American galleries and provide the city with a #nowalls curated, commercial exhibition. It will coincide with the region’s critical look at Latin American Art via Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. For the local art community, proyectosLA will allow for the ability to discover new

Latin American galleries, modern and contemporary art from the region within the historical context of its relationship to LA and fostering an ongoing dialogue with contemporary practices. For the galleries it will provide a platform to connect to the local LA cultural community- establishing and reinforcing relationships with local collectors, curators and institutions and placing critically important works throughout Southern California. The galleries will also have a communal worskpace where they can connect with local, national and international collectors and curators that will be in Los Angeles for PST: LA/LA. The exhibition will feature modern and contemporary work from leading Latin American art galleries including OMR in Mexico City; Nara Roesler in Sao Paulo, Rio and NY; Henrique Faria, Buenos Aires

and NY and Instituto de Vision in Bogotá. The platform is being curated by Luiza Teixera De Freitas and Claudia Segura, and the interior space will be designed by internationally acclaimed Mexican architect Ezequiel Farca. proyectosLA is co-founded by Patricia Fajer ,Teresa Iturralde, and Tracy O’Brien, and will be part of the commercial gallery program of Pacific Standard Time (PST). proyectosLA is part of the Participating Gallery Program of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles, taking place from September 2017 through January 2018 at more than 70 cultural institutions across Southern California. Pacific Standard Time is an initiative of the Getty.

“proyectosLA is committed to creating an open environment that encourages forging new commercial connections and partnerships between the Latin American galleries with US based and international collectors, institutions, curators, galleries, and art aficionados. The exhibition will become a platform of openness and inclusiveness, a space for interaction, communication and new opportunities”



ARGENTINA Henrique Faria Buenos Aires and New York Barro Arte Contemporaneo Walden Nora Fisch

MEXICO joségarcía OMR Paramo Aroniz Arte Contemporaneo Arredondo/Arozarena

COLOMBIA Instituto de Visión

BRAZIL Nara Roesler Sao Paulo, Rio and New York Vermelho

PERU Revolver Y Gallery Lima and New York

USA Cecilia de Torres Leon Tovar

CHILE Patricia Ready Isabel Aninat


MUSIC ¿Cuándo empezó tu amor por la música?

Creo que nací con este aprecio por la música en mi sangre. Puedo recordar la forma en que me sentía cuando estaba viendo DJs tocar en festivales y clubes nocturnos. Además, escuchar a artistas como Michael Jackson, Daft Punk y Prince es suficiente para hacer que te sientas enamorado de la música. ¿Cómo influyó Francia y Los Ángeles en tu estilo como DJ y como artista?

Todo el mundo puede reconocer el toque francés, como Daft Punk, David Guetta y Phoenix, junto con el hermoso clima y la cultura única que se encuentra en Los Ángeles. Siempre digo -y esto es lo mejor que puedes hacer como DJ / Productor-, que todo esto me proporcionó la inspiración para producir buena música y ser DJ en algunas de las noches más exitosas que L.A. haya visto. ¿Algo que la mayoría de la gente no sabe de ti?

No mucha gente sabe que produzco música para programas de televisión, y me complace decir que actualmente estoy trabajando con una lista de los mejores artistas. Como productor, he creado varios hits de Top 40 en Francia, he obtenido el número 12 en el Reverb Nation House Music Chart (global) y he conseguido el Top 10 varias veces en los principales sitios web de DJs.



When did your love for music begin?

I think that I was born with this appreciation for music in my blood. I can remember the way I felt when I was watching DJs perform at festivals and night clubs. Plus, listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and Prince is enough to make you instantly fall in love with music. How have France and Los Angeles influenced your style as a DJ and as an artist?

Everybody can recognize the French touch -such as Daft Punk, David Guetta and Phoenix,- along with the beautiful weather and the unique culture that you find in Los Angeles. I always say -and this is the best thing you can do as a DJ /Producer, - that all of this provided me with the inspiration to produce great music and be a DJ on some of the most successful nights that LA has ever seen. What is something most people don’t know about you?

Not a lot of people know that I produce music for TV shows, and I am pleased to say that I am currently working with a slate of top artists. As a producer, I have created multiple Top 40 chart hits in France, scored a number 12 on the Reverb Nation House Music Chart (global), and made the Top 10 several times on leading DJ websites. Plus, I have been the DJ for some of the world’s largest brands like Netflix, Armani, the popular television show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (featured in episode two of the 2016 season), fashion designer Julien MacDonald (who styles Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and others), SoonNight Soiree Paris (the largest nightlife website in the world), and Nunettes Succès sunglasses.

“ALEGRIA is to be able to make music every day, DJ every weekend, and live in the always vibrant city of Los Angeles” I have also been awarded such honors as the Best French Revelation of the Year 2012 and the Best Video Clip of the Year 2011. What’s the best event you have ever hosted and why?

That would definitely be Techno Parade, which is one of the biggest street festivals in the world, with over 400,000 people celebrating and listening to electronic music throughout the streets of Paris. So far, my favorite events in Los Angeles have been Societe Unici, where I have my DJ residency, the Splash Night party at the W Hotel Hollywood on Friday evenings, and No Jealousy, a decadent Sunday brunch. What brings you Joy/ ALEGRIA in your life?

That’s simple; it’s to be able to make music every day, DJ every weekend, and live in the always vibrant city of L.A. What other projects are you working on?

I am currently working on new music, Electro Latino, which should be ready for release in November. Who is your inspiration?

I don’t necessarily have any one person that provides my inspiration, but rather, I tend to engage in activities that inspire my work. I like to listen to what other DJs are doing in the night clubs, work with many different producers to see their creativity, and quietly sit on the beach and watch the sun go down. Which are your latest music downloads?

“La Luna en Bogotá” by Mirko Boni.

Además, he sido el DJ de algunas de las marcas más grandes del mundo como Netflix, Armani, el popular programa de televisión The Real Housewives de Beverly Hills (en el episodio dos de la temporada 2016), el diseñador de moda Julien MacDonald (que viste a Beyoncé, Jennifer López y otros), SoonNight Soiree Paris (el sitio nocturno más grande del mundo) y los lentes del sol Nunettes Succès. También me han concedido los honores como “La mejor revelación francesa del año 2012” y “El mejor video clip del año 2011”. ¿Cuál es el mejor evento qué has tenido y por qué?

Eso definitivamente sería Techno Parade, que es uno de los festivales de calle más grandes del mundo, con más de 400 mil personas celebrando y escuchando música electrónica en las calles de París. Hasta ahora, mis eventos favoritos en Los Ángeles han sido Societe Unici, donde tengo mi residencia de DJ, la fiesta Splash Night en el W Hotel Hollywood los viernes por la noche, y No Jealousy, un brunch dominical. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA en la vida?

Eso es simple: poder hacer música todos los días, ser DJ todos los fines de semana, y vivir en la siempre vibrante ciudad de Los Ángeles. ¿En qué otros proyectos estás trabajando?

Actualmente estoy trabajando en la nueva música, Electro Latino, que debería estar lista para su lanzamiento en noviembre. ¿Quién es tu inspiración?

No necesariamente tengo una sola persona que proporcione mi inspiración, sino más bien, que tienden a participar en actividades que inspiran mi trabajo. Me gusta escuchar lo que otros DJs están haciendo en las discotecas, trabajar con muchos productores diferentes para ver su creatividad, y tranquilamente sentarse en la playa y ver el sol bajar. ¿Cuáles son tus últimas descargas de música?

“La Luna en Bogotá”, de Mirko Boni.

ponte is a versatile recording artist, composer, and producer with more than ten years of professional experience in music and entertainment. He is the future of Latin sound: Salsa, hip hop, reggaeton, soul, and jazz. Currently, he is an Official Latin Percussion (LP) sponsored musician and has performed for live audiences at the legendary Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico, Sofar Sounds, ALEGRIA Magazine 5th Year Anniversary, L Fest, The Floor Improv, and around the world: Europe, Israel, and Latin America. His artistry has also led him to teach music and dance workshops, most recently with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Aponte has worked with many Grammy and Latin Grammy winners and nominees such as Wisin y Yandel, Tego Calderon, David Sanchez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Gilberto Santarosa just to name a few. He has a passion for uniting cultures through his music and message. Aponte hails from Puerto Rico and earned his B.A in Music with an emphasis in Jazz and Afro-Caribbean genres from the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. He is also an accomplished event producer. When did your love for music begin?

¿Cuál es el mejor evento en el que has participado y por qué?

Hay demasiadas actuaciones especiales en mi carrera para limitarlo a uno solo. Pero tendría que decir que las actuaciones más memorables fueron tocar con mi primera banda, 6 Ballare, en el festival más grande de Puerto Rico, Las Fiestas de La Calle San Sebastián, “Las Sanse.” También, la gira de Los Vaqueros con Wisin y Yandel 2011) y tocar en el primer Festival de Jazz de Jerusalén con el quinteto David Sánchez (2015).

Puerto Rico means everything when it comes to my inspiration. It’s where I was raised, shaped and where I was musically trained -formally and informally, basically in the streets. The amazing thing about being from Puerto Rico is the exposure to so many diverse genres and styles. From the moment I first landed in L.A. as a teenager I fell in love with the West Coast culture of skateboarding, punk rock, film and the whole funk influence and that’s where my interest to become a West Coaster began to flourish. Fast forward 14 years, my dream of living in Los Angeles became a reality and thanks to my preparation and experience now I am here to take my career to higher peaks.

What’s the best event you have ever played at and why?

There are too many special performances in my career to just narrow it down to one. But I would have to say that most memorable performances was playing FALL

Puerto Rico significa todo cuando se trata de mi inspiración. Es donde me crie y donde fui musicalmente formado, básicamente en las calles. Lo asombroso de ser de Puerto Rico es la exposición a tantos géneros y estilos diversos. Desde la primera vez que aterricé en L.A., cuando era adolescente, me enamoré de la cultura de la Costa Oeste: las patinetas, el punk rock, cine y toda la influencia funk y es ahí donde mi interés por convertirme en parte de ello comenzó a florecer. Catorce años más adelante mi sueño de vivir en L.A. se hizo realidad y gracias a mi preparación y experiencia ahora estoy aquí para llevar mi carrera a picos más altos.

La gente no sabe que soy un bailarín profesional y que he competido y actuado en concursos de Danza Salsa en Puerto Rico, Miami, Italia y España. También he bailado para Gilberto Santa Rosa, Víctor Manuel y Tito Nieves por nombrar algunos.

How has Puerto Rico and Los Angeles influenced your style as an artist?

People don’t know I’m a professional dancer and that I have competed and performed in Salsa Dance contests in Puerto Rico, Miami, Italy and Spain. I have danced for Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuel and Tito Nieves, to name a few.

Básicamente comenzó en el útero. Mi padre tocaba música para el vientre de mi mamá. Mi papá es también un bailarín / coreógrafo e instructor de renombre internacional. Así que, gracias a él, la música no era sólo una parte de mi educación, sino también la danza. Mi abuelo fue el primer bajista de la Tommy Olivencia Orchestra (la legendaria banda puertorriqueña de Salsa) antes de grabar su primer disco. Cuando era niño mi abuelo siempre tocaba percusión para mí, así es como empezó mi amor por la percusión.

¿Cómo ha influido Puerto Rico y L.A. en tu estilo como artista?

¿Qué es algo que la mayoría de la gente no sabe acerca de ti?

My love for music basically started in the womb. My father would play music to my mom’s belly. My dad is also an internationally renowned dancer/ choreographer and instructor. So thanks to him, music was not only a part of my upbringing but dance as well. My grandfather was the first bass player of the Tommy Olivencia Orchestra (the Puertorrican legendary Salsa band) before they recorded their first album. As a child, my grandfather always played percussion for me, so that’s how my love for percussion started.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

¿Cuándo empezó tu amor por la música?

¿Qué te da ALEGRIA en la vida?

Además de Dios, pasarla bien con mi familia y seres queridos me trae alegría. Verlos sonreír y hacerlos sentir orgullosos. Nada puede superar eso.

with my first band, 6 Ballare, in Puerto Rico’s biggest festival, Las Fiestas de La Calle San Sebastián, “Las Sanse.” Also, the Los Vaqueros tour with Wisin y Yandel (2011) and playing in the first ever Jazz Festival in Jerusalem with David Sanchez quintet (2015). What brings you Joy/ ALEGRIA in your life?

Besides God, just having a great time with my family and loved ones brings me joy. Seeing them smile and making them proud. Nothing can beat that.

Aponte 15

MUSIC The best place to create and compose...

I have no preference, although if I need and instrument around and not to feel rushed; to feel that I have all the time in the world. Tell us a little about your evolution as an artist...

I think each album has been a Universe and I have given myself the freedom to explore different genres and forms of recording. At the beginning of my career I went more for electronic pop. With the second album, I wanted to go deeper into Spanish composition; and with this third album I wanted to experiment recording everything in one block and letting it flow without much editing. What makes you happ or gives you ALEGRIA?

My husband, my family, my friends, my audience, the ocean, music, food, dancing ... What are you listening to now?

I always listen to a little of everything... I like to listen to varied music of different genres. This morning for example I was listening to the new album by Tribe Called Quest and Loli Molina. What books are you reading now?

When was your love for music born?

I’m reading a book called “Everyday Zen” by Joko Beck, and “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

When I was 4 years old, my older brother got a keyboard as a present. I remember listening to music on TV and replicating it on the keyboard. It was at that moment that my mother enrolled me in music lessons, and from there on I never stopped.

What makes you fly?

Singing on stage.

Why piano...?

Simply because it was the first thing I found at home. It was my first love. Your biggest inspiration...

Love. It is the supreme force of the universe and what connects us as human beings.

¿Cuándo nace tu amor por la música?

me fui más por el lado del pop electrónico. Con el segundo quise profundizar en la parte de la composición en español, y con este tercero quise hacer el experimento de grabarlo todo en bloque y dejarlo fluir sin mucha edición.

¿Por qué el piano?

Mi esposo, mi familia, mis amigos, mi público, el mar, la música, la comida, bailar…

Tu mayor inspiración...

Siempre estoy escuchando de todo un poco... Me gusta escuchar música variada de diferentes géneros. Esta mañana por ejemplo estuve escuchando el nuevo disco de Tribe Called Quest y a Loli Molina.

Cuando tenía 4 años a mi hermano mayor le regalaron un teclado. Recuerdo que yo escuchaba la música de la televisión y la copiaba en el teclado. Fue en ese momento que mi mamá me metió a clases y desde ahí nunca paré. Simplemente porque fue lo primero que encontré en casa. Fue mi primer amor. El amor. Es la fuerza suprema del universo y lo que nos conecta como seres humanos. El mejor lugar para crear y componer... 

No tengo preferencia, aunque si necesito algún instrumento alrededor y no tener prisa, sentir que tengo todo el tiempo del mundo. Cuéntanos de tu evolución como artista...

Creo que cada disco ha sido un Universo y me he dado la libertad de explorar géneros y formas de grabación distintas. Al inicio de mi carrera 16

¿Qué te hace feliz... o te da ALEGRIA...?

¿Qué estás escuchando ahora?

¿Qué libros te acompañan en estos momentos?

Estoy leyendo un libro que se llama “Everyday Zen”, de Joko Beck y “The Road”, de Cormac McCarthy. ¿Qué te hace volar?

Estar en un escenario cantando.

FASHION Creativity means to you...

It is beyond self-expression. Creativity is translating what you see around you, what you experience, into something that is meaningful to you and useful to others. Creativity is relating to other people how you see and experience life in a way that it could change theirs too, even just for a minute, an hour, a day or a lifetime.

¿Cuándo inició tu pasión por el diseño de moda?

Crecí en un pueblo del campo, con una abuela con mucho estilo, que hacía vestidos para mi hermana y para mí. Si ves sus fotos, entenderás por qué amo tanto la moda. Ella siempre tuvo un porte muy elegante y se vestía apropiadamente; era y sigue siendo

When did your passion for fashion begin?

I grew up in a town in the country with a very fashionable grandmother who made dresses for me and my sister. If you see her photos, then you’ll understand why I love fashion so much. She was always poised and properly dressed, she was and still is my Audrey Hepburn. Can you believe, a middle class housewife with 8 children has a revolving shoe rack with glass doors? She made me understand at a very young age that there is power in having style and good taste in clothing.

What brings you Joy/ALEGRIA?

I find joy in family, my 4 children who keep me on my toes, my partner and friends who I value and depend so much on, I find happiness in dining, good food is very important and taking time for doing things so I experience each moment. And well, shoes hahaha. I have lots and lots of shoes and they really make me happy.

Sí, siendo una mujer diseñadora entiendo lo importante que es la comodidad. Creo que ello debería ser prioritario. Es difícil parecer elegante y sofisticada si no te sientes cómoda. La suavidad de la tela también me permite drapear y resaltar la verdadera forma del cuerpo de una mujer. Encuentro ALEGRIA en la familia. Mis cuatro hijos que me tienen siempre a trote, mi pareja y mis amigos a quienes valoro y de los que dependo tanto. Encuentro felicidad en la buena comida, es muy importante, y en darme tiempo para hacer las cosas de manera que pueda experimentar cada momento. Y bueno, los zapatos, jajaja!. Tengo un montón de zapatos y realmente me hacen feliz. Para ti, ¿qué significa la creatividad?

The PGP brand is inspired by the real women, it is a reflection and celebration of how versatile she is, her ability to take on life in full swing, take on so many roles and go through so many changes in life, from being a lover, mother, daughter and friend without losing her capacity to give and make a difference.

Yes it is, being a woman designer, I understand how important comfort is. I believe it should be number one on the list, it is hard to look elegant and sophisticated if you are not comfortable. The softness of the fabric also allows me to drape and highlight the true form of a woman’s body

Lo que más me gusta de tus diseños son las telas, tan bellas y suaves. ¿Ello es esencial para la marca Pia Gladys Perey?

¿Qué te da ALEGRIA ?

Your iconic designs are perfect for our Latinas who love both Elegance and Sensuality, What kind of woman is your inspiration for your dresses?

What I love the most about your designs is the beautiful soft fabrics. Is that something that is essential to the Pia Gladys Perey brand?

papeles y pasar por tantos cambios en la vida. De ser amante, madre, hija y amiga, sin perder su capacidad de dar y marcar la diferencia.

Es algo más allá de la autoexpresión. Creatividad es traducir lo que ves a tu alrededor, lo que experimentas, en algo significativo para ti y útil para los demás. Creatividad es transmitir a la gente la manera en que ves y experimentas la vida, de forma en que podría cambiar la suya también, incluso por un minuto, una hora, un día o una vida. En tu opinión, ¿qué es?... In your opinion, what is...

A beautiful woman

Is effortless, she is aware of who she is and uses that self awareness to help others feel beautiful as well.


A glamorous way of expressing yourself.

Sex Appeal

Understanding the power of being a woman.


Is knowing that less is more.

mi Audrey Hepburn. ¿Puedes creer que un ama de casa de clase media, con ocho hijos, tuviera un estante giratorio con puertas de cristal para sus zapatos? Ella me hizo entender a una edad muy joven que existe poder en tener estilo y buen gusto en el vestir. Tus icónicos diseños son perfectos para nuestras latinas, que aman la elegancia y la sensualidad. ¿Qué clase de mujer es la inspiración de tus vestidos?

PGP es una marca inspirada en la mujer real. Es un reflejo y una celebración de lo versátil que es, su capacidad de vivir la vida en pleno, de asumir tantos

Una mujer hermosa

Natural, consciente de quién es y utiliza esta autoconsciencia para ayudar a otros a sentirse bien.


Una manera glamorosa de expresarse.


Entender el poder de ser mujer.


Saber que menos es más.

BOOKS Influencer Autor

By Clare Miranda

With our demanding and hectic schedules, it’s only fitting that my meeting with author and speaker, Maritere Bellas takes place at a scenic coastal restaurant. The backdrop of yachts and the cool ocean breeze offers us a reprieve from the congested freeways of L.A. and a quiet place to sit and talk. Though she was coming from a tennis match, Bellas was nonetheless coiffed, composed and ready to share some insights about her most recent book, Arroz con Pollo y Apple Pie.


ighlighting the challenges and difficulties of raising bicultural and bilingual children, Arroz con Pollo y Apple Pie features real-life stories and anecdotes from Latino and Hispanic immigrants and the unique obstacles they faced in raising their children in the American culture. Bellas describes the book as: “... a labor of love. It was a manuscript I worked on for 12 years while I was busy being a mom and having a career. I would write a chapter and then put it somewhere for me to come back to.”


For years, author Maritere Bellas’ column dispensed much-needed parenting advice to millions of Latino parents. Now, she’s written a must-read book that should be on the bookshelves in everyone’s home - including yours. Now, with her children more grown-up and independent, Maritere was able to devote more time and energy to her latest creation. Despite finding success from a previous partnership with publisher Simon & Schuster, Maritere embraced the new freedom and creative license that self-publishing gave her, saying, “I have been the voice of Latino parents for many years, long before there was any information out there for immigrant parents. This book is a resource they can use when trying to find a balance between the culture they left behind and the one they are adopting, Maritere explains. Her book is a resource that she wishes had been around when she emigrated from Puerto Rico to complete her education in the States. Despite coming from a U.S. territory, Maritere experienced culture shock and had no plans to stay in California until she met Peter, the man who would eventually become her husband. “Every Sunday, I would call home, and my Dad would ask me, ‘When are you coming home?’”, Maritere reminisces and with a chuckle says, “After we

had been dating for awhile, I brought Peter to meet my family back home. After they met him, my Dad stopped asking when I was coming back”. The new chapter of marriage and family life brought both joys and struggles:”As an adult immigrant, you’re grieving the life you left behind, and you now have the daunting task of raising your children in a culture that you are adjusting to.” At times she felt “isolated, and I couldn’t easily go to my mother or my sister for advice or extra support.” The ups and downs she experienced were chronicled in her popular column in La Opinión newspaper. Her unique insight and heartfelt experiences resonated with her readers, who would often reach out to her in need of guidance on raising bicultural and bilingual children. Her column is like her book, it has the same goal of “helping parents become better parents. It was always about that,” Maritere says. Having raised her children in a Latino and Greek household, and in the States, Maritere believes that immigrant parents can use their culture to their advantage and their children can reap the rewards: “I’m convinced that my kids are better

people having been raised with different cultures and bilingually. Parents today are raising global citizens.” Maritere does recognize that it can still be challenging for immigrant parents: “It’s OK to feel discouraged at times as long as we teach and preserve our culture. They need to see what you left behind, but we also need to embrace this life. Whatever effort we show, regardless how small, it is better than nothing at all, and it serves as an example for our children.” At this point, there is no slowing down for Bellas. She is also working on a bilingual children’s book series and she has been in conversations with her previous publisher to update her first book, an e-book titled Raising Bilingual Children. “There are so many more resources now than when it was originally published. I want parents to have the latest information,” Maritere explains. Regardless of her demanding schedule, like the many other parents that she mentors and inspires, when asked what her ALEGRIA in life is, Maritere happily answers, “My family! My son’s laugh, my daughter’s hugs and going on dates with my husband of 33 years!”.

Durante años, la columna de la autora Maritere Bellas dispensó consejos muy necesarios sobre crianza a millones de padres latinos. Ahora, ha escrito un libro de lectura obligada que debería estar en todas las casas. - incluyendo la tuya.



on nuestros horarios tan exigentes y ocupados, es justo que mi reunión con la autora y conferencista Maritere Bellas tenga lugar en un pintoresco restaurante costero. El escenario de yates y la fresca brisa del océano nos ofrece un respiro de las congestionadas autopistas de L.A. y un lugar tranquilo para sentarnos y hablar. Aunque venía llegando de un partido de tenis, Bellas está arreglada, compuesta y lista para compartir algunas ideas sobre su libro más reciente, Arroz con Pollo y Apple Pie. Al resaltar los retos y las dificultades de criar niños biculturales y bilingües, Arroz Con Pollo y Apple Pie presenta historias de la vida real y anécdotas de inmigrantes latinos e hispanos y los obstáculos únicos que enfrentaron al criar a sus hijos en la cultura estadounidense. Bellas describe el libro como: “...una labor de amor. Fue un manuscrito en el que trabajé durante 12 años mientras estaba ocupada siendo mamá y teniendo una carrera. Escribía un capítulo y luego lo ponía en algún lugar para volver a él más tarde.” Ahora que sus hijos son más grandes e independientes, Maritere ha podido dedicar más tiempo y energía a su última creación. A pesar de encontrar el éxito en una sociedad anterior con la editorial Simon & Schuster, Maritere abrazó la nueva libertad y la licencia creativa que la auto-publicación le ha dado, diciendo: “He sido la voz de los FALL

padres latinos desde hace muchos años, antes de que hubieran los recursos de hoy dia. Este libro resalta la necesidad de proveer información para los padres inmigrantes que están buscando un balance entre dos o mas culturas.” Su libro es un recurso que ella desearía que hubiese existido cuando emigró de Puerto Rico para completar su educación de posgrado en los Estados Unidos. A pesar de venir de un territorio americano, Maritere experimentó un choque cultural. No tenía planeado permanecer en California hasta que encontró a Peter, el hombre que se convertiría en su marido. “Todos los domingos llamaba a casa y mi papá me preguntaba: ‘¿Cuándo vuelves a casa?’”, Maritere recuerda y, con una risita, dice: “Después de salir durante un tiempo, llevé a Peter a conocer a mi familia. Después de que lo conocieron,

mi papá dejó de preguntar cuándo regresaría a casa”. El nuevo capítulo del matrimonio y la vida familiar trajo alegrías y luchas: “Como inmigrante adulto, estás afligido por la vida que dejaste atrás y ahora tienes la ardua tarea de criar a tus hijos en una cultura a la cual tú mismo te estás adaptando”. A veces se sentía “…aislada, Los altibajos que experimentó fueron narrados en su popular columna en La Opinión. Sus ideas únicas y experiencias sentidas resonaron con sus lectores, quienes a menudo se acercaban a ella con necesidad de orientación sobre la crianza de los niños biculturales y bilingües. Su columna es como su libro, tiene el mismo objetivo de “ayudar a los padres a ser mejores padres. Siempre se trataba de eso “, dice Maritere. y no acudir fácilmente a mi madre o a mi hermana por consejo o apoyo adicional”. Habiendo criado a sus hijos en una familia latina y griega, y en los EE.UU., Maritere cree que los padres inmigrantes pueden usar su cultura para su ventaja y sus hijos pueden cosechar las recompensas: “Estoy convencida de que mis hijos son mejores por ser biculturales y bilingües”. Pero, aun así, Maritere reco-

noce que puede ser un desafío para los padres inmigrantes: “Está bien sentirse desanimado en ocasiones, siempre que enseñemos y preservemos nuestra cultura. Necesitan ver lo que dejaste atrás, pero también debemos abrazar esta vida. Todo esfuerzo que mostramos, independientemente de lo pequeño que sea, es mejor que nada, y sirve de ejemplo para nuestros hijos.” En este punto, Bellas no se rinde. También está trabajando en una serie bilingüe de libros infantiles y espera poner al día su libro anterior, un libro electrónico titulado Raising Bilingual Children. “Hay muchos más recursos ahora y quiero que los padres tengan la información más al día”, explica Maritere. A pesar de su exigente horario, como muchos otros padres a los que inspira, cuando se le pregunta cuál es su ALEGRIA en la vida, Maritere felizmente responde: “¡Mi familia! ¡La risa de mi hijo, los abrazos de mi hija y las citas con mi marido de 33 años!”.



LA VIDA INMORAL DE UNA PAREJA IDEAL Hola Mexico Distribution has announced the U.S. theatrical release of the screwball comedy Tales of an Immoral Couple (La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal), the fifth feature film by writer-director Manolo Caro. The film will be playing in screens across the country including New York City, L.A, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Diego, among other cities. This marks the first U.S. theatrical distribution by the young yet accomplished Mexican film and theater director, whose deft comedies have enjoyed significant box office success at home, making him the only filmmaker in Mexico to have scored a top ten highest-grossing movies in the past three consecutive years. Tales of an Immoral Couple centers on Lucio and Martina, two former lovers whose passionate romance began while attending a strict Catholic high school in Mexico. Twenty-five five years later, they unexpectedly run into each other in the city of San Miguel de Allende and despite still sharing an undiminished 20

Hola Mexico Distribution anuncia el estreno en los cines de la película de Manolo Caro “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal” love for one another they both pretend to be in happy marriages–even if it’s all lies. As they try to maintain their facades, a comedy of errors ensues that reveals the true reasons why the couple ended up separating in the first place. Emmy-nominated actress and Caro regular Cecilia Suárez plays the role of Martina, while Manuel García Rulfo (The Magnificent Seven and the upcoming Soldado) plays the role of Lucio. They are joined by a cast of well- established and up-and-coming actors including Sebastián Aguirre (Güeros and A Monster with a Thousand Heads), Andrés Almeida (You’re Killing Me Susana and Y Tu Mamá También), and Spain’s Paz Vega (Lucía and Sex, and Almodóvar’s Talk to Her and I’m So Excited). Shot on location in Mexico’s picturesque San Miguel de Allende, Tales of an Immoral Couple premiered on Mexican screens in November of last year and became one of the topgrossing Mexican films of 2016. With a charming vivacity and a talented cast with impeccable comedic timing, the film offers U.S. audiences a great introduction to Caro, a director who deftly combines his artistry with comedy.

Hola Mexico Distribution estrena en cines de EE.UU. de la comedia de enredos “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal”, la quinta película del guionista y director Manolo Caro. La película se estrenará el viernes 25 de agosto y marcará la primera experiencia en distribución en los cines de EE.UU. del joven, pero consumado, director de cine y teatro mexicano, cuyas ingeniosas comedias han disfrutado de un gran éxito en la taquilla de su país natal, lo que lo convirtió en el único cineasta de México que consiguió ubicar una de sus películas dentro de las 10 más taquilleras en los últimos tres años consecutivos. “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal” narra la historia de Lucio y Martina, dos antiguos amantes cuyo romance apasionado comenzó mientras asistían a una estricta escuela secundaria católica en México. Veinticinco años después, se encuentran de manera inesperada en la ciudad de San Miguel de Allende y a pesar que no disminuyó el amor que comparten, ambos fingen tener matrimonios felices. Mientras intentan mantener esas fachadas, se desarrolla una comedia de enredos que revela las verdaderas razones por las que la pareja se separó en primer lugar.

Cecilia Suárez, actriz nominada al Emmy y colaboradora frecuente de Caro, interpreta el papel de Martina, mientras que Manuel García Rulfo (“The Magnificent Seven” y la película de próximo estreno “Soldado”) encarna el papel de Lucio. A ellos se une un elenco de estrellas tanto establecidas como emergentes que incluye a Sebastián Aguirre (“Güeros” y “Un monstruo de mil cabezas”), Andrés Almeida (“Me estás matando Susana”, “Y tu mamá también”) y la española Paz Vega (“Lucía y el sexo” y las películas de Almodóvar “Hable con ella” y “Los amantes pasajeros”). Rodada en exteriores en la pintoresca ciudad mexicana de San Miguel de Allende, “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal” se estrenó en los cines de México en noviembre del año pasado y se convirtió en una de las películas mexicanas más taquilleras del 2016. Con una vivacidad encantadora y un elenco talentoso con un ritmo cómico impecable, la película ofrecerá al público de EE.UU. una introducción fantástica a la obra de Caro, un director que combina hábilmente su destreza para la comedia.

Panamanian International Film Festival


anamanian International Film Festival announces PanaFilm, a celebration of Latino film, music and art. In its third year, PanaFilm will be held on Saturday, November 4th at the South Park Center on Hill and Olive Streets and in downtown Los Angeles. A co-production with respected non-profit NewFilmmakers/la, this event casts a spotlight on emerging filmmakers from Latin America and the US while highlighting the cultural variety that nurtures their work. This year’s day-long event will feature shorts, documentaries and industry panels as well as arts exhibits, music, an open bar and local cuisine. PIFF/LA continues its mission of promoting cultural and professional bridges between the international Latino community and the traditional heart of the entertainment industry in L.A.. Having showcased artists from Panama and the US in previous years, PIFF/LA is now widening its scope, featuring artists from Cuba to Spain to LA. PanaFilm is co-produced by actor Carlos Carrasco, a veteran talent who has been seen in films such as “Speed” and “Blood In Blood Out,” and who will be appearing on HBO’s “Insecure” this season.


l cine latino se viste de fiesta el próximo sábado 4 de noviembre para celebrar la música, el arte y la gastronomía en un evento cultural en el que el séptimo arte será el anfitrión. Cortometrajes y películas de Latinoamérica llegarán por primera y única vez a Los Ángeles para llenar al público de drama, comedias, animación y suspenso. Es el tercer año que el Festival Int de cine panameño en LA, PanaFilm, se celebra en el South Park Center en el centro de Los Ángeles. En co-producción con la respetada institución NewFilmmakers/la, PanaFilm se enfoca en emergentes talentos latinos a la vez que busca resaltar las influencias culturales que informan su labor. El evento este año incluirá cortos, documentales, paneles, arte, música y aventuras gastronómicas. PanaFilm es una producción de Carlos Carrasco, veterano actor de Hollywood conocido por proyectos como “Speed,” “Blood In…Blood Out” y “Parker,” quien aparece esta temporada en el nuevo éxito de HBO “Insecure.”




HER DRESS: A.N.A. Printed Maxi Dress for JCPenney / COAT: Bershka Embroidered Kimono / SHOES: Zara / JEWELRY: Wilkens Studio

HIM JACKET: Jason Wu for Target / SCARF: Salvatore Ferragamo / BOOTS: Vintage Carlo Pazolini

HER DRESS: Zara / SNEAKERS: Isabel Marant / CAPE: Merona / CAP: Zara / JEWELRY: Wilkens Studio HIM DENIM JACKET: TopShop Moto / SNEAKERS: Nike / SUNGLASSES: Guess

HER BLOUSE AND TROUSERS: Zara / SHOES: Urban Outfitters / DIADEM: Macy’s / SOCKS: TopShop / JEWELRY: Wilkens Studio HIM SWEATER: Sanctuary / JEANS: American Eagle



HER BLOUSE: Story of Lola / TROUSERS: Zara / SHOES: Libby Edelman for JCPenney / PURSE: Nasty Gal / JEWELRY: Wilkens Studio HIM SWEATER: The Gap / JEANS: Levi’s / BOOTS: Vintage

BEAUTY- beautyloria Hincapié studied Full Body Esthetics in Corpo School, in Bogota, Colombia. She moved to Cartagena, Colombia, where she worked as the Senior Technique Therapist at Cartagena’s Hilton Hotel. Upon her client’s request, she opened her first Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center and Spa in Bogota in 1991. In 1996, she continued her studies in Europe, where she graduated in Therapeutic QuiroTechnique Studies from the Lady Anne School in Madrid, Spain. She also graduated from The Nefter Center School in Murcia, Spain with a concentration on Full Body Technique. She participated in beauty conferences at the Cosmoprof School in both Barcelona and Italy.

In 2001, Gloria Hincapié settled in Miami, Florida, USA, where she completed her studies as a Full Specialist at the Universal Beauty School and opened her second Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center and Spa. Soon enough, she would be recognized as “the body sculptor of the stars,” due to her Latin celebrity clientele. In 2003, she continued her studies of Therapeutic Technique at The New Concept Beauty School in Miami. That same year, she received the Golden Araucaria Award, gratned to her by her hometown of Santa Rosana, Colombia. In 2004, she receved the Excellence Aware at the commemoration of Colombia’s Independence Day, celebrated in Miami, Floria. As well as her many studies and honors, she was invited to participate as a judge in the Our Hispanic Beauty Pal Beach and Miss Venezuela beauty contests. Recently, Gloria Hincapie, received the “Inspiration Woman” award given by the Pearl of Hope Foundation. Her trajectory and prestige make her a constant guest on TV shoes and beauty contests, as well as a beauty authority by well-known publications that feature her. Today with 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, the talented aesthete and Technique therapist expert, Gloria Hincapié, has created a renowned and revolutionary technique. The Hincapié Technique manually eliminates fat concentrated in specific areas of the body where no machine, amount of exercise or diet can reach. The Hincapié Technique is all natural and unique. Furthermore, it is exclusively performed at Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center and Spas. It is a healthy and safe alternative to plastic surgery.


loria Hincapié estudió Estética Corporal, en la Escuela Corpo, en Bogotá, Colombia. Luego se mudó a Cartagena, donde trabajó como masajista principal, en el Hilton Cartagena Hotel. A solicitud de sus clientes se mudó a Bogotá, donde abrió su primer Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center & Spa. En 1996 se mudó a Europa, donde continuó sus estudios: se graduó en Técnica Terapéuticas, en la Escuela Lady Anne, en Madrid, España; Técnica Corpoal, en la Escuela Nefter Center, en Murcia, España; y participó de congresos de bellaza en la Escuela Cosmoprof de Barcelona y en Italia.

En 2001 Gloria Hincapié sentó sus bases en Miami, FL, EE.UU., donde cursó estudios de Full Specialist, en la Universal Beauty School y abrió su segundo Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center & Spa. Muy pronto sería reconocida como “la escultora de las estrellas” por su clientela de celebridades Latinas. En 2003 continuó sus estudios de Técnica Terapéutica, en New Concept Beauty School, en Miami, FL, EE.UU., y ese mismo año recibió el Premio Araucaria de Oro otorgado por su ciudad natal, Santa Rosana, Colombia. En 2004 se le entregó el premio de la Excelencia, en la conmemoración de la Independencia de Colombia, celebrada en Miami, FL, EE.UU. También fue invitada a participar como jurado en los certámenes de belleza de Nuestra Belleza Hispana Palm Beach y Chica Venezuela. Recientemente recibió el premio “Mujer Inspiración” entregado por la fundación Perla de Esperanza. Su trayectoria y prestigio la convierten en una invitada constante a programas de televisión y certámenes de belleza, y en una autoridad estética para reconocidas publicaciones que publican artículos sobre ella. Hoy con mas de 30 años de experiencia en la industria de la belleza, la talentosa esteticista y experta en terapias de Técnica corporal, Gloria Hincapié, ha creado la exitosa técnica revolucionaria y adelgazante: Técnica Hincapié, que elimina manualmente la adiposidad concentrada en áreas específicas del cuerpo adonde no llegan máquinas, ni ejercicios, ni dietas. La Técnica Hincapié es totalmente natural y única, y se realiza exclusivamente en los Gloria Hincapié Esthetic Center & Spa. Una alternativa saludable y segura a la cirugía plástica.

gloriahincapie.com | @gloriahincapie 030 30



BEAUTY It was a hot summer day in Hollywood when we sat down to drink iced tea with actor & entrepreneur, Julian Gil to talk about his Lifestyle & Beauty company, Carson Life.

When was Carson Life created?

Five years ago, we began to develop this idea; I say “we” because it was me with my partner, Sonia Guzman, whom I’ve known for 20 years now. Most people think that this company just started three months ago, but that is not the reality of Carson Life. We began selling one product years ago through our website and little by little; it started to grow. Now, Carson Life is a dream come true. As you may know as a business owner, it is extremely difficult to start a business and maintain it, but here we are in Los Angeles ready to celebrate that we got our products into more than 1,200 Walgreens & Walmart stores across the U.S! We are so excited! It takes lots of Courage to throw yourself out there in such a competitive market...

Yes, and once you do it you throw yourself inside a gondola, you are there with the giant brands, but none of them are Latino brands, so that’s where our strength is. We want people to connect with that and know that it is possible. How glamorous is the life of the entrepreneur?

I am beat! [laughing] We are touring 23 cities. Traveling for long hours and arriving at each city for press interviews and meetings is demanding, but when you dream, that’s what you dream of, so you must do it and keep moving forward. That’s the reality of being an entrepreneur. What does the name Carson Life mean for you?

It means to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It means to bring awareness to our community in the U.S about a healthier way of living, not only with our products, which are 100 % natural but also with their eating habits. We don’t promise magical results, but like everything else in life, balance is the key, so working out, eating healthy and using good products to supplement and complement such lifestyle, that’s the message. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My kids. They are everything to me. I have been a dad since I was 15 years old, so imagine that, that’s the way I operate from a very young age. When I think of my life without my kids, I think it would be so boring. The unconditional love of your children, nothing beats that. It is most beautiful feeling in the world. 32


Era un caluroso día de verano en Hollywood cuando nos sentamos a tomar una taza de té helado con el actor y empresario Julian Gil, para hablar de su empresa, Carson Life. ¿Cuándo se creó Carson Life?

Hace cinco años nosotros empezamos a desarrollar esta idea; digo “nosotros” porque éramos yo y mi pareja, Sonia Guzmán, a quien conozco desde hace 20 años. La mayoría de la gente piensa que esta empresa acaba de comenzar hace tres meses, pero esa no es la realidad de Carson Life. Comenzamos a vender un producto hace años a través de nuestro sitio web y poco a poco empezó a crecer. Ahora, Carson Life es un sueño hecho realidad. Como propietario de un negocio, tu sabes que es extremadamente difícil iniciar una empresa y mantenerla, ¡pero aquí estamos en Los Ángeles listos para celebrar el hecho de que tenemos nuestros productos en más de 1,200 tiendas de Walgreens & Walmart en todo Estados Unidos ¡Estamos muy emocionados! Se necesita mucho valor para lanzarse en un mercado tan competitivo ...

Sí, y una vez que te lanzas dentro de una góndola, estás ahí junto con marcas enormes, pero ninguna de ellas son

marcas latinas, así que ahí es donde está nuestra fuerza. Queremos que la gente se conecte con eso y sepa que es posible. ¿Qué tan glamorosa es la vida del empresario?

¡Estoy molido! [Risas] Estamos recorriendo 23 ciudades. Viajar por largas horas y llegar a cada ciudad para entrevistas y reuniones de prensa es demandante, pero cuando sueñas, eso es lo que sueñas, así que debes hacerlo y seguir adelante. Esa es la realidad de ser un empresario. ¿Qué significa el nombre Carson Life para ti?

Significa vivir un estilo de vida sano y equilibrado. Significa dar a conocer a nuestra comunidad de los Estados Unidos una manera de vivir saludable, no sólo con nuestros productos, los cuales son 100% naturales, sino también con sus hábitos alimenticios. No prometemos resultados mágicos, pero como todo lo demás en la vida, el equilibrio es la clave, así que trabajar, comer sano, y usar buenos productos para suplementar y complementar ese estilo de vida: ese es el mensaje. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

Mis hijos. Ellos son todo para mí. He sido padre desde los 15 años, así que uno se puede imaginar que así es como yo opero desde muy joven. Cuando pienso en mi vida sin mis hijos, me imagino que sería muy aburrida. No hay nada mejor que el amor incondicional de tus hijos. Es la sensación más hermosa del mundo.



ashion stylist Zerina Akers has an incredible ability to inspire her clients to express their authentic selves through bold, colorful and unique looks. She believes that style starts with the person, and aims to celebrate each client’s differences and beauty through their fashion choices. Her client roster has included entertainment greats such as Ava DuVernay, Yara Shahidi, Chloe x Halle and more. No stranger to the fashion industry, Akers received her bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and marketing from LIM College, has contributed to several preeminent fashion publications and has worked amongst numerous industry talents such as Camilla Nickerson, Lori Goldstein, and B Akerlund. We got to chat with this beauty of Panamanian descent at The Pali House in Weho, thanks to Dove Spray, and spent some ALEGRIA time together talking beauty and fashion:

¿Cuáles son los tres accesorios que pueden hacer que cualquier mujer se vea fabulosa?

Me gusta convertir bolsas de playa en bolsos del diario, “de la playa a la calle”. Es estupendo en este momento, muy fresco, ilumina a cualquier atuendo. Otro accesorio que me encanta en este momento es un buen par de arracadas, que puede darle vida a cualquier conjunto de ropa, e incluso se ven muy bien con una camiseta casual. Y anillos, mezclar plata y oro. Uno puede romper las reglas a veces; es divertido jugar. ¿Qué es sexy y elegante para ti en este momento?

Me encantan los trajes, sobre todo los de colores brillantes. Y me gusta mezclar estilos masculinos y femeninos. También amo los diseños que muestran la clavícula. ¿Cuál es la clave cuando usas un traje?

Un traje de un color, o quizás un azul marino o un conjunto oscuro es bueno para el trabajo, pero úsalos con una camiseta gráfica o t-shirt para hacerlo más atractivo. Me encantan los trajes brillantes: naranja, esmeralda, amarillo, o rosa. Siempre mandan un mensaje. ¿Cuáles son las prendas en las que todos debemos invertir?

What are three accessories that can make any woman look fabulous?

I believe in turning beach bags into everyday handbags, “from beach to street.” It’s great right now, -very cool, it brightens any outfit. Another accessory that I love right now is a nice pair of hoops, they can bring any outfit to life, even with a T-shirt they look great. And rings, mixing silver and gold. You can break the rules sometimes; it is fun to play around. What is sexy and elegant for you right now?

I love suits. Bright suits and I like mixing masculine and feminine styles. I also love styles that show the collarbone. What’s your key element when wearing a suit?

A bright suit, maybe a navy blue or dark suit is good for work, but wear them with a graphic or cool t-shirt to make it sexier. I love bright suits: orange, emerald, yellow or pink. They always make a statement. What are the items we should all invest in?

I am old school regarding this. Definitely, invest your money in your shoes and purses. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Soy anticuada con respecto a esto. Definitivamente, invierte tu dinero en zapatos y en bolsas. ¿Qué te trae ALEGRIA?

Como estilista, me trae ALEGRIA cuando mis clientes salen felices y se sienten seguros y con confianza en si mismos. A nivel personal, encuentro ALEGRIA en la naturaleza, el sol, los árboles, y todos los colores que la vida tiene para ofrecer.

“ I love Dove invisible dry spray because it leaves no marks on my clothes and it is perfect for the busy woman who wants to feel beautiful & fresh all day.”

As a stylist, it brings me joy when my clients walk out happy and they feel confident and secure about themselves. At a personal level, I find my ALEGRIA in nature, sunshine, trees and every color that life has to offer.






for this fall! FOR HAIR

Introducing Repair & Protect 7, the newest collection from TRESemmé used by professionals. This innovative haircare system is specially designed to visibly repair hair. We spoke to TRESemmes expert celebrity hair stylist Marco Peña that shared with us the tips for fall. “Braids are on trend for fall, they are versatile and go from day to night, casual to elegant very easily.

GROUNDBREAKING INNOVATION After 30 years of scientific research, Clarins’ new Double Serum now decodes “the language of youth.” Powered by [20+1] potent plant extracts, Double Serum is the only anti-aging serum that reactivates the skin’s 5 vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection.

My recommendation is to apply a pre-styling spray such as Repair&Protec 7 by TRESemme over damp hair: you’ll have the prefect canvas for a great braid.”

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluid 7/17 Launch NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluid is strobing the NAKED way; you can see it, but you can’t SEE it. This creamy highlighter instantly illuminates and blurs flaws for the perfect NAKED glow. Price: $28, Available at Sephora/ Sephora.com, Ulta Beauty/Ulta.com, select Macy’s stores / Macys.com, and UrbanDecay.com


WOMAN by Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Fragrances introduces WOMAN, a feminine fragrance inspired by Ralph Lauren’s vision of a heroine. Fearless yet feminine, strong yet expressive, she strikes an alluring harmony between audacious power and feminine grace. Price: $110 (100mL) $84 (50mL) $64 (30mL) Avaialble at Macy’s and Macys.com starting August 1st.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Edp Collector’s Edition An elegant and sophisticated interpretation of the classic Polo Blue Eau De Toilette, Polo Blue Eau De Parfum balances the sparkling freshness of bergamot and cardamom with the seductive intensity of vetiver and ambery woods. Price: $95 (125 Ml) Available at Bloomingdales, retailers nationwide and at RalphLauren.com










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F e r n a n da R o m e ro J o ss i e O c h oa

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Lizza Monet

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Pili Montilla


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Tania Peregrino 11. 12


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. Yarel Ramos




s the founder and CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina Network, Ana Flores is excited to be a part of the cover: “The first reason is witnessing my daughter’s reaction when she sees me in the magazine; it’s a legacy for her to be proud of,” Ana admits with a laugh. “I’m also excited for this cover to elevate our community and to show the work that we’re doing.” Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

I​ love to say that everything’s “figureoutable”. I’m a bit stubborn that way! Lots I haven’t figured out because I haven’t had to yet! What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

​ M y morning meditation practice. I figured out that was an essentital tool and created a discipline of minimum 15- minutes every morning. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

​ h, a lot! I have a very gypsy/spiritual O side to me that I embraced fully almost 20 years ago when I moved to México. During that time, I quit my corporate media job and moved to a magical, mystical town called Tepoztlan, managed an aromatherapy store for a few months and lived in what was almost a commune. I miss those days!. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

​ arla Morrison, Natalia Lafourcade, C Ely Guerra...I’m very much into the Latina singer/songwriter vibe. I haven’t read a novel in what seems like forever because I’m always reading something spiritual like Marianne Williamson or business-y. But just today I took my girl to the library and checked out an Isabel Allende book. I used to read her all the time, so I’m glad to go back to a familiar author. ​ What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

​My 10-year old daughter.

As for managing a network of digital Latina influencers and brands, Ana is passionate about putting Latina women in the spotlight. Regarding current goals, Ana says, “We want to expand educational activities and make more opportunities accessible to Latinas without any barriers.”Her annual #WeAllGrow Latina Network Summit is a much sought-after conference for media personalities, social media influencers, and industry insiders. No matter if it’s through a blog, a video or speaking engagement, Ana advises other women to focus on their dreams, saying, “Listen to yourself. You have to trust yourself.”

como Marianne Williamson o algo de negocios. Pero hoy mismo llevé a mi niña a la biblioteca y sacamos un libro de Isabel Allende. Solía l​​eerla todo el tiempo, así que me alegro de volver a una autora familiar. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Mi hija de 10 años. The best place to be/feel YOU, the truest you...

T​ulum, México. I´ve been going since 1999, and it always pulls me back. ​ Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to....

​ mbrace uncertainty and difficult times E as moments to learn from. Only time can show you the lessons. The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

​ ith faith and confidence. I’ve lived long W enough now to know that I’ll always land on my two feet and the uncertain times are just moments to reboot and learn. ​ What would you like to do in your next life?


What brings you ALEGRIA?

​ side from my daughter’s joy, mis A amigas. I’m blessed to have lived in many cities and have planted beautiful seeds of friendship that transcend time and borders. Spending time with them even after years and realizing that connection is still as strong as ever, gives me incredible joy. That, and dancing all night.

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Me encanta decir que todo es “figurable”. ¡Soy un poco terca en ese sentido! Hay mucho que no he descubierto porque todavía no he tenido que hacerlo. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Mi práctica de meditación matutina. Me di cuenta de que era una herramienta esencial y he creado una disciplina de mínimo 15 minutos cada mañana. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

¡Oh, mucho! Tengo un lado muy gitano / espiritual para mí que abracé completamente hace casi 20 años cuando me mudé a México. Durante ese tiempo, dejé mi trabajo de medios corporativos y me mudé a una mágica y mística ciudad llamada Tepoztlán, gestioné una tienda de aromaterapia durante unos meses y viví en lo que era casi una comuna. ¡Extraño esos días! ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Carla Morrison, Natalia Lafourcade, Ely Guerra ... Estoy muy en la vibra de cantantes y compositores latinos. No he leído una novela en mucho tiempo porque siempre estoy leyendo algo espiritual

Un lugar para sentirte TU...

Tulúm, México. Voy desde el 99 y siempre regreso. Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Abrace la incertidumbre y los momentos difíciles como momentos para aprender. Sólo el tiempo puede enseñarte las lecciones. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Con fe y confianza. He vivido lo suficiente ahora para saber que siempre voy a aterrizar en mis dos pies y los tiempos de incertidumbre son sólo momentos para reiniciar y aprender. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?


¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Aparte de mi hija, mis amigas. Tengo la bendición de haber vivido en muchas ciudades y haber plantado hermosas semillas de amistad que trascienden el tiempo y las fronteras. Pasar tiempo con ellas, incluso después de años y darse cuenta de que la conexión sigue tan fuerte como siempre, me da una alegría increíble. Eso, y bailar toda la noche.




LopEz Y

ou would think that by running an award-winning restaurant, producing a popular podcast and being frequently featured on forbes.com, Bricia Lopez would finally feel that she can sit back and relax, but that is not the case. Bricia states that her focus is: “To never stop growing. I don’t think you ever ‘make it’ because you always have to be figuring out trends, the direction of the market and what you can do to improve.” What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

My family. I have a wonderful husband who supports everything I do without questioning me. I have a healthy baby boy who always gives me a reason to smile.  My sisters and brother are all my best friends. And my parents who, although they don’t live in LA with me, I can always count on. Family love is unlike any other. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

I don’t really know how to ride a bike, but I LOVE to get on my spin bike. What music, artists, and books are a part of your current vibe?

I love to no think about putting a specific playlist together, so most of the time, I’ll go on Tidal and check out the Top 100. I love listening to that when I am working out. I love hip-hop and anything and everything that makes me feel sexy on the dance floor. As far as books, I just finished Leaders Eat Last, and Tim Ferri’s Tools of the Titans.  I love anything from Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Joel Osteen. As for artists, RETNA has always been a favorite of mine. I love seeing how successful he’s gotten and watching his career skyrocket all the way to the top. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced- enough to keep dreaming?

I have a strong relationship with my faith. I visit church regularly and singing worship music always brings a sense of calmness into my life. I love the scripture that says “Be still, for I am God.”  I also journal a lot. I try to journal every day, but realistically, I only do it 3-4 times a week.

This philosophy not only refers to herself but also extends to the brands she manages. With her Super Mamas podcast, Bricia wants to continue to encourage and to reassure mothers in their parenting. Regarding her popular family restaurant, Guelaguetza, Bricia explains her goal: “To see young generations come and learn a little about their culture in the restaurant. I would love for people to experience Oaxaca in LA.” No matter where her path leads to, Bricia says that her true passion is both, “hosting people and connecting with people.”

The best place to be/feel YOU, the truest you…

Next to my husband and son.

Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to....

To ask yourself these three questions every day: Why do I want it? How do I get it? The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

I don’t compare myself with people, I instead feel inspired. Everyone is running their own race. We all know what’s best for ourselves, and for our families. We are all uniquely beautiful. Only I know how to do me the best. What would you like to do in your next life?

Climb Mount Everest.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

Sharing my culture and my being with the world. I love to make people smile and laugh. I love knowing I am raising a strong man in a woman’s world and knowing that at the end of the day, I am living the life God intended for me.

¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Mi familia. Tengo un marido maravilloso que apoya todo lo que hago sin cuestionarme. Tengo un niño sano que siempre me da una razón para sonreír. Mis hermanas y hermanos son mis mejores amigos. Y mis padres con los que, aunque no viven en Los Ángeles, siempre puedo contar. El amor familiar es diferente a cualquier otro. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Realmente no sé montar en bicicleta, pero me encanta subirme a la bici estacionaria. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Me encanta no tener que pensar en armar una lista de reproducción, así que la mayoría de las veces, voy a Tidal y echo un vistazo a los 100 mejores. Me gusta escuchar eso cuando estoy trabajando. Adoro el hip-hop y cualquier cosa que me haga sexy en la pista de baile. En cuanto a los libros, acabo de terminar “Los líderes comen al último”, y “Herramientas de Titanes”, de Tim Ferris. Me encanta cualquier cosa de Tony Robbins, Oprah, y Joel Osteen. En cuanto a los artistas, RETNA siempre ha sido uno de mis favoritos. Me encanta ver lo exitoso que ha conseguido y ver

su carrera dispararse todo el camino hasta la cima. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Tengo una fuerte relación con mi fe. Visito regularmente la iglesia y canto música de fé y siempre me trae una sensación de calma en mi vida. Me encanta la escritura que dice “Quédate quieto, porque yo soy Dios”. También escribo mucho en mi diario. Trato de hacerlo todos los días, pero de manera realista, sólo lo hago 3-4 veces a la semana. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Al lado de mi marido y mi hijo.

Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Se hiciera estas tres preguntas todos los días: ¿Qué quiero?, ¿por qué lo quiero?, ¿cómo lo obtengo? ¿Cómo lidias con los altibajos?

No me comparo con la gente, sino que me inspiro. Todo el mundo está corriendo su propia carrera. Todos sabemos lo que es mejor para nosotros y para nuestras familias. Todos somos hermosos. Sólo sé cómo hacerme a mí misma mejor. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

Escalar el Monte Everest.

¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Compartir mi cultura y mi ser con el mundo. Me encanta hacer sonreír y reír a la gente. Me encanta saber que estoy criando un hombre fuerte en el mundo de una mujer y sabiendo que al final del día, estoy viviendo la vida que Dios planeó para mi.


GARAY Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

Everything! Lfie is difficult, and every day there are new obstacles and challenges that we have to learn from. I don’t think you ever really “figure” life out. But you definitely learn from it. What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

I can always count on my husband and mom to keep me grounded, and they are always very honest about any decision or project I want to take on. Their opinion is very important to me and knowing they agree with the decisions I make gives me that sense of peace. What is something that only your close friends know about you?

I love to dance! I used to be in folklorico when I was younger, and I always wanted to be a professional dancer. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

I am all about the urban Latino music at the moment. Maluma, J Balvin and Nicki Jam are some of my favorites. But I also love my old-school Mexican music like Chalino Sanchez and Conjunto Primavera. I grew up on that stuff. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

My family and close friends keep me balanced. They help me stay humble and not to let social media go to my head. My full-time job and juggling with time keeps me unbalanced and can throw me off a bit. But at the end of the day, I always try and have a positive mind set about continuing to dream, because anything is possible. The best place to be/feel YOU...

Being at home with my family makes me the happiest. Since becoming a mom, I look forward to getting off work and coming home to my son and husband. 42


had no idea I was going to be interviewing Wonder Woman until the day of the shoot Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot, “¡no te llegan ni a los talones!” Blogging and being a social media influencer takes time, passion and dedication. During her commute back from her full-time job, she rapidly changes hats and becomes Super Mom! It was so refreshing to talk with Claudia. She made me feel like, “Oh my God, if you can do this, so can I!” And so can a lot of women who have a passion for writing, sharing and inspiring. Claudia’s blog, “The Penny Closet” was her husband’s idea. He actually came up with the name! It started as a creative outlet for his photographs of Claudia and evolved into what it is today. The fact that she enjoyed sharing her secrets with other women solidified the idea of starting. The Penny Closet was born out of Claudia’s love for sharing with friends and family. It was never a plight to obtain followers nor the perks that came with being a successful social media influencer.

¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Mi familia y amigos cercanos me mantienen equilibrada. Ellos me ayudan a mantenerme humilde y no dejan que los medios sociales se me vayan a la cabeza. Mi trabajo de tiempo completo y los malabares con el tiempo me mantienen desequilibrado y pueden descontrolarme un poco. Pero al final del día, siempre intento tener una mentalidad positiva para seguir soñando, porque todo es posible El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to...

Never give up on your dream and passion. With consistency and dedication, you can achieve anything. It’s not about rushing to get there but enjoying those moments that get you to your dreams. The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

When things are going well with my blog, it just gives me an extra boost of motivation to continue. Then there are those days when things aren’t as good. I always try and give myself a little break to figure out what I can change or improve to make it better. Sometimes you just need to step back for a bit in order to move forward. One step back, two steps forward! What would you like to do in your next life?

Travel more! And maybe have five kids! What brings you ALEGRIA?

Two things! My son and my mom’s homemade tacos bring me ALEGRIA!

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

¡Todo! La vida es difícil, y cada día hay nuevos obstáculos y desafíos de los que tenemos que aprender. No creo que uno nunca “le entienda” a la vida. Pero definitivamente aprendes de ella. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Siempre puedo contar con mi esposo y mi mamá para mantenerme firme, y siempre son muy honestos acerca de cualquier decisión o proyecto que quiera emprender. Su opinión es muy importante para mí y saber que están de acuerdo con las decisiones que tomo me da esa sensación de paz. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

¡Me encanta bailar! Solía ​​ estar en folklórico cuando era más joven, y siempre quise ser bailarina profesional. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Estoy muy entusiasmada con la música latina urbana en este momento. Maluma, J Balvin y Nicki Jam son algunos de mis favoritos. Pero también me encanta mi música mexicana de la vieja escuela como Chalino Sánchez y Conjunto Primavera. Crecí en esas cosas.

Estar en casa con mi familia me hace feliz. Desde que soy mamá, espero poder el momento de regresar del trabajo para estar con mi hijo y mi esposo ¿Qué le dirías a un soñador?

Nunca renunciara a su sueño y pasión. Con consistencia y dedicación, puedes lograr cualquier cosa. No se trata de apresurarse a llegar allí, sino disfrutar de esos momentos que te llevan a tus sueños. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Cuando las cosas van bien con mi blog, me dan un impulso de motivación adicional para continuar. Luego hay días en que las cosas no son tan buenas. Siempre trato de darme un pequeño descanso para averiguar lo que puedo cambiar o mejorar para hacerlo mejor. A veces sólo tienes que dar un pequeño paso atrás para seguir adelante. ¡Un paso atrás, dos pasos adelante! ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

¡Viajar más! ¡Y tal vez tener cinco hijos! ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

¡Dos cosas! Mi hijo, y los tacos caseros de mi mamá ¡me traen ALEGRIA!








right, colorful and bubbly, actress and model Fernanda Romero uses digital media as a way to keep in touch with her audiences. “I love to live life,” Fernanda explains: “I love to share my adventures with people.”

With various projects that she is currently focused on, including her Vita Parfum line and doing some writing for a feature film, Fernanda advises those who wish to follow in her footsteps: “It’s really important to know your audience. Find your niche and build on that. That’s what I want to reflect, and I want to share that story with people.”

“Haz lo que amas, nunca dejes de soñar y siempre cree en ti mismo”

Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

Myself; still working on that and I learn more every day. The world is an unpredictable place… what is something that you can count on to keep you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?


Outside of your social media persona, what is something that only your close friends know about you?

That I am the most chill adventurous chick you know. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

Gosh… Miguel Ruiz, Kabbalah, The White Cherries. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

My passion for life.


The best place to be/feel YOU, the truest you...

Nature, and when I’m surrounded by my true friends and family. Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to....

Do what you love, never stop dreaming and always believe in yourself. Working and living in a digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

I create more and more so I don’t get stuck. What would you like to do in your next life?

Possibly an archaeologist. Otherwise, I would definitely get involved in arts. I would love to be a badass Rockstar. Of course, what brings you ALEGRIA?

To be here in the now. Sharing this moment with you and having the opportunity to share my journey with lovely people. Yo inspire and get inspired.

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

A mí misma; todavía estoy trabajando en ello y cada día aprendo más. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Con la naturaleza.

¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Que soy la chica más chill y aventurera que jamás conocerás.

Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Haz lo que amas, nunca dejes de soñar y siempre cree en ti mismo. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Creando más y más para no quedarme atrapada. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Posiblemente ser arqueóloga. O si no, definitivamente me involucraría en las artes. Me encantaría ser una tremenda estrella de rock.

¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Estar aquí en el ahora. Compartir este momento con ustedes y tener la oportunidad de compartir mi viaje con gente encantadora. Inspirar y ser inspirada.

Miguel Ruiz; cabala; The White Cherries.

Mi pasión por la vida.

El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Cerca de la naturaleza, y cuando estoy rodeada de mis verdaderos amigos y familiares. 45


OCHOA Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

I haven’t figured out why there is so much hate, discrimination, and judgement between us humans. What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

Something I do to keep me grounded is look within me and meditate. Meditating is an amazing way to reset our mind, body, and soul. Being grateful for all the little things in life gives me peace. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

People don’t realize how spiritual I am. Unless you were my close friend, you would realize I am into very deep conversations about energy, the universe, conspiracy theories, and UFOs. What music, artists, and books are a part of your current vibe?

I have a very mixed vibe depending on my mood, but any chill vibes are always my go-to soundtracks, from 90’s R&B to house music: from Spanish pop to reggaeton, all the way to rap & hip-hop, and back to slow jams! I’m very diverse, that’s the beauty of setting a mood. Listening to motivational speakers once or twice a week is definitely part of my vibe to keep me going! What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

I’ve always been a dreamer and a goal getter. I try to go for what makes me happy. It can be tough sometimes, but I like to look at the bigger picture to find inspiration; that always gives me peace and balance.


eauty Queen, Fashionista, Philanthropist, a Humanitarian Spirit and an Advocate for Love all wrapped into one. You may recognize Jossie Ochóa from Instagram and from being the first runner-up on Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014. However, this proud woman of Guatemalan descent won the hearts of viewers for a lot more than her grace and beauty.

Through her non-profit, Misión Guatemala, Jossie raises funds to provide impoverished youth across Guatemala with necessities such as school supplies, hygiene kits, and food. It is a labour of love and an honor for her to do this for her parents birth country. She sees pageantry as so much more than a crown, a sash, and beautiful gowns; it was her channel to fulfilling her life’s purpose: to uplift others. As a proud Guatemalan-American, she wants to represent her people, educate others of their poverty and struggles and create a loving and compassionate community.

The best place to be/feel YOU, the truest you...

I love to disconnect from everything and everyone, to have a moment with myself and center my energy, and that is by sitting by the ocean and listening to the waves. Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to...

Always follow their instincts. Your intuition will take you to places you won’t imagine! Stay focused and keep positive! The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

My key to riding this wave is to never lose my passion for what I do, always stay connected with my audience, and be authentic. What would you like to do in your next life?

I would like to be a shapeshifter and travel the galaxy! What brings you ALEGRIA?

Being surrounded by the best energies and creating amazing moments that will last forever!!!! A little party never hurt anybody!!!

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

No he entendido por qué hay tanto odio, discriminación y prejuicio entre nosotros los humanos. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz? 

crear un ambiente. Escuchar a conferencistas motivacionales una o dos veces por semana es definitivamente parte de mi vibra para mantenerme en movimiento. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando? 

Siempre he sido una soñadora y he perseguido mis metas. Trato de conseguir siempre lo que me hace feliz. Puede ser difícil, pero me gusta mirar el panorama completo para encontrar inspiración y eso siempre me da paz y equilibrio. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Me encanta desconectarme del mundo para tener un momento conmigo misma y centrar mi energía, y eso lo hago sentándome junto al océano y escuchando las olas.   Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Algo que hago para mantener mis pies en la tierra es mirar dentro de mí y meditar. Meditar es una manera increíble de restablecer nuestra mente, cuerpo, y alma. Ser agradecida por todas las pequeñas cosas de la vida me da paz.

Me encantaría decirle que siga siempre a sus instintos. ¡Su intuición lo llevará a lugares que no se imagina! ¡Que se mantenga enfocado y positivo!

La gente no se da cuenta de lo espiritual que soy. A menos que seas mi amigo íntimo te darás cuenta de que me encanta tener conversaciones profundas sobre la energía, el universo, las teorías de conspiración, y los ovnis.

Mi clave para montar esta ola es nunca perder la pasión por lo que hago, siempre estar conectada con mi audiencia y ser auténtica.  

¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

¿Qué música, artistas, y libros forman parte de tu vibra?

Tengo una vibra muy variada dependiendo de mi estado de ánimo, pero cualquier música que de una vibra “chill”, desde el R&B de los 90 hasta House, del pop en español al reggaetón; del rap y hip hop ¡hasta las baladas! Soy muy diversa, esa es la belleza de

El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

¡Me gustaría ser un “cambia-formas” y viajar por la galaxia! ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Estar rodeada de las mejores energías y crear momentos increíbles que durarán para siempre. ¡Un poquito de fiesta nunca le hizo daño a nadie!






Monet Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...


What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

A woman who empowers other women, Lizza believes that “If you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go far you go together.” At our shoot, she was surrounded by successful women who have made their own way while supporting each other.

Why is it so hard for everyone to look at the world through love filled eyes? I’m living proof that when you do, the world changes. Fighting wars over who’s religion is better or who’s skin tone is superior in 2017 is so Paleolithic. I dream of a world where showing empathy, leading with your heart and being loving to others is the default, not the exception.

Regardless of where I am in the world or what time it is, knowing I can pick up the phone and call my mom for advice or clarity always brings me peace of mind. I also think about what advice my dear abuelita would give to me in any given situation. That woman had a saying or sage advice for everything. I share some of her sayings and wisdom in the book I co-wrote, “Latina Empowerment Through Leadership” and carry a copy with me wherever I go. What is something that only your close friends know about you?

I love learning new skills and trades. For instance, I’ve been a Notary Public since I graduated from high school, for no other reason than to have a skill that may come in handy one day. And it has. A lot. LOL. I also speak Japanese, it was one of my minors in college. And I rarely ever drink coffee or soda, but I love iced tea! What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

I must shout out “Latina Empowerment Through Leadership,” a book I co-wrote with a group of fellow #ClassyChingonas. In it, I share my “Classy Chingona Success System” to help other Latinas step into their light and set their lives personal and businesson track for success. I break it down into small actionable steps that deliver big results. As for music, I’m loving J. Balvin and Willy Willam’s Mi Gente, and J. Balvin and Chris Jeday’s Ahora Dice. Regarding television, I’m FALL

izza’s mother raised her to be a classy chingona. She is what I would call an iron fist in a velvet glove. I didn’t know a lot about her when I arrived at our cover shoot in Downtown LA. As I sat next to her while she was getting her make-up done, I was immediately blown away by her poise and confident demeanor, along with her academic and professional accomplishments. Above all, I was extremely impressed by her strong belief in educating young girls about the importance of “Passive Income” and how it changes the name of the game. Hello! Where were your words of wisdom when I was growing up?! In an Instagram dominated world, Lizza has no filter; she lives her life with no apologies and is about as real as they come.

obsessed with “The Defiant Ones” on HBO. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

Knowing I’m not done. I have set some lofty goals for myself and I am doing my best to hit as many as possible, both professionally and personally, before my time is up. I wake up every morning laughing and filled with gratitude. I seriously look up and say: “Thank you” and jump out of bed excited for what’s possible. The best place to be/feel YOU...

Anytime I’m on stage or in front of the camera. As a born storyteller, whether I’m acting in a role, reporting, interviewing or livestreaming, I live for sharing a story and connecting with others. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Seeing the world through love-filled eyes, as I encourage my #LoveBugNation to do. Every day I seek to do something that celebrates the kid inside me. I’ve done everything from walking through airports wearing a unicorn onesie to rolling down the South Lawn at The White House. As adults, we often forget to laugh and limit our joy. Seeing the look on people’s faces when I do things in public, always cracks me up and brings me true ALEGRIA.

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

¿Por qué es tan difícil mirar al mundo a través de ojos llenos de amor? Soy la prueba viviente de que cuando lo haces, el mundo cambia. Pelear por religión o por el tono de piel en 2017 es tan paleolítico!. Sueño con un mundo donde la empatía, liderar con tu corazón y ser amoroso sea la regla y no la excepción. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Saber que sin importar el lugar y la hora siempre puedo tomar el teléfono y llamar a mi mamá me trae paz. También pienso en los consejos que mi querida abuelita me daría en cualquier situación. Ella tenía un consejo sabio para todo. Comparto algunos de sus dichos y su sabiduría en el libro que escribí, “Latina Empowerment Through Leadership” y llevo una copia conmigo donde quiera que vaya. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Me encanta aprender nuevas habilidades y oficios. Por ejemplo, he sido Notario Público desde que me gradué de la escuela, por la única razón de tener una habilidad que podría ser útil un día. Y lo ha sido! También hablo japonés y rara vez bebo café o soda, pero ¡me encanta el té helado!

¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Debo mencionar “Latina Empowerment Through Leadership”, un libro que escribí con un grupo de colegas #ClassyChingonas. En ella, comparto mi “Sistema de Éxito Chingona con Clase” para ayudar a otras Latinas a encontrar su luz y establecer su vida personal y profesional en la ruta para el éxito. Lo divido en pequeños pasos a ejecutar que ofrecen grandes resultados. En cuanto a la música, estoy enamorada de Mi Gente de J. Balvin y Willy Willam y de Ahora Dice, de J. Balvin y Chris Jeday. En cuanto a la televisión, estoy obsesionada con la serie de cuatro partes de “The Defiant Ones” en HBO. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Saber que no he terminado. Me he propuesto metas altas y estoy haciendo mi mejor esfuerzo para alcanzar tantas como sea posible antes de que termine mi tiempo. Despierto cada mañana riendo y llena de gratitud. Levanto la cabeza y digo: “Gracias” y salto de la cama emocionada por lo que es posible. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Cada vez que estoy en el escenario o delante de la cámara. Como una cuenta-historias nata, si estoy actuando en un papel, reportaje, entrevista o livestreaming, vivo para compartir historias y conectarme con otros. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Ver el mundo a través de ojos llenos de amor, como animo a mi comunidad #LoveBugNation a hacer. Cada día busco hacer algo por la niña dentro de mí. He hecho todo, desde atravesar un aeropuerto vistiendo un overol de unicornio, a rodar en el césped de la Casa Blanca. Como adultos, a menudo nos olvidamos de reír y limitamos nuestra alegría. Ver la mirada en la cara de la gente cuando hago cosas en público, siempre me divierte y me trae verdadera ALEGRIA. 49



rowing up, I felt I didn’t have these role models that looked or sounded like me in books and TV. I had these feelings like I didn’t belong,” Patty Rodriguez reminisces. Now that she is a mother herself, and armed with those feelings and past experiences, Patty co-founded the popular children’s books, Lil’ Libros – a series of bilingual books that expose children to elements of their Latino heritage, while incorporating an educational aspect.

Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

The hate that many people have in their hearts. The desire to want to get even. If we focused on ourselves, on our creativity, this world would be a better place. What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

My faith. Believing in it whole-heartedly. Knowing that I am responsible for myself and can control how I confront any situation. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

This a tough question. I don’t think there is anything. Before social media, I shared my whole life on the radio. What music, artists, and books are a part of your current vibe?

I am currently re-reading “The Secret.” I love that book and I am constantly rereading it. It’s a way to recharge and remind me that the universe is always listening to us! What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

There is still so much I want to do, and that desire is what keeps me dreaming. It’s the balance of “I have not done enough in this world.” The best place to be/feel YOU...

My home. I love to be at home. It’s where I feel safe. If I’m home with my family, that is all I need.


Determined to empower fellow Latino parents, Patty partnered up with author Ariana Stein to develop this book series, which has already developed a strong following. “If we don’t invest in our community, we stand to lose so much of our culture,” Patty explains. The books also pay tribute to her parents: “I am a product of my immigrant parents, and I felt a responsibility to make them proud.” She’s thankful that as a radio host at KIIS-FM, she’s been able to become a familiar voice to listeners, and hopes that her work and her speaking engagements will continue to influence other Latinos, especially when they want to accomplish any goals they may have. Patty wants her followers to be inspired: “Don’t be afraid of fear. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.”

¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Todavía hay mucho que quiero hacer, y ese deseo es lo que me mantiene soñando. Es el equilibrio de “No he hecho lo suficiente en este mundo”. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to...

To embrace fear. Don’t be afraid of fear. Be afraid of not being the best person you can be. The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

That´s one of the toughest things artists entrepreneurs must go through. The uncertainty. I have learned to embrace my lows just as much as my highs. My lows help me understand where my challenges stand. I learn much more from my lows. The lows teach, ground, and humble you. What would you like to do in your next life?

I would love to be a gymnast, maybe a soccer player. An athlete of some sort. Women athletes are incredible and so powerful! What brings you ALEGRIA?

A good story. Whether it is a book, song, movie, essay, even a commercial! I love stories.

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

El odio que muchas personas tienen en sus corazones. El deseo de venganza. Si nos centráramos en nosotros mismos, en nuestra creatividad, este mundo sería un lugar mejor. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

A través de mi fe. Creyendo en ella con todo mi corazón. Sabiendo que soy responsable de mi misma y que siempre puedo controlar cómo enfrento cada situación. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Esta es una pregunta difícil. No creo que haya nada. Antes de los medios de comunicación social, compartí toda mi vida en la radio. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Actualmente estoy releyendo “El Secreto”. Me encanta ese libro y lo releo constantemente. Es una manera de recargarme y me recuerda que ¡el universo siempre nos escucha!

Mi hogar. Me encanta estar en casa. Es donde me siento segura. Si estoy en casa con mi familia, eso es todo lo que necesito. Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Que aceptara el miedo. No le temas al miedo. Ten miedo de no ser la mejor persona que puedes ser. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Esa es una de las cosas más difíciles que los artistas emprendedores deben vivir. La incertidumbre. He aprendido a aceptar las bajas tanto como las altas. Mis bajas me ayudan a entender dónde están mis desafíos. Aprendo mucho más de mis bajas. Las bajas te enseñan, te mueven y te dan humildad. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

Me encantaría ser gimnasta, tal vez futbolista. Atleta de algún tipo. ¡Las atletas son increíbles y tan poderosas! ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Una buena historia. Ya se trate de un libro, canción, película, ensayo, ¡incluso un comercial! Me encantan las historias.







MONTILLA Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

How there are still people who strive on hate and injustice. How we are yet unable to see that love is really the answer. And how am I not yet part of a rock band? (Ha, ha, ha!) What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

Listening to good music, meditation, exercise, breathing and deep conversations with good friends. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

That I’m a goofball! That I don’t take life nor myself too seriously. And that I’d rather wear no makeup, do my hair or wear high heels! Oh and that my mom’s maiden name is Byrne. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

Cerati is always on my playlists. His music provides me with a safe place. Thus he has influenced my life in great ways. It is no coincidence that my music show “Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla” is named after one of his songs! The Killers, Alt J, Bomba Estéreo and Arcade Fire also make me feel very much alive. Mexican painter Gretel Joffroy’s work is vibrant and colorful. I really appreciate and enjoy her artistry. I am currently reading three books on spirituality, selflove, and growth. Among them “Live Your Happyl” by Rev. Maria Felipe and “El Círculo Virtuoso,” by Gaby Natale. As I often say: Inner work works! And these books are part of my spiritual and self-growth journey. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

My passion for connecting with people and being a vehicle for which they can share their stories. There are so many amazing, talented, creative, driven people in the world! My calling is to create a space for them to share their FALL


f I could embody the qualities of someone I truly admire, who would it be? She would be a woman of strength, a self-made Latina who believes in empowering other women, someone who, despite her platform and success, was humble and went beyond ego or self-involvement, someone who gives of herself to others, who is empathetic, kind and generous of spirit. All of those qualities describe the beautiful Pili Montilla!

The host/producer of “VidaLexus Presenta: Te Para Tres Con Pili Montilla” holds the Puerto Rican flag very high. As a social media influencer, Pili Montilla has made a reputable name for herself as the host of choice for the bilingual music/entertainment industry. Completely immersed and dedicated to alternative music, this muse thrives on discovering new talent. The success of “Te Para Tres” is fueled byher passion for this genre and its emerging and struggling artists. She believes that music is a powerfulunifying force that everyone can speak, understand and feel.

stories so they can inspire and motivate us through them. The best place to be/feel YOU...

When I’m dancing. And this can happen anywhere! From in front of the mirror in my bedroom, to the middle of nowhere at a festival in the desert. Music makes me feel so many emotions! I use my body to express those feelings through dancing. Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to....

To fully and wholeheartedly trust herself. To be aware and in tune with her higher self- the voice that operates at a higher frequency and knows the truth. To remember that she is enough, and everything she needs lives within her. The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

Trusting. To fully know that after a low, there ALWAYS comes a high. That’s just the nature of our business. We´ve got to ride the wave. Flow with it, without judgment or expectations. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Watching live music while dancing freely to it, surrounded by likeminded people. That brings me immense joy!

La obra de la pintora mexicana Gretel Joffroy es vibrante y colorida. Realmente aprecio y disfruto su arte. Actualmente estoy leyendo tres libros sobre espiritualidad, amor propio y crecimiento. Entre ellos “Live Your Happyl” de la Rev. María Felipe, y “El Círculo Virtuoso” de Gaby Natale. Como digo a menudo: “El trabajo interno funciona!” Y estos libros son parte de mi viaje espiritual y de auto-crecimiento. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Mi pasión por conectarme con la gente y ser un vehículo para compartir sus historias. ¡Hay tantas personas asombrosas, talentosas y creativas en el mundo! Mi vocación es crear un espacio para que compartan sus historias e inspiren y motiven a través de ellas.

¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Cuando estoy bailando. ¡Y esto puede suceder en cualquier lugar! Delante del espejo en mi habitación, en medio de la nada en un festival en el desierto. ¡La música me hace sentir tantas emociones! Utilizo mi cuerpo para expresar esos sentimientos a través del baile.

Cómo todavía hay personas que se esfuerzan en el odio y la injusticia. Cómo todavía somos incapaces de ver que el amor es realmente la respuesta. ¿Y cómo todavía no soy parte de una banda de rock? Jajaja!!

Escuchar buena música, la meditación, ejercicio, respiración y conversaciones profundas con buenos amigos. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

¡Que soy divertida! No me tomo la vida ni a mí misma demasiado en serio. ¡Y que prefiero no usar maquillaje, arreglarme el cabello, ni usar tacones altos! Oh, y que el apellido de soltera de mi madre es Byrne. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Cerati siempre está en mis listas de reproducción. Su música me brinda un espacio seguro. Así que ha influido en mi vida profundamente. No es coincidencia que mi programa de música “Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla”, sea el nombre de una de sus canciones. The Killers, Alt J, Bomba Estéreo y Arcade Fire, también me hacen sentir viva.

El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

¿Qué le dirías a una soñadora?

Que confiara plena y sinceramente en sí misma. Estar consciente y en sintonía con su yo superior - esa voz dentro de ella que opera a una frecuencia más alta y sabe la verdad-. Que recordara que ella es suficiente, y todo lo que necesita vive dentro de ella. ¿Cómo lidias con los altibajos?

Confiando. Sabiendo que después de una baja, SIEMPRE viene un alta. Esa es la naturaleza de nuestro negocio. Tenemos que montar la ola y estar abiertos a que nos lleve. Fluye con ella, sin juicio ni expectativas. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Ver música en vivo mientras bailo libremente, rodeada de gente de ideas afines. ¡Eso me trae una ALEGRIA inmensa! 53


cordova Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

I think I haven’t figured out LOVE yet. As I get older I want to learn how to be softer and less intimidating to men. I think my independence makes men assume I’m always in boss mode, but the right man will understand that I am indeed the perfect balance of woman and find all my attributes perfect, amazing and SEXY! What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

My dogs are my peace. They understand me and show me unconditional love. They ground me when I come home and are so loyal. If it’s 1 am and I want to go on a 3-mile run guess what, they are ready to go. To me dogs are the ultimate expression of what is it is to be present in the moment. Something than only your close friends know about you...

Something many people may not know about me is that I don’t like going to bed alone, I don’t like to do laundry, and I have only had three boyfriends in my life. What music, artists, and books are a part of your current vibe?

I am hooked Alina Baraz, her music transports me and makes me visualize many things. I am also a huge Spanish trap lover. I love to clean my house listening to Spanish trap. It’s so lyrically nasty and that’s why I love it. I also love a book called “The Language of Letting Go.” It’s my daily meditation book that helps me kick off the day. I literally feel that it speaks to my soul. How do you ride the highs and lows?

I stay focused on my ultimate destination. I remain certain that I am worth accomplishing what I envision so clearly. I trust that God, along with my hard work, will get me there. And when I want to lose faith or give up I remind myself of my Why. Why am I doing this? What’s my intention? 54


hen I started on radio, the only social media that existed was Myspace, but I discovered that I could instantly connect with people and ask them questions without them coming into the radio station,” Raquel Cordova says, as she remembers the dawning of the age of social media. With that discovery, began a new phase of the warm and fiery radio and TV personality’s career. Now, with more creative freedom as a podcaster at CBS, Raquel continues making videos and exploring other social media platforms to connect with more and more people. A self-professed foodie, Raquel has enjoyed adding cooking videos to her repertoire: “Cooking is a side to me that most people don’t know about. It’s a thrill to be in the kitchen where I’m an artist, and I get to make my masterpiece.” With the launch of a series of cooking classes, a possible cookbook and her charity, Amigas4MySoul, Raquel wants to inspire more men and women to embrace their individuality and to: “Be yourself. Be you. You are enough.”

Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to...

Understand that the ups, downs, highs, lows, dips, and turns are all part of the master plan. They help you build character, courage, and give you passion and guts to keep going. What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

Living an unconventional life is what keeps me balanced and unbalanced. There is no freedom in security but there is security in freedom. The best place to be/feel YOU...

The best place I get to be me, feel me, and do me is when I am surrounded by my family. My family is very open and we can say anything around each other. What would you like to do in your next life?

Be a helicopter pilot or a rich stay at home mom with a ton of kids. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To be a dare-devil. I am an adventurous soul and an adrenaline junkie. Things like jumping off a plane, which I have done, zip-lining, flying over Downtown LA in a helicopter, those things make my heart beat fast and bring me ALEGRIA.

¿Algo que aún no hayas descubierto... sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Creo que aún no he descubierto el AMOR. A medida que maduro quiero aprender a ser más suave y menos intimidante. Creo que mi independencia hace que los hombres asuman que estoy siempre en actitud de jefa, pero el hombre correcto comprenderá que soy una mujer con el equilibrio perfecto y pensará que todos mis atributos son perfectos, increíbles y SEXYS! ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Mis perros son mi paz. Ellos me entienden y me muestran AMOR incondicional. Si es la una de la mañana y quiero ir en correr tres millas, ¿adivina qué? Están listos para ir. Para mí los perros son la máxima expresión de lo que es estar presente en el momento. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Que no me gusta irme a la cama sola, no me gusta lavar la ropa, y sólo he tenido tres novios en mi vida. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Estoy enganchada con Alina Baraz, su música me transporta y me hace visualizar muchas cosas. También soy

un gran amante de la música Trap española. Me encanta limpiar mi casa escuchándola. Líricamente es tan brusca, y por eso me encanta. También me encanta un libro llamado “El lenguaje de dejar ir”. Es el libro de meditación que me ayuda a poner en marcha el día. Literalmente siento que le habla a mi alma. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Vivir una vida no convencional es lo que me mantiene equilibrada y desequilibrada. No hay libertad en la seguridad, pero hay seguridad en la libertad. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Cuando estoy rodeada de mi familia. Mi familia es muy abierta y podemos decir cualquier cosa cuando estamos juntos. ¿Qué le dirías a un soñador?

Que entienda que los altibajos, las inmersiones y las vueltas forman parte del plan maestro. Ellos te ayudan a edificar tu carácter, valor, y te dan pasión y agallas para seguir adelante. ¿Cómo lidias con las altibajos?

Me mantengo enfocada en mi destino final. Estoy convencida de merezco cumplir lo que visualizo tan claramente. Confío en que Dios, junto con mi trabajo duro, me lleve allí. Y cuando quiero perder la fe o renunciar recuerdo mi PORQUÉ. ¿Por qué estoy haciendo esto? ¿Cuál es mi intención? ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

Ser un piloto de helicóptero o una mamá rica que se queda en casa con un montón de niños. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Soy un alma aventurera y una adicta a la adrenalina. Cosas como saltar de un avión, -lo que he hecho-, la tirolesa, volar sobre Los Ángeles en un helicóptero; esas cosas hacen que mi corazón lata rápido y me traen ALEGRIA.







peregrino Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

None of the above except for love. I think that if we figure out love we don’t need to figure out anything else. How do you find peace?

Faith. Knowing that it doesn’t matter what happens in our lives, everything will be all right. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

I love doing pranks on my friends and family and get such a good laugh from that. I paint my grandpa’s nails when he is sleeping, glue toilette paper on my friends’ back and I always start cake wars on birthdays -everyone ends up with icing on their face if I’m around. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

l pretty much love all types of music from Banda, Cumbia, and Salsa to rock, pop and hip-hop. Right now, I’m listening Kesha, Malibu, Miley Cyrus, and Attention-Charlie Puth. I’m currently reading a really good book called “Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.” by Adam Grant. What keeps you balanced enough to keep dreaming?

Creativity and passion. It makes me feel balanced when I’m keeping up with my work, projects, and goals. Unbalanced, because creativity is always irrational and unexpected, which sometimes leads to procrastination. But on the path of procrastination you find inspiration. The best place to be/feel YOU...

My parent’s house, I still feel like a kid. What would you say to a dreamer?

Start early and don’t wait for dreams to happen magically. We think that successful people run with good luck or privileges, but that’s a lie. Successful people work hard to get where they are. We have all the ingredients to make the FALL


his soft-spoken and talented Creative Entrepreneur takes joy in advising young women about how to further their careers, how to be productive, the tricks to social media marketing and branding, and how to expand their businesses. Her sole purpose is trying to eliminate some of the obstacles she herself encountered at the beginning of her career, by teaching them how to manifest their entrepreneurial goals to say that she is passionate about inspiring and motivating other women is an understatement.She wanted to begin a chain reaction of “If she can do it, so can I” and that is how Yo Soy Empresaria was born. A graduate of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), Tania Peregrino became independent at a very young age. She left her family in El Paso, TX and arrived to the “big glamorous monster’s mouth” (aka LA), at seventeen. She took on every job under the sun until she graduated with a degree in Visual Communications and Digital Media. This allowed Tania to pursue careers as a Fashion Stylist, and as a Social Media Director, among other creative roles. Over time she finally acquired enough experience to confidently call herself a Creative Director.

cake, but we don’t want to do the work. Don’t waste your time doing something you don’t like, don’t settle for a job you dislike, don’t stay in a relationship where you are unhappy. Most importantly, nurture your spirituality, believe in something that nurtures your soul and keeps you in a path of love. How do you ride the highs and lows?

I believe that in life we are riding a horse, sometimes we are walking, running and sometimes not moving at all. We don’t have to keep riding in a straight line; we need these bumps in the road to deviate us to the right path. For me, I just follow my feelings. If I feel like running I run, If I feel like stopping I stop; I will continue the next day. There is a reason behind the highs and lows, both are good, both are shaping us in who we truly are, and we will arrive at a beautiful destination if we base our decisions on love. What would you like to do in your next life?

Be a nomad.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

Easiest question: eating tacos. Food makes me so happy I can’t even explain, LOL.

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Ninguna de las anteriores excepto el amor. Creo que si descubrimos el amor no necesitamos averiguar nada más. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Con la fe. Sabiendo que no importa lo que suceda en nuestras vidas, al final todo estará bien. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

Me encanta hacerle bromas y payasadas a mis amigos y familia, ¡me río tanto! Le pinto las uñas a mi abuelo cuando está durmiendo, le pego papel de baño en la espalda a mis amigos y siempre comienzo guerras de pastel en los cumpleaños. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Amo todo tipo de música de banda, cumbia, salsa, rock, pop y hip hop. En este momento estoy escuchando a muchas mujeres: Kesha, Malibu, Miley Cyrus y Charlie Puth. Estoy leyendo un libro muy bueno llamado “Originals: How NonConformists Move the World”, de Adam Grant. También estoy escuchando en

Audible “Synchrondestiny” de Deepak Chopra. ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

La creatividad y la pasión, porque me hace sentir equilibrada realizar mi trabajo, proyectos y metas. Desequilibrado, porque la creatividad es siempre irracional e inesperada, y ello a veces te lleva a la postergación. Pero en el camino de la dilación encuentras inspiración. El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

La casa de mis padres, todavía me siento y actúo como una niña allí.. Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

Comience temprano y no espere a que los sueños ocurran mágicamente. Creemos que la gente exitosa corre con buena suerte o privilegios que nosotros no tenemos, pero es mentira. Las personas exitosas trabajan duro para llegar a donde están. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Sigo mis sentimientos: si tengo ganas de correr, corro; si siento ganas de parar, me detengo; continuaré al día siguiente. Hay una razón detrás de las altas y bajas, ambas son buenas, ambas nos moldean en lo que realmente somos, y al basar nuestras decisiones en el amor llegaremos a un destino hermoso. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?


¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

La pregunta más fácil: comer tacos. La comida me hace tan feliz que ni siquiera puedo explicarlo, LOL.


Ydelays W

hen Ydelays was trying to start a new chapter of her life and moved to the States five years ago, the Venezuelan beauty vlogger never imagined that she was about to embark on a career that would change her life.

Like many immigrants, Ydelays remembers feeling isolated and somewhat alone: “I didn’t know that many people, I didn’t have any friends and I started doing YouTube videos to keep up with my family back home,” Ydelays explains. Her genuine desire to connect with people ended up coming across in her videos and has enabled her to become a well-established social media maven. Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

I feel that every day is a learning. It is impossible to say that I know everything or that someday I will know everything. Every person who comes into your life comes to teach you something and comes for a purpose. What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

Excited for a top-secret project that she hopes to release within the year, in regard to the next phase of her career, Ydelays says: “It’s about me giving back to the audience and followers who have helped me. I want to do more meet-and-greets and talk to people in person.” Citing her family as her number one inspiration, Ydelays’ sister, Salome, proudly described her sister’s character: “She’s the most humble and kind person I know.”

Since there is no good advice, but unique journeys, you would tell a young dreamer to....

Connecting with nature. I think that feeling is unique, regardless of any technological advances and changes that exist in the world. I enjoy looking at the sunset and thinking about how perfect the colors are and feeling the breeze on a beautiful morning; it makes me feel more connected to the world.

Nothing is impossible; life takes many turns. Do not compare yourself with anyone because you are unique, special, and there is no one like you.

What is something than only your close friends know about you?

The most important thing is always to be calm, that is how you make the best decisions. Worrying too much about something that hasn’t happened yet is not worth the stress.

I love cooking! I feel that every person who knows me well knows that and has tried one of my dishes. My secret hobby is to try different types of coffee in many places and then go home and try to make exactly the same drink or my very own improved version! What music, artists, and books are a part of your current vibe?

At this moment I have JLo’s song with Gente de Zona in mind, Ni Tu Ni Yo. I also love Jessie J, the lyrics to her songs and the power of her voice are the perfect match. My favorite books are about personal growth, leadership, and love. I just read Howard Murad’s “Why Have a Bad Day When You Can Have a Good Day?” And now I’m finishing “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green.

The digital, media, artistic and entrepreneurial world is always filled with uncertainty. How do you ride the highs and lows?

What would you like to do in your next life?

I do not think about having a future life, but if that were the case I would be doing something very similar to what I am doing today. What brings you ALEGRIA?

To see people I love smile, and to listen to stories of people who are making their dreams come true. I consider myself a person who loves a good conversation over a nice cup of tea; I can talk for hours!

¿Algo que aún no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Siento que cada día es un aprendizaje. Es imposible decir que lo sé todo o que algún día lo sabré. Cada persona que llega a tu vida viene para enseñarte algo y con un propósito. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

Conectarme con la naturaleza. Siento que ese sentimiento es único, por más cosas nuevas, avances tecnológicos y cambios que existan en el mundo. Disfruto ver el atardecer y pensar en lo perfecto que son los colores y en sentir la brisa en una linda mañana, me genera paz y me siento más conectada con el mundo. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

¡Me encanta cocinar! Siento que toda persona que me conoce bien sabe eso y ha probado algún platillo. Mi hobby secreto es probar diferentes tipos de café en muchos lugares y después volver a casa y tratar de hacer exactamente la misma bebida ¡o mi versión mejorada! ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

En este momento tengo en la mente la

canción de JLo con Gente de Zona, Ni Tu Ni Yo. También me encanta Jessie J, las letras de sus canciones con el poder de su voz son la combinación perfecta. Mis libros favoritos son de crecimiento personal, liderazgo y amor. Acabo de leer “Why Have a Bad Day When You Can Have a Good Day?”, de Howard Murad, y estoy terminando “The Fault in Our Stars” de John Green. Como no hay consejos buenos, sólo hay experiencias únicas, le dirías a un soñador joven que...

No hay nada imposible, la vida da muchísimas vueltas. No te compares con nadie porque tú eres única, especial y no hay nadie como tú. El mundo digital, multimedia, artístico y empresarial está lleno de incertidumbre. ¿Cómo lidias con las altas y bajas?

Lo más importante es mantener siempre la calma, así se toman las mejores decisiones y preocuparse demasiado por algo que no ha pasado no tiene mucha gracia. ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en tu próxima vida?

Yo no pienso en una próxima vida, pero en tal caso sería algo muy similar a lo que estoy haciendo hoy en día. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Ver a las personas que amo sonreír y escuchar historias de personas que están haciendo sus sueños realidad. Me considero una persona amante de una buena conversación con una rica taza de té, ¡puedo hablar por horas!







RAMOS Something you haven’t yet figured out about life, love, and the world...

There are so many things I haven’t figured out yet. Balance, how to balance it all. How to do it all. How to make more time for myself; how to find more time in the day. How to not carry burdens and stress that doesn’t belong to me… How to be at peace with what is going on in the world, in my country, in my community. I take things that are hurtful home with me. It’s been hard to release negative energy and stress... especially when it comes from work. What keeps you grounded and gives you a sense of peace?

Nature, a nice hike, fitness: fitness is my stress reliever. Meditation and yoga keep me Zen and in tune with myself. Journaling and working on my goals and my vision are always great activities to remind me of my purpose in life. My family and friends - spending as much time with them as possible. What is something than only your close friends know about you?

La verdad que si soy un estuche de monerías. I enjoy reading a lot… actual books. I have more books than shoes. Proud of it :) I love to travel, love to do service work when I’m traveling... to get to see other places and meet people for who they really are and what they are going through. I love the ocean and the beach - I would spend the entire day at the beach if I could. I can eat a whole jar of peanut butter in a day. I love to design my own t- shirts. Have been working on a t-shirt line called Xo, Yari -a true reflection of myself and my style. What music, artists and books are a part of your current vibe?

Right now, I am reading a lot of books history and politics. Also listening to a lot of political podcasts- they are my new obsession. I have been listening to a lot of hip hop music lately. I’m a true hip hop fan! FALL


panish media today comes with a heavy dose of digital savvyness and transparency. It also comes with the responsibility of keeping the culture alive, and no one knows that better than El Canal 34’s Yarel Ramos. The talented journalist just knew that she would one day be hosting her own show on Univision. There was never a doubt in her mind; it was just a question of time. Growing up watching the news and telenovelas on the popular Spanish channel, the seed was planted early on. She visualized her goal in her mind and desired it with all her heart. She also wrote those career goals down to make them more tangible. She believes that you need to allow the Universe to work its magic and eventually all the pieces of your “vision board” will come together, just like it did for her when she became the host of Edicion Digital-California. Yarel Ramos loves her job. She is inspired by it every single day. She tells the stories of fearless people who come to this country with a dream. But her career is not anchored on the number of stories she has told, but on their impact. As a Latina journalist, the responsibility to give a voice to the voiceless and pierce the veil of nostalgia through which many Latinos are seen is an obligation, an obligation to tell the truth. Yarel Ramos is a present-day historian who creates a record of life as it happens and she is changing the world one story at a time.

What keeps you balanced and unbalanced enough to keep dreaming?

My parents always keep me balanced and help me find myself when I’m falling off the course. Meditation keeps me awake and present for what truly matters in life. Children, they help me to keep dreaming! The best place to be/feel YOU...

My truest self is the nerdy, goofy, awkward girl that I am. The best place to feel like myself is near the ocean, that’s when I’m happy and joyous and content and balanced and at peace. What would you tell to a young dreamer....

Be present in all matters in life, to truly enjoy the journey. To stop once in a while and smell the roses. What brings you ALEGRIA?

What brings me ALEGRIA... un asado Sinaloense, laughing with my closest friends until my belly hurts, being in the middle of the ocean and spotting dolphins, my parent’s hugs, a beautiful sunset in Mazatlán, Mexico. Children smiling, rain, warm coffee with milk, getting on a plane.. and reading. Lots of reading!

¿Algo que no entiendas sobre la vida, el amor y el mundo?

Hay tantas cosas! Equilibrio, cómo equilibrarlo todo. Cómo hacerlo todo y ganar más tiempo para mí; cómo encontrar más tiempo en el día. Cómo no llevar las cargas y estrés que no me pertenecen... Cómo estar en paz con lo que pasa en el mundo, en mi país, en mi comunidad. Tomo cosas que son dolorosas a casa conmigo. Ha sido difícil liberar la energía negativa y el estrés... especialmente cuando vengo del trabajo. ¿Cómo mantienes los pies en la tierra y encuentras la paz?

La naturaleza, una caminata agradable. El ejercicio me alivia del estrés. La meditación y el yoga me mantienen Zen y en sintonía conmigo misma. Escribir en mi diario y trabajar en mis metas y mi visión son siempre grandes actividades para recordar mi propósito en la vida. Mi familia y amigos - pasar tanto tiempo con ellos como sea posible. ¿Algo que sólo tus amigos cercanos saben acerca de ti?

La verdad soy un estuche de monerías. Me gusta leer mucho en libros reales. Tengo más libros que zapatos. Estoy

orgullosa de ello! Me encanta viajar y hacer algún servicio social cuando viajo... ver otros sitios y conocer gente por lo que son y por lo que están pasando. Me encanta el océano y la playa, podría pasar todo el día allí. Puedo comerme un frasco entero de mantequilla de maní en un día. Me encanta diseñar mis propias camisetas. He estado trabajando en una línea de camisetas llamada Xo, Yari, un verdadero reflejo de mí misma y de mi estilo. ¿Qué música, artistas y libros forman parte de tu vibra actual?

Libros de historia y política. También estoy escuchando muchos podcasts políticos, son mi nueva obsesión. He estado escuchando mucha música hip hop últimamente. Soy una verdadera fan del hip hop! ¿Qué te equilibra y a su vez te desequilibra un poco para seguir soñando?

Mis padres siempre me equilibran y me ayudan a encontrar mi camino cuando me desvío un poco. La meditación me mantiene despierta y presente para lo que realmente importa en la vida. ¡Y los niños, me ayudan a seguir soñando! El mejor lugar para sentirte TU...

Mi verdadero yo es la chica nerd y divertida que soy. El mejor lugar es cerca del océano, donde estoy feliz, alegre, equilibrada y en paz. ¿Qué le dirías a un soñador?

Estuviera presente en todos los aspectos de la vida, para disfrutar verdaderamente del viaje. Que se detuviese de vez en cuando a oler las rosas. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Un asado Sinaloense, reír con mis amigos hasta que me duela el estómago, estar en medio del océano y observar delfines; los abrazos de mis padres, una hermosa puesta de sol en Mazatlán, México. Los niños sonriendo, la lluvia, el café caliente con leche, subir en un avión... y la lectura. Mucha lectura 61

L ou ng i ng i nto Au tu m n


FotografĂ­a: SebastiĂĄn Quintero Modelo: Aleja Yamayo Vestuario: Religare, Mai Petit Styling: Karen Ramirez Hair & Make up: Daniela Uribe

Latina Influencer in Landscape Architecture


Mia Lehrer is a Salvadorianborn American landscape designer. She is the founder and president of Studio-MLA a Landscape Architecture firm based in L.A., California. Lehrer has been involved with the design and building of complex, large-scale infrastructural projects.

When did you discover that Landscape Architecture was your calling?

Mia Lehrer

At first, I thought I wanted to be an architect. Then I discovered that the profession was too square for me. I wanted more access to creative projects. Tell us how motherhood encouraged you to open your own studio...

When I returned from my maternity leave, I was getting the worst, most uninspiring jobs‌ and I got tired of it. I decided to open my own company, as I started to get acquainted with people from the Hollywood circle, such as Dustin Hoffman and Jamie Lee Curtis, who are still my clients. But the real story began when I volunteered to design their playgrounds at my kid’s school. This indirectly led me to work with the school system on a larger scale. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My passion is connecting communities through public spaces in a city like L.A. I see L.A. like a set of villages. You make your village.


ia Lehrer es una diseñadora de arquitectura de paisajes de origen salvadoreño. Ella es la fundadora y presidenta de Studio-MLA, una firma de arquitectura de paisaje con sede en L.A., California. Lehrer ha participado en el diseño y la construcción de complejos proyectos de infraestructura a gran escala.

UNA CONVERSACIÓN CON MIA LEHRER ¿Cuándo descubriste que la Arquitectura del Paisaje era tu vocación?

Era muy joven cuando empecé en este campo. En aquel entonces, pensé que quería ser arquitecta. Entonces descubrí que la profesión era demasiado cuadrada para mí. Quería tener más acceso a proyectos creativos. Cuéntanos sobre la creación de tu estudio gracias a la maternidad ...

Al llegar a California empecé a trabajar, pero luego vino la maternidad. Al regresar de mi licencia, me daban los peores y menos inspiradores trabajos y me cansé de hacerlo. Fue entonces cuando decidí abrir mi propia compañía, a medida que conocía gente del círculo de Hollywood, como Dustin Hoffman y Jamie Lee Curtis, quienes hasta la fecha siguen siendo mis clientes. Pero la verdadera historia comenzó cuando me ofrecí como voluntaria en las escuelas de mi hijo para diseñar sus parques de juego, lo que indirectamente me llevó a trabajar con el sistema escolar a mayor escala años más tarde. ¿Qué te da ALEGRIA?

Mi pasión sigue siendo conectar a las comunidades a través de espacios públicos en una ciudad como Los Ángeles. Renderings by: Studio-MLA

Veo a Los Ángeles como un conjunto de aldeas. Cada quien crea su aldea...


Photo by: Luke Gibson

Latina Influencer in LAW


Delia L. Franco is our ALEGRIA Latina Influencer in Law. Her expertise and passion to help our community makes her one of our favorite Latinas. Delia L. Franco is an experienced immigration lawyer who specializes in litigating deportation defense. From cultivating client relationships to strategizing innovative paths to obtaining legalization, she has represented hundreds of U.S. families who have applied for permanent residence for themselves, their spouses, children, and other close relatives for lawful entry and residence before USCIS, Immigration Court and Appellate Courts of Review.

COMMUNITY SERVICE INVOLVEMENT Ms. Franco has always had a strong commitment to servicing impoverished communities as an undergraduate, a law student and now as an immigration lawyer. She currently provides an array of free legal services to her community. She participates as a pro-bono attorney at the Los Angeles Immigration Court representing respondents that appear without an attorney. In addition, she has participated in numerous community efforts by providing free legal advice and information regarding cutting-edge issues in immigration law at the Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association, Community Lawyers Incorporated, Centro Maravilla Service Center in East Los Angeles, Community Lawyers in Compton, and is currently developing an education program for doctors and patients at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center and Adults Schools throughout Los Angeles. Moreover, Ms. Franco is on the way to creating a nonprofit Legal Clinic which will provide assistance completely free of charge in an array of legal fields to low income individuals of the community. MEMBERSHIP Ms. Franco is admitted to the California Bar and is also admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Attorney Franco is a member of the Latina Lawyers Bar Association, Mexican American Bar Association and the American Immigration Law Association. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY Ms. Franco is fluent in the Spanish language.

EXPERIENCE AND ACTIVITIES Attorney Franco has accumulated a wide-range of skills in the field of immigration law. She has litigated numerous immigration trials dealing with asylum, withholding of removal, protection under the Convention against Torture Act, cancellation of removal, Nacara, Temporary Protective Status, Adjustment of Status, 212(c), 212(h), Violence against Women Act (VAWA), self-petitions, and contested hearings on removability. She also represented clients before USCIS, BIA and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Franco is deeply committed to quality representation of the immigrant community. EDUCATION Ms. Franco attended the University of California at Irvine, majored in Criminology and Law graduating Cum Laude in 2002. She studied internationally in Spain, Mexico and China. She wrote her Honors Thesis on “The Lack of Morals and Ethics in the Regulation of Attorney Conduct” which

was published, presented in symposia and was adopted and integrated into the Legal Profession course at the University. As an undergraduate Ms. Franco was first exposed to criminal law when she clerked for the Public Defenders Office in Orange County. A couple years later she began her immigration work at the immigration section for Catholic Charities in Orange County, where she held weekly sessions at the Santa Ana Detention Center informing immigration inmates about their legal rights. While in law school Ms. Franco was a managing editor for the Latino Law Review. She also partook at the El Centro Clinic where she represented Veteran and homeless individuals before the Social Security Office and Homeless court. She gained invaluable experience working for a criminal defense firm in Santa Monica and a general civil law firm in Westwood. She graduated UCLA School of Law in May 2006. After law school, she clerked for the Public Defender’s Office in San Diego. Ms. Franco passed the California Bar on July of 2006.

You can contact Delia Franco at:



Latina Influencer in Finance

Eva acias FINANCIAL EXPERT Eva Macias, is a powerful leader and sought-after speaker in the financial industry. Eva’s speciality is helping women create a “simple-to-follow” financial plan in 60 minutes or less. Some financial services firms will decide whether to work with you or not based on your income level and net worth. I, on the other hand, believe that all working families deserve access to the same financial information that few families receive. After learning her parents were retiring with just $1,100, Eva decided to dedicate her life to teaching women and working families how to achieve financial freedom. We are committed to “leveling the financial playing field” for all families so that everyone can reach their financial goals. Eva believes that most of our life and school experience has not given us the proper financial background to support us to our financial goal. Having her clients have a strong background of the financial basics has been the foundation of her work.


Financial Freedom One on One Consultation with Award Winning Financial Expert. @evamacias www.evamacias.com 626-315-5769 13305 Penn Street Suite 110. Whittier, CA

MacArthur Place, Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92707 | T 714.852.6840 F 714.852.6899 Los Angeles office (213) 229-2400 | San Francisco office (415) 624-8665 | www.AlvaradoSmith.com

Los Angeles • San Francisco • Orange County • Houston 101




WHAT COULD YOU ACCOMPLISH? What if you could just concentrate on building your business? Would you take more risks? Would you go for larger or more accelerated goals?

Celebrating INSURENEX AssetProtect: A Simple Resource for Complex Business Concerns Every small and medium-sized business has to face a mountain of crucial and complicated details with a limited number of staff who are already performing a wide variety of functions. WE CAN HELP YOU CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN. INSURENEX offers a business platform that bundles everything from payroll, group medical benefits, HR functions, claims consulting, certificates of insurance, workers’ compensation, and added value services for your employees. We will customize a solution that works for you. Then you can add or adjust any of these bundled services through a single point-of-contact.


800-583-2787 / connnect@insurenex.com FALL



r. Ben Talei has Beverly Hills’ fastest growing plastic surgery practice. He completed two separate fellowships following his residency training at Columbia University and Cornell University Medical Centers before returning to his hometown to become one of the most recognized and prominent facial specialists. His revolutionary facelift, lip lift and injectable procedures have been featured on E! News, Fox, NBC and Inside Edition among a host of other editorials. Dr. Talei’s truest passion is connecting with and helping others, traveling across the globe to treat children with deformities and assist sufferers of domestic violence. He invited us for a visit at his stunning office in Beverly Hills to learn more about his practice and the secrets behind his enormous success.

BEN TALEI, DOCTOR SPOTLIGHT the Perfect Combination of Art & Science How did your passion for plastic surgery begin?

I always wanted to be a surgeon. I started to do carpentry when I was 8. I always played the piano and loved building things with my hands. I wanted to do something that people could actually see after the work is done and that’s why I ended up going into head and neck surgery. Then I realized that my life was going to be dealing with cancer patients and it was very hard dealing with the emotions daily and sharing sad news with patients and their families. Every time they cried, I cried. So, I got more involved with children and philanthropic work all over Latin America and started to feel more fulfilled with reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is like an art you just mentioned...

It is not art, but it is like an art form. You can be a great painter but a horrible plastic surgeon. Yet, as a plastic surgeon you must develop your own technique. Then, hopefully, you can publish it and teach it to other doctors to implement if they want to.


I always challenge myself to keep improving! My mom used to tell me: “If you are not improving yourself, you are stupid.” (Laughing) That’s why I love plastic surgery; there is so much room to grow and everyone else is so average at it. I love when I do something special and everyone notices it. How do you create the amazing natural looks we see on your clients...

Most people don’t want to be changed. They want to look like they perceive themselves. Most people remember themselves a certain way and one day they look in the mirror and they don’t like what they see. Most of the time I am convincing people never to compromise looking natural vs. fake! My goal is to have my clients always look refreshed but still look like themselves. You have traveled to Latin America more than most people to change people’s lives...

Growing up in L.A. I have always been connected to Latin culture and music. For me these trips are good not only because I help people (I help people here, too) but also because they teach me a lot about what’s going on in other cultures and how other doctors work.

The best part is when children, who have lived with a deformity all their lives, come to me and tell me how excited they are because they will be able to go to school and not be bothered or bullied. One of my best experiences was with this patient who had not had an ear her whole life. Her reaction after she saw herself with a new ear was priceless! So, every time I go, I am learning. It’s a community; I get to learn from other doctors and surgical methods. I also enjoy the people and the culture. What’s your ALEGRIA?

I have too many ALEGRIAS! That’s why I don’t sleep! I love so many things in addition to surgery! My joy is my family, my nieces! As far as hobbies, I love cooking, skiing, and racing boats and cars! And nowadays, when I have free time, I am on my boat enjoying the ocean!

A premiere stone and tile company providing a variety of services for architects, designers, developers, builders, and individuals.




GET AWAY his summer we got to enjoy a very special tour in Malibu thanks to our friends at Chevy. We visited some of the best gems in this city, and we got a chance to meet other locals and discover the best staycation this summer driving our very own Cruze Hatch.

Our Cruze Hatch was perfect for parking on PCH since it is so compact, so it was easy to park and avoid looking for a parking spot for hours. When our phone lost its signal, the GPS knew our route exactly, so we did not need to worry much about our next stop!

Malibu is a beach city in Los Angeles County, California, situated 30 miles (48 km) West of Downtown L.A. Known for its Mediterranean climate, a strip of the Malibu coast incorporated in 1991 into the City of Malibu. The area is known for being the home of Hollywood movie stars, people in the entertainment industry, and other affluent residents. Most Malibu residents live within a few hundred yards of Pacific Coast Highway, which traverses the city, with some residents living up to a mile away from the beach up narrow canyons.

Here are some of the MUST stops for your Malibu/ALEGRIA experience: MATADOR BEACH Unwind and feel inspired at one of Malibu’s most iconic beaches and while you are at it, don’t forget to bring your camera or phones fully charged for those perfect golden hour photos for the whole family. This beautiful beach is perfect for a picnic or a romantic date. Going solo? Bring your favorite book and unwind.

Relájate y siéntete inspirado en una de las playas más emblemáticas de Malibú y no olvides de llevar tu cámara o teléfono totalmente cargado para esas fotos familiares perfectas de la puesta del sol. Esta hermosa playa es perfecta para un picnic o una cita romántica. ¿Vas solo? ¡Lleva tu libro favorito y relájate!


CAFE MALIBU Five generations ago the Calamigos Ranch opened its first restaurant in the same spot where the Malibu Cafe Country Kitchen and Bar is located. Owned and operated as it is today, by the Gerson Family, the first (of many) signature items was born: the Calamigos Barbeque Sauce. With their roots planted firmly in the cowboy lifestyle, illustrating the rugged brand of living off the land, Grant and Helen Walter Gerson created what today is known as Calamigos Ranch. Over 80 years later, we would like to welcome you back to Calamigos Ranch for a dining experience wrapped deeply in rustic California heritage, honoring the cowboys and cowgirls that came before us, for a fashion cuisine unlike any other. Visiting the Malibu Cafe, you experience what its owners call Nouveau Barbeque. With signature dishes created generations ago, paired with modern cooking techniques and flavors, they honor our ancestors and introduce you to a few of the many things that make California timeless.

Hace cinco generaciones el Calamigos Ranch abrió su primer restaurante en el mismo lugar donde se encuentra el Malibu Cafe Country Kitchen and Bar. La familia Gerson es propietaria de este lugar hasta el día de hoy, y son quienes dieron luz al primero (de muchos) platillos estrellas: la salsa bbq Calamigos.

THE GETTY VILLAGE Enjoy breathtaking views and relax at their majestic gardens while you experience 7,000 years of ancient art, from the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire. The Getty Villa houses the J. Paul Getty Museum’s collection of approx. 44,000 Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities. Over 1,200 works are on view in 23 galleries devoted to the permanent collection, with five additional galleries for changing exhibitions. With objects dating from 6,500 B.C. to A.D. 400, the collection contains monumental sculptures as well as artifacts of everyday life.

Disfruta de la vista y relájate en los jardines majestuosos mientras experimentas 7.000 años de arte antiguo, desde el final de la Edad de Piedra hasta la caída del Imperio Romano. La Villa Getty alberga la colección del Museo J. Paul Getty de aproximadamente 44.000 antigüedades griegas, romanas, y etruscas. Más de 1.200 obras están a la vista en 23 galerías dedicadas a la colección permanente, con cinco galerías adicionales para exposiciones temporales. Con objetos que datan de 6,500 A.C. a 400 D.C., la colección contiene esculturas monumentales, así como artefactos de la vida cotidiana.

Con sus raíces firmemente plantadas en el estilo de vida cowboy, que ejemplifican lo rudo que es vivir de la tierra, Grant y Helen Walter Gerson crearon lo que hoy se conoce como Calamigos Ranch. Más de 80 años después, nos gustaría darte la bienvenida a Calamigos Ranch para una experiencia culinaria envuelta en la herencia rústica de California, honrando a los vaqueros y vaqueras que vinieron antes que nosotros, creando una comida única y diferente a cualquier otra. Cuando se visita el Cafe Malibu tienes una experiencia que sus propietarios llaman Nouveau Barbeque. Platillos creados hace generaciones, aunados con técnicas y sabores modernos de cocina, honran a nuestros antepasados ​​e introducen algunas de las muchas cosas que hacen a California intemporal.

GEOFFREY’S MALIBU An Oceanside Dining Experience. Enjoy magnificent views of the Pacific coastline complemented by waterfalls and tropical plants, creating a romantic Mediterranean-meets-Malibu atmosphere. Guests can enjoy their California-style international cuisine during a relaxing weekday lunch, weekend brunch, or candlelit dinner with surrounding fire pits. Every table in the house has a panoramic view of the ocean, one in which there are no boundaries between the restaurant and the splendor that surrounds it. Escape the stresses of life and unwind at Geoffrey’s Malibu for an unforgettable oceanside dining experience.

Una increíble experiencia gastronómica frente al mar. Disfruta de magníficas vistas de la costa del Pacífico complementadas con cascadas y plantas tropicales, creando un romántico ambiente mediterráneo en Malibú. Los huéspedes pueden disfrutar de la cocina internacional estilo californiano durante un relajante almuerzo de lunes a viernes, un brunch el fin de semana, o una cena a la luz de las velas. Cada mesa tiene una vista panorámica sin fronteras entre el restaurante y el esplendor del que está rodeado. Escápate de las tensiones de la vida y descansa en Geoffrey’s Malibu para disfrutar de una cena inolvidable frente al mar.

MUST STOP / Puntos Calientes

MANUELA DTLA Manuela brings some Southern charm to the culinary landscape of Los Angeles’ Arts District. Partnering with Iwan and Manuela Wirth, Executive Chef Wes Whitsell channels his Texas upbringing and uses artisanal techniques of in-house smoking, fermenting, preserving and pickling with homegrown ingredients. Utilizing his strong relationships with farms throughout Southern California, Chef Whitsell has centred Manuela’s menu around locally-grown produce, seafood and grass-fed livestock, sourcing each ingredient for flavor and seasonality, an ethos that is shared with both Iwan and Manuela Wirth. A kitchen garden provides the restaurant with seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as a beautifully designed chicken house and run for the restaurant’s 12 rare-breed chickens.


ocated inside the Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles arts complex and paying homage to the architecture of the original building, designer Matt Winter of M Winter Design has created a dining area with a classic mid-century feel. With features such as a stunning brass and marble bar stretching the length of the restaurant, comfortable banquette seating and an array of vintage furniture, the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is a new destination at the heart of the burgeoning Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles, the gallery is located at 901 East 3rd Street. It occupies the restored Globe Mills complex, a collection of interconnected late 19th- and early 20th centurybuildings and internal outdoor spaces that have

been adapted by Creative Space, Los Angeles, in consultation with Annabelle Selldorf, Selldorf Architects. Here visitors will discover museumcaliber exhibitions as well as public programs and educational activities that contextualize the art on view for diverse audiences. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles complements its exhibition program with the first ARTBOOK store in Los Angeles; a gallery space for Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ Book & Printed Matter Lab; the restaurant, Manuela; a planting garden; murals that engage the architecture of the complex; and an expansive open-air courtyard, where visitors will find sculpture as well as a spot for quiet contemplation and informal gathering. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

Pez Cantina is the latest project by former Patina Executive Chef and cofounder of Milk Ice Cream Parlor, Bret Thompson. Located on Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, walking distance from MOCA, Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Broad Museum, Pez Cantina is a sustainable Coastal Mexican-style restaurant and bar serving the freshest sea-to-land dishes in an oasis-type atmosphere. HOURS Monday / Thursday 11AM – 10PM (kitchen closes 9:30PM) Friday 11AM – 11PM (kitchen closes 10:30PM) Saturday 5:00PM – 11PM (kitchen closes 10:30PM) Sunday 11AM–3PM 401 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles (213) 258-2280

Photos by: David Jr. Martin

For Advertising Inquiries and partnerships, please contact: DAVINA A. FERREIRA davina@alegriamagazine.com @alegriamagazine


LEFT Ken Gonzales-Day, Palm Trees at Venice Public Art Graffiti Walls, Venice Beach, 2017. © 2017 Ken Gonzales-Day. RIGHT Tina Modotti, Anita Brenner, c. 1926. Gelatin silver print. Courtesy of the Witliff Collections, Texas State University.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2017–FEBRUARY 25, 2018


2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 skirball.org • (310) 440-4500 FREE on-site parking; street parking strictly prohibited


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ALEGRIA The G List Edition 2017 (Fall)  

LATINA INFLUENCERS Creating their own destiny - Fall Issue 2017

ALEGRIA The G List Edition 2017 (Fall)  

LATINA INFLUENCERS Creating their own destiny - Fall Issue 2017