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Davina Ferreira is the publisher of ALEGRIA Magazine. She is also a poet and published author. Recently, she received the prestigious Rising Star Award by the National LBWA at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. This honor recognizes entrepreneurial excellence to a business owner under 35. She is currently working on her second book: “Finding my ALEGRIA.” Her ALEGRIA? Sharing time with her loved ones and her dog Emilio, traveling (minus the flying) and helping others accomplish their dreams.


Carlos is a colombian designer passionate about illustration, editorial design and graphic design applied to fashion marketing. His spare time is spent creating graphic publications with multiple applications (clothes, magazines, archigraphy), also cycling and walking his dog “Domingo”. What does Carlos think about design? Quoting maestro Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication.” You can contact Carlos at: @mckadamia.


Editor Riitta Kärävä was born in Helsinki, Finland and received her Master of Science degree in International Marketing of Foodstuffs from the University of Helsinki. She spent her free time playing ice hockey, designing fashion semi-professionally, learning languages, and travelling extensively while working as a multilingual tour guide for 10 years in Europe. After two decades in California, she decided to immerse herself in Spanish language at California State University Channel Islands, where she obtained a certificate in Spanish translation and a pool of Latino friends. Her husband and two adult children bring her mucha Alegría. She is still passionate about languages and international travel.


Paola Hernandez is a journalist and a co-founder of KiiKAS (a breast cancer awareness program) from Pereira - Colombia. She is a passionate writer, an amateur chef, and a love expert. She posseses a unique sense of humor and a lot of friends. Paola is a proud Scorpio and a sexy momma who loves to read, travel and go on hot dates with her husband. Paola’s ALEGRIA is her son Santiago.


I moved to LA from the Bay Area to pursue my music career some time ago. Along my journey I did many photoshoots myself, as an artist. I slowly fell in love with the art of photography. I can now see through both sides of the lense while bringing my experience and passion into every shot that I take.Iv’e always been obsessed with perfecting my craft and creating your flawless image. Perhaps I’ll let my work do the talking. Shooting with me is professional, comfortable, fun, and in return you will get some top notch images! My clients like that they can be themselves when working with me. All that I am looking for from you is to bring your “A” game. I’m here to help you build your career, capture your moment, or save your memory.


Colombian designer Carolina Gutiérrez, versatile, crative and enterprising, with her design proposal “Silvestre Puritico Handmade”, were she bets on design with high craftsmanship, visual and functional value. “Design is in the air” You can contact Carolina at: @silvestreceramica


Clare is a Los Angeles native. Of Mexican-American heritage, Clare spent years singing and acting in choral and theatrical productions. After studying in Italy and traveling throughout Europe, she completed her B.A. in Speech Communication and went to work in the fashion industry specializing in bridal fashion and helping to run a trendy boutique. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, she enjoys kickboxing, dancing and supporting the arts. What gives her the most ALEGRIA in life, however, is spending time with her beloved family; Ysidro, Grace and Leah and their Dutch shepherd puppy, Kuma.


Daisy Solis is a Los Angeles based freelance writer of Mexican descent. She currently works in the field of education but enjoys doing a kaleidoscope of things. She is the Event Planning Coordinator for Latin Dance Pro, a Los Angeles/Pasadena-based dance academy. “What gives me ALEGRIA? That’s easy: writing, dancing and creating beautiful events!” Daisy can be reached at: Dais.0727@gmail.com and via Facebook.


This Venezuelan beauty is an award winning trainer and entrepreneur. She is the director of ALEGRIA´s special events division. In her free time, you can find her hanging out in Hawaii or running a marathon. Her son Matteo and merengue music bring her true ALEGRIA.


Born and raised in Mexico City. She comes from a family where her parents taught her that honor, respect and integrity are the main keys of credibility in the business world. Karla got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana in Torreon, Mexico in Communication Sciences which covers marketing, publicity and journalism. She came to the United States to study English as a second language and found many opportunities for her career and future. Karla started her own design studio for record labels in 1995 and was very successful for twenty years. As we all know the record industry changed and this led Karla to explore many other business opportunities in the Latino and Armenian community. Karla has become an image consultant, designer and marketing director for many successful business owners.




So many moments shared with all of you - my ALEGRIA familia - who have been here year after year giving me the strength to move forward in this labor of love for our community through positive storytelling that allows us to dream more together. Dreams, stories & destinies that we get to share edition after edition, where we can uplift one more of us to reach the unimaginable, the once - unspeakable. We are breaking barriers. Our voices are majestic echoes and Our footprints are deeply rooted. We are no longer, winds of silence. Together, We Rise! Together, we say ARRIBA las Mujeres! - as coined by one of my favorite Mexican-American artisans and creators, Jessica Resendiz. Thank you for trusting us for this cover together with your beautiful designs. This edition is special to my heart: It brings to light the voices of Las Guerreras, who we are deep at the core: women who are not afraid to act and speak their truth. Fearless leaders and powerful women. And so are the Mujeres gracing our cover: - Edna Lizbeth Chávez - thank you for inspiring me to be louder in my purpose. Your speech at March for Our Lives transformed me. - Sarahi Espinoza - thank you for all you do for all the Dreamers who wish to continue their higher education. - Julissa Arce - thank you for your courage and for sharing your truth. - Millana Snow - thank you for what you have created to bring us closer to our truth through Wellness. May we keep finding each other through the magic of Peaceful Activism, so our spirits filled with ALEGRIA can spread a little more kindness and love to the world. We Are One.


Davina Ferreira

Alegria Bilingual Magazine Publisher CEO davina@alegriamagazine.com @davifalegria








When did your passion for art begin?


@Haiiileen is a highly illustrious artist whose creativity and vision once made her one of the most sought-after talents in the beauty and fashion industry taking her all over the world.

Currently based in Miami, her drive to create and help transform the artistic community fuels her passionate pursuits. Armed with the innate talent to see worlds of possibility, and influenced by her upbringing in the Magic City and its cultural melting pot of color and sound, Aileen has created new concepts that fuse makeup, art and fashion. Now working as a multi-dimensional mixed media artist, her vision creates a fusion of sound, light, and color transporting her viewers to transcendent alternate realities by bringing her vivid imagination to life.


My passion for art started a very young age. I was always wanting colors at any expense... Paint, brushes, textures, anything that excited me! You are known for creating multidimensional media. How has your art evolved over the years?

I’ve been able to develop new techniques and introduce new formats of expression... From creating sculptures to short films, performance art and painting. What inspires you as an artist that is constantly creating new worlds and walking away from the norm?

The everyday life is a direct effect to who I am and how I express myself today... The colors, the people, the music, the adventures and traveling affect how I feel and how I express myself... Whatever it is that I feel at the moment has allowed me to attach myself to these moments completely. Within these moments are the worlds that I express through my work... What brings you ALEGRIA?

Being a one-stop-shop for my music, art and fashion for my bilingual life.



THE LOUVRE AT THE ISLAND OF HAPPINESS Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, selected to design the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, was inspired by the unique features of the Saadiyat site: A virgin lagoon island, between sand and sea, shade and light. SAADIYAT ISLAND AND THE CULTURAL DISTRICT Built on Saadiyat Island (“the Island of Happiness”), a natural 27-km² island, the size of a third of Paris, the cultural district will house a number of renowned cultural establishments. These include the Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by architect Jean Nouvel; the Zayed National Museum by Norman Foster and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi by Frank Gehry.


The Cultural District will be integrated into a new urban complex just outside the historic Abu Dhabi city center, with housing for 150,000 residents. All of these projects are intended to feed the new artistic expressions, inherent to a rapidly growing region. The Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to complement the other Emirati museums and help transform the art and cultural scene in the Middle East. Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, selected to design the museum, was inspired by the unique features of the Saadiyat site: a virgin lagoon island, between sand and sea, shade and light. His design will offer future visitors a high-impact architectural and museum experience that fosters dialogue between cultures. Jean Nouvel wanted his building to have “a form that matches its function as a sanctuary for the most valuable works of art.”

ABU DHABI: A MASTERFUL ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN The Louvre Abu Dhabi “museum city” covers nearly 64,000 m², with 6,000 m² devoted to the permanent collection and 2,000 m² for temporary exhibitions. A dome of 180 meters in diameter (the same size as the Louvre’s Cour Carrée) covers two-thirds of the museum, providing shade and reducing energy consumption.

Echoing the mosque, mausoleum, caravanserai, and madrasa, its shape is not bound by any literal inspiration: resting on four points of contact and slightly low-slung, it is the embodiment of an utterly contemporary style. Pierced with openings to look like interwoven palm leaves -a traditional roofing material in the Emirates,- the dome resembles silver lace. A geometric template of stars repeated in different sizes and at different angles in a complex arrangement forms eight distinct layers, four external and four internal. Sun filters through the dome like a delicate, protective rain of light, similar to a claustra lattice of mashrabiyas, reflecting the constant interplay of light and shadow in the country. Below, Jean Nouvel has designed a complex of buildings with harmonious proportions, embraced by the sea. Freely inspired by buried towns and the prototypical Oriental city, a large part of the museum complex is sheltered under the comfort of this shadow. This urban and geometric “medina” of rooms appears like an urban neighborhood, with some 30 buildings visible along a promenade. Rising up to heights that go from 4 to 12 m, they each feature a different façade decorated with a variety of piercings, combining unique transitions and passages. The museum city creates a space that plays with the multiple connections between indoor and outdoor,


ever-changing and poetic, to kindle curiosity and invite visitors to explore new routes and pathways, guided by the light. Inspired by the ancient falaj system of Arab engineering, a water channel runs through the museum, making the space into a refreshing oasis that encourages strolling along the waterside. So-called “passive” design strategies take advantage of the natural shape of the buildings and the properties of the materials selected to improve outdoor conditions. The museum’s roof is perforated to capture daylight without letting in too much sun. Light-reflecting




When Yves Saint Laurent first discovered Marrakech in 1966, he was so moved by the city that he immediately decided to buy a house here, and returned regularly. It feels perfectly natural, fifty years later, to build a museum dedicated to his oeuvre, which was so inspired by this country. Pierre BergĂŠ


12 “Le cabinet de curiosités”, mYSLm © Fondation Jardin Majorelle / Photo Nicolas Mathéus

A stone’s throw from the Jardin Majorelle, acquired by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1980, the new building will cover 4K m2, featuring a 400 m2 permanent exhibition space, designed by Christophe Martin, showcasing the fashion work of YSL. More than just a museum, the mYSLm will include a temporary exhibition space, a research library with over 5000 volumes, a 150-seat auditorium, and a bookstore and terrace café. The museum was designed by Studio KO, an architectural firm established by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier. These two young architects have realised numerous projects in Morocco, Europe and the United States. While leafing through the couturier’s archives, they were struck by curves running alongside straight lines; by the succession of delicate and bold forms that characterised the work of Yves Saint Laurent. The facade of the building appears as an intersection of cubes with a lace-like covering of bricks, creating patterns that recall the weft and warp of fabric. As with the lining of a couture jacket, the interior is radically different: velvety, smooth and radiant. “The musée YVES SAINT LAURENT marrakech combines two worlds that we are very familiar with and that are dear to our hearts: fashion and Morocco. Since the founding of our architectural firm, we have worked in this country that so inspired Yves Saint Laurent. It is with great joy that we have worked on this ambitious project, and contributed in our way to the history and prestige of the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century.” Studio KO




Nathalia Gaviria, es una diseñadora de modas nacida en Medellín, Colombia, quien cursó una especialización de Comercialización de la Moda en el Arts Institute de Miami gracias a una beca que se ganó por su primer puesto en el concurso de diseño Bogotá Fashion.


n el año 2003 la talentosa creativa se mudó a la ciudad de Los Ángeles, en donde abrió su primera tienda de ropa. Desde ese instante, su carrera ha estado en constante evolución con dos exitosas líneas de moda y una larga lista de clientes famosos que incluyen nombres como Anitta, Paris Hilton, Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), Michelle Rodríguez (2 Fast 2 Furious), George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic), Janet Jackson, Alice Cooper, R Kelly, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu, Cara Delevingne (Valerian), Alejandra Guzmán, Carolina Guerra y Claudia Bahamón.

a i l a h t a N

a i r i v a G


La exitosa diseñadora, recientemente colaboró con la súper estrella de la música colombiana, J Balvin, en donde Nathalia diseñó el vestuario para el video de su nueva canción ‘Machika’. Su inspiración vino de un concepto creado por el artista sobre la tierra de Machika, una ciudad temporal, una urbe del futuro; basada en este texto y en unos referentes de la película ‘Madmax’ Nathalia elaboró los diseños para el video que a la fecha supera los 72 millones de visitas en su canal oficial de YouTube. Nathalia participó este año en el legendario New York Fashion Week donde su pasarela fue un éxito absoluto. Su desfile fue parte del ART HEARTS FASHION, en donde presentó una de las colecciones más coloridas y deslumbrantes la cual contó con el apoyo de los medios nacionales más importantes, quienes fueron testigos del nacimiento de ‘CORICANCHA’, una línea de ropa influenciada por las antiguas civilizaciones Andinas de Suramérica. Gracias al éxito de su pasarela en Nueva York, la talentosa diseñadora obtuvo una invitación al afamado Los Ángeles Fashion Week, este próximo Marzo. Nathalia cuenta con una tienda en la famosa avenida de Melrose en la ciudad de Los Ángeles, California, lugar donde se pueden adquirir prendas de sus diferentes colecciones. Sin duda Nathalia Gaviria es un orgullo latino en el mundo de la moda internacional.

At the legendary New York Fashion Week this year, Gaviria’s collection was part of ART HEARTS FASHION, and an absolute success.





What has been the best experience as a model living in L.A.? There is definitely something magical about this city. Los Angeles is very warm and I am not only talking about the weather, but also the people and the whole environment, so it’s really hard not to have a good time here. There is nothing more exciting to me than having a photoshoot at the beach. How do you hope to inspire other young models coming from abroad to pursue their dreams in L.A.? Any advice? To all the beautiful ambitious young models coming from abroad, I would tell them to never stop believing in themselves and to never let anyone take advantage of them.

I think they may be lying about that part. I am also very spiritual. I believe in the power of energy and in the power of a positive mindset and giving and receiving. What brings you ALEGRIA in life? Music certainly does. I started to feel music even before I learned how to talk. I am also not bad at singing, but what brings me the most satisfaction is the ability to bring joy into other people’s lives.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I am very optimistic. I hope that most people who’ve ever met me know that about me already. They also tell me that I have a good sense of humor, but





“Currently I support several non-profit organizations that support kids from orphanages and those who are fighting cancer. Being a little part of something big gives me indescribable pleasure. In the near future, I dream of putting my own organization together.�

Creative Design Loft - Keneth Macias Designer: Sue Wong

10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY “As Mexican films continue to break barriers in the US and globally, I am humbled and honored to be celebrating the festivals 10th anniversary this year. The lineup we have put together is beautifully rich and diverse and we are delighted that Los Angeles movie lovers will have the opportunity to experience a bit of Mexican culture and heritage on the big screen.� -Samuel Douek




2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 skirball.org • (310) 440-4500 FREE on-site parking; street parking strictly prohibited




T HE L ATINA’S GUIDE TO MONEY Everything you need to know about personal finance


n The Latina’s Guide to Money, Eva Macias pulls back the curtain on a segment of the population that is often reluctant or overwhelmed by the financial process… Latin women. Macias shows readers that taking charge of your finances can, in fact, be quite fun and exciting as you watch your money grow.

En The Latina’s Guide to Money, Eva Macias le abre los ojos a un segmento de la población que a menudo se muestra reticente o abrumado por el proceso financiero... Las mujeres latinas. Macías le muestra a las lectoras que hacerse cargo de sus finanzas puede, de hecho, ser muy divertido y emocionante, a medida que ven crecer su dinero.

This book reveals the cultural differences that impact the financial well-being for Latinas and includes everything you need to know about personal finance—whether ·you’re just getting started or starting over again:

· Dealing with immigration issues that impact your finances, such as obtaining a TIN, paying taxes, working for cash, and more. · Making your financial goals a priority and creating a plan in 60 minutes. · Switching from being on “automatic” to paying attention to your money. · Recognizing the cultural aspects involving money so you can make positive changes that matter. · Successful strategies to communicate about money with your husband or partner · Leaving a legacy to your loved ones through life insurance, retirement planning, and setting up a successful business. How to become an expert about your finances and feel confident that you are in charge of your future.

This matter-of-fact yet simple step-by-step process will inspire you to fund your financial dreams and live a life where you can have it all. Macias believes that life and school experiences do not offer proper financial training to support an individual’s financial goals. Ensuring that her clients have a keen understanding of the basics is the foundation of her work. Macias has dedicated her life to teaching women and working families how to achieve financial freedom. She is committed to “leveling the financial playing field” for all families so everyone can reach their financial goals.



F I ND I N G M Y ALEGRIA “Finding my ALEGRIA is my way of giving back. Creating programs for mental health awareness and addiction prevention through creative writing, yoga and meditation is one of my current passions.” In Finding My ALEGRIA, Davina displays a courageous vulnerability by sharing the joys and struggles that she has experienced throughout her life. In this poetic memoir, Ferreira weaves poetry through stories of her life since her birth in Miami, to her childhood in Colombia, and her years as a teenager struggling to support herself and her education while in the States. The book touches on issues that have affected either herself or her family, including divorce, substance abuse, depression, and mental health concerns. The taboo nature of these topics is what compelled her to share these painful experiences, explaining, “We all go through our own lessons, and I thought my story could help a lot of people, especially since these things are not talked about a lot in the Latino community.” Incorporating questions and prompts designed to encourage self-reflection, the book intends to serve also as a workbook which allows readers to examine their own journeys in life and to realize their potential. Describing the book as “…coming from a place of service, volunteering, and reaching out to both men and women,” Davina intends to use proceeds from the sales to schools and community centers where she can share her message of inspiration with children and teenagers. Looking forward to exploring her philanthropic passions, Davina says that her ALEGRIA is, “My peaceful home, my beautiful family, the love of God, nature, people, everyday moments – that is my ALEGRIA.” Finding My ALEGRIA is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon and through Trafford Publishing.


En Finding My ALEGRIA, Davina muestra una valiente vulnerabilidad al compartir las alegrías y luchas que ha experimentado a lo largo de su vida. En esta memoria poética, Ferreira entreteje poesía con narraciones de su vida desde su nacimiento en Miami, a su infancia en Colombia y sus años como adolescente luchando por mantenerse a sí misma y su educación mientras estaba en los Estados Unidos. El libro aborda temas que han afectado a ella o a su familia, incluidos el divorcio, el abuso de sustancias, la depresión y las preocupaciones de salud mental. La naturaleza tabú de estos temas es lo que la impulsó a compartir estas dolorosas experiencias, explicando: “Todos pasamos por nuestras propias lecciones, y pensé que mi historia podría ayudar a mucha gente, especialmente porque estas cosas no se hablan mucho en la comunidad latina “.

Every purchase you make supports our #FindingmyALEGRIAmovement, which creates mental health awareness and addiction prevention programs for our schools through creative writing, yoga and meditation. alegriamagazine.com/shop

Al incorporar preguntas y pautas diseñadas para fomentar la autorreflexión, el libro pretende servir también como un cuaderno de trabajo que permite a los lectores examinar sus propios trayectos en la vida y alcanzar su potencial. Al describir el libro como “... proveniente de un lugar de servicio, voluntariado y llegar a hombres y mujeres”, Davina tiene la intención de utilizar las ganancias provenientes de la venta en escuelas y centros comunitarios donde puede compartir su mensaje de inspiración con niños y adolescentes . Esperando explorar sus pasiones filantrópicas, Davina dice que su ALEGRIA es: “Mi hogar pacífico, mi hermosa familia, el amor de Dios, la naturaleza, la gente, los momentos cotidianos, esa es mi ALEGRIA”. Finding My ALEGRIA está disponible para su compra en edición de bolsillo y Kindle en Amazon y también a través de Trafford Publishing.



Alexandra Olavarria Una de mis actividades favoritas es viajar por el mundo y descubrir lugares nuevos, exóticos y diferentes. Me encanta conocer gente nueva, su cultura, comida, paisajes y aventuras. Tengo un blog de Instagram donde puedes ver mis viajes


Estoy subiendo videos más largos de esas experiencias en mi canal de YouTube, “Alexa Olavarria”, así como también en mi blog.

An Adventure To Be Shared I want my followers to connect with me so that I can give them the best of me and make them part of my life. How did your passion for entertainment, music and communications start?

Since I was a child, I loved music and everything about entertainment. When I was in school, I always participated in every cultural act that involved music and dancing. Also, I was part of the school choir, and I played the guitar. I was always really extroverted. I loved being in the spotlight. Then when I grew up, I had the chance to work at an internship with the record label EMI Televisa Music. I got to work with artists such as Tito El Bambino, Fonseca, RBD, Belinda, and Ricardo Montaner. After that, I found other work opportunities not only in music, developing artist’s brands and careers, but also as a TV host of musical segments and interviews. I had the chance to interview some of the most prominent musical artists, such as Enrique Iglesias, Luis Fonsi, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Alejandro Fernandez, and many more. Currently, I own Acoch Music Production & Entertainment, which aims to help develop Latin talent, and I also host special TV segments for Telemundo. Your lifestyle involves traveling and discovering different cultures. What are two places you love and why?


exotic fish, sharks, whales, stingrays, turtles, an infinity of sea animals; to be in the middle of the ocean and in the middle of nowhere... The food is spectacular, the service is superb. I have been there twice, and I always find the need to go back for more. I really recommend it… as soon as you arrive, you will forget the long trip. Alaska: Another of my favorite spots, here we have mountains, snow, cold weather, nature, amazing landscapes, icebergs and different animals such as bears. There’s a lot of contact with nature as well, but at the same time adventure, excursions and many activities that you can do. Food is also great, as well as the gentle people in the area. Napa Valley: I know you asked for two places, but Napa couldn’t be out of the list. I never get tired of going there: great wine, food, service, relaxation. You can take a break from the world, have contact with nature and adventure at the same time. Being a social media influencer comes with a responsibility to be aware of what we put out there. What is the message you want to share with your followers or that you hope they will take away from visiting you online?

Yes, one of my favorite things to do is to travel around the world and discover new, exotic and different places. I love to meet new people, their culture, food, landscapes, and adventures. I have an Instagram blog where you can check out my trips; use hashtag #LasAventurasDeAlexa (Alexa’s Adventures). I have been posting longer videos of those experiences on my YouTube Channel “Alexa Olavarria,” as well as in my blog.

My message for my followers is to entertain, inspire, motivate, and give them tips, recommendations. I want them to connect with me so that I can give them the best of me and make them part of my life. To influence positively and be an example of what can be reached with hard work, persistence, dedication, and love.

My two top places in the world are: Maldives: Because It has everything that I love about nature in its maximum expression. A beautiful sea and the best snorkeling experience. You get to swim with

What brings me ALEGRIA is my family, my work, my home, achieving my dreams, helping and teaching others, traveling, the ocean, and God.

What brings you ALEGRIA?




By: Daisy Solís / Photo by: Telemundo

AUTHENTICITY ON AND OFF THE AIR Creo que cualquier cosa que hagas con pasión te hará finalmente exitoso. Cuando amas lo que persigues de todo corazón, ello ayuda a alinear todos los otros aspectos de tu vida. wise person once said, “opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” That’s exactly what Stephanie “Chiquibaby” Himonidis has done. The Guadalajara, Jalisco native made a name for herself as a radio host, and later took her talent on-screen and is a current host on Acceso Total. Through compassion and hard work, Stephanie continues to demonstrate how to carry yourself graciously in an industry that has its share of unfair moments. Her dynamic yet down-to-earth personality and gogetter attitude have made her stand out not only within the Latino community but in the world of journalism. Whether she’s Instagramming about her latest “Bell of California” outfit or spending quality time giving back to the Padres Contra El Cancer community, Stephanie’s aura is one that you are just drawn to. I met “Chiquibaby” at Old Town Pasadena’s newest culinary jewel, Maestro Restaurant. We had the whole place to ourselves, and spoke about her start in the industry, being a role model, the sacrifices her career has demanded and creating work-life harmony. Where did the nickname “Chiquibaby” come from?

I began my career in radio, so when I recorded my demo to send to the US, I used the word “Chiquibaby” a lot. Somehow, it became my catchphrase. When I went to my interview, they asked me what my “radio name” was, and I told them I didn’t have one, to which they responded, “what about this Chiquibaby business?” Needless to say, it went from catchphrase to nickname very quick! I was the youngest radio host and also the most petite, and so it just fit and has stuck with me since then! I think there’s this myth that successful women have it all figured out and there’s some magical plan. I recently heard the best thing ever: It’s not that we’re trying to achieve work/life balance, what we’re really trying to achieve is work/life harmony. What does this mean to you?

I believe that whatever you do with passion is ultimately going to make you successful. When you wholeheartedly love what you are pursuing, it helps to align all the other aspects of your life. At the end of the day, it all balances out and creates that harmony.


Was your family supportive of the career path you chose to follow?

In Mexico, careers in Journalism and Communications are know as: “MMC = Mientras Me Caso.” I believe that this is what made me fight to bring my journalism dreams to fruition. Not because I wanted to be the best one out there, but more so to show my parents: Look, I did it! And I did it for you! That is what fueled me to be professionally driven. My father inspired me to excel in everything I pursued in life. There will always be someone above you and someone below you, the important thing is to try your very best and be the most authentic version of yourself. I know my father is looking down at me proudly. If you could have lunch with any powerful woman alive, who would it be and why?

Oprah. Why? She’s Oprah! Everything she has created has a message and a source of inspiration behind it. It’s no coincidence that she is so loved, especially by women. She has evoked emotion in us and makes us think twice. I have about a million questions I would ask her! We don’t want her to be our next President for nothing! What advice do you have for young adults, especially Dreamers?

First and foremost, education is so very important. Prepare yourself and pursue something you are passionate about. Inform yourself about special programs and scholarships, there are so many funds that go unclaimed every year. If you just do the proper research on the internet, you will find so many opportunities where you can apply. Some of the most successful people I have met do not have a Harvard, Stanford or UCLA education. They are, however, individuals who were disciplined, hardworking and enterprising. They possessed a vision and a whole lot of passion. Plain and simple, hard work pays off. How do you envision your next five years?

Better, stronger and wiser.

What does the term ALEGRIA Woman mean to you?

A confident woman who celebrates her strengths. Lastly, what gives “Stephanie” ALEGRIA?

The ocean. Being near the ocean gives me great peace and reminds me of my father.



As an immigrant, and daughter of immigrant parents who themselves achieved their own American Dream, I realized that I was meant to champion the cause of those who are so often voiceless. Amira Al-Alami is the founder, CEO, and owner of Alami Law. Amira immigrated from Cali, Colombia, with her family at the age of five. She is the daughter of Dr. Bachar Al-Alami, a Syrian refugee who came to the United States at the age of 15, with the American Red Cross, and Mrs. Amira Buraye de Al-Alami, a Colombian abstract artist of Lebanese descent.



Among her accolades, Amira is the immigration correspondent on Univision’s number one nationally syndicated morning show, El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo. She is also an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and served as the Chair of the Immigration Section of Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) from 2014 to 2015. Amira was named a “Top 40 Immigration Lawyer Under 40” in California for 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the American Society of Legal Advocates. She was selected by the

Amira has dedicated her professional career to the practice of immigration law, which she began in 2004 at her former law office of Haddad & Al-Alami, PLLC, in Lubbock, Texas. While practicing in Texas, she made regular weekly appearances on Telemundo News speaking about hot topics of immigration law.


Cum Laude with the Highest Honors. After that, she went on to receive her Juris Doctor from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2003. She is also the proud aunt of an adorable little boy named Adam. When was your passion for immigration law born?

I honestly didn’t enjoy law school very much and even after graduation felt conflicted about my future as an attorney. During law school, I clerked for various practice areas, including family law, civil litigation, and even employment litigation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in New York City. While I learned a great deal during my bouts at each law firm and agency, I knew that I had not found my calling. I decided that I would do some soul searching after graduation to figure out what I was meant to do and become whom I was meant to be. It was during those six months that things finally clicked. I needed a cause, and I found one. As an immigrant, and daughter of immigrant parents who themselves achieved their own American Dream, I realized that I was meant to champion the cause of those who are so often voiceless. What is the best part of being a bilingual and bicultural Latina leader in the field of Law?

Connecting with my clients. Being able to connect with the people I represent is imperative. Language is the tool that enables me to gain my clients’ trust and empathize with them.

Amira moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and joined the law firm of Frank & Morton, LLP as their managing associate. After two years she transitioned into her own law practice, which opened its doors in Glendale, California, in 2008. Since its inception, Alami Law has grown from a two-person staff to a team of 12 vibrant and dedicated individuals who make it their personal duty to fight for immigrants trying to attain their American dream. Alami Law is located in Pasadena, California, where Amira and her team continue to service the immigrant communities of the United States and abroad. Amira also travels around the country to speak to Latino communities about immigration law and their rights.

A los Soñadores: “Sigan resistiéndose. Sigan insistiendo en soluciones PERMANENTES, no en paliativos temporales. ¡Juntos podemos!”. Amira Al-Alami, fundadora de Alami Law.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Keeping immigrant families together. They are the very backbone of our collective American society. What is a word of advice for all Dreamers out there?

American Institute of Legal Counsel as one of the “10 Best Immigration Attorneys” in California for 2017 and 2018. The National Advocates chose Amira as a member of the “Top 100 Lawyers” for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Amira received her Bachelor of Science degree in International Economics from Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas, in 2000, graduating Magna

You have learned that you are not voiceless. You have learned that together, you can make a difference. You have learned that the Constitution gives us ALL certain inalienable rights, irrespective of immigration status. Keep resisting. Keep insisting on PERMANENT solutions, not temporary band-aids. ¡Juntos podemos! What brings you ALEGRIA?

Being a part of the solution. Living a meaningful life that allows me to give back in some capacity every day. In short, my ALEGRIA is being able to pay it forward. By: Clare Miranda / Photo by: David Martin Jr.


After hearing several stories of Latinos being taken advantage of by the big banks, I decided To open Azul Financial. Azul Financial was created to give all communities a chance to save for retirement, as well as educate them in the process. We did not want to be like other firms that turn people away because they do not meet account minimums. Far too often, underserved communities fall prey of bad investments because they are taken advantage of. At Azul Financial, we do not believe in account requirements and thereby welcome account holders of any net worth. Helping our local and national communities to manage their wealth and financial goals regardless of net worth is our mission. We uphold the fiduciary standard; meaning, we only act in our clients’ best interests. If you have a 401(k), IRA, savings account, or annuities, we will gladly help you manage those for a predictable flat-fee. We do not make commissions and therefore have no incentive to put our clients into financial products that will not aid in the measurable achievement of their personal financial goals. What inspired you to create Azul Financial?

Azul Financial was started with the purpose of educating and bringing financial awareness to underserved communities. It stems from a family of tax professionals that serves the Hispanic population, so that they may lead a peaceful retirement. After hearing several stories of Latinos being taken advantage of by the big banks, I decided to open Azul Financial. We collectively have over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and together, hope to educate and help all underserved general public by showing them that they have options for retirement, they can invest their money, and teach them so that they do not fall prey to unsuitable investments.


What are the first steps we can take to educate our community regarding their financial decisions?

Breaking down barriers and walls. And we’ve come to understand that this will take time… a lot of it. I think that’s a reality that is important for the community to understand. This, in particular, requires us to have a point of view unique to other startup companies and most small businesses.

The thing about educating people, especially marginalized people, is that to learn, they need to know that you care about them as people. This is our hope for providing our services in Spanish. This is our hope for offering free financial planning sessions, among other things we’re doing to encourage the community to take a seat at the table where, historically, there may not have been a place-setting for them. This empowers our community to take ownership of its collective financial future. To create the setting whereby the education and proper awareness can be facilitated, the community has to realize that Azul Financial was born from the same place as their frustration and disdain towards other financial institutions. We’ve seen all that they’ve seen and even admittedly been complicit in the sense that we perceived ourselves, individually, as too small to do much about it or to change it. Until now, that is. What is the most rewarding aspect of your business?

How we’re able to learn and to adapt quickly. Every time someone moves off of the fence and trusts us to advise them, that moment when they realize the progress they’ve made and how it will ebb and flow in the future, that is the best feeling for my team and me. So to more succinctly answer this question, I think it ties directly into the previous question about the steps needed to begin educating the community and raising awareness.

Photo by: Jose Andres Cortes.

En conjunto, tenemos más de 25 años de experiencia en la industria financiera y, juntos, esperamos educar y ayudar a las comunidades marginadas, mostrándoles que tienen opciones de jubilación, pueden invertir su dinero; y entrenándolos para que no caigan presos de inversiones inadecuadas.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family. My husband, our two boys and watching them grow up into self-assured, capable young men. That our children can see their mother and father working the way we do and doing the things we do, not just as a means to provide for them, but as a way to help people in our community is deeply important to me. I want my children to be citizens of the world and to have whatever they need and to have the courage and wisdom necessary if they should ever feel inspired to push for change.

Contact Information: Azul Financial LLC 2050 Artesia Blvd. Ste 203 Torrance, CA 90504 310.817.5511 Phone 310.817.5559 Fax www.azul-financial.com info@azul-financial.com



Experiencing the Best of

Valle de Guadalupe with Boca Roja Adventures Tim is an adventurous spirit who constantly seeks new challenges and experiences. Whether he is hiking with his Siberian Husky Loki, surfing, camping, or cooking, Tim will very intentionally find the best way/place/time to do it while stretching his personal excellence in the process. This appetite for new challenges drew him to Baja to surf, where he fell in love with the magic of the region (and eventually with Katie, now his wife). Mexico became the place they ran to whenever there was time. Meanwhile, back at home, Tim was suffering from a “near-death experience of boredom,” working as an investment analyst at a small company. He and Katie dreamt of an opportunity to share their very favorite adventures with others, and Boca Roja was born! Tim and Katie (the First Lady!) recently got married in Bali.


Boca Roja was founded in 2015 by Tim Barnes and his wife Katie Blando. Their passion for surfing, wine, food and new experiences drove them to explore the beautiful country and culture just South of their home in Encinitas, California. They instantly got hooked and couldn’t wait to discover more and share it with their friends and family. Slowly but surely, their travel and tour platform grew to the point where it was impossible to manage as a simple side-project. Tim took the leap and now spends 100% of his time building this worldclass travel experience company.

With a team of seven drivers, Boca Roja has quickly grown to be the most prolific high-end tour company in Baja’s beautiful wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. With a relentless focus on the customer experience, Boca Roja aims to offer five-star customer service every step of the way, beginning with the very first email or phone call. Their team contacts their new customers immediately to learn about each client’s unique travel plans, interests and desires. From there, they design a customized itinerary featuring the top-talent in Valle de Guadalupe. Their consistent presence in the small wine valley has allowed them to make incredibly strong connections and friendships with the best winemakers, chefs and hotel owners in the region and they are happy to connect their customers with these wonderful people. Beyond wine and food tours, Boca Roja offers surf experiences, craft beer tours, relaxing spa and yoga retreats, golf outings, sport fishing trips, corporate retreats, private plans, helicopter rides and more!


Tim Barnes

Fundador y Director de Aventura Tim es un espíritu aventurero que constantemente busca nuevos desafíos y experiencias. Ya sea que esté de excursión con su Husky Siberiano, Loki, surfeando, acampando o cocinando, Tim buscará la mejor manera/ lugar/tiempo para crecer su excelencia personal en el proceso. Este apetito por los nuevos desafíos lo llevó a Baja California a surfear, donde se enamoró de la magia de la región (y eventualmente de Katie, ahora su esposa). México se convirtió en el lugar a donde acudían cada vez que había tiempo.

Con un equipo de siete conductores Boca Roja ha crecido rápidamente hasta convertirse en la compañía de viajes de alto nivel más prolífica de la hermosa región vitivinícola de Baja, el Valle de Guadalupe.

Pero en casa, Tim sufría una “experiencia cercana a la muerte por aburrimiento”, trabajando como analista de inversiones en una pequeña empresa. Junto con Katie, soñaban con una oportunidad de compartir sus aventuras con otros, y así nació Boca Roja. Tim y Katie (¡la Primera Dama!), se casaron recientemente en Bali. SOBRE BOCA ROJA

Boca Roja fue fundada en 2015 por Tim Barnes y su esposa Katie Blando. Su pasión por el surf, el vino, la comida y las nuevas experiencias los llevó a explorar el hermoso país y la cultura al sur de su hogar en Encinitas, California. Al instante quedaron encantados, y no podían esperar para descubrir más sobre la comunidad y compartirla con sus amigos y familiares. Poco a poco, su plataforma de viajes y tours creció hasta el punto en que era imposible administrarla como un simple proyecto paralelo. Tim dio el salto y ahora pasa el 100% de su tiempo construyendo esta empresa de viajes de primer nivel. Con un enfoque implacable en la experiencia del cliente, Boca Roja tiene como objetivo ofrecer al cliente un servicio de cinco estrellas a cada paso del camino, comenzando con el primer correo electrónico o llamada telefónica. Su equipo contacta a sus nuevos clientes de inmediato para conocer los planes de viaje, intereses y deseos únicos de cada cliente. A partir de ahí, diseñan un itinerario personalizado con los mejores talentos del Valle de Guadalupe. Su presencia constante en el pequeño Valle del Vino les ha permitido establecer conexiones y amistades increíblemente sólidas con los mejores enólogos, chefs y propietarios de hoteles de la región, y están felices de conectar a sus clientes con estas personas maravillosas. Más allá de las rutas del vino y la comida, Boca Roja ofrece experiencias de surf, tours de cerveza artesanal, relajantes spa y retiros de yoga, salidas de golf, viajes de pesca deportiva, retiros corporativos, planes privados, paseos en helicóptero y demás.

www.bocarojawineadventures.com info@bocarojawineadventures.com +1-858-472-0321




It’s time to add To your bucket list!

A two-week road trip through Nicaragua marked the beginnings of NicaTravel. It was the summer of 2011, and my partner and I ventured into the lush unmarked roads of Nicaragua in a 1979 Toyota FJ40 Jeep, stumbling upon waterfalls, rivers, pristine Pacific coastlines, water springs, rows of volcanoes.


Nicaragua: A Jewel of the Americas We started our journey in the northern region of the country and worked our way down along the PanAmerican Highway. As we drove through the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, we arrived at one of the most beautiful and historical beaches, San Juan del Sur. After some fishing with the locals and cooking our exquisite meal, we rode on horses through the shores of the beach, surfed on incredible waves, and then welcomed the moonlight over a bonfire. This is only the beginning of what you can experience in Nicaragua.

Los viajeros pueden esperar encuentros inolvidables con los colores de la naturaleza, exótica vida silvestre y toda clase de playa imaginable.


ravelers can expect unforgettable encounters with the colors of nature, exotic wildlife, and every kind of beach imaginable. Nicaragua’s coastline runs for almost 200 miles along the Pacific and nearly 300 miles of the Caribbean. The Pacific Coast has the vast majority of accommodations, serving the demand of growing tourism. San Juan del Sur has a variety of hotels, private luxury villas and a cool beach ambiance for all visitors. Rancho Santana is a world-class resort on the Pacific coastline, with over 2,700 acres of beautiful hills and five amazing beaches, each with unique features. Mukul Resort, nestled in the pristine Emerald Coast, boasts exceptional restaurants and amenities. As a part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, it was the first five-star resort in the country. The country’s Atlantic coast offers white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, palm trees and secluded Islands. The Yemaya Luxury Hotel in Little Corn Island was created as a magical ”island chic” hideaway. There is also Calala Island, a luxury, ultra-exclusive private island resort hidden in the undiscovered part of the Caribbean. It accommodates just eight guests, who are

serviced by a team of 25 staff members, providing the highest level of service. This is one experience that will meet all of your desires. There are also 19 active volcanoes in the country, each with unique flora and fauna, making them a magnet for national and international tourists. Masaya volcano is the largest national park in the country and one of the 78 protected areas in Nicaragua. This volcano was once a sacred place to the natives and was considered La Boca del Infierno (inferno’s mouth) to the conquistadors. Now visitors can drive or walk up to the rim of the crater where you can see the boiling caldera. Volcan Cerro Negro is known to those seeking an adrenaline rush, as they slide down on a wooden board -aka “Volcano Boarding”-, at speeds of up to 40 miles/hr. There is also Volcan Mombacho, only 6 miles from the city of Granada, which has beautiful trails, a mystical cloud forest and unique biodiversity of plants and animals. When you think you have seen it all, the impressive Ometepe Island appears at a distance south on the Pan-American highway. It is the largest island in Lake

Nicaragua, formed by two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas, joined by a narrow isthmus approximately 2 miles in length and home to thousands of mysterious prehistoric rock carvings left behind by the native artist as early as 2000 B.C. A world of unforgettable experiences awaits you; if you have not been to Nicaragua, it’s time to add it to your bucket list. The gateway to this heavenly place is only a few hours away from North America. Several airlines provide direct flights to Nicaragua from major cities in the United States. NicaTravel’s mission has been to change the world’s perspective of Nicaragua in a positive way and to put the country on the map as one of the world’s most visited destinations. Our passion has taken us this far, and we want everyone to come and enjoy! If you are looking for a family vacation, a corporate retreat, a new destination for your wellness escape, a place without crowds, a country rich and abundant cultural heritage, waves, rainforest, great cigars, amazing rum and delicious food, Nicaragua is a destination like no other.

If you are looking for a family vacation, a corporate retreat, a new destination for your wellness escape, a place without crowds, a country rich and abundant cultural heritage, waves, rainforest, great cigars, amazing rum and delicious food, Nicaragua is a destination like no other.

To contact this Nicaraguan Concierge Service email: travel@itaglobal.com Nica.Travel.com | 213-293-6422 Santiago Aguilar








The future of entertainment is now here with Virtual Room – the best virtual reality Los Angeles has to offer families, friends, corporate and party groups. Virtual Room is one of the world’s only collaborative or teambased virtual reality experiences. WHAT IS COLLABORATIVE VR? While most current virtual reality (VR) experiences only allow one person to play for 2 to 10 minutes, Virtual Room offers a unique possibility: an immersive virtual reality experience for several people working together as a team, for up to forty-five minutes! Experience a truly exhilarating and mindblowing adventure with your friends, family, or colleagues as you communicate and work together in a totally realistic virtual world. Each player has their own dedicated room, specially designed and equipped with the latest virtual reality gear (HTC Vive).

You will participate in the game standing up and will get to move around, search for items, manipulate objects and collaborate with your fellow team members. The HTC Room Scale Virtual Reality experience allows you to explore worlds in a way that’s never been possible before. Your movements are fully tracked in the virtual world, combined with the maximum usable space we offer in our specially designed play areas, you get the full experience, and nothing less. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before - immersion, freedom, adrenaline, the ultimate thrill!

If you’re up for the challenge, build your team now and join the adventure.

VIRTUAL ROOM - 6434 Hollywood Blvd, LA CA 90028 Cel: 917.690.2523 / www.losangeles.virtual-room.com virtualroomla SPRING

virtualroomlosangeles 33

As a young child, Ben watched his father, Dr. Talei Senior, a PharmD and Ph.D., dealing with and creating various formulations and combinations of essential oils. Dr. Talei Sr. felt that essential oils had numerous properties both in healing and rejuvenation. These ideals were instilled in Ben by his father and have resonated with him since.

Together, these two beliefs led to Dr. Ben Talei’s mindset of creating the perfect oil blend, AuraSilk. His goal was to create an all-natural oil with no toxins; an oil blend that could be used on all skin types. Promoting overall skin health would allow lightening of melasma on sensitive skin, healing of scars, moisturizing of dry skin, healing eczema amongst a host of other properties. Remembering the therapeutic effects of aroma and character, Dr. Talei realized the healing properties of oils were not limited to their inherent abilities but how they would act once mixed with other oils to intrinsically calm the skin, body, and senses all at once.

The goal in creating the AuraSilk Oil was to produce a natural, toxin-free serum which would take advantage of the body’s own ability to heal. Dr. Talei spent over a year mixing and studying various formulations before finding the perfect blend of natural oils that could moisturize, lighten, brighten and heal the skin while also having a calming and aromatic therapeutic effect.  

  For most patients, the aroma alone is reason enough to use the oil. Complementary notes of lavender, tea tree oil, and argan oil dominate the character of the oil and have a therapeutic effect of relaxation. In Dr. Talei’s practice, the oil blend is routinely used after surgery for incisional healing and to aid the effects of pharmaceutical compounds when they are needed.

Pharmaceutical compounds for skin lightening and pore reduction are extremely effective, but they can also be quite irritating for many patients. In Dr. Talei’s experience, and after extensive research, it appears that no single oil can do the job of these compounds.   However, when combined, the cumulative effect of the 20 oils found in AuraSilk is outstanding. Each oil in this serum has a unique property that becomes enhanced when mixed with other complementary oils. The patients who have used AuraSilk Oil confirm that this oil blend is able to gently lighten and brighten the skin, aid in the healing of new and old scars, and dramatically improve the overall radiance of the skin.  Although this oil was formulated by Dr. Talei for the face, the patients that have used the oil have enjoyed its use all over the body including the hands where it acts as a natural moisturizer and healing serum.


www.aurasilk.com Growing up, Ben Talei and his mother would blend different varieties of tea leaves in order to achieve the most pleasant aromatic flora, flavor, and color. After mixing endless types, his favorite became a combination of Earl Grey and English Breakfast.  Once the right ingredients were found, they continued to modify the color and flavor by changing the ratio of the ingredients, which also had a profound effect on the final product of the teas.








eauty SPRING


nos presenta el Micro Spray comprimido para el cabello, la nueva innovación en estilo de TRESemmé. Esta nueva colección de sprays ayudará a las mujeres a obtener un estilo más duradero y sin rigidez, para los looks más usados de hoy en día, que tienen mayor movimiento, flexibilidad y duración. Con esta tecnología revolucionaria de TRESemmé, estos sprays para el cabello entregan una capa fina, ligera e invisible, con una fijación duradera, movimiento y un acabado natural.

Después de crear tu estilo favorito con los productos TRESemmé, agita el producto de 5.5 onzas antes de usar y luego rocía a 10-12 pulgadas de tu cabello. Estos empaques son más pequeños, pero contienen la misma cantidad de producto y duran tanto como el spray de tamaño tradicional de 11 onzas.

Now you can get both thanks to the compressed micro spray for hair. Keep your appearance impeccable day and night and have your hair full of life and movement.

La nueva tecnología micro-mist utiliza una capa super fina que penetra primero a través de la capa superior del cabello para proporcionar una mayor cobertura. Esto es porque la nueva fórmula contiene el poder optimizado de la mezcla dual de polímeros, la substancia que logra formar enlaces entre las fibras de cabello, manteniendo las hebras en su lugar con movimiento y naturalidad. ¿Quieres mantener tu estilo? ¿Quieres mantener el movimiento de tu cabello? Ahora puedes obtener ambas gracias al micro spray comprimido para el cabello. Mantén tu aspecto impecable de día y de noche y ten tu cabello lleno de vida y de movimiento.

SOS PRIMER Piel sana

y luminosa

Do you want to maintain your style? Do you want to keep the movement of your hair?

Esta nueva colección de primers tiene una fórmula multifacética que resuelve problemas de belleza específicos para lograr un cutis impecable, al igual que ofrece hidratación y protección contra la contaminación. Con ingredientes como Sea Lily, que proporciona hidratación las 24 horas; Té blanco, Lampsanol y Furcellaria, que proporcionan una defensa antioxidante contra la contaminación, mientras que los pigmentos de madre perla corrigen visiblemente el aspecto de las imperfecciones.

This new collection of primers has a multifaceted formula that solves specific beauty problems to achieve an impeccable complexion, as well as offering hydration and protection against contamination. SPRING



Democracy is not something you sit on the sideline and watch. You must get involved. Everyone counts. The energy in the room was palpable. The speeches were incredibly inspiring. Three strong, passionate women took the stage to deliver a powerful message. A clear call to action that empowers women. Presented by Red Bull Amphiko, these remarkable women shined a light on what unites us and separates us as a nation with their stories. This in hopes of inspiring us to become more vocal and civically engaged. The first women to speak was Lucy Flores. Lucy grew up poor, and she served some time in prison. After being released from jail, she obtained her GED and eventually got a scholarship at USC, which led her to a career in politics. She became a Member of the State Assembly. Lucy concluded her speech with a beautiful quote,


PRESENTED BY REDBULL AMAPHIKO By: Elizabeth Pino / Photos courtesy of @weallgrowlatina


The second speaker to take the stage was Carolina Rubio MacWright. Carolina began the introduction of her speech by asking us: “What if we all have a brave day today?”. And she did not hold back discussing the current U.S. political issues; more specifically, the Dream Act. Carolina was on fire delivering her speech “We must

“La democracia no es algo que se mira desde las gradas. Debes involucrarte. Todos cuentan.”

secure our borders.” Her powerful message portrays the struggles of thousands of children from Central America who cross our border, while desperately seeking security and opportunity unavailable to them in their countries. The third speaker was Rosa Clemente. Rosa is a nationally renowned speaker, activist, and the creator of PR on the Map. She shared with us her journey as an activist and delivered such a powerful message of hope, faith, and empowerment. She closed her speech with this: “My faith always lies within the people - the warriors; the unapologetic black and brown sisters, brothers and non-gender conforming people; the working class; and the rebel rousers. My faith lies in knowing that we have a strong legacy, that we walk with our ancestors and that the future is my daughter”. When the last speaker, Paola Mendoza, took the stage, she captivated the audience with her speech. “We, artists, have a responsibility to use our talent and voices to create work that uplifts communities and sets the bar higher. Creative communities are the catalyst for the change we seek to create. The time to create art that speaks truths and ushers change is now”. As citizens, we have a civic duty to get involved. If you have the ability, desire and drive to volunteer, do it. Whether it’s a local race, supporting a campaign, or even running as a candidate. Democracy is not something you sit on the sideline and watch. You must get involved. Everyone counts. We all need your passion, encouragement, skills, commitment and financial support, big or small.



“Mi fe radica en saber que tenemos un legado fuerte, que caminamos con nuestros antepasados y que el futuro es mi hija”.


“Si votamos desde un lugar de amor -si votamos para proteger a nuestros hermanos y hermanas indocumentados- estaremos salvando a este país de si mismo”.

“¿Qué pasa si todos tenemos un valiente día hoy?”.








“...me encantaría ver a más personas enfocándose primero en lo que cultivan dentro de sí mismos y luego en el mundo.”


millana Snow 44

illana Snow is a former New Yorker now living in Venice, California, with her German Shorthair Pointer, Aria. A model and actor for over 12 years, Millana is also a Reiki healer, meditation teacher and Founder of Serene Social, SereneBook.com and the new WellnessOfficial.co; the first all-in-one marketplace connecting users directly to the best curated and vetted brands and practitioners of the global wellness community. Her passion is to connect, empower and support others to heal themselves by expanding consciousness in their everyday lives. Millana, has always lived in a world of contrast, spending her childhood reading the Bhagavad Gita and her tarot cards, she went on to the world of fashion and entertainment becoming the winner of Project Runway and working with clients like YSL, Cover Girl, L’Oreal and Gant as well as working behind the scenes in publishing, public relations and creative direction for VIBE, Uptown Magazine, Vespa and Porsche. Today Millana has integrated these worlds by leading workshops, meditations and talks at NYU, Syracuse, Soho House, Lululemon, Alexander Wang and more.

I would love to see more people focusing on what they cultivate within themselves first and then in the world.” When did you decide it was important to discuss the importance of incorporating healing practices in one’s lives openly?

I’ve always been passionate about raising consciousness by connecting myself and others to a more profound meaning. What would you say was the turning point in your life/career that made you become more active and engaged in your cause?

When I won Project Runway things really shifted in me. Although you couldn’t tell from watching it on TV, for me, that whole experience was a spiritual one. After the show, I had a renewed understanding of how we create our own reality, and I wanted to share that with as many people as I could. What change would love to see in your lifetime?

For people to go from focusing on what’s not working to celebrating what is. I would love to see more people focusing on what they cultivate within themselves first and then in the world. Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

My grandma. She is one of my best friends and has always been there for me. It’s like we have been best friends for lifetimes. How do you think that we can all advocate for social justice through peaceful activism?

To me, the revolution starts within. The world cannot change if we do not individually evolve and purify ourselves. To me, peaceful activism is first connecting to our source within and helping as many people as possible to do the same. I believe this starts with reading new material that can open your mind, and with meditation, to connect to your spirit. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Connecting with the inner self, and then to connect people more deeply. That brings me ALEGRIA.



“With thelove loveand andunity unitywe With the we already have, we can already have, we can only only grow stronger and grow stronger and bigger.” bigger.” When did it become important for you to discuss the issues of gun violence and of opportunities for minorities?

It has always been important, but I was afraid. It wasn’t until I came to Community Coalition that I found out that my voice does matter. A door suddenly opened, and I decided to step in. I saw and listened to stories like mine and came to the realization that enough is enough. That’s why I got involved: to put an end to the criminalization and profiling of black and brown youth. What would you say was the turning point in your life/career that made you become more active and engaged in leadership and social justice?

Living in South LA, you see the struggles of your community. Everything becomes normal, it is passed on from generation to generation, and you get sucked into that mentality where you’re okay with the struggles. Yet, the more stories you hear that are like yours, the more frustrating and angry you become. You start to have a strong urge to make a change and start utilizing your voice to let policymakers know what you and your community want and need. What is something you would love to see changing in your lifetime?

I would love to see that the resources my community in South LA has been fighting for are implemented. That peace and joy are restored to my community, and our schools are improved and better funded. Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my sister. As a young teen, she had to take on the challenge of raising me and made sure I was okay. Then, when she became a young mother herself, she faced a new challenge and a new chapter in her life. She has worked day and night to make sure she and her child have everything they need. I am so grateful for the memories and love she was able to give me even when she was the one that needed it the most. How do you think that we can all advocate for social justice through peaceful activism?

As a community, we have always been advocating peacefully and we shall continue to do so. With the love and unity we already have, we can only grow stronger and bigger. What brings you ALEGRIA?

My family, my love, my community, mi gente. That brings me ALEGRIA.



... con el amor y la unidad que ya tenemos, solo podemos crecer en tamaño y fortaleza


edna Chavez




...mi sueño americano es dar acceso por igual a oportunidades educativas y profesionales para cada joven, independientemente de su etnia, origen, nivel de ingresos o inmigración“.

ulissa Arce is a political commentator, writer, speaker, and social justice advocate.

She is the author of the Washington post Best-selling book, My (Underground) American Dream. She is the cofounder and chairman of the Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program that assists immigrant students, regardless of their immigration status, ethnicity, or national origin. Julissa is also a board member for the National Immigration Law Center and for College Spring. Prior to becoming an advocate, she built a successful career on Wall Street, working at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2017, she was named one of People en Español’s 25 Most Powerful Women. Her second book, Someone Like Me will be published in September 2018.



My American Dream is to give equal acces to professional and educational opportunities to every young person regardless of their national origin ethnicity, income level or immigration.” When did it become important for you to discuss the issues that affect so many dreamers and undocumented brothers and sisters?

When I was 27 years old, I had everything anyone could want: An amazing career, money, and a boyfriend that could dance. I had become an American Citizen after being undocumented for over 15 years. But it was then that I realized there are millions of people who are still undocumented, living in the shadows, and for whom access to college is impossible. I decided to share my story to shift the perception of undocumented immigrants, and co-founded the Ascend Educational Fund to help other students in my circumstances. What would you say was the turning point in your life/career that made you become more active and engaged in your cause?

I watched a film called Documented. It told the story of Jose Antonio Vargas and for the first time in my life, I felt validated... someone else had lived my experiences and understood what it was like to be undocumented. It was a powerful experience to know that I wasn’t alone. It was then that I decided that I would share my story, because someone else might feel alone too. What is a change you would like to see in your lifetime?

I would love for people to be more compassionate toward immigrants and understand that we come to America to pursue a better life for ourselves and our families. I wish more people took the time to learn more about how broken our system is, before passing judgment on the very difficult choices we have to make.   Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

My mom is my hero! She is a warrior who has taught me by example never to give up. No matter what life has thrown her way, she keeps pushing forward.  What brings you ALEGRIA?  

I spent a long time not being able to cross the border into Mexico, so just being able to leave the country and know that I can come home to my husband and life in America brings me the biggest joy and ALEGRIA.




Yo sabía exactamente lo que era trabajar tanto durante la preparatoria para descubrir tu último año que no puedes acceder a las mismas oportunidades que tus compañeros debido a tu estado de indocumentado


reamers RoadMap was founded by Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca, a former undocumented student, who years ago had to drop out of school to help support her family. Today, she is the founder of DRM and a recent graduate of Cañada College.

Sarahi was a Champion of Change at the White House in 2014, received a House of Representatives Award in 2015, and was recently named in Forbes 30 under 30. Sarahi wants everyone to achieve their fullest potential and hopes of helping hundreds of thousands of students eliminate the barriers to success.


sarahi Espinoza

I knew exactly what it felt like to work so hard to find out your senior year you can’t access the same opportunities as your classmates because of your undocumented status.” When did it become important for you to openly discuss these issues that affect so many dreamers and undocumented brothers and sisters?

I knew as soon as I found out what it meant to be a dreamer trying to go to college. Not many people were talking about it back in 2008. It was important for me to not only to talk about it so others knew they were not going through this alone, but also to try to figure out a solution. What would you say was the turning point in your life/career that made you become more active and engaged in your cause?

My turning point was when I felt empowered enough to create a solution for others like me though technology. Knowing I was GOOD ENOUGH and the right person to tackle this challenge because I knew exactly what it felt like to work so hard to find out your senior year you can’t access the same opportunities as your classmates because of your undocumented status. Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest sources of inspiration are God, my mother and my mentors and users. How do you think that we can all advocate for social justice though Peaceful Activism?

I think that we can all use our talents for the greater good and what better cause than social justice. Many times we don’t get involved because we feel we are not good enough or because we don’t know everything, but the truth of the matter is no one does and we must do the best we can with the talents God gave us. What brings you ALEGRIA?

God, service, family, music, dancing, poetry, nature, and my chiropractor.






YIN YOGA - interview with -


My relationship with Yin Yoga is no fairy-tale romance. It’s been a long-term, sometimes arduous, daily development into stillness.




El beneficio físico más importante del Yin Yoga es una columna vertebral flexible, ligamentos lubricados y tejido conectivo sano e hidratado. El Yin Yoga restaura la funcionalidad óptima de los órganos vitales y mantiene o mejora el rango completo de movimiento en las articulaciones. Pero la práctica llega mucho más profundamente.


nternational yoga teacher Kali Basman enriches the paradigm of Yin Yoga to integrate distinct aspects of Self into an innate wisdom practice to awaken a rich inner life and radiate with ritual. Her offering honors Yin Yoga as a tool to surrender to our intrinsic wholeness. On the textured path of mindful healing, Kali is celebrated for her integration of the five Elements and Chinese Meridian Theory with self-inquiry, embodied Anatomy, Buddhist Philosophy of Equanimity, and sharp intellect. How was your passion for Yin Yoga born?

I’ve read so many yoga teacher bios outlining their ‘aha’ moment in yoga where they were dragged to their first class amid despair, got into a down-dog and were radically and instantly transformed. I feel that is entirely misleading in that it disregards yoga asana as a process, rather than a state of arriving at perfection. My relationship with Yin Yoga is no fairy-tale romance. It’s been a long-term, sometimes arduous, daily development into stillness. How would you explain Yin Yoga to someone who has never experienced it?

I’ll outline some essential elements, or main ingredients, of an enduring Yin practice: A gentle, restorative longevity practice to reach the sustainable health of connective tissues, joints, and ligaments which are usually neglected in a more active yoga practice. Typically, Yin postures focus on the lower spine, hips, pelvis, and shoulder girdle, but can target other regions as well. The observation of internal stillness, as you hold each posture anywhere from one to 20 minutes! This allows us to develop the inner resources for tranquility, even amid discomfort or chaos. Meanwhile, the effect of gravity deepens and compresses the stretch to eradicate toxins and lengthen and lubricate the denser tissues. A switch to the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest component of our neurology), as we release


deeply into the body, allowing for rejuvenation and vital healing on many levels, physiologically, emotionally and otherwise. Lastly, Yin Yoga is unhurried, still, and contemplative. We relax deeply into our essential Self and give ourselves the permission to merely exist, precisely as we are. What are some of the best-known benefits of practices Yin Yoga?

It’s said you’re only as young as your spine is healthy. The most significant physical benefit of Yin is a supple spine, lubricated ligaments, and healthy, hydrated connective tissue. Yin restores optimal functionality to the vital organs and maintains or enhances the complete range of motion in the joints. But the practice reaches much more deeply – it allows the practitioner to tap into her vast reservoir of vital energy, to filter through external stimulus and stressors to cultivate a steady presence. The calm in the eye of the city. Where is the favorite place you have ever taught?

I love teaching at yoga festivals because it’s retreat time we carve out as a community to practice together and enliven a rich inquiry on the frontier of modern-day yoga. The Sedona Yoga Festival and Steamboat Movement Festival are two potent offerings to deepen your practice, and I’m continuously honored to offer classes at each. Tell us about Durga Excursions?

Durga Excursions is a conscious collaborative, which offers teacher training and retreats, dedicated to the living discipline of Yin Yoga. This Yoga Alliance training interweaves the wisdom discipline of Yin Yoga with Intelligent Anatomy and Alignment, daily Vinyasa Yoga and meditation, Buddhist philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Subtle Body energetics. It will emphasize the Buddhist practices of equanimity and loving-kindness and you will learn to use your authentic voice as an emerging Yin Yoga teacher. Teaching Yin Yoga is a divine practice for deep healing, and the need for such practices grows every day. What brings you ALEGRIA in life?

Lately I’ve been teaching and practicing Tonglen, a Buddhist compassion practice to develop awareness and build empathy. I’ve found it’s opened my heart, the spacious seat from which ALEGRIA emerges from.




In the year 2011 Pranic Healing entered her life inspiring and changing it forever. Soon after she opened her very first holistic wellness practice. Her clients would express how magical and blissful they felt after a healing session and would often ask how they could extend the feeling of “bliss”. This was the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in Marcela’s creative life.



arcela Arrieta was born in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. And at the age of 3 along with her mother they immigrated to the U.S.A. undocumented. Growing up in Boyle Height and Lynwood Marcela never saw her culture or ethnic background as an obstacle; rather she saw it as a source of inspiration.

In 2014 from a small corner of her home garage and with only a $500 GoFundMe account she created Majestic Bliss Soaps. Vibrant and colorful memories from her upbringing and Mexican culture are reflected on the blissful colorful soaps but that’s not all the bliss. Each bar of soap is highly energized with loving and healing energy providing a quality handcrafted bath product


that cleanses beyond your skin. Delivering a steady stream of relaxing and restorative energy. Marcela is a mother of two wonderful boys, a wife, entrepreneur and a wellness collaborator for “A Primera Hora” on Univisión 34 and “Despierta Área De La Bahía” on Univisión 14. She shares topics that inspire, empower and transform her Spanish-speaking community.

MADE WITH LOV E THE GOOD CANDLE, MADE WITH LOVE BY MARTHA AVENDANO, WHO BEGAN MAKING CANDLES OUT OF PURE CURIOSITY UNTIL IT BECAME HER PASSION. Her candles are made of 100% all natural soy wax and hand crafted in small batches to ensure each candle receives the necessary care to become “a good candle”. Their 11.5oz containers are filled with all natural soy wax, two 100% cotton wicks and phthalate-free fragrance oil. They then add the finishing touches with a simple yet elegant label.

They then add the finishing touches with a simple yet elegant label! WWW.THEGOODCANDLE.COM / @THEGOODCANDLE





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