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AIESEC in Algeria 2016-2017

Expansion Model Being accessible to everyone, everywhere





Why to Expand

III. Expansion Criteria IV. Expansion Strategy V. Expansion Path

VI. Definitions & Acronyms


Since its creation in 2008/2009, AIESEC in Algeria has been a fast growing entity, especially during the past few years. But in order to go faster and further, it needs to have a wider reach; and to remain faithful to its vision and mid-term ambition, it has to become more accessible to the Algerian youth. After Algiers, many groups of young people worked hard to be able to open expansions in their wilayas, such as Oran, Blida, Constantine and Ouargla. This list can be longer, and we are sure many other cities and regions have the potential to run the AIESEC operations all over Algeria, in order to allow their local communities, with their different cultures, traditions and mindset, to benefit from the global leadership development experiences that can be created with AIESEC. Societies like ours really need such an opportunity, because it helps youth to unleash its true potential, fosters innovation and creativity, facilitates openness to the world and contributes to the development of better young leaders for a better tomorrow. Through this call to action, the National Committee of AIESEC in Algeria is inviting you to take the challenge and to be part of the team that will give the youth of your city, wilaya or region the chance to get involved with AIESEC.

Areyouupforit? Areyouupto it ?

Why to Expand WE ARE A YOUTH LEADERSHIP MOVEMENT The expansion strategy of AIESEC in Algeria allows us to create a path for any Interest Group of young people to become a full Local Committee, with a strong AIESEC culture and functional knowledge to sustain all our exchange products. It is also a tool for us to achieve the AIESEC 2020 ambition, which is to be accessible to everyone everywhere, while growing disruptively and shaping what we do around what society, our country and the world need.

Expansion Criteria


Any Interest Group (IG) that wants to open an AIESEC expansion shall be in a wilaya where there is no AIESEC committee or another Interest Group already.


The IG shall submit a Letter of Intent to the National Committee of AIESEC in Algeria, including the signature of, at least, 5 students from the core group.


The IG shall do a Feasibility Study to be approved by AIESEC in Algeria. The IG representative can ask for as much assistance as needed before sending its document.


After receiving the proper documentation, the National VP Organization Development has up to 15 working days before reaching a final decision whether or not the IG shall be considered as an Expansion Initiative (EI).


Expansions must respect and follow the Compendium of AIESEC in Algeria and its national strategy for expansions.

Expansions are allowed to participate in all the events and conferences of AIESEC in Algeria and to use the AIESEC brand under the supervision of their National Coordinator.

LETTER OF INTENT A successful Letter of Intent will be informative and persuasive. It is important to keep the end goal in mind, which, for you, is to open an AIESEC Expansion in your wilaya. You may find this website helpful.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Your Feasibility Study must contain, at least, the following details: - Number of people in the Interest Group who are wiling to open an expansion. - Partnership with a Student Club, and a School/University/Youth Center.

- Market research about HR, for recruitment, to guarantee sustainability. - Market research about the potential costumers: age, field of study, interest in AIESEC exchange products, etc. Do you need help again? This website is too detailed, but you can use it in a more simplified way and it will certainly make things easier for you.

Expansion Strategy

STRATEGY Expansion Initiatives shall follow the strategy for expansions set by AIESEC in Algeria. This strategy aims to ensure efficient management and full transparency of all operations, but also to motivate expansions to grow and provide a real support system that allows them to reach their goals.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Selection of a National Coordinator Expenses management Recruitment Induction EXPANSION BIRTH

✓ Education ✓ Tracking and evaluation

NATIONAL COORDINATOR Once the Expansion Initiative is approved, and before it starts running AIESEC operations, a National Coordinator will be selected by AIESEC in Algeria, and will have the task to maintain effective communication channels between the Expansion and the National Committee.

The National Coordinator will be responsible of: -

Implementing the growth model set for the expansion Following up with its performance Setting KPIs, MoS, and milestones under the supervision of the National Committee.

A National Coordinator can be an MC member, an alumnus or any current or previous AIESEC member who has already experienced an EB position.

EXPENSES Since the expansion won’t be present on the Global Information System, which is the platform where all incoming and outgoing exchange operations happen, the performance numbers and a percentage of exchange products’ revenues will go to AIESEC in Algeria, as illustrated in the table below.

Exchange Revenues




Level I



Level II



Level III



This model will motivate the expansion to grow quickly and jump to the next level in order to be more independent financially and strive for its full sustainabality.

EXPANSION MODEL The growth model is GV based. Expansions will, first, build strong bases for a sustainable GV process, and when this is achieved, they will start to sell GT and GE, as well. If expansion have applicants for oGT or potential opportunities for ICX with an enabler, they should, of course, not reject them. However, their main focus must remain GV.

Volunteering opportunities

Professional internships


Expansions go through a growth process composed of 03 different stages, bringing slowly the products to a more advanced stadium.

Level 1

• oGV Basic

Level 2

• oGV Medium

Level 3

• oGV Advanced • iGV Basic

This model is not rigid and doesn’t mean a fast-growing expansion has to slow down in order to respect it. If an entity is doing very good, it can jump straight to level 3 or even become an LC faster.

For each level, we set minimum criteria that have to be fulfilled in order for an expansion to jump to the next one: 1. Minimums Exchange Goals 2. Talent Capacity 3. Learning Cycle If an expansion fails to jump to the next level after two rounds of 6 months, it will be automatically disbanded. If within 2 years, an expansion fails to become an LC, it will be subject to an automatic motion of disbandment.

Expansion Path


Local Committee Young Local Committee Official Expansion level 3 Official Expansion level 2 Official Expansion level 1

Expansion Initiative Interest Group



Exchange Goals: 5 oGV realizations

Duration: 6 months

Talent Capacity: 5 members

Productivity: 1,00


LEVEL ONE Learning Cycle General knowledge

• • •

AIESEC Way AIESEC 2020 AIESEC Experience

Functional knowledge

• • • • •

Customer Flow oGV process Sales AIESEC based Effective marketing AIESEC brand

Soft skills

• • • • •

Time management Team management Planning Effective communication Reporting

Above are the AIESEC basic knowledge and some soft skills that every member of the expansion should learn and develop in order to master them during and by the end of level one.


Exchange Goals: 15 oGV realizations

Duration: 6 months

Talent Capacity: 10 members

Productivity: 1,50


LEVEL TWO Learning Cycle General knowledge

• •

AIESEC Experience Youth for Global Goals

Functional knowledge

• • • • • • •

Customer Flow Sales Marketing/oGV synergy AIESEC brand Standards and Satisfaction TM knowledge Re-integration

Soft skills

• • • •

Planning Effective communication Public speaking Negotiation

In level two, the necessary knowledge to be acquired is more advanced and will allow the expansion’s members to grow as individual and as AIESECers, but also to be more productive while focusing on Value Delivery.


Exchange Goals: 38 oGV and 2 iGV realizations

Duration: 6 to 12 months

Talent Capacity: 20 members

Productivity: 2,00


LEVEL THREE Learning Cycle General knowledge • • • •

AIESEC 2020 AIESEC way AIESEC Experience Youth for Global Goals

Functional knowledge • • • • • •

Recruitment process iGV bases Sales Marketing SnS R&R

Soft skills • • • • •

Planning Effective communication Team management Goal setting Interviews

A level three Official Expansion is considered as an experienced AIESEC entity ready to make the final jump and become an LC. Thus, it should reach a full sustainability in oGV, focus on 100% Value Delivery, and start setting the right and efficient processes for iGV.

Definitions and Acronyms

DEFINITIONS Interest Group (IG): is any group of students that approaches AIESEC in Algeria with the purpose of opening a Local Committee. Expansion Initiative (EI): is an Interest Group that has been authorized by AIESEC in Algeria to fulfill the requirements of the “Expansion Criteria”. Official Expansion (OE): An Expansion that started working on the Expansion Model and reached one of the levels of the expansions growth. Local Committee (LC): An Official Expansion that completed all the Expansion Path challenegs and that is ready to perform independently and keep growing in all areas. Productivity: An entity’s productivity can be calculated by dividing the overall number of exchange experiences realized by the number of active AIESEC members, during a specific period of time.

ACRONYMS In AIESEC, we use a lot of acronyms because we want to go faster. You saw some of them in this booklet, so here you can find their meanings:

Areas • • • • • •

OGX: Outgoing Exchange ICX: Incoming Exchange B2C: Business to Customer B2B: Business to Business TM: Talent Management MKT: Marketing

Functional Vocabulary • •

SnS: Standards & Satisfaction RnR: Reward & Recognition

Products • • •

GV: Global Volunteer GT: Global Talent GE: Global Enterpreneur

• •

o: outgoing i: incoming

This booklet has been created and designed by the team of MC DZire, the National Committee of AIESEC in Algeria for the term 16.17. If you are interested in opening an AIESEC expansion in your wilaya and you agree on all the conditions and process explained above, send the necessary documents to:

May you have any question or concern, follow us and feel free to contact us through our Facebook pages:


AIESEC in Algeria:


MC Team Algeria:

Expansion Model | AIESEC in Algeria  

In this booklet, the Expansion Strategy of AIESEC in Algeria is explained in details. This model is meant to help us achieve the AIESEC 2020...

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