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Jessi Ann Laviolette, General Manager, Acden Manufacturing

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My name is Jessi Ann Laviolette, and I am the general manager of Acden Manufacturing in Fort Chipewyan. In October of 1998, I was hired to manage Chip Manufacturing Company Limited (now known as Acden Manufacturing). The main product we manufacture is a knitted Kevlar sleeve known as a wristlet. Twenty times stronger than steel, our industrial wristlets and gloves are made of 100% Kevlar® – a synthetic fiber that is fire retardant as well as slash and puncture resistant. We have been in business almost 19 years and I believe that effective management and accountability have played a considerable role in ensuring the company’s achievements. We started with a business loan which was paid in full within six months and we’ve seen continued growth ever since. I have proudly watched the company grow from humble beginnings to the success we are today. I previously worked within the oil industry, private sector and human resources all of which have developed my professional skills. I have taken on my management role and responsibilities with self-determination; everything from the operation’s start up, technical machinery servicing and staff management, to maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Acden Manufacturing contributes employment and economic opportunity for the community of Fort Chipewyan. We have provided donations to the local school and for community events. We are also proud to conduct tours of our facility to provide awareness for our young entrepreneurs. I would like to acknowledge all of my staff for their efforts, hard work and dedication. Without them, we would not be where we are today. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer incentives, promote good work ethic, support achievements, and above all provide a sense of pride. We all have unique qualities and abilities; when we bring them to the workplace, and put them into use, we are guaranteed to succeed!

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Environment week From June 5th- 9th Acden participated in Environment week celebrations to give back to our earth and community. During the Taiganova Eco-Industrial Park cleanup, our amazing volunteers collected a total of 21 bags of waste (and a deer leg!) from the area. After our annual staff goods swap, we were able to donate four boxes of items to the Salvation Army. To end off the week, Acden employees were invited to enjoy a zero waste BBQ lunch outside in the sun. Thank you to the RMWB for supplying us with all the cleaning supplies, Hertz for lending us their BBQ, and all our volunteers and organizers for your help and hard work!

We are excited to announce a new partnership: Acden Lakeshore Contracting! Our new partnership, Acden Lakeshore Contracting, provides civil earthworks and civil construction services to clients in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Together, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right. Being a leader in oil field and civil construction is made possible with the right people and partnerships. This combination has continued to elevate us above the industry norm in order to meet and exceed evolving project requirements. We have the heart for the people, the land and an unparalleled passion for leaving a positive lasting impact on future generations. For a complete list of our services please download our online brochure: acden.com/acdenlakeshorecontracting

Wayne Battle | VP, General Manager, Acden Lakeshore Contracting Office: 780.714.3665 | wbattle@lakeshoreltd.com


Acden Connection - September 2017 - acden.com

ACFN Treaty Days On July 22nd, Acden staff flew to Fort Chipewyan to help out with the annual Treat Days celebrations. Acden handed out sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, water and drawstring bags. Acden’s kids’ carnival kept everyone very busy with loads of games to play, tons of prizes and a bouncy castle (donated by Acden Horizon North). To end off the day, Acden held sumo suit wrestling matches for the kids.

NAABA Aboriginal Student Scholarship Fundraiser! At the 19th annual NAABA golf tournament, Acden Environment hosted a fundraiser in the form of a fun chipping challenge contest using a six yard bin. Over $3000 was raised with half the proceeds going to one lucky 50/50 winner and the remaining proceeds going to the NAABA Aboriginal Student Scholarships!

Sustainival For the third year in a row, Acden was proud to partner with Sustainival, the world’s first green carnival! Acden staff volunteers helped with set-up, while Acden Environment provided in-kind waste and recycling services at the carnival grounds. Acden donated a grand prize of four rounds of golf, four pro shop gift cards and dinner. Our newest partner, Acden Lakeshore Contracting, also donated a grand prize that included a two person kayak, two paddles, two lifejackets and a water safety kit.


Acden HSEQ - Update What’s next for the Acden Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (IMS)? Congratulations to everyone on another successful audit!! Acden Environment, Acden Fleet, Acden Facilities, and Acden Tech Sonic have all completed an External ISO surveillance audit. In other words, the check of our ISO program by a third-party auditor to ensure we are still meeting the requirements of our certification. Acden Environment, Acden Fleet, Acden Facilities and Acden Tech Sonic are all compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard and the 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard. These make up our Integrated Management System (IMS). In 2015, an update to each standard was introduced, and is set to take effect by the end of 2018. So, what does this mean for our business? The changes introduced make it easier to work with more than one management system standard simultaneously. It has standardized the terminology and requirements with a 10-clause high-level structure and common definitions. The goal is to make ISO much more userfriendly and easier to understand. Hopefully this will help everyone feel more comfortable with our program, and really integrate it into our daily tasks. Our employees can really drive the program forward, and take quality to the next level. ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 have brought in new areas of focus to help us continually improve our business. One key area is risk and risk management. This is a concept we are very familiar with from a safety perspective, but now is the time to look from the business perspective and apply the risk based thinking to day-to-day business activities. By assessing the risks that effect the business, it allows us to classify and prioritize the risks, devise a plan, and mitigate the risks. This systematic approach reduces the undesired outcomes and helps the organization become proactive. This allows us the opportunity to showcase our security and growth to our clients, with a focus on their satisfaction. Our clients want to know that their


Acden Connection - September 2017 - acden.com

money is well spent, and ensure they are getting the quality they are looking for. This is no different than us. When we spend our hard-earned money, we want the best quality products and consistency in our purchases. For example, every time we go to The Keg, regardless of the location, we expect the same quality meal. Our clients are looking to us to provide that. Another area that is undergoing change is the focus of leadership versus management driving our IMS. This strengthens the quality focus of the business down through all supervisions. It allows all employees to focus on the performance of the organization, and to be a part of the continuous improvement and growth. This makes everyone accountable for our successes. Our success relies on the input of our employees. No one knows the work better, or can provide ideas for growth and improvement better than those doing the day-to-day work. This will lead to better planning and implementation of changes. All areas will be looked at and planned for, to include a focus on measuring and evaluating our successes while reviewing the outcomes of unintended changes. Part of the operational changes being made will include the way we look at and evaluate our external providers. Are we adequately monitoring the performance of our external providers? Are we providing them with adequate feedback on their performance? Does it allow for improvement of the services or products they provide? As a business, are we identifying the activities to be carried out once we deliver a product or provide a service? These will all need to be accounted for with the implementation of the new standards. Quality is all about meeting our customer’s expectation of service delivery and maintaining a reputation of consistent service. We all have an integral role to support our operations and ensure a quality job is completed every time. If you have a suggestion for a better way of doing things, talk to your supervisor or manager.



Acden’s website has been revamped with a fresh new look. When you are exploring the new website you’ll notice some new features: • • • •

A new Acden blog Acden Environment’s “request a quote” form Active links to HRweb A new search function

If you have any feedback about the new site please e-mail: marketing@acden.com

Careers Acden is a dynamic and exciting place to work and we are constantly expanding our capabilities and service offerings. We offer high energy team players, outstanding opportunities to grow in roles that best fit personal interests, aptitudes, and career aspirations. Please visit acden.com/careers to see a list of current job postings. For detailed information about benefits, please visit cinup.com


EMPLOYEE PROFILE Doug McCoy, VP, COO Celebrating 10 years with Acden: Where are you from? I was born in Calgary and grew up in K Country. When I was 11 my parents separated and I ended up moving to Saskatoon. I’ve called it home ever since and I commute back and forth from Fort McMurray each week.

What is your background? In regards to my career before Acden, I started out working in logistics and transportation at a grassroots level. I started as an operator driving across North America learning about the industry at the ground level. From there, my career evolved into operations, dispatch and planning, and after two years and various promotions I moved into senior management. During my time with that corporation I held the roles of USA fleet division operations manager and corporate director of HSE. From operating equipment to planning and dispatching a fleet to HSE, I gained experience in all aspects of the corporation. In November 2007, this experience helped me land the role of operations supervisor with Denesoline Environment (now Acden Environment) and I made the move from Saskatoon to Fort McMurray.

As operations supervisor, I oversaw all the daily operations of the offsite division. Six months into my role I was promoted to team lead. At the time Dan Rorke (now VP, Business Development) was operations manager and there were about 65 people working for Denesoline Environment. Dan and I have known each other since university and he was the one who enticed me to join what we now call the Acden family. I was in the role of team lead for a year before being promoted to operations manager and another year later I became general manager. For the next three years as general manager, we grew the business 100% year after year. Our management team aggressively went after every opportunity available to us which were plentiful at that time in the Oil Sands. I had a very dedicated and loyal team and a great deal of support from my boss, Garry Flett, and our executives, Bryn Botham and Dan Rorke. Without the hard work and efforts of all Acden Environment staff we wouldn’t have become the successful company you see today. I was general manager of Acden Environment for three years, from January 2011 to July 2014, before I was promoted into my current role as VP, Chief Operating Officer.

What are the greatest challenges you face in this organization and region? I would say the greatest internal challenge is high turnover and the greatest external challenge is the volatility of the oil industry. It’s not just Acden that has a high rate of turnover, it is the nature of the industry itself. Many workers are on shift and some have short term goals regarding their employment as their family is elsewhere. Another constant challenge is keeping up with the constant growth and changes in the Oil Sands. Since I started 10 years ago, there have been three growth periods and two downturns. During the growth periods, there were many opportunities to foster growth amongst all companies. During each growth phase we’ve grown in size, capacity, revenue, and added strategic partnerships. We’ve also successfully navigated each downturn when clients have initiated cut backs and reduced opportunities


Acden Connection - September 2017 - acden.com

as a result of dealing with such a volatile commodity. I’ve grown personally and professionally during the good times and the down times and I’ve seen our corporation continually mature and grow as well. If Acden continues to be prepared to develop strategies for retention, and initiates engagement strategies with clients, we will continue to have assurances of work for tomorrow versus what’s happening today.

What are you most proud of about Acden? I’m most proud of our people. Our employees are our greatest strength and without the hard work of our Acden family, we wouldn’t have reached the successes we have achieved over the past 23 years. During the last decade the Acden family has achieved many succeses, such as keeping our employees safe resulting in many accolades and secured work. This is a direct reflection of our HSEQ performance and

culture, being able to capitalize on the opportunities the Oil Sands present and being nimble enough to accept the challenge of exponential growth year over year. Moreover, when we are in a downturn, being able to accept those challenges and demonstrate why we are the strategic service provider is crucial. Because if we don’t, we do not maintain our relationships and the subsequent work from our clients. I always say that tough times don’t last, tough people do. That’s what I see in the Fort McMurray community and Acden is certainly a microcosm of that; we are resilient, we are dedicated and we are here for the long haul. Fort McMurray is a community worth fighting for, living in and growing in. I think that is certainly embraced by Acden employees at every level in our organization.

Trees Up to Trees Up Art Piece Acden commissioned local artist Lucas Seaward to create a painting that depicts the region’s relationship with industry and our shared environment. This painting portrays the life cycle of an Oil Sands project from its original state through to reclamation. The heart of the painting has a natural element that represents the precarious balance between man and nature. It serves as a reminder that what we take from the earth, we must give back. We are so proud and honoured to have this incredible piece installed at Acden Corporate Headquarters. We would like to invite everyone to come and experience the visual narrative of ‘trees up to trees up’.


Happy Anniversary!

Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

June Anniversaries

August Anniversaries

Employee Company Years of Service Aikins, Michael Acden Environment 3 Bobylev, Alexandr Acden Environment 11 Hemsworth Daniel Acden Environment 1 Hedderson, Heber Acden Environment 12 Overbeck, Ronald Acden Environment 3 Foster, Darryl Acden Environment 5 Baron, Aseneth Acden Facilities 4 Mate, Alan Acden Facilities 2 Oulette, James Acden Facilities 2 Elkins, Jason Acden Fleet 5 Waters, Douglas Acden Fleet 8 Cadeau, Cordell Acden Holdings/Safety 12 Clark, Carla Acden Holdings/HR 1 Bayliff, Justin Acden Tech Sonic 3 Chauhan, Reuben Acden Tech Sonic 7

Employee Company Years of Service Basuta, Jaskiran Acden Environment 4 Hagen, Brian Acden Environment 5 Pord, Christopher Acden Environment 4 Tucker, Blaine Acden Environment 6 Warden, Allister Acden Environment 1 Schofield, Christine Acden Environment 3 Lambe, Darrell Acden Environment 5 Sanderson, Timothy Acden Environment 4 Epp, Victor Acden Environment 4 Stonehouse, Terry Acden Environment 4 Esson, Andrew Acden Facilities 1 Nitsch, John Acden Facilities 6 Trotman, Shad Acden Facilities 1 MacDonald, Andrew Acden Fleet 4 Wright, Evan Acden Fleet 8 Butler, Erin Acden Holdings/Safety 2

July Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Budgell, Wendell Acden Environment 1 Dunham, Steven Acden Environment 3 Hanofski, Shawn Acden Environment 1 Lechowicz, Mark Acden Environment 5 Prager, David Acden Environment 3 Souch, Richard Acden Environment 4 Agbadogbe, Mike Acden Facilities 1 Holizki, Kenneth Acden Facilities 2 Koralewicz, Todd Acden Facilities 3 Lawrence, Tyler Acden Facilities 1 Leibel, Mark Acden Facilities 1 MacSpadyen, Chelsea Acden Facilities 1 Peever, Michael Acden Facilities 2 Roberts, Jeremy Acden Facilities 2 White, Stephanie Acden Facilities 1 Koski, Scott Acden Fleet 5 Ross, Robert Acden Fleet 3 Waters, Daniel Acden Fleet 4 Castro-Gentili, Natalie Acden Holdings/HR 3 Cromwell, Jeffery Acden Holdings/HR 3 Cunningham, Natalie Business Development 6 Gaulton, Diana Acden Holdings/ Safety 8 Cruz, Eruz Acden Tech Sonic 6 Kane, Ryan Acden Tech Sonic 2 Murray, Koady Acden Tech Sonic 3


Acden Connection - September 2017 - acden.com

Acden Lemax Safety Award Congratulations Acden Lemax for receiving an award for your accomplishment of over 5 years incident free, presented by Syncrude Canada.

Congratulations Margeurite!

Acden Fleet Employee Referral Contest Winner Congrats to Andrew Macdonald, light duty mechanic who received a $150 Keg gift card for his four referrals.

Margeurite Penton White began her career with Acden on March 12, 2012 as the dispatch supervisor for Offsites. She has held this role ever since, in conjunction with a myriad of supervisors at her side.

Acden Facilities Employee of the Month

Throughout her career with Acden, Margeurite has shown outstanding dedication to both her Acden family as well as her customers. She always has a direct approach to problem solving with her usual bias towards her clients’ needs. She is always available to fill in at work and has spent countless hours on weekends and after hours ensuring things run as planned. She has been instrumental in training numerous supervisors and managers.

Ryan Goebel has been recognized as the employee of the month for June. Ryan’s willingness to assist with complex matters, mentor and lead, particularly when stepping up in a foreman role has helped deliver strong, effective results to both Acden and our client.

During the Fort McMurray wildfire evacuation last year, Margeurite worked every day from a small trailer in St Albert. Using a laptop, five mobile phones and a small printer, she and her spouse, Carson White (assistant operations manager) managed to keep the critical Acden Environment staff working from May 3rd through June 1st. She was back in the office on June 2nd and it has been business as usual ever since. Margeurite has announced her intention to retire from Acden effective September 15th 2017, graciously allowing us to retain her services to train her final replacement. She has been a steady hand during times of enormous stress and a comfort to the operators in need of answers and guidance. Our clients will be invisible to the change of leadership at Offsites, but that is yet another testimony to her talent and dedication. She will be missed by all. - Craig Warden, general manager, Acden Environment

Acden Environment would like to congratulate Mike Aikins! Mike Aikins was approached by Syncrude employee Gino Babin (logistics service leader) and recognized for his excellent toolbox/safety meetings. Gino recognized the great job Mike does relaying and focusing the Syncrude toolbox to the work Acden does on site. Mike was awarded a Syncrude Orion bag for his efforts. - Kris Hartzell, assistant operations manager, Acden Environment

Acden Facilities would like to recognize the employees of the month for June, July and August.

Dave Yaworsky, HVAC Technician, has been recognized as the employee of the month for July. Dave is known for his ability to propose solid solutions to critical issues which management has come to rely upon. He has a positive influence among his peers and his hard work is recognized. Bonnie Morton, E-Lem Administrator, has been recognized as the employee of the month for August. Bonnie has been a strong member of the team, who is always willing to step up and assist coworkers when needed with any issues, questions and concerns. Bonnie is reliable and does whatever it takes to ensure the quality of her work as well as Acden’s service to our client is at 100%. We at Acden Facilities want to thank Ryan, Dave and Bonnie on their dedication, quality service and hard work. Congratulations on being our employees of the month! We would also like to thank the entire Acden Facilities team with putting forth a solid effort over the summer. You have shown an effective means of persevering through stressful situations and followed through with an overall outstanding byproduct of teamwork. Thank you very much!

Winner of Acden Environment’s ISO Quarterly Survey Prize: Rory Hickson from Titan Mining. Rory won a Bose SOUNDLINK® REVOLVE+ Bluetooth speaker!


HR Employee Profile Introducing Nancy! My name is Nancy Ladouceur-Hesse and I am the HRIS administrator for Acden. I have lived in Fort McMurray for 21 years. I was raised in Fort Chipewyan and that will always be home for me. I have been in this region my entire life. I started working for ACFN Business Group on April 1, 2009 (now Acden). I always wanted to work for an Aboriginal company and when the opportunity became available I accepted a position with Acden. The thing I enjoy most about working for Acden is that we are one big family that comes together to get the work completed. The company is so diverse and that’s what makes it so interesting to work here. My hobbies outside of work are quilting, cross stitching and spending time with my family. I have many favourite places, but the one I enjoyed seeing the most is the Butchart Garden in British Columbia and travelling across Canada to Ontario. My next planned adventure is travelling across Canada next August to visit my daughter in Ottawa. I would also one day like to take a tour of Sweden where my grandfather is originally from.

My favorite thing to do in Fort McMurray is going for walks around Beacon Hill with my cousin as well as walking on the McDonald Island trails. They have so many beautiful statues on the trails for people to enjoy. My other much-loved pastime is spending quality time with my husband and children. My personal goal is to stay with Acden until I am ready to retire and to keep learning new things with the company. My other personal accomplishment is watching my children spread their wings and grow. I always tell my children that with hard work and perseverance you will succeed. This goes for all the young people out there trying to find their place in society.

Thank-you Nancy! Some of you might know who Nancy is, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, I would like to formally introduce you to Nancy L. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend and recognize Nancy for her hard work and dedication to Acden and our Human Resources department. Nancy is a long term employee and has been with the company for eight years. I’ve been working with Nancy for over three years and during that time she has repeatedly demonstrated her loyalty to the company and to her co-workers. She is reliable, supportive and always looks out for the best interests of Acden and our department. Nancy is a bright light and passes along her positivity and mentorship to her peers. I am thankful to have Nancy on our team and we all appreciate her great work and devotion every day. - Natalie Castro-Gentili, human resources manager, Acden Holdings/ HR


Acden Connection - September 2017 - acden.com

Excerpt from Working with Difficult People… THE COMPETITOR Competitors “C” must surpass you, making the simplest contest into a rivalry. Some pushy coworkers take competition beyond its purpose. You may be brainstorming for a solution, but competitors take it as a personal rejection when their ideas aren’t accepted. By denying the applause they seek, you become their enemy. Deep down, they are afraid they don’t really excel, and so they feel forced to prove to themselves and to you that they are superior.

2. Explain the value of synthesizing. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When everyone shares what their thinking and all the best thoughts are extracted, we form a new and more valuable combination. 3. Be honourable in giving and taking credit. You want credit for your work, “C” should get credit for theirs. Don’t allow them to claim their achievements for your joint efforts. Concentrate on running your own race and don’t seek revenge.

What you are thinking:


We should be pooling our ideas to evolve a faster procedure. I like to match wits with “C” because she makes me justify my reasoning, but she’s making this into some sort of rivalry. She must lie awake at night dreaming up schemes to come out better than the rest of us.

You: Gee “C”, that’s a good point we haven’t considered. I can see where it might be applicable. What if we combined your suggestions with Fred’s? Wouldn’t we have a strong force to…?

What “C” is thinking:

You: I don’t mind meeting to debate…

Why did I have to embarrass myself like that? If only I’d worked a little longer, I could have devised a winning plan. I know I can outthink them but they keep putting me down because they won’t admit that I’m smarter than they are. My coworkers pretend to be my friends but they are standing in the way of my promotion. I have to try harder to wipe them out.


STRATEGY Your goal is to help restore a friendly atmosphere, so you can enjoy your work without feeling the hot breath of hostility on you. 1. Be professional and gracious. Give “C” the respect and recognition they desperately seek. Allow them to feel important so they won’t have to run you down in order to uplift their self-esteem.


You: Congratulations. Your presentation was spot-on!

Tip: If your own ego is intact, you can afford to be generous. You can give competitors the reassurance they need while you are spurred on to greater creativity, matching wits with someone else who’s reaching for a better way.

Bibliography Hakim, A. C., & Solomon, M. (2016). Working with Difficult People. New York, NY: Tarcher Perigee.


BD Summer Student:

Janelle Flett

Being a part of the Acden family for my summer was such a great experience. The Business Development team has given me so much support and guidance that I will carry with me while at school this Fall. These four months blew by, some days didn’t feel like work at all. One of the best opportunities that I received was going to Fort Chipewyan to help out with the Treaty Days celebrations. Acden is such a wonderful, welcoming place and I hope that I can come back to work here again in the future. This experience has helped me grow so much as a person. Thank you to everyone at Acden that has made my time here so fulfilling. - Janelle Flett, marketing and communications assistant, Acden Holdings/BD

Thanks for reading! The Acden Connection will be circulated quarterly. It will report on the latest news coming from Acden, covering subjects like new business, company and staff achievements and social events. As this newsletter wouldn’t exist without you, we want to hear from YOU! We encourage you to send in your stories and achievements, or those of your co-workers you feel should be celebrated. This publication is intended to connect you with our company, our services and our people so please let us know if you have any questions. Questions, comments, or suggestions can be emailed to communications@acden.com.

Nat’s Macaroni Salad 6 c cooked macaroni 1/3 c diced ham 1/3 c diced cheddar cheese ¼ c diced raw carrots ¼ c diced celery ¼ c green onions ¾ c Mayonnaise 2 T mustard 2 T pickle juice paprika Mix macaroni, ham cheese and veggies in a bowl. Combine mayonnaise, mustard and pickle juice in a small bowl then add to the macaroni mix. Once it is all mixed together, sprinkle paprika over the top.

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Acden September Newsletter Issue 12  

Acden September Newsletter Issue 12

Acden September Newsletter Issue 12  

Acden September Newsletter Issue 12

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