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June 2018

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Have you met Heber Hedderson? Be sure to say hi to Heber the next time you’re at CNUL Albian Sands, where Heber is celebrating 13 years with Acden Environment. Heber is a long-term, dedicated team member who continues to lead by example and demonstrate safety in the workplace. Heber was recently recognized by the site coordinator at CNUL Albian Sands for identifying a potential fire from a small electronic device in the landfill and dealing with the issue in a safe and timely manner. When Heber observed the device smoldering and flames igniting, he froze the scene and immediately contacted his supervisor. Heber’s attention to detail and acute situational awareness allowed him to identify this hazard and mitigate the issue before it became a more serious problem. Excellent job Heber! Born and raised in St. Anthony, Newfoundland, at the age of 17 Heber moved to Goose Bay in Labrador to work in various roles supporting the Canadian Forces military base. When the military left Goose Bay it took the work opportunities along with it, leaving Heber and his wife the ability to move somewhere new. One of their daughters and some family friends had recently moved to Fort McMurray for work, so Heber and his wife packed up their belongings and moved as part of their “five-year-plan” to be close with their daughter and her growing family. ...continued

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Heber Hedderson cont’d With the incentive to move here initially for family in June 2005, Heber started to seek employment in Fort McMurray and was quickly offered a job with Diversified as a bus driver. After only three short days on the job with Diversified, Heber received an offer from Denesoline Environment that he was thrilled to accept. Starting out as a labourer and operator, he got his hands on as many things as he could and quickly gained experience helping with any task needing support. Thirteen years later, Heber is a committed member at the same site that he started at in 2005, previously known as Albian Sands, then Shell Albian Sands, and now CNUL Albian Sands. Currently a Class 3 Operator at site, Heber is always eager and keen to work on whatever tasks are needed and utilize the expertise he’s gained from his extensive experience at Albian Sands. Thirteen years of valued commitment and dedication is an incredible milestone, everyone here at Acden would like to congratulate Heber on this great achievement!

In an interview, Heber explains why he loves his job and where you can find him when he isn’t at work: I just love to get up and go to work, I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. After 13 years at the same site I’ve become very confident with the work we do and I’m always willing to help on whatever task is needed. I love the day-today routine, while doing my job right and safe with everyone on our team. We do a wide range of work and I have a lot of experience in all of it, from truck driving, equipment operations, landfill work, shift work, shutdowns and much more. Safety is always the first priority and it was great to be recognized recently for noticing the potential fire in the landfill at site and dealing with it properly. When I’m not at work I go hunting in the winter and fishing in the summer with my son-in-law. We have a lot of fun at the local rivers and I spend a lot of time with my three grandchildren. My wife and I live in the basement suite of my daughter’s house, so we get to spend a lot of quality time with them and their two dogs. My wife is also very involved with the church so we spend time with our friends alongside the church community.

Acden in the Community Anzac Career Fair On May 9, 2018, Acden Human Resources was invited to # 468 Fort McMurray First Nation’s first ever career fair in Anzac. The career fair was attended by members of the First Nation, along with students from nearby schools and community members within the region.

The event was kicked off by an opening prayer, an Honour Song and by guest motivational speaker Mike Scott, who spoke to all the exhibitors and students who attended. Additional Career Fair Participation by Acden: Career Café (Keyano – Fort McMurray) February 28, 2018 Acden Open House (Acden – Fort McMurray) March 7, 2018 Edmonton Job Classified Fair (Shaw Conference – Edmonton) April 17, 2018 Alberta Career Week Job Fair (Provincial Building – Fort McMurray) April 25, 2018 Fort McMurray 468 Career Fair (Anzac Recreational Centre – Anzac, AB) May 9, 2018


Acden Connection - June 2018 -

Fort Chipewyan – Acden May 30th and 31st, 2018

Northern Lights Health Foundation Cheque Presentation and MIS Suite Tour On April 30th Acden presented the Northern Lights Health Foundation with a cheque for $250,000 in support of the Gratitude Campaign’s Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Suites Project, which signifies our largest single contribution we have made in the community. The cheque presentation marked an exciting moment for both Acden and the Northern Lights Health Foundation, symbolizing our long-term commitment to community development and the region’s safe, healthy and prosperous future. One month later our team participated in a tour of the future MIS Suites, alongside other community partners who have shown support for the Northern Lights Health Foundation’s Gratitude Campaign. The tour enabled our team to observe the scope of the project that Acden’s generous donation is directly supporting. We heard from the surgeons and Alberta Health Services staff how important this project is to the region and our community, while having the opportunity to observe the various medical devices that will soon bring the MIS Suites Project to fruition. Specifically, the new technology with the MIS Suites Project will attract skilled surgeons to the region, as well as enable patients to receive quality treatment in town and return to their families and back to work faster.

Fort Chipewyan Career Information Session Acden team members hosted a Career Information Session at the end of May in Fort Chipewyan to share information about the various opportunities, roles and business groups we have within our very dynamic workplace. Many members from Acden shared their own personal stories about how their careers led them to working with Acden and why they love their job. Upon arrival team members had the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery of Fort Chipewyan, followed by an evening barbeque at the Uncle Fred Youth and Elders Lodge. The next morning our team members went to the Athabasca Delta Community School to discuss career opportunities with high school students, followed by an afternoon career fair that was open to the community at the Mamawi Hall. Acden team members hope that by sharing each of our own individual career stories, students will be inspired to start thinking about the career possibilities that await them. On behalf of Acden, the Human Resources team would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend the Career Information Session - your engagement was meaningful and appreciated.

We at Acden are proud to support a project that will help bring innovative health care closer to home. We take pride in promoting the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and our community. One of our pillars is to support community development initiatives that improve the quality of life in the region, and naturally the Northern Lights Health Foundation is a great fit. As long-term members in the community it is important that we invest in our health care and our future to enable a strong and healthy lifestyle for our people. We are grateful for the hard work and ambitious efforts the Northern Lights Health Foundation has dedicated to their Gratitude Campaign, and we would like to thank them for providing us this opportunity to support such a great initiative.


Summer Sizzle Hot Tips for Hot Trips from Acden Fleet As we zoom straight into summer, Acden Fleet has prepared a series of tips to make your summer road trips safer and more fun.





Go for a tune up: to ensure your vehicle is in

tip-top shape, we recommend a general once-over to check your tires, battery, belts, fluids and air conditioner to avoid any delays.


Share Duties: Sitting for long periods of time in the same position can cause unnecessary discomfort. Take breaks every 2-3 hours to get the circulation going and change drivers, giving everyone a chance to both navigate and relax.

Create a playlist: every great road trip needs a

soundtrack and Spotify offers new users a 3-month subscription for 99 cents. Make a playlist online and access it on your phone while offline. Download the app from your app store.

Check your car seats: 80% of kids car seats are

installed incorrectly, putting your child at risk. Double check the car seat installation instructions to make sure your child is protected.

Acden Connection - June 2018 -


Prepare a safety kit: Cell phone charger? Check. Flashlight? Check. Tire jack? Woops… Don’t get stuck on the side of the road waiting for a good Samaritan – open up that trunk and make sure all your tools are there. Something missing? Come see us at Acden Fleet and we’ll make sure you’re good to go!

Cheers to the Movers and Shakers Movin’ On Up: Congratulations Dan Flett Acden Facilities would like to congratulate Dan Flett on his recent promotion from Planning Coordinator to Operations Coordinator. Since Acden Facilities was Denesoline Site Wide Services & Logistics, Dan has been in a planning role taking on large projects such as successfully executing the move from individual offices to Acden’s Corporate Headquarters we have today. That’s where he learned that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Dan is no stranger to tackling new challenges head on which he has found to be very rewarding. Dan’s new role has a wide scope and on any given day could include: planning and executing shutdowns, site coordination, exterior work, preventative maintenance and using assets to reduce operational costs, among many others. As far as Dan is concerned, Acden is the best place for him when it comes to a family-like and fun environment. He makes everyone laugh, from custodial to management, and is always prepared to listen to someone’s story. With over ten years’ experience in several different sectors within the oil and gas industry, we have put our trust in Dan as he continues to learn and grow at Acden. Congratulations on your success Dan!

Alexa Cartwright Advances with AcdenTech Sonic We are proud to announce that Alexa Cartwright has been promoted from Operations and Safety Coordinator to Operations Supervisor with Acden Tech Sonic! After beginning her career with Acden back in 2013, it was easy to recognize Alexa’s drive and commitment to her work. Starting out in Acden’s corporate HSEQ team, Alexa recently joined the Acden Tech Sonic team in order to hone her skillset in operations. Currently studying business management and pursuing her Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP) designation, Alexa will be responsible for supervising the Fort McMurray region. We wish her all the best in her new position!


Launching Our Success Stories Campaign At Acden, we know that our people are our biggest asset. Without the commitment and dedication of our team members we would never be where we are today. This is why we’ve decided to speak directly with employees to hear more about their experiences at Acden. Below is the first of many conversations – please read on to hear Natalie’s story and watch out as we share more employee profiles in the coming months.

Can you share your thoughts on Acden as a company, overall? I love Acden’s commitment to work-life balance and our open-door policy which gives me the chance to work with all levels of the organization creating a family-like environment. Acden’s Corporate Headquarters is an incredible building and thinking green plays into every part of how we do business – I’m proud to work for Acden. What are the main services offered by your current business unit? My team includes business development, management, analysts, marketing and communications. We explore new business opportunities, partnerships, corporate development, community participation, advertising & marketing, sponsorships, corporate communications and client relations. I work with all departments within the company to coordinate events, inform our organization of key opportunities to engage with clients & partners, and work directly with our Executives to support them wherever necessary. What is your favourite thing about Acden?

Natalie Cunningham Starting Position: Human Resources Administrator

We have a great team environment, I always feel supported in my role. Acden is warm, welcoming and we are always encouraged to advance our learning. Can you share a work related story or success you have experienced within the company? I have watched the company build many new partnerships and double in size while, I take pride in being a part of this growth in such a short period of time.

Current Position: Executive Assistant Start date: July 2011


What was your career path to get where you are now?

Interested in a career with Acden? Check out our current listings at

I came to Acden with a broad range of administration experience and after a year in my role as HR Administrator, I progressed into recruitment. I had just completed the 2nd year of my Business Administration Diploma as well as a Certificate in Human Resources. When Acden experienced a growth spurt the need arose for a senior level administrator and I applied for the role of Executive Assistant.

Want to learn more about our service offerings? Please visit us at

Acden Connection - June 2018 -

Employee Profile

Diana Gaulton, Disability Management Specialist, Occupational Injury and Illness

Acden’s Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) department would like to celebrate Diana Gaulton’s ninth year with the company and her most recent accomplishment, a Disability Management Practitioner Certificate! Born and raised in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Diana had no intentions of leaving home until a friend convinced her to visit Fort McMurray in 1998 and she’s never looked back. Diana’s Safety career began at an early age. By 16, Diana was a National Lifeguard and Red Cross Learn to Swim Instructor; this is where she found her passion. Diana fell in love with educating both children and adults in water safety, and providing them the tools to protect themselves, friends and family, while enjoying their leisure activities. As a National Lifeguard Instructor, she then became eligible to train future instructors and her facilitation career began. Once in Fort McMurray, Diana was able to try something new and transitioned into an Emergency Medical Responder with a team providing emergency medical care to one of the region’s largest oil sands camps. After a few career changes, her love of teaching and belief in the importance of workplace safety remained. Diana was led to Acden in 2009. She began as the WCB/HSE Administrator and has continued to grow and support the team. Her role has evolved over the years, with additional focuses on Injury Prevention, Disability Management and Occupational Injury and Illness. Diana loves to make a difference in people’s lives whether it be on or off the job and she brings an abundance of energy to her role. Her love of teaching and commitment to fostering a safety culture shines through everything she does.

When not at work Diana shares her time with her Fiancé, their combined six children and two grandchildren. As a family, they love to spend their free time camping or swimming, watching movies (with popcorn of course), and on nice winter days, sliding and skating. Anyone who knows Diana understands Halloween is, hands down, her favorite holiday. Pets? Well to quote Diana “I have no adulting skills when it comes to saying no”, so they share their lives with three dogs (Great Dane, Pug and Chihuahua), a bearded dragon and FOUR cats rescued from the Edmonton Humane Society. We asked Diana what she loves about working with Acden: “Acden has given me the ability to be a working mother without having to sacrifice my family’s needs to get the job done. They’ve provided top of the line benefits which give me and my family the capacity to obtain health care/treatment when required. Through their Training and Development support policy, I’ve been able to put these funds towards an Occupational Health and Safety certificate from the University of Alberta and a Disability Management Practitioner Certificate from the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences. Acden has given me the ability to be the best mother, co-worker and employee I can be”. From her co-workers “Diana is one of a kind. She is smart, passionate and loyal to everyone she meets. She is driven and dedicated to her work and shares her knowledge and skills everywhere she goes. She makes coming to work fun - always singing and having a good time. We are lucky to have her!” - Kyla Flett Congratulations Diana!


The New Home of Acden Lemax The all-new 15,000 sq. ft facility is scheduled to open this fall and will come equipped with two ten-tonne cranes and one twenty-tonne crane. Our 28 ft. Tech Sonic tank will allow us to do in-house cleaning for exchangers and

a millwright section for pump repair with a ‘clean room’ for assembly. The facility expansion will allow Acden Lemax to work on larger scale projects and shows our clients we are a one stop shop for their project needs. Congratulations to Mike Elliot and the Acden Lemax team!

Acden Environment Celebrates 5-Year Recordable Injury Free Award from Syncrude Canada Ltd. Last month Acden Environment was presented with an award to commemorate reaching five-year Recordable Injury Free by Syncrude Canada Ltd. This represents over 194,766 of work hours and further examples Acden Environment’s commitment to safety. Congratulations Team!


Acden Connection - June 2018 -

Acden Vertex’s Honey Bee Project Fort Chipewyan welcomed 100,000 honey bees from British Columbia as part of the two-year pilot program that will aid in the economic development and food security in the community through pollination of local crops and berries. The community hopes that they can eventually harvest honey and create beeswax that will be sold in the new grocery store located in Fort Chipewyan. The project held training opportunities in mid-June so participants could attend beekeeping training sessions led by expert Kerry Clark from British Columbia who has fifty-five years of experience. This opportunity allowed the participants to work alongside Kerry to learn how to monitor and maintain the colonies and obtain their beekeeping certification. Fun Facts about Bees and Beekeeping: • 1/3 of the food we eat is the result of honey bee pollination. • A worker bee has a lifespan of 6-8 weeks and in that time the bee will fly a distance equivalent to 1 ½ times the circumference of the Earth. • Beekeeping dates back at least 4,500 years ago! • There are only three types of bees in a colony: a single queen, female worker bees, and male drones.

A Big Thank You to A.P.E. Maintenance Ltd. We at Acden recognize the significance of community support in getting things done around town and Melanie & Lloyd Antoine of A.P.E. Maintenance are perfect examples of this kind of commitment. When Acden needed some assistance in shipping a load of key items to our Fort Chipewyan community for Treaty Days events, Melanie and Lloyd were there to provide freight services. Thank you A.P.E. Maintenance for your generosity to Acden and the Fort McMurray community as a whole. To learn more about A.P.E. Maintenance, please visit their website at


Happy Anniversary!


Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

April Anniversaries

May Anniversaries

Employee Company Years of Service Archibald, John Acden Environment 3 Demchuk, Sabrina Acden Environment 1 Hill, Troy Acden Environment 3 Hobbs, Robert Acden Environment 2 Jesso, Wayne Acden Environment 3 Lambert, Paul Acden Environment 8 Normore, Maurice Acden Environment 2 Samms, Christopher Acden Environment 8 Wright, David Acden Environment 4 Adem, Abdulla Acden Facilities 4 Ahenakew, Dean Acden Facilities 5 Bernardo, Michele Acden Facilities 3 DeGuzman, George Acden Facilities 5 Floreza, Michael Acden Facilities 5 Floreza, Samuel Acden Facilities 5 Manejable, Felix Acden Facilities 5 Martinez Ochoa, Pablo Acden Facilities 1 McGinn, Timothy Acden Facilities 2 Mergia, Berhane Acden Facilities 5 Moral, Ronnie Acden Facilities 5 Sloan, Spencer Acden Facilities 3 Thesen, Brett Acden Facilities 1 Whelan, Wayne Acden Facilities 6 Wondmagnhu, Yared Acden Facilities 5 Cobb, Wendell Acden Fleet 10 Beaulieu, Paul Acden Fleet 4 Steele, Kevin Acden Fleet 5 Botham, Bryn Acden 14 Farah, Troy Acden Holdings/IT 6 Ladouceur, Nancy Acden Holdings/HR 9 Zwicker, Greg Acden Holdings/ 3 Business Development Welscher, Perry Acden Lemax 3

Employee Company Years of Service Anye, Daniel Acden Environment 5 Gentili, Curtis Acden Environment 4 Ghumman, Rashid Acden Environment 4 Nickerson, Cory Acden Environment 4 Wagner, Steve Acden Environment 5 Wilson, Lawrence Acden Environment 5 Abbott, Michael Acden Facilities 4 Barre, Abulcar Acden Facilities 5 Birch, Jesse Acden Facilities 4 Brochu, Bryan Acden Facilities 4 Cheal, Heather Acden Facilities 4 Chispas, Francisco Acden Facilities 4 Cooze, Justin Acden Facilities 4 Cote, Simon Acden Facilities 4 Cox, Curtis Acden Facilities 4 Darmantchev, Alexander Acden Facilities 4 Dawe, Hayley Acden Facilities 4 Dolter, Mick Acden Facilities 4 Dufresne, Diane Acden Facilities 4 Hadfield, Haylea Acden Facilities 4 Hardock, Clayton Acden Facilities 4 Harwood, David Acden Facilities 3 Harwood, Pierre Acden Facilities 4 Imakire, Jason Acden Facilities 4 Kinsman, Dave Acden Facilities 4 Lundquist, Dwayne Acden Facilities 4 MacDougall, Janine Acden Facilities 4 Malchow, Travis Acden Facilities 4 Malcomber, Scott Acden Facilities 4 McGarrigle, Terrence Acden Facilities 4 McMorran, Robin Acden Facilities 4 Mitsoulas, Christos Acden Facilities 4 Mora, Daniel Acden Facilities 1 Mulhall, Michael Acden Facilities 4 San Antonio, Sandy Acden Facilities 2 Spence, Byron Acden Facilities 4 Stuart, Wade Acden Facilities 4 Sullivan, Jeffrey Acden Facilities 4 Trubetskoff, Bill Acden Facilities 4 Van Es, Joshua Acden Facilities 4 Yaworsky, David Acden Facilities 4 Jones, Robert Acden Fleet 4 Laidlaw, Andrew Acden Fleet 7 Long, James Acden Fleet 4 McConnell, Chris Acden Fleet 5 Rice, Bobby Acden Fleet 7 Mercredi, Hazel Acden Holdings/Finance 8 Dela Cruz, Darwin Acden Tech Sonic 4 Laferriere, Joseph Acden Lemax 1

Acden Connection - June 2018 -

What’s Going On?

June Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Aikins, Michael Acden Environment 4 Bobylev, Alexandr Acden Environment 12 Foster, Darryl Acden Environment 6 Hedderson, Heber Acden Environment 13 Hemsworth, Daniel Acden Environment 2 Overbeck, Dave Acden Environment 4 Baron, Aseneth Acden Facilities 5 Mate, Alan Acden Facilities 3 Oulette, James Acden Facilities 3 Tsegaye, Belaye Acden Facilities 1 Elkins, Jason Acden Fleet 6 Waters, Douglas Acden Fleet 9 Cadeau, Cordell Acden Holdings/Safety 13 Clark, Carla Acden Holdings/HR 2 Rorke, Daniel Acden Holdings/ 1 Business Development Bayliff, Justin Acden Tech Sonic 4 Chauhan, Reuben Acden Tech Sonic 8 Saddleback, Caden Acden Tech Sonic 1

Looking for things to do locally? Check out the region’s upcoming events: • Fort McMurray Urban Market Every Wednesday this summer at Jubilee Plaza

• Attend a Fort McMurray Giants Baseball game Baseball Stadium at Shell Place • Attend a Fort McMurray Monarchs Football game SMS Equipment Stadium at Shell Place • Fort McMurray Flea Market One Saturday per month this summer at MacDonald Island Park • Canada Day Parade and Festivities July 1 downtown and at MacDonald Island Park • Summer Sounds FM music festival July 14 at Shell Place • Fort McMurray Food Festival July 25-29 various locations • Baseball Canada 18U National Championship August 16-19 at Shell Place and Ross Hennigar Ballpark • Oilsands Trade Show and Conference September 11-12 at MacDonald Island Park • Fall Tradeshow September 21-23 at MacDonald Island Park

Nat’s Potato Salad 6 or 7 boiled medium potatoes 7 or 8 hard-boiled eggs ¼ c diced raw carrots ¼ c diced celery ¼ c green onions

• Golf Courses are now open! Play a round at the Fort McMurray Golf Club in Thickwood or at the Miskanaw Golf Club at MacDonald Island Park

¾ c mayonnaise 2 T mustard paprika

1. Slice up cooked potatoes and eggs in a bowl (save 1 egg for garnish). Add diced carrots, celery, green onions, mayonnaise and mustard. 2. Mix it all together. 3. Slice 1 egg on top of the mixture and sprinkle paprika over the top.