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May 2017 -


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Justin Bayliff, General Manager Acden Tech Sonic

1 Letter from Justin Bayliff 2 Better Earth Program 4 HSEQ - Safety 5 Careers 6 Wildfire Anniversary 8 Anniversaries 9 Outstanding Employees 10 HR Benefits 11 Working with Difficult People 12 Employee Profile

My name is Justin Bayliff and I’m the general manager of Acden Tech Sonic. I am originally from Sydney, Australia and lived in Fort McMurray for two years before recently moving to Edmonton with the expansion of Acden Tech Sonic to Sherwood Park! Before working for Acden I served in the Navy in Australia for 16 years and worked as a project manager- my educational background is in marine engineering. When my wife sold her company in Australia some friends living in Fort McMurray invited us to come and visit and we were hooked! Contrary to popular belief- we Australians both loved the colder climate and all four beautiful seasons we get here in Canada! I was originally hired on with Acden Tech Sonic as an operations manager prior to becoming general manager a year later. Since that time I am proud to say that our company has grown not only geographically with the expansion to Edmonton but also internally having realized many internal efficiencies and streamlined our service offerings and capabilities. We are a small but effective group- not to mention safe! We were very proud to be awarded the Trailblazer Award by the Alberta Construction Safety Association this year for our innovations and achievements in safety and our contributions to our local community. As you read through this newsletter I’m sure you’ll be reminded time and again of why Acden is such a great company to work for. Personally, I feel very lucky to have a team that has helped our company grow to where it is today all the while working safely and looking out for each other in the process. - Justin

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Acden Connection - May 2017 -


Acden HSEQ Safety: On the job and at home The picture you see attached to this article was taken on April 19th of this year. I took this in the back yard of my grandparents’ home after my grandfather was taken to hospital. He decided in the afternoon to cut down the tree you see pictured here. The tree had been growing for decades and posed a risk of falling on the house. With some free time to spare until the Calgary Flames game that day, my grandfather Ron went outside to get the job done. He didn’t ask anyone else for help, call a landscaping company or even tell my grandmother what he was up to. She received quite a shock when she heard him outside shouting, bleeding and injured.

So, what happened?

The short answer is that he was standing on the step ladder when the tree ran out of room to land and bounced, knocking him off the ladder onto the paving stones below. The ladder wasn’t secured or anchored and he wasn’t wearing any Personal Protective Equipment. All things considered, he was lucky to only need a few stitches and sustain some painful soft tissue injuries. On an unrelated note and to add insult to injury – the Flames lost the series that night. I digress. As a result of his injuries, he was then unable to care for himself or my grandmother. This had a significant impact on their life as he was the sole driver in the household. Getting groceries, going to the doctor’s office, visiting family, cooking, laundry, now became much harder. My grandfather told me that night that he had never been in a serious “accident” before. He prided himself on his safety record at work before he retired. The takeaway: Who are the people that rely on you? What are their needs? What would happen if suddenly you couldn’t meet them anymore? What are the ripple effects of being injured? Will you be able to take your vacation as planned? What would a summer feel like walking on crutches or in a cast?

Do you ask yourself these questions before you take on a task that could potentially be dangerous? According to Stats Canada in 2007; 15, 064 people died of injury related causes, approximately 800 of those happened at work. This might come as a surprise but you are at far greater risk getting injured at home than at work. Why is that? When we’re at home, we’re less likely to have the tools, resources and sometimes the experience to do whatever it is we’re doing. In a single year, over 4 million Canadians will suffer an injury off the job severe enough to limit their usual activities. Did you also know that you are more likely to sustain an injury in the summer months?


Acden Connection - May 2017 -

Before you tackle those weekend projects, renovations, or simply boost a vehicle battery ask yourself some simple questions: 1)

Do I have a plan? Have a “toolbox talk” with people who are helping. What is the plan to accomplish the job safely? If you’re doing the job alone, does anyone know where you are and what you are doing?


Do I have the necessary tools to do this job? Using the wrong tool for the wrong purpose can have disastrous results. Perhaps you can rent the correct tools or borrow from a friend.

3) Do I have the right Personal Protective Equipment? Your eyes, hands and toes are equally valuable and vulnerable regardless of whether you are at work or not. PPE is for everyone, everywhere and it’s abundant! There are people who would never boost a car battery without gloves and safety glasses because they’ve seen a battery explode unexpectedly. 4)


What’s my emergency plan if something goes wrong? A common statement heard over the years “if I had just thought about what could really happen, I would have realized it wasn’t worth doing that way in the first place”.

I challenge each of you reading this, to identify one area of risk for yourself at home and consider how you can lessen the risk.

Doug McCoy, Acden Vice President and Chief Operating Officer often asks, “Are you safe? Or are you lucky?” I encourage you to read this article with your family. Have a safe and memory filled summer! -

Tracy MacLean, HSEQ manager

Have I done my research and do I know how to do this job? “Figuring it out as you go” is a good way to get yourself into trouble when you start with working from heights or with unfamiliar machinery.

Careers Acden is a dynamic and exciting place to work and we are constantly expanding our capabilities and service offerings. We offer high energy team players outstanding opportunities to grow in roles that best fit their interests, aptitudes and career aspirations. Please visit to see a list of current job postings. For detailed information about benefits, please visit


Wildfire Anniversary As May 3rd marked the first anniversary of the Fort McMurray wildfire, members of the Fort McMurray community chose to commemorate the occasion in many different ways. On May 2nd employees at Acden Corporate Headquarters sat together to enjoy a delicious breakfast catered by Mitchell’s cafÊ. Later in the day, employees were invited to paint their own masterpieces of a cherry blossom tree blowing in the wind. This event was put on with the help of the Art Foundry. Painting can be a very poetic and creative process, giving employees a time to relax and enjoy something other than work. Not only did we create paintings but also took part in making clay pocket hearts. These hearts are to be passed on from person to person to show support and love for one another. Staff at our onsite locations were treated to a special lunch and all employees were given Acden hats with special edition logos to commemorate the occasion. There are 13 members of the Acden family who lost their homes to the tragic fire. Here are some updates from staff on their rebuilding process! We hope to hear that all staff are settled in their new homes very soon.


Acden Connection - May 2017 -

Rebuild Updates! Carla Clark: We lost our Beaconhill home in the fire. We were renters but didn’t have contents insurance. One year later, we couldn’t be more thankful to have claimed the title of first time home buyers. We take possession this month, however, it seems that a bear got there first! (Editors note: Bear has been tranquilized, he’s just sleeping sweetly!) Tracie Grant: The Holt family house is at the final stages of being finished. We hope to be moved in by next week. Michelle Drummond: Michelle and her family broke ground in April and are expecting to move in this summer. Jeff Cromwell: We are back in our new home, but we’ve got lots of work still to do this summer like landscaping and building a deck. We are currently on a sea of mud with a boardwalk. Calvin Locke: Our expected move in date is September 1st. Submitted by Janelle Flett- marketing and communications intern, Acden Holdings

Clockwise from top: Carla’s home purchase, Jeff’s rebuild, Tracie’s rebuild, Michelle and her daughter looking at their new foundation, and Calvin’s rebuild.


Happy Anniversary! Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

March Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Abooty, Sagar Acden Environment 6 Elliott, Marcel B. Acden Environment 5 Fedorchuk, Jonathan R. Acden Environment 3 Fraser, Scott A. Acden Environment 4 Keating, Kenneth L. Acden Environment 5 Marchand, Bradley J Acden Environment 7 Mohamed, Nur A. Acden Environment 9 Muise, Christopher P. Acden Environment 3 Penton-White, Margeurite A. Acden Environment 4 Trowbridge, Garry S. Acden Environment 1 Weir, Keywood R. Acden Environment 2 Adams, Foster G. Acden Facilities 2 Gretzan, Carli C. Acden Facilities 4 Mechem, Evie A. Acden Facilities 1 Nahdee-Kechego, Vincent T. Acden Facilities 2 Brunen, John H. Acden Fleet 5 Drummond, Michelle K. Acden Holdings 3 Simpson, Andew J. Acden Tech Sonic 1 Singh, Avinesh Acden Tech Sonic 1

April Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Botham, Bryn M. Acden Group 13 Archibald, John C. Acden Environment 2 Burton, Jerome C. Acden Environment 1 Hill, Troy D. Acden Environment 2 Hobbs, Robert P. Acden Environment 1 Jesso, Wayne J. Acden Environment 2 Lambert, Paul D. Acden Environment 7 Russell, Travis Acden Environment 3 Samms, Chrsitopher C. Acden Environment 7 Wright, David B. Acden Environment 3 Adem, Abdulla I. Acden Facilities 3 Ahenakew, Dean R. Acden Facilities 4 Bernardo, Michele Acden Facilities 2 Cyr, Louis M. Acden Facilities 1 De Gusman, George G. Acden Facilities 4 Floreza, Michael R. Acden Facilities 4 Floreza, Samuel G. Acden Facilities 4 Frantz, Cory J. Acden Facilities 4 Mnejable, Felix A. Acden Facilities 4 Mergia, Berhane Acden Facilities 4 McGinn, Timothy C. Acden Facilities 1 Moral, Ronnie R. Acden Facilities 4 Paguy, Carlos J. Acden Facilities 3 Sloan, Spencer R. Acden Facilities 2


Acden Connection - May 2017 -

Tahir, Mehedi L. Whelan, Wayne G. Wondmagnhu, Yared G. Beaulieu, Paul A. Cobb, Wendell R. Steele, Kevin B. Cartwright, Alexa M. Farah, Troy D. Ladouceur, Nancy A. Zwicker, Roland G. Sajja, Narendra P.

Acden Facilities Acden Facilities Acden Facilities Acden Fleet Acden Fleet Acden Fleet Acden Holdings/Safety Acden Holdings/ I.T Acden Holdings/H.R. Acden Holdings Acden Tech Sonic

4 5 3 3 9 4 4 5 8 2 3

May Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Ado, Abdalla I. Acden Environment 4 Anye, Daniel Y. Acden Environment 4 Gentili, Curtis T. Acden Environment 3 Ghumman, Rashid Acden Environment 3 Hashi, Abdirahman Acden Environment 4 Marten, Logan R. Acden Environment 3 Nickerson, Corey J. Acden Environment 3 Wagner, Steve F. Acden Environment 4 Wilson, Lawrence Acden Environment 4 Abbott, Michael D. Acden Facilities 3 Aylesworth, William A. Acden Facilities 3 Barre, Abulcar Acden Facilities 4 Birch, Jesse A. Acden Facilities 3 Brochu, Byron J. Acden Facilities 3 Cheal, Heather A. Acden Facilities 3 Chispas, Francisco A. Acden Facilities 3 Cooze, Justin C. Acden Facilities 3 Cote, Simon Acden Facilities 3 Cox Curtis V. Acden Facilities 3 Cullihall, Rebecca B. Acden Facilities 3 Darmantchev, Alexander Acden Facilities 3 Senger, Kenneth D. Acden Facilities 3 Keeping, Nikita L. Acden Facilities 3 Kinsman, Dave L. Acden Facilities 3 Klimkiewicz, Maciej Acden Facilities 3 Laviolette, Ashley Acden Facilities 4 Lundquist, Dwayne E. Acden Facilities 3 MacDougall, Janine E. Acden Facilities 3 Malchow, Travis L. Acden Facilities 3 Malcomber, Scott R. Acden Facilities 3 McGarrigle, Terrence J Acden Facilities 3 McMorran, Robin H. Acden Facilities 3 Mitsoulas, Christos J. Acden Facilities 3 Mulhall, Michael E. Acden Facilities 3 Ropchan, Terry A. Acden Facilities 3 Rutherford, Brian E. Acden Facilities 3 San Antonio, Sandy G. Acden Facilities 1 Schultz, Kevin H. Acden Facilities 3 Senger, Kenneth D. Acden Facilities 3 Spence, Bryon J. Acden Facilities 3 Sullivan, Jeffrey M. Acden Facilities 3 Stuart, Wade T. Acden Facilities 3 Trubetskoff, William M. Acden Facilities 3 Van ES, Joshua T. Acden Facilities 3 Yaworsky, David A. Acden Facilities 3 Jones, Robert E. Acden Fleet 3 Laidlaw, Andrew B. Acden Fleet 6 Long, James W. Acden Fleet 3 McConnell, Christopher S. Acden Fleet 4 Rice, Bobby J. Acden Fleet 7 Sheaves, Jordan M. Acden Fleet 3 Adam, Debbie L. Acden Holdings 8 Mercredi, Hazel G. Acden Holdings 7 Mercredi, Angel Acden Manufacturing 2 Dela Cruz, Darwin L. Acden Tech Sonic 3 MacRae, Adam J. Acden Tech Sonic 5


Acden Facilities would like to recognize the following employees for successful completion of apprenticeship training:

Acden Facilities would like to recognize Vincent Nahdee- Kechego:

Sarah Naismith: Acden Facilities HVAC B shift @ CNRL Horizon: Completion of 2nd year apprenticeship, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

A local to Fort McMurray and Bkejwanong (Walpole Island First Nation) band member, Vincent NahdeeKechego started with Acden Facilities on March 13/15 in a temporary labourer role. Since then he has moved into a permanent role with the company and has also been recognized as a model employee and someone who any employer would be happy to have as a part of their team. Vincent has shown dedication, initiative, efficiency, professionalism and an outstanding level of work performance. Vincent possesses a positive attitude and easily absorbs trade specific knowledge and training that he then confidently displays in the field. Therefore we were pleased to offer Vincent an indentureship in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trade on account of his work ethic and commitment to the company. Vincent sustained an injury last November that put him on the side lines for a little over a month. He was very eager to get past the injury and get back to work with the team. During his recovery he worked out of Acden’s head office on modified duties and completed multiple job specific training courses. We want to congratulate and recognize Vincent on moving forward with his career with Acden and are pleased to have him as a part of our team of dedicated and professional tradesmen who appreciate educating and mentoring him into a solid journeyman and who we enjoy having on our team.

Myles McIntyre: Acden Facilities HVAC A shift @ CNRL Horizon: Completion of Gas a ticket Justin Cooze: Light Vehicle Shop B shift @ CNRL Horizon: Completion of 4th year heavy duty vehicle mechanic (Journeyman ticket)

Congratulations to our partner Vertex

who was recently recognized as a Gold Standard Winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies award program! This was Vertex’s sixth time being recognized having originally received the award in 2011 and obtained gold standard status in 2015. Vertex was also recently recognized as a Gold Shovel Standard Certified contractor. This program recognizes those companies with a safety management system set up to ensure safe excavation practices for the protection of buried assets and those working around them.

Congratulations to Acden Tech Sonic

winner of the 2017 Alberta Construction Safety Association-Trailblazer Award! This award was presented to Acden Tech Sonic for their innovation in safety and their commitment to the local community.

Congratulations to Acden Fleet for achieving 500,000 hours LTI free!


HR - Benefits Reminder: Benefit Changes - May 1, 2017 (Wholly Owned Acden Business Units)

You should have received your new Enhanced TELUS Assure Benefit Cards from your supervisor/manager. If not, please contact your supervisor or the HR Department ASAP. Effective May 1, 2017, your existing Manitoba Blue Cross Card and Account will no longer be active. While presenting your new TELUS Assure Benefit Cards, make sure you inform your practitioner that the plan is administered by Johnston Group Inc. (this is identified on your card). TELUS Coverage applies to your extended health benefits, such as but not limited to: • • • •

Prescription Medication Vision Care Dental Care Massage Therapy

Please refer to your benefit manual online for further details. Please note: This change does not affect your short term or long term disability services, and life insurance through Desjardins Financial Security. New enhancements include the following: • A National Drug Card through TELUS Assure which is widely accepted at drugstores across Canada. •

Health service providers will be accessing TELUS eClaims to bill claims directly to the plan. Other insurers using TELUS Assure include Great- West Life, Sun Life, Manulife and seven other leading insurers.

Out-of-Country travel will be provided by Voyage Assistance through Desjardins Insurance, and coverage is extended to 180 days from the current 90 days.

Steps you will need to take: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Provide your new TELUS Assure drug card information to your pharmacist and other health service providers. Sign up for my-benefits at A new Direct Deposit of Health and Dental Benefit Payments form will need to be completed. This form was in your package. You can also visit online at Discard all claim forms previously printed.

Employee Self-Service Portal: The employee self-service portal includes access to: •

View your benefit coverage.

• Submit health and dental claims electronically – through the web and from your mobile application. •

Sign up for direct deposit.

• View any submitted claims for you and your dependents. •

Check to see your eligible coverage or when you are next eligible for services.

• Access my-benefits health®, our health and wellness site, with reliable resources and health information. •

Online access to administrative and claim forms, Certificates of Insurance, Drug cards and Employee Booklets.

Access the My-Benefits employee self-service portal at:

There’s an App for that! You can also download the “My-Benefits” app through your smart phone!


** Important - Services provided on or before April 30, 2017 will be paid by Manitoba Blue Cross and must be submitted to Manitoba Blue Cross no later than July 28, 2017** Acden Connection - May 2017 -

How to deal with difficult people featuring: The Condescender “C”


Everyone puts up with C because they get results. C says things like “I think what they are trying to say is _____”, but I’m perfectly capable of expressing myself. Why do I let C make me feel like an idiot?

Response: Boss, as you know, this is a huge undertaking. We must move quality and with quality to… according to our survey, 64% said that … and 87 percent expressed…

Condescenders patronize or talk down to you, doing you a favor to be with them. These people have an exaggerated opinion of themselves.

What you’re thinking:

What C is thinking: That was sheer genius, my staff are still panting trying to keep up with me. I wish my staff would stop offering ideas after they get themselves into a mess. They need my clear analysis to bail them out.

STRATEGY It’s safe to assume these people have been applauded for their accomplishments all their lives and no one ever bothered to teach them humility. 1. Choose to dwell on your good and your talents. Tune out the tactless comments. 2.

Gently remind your boss or co-worker that you play a part in what they are accomplishing. Prepare your remarks in advance of the meetings. Use progress reports/data to show how capable you are.


Keep on top of the projects. Your boss or co- worker isn’t likely to share the blame when things go wrong. Ask for help early so things can’t go wrong, but wait until you’re asked before you suggest solutions.

C: The next agenda item is the satisfaction survey. Jose, I don’t suppose you were able to –

C: Jose was surprisingly close to what we need, but he needs to face the reality of – Response: It’s your call, boss. Consider, however, that the costs will increase by roughly 22 percent if we wait. Tip: C’s condescending remarks will diminish in proportion to the amount of increased respect you are able to earn. They’re conceited but clever, you can be clever and considerate. Be ready with facts and double/triple check accuracy. If you get the go-ahead on a solution, move quickly and confidently but keep them informed. Dispel rudeness by being up-front and minding your own manners. Bibliography Hakim, A. C., & Solomon, M. (2016). Working with Difficult People. New York, NY: Tarcher Perigee.


Employee feature:

Janelle Flett

Janelle has recently joined the Acden Business Development team as a summer student- working mainly on marketing and communications.

Tell us about you! I’m originally from Hayriver NWT, but Fort McMurray is home. This past school year I attended Keyano College (studying business management) and played on the Huskies Women’s soccer team. Next year I will be going to the University of Lethbridge. It will be my first time living away from home and although it will be a little scary at first, I believe that it will be really beneficial for me!

What do you like about working for Acden? Even though I’m only a few weeks in to my summer position, the Acden Business development team has welcomed me with open arms and I couldn’t feel more comfortable. One big draw to Acden is the Better Earth Program and the many ways the companies work to reduce their environmental footprint. I am happy to be interning at Acden because it is owned by my own band, ACFN.

What are your hobbies outside of work? When I am not at work I like to be social and meet up with my friends to play sports or get coffee. All my life I have loved playing soccer and volleyball. By playing sports I have been able to travel the world. My favorite place I have travelled to was Sweden with my soccer team. I love to be in a team atmosphere and that’s why I think that the Business Development team is such a great fit for me.

What are your future goals? In the future I would like to start my own business. I’m not quite sure in which field yet, but I’m looking forward to gaining experience that will help guide me in the right direction! As of right now working with Claire and Michelle in communications and marketing has really sparked my interest and I could picture myself pursing these fields further.

Thanks for reading! The Acden Connection will be circulated quarterly. It will report on the latest news coming from Acden, covering subjects like new business, company and staff achievements and social events. As this newsletter wouldn’t exist without you, we want to hear from YOU! We encourage you to send in your stories and achievements, or those of your co-workers you feel should be celebrated.

Winner of Acden Environment ISO Survey prize: Billy Lake from Strad Energy Services

This publication is intended to connect you with our company, our services and our people so please let us know if you have any questions. Questions, comments, or suggestions can be emailed to