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February 2017 -


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Tracy MacLean, Acden HSEQ Manager My name is Tracy MacLean and I am the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager for Acden. I am also considered a Fort McMurray ‘artifact’ having been born and raised here my whole life! My grandparents moved here from the East Coast so my Grandfather could go to work at Syncrude during its commissioning in the 1970’s and they’ve been here ever since! There are four generations of my family living in Fort McMurray.

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What do you like about living in Fort McMurray? That’s simple – it’s home! My family gets together for family dinners once a month and holidays are always surrounded by family and friends. I feel very proud and fortunate to have witnessed the region’s growth and successes. I believe Fort McMurray was built on the backs of some of the most hard working and wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to know. Witnessing this growth instilled a work ethic in me to always do the best I can to be innovative. When I was old enough to enter the job market, it was booming with opportunities. I also love that we experience all four seasons here although I wish the fall was longer!

What is your educational background? I have a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Alberta. Later I became an instructor of the program as well. I am also an NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) and CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) and attend conferences and courses on a regular basis.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in HSEQ? I started my career in prehospital care and emergency response but soon learned that the adrenaline surge of an accident wore off quickly and I was left with questions – What happened to the people involved? What caused the accident? How could this be prevented? I was investigating these incidents before I even knew there were career opportunities for safety professionals. Back then, safety roles were not as clearly defined, certainly not as prevalent and it was a male dominated profession. I was fortunate that as the industry and profession grew, I was able to grow with it and be part of the change. Continued....

Issue #10


Now 18 years into the workforce you will never hear me call something an accident! Virtually everything is preventable in one way or another. One of my mentors was adamant on the integration of safety, quality and productivity and he really instilled in me how important health, safety, environment and quality are to running a safe business and protecting your employees.

What do you like about working for Acden? I LOVE that my job pairs safety and quality in the same role. They are so intertwined and essential to the success of a corporation like Acden. Not many HSEQ managers have the responsibility to manage quality as well. I love that I get to come to work in this magnificent building and I still find myself marvelling at its beauty. When I applied with Acden I was looking for an organization with local roots, where I could feel valuable and not like a number. I know that my work matters and that I am supported by the Acden Executive. There is a spirit of cooperation and unity here that is hard to find in other organizations. The Green Team and Health and Wellness committees are amazing and

Pictured: Tracy’s daughter Addison holding a photo of Tracy with her sister and grandfather in the Syncrude North Mine on a family fun day circa 1988


Acden Connection - February 2017 -

contribute so much to bettering our community and boosting employee morale. The Better Earth Program is my favourite Acden initiative and has challenged me to be more environmentally responsible at home and at work. Acden has exceeded my expectations in every way and I feel very lucky to work here.

Hobbies and interests outside of work? In the summer you will find my family on the trails on our quads and camping with Sir Bentley III, my English bulldog. We have a travel trailer but we also love tent camping at Six Lakes (especially when we remember to pack the tent poles). I love to golf and watch football – we are committed Pittsburgh Steelers Fans! Last winter I decided that I was going to learn how to snowboard and I did! I also love good coffee, interesting places to eat and laughter.

Stay tuned for updates regarding activities and events the Health and Wellness Committee will be planning for this year! We are in the process of adding structure to this committee and encourage all interested employees to email if you would like to be part of the team!

Acden in the Community In 2015, we conducted an employee survey and got the following results:

Based on this information and what we found was near and dear to the hearts of our employees, here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish based on the inspiration we received from all of you!


Number of times Team Acden has been the recipient of the CIBC CBCF Run for the Cure ‘Corporate Spirit Award’


2 1

Raised by Team Acden for CIBC CBCF Run for the Cure since 2014

Fundraisers for the FMSPCA

Truckload of donations collected for the Salvation Army


Christmas tree donated to Big Brothers, Big Sisters

8 $30,000


Truckloads of food donated to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association

Donated to food bank in 2016 alone

Mandarins donated to Santas Anonymous Fort Chipewyan


program Here are a few tips from Acden staff on how to be green! Green tips • Pack a ‘litter less’ lunch by using Tupperware containers - The RMWB • Green Cone backyard composting il for $90 reta ch landfill sells Green Cones, whi al waste. anim t pos and allow you to safely com be used ’t can t pos Although animal waste com to d use ly safe for edible gardens, it can be fertilize trees and shrubs. natural • Natural Pest Solutions (bat boxes, s, such tion deterrents). Use natural pest solu er than rath ts as bat boxes and organic deterren chemical deterrents. materials by • Upcycling is a great way to reuse new! transforming them into something Erin Butler ent QMS Coordinator, Acden HSEQ Departm


Acden Connection - February 2017 -

Save money, create less waste AND get a better shave in the proces

Here’s how:


Fill a small cup with baby oil or mineral oil. After ea ch shave, soak the razor bla de in the oil until you’re ready to use it again. The oil ke eps the blade from rustin g. If your razor has a moist ure strip, the oil may dis solve it along with the soft rub ber pieces on the shavin g handle. Don’t worry abou t this, the blade strip wi ll not be an issue and you can just peel the soft rub ber off the handle if it bothe rs you. The blade is the important thing. This wi ll increase a razor’s lifesp an by months! Caution -Do not leave the razor in the shower or lyin g on the sink, even with the cap on, when not in use . Steam from the warm wa ter of the shower or tub can cause rusting and dullin g of the razor. Craig Warden General Manager, Acden Environment:

Did you know? B Animal Waste Collection- RMW

d in your al waste is not permitte Did you know that anim ful to our rm ha is ste e? Animal wa curbside collection servic when left ctors and it’s unpleasant Municipal curbside colle the trails, or g., garbage cans, along in public receptacles (e. and take it bag your animal waste near schools). So doubleHighway 63. located 8.5 km south on to the municipal landfill free of charge. Animal waste drop-off is Animal waste includes: • fecal matter, • kitty litter, • soiled wood chips, and • soiled newspapers.

Animal Waste Drop-Off Events

Do you know about our fuel efficient engines? In an effort to reduce ou r carbon emissions and reduce fuel consump tion and vehicle idling time, fuel efficient engines and ESPAR engine heaters were ins talled in all Acden heavy duty equipment such as front loaders, pickers, luggers, flat decks and tractors.

hosts free thaws, the Municipality Every spring as the snow y. ents in Fort McMurra animal waste drop-off ev tilities/ .ca/living/Services-and-U Source: http://www.rmwb al-Waste.htm Garbage-Collection/Anim

nny Candy Jars!

Upcycled Easter Craft- Easter Bu

of us have jars of all sizes that many ss gla se reu to y wa at Easter gifts This is a gre use these sweet jars as uld co u Yo . use ho the d lying aroun ur home! ers, or to brighten up yo for your kids or co-work What you need for this


• Clean Mason jars • Vinyl stickers work) • Paint (spray paint will have on hand type of fabric scraps you y an or n bo rib r ve fto Le • use the jar as a vase) • Candy! (You could also easy steps: Then follow these three d press firmly on smooth side of the jar, an Apply the stickers to the to the glass. red they’re completely adhe the edges to make sure 10 minutes, ish paint, allow to dry for Apply a coat of Chalky Fin ile the paint is still up the vinyl stickers wh and then carefully peel when using spray will also work; however, slightly wet. Spray paint wn so that no ss jar is placed upside do paint, be sure that the gla jar! paint gets inside of the fabric trim and voila, then add your ribbon or Allow paint to dry fully, you’re done! bunny-treat-jars/ pp .ha ww /w p:/ htt e: Sourc


Acden HSEQ 2016 - The Year in Review Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! My favourite part of the New Year is a fresh start and a clean slate and this is particularly true when we are talking about safety performance. Don’t get me wrong – a company does not become safer simply because the calendar rolled over and our statistics turned to zero. We still track rolling data. The Acden Health, Safety, Environment and Quality department works full time for your safety, but I know that each employee, supervisor and manager within Acden share the common goal of “zero” incidents. In 2016, Acden totaled over two million exposure hoursthat’s a lot of work! While we didn’t have any Lost Time Incidents, we did have some incidents that resulted in injuries like lacerations, soft tissue injuries and even a broken bone. To me, and to all of Acden Management, this is simply not acceptable. At Acden, it will never be okay to expect or excuse an incident at work where a valued employee gets hurt for the sake of completing a job. Did you know that 33% of the injuries sustained within Acden were from employees simply walking or after entering or exiting equipment? Most of us wouldn’t think walking could be dangerous business but it most certainly can be! Due to the dynamic environments we work in, the seasonal climate we face in the region and with so much activity going on around us, even the simplest tasks can become hazardous. We aren’t just talking about navigating slippery and uneven surfaces in a harsh climate at the work site, even a walk to check the mail can present the same hazards. Moving on to driving; equipment damage continues to happen to our fleet. Did you know that 30% of damage occurring to our vehicles and equipment was caused by improper (not as intended or designed) use of the equipment? Unfortunately, in 34% of these cases, a spotter wasn’t used when they should have been!


Acden Connection - February 2017 -

Does any of the following excuses below sound familiar to you? •

“I’m only going forward, spotters are for backing up only.”

“The spotter will take too long to get here, I can back out on my own by then.”

“I know this isn’t the right tool for the job, but it will get the job done.”

“This will only take a minute.”

“My traction aids are too far away, I know how to walk.”

These boots will be fine for one more season.”

Of course they sound familiar, we’re human! That’s why we have safety systems and processes in place to help us be safe on the job every day. We have Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRA’s) to help keep us in the moment, Procedures, Practices and Job Hazard Analysis’ to tell us what’s hazardous about our work and how to protect ourselves. We also have a Peer to Peer Program that encourages us to work as a team to stay safe. Improvements made in 2016: Even though there were some injuries, our total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) was reduced by 33%. Our TRIF is the number we use to compare ourselves to our industry peers and our clients expect to see zero. In regards to damage incidents, that number dropped by 20% as well. Since we know the root causes and the steps we can take to avoid these incidents, let’s aim for an incident free workplace this year! There’s still work to be done, but if there was ever an organization that can make this happen, I know it’s Acden! If you have any ideas, questions, comments or concerns about bringing Acden one step closer to an incident free workplace, please feel free to contact me directly in the HSEQ department or by email:

Acden HR Request for Employment Verification and/or Personal Information Form Are you looking for an employment verification letter? Does your bank need to confirm details about your wage? The Acden HR Department has created a Request for Employment Verification and/or Personal Information form for any employees requesting employment verification letters, or seeking personal information from their personnel files. This form will assist the HR Team, business units and employees with a quick turnaround for their information, and ensure that Acden is in full compliance with Alberta privacy legislation.

Did You Know? Many employees ask the Human Resources department why their family benefit premiums are high. At Acden, your benefit plan covers both Short Term and Long Term Disability. Many benefit plans with employers in the Fort McMurray region cover an average of 2-5 years max. This means that once you are on Long Term Disability, after 5 years, you are no longer eligible. However with Acden, you may be eligible to have Long Term Disability up to age 65!

Did You Know?

The form allows employees to outline what they are requesting, including an option to provide consent for a 3rd party to confirm details with HR, effectively minimizing delays. If you require an employment verification letter for a 3rd party, or require information from an employee file, the form is required to be completed. Visit the Acden Intranet, contact your supervisor or a member of the Acden HR department for the form.

If you have a student under your plan that is between the ages of 21 and 26, and meets these requirements, contact the Human Resources department to discuss and complete the Confirmation of School Attendance, and answer any questions that you may have.

Upcoming HR Training Workshops: • Corrective Action Plan Training for Supervisors and Manager • Conflict Resolution Training • Workplace Investigations/Inquiries from the HR Perspective for Supervisors and Managers

If you have dependants (children) on your benefit plan, who are going to post-secondary school full time, they may be covered under your plan until the age of 26?

• Bullying in the Workplace – A Manager’s Guide

Students who are dependants under your benefit plan, registered at a recognized post-secondary facility and enrolled in full time studies, and not married, are eligible to continue their coverage until their 26th birthday. However, students who are attending school outside of Canada are not eligible for the Travel Health Benefits and the International Travel Assistance coverage.

• Coming Soon: Managing Difficult Conversations

• Respect in the Workplace • Coming Soon: Recruitment 101 Training

To RSVP for training, please contact


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Acden Connection - February 2017 -


INTRODUCING..... HRWEB! Beginning in early 2017, the wholly-owned Acden business units will start to use HRWeb, a web-based HRIS system. In anticipation of the launch of this system, the Acden HR Department will be releasing information on a weekly basis to explain how the system works and how it will benefit YOU!


HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. HRIS systems are most often used for storing employee information, but there are many other functions that the HRIS systems can provide.








What is the difference between this new system, and the old HRIS system?


Conn ect



The HRIS system that we had been using previously is called Manager Assistant. Manager Assistant was not set up to be accessible through an internet browser, which means that employees were not able to have access to the system. As a result of feedback from managers and employees we decided to make a shift to a user-friendly system called HRWeb, a web-based program which allows us to provide online tools for employees that haven’t been accessible to date. This new system has been in the works for well over a year and is intended to streamline all the wholly owned business units into a common platform for storing and sharing information. As mentioned above, one of the most exciting features of HRWeb is that both managers and employees will be able to utilize the system and access various forms of information on a daily basis through an internet connection on a computer or a smartphone.

ge Enga

Upd at

We are very excited to unpack all of the ways that HRWeb will help you. We’ll talk more about these functions below and in the weeks to come.

HOW CAN I ACCESS HRWEB? Once the program is launched within the next month or so, you will be able to access it anywhere you have a secure internet connection. The system is cloud based, which means it is not set in one location, but accessible anywhere with a secured internet connection. HRWeb is accessible for all users even when you are not using computers at the Taiganova office or job site workstations. Managed by the Acden HR Department, and utilized by all wholly owned business units, all employees will have an employee portal that they can log in to and interact with. Over the next several weeks, we will outline more specific features and capabilities that will benefit you. Stay tuned for more information in the next weekly update and look for our feature in the next Quarterly Connect! If you have any questions, please contact: Nancy Ladouceur HRIS Administrator Tel: 780.762.5529 Email:

graphic by


HRWeb: Login Information The launch dates for HRWeb are quickly approaching. You will soon be able to access your HRWeb employee portal to view information about your performance, personal information, Acden current events, and other functions.

If you’re a tech guru, that’s great, I’m sure your coworkers would love your help soon. If you’re not a tech guru, we’re going to teach you a few quick tips to save your portal URL link in ‘easy to access’ places so you can easily log on…

When your business unit goes live, you will be given a web-link and a temporary password to get started. Your username will remain the same, but you will create your own password.

From a computer: when you’re on the link page, you can click the icon to add the page to your favourites, and may find it helpful to re-name the page to HRWeb or something easy to identify.

You forgot your password?!? As if that’s never happened before! In the event you forget your password, you will click on the “forgot my password” button and it will ask for your username OR your email address. Your password will then be reset by the system and you will be emailed a link to re-enter your portal.

From a smart phone: when you’re on the login page, you can click on options, or the little box with an up arrow on an iPhone, and select “Add to Homescreen”. Then it will appear on your smartphone like an App button.

Careers Acden is a dynamic and exciting place to work and we are constantly expanding our capabilities and service offerings. We offer high energy team players outstanding opportunities to grow in roles that best fit their interests, aptitudes and career aspirations. Please visit to see a list of current job postings. For detailed information about benefits, please visit

Sketch of the Acden HR team! Drawing by Carla Clark


Acden Connection - February 2017 -

January Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary! Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

December 2016 Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Ovenden, Linda Joyce Acden 8 Zen, Michael John Acden Environment 3 Odunlami, Ishola Tirimisiyu Acden Environment 5 Canadien, Joseph Johnny Bruno Acden Facilties 4 Flett, Daniel Matthew Acden Facilties 5 Haggar, Souleymane Acden Facilties 3 Vaivada, Bryan Robert Acden Facilties 1 Gray, Michael James Acden Fleet 6 Mitchell, Glen Richard Acden Fleet 4 Lynk, Denise Renee Acden Fleet 6 Fleury, Allard Leonard Acden Fleet 7 VanEe, Chelsey Faye Acden Holdings 2 Laviolette, Jessi Ann Acden Manufacturing 18

Employee Company Years of Service Anderson, Kevin James Acden 8 Boucher, John Ross Acden Environment 1 Bennett, Brian Joseph Acden Environment 6 Cullihall, Sherri Lynn Acden Environment 2 Duclos, Jean Francois Acden Environment 2 Gascho, Paul Allen Acden Environment 3 Scribner, Brian Acden Environment 9 Day, Ivan Frank Acden Facilities 5 Florinski, Harrison Jonas Steven Acden Facilities 1 King, Justin Leo Acden Facilities 1 Panchal, Jignesh Acden Facilities 1 MacKenzie, Patrick Morgan Acden Fleet 4 Tollenaar, Jessica Alice Acden Fleet 5 Paras, Christian Panugaling Acden Fleet 5 Shier, Kenneth John Acden Fleet 9 Darshani, Nameeta Acden Holdings 5 Piche, Audrey Acden Manufacturing 14 Paananen, Luke William Acden Tech Sonic 2 Budgell, Derek Kristofer Acden Tech Sonic 2

February Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Flett, Garry Kenneth Acden 8 Budden, Bradley Trent Acden Environment 6 Fraser, Jason William Acden Environment 2 Gall, Brent Douglas Acden Environment 4 Hutchinson, Anthony Howard Acden Environment 4 Locke, Calvin Joseph Acden Environment 4 MacDonald, Robert Sterns Acden Environment 4 Rideout, Adam David Acden Environment 4 Agir, Abelardo Sorisantos Acden Facilities 1 Barnard, Anthony Stuart Acden Fleet 4 Craig, Stanley John Acden Fleet 4 Munden, Sasha Owl Acden Fleet 4 Castor, Irene May Acden Holdings 17 Maclean, Tracy Ann Acden Holdings 1 Adby, Andrea Acden Manufacturing 3 MillMan, Richard Lyn Acden Tech Sonic 2


Tech Talk Submitted by Lash Phillips, Acden IT Director

There are many articles which discuss the need for strong passwords, PIN numbers, using different passwords on different accounts and a whole variety of measures to protect yourself from account hacking and identity theft. I have written several in the Tech Talk and Tech Bits columns for Acden. Today I wanted to offer advice on the next steps: If my account is compromised or my identity has been stolen what do I do?

First – Identity Theft If you discover you have been a victim of identity theft, immediately:

Step 1 - Contact your local police force and file a report. Step 2 - Contact your bank/financial institution(s) and

credit card company(s)

Step 3 - Contact the two national credit bureaus and


place a fraud alert on your credit reports.

Equifax Canada – Toll free: 1-800-465-7166

TransUnion Canada – Toll free: 1-877-525-3823

Acden Connection - February 2017 -

Step 4 - Always report identity theft and fraud to the

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre – Toll free: 1-888-495-8501 – Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Note: don’t judge the Anti-Fraud Centre by the painfully cumbersome website address, they are an excellent government organization designed to help companies and individuals.

Second – Hacked Email Accounts If this is a work email account, contact your IT Department. Many times, your IT Department will be aware your email account was compromised before you are. If this is a personal email account, recovering the account depends on what method the hacker used to break into it, and how good they are. Some hackers use an automated system to take control and use your account to send spam. This is annoying, but the program isn’t smart enough to change your account settings to lock you out. Simply log in to your account and change the password. The next time the spambot tries to log in, it won’t be able to. Problem solved. There’s a chance a real person is in control of your account, though. If they’re smart, they changed your password so you can’t get in. They also might change your security questions or recovery email address so they can let themselves back in at any time, even if you take back your account. But hope is not yet lost.

Start with the “Forgot your password?” link that’s usually in the site’s log-in area. If the hacker didn’t change your security question, you can reset your password that way – if you remember the answers to your security questions. Or you can have the new password sent to another email account, if you set one up previously. If you can’t reset the password, you’ll have to contact your email provider’s technical support team. At a minimum they can freeze the account so it cannot send out email or lock the account so it cannot be accessed. • For Outlook (formerly Hotmail and Live mail): Go to aspx?productKey=wlid&ct=eformts&scrx=1

Third – Hacked Social Media Accounts Hackers love to get into social media accounts. As with email, if you can get into your account, change the password to lock them out. For more involved account recovery, you’ll need special instructions for each account. Be prepared for these companies to require several levels of identity verification before providing access to your account. It can and likely will feel like an interrogation. • Facebook – go to help/131719720300233 • Twitter – go to articles/31796-my-account-has-been-compromised

• For Yahoo: Go to SLN2090.html

• LinkedIn – go to linkedin/ask/TS-RHA

• If you use Gmail, go to the Gmail troubleshooting page - troubleshooter/2402620?hl=en&rd=2 . Select “I think someone else is using my account” and the site will walk you through the best way to take your account back.

If you use AOL, email or and explain the situation.

You should hear from technical support very quickly. Be warned that they will exhaust every method they can to prove you are who you say you are. They’re very suspicious of people trying to recover hacked accounts. Hackers frequently pose as an account owner trying to “recover” an account. Remember that if your email account was hijacked, the hacker most likely has any and all emails which are in the account so it is necessary to review all saved emails to determine if any further information or account changes may need to be made.

Apple ID – go to

• Instagram – go to https://help.instagram. com/368191326593075/

Final notes: In the same manner that you can easily have your credit card number stolen without doing anything wrong, identity theft and hijacked accounts can also occur through no fault of the users. While simple and re-used passwords are the most common method that only makes up about 70% of the stolen accounts. The above links do tend to change quite often. Should a link no longer be valid, please go that company’s website and search for account hijack help. I really do hope you will never have need of the above information, but in the event you do require it I hope this makes a very stressful and frustrating time a tiny bit easier to deal with.


Employee Profile Renee Lynk Renee was born and raised in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. She left her home town in 2005 and embarked on a tour across Canada. Like many, Renee ended up in Banff and fell in love with the town. She lived in Banff for four years, working for a company called GreyLine West. While she was in Banff she also attended SAIT, living in Calgary for two months of the year while she completed her Parts apprenticeship. During the third and final year of her apprenticeship, GreyLine West closed, so she went looking for work. Through a mutual connection, a contact at Diversified in Fort McMurray learned of Renee’s experience and called to offer her a job. It was 2009 then, Fort McMurray was booming and they wanted her to start right away. She ended up moving to Fort McMurray the same week she completed her apprenticeship at SAIT! While working at Diversified a fellow mechanic told the General Manager of Acden Fleet (then Denesoline Maintenance) about Renee’s skills. He contacted Renee, set up an interview with her and the rest, as they say, is history!

“It’s been really astonishing to see the amount of growth the whole corporation has experienced since I started. When I was first hired with the company we were still a part of Denesoline Environment (now Acden Environment) so I feel lucky that I was part of many exciting changes, including our shop becoming its own company!” When Renee started with us she was hired for a Parts position but from the get go, she was taking on responsibilities and duties that were not generally affiliated with the role. Over a few years, her work naturally morphed into a different role and Renee now holds the title of Operations Coordinator for Acden Fleet.

“In my job I enjoy finding ways to fix or streamline a process. I like the challenge of solving problems with creative solutions that bring us closer to achieving our goals. I’m also a very analytical and curious person and I like to understand how things work and the mechanics behind them. Working with trades’ people of varying skillsets allows me to learn something new every day,” she says. When asked what she likes about working for Acden Fleet, Renee said it was hard to find the words to describe how much she appreciates the work environment at the shop.

“I feel very fortunate to have a job that continues to challenge me and provides opportunities to develop new skills.” In her spare time, Renee has an interest in real estate, owning a rental property of her own in town. She also enjoys travelling, has journeyed extensively across Canada and loves going to warm destinations!


Acden Connection - February 2017 -

Outstanding Acden Employees! I would like to extend my personal thanks to the following Acden Facilities staff who donated their time and effort in decorating and organizing two Christmas dinners for their fellow workers at CNRL. The feedback that I have received was that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Your efforts were greatly appreciated by all who attended. Tony Martin, General Manager, Acden Facilities

“A” Shift

“B” Shift

• Ashley Dennis

• Bonnie Morton

• Janine MacDougall

• Rebecca Cullihall

• Raquel Burt

• Haylea Hadfield

• Evie Mechem

• Chelsea MacSpadyen

• Stephanie White • Tamara Ferguson

Barry Steele - Acden Fleet Barry’s co-workers at Acden Fleet want to recognize him for many reasons, here are a few: “ Barry is fun, easy going and dependable.” “ Barry’s upbeat energy is contagious and his quick witted personality keeps everyone laughing.” Barry is not only an excellent Parts Technician, but he is the type of person every organization wants and needs. His attitude towards Safety helps reaffirm the type of safety culture we continue to develop and expand here at Acden Fleet. Acden Fleet is fortunate to have Barry and it is inspiring how grateful he is to be part of Acden Fleet. - Ron Fogal, HSE Coordinator, Acden Fleet. Barry is one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is an all-around standup guy who makes the job of being his supervisor very easy. I am honored to work with Barry! - Renee Lynk, Operations Coordinator, Acden Fleet


Nat’s Upside Down Hamburger Pie by Nat ¾ - 1 lb Ground beef 1 small Chopped onion 1 can Tomato soup 1 ½ cup Flour 3 tsp Baking powder 1 tsp Salt ¼ tsp Dried mixed herb (Italian season can be used) ½ cup Grated cheese ¼ cup Shortening about 2/3 cup Milk Brown beef lightly with onions. Drain excess fat, stir in tomato soup, season with salt and pepper. Pour mixture into a 9” pie plate. Combine flour, baking powder, salt, herbs and cheese. Cut shortening into flour with a pastry blender or two knifes until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add milk stirring with a fork to make soft, sticky dough. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead lightly into a ball. Roll or pat into a 9” circle. Place on top the meat mixture and bake at 425° F for 15 to 20 minutes or until top is golden brown. To serve, turn upside down on a large plate. Makes 4 servings.

Want To See Your Photo Here? Show us the places and things you love about Fort McMurray! We want to showcase your photos in our newsletter and on our website. If you’d like to share a photo with us, please email! Photos submitted by Greg Zwicker, Business Development Analyst for Acden. In his spare time, Greg enjoys wood working and makes his own kayaks and paddle boards! Greg has shared these pictures of he and his son kayaking (in his homemade kayaks!) on the Clearwater River and Gregoire Lake.