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March 2018

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Have You Met Fuseini Osman? If you haven’t yet, we certainly hope you get the opportunity to chat with Fuseini Osman who is celebrating his tenth year with Acden Environment later in 2018. Fuseini was born in Accra, Ghana on the Atlantic coast of West Africa later growing up in the northern town of Yendi. In 1991, he decided to venture over the water to investigate what Canada had to offer and has remained here ever since. First landing in Vancouver, BC, Fuseini began working in a sawmill driving tractortrailers hauling wood and wood waste until 2008 when he heard of the development happening in Fort McMurray. With no secured employment, he headed North with great expectations. Upon arrival here in Fort McMurray, Fuseini worked with multiple companies delivering drywall while continuously searching for his next big opportunity. Shortly thereafter, he happened upon an acquaintance that had just secured a job with Acden (then Denesoline Environment) who offered to introduce Fuseini to the company. Almost immediately after meeting with Dan Rorke, Acden’s now VP of Business Development, Fuseini was hired on as an Operator for Acden Environment, where he remains today. Ten years of service is an incredible milestone and we want to make sure Fuseini knows how valued he is. It is this kind of commitment that lends to the strong culture within Acden and we are grateful for the time and dedication he has provided us. ...continued

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L Fuseini Osman con’t In an interview, Fuseini explains the reasons why he loves his job: My first job here was a roll off truck driver but I am crosstrained to do any driving job that Acden Environment needs which offers me a lot of job stability. I can work at any site; I never worry about unemployment. There is a lot of day to day learning here, we get to work all the machines, and the team members and supervisors have always helped me develop my skills. The training program was excellent and I feel like I’ve always been able to keep learning; I have experience in so many roles. Our safety standards have always been excellent, too. I feel in control on the job and know that my team members

Introducing Our Newest Member of Wholly Owned Companies, Acden Lemax After nearly ten years of highly successful partnership, we are pleased to announce that Lemax Machine and Welding Inc. has joined the ranks of Acden’s wholly owned companies. Acden Lemax has an unparalleled ability to manage a wide range of both field and shop machining, millwright and welding services. With the integration of CNC machinery and laser technology, Acden Lemax has increased its service offerings without sacrificing its core competency - high-quality fabrication and repair work, delivered on time and on budget. Acden Lemax is both ABSA and CWB certified and has plans to register with ISO 9001 later this year. We are thrilled to welcome Lemax to the Acden family.


Acden Connection - March 2018 - acden.com

are trained well, I never feel at risk in my work which is a good feeling. I am now in my tenth year with Acden and I like this company because it has offered me a stable and supportive environment where we always have the right equipment to do the job. There is no guessing. Also, I was able to bring my son over from Ghana in 2015 and he now lives in Edmonton; we are very close. My son is enjoying his time in Canada and plans to stay. He graduated from high school last year and is already in the workforce. I am very happy and plan to be here for a long time. Thank you to Acden for being a great employer - I am proud of where the organization is today and where it is heading. I’m still learning new skills day by day. Congratulations Fuseini on your 10th Acdeniversary!

Acden in the Community Father Mercredi High School’s Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program Visits Acden The Paul Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative’s Entrepreneurship Program introduces students to business practices and encourages them to hone the skills necessary to compete in the workforce or pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. The program includes a field component that connects students to business leaders in the community which can be seen above as the class visited Acden’s Head Office for a full corporate tour and introduction to the various career paths available within the company.

Acden Donates $10,000 to Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association for Fifth Consecutive Year Christmas marked the seventh consecutive year that Acden has had the opportunity to contribute to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association (WBFBA), and the fifth year in a row that this amount has reached $10,000. The WBFBA provides the programs, services and education necessary to ensure food security for the citizens of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. For more information on how you can get involved with the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association, please visit their website http://www.woodbuffalofoodbank.com/.

Acden Hosts First Ever Career Fair On March 14th, 2018 Acden opened the doors to community members and visitors interested in learning more about employment opportunities with our companies. Acden’s Human Resource team, various General Managers, Supervisors and Business Development teams were there to greet over 75 guests and discuss available positions. One third of the attendees were Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) members and the feedback was that the event was incredibly successful with several businesses finding new hires. Thank you to all who supported the event – we look forward to doing it again.


Acden Tech Sonic Celebrates 5 Years of LTI Free! Not only was Acden Tech Sonic rated the number one employer in their industry by the Workers’ Compensation Board receiving the 2017 Trailblazer Award from the Alberta Construction Safety Association, but they have also reached a major milestone celebrating their 5th year of Lost-Time Injury (LTI) free!

Congratulations to Acden Tech Sonic – your commitment to safety and quality is outstanding!

Acden Partners with Horizon North to Become Acden Horizon North About Horizon North As you may or may not know, Horizon North provides a full range of industrial, commercial, and residential products and services. Their industrial services division supplies workforce accommodations, camp management services, access solutions, maintenance and utilities; we are excited to welcome them to the Acden family! Their Modular Construction division integrates modern design concepts and technology with state of the art, off-site manufacturing processes; producing high quality


Acden Connection - March 2018 - acden.com

building solutions for commercial and residential offerings including offices, hotels, and retail buildings, as well as distinctive single detached dwellings and multi-family residential structures. As a result of our diverse product and service offerings, Horizon North is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our customers in numerous sectors, anywhere in Canada. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Horizon North to the Acden family!

Are You Knowledgeable About Each of Acden’s Service Offerings? Here’s a Refresher In a large company such as ours, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the growing service offerings that are available to our clients. Below you will find a refresher of each company and their services available.

Wholly Owned Companies Acden Environment – Premium waste, recycling & environment solutions. Acden Environment offers clients waste and recycling services that includes the removal of hazardous materials, landfill management, equipment transport. Acden Facilities – Facilities management, maintenance & external grounds support services. Acden Facilities provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and preventative maintenance solutions. We offer mechanical and structural renovations and upgrades, grounds maintenance; lot painting, fence installation and repair. Acden Fleet – Automotive & Fleet Repair Service. Acden Fleet provides maintenance, service and repair to industrial, commercial and retail clients. Acden Lemax – Machining, Welding & Metal Repair. Acden Lemax offers clients customizable machining and fabrication solutions utilizing leading innovative technologies. Acden Tech Sonic – Specialized Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning. With cutting edge technology, Acden Tech Sonic provides industrial cleaning solutions to extend the life of equipment.

Acden Manufacturing – Producer of Kevlar Wristlets & Personal Protective Wear. With Kevlar material that is twenty times strong that steel, Acden Manufacturing provides personal protective wear that is both fire retardant and slash resistant. Acden Holdings – Head Office Operations. Business Development, Finance, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality, and Human Resources.

Partnerships Acden Bee-Clean – Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services. Acden Bee-Clean provides premier janitorial services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients, both on and offsite. Acden Horizon North – Quality Modular Building Solutions & Camp Services. Acden Horizon North offers clients with workforce building, housing and office solutions, and camp services. Acden Lakeshore Contracting – Road Building & Earth Works. Acden Lakeshore Contracting has vast experience in road building and construction, timber clearing, pipeline clearing, gravel supply and hauling and fluid hauling. Acden Vertex – Construction, Maintenance, Drilling & Biological Services. Acden Vertex offers a large variety of environmental consulting; reclamation, soil and vegetation assessments, and construction services to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Ventures Acden Allnorth – Environmental Engineering Consultants. Acden Allnorth offers clients environmental surveying, project management and materials testing.

Related Companies ReGen Land Service – Earth Science & Reclamation Services. Regen Land Services offer planning and reclamation services to oil sands projects. Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation – Tire and Conveyor Belting Disposal Service. The environmental solution for industrial tire recycling.


Congratulations to Acden Fleet Team Members for 30 Years of Combined Service!

Wendell Cobb He’s come a long way since “yeah, maybe” when responding to his first job offer at Acden, but Mr. Wendell Cobb is now looking back upon a decade of service. Yes, a DECADE! Previously employed by Big Eagle Services, Wendell was approached by his past supervisor and invited to join the team here at Acden. After some careful consideration Wendell decided to take the leap and after just three months as a Heavy Equipment Technician he was promoted to Supervisor. It was three and a half years in this role that proved Wendell’s talents and he has been Acden Fleet’s General Manager ever since. I asked Wendell what one of the biggest challenges he’s faced in this role and here’s what he said: “Making the transition from being a predominantly fleet service provider into the commercial and retail markets. While we stay true in our commitment to our industrial clients, we have opened up the shop to include commercial and individual clients as well. We want to make sure we are positioned in the community to reach the needs of everyone – industrial operations, big and small local companies, and the family down the street. We are the mechanic shop for anyone who needs help and it is a huge accomplishment of this team to be able to shift gears like that” (that was a rephrase and yes, pun intended).

“The staff here make life easy. We have an honest, hardworking and reliable crew who get along well,” Wendell explains his team are the best part of his job. Born and raised in Millville, New Brunswick, Wendell followed his ambition to Fort McMurray in 2004 to pursue career opportunities and we are so grateful he landed here at Acden just four short years later. Wendell has built, maintained and developed a really strong team, and receives an incredibly high amount of respect from staff here at Acden. He’s the go-to for automotive advice and is quick to step in whenever a teammate needs a hand. In his off time he focuses on family; daughters Summer, 9, Lexie, 6, and Callie, 5, keep Wendell and his wife Stacey, extra busy. Camping, quadding, and taking the RV to Wandering River are among his top memories. Congratulations to Wendell. Your contributions to the company are of great value and we stand behind you as you continue to expand.


Acden Connection - March 2018 - acden.com

Ken Shier Waskatenau. The small hamlet that hosts big personality Ken Shier – Acden Fleet employee who is celebrating his tenth anniversary with us. Born and raised in Ontario, Ken’s story sounds familiar to many of us – he came to Fort McMurray in search of adventure and opportunity. Ken certainly found both and gave me a detailed account of all his travels.

You are obviously very determined. Do you have a big family?

When did you first touchdown in Fort McMurray?

Being with Acden for 10 years leads me to believe you are happy. What do you like about your job?

Ken Shier (KS): I came to Fort McMurray as an Apprentice Mechanic in 1980 as there was no work at home in Ontario. I moved around quite a bit, Calgary, Edmonton; I spent 15 years in BC – between Ukulet and Tofino, then back to Fort McMurray. Can you tell me a little bit about your extensive career path? I understand you’ve done a lot. KS: I’ve held previous positions with Big Eagle, Fountain Tire, Diversified, Tuc’s, Catalytic before it became Jacobs, Calgary Motor Products – I’ve been all over. I was working as a Ticketed Automotive Service Technician before I came to Acden in 2008 but was hired on as a Heavy Equipment Technician Apprentice. Midway through 2011, I was promoted to Supervisor. What is your current position? KS: Heavy Duty Fleet Supervisor. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of education under your belt.

KS: My wife and four children, two girls two boys. Or, women & men – they are all grown now. I live with one of my sons here in Fort McMurray when I am on shift. He’s a carpenter helping with the town’s rebuild.

KS: We get to work with a whole bunch of different brands, and learn all kinds of stuff about big trucks – always something new. Acden’s been very supportive during extended learning periods/schooling. It’s always felt like a family here, even since we’ve gotten big. We’ve been able to keep a core group of staff and new people are welcomed into the “family”. We have a very tight crew with little turnover. So it’s safe to say you intend to be here for some time? KS: Yeah, it’s an excellent place to work. Ken’s hardworking, easy-going attitude makes him an integral part of the Acden Fleet team and we are thrilled to be celebrating his 10 year anniversary with him. Thank you Ken for your dedication and congratulations on this milestone!

KS: I took my first year of my Mechanic apprenticeship and Heavy Duty Mechanic apprenticeship then challenged the rest of my exams. I passed.

Special Mention TJ Gauvin Earns Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate TJ Gauvin on successfully passing his Automotive Services Technician Apprenticeship and earning his Red Seal Endorsement (RSE). The team at Acden Fleet are proud of your hard work and dedication to this challenge. - Wendell Cobb, Acden Fleet General Manager


Ron Fogal A BC transplant, Ron came to Fort McMurray in 2003 in hot pursuit of a thriving market. After a few months with Ever-Ready he joined the team at Tuc’s Contracting where he made his first Acden connection – Dan Rorke. Ron then decided to head back home to spend time with his son and after one year, returned to Fort McMurray where Dan hired him as an Operator at Denesoline Environment (now Acden Environment). Shortly thereafter, Ron’s ambition landed him a Supervisor position at CNRL. He began studying for his National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) certification and after completion, he took a role with Acden Fleet as HSE Supervisor and hasn’t looked back. He celebrated his 10 year anniversary In November. Before all of this though, there is another interesting story hidden away in the Fogal archives: Ron was once coached by Don Cherry while playing for an American Hockey League team. At the age of nine, Ron began playing hockey and found his kindred sport. He played minor league for teams such as the London Knights, Saint Catherines

Blackhawks and Toronto Marlboroughs before being drafted to the Juniors playing for the Rochester Americans. In 1973, Ron was signed by the New York Rangers. It wasn’t until he felt the impact of several knee injuries that he decided it was time to move along and pursued a career as a drug and alcohol counsellor for imprisoned youth across British Columbia. Ron remembers his time guest speaking in the prisons as the most rewarding. These aren’t the only experiences that have had an impact on Ron though. He has explained much gratitude for being a part of Acden through our dramatic growth periods and is thankful for the commitment of his co-workers, Acden teammates and Management guidance. We would like to send our gratitude right back to you Ron. Thank you for being our in-house comedian, our helping hand and always looking out for the best interest of Acden. We appreciate all you’ve done. Congratulations on your big 10!

Acden Facilities Celebrates the Hard Work of John Nitsch! We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the recent promotion of Acden Facilities employee John Nitsch in his movement from Maintenance Coordinator to Operations Manager! John has been an Acden team member since 2011, initially in the role of Operations Coordinator for Acden Tech Sonic. He cites that the changing scope of work as his favourite part of the role and he looks forward to developing the business in new markets. Congratulations John!


Acden Connection - March 2018 - acden.com

Greetings from Acden Environment! Welcome everyone, To get us started, I will introduce myself to those I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I am Craig Warden, General Manager (GM) of Acden Environment. I began my career with Acden in August 2016. As some may know, I have been in the Logistics and Environment industry for over 25 years. My career has taken me all across Canada and the United States for extended periods of time. In my later career moves, I had the privilege of coming to the RMWB. The experience was rewarding and reminded me of what I love so much about Northern Canada. When an opportunity arose that would allow me to assist with the management and growth of Acden Environment, I jumped at the chance. I haven’t looked back since. Since my inception as the GM, we have made some significant staffing moves, and will continue to add strength to our leadership team as we grow and develop. Acden Environment is dedicated to providing training and growth opportunities for our shareholder, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. I hope to establish more Environmentally focused training opportunities for Heavy Equipment operation, Class 1 Driver operators and Landfill Management training. With the Acden vision for “ Trees Up To Trees Up” and our “Better Earth” programs evolving every day, I am completely excited to be right here, right now. 2017 was a very good year for Acden Environment. Some of the significant milestones include; • The re-signing and expansion of our partnership with Suncor

Continued significant education of our staff to become proficient as Certified Hazardous Waste Technicians, completed training, provided by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), for certification for Transfer Station Managers, Managers of Landfill Operations and Landfill Operations Basics

• Expansion into the Edmonton market as a commercial provider of service In the coming year we will endeavor to continue on this path, providing our shareholder and staff with opportunities for further growth and new opportunities. I hope to see Acden Environment, in collaboration with other Acden businesses, dominate the industry as the premier provider of Environmental solutions in Western Canada. Our outstanding Equipment Operators, Administrative staff, Foremen, Supervisors, Managers and Executive team continue to show their outstanding attention to Safety, Quality and Customer Service. With the continued support from our partner companies, 2018 has all the indications of being an incredible year. I am truly appreciative of the team members we have and the ones that will be joining our efforts. See you soon , Highest Regards, A. Craig Warden General Manager, Acden Environment

• Our entrance into the realm of large landfill management • The introduction of Acden Environment to the commercial waste industry in the RMWB


Happy Anniversary! September Anniversaries

November Anniversaries

Employee Company Years of Service Forget, Michel Acden Environment 9 Keller, Hope Acden Holdings/Finance 8 Antoine, Amanda Acden Manufacturing 7 Gauvin, TJ Acden Fleet 5 David, Laura Acden Tech Sonic 5 Grunau, Jarrett Acden Environment 4 Sichewski, Rudy Acden Environment 4 Hayward, Newman Acden Environment 4 Morton, Bonnie Acden Facilities 3 Mattie, Bradley Acden Facilities 3 Martin, Tony Acden Facilities 3 Hamelin, Sally Acden Holdings/HR 4 Andrew, Lorne Acden Environment 2 Critch, Calvin Acden Environment 2 Sheppard, Alan Acden Environment 2 Lenihan, Blake Acden Environment 2 Dreffke, Tyson Acden Facilities 1 Antoine, Myrna Acden Manufacturing 1 Rasmussen, Paula Acden Facilities 1 Decendario, Nestor Acden Environment 8 Dmytriw, Mathew Acden Facilities 4

Employee Company Years of Service Bruce, Hailey Acden Holdings/Finance 9 Evans, David Acden Fleet 7 Asmare, Daniel Acden Fleet 6 Laviolette, Peggy Acden Environment 6 Hylton, Halzen Acden Environment 5 McDonald, Vanessa Acden Manufacturing 3 Daigneault, Micheal Acden Facilities 3 Tran, Quan Acden Environment 2 McDonald, Matthew Acden Facilities 2 Bourque, Justin Acden Environment 1 McCarthy, Jack Acden Facilities 1 David, Alexandru Acden Tech Sonic 3

October Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Jesso, Cheryl Acden Holdings/Finance 15 Osman, Fuseini Acden Environment 9 Seaward, Michael Acden Tech Sonic 6 Drew, Calvin Acden Fleet 6 Barclay, William Acden Environment 7 Wright, Patrick Acden Environment 5 Kopecky, Kimeth Acden Environment 3 Shoemaker, Melvin Acden Environment 3 Mercredi, Mitchell Acden Holdings/BD 3 Kassar, Antonio Acden Facilities 3 Lazaro, Ryan Acden Tech Sonic 3 Burt, Requel Acden Facilities 3 Larmand, Monty Acden Environment 3 Nolan, Derek Acden Environment 3 Goebel, Ryan Acden Facilities 2 Rowsell, Randy Acden Environment 1 Bursey, Deborah Acden Facilities 2


Acden would like to recognize the following employees who are celebrating anniversaries with Acden. Thank you for everything you do, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Acden Connection - March 2018 - acden.com

December Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Laviolette, Jessi Ann Acden Manufacturing 19 Ovenden, Linda Acden Tech Sonic 9 Lynk, Renee Acden Fleet 7 Odunlami, Ishola Acden Environment 6 Flett, Daniel Acden Facilities 6 Ketch, Gregory Acden Fleet 5 Mitchell, Glen Acden Fleet 5 Canadien, Joseph Acden Facilities 5 Zen, Michael Acden Environment 4 Hagger, Souleymane Acden Facilities 4

January Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Piche, Audrey Acden Manufacturing 15 Shier, Kenneth Acden Fleet 10 Anderson, Kevin Acden Holdings/Finance 9 Day, Ivan Acden Facilities 6 Paras, Christian Acden Fleet 6 Tollenaar, Jessica Acden Fleet 6 MacKenzie, Patrick Acden Fleet 5 Mekuria, Waktala Acden Facilities 4 Adby, Andrea Acden Manufacturing 4 Budgell, Derek Acden Tech Sonic 3 Paananen, Luke Acden Tech Sonic 3 Bennett, Brian Acden Environment 7 Duclos, Jean Acden Environment 3 Cullihall, Sherri Acden Environment 3 Flett, Kyla Acden Holdings/HSEQ 2 Pennell, Michael Acden Facilities 1 Connors, Eugene Acden Facilities 1 Adams, Kayle Acden Facilities 1 King, Justin Acden Facilities 2

Total waste managed: 166,837,022 lbs (141% growth from 2016) Of this total, we were able to recycle 133,575,880 lbs! (442% growth from 2016)

February Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Castor, Irene Acden Holdings/HR 18 Flett, Garry Acden/Corporate 9 Budden, Bradley Acden Environment 7 MacDonald, Robert Acden Environment 5 Gall, Brent Acden Environment 5 Hutchinson, Anthony Acden Environment 5 Rideout, Adam Acden Environment 5 Locke, Calvin Acden Environment 5 Bernard, Anthony Acden Fleet 5 Millman, Richard Acden Tech Sonic 3 Maclean, Tracy Acden Holdings/HSEQ 2 Agir, Abelardo Acden Facilities 2 Gorgi, Mark Acden Facilities 1 Hartzell, Kristopher Acden Environment 1 Brown, David Acden Environment 1 Mohamed, Abdoulsalam Acden Facilities 1 Chisholm, Lawrence Acden Facilities 1 Murphy, Michael Acden Facilities 1

March Anniversaries Employee Company Years of Service Mohamed, Nur Acden Environment 10 Marchand, Bradley Acden Environment 9 Abootty, Sageer Acden Environment 7 Keating, Kenneth Acden Environment 6 Elliott, Marcel Acden Environment 6 Fraser, Scott Acden Environment 5 Gretzan, Carli Acden Facilities 5 Fedorchuk, Jonathan Acden Environment 4 Pearson, Rodney Acden Environment 4 Drummond, Michelle Acden Holdings/BD 4 Muise, Christopher Acden Environment 4 Adams, Foster Acden Facilities 3 Weir, Keywood Acden Environment 3 Nahdee-Kechego, Vincent Acden Facilities 3 Simpson, Andrew Acden Tech Sonic 2 Singh, Avinesh Acden Tech Sonic 2 Ibrahim, Ahmed Acden Environment 1 Awan, Muhammad Acden Environment 1 Poffenroth, Timothy Acden Environment 1 Rose, Merviell Acden Environment 1 Mercier, Yves Acden Facilities 1 Locke, Mathew Acden Facilities 1 Moise, Jerry Acden Facilities 1

Metal 82,690,985 lbs 432%

Tires 48,576,665 lbs 15,201% Construction/demolition 23,091,217 lbs 835% Wood 10,169,924 lbs 35,385% Cardboard 2,156,121 lbs 64% Paper 22,046 lbs 75% Electronics 33,069 lbs 15% Mixed recyclables 63,934 lbs 85%


Better Earth Program Did you know Acden’s Head Office parking lot is an Idle Reduction Zone? Benefits to idle reduction are: 1)reduced engine wear 2) reduced fuel costs 3) reduced air pollutants Please be mindful of idle times and reduce whenever you can! Acden’s Head Office also hosts a carpool program in support of environmental sustainability. If you are interested in carpooling, the sign up sheet can be found in the boot room.

Acden Supports Northern Lights Health Foundation Gratitude Campaign with $250,000 Donation We would like to take this opportunity to announce that Acden has participated in supporting the Northern Lights Health Foundation Gratitude Campaign by way of $250,000 donation paid out over 5 years. The campaign is committed to the following and is a direct contributor to increasing the quality of health care for community members of the RMWB: • Meeting the needs of people of all ages in our region • Meeting the needs of both urban and rural populations • Being innovative & responsive to community priorities • Fostering a healthier community for all Monies will be used to develop the minimally invasive surgical suites by modernizing the Health Centre’s operating rooms to become state-of-theart operating theatres that make surgeries faster, less invasive and support a quicker recovery time increasing patient capacity. For more information on The Gratitude Campaign, please visit their website at gratitudecampaign.ca.

Nat’s Blueberry Pancakes 1c milk 2 eggs 1c flour 3 tsp baking powder 2 tbsp oil pinch of salt 2 tbsp sugar ½ tsp baking soda 1c blueberries – fresh or unthawed (more can be added) Throw everything in a mixing bowl and mix until texture is smooth. Make sure griddle is hot and slightly greased. Makes about 6 – 8 pancakes. (great without the blueberries too)

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Acden March Newsletter Issue 13  

Acden March Newsletter Issue 13

Acden March Newsletter Issue 13  

Acden March Newsletter Issue 13

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