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Monique Maarsen and I are standing outside the temporary housing units for Ukrainian refugees in Kronenburg, owned by Maarsen Groep and Zadelhoff. One day, this location will be an extension of Zuidas, if Monique has her way. It’s an ideal space for student housing, a base for startups and scale-ups and, if needed, a safe haven for refugees. By electric bicycle, the whole city is within easy reach. “I hope we can get all of the the stakeholders on the same page and create a space here that genuinely adds something to the city”, Monique tells me.



Paco Bunnik, urban development supervisor for Zuidas and featured on this issue’s cover, wants to improve access to Zuidas. He, at least, is on the same page as Monique. This area is changing all the time, of course, but space for things like fledgling entrepreneurs is in short supply. In fact, at the moment only one place springs to mind: StartHub on the VU Campus. Therefore development of the Kronenburg area into start-up, student entrepreneurial spaces is important for the whole Metropool Area of Amsterdam!

In this issue, we shine a spotlight on sustainability. A topic that every organization here is working on and that has become integral to the district. From this year, all offices larger than 100m2 need an energy rating of ‘C’ or higher – or else face hefty fines. The Baker McKenzie law firm has had the foresight to open a service desk to help property owners and managers with all their legal questions around this topic. You can read more about that on page 38.

All the best wishes for a wonderful start to the New Year!

Next issue [66] 6th of March 2023

Hello Zuidas invests in trees! How we do that?

Through our sponsorship for Trees for All, we plant trees that restore existing forests. Here we are, back in January. With our tenth anniversary behind us and eager to throw ourselves into the next decade. Fuelled by new resolutions and fresh energy, we are staking out a path to a future-ready Zuidas. How do we want to define our physical environment, our mobility, our housing, our work and our education? In this new issue, we zoom in on challenges surrounding sustainability. Together with the Amsterdam Zuidas municipal office, we’re gearing up to revise the future plan for Zuidas, of which the last version dates from 2016. This new future plan will fundamentally shape the future of Zuidas. Obviously, we and our 260 members are keen to provide input, and we’re excited and curious to see how this process will unfold. But one thing is certain: we are all looking forward to a Zuidas that is ready for its future as one of the main centres of Amsterdam. Hello Zuidas, ‘Connecting the City’.

OLIVIER OTTEN Managing director of Hello Zuidas

3 Preface
GELDERLANDPLEINLIJN : THE FREE BUS ALWAYS NEARBY DOWNLOAD THE GELDERLANDPLEINLIJN APP FOR ROUTES AND CURRENT LOCATION OF THE BUS BUS STOPS IN: • VIVALDI-BUURT • BUITENVELDERT • ZUIDAS A delicious lunch or dinner, fashion shopping or just the daily groceries? Take the free bus to Gelderlandplein, the mall of southern Amsterdam with more than 90 stores & restaurants.
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Hyde Park

WELCOME to Hydepark – a state-of-the-art urban area in the vicinity of Amsterdam. This architectural, sustainable and car-free urban district in Hoofddorp will deliver more than 3,800 spacious and luxurious apartments and studios. Hyde Park is centrally located within walking distance to the Hoofddorp railway station, four minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and a mere twelve minutes from the Zuidas business district: at Hyde Park, you have the world at your feet.

SUSTAINABILITY is key, especially in residential construction where great strides are made in the heating and cooling of a building. That is why Hyde Park boasts a thermal energy storage system (TES), which allows for heat and cold to be stored in the ground. When more heat is available in the summer, it is stored for the cooler winter months.


Knightsbridge now in Sale

Similarly, the cold that is available in winter is stored for the summer. Thanks to a combination of the TES-system and high quality insulation, the apartments will receive an A+++ energy label. For an apartment of approx. 60 m2, your energy costs will be approx. € 165 per month.

hydeparkishere.com @hydeparkishere PLEASE SCAN ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS
8 Coverstory


Paco Bunnik, supervisor urban development at Zuidas

Renovating, greening, planning, reviewing, approving... Keeping a myriad of projects running smoothly is all in a day’s work for Paco Bunnik, senior urban designer for the City of Amsterdam. He and a team of urban planners & designers, landscape architects, ecologists and water specialists are forging the plans that are shaping the Zuidas of the future.

There is a tendency among researchers, your own predecessors at the City of Amsterdam included, to view urban areas and assess their quality from up high. You are different, in that you look at things from the street level. Can you tell us more?

“People need to feel at home. To achieve that, I believe we need to look at things not from above, but from the ground up and from the inside out and from the outside in. The City at eye level. I’m convinced there’s a fair bit of room to make Zuidas denser and more urban. However it will create more pressure at street level and, in turn, on local life. That’s why it is so important to think about what people need and what feels relevant for them. One way we’re doing that, is by aiming for quality and interaction at the commercial ground level, shaping an area with a real urban flavour. Zuidas will become more crowded, more vibrant and more diverse, with a wider

range of people using amenities here at any given time of day. That’s what a city is all about, and I think Zuidas has all the potential to become a valuable addition to Amsterdam as a place for everyone.”

How do you want to bring this about?

“Mainly by densifying and diversifying the area and work more smartly in co-creation with all the stakeholders. Currently, the maximum building height runs up, as you go east, to 140 metres. There is also a radio tower going up at some point that can’t be obstructed, and in a way that’s throwing a spanner in the works for many plans. One would really opt for a model of reusing or replacing this function in a smart way, with the aim to develop a highrise district around RAI station. It also makes sense to consider how we can diversify building use, of which Valley and The Pulse are great examples. By radically examining how to do some things differently, we can

find smarter ways to fill in both new and existing spaces, and that will only make the district stronger.”

Housing developers are eincreasingly expressing concern about all the requirements surrounding building design and construction. So, to what extent is densifying existing spaces realistic?

“It’s true that these kinds of ambitions are becoming less feasible as inflation goes through the roof. As far as rules go, obviously the government has to lay down certain basic quality of parameters. Real estate and urban planning developments have to benefit the city long-term, and the criteria help to weigh the odds that they actually will. That said, I do feel it would help to replace this maze of restrictions with a limited set of clear, ironclad requirements. It would make the development process a whole lot easier to navigate.”

Densification is also part of the mission to make Zuidas as open as possible, correct?

“Absolutely. There’s a view of Zuidas as being some kind of insular fortress. But the district is so much richer and more varied than

9 Coverstory
Text: Romy Lange & Tessa Burger • Photography: Caily Bobbie Jo

that. It’s seen as a kind of stronghold of big business. Buildings here can come across as being very sealed off. Things could be much more open, which is needed to link Zuidas to the city and make it a more mixed and vibrant district. There is still huge potential in areas like VU where a mixed use citycampus can arise, or the RAI, which will become a more diverse and urban destination over time. These are crucial links that, if we do it right, can give Zuidas a lot more oxygen. Working on a piece of the city like this is always fun. There is always stuff happening, and I see tremendous potential to transform Zuidas from a fortress into a forum.”

In this issue we shine a light on sustainability. Is Zuidas sustainable enough, in your view?

“Sustainability has many layers. With the recent decision of financing Zuidasdok, national and local governments opt for a futureproof urban development. Zuidasdok

is a true catalyst, transforming Zuidas and its surroundings over time into a more vibrant cityscape. Considering public space, Zuidas will change overtime into a more adaptive, green and more vibrant public space, with more room for pedestrians, street vendors, terraces, greenery and water. This is not only for the benefit of humankind, but also pertains to safekeeping issues like increasing biodiversity and making Zuidas more adaptable to climate change. Sustainability should be regarded not only in quantitative, but also its quantitative, but also in its social and qualitative aspects.. Zuidas in that sense is not yet sustainable enough. It takes decades to build a sustainable ecosystem. But hey, that’s a great thing to work on together!”

What is the City planning for the years ahead?

“I am a strong believer in intensive collaboration and using that to pull all local stakeholders together. So, we will be

doing lots of research on how to achieve win-wins for all sides involved. I also think that by being open to possibilities you achieve far more than people may expect, and that there’s always a golden mean. For example, by building more dense or going upward, but also by giving back to the neighbourhood by creating a small park or a nice cultural or recreational function. And you have to realize that these things are just part of being a city – that there’s nothing wrong with a little friction from time to time. Without that, it wouldn’t feel like a city. But one thing’s for sure: Zuidas has to celebrate its big city international character and flavor it with local Amsterdam culture. Both in the dayand nighttime.”

10 Coverstory
“Zuidas is well on its way to becoming a future-proof location”

Kom op dinsdag 31 januari 2023 live de sfeer proeven. Geniet jij straks van je eigen rooftop met 360 graden uitzicht over Amsterdam en het Oostelijk Havengebied?

Eén van de silo’s is helemaal afgebouwd en ingericht. Zo krijg je een goed beeld van alle mogelijkheden in deze unieke woningen. Het event wordt gehost door The Harbour Club Amsterdam-Oost. Scan de QR-code en meld je aan op Silo360.nl.

TE KOOP VANAF 1.295.000 V.O.N. 31 01 23


Right next to Beatrixpark, KondorWessels Vastgoed is developing 94 homes. The residential building, named Habitat Royale, aims to provide good quality accommodation for all its residents: people, flora and fauna. Construction starts in the third quarter of 2024.

With its design for the Habitat Royale, KondorWessels Vastgoed won the tender for the plot at Beatrixpark. The residential building, with 94 owner-occupied homes in the upmarket segment, is situated

between the Kapel & Convict buildings and the St. Nicolaaslyceum. The design scored particularly well in terms of sustainability, the large amount of space for flora and fauna (both in and on the building) and

its integration within this unusual setting. Deputy Mayor Reinier van Dantzig: ‘This plan is a great example of how Amsterdam’s sustainability ambitions are resulting in some extraordinary developments in the city. It’s an innovative design and a superb example of nature-inclusive construction. I’m really looking forward to the end result, because this building will not only enrich Zuidas, but also help boost biodiversity.’

12 Building The Future

A team of landscape architects, ecologists and engineers based the design on ecological principles. Starting from the tree rising into the atrium from the basement, immediately behind the entrance to Beethovenstraat, the building extends outwards in four interconnected residential towers. Thanks to its organic, undulating shapes and the use of ceramic and wood, Habitat Royale is a perfect match for the natural setting. In and around the building, there will also be plenty of space for greenery and great habitats not only for insects and birds, but also bats and squirrels. Habitat Royale will add a layered landscape to the existing park landscape.


Mecanoo Architects co-signed with landscape architect BOOM Landscape for the design and they worked together with Arup, responsible for the integral sustainability and construction. It achieved the highest score in the sustainability category. Solar panels are used to generate energy, there is a thermal energy storage system for both cooling and heating the building and an innovative ventilation system. The building is extremely well insulated and will on balance be energy-positive. Thanks to the use of recycled materials and natural raw materials, the building also achieves a high score for circularity.


The building will house 94 owner-occupied homes in the upmarket segment with spacious outdoor areas in six apartment types, spread across four connected towers of up to eight floors. The lobby leads to the atrium, a creche and an orangery with exhibition area, as well as a small outdoor terrace. There will be gardens on the roof and a car park and a bicycle storage facility underneath the building.

Living in Zuidas

Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre Central Hall, WTC +31 (0)800 50 65 contact@zuidas.nl www.zuidas.nl


13 Building The Future Artist Impressions: WAX
Zuidas is developing into a vibrant city district of Amsterdam with high-quality housing, offices, amenities and public transport. The years ahead will see a great deal of construction. By 2030, this will result in around 10,000 homes ranging from social rental housing and student accommodation to owner-occupied and rental apartments in the mid- and upmarket segments. In addition to Habitat Royale and the housing planned for the two adjacent plots, plans for the area around Beatrixpark also include a new social and cultural use for Kapel & Convict which is set to bring added vibrancy to the area. on
zuidas @zuidasamsterdam
Connection with Beatrixpark


Business Involved is the premier platform for employers and employees looking for volunteer opportunities in and around Amsterdam. The platform links companies to carefully selected initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and local community. Initiatives in which volunteers can make a real difference. A partnership between the City of Amsterdam, Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (VCA) and Deedmob, Business Involved works with a network of more than 2,000 civic outreach organizations. Such as TransAmsterdam and Stichting Havenstraat, both of which are delighted with how Business Involved has helped them.

Young people giving back Marinus Pannevis, founder of Havendiners: “Hundreds of refugees have arrived in Amsterdam since September 2015. To offer some kind of distraction, help with their integration and introduce them to Amsterdam and its people, our foundation has been organizing weekly dinners for 80 refugees staying at the Amsterdam asylum seekers centre and 20 guests from the evening’s sponsor, with support from companies and institutions in Amsterdam and the wider region. These dinners are run by volunteers, so they are absolutely vital

for us. I think it’s good for young people to give back to the community and get a taste of how the world really works. At the end of an evening, everyone goes home feeling happy and positive. It’s brilliant to see.”


Yvo Manuel Vas Dias, founder and chair of TransAmsterdam: “Business Involved has put us in touch with companies and their employees and so widened our reach. Business professionals can support us by sharing their expertise on things like marketing, photography, film-making,

social media, copywriting, fund-raising and campaign-launching. And by helping out at events. We teach companies and their staff how to be more ‘trans-inclusive’, and we learn from their expertise in turn. It’s a win-win situation, both for us and for their people.”

Also want to get involved together with your colleagues? Visit www.businessinvolved.amsterdam

info@businessinvolved.amsterdam www.businessinvolved.amsterdam

Social Impact
Become a volunteer and get your colleagues involved!
Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Jasmijn Bastings
SOCIAL MEDIA YOU CAN FIND ON THESE ONLINE PLATFORMS hellozuidas @HelloZuidas @hellozuidas For employees of companies who are member of Hello Zuidas, it is possible to join our LinkedIn group or link as a contact. DOWNLOAD THE HELLO ZUIDAS CITY APP Hello Zuidas has an app that allows you to flip through all the Zuidas news! @wineboutiquezuidas De The Stillery proeverij... @naturedesk Prinses Amaliaplein ... @petitepasspoort @renessence @sarahandthebluemoon “Love or Generosity” @cosminbondane Kind of new... @instamenno_ @werkewnbijstribbe Praktijkdag Real Estate... @zuidaspublishers Market33 @jakub_wlodarczyk nhow Amsterdam RAI @jakub_wlodarczyk @eric.bolhoven @werkenbijcms Acht CMS’ers hebben 20 leerlingen van @basisschool_ de_zijderoute geholpen... @marcoPhotography2020 Photoshoot with Irene @l.r.e.i.g.n. at Valley Living ... @hotelamsterdamzuidas Social Media 15
16 Business in the Spotlight
Last month, the ABN AMRO Art Space opened Deciphering the Artist’s Mind, a new exhibition spotlighting recent acquisitions by young and emerging talents juxtaposed with several older works from the bank’s art collection. Erik van Lieshout Kenneth Aidoo Danila Cahen, curator ‘Deciphering the Artist’s Mind’

Art has a unique power to inspire awe. This quality is reflected in the title of the new presentation at ABN AMRO’s iconic building on Gustav Mahlerplein, which is borrowed from a work by Berend Strik and symbolizes the fascination of art. It refers to art’s ability to enchant the viewer, but also to artists themselves, to the imagination, the artist’s viewpoint and the differing positions of artists in modern society.

Special collection

Works displayed on the bank’s ground floor all touch on global themes such as migration, emancipation and sustainability. They also show the varied perspectives artists take on the dramatically changing world, the exhibition’s curator, Danila Cahen, points out. “From questions about cultural

identity to the relationship between humans and nature and the looming threat of natural disasters, in these pieces we see how artists are exploring different avenues to find an answer.” On the first floor, the latest acquisitions are grouped around four older pieces from ABN AMRO’s art collection, all linked by a focus on the commonplace and their use of unorthodox materials. “With works made from cardboard boxes, bits of jewellery and from banknotes, this exhibition contains a lot of unique pieces.”

Artistic interest

ABN AMRO has long taken an interest in art and culture, which the bank sees as a mirror of society. “This is why we set out to build a large collection of contemporary art over forty years ago”, Danila explains. And that’s

exactly what the bank has done. Today, ABN AMRO owns one of the largest corporate art collections in the Netherlands and has inspired many other organizations to follow in its footsteps. So much so, that these days Zuidas is filled with art and companies that are active on the art scene. And we all benefit: a cultural time-out – like a visit to the ABN AMRO exhibition – does wonders for work productivity. “Everyone is welcome here”, the curator emphasizes. “We want to share the presentations of our collection with broad audiences, to offer a platform for new artistic developments and to be a springboard for artists, especially for young and emerging talent. So, please, do come and visit!”

17 Business in the Spotlight
The exhibition is on view through 2 June 2023 in the ABN AMRO Kunstruimte in the bank’s office on Gustav Mahlerplein. It is open to the public free of charge. Text: Tessa Burger • Photography Interior ABN AMRO Art Space: Gert Jan van Rooij • Photography Portrait Danila Cahen: Hannie Verhoeven René Daniëls Lara Schnitger Minne Kersten (film still)



Sustainability is a topic that can no longer be ignored, including here in Zuidas. And with good reason. Many local companies are making sustainability a top priority, and it is a major and growing concern for people living and working in the district as well. Our roving reporters set out to ask people in Zuidas: how would you respond if your employer switched to an all-veg lunch menu or turned the thermostat down to a maximum of 18 degrees? Or if your colleagues started giving you sustainability pointers?

“I would love it if my colleagues gave me pointers on how to be more eco-friendly. And the good thing is, they do, all the time. I am head of Sustainable Equity at Van Lanschot Kempen, where I run a sustainable share fund. We look for companies that are facilitating the transition to a sustainable economy on behalf of our investment clients. So, it’s something I am thinking about all the time, and I do my best to stay up on sustainable alternatives, too. I live in an old house in the city, where we recently installed double glazing at the back for more insulation. And lately, obviously, we are keeping the thermostat lower.”

Hello People

“To be honest, I never discuss sustainability with my friends or family. If you think beyond all the hype, sustainability is really not that sustainable at all, if you ask me. When I go to the grocery store, I don’t buy sustainable products for that reason. If they were priced the same as regular products I would be more inclined to consider it and be open to it. But right now they’re not, so I’m not.”

Oolman Bakah

“If we couldn’t turn up the office heating higher than 18 degrees, it would depend on how cold it was outside whether I minded or not. But in winter 18 degrees seems pretty cold, to be honest. If my employer said we couldn’t raise the temperature, I would take it up with them. After all, people spend all day working there, and if you’re cold you’re probably not as productive. With other things, like clothes, I definitely do think about sustainability. Mainly, I look at where clothes were made and what kind of material they’re made of. So, it is on my mind and it matters to me.”

Merel Noort

“I live in a student house in Leiden at the moment and we don’t really separate waste there. Everything gets thrown together, so there’s really no point in it anyway. But back when I was living with my parents, I was conscious of it, and put it into practice too. What I would think if my employer started offering only vegetarian or vegan lunches? I’d think that would be pretty cool, actually. It’s something I think should be discussed with employees beforehand, though, although I would definitely be open to it. Personally, I don’t need to eat meat every day, but I do hear people say they wouldn’t touch vegetarian or vegan food. Basically, I think it would really vary between employees.”

Hello People Text:
Sophia Etmans
Photography: Roxanne Wilm


20 Social Impact

Black Achievement Month (BAM for short) is celebrated annually in October. The festival provides a showcase for exceptionally talented individuals with African roots. It includes a programme of debates and discussions about current topics and defining themes in society, conducted with scientists, scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, intellectuals and writers. Hello Zuidas recently launched Diversity & Inclusion as a new pillar of the foundation’s activities. To highlight the importance of this focus area, Hello Zuidas and BAM co-hosted a discussion event at the local headquarters of Goede Doelen Loterijen at the end of October last. The central question was: Is Zuidas diverse and inclusive enough?

Spotlighting people of colour BAM chair Jurenne Hooi kicked off the afternoon: “I am proud to be standing here,” she told the crowd. “This month is meant to shine a spotlight on people of colour and the diaspora.” Jurenne went on to stress how important BAM is in providing role models and a space for connection. She had no such role models when she started her career. Citing the excellent turnout, she said it reinforced her belief that striving for an inclusive society is the only option, and that the Zuidas community has a significant role to play. Event moderator Gregory Sedoc asked panel members to share their thoughts on this theme. This sparked an interesting discussion, revealing that the issue poses a particular challenge for large companies and is something management boards need to prioritize. Only then can real change begin.

Zuidas scores 2.2

The audience were also drawn into the discussion, with questions such as: What terms do you associate with diversity and inclusion? And: Is Zuidas diverse enough? On a scale of 0 to 5, the audience gave Zuidas a score of 2.2 for diversity and inclusion. Terms gathered by the Mentimeter included connection, equal opportunities, authenticity, talent and a safe workplace, among many dozens of others provided by audience members.

Greater diversity in the boardroom

A main takeaway from the discussion was that firms can change their internal culture.

If you want diversity, you have to be open to hiring people who may think differently and look different to you. And that includes candidates for senior management positions. Many corporate boardrooms

are not nearly as diverse as they could be, whereas a diverse management can positively influence company culture and composition overall.

In short, we have plenty of work to do.

For more information, please contact Elisa Schouten: elisa.schouten@hellozuidas.com.

Hello Zuidas co-hosted this event with the Black Achievement Month. The panel members were Eric Robles (Executive Search), Rose Wiewel (COO, Simmons & Simmons), Saskia Bosnie (Director, Zuidoost City) and Roan Lamp (Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek).

Project team: John Leerdam, Elisa Schouten & Trevor Holtkamp

21 Social Impact
Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Roxanne Wilm

Het Olympisch Stadiongebied in Amsterdam illustreert volgens Bernardo Korenberg waar het vermogensbeheer van Bouwinvest voor staat. Gezamenlijk met onze partners is het gebied gerevitaliseerd. Onder meer met betaalbare huurwoningen en de duurzame transformatie van cultureel erfgoed. Want als we willen dat pensioenontvangers later kunnen genieten van hun pensioen, dan moeten we nu in actie komen om leefbare gebieden te creëren én klimaatverandering tegen te gaan.

Disclaimer: Deze advertentie vormt geen verkoop, aanbod tot verkoop of uitnodiging tot aanbod om belangen in het fonds te kopen. De aandelen in de fondsen zullen niet direct of indirect in Nederland worden aangeboden of verworven, tenzij aan of door natuurlijke personen of rechtspersonen die ‘gekwalificeerde beleggers’ zijn in de zin van artikel 1:1 van de Wet op het financieel toezicht (“WFT”). Bouwinvest heeft een vergunning als bedoeld in artikel 2:65 Wft en staat onder toezicht van de Autoriteit Financiële Markten en De Nederlandsche Bank.

Life. Real Value for Life


exclusive and energy-neutral near Amsterdam, Schiphol and the Zuidas

Eilands’ Eigen is the energy-neutral new-build development in Amstelveen. This sustainable project is spread across five islands in the new residential district De Scheg. A family-friendly place surrounded by a pleasant natural environment and landscaped with lots of greenery, water and beautiful natural habitats. Eilands’ Eigen is luxury living with respect for nature and the environment.

Living on an island

Where would you possibly find that? Being able to live on an island? Eilands’ Eigen consists of five unique islands in total, three of which are inhabited and two uninhabited. All of the islands are surrounded by water and provided with plenty of greenery. The sustainable and energy-neutral houses are spread over three residential islands that can only be accessed via a bridge or culverts. On one of these islands, Villa Modern is located, forming a small community of only luxury houses.

The space in Eilands’ Eigen is distributed in such a way that the closely positioned buildings of the existing Amstelveen slowly make way for the more outspread and

beautiful and peaceful arable land. Various points provide a great view of the vast polder landscape. At certain times you could spot game. You may even be able to do that from your own private garden. What a way to spend time with your family!

Villa Modern

The modern lines and large windows turn Villa Modern into a delightful house with lots of privacy. You can see and access the garden from all sides of the house. A great way to enjoy outdoor life throughout the year. The first floor of the villa features four bedrooms, with an adjoining bathroom with bath and walk-in shower and a separate toilet. The attic consists of an

area of approx. 40 m2 of which the layout can be freely determined. An ideal place to create one or two extra bedrooms, a hobby area or office. In total Villa Modern measures 240m². Do you need more ground floor space? Opt for a 2.4 metre extension to the house. It will make the living area incredibly large! The villa also comes with a large attached storeroom; the perfect place for all the bicycles and tools. The private property also provides sufficient space for parking two cars.

It goes without saying that you can customize the design of the the villa completely according to your own taste. Interior designer Mariska Jagt is happy to help you on your way to your own dream home.

Contact & information Are you interested in Eilands’ Eigen? Contact one of our real estate agents or go to the website.

Ramón Mossel Makelaardij o.g. BV 020 305 26 62 nieuwbouw@ramonmossel.nl

23 Real Estate


“My home feels like poetry to me”

Valley is coming alive – both as a building, and as a home. Judith Osborn is one of the new tenants who was attracted by the iconic complex and its spectacular apartments. What she describes as a ‘masculine’ building, with its craggy, megalithic silhouette, is gradually starting to grow and flourish. Since moving to Zuidas four years ago, Judith has embraced life here. As a businesswoman and artist, she makes paintings and self-portraits that grace the walls of her apartment. She says Zuidas offers her the perfect combination of a quiet, spacious neighbourhood plus Museumplein and all her favourite museums within walking distance.

Judith, could you tell us more about yourself?

“I have done a lot of different things in my career as an artist and designer. Painting in oils, landscape art and many different types of self-portraits. Over time, I discovered how special is to be blessed with talent, though it isn’t always viewed that way in this country. My husband came from England and made me realize what an amazing thing it is to have artistic talent. He passed when I was around forty and I have been flying solo since then. We shared twenty wonderful years, in which I had full freedom to pursue my work and ideas. You have to understand, it’s not a nine-to-five office job, but a process you are in 24/7.

Right now, I am working on a new series of small oil landscapes. I’d like to start showing my work again next year, with a variety of different pieces.”

Name Judith Osborn Age 56

Building Valley


My friends are my absolute main hobby, and also visiting nice exhibitions.

Favourite spots at home

My chair beside the window with a view of AFC.

Favourite spots in Zuidas

My own paintings and self-portraits.

24 Zuidas Home Tour
Judith Osborn lives in Valley

Have you always lived in Amsterdam?

“I moved to Amsterdam after graduating from the art academy in The Hague. I was around 24 at the time and have been hooked on the capital ever since. Personally, what matters most to me is living somewhere that inspires me. It’s lovely to step outside your door and meet people you would never cross paths with otherwise. That’s also one of the things I love about Zuidas.”

Why is Zuidas a nice place to live, in your eyes?

“I lived in central Amsterdam for years and was ready to leave that chaotic lifestyle behind. Four years ago I found myself in Zuidas, and I’ve been living in Valley for one year now. I never expected to like it here so much. It’s a neighbourhood in the making and it’s fun to watch that unfold. You can hop on the metro or take a lovely walk along Minervalaan or Beethovenstraat and be in the city in no time. Everything is within walking distance: the supermarket, cafés and restaurants, the gym and, most important, my best friends. It’s very special to live so close together and

regularly get together for coffee. You have to cherish your friendships, so there’s a real value to living close enough to be able to just drop by from time to time.”

What do you particularly like about your apartment?

“The apartment is really nice because of the peace and privacy. To me, my home feels like poetry, and I can fill it up with all my own art. The great big windows let in loads of light, which is just marvellous. As a counterpoint to the angular, masculine exterior, I’ve chosen furniture with rounded shapes. When I go downstairs I walk straight into my favourite restaurant, Ferilli’s, where Carlo, the host, always greets me with open arms. I’m also delighted by the astounding sight of 22 adult men chasing a ball around at AFC. My apartment is a kind of AFC sky box. And having a south-facing terrace is always a joy.”

What would be a good addition to the neighbourhood? “More artisanal shops might be nice, but I am incredibly happy to be living here. The Valley building is well on its way to flourishing in an area that’s really buzzing.”

25 Zuidas Home Tour
Text: Sophia Etmans & Céline Boute • Photography: Nestor Tsakirakis, Studio Klijn


From January


@ Amsterdam Courthouse

From January 2023, Amsterdam’s New Courthouse will be hosting a temporary show of photographs by Ansje Visser, on the second and third floors. Her series Double Dutch layers together different landscape photographs to create otherworldly images.

5 January


@ De Thomas – www.dethomas.nl

Upcoming editions of ThomasFilm shine a spotlight on Good and Evil. Is there really such a clear distinction? What exactly are good and evil? What does evil really look like, and how can you do good? We’ll explore this topic in three different worlds.

9-12 January


@ RAI Amsterdam – www.rai.nl

This four-day event brings the whole world of hospitality – from food to beverages to hotels – together in one place. Horecava has been a platform for the food service industry for over 65 years, where clients and suppliers meet and companies showcase their hospitality offerings.

11 January


@ Ox & Bucks www.oxxbucks.amsterdam.nl

While you network with the people behind other companies in Zuidas, Ox & Bucks serves up fresh croissants with blackberry jam, poached eggs with bacon and Hollandaise, strained yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit, and the best barista coffee. A great way to give your business a head start in the new year.

Through 29 January


@ Museumplein 4

once-upon-a-time.amsterdam/ Pendules au Noir is a fascinating new exhibition featuring French Empire clocks (pendules) decorated with representations of black people. The clocks embody the new narratives, ideals and attitudes that emerged in post-Revolution France (1790-1830). This unique exhibition centres on the ‘Black voice’ and asks: can these clocks still be exhibited in the era of Black Lives Matter?

26 Agenda
Photography: Marcel Steinbach

Through April

– first Sunday of every month


@ Zuidas Botanic Garden www.botanischetuinzuidas.nl

On the first Sunday of every month, Dichtbij in de Kas hosts free concerts at the Zuidas Botanic Garden. Enjoy a wide variety of special music recitals surrounded by the warmth of blossoming orange trees, and stay for a drink afterwards.

Wednesday 18 January


@ VU Griffioen – www.griffioen.vu.nl

In a German newspaper, Patrick read a piece about the impending ‘dehollandization’ of the planet. “If only half of all the climate change prognoses are right, then it is not a question of if, but when the Netherlands will be swallowed by the sea.” Will Germany become our stepmotherland? Will 17 million cheese-munching climate refugees pile into their caravans to join our neighbours in the east? Hoogtij (‘High tide’) is a production about climate change, migration and cultural differences.

Through 22 January



@ Het Glazen Huis Amstelpark www.zone2source.net

The exhibition Smart Hybrid Forms presents the results of two years of artistic research, in which artists Špela Petri and Christiaan Zwanikken explored the relationships between plants and machines. Plants are an extremely different yet possibly more successful life form, which technology may help us to better understand. The exhibition features installations that the artists developed during their research at the VU Hybrid Forms art and science lab.

15 January


@ Rialto VU – www.rialtofilm.nl

Rialto VU regularly organizes expat meet-ups. CCatch up with the latest foreign-language flicks with English subtitles, and stick around for drinks, networking and conversation afterwards. On 15 January, see the delightful Japanese drama Broker, directed by Kore-eda Hirokazua – master of the engaging family drama and winner of the Palme d’Or for Shoplifters.

Thursday 26 January and 9 February


@ Crowne Plaza www.crownplaza.com Step inside the Manhattan Lounge Bar and soak up the spirit of a genuine cocktail bar. Sip stellar signature cocktails mixed by our bartenders, while enjoying the live music. For more info, email: anais.sheshekli@ihg.com.

27 Agenda

Thursday 26 January


@ CIRCL – www.circl.nl

Ivar Smits and Floris van Hees spent more than six years exploring four continents and 29 countries while documenting 60 ‘sustainable solutions’. They looked at how people across the globe are achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and turning the circular economy, de-growth, regenerative farming, renewable energy and climate justice into reality.

26-29 January


@ RAI Amsterdam – www.rai.nl

Don’t miss out on the Netherlands’ premier equestrian sports event, including two world championship qualifications. Jumping Amsterdam combines elite sports with entertainment and (of course!) Amsterdam. Enjoy top-class dressage in the FEI Dressage World Cup™ on Saturday afternoon and spectacular show jumping in the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™, as presented by Europarcs on Sunday afternoon.

9 February & 9 March


@ VU Amsterdam


Come listen and join in discussions at the interface of art and science, with Marijn Bax and Nadia Bij de Vaate (communication scientist) on 9 February, and Simon Keizer and Hanneke van Laarhoven (professor of transnational medical oncology) on 9 March, at 4-6pm.


@ Central Hall, Tower Ten, WTC Amsterdam – www.lyonbv.nl

Vitra dealer LYON Office Support is teaming up with Vitra, Milliken, Oerlicht and Wini to hold a roadshow on level 2 of WTC Amsterdam’s newly completed Tower Ten. The show offers inspiration for the tower’s new tenants and everyone looking to adapt their interior design, following a relocation or internal reorganization. This is your chance to see a variety of LYON Office Support projects, plus get inspiring advice from Marcel de Lyon and architect Dineke Dijk.

6 February


FOR AGES 25-40

@ Ox & Bucks – www.aboutlove.nl

During these speed dates you’ll get to meet 15-20 other singles. Every four minutes, the bell sounds and half the singles move up a table, putting a different person across from you until you’ve met them all. After each date, tick on the form whether you want to get better acquainted: Yes or No?!

28 Agenda

14 February


@ De Thomas – www.dethomas.nl

Every fortnight, de Thomas hosts free lunchtime concerts. Classical music is always on the menu, featuring a different musician or ensemble every fortnight. This time we present the Artvark Saxophone Quartet, consisting of: Bart Wirtz, Rolf Delfos, Mete Erker and Peter Broekhuizen.

23 February


@ VU Amsterdam – www.vu.nl

Want to have your CV double-checked or get a great profile pic for LinkedIn? Or need some pointers to help your covering letter stand out from the pack? The very first VU Career Day welcomes all students and offers CV-checks and workshops to kick-start your career.

8 March


@ Taalcentrum-VU www.taalcentrum-vu.nl

English fluency is crucial in international business. Would you like to communicate more effectively with your English-speaking clients? Taalcentrum-VU’s language experts are here to help! Our Business English workshop will boost your fluency in no time. The workshop covers two full days, from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Alternating Fridays


@ Online – recorded at CIRCL www.zuidastoday.com

LIVE every other Friday at 3pm, the Zuidas Today Talk Show is a weekly discussion platform for the local business and residential community. Host Ruth Jansen talks with interesting, inspiring, high-profile guests in the CIRCL studio in Zuidas. The show is a joint initiative of Zuidas Today and ABN AMRO & CIRCL. Want to be part of the live show audience? Send an email to: redactie@zuidastodaytalkshow.com.

Every Thursday


@ Gershwinplein – www.zuidasmarkt.nl

Every Thursday is market day, from 9am to 5pm in Zuidas, when a range of stalls come to Gershwinplein to sell their fresh wares. This is a long-held dream of Zuidas residents come true! See you at the Zuidas Market next Thursday?

29 Agenda

In Europe, emphasis within ESG and sustainability is placed upon the environmental side of things. This is mainly driven by accountability: it is easier to quantify energy consumption, water usage and emissions than it is to quantify an increase in wellbeing.

Social value is the value people place on the changes they experience in their lives. In our context, this means the positive impact Savills has on society, the planet, and specifically the communities that are affected by our presence. If Savills advises a landlord to add communal space to their office scheme, this has social value. But how do we measure that? Are numbers available at all? And if we can measure an increase in happiness across the local community, does that translate into financial value? Can the developer of the building somehow be rewarded for this increase in value?

In the capitalist system we are in, value is determined by supply and demand. If something has limited supply and is in high demand, its value increases. However, for

30 Property
Iris Kampers ESG and sustainability lead at Savills



a very long period of time the limited supplies of our planet were treated as if they were unlimited, and thus costs remained low. It did not help that the planet does not present bills itself: resources were auctioned off for the price of the land. This is now changing, and therefore we see an increase in value of ecosystem services: whether they be building materials or pollination by bees. We are slowly incorporating the environmental side of sustainable conduct in our business models.

Then there is the societal value of our endeavours. A green environment means cleaner air, which means better health for the community, resulting in less sick days and thus happier lives and less productivity loss. On paper, it makes sense. Research is showing the causality here. Integrating biophilic design in an office can save you approximately €2.000 per employee per year due to reduced absenteeism and greater productivity, for example.

Particularly in impact investing, the idea that the social side of ESG has value is widely shared. Or at least the idea that value of a socially conscious building is more stable. A hospital will be in demand for a long time to come, whereas the pandemic has shown that office buildings are more dynamic in their demand. Which is why people are willing to rethink the business case of real estate and spread their return on investment over a longer period of time, in return for a more stable income.

Still, this approach relies on the classic capitalist system of value creation to determine whether it is worthwhile to incorporate

sustainable measures. This is where people look towards regulation to create incentive: if you should incorporate social measures by law, that takes out the need to calculate the business case.

However, looking beyond compliance, it seems there is a third option that remains relatively unexplored. As mentioned above, a healthy planet provides ecosystem services. These ecosystem services supply everything humans depend on for a good quality of life: shelter, food, clean air, water, even recreation and aesthetic value. Therefore, if these are available in abundance, we can assume people can live healthy, happy lives, right?

At Savills, we aim to incorporate integral sustainability solutions to save our clients costs, add to the environmental health of a place and create social value. The classic win-win – but with an extra win. This requires a radically different mindset and new business models to incorporate the relatively high cost of strategy creation. Yet, there are plenty of examples of brands that have successfully –and profitably – made this change and use their business as a force for good. Think of consumer brands like Patagonia, whose founder recently even transferred the ownership of Patagonia, valued at about $3 billion, to a specially designed trust and a non-profit organization created to preserve the company’s independence and ensure that all of its profits — some $100 million a year — are used to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land around the globe. Just imagine the impact if the real estate sector, the world’s biggest store of wealth, would be able to make this disruptive business model change.

31 Property
Text: Iris Kampers



32 Architecture
After nearly sixty years, the time had come to replace the old AFC clubhouse with a new and more eco-conscious building. Paul de Ruiter Architects were commissioned to supply the design, in consultation with AFC members. That design pays homage to the club’s rich legacy, while prioritizing circularity and minimizing carbon emissions. For starters, the roof of the new building is covered with solar panels that supply the clubhouse with power. And there are all kinds of other features to keep one of the country’s top amateur football clubs playing at its best. Address Maurice Ravellaan 4, 1082 LC Amsterdam
Paul de Ruiter
City of Amsterdam and AFC
area 2,200m² Completed in 2019 Number of floors ground floor + 1st floor

AFC Chairman Brian Speelman: “We are proud of our new clubhouse, which unites our club’s rich history with what AFC stands for today: a football club that is a welcoming home for more than 2,200 members, including 1,300 youth members, located in a prominent location on the city’s south end since 1961. AFC has made its home in Amsterdam since 1895 and we look forward to being a part of this city for many more years to come.”

Not only the old clubhouse was replaced, but so were the seven sports pitches, which were traded in for five new artificial turf pitches infilled with cork to allow for more intensive use. The work was carried

out in phases so that play could continue as usual.

Architect Paul de Ruiter: “The building uses a lot of circular materials. We used the most sustainable cradle-to-cradle tiles, and the construction of the upper level and canopy over the stands is completely made of wood. The large glass windows allows light to penetrate the entire building and also give a spectacular view of the pitches and Zuidas. The angular wood canopies protect the building from getting hot from the sunlight. These simple but smart solutions help limit the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning, which saves a huge amount of energy.”

“We are proud of our sustainable and futureproof clubhouse. Thanks to the many innovations in the design, we now have a sustainable and future-proof clubhouse to be enjoyed by generations to come.”


• AFC was awarded the Zuidas Sustainability Award for most sustainable building.

Scan the QR-code and read more

• The construction is wood.

33 Architecture
Text: Sophia Etmans • Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode

A beautiful Zuidas sunrise on a winter morning from VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM

34 Hello Zuidas


The metaverse: where change, imagination and opportunities for a sustainable world meet

Sohel Aziz is Managing Director France, Netherlands & Belgium Accenture Song. With over sixteen years at the company, Sohel works with his team to create growth for clients through relevance and by connecting industry expertise and analytical precision with ambitious creativity. One thing he has seen evolve throughout his time at Accenture is technology. And among the most exciting developments is the metaverse. This virtual space offers endless possibilities, Sohel says, and could contribute greatly to achieving global sustainability objectives.

First of all, could you explain what the metaverse is?

“To be honest, we’re still in the process of defining it. A lot like when we were trying to define what the Internet was back in the eighties. However, at Accenture we have a pretty clear interpretation of it: we see it

Sustainability Special
SPECIAL Sohel Aziz

as a technology ecosystem that enables seamless and connected experiences between real and virtual worlds. It is a continuum with the foundation being a combination of many different technologies – which is also how it will continue to evolve. Just as things like the Internet and artificial intelligence have. The reality is that the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed. The metaverse is an immersive space that’s bringing people together. It’s not an escape from the real world, as some people may think. Rather, it’s about combining these worlds and them coming together as one.”

What is needed for a responsible metaverse?

“I think the notion of responsibility transcends a lot of dimensions. Most of all, it’s about trust. A responsible metaverse takes into consideration factors like privacy, security and ensuring resilience. But it’s also about intellectual property rights. In addition, there are some human dimensions and how people feel when they operate within the metaverse. Do individuals feel safe within this new world? Additionally, mental wellbeing has been a big conversation over the past few years, and this needs to be implemented within virtual spaces as well. Last but not least, inclusion, equity and accessibility are big topics. We can’t have a platform that only privileged people can explore. We need to be inclusive from that perspective, as well as diverse.”

How will this new world affect the future of business? It sounds like a development that could really redefine work. “At Accenture, we really focus on our clients’ growth, and we have years of experience and recognized leadership on the metaverse and its continuum of capabilities. We have been helping clients learn and shape their position around these augmented technologies and experiences, which also includes helping them shape their strategies around them. Not just for their customers, but also for their employees. It’s an entirely new infrastructure that companies need to be aware of and be able to work with. We see a ton of opportunities for organizations to make the metaverse their own. Especially in a world where there’s big concern about business travel and its environmental impact, but in which it’s also more important than ever to have an experience that is inclusive and engaging for all your employees and colleagues. I think there is a phenomenal

return on investment both from a wellness and an engagement perspective to host events and conferences in the metaverse. There’s an opportunity to be in an environment that you can be ‘teleported’ to and experience things such as projects you’re working on with colleagues. But it could also be a new way of communicating, replacing the online meetings we do now. So, there’s a great spectrum of possibilities, and the most interesting thing is, they are endless. You could also build immersive environments where people can be trained in almost real-life experiences. It throws an entirely new light on working together, meeting up and education.”

This issue of the magazine is all about sustainability, so how can the metaverse contribute to a sustainable future? “Obviously, it is a new way of collaborating and working in virtual spaces that could reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Also, it’s about a circular and vibrant economy, about greater access to education and learning. Sustainability is not just about climate change, after all. It also centres around creating an ecosystem and society that can continue to flourish and grow. And the metaverse is a playground for creativity and innovation, too. It’s a place where we can unleash our minds and come up with new ideas or business propositions to address sustainability issues. It allows for a whole new level of collaboration among partners who maybe couldn’t work together before, but together can have a positive impact on global issues.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell readers of Hello Zuidas? “Well, everyone is sort of questioning if they should or should not start working with the metaverse. Of course, we at Accenture are always here to advise. Personally, I think the time to act is now. It shouldn’t be about diving into the deep end, it should be about exploration and experimentation. As I tell a lot of my clients: we need to start small and scale fast. Having this curious mindset is absolutely critical to get ready for everything that is coming our way in terms of new technologies, their possibilities and the positive impact they can have on the world around us.” Accenture

Sustainability Special Text: Tessa Burger
Gustav Mahlerplein 90 1082 MA Amsterdam www.accenture.com/nl-en

New sustainability requirements for office buildings as of 1 January:


Effective as of this year, most office buildings with a floor area larger than 100 m2 are required to have a minimum energy label C (energielabel C in Dutch). This label implies that groundwork and measures have to be compliant, but the new rules raise all kinds of questions. International law firm Baker McKenzie has decided to step into the breach and set up its own desk to inform the market about the transition to environmentally friendly and sustainable office buildings.

Sustainability has long been at the heart of international law firm Baker McKenzie’s strategy. More than twenty years ago, they established the world’s first climate change practice and haven’t stopped innovating since. Paul Goedvolk is partner at Baker McKenzie Amsterdam and heads the real estate practice. He is also the contact for sustainability in the Netherlands.

Paul Goedvolk
Business in the Spotlight

“Our expertise in transactions, advisory and disputes across all major markets and industries gives us a top-down view of sustainability. We share our vision and our clients’ sustainability experiences and challenges in a number of ways. In our Amsterdam real estate practice, advising on sustainable real estate is one of our focus areas, in all respects. We have recently developed a tool that allows clients to quickly ask their questions about sustainable real estate. From green financing to renewable energy and energy certificates. As for the latter, the Label C has generated a lot of interest in the market lately.”


Paul explains that Label C has come as quite a surprise to some. “There are tens of thousands of smaller offices that still haven’t ticked all the boxes to secure this sustainability rating, but that’s mainly because for so many years it wasn’t treated as a priority.” Despite that the new requirement has been in the offing for almost a decade, many organizations felt the investment was too high. Add to this all the regulations there are to untangle, and it has become a race against the clock for many owners to get their energy label ratings up to scratch in time. Not to mention having to understanding the grey areas and all the questions these raise.

Responsibility for the environment

“In fact, many people know little about the consequences of not having a proper energy rating or how to get one”, Paul continues. “We received all kinds of

questions. Since ‘sustainability’ is one of Baker McKenzie’s key pillars, we decided to set up a ‘Label C Desk.” This desk is primarily meanth for the Zuidas, given the high density of office buildings here. “But of course people from offices outside the district can also contact us. Obviously, there are many organizations here that also own properties in other areas. Everyone in our team is fully up to speed on the laws and regulations and is able to answer all kinds of questions. We see this as our environmental responsibility: questions are answered for free.” For example, Paul and his colleagues advise on the practical aspects of the requirements, the deadlines and how to apply for a rating.

Municipal priority

There are also many questions about enforcing the minimum energy label rating, Paul notes. “If you are required to have one, but you don’t have it (yet), you could wind up facing huge fines, administrative enforcement or even forced closure of the office building. Which essentially means that that you’re not allowed to use the building any longer, so then it’s lights out.”

All the same, Paul says many organizations are doubtful such inspections will actually be carried out. “The system of enforcement is not geared to this at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expect a visit.” According to Baker McKenzie, this sustainability transition is one of the top priorities for many municipalities. Inspectors have even been around already to check out their office building on Claude Debussylaan. “Fortunately, we’ve held an ‘A’ energy-efficiency rating for quite some

time and we’ve got more investments in the works to upgrade our office in order to meet energy standards. But those inspectors really tend to show up at random moments.

On board

This is why Paul stresses the importance for property owners of making sure their office buildings meet the minimum energy label standards. “This transition is happening, and we all have to do our bit. But that compulsory aspect, and mainly the big investments that may be needed – this concerns people. On top of all of the other measures happening in the real estate market, this is yet another one that is simply going to cost money.” It complicates things, Paul agrees, but he has also seen that many organizations are on board. “Everyone is willing to do their part, but I get that people are grappling with how to go about it. And that’s precisely why we set up this Label C Desk, to answer all those questions about the energy label rating requirements.”

As from 1 January 2023, all office buildings (with some exceptions) are required to have an energy label C. Go green and avoid fines by investing in an environmentally friendly office! Questions about where to start?

Get in touch with the Baker McKenzie’s Energy Label C Desk via labelc-desk@bakermckenzie.com.

Baker McKenzie Amsterdam Claude Debussylaan 54 1082 MD Amsterdam www.bakermckenzie.com

Sustainability Special Text: Romy Lange & Tessa Burger • Photography: Caily Bobbie Jo

IMA AND VU AMSTERDAM: partners for a sustainable future

IMA, the worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals in business, is dedicated to advancing the management accounting profession by offering members opportunities to continue learning throughout their careers. To expand knowledge and build quality in the field, IMA offers the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certificate. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

has been offering preparatory courses since 1991 to people taking the international CMA exam. According to Brigitte de Graaff, CMA programme director at VU Amsterdam and global board director at IMA, and Alain Mulder, managing director of IMA Europe, continuing to learn and advance throughout your career is vitally important.

Why should people invest in upskilling when the employment market is at an all-time high?

Alain: “Sure, the unemployment rate is at a historic low and accountants and finance professionals seem to be in high demand everywhere. They really have an edge at tthere’s a dangerous side to it. that’s also a danger. It won’t always be like this, and so you have to start preparing for a time when

Business in the Spotlight
Brigitte de Graaff & Alain Mulder

for management accountants

the job market may not be as good. Also bear in mind that getting a degree or qualification is not something that is done overnight, which is why it’s even more important to start preparing, especially now.”

Brigitte: “Added to that, the accounting field is changing rapidly. We have been saying this for many years, but it continues to be true. More recently, that change has centred around issues of automation and artificial intelligence, so trends connected with technology and analytics. These things are still very important, but there is another big change happening now – and I may be slightly biased as it’s also my PhD research topic – but sustainability is a big factor. It is going to impact management accountants and the finance profession in ways not everyone understands yet. So, you need to be prepared for that. If you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind.”

Alain: “I also think that people always talk about the job market as if it stops at national borders. But, actually, there is no such thing as just the ‘Dutch’ job market anymore. It has become global, even more now with remote working. I hear many hiring managers say that if they can’t find recruits in the Netherlands, they are fine with hiring them from somewhere else. That’s something people need to bear in mind and why you should try to stand out by keeping up your professional training.”

IMA has created a Sustainable Business Management Task Force that set out some fundamental principles for building a successful and sustainable accounting ecosystem. Could you explain more about that?

Brigitte: “As the chair of this task force, I’ve seen that the ESG side of the accounting field is focused mostly on financial accounting right now.

However, I think it’s of the utmost importance to figure out how to tackle these issues, instead of just reporting on them financially. Sure, you can report on your carbon footprint, but what’s more interesting is what you are doing internally to change your impact. Are you adapting to future changes in this environment? The accounting profession is very focused on the external reporting side whereas the management side is sometimes somewhat overlooked and not heard enough in the discussion. That is why we started this task force: to help businesses and professionals prepare for the future while complying with the rules.”

IMA and VU Amsterdam have been working together for quite some time now, is that right?

Alain: “Yes, and it has been great to partner with VU Amsterdam in offering these courses. They were the first education

provider outside the US to start teaching CMA over thirty years ago, so they really were a global frontrunner. That’s also why CMA now has such a strong base in the Netherlands and such a great focus on lifelong learning.”

Brigitte: “Here at VU Amsterdam, we basically have the best of both worlds. We are an academic institution, so we have In dept knowledge at all these different topics that are covered under the CMA program. We have an entire accounting department with loads of colleagues that I can discuss current trends with, and who are in that sense all involved in the programme’ may be cchanged into ‘and who are very experienced with life long learning trajectories for accounting professionals. We can easily combine the academic perspective with the practical side. Our lecturers know about the complexities and how theory and practice can sometimes be a little different, and they are definitely bridging that. And that’s precisely what we are trying to achieve through the CMA programme: to show and teach people what the accounting or finance world is like and how it is changing, beyond their own organizations.”

Institute of Management Accountants

ITO Tower Gustav Mahlerplein 28 1082 MA Amsterdam +31 (0)20 308 06 10 www.imanet.org

Sustainability Special Text: Tessa Burger • Photography: Caily Bobbie Jo

CMAs aren’t just seen. They’re recognized.

For 50 years, the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification has been the global benchmark for accounting and financial professionals in business.

Earning the CMA:

• Opens doors to new career opportunities at multinational companies

• Helps you secure a seat at the leadership table

• Ensures mastery of key financial management skills needed by CFOs

Start your CMA journey today.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a Platinum-approved CMA course provider, is offering the complete CMA course in Dutch and English language. STAP eligible.

Sign up for January window:


the eco dry cleaner of the future

With over fifteen years’ experience in the business, it was only a matter of time before Leon Wennekes launched his own dry cleaning startup. Fornet opened its doors in Zuidas in June of this year, and now Leon and his team are proving that there are plenty of ways to go green in the dry cleaning and garment repair business.

“The question is: does every household really still need its own washing machine in the future?” Leon asks from behind the counter of his flagship store on Claude Debussylaan. “On average, people do 2.2 loads of laundry per week. The rest of the time, that machine is standing there doing nothing, and meanwhile taking up one to two square metres of space per household.” On top of that the machines at Fornet wash two to three times more environmentally friendly than the laundry machine at home. “So our laundry process is more sustainable than washing at home and besides that we give clothes longer life with gentle cleaning processes and our repair department”, Leon adds. “We do everything a traditional dry cleaner and repair shop does, while keeping a sustainable future in mind.”

Eco pledge

Fornet’s services consist mainly of laundry, dry cleaning, garment repairs and shoe polishing. Except for flat linen, Fornet does everything on site, working exclusively with energy-efficient machines. “We also work with a number of eco pledges. To begin with, thanks to the efficient washing machines and e-bikes used

to collect laundry from clients, we emit 30% less CO2 and we use 48% less tap water per kilo of laundry.” Furthermore, the gentle care Leon and his team give garments guarantees they last longer, while the in-house repair service contributes to a circular textile economy. “We aim to give clothes and shoes a longer life by nine months, resulting in a twenty to thirty percent lower environmental impact according to research by ECOs.”

90% less microplastics Added to this, Fornet is the first dry cleaner in Benelux to implement a professional microplastic filter by Planetcare, resulting in ninety percent filtration of plastic microfibres from polyester garments. That’s important because, as Leon points out, “More than a third of the plastic soup in our oceans is caused by the plastic particles that washing machines don’t filter out, and so end up draining into the oceans.” All of these environmentally friendly measures are part of Leon’s ambition to help everyone in the district, from local residents to corporates, reduce their textile eco-footprint. “We’re already working with a few organizations and hope to expand that in future. Unlike the industrial laundries that use containers for transport, Fornet focuses on laundry-bag sized volumes that are easy to collect on a daily basis by e-bike. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to opt for eco-friendly garment cleaning and repairs.” Fornet

Claude Debussylaan 5A 1082 MC Amsterdam +31 (0)6 23 61 30 58 support@fornet.nl www.fornet.nl

Text: Tessa Burger & Sophia Etmans • Photography:
Roxanne Wilm
43 Business in the Spotlight
Leon Wennekes


Dura Vermeer believes building and development are about people. Their focus as a construction company goes beyond bricks and mortar to encompass the impact projects have on their surroundings. Sustainability is one major factor. To adapt to the changing world, the company has introduced the GoodLife Barometer, a tool to close the divide between developers and end users and create housing, workplaces and living environments that centre on people. Director Marijke Nas and Management Board Chair Edwin de Kuiper tell us what makes Dura Vermeer a sustainable business partner.

“Together, we have final responsibility for all company projects”, Marijke begins. “Edwin has an architecture background and I concentrate mainly on the development side, so we make

a good team.” Sustainability is a big priority in the organization, which is doing its best to raise awareness throughout its workforce. “Right now, for example, we are working hard to be

able to measure our CO2 emissions”, says Edwin, “so that not only the final product, but the whole process leading up to it can become as green as possible”.

44 Business in the Spotlight
Edwin de Kuiper & Marijke Nas, Dura Vermeer Alliander, Amsterdam (Dura Vermeer)

GoodLife Barometer

Dura Vermeer has defined four key pillars to support their ambitions for sustainable operations and so promote awareness on this issue within the company. Those pillars, Marijke explains, “are Happy Living, which focuses on mental and physical health at the societal level, Community, which is about working to foster social sustainability at a systemic level, Sustainable Earth, which is about a resilient world, and Connection, in which we look at the most efficient forms of mobility and energy demand in our expanding living environment.” GoodLife is essentially the embodiment of all these themes, Edwin sums up. “Every neighbourhood is different, so we mapped out the qualities and the challenges of different neighbourhoods around the

country. With the GoodLife Barometer, we can get everyone, including our colleagues, thinking about these factors and what we can do to make a measurable change.”

Co-building the future GoodLife also serves as a launching pad for conversations with Dura Vermeer’s business partners, the two say. “We can’t build things alone. Construction is a joint effort”, Edwin points out. “We talk a lot with our partners about where our green ambitions overlap and how we can tie them together”, Marijke adds. “I see huge opportunities to set up better and more future-proof projects.” All the same, more action is needed to keep fuelling these ambitions in the years ahead. Marijke continues, “We need to gather

more knowledge in order to measure more factors. Things like how materials are used, and how that impacts our CO2 emissions. The target is to achieve these sustainability ambitions and CO2 reductions by 2030, as far as possible. But will everyone be able to pull that off? We need to at least do everything in our power to make it, because I firmly believe in sustainability and that we should do our best to make the world a better place for future generations. In the end well being built well”, the director concludes. “I’m not sure everyone gets it yet, but if every single organization were to commit to this the way Dura Vermeer is doing, it would get us a long way.”

Dura Vermeer www.duravermeer.com info@duravermeer.com

Sustainability Special
Text: Romy Lange & Tessa Burger • Photography: Hans Tak
De Fruitmeester, Beverwijk (Dura Vermeer) Park Valley, Diemen (Dura Vermeer)
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Zuidas is best known as Amsterdam’s business district, chock-a-block with skyscrapers and scores of offices. More recently, however, the district has grown into a veritable urban neighbourhood and a great place to live and hang out. Many businesses have also discovered Zuidas, and with their arrival, the district has added a wide range of services and amenities, including shops, schools, fitness centres and places to drink and dine. Powering each of these establishments are entrepreneurs and employees with their own special, personal stories that we’re eager to share with you.



Just a stone’s throw from Zuidas, the Amsterdamse Bos is a wonderful place to relax and has loads of different opportunities for recreation. Claudia Plaisier has been a forest ranger here for four years. Her love for nature started during her holidays to the woods when she was young, and now she does everything she can to preserve the Amsterdamse Bos in its full glory.

What got you interested in this profession?

“I think it’s mostly the way I was raised by my parents. We always used to go to the woods on holidays and we also lived close to the Amsterdamse Bos, which is why we went here very often. So, when this forest ranger job came up, I applied for it straightaway. It’s a place I already knew very well.”

What do you particularly enjoy about your job in the Amsterdamse Bos?

“What I really enjoy about forestry in the Amsterdamse Bos is actually the diversity. One moment you’re busy monitoring the flora and fauna, the next there’s been some mishap or someone in the woods needs assistance, so I go to help. It’s never dull and every day is different. There are all sorts of things happening that you have to respond to. There may be a storm coming, or you’re in a dry spell. In summer, people like to go

swimming in the woods, so it can get very busy on sunny days. And sometimes there are people who decide to fire up a barbecue, and we’ll be alerted about that.”

What do you think would be good for these woods?

“I think the main thing is that everybody should abide by the park rules. What’s become popular lately is to go walking off the trails. People go wandering through the wooded plots to see what sorts of interesting things they can find. I get that it’s fun, but we’d rather they don’t do it here. There are other places where it’s allowed, but the Amsterdamse Bos is very fragile, precisely because so many of us come here to enjoy the woods, year in, year out. We would like for the animals that are here hibernating to be able to rest undisturbed.”

What kinds of things are you doing on the sustainability front?

“The roof of the park office is covered with solar panels. We have also got a number

of electric vehicles. It’s inescapable, sadly, because we have to do some very heavy work. Although, that gets tricky when you need to haul a downed tree. We always try to go for the environmentally-friendly option. In the woods, we try to use ecological pest control methods. Like for oak processionary caterpillars, which we fight on multiple fronts, using not only pesticides, but also birds. That means putting up birdhouses and planting bulbs that are attractive to insects. We are working to control the processionary caterpillars with a battery of natural solutions. That way, we can keep things in equilibrium. We try to get the local biodiversity right first.”

What do you predict for the future of the forest ranger profession?

“We are noticing that more and more people are drawn to the woods, so in the future more forest rangers will be needed to supervise that, as well as to keep an eye on the flora and fauna and make sure there’s no undue pressure from all those visitors.”

Meet The...
Claudia Plaisier Text: Sophia Etmans • Photography: Nestor Tsakirákis, Studio Klijn

Accenture “Companies can and must do more to solve the major sustainability problems of our times”

Sustainability is at the top of every company agenda in big, bold letters. Not because it looks good, but because it matters. But what does the new, sustainable business model look like? And what steps do organizations have to take to make it work? We asked Wytse Kaastra, senior managing director of Sustainability Europe at Accenture. “Companies can and must do more to solve the major sustainability problems of our times”, Kaastra says. “We’ve got the technologies and now it’s a matter of affordably and reliably accelerating the process.”

Exponential thinking

We all know there’s a critical sustainability deadline looming in 2030. Under the Paris Climate Agreement, to which the Netherlands also has committed, we have to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius (worst case: 2 degrees). That means reducing CO2 emissions by 49 per cent relative to 1990. From 228 million tonnes to 116 million tonnes. “The problems are at such a scale that companies need to take a fundamentally different approach”, Kaastra argues. “A tweak here and a tweak there won’t cut it. Over the next decades, we have to reinvent our whole economic system. That’s a threat, of course, but it’s also an opportunity to redo things in a sustainable way. With clean energy, circular supply chains and paying a lot more attention to biodiversity and nature. We are at the tipping point of restructuring things in a way that can sustain us for centuries to come. Despite the challenges, I am optimistic. So, rather than thinking linearly, we

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While more than one-third (34%) of the world’s largest companies are now committed to Net Zero, nearly all (93%) will fail to achieve their goals if they don’t at least double the pace of emissions reduction by 2030, according to a new report 'Accelerating Global Companies toward Net Zero by 2050' from Accenture

need to think exponentially. That tends to be slow going at first, but once you get past the tipping point, the acceleration kicks in. That’s the point where sustainable gets to be better, faster and cheaper. We saw it with wind and solar, which these days are cheaper than fossil energy. The same thing is happening with electric vehicles, where growth has even outpaced what most forecasts predicted.”

What to do

The urgency is obvious, and so is the willingness to act. In a 2021 survey Accenture conducted with the United Nations Global Compact, 85 per cent of CEOs said that sustainability is becoming an increasing priority at their companies. However, only 45 per cent felt they were taking all necessary measures to actually make their own operations sustainable. Kaastra: “The big question on boardroom agendas is: How are we going to do this? As consultants, the request we always get is, tell me what to do and who has already done it. The first examples are gradually emerging now. It’s a bit like trying to rebuild a ship at sea. It’s tough to work out where to invest first without it adversely affecting your operating result. How do you make that transition when you’re still at a point where your company doesn’t have all the facts? And, moreover, a lone company is just one small part of the solution, of that whole value chain. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more partnerships, often between different actors. They’ll approach a sustainability problem together on the rationale that you can’t solve it alone, that you can actually help and strengthen each other.”

In each of the solutions Kaastra mentions, technology plays a major role. Digitization is key to this transition. But it is also true that companies still have a lot of pioneering to do. Although these technologies already exist, they have not been fully implemented.. For example, the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions has led to an emergence of wind farms in the UK. To counteract the possible negative impact of wind farms on the ecosystem, we were called in. We deployed a dedicated monitoring system and AI to detect, count and monitor puffins. The data allowed us to determine impact of the wind farms on the development of the puffin population.”

Accenture has pledged to do its part to keep global warming below 1.5° and is working to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 11 per cent and has set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2025. The company is taking various steps to achieve this. It is investing in nature-based carbon removal solutions. It is committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity in its offices globally by the end of 2023. It has also committed to reuse or recycle 100% of its e-waste, such as computers and servers, as well as all of its office furniture, by the end of 2025.

Accenture Gustav Mahlerplein 90 1082 MA Amsterdam www.accenture.com/nl-en

Sustainability Special
“Over the next decades, we have to reinvent our whole economic system”
Wytse Kaastra, senior managing director of Sustainability Europe at Accenture
Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Roxanne Wilm


“It’s the Decade of Doing”

An unlikely pair at first sight, the world’s largest law firm Dentons and non-profit Justdiggit are actually a great match, sharing a passion for digging in and doing things differently. In just ten years, Justdiggit has regreened more than 300,000 hectares of land and brought back over 10 million trees in Africa.

Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down the earth by making dry land in Africa green again. The goal sounds lofty, but the method is very simple. ‘We work with local communities to dig waterbunds, half-moon shaped pits that help the soil capture rainwater,” global communications manager Nadia de Waal explains. Much of the land is often so dry

that it cannot absorb water, which leads to flooding when it rains and droughts outside of the rainy season, preventing any vegetation from growing.

‘Vegetation is key for livelihoods, but also as a natural form of air conditioning,’ Nadia says. ‘Global warming is moving in fast, leading to even more water and food scarcity, poverty, loss of biodiversity, natural disasters and climate refugees. The good news is that people and their actions – a major cause of global warming – can also be part of the movement to turn it back around.’

Proof from outer space

Justdiggit’s approach is a nature-based solution, rooted in ancient practices.

At the same time, the organization employs modern techniques and works with partners who contribute to the mission with their own expertise. One example is their partnership with Planet Labs PBC, which provides scientific proof for Justdiggit’s progress over time through satellite images and quantifiable metrics. Nadia: ‘Now everyone can really see the impact with their own eyes, not just on the ground but even from outer space!’

As the organization and the complexity of their operations, partnerships and compliance requirements grew over the years, so did their legal needs. ‘Working with other law firms in the past, we would often quickly reach their limit of let’s say

50 Legal

20 hours that they were able to dedicate to pro bono work,’ Nadia says. ‘When we first met with Dentons, we found out they have an aspirational target of 40 hours of pro bono work. Not in total, but for every single lawyer.’

Solving legal headaches

Bas van Schouwenburg is a partner at Dentons, specialized in (international) construction and real estate law. When he encountered Justdiggit, he saw an opportunity to help them deal with legal issues in his own field of expertise. ‘As the world’s largest law firm, we have an important role to play on the global stage. With environmental sustainability moving to the number one spot on the legislative and regulatory agenda, we are

expanding our capabilities in this area through for example the Dentons Europe Environmental Law Academy. We also support excellent environmental NGOs with their legal needs. Our pro bono work helps clients to focus their resources on their core business instead of legal headaches like solving compliance problems.’

In the past two years alone, Dentons has provided advice to Justdiggit in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the US, Madagascar and Togo. ‘The work includes reassessing their articles of association in light of new legislation, helping to structure sponsorship agreements, advising on how to organize their operations to comply with reporting obligations, providing tax advice

and advising on the intellectual property aspects of fundraising with famous artists on streaming services.’

Colleagues from the junior to the partner level are keen to contribute – not just from a purpose perspective, but also because the work is often legally and intellectually challenging. ‘What I also find inspiring is the astonishing simplicity of Justdiggit’s approach,’ Bas says. ‘You can apply their technique anywhere in the world. And all it takes, is a person with a shovel.’

‘Or a designer, an ad agency, or a lawyer,’ Nadia says. ‘It’s the decade of doing. Anyone can ‘dig in’ and join the movement.’

“Our pro bono work helps clients to focus their resources on their core business instead of legal headaches like solving compliance problems.”
van Schouwenburg
51 Legal
Nadia de Waal


environmental risks

Sea levels are rising and biodiversity is declining, and that also presents risks for customers and banks. Everyone who works at a bank has to know about these climate and environmental risks and why they are a risk, says Joris van Erp (De Volksbank). Together with other banking experts in the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) Van Erp has developed a learning on climate and environmental risks, for all banking colleagues.

“Banks are at the heart of society. We finance all kinds of economic activities, and that has a significant impact on our customers’ lives,” begins Joris van Erp, Sustainability and Risk Manager at De Volksbank. “That provides the sector with considerable influence over how society is shaped – which is a big responsibility. We can choose not to fund certain things. This could be because they harm human rights or the environment, or because the changing world creates new risks.

risk is about the latter; climate and environmental risks are part of that.”

More sustainable business model

But what are climate and environmental risks? Van Erp: “Risks that are caused by climate change (global warming) and environmental harm. Climate change and environmental harm will cause physical damage in the coming decades. Examples include floods, forest fires and droughts: these are the physical risks that climate change and environmental degradation bring.”

52 Finance
Joris van Erp
“Sooner or later, you’ll have to face the fact that
are part of your job, too.”

“Society will have to undergo a transition to minimise the physical damage caused by climate change and environmental harm. That will include aspects such as sustainable business models, solar panels, wind turbines, alternative transport... These are massive economic shifts. They create not only opportunities, but also risks, which we call transition risks. For example, a company’s business model - the one making money today - may simply no longer work in 20 years’ time due to legislation or mounting social attention. The time has come for such companies to start the transition to a different - more sustainable - business model. That takes money. Put simply: both climate change and environmental harm pose transition risks as well as physical risks. Taken together, we call them climate and environmental risks.”

Supervisors are also on their toes Why is it so important for banks to include climate and environmental risks in their risk management? Van Erp: “Because the risks to customers are increasing. As a result, the credit risks for banks are also set to increase dramatically. If banks do not change the risk model on which they lend money, they will find themselves with more and more customers getting into payment difficulties. Supervisors are also keenly aware that the impact of climate change and environmental harm will be enormous and are setting out what they expect of banks. Banks themselves have to clearly consider which countries and sectors they operate in, what kind of bank they are and what kind of customers they have, and, very importantly: where and how the responsibilities for climate

and environmental risks are placed in the organisation. And finally, banks must also report on this: show the outside world what they are doing.”


The four animations that banks have made together for their colleagues only cover climate and environmental risks and how they can be incorporated into banks’ processes and organisations. The idea is that everyone who works at a bank should watch the animations. Why? Van Erp: “Sooner or later, you’ll see that climate and environmental risks are part of your job, too.” Taking the right approach to this is the challenge of our lifetime. That way, not only the customer but also the sector will be well prepared for the future.”

This article was previously published in Bank World Online, a publication of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken.


The Zuidas Sustainability Award is returning for another edition in 2023. Presented at the end of the year to sustainable initiatives in Zuidas, the award recognizes efforts in five categories. The first edition of the new annual competition was held last year, taking over from the Zuidas Sustainability Report that was published during the previous eight years. The new award offers a platform both to reward sustainable initiatives and, hopefully, inspire further sustainable developments in Zuidas.


Practise what you preach

By shining a spotlight on the enterprises and individuals working to green Zuidas, the district is showing the potential of these efforts not only to the local business community, but to the whole city and beyond. It is easy to have ambitions but practising what you preach takes a kind of dedication that many companies in Zuidas amply demonstrate. And those companies deserve to be celebrated, according to the committee organizing the competition, made up of Amsterdam Zuidas, Hello Zuidas and Green Business Club Zuidas.

Diverse themes

To cover the whole spectrum of sustainability, there are a number of categories in which projects and

54 Sustainability Special

initiatives can participate: Mobility, Water & Greenery, Public Space, Logistics, Society, Buildings, Circularity and Energy. Entries are categorized by the committee and then assessed by a panel of judges. We are proud of our judging panel, whose combined knowledge of sustainability and Zuidas has forged a powerful team. In 2023, this panel will consist largely of the same experts as last year, plus a few new faces. They will evaluate the quality of the entries and select the winners.

Nominate yourself

Nominations can be made via the new website by filling in a form for your own or another organization’s project. This could be anything from very small-scale initiatives and ambitions to major longterm projects. From hosting a community

lunch to setting up an in-company green task force, and from developing or retrofitting a property to launching a circular challenge. Last year’s winners show just how broad the spectrum of green initiatives in Zuidas is.

Nominate someone else

As from this year, it will also be possible to nominate others for the award. During last year’s competition, it turned out that many organizations and individuals were too modest to enter their own projects (especially those that were small or just starting out). But this is everyone’s loss, because it is precisely the wide diversity of projects unfolding here that make Zuidas a beacon of sustainability. So check out the competition entry form online, nominate yourself or someone else, and shine a spotlight on sustainability!

The Zuidas Sustainability Award is an initiative of the following partners:

Amsterdam Zuidas is the Municipal office responsible for the development of Zuidas as a unique urban district within Amsterdam and a top international residential, employment and leisure location.

Foundation Hello Zuidas is the management organization for the Zuidas district. Its mission is to work with public and private partners to maintain high quality standards in the district and shape it as a prime residential and business location with excellent connectivity and international appeal.

Green Business Club Zuidas brings together businesses, government and civil society organizations to initiate and implement projects in Zuidas.

Sustainability Special
Text: Cathelijne Cras • Photography: Ritchie Damwijk

Bringing skilled people together to build the future


A house of brands

Help people to nd the perfect environment for their specialist skills!



In honour of its tenth anniversary, Hello Zuidas threw a party to celebrate its tenth anniversary. We rolled out the red carpet at Novotel, where members and local guests were greeted by two lovely ladies. The evening kicked off with a champagne toast. Olivier Otten joined with several of the foundation’s key players to reflect back on the past ten years. This was followed by a raffle, with great prizes made available by Novotel director Ad Hoondert. It was an awesome evening, filled with fun, food, drinks and dancing. We’re looking forward to the next ten years!

57 Hello You
Céline Boute & Sophia Etmans • Photography: Nestor Tsakirakis, Studio Klijn



“A massive quality boost for Zuidas”

58 Mobility
Nelleke Stelling


For more than two years, talks between regional and national authorities about next steps for Zuidasdok were at a standstill due to funding shortages. But in the closing quarter of 2022, the project finally got the green light again. Thanks to a new injection of national and regional funds, the stalled construction tender can resume with no further delay. Both the full-scale renovation and expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station and the widening and tunnelling of the A10 South motorway through the heart of Zuidas can now go ahead. “This is a massive quality boost for Zuidas that will make the district an even more attractive office and living location”, notes Nelleke Stelling, Strategy and Stakeholderparticipation for the Zuidasdok development programme. “The remaining projects that were planned for Zuidasdok, refurbishment of the A10-junctions and widening and partial tunneling of the A10 South motorway, can now go ahead as well. And of course on doing all that whilst ensuring the area stays accessible and liveable during the years of work that lie ahead.” The entire Zuidasdok project should be completed by around the year 2036.

Improving access

One of the main reasons to push ahead with this huge infrastructure project is to improve access in and out of the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Railway modifications and additional tracks will allow for more train services to Schiphol, cities in The Netherlands and even in Europe. “Although Amsterdam Zuid station is only eight minutes from the city centre and six from Schiphol, it was never equipped to deal with such a huge volume of passengers. Zuidasdok will make this station the second main entry point into the capital and also enable expansion of the tracks for international trains. In addition, the A10 South, which is one of the country’s busiest motorways, will get two more lanes in both directions, which will really help to alleviate congestion.”

The region is currently seeing larger numbers of people coming to live, work and study here. At the same time, according to Nelleke, rising housing costs are forcing many of them to live further away. This is driving demand for fast public transport links, particularly to areas where employment and education are densely clustered. “Students will also benefit from these investments in road, rail and metro links. Regional commuters will be able to take the metro, for instance. That will take the place of sprinter services to

some extent, which will then create room for more intercity trains. All this means public transport will be better coordinated and more efficient regionally. When completed, it will be easier, more comfortable and faster to make your journey by train, metro and bike.” Add to this the plans for building another 175,000 homes in the Amsterdam region in the period up to 2030, and it’s clear that – as Nelleke stresses – good access and the right supporting infrastructure are absolutely essential.

North-South metro line extension

In addition to the national funds released to complete Zuidasdok, it seems likely that the North-South metro line will be extended to Hoofddorp via Schiphol Airport. A feasibility study will be carried out in the next two years to assess if and where this metro line should be built. “National and regional government approved a 5.5 billion euro investment for the realization of Zuidasdok, a third platform at Amsterdam Zuid station, the North-South metro line extension to Schiphol and Hoofddorp and a study looking into closure of the Ring line metro service between Sloterdijk and Amsterdam CS. The work on Zuidasdok will in any case take account of a possible metro line extension.” Work on that would start in 2030 at the earliest.

59 Mobility
Text: Céline Boute • Photography:
Alizée Le Bouteiller
Source: Het Parool & Amsterdam-Zuidas



Hello Zuidas invited all of its members to join in celebrating the past year at PAN Amsterdam at the RAI. Guests attending this end-of-year meeting enjoyed unique tours of the fair for art, antiques and design, guided by experienced art experts. Afterwards, everyone raised their glasses to a terrific 2022 and a successful 2023!

60 Hello You
Text: Sophia Etmans • Photography: Caily Bobbie



Amsterdam’s Open Tower Day celebrated its tenth year in 2022, and an XL edition of the event is coming up in 2025. Until then, the Open Tower Day team are gathering stories about the buildings to share with all the event’s faithful visitors. Has your building taken part in Open Tower Day in the past, and would you like your special story to be showcased? Send an email to info@openthedoors.nl.



Originally from Syria, Hind Wazan came to the Netherlands as a refugee. On gaining Dutch residency, she lost no time building an impressive network, stretching from captains of industry to Amsterdam’s municipal council to the Dutch Royal family. Her company Hind Cooking already had one location in central Amsterdam, but now we can also enjoy freshly prepared Middle Eastern dishes with a Syrian twist right here in Zuidas. The restaurant is based in De Nieuwe Poort at 2 Claude Debussylaan, where the owner has a passionate team preparing great lunches, and is putting her own spin on ‘social enterprise’.

Coming out of the busy holiday season, our New Year’s resolutions are still fresh in our minds. So, there’s no better moment to schedule some much-deserved me-time. Our top tip? ICI Paris XL at Gelderlandplein, where professional beauty experts are waiting to treat you to a delicious pampering session. Nescens is line of skin care based on advanced scientific research at the Genolier laboratories in Switzerland and developed under the direction of Professor Jacques Proust, a medical specialist in the biology of ageing and anti-aging medicine. Start the New Year off with a New You, and get personalized advice and a beauty treatment from the Nescens reps at ICI Paris XL at Gelderlandplein. Would you like to know more? Visit: nescens-beauty.nl

To give your business a head start in 2023, Ox is hosting a Business Breakfast on 11 January 2023, from 9am to 10am. And you are invited! While you network with the people behind other companies in Zuidas, Ox & Bucks serves up fresh croissants with blackberry jam, poached eggs with bacon and Hollandaise, strained yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit, and the best barista coffee. Join this kick-off event and make sure to be part of this new initiative in Zuidas. There’s no better way to get together!

61 Memo Board
Hind Cooking brings new flavour to De Nieuwe Poort
Text: Céline Boute

Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten is a firm that consciously chooses to do what it does best: conducting legal proceedings. Gone are the days when legal disputes could be ended with a simple handshake. Societal hardening, legal ‘Americanization’ and increasing regulation make a trial lawyer who is tried and tested in the courtroom indispensable.

Areas of expertise

Keizersgracht 616 1017 ER Amsterdam info@pvhadvocaten.nl +31 (0)20 679 62 22 For more information www.pvhadvocaten.nl
litigation •
litigation •
law for entrepreneurs •
law • Real estate


Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members


Sector: Financial Services Employees: 20

Link with Zuidas: We are based in Symphony Offices on Gustav Mahlerlaan.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Betaalvereniging Nederland and its members have been striving for efficient, reliable, secure and inclusive payment processing for ten years from our home base in Zuidas. We may not be highly visible, but everyone will recognize our signs and stickers at the till reading: ‘Pinnen, ja graag’.


Sector: IT consultancy Employees: 45 in the Netherlands

Link with Zuidas: Zuidas is the country’s premium business district and our clientele includes many companies established here.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: To connect with existing and new clients in Zuidas. As a growing enterprise and Salesforce partner, Gen25 is always looking for new people to strengthen our team. Membership of Hello Zuidas will help boost our presence in this strong local community.


Sector: lawyers specialised in real estate, rental law as well as administrative law

Employees: 12

Link with Zuidas: our office is situated at 7 De Boelelaan, in walking distance of the Amsterdam RAI.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: as long standing, highly specialized law firm with in-depth expertise in property law and tenancy law, we look forward to meet other Zuidas members and contribute through our services to the Zuidas community.


Sector: Textile care Employees: 5 (in Amsterdam), 7,000+ (globally)

Link with Zuidas: Our flagship store is at 5a Claude Debussylaan, in the heart of Zuidas. We are conveniently located for residents and commuters to take advantage of our modern garment services, including laundry, dry cleaning and repairs as well as sneaker cleaning. Our e-bikes collect orders six days a week and return them clean 48 hours later.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Fornet is a strong believer in community, and the Hello Zuidas platform launches all kinds of great community-building initiatives that we want to be a part of.

63 New Members
Magazine Management & Editing Press Releases Branded Content & Advertorials Photography & Videos Online Marketing WE PUBLISH... > Hello Zuidas Magazine > RCD Magazine > General Counsel NL Magazine > CIC Impact Report Partner up with Zuidas Publishers and create your top-quality company, client or city marketing magazine or glossy. Strawinskylaan 151 (WTC Amsterdam) 1077 XX Amsterdam info@zuidaspublishers.nl +31 (0)20 - 362 09 93 WWW.ZUIDASPUBLISHERS.NL


Sector: Banking Employees: 37

Link with Zuidas: We have been located at 352 Gustav Mahlerlaan since 2020.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Europe) N.V.’s Amsterdam office serves the needs of clients in Europe and Australia. Now that we are fully up and running, it is time to meet our neighbours and contribute to and participate in local events.


Sector: Recruitment Employees: 4,200

Link with Zuidas: We opened our Dutch head office in Amsterdam WTC in 2004, and are currently building our brand-new office right across the street. Fun fact: our new office will be the first ever worldwide designed based on neuroscience!

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: A good neighbour is better than a far friend, is a popular Dutch saying. We want to help our neighbours in Zuidas fulfil their unique potential by using our labour market expertise to contribute to local initiatives.


Sector: Food service Employees: 4

Link with Zuidas: Our lunch café on Gustav Mahlerlaan welcomes all Zuidas locals and visitors.

Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas is special because it makes Zuidas feel like a true neighbourhood. The platform they have set up with employers gives a very warm reception to new businesses like De Uitsmijter.

65 New Members
See you there See you there Live music Cocktails Great food George Gerschwinlaan 101 1082MT, Amsterdam www.manhattanbar.nl www.taalcentrum-vu.nl/en/transla�ons 020 - 598 64 20 | info@taalcentrum-vu.nl Lost in transla�on? We’re not. een volgend huis? Klaar voor Wil jij weten hoe het zit met je hypotheek als je verhuist ? Kijk op hypotheker.nl of loop binnen voor een afspraak Amsterdam ZuidAs WTC Strawinskylaan 1427 / WTC (020) 662 14 11


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Circulation Free for Zuidas and Amsterdam South. It is be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies within Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol.

Editor-in-chief Romy Lange Editor & Sales Céline Boute & Tessa Burger Intern Sophia Etmans Art Director Emiel

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211. The Bank of New York Mellon 212. The Basket 213. The Breakfast Club 214. The Office Operators 215. The Upside Down Amsterdam 216. Thomaskerk Amsterdam 217. Tierra 218. TPEX 219. Trainmore 220. TREC 221. Tribes 222. Urban Gym Group 223. Urban Salad 224. Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Zuidas 225. Van Dijk & Ten Cate 226. Van Gool Elburg 227. Van Lanschot Kempen 228. VanLoman 229. Vermaat Groep 230. Vesteda 231. Vet Digital 232. Victory Real Estate 233. Von Poll Real Estate 234. VondelGym 235. VORM Ontwikkeling 236. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 237. VU | Griffioen 238. Wagamama 239. Watersportvereniging De Koenen 240. Welcome Home 241. WeWork 242. Wild & The Moon 243. Wineboutique & Spirits 244. Wintertaling 245. WTC Amsterdam 246. WTC A’dam Business Club 247. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 248. WuSH 249. X.Bike 250. XO Optics 251. X2X Worldwide Express 252. Your Assistant 253. Zone2Source 254. Zuidas Apotheek 255. Zuidas Bier 256. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 257. Zuidas Markt 258. Zuidas Publishers 259. Zuidas Today 260. ZuidasTravel.nl


01. ABN AMRO 02. Accendium 03. Accenture 04. À Deauville 05. Acre 06. AFC 07. AkzoNobel 08. Albert Heijn 09. Alpha Security 10. AMAZE 11. amsterdam inbusiness 12. Amsterdam UMC 13. Amsterdamse Bos 14. Arcadis 15. Arnold & Siedsma 16. Art Zuid 17. Asito 18. Asunaro Holland Interplan 19. Avenue Services 20. Avis Budget Autoverhuur 21. Bagels & Beans 22. Baker McKenzie 23. Bar Boele 24. Bar Valdi 25. Being Development 26. Bolenius 27. Boontje Advocaten 28. Bouwens& 29. Boyden Global Executive Search 30. BPD 31. Breevast 32. BREIKERS 33. Broersma Nieuwbouw 34. Caffè Belmondo 35. CBRE B.V. 36. Che Buono 37. Cielo 38. Circl 39. Clean Center 40. Clubsportive 41. CMS 42. CoffeeDC 43. Cognito 44. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Europe) 45. Confius Executive Search 46. Cora Delicatessen 47. Corporate Housing Factory 48. Cosmo Hairstyling 49. Courtesie International Business Affairs 50. Crossover (AM) 51. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 52. Customized Media 53. De Betaalvereniging 54. D&B The Facility Group 55. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 56. De Hypotheker 57. Deloitte 58. De Kredieter 59. De Nieuwe Poort 60. De Pizzabakkers | Zuidas 61. De Uitsmijter 62. Dentons 63. Doctor Feelgood 64. Donkey Republic 65. Eden McCallum 66. Edge Technologies 67. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 68. Element Amsterdam 69. Enterprise Netherlands 70. EQUANS 71. Euro CCP 72. EMA (European Medicines Agency) 73. Expat Center 74. EY 75. Fam. Advocaten 76. Ferilli’s Specialità UpTown 77. Financial Offices 78. Five Clinics 79. Flexform Amsterdam 80. FLOW Real Estate 81. Food & i 82. Fornet International B.V. 83. Fortron B.V. 84. Frans Otten Stadion 85. Freelancers United 86. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 87. Fris Makelaars 88. FSB Beveiliging 89. FYEO 90. Gelderlandplein 91. Gen25 92. G&S Vastgoed 93. Gerrit Rietveld
94. Goede
95. Grand Café Mahler 96. Grand Prix Copyrette Printing & Design 97. Greenberg Nielsen 98. Greenberg Traurig 99. Green Business Club Zuidas 100. GreenMobility 101. Greenwheels 102. Gustavino 103. GVB 104. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 105. Happyhappyjoyjoy Zuidas
MEMBERS COLOPHON Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by Hello Zuidas invests in trees! How we do that? Through our sponsorship for Trees for All, we plant trees that restore existing forests. JANUARY 2023
Academie Hello Zuidas
Doelen Loterijen 41
Heeneman & Partners 107. Heidrick & Struggles 108. Hestia Kinderopvang 109. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 110. Hielkema & co 111. Hogan Lovells International LLP 112. Hotel & Wellness Zuiver 113. Houthoff 114. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 115. House of Sports 116. Htel Serviced Apartments 117. IEF Real Estate 118. IMA 119. InAmsterdam 120. INK Interiors 121. Innside by Melia 122. ISX Beveiliging 123. Karhoo 124. KNAP Makelaardij 125. König + Neurath (Nederland) A.G. 126. Kraft Heinz 127. La Lotteria 128. Lebkov & Sons 129. Lexence 130. Limon 131. Loyens & Loeff 132. Luke Recruitment 133. Lunshof Makelaardij 134. Lyon Office Support 135. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 136. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 137. Made in May 138. Magazine-Masters.nl 139. MaMa Kelly 140. Market 33 141. Mastercard 142. MBO College Zuid 143. Mech Make & Take 144. Molteni&C|Dada Amsterdam Flagship Store 145. Multicopy Amsterdam Centrum 146. NACH 147. NatWest Markets 148. NDI ICT Solutions 149. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 150. Nedstede Real Estate 151. NH Amsterdam Zuid 152. nhow Amsterdam RAI 153. Nicolaas Lyceum 154. Norton Rose Fulbright 155. Novotel Amsterdam City 156. NS 157. Oliver’s
158. Olympisch Stadion 159. ONE-Dyas B.V. 160. Onemeeting.com 161. Openbare Bibliotheek 162. ORAM 163. Oranje Energie 164. Ox & Bucks 165. PAN Amsterdam 166. Pancakes Amsterdam 167. Pathé 168. Personality 169. PizzaLab 170. Poké Perfect 171. Premier Suites Plus Amsterdam 172. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 173. Property NL B.V. 174. Protiviti 175. Provast 176. Q-Park Nederland 177. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 178. RAI Amsterdam 179. Regus 180. Renessence 181. RGA International Reinsurance 182. Rialto 183. Rivers 184. Rob Peetoom 185. Robert Walters 186. Roland Berger 187. Ronald McDonaldhuis VUmc 188. Rosarium 189. Russell Reynolds Associates 190. Savills Amsterdam 191. Salsa Shop 192. Season-Flowers 193. Securitas 194. Shinyu Body & Mind 195. Simmons & Simmons LLP 196. Sixt 197. Smartphone Citywalk Zuidas 198. Specialists in Security 199. SThree 200. Stibbe 201. Stichting Open The Doors 202. Student Experience 203. Summertime 204. SV RAP 205. Symphony’s 206. Taalcentrum - VU 207. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 208. Taylor Wessing 209. Tax Consultants International 210. Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA)
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Our goal
With an excellent business climate, worldrenowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.
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Tessa Burger,
Thanks to Paco Bunnik (Gemeente Amsterdam, Zuidas), Monique Maarsen, Savills, Kroonenberg Groep, Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), Hyde Park, Gelderlandplein, Q Residences, TaalcentrumVU, De Hypotheker, Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, eilands’eigen, Fornet, Business Involved, Iris Kampers, Judith Osborn, Market33, Sthree, Accenture, Sohel Aziz, Wytse Kaastra, Amvest, Bouwinvest, Baker McKenzie, Dura Vermeer, IMA, VU Amsterdam, Nelleke Stelling, Amsterdamsche Football Club, ABN AMRO Art Space, Dentons, Manhattan Bar & Claudia Plaisier. Editorial advisory board Olivier Otten, Angela Ham, Elisa Schouten & Jos Moerkamp
Magazine Masters
Six times a year (bi-monthly) Editors Romy
Céline Boute,
Sophia Etmans,
Kampers & Cathelijne Cras Photography Caily Bobbie Jo, Roxanne Wilm, Davide Gallery, Nestor Tsakirakis (Studio Klijn) & Alizée Le

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