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Eelco Hoet

Head of Corporate Solutions at JLL

‘Zuidas is shedding its old image’



MOBILITY IN ZUIDAS The Future is Electric



PLENTY ZUIDAS STORIES... This issue closes out another year here in Zuidas.

Elsewhere in this issue we fill you in on the latest

On behalf of everyone at

For me, it marks just over five fabulous years as

Hello Zuidas Members Meeting, and you can read

Hello Zuidas, we wish to

editor-in-chief of Hello Zuidas - years filled with

about my informative chat with Joijcelyn Hoost

offer our condolences to the

a wealth of memorable experiences and events.

of Webster University, a piece by Houthoff on why

family and friends of our

However, this issue is extra special for me, because

the law firm has dropped Buruma from its name,

dearly departed Mayor,

it is the first one to be published by my very own

plus an article about an interesting project at VU

Eberhard van der Laan.

company: Zuidas Publishers!

Amsterdam that is eager to join forces with Zuidas.

The entire Zuidas commu-

And of course we’ve got plenty more great stories

nity will miss Eberhard.

Featured on the cover is Eelco Hoet of JLL (Jones Lang

for you!

Lasalle). Inside, he and Jac Bressers talk about their firm’s relocation in the Atrium. Having recently been

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue,

fully upgraded and refurbished, the new Atrium buil-

and wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

ding looks absolutely stunning. After this interview, I rode the lift to meet some of our newest neighbours

Happy reading!

in Zuidas, at CMS, another law firm that has just put down roots in Amsterdam’s Financial Mile. There

Romy Lange

I talked to Managing Partner Willem Hoorneman about

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

this new beginning and their plans for the future.

Zuidas and beer - on the face of it, they don’t appear to have much in common. Or do they? Zuidas is about ambition and quality, about working and playing hard. Beer connects people. It’s for toasting and for celebrating. What would a beer brewed in Zuidas taste like? Recently at Circl, Hello Zuidas members got to meet local brewers Jesse Gosse and Remco Kappelhof, who have produced a bona fide Zuidas Beer, using their own recipe and an international mix of spices. Hello Zuidas is pleased to support their venture. Want to taste it for yourself? Come to the launch at Het Amsterdams Proeflokaal on 30 November. And if that leaves you thirsty for more, from December you’ll be able to order Zuidas Beer at various local establishments. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas



entrance deal

19.50 per person

Koenenkade 8 1081 KH Amsterdam (020) 3010 700

Reservations: Tuesday and Thursday swimwear days Subject to misprints and modifications








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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. •5


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MaMa Kelly

The Olympic Amsterdam

Friday nights will never be the same again. Come discover the legendary Lobster and Chicken from MaMa Kelly and pair it with a cocktail or a draft beer. A brand new hotspot will be created: The Olympic Amsterdam, the quarter for those who work hard and play hard.

The Olympic Amsterdam is the new iconic destination in Amsterdam. Innovative. Modern. Urban. Here you can shop, live, work, play, eat, drink, and exercise in style, around the historic Olympic Stadion. Whether you are a real 'Amsterdammer' or just 'Amsterdammer-for-a-day', a foodie, art lover, sportsman, festival-goer or entrepreneur: you'll discover something memorable in The Olympic Amsterdam.


The Olympic Amsterdam is a project of Bouwinvest.


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tussen vergaderende bankiers? Dat kan vanaf nu in de nieuwe kunstruimte #Circl op de Zuidas A’dam. Bijzonder! @ABNAMROCultuur • Wilfred Scholten @WilfredScholten Zegen voor de


Zuidas. Gesprek met dominee @Roselaers over de City, bankiers en moraal. @protestants020


#zuidas • Suze Gehem @SuzeGehem Bekendmaking van ons nieuwste @RooftopNL ambitie


in @RTLnieuws gisteravond: 25.000m2 waterbergende daken in #Zuidas! • Tony Wijntuin

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as a contact.

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Mahlerplein & Zuidplein

Eline Hoogendijk explaining Visie Zuidas - the strategy to co-create the Innovation District. 39k employees, 3k+ residents • Scott Kleijn @scottkleijn De tweede vroege dagdienst op rij.... de zon komt op, de stad ontwaakt en ook de Zuidas komt langzaam op gang...#fijnedag #dmvda • Evelien Philips  @evelienphilips  Lange dag gewerkt in Amsterdam #zuidas #apg (@ APG Investment Services N.V.) • Ricardo v Lunteren @Ricardo_LUNTEC Wie brengt mij in contact met dé horeca-ondernemers op de #Amsterdamse #Zuidas ? #innoveren #duurzaam #horeca #technologie • Annick Van Cleef  @metannick  Circulair lunchen met @iBorgNL bij de Circl. Absolute aanwinst voor de Zuidas.

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‘Zuidas is shedding its old image’

Eelco Hoet, Head of Corporate Solutions at JLL and Jac Bressers, Managing Director of Tétris JLL is an established name in the real estate market with offices around the globe. As a professional services firm specialized in real estate, JLL knows all the ins and outs of doing business in Zuidas. The firm has just taken up residence in one of the new towers at the Atrium, where its subsidiary Tétris, specialized in designing office interiors, has created a fresh and ultra-modern look to mark this new beginning. Hello Zuidas caught up with Eelco Hoet, Head of Corporate Solutions at JLL and Jac Bressers, Managing director of Tétris. ‘Zuidas used to be dominated by conspicuous names, but now variety in companies is increasing. More small office locations are opening up, and the population is diversifying. Zuidas is shedding its old image, and that’s a positive development,’ says Eelco Hoet. Real estate is a broad concept. Can you tell our readers

Jac, you’re in charge of Tétris, and therefore responsible for

something about JLL and its services?

the design of JLL’s new office. How did that process play out?

‘Essentially, JLL’s clients fall into two categories’, explains Eelco. ‘There

‘It was tricky, actually’, Jac admits, ‘because when it concerns your

are property occupiers and property owners. The occupiers are

own organization, everyone is a lot more critical. We set up broad

made up of the organizations that lease offices to accommodate their

consultations, inviting everyone to provide input about the concept,

people, and they require our services to select, find, and fit out buil-

the facilities and the layout. We tapped into all the creativity available

dings which best fits their business needs. Property owners, in turn,

within the organization to enable us to do everything the way we

need support with leasing, sales and the selection of investments,

envisioned it. All in all, the renovation took up 80 days, which, if you

which we also provide. Within our occupier services our concern is

consider the space, is really fast. Because of that we also agreed up

what the occupier of a building wants and the way in which we might

front that people had to allow themselves 80 days to get used to the

facilitate that to create the best work environment.’ ‘And at Tétris’, Jac

new arrangements, without complaints. Now the 80 days are over

continues, ‘we supplement those services with the design and supply

and everyone has been unanimously positive. Which is brilliant, of

of office interiors. As a wholly owned subsidiary of JLL, our compa-

course! Handled right, the design of your office reinforces your identi-

nies complement each other perfectly. We make sure that an office

ty as an organization.’

matches the image a client has in mind. Naturally, we can also play an advisory role. This is rewarding work, and we get a great deal of

How do you and your colleagues feel about Zuidas as a location?

appreciation from our clients once everything is in place.’

‘Zuidas is well-connected, of course, and has a vast range of facilities’, says Jac. ‘Once a month, everyone at our office joins up and

Eelco, at JLL you were the person responsible for taking

heads for Clubsportive to take boxing lessons, for example - that’s

the decision to renew the Atrium contract. What made you

the kind of thing you can do here! Everyone is aware of the special

choose to stay in Zuidas?

dynamic in Zuidas, and that’s important. In the end, location is a

‘There was never any doubt that we wanted to stay in Amsterdam’,

decisive factor both for your employees and the people you hope to

says Eelco. ‘The next step was to look for a location that would be

attract.’ Eelco: ‘I like the fact that here in Zuidas there are so many

suitable for our people, clients and would also suit our own ambi-

different places to meet up. We no longer have to head for the town

tions. From that perspective, Zuidas was the obvious choice. We

centre to hold an informal meeting. Ten years ago, all we had was

know this building well and feel connected to it, and once the New

Dicky’s, so consequently that was where all of Zuidas went.

Atrium is completely finished, it will look spectacular. The location is

Fortunately, nowadays there are more options, which makes this

a perfect match for our organization and business operations, as well

such a nice place to be. I’ve noticed that people at JLL are really

as for the image we want to project.’

proud to work in Zuidas.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman


At the end of last August, your firm conducted an office monitor on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam. What were the significant findings? ‘Zuidas is still a big magnet for (inter)national organizations’, says Eelco. ‘Yet, despite all the new buildings under development, pressure on office space isn’t abating. That makes it tricky, because in that

What are JLL’s objectives for the coming years?

respect our success is almost becoming something of a stumbling

‘At the beginning of this year, we set out a new marketing strategy,

block. With space at a premium, prices are continuing to soar. The

focusing on what we want to accomplish for our clients’, says Eelco.

offering for really big companies is virtually non-existent. In terms

‘Specifically, we’ll be looking at the objectives of both property

of financial and professional services, Zuidas is really the prime lo-

owners and property users and what we can do to offer them

cation.’ Jac agrees. ‘In Zuidas, buildings are leased even before they

maximum support. Apart from that, we have a new CEO starting on

leave the drawing board. What we really need is more supply and this

1 November, which is an exciting new development for the whole

is why we are very much in favour of the Office Strategy 2017: the right

office and creating a lot of positive energy. We are steadily

office at the right location. This creates opportunities for develop-

growing and getting ready for the next move. JLL may be a big

ments in great locations, and Zuidas is a prime example.’

company and a financial heavyweight, but our services will always be focused on a personal approach.’

Have you seen any developments in the tenant makeup here in recent years? ‘Pharmaceutical and IT companies are taking an increasing

JLL invites readers of Hello Zuidas to come and take a look

interest in Zuidas’, says Eelco. ‘That’s mainly a consequence of

around their new offices! Want to take a peek behind the

the area’s explosive growth. The dynamic here has evolved so

scenes? Get in touch on: +31 (0)20 5 405 405.

much that people feel it’s a pleasant location. Another incentive to companies is the increase of flexibility. Zuidas used to be domina-


ted by conspicuous names, but now there is a lot more variation

Atrium Building

emerging. More small office locations are opening up and the

Parnassusweg 727

population is diversifying. Zuidas is shedding its old image, in other

1077 DG Amsterdam

words, and that’s a positive development.’

10 •


Your housing specialist in property sales and acquisitions LUXURY RESIDENCES AT VONDELPARK SALE STARTS

DEC 2017


+31 (0)20 693 46 37


Wielingenstraat 24 B


CONSTRUCTION WORKS NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2017 Ground has been broken for several new iconic buildings in Zuidas.

The coming months will see construction pits morph into high rises at a fast pace.

GEORGE AND GUSTAV In November, work is starting on The George and The Gustav (47 and 48 apartments respectively, all sold) on a parcel neighbouring R. Wertheimstraat and De Boelelaan (1). This project marks the completion of the first major residential location in the heart of Zuidas.

BEETHOVENSTRAAT From October through the first quarter of 2018, lorries will be driving on and off-site during excavation of the construction pit for the future Valley (2). Standing across from the AFC sports pitches, this architecturally striking building will tower one hundred metres over Beethovenstraat.

12 •




Visitors to Zuidas often stand amazed at the number of

Along the north-eastern section of Zuidas, near RAI, work is pro-

developments unfolding in this area. Works are daily

gressing on Nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel (3) which will be 90 metres

progressing on various fronts to create a thriving, lively

in height. Removal of the sheet pile walls will take until the end of

and safe residential and working environment. Currently,

November. To ensure safety, the cycle path and pedestrian walkway

main focus lies on transforming the business centre into

along the construction site on Europaboulevard and the A10 motor-

a pleasant place to live. Zuidas already boasts several im-

way will be temporarily closed.

pressive residential towers, with more on the way. Take for example the construction works on the intersection of De Boelelaan and Buitenveldertselaan, where construction of

Through to next spring everyone interested in seeing the Vijfhoek underground bicycle parking facility in construction is welcome to join us on a guided tour. Protective gear will be provided on site. To register, send an email to: Vijfhoek@ More infO • • 0800-5065 zuidas •


• 13

the Gershwin Brothers complex is progressing apace. FRIENDLY PEOPLE IN ZUIDAS! Coordinator of project logistics, hoisting and safety is Seán Bermingham, who didn’t mind taking a brief break from work

are always friendly and have no problem

on – an office job isn’t my cup of tea at all.

to talk to Hello Zuidas. ‘We’re already

waiting a few minutes. In the centre of Am-

Originally I’m from Ireland, but I’ve lived

pretty far along with this project; the end

sterdam, that could spell total mayhem.’

in Hilversum with my wife and two kids

is in sight. My job is to direct the cranes

for 20 years. Even when I’m at home I’m

and get transports on and off the site


always building something. I like making

quickly and effectively. We have a small

‘There’s a wide variety of architecture in

furniture, and we just redid our home. It’s

station here and it’s a busy road, so speed

Zuidas. Personally, I prefer some buildings

great fun to do renovations and tackle big

is of the essence. Fortunately, people here

over others. I love working in constructi-

projects yourself.’

Text Céline Boute • Photography Davien Hulsman


‘ THERE’S A MAD DASH ANY TIME A ROOM FREES UP’ Angelo Verhoeven lives in Ravel Residence, along with 800 other students, and loves life in Zuidas. That said, studying can be tough when your crockery is rattling in the cupboards.


When he registered for a room in the

become available every academic year

Nobody told us about that before we

Ravel student complex in summer 2014,

since residents have to move out within

came to live here. Lots of students are

there were still plenty of units availa-

six months of leaving university. This year,

bothered by the construction noise. Now

ble. ‘Most students prefer to live in the

Angelo waved goodbye to 80 old ‘flat-

they’re finished out front, but work on the

city centre’, he explains. ‘But also, it’s a

mates’, and welcomed an equal number

Valley has begun nearby. When they drill in

slightly higher segment; you’ve got your

of new ones. He knows many of them

the sheet pile walls, I can hear my crockery

own bathroom and kitchen, the building

by name, having been on the tenants’

rattling in the cupboards, which is incredi-

is well maintained, there’s a daytime

association almost from the outset. In

bly annoying when I need to study.’ These

concierge and security at night.’ Not to

another four years, Angelo too will be mo-

days, thankfully, residents are alerted

mention study rooms, a lounge, a large

ving out, after graduating from Amster-

about construction works well ahead of

courtyard garden and a rooftop sports

dam University of Applied Sciences, with

time, Angelo concedes. ‘The municipality

pitch. Naturally, facilities like these come

a degree in social studies.

provides clear details about the activities

with a price tag.

and the building contractor also regularly


drops flyers in our letterboxes. To be sure


The building has a friendly atmosphere,

everyone’s in the loop, we also post that

When Ravel Residence opened its doors

the location is great, as are the connecti-

kind of information on the tenants’ associ-

in February 2015, Angelo was one of the

ons, and – to Angelo’s private amusement

ation’s Facebook page.’

first to move in. These days, building

– living in Zuidas has suddenly become

owner Student Experience has no lack of

hip. So no complaints, right? Wrong, of

For more about Ravel Residence,

applicants. ‘There’s a mad dash any time

course. ‘For a whole year and a half, our


a room frees up’, Angelo laughs. Rooms

front door opened onto a building site.


Text Robert Niessen • Photography Davien Hulsman


Connect your business to Hello-Bike starting at â‚Ź10 a month per employee find out more at



MINUTE? Among the wealth of new buildings that have risen in Zuidas in recent years are some impressive residential towers. With more people coming to live in Zuidas, we wanted to know: what is it like to live here? We asked several Zuidas residents about the highs and lows of life in this part of town.

MANUEL PHERAI – NEW AMSTERDAM ‘Three years ago we needed a bigger place for our growing family and so we moved into this apartment. Everything you need is within easy reach, and this building has lots of facilities, including a car park, gym, swimming pool and sauna. We live on the 19th floor and we’ve got an amazing view of Amsterdam. The best thing about living in Zuidas is that it’s easily accessible. Personally, I travel a lot, and whether I go by train or car, I can be away and back in no time.’

JOHN AND JUDITH RABER – SUMMERTIME ‘We already lived in the area for years, but around a year ago we decided to move to Zuidas. In the 1960s we would come out to play in the open fields here. We’ve seen Zuidas evolve from up close, but the metamorphosis from an office park to a fun and lively neighbourhood really surprised us. Though during weekends it’s no longer completely deserted, we’d still welcome a little more activity. Pretty much all we need is just around the corner. The only thing missing is a good cinema. We love the New York City feel of life here.’

16 •


SARAH SABANIJA – 900MAHLER ‘I grew up in Almere. That’s a world away from Zuidas, which I call home for about a year now. I really like it here, although it can be very quiet in the evenings and weekends. In order to go out for drinks or clubbing with friends, you have to head for the city centre. Apart from that, it’s the perfect combination of living in Amsterdam, while away from the crowds. Everyone is welcome here and you can sense that openness everywhere. This being an office environment, I’d expected residential life might be high-strung too, but that’s not the case at all. Living in Zuidas is wonderful.’

KRIJN LAMMERS – RAVEL RESIDENCE ‘Having grown up in a village, city life is quite a big change for me. I’ve been living in this building for a year and a half now. It’s ideal for students like me who want their own space; I’ve got a large studio flat and everything is close by. Ravel Residence does have strict rules though –so there are no late night parties to be had. Which is perfectly reasonable, of course, though for me as a student it’s a bit of a pity. When I go out I head for the city centre, where I usually go to Club Claire on Rembrandtplein.’

Text Céline Boute • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 17

PROPERTY Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

SUITSUPPLY BUILDING NEW HQ OPPOSITE RAI Zuidas - Suitsupply is developing the site of its new main office in Amsterdam in Kop Zuidas, the north-eastern section of Zuidas. With a total floor area of nearly 24,000 m², the building will occupy plot C2, formerly a car park, between Europaboulevard and Gelrestraat. The company will find themselves next door to Motel One and across from the future NHow Amsterdam RAI hotel. While currently headquartered a few kilometres up the A10 motorway on Wenckebachweg in Amstel Business Park, the company’s new home near the RAI complex will encompass 13 floors, with a total of 58 metres in height and 16,500 m² in office floorage, 1,000 m² in retail space and another 1,000 m² in studio space. There will also be room for a coffee corner and a 1,500 m² restaurant.

18 •




Zuidas - The full renovation of Tower I of the World Trade

Zuidas - CBRE Global Investors and Ballast Nedam have

Center Amsterdam on Strawinskylaan was recently com-

concluded a construction team agreement for the revitaliza-

pleted, with a floor-to-ceiling upgrade of the office spaces

tion and expansion of the World Trade Center Amsterdam in

to cater to the needs of modern users. Thanks in part to

Zuidas. The building complex is part of the CBRE Dutch Office

this refurbishment, 90% of the tower’s offices have already

Fund, an unlisted property investment fund managed by

been leased. Tenants include both Dutch and international

CBRE Global Investors. The plans call for an additional tenth

names such as MUFG Bank, Infosys and the Municipality

tower on the corner of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat,

of Amsterdam. Most recently, the Amsterdam Trade Bank

providing 32,000 m² in office space. Simultaneously, the neig-

signed a long-term lease agreement for approximately 2,100

hbouring Tower D in the existing building will be revitalized

m² in office space in Tower I, trading in its old premises in the

and connected to the new structure.

centre of Amsterdam for this new location.

FLORENT LAW FIRM TAKES OFFICES IN NOMA HOUSE IN ZUIDAS Zuidas - Florent has signed a lease for approximately 1,000 m² in office space, including a rooftop terrace on the 9th floor and parking spaces in the underground car park of Noma House, which is located at the end of Gustav Mahlerlaan, as of 1 December 2017. Florent is a corporate boutique law firm co-founded by the receivers of the former V&D department store and offers companies and organizations high-end assistance in matters relating to corporate litigation, transactions and insolvency law. Noma House is a joint sustainable development of Maarsen Groep and Zadelhoff Beheer. The building, slated for completion by mid-November 2017, will hold a BREEAM Outstanding certificate. Following delivery, ownership will be transferred to CBRE Dutch Office Fund.

COD DELIVERS HOMES IN KOP ZUIDAS AMSTERDAM Zuidas - COD has completed construction of the new residential project RIV// in Kop Zuidas in Amsterdam, a neighbourhood in the north-eastern section of Zuidas, just a stone’s throw from the Amstel River. The development spans 67 apartments, of which 44 are up for sale and 23 for lease. Also included are 50 underground parking spaces. The 23 rental units were acquired by Amvest Investment Management for the Amvest Residential Core Fund portfolio and are currently on offer in the private sector market. Next Architects designed the building to match the style of Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood, which borders Kop Zuidas to the north.

• 19


‘FOR SINT’S SAKE, JUST GIVE ZWARTE PIET A BEARD’ A Zwarte Piet dress code for the Zuidas holiday season. It’s that time of year again - for children to

Apparently, there is some mind-altering

the one that would work. Regenboog Piet

celebrate the saintly Saint Nicolaas, and

chemical in the face-paint applied to Dutch

looked like a mascot for a 1970’s rodeo. Kaas

for adults to claw each others’ eyes out

children when they’re young. It causes them

Piet looked like he had jaundice disease,

debating Zwarte Piet. My recommended

to believe three key things: ’Black Pete is

and Stroopwafel Piet looked like he had the

compromise dress code for Zwarte Piet 2017:

black from coming down the chimney (which

flesh-eating virus.

Give Him a Beard.

we likely don’t have). The chimney (we don’t have) also causes him to have big, red lips.

Now, finally, there’s Soot-face Pete (Roete

If you’re experiencing Zwarte Piet

And the (non-) chimney also gives him a soot

Piet) - but with one remaining disadvantage.

(Black Pete) for the first time, let’s

afro.’ Trying to argue any of these points

The soot isn’t dark enough. The kids can still

review: YES, there’s a Dutch tradition

with a Dutch adult is rather like telling a child

recognize the adults. ‘I’ll just go back to the

of parading around town in blackface.

Sinterklaas is not real.

old way! It isn’t really racist,’ say the adults readying their old makeup (that is literally

YES, this tradition must be respected! It’s as old as the Dutch tradition of ignoring

Luckily, the Dutch are famous for toleran-

called ‘neger zwart’). But there is another

their role in the slave trade. But NO, the

ce and compromise. Acknowledging that

solution: just add a beard.

blackface isn’t intended to be racist.

‘some’ people might find Zwarte Piet offensi-

As countless Dutch people will tell you:

ve, they agreed to change Zwarte Piet’s afro

And there you have my compromise dress

‘Black Pete is not black! It’s the soot from

- into dreadlocks. It was a start. And luckily,

code for Zwarte Piet 2017: Soot-face +

coming down the chimney!’ The chimney,

the Dutch are famous for common-sense

beard. We’ve tried Rainbow Piet. We’ve

which gets soot on his face - and none on

problem-solving. Which is why they’ve tried

tried Soot-face Piet. The time has come for

his clothes.

coming up with every other alternative than

Hipster Piet.

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video from ‘Zondag Met Lubach.’ Shapiro came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater and never left. Along the way he has hosted ‘Comedy Central News.’ He has written 2 books on Dutch culture, including How to Be Dutch: the Quiz. As host of ‘United States of Europe,’ Shapiro offers a ‘Daily Show’ for the EU. Making fun of Europe, the American way.

Photography Davien Hulsman

Hello Zuidas

MEMBERS MEETING With the influx of a wide variety of new area residents and users, Zuidas is evolving into a diverse district of Amsterdam. Now the challenge is to extend the vibrancy of working-day life to evenings and weekends. Numerous locations have great potential for the development of initiatives that can both draw visitors to the area and make it attractive for residents of Zuidas and surroundings. On Monday 18 September, Hello Zuidas held its 11th Members Meeting, focusing on efforts to enliven the Zuidas district. More than 140 guests gathered for the meeting at ABN AMRO’s newly opened Circl pavilion.

22 •

the stage was Circl Director Merijn van den

market a range of local beers. Soon, in

Bergh. He spoke about Circl’s sustainability

other words, we’ll be able to toast with

objectives and stressed the importance of

Zuidas craft beer!

local alliances to get new initiatives off the ground through a Viva Zuidas Fund.



Raymond Walravens, director of Rialto Film,


showcased a joint initiative with VU Amster-

Jurgen Bey of the Sandberg Institute sha-

dam to open a cinema in Zuidas in 2019.

red his vision on the role of art and culture

Several auditoriums in the new university

in Zuidas. Design, he said, is central to suc-

building on De Boelelaan will be used prima-

cessful urban development. Next, Orville

rily as cinema theatres, but may also serve

Breeveld and Chris Keulemans presented

as lecture halls during daytime. Amsterdam


their initiative, titled Ondertussen (‘Mean-

Public Library Director Martin Berendse

Many attendees signed up for a tour of

while’), in using music and other art forms

followed with a presentation on possibili-

Circl before the meeting, to have a look at

to bring people from diverse backgrounds

ties for an internationally oriented library

the building’s sustainable construction,

together and engender mutual support. Ar-

branch in Zuidas. He emphasized the social

restaurant and bar, and its programme of

ticulating this vision, international musici-

role libraries play in cities like Amsterdam

activities. During the meeting, which was

ans from Orville’s Breathing Ensemble gave

and shared his ideas about the way a public

moderated by Eline Hoogendijk of Amster-

a brilliant acoustic performance. Injecting

library branch could contribute to a more

dam’s Zuidas District Office, participants had

more Iife into an area is closely tied to the

lively community. Last but not least, Eline

an opportunity to present various existing

image it projects. Adding an original facet

Hoogendijk was thanked by Olivier Otten of

and prospective initiatives, aimed to enliven

to the image of Zuidas is Zuidas Beer, set to

Hello Zuidas for her efforts on behalf of Hello

the area. Eline called on audience members

become available shortly. Brewers Jesse

Zuidas over the last few years. We are al-

to support and actively seek collaboration

Gosse and Remco Kappelhof presented

ready looking forward to the next members

with the various presenters. First to take

their plans to use Zuidas-grown hops to

meeting in February 2018!

Text Jelmer Jeuring • Photography Davien Hulsman

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FINANCE Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

US MERCHANT BANK JEFFERIES OPENS OFFICE IN AMSTERDAM Zuidas - American investment banking firm Jefferies has opened a location in Amsterdam’s Financial Mile. From there it will advise Benelux-based companies on flotations, debt issues, mergers and acquisitions. Appointed to direct its team of seven bankers at the Amsterdam World Trade Center is Kasper van Griensven, who up until last month was Deutsche Bank’s head of Benelux investment banking. Previously, he worked at Lehman Brothers and Nomura, amongst others. Also coming from Deutsche Bank are Nick Vernooy and its head of mergers and acquisitions, Serge Fielmich.

24 •





Zuidas - London’s bankers fear that, after Brexit, Frankfurt

Zuidas - Britain’s RBS is in ‘advanced talks’ with the Dutch

may displace The City as Europe’s financial centre. ‘Out of

supervisory authority on the establishment of a European

the entire field of potential rivals, Frankfurt is the only city

office in Amsterdam post-Brexit. Though its precise scale

to pose a real challenge to London’, said Jeremy Browne,

is still unknown, the bank estimates the office will have

special representative for the City of London Corporation, in

some 150 jobs on offer. The RBS is searching for an EU

an interview with FD. During a visit to the Dutch Ministry of Fi-

office outside of London in order to hold on to its so-called

nance on 11 September, he also made a brief stop in Zuidas.

passporting rights after Brexit, thus enabling the bank to

His message to the Netherlands was the same as to other EU

continue marketing its products in the European Union. ‘The

countries, emphasizing that it would be irresponsible and

uncertainty around Brexit means that we, like other financial

short-sighted for the remaining 27 member states to use the

institutions, will have to prepare for an unfavourable

Brexit as a pretext to shut down Europe’s only true financial

outcome’, said bank Chairman Howard Davies the plans.

centre. France, he says, is one of the main aggressors.

‘Amsterdam is our prime option.’

UNDETERRED CHINESE PUMP BILLIONS INTO LONDON CITY Zuidas - London’s bankers may soon be turning tail, but big firms in The City are, if anything, more popular than ever. With Chinese investors now paying record sums for offices in the British capital, investments in City bricks and mortar are at an all-time high. In the first half of 2017, £5 billion flooded into the financial heart of London, according to figures released in August by real estate advisory firm Savills. In the popular West End district, the office market enjoyed its second-best half-year ever.

EMA STAFF VOTE FOR AMSTERDAM Zuidas - With the Brexit vote forcing the EU’s European Medicine Authority (EMA) to relocate out of London, its employees have voiced an overwhelming preference for Amsterdam. In an in-house survey conducted among agency staff, 81% said they will follow the EU agency should it move to the Netherlands. The EMA published the survey results on its website, though without specifying prospective cities by name. However, British daily The Guardian managed to obtain a copy in which they were named. The EMA meanwhile spoke of an imminent ‘public health crisis’ if it is forced to abandon a significant portion of its workforce.

• 25

MAJOR MOVE FOR CMS TO THE ATRIUM With Zuidas developing in leaps and bounds, it’s not surprising that it has become a magnet for companies looking to relocate. Take for instance the internationally renowned law firm CMS, which is the sixth largest firm in the world, employing 1,000 partners and 4,500 lawyers. Hello Zuidas caught up with Managing Partner Willem Hoorneman to talk about their move to the Atrium building and to ask how CMS sees its future there.


26 •

When quarters at the firm’s old premises in the

where those clients are coming from, so clients get

Mondriaan Tower started getting too cramped for

maximum support in the areas where they need it.’

comfort, CMS immediately set its sights on Zuidas. ‘The Atrium is one of the oldest buildings in Zuidas,


but it’s been modernized with the addition of these

Hoorneman has seen quite a few things change at the

new towers. It’s brilliant to work at such a beautiful,

firm over time. He joined CMS almost 28 years ago,

well-connected and new location, with a view of the

back when he was seeking a position in intellectual

courthouse as an added bonus.’

property law and patents. Hoorneman found it at CMS and never left. He went on to write the patent law


chapters in the authoritative handbook on software

In early September, CMS traded its office at the

protection in the Netherlands, and later expanded his

Amstel for the Atrium, where the firm was greeted by

practice into copyright and trademark law. Since be-

an impressive refurbishment. ‘From day one’, says

coming managing partner, he has had less time for li-

Hoorneman, ‘everyone was excited about this new

tigation, but from time to time he can still be found in

location. We made a conscious choice to keep the

the courtroom. Recently he argued a case on whether

whole interior open and transparent. That was quite

the iconic Rubik’s Cube is copyright-protected.

a change for a lot of people, but now we have more interaction, which is great. It’s also convenient for


our staff and lawyers in Utrecht, who can come to

Looking towards the future, Hoorneman sees a bright

work at the hot desks here. The idea of each person

future for CMS. ‘I foresee significant growth in the time

having an office that’s off limits to everybody else is

ahead, and I also think that we’ll take on increasingly

antiquated – those days are over.’

larger cases and larger transactions for big projects. Maybe in another ten years we’ll have outgrown our


offices again.’ Fortunately, Zuidas is growing too!

Settled now at its new premises, the firm is continuing its steady path to growth. According to Hoor-


neman, CMS, with its offices around the globe all

Willem Hoorneman is a member of the IP/TMC Prac-

intensively collaborating, is one of a kind among law

tice Group at CMS and leads its Life Sciences Practice

firms. This is borne out in various ways, one being

Group. With almost 25 years’ experience in IP law,

their relationship with clients. ‘One of our core values

and as author of the patent law section of the main

is a client-centred approach, providing assistance

Dutch handbook on software law, Willem is regarded

that’s tailored to specific sectors. For example, we

as an expert IP lawyer and one of the best in the field

have a group of lawyers devoted to life sciences,

of patent law. He feels equally at home in other fields

hotels, insurance, energy. Each sector has been as-

of IP practice, and for many years was the editor-

signed its own, dedicated staff. They know the ropes

in-chief of BMM Bulletin, a journal on Benelux and

and speak the language and understand exactly

European trademark and design law.

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 27

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BUS SERVICE EXPANDED! Office workers, residents and school pupils in Zuidas and Amsterdam-Buitenveldert will already be familiar with the free luxury bus service, that comes complete with WiFi and travels to and from the Gelderlandplein shopping centre. Now tourists, students, residents and workers around Buitenveldert-Oost and VU Amsterdam can also use the free Gelderlandplein service. The exceptional success of the Gelderlandplein line

a success that there was widespread local demand

has led Kroonenberg Groep, the Municipal Transport

to expand the bus route. We’ve responded to that

Authority (GVB) and the Amsterdam Zuid Urban District

demand, making bus links to Gelderlandplein better

to expand the service with two additional routes. Line

than ever’.

464 now connects Zuidas and Gelderlandplein with the stretch of Beneluxbaan that runs between Novotel and

District Officer Paul Slettenhaar says, ‘This bus ser-

Holiday Inn in Buitenveldert-Oost via De Boelelaan and

vice is a unique example of public-private cooperati-

A.J. Ernststraat. Line 465 operates the reverse route,

on, making all key destinations in Buitenveldert and

with an express service from VU Amsterdam to the

Zuidas easily accessible by public transport’.

shopping centre and Zuidas. Both routes will be served thrice every hour and are operated by the GVB on be-

With an extra bus stop across from Mahler 900

half of Gelderlandplein owner Kroonenberg Groep.

and Gustav Gym, in addition to the existing stop

timetable, download

at Mahlerplein, the Gelderlandplein line offers

the Gelderlandpleinlijn

According to Kroonenberg Groep Director Lesley

greater convenience for people who live and

Bamberger, ‘The Gelderlandplein line has been such

work in Zuidas.

Photography Kees Hummel

For your local stop’s

app or visit

• 29


AGENDA NOVEMBER • DECEMBER Tuesday 7 & Tuesday 21 November Saturday 4 November



@ VU Amsterdam Main Building,

@ Amsterdamse Bos

Rialto cinema

With autumn upon us, it’s once more

Catch the latest films on two Tues-

Every Thursday

time for Blubber! Come out to the

days a month at the VU Amsterdam


Amsterdamse Bos on Saturday 4

Main Building, where lecture hall

November and discover beautiful

KC-07 does double duty as the Rialto

Unwind every Thursday with Drinks

forest trails and blubbery bridle

cinema, screening premiers and pre-

& Bucks, where specials are renewed

paths. The start and finish are at the

premiers of leading award-winning

every month! In December, do pop in

main entrance of the Amsterdamse

international films in association with

for a cup of mulled wine! More info:

Bos, next to the shop, at Bosbaanweg

Griffioen. Showing this month are

5. This edition will also feature a 1.3

The Square at 5:45pm, followed by

km kid’s run, which are partly along

Jupiter’s Moon at 8:30pm. The films

unpaved bridle paths. More info:

are subtitled in English. More info &


@ Ox & Bucks

Friday 3 November

Tuesday 7 November

Friday 10 November






@ Thomas Theater, Amsterdam

Celebrate the end of your working week


On 10 November 2017, the Thomas

and all of its highlights, while expan-

In its ‘Netherlands Circular in 2050’

Theater in Amsterdam will be orga-

ding your professional (and personal!)

national policy programme, the

nizing The Night of the Bible. Guests

network at the one and only after-work

Dutch government describes its

include Sigrid van Aken (director of

event in Zuidas. Just follow the red

ambition of a sustainably-driven,

Novamedia/Goede Doelen Loterijen)

carpet inside to enjoy the perfect com-

fully circular economy. Not only is a

and Jos van der Kooij (organist at St

bination of food, drinks and music. Let

circular economy beneficial to our

Bavo’s in Haarlem and the Westerkerk

the bubbles and the tunes work their

climate, it can also generate revenue

in Amsterdam), with presenter Wilfred

magic and transform you into a ‘Dan-

and jobs. But putting it into practice

Scholten (KRO/NCRV). The Night

cing Queen’ or ‘King of Pop’ on the dan-

is trickier, and circular initiatives have

of the Bible is a yearly event where

ce floor! From 5:30pm till late – free en-

yet to shift the mainstream market

Dutch media personalities take the

try – prebook your wine or champagne

in a fundamental way. How can we

stage to talk about important issues

table. More info:

stop circular efforts from devolving

that, too often, go undiscussed.

Don’t forget your business card so you

into ‘recycling 2.0’ and achieve lasting

Starts at 7:30pm (main entrance of

can join the lottery!

change? More info:

the Thomaskerk). Admission: €12.50.

30 •


Our next issue will be published @ January 10. Send your agenda to before November 27.

Thursday 16 November SMALL TALK & NETWORKING Friday 10 November - Sunday 17 December APOCALYPSE @ Art Chapel, Prinses Irenestraat 19


Friday 17 & Saturday 18 November

@ Taalcentrum-VU


Do you often have to speak English

@ Botanic Garden, Zuidas

After Picasso’s Guernica, any attempt

with colleagues or international busi-

After two successful summertime

to paint war and destruction seemed

ness relations? And do you sometimes

dinners at the Botanic Garden in

doomed to fall into clichéd represen-

have trouble getting the conversa-

May, Café Spontane will return on 17

tations, whilst certain images, like

tion started – and keeping it going?

and 18 November. Enjoy a five-cour-

those of fighting in the Middle East

Then don’t miss this free small talk &

se vegetarian meal with specially

and 9/11, seem suited only for the

networking workshop on Thursday 16

selected wines at a long table in the

medium of photography. Nonethe-

November. Stay for drinks afterwards

greenhouse, surrounded by lush

less, there are still artists who, if only

to practice your new skills! Register

tropical plants. For more info and re-

to cut through society’s lethargy,


servations, send an email to: hello@

have reacted to the excesses of mo-

workshop-networking/ or visit Starts at 7pm.

dern life or expressly choose to depict injustice, violence or extreme situations. Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12-5pm. More info:

Thursday 16 November

Sunday 19 - Sunday 26 November



PLATFORM Tuesday 14 November

@ De Nieuwe Poort

@ RAI Amsterdam The PAN Amsterdam art fair is one of


Are your decisions guided by clear-

the biggest and best throughout the

@ Doctors Inc.,

cut criteria? Is your compliance in or-

Netherlands. Organized every autumn

Clubsportive lobby

der? Do you have a rule management

at the RAI convention centre, PAN Am-

Men of Zuidas, the days when a little

system in place? Get acquainted with

sterdam attracts tens of thousands of

shot of Botox was something to be

the Dutch Business Rules Platform

art lovers, collectors and buyers from

ashamed of are over! Curious about

during a lecture on ‘Experiences with

the Netherlands and abroad. The fair

what Botox could do for you? Visit

Decision Management at Goldman

is known for the high quality of the

Doctors Inc. on our drop-in evening

Sachs’ at De Nieuwe Poort. For Hello

art on offer. Order tickets on www.

from 6pm to 8pm on 14 November.

Zuidas members, the lecture is free Readers of Hello Zuidas

You’ll find Doctors Inc. in the lobby of

of charge. More info and to register:

magazine enjoy a special discount,

Clubsportive in Zuidas.

using the code ‘Hellozuidas’.

• 31

A Nordic Winter • AGENDA NOVEMBER Come and celebrate DECEMBER the season! Come and celebrate the season! Experience the “hygge” together at


Experience the “hygge” together at WINTER TERRACE 2017 GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER

A Nordic Winter

Contact our Crowne Meeting team for our packages, questions, or inquiries at: T 020 504 36 16 • E

Come and celebrate the season! Experience the “hygge” together at

Thursday 23 November


WINTER TERRACE 2017 GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER celebrate the opening of its terrace with a @ Crowne Plaza

On 23 November Crowne WINTER Plaza will TERRACE 2017 Contact our Crowne Meeting team for our packages, questions, or inquiries at: T 020 504 36 16 • E

‘Hyggelig’ party. Hyggelig is a Norwegian

word that knows no equivalent in English.

Contact our Crowne Meeting team for our packages, questions, or inquiries at: T 020 504 36 16 • E

It describes a feeling of friendship, Sunday 10 December

warmth, peace and contentment in a comfortable and cosy setting. This winter

Wednesday 22 November

season, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South


will be recreating the Nordic Winter on its

@ Restaurant à Deauville

PURE MARKT - WINTER MARKET @ Amstelpark Pure Markt is a market held on

terrace, where you and your colleagues

Are you single and looking for a date?

various fixed locations in Amster-

can enjoy the holidays, hyggelig style!

Come speed dating at Restaurant à

dam and other alternating locations

The opening party is from 5pm to 9pm.

Deauville! You’ll meet 15 to 20 other

throughout the Netherlands. It brings

To attend, please register by sending an

straight singles between the ages of

together various independent craft-

email to:

25 and 38, with a new date for every

speople selling delicious food, bever-

4 minutes. The dating event will

ages and other unique items. Stock

start at 7:30pm and end at

up on weekly groceries, enjoy a picnic

10pm. Please register on the website:

on the lawn or sample small dishes

on the terrace, accompanied by live


music. More info:

Tuesday 21 & Tuesday 28 November ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION WORKSHOP @ Taalcentrum-VU



Does your English pronunciation need a


boost? Do you want to be more persua-

@ Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

sive with your international partners?

Local brewers Jesse Gosse and Rem-

Taalcentrum-VU’s English pronunciati-

co Kappelhof are launching Zuidas

on workshop will help you polish your

Beer, which will be coming soon to

speech, making you more confident. The

various locations around Zuidas.

workshop focuses on the trickiest ton-

Want to taste it for yourself? The beer

gue-twisters, and the hands-on approach

will be unveiled on 30 November

will have you speaking more fluently in

during the Hello Zuidas members-on-

no time. Sign up now and improve your

ly End of Year Event at Het Amster-

English! Time: 1:30-4:30pm. More info: htt-

damse Proeflokaal. Come toast to our


own Zuidas craft beer! Time: 5-7pm.


More info:

32 •


Our next issue will be published @ January 10. Send your agenda to before November 27.

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 December

Thursday 21 December



Through December

@ Restaurant à Deauville


@ Botanic Garden, Zuidas Visit the Botanic Garden’s winter

Are you single and looking for a date?

market, featuring various stands

Come speed dating at Restaurant à

Restaurant het Bosch knows just

selling seasonal items. Apart from

Deauville! You’ll meet 15 to 20 other

how to combine a decadent dinner

plants, you’ll also find lots of organic

straight singles between the ages

with a phenomenal party, with our

products, like honey, soap, chut-

of and 32, with a new date changing

house DJ’s funky beats to complete

ney, Limoncello, Japanese tea and

every 4 minutes. The dating event will

the celebration. Prefer a more formal

biscuits, plus live music. While you’re

start 7:30pm and end at 10pm. Please

gathering? Het Bosch would be

there, see the garden in its full winter

register on the website: https://about-

delighted to arrange a gala dinner for

splendour! Time: 12-5pm. Admission

your team or organization. More info:

@ het Bosch, or call

is free of charge.


Through 3 December EXHIBITION: RADIANT MATTER Wednesday 13 December

@ Glazen Huis, Amstelpark


Radiant Matter is the first exhibition of

@ Thomaskerk

work by Marjolijn Dijkman and Maarten

Once more it’s time to reflect on a

Vanden Eynde. It brings together diverse

Through 31 December

year that probably sped by, and to

objects, sculptures, photographs and a


look ahead at what the next year has

video that together explore the complex


in store. Where we are now? Where

relationship between the impact of

are we headed? And more personally,

humans on the environment, and vice

In Amsterdam, sadly, poverty is a

where do you stand in life? What are

versa. On 25 November, from 3pm to

multifaceted problem. This winter,

you working on? Are things going your

5pm, there will be a presentation of

the city’s restaurants will be joining

way? How does your life fit in when

Marjolijn Dijkman’s book Radiant Matter,

forces to battle poverty: through the

compared to the greater whole, the

published by Onomatopee, including a

end of December, various establis-

bigger picture? And how can the story

discussion between Marjolijn Dijkman

hments will add an extra €1 to your

of Christmas help you understand it? In

and Kris Dittel (editor at Onomatopee)

bill to help someone in need. Please

the week before Christmas, Ruben van

and Patricia Pisters (professor of Media

donate and help make a difference.

Zwieten tells the Story of Christmas.

and Film Studies, University of Amster-

For participating restaurants, see:

More info:

dam). More info:

@ Various restaurants in Zuidas

• 33

your dentist might be just around the corner book now a free first consultation

visit us and register online at or call 020 - 66 23 071 Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 1082 MA Amsterdam

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

17077 Vd Veer Adv_185x127,5_O4.indd 1

15-06-17 13:23

A Nordic Winter Come and celebrate the season! Experience the “hygge” together at

WINTER TERRACE 2017 GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER Contact our Crowne Meeting team for our packages, questions, or inquiries at: T 020 504 36 16 • E

Webster Amsterdam Campus


AN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN ZUIDAS Triggering people to venture outside their

the world. As a Webster graduate, you’re part of our

comfort zone – that is one of the things Joijcelyn

network of 175,000 alumni. Clearly, that makes us

Hoost hopes to achieve at Webster. For many

fairly unique.’

people, international education is in itself a step outside their comfort zone, if only because it me-


ans interacting with lots of different cultures and

Joijcelyn predicts that Zuidas, and the Netherlands in

backgrounds. Yet, according to Joijcelyn, it is a

general, will only become more international as time

step worth considering, because an international

goes on. ‘Developments like Brexit will result in lots

degree offers a definite edge.

of companies coming to Zuidas, making Amsterdam into an increasingly internationally oriented city. Many


of those global companies will be looking to hire

Webster has been in Zuidas for more than ten

professionals with an international background, and

years now and has enrolled a large number of local

that’s where a Webster MBA comes in as a genuine

professionals in its MBA programme. ‘Many are

advantage. Being an US-accredited international

expats or Dutch people who work in an internati-

institution means our students learn to interact effec-

onal environment, or would like to do so’, explains

tively with diverse nationalities, and that’s an ability


Joijcelyn. ‘Those who work at that international

many organizations value – especially as more and


level are likely to encounter various cultures and

more expats come to the Netherlands.’ But beyond


backgrounds. In order to be successful, you have

that, says Joijcelyn, international education is vital

Strawinskylaan 57 (WTC)

to develop a global mindset. With faculty and stu-

for the future. ‘With all the negativity and desperate

+31 (0)20 379 5697

dents from around the globe, Webster is the perfect

situations in the world right now, we need to turn to

place. Moreover, Webster has campuses all around

each other.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 35


INNOVATION EXCHANGE ZUIDAS For most people, the name VU Amsterdam is synonymous with the campus and its students, just as the name VUmc is invariably connected with the hospital. But what many people don’t realize, is that both buildings are home to dozens of scientists who are daily working on important research and major issues facing modern society. When these researchers are ready to take their work to the next level, they can turn to Amsterdam Venture Studios, an initiative of Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA). IXA is a centre of expertise on the VU Campus Amsterdam that helps researchers turn their invention, idea, or research results into a startup. Hello Zuidas discussed this initiative with Josja van der Veer, director of Campus Estate Management at VU Amsterdam, and Bart Klijsen, director of IXA.

36 •

HIDDEN GEMS The purpose of IXA is to assist VU researchers who want to convert

number of partnerships between VU Amsterdam and Zuidas’,

their research results or concepts into a concrete business plan. ‘We

Klijsen says, ‘including those with major accountancy firms.’

help them to start a venture by providing them with trainings and offices, as well as finding them a mentor and connecting them to a

According to Van der Veer, that number could be expanded.

valuable network,’ Klijsen explains. ‘Plus, here you’re surrounded by

‘We’re appealing to Zuidas business gurus to get in touch with

talented, clever minds - by which of course I mean students - who can

us. But we also want to look at how we can help organizations

work for you and help you make your company grow.’ Van der Veer

in Zuidas tackle their issues, for example with innovation.

adds, ‘We see lots of brilliant people here with great potential, for

After all, it’s not called Innovation Exchange Amsterdam

instance among those working in natural and medical sciences. In the

for nothing!’

past they had a tendency to stay within the protective environment of the faculties labs. To actually be able to put your idea out there, you need to be guided effectively and to have access to the right facilities.’

Amsterdam Venture Studios


The Amsterdam Venture Studios offer opportunities for stu-

Lumicks and HurryQ are two prime examples of companies that got a

dents, researchers and alumni of Amsterdam’s knowledge

leg up from VU Amsterdam. ‘Lumicks is a VU spin-off. It is marketing the

institutions to turn their dreams into actions. They provide

world’s first tool to film and measure life at a molecular level,’ says Van

spaces at various campuses around Amsterdam to start a

der Veer, ‘which enables the study and manipulation of biomolecules.

business and make it grow.

This will exponentially increase our knowledge of DNA and proteins and will improve insights into how diseases develop and how they may be prevented.’ Klijsen adds, ‘We also have a Demonstrator Lab at VU Amsterdam. This is a facility where students and researchers from various

We’re looking for you!

knowledge institutions in Amsterdam may come together to transform

Do you have a burning question about innovation within

ideas into tangibly added value for the customer. This is where HurryQ

your organization? Or would you like to become mentor to

was developed into a product. That’s an app you can use to buy tickets

researchers and support them in turning their research pro-

for places like museums, but instead of having to queue up for several

jects into real-world applications? Contact IXA! Call Jessica

hours, you can do something else in the meantime. Once the transaction

van Gendt : +31 (0)20 59 89 905. Or visit

is completed, you can scan the code on your mobile and walk right in.’ IXA office VU-VUmc


De Boelelaan 1085

Amsterdam’s financial centre has a wealth of knowledge that com-

W&N building, room F-554

panies on the VU campus can use. ‘There already are a

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 37


INNOVATIVE RESIDENTIAL CONCEPT TO LAUNCH IN DUTCH HOUSING MARKET HUT: plug-and-play apartments HUT will be launching a new type of residency in November 2017;

speed Wi-Fi will also be accessible for everyone and the communal lobby

new and innovative ‘plug-and-play’ apartments where technology

on the ground floor may be used at any time.

and services are just as important as living comfort. HUT consists of three apartment complexes at Beursstraat, Warmoesstraat and

The Smart Home System can be used to regulate the apartment’s tempe-

Spuistraat in Amsterdam´s historic city centre.

rature, switch lights on and off and open and close the front door.

The idea is simple: all residents have to do is move in, because the apart-

HUTs are available in four sizes. Two single occupancy apartment types;

ments have already been fully furnished by designer duo Prast&Hooft.

the HUT Cute (40-50 sq. m.) and the HUT compact (50-70 sq. m.) And two

Residents will be able to manage their home and facilities using the

double occupancy apartments, the HUT Big (65-85 sq. m.) and HUT Super

multi-functional HUT app that includes a variety of features and services

(85-115 sq. m.). Rents vary from € 1450,- per month.

such as laundry, parcel delivery, breakfast, bicycle and gym services. All residents will have access to shared and sustainable HUT bikes. High-

To schedule a viewing, please visit

• 39


Handel Amsterdam Address

Fred. Roeskestraat 95


MONK Architecten BNA

Main tenants i.a. CommonWealth,

Dynamic Credit,

Oliver Wyman, Servoy,

Waterline Capital

Completed in 2015 Height

14 m



Floor area

2,117 m2


All-in Real Estate in

collaboration with

Being Development


The Pavilion Address

Fred. Roeskestraat 99


Powerhouse Company



Completed in 2016

40 •


12 m



Floor area

1,571 m2


Being Development

in collaboration with

All-in Real Estate


THE PAVILION - FACTS • Hidden away in the heart of The Pavilion is power company Liander’s switch house. Specially designed to blend in with the rest of the building, the doors of the switch house are made from the same stone as the two pavilions.

Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering

them together. The most notable feature of

work in architecture. As it matures into

these pavilion-style office buildings is that

Pavilion seems almost to be floating. The

an international quarter of Amsterdam,

they are low-rise structures. Furthermore,

structure is built on a plinth and clad in mat

buildings in Zuidas are shooting up

both are built from the same dark natural

black mirrors that reflect the surrounding

right and left. Amidst all these modern

stone, signalling their high architectural

greenery; this effect makes the plinth all

skyscrapers, it may be difficult to ima-

standard and emphasis on environmental

but invisible.

gine that only around 20 years ago, this

and social values. The designs also factor

stretch of land connecting the residential

in the adjacent cemetery; the rear of The

streamlined, the building’s interior, and

neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenvel-

Pavilion, which overlooks the cemetery,

especially the wall murals, is playful and

dert consisted mostly of tennis courts

is partly closed off and constructed from


and football pitches. In this series, we

green natural stone to blend in with the

zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas.

green surroundings. Handel Amsterdam,


This time, we take a closer look at Handel

whose name is a double nod to the com-

• Handel Amsterdam’s multiple pavilions

Amsterdam and The Pavilion.

posers’ neighbourhood and the building’s financial sector tenants, consists of layers

• Look closely and you’ll notice that The

• Whereas The Pavilion’s exterior is clean and

are connected by a long glass corridor extending to a total of 80 metres.


of alternating formality and informality. On


entering the building, visitors are drawn

incorporated only a few sanitary facilities,

Zuidas is a place defined by its tall buil-

into the welcoming lunch area, whereas the

encouraging people to walk more, which

dings, whose soaring profiles dominate

feel of the adjoining corridors and spaces is

the skyline of Amsterdam. Joining the

immediately more formal and thus less ac-

skyscrapers, two recent additions are

cessible. This is carried though to the upper

floors, in reality there are three: underneath

cast from a completely different archi-

private offices. Handel Amsterdam and The

the roof is a mezzanine space that can be

tectural mould. Handel Amsterdam and

Pavilion are the only pavilions to be found

The Pavilion are two distinctive buildings

in the Zuidas area and every single corner

designed by two different architects, whose

inside these buildings has been maximized

one of the 10 best office buildings of 2016 in

style and similar materials nonetheless link

and finished with a keen eye for detail.

the Netherlands.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Photography Monk Architecten & Ronald Tilleman Photography

• Its interior design has purposely

supports the status of a ‘healthy building’. • Though the building seems to have two

used for meetings. • NRC has selected HANDEL Amsterdam as

• 41


Malu Hilverink

Olivier Otten & Eline Hoogendijk

Middle: Roger Wiersma, Right: Maarten Govers

Pauline Bottema, Maartje Oome, Eline Kik & Janneke den Ouden

Josja van der Veer & Eline Hoogendijk


Jurgen Bey

Left: David van Traa

Monday 18 September @ CIRCL • More than 140 members attended the meeting. • Many also signed up for a guided tour of Circl beforehand. • Among the speakers was Jurgen Bey from the Sandberg Institute, who offered his vision on the role of art and culture in Zuidas. • After the meeting, members caught up over drinks. Saskia Rill & Edwin van der Horst

Mark Vermeulen, Eme van der Schaaf & Raymond Walravens

Willeke Adriaanse & Marlies Geijssel

Merijn van den Bergh

Jesse Gosse, Olivier Otten, Jelmer Jeuring & Peter Hoogendijk

Left: Richard van Veen, Right: Aalt Leusink

42 •

Photography Davien Hulsman





Law firm takes the next step with an inspiring brand promise Spotted Houthoff’s ads around Zuidas yet? The prestigious law firm is proud to

the law and who are willing to go the extra mile

unveil its new positioning. Alongside an inspiring media campaign, the launch

to reach the top of their profession. We expect

is accompanied by an updated website, a fresh corporate identity and a name

a lot from our people, but we also give a great

change from Houthoff Buruma to Houthoff. Managing Partner Edward de Bock

deal in return. Houthoff offers an extensive

explains, ‘Over the past decades, Houthoff has worked hard to carve out a solid

training programme focused on building exper-

position as a leading law firm. But that doesn’t mean we’re content to rest on

tise and personal development. From day one,

our laurels. In fact, more than ever, we need to think hard about who we are and

you’ll be challenged to take charge. At Houthoff,

how we want to go forward. This all comes together in our new brand promise:

you’ll always work as part of a close-knit

“Going Beyond”.’

team, with ample scope to maximize your own talents. That will give you a strong basis for the

‘We’ve given a good deal of thought recently to who we are and what we stand for. Now we’re proud to present that to the world. “Going Beyond” means we help our clients

‘We help our clients move forward at critical moments’

move forward at critical moments. Our

rest of your career.’

HOUTHOFF Gustav Mahlerplein 50

lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advi-


1082 MA Amsterdam

sers offer pragmatic solutions to strategic

Houthoff also has a clear message for students.

+ 31 (0)20 605 6000

problems, while actively helping clients to

‘We’re searching for outstanding students who

leverage opportunities,’ says De Bock.

take an abiding interest in the application of

Text Kika Samsom • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 43




44 •


LOYENS & LOEFF SWITCH GEARS FOR BIKES Over 50 Loyens & Loeff employees have been trading their cars for e-bikes. This occurred during a large-scale electric bike pilot at the law and tax consultancy firm’s offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem. Pilot partner is Qicq, Dutch supplier of Stromer brand speed e-bikes, which are an excellent alternative when bridging distances of 35-40 kilo-


metres. Not long ago, GBC Zuidas also offered its members a chance to test-ride electric

On 29 September, 17 employees of OVG Real

bicycles. Employees of ABN AMRO, WTC Amsterdam, Houthoff and other companies took

Estate, Accenture, Arcadis, Deloitte, VUmc and

part in this project and gave it a big thumbs up! Want to pilot e-bikes at your organization?

other local businesses handed over their car

Send an email to:

keys to Alderman Pieter Litjens to kick off the Zuidas Mobility Experience. Having pledged to leave their cars at home for the duration of one month, they each got a Zuidas Pass in exchange which they could use for a wide range of transport alternatives, including train, bus, shared cars and shared e-bikes. In fact, without their keys, they won’t be using their cars at all for a whole month! Interested in their experiences? Check out the vlogs on

STUDENTS CIRCULARIZE OFFICES Three international students from VU Amsterdam are currently rolling out a scheme for Circular Office Supplies. Together with office managers of several firms in Zuidas, they are looking at which office supplies could be replaced with circular products– from soft ware to facilitate paperless processes, printer cartridges, furnishings, lighting and sparkling water to the ubiquitous coffee cup. They’re also compiling a catalogue of circular alternatives for common office items. As junior consultants, the students may advise companies on which products are most suitable. For them, in turn, it’s a valuable opportunity to learn the ropes in business. Interested? Send an email to:

Maartje Oome is communications advisor for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district organization in which businesses cooperate in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to

Text Maartje Oome

• 45


SE PT EM BE R 2018

JOIN OUR FULL-TIME MBA IN THE HEART OF AMSTERDAM The Full-time MBA of Nyenrode Business Universiteit is the only MBA that

During Meet the CEO sessions you will present your ideas to senior

focuses on Europe. Your classes take place in the historic heart of

management executives of Dutch and international companies. Visit our

Amsterdam, and you will get to experience the European business

website for more information or sign-up for one of our on-campus events

community by visiting companies in different European cities.

to meet current students, alumni and staff.




NBU_HelloZuidAs_adv185x127,5_w39_01.indd 1

28-09-17 13:54

New years eve - DINNER & DANCE VISAANDESCHELDE & THE ROAST ROOM New Years Eve dinner at Visaandeschelde or THE ROAST ROOM with a party in THE ROAST BAR. The best way to start 2018!

Piper Heidsieck aperitive - 4 course dinner - live band 8 musicians - DJ - fireworks - bites 7 pm dinner & party €115,- | 10 pm party €35,VIS: Scheldeplein 4 | 1078 GR Amsterdam | | 020 - 675 1583 ROAST: Europaplein 2 | 1078 GZ Amsterdam | | 020 - 723 9614







Dentons Boekel is launching a tax consultancy practice with a team of partners, consisting of Jurjen


Bevers, Paul Halprin, Heico Reinoud and Marnix Veldhuijzen. All hail from Baker McKenzie. ‘To serve


our clients, our worldwide organization and international practice need a solid tax practice in the

Stibbe is entering the competition to cur-

Netherlands’, Dentons Europe CEO Tomasz Dabrowski explained, who has been working in the

ry favour with startups with its new Stib-

Dutch market since April 2017, following the merger with Boekel. The expansion into tax consultancy

be StartsUP programme, offering ‘pro-

marks ‘an important step forwards in the Amsterdam office’s growth and development strategy.’

mising enterprises in diverse industries’,

Dentons Boekel Netherlands Country Managing Officer Marien Glerum says: ‘Globally, Dentons is a

which entails legal support free of charge

very strong brand. This has had a direct and positive impact on our local market position and our

for the duration of one year. Suitable

ability to recruit acclaimed specialists. These new partners are proof that our strategy is working’.

candidates from incubator programmes, technical universities and elsewhere will be vetted by the firm. According to an


official press release, ‘Stibbe StartsUP

DLA Piper in Amsterdam is among the initiators of Know Your Rights, a new project offering

stems from our desire to help young

25 young asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands a 12-week course on their legal

businesses’. Sound legal advice is crucial

position and how to strengthen it. Syrian lawyer Ous Haidar has been working as the project’s

for every new undertaking, says the firm,

coordinator at DLA Piper since last August. ‘We hope to expand the programme to more

but often it is too expensive for startups.

participants shortly.’ Aside from DLA Piper, project partners are the New Dutch Connections

Instead of the traditional lawyer-client

foundation (working to close the gap between Dutch nationals and newcomers), the Faculty

relationship, the new programme aims

of Law at Leiden University and Pro Bono Connect (a project of the NJCM Dutch Section of the

to be a ‘two-way process’ in which both

International Commission of Jurists).

parties can learn from each other.

• 47

CompaNanny Zuidas

At CompaNanny Zuidas, we offer a Day Care centre with both Dutch and bilingual groups, as well as After-School Care (BSO) under one roof. For the After-School care we pick children up from the St. Jozefschool. Child development is at the core of everything we do. We also enjoy helping to make the combination of work and family life as easy as possible for parents, by offering for example: • A unique combination of MBO- (Intermediate Vocational Training) and HBO- (Higher Vocational Education) educated Nannies • Extended opening hours: from 07:30 until 20:00 • A warm fresh lunch made from organic products • Fresh take-away meals for the family and coffee to go

e have 7 m o c o t like 7 011 u 1 o 4 y 0 d l 2 u 0 Wo ll us on d tour. a C ? k o a lo guide a e g n a r to ar ZA-185x127,5mm-1710.indd 1

10/11/2017 12:03:05 PM

David Lenahan (owner fit20 Zuidas)

Exercise during work hours can be very effective, if done correctly!

• • • • •



100+ studios Operational in 5 countries 10.000+ satisfied customers 1.000.000+ training sessions performed Inhouse studios at Ahold-Delhaize (5), Randstad, Robeco, Yokogawa

In 2013 fit20 Zuidas was the 19th studio of a Dutch startup fitness concept that was about to change the fitness landscape. Since then fit20 has taken the fitness community by storm with more than 100 studios, international expansion and several inhouse studios at renowned companies like Ahold, Randstad and Robeco.

Fit20 Zuidas • WTC Amsterdam • • 020 820 36 77 •

The three sculptures created by Hans van de Bovenkamp will remain on Gustav Mahlerplein until the next edition of ARTZUID in May 2019. Van de Bovenkamp studied at the School of Architecture in Amsterdam. In the turbulent 1960s he emigrated to New York, where he went on to build a successful artistic career.

Photography Jelmer Jeuring

• 49

Ricoh is specialized in providing document-related services, advice, software and equipment for companies worldwide. It offers solutions keyed to fit your requirements and keep pace with your business. And with its excellent network, Ricoh guarantees

END THE YEAR IN STYLE, WITH A CELEBRATORY TOAST AND GOURMET CHRISTMAS MENU! Looking for an elegant location to host your Christmas drinks and/or dinner? Then look no further. De Kersentuin restaurant offers a wide array of options which our staff would be happy to discuss with you. Interested? Please get in touch through our Events Office.

support whenever you need it.

Ricoh offers the following: • Printing/scanning solutions • Unified communications • Document management

• Workspace management

• Digital invoice processing

• Repro/Production Print

• Office Supplies

May we take your reservation? Contact Lucie Ludema on +31 (0)20 570 56 55 or via for requests and reservations Dijsselhofplantsoen 7 1077BJ Amsterdam

Paasheuvelweg 25 1105 BP Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 7630840

A new home? De Hypotheker finds you the best deal.

We compare all mortgage lenders. Visit our website for more information:

The #1 Zuidas translation agency 020 - 598 64 20 |

Amsterdam, Strawinskylaan 1427 / WTC, (020) 662 14 11

On Thursday 30 November we celebrate the end of 2017 with the launch of Zuidas’ own craft beer. Will you join us in tasting and toasting on Zuidas? All Hello Zuidas members are welcome from 5 p.m. onwards. Cheers!


Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal (Stadionplein)

Registration Date

Thursday 30 November


5 - 7 p.m.

• 51




These days, sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips. In government, the business sector and even at home, we’re all trying to live green and to innovate. Alongside efforts to promote bicycle use for transport, electric cars may also help to make big strides towards a cleaner environment. And you don’t even need to buy a new car, because electrically-powered taxis are already shuttling all around the city. Though there’s no electric taxi stand in Zuidas yet, city spokesman Maarten van Casteren says he plans to open one before the end of this year.

52 •



share to create a better world’, says Julien. ‘Of-

Slowly but surely, fossil-fuelled cars are being

ten, I drive a Tesla. That’s a car to bridge longer

ousted in favour of electric models. This is also

distances, like when I have to get to Belgium.’

the case at TCA, Amsterdam’s largest taxi com-

Yunus Kahraman, a driver with TCA, shares the

pany. TCA Director Hedy Borreman believes this

same sentiments. In his experience, electric cars

is the future. ‘Our aim is to have a zero-emissions

also offer a far better ride. ‘The cars are quiet,


fleet by the year 2025. At this time, production

and therefore more comfortable. And of course


isn’t high enough to make a full switch to electric

the environmental aspect is very important.


vehicles. Also, today’s electric taxis only have a

Demand for electric transport is growing, and I

If you ask the recep-

maximum radius of around 150 kilometres, with

want to run ahead of the pack. I’ve gotten great

tionist to order you a

the exception of Teslas.’ Though conditions are

feedback from customers.’

taxi after a meeting

not yet ideal for a full-scale conversion to electri-

in Zuidas, chances

cally powered taxis, TCA has taken initial steps.


are you’ll see an

A recent arrival in the taxi arena is Taxi Electric,

Currently, taxi rate regulations make no distincti-

electric model pull

Europe’s first e-taxi service. From Amsterdam,

on between cars driving on petrol or electricity,

up a few minutes

the company is working to ramp up demand for

so there’s all the more reason to opt for green.

later. With the signing

electrically powered taxis and encourage people

In terms of range, electric cars differ considera-

of the Declaration

to opt for green. Hello Zuidas asked drivers from

bly. Julien’s Tesla can easily go 400 kilometres

of Intent on Electric

both TCA and Taxi Electric what they consider to

before it needs to be recharged. By contrast, the

Taxi Use at the recent

be the benefits of electric transport.

Hyundai IONIQ that Yunus drives maxes out at

Green Business Club

around 200 kilometres. ‘Response times are also

Zuidas (GBC Zuidas)


important’, explains Yunus. ‘The aim at all times

CEO breakfast, 17

Driver Julien van der Jacht found his perfect

is to ensure customers are satisfied.’ According

local companies

match in Taxi Electric. Already environmentally

to Julien, Taxi Electric has a target response time

committed to making

conscious, he was looking for an employer who

of five minutes, which it usually meets. For the

electric transport

shares those values. ‘It’s a great feeling to know

time being, reservations are a must, so your taxi

their first choice for

I’m contributing to sustainability by driving an

can be ready and waiting a few minutes before

business taxi use.

electric vehicle. This way, I can really do my

the appointed time.

Text Céline Boute • Photography Mart Media Monster

• 53

Looking for an appealing way to stay in touch with your clients? Make your own promotional magazine with Zuidas Publishers

Zuidas Publishers produces premium media products for a range of clients. We are an experienced publisher of corporate promotional magazines, glossy magazines and city marketing magazines. Besides printed publications, we can also produce online versions to distribute as a link or publish on a website. Zuidas Publishers offers a flexible approach, with full scope to cater for each client’s wishes.

Magazine Management & Editing

Strawinskylaan 15Â (WTC Amsterdam)

Press Releases

1077 XW Amsterdam

Branded Content & Advertorials

+31 (0)20 3620993

Photography & Videos

W W W. Z U I D A S P U B L I S H E R S . N L


Team RAI Amsterdam

Thimo van der Deijl, Kevin van den aardweg, Marcel Schootemeijer & Maurice Hervie (Novotel)

Yvo van Dongen & Jerry Jansen

Jan Brasser, Menno Kostelijk & Wouter Beukers

Leslie valdes & Maria Serra

Jarik Toet, Fred Kempers, Rob Smiers, Mark sloothaak, Tom hartevelt & Randy Bloeme

Johan Broekhuizen, Hans de Winter & Paul Rijnierse

ZUIDASCUP 2017 Friday 29 September @ AFC • Teams from various companies faced off again this year to claim the coveted first place. • Unfortunately, the weather had other plans... • The ZuidasCup tournament is organized annually and will return to SC Buitenveldert next year. • The teams got plenty of encouragement from the sidelines!

Team Deloitte

Janneke den Ouden, Wanda Luinenburg, Kelly Pronk, Willemijn Oosterhof & Veerle Heidema (Zuidas girls)

Berkay Cobanoglu, Wouter van Huis, Dino Schepers & Virgil Esajas (NDI ICT)

56 •

Team Arcadis

August Buitenhuis, Nabil Aboulhamz, Jelmer Peterson & Laurence Koetsier

Team Darwin Recruitment

Team VU

Photography Mart Media Monster

Hello Zuidas welcomes

the following new members COMPANY MACQUARIE CAPITAL • SECTOR INVESTMENT & FINANCE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 8 (2 IN AMSTERDAM) Link with Zuidas: Since 2006, Macquarie has operated its Benelux business from offices at the WTC Amsterdam. We are active in the development of green energy and infrastructure projects, and are also developers of and investors in the New Amsterdam Court House (NACH). Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We are keen to connect with other local businesses and would like to contribute to the development of the Zuidas area.

COMPANY VERMAAT (AT CIRCL) • SECTOR RESTAURANT • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 20 Link with Zuidas: VERMAAT is the proud catering partner of Circl, the new Zuidas hotspot operating the restaurant and rooftop bar. Circl is a place to work, meet up and enjoy drinks or dinner. It also hosts lectures on a variety of subjects. Circl is a circular platform that galvanizes the community and wider society to cooperate towards a sustainable environment. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas is an important cornerstone of the Zuidas community.

COMPANY COGNITO MEDIA AMSTERDAM • SECTOR MARKETING COMMUNICATION, PR & EVENTS FOR FINANCIALS • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 8 Link with Zuidas: We chose Zuidas because it’s the place where we find our customers. Cognito’s uniFinancial Communications

que feature is our specialization in marketing communication and PR activities for the financial sector. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas connects the people who live and work in Zuidas, and we want to contribute to this special corner of Amsterdam.

COMPANY CUSTOMIZED MEDIA • SECTOR MEDIA PRODUCTION & COMMUNICATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 15 Link with Zuidas: With our exclusive Customized Media studio which is headquartered in Zuidas, we create impeccable brand awareness for our partners. We are also a meeting point for both global influencers and industry leaders, being located in the business heart of the Netherlands. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a member of Hello Zuidas, we look forward to being part of a growing business community and benefiting from connections with potential clients, interesting companies and thousands of young professionals.

COMPANY ARNOLD + SIEDSMA • SECTOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW SERVICES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 135 (20 IN AMSTERDAM) Link with Zuidas: Alongside eight other locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have an office at Groot Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam, with specialists covering our three key disciplines: patent law, trademark and design law and intellectual property law. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As our Amsterdam office is located at the edge of Zuidas, we feel invested in the ongoing development of this area.




Hello Zuidas

• 57

MEMO BOARD HELLO ZUIDAS SAYS HI! Recently, the Hello Zuidas team was invited to VU Amsterdam’s O|2 Lab Building. We used the opportunity to shoot some new pictures of the team. This one was made by VU’s Kirstin de Boer. Pictured from left to right are: Jelmer Jeuring, Marja Cino, Angela Nijland, Floor Beeren, Willeke Adriaanse and Olivier Otten. Jelmer and Floor have recently joined Hello Zuidas. If you’d like to get better acquainted, you’re always welcome to drop by our office in the WTC!

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Hello Zuidas, Green Business Club Zuidas and the municipality of Amsterdam have begun work on compiling the 2017 Sustainability Report. Has your organization taken sustainable measures, or implemented a sustainable initiative connected with buildings, public space, mobility, energy, waste, water, green spaces


or a social project? Showcase it in this annual report, and inspire


others! Send your sustainable cases, described in some 100

Since 2013, March has annually featured an Open Tower Day in

words and accompanied by high-res images, if possible, to the

Amsterdam . For one full day, both historic and modern towers

editor-in-chief, Maartje Oome, before 22 December:

throughout the city - including Zuidas - are opened to the public,

offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some jaw-dropping views. The organizers of Open Tower Day are committed to keeping this event free of charge for visitors. And for the event to remain free, they need your support! Should your company or organization be interested in sponsoring this event, or if you wish to sign up your tower for 2018, please get in touch with Henri van Poll at or on 06 - 51 56 99 64.

GIVE A SICK CHILD THE GIFT OF A SMILE ‘My son Roy has cancer and has been in the VUmc children’s ward for a while now, and today it was amazing to see him laugh and relax’, Roy’s mother says. Roy is one of the young patients who got to attend a performance by Stichting Gilat at VU Kinderstad, the hospital’s large indoor play space for children. Every two weeks, this charitable foundation puts on wonderful interactive theatre performances for sick children, providing some much-needed distraction and relaxation in their troubled lives. Gilat is wholly dependent on the generosity of donors. Will you help them give sick children the gift of a smile? Make your donation via the website, or make a direct deposit on bank account number NL86 RABO 0151 7778 02. For information about the foundation, visit:

‘EBERHARD, THANKS FOR THE PIGGY REPUBLIC IN ZUIDAS’ Eberhard, thanks for creating a piggy republic in Zuidas! It’s not every day that a mayor grants the green light to a passel of pigs to root around in his city. But our late Mayor Van der Laan not only approved it - he was a big fan. For three years a breeding sow ransomed from a factory farm was given the run of a vacant wooded lot opposite the Royal Bank of Scotland in Zuidas. During that time, she delivered ten piglets, the first of which was named in the mayor’s honour. Eberhard Jr. had five brothers and four sisters, who lived like bona fide pigs in clover on the priciest parcel of Holland, until the crisis had run its course. Source: Het Parool.

58 •

Members Hello Zuidas • November 2017 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 01. 900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) 02. ABN AMRO 03. Accendium 04. Accenture 05. À Deauville 06. AkzoNobel 07. Alvarez & Marsal Benelux 08. Amsterdam in Business 09. AICS 10. Amsterdam RAI 11. Amsterdamse Bos 12. APG 13. Apleona GVA B.V. 14. Arcadis 15. Arnold & Siedsma 16. Art Zuid 17. ASEGA Legal 18. ASEGA Media 19. Asunaro Holland Interplan 20. Atrium Meeting Centre 21. AVIS 22. BackWERK Zuidas 23. Bagels & Beans 24. Baker McKenzie 25. Beheermij WTC Amsterdam 26. Being Development 27. Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam 28. Blue Boat Company 29. Bolenius 30. Bouwens& 31. Boyden Global Executive Search 32. Breevast 33. Broersma Nieuwbouw 34. Bristol Global Mobility Europe 35. Bushwick 36. Caffè Belmondo 37. CBRE B.V. 38. China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam Branch 39. citizenM 40. Club Sportive 41. Cognito 42. Colliers International Consultants 43. CompaNanny 44. Corporate Housing Factory 45. Cosmo Hairstyling 46. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 47. Customized Media 48. D&B The Facility Group 49. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 50. De Hypotheker 51. Deloitte 52. De Nieuwe Poort 53. De Zuidas Apotheek 54. Dentons Boekel 55. Domeco Development B.V. 56. Doppio 57. Dudok Patisserie 58. Eden McCallum 59. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 60. Eigen Haard 61. Element Hotel 62. ENGIE 63. Euro CCP 64. Euroinfra 65. EY 66. Face Body Bar by Doctors Inc. 67. Fam. Advocaten 68. Financial Offices 69. Fit 20 70. Flexform Amsterdam 71. Fortron B.V. 72. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 73. Fris Makelaars 74. G&S Vastgoed 75. Gentlemen’s Place 76. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 77. Grand Café Mahler 78. Greenberg Nielsen

79. Green Business Club 80. Greenwheels 81. Gustav Gym 82. Gustavino 83. GVB 84. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 85. Hago Nederland B.V. 86. Handelsbanken 87. Health & Therapy Centre 88. Hestia Kinderopvang 89. Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal 90. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 91. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 92. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 93. Houthoff 94. Htel Serviced Apartments 95. InAmsterdam 96. INBO 97. ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West 98. JLL 99. Kardan 100. Kempen & Co 101. Kenko Kitchen 102. Koetjes en Kalfjes 103. König + Neurath (Nederloand) A.G. 104. Legal Issues 105. Lexence 106. Liander 107. LibRT 108. Limon 109. Loyens & Loeff 110. Lunshof Makelaardij 111. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 112. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 113. Made in May 114. Markit 115. Market 33 116. MBO College Zuid 117. Mech Make & Take 118. Miles Building 119. Mindfulbizz 120. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 121. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. 122. Multicopy A’dam WTC 123. Mylk 124. Nationale Postcode Loterij 125. NDI ICT Solutions 126. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 127. Nedstede Real Estate 128. NEWNRG 129. NH Amsterdam Zuid 130. Nicolaas Lyceum 131. NL Real Estate 132. Novotel Amsterdam City 133. NS 134. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 135. Oliver’s 136. Openbare Bibliotheek 137. ORAM 138. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 139. OVG Real Estate 140. Ox & Bucks 141. Partou Kinderopvang 142. Pathé 143. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 144. Platform Beter Benutten 145. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 146. Property NL B.V. 147. Provast 148. Puramis Consultancy 149. Qbic Hotels 150. Q-Park Nederland 151. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 152. Ravel Residence 153. Regus 154. Restaurant het Bosch 155. Restaurant Nine 156. RGA International Reinsurance

157. Rialto 158. Rivers 159. Rob Peetoom 160. Rocycle 161. Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc 162. Rosarium 163. RoyalCast 164. Russell Reynolds Associates 165. Savills Amsterdam 166. SCOR Global Life SE 167. Season-Flowers 168. Securitas 169. SLFMD Tailoring 170. Spaces 171. Speakeasy Inc. 172. Spine Health Incompany 173. Spirit Hosting & Promotions 174. Stadsdeel Zuid 175. Stella Agency & Academy 176. Stibbe 177. St. Olympisch Stadion A’dam 178. Summertime 179. Sushi Time 180. Symphony’s 181. Taalcentrum - VU 182. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 183. Taylor Wessing 184. Tax Consultants International 185. Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) 186. The Bank of New York Mellon 187. The Barn 188. The Basket 189. The Bikevertising Company 190. The Office Operators 191. The TailorMates 192. Thomaskerk Amsterdam 193. TopJobs Consultants 194. TREC 195. Tribes 196. Trigion 197. Triple Ace 198. Urban Salad 199. Valid Express 200. Van Dijk & Ten Cate 201. Van Gool Elburg 202. Vermaat Groep (CIRCL) 203. Vesteda 204. VimpelCom 205. Visser Communicatie 206. Vistra 207. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 208. VU Medisch Centrum 209. VU University Press 210. Wagamama 211. Webster University 212. Wineboutique & Spirits 213. Wintertaling 214. Worldeye Amsterdam 215. WTC Amsterdam 216. WTC A’dam Business Club 217. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 218. Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) 219. Your Assistant 220. Zibr 221. Zuidas Publishers 222. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 223. 224. Zuidschans 225. Zwaan II

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Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2017  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2017

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2017  

Hello Zuidas november/december editie 2017