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#43 MAY • JUNE 2019

Eefje Voogd

Eefje Voogd Makelaardij

‘Zuidas has a much better balance now than it used to’


Streets of the World photo exhibition?


Don’t simply become ‘something’, become ‘someone’

Read how it feels to


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AMBASSADORS HELP SHAPE ZUIDAS It’s great to see how many ambassadors Zuidas

You will also learn about things like the construction

has managed to amass over the years. These are

activities on the A10, how the Vijfhoek project is

people who strive to promote and improve the

coming along, what passersby think about the

area, who attend all the events and who offer

Streets of the World exhibition, and our experiences

valuable feedback. Eefje Voogd is one of those

at the presentation of the Sustainability Report 2018

ambassadors and has earned her place on the cover

which took place in the new office of Goede Doelen

of this issue. For over ten years, she has operated a

Loterijen on Beethovenstraat. If you’ve not yet seen

real estate agency on edge of Zuidas. She and her

La Lotteria, the building it’s well-worth a visit, (the

husband live in one of the tall residential towers

public on-site restaurant) for lunch or dinner.

on Gustav Mahlerlaan. Her close involvement in the transformation of Zuidas into more than just a

I hope you enjoy this issue and wish you many sunny

business district is clear. Look how far we’ve come.

days in Zuidas in the months to come!

Each year we welcome new residents. A recurring theme in this issue is ‘living in Zuidas’, in which three

Happy reading!

residents tell us what it is really like to live here. Our

Romy Lange

columnist Greg Shapiro also offers his view on this

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

topic in a satirical column.

Spring is in the air. Holland’s sunniest months bring along a jam-packed calendar to Zuidas. From 17 May, culture fans may look forward to the sixth edition of ARTZUID, an art trail boasting over than sixty art works to admire, along a trail as long as 2.5 km, stretching from Zuidas all the way up through Amsterdam’s Zuid district. If speed is more your style, you can sign up for the Zuidas Run on 5 July. On that day, business suits make way for sneakers, as local organizations, employees and residents unite for this annual running challenge. The choice is yours! Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


Design without dictates, plan without limits



Like life in our cities, the SieMatic Style Collection URBAN is marked by exciting contrasts: exciting and peaceful, functional and emotional, foreign and familiar, flea-market find and design classic. The intuitive “solitaire” effect of individual objects creates an aesthetic appeal that relates to the experience, contrasts, and values of a unique personality: yours.


Hobbemastraat 2 | 1071 ZA Amsterdam | 020 – 705 99 10 |








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21 Zuidas, City of the Future! Whenever That Is. Column Greg Shapiro 23 Element Amsterdam A business hotel with the comforts of home 24 Finance Financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands 26 Beat gridlock, keep Zuidas accessible Mobility 30 Hello Zuidas Agenda 34 The tailor-made clothing experience by Misura Sartoria & Miele Laundry Club 37 Legal News Legal news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands

38 A broader mind New programme at VU Amsterdam 41 Hello You Presentation of 2018 sustainability report 43 What is it like to live in Zuidas? 47 How to help internationals feel at home? Corporate Housing Factory 48 Architecture Intermezzo: white beacon in the Zuidas landscape 51 Sustainability News from Zuidas 53 New Members Hello Zuidas welcomes the new members 55 Memo Board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. •5

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‘Zuidas has a much better balance now than it used to’ Eefje Voogd, Eefje Voogd Makelaardij

Recently proclaimed Amsterdam’s real estate woman of the year 2019, she also holds the national title for 2016, presided over the Amsterdam Real Estate Brokers Association (MVA) for many years and was actively involved in the Dutch National Real Estate Brokers Association (NVM). Eefje Voogd lives and breathes real estate. Operating from her office on Parnassusweg for over ten years now, Eefje has become a key figure in the Zuidas residential market. She herself lives in Zuidas, having moved into one of the towers on Gustav Mahlerlaan a few years ago. In that time, she says, Zuidas has achieved a better balance – precisely because of all the residential options combined within the district now. You established your real estate agency on Parnassusweg

I tended to follow every little development. Now that we are settled in,

just over ten years ago. Could you briefly describe what

we really like living here. It’s brilliant and rather unique to live so high up

those ten years have been like for your office?

and enjoy such a stellar view. You can see a lot along the skyline – the

‘To tell the truth, the past few years have been one big roller-coaster.

activity at Schiphol, cruise ships coming into the port, and when there’s

I’ve been in the profession for around 36 years and have worked at

a game night at the Arena, we’ve got front row seats. At the same time,

lots of different firms. Ten years ago I opened my agency, Eefje Voogd

I’ve been able to experience the really unique identity of the low-rises

Makelaardij, on a corner of Parnassusweg, on the edge of Zuidas.

around here, when visiting neighbours, and the interaction with people

When you start a business, there’s a lot you have to deal with. It was

on the street and the general vibrancy of everyday life.’

hard work, but despite starting out in the thick of a crisis, we’ve grown in terms of the amount of work and our staff. That’s thanks in part

What are your thoughts on the gradual shift

to our clients and their immense trust in us and the work they do for

towards more residential space in the district?

us. It has been remarkable to see how fast Zuidas has grown, both

‘With the growth of the local housing stock, there are whole new kinds

in volume and population. For me, that’s a positive development in

of traffic flows emerging here at different times of day. Services and

which we as a firm are proud to have played a part.’

amenities are being used in different ways, and the demand is different, too. The district has achieved a much better balance, and that’s great

You live in one the big towers in Zuidas. What made

to see. The opening of the Noord/Zuid route has also injected more

you decide to move here, and how do you like it?

life into the area outside working hours. When I’m out and about here

‘All together I’ve moved something like 21 times in my life, pretty much

during the weekend and see people walking their dogs and kids playing,

of which was spent all over in Amsterdam. As a kid, I would come

then it hits me that this has become a true residential neighbourhood.’

here to play tennis, and members of my family played football at the AFC. So I always had a thing with Zuidas. As an estate agent, I saw

Is there anything still lacking?

how special this area is and its potential as a really unique piece of

What could make Zuidas even better?

land in not only Amsterdam, but the whole country. In our capital city

‘I would love for the Albert Heijn on Gustav Mahlerlaan to be open

it’s pretty unusual, actually, this mixture of high-rises and low-rises

on Sundays. But, beyond that, Zuidas is big, and every subdistrict

together. Also, I have a thing for new-builds, so it didn’t take long for

has its own vibe. It would be nice if there were more of a connection

me to decide I wanted to live here; however, the tower in which we

between them, as is the case with the knowledge quarter. I don’t

bought our apartment still had to be built! It’s interesting, with a new

feel Zuidas should have one central quarter and I think linking all the

building, how intensely you one experiences the construction process.

different parts would help bring that about.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman • On you can see the making of video


Besides selling homes, you are also consulting with building developers during the planning stages on the design of apartments in the district. How did that come about? ‘I’ve been involved in residential affairs here generally for years, of course, but the financial crisis also played an important part. That’s when the real estate industry actually began to cinsider the demand. As real estate agents, we understood that demand better than anyone, because we talk to our customers daily. So that sowed the seeds of a new specialization. We’ve been able to tune into the local trends and what’s driving people. So in the process we began to take on an advisory role. The project developers couldn’t be happier, because that side contains valuable information for them.’

Have you noticed Zuidas becoming more popular as a place to live? ‘Yes, definitely. Our office is right at the edge of Zuidas, of course, so we get people dropping by daily to ask when the next project will be breaking ground here. That’s a clear sign. And Zuidas in particular has


built a reputation as an excellent place to live.’

Age 51 Married

Eefje Voogd Yes

What are some developments that you’re looking forward to? ‘I’m someone who gets excited about construction. Once the


building cranes arrive, I’m hooked. I may be a little unusual in that

Eefje and her husband have four kids, all of which have left home.

regard. There are still more residential buildings in the works, so Zuidas will continue to develop a wider mix of housing. That’s

Favourite travel destination

something that interests me and that I’m excited about.’

Somewhere sunny; Eefje also loves downhill skiing, and city trips for inspiration.

What will Zuidas look like in ten years? ‘I hope it will look greener! Although, by that time, more of the


existing planting will have matured. But I’m also hoping for more

Work is a hobby, but so is working out and golf, occasionally.

green rooftops, and am hugely excited about Zuidasdok, because that will totally transform the whole landscape here. I expect


Zuidas to be more vibrant in 10 years’ time when more homes have

In the evening, Eefje lounges on the sofa with her iPad to get

been built and more functions will be mixed. And, lastly, because

some extra work done and browse the Internet, while also

architecture always continues to awe and delight me, I’m expecting

keeping one eye on the TV.

great things on that front, too.’

10 •


THE OLYMPIC AMSTERDAM The Olympic Amsterdam is the new iconic destination in Amsterdam. Innovative. Modern. Urban. Here you can shop, live, work, play, eat, drink, and exercise in style, around the historic Olympic Stadium. This is a project partially by Bouwinvest.


CONSULTATION ZUIDASDOK Want to know everything about the upcoming work? Every Tuesday, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., the building combination ZuidPlus has consultations at the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Center. You are welcome.


Works on the A10 south motorway and at the railway

construction works in connection with the

stations will take place on the following weekends:

Zuidasdok project are scheduled along the A10


southbound motorway and the railway tracks at


Amsterdam Zuid and RAI stations. If you plan to


drive or use public transport during these weekends,


please allow for longer travel times as well as road


closures and diversions.

12 •



Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre Central Hall, WTC +31 (0)800 5065 zuidas •


OTHER WEEKENDS AFFECTED In addition to these five weekends in May and June, train and metro services will be reduced at Amsterdam


Zuid and Amsterdam RAI stations on the weekends

The southern side of the A10 southbound motorway will be closed

of 15-16 June and 22-23 June. If you are planning to

during these weekends. Motorists are advised to plan ahead,

travel by public transport during these weekends,

for example on Check the map for any

we recommend consulting a journey planner, such

updates on road closures and diversions. The NS (Netherlands

as, before departure.

15 JUNE:

Railways) advises travellers to consult the NS journey planner


before departure and to allow for longer travel times.

The Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office is putting together a special programme


for this year’s Construction Day

Since November 2018, work has been underway at Amsterdam

on 15 June. Building sites will be

Zuid Station to build a huge concrete platform, measuring 70 m

open to the public and you can

long, 15 m wide and 2 m thick, over which trains will travel. It will

find out what’s happening with

also serve as the roof of the Britten Passage, a new pedestrian

Zuidasdok. There will be plenty

tunnel. Over five consecutive weekends in May and June,

of fun for the little ones, too!

foundation piles will be driven into the ground. The first part of the roof will be put into place diagonally across the southern lane of

Further details on

the A10 south motorway and railway tracks.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Photography Marcel Steinbach & Jan Vonk

• 13




VIJFHOEK PARK FESTIVE OPENING ON 16 MAY At long last, the Vijfhoek park is set to

this spot before the redevelopment, is a

There will be plenty of fun activities for

be officially opened on 16 May. A year

lovely place to relax. And not just for all

all ages, with music, our own coffee-

after unveiling the bike shed beneath

those hardworking Zuidas professionals,

bike barista frothing tasty cappuccinos,

the park, now we’re delighted to invite

but perhaps even more so for residents

snacks and drinks for everyone.

you to inaugurate this new green patch

of the nearby Prinses Irenebuurt. With

of Zuidas.

grass, sand, water and stone structures

Some readers may have already have

just calling out to be explored, it could

All are welcome to attend! You

also be fantastic playground for kids.

can park your bike in the spiffy

visited it during a lunch break or paused


Strawinksylaan bike shed – also

here during a stroll. The park, named

The official opening will be held on

well worth a visit! – underneath

after the small pentagonal field (vijfhoek

Thursday, 16 May, from 3 pm to 6 pm, with

the park.

means pentagon) that used to occupy

Alderman Udo Kock doing the honours.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Photography Marcel Steinbach & Jan Vonk



Olivier Otten, Hans Versteegen & Peter Dekker

David van Traa

People were invited at Circl

Left: Kim van der Hoek, right: Margitte Verwoerdt Jeroen Swolfs

Everyone was curious about the exhibition

OPENING OF ‘STREETS OF THE WORLD’ EXHIBITION Thursday, 7 March @ Circl • During the opening, photographer Jeroen Swolfs took guests along to Is this the Cadillac from the photo of Havana? :)

the 195 capital cities he visited for this project.

It was cold but sunny

• ‘Streets of the World’ initiators Hans Versteegen (Zuidasdok), Olivier Otten (Hello Zuidas) and Peter Dekker (ZuidPlus) jointly answered questions about the project at Circl. • After the Q&A at Circl, all were invited to admire the exhibition along Arnold Schönberglaan. • The festivities were capped by drinks at Restaurant NINE. Left: Suzanne van de Wetering, middle: Heidi de Grunt

Many selfies were made at the exhibition

Photography Jan Vonk

Janneke den Ouden & Lennart Bril

Everyone was enthusiastic

Proud family & friends

Left: Rik Hoogendorn, middle: Marjan Terpstra

• 15

PROPERTY Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your property news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

16 •





Zuidas - Thus spoke Cor van Zadelhoff during a session

Zuidas - Commercial real estate availability-stock ratio

at the MIPIM real estate exhibition, conference and

figures reveal that office vacancies in Amsterdam Zuidas

networking event held this past March in Cannes.

and the city centres of Utrecht and The Hague are below

Van Zadelhoff addressed a roomful of over 50 female

the national average, reports PropertyNL/Ventu Research,

property market decision-makers who have taken issue

which analysed all property transactions completed in the

with the blatant gender imbalance amongst sector

Netherlands over 2018. Central Rotterdam, by contrast,

executives. The session was an initiative of Anne-Marie

scores above the 8.6% Dutch average, coming in at 10.8%.

Klijn, a top female lawyer at male stronghold NautaDutilh

At the best locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht the flow of

in Zuidas, Fleur Abas of trailblazing asset manager Merin,

new buildings (either recently delivered, under construction

and Femke van Oest of property powerhouse M7 Real

or with permission granted) has now picked up. Considering

Estate, in conjunction with Zadelhoff managing director

the current shortage of offices in central The Hague (4.9%

Maarten Feilzer.

vacant), there is potential for new development there, too.

CBRE MOVES INTO NEW HQ Zuidas - Property consultant CBRE has settled into its new Dutch headquarters in The Core on Anthony Fokkerweg in Amsterdam. Over the past several months the building, once a covered car park, has undergone a massive renovation. CBRE Netherlands CEO Marco Hekman says, ‘At The Core we’ll be working with clients to design new working environments, creating space for enterprise and sparking off innovation. For us, The Core isn’t so much an office as it is a meeting place’. CBRE will also retain its location on Gustav Mahlerlaan in Zuidas.

COLLIERS RELOCATES TO STADIONPLEIN Zuidas - In mid-February, property consultancy Colliers swapped its premises in Zuidas for the old Citroën building at Stadionplein, next door to the Olympic Stadium. At this historic location in Amsterdam, building owner Bouwinvest has given the former Citroën garage, dubbed The Olympic 1962 for the year of its construction, a new lease of life as an inspiring workplace. The building totals 15,500 m² and has been awarded a Breaam ‘Good’ certificate. Colliers joins Under Armour, Restaurant NENI, Parcom Capital, Deloitte Digital and Bacardi in Building 1962.

• 17



Have you already visited the Streets of the World photo exhibition? The Streets of the World photo exhibition is a real eyecatcher in Zuidas. Since March of this year, 195 photos of world capitals have been on display on the Arnold Schönberglaan. Photographer Jeroen Swolfs visited these capitals over a seven-year period to capture images of their streets. A special project! Hello Zuidas spoke to four passersby about the exhibition.

SYLVIA NEDERBRAGT Store Manager at Gentlemen’s Place “We sell the books by photographer Jeroen Swolfs at our store. We love this project and I enjoy walking past it every day. Each time I check out a different country. Kenya stands out to me, because you wouldn’t normally associate this country with images of a large metropolis. I also saw pictures of a capital that is 1000 meters above sea level. I never knew that! I love to travel. I enjoy going to the Caribbean and often take city trips within Europe. Australia and Iceland are on the top of my list. I’ve worked at Schiphol, so I have met travellers from across the globe. That was a great experience!”

18 •


RAMON DE VOOGD Responsible for Banqueting at The Office Operators “I think it’s an awesome exhibition. Would love to have a job like this! I love to travel and do so a lot. Seven years ago I spent a year travelling through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. I have relatives in Canada. If I could, I’d travel all around the world, but with a daughter that is no easy feat. Particularly impressive is the picture of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. I’d love to go there someday!”

LAILA SEBAA Manager at Restaurant NINE “I think it’s remarkable that the photographer connected all the horizons. I’ve travelled a great deal myself and was recently in Bali and Miami. Thailand and Mexico are still on my list. I thought Morocco was a truly special place. We are thrilled that this exhibit has arrived in Zuidas. It’s a great way to mark off the construction zones. We also see a growing number of people visit the exhibition every day.”

PIM COOKE & PETTER JANSEN Managers at Oliver’s Restaurant Petter: “In addition to the exhibition, the large zebra crossing really stands out. I heard that this is the longest zebra crossing in the Netherlands. I spent a year living in Bangkok and saw a lot of Asia. Still, I missed Amsterdam. I’m still eager to visit South America. I have Scandinavian ancestry and try to go back there once a year. Pim: “I lived in Bonaire for a year, in France for six months and in Curaçao for four months. That was living at its finest! I’d love to travel the globe just like Jeroen Swolfs!”

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 19




ZUIDAS Culinair Friday 28 June 2019 - 16.30 hrs. Zuidplein Amsterdam

Foodmarket andSummer Party


Sign up

for a free drink and bite via (members only)


Zuidas, City of the Future! Whenever That Is. What will the Zuidas of the Future look like?

2020. We think. (As they say, ‘Hindsight is

And we can’t wait to introduce the new

More green! More room for living! AND more

always 20/20,’ not foresight.) But soon you

5G mobile phone connectivity: a game-

room for work! For about 5 minutes… Then

can enjoy the new 15G trams, where you can

changer for everything from streaming

we’ll rip it all up again to make way for the

experience 15Gs as they whip around that

video to driverless cars. We’re also finding

next future city.

corner into Station Zuid.

out that it may allow our data to be stolen

The renovation of Metro Line 51 is complete.

Speaking of Station Zuid, did you enjoy the

responsible killing certain birds.

By that, we mean we’ve re-routed it to

latest renovations? We can’t wait to get rid

For now, 5g refers to the amount of weed

completely avoid Amstelveen. Doei! Bad

of them. Welcome to the Zuidasdok project!

you must smoke to believe we’ll have

news: no more adrenaline rush when you

Inspired by magicians like David Copperfield

problem-free 5G.

cross those curving Metro tracks by Station

& David Blaine, Zuidas has promised to

Zuid. Good news: we’ve boarded up that

make the A10 highway disappear. Will it be

In conclusion, the Zuidas of the Future will

Metro tunnel, and now it’s a… let’s just call

a logistical nightmare, likely to be late and

be half ripped-up, making way for the Zuidas

it ‘skate park / graffiti cultural center.’ The

overbudget? Sure. But still, it can’t be worse

of the Future-Future. Basically, it’ll look a lot

new tram line will be ready by the end of

than the Noord-Zuid Line.

like it does now.

by the Chinese government. And it may be

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) is the voice of Trump in the viral video ‘Netherlands Second.’ His solo show The Madness of King Donald: A Trump Tutorial comes to Griffioen Theater 12 February, 2019.

Photography Davien Hulsman

CAR2GO FOR BUSINESS We offer you a flexible and sustainable form of business mobility. Rent and open a car2go with your smartphone, drive off and park it at your final destination. Our minute price or business packages include all costs. Contact us for a free corporate car2go account for your company.


Our airport solution offers you an affordable and fast way to travel to and from the airport – a car2go trip saves up to 70% compared to taxi rides. Park your car2go close to the main terminal to catch your flight or reserve a car2go just after landing to arrive at your destination smoothly. Register once and get access to 15 airport hubs and over 8000 verhicles accross Europe.


ER -




A business hotel with the comforts of home Located just a stone’s throw from Zuidas,


Element Amsterdam is a modern, eco-

Sustainability is seen as a priority at the hotel.

friendly hotel that welcomes guests with

‘Apart from having LED bulbs throughout

the ambiance and all the comforts of

the hotel’, says José, ‘there are also sensors

home. You may stay for one night only, or

around, so the lights automatically switch

for a whole year! The hotel has 160 rooms,

off when there’s no movement. And we’ve

from studios to one bedroom suites,

installed large windows to make the most of

equipped with kitchenettes. The deluxe

the natural light. On top of that, we’ve banned

Gelderlandplein shopping centre is right

plastic straws and we print out as little as

next door. Hello Zuidas caught up with José

possible, and guests are able to separate their

Hernandez, the hotel’s general manager.

waste in their own room or apartment. In


short: we’ve put a big focus on sustainability’.


As well as overnight accommodation,

Element Amsterdam is designed to be a


Element Amsterdam offers venues for

place where everyone should instantly feel at

Another attraction is the recent relaunch of

conferences, meetings, receptions and

home, José explains. ‘Many of our guests stay

the hotel’s restaurant, Gordal. ‘Our menu’s

other functions, and also has a beautiful

with us from Monday through Friday and then

overall theme is Mediterranean, because

terrace that accomodates 150 people. The

fly back at weekends to be with their families.

Mediterranean cooking tends to be healthy.

hotel’s location is very conveniently located

So, for them, this hotel is really a home

But because our guests hail from all over

near to both Zuidas and Schiphol Airport.

away from home. That’s why it’s important

the world, we’ve put together a selection

that people feel comfortable here. Another

with something for everyone’, says José.


benefit is that our guests can easily have a

‘We want to cater to everybody’s tastes, so

Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 577

workout at the gym or nip over to the shops

having diverse menu options is important,

1082 LD Amsterdam

after work if they want to cook dinner for

especially for those guests who stay with us

Visit the Element Amsterdam

themselves in their room’s own kitchenette.

for a longer period of time. And at lunchtime

website for more information

And of course, our restaurant, Gordal, also

we serve poké bowls, which is very on-trend,

+ 31 (0)20 517 5300

serves breakfast, lunch and dinner’.

but also very healthy!’

Text Romy Lange • Photography BLINKfotografie

• 23

FINANCE Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lote de Graaf

24 •






Zuidas - Google will look specifically for jobs for you and with

Zuidas - Large companies are growing increasingly critical

the help of AI should be able to determine whether you may

of lawyers’ hour-based billing methods. In the near future

be better off in a completely different sector. How does it

this will require a different earning model. One in which

work? It’s called “Google for Jobs”, and may even be available

lawyers are paid for their added value and not for hours

within the next several months, according to BNR Nieuwsradio

billed. In his latest book, Jaap Bosman, a strategic consultant

and the Emerce news website. You will soon be able to search

with fifteen years of experience in Zuidas, tells us about the

for “jobs” and the search engine will show a separate window

emergence of data analysis. This provides companies with

with vacancies meant specifically for you on the basis of what

insight into what a lawyer’s actual contribution amounts to

the search engine knows about you. This is expected to work

and how much time they spend working for them. Bosman

better than other job sites, due to the wealth of data Google

is convinced that data analysis will result in a drastic

has accumulated. For the time being, companies can post

metamorphosis of the sector’s earning model. And this

their vacancies for free, which could alleviate a tense labour

change will already take place within the next decade.

market. The computer will be their head-hunter.

DECREASE IN INVESTMENTS IN STARTUPS Zuidas - Young businesses are increasingly missing out on funding, due to instability in the global economy. In the first quarter of 2019, investment in startups totalled $53 million, representing a 25% reduction compared to the preceding quarter. According to a report by a KPMG accountant, this stagnation is partially caused by increasing insecurity regarding Brexit and trade conflicts between the United States and other countries. The number of transactions has decreased especially in Europe, from 882 in the last quarter of 2018 to 487 in the past three months. Total investment in Europe went down slightly, from $7.47 billion to $6.53 billion.

DUTCH STOCK EXCHANGE IS READY FOR BREXIT. THE BALL IS NOW IN THE UK’S COURT Zuidas - Many lawyers, regulators and potential Brexit refugees had marked 1 July 2018 as a crucial date in their calendars. British trading houses, stock exchange platforms and other financial partners who had submitted a license application for this date to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), were set to receive the coveted “Brexit” document. So far, forty parties have received an AFM license. But they may just as well have neglected to submit their application, which consists of a considerable amount of paperwork. As it turns out, the date on which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union has been postponed twice already. In the night between 10 April and 11 April, European leaders granted their British colleagues an extension until 31 October.

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26 •


Keen to sample the benefits of shared bikes? Want to park outside the congested core of Zuidas and cycle the last leg of the route to work? Then you’ll be interested in the two schemes Hello Zuidas is trialling for members! For the entire month, Hello Zuidas member organizations can sign up to use Hello-Bikes free of charge. And if you commute to Zuidas by car and would like to try out cycling that last mile, then you may want to combine the offer with a month-long pass for free parking at RAI Amsterdam. With number plate recognition and guaranteed spaces, parking is a breeze, plus you can peddle your way past all those cars still stuck in gridlock! This initiative is a great way to relieve pressure on the local road network in Zuidas while reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Hello Zuidas discussed it with Thomas de Graaf, founder of Hello-Bike, and Berend Bouwman, business development manager at RAI Amsterdam. SPEED, FLEXIBILITY

travelling in this way allows for more

can transfer to a different mode of


speed, flexibility and mobility.’

transport.’ ‘What’s more’, says Berend,

Both schemes are being coordinated

‘Who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of cycling

by Hello Zuidas. The aim is to assess


to what extent combined access to

Thomas expects that lots of companies

shared bikes and a parking facility may

will want to participate in the trial


relieve traffic. ‘This is hugely important

schemes. ‘Employers as well as

Hello-Bike is the healthy and

in light of the work on Zuidasdok and

employees will see this as an attractive

sustainable mobility solution for the

various area developments in Zuidas’,

alternative. The costs of a parking

country’s premier corporate centres.

says Berend. ‘In 2015 we started out

space in Zuidas are very high, and

These trial schemes will be on offer for

by looking at how we might be able to

this solution presented by free bikes

the remainder of the year. Choosing

leverage our parking capacity, which

will also allow people great mobility

the month is up to you. A consultation

prompted us to get our neighbours

in and around the district.’ Berend

with your employer will determine

in Zuidas involved.’ A few years on,

adds, ‘The traffic through the arteries

which time period is best. If you would

Thomas says that: ‘The experiences

of Zuidas has to be flowing freely at

like us to get in touch with your HR

of people who are already parking at

all times, and we want to make sure it

or Facility department, please let us

RAI Amsterdam and then grabbing a

does. In our role of major local player,

know. This offer will be valid up untill

Hello-Bike for the last mile have so far

we also feel it as an obligation to do

the end of December 2019. Sign up your

been very positive. But to many others,

our part.’ Thomas agrees. ‘We want

organization by completing the form

it still feels like a hassle. With these

to make bike sharing as relevant as

on: If

trials, we want to let them find out for

possible for users. Therefore, we’re

you have any questions about this offer,

themselves that it’s not; that in fact it’s

aiming to expand this set-up with more

please feel free to send an email to:

very convenient. When commuting,

of these parking hubs where people

Text Romy Lange • Photography BLINKfotografie

with this fine weather?’

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This lovely weather is perfect for a visit to the Streets of the World photo exhibition! @ Arnold Schönberglaan

TUVALU FUNAFUTI WHY? A mere 26 square kilometres that might just disappear beneath the ocean in the near future. On the broadest part of the island it only took me two and a half minutes to run from one side to the other! This country’s online handle was .tv, and this was sold for 50 million dollars to Verisign, an American telecom company. They may be small, but they are smart as well! WHAT? A beautiful atoll, lost in the Pacific Ocean. This is where the residents meet at the end of the day. Boys and girls play volleyball on the airport runway. Not to worry: only two airplanes land here per week and everyone knows when.

28 •

STREETS OF THE WORLD @ Arnold Schรถnberglaan

โ€ข 29




Thursday 9 May

@ Near Amsterdamse Bos


One Day Retreat is a unique tailor-made


experience where you choose the

@ Thomaskerk

Every Thursday & Friday

theme of a fully immersive day for your

On Thursday 9 May the Amstel Strijkers


employees. Your team will learn skills

string ensemble will be playing a sunny

@ Sushilee

that can be introduced in your everyday

springtime programme in the Thomaskerk.

On Thursdays and Fridays come recharge

working processes to create the best

Led by conductor and cellist Marien van

after a busy workday at Sushilee. Relax

company environment imaginable. This

Staalen, they will perform a mix of works

and enjoy delicious sushi and small dishes

accessible event guides you through

from early to brand-new. The concert

paired with a glass of wine or beer and of

the many methods to reduce stress and

starts at 8:15 pm in the Thomaskerk,

course good company! More info:

anxiety in the workplace, and is also a

Prinses Irenestraat 36, Amsterdam. The

great way to demonstrate appreciation

same programme will be performed on

for your team. Choose your own date.

Sunday 12 May, starting at 8:15 pm, in the

The location is near Amsterdamse Bos.

Amstelkerk, Amstelveld 1, Amsterdam.

Available from 10 to 100 people a day.

Tickets are €18 (CJP and Stadspas/65+:

More info:

€16) and are available at the door or at a €1 discount from

Every Wednesday & Friday Every Monday & Friday




Thursday 9 May

@ Clubsportive


@ Clubsportive Business life is demanding, with increasing

Do you want to unlock the full potential

workloads, fast-paced change and a

of your body AND mind? Mindfulbizz has

Discover the opportunities of the circular

wide diversity of tasks. How do you stay

partnered with Clubsportive trainers

economy and build an action plan for

centred? Press Pause: train your mind,

and nutrition experts to offer an integral

your organization! From linear take,

train your attention with Mindfulbizz!

12-week body-mind programme

make and waste to a circular model in

Come join our FREE sessions:

where you can learn about the body-

which raw materials retain their value,

• Every Monday/Friday 12:30-1pm

mind connection and unlock their full

the circular economy will be instrumental


combined potential. Curious? Come for

in the sustainable future of our planet.

• Business attire

a FREE 30 min. body-mind consultation.

During this workshop you’ll zoom in

• Clubsportive membership not necessary,

Wednesdays 5-6:30 pm and Fridays 10 am-

on implementing circularity in your

sign up at reception

12 pm at Clubsportive (Zenergy Room).

organization’s operating processes. More

More info:

More info:


30 •

@ Circl


Send your agenda to

Starts Friday 17 May ARTZUID AMSTERDAM SCULPTURE BIENNIAL @ Minervalaan 1 Now in its 6th edition, ARTZUID 2019 is coming to Amsterdam from 17 May through 15 September. The Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial is a larger-than-life exhibition presenting over 80 figurative sculptures and installations by 50 artists in public spaces along an outdoor route. In Zuidas the big eye-catcher is Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s (Scheveningen, 1948) striking ‘beach creature’. Jansen gained fame for his large, uncanny moving sculptural works that spark the imagination and infuse art with an element of wonder. More info:

Saturday 25 May ZUIDAS BUSINESS BOXING @ Apollohal (Amsterdam Zuid) On Saturday 25 May the magical Apollohal in Amsterdam Zuid provides the backdrop for a very unique and very exclusive event: the Zuidas Business Boxing Gala! This gala without equal is hosted in association with the two premium fitness centres in Zuidas – Gustav Gym and Clubsportive. It brings together ambitious businesspeople, who train for four months to prepare for a genuine boxing match in a spectacular, professional ambiance. Want to attend?

Wednesday 29 May STREETS OF THE WORLD TOUR @ Von Poll Real Estate Join Von Poll Real Estate for a guided tour of Streets of the World, during which the photographer himself, Jeroen Swolfs, will share his personal story with us. You will have a chance to meet up wirth the artist and buy a signed copy of his book. Afterwards, enjoy a drink while getting to know the residential real estate agents of Von Poll Real Estate. Please register by email to:



Tuesday 28 May from 16.00 Friday 24 May



The sixth edition of the ARTZUID art

@ Amsterdam

route will take place from 17 May till

Want to get your weekend off to an active

15 September. Hello Zuidas invites

start, either with colleagues or on your

their members to check out the

own? Then grab your bike and join the 3rd

Zuidas portion of the route on 28 May.

edition of the Zuidas Businessride on Friday

We will start at La Lotteria, where

24 May. The Zuidas Businessride is a racing

ARTZUID organizer Jhim Lamoree

cycle tour that starts and finishes in Zuidas

will hold an opening speech. Various

and is organized by WereldOuders (NPH),

guides will then lead the guests past

Reessjurts and Restaurant à Deauville. Take

the art works in Zuidas. The final

up the challenge with your colleagues and

stop is the Crowne Plaza hotel, where

raise money for WereldOuders! More info:

we will continue the afternoon with zuidas-businessride-2019.

drinks and snacks.

@ Circl During this Circl College Tour, Bart Bossink shares his vision on the dawn of a new era of long-term thinking and flourishing sustainable innovation. Circl’s College Tour is a programme of talks that hone in on themes surrounding the transition to a sustainable world. Each month a different expert, professor or visionary is invited to give a lecture on the scientific developments of the future. Interested to hear Bossink’s vision on the sustainable innovation revolution and how you can help make it happen? Go ‘back to college’ and discover how to take action! More info:

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@ Restaurant Nine


Ever been to India? Or to Brazil, Turkey or


South Africa...? This international cooking

@ Goede Doelen Loterijen

workshop takes you on a whirlwind culinary

This year’s annual GBC Zuidas CEO

world tour. Get your taste buds tingling with

Breakfast is being hosted by charity

zesty Greek tzatziki, or electrified by hot

organization Goede Doelen Loterijen.

Indian curry. During the workshop you’ll be

Alderwoman Sharon Dijksma (Traffic and

rolling up your sleeves to create delicious

Transport, Water and Air Quality) will also

dishes, taking you on a sensory voyage

be in attendance. Programme details

to other continents. So if you want to get

are still to be confirmed, but topics will

acquainted with exciting and unfamiliar

include: Zero Waste, Mobility as a Service

flavours in world cuisine, this is your chance!

and Emission-free Urban Logistics.

More info:

Want a green ride to these events?

Order a Green TCA Taxi at no extra cost!

Thursday 13 June

Friday 31 May - Monday 3 June TASTE OF AMSTERDAM @ Amstelpark

Tuesday 4 June - Thursday 6 June





@ De Nieuwe Poort

@ RAI Amsterdam

The mounting climate problem is one of

The Netherlands’ biggest real estate trade

the biggest challenges of the modern age,

Top chefs from Holland and the rest of the

fair is back! PROVADA is a three-day event

and solutions are needed at every level.

world are converging in Amsterdam to wow

with opportunities to meet and network in

But how can we make a real difference?

foodies with their latest culinary innovations

various forums, halls, theme squares and

And who’s actually responsible? Join

and taste sensations. Whether you want

of course at the exhibitor stands. More than

the discussion with Kim Putters,

to get inspiration, sample gastronomic

25,000 property professionals visit PROVADA

director of the Netherlands Institute for

delights or just grab Friday drinkies with

each year to top up their knowledge and

Social Research, and Hans Hoogeveen,

colleagues, Taste of Amsterdam is the place

inspiration and join numerous networking

Dutch ambassador and permanent

to be. Order your tickets on

activities. That makes PROVADA not only the

representative to the UN’s Food and

country’s biggest but also its best trade fair.

Agriculture Organization in Rome.

32 •


Send your agenda to




ZUIDAS Culinair

Thursday 13 June LIFESTYLE EVENT @ Epicenter Amsterdam You are cordially invited to a speed-dating event devoted to experiencing the latest innovations in the world of health, beauty and fashion. Have a drink with us and enjoy some fun networking! More info:


Thursday 20 June GREEN BUSINESS CLUB ZUIDAS PROGRAMME BOARD @ Green Business Club Twice a year, Green Business Club Zuidas members convene to discuss ongoing projects and forge plans for the period ahead. Each member sends one or more representatives. If you would like to attend this programme board meeting, send an email to

Friday 28 June 2019 - 16.30 hrs.

Zuidplein Amsterdam Friday 28 June from 16.30


Foodmarket andSummer Party

Together with WTCafé De Blauwe


Engel, Signthis up year Hello Zuidas is

for a free drink and bite via (members only)

once again organizing the Zuidas Culinary Summer Party. At this event, hospitality entrepreneurs in Zuidas will give you a taste of the culinary specialties they offer. This offers a unique opportunity to network, but also to dance to the music played at the summer party later in in the evening. You are very welcome at our “members only” terrace, where you will receive several drink tokens and can meet other members.

Thursday 20 June AMSTERDAM STREET FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT @ Zuidas On Thursday 20 June, De Nieuwe Poort and the Calvijn College in Slotervaart will be organizing the 11th edition of the

Friday 21 June

Street Football Tournament. Teams of


young professionals from local companies

@ à Deauville

Sign your business team! Fridayup 5 July

will be facing off against vocational

During these speed dates you’ll be

secondary school pupils, bringing two

introduced to around 20 other singles.

worlds that don’t normally intersect

Every four minutes, half the number of

together on the football pitch. More than

singles move to the next table, putting

Run the 5K or 10K with your team on Friday

20 teams participate each year in this

a different person across from you until

5 July in the 11th edition of the Zuidas

fierce contest for the coveted first prize:

you’ve met them all. After each date, state

Run! This promises to be another brilliant

a VIP visit to Amsterdam Arena. As well as

on the form whether you want to get

fitness challenge, capped by celebratory

being a sports-centred team event, the

better acquainted: Yes or No?! More info:

drinks at the summer afterparty on Gustav

tournament is also a great way to step up

Mahlerplein! Sign up now (individuals and

young professionals’ social involvement.


teams) on:

5 & 10 km. Start & finish, Gustav Mahlerplein


• 33

The tailor-made clothing experience by


Shopping in Zuidas just got better, with Misura Sartoria having recently opened its doors on Gershwinplein! This is the place to be for bespoke suits and high-class service. And as an added bonus, Misura Sartoria has teamed up with Miele Laundry Club – a new flexible laundry service. Hello Zuidas sat down with Rick Versnel, co-owner of Misura Sartoria, and Jos Werner of Miele Laundry Club to hear more about their products and the partnership between these premium brands. CRAFTSMANSHIP

to seek us out, so when this spot on

creation for each and every customer; men

Seven years ago, says Rick, he and his

Gershwinplein came up for offer last year,

and women. We take the measurements

partner Jimmy Karaaslan opened their first

we didn’t have to think twice. Having a

for fabrics and products and look at our

location in Amersfoort. ‘Our Amersfoort

big city nearby is great for us, because

customers’ expectations in order to arrive,

shop got off to a flying start, so we opened

it works like a magnet. Now, with these

ultimately, at a perfect fit. At this location,

another in Rotterdam shortly after that.

three locations, we’re within easy reach

we have three floors, each with its own

And there we began to notice more and

for everyone. Bespoke tailoring is our

label. Our bespoke service is one of those

more people were coming from Amsterdam

core business. We craft a completely new

labels, and besides that we have a floor for

34 •

BESPOKE SHOP Misura, in Italian, means ‘measure’ and sartoria means tailor’s shop. So Misura Sartoria literally means ‘bespoke shop’. The term sartoria is used a lot in Italian to refer to places where products are made. Many of Misura Sartoria’s fabrics are imported from Italy, and the suits are also made there. Lines that Misura works with include Loro Piana, Scabal, Ariston, Carlo Barbera, Guabello and Reda. Their Gershwinplein location has a tailor in the shop five days a week, ready to assist RICK VERSNEL

customers. So if you lose a button or tear a hem, feel free to drop by!

MIELE LAUNDRY CLUB Customers can use the website to create an account and schedule a convenient collection and return time, as well as indicate what kind and how many garments they wish to have laundered. After creating an order, customers receive a laundry bag. Miele takes care of the follow-up process! Items are sorted by colour and textile. Miele Laundry Club also works to protect the environment. JOS WERNER

All deliveries are carried out by bike and laundered items are returned in a recyclable paper folding bag. Within two minutes you have an empty laundry basket!

casual wear and another for wedding suits,

and clean! Our service centres on supplying

for which there is a big demand as well.’

Miele quality right at home as a better


alternative to today’s launderettes and dry

Gershwinplein 4


cleaners. We get a lot of men bringing in their

1082 MV Amsterdam

Misura Sartoria partnered up with the Miele

shirts because they can’t stand ironing, but

+31 (0)20 7743700

Laundry Club as soon as its Zuidas location

also families with all their loads of laundry,

was up and running. ‘We just launched this

down to the kids’ pyjamas. Of course, we

service and have a laundry drop-off point in

can also launder delicate and fragile fabrics.


this shop’, Jos tell us. ‘Of course, we can also

Basically, we do it all. Misura and Miele

collect laundry from our customers at home

Laundry Club both love high-quality service

or work. Two days later, we return it fresh

and that connects us.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Arno Stevens

• 35


‘’ The best advice I can give you is to go to an established clinic working with a method or vision which suits you the best. Make sure you make the right choice.‘’ - Doctor Frodo

How to keep your feet on the ground in a world where perfection is the norm these days? There are a lot of misconceptions around cosmetic treatments. This is caused by marketing campaigns and a group of doctors who perform treatments without the right knowledge and skills. So be aware that a cosmetic treatment can turn out ugly. Cosmetisch Kliniek Dokter Frodo Gaymans Cornelis Krusemanstraat 9HS 1075 NB Amsterdam 020 42 11 55 9

eerlijk over mooi zijn






LAWYERS DON’T NEED HOCKEY SKILLS Legal practice lectures in Zuidas


It was a polished group of students who gathered in the boardroom of law firm Simmons &


Simmons in Zuidas for a lecture on the ins and outs of legal practice. ‘So you all know that hockey

‘If you advocate for yourself as hard as you

is not a skill you’ll be needing in law practice, right?’ lawyer Rezah Stegeman quipped. This got a

do for clients, I have no doubt we will get

laugh from students seated around the boardroom table. Their Masters’ in Corporate Law in Zuidas,

there’, Dentons Boekel’s partner Eugenie

which is in its eleventh year, once again achieved top ranking in the Dutch Keuzegids Masters.

Nunes assured her audience of a hundred women lawyers who had turned out to discuss diversity and top-level positions


in the legal sector at Simmons & Simmons


on 8 March, International Women’s

Loyens & Loeff has signed on for another two years as Legal Partner in Odyssey, the largest

Day. The event’s panel discussion, co-

open blockchain innovation programme worldwide. Among the platform’s initiatives is the

hosted with the Legal Woman platform,

Odyssey Hackathon, which brought around a hundred teams to Groningen on 12-14 April with

concluded that women have a duty to

a view to flexing their block chain and AI technology muscle to solve societal challenges in

stand up not just for themselves, but also

digital citizenship, nature and wildlife preservation, crisis and disaster relief, biometric data

for each other.

communication, banking, and cargo insurance.

• 37


A BROADER MIND – NEW PROGRAMME AT VU AMSTERDAM Don’t simply become ‘something’, become ‘someone’

What the future will bring, no one knows for sure. As more and more people find themselves questioning their assumptions, global dilemmas such as polarization, climate change and digitization are becoming increasingly urgent, demanding innovative solutions. Scientific knowledge, analytical skills and classical teaching methods are no longer enough to tackle these challenges. Students, schools, society and the labour market are all calling for education that better enables us to get to grips on ourselves and on a world in transition. For professionals who look beyond their own interests to strive for and achieve personal and societal ambitions. For leaders who are not in it for power but are empowered to act. VU Amsterdam is responding to these calls for change with A Broader Mind – an innovative new programme open to all VU Bachelor’s students. Hello Zuidas talked with Kirstin de Boer (programme manager) and Nynke Rodenhuis (institutional affairs) at VU Amsterdam.

38 •


with pressure and stress. ‘Student burnouts have soared’,

An important driver of the a Broader Mind programme is a course

Kirstin points out. ‘And while taking this course won’t solve that,

that centres on personal development and learning how to address

our focus on the theme of success has helped students and

societal and academic challenges, Kirstin explains. ‘The course is based

lecturers to be more attuned to their feelings. You’ll have a better

around eight themes, including health, love and happiness. Students

understanding of your own feelings and learn how to cope with

have to tackle a personal question and a societal question relating

them.’ On the other hand, Nynke states that, ‘We also have many

to each theme. The activities take place both online and offline, in

students who sail through their degree, without forming a clear

interdisciplinary groups. So for the theme of poverty, for example, the

idea of what they want to contribute to society. We hope this

students go online to read about the way poverty affects people and

course will indeed broaden their outlook, so that they do know

about concepts like hidden poverty, their offline assignment is to live

what they want by the time they graduate. VU Amsterdam is

on a poverty-line budget for a week and to cook a low-budget dinner

taking on a leading role in that respect.’

for a large group.’ Overall, says Nynke, ‘the aim of the programme is to inspire students to not only become “something”, but also to become

At the moment, VU Amsterdam is gearing up to launch A

“someone”. That means that when you graduate here, you have an

Broader Mind for Business. Applying Community Service

awareness of who you are and of your strengths and weaknesses. These

Learning, another driver of the a Broader Mind programme, VU

are things that often get overlooked, but in order to be successful in

will closely collaborate with companies and societal partners,

a career, you need to know more than cold, hard facts. Our goal with

to offer students the opportunity to put academic knowledge

A Broader Mind is academic formation – academic in terms of the

into practice. Many companies that are concerned about how

knowledge, and formation in terms of personal development.’

to tackle social dilemmas have already expressed an interest. To learn more, visit

PIONEERING A Broader Mind trains personal skills like collaborating, debating frankly and incisively, reflecting on your own outlook and coping

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij & Peter Valcks

A Broader Mind is powered by the Goldschmeding Foundation and Porticus.

• 39

Luxurious living in Amsterdam Noord In the upcoming years, beautiful residential buildings will emerge in Amsterdam’s new district Aan het IJ, nearby Amsterdam Central Station. What makes them special? High-end architecture, spaciousness,

comfort, bright spaces, attention to details and the use of the finest materials. Every building has its own specific signature and theme. For more information see our website:


New office Goede Doelen Loterijen

Eline Kik, Yolanda Loudon, Esther Wubben, Olivier Otten & Maartje Oome

PRESENTATION OF 2018 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Thursday, 11 April @ Goede Doelen Loterijen The Zuidas Sustainability Report was presented with some 200 guests in attendance.

• The official presentation of the 7th edition of the Zuidas Sustain-

Robert Bosman & Ron Flens

ability Report was held with some 200 guests in attendance. • Green Business Club Zuidas, Hello Zuidas and Amsterdam’s Zuidas District Office publish the Sustainability Report annually. • The report gives an overview of the most important sustainability initiatives and measures of the past year. • With the urgency of drastic measures to combat climate change becoming increasingly apparent, companies in Zuidas and local government are also transitioning their operations.

Ruben Zonnevijle & Timo Huisman

Joris Kurk, Olivier Otten, Willem Verduyn & Jan van den Bosch

Ronald Voorsluijs & Nina van den Berg

Photography Arno Stevens

Marius Drissen & Jordy Groot

Peter van den Heuvel & Suzanne Kwakkernaat

Marja Cino & Ramon Holle

Pieter Marijt & Casper Klap

Erik Maitimo & Joris Vonk

Sacha Overdevest & Leonie Dorresteijn

Esther Wubben, Roel Eleveld & Yolanda Loudon

Calvin Choi & Heidi de Grunt

• 41


Eefje Voogd Makelaardij bv Parnassusweg 201, 1077 DG Amsterdam 020 30 50 560 -

What is it like to

LIVE IN ZUIDAS? In addition to being a business district, Zuidas is becoming increasingly residential.

On the Gustav Mahlerlaan, among other areas, residential towers are popping up like mushrooms. But what’s it like to live here? Hello Zuidas spoke to three residents.

JOZIEN VAN DER WAL Works at Van der Valk Amsterdam-Amstel “In January 2018, my boyfriend and I got an apartment in the Gershwin Brothers building. I’ve always liked this part of the city. I think Zuidas has a very cool vibe. It truly feels a bit like New York! We both like modern architecture as well. I’m from Groningen and my friends and family love this place. Still, they prefer to live in the country. I exercise at Gustav Gym and often buy my groceries at the Gelderlandplein shopping centre. We frequently sample all the different eateries here for lunch and I go to work by metro or bicycle. Accessibility is perfect. We don’t need a car. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of the restaurants and nightlife here during the weekend, though.”

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 43

Amsterdam by the water. Within the city. That’s Cruquius. The perfect place to live and work, with the entire city at your feet. Spacious homes Luxury handle-free kitchen with Quooker and built-in equipment Luxury bathroom Indoor parking Freehold (no ground lease)! 4 storeys Around 170-200 m 2 From 1,225,000 incl. transaction costs

Cruquius by the water, within the city of Amsterdam. Freehold (no ground lease)!

More information? Go to or call Eefje Voogd Makelaardij +31(0)20 305 05 60

CRQ2019-007 Advertentie Sigma 2.2 F - Hello Zuidas 185x127,5_V2.indd 1

Calling all expats! Planning to buy a house? We’ve got news for you! Taking out a mortgage in The Netherlands is always a complicated process, but even more so for expats. With so many different loan providers and mortgage types and terms, how do you choose? De Kredieter can help. We guide you through the process of choosing the mortgage that best fits your needs. We also take care of all the mortgage application details, leaving you free to enjoy your new home.


De Kredieter will hold voluntary and free seminars lasting 30-45 minutes on every first Thursday of the month (6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November and 5 December) at 12:30PM. The seminars are specifically aimed at expats. They are welcome to visit the office of de Kredieter without having to make an appointment. Potential buyers will be fully informed as to the purchase and mortgage process at these seminars. If you would like to make an individual appointment to discuss your situation or get a second opinion, you are welcome to make an appointment with de Kredieter, free of obligation. *De Kredieter also translates the offers

19-03-19 15:21

Ronald Bieger financial adviser and partner

De Kredieter Strawinskylaan 17 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 575 3320 WWW.KREDIETER.NL

JALAL OBA Artist “I’ve been living in Intermezzo for five months now and I love it here. Everything is within reach. I have my dentist in the same building, I work out at Clubsportive and often go to Loetje. It’s also great that we have a sizable Albert Heijn here. I love the convenience of being able to hop on the train to Schiphol at a moment’s notice. I often drive my Biro to the Cornelis Schuytstraat to have lunch at Brasserie Van Dam, for instance. I enjoy hanging out with my very friendly neighbours. I want for nothing here and could see myself living here forever!

SANDER OOMS Former pharmaceuticals consultant “I’ve been living with my partner in Eurocenter for four years now. We previously lived in IJburg, but wanted to live smaller and cheaper. This apartment was as good as finished when we went to view it. We were won over the minute we walked in. Our apartment has a beautiful balcony with plenty of greenery and a lovely view of the Amstelpark. On top of that, we enjoy the easy access to the A10 and the RAI station is around the corner, where the Noord/Zuidlijn is now up and running. I think Zuidas is still too focused on offices instead of residents, which is why we still visit the city centre frequently, as we find it more enjoyable there.”

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 45

There is a new pharmacy for those who live or work around the Zuidas. Zuidas Pharmacy, Gustav Mahlerlaan 635B

Cruquius located at the waterside, near the city center of Amsterdam Amsterdam (East) by the water. Near the city center. That’s Cruquius. The perfect place to live and work, with the entire city at your fingertips. A perfect home by the water. The Cruquius 1.3 buildings have it all: a unique design, lots of outdoor areas, right next to the water, and beautifully located between the Entrepothaven and the historical heart of the peninsula. All of this is just a 15-minute bike ride away from the heart of Amsterdam. townhouses of around 146-155 m 2 2, 3, and 4-room apartments of around 120-149 m 2 one and two-storey penthouses of around 164-226 m 2 780,000 - 1,485,000 incl. transaction costs Including 50 years bought off ground-lease.

Go to for more information or make an appointment +31(0)6 13 57 40 00


developments and realized that we could create an app that would be an added value for our customers. The app contains all the information our international guests need about the apartment and the neighbourhood.’ Michael adds, ‘We were looking for a solution that understands our serviced apartments business, supports our existing operations and at the same time can grow in sync with our expansion plans.

HOW TO HELP INTERNATIONALS FEEL AT HOME? Corporate Housing Factory has the answer

This app is a bit like a portable concierge: an extra service for our guests that enhances their stay’.

SHIFT In recent years, Michael and Jouke have also seen a shift in their clientele. ‘I’ve noticed that these days, people are younger when they go overseas’, Jouke says. ‘It used to be that an international career came with seniority, but now there’s a much bigger mix of ages.’ Michael agrees. ‘We even see trainees. And then it’s not surprising that

Corporate Housing Factory is one of the Netherlands’ largest providers of serviced

their employers choose our service, because

apartments catering exclusively to the corporate market, and one of the few specialized in

apart from our hospitality, we’re often less

that area. They believe in creating a home away from home for many of the international

expensive than a hotel, and if you’re staying

employees who come to the Netherlands for work assignments, with a concept that offers

for several months, that adds up.’ Besides,

today’s business traveller a warm homecoming, combined with the service and comforts of

the feeling of having a genuine home away

a luxury hotel. Hello Zuidas met up with Michael Berendsen and Jouke Baaima, co-owners

from home is worth a million.

of Corporate Housing Factory, at their new offices on Gustav Mahlerlaan. PERSONAL ATTENTION

‘So now’, says Michael, ‘whenever we get

Corporate Housing Factory has

Corporate Housing Factory has been serving

a new reservation from, say, a family, we

apartments in the Amsterdam Zuidas

the market for more than five years now

can arrange for a taxi to collect them from

and in many other cities all over the

and has welcomed quite a few international

Schiphol and see to it that someone is there

Netherlands. For more information, visit

guests. Creating a home away from home

when they check in, who shows them how

is very important, Michael and Jouke

everything works at the apartment. People

agree. ‘Over these past years we’ve listened

really appreciate that.’

closely to our guests, so we could pinpoint


what’s important and what they require. We


1082 ME Amsterdam

noticed that people really want personal

Recently, Corporate Housing Factory also

+ 31 (0)88 116 9500

attention, and also that they want to feel at

relaunched a special app for guests, Jouke

home as quickly as possible’, Jouke explains.

tells us. ‘We do our best to keep up with

Text Romy Lange • Photography Arno Stevens

• 47


ZUIDAS ARCHITECTURE Intermezzo: white beacon in the Zuidas landscape Address

Gustav Mahlerlaan


82 m


Inbo, Bert van Breugel



Completed in


Floor area

26,300 m²

Main user

Home owners association

Building owner Home owners association

48 •

+ Syntrus Achmea Real

+ Syntrus Achmea Real

Estate & Finance

Estate & Finance


Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering architecture. As it matures into an international quarter of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left in Zuidas. Amidst all these modern skyscrapers, it may be difficult to imagine that only some twenty years ago, this stretch of land, connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert, consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In this series we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas. This time, we take a closer look at Intermezzo. FACTS Intermezzo, which saw completion in 2017,

of residential designs, pieced together in an

• Fully prefabricated façade with

was built practically in the blink of an eye.

ingenious puzzle and ranging from compact

inner skin/insulation/outerleaf/frame

This elegant new residential tower has

pied-à-terres to spacious urban dwellings

units. The façade elements were

two faces – statuesque and stately on the

overlooking Gershwinlaan, and from flats with

supplied ready-made and are wind

Mahlerlaan side, with its transparent main

roomy terraces to a very generous penthouse

and water tight.

entrance and expansive glazing on the

occupying the top levels. Alongside the mix of

• Intermezzo has some exceptionally

rounded corners, while on the Gershwinlaan

large balconies, that offer panoramic views for

large residences on the penthouse

side it’s silhouetted by spectacular large

miles around, residents are also able to enjoy

balconies, giving the building a distinctive

the relaxing atmosphere of the courtyard

know existed.

flair that chimes in perfectly with the district’s

garden located on the building’s second level.

• There is an underground car

metropolitan vibe. Intermezzo certainly

The luxurious quality of the exterior continues

park for residents.

holds its own amongst the other impressive

inside, with common areas finished in

• The building’s unique character

towers in Zuidas. With its unusual white stone

superior materials and staffing by a doorman.

and silhouette, with its two

facing, Intermezzo can’t help but stand out.

In this white beacon, standing out in the

different looks, arose from the

The building’s interior is as unique as its

Zuidas landscape, the four large entrances

different volumes such as they were

exterior. In fact, not a single apartment is

offer a pleasant welcome to building residents

prescribed by the zoning plan.

like the other. The 175 units offer a panoply

and visitors alike.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Photography Luuk Kramer

levels that few people even

• 49

Amsterdam Diemen ST








Available now


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS PAPERLESS RECEIPTS Did you know that annually 13 million litres of oil and 55 million litres of water are used for the production of all paper receipts in the Netherlands alone? Bearing this in mind, Circl recently switched from paper to Digibon, which ‘bills’ itself as the ‘universal digital receipt’ and is looking to continue its roll-out in Zuidas, planning to go nationwide from there. Digibon can also be used by company canteens. Added bonus: you’ll never

Photography Arno Stevens

misplace your receipts again! Check out


ZUIDAS SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018 The annual presentation of the Sustainability Report took place on 11 April. To mark this festive occasion, the event was held at the ultrasustainable, all new premises of the Goede Doelen Loterijen, with


more than 200 local professionals in attendance. The programme

Half-empty lorries delivering parcels at 9 am, companies that do

showcased some of the sustainable highlights of 2018, including

daily deliveries when orders could easily be put off for several

the Zuidas natural gas ambition and the Noord/Zuid route trial

days... urban logistics could clearly be conducted a lot smarter

offer for commuters. Issued jointly by Hello Zuidas, GBC Zuidas and

than they are now. That’s why GBC Zuidas recently launched

Amsterdam’s Zuidas District Office, the report details sustainable

a pilot with Hulshoff. A group of local GBC members will have

measures and initiatives in Zuidas over the previous year. It is

almost all of their orders delivered by Hulshoff free of charge.

available for download on If you’d prefer to receive

Suppliers will bring items to Hulshoff’s distribution centre

a printed copy, send us an email:

outside of the city, and Hulshoff will then do smart grouped deliveries at set times. This will result in less congestion and less carbon emissions in Zuidas. After one year, pilot participants may decide if they want to stick with Hulshoff indefinitely. For details about the pilot, go to:

Text Maartje Oome

Maartje Oome is communications manager for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district that has businesses cooperating in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to​

• 51


TRY PARK & BIKE FOR FREE WITH A ONE-MONTH TRIAL! You’ve heard about bike sharing: why not give it a try? Hello Zuidas members can discover all the benefits of bike sharing with Hello Bike, the healthy and sustainable way to get from A to B in key business districts in the Netherlands. Start your one-month free trail now! Imagine parking your car in a safe and secure car park and cycling the rest of the way to your office. Your parking space is guaranteed thanks to number plate recognition. Just park, grab a bike and zip past the traffic! And the first month’s parking at RAI is free, including bike share! Send an email to for more information and to sign up.

52 •


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES the following new members

MISURA SARTORIA Bespoke tailor (clothing) • 3 employees


LINK WITH ZUIDAS Misura Sartoria Amsterdam has a shop in Zuidas on George Gershwinplein. This is an ideal location for a bespoke suit specialist, catering to a male and female clientele in the heart of the Zuidas financial district. REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER Misura Sartoria wanted to join the local community with a view to forge connections with other businesses in Zuidas and thereby


generate more leads.

Retail • 3 employees


LINK WITH ZUIDAS Persistence pays off! After several foiled attempts, spread over the last few years, Leonidas has finally succeeded in securing a

Fast-moving consumer goods • 450 employees

premises located in Zuidas. We’ll be opening our doors on Gustav Mahlerlaan and serving up our famous chocolates as well as our


unique artisanal ice cream.

Zuidas is international and vibrant; qualities that reflect Kraft Heinz Company and its values. This location is easy to reach and


puts us close to our partners.

To put our new location on the map and to stay updated on new developments in Zuidas. This platform is a perfect matchmaker


between a wide variety of parties and we’re eager to be a part of it.

To connect with other parties in and around Zuidas for potential future collaborations and partnerships. We also hope membership will enhance our visibility.

IEF REAL ESTATE SERVICES B.V. Real estate investment • 3 employees



Chemicals • 10,000 employees

We’re the owner of the ground-floor commercial space in the Xavier building on Gustav Mahlerlaan. The corner premises were


recently leased to Leonidas and a French bakery.

Nouryon was formerly known as AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and now has its head office, with around 250 employees, in Zuidas.

REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER We want to keep up with the latest Zuidas developments and look


forward to getting to know our neighbours. Our HQ is based in

To keep up-to-date, have a voice in area developments and to

Amsterdam, and we’re looking to expand our acquisitions in Zuidas.

collaborate with other residents of Zuidas.




Hello Zuidas

• 53

full-service hospitality & staffing agency

Are you searching for good people on the front line? Stella Agency will supply you with a professional team that has just the right look and feel! Stella Agency can offer you total peace of mind at he “frond-end” of your company. Representive hosting personnel for all your front office requirements. We can guide employees, manage them and even recruit them for you. We select only the best professionals to become your public face and/or voice. Do you need presentable front office staff or support for your next company meeting or business event? Get in touch with Stella Agency - the only full-service hospitality & staffing agency in Zuidas.

STELLA OFFICES IN Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague


Stella Agency is the official promotion partner of the Hello Zuidas magazine.

Stella Agency | WTC Tower A, Level 5 | Strawinksylaan 507 | 1077 XX Amsterdam | +31 (0) 20-7883361 | |

SPRING SAVINGS! Take advantage of our spring promotion and receive


on your meeting or event held in May or June.

BOOK AND ENJOY! +31(0)20 504 36 16 - * Use the promo code: SPRING

MEMO BOARD CLUBSPORTIVE LAUNCHES #PLASTICFREESTORY CAMPAIGN Clubsportive has kicked off the year with the #plasticfreestory campaign. With so many people still grabbing singleuse plastic bottles on their way to their daily workout, now is the time to make a change. Clubsportive wants to galvanize everyone to be more aware, and has designed this reusable bottle to make it that much easier. Get yours now at the Clubsportive store and join our story! More info:

ZUID STATION CLOSED FOR FIVE WEEKENDS Calling all public transport users! If you regularly travel through Amsterdam Zuid Station, you’ll need to change your route for weekend travel during five weeks, from May to June 2019. On these five weekends, Zuidasdok will be working on the A10 southbound motorway and tracks at Amsterdam Zuid and RAI stations. Train services to, from and through these stations will be diverted and travellers are advised to travel via Amsterdam Central Station instead. In the first four weeks of this period, trains resume their usual services on the following Monday. On the fifth Monday, 10 June, which is Whit Monday, trains will run a limited service. Travellers

Sign up your business team!

to and from Amsterdam Zuid and RAI stations can make use of the


metro service. The Nederlandse

On Friday 5 July, the Zuidas Run will once again return to Zuidas for a fabulous summery 11th

Spoorwegen (Netherlands

edition. Whether you join up with colleagues to form a business team or sprint to the finish

Railways) advises travellers to

solo, we hope to see you there. It promises to be another brilliant fitness challenge, capped by

check the NS journey planner

festive drinks at the summer afterparty on Gustav Mahlerplein! Sign up now (individuals and

beforehand and to allow for longer

teams) on:

journey times.

5 & 10 km. Start & finish, Gustav Mahlerplein

• 55

dental team 2.0 just around the corner

At 116 Gustav Mahlerplein you will find a dynamic team of oral care professionals offering a wide range of specialist treatments under one roof. A place where dental quality, EBD (evidence-based dentistry), patient commitment and openness are highly valued.

wellness in dental care Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 Visit us and register online at or call 020-6623071

MEMO BOARD IS YOUR WARDROBE SUMMERPROOF? Perfect your summer look this season with a finely tailored suit, paired with a polo tee or shirt and suede shoes. Or, if you prefer to go office casual this summer, alternate your outfit with a bespoke blazer, chinos and smart sneakers by Misura Sartoria. As well as bespoke suits, Misura also has its own Misura Casuals label, featuring chinos, polos and shirts in a range of colours. Misura tailor Rick’s personal top tip for this summer: go for bold combinations and make sure your wardrobe is summerproof!

ZUIDAS WELCOMES LEONIDAS A moment eagerly awaited by all chocolate lovers: at the end of June Leonidas will finally be opening its doors in Zuidas! The chocolatier is one of the retailers setting up shop on the ground floor of the brand-new Xavier building. Apart from offering a wide selection of hand-crafted chocolates, Leonidas is also the place to be for homemade ice cream, once the temperatures go up. We can’t wait!

• 57


SPRING DEAL Book your meeting with an overnight stay at the Bilderberg

Garden Hotel with at least a value of € 4.000,- and get a free overnight stay with a dinner for two in Restaurant De Kersentuin! May we take your reservation? +31 (0)20 570 56 55 or via

Real Estate English for Professionals • Custom courses and workshops • Improve your professional English

for requests and reservations. Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam +31(0)20 570 56 00 020 - 598 64 20

This deal applies to bookings made before 30 June 2019

Apartment ...

or cottage


In the city ...

or in the country

A financial advisor who arranges everything

or get a mortgage online on your own

Whatever you decide, We will provide you with the best advice

TA S T E O F A M S T E R DA M M AY 3 1 s t - J U N E 3 r d A M S T E L PA R K

The Best Chefs | 20+ Restaurants | 90 Dishes Masterclasses & Tastings Order your tickets on Presented by

Members Hello Zuidas • May 2019

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 01. 900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) 02. ABN AMRO 03. Accendium 04. Accenture 05. À Deauville 06. AFC 07. AkzoNobel 08. Albert Heijn 09. Amsterdam in Business 10. AICS 11. Amsterdamse Bos 12. Amsterdam UMC 13. APG 14. Apleona GVA B.V. 15. Arcadis 16. Argos Communications 17. Arnold & Siedsma 18. Art Zuid 19. ASEGA Media 20. Asunaro Holland Interplan 21. Atrium Meeting Centre 22. Bagels & Beans 23. Baker McKenzie 24. Baresco 25. Bartolus Advocaten 26. Beheermij WTC Amsterdam 27. Being Development 28. Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam 29. Blue Boat Company 30. Bolenius 31. Bouwens& 32. Boyden Global Executive Search 33. Breevast 34. BREIKERS 35. Broersma Nieuwbouw 36. Caffè Belmondo 37. CBRE B.V. 38. citizenM 39. Che Buono 40. Club Sportive 41. CMS 42. Cognito Financial Communications 43. Colliers International 44. CompaNanny 45. Corporate Housing Factory 46. Cosmo Hairstyling 47. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 48. Customized Media 49. D&B The Facility Group 50. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 51. De Hypotheker 52. Deloitte 53. De Nieuwe Poort 54. De Vroedt & Thierry 55. De Zuidas Apotheek 56. Dentons Boekel 57. Doctor Feelgood 58. Domeco Development B.V. 59. Doppio 60. Eden McCallum 61. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 62. Eigen Haard 63. Element Hotel 64. Engel & Völkers 65. ENGIE 66. Etage 0 67. Euro CCP 68. Expat Center 69. EY 70. Fam. Advocaten 71. Financial Offices 72. Fit 20 73. Flexform Amsterdam 74. FLOW Real Estate 75. Fortron B.V. 76. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 77. Fris Makelaars 78. G&S Vastgoed 79. Gentlemen’s Place 80. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 81. Grand Café Mahler

82. Greenberg Nielsen 83. Green Business Club 84. Greenwheels 85. Gustavino 86. GVB 87. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 88. Hestia Kinderopvang 89. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 90. Hogan Lovells International LLP 91. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 92. Houthoff 93. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 94. House of Sports 95. Htel Serviced Apartments 96. IEF Real Estate 97. IMA 98. InAmsterdam 99. ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West 100. JLL 101. Johan Cruyff Institute 102. JUIZZ 103. Koetjes en Kalfjes 104. König + Neurath (Nederloand) A.G. 105. Kraft Heinz 106. La Lotteria 107. Lebkov & Sons 108. Lexence 109. Leonidas 110. Liander 111. LibRT 112. Limon 113. Loetje 114. Loyens & Loeff 115. Lunshof Makelaardij 116. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 117. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 118. Made in May 119. IHS Markit 120. Market 33 121. Mastercard 122. MBO College Zuid 123. Mech Make & Take 124. Miles Building 125. Mindfulbizz 126. Miss Molly 127. Misura Sartoria 128. Mondrian Espresso 129. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 130. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. 131. Multicopy A’dam WTC 132. Mylk 133. NACH 134. Nationale Postcode Loterij 135. NDI ICT Solutions 136. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 137. Nedstede Real Estate 138. NH Amsterdam Zuid 139. Nicolaas Lyceum 140. NL Real Estate 141. Novotel Amsterdam City 142. NS 143. Nouryon 144. Oliver’s 145. Openbare Bibliotheek 146. ORAM 147. Oranje Energie 148. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 149. OVG Real Estate 150. Ox & Bucks 151. Partou Kinderopvang 152. Pathé 153. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 154. Platform Beter Benutten 155. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 156. Property NL B.V. 157. Protiviti 158. Provast 159. Puramis Consultancy 160. Qbic Hotels 161. Q-Park Nederland 162. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid

163. RAI Amsterdam 164. Regus 165. Reset Yourself 166. Restaurant As 167. Restaurant het Bosch 168. Restaurant Nine 169. RGA International Reinsurance 170. Rialto 171. Rivers 172. Rob Peetoom 173. Ronald McDonaldhuis VUmc 174. Rosarium 175. Russell Reynolds Associates 176. Savills Amsterdam 177. Salsa Shop 178. SCOR Global Life SE 179. Season-Flowers 180. Securitas 181. Simmons & Simmons LLP 182. Sixt 183. SoundGraph 184. Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver 185. Spine Health Incompany 186. Spirit Hospitality Services 187. Stella Agency & Academy 188. Stibbe 189. St. Olympisch Stadion A’dam 190. Student Experience 191. Summertime 192. Sushilee 193. Sushi Time 194. Symphony’s 195. Taalcentrum - VU 196. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 197. Taylor Wessing 198. Tax Consultants International 199. Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) 200. The Bank of New York Mellon 201. The Basket 202. The Bikevertising Company 203. The Breakfast Club 204. The Office Operators 205. The Online Group 206. Thomaskerk Amsterdam 207. TREC 208. Tribes 209. UNET 210. Urban Salad 211. Van Dijk & Ten Cate 212. Van Gool Elburg 213. Van Lanschot Kempen 214. Vermaat Groep (CIRCL) 215. Vesteda 216. Visser Communicatie 217. Von Poll Real Estate 218. VondelGym 219. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 220. VU University Press 221. Wagamama 222. Watersportvereniging De Koenen 223. We Canteen 224. WeWork 225. Wineboutique & Spirits 226. Wintertaling 227. Worldeye Amsterdam 228. WTC Amsterdam 229. WTC A’dam Business Club 230. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 231. Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) 232. YoungCapital 233. Your Assistant 234. Zuidas Bier 235. Zuidas Publishers 236. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 237. ZuidPlus 238. Zuidas Services 239. 240. Zuidschans 241. Zwaan II

COLOPHON FOUNDATION HELLO ZUIDAS Strawinskylaan 61, 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 Our goal With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by Zuidas Publishers WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 15 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20-3620993 Editor-in-chief Romy Lange Advertising Please send an e-mail to for questions about advertising. Art Director and Graphic Designer Emiel Brouwers • IMAGEAU Translation Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors Romy Lange, Eefje van den Akker, Greg Shapiro,,, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Photography Davien Hulsman, Lotte de Graaf, Arno Stevens, Marcel Steinbach, Jan Vonk, BLINKfotografie, Peter Valcks, Luuk Kramer, Jaiwey Nuij, Jeroen Swolfs, Editorial advisory board Olivier Otten, Marius Drissen, Kenneth Goedhart, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Thanks to Eefje Voogd (Eefje Voogd Makelaardij) Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), TAXI TCA, Kroonenberg Groep, PropertyNL, Greg Shapiro, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad, advocatie. nl, Clubsportive, Bouwinvest, Siematic, Hello Bike, Thinking of Holland, Taalcentrum-VU & Beeldig Werk, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, De Hypotheker, Van de Veer Tandartsen, Bilderberg Garden Hotel, The Office Operators, Corporate Housing Factory, Stella Agency, Zuidas Apotheek, Savills, Bouwinvest, car2go, Element Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam, iEar’, VU Amsterdam, Jozien van der Wal, Jalal Oba, Sander Ooms, De Kredieter & Inbo. Printed by Senefelder Misset Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition 20.000 copies Circulation Free for Zuidas and Amsterdam South. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It is be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies within Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency Six times a year (bi-monthly) Copyright © 2018 Zuidas Publishers. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.












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Mei/Juni 2019 editie Hello Zuidas  

Magazine Hello Zuidas wordt elke twee maanden in een oplage van 20.000 over de hele Zuidas en in alle winkelstraten van Amsterdam Zuid versp...

Mei/Juni 2019 editie Hello Zuidas  

Magazine Hello Zuidas wordt elke twee maanden in een oplage van 20.000 over de hele Zuidas en in alle winkelstraten van Amsterdam Zuid versp...