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#42 MARCH • APRIL 2019

Jeroen Swolfs

photojournalist - Streets of the World


opens its doors to everyone!


‘Streets of the World will certainly resonate with people in Zuidas’

We talked to four local professionals about electric mobility

GREGORY SHAPIRO Brexit Refugees Invading Zuidas

The future is electric and so are we. TCA is the leading mobility partner when it comes to electric driving. We have over 150 electric taxis roaming the streets of Amsterdam. And we continue to expand our electric fleet for a more sustainable future. Download the TCA app to book an electrifying ride to and from the Zuidas. Fixed prices. Top service. Pickup within 5 minutes. No parking issues.

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ZUIDAS WILL FLOURISH FOR A LONG TIME TO COME I never met someone who travelled the whole world until I

development of public spaces and from new cultural initiatives and

interviewed Jeroen Swolfs for this issue. Jeroen visited 195 capital

corporate events to the increasingly active role played by Zuidas

cities of 195 countries to take pictures of everyday life on the street.

residents. Zuidas will continue to flourish for a long time to come,

He’s called his project ‘Streets of the World’ and has compiled a

and that’s something we should cherish.

gorgeous book of photographs. Then he went on to write another one telling us about his fascinating journey. So what does that have

For now, I’d like to leave you with a little Zuidas tip: sometime

to do with Zuidas? Read Olivier’s contribution below to find out!

during the next few weeks, take a stroll along ‘De Vijfhoek’. That’s the small park next to the Freshfields building, which recently got a

Over the past months, I’ve done some exploring of my own, visiting

complete makeover and has become a lovely spot to relax and

the new Engel & Völkers office in Zuidas, polling locals about driving

soak up some sun.

electric, looking around Zuidas Apotheek and dropping by Savills to hear all about their latest developments. And I made an interesting

Got a tip for me? Please send me an email!

detour to Beethovenstraat. Happy reading! People regularly ask me if it’s difficult to fill a whole magazine every

Romy Lange

other month with news about Zuidas. My answer is: No! After all,

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

there’s so much happening here, from buildings going up to the

This month, the photographic exhibition ‘Streets of the World’ opens on Arnold Schönberglaan (outside Amsterdam Zuid station), stretching 230 metres along the Zuidasdok construction site. The series, presenting scenes from daily life on the streets of 195 capital cities that photographer Jeroen Swolfs visited with his camera, offers an impressive look at what connects us with other countries and cultures. For a sneak preview, check out page #. The exhibition, which will also travel to London and Dubai, is mounted as a joint initiative of Hello Zuidas, the Zuidasdok project organisation and the ZuidPlus building consortium to maintain quality of life in the district during Zuidasdok construction works. I urge everyone to visit ‘Streets of the World’! Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas










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‘Streets of the World will certainly resonate with people in Zuidas’ Jeroen Swolfs, Photojournalist - Streets of the World

From Johannesburg to Barbados and from Prague to Wellington, photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs spent seven years travelling the globe, taking his camera to the streets of 195 capital cities. The result is a sweeping cross-section of the whole world. On 7 March his exhibition Streets of the World will open on Arnold Schönberglaan in Zuidas. And it’s free of charge! How did you get the idea to travel to 195 countries?

chance to travel the world in a low key way. But after two and a half

‘My father passed away while I was studying law in Utrecht. Before

years and sixty countries, I found myself in a rut. By that time, the

his death, we had a lot of earnest discussions about life. He made

countries at the top of my list were more dangerous and complex to

me realize that time isn’t some luxury item and that it’s a delusion

visit. So I decided to try to find a way to lend more meaning to my

to think you can put off pursuing your true passion until later. At

work, alongside working on Streets of the World. I started taking

the time I saw photography as a pass-time, and I also did a lot

photos for the Red Cross, and also regularly visited places with the

of backpacking. Gradually, the idea of combining travelling with

UN and NATO. The growth of social media enabled me to develop a

taking pictures began to call out to me. Eventually, I decided to quit

bigger network and to connect more easily with people in countries I

my studies and become a photojournalist instead, and started at

visited. All those things added a new dimension to my journey.’

the Academy for Photography. While doing a work placement in the photo editing department of de Volkskrant, I discovered my dream job really existed. And that was the moment my career as a photojournalist began. I started my own company, Galapaardje, which took pictures of student galas all over the Netherlands, and I split my time between that and taking journalistic trips. This was also

“My father made me realize that time isn’t some luxury item and that it’s a delusion to think you can put off pursuing your true passion until later”

the time when the photography world really started changing. Digital photography was gaining ground and more journalists were taking

You mentioned an investor.

cameras along to shoot pictures themselves. So I needed some way

How did you finance all of this travel?

to differentiate myself, to do something that would make me stand

‘I approached all kinds of foundations and organizations to present

out in that landscape. I still had this idea about telling stories, about

my plan, but they thought it was overly optimistic. Of course there

travelling to the world’s capitals and finding new stories there. One

were many times I thought of quitting, but it was at those moments

day I came home from a job and decided to bite the bullet and switch

that I decided to stick with it. It was just a matter of finding the right

all my energies over to this project, called Streets of the World. I

person. In the end, I was offered the opportunity to pitch my plan

wrote all of my ideas down on paper and crunched the numbers.

to Alex Mulder, a real cultural entrepreneur who has helped fund

Friends and acquaintances lent their support so I could get to work,

projects like the Dutch musical production Soldaat van Oranje. He

pitching and piecing together a plan to actually go and visit every

thought I was crazy, but at the same time also saw the value and

country in the world.’

beauty of my plan and eventually gave me the green light. I never could have made it happen without him.’

That took you seven years. What were those seven years like for you?

Did you ever worry about safety during your travels?

‘Yes, the trip literally took seven years. I came home a few times to

‘It started out as an awesome adventure, but after a couple of years

arrange for new visas or update my investor. In the beginning, the

it did get to be pretty hard going. The loneliness and the hazards of

travelling was brilliant and I was having the time of my life. I was in

travelling, and not having any place to go home to, made it tough

my early thirties and had slightly more spending money than the

personally. All I could do was to keep my eyes on the finish line and

average backpacker. Plus, I was working every day and enjoying the

push on. The things I witnessed in countries at war made me sad in

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman • On you can see the making of video


“After two and a half years and sixty countries, I found myself in a rut” JAMAICA - KINGSTON





a way and disillusioned about whether the world was really such a

milestone. There is also a making-of film in which at long last we can

wonderful place as I’d imagined. It turned out to be quite a challenge to

offer everyone an in-depth look at how this project came about and

hold onto that positive feeling I’d had at the outset. Countries like Iraq,

the idea behind it. So what started out as a photo book, has become

Somalia and Afganistan made for quite a grim ending, and there were

so much more in the end. Actually, this project is perfectly suited to

several – Libya, Yemen and Equatorial Guinea – that I had to scratch

Zuidas. There are so many companies and people here who know the

from my list in the end. So, in that respect, the project isn’t finished, but

value of connecting humanity. Our aim is to keep this project alive,

the story I set out to tell is. Someday I do want to try to add those last

which people here in Zuidas will undoubtedly understand.’

three countries, of course, but right now it’s still too difficult.’

Which city is your top pick for people in Zuidas to visit? Did you forge any lasting friendships along the way?

‘The place that immediately springs to mind is Johannesburg. It’s a

‘Yes, definitely. Anton is one of those friends. I was trying to find a way

city that waged an incredible war over apartheid, which is also one of

into Afghanistan, which is a highly inaccessible country. Anton had

my reasons for choosing to take on this city it instead of the capital.

read my earlier book and learned from the internet that I wanted to

Residents have worked hard to improve the quality of life in the city

go to Afghanistan. He offered to help me visit Kabul. It turned out he

and they’ve been successful at that. Together they there back on track.

was in the military, and with his special privileges he could act as my

Nowadays they’ve got a terrific, thriving downtown business district.

guide in the city. We went around together and got to be great mates.

That made a huge impression me. Back in the day, Zuidas wasn’t exactly

Someday, we plan to open a beach club together in Costa Rica!’

the most obvious place to start building either, but just look at what it has become. So in that respect the two places are pretty similar.’

What was it like to come back? To not have to travel anymore? ‘Streets of the World finished up three years ago. The plan was to


put together a beautiful photography book of the trip, so after the


7 March

trip I was working full time on that project. In the process, though,


Arnold Schönberglaan

we realized that apart from the pictures, I had an amazing story

Admission free

to tell, and also that the project deserved a bigger platform than

More info

just a book. The story had to be presented in a serious way and be

‘Streets of the World’ has been made possible at this location

accessible to a wider public. So that’s what we set out to do, and

through a joint initiative of three partners, inspired by the stories

with help from lots of different partners, we pulled it off. Now it is the

of Jeroen Swolfs’ travels and the pictures of daily life he captured

largest photo exhibition in the world which just opened in Dubai, and

along the way. They are proud to present this world-class exhibition.

we’ll be taking it to London and Brussels, where we’ll share our story with the European Commission. The photographs show the world,

Made possible in part by:

spread out over a length of two kilometres. Inevitably, there were

Hello Zuidas, Zuidasdok and ZuidPlus.

some hurdles, but now we have this exhibition and it’s brilliant; a real

10 •

Design without dictates, plan without limits



Like life in our cities, the SieMatic Style Collection URBAN is marked by exciting contrasts: exciting and peaceful, functional and emotional, foreign and familiar, flea-market find and design classic. The intuitive “solitaire” effect of individual objects creates an aesthetic appeal that relates to the experience, contrasts, and values of a unique personality: yours.


Hobbemastraat 2 | 1071 ZA Amsterdam | Telefoon 020 – 705 99 10 |


INTEGRATED DESIGN FOR ZUIDASDOK FACES DELAY More time is needed to draft a good integrated design for Zuidasdok than initially expected. As the preparations progress, a number of issues have arisen


that could impact the realization and timeline of the projects envisioned.

To ensure things go smoothly once the construction works get underway, the

Widening of the A10 south motorway

throughout the decade it will take to

Zuidasdok project organization built in

from four to six lanes in both directions,

complete the project. Then there’s the lack

a phase to develop a cohesive plan for

rerouting the road underground

of space. This means part of the A10 south

the project, following the award of the

beneath Zuidas and building a whole

motorway has to be shifted first to make

tender to the ZuidPlus consortium. This

new Amsterdam Zuid public transport

room to build the tunnels, while the station

integrated design fleshes out all the details

station on top – that, in a nutshell, is what

can’t be completed until the tunnels are

of the design in order to resolve possible

Zuidasdok encompasses. What makes it

in place underground. At the same time,

errors and sticking points, before the work

so tricky, however, is that the motorway

countless other construction activities

outdoors begins.

and station will have to continue operating

need space to unfold on all sides.

12 •


Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre Central Hall, WTC +31 (0)800 5065 zuidas •


WAITING FOR SPRING Meanwhile, the park on top of the Strawinskylaan underground bike shed is nearly finished. Come spring, this promises to be a lovely spot for the Prinses Irenebuurt community and Zuidas residents and professionals to relax. BRITTENPASSAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

COMPLEX PUZZLE Recent months have made it clear that more time is needed for this phase as well as for the draft of the comprehensive design. That’s because the puzzle is more complex than was originally assumed. Despite this delay, however, both the project organization and building consortium are happy to conclude that critical issues are being identified at this point in time, and not after work has already begun, when they would be more disruptive.

PRELIMINARY GROUNDWORK Though the project is still in a holding phase, some of the groundwork has gotten underway. An example is the construction of the Britten and Vivaldi passages providing pedestrian and bicycle


access underneath Amsterdam Zuid station and the routes to and

As Zuidas continues its building activities, more measures are needed to deal with

from Beatrixpark, respectively. An assessment has shown this work can proceed even without the comprehensive design being in place.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Photography Marcel Steinbach • Artist Impressions ZuidPlus

rainwater. One of the solutions is the planting of green strips to slow run-off, which is


now being carried out in conjunction with Waternet along Prinses Irenestraat.

• 13


As from 3 March 2019, there will be no Tram 51 (Amstelveen line) service between Amsterdam Zuid station and Amstelveen. Any service is suspended until the end of 2020, in connection with the replacement of tracks, switches, overhead wires and technical systems.



AMSTELVEEN SERVICE SUSPENDED The Amstelveen line was overdue

the route between Amsterdam Zuid


for an upgrade. Aside from

and Amstelveen until the end of

Renewal of the Amstelveen line is

carriages that had become a bit

2020, departing from the bus stop on

already well underway. This includes

shabby and cramped, the trams


the construction of three split-level

were prone to malfunctions. On

crossings along Beneluxbaan so trams

top of that there were some traffic


can ride unimpeded. On top of that,

safety issues along the route.

Tram 5 will continue services as usual,

all of the stops are being renovated

with the exception of several weekends

and upgraded for a new type of tram.


when Beneluxbaan will be entirely

The costs of these renewals amount

Tram 51 will continue services, but

closed to traffic, trams included. This

to a total of 300 million euros. The

will no longer be running all the way

measure applies for the weekends

main building contractor is VITAL,

to Amstelveen. Nothing will change

of 9-10 March, 13-14 and 20-22 April

a consortium of VolkerWessels

between Amsterdam Central and Zuid

(includes Easter Monday) and 15-16

subsidiaries Van Hattum and

stations, but from Amsterdam Zuid

June. Tram 5 services will also be

Blankevoort, plus VolkerRail and KWS.

the tram will continue to Sloterdijk

suspended for the whole period running

station (ending at Isolatorweg) in

from 14 July to 25 August. Bus 45 will be

Further details on

Amsterdam West. Bus 55 will serve

running a replacement service.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Artist Impression POSAD









MINUTE? Electric vehicles have become a fixture on the Dutch roadways and are here to stay. The Dutch government is offering financial incentives for driving electric and you needn’t look far for a charging station – there are plenty of them around in Zuidas as well! EVs embody the new mobility era. Or do they? We talked to four local professionals about electric mobility.

PETER SMULDERS Owner of CoffeeDC (Gustav Mahlerplein & Claude Debussylaan) ‘Currently I drive a BMW X3 and a fun old Mini One from 2003. Neither of them are electric vehicles. If there had been electric models on the market at the time, they would have been too expensive to buy as private cars. Without the price gap between electric and fossil fuel cars, I would definitely prefer to drive electric. The benefit, of course, is that there are no carbon emissions and they’re easy to park. But for me, they’re still too expensive and too limited in range for me to consider them as an option. What’s more, I think all these cars driving around with no engine noise are a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists.’

BARBARA VAN DER GRIJP Managing director of Engel & Völkers (four locations in the Netherlands) ‘We do own a cute Fiat as our company car. It isn’t electric, but in the city I go almost everywhere by bike. Given how many locations I visit each day, that can be a challenge. We’re planning to trade in the scooters we’ve got for maybe four electric bikes. An electric car would be an improvement, but actually I think hydrogen vehicles are the future.’

16 •


JORIS DE ROO Partner at CityState (George Gershwinlaan) ‘I lease a Tesla Model S through Mister Green. Teslas have a range of 450 kilometres, which gets you a long way. I charge it at home. With an electric car you do have to think ahead more, but you get used to that. Holidays are trickier, but if you can plan ahead, then it’s fine. It’s a pity there aren’t more charging stations around in Zuidas and that they’re all slow-charging. In that sense, electric driving isn’t really being promoted as well as it ought to be. Companies and city authorities could also contribute more, I think. That said, I’m pleased with my Tesla. Plus, my nine-year-old daughter has forbidden me to ever drive a car running on petrol again. She is taught in school that it is bad for the environment.’

HANS KRUIMER Former Associate Application Development Manager in the area of Enterprise Asset Management (for a company in the ITO tower). ‘My employer gave me an NS-Business card and in addition to that I have a lease car that runs on petrol. I considered a Nissan Leaf at one point, but the range was still too limited and it takes seven and a half hours to charge, which is not a practical option for me. So far, electric vehicles simply aren’t attractive enough to drive, unless you’ve got a Tesla. I do intend to switch over at some point, but right now there are still too many drawbacks. At best, driving electric is only really an acceptable solution for driving short distances.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 17


THE OLYMPIC AMSTERDAM This is a project by Bouwinvest. The Olympic Amsterdam is the new iconic destination in Amsterdam. Innovative. Modern. Urban. Here you can shop, live, work, play, eat, drink, and exercise in style, around the historic Olympic Stadium.


is ‘key’ to the future Living and working in Zuidas has quite a few

Whereas the future of mobility is often touted

perks, mobility-wise. With a large – and growing

with big words, in reality the change is a matter of

– intercity railway station, direct access to the

small steps. At Sixt, we want to facilitate Zuidas to

Amsterdam ring road and, since last summer, a

take those small steps. One important step that

fabulous and fast metro connection to the city

we’re excited about is keyless rental: simply book

centre, critical readers may well wonder how a

the car of your choice using our app and then use

mobility service provider like Sixt can top all that.

your mobile to unlock your ride. No service desk,


no paperwork, no wait. Sixt already offers keyless The answer is that Zuidas’ development as a full-

rental for 80 BMWs and Audis at our Amsterdam RAI

fledged mobility hub is precisely what makes this

location. Because we believe mobility is about not

spot so interesting. The future of mobility starts

only how fast you can be at your destination, but

right here. And we at Sixt want to be a part of the

how fast you can be on your way.

transformation, securing our position as a supplier of four-wheel freedom in Zuidas. Take the many major

When talking about the future of mobility, electric

companies based here: these days, employers are

cars have an important role to play. After all, freedom


no longer looking to give every staff member their

on wheels is far more liberating when there’s no

Europaboulevard 2

own set of wheels. Or take all the people who live in

environmental burden. In addition to our existing

1078 RV Amsterdam

Zuidas – people who have opted for a place where

electric fleet of Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3 and Tesla

+ 31 (0)23 569 8656

parking is limited, but still want to drive to a ski or

cars, Sixt last year added the Jaguar I-PACE. Smart

beach destination come the holidays.

and sleek, this is a car made for Zuidas.

• 19



THE EV LANDSCAPE PRESENT AND FUTURE These days, there are electric cars available in many makes and models. You can go with small and inexpensive, but there are also lots of futuristic options out on the market. Here, Hello Zuidas gives you its pick of all-electric cars.



Out in


Out in

spring 2019


400 km (WLTP)


345/500 km

Charge from electrical outlet, regular

Charge from electrical outlet, regular

or fast charging station



or fast charging station

Seats 5




300 km (WLTP)

Charge from currently unknown Seats 5

20 •



spring 2019

Priced from €84,100 Range

400 km (WLTP)

Charge from electrical outlet, regular

or fast charging station





Priced from €33,995

Charge from electrical outlet, regular


or fast charging station



280 km

Charge from electrical outlet, regular or fast charging station Seats

150 km




Priced from €39,680

Priced from




155 km

Charge from electrical outlet, regular or fast charging station

Charge from

electrical outlet, regular or fast charging station

Seats 5



300 km

• 21

PROPERTY Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your property news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

PEGASYSTEMS SIGNS LEASE FOR 1,600 M² IN ATRIUM Zuidas - US-based software firm Pegasystems has concluded a long-term lease with building owner Amundi for 1,600 m² of office space in the Atrium in Zuidas. The Atrium dates from 1976. It was among the first buildings to rise in Amsterdam’s financial district.. After its renovation dating back several years, the building changed hands in 2017 for a record sum, with Amundi as the new owner. Pegasystems will occupy the 10th floor of Tower I in the almost fully leased multi-tenant office block.

22 •



Zuidas - Also coming to the Atrium is Funding Circle, which has

Zuidas - Starbucks has announced that this year it will

concluded a long-term lease for 1,100 m² of commercial space on

be opening a new street-side location in Mahler900,

the 4th floor of Tower III. Funding Circle is a business platform that

the new building complex at 900 Gustav Mahlerlaan in

enables established companies of all sizes to take the next step by

Amsterdam. Property owner Nedstede’s CEO Michael

linking them with investors. Funding Circle, which is active in the

van de Kuit commented that if there’s one place in

Netherlands since 2015 and listed on the London Stock Exchange

Holland where coffee fuels the economy, that place

since 2018, has already facilitated investments totalling £5.6 billion.

would surely be Zuidas.

CROSS TOWERS RATED AS EXCELLENT Zuidas - The Cross Towers office building in Zuidas is the proud recipient of a BREEAM-NL In Use Asset ‘Excellent’ certificate, making it one of only two multi-tenant office buildings in the Netherlands to achieve this rating. Built just over ten years ago, Cross Towers (26,000 m², 24 floors) at 150 Antonio Vivaldistraat has been awarded the label thanks to an intelligent package of sustainable measures. The building has banned natural gas and has an ‘A’ energy performance label, with a heat and cold storage system, green roof and a water purification reservoir. The building also rates well above the highest score for reliance on renewable energy. Cross Towers received the certificate in the ‘Buildings’ category.

• 23



‘We make the perfect match using state-of-the-art technology and a human approach’

Whether you’re a startup or have been in the business for years, and whether you need space for a staff of 5 or 50, the search for flexible office space starts at Workthere. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology combined with a human approach, their online platform connects flexible office supply and demand to make the perfect match. Workthere knows technology alone isn’t enough, which is why you can always count on assistance from a real estate expert who understands both the market and the all-important X factor. Workthere – a subsidiary of global property agent

for every client and select only locations that are a

Savills – knows how important work environment is

genuine good fit for the organization.’

to business success. The right office space not only fuels productivity but also helps to attract talent


and retain employees. ‘We make every effort to find

Workthere is a new player on the market, but it’s

that for clients’, says Ed Bouterse, head of Workthere

backed by one of the world’s largest property

Netherlands. ‘It starts with our online platform. By

agents. The platform is the brainchild of Cal Lee, a

entering your search criteria, you can compile a list

trainee at Savills UK who successfully pitched his

of favourite locations to view. Or you can get in touch

idea for a subsidiary startup to the management.

with one of our real estate experts directly, by chat or

‘Workthere pairs the flexibility and enterprise of a

phone. In many cases, we can schedule a promising

startup with Savills’ 160 years of knowledge and

viewing the very next day, all at no cost.’

experience. That combination makes it unique.’



The online platform offers a rock-solid foundation,

Whether your organization is looking for a flexible

but it’s the Workthere team that makes the crucial

HQ for a project team or a conventional office lease,

difference, explains Bouterse. ‘The ideal workplace

Workthere will find the right location for you. What

is different for every organization. It’s about the X

is more, it will make sure the perfect match stays

factor – a sense of rightness and belonging – and

perfect. ‘Our job doesn’t end with the signing of

finding that takes human insight. Our real estate

the lease’, Bouterse emphasizes. ‘We also support

experts know the market through and through,

organizations in their ongoing development by


know what kinds of spaces are available and how to

continually updating the office space based on the

make the perfect match. We do a thorough search

phase the organization is in.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 25

high perfomance people need high performance buildings



Brexit Refugees Invading Zuidas Dear Britain, on behalf of Zuidas, we

verblijfsvergunning? …Zuidas might lose its

of the Churchill quote: ‘There’s no better

hope you stay in the EU. If only because

status as the Only Part of Amsterdam Not

argument against democracy than a five-

we’d have a hard time fitting even more

Overcrowded in the Weekend.

minute conversation with the average voter.’

our best to accommodate the European

In the days preceding the British

We respect the vote of the British people

Medicines Agency. (If it’s ever finished, it

referendum to Leave the EU, I predicted

- except the ones residing in Zuidas, who

will look like a big pill dispenser!) We’ve

that YES Britain would vote to leave, and

weren’t allowed to vote. And except the

already got so many Brits flying home for

NO it would never actually happen. The EU

Brits in Europe who had no vote. And the

the weekend that the best-connected

has a time-honored tradition of ignoring

Europeans in Britain who had no vote. We’ll

British airport is Schiphol.

referendum results. We Europeans believe

just have to make room for more British

in democracy! We like voting so much we

HQ’s to move to Zuidas - and more of the

But what if there’s a No Deal Brexit?

let you do it over and over until you get the

British FinTech industry to move to Zuidas.

What will happen to Zuidas if all the Brits

correct result. Yes, it was a shock when 52%

We have to respect the No Deal Brexiteers,

suddenly start staying for the weekend?

of Britain voted to leave. And the day after

who are intent on re-enacting WW2, this

Because they don’t want to jeopardize their

the referendum the second-highest Google

time as the losers.

Limited-Engagement, One-Time-Only Dutch

search was ‘What is the EU?’ It reminds me

Brexit refugees here. We’re already doing

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) is the voice of Trump in the viral video ‘Netherlands Second.’ His solo show The Madness of King Donald: A Trump Tutorial comes to Griffioen Theater 12 February, 2019.

Photography Davien Hulsman

FINANCE Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

DUTCH AIRPORT PASSENGER GROWTH NEARS 80 MILLION Zuidas - Over the past year, the total number of arrivals and departures at all Dutch airports combined increased to 79.6 million – which, according to  Statistics Netherlands (CBS), amounts to 3.4 million more than the previous year. In 2008, this total was still around 50 million. Schiphol accounts for the largest share of that number, counting 71 million passengers last year; an increase compared to 68.4 million the year before and thus maintaining a growth trend that has been ongoing since 2009.

28 •



Zuidas - Despite good advertising sales numbers in the final

Zuidas - Bouwinvest, the real estate investor for the

quarter of 2018, rising costs and write-downs put pressure

Dutch building industry pension fund (BpfBouw), last year

on margins at Google. Google’s holding company Alphabet

raised more than €750 million in new capital. A portion

recorded $39 billion in Q4 returns, a 22% increase compared

of this sum is from new investors, including Achmea

to the same period in 2017. A strong dollar depressed growth

Schadeverzekeringen (non-life insurances) and the Dutch

by 1 percentage point. According to figures released by the

pension funds for the transport and hotel and restaurant

tech giant, Google’s net earnings amounted to $8.9 billion,

industries (Pensioenfonds Vervoer and Pensioenfonds

which is 30% higher than the year before, though this also

Horeca & Catering, respectively). Bouwinvest is seeking

included a one-time operating loss of $1.3 billion over the

to diversify its investments. Originally it only managed

whole year. This helped push earnings per share to almost $2

real estate investments for BpfBouw, which is the 100%

above the market-estimated $12.77. Excluding a one-time tax

shareholder. However, since 2014 it has also been licensed by

liability of almost $10 billion, in Q4 of 2018 Alphabet reported

the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to

net earnings of $6.8 billion over $32 billion in returns,

open funds to other institutional investors, including other

amounting to $9.70 per share.

pension funds and insurance companies.

INVESTORS WANT START-UPS TO SHOW THEM THE MONEY Zuidas - As concerns over the global economy and stock market volatility threaten to spill over to private enterprises, venture investors have begun to advise start-ups in which they have a stake to increase their cash reserves. This was apparent from reports from the Financial Times after a poll of European and American venture investors. ‘At the moment we’re telling entrepreneurs that they need a financial runway of 18 to 24 months to be prepared for any eventualities’, says Danny Rimer, partner at UK-based Index Ventures.

MORE SELF-EMPLOYEDS EARNING TOO LITTLE TO PAY TAX Zuidas - Of the 850,000 self-employed workers without employees (zzp-er) in the Netherlands, almost 40% did not pay any income tax in 2016. And this percentage is growing, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The reason is that an increasing number of self-employed workers is faced with shrinking earnings. ‘In this group, incomes are very low’, explains chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen. ‘These individuals seldom make more than €16,000 a year, which puts them below the minimum income tax bracket.’ If they would have to pay tax as well, their income would be low enough to qualify for social assistance, meaning it wouldn’t pay to work.

• 29



Thursday 7 March & Thursday 4 April THE PURPOSE AND FUTURE OF

Every Monday and Friday



Tuesday 5 March & Tuesday 2 April

@ Clubsportive


Is the way we execute and structure


our work keeping pace with modern

@ WTC Amsterdam

times and our fast-changing society?

Business life is demanding, with its increasing workloads, fast-paced change

@ De Nieuwe Poort

and an overload of tasks. How do you stay

During the TAXci After Lunch Sessions,

Or do we need to stop and re-evaluate?

centred? Press Pause: train your mind,

consultants from Tax Consultants

Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Robert Went

train your attention span with Mindfulbizz!

International will update you on a range of

each give their perspective on the future

Come join our FREE sessions:

specific topics. The presentation will last

of work. Rinnooy Kan is professor of

• Every Monday & Friday at 12:30-1 pm

30 minutes. Afterwards there will be plenty

economics and business administration

• In NL & ENG

of time to ask any specific questions you

and a D66 MP in the Dutch Senate. Robert

• Business attire

may have and a chance to meet and chat

Went is an economist who’s currently

• Clubsportive membership not an

with the speaker and his/her colleagues. For

working on a project involving the future

more information & registration, visit

of work at the Netherlands Scientific

Council for Government Policy (WRR).

overload; sign up at reception More info:

Wednesday 6 - Sunday 10 March HISWA AMSTERDAM BOAT SHOW @ RAI Amsterdam The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the

Thursday 7 & Tuesday 19 March

Every Monday

Netherlands’ largest water sports, lifestyle



and recreation event. Whether you’re in


@ Rialto Cinema

the market for a new boat (up to approx.

@ Johan Cruyff Institute

Would you love to attend some of the

10 metres), parts or accessories, or want

The Institute has set up two informational

beautiful films Rialto is screening, but

info about boating holidays, to check out

evenings to present two Master’s

don’t understand all the foreign languages

the latest developments, gadgets and

programmes and the ‘Cruyffian’ teaching

and can’t read Dutch subtitles? Here’s your

innovations, try your hand at a new water

methodology. This is also a great chance

chance to see some of these wonderful

sport, or celebrate the new season, the

to meet members of the team and ask

films after all, because on Monday we

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the place

any questions you may have about the

screen them with English subtitles. Check

to be for all who love, or are curious about,

curriculum. More info:

out the programme at:

water sports.


30 •


Send your agenda to


Wednesday 13 March NETWORKING GALLERY FOR Thursday 7 March OPENING: STREETS OF THE WORLD @ Circl & Restaurant Nine An exciting new art project is coming to Zuidas, starting from 7 March! Showcasing scenes of daily life on the streets of 195 capital cities that photographer Jeroen Swolfs visited with his camera, Streets of the World stretches 230 metres along the Zuidasdok construction site on Arnold Schönberglaan. Want to attend the opening? Send an email to:

GRADUATE JOBSEEKERS @ Loyens & Loeff The Topcenter at W&R Amsterdam (department for work & reintegration) has set up a special training programme with practical tools to help highly-qualified jobseekers find a job that fits them. The programme will conclude with a ‘networking gallery’, where HR/recruitment professionals will give feedback on participants’ CVs and pitches. For professionals it’s a way to put their knowledge and networks to work, while for participants it’s one step closer to the

Want a green ride to these events?

Order a Green TCA Taxi at no extra cost!

right job. For more info or to sign up, get in touch with People Project Manager Diederik Imfeld:

Wednesday 20 March Monday 11 March & Monday 8 April

Wednesday 20 March




@ Circl

@ The Basket


From linear take, make and waste to a

@ Clubsportive

circular model in which raw materials

Every month, The Basket hosts the latest, greatest group game: 30 Seconds. Have

Come to Clubsportive on 20 March for

retain their value: the circular economy will

you got all the answers to beat out the

an exclusive workout – membership not

be instrumental in the sustainable future

competition in just 30 seconds? Then clear

required! Test out Technogym’s latest

of our planet. During this workshop you’ll

your diary every 2nd Monday evening

equipment – the Skillrow, Skillbike and

work on implementing circularity in your

of the month and drum up your best

Skillrun – in a 45-minute session combined

organization’s operating processes. In

friend, showbiz aficionado or know-it-all

with kettlebells and jump boxes, for a full-

addition, you will stake out strategies for

colleague to come play this rapid-fire party

body workout. Classes offered at 12-12:45

circular procurement, product design or

game at The Basket Amsterdam. Register

pm and 12:45-1:30 pm. Sign up by email at:

services. By investing today, we can start

at: (places are limited).

building business models for tomorrow.

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Saturday 23 March

In this masterclass, philosopher Karim


Benammar will initiate you in the art of


Sunday 31 March

@ Various locations in Amsterdam


reframing, with a detailed explanation

@ Amsterdam

of how the method works, ways to apply

Save the date! On Saturday 23 March

it in daily life and powerful exercises to

historic and modern towers throughout

Throughout April (or thereabouts), all of

help you shift your mindset. During this

the city will open their doors to the public.

Amsterdam – from Noord to Zuidas and

roller-coaster ride of ideas, you’ll learn how

Amsterdam’s skyline features a host of

from Oost to Nieuw-West – will be coming

reframing helps you innovate, how you will

towers, both old and new, but rarely do

up tulips during the 2019 Tulip Festival.

be able to approach the world from a fresh

the public get a chance to experience the

The Tulip Festival is a wonderful way to

angle and overcome entrenched patterns.

stunning views they offer from up high.

(re)discover the Dutch capital. This year’s

By developing strategies to master your

Once a year in spring, Open Tower Day

theme: ‘A tulip for every Amsterdammer’.

challenges, you can go beyond problem-

gives everyone a chance to do just that!

Stroll or cycle along the route, passing by

solving to achieve visionary change!

Photographer: Peter Elenbaas

85 tulipiferous locations!

Friday 29 March INDIAN COOKING WORKSHOP @ Restaurant NINE Thursday 21 March

Ready to exercise your senses? This


workshop makes the most of the vast

Throughout April


treasure trove of aromatic flavours in Indian


@ Hortus Botanicus VU

cooking. During this exploration of authentic

@ Hotel Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South

2019 marks Taalcentrum-VU’s 30th

regional cuisine, you’ll learn to make your

Let yourself be seduced by the explosion

anniversary. For three decades we’ve been

own herb and spice mixes, so you too can

of variety and colours at the Hotel Crowne

providing our clients in the public and

create the most delectable dishes at home.

Plaza Amsterdam South’s Tulip Terrace. For

private sectors with top translation services

Savour the rich flavour explosions of Indian

the entire month of April, the terrace will

and leading language courses. Time to

cuisine as you prepare fabulous dishes in

be transformed into an unforgettable tulip-

celebrate! Join us for our 30th anniversary

friendly company, with a glass of delicious

filled experience you won’t want to miss!

event on Thursday 21 March. Register at:

wine! The workshop starts at 6 pm. Register

The perfect surroundings to enjoy the first


rays of the season!

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Send your agenda to

Monday 8 April

Wednesday 17 April



@ Zuidas Botanic Garden


Ever dreamed of creating an urban jungle in

@ De Nieuwe Poort

your own backyard, but don’t know where to

Friday 12 April

Every year, De Nieuwe Poort celebrates

start? Want more plants around the house,


Easter with a story: a special, personal

@ à Deauville

story in which Ruben van Zwieten offers

but afraid to test your skills beyond a pot of store-bought basil? In other words, need

During these speed dates you’ll be

his reflections on life. Everyone is cordially

some help honing your green thumb? In this

introduced to some 20 other singles. Every

invited to attend this celebration: the more

course, Head Gardener Geralt Joren teaches

four minutes, one half of the party moves

the merrier. So feel free to bring friends and

you the basics of plant care and what

to the next table, so each time there will

family along. Admission is free of charge, but

makes plants happy. You’ll also learn all the

be a different person sitting across from

for planning purposes, advance registration

techniques to grow from seeds and cuttings,

you. This ritual will continue until you’ve

is appreciated. We will reserve a place for

prune and fertilize, with plenty of chances

met them all. After each date, you state on

you at our inn! The Story of Easter is held in

to get your hands dirty! The course consists

the form whether you want to get better

the Thomaskerk in Amsterdam. As in years

of 6 meetings, with the first class starting on

acquainted: Yes or No?! More info:

past, there will also be a special dinner

Monday 8 April. Register on the website.

beforehand. For more info, visit the website.


Monday 29 April - Friday 3 May


ARTZUID ART CAMP @ Art Zuid, Beatrixpark

@ Goede Doelen Loterijen Hello Zuidas, Green Business Club

Wednesday 17 - Monday 22 April

During the school holidays, the ArtZuid

Zuidas and Zuidas Amsterdam


foundation will organize the ARTZUID ART

Development Office proudly present the

@ RAI Amsterdam

CAMP, an arts and crafts camp for children

Zuidas Sustainability Report 2018! The

From 17 through 22 April KunstRAI will

aged 5 to 12. Led by an educational

presentation of the seventh edition of the

be designated the country’s premier

coordinator and a team of fun-loving

Sustainability Report will take place at the

contemporary art fair, which sees its 35th

volunteers, children spend five days

Goede Doelen Loterijen, one of the most

edition this year ! The fair will be open till

working as real artists and developing their

sustainable renovated office buildings in

late on most evenings, featuring a series of

creative skills. They get to try out a wide

the Netherlands. The presentation will be

special programmes. Thursday evening is

range of materials and techniques and

followed by drinks at La Lotteria. Register

specially meant for young collectors, whereas

learn about form, contour, colours, volumes

and join us on 11 April by sending an email

professionals and art fans from all fields are

and surfaces. A fun and artistic week is


welcome for after-work drinks on Friday.

guaranteed! Register on the website.

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34 •

CUBA HAVANA WHY? Colour, church and pride! The American vintage car and the attitudes of the men in it! Nobody’s going to make them change their minds, not them! The engine probably came from a Soviet tractor, but the image is completely untainted. For me, this represents Cuba at its best. WHAT? The Nike Swoosh shows the contradiction: for and against the US simultaneously. Capitalism versus Communism: an interesting philosophical discussion. But in daily life people just hold hands when they walk the streets of Havana, where salsa music and the smell of spicy food are all around.

STREETS OF THE WORLD COMING TO ZUIDAS Opening 7 March @ Arnold Schönberglaan

• 35


GET FIXED UP IN A JIFFY! @ De Nieuwe Poort Monday 11 February • Amsterdam once again gave a special twist to this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, which has been a big hit in recent years. • Young professionals and seniors were paired off for a fun day out on the town. • The intergenerational dates were a wonderful way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. • The day started out with a festive lunch. After everyone had gotten acquainted, participants were paired off and the couples set out in small groups to enjoy their activities.

36 •

Photography Simon Schoo

WELCOME TO ZUIDAS, Engel & Völkers! Last November, Zuidas celebrated the opening of Engel & Völkers’ fourth location in the Netherlands, on George Gershwinlaan. Engel & Völkers is one of the world’s leading service


companies specialized in the brokerage of premium residential property and commercial real estate. Hello Zuidas caught up with Tjerk van der Linden, who is in charge of marketing

with stylists and have our own professional

at Engel & Völkers, and Martine Schuitema, one of the firm’s real estate agents.

organizers to get your home camera-ready. We also work with drones and shoot a lot of


‘We’re all each other’s colleagues’, Martine

video material.’ Tjerk: ‘We put a great deal of

Engel & Völkers started in Hamburg 40 years

continues. ‘Lines of communication are

effort into making sure everything is perfect,

ago. Tjerk: ‘From the outset, the founders

kept short, which is a plus when you’re

and in the end that kind of attention to detail

staked out a strategy to corner the global

working with clients around the globe.

increases the transaction price. We also have

property brokerage market. At first the

With this new location in Zuidas, we

our own (online) marketing department,

company grew very rapidly in southern

want to focus on young professionals as

which helps to promote properties though

Europe, where we have many offices, and

well as international clients.’ Tjerk nods.

social media in the best possible way. This

gradually the brand also gained increasing

‘International clients know us as a well-

was we don’t miss any potential buyers.’

popularity worldwide. Nowadays we have 800

trusted brand and specifically seek out

offices in more than 40 countries.’ Martine:

Engel & Völkers. As far as residential buyers

‘Our managing director, Barbara van der Grijp,

go, many of them come to us looking for

opened the first Dutch franchise firm in 2008

something outside the city but with easy

on Willemsparkweg, and we now have four

connections to the city centre.’


branches in the Netherlands – three of which



On today’s market, the way in which a

George Gershwinlaan 687


company presents its portfolio online is of

1082 MT Amsterdam


prime importance. ‘We take care of all the

+31 (0)20 225 2736

As Engel & Völkers has grown over the years

details to create a solid presentation for

it has become one big global community.

our clients’, explains Tjerk. ‘We often work

are in Amsterdam and one in Heemstede.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 37


38 •

Cover Sustainability Report 2017


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS START PEDDLING IN E-BIKE PILOT By the end of March, GBC Zuidas will be launching the first e-bike pilot of 2019. Everyone who works in Zuidas, lives within a radius of ten kilometres and is used to travelling by car or public transportation has the chance to try out a speed pedelec (45 km/h, moped license mandatory) for the duration of two weeks. Last year, employees of ABN AMRO, the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office, Houthoff, Loyens & Loeff and Accenture tried out these bikes, giving them a unanimous thumbs up. Among other things, they enjoyed arriving at work invigorated and returning home relaxed. Several have since purchased e-bikes for themselves. Want to experience commuting by e-bike? Sign up by sending an email to:

CLOSING THE CIRCULARITY CHAIN At Circl on Mahlerplein circularity is being integrated in a variety of operations in all possible stages. To make its services fully circular, Circl has forged a facilities coalition. FM coalition Circl actively connects all players throughout the facilities chain, joining representatives from ABN AMRO, Avex, CSU, Donkergroen, Engie, Securitas, Spirit and Vermaat. This alliance is already taking strides. For instance, coffee cups are supplied by one party and collected by another, while a third party recycles them by turning them into paper towels for Circl’s toilets. The coalition is busy developing a dashboard that will consolidate all facility flows, making it easier to pinpoint obstacles as well as logical partnerships.

GRAB AN E-CAB! This spring, GBC Zuidas will be launching a campaign to spread the word about electric taxis in Zuidas. Did you know, for example, that you can easily specify your wish for an e-cab in the TCA app? Or that TCS/Schiphol Taxi also has its own electric fleet? With the signing of the Declaration of Intent on Electric Taxi Use in 2017, more than 20 GBC Zuidas members pledged to give priority to electric taxis for their businesses. RAI Amsterdam put its promise into practice by allocating spots at the front of its taxi stand for the exclusive use of e-cabs, while Loyens & Loeff has installed a system enabling reception to call an e-cab with a single press of a button. If you would like encourage e-cab use among your employees and visitors as well, get in touch with GBC Zuidas and join the campaign!

Maartje Oome is communications advisor for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district that has businesses cooperating in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to​

Text Maartje Oome

• 39




HOGAN LOVELLS USING COMPUTER SIMULATION TO TRAIN NEW PARTNERS Newly-minted Hogan Lovells partners are learning the ropes of running an international law firm with the use of a computer simulation. After a year-long pilot


for 25 new equity partners, this year Hogan Lovells will be rolling out the simulation for all new partners, giving them a chance to



try their hand at managing an office in its Digital Leadership Development Program. Participants are presented with scenarios in which they have to take strategic decisions and operational choices on the deployment of legal teams and other key aspects.

2018 M&A LEAGUE TABLES: LOYENS & LOEFF LEADS THE PACK At the top of the 2018 M&A League Tables is Loyens & Loeff, duplicating its 2017 performance as


consultant in as many as 61 M&A deals. Houthoff came in second place, with 57 deals, closely


followed by NautaDutilh (56 deals). Allen & Overy Amsterdam experienced a notable downturn


in deals, to 54, though its 73 recorded transactions in 2017 marked an exceptionally good year.

As of this year, Machteld de Monchy, partner

AKD upped its performance from 27 deals in 2017, to take fifth place with 43 deals in 2018.

at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, has been named Legal Woman of the Year 2018 by the Dutch Legal Women platform. Apart


from the nominees’ legal accomplishments,

Van Doorne partner Onno Boerstra can once again claim the title of deal-maker of the year.

the jury also looks at their enthusiasm

Consulting on 18 deals, his performance put him in first place – just as it did the year before.

and dedication to their chosen profession.

A few steps behind came Harmen Holtrop, Daphne Bens (DLA Piper) and Bram Caudri

Machteld de Monchy joined De Brauw as a

(Houthoff), with 15 deals each. According to Boerstra, Van Doorne’s M&A practice has further

lawyer in 2008 and as of this year was made

consolidated its position in the upper mid-market over the last few years. ‘And that’s where

partner in the firm’s litigation practice. She

our ambition is focused, with the occasional big deal thrown in.’

is also a teacher in the De Brauw’s in-house training programme (De Brauwerij) and is one of the guiding lights of its pro bono work.

• 41

iEar’: HIGH-END HI-FI SPECIALIST in Amsterdam Zuid

From televisions and record players to speakers, amplifiers and

across the Netherlands and Belgium. Quality and user-

fully equipped home cinemas: iEar’ has the world of audiovisual

friendliness come first at iEar’, which prides itself on providing

equipment covered. iEar’, which started out in Tilburg back in

the right solution for every budget. Hello Zuidas took a look

2003, has just opened a second location on Beethovenstraat,

around the Beethovenstraat shop and was most impressed by

after a complete refurbishment of its original store,. Specialized

their home cinema, which can be installed in offices as well as in

in high-end audio, home cinemas, streaming audio and domotics

private homes. Owner Freek van Ham and store manager Marc

(smart homes), the hi-fi retailer has a wide customer network

Bosman told us more about their trade.

42 •



cinema system, and a hi-fi listening room

speaker sets, projectors and projection

Freek and Marc couldn’t be happier

with a wide selection of audio systems.

screens, and even cinema seating. ‘We

about the new location for iEar’ on

‘Plus’, Marc points out, ‘we have an open

also do customized interior installations to

Beethovenstraat. ‘Our hi-fi shop fills a niche

section of the shop with televisions and

ensure the best acoustics in home or office

in this neighbourhood. We’ve got a large

wireless speaker systems. The main

cinemas, so we’re also the place to go for

clientele of people who are fans of our

brands we carry are Bowers&Wilkins, KEF,

complete home cinemas’, says Freek. ‘In the

equipment, and now they can visit us in

Focal, Marantz, Naim Audio, McIntosh,

shop we have a home cinema set up where

Amsterdam, too. This new location is easy to

Dynaudio, NAD, Rotel, Arcam, Monitor Audio,

customers can get the full-on experience’,

reach.’ Marc expects that ‘we’ll also get a lot

Bluesound and Sonos, but basically we can

tips Marc. ‘If you have the space at home or

of people from Zuidas. In fact, I’ve already

supply it all. People also like being able to

in the office, it’s really worthwhile to come

installed all kinds of new audio systems and

see and try out things in an actual shop, and

take a look.’

gadgets in quite a number of apartments

they appreciate the assistance of staff who

around here. Home cinema is extremely

are knowledgeable about the equipment.’

iEar’ | Ultimate sound and vision

popular. And we also have equipment that’s


Beethovenstraat 9-b

Most exciting for film buffs and concert

1077 HL Amsterdam


fans is probably the home cinema

+31 (0)88 5443510

Inside the shop are three spiffy listening

with surround sound. iEar’ supplies

rooms, including one high-end audio room,

all the home cinema essentials – and

another space set up with a complete home

more – including AV receivers, surround

ideally suited to office environments.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 43


SPRING DEAL Book your meeting with an overnight stay at the Bilderberg

Garden Hotel with at least a value of â‚Ź 4.000,- and get a free overnight stay with a dinner for two in Restaurant De Kersentuin! May we take your reservation? +31 (0)20 570 56 55 or via for requests and reservations. Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam +31(0)20 570 56 00 This deal applies to bookings made before 30 June 2019

dental team 2.0 just around the corner

At 116 Gustav Mahlerplein you will find a dynamic team of oral care professionals offering a wide range of specialist treatments under one roof. A place where dental quality, EBD (evidence-based dentistry), patient commitment and openness are highly valued.

wellness in dental care Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 Visit us and register online at or call 020-6623071

PHARMACY IN ZUIDAS opens its doors to everyone! DAAN JANSEN

Whether you live in or around Zuidas or

the past, you’re no longer tied to a single

supply for everyone these days, so we aim

work in the district, Zuidas Apotheek offers

pharmacy – you can get your prescriptions

to make it as quick and easy as possible

its services to everyone. After inventing

filled at any pharmacy around the country.

for people to arrange medical matters. For

an efficient concept, the pharmacy

Because pharmacies share data with each

example, by using online communication

recently opened its doors on Gustav

other, that’s easy to arrange. So, if you work

tools and offering an extensive delivery

Mahlerlaan. But that’s not all you’ll find

here you can drop in to collect an order

service and medication lockers. It’s also

here: there’s also a general practitioner,

during your break, instead of having to rush

an approach that enables us to create

a physiotherapist and a dermatologist,

home before the local pharmacy closes.’

time to devote more personal attention to

and you can get specialized cosmetic

customers who visit the pharmacy, to talk

advice and products. Hello Zuidas met the


to them about any questions or concerns

managing pharmacist, Daan Jansen.

“In addition to our two existing pharmacies,

they might have about their medication. So

Lairesse Apotheek and Koninginne

far, the reactions from the local community


Apotheek, we were given the opportunity

have been very positive!”

Many local residents and professionals have

to open a new location here in Zuidas,”

already discovered Zuidas Apotheek, says

Daan explains. “We wanted to create the

Daan. ‘Of course, for people who live here it’s

perfect match between the pharmacy and


great to have a pharmacy nearby, and many

its surroundings. We took a close look at

Gustav Mahlerlaan 635

have already become customers. People who

aspects such as architecture and design,

1082 MK Amsterdam

work at companies in Zuidas but live outside

but above all we listened closely to what

+ 31 (0)20 211 1118

the district may not realize that this location

local residents and Zuidas professionals

is convenient for them, as well. Unlike in

want from a pharmacy. Time is in short

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 45

2019: THE YEAR OF BUYING OUT GROUND LEASE and the extra service for expats

Next year, mortgage consultant de Kredieter, located in Zuidas, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The firm can be rightly called a specialist in mortgages and real estate finance. In 2018, the main question was in what way real estate agents, banks and other institutions could best inform owners of a home with a ground lease. This is a relevant question for many people, who in theory have the option of buying out their ground lease in perpetuity. But is this the right choice for every owner? Ronald Bieger, financial adviser and partner at de Kredieter, discusses the ground lease issue and the renewed service for the increasing number of expats in Amsterdam. BUYOUT OF GROUND LEASE

convinced that doing nothing is not an option.

Ronald: ‘Owners of homes with a ground lease have

You need to take good advice.’

the option of buying it out in perpetuity with an extra

46 •

discount until the end of 2019. For a fee, homeowners


are offered a report made up by the Brokers

De Kredieter is increasingly focusing on expats

Association Amsterdam (Makelaarsvereniging

looking to live in the Amsterdam region. Ronald:

Amsterdam, or ‘MVA’) that will calculate all scenarios

‘In 2018, we were asked to inform the employees

so they are able to come to a well-founded decision.

of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) on the

Personally, I was sceptical at the beginning. But I had

possibilities for a mortgage. We attended a housing

the report made up for my own home, and I am now

fair in London on two occasions, together with

the Municipality of Amsterdam, real estate agents, project developers and other parties at which we informed the EMA employees of their options for housing in Amsterdam.’ The EMA is not the only international business that is locating in the Netherlands. The number of expats therefore continues to grow. Rents in Amsterdam are highly expensive, while mortgage interest rates are at an all time low. ‘This means it sometimes costs less in terms of monthly expenses to buy a home rather than rent one, says Ronald. ‘We have also seen an increase in the number of


expats coming to de Kredieter. In accordance with that, we have created a second business name:

their offers may often make a difference of several

DK Mortgage Consultants. Giving advice to expats

hundred euros a year.’

is difficult, because the mortgage offers from the banks (apart from ABN AMRO) are only available in


Dutch. So for the benefit of our clients we have the

From March onwards, de Kredieter will hold

offers translated into English. These translations are

voluntary and free seminars lasting 30-45 minutes

provided as a service, because legally the client has

on every first Thursday of the month (7 March, 4

to sign the offers in Dutch.’

April, 2 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November and 5 December) at 12:30PM.

Expats often make the mistake of assuming that

The seminars are specifically aimed at expats.

they have fewer options when it comes to obtaining

They are welcome to visit the office of de Kredieter

a mortgage. Ronald explains: ‘Generally, an expat

without having to make an appointment. Potential

has the same options as any other house buyer.

buyers will be fully informed as to the purchase and


They are not restricted to major banks like ABN

mortgage process at these seminars. If you would

Strawinskylaan 17

AMRO, ING and Rabobank, and are also free to

like to make an individual appointment to discuss

1077 XW Amsterdam

apply to other parties such as Florius, Nationale

your situation or get a second opinion, you are

+31 (0)20 575 3320

Nederlanden or Obvion for a mortgage. Expats have

welcome to make an appointment with de Kredieter,

little to no awareness of these parties, although

free of obligation.

• 47


Burgerweeshuis: a home for all Address

IJsbaanpad 1

Completed in 1960


Aldo van Eyck

Floors 2

Building owner Burgerweeshuis VOF Main user

BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development)

48 •

Floor area

5,000 m2


Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering architecture. As it matures into an international quarter of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left in Zuidas. Amidst all these modern skyscrapers, it may be difficult to imagine that only twenty odd years ago this stretch of land, connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert, consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In this series we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas. This time, we take a closer look at Het Burgerweeshuis.

FACTS • In the 1980s there were plans to

Mention Zuidas and the buildings that first

landscape. Visually, it resembles an

demolish Het Burgerweeshuis.

spring to mind are new, architectonic tours

agglomerated town, yet the design relies on

Fortunately, a massive petition

de force. However, there are also some

a trove of classical elements, reinvented in

managed to gather enough signatures

hidden gems tucked away around the district

modern materials such as glass and concrete.

to save the building and find a project

that have rich and fascinating stories to

The building is one of the first examples of

tell. One of them is Amsterdam’s former

a structuralist building. For the sake of the

municipal orphanage, Het Burgerweeshuis.

children, Van Eyck sought to compensate for

party hall and its own kitchen for

Providing a home for 125 orphan boys and

the lack of a parental presence by creating a

baking pancakes.

girls, it was designed in 1955 by architect Aldo

world free of spatial divisions and hierarchies.

van Eyck. He conceived it as a reaction to the

By allowing the private and the collective to

in and around the complex, inviting

mass proliferation of cookie-cutter homes

run into each other, he created a secure place

employees, visitors and enthusiasts

in his day, seeking instead to emphasize

where the individual child could live and

alike to admire the building and

individuality. Van Eyck’s plan provided for a

play. These days, the orphanage has been

artworks spanning the past 40

series of interconnected pavilions, evocative

converted into an office complex, but it still

years. There is also a permanent

of a labyrinth and clustered around several

honours the original philosophy of being an

exhibition space with regularly

courtyards. There is a subtle fluidity in his

welcoming refuge that opens its doors to the

changing displays.

design of the individual elements as well

outside world and, above all, a place where

as in their relationship to the surrounding

people may feel at home.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Photography Adriaan van Dam

developer to renovate it. • The original orphanage also had a

• The BPD art collection can be seen

• The building consists of 328 domes.

• 49

Sign up your b

5 & 10 km. Start & ďŹ nis

business team!

sh, Gustav Mahlerplein

The ultimate meet-up & music experience Dream away for one hour with the most beautiful works of music, stories and visuals in The Royal Concertgebouw performed by the world’s most brilliant young musicians. After the concert there is an afterparty with DJ and the finest Rising Moon cocktails. TRACKS is the ideal night to bring your friends or coworkers to enjoy a sublime musical experience. Celebrate your casual Fridays in style with TRACKS. Next edition: Friday 29 March with the Alma Quartet

© Tomek Dersu Aaron


Olympic Stadium Amsterdam * since 1928 * is the icon of Olympic sports in The Netherlands and the right place for new inspiration. Many organisations already chose Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, for the allure of a sporty, yet nostalgic atmosphere. Our portfolio of spaces and facilities enables us to offer a tailor-made experience for your guests!

The Olympic Stadium is a multipurpose venue of National Heritage, with an enthusiastic team ready to realise your ideas. The conference rooms can easily be combined with an activity on the ‘holy’ field or track. End your day in style with a BBQ on the VIP Terrace.



Julia ten Bokkel Huinink & Henk Burke

Francesco Messori & Jurjen Veenhoven

Jeroen Hermans

Karim Benammar

WTC BUSINESS CLUB NEW YEAR’S GATHERING Pieter Marijt, Klaas Timmer, Karim Benammar & Pieter van Dijk

Tuesday 15 January

Wassila Hachchi & Chris van Hattum

• Every year, guests gather at the Conference Center for the WTC Amsterdam Business Club New Year’s event. • The warm and uplifting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee welcomed arrivals as they traded their best wishes for the New Year. • And then came Karim Benammar, who turned everything on its head! * He dared the crowd to radically change their way of thinking this year. We’re extremely interested to know how that turned out...

Michiel Rijsdijk & Klaas Timmer

Bregtje van Dam, Nicole Traa & Eva van der Loop-Bijl

Dirkjan van Dam & Susanne van der Arend

Jouke Baaima & Godfried Schölvinck

Davied Eskes & Wassila Hachchi

Pieter van Dijk & Martijn Kuijpers

Pieter van Dijk, Rachel Pietersma & Martijn Kuijpers

Mattijs Kaak & Hans van der Beek

Wico Kuipers & Mascha Mooy

DJ Nathalie Fransen & Daphne Feller

Photography Frederik Jacobovits

• 53

Inadequate knowledge about financing for energy-saving improvements biggest stumbling block for homeowners De Hypotheker Dutch homeowner survey finds more than 6 in 10 would like to make their homes more eco-friendly More than half of all Dutch homeowners believe that making energy-saving improvements is the responsibility of individual homeowners. However, a lack of knowledge about the financing options available makes many hesitant to actually pursue such improvements. This is one of the findings to come out of a survey carried out by De Hypotheker among more than 1,000 homeowners, polling them about the importance of making their homes more sustainable. ‘A lack of accurate information and knowledge about financing options turns out to be a real stumbling block to making

energy-saving improvements. Insufficient financial resources is another obstacle, cited by almost half of all homeowners’, says Thomas van Splunteren of De Hypotheker Amsterdam Zuidas. Want to learn what you can do to make your home more sustainable? Get in touch with De Hypotheker in WTC Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Zuidas WTC De Hypotheker Amsterdam Zuidas WTC

WTC Toren B Level 14, Strawinskylaan 1427

(020) 662 1411

LET’S KEEP MEETING THIS WAY! Start the year strong. Book now, and receive


on your next meeting or event held in February and March at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South!

BOOK YOUR MEETING +31(0)20 504 36 16 or * This offer does not apply to bookings already made and confirmed for the mentioned period. The meeting or event needs to be with a min. of 10 pax.


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES the following new members

DE VROEDT & THIERRY Consultancy LINK WITH ZUIDAS De Vroedt & Thierry was established in 1975 and since then has been a specialist in executive search and leadership consultancy. Most of our clients are seeking candidates for higher management and board positions. To meet increasing demand in the Digital & Innovation segment and to accommodate the firm’s growth, De Vroedt & Thierry relocated in summer 2018 from Concertgebouwplein in the city centre to Zuidas. REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER From our location here we work with clients to advise them on their digital propositions and to help them find long-term management and supervisory board members.



Restaurant • 1,075 employees Professional services • 8 employees LINK WITH ZUIDAS Loetje Zuidas has a fantastic place in Zuidas, perfect for a


business lunch or delicious dinner. We also have a function room

We have our office here and support the HR departments of

that can be hired for meetings and presentations.

various companies in and around Zuidas.



By becoming a member, Loetje Zuidas hopes to help build

To supply companies in Zuidas with the right assistance where

good partnerships with other entrepreneurs, companies and

they need it, from engaging lawyers to cultural services like Dutch

residents in Zuidas. This part of Amsterdam is seeing enormous

language training. We do it all!

development and we want to be a part of it. Zuidas is where it’s at!



Water sports & recreation • 2 employees (480 members) Language services • 1 employee LINK WITH ZUIDAS LINK WITH ZUIDAS

De Koenen has its marina and club house off Jollenpad, next door

Argos Communications aims to supply bespoke French language

to Het Bosch restaurant, and sails on De Nieuwe Meer. We offer

training to organizations in Zuidas, as well as French-Dutch

residents and users of Zuidas a great way to enjoy the wide world

interpretation and translation services, serving an international

of water sports, just a short walk away.


De Koenen takes a strong interest in developments in and around

We hope to connect with potential customers for our services

Zuidas and wants to do its part to make this a pleasant place to

through the Hello Zuidas network.

live and work for everybody.




Hello Zuidas

• 55



Good things come to those who wait, as


the saying goes. So all those who have

Open Tower Day, seeing its 7th edition this year,

been following the construction of the

returns on 23 March. This is your chance to take

Xavier tower along Gustav Mahlerlaan

an exclusive sightseeing tour that takes you

from 2016, will be eagerly looking forward

through some of those tall buildings in and around

to its completion in mid-April. Measuring

Zuidas. Starting from only 12 buildings in 2013.

as many as 21 floors, this eye-catching

Last year Zuidas opened up 28 historic as well as

residential high-rise wouldn’t look out of

contemporary towers to the public. Among the

place in midtown Manhattan. Residents will

local participants were the Symphony Building, the

soon be enjoying their magnificent views

ABN AMRO headquarters and Crowne Plaza. Want

of Zuidas, while Zuidas itself will enjoy

to find out who’s opening their doors this year?

another unique architectural gem.

Check out

AMSTERDAM CELEBRATES SPRING Although spring doesn’t officially start until 20 March, both March and April feature a host of springtime activities and events in and around Zuidas, encouraging everyone to head outdoors and enjoy the new season with its milder weather. The Botanic Garden in Zuidas reopens during the weekends. What’s more, there’s Amsterdam’s Springsnow Festival: a magical way to experience and celebrate spring. Fixed feature of this festival is the Elm trail, which is eight kilometres long and runs from the Elm arboretum in Amsterdam-Noord (near the EYE Filmmuseum) to the Hortus Botanicus (Botanic Gardens). Crossing through the eastern part of central Amsterdam, the route allows you to discover the best of a city in bloom. For more info about spring in Amsterdam, visit

56 •



Calling all sushi lovers! From 4 March you can get


your sushi fix while burning the midnight oil. Sushilee

On 17 April, in what has become a

is extending its hours from 11 am to 11 pm and will

Zuidas tradition, De Nieuwe Poort

be open for both lunch and late-night meal orders.

will be celebrating Easter with a

Plus, you don’t even have to leave your desk: just get

special personal sermon by Ruben

it delivered by UberEats or Sushilee’s special office

van Zwieten. In his annual Story

lunch delivery or catering service.

of Easter, Ruben reflects on life, modern times and the roads that bring people together, closing of with meaningful message. Admission is free, but advance registration is appreciated. An Easter dinner will be served beforehand. For more info about the Story of Easter, visit the website of De Nieuwe Poort.

PRESS PAUSE: TRAIN YOUR MIND, TRAIN YOUR ATTENTION WITH MINDFULBIZZ! Business life is demanding, with its increasing workloads and continual change, making it feel like you have to juggle everything at once. Mindfulbizz brings relief with Mindful Business Training, teaching you to stay centred. Training sessions will start in March and take place on Wednesday evenings at Clubsportive. For more info, visit

• 57


Specialized in the Rivierenbuurt and the Zuidas Taalcentrum-VU: celebrating 30 years. Thank you! 020 - 598 64 20 |

Scheldestraat 26 • 1078GK • Amsterdam • 020 679 48 09


Members Hello Zuidas • March 2019 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 01. 900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) 02. ABN AMRO 03. Accendium 04. Accenture 05. À Deauville 06. AFC 07. AkzoNobel 08. Albert Heijn 09. Amsterdam in Business 10. AICS 11. Amsterdamse Bos 12. Amsterdam UMC 13. APG 14. Apleona GVA B.V. 15. Arcadis 16. Argos Communications 17. Arnold & Siedsma 18. Art Zuid 19. ASEGA Media 20. Asunaro Holland Interplan 21. Atrium Meeting Centre 22. Bagels & Beans 23. Baker McKenzie 24. Bartolus Advocaten 25. Beheermij WTC Amsterdam 26. Being Development 27. Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam 28. Blue Boat Company 29. Bolenius 30. Bouwens& 31. Boyden Global Executive Search 32. Breevast 33. BREIKERS 34. Broersma Nieuwbouw 35. Caffè Belmondo 36. CBRE B.V. 37. citizenM 38. Che Buono 39. Club Sportive 40. CMS 41. Cognito Financial Communications 42. Colliers International 43. CompaNanny 44. Corporate Housing Factory 45. Cosmo Hairstyling 46. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 47. Customized Media 48. D&B The Facility Group 49. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 50. De Hypotheker 51. Deloitte 52. De Nieuwe Poort 53. De Vroedt & Thierry 54. De Zuidas Apotheek 55. Dentons Boekel 56. Doctor Feelgood 57. Domeco Development B.V. 58. Doppio 59. Eden McCallum 60. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 61. Eigen Haard 62. Element Hotel 63. Engel & Völkers 64. ENGIE 65. Euro CCP 66. Expat Center 67. EY 68. Fam. Advocaten 69. Financial Offices 70. Fit 20 71. Flexform Amsterdam 72. FLOW Real Estate 73. Fortron B.V. 74. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 75. Fris Makelaars 76. G&S Vastgoed 77. Gentlemen’s Place 78. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 79. Grand Café Mahler

80. Greenberg Nielsen 81. Green Business Club 82. Greenwheels 83. Gustavino 84. GVB 85. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 86. Hestia Kinderopvang 87. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 88. Hogan Lovells International LLP 89. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 90. Houthoff 91. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 92. House of Sports 93. Htel Serviced Apartments 94. IEF Real Estate 95. IMA 96. InAmsterdam 97. ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West 98. JLL 99. Johan Cruyff Institute 100. JUIZZ 101. Koetjes en Kalfjes 102. König + Neurath (Nederloand) A.G. 103. Kraft Heinz 104. La Lotteria 105. Lebkov & Sons 106. Lexence 107. Liander 108. LibRT 109. Limon 110. Loetje 111. Loyens & Loeff 112. Lunshof Makelaardij 113. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 114. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 115. Made in May 116. IHS Markit 117. Market 33 118. Mastercard 119. MBO College Zuid 120. Mech Make & Take 121. Miles Building 122. Mindfulbizz 123. Miss Molly 124. Mondrian Espresso 125. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 126. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. 127. Multicopy A’dam WTC 128. Mylk 129. NACH 130. Nationale Postcode Loterij 131. NDI ICT Solutions 132. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 133. Nedstede Real Estate 134. NH Amsterdam Zuid 135. Nicolaas Lyceum 136. NL Real Estate 137. Novotel Amsterdam City 138. NS 139. Nouryon 140. Oliver’s 141. Openbare Bibliotheek 142. ORAM 143. Oranje Energie 144. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 145. OVG Real Estate 146. Ox & Bucks 147. Partou Kinderopvang 148. Pathé 149. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 150. Platform Beter Benutten 151. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 152. Property NL B.V. 153. Protiviti 154. Provast 155. Puramis Consultancy 156. Qbic Hotels 157. Q-Park Nederland 158. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid

159. RAI Amsterdam 160. Regus 161. Reset Yourself 162. Restaurant As 163. Restaurant het Bosch 164. Restaurant Nine 165. RGA International Reinsurance 166. Rialto 167. Rivers 168. Rob Peetoom 169. Ronald McDonaldhuis VUmc 170. Rosarium 171. Russell Reynolds Associates 172. Savills Amsterdam 173. Salsa Shop 174. SCOR Global Life SE 175. Season-Flowers 176. Securitas 177. Simmons & Simmons LLP 178. Sixt 179. SoundGraph 180. Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver 181. Spine Health Incompany 182. Spirit Hospitality Services 183. Stella Agency & Academy 184. Stibbe 185. St. Olympisch Stadion A’dam 186. Student Experience 187. Summertime 188. Sushilee 189. Sushi Time 190. Symphony’s 191. Taalcentrum - VU 192. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 193. Taylor Wessing 194. Tax Consultants International 195. Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) 196. The Bank of New York Mellon 197. The Basket 198. The Bikevertising Company 199. The Breakfast Club 200. The Office Operators 201. The Online Group 202. Thomaskerk Amsterdam 203. TREC 204. Tribes 205. UNET 206. Urban Salad 207. Van Dijk & Ten Cate 208. Van Gool Elburg 209. Van Lanschot Kempen 210. Vermaat Groep (CIRCL) 211. Vesteda 212. Visser Communicatie 213. Von Poll Real Estate 214. VondelGym 215. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 216. VU University Press 217. Wagamama 218. Watersportvereniging De Koenen 219. We Canteen 220. WeWork 221. Wineboutique & Spirits 222. Wintertaling 223. Worldeye Amsterdam 224. WTC Amsterdam 225. WTC A’dam Business Club 226. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 227. Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) 228. YoungCapital 229. Your Assistant 230. Zuidas Bier 231. Zuidas Publishers 232. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 233. ZuidPlus 234. Zuidas Services 235. 236. Zuidschans 237. Zwaan II

COLOPHON FOUNDATION HELLO ZUIDAS Strawinskylaan 61, 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 Our goal With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by Zuidas Publishers WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 15 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20-3620993 Editor-in-chief Romy Lange Advertising Please send an e-mail to for questions about advertising. Art Director and Graphic Designer Emiel Brouwers • IMAGEAU Translation Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors Romy Lange, Eefje van den Akker, Greg Shapiro,,, Kika Samsom, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Photography Davien Hulsman, Lotte de Graaf, Marcel Steinbach, Jaiwey Nuij, Adriaan van Dam, Frederik Jacobovits, Simon Schoo & Jeroen Swolfs. Editorial advisory board Olivier Otten, Marius Drissen, Kenneth Goedhart, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Thanks to Jeroen Swolfs (Streets of the World), Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), TAXI TCA, Kroonenberg Groep, PropertyNL, Greg Shapiro, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad,, Clubsportive, Bouwinvest, Siematic, Hello Bike, Pertazza, Sixt, ToBeDeveloped, Het Olympisch Stadion, Het Concertgebouw, De Kredieter, bpd, Savills, De Nieuwe Poort, Vondels, River Makelaardij, Rosarium, iEar’, Zuidas Run, WTC Business Club, Thinking of Holland, The Office Operators, Corporate Housing Factory, Crowne Plaza, De Hypotheker, Stella Agency, Van de Veer Tandartsen, Bilderberg Hotel, Zuidas Apotheek, Engel & Völkers, Taalcentrum-VU & Beeldig Werk. Printed by Senefelder Misset Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition 20.000 copies Circulation Free for Zuidas and Amsterdam South. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It is be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies within Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency Six times a year (bi-monthly) Copyright © 2018 Zuidas Publishers. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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Hello Zuidas - Maart/April editie  

#42 - Met Jeroen Swolfs op de cover

Hello Zuidas - Maart/April editie  

#42 - Met Jeroen Swolfs op de cover