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MORE HOUSEHOLD INCOMES TOP €50,000 Zuidas - In 2017 just over half a million Dutch households had standard incomes exceeding €50,000, representing 6.7% of the country’s 7.7 million total households, calculates Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in its recent report on income distribution in the Netherlands. In 2013, this percentage was 5.3%, amounting to 120,000 fewer households. The share of Dutch households with a combined yearly income of more than €100,000 also rose, by more than a quarter relative to 2013, to 55,000. The mean standard income of Dutch households currently is €28,800.

CORPORATE ANNUAL REPORTING REQUIREMENT ON CONTINUITY Zuidas - If accountants have their way, companies will in future be obligated to include a section on their enterprise’s prospects for survival in annual reports. At present, companies have to report this only if the outlook is uncertain. Accountancy firms are now gearing up to petition The Hague to amend this provision in the law. A separate section on continuity would solve a problem that often confronts accountants when companies go bust. Since they are the ones who sign the financial statements, this naturally leads investors, customers and suppliers to wonder why an accountant didn’t sound the alarm. Nor is it uncommon in bankruptcy cases for trustees and investors to claim damages from accountants.

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