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Arie Boomsma Vondelgym

How can we improve logistics flows in Zuidas?


‘Vitality and community spirit are crucial for people who work hard’

Trump Visits Zuidas, aka “New Amsterdam”


Opening Engel & Völkers Zuidas

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ZUIDAS PUMPS YOU UP! We’re starting out 2019 with a fresh and yet familiar

coming to do the official honours and a guest list

face: Arie Boomsma! At the end of last year he opened

that was a roll call of celebrity Holland. Goede

the third location of his Vondelgym in the Atrium in

Doelen Loterijen truly pulled out all the stops, and

Zuidas. Aside from running three fitness clubs, Arie also

we wish them a marvellous future in our district!

regularly appears as a presenter in TV programmes, writes books and gives frequent lectures on fitness

Inside this issue you’ll find our regular calendar of fun

and vitality. In Zuidas, too, this topic is becoming

and noteworthy activities being organised in Zuidas in

increasingly important. These days, a company that

the coming weeks and months, snapshots of two local

doesn’t invest in the physical and mental well-being of

events, and plenty of interesting reading. Such as about

its employees has pretty much missed the boat. In our

the call for tenders for the development of a section of

interview with Arie, he explains why he wanted to bring

het Kenniskwartier, closing on 7 February.

his gym to Zuidas and offers some tips on small ways you can tweak your daily routine to boost fitness. For

Best wishes for a stellar and successful 2019!

the making-of video, visit our website. Happy reading! Another milestone closing off last year was the

Romy Lange

opening of the new Goede Doelen Loterijen building.

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

It was a very special event, with Queen Máxima

2019 has lots in store for Zuidas! What’s new in Zuidas for the coming year? Local residents and professionals will cross paths at De Vijfhoek, the fully redeveloped green square at the intersection of Minervalaan and Strawinskylaan. VU Amsterdam and its students can look forward to lectures at the new University Building on De Boelelaan, a.k.a. Nu.VU. With the arrival of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), 700 internationals will be getting acquainted with the district. And residents of Xavier will get the keys to their new flats on Mahlerlaan. Meanwhile, work will continue on the new Court House, Twin Towers, NHOW, Valley, Tower Ten, Suit Supply, Van der Valk and Zuidasdok, about which we’ll be telling you more in the next issue. Happy New Year! Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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Zuidas, get ready! - Major changes coming to telephony New Members Hello Zuidas welcomes the new members Memo Board Update

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. •5

‘‘It is pitch black when my alarm goes off for a before-work workout... But I am ready.’’


Mon - Fri 06:00 - 23:00 Sat & Sun 08:00 - 18:00

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Arie Boomsma:

‘Vitality and community spirit are crucial for people who work hard’ Arie Boomsma is a familiar face on Dutch TV. What many people don’t know is that apart from his work as a presenter, he is also the author of several books and owner of three fitness clubs in Amsterdam. After launching Vondelgym on Overtoom in 2015, a second location opened in 2016 on Wibautstraat in the eastern part of the city, recently joined by a third in the Atrium building in Zuidas. We caught up with Arie to find out what led him to choose this spot, what he thinks of Zuidas and what his ambitions are for this corner of Amsterdam. Arie: ‘Running a business in Zuidas is exciting because you have to go in search of your specific target group among the wide diversity of people living and working here.’ How did you get into fitness and what led

escape to briefly to recharge and then go back to work revitalized,

you to open your first gym a few years ago?

energized and on the ball.’

‘I grew up playing sports. Me and my brothers, and later my sister too, were always climbing, running around and rough-housing with

Is this location different to the others?

each other, and we joined the football and basketball teams as kids.

‘This gym has all the ingredients that make Vondelgym instantly

While playing college basketball in the States, I also got hardcore into

recognizable as soon as you walk in the door, but each one also has

strength training. Fitness is something I’ve been into since the age of

its own character. So here in Zuidas we’ve got a small auditorium

14. In the US, working out became a fixture in my life – a daily activity

where people can give presentations or hold meetings before having

that gives me the energy to grab life by the horns and stay resilient

their work out. We have no chairs on the premises at all. You’re free

and optimistic. In 2015 some friends and I opened the Vondelgym

to sit down, of course, but everything is geared towards movement,

as a fitness club with the feel of a sports club, organising everything

being active and thinking about our behaviours and what’s natural –

just the way we feel is important in terms of atmosphere, quality

including things like sitting. Lots of people spend more hours sitting

and personal attention. There’s no registration fee and members

during the day than sleeping at night. We think it’s fun to consider

can cancel from month to month. Those are some of our key

alternatives, and this location is a trailblazer in that regard.’

distinguishing characteristics.’

What is the vision behind Vondelgym? The new Vondelgym in the Atrium is your third location.

‘Our vision centres around exercise. Whether you’re into CrossFit,

What made you choose this particular spot?

kickboxing, strength training, yoga or running, the important thing

‘Zuidas has so much going on - it’s a fantastic place to be in business.

is to get moving – and to do it right, functionally and effectively and,

And exciting too, because you really have to go in search of your

above all, to have fun with it. Instead of separate rooms, our gym

specific target market among the wide diversity of people living

has everything in one open space, so whatever you’re doing, you feel

and working here. But we set our sights on this location precisely

the energy of all those active people. And all that’s wrapped up in a

because the vitality and community spirit that our gym embodies are

friendly vibe, where you feel like part of a team and people actually

so crucial for all the hardworking people and organizations here. We

greet and chat and exercise together.’

love our work and offer an awesome, unique product.’

You want to build a sense of community at your gym. What are your expectations here in Zuidas?

Why is that important?

‘I expect enthusiasm. And also that people will see us as

‘We all want to feel a part of something. We’re living in an age of

something of an oasis amidst the corporate jungle: a place to

communities, and more than ever people are looking for ways to

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman • On you can see the making of video


ARIE’S TIPS FOR THE ZUIDAS COMMUNITY 1. Place your alarm beyond arm’s reach.

That will prevent you from snoozing or sleeping

through it and help you start your day fresh.

2. Develop a fixed rhythm for exercise: it’s easier to do connect. Sports offer lots of openings for that. It’s great for us to see

30 minutes of intensive exercise daily than to work out

our members join up at our events. That’s also how you hone in on

on some days only. Also block that time in your diary,

your target group. They’re attracted by your story and that makes

like any appointment.

them stay. A lot of fitness companies get that wrong. If members

3. Include fresh veg in two meals every day.

don’t feel a connection, or suspect they’re just a number, they’ll be

4. If your office floor is too far up to take the stairs,

gone in a flash. We’re about building relationships and invest lots of

then take the stairs to the third or fourth floor and

energy in that.’

the lift the rest of the way.

5. Ask your employer for a sit-stand desk

Are you planning to expand further, even internationally?

‘Right now, we’re focused on getting this gym up and running. Each

6. Listen to podcasts in the car or train to

time a location reaches full capacity and we have to start wait-listing

people, that’s when we’ll start scoping out a new location. That’s

7. Instead of parking close to the entrance, park your car as

worked well twice so far, so if the same thing should happen in Zuidas, we’ll start looking for the next spot. For now we’ll restrict ourselves to

so you can also work standing up. make the most of your commute. far away as possible to rack up some extra steps.

8. When rising from a chair, stand up without supporting your

Amsterdam, but maybe after that we’ll extend our horizons. For the

hands on your knees or the chair arms for an instant squat.

time being though, we have no plans to go international.’

Considering you probably get up from your chair, sofa, car, etc. 40-50 times a day, that adds up.

How do you juggle your TV work with running

9. Swap an unhealthy habit for a healthy one. Whether that’s

a fitness club? And with writing books and your family?

grabbing a sweet from the jar at the office every day or

What is a typical day like for you?

taking sugar or a biscuit with your coffee, forgo the sweets

‘That keeps getting trickier. Recently I decided to limit myself to one

and instead walk up and down two flights of stairs at

or two programmes a year, and to stop doing any that involve travel.

work daily. This seemingly small trade-off can make a big

That’s made a big difference. The gym keeps me busy all day, every day. I stick to a strict rhythm with fixed time-slots for different tasks.

difference in life expectancy. 10. Exercise during your workday. These days, your employer

More importantly though, I don’t take on too much, to make sure I

can’t and certainly shouldn’t stop you: it makes you more

have enough family time at home. Saying no is an art that I’ve learned

productive, less likely to take sick leave and you’ll be an

to master. Plus, I love my work, so I don’t tend to feel overwhelmed or

all-round nicer person to be around!

like I’m on a collision course.’

10 •


For all residents, professionals and visitors in the Zuidas area

Already got a regular pharmacy? No problem! You’re always free to use the services of more than one pharmacy. EXCELLENT SERVICE AND EXPERT ADVICE • The right products and information dispensed fast and efficiently • Personal attention for individual needs and concerns • Delivery service at home or at the office ZUIDAS APOTHEEK Gustav Mahlerlaan 635B 1082 MK Amsterdam T 020 211 11 18 F 020 211 13 40 E > WWW.ZUIDASAPOTHEEK.NL



FIRST OF FIVE PLOTS Plot 2A, as yet still vacant, is part of the larger eastern development field (Oostelijk Ontwikkelveld) in the Zuidas Kenniskwartier,

A dynamic location combining housing, offices and amenities. This sums up the

constituting the area between the A10 and

brief for development of a section of the Zuidas Kenniskwartier, an area just

Gustav Mahlerlaan and totalling five plots.

west of Parnassusweg in Zuidas, which has been put out to tender. The closing

This is the first one to come on the market.

date for bids is 7 February 2019.

Its development will also mark the beginning of the construction of ‘De Diagonaal’ - a

Realizing a mix of homes, offices, amenities and green space in this strip along

new park and pedestrian pathway running

the A10 motorway (marked red on the map) will be a formidable challenge. This

through the Zuidas Kenniskwartier to

being a prime location next door to Amsterdam Zuid Station, Zuidas is looking

connect Amsterdam Zuid Station to the VU

for a solid partner that can deliver on its big ambitions.


12 •


Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre Central Hall, WTC +31 (0)800 5065 zuidas •


HEAVY TRANSPORT ACROSS MAHLERPLEIN December 2018 saw an unusual transport roll across Gustav Mahlerplein, when huge lorries hauled 68 foundation piles to the site where construction of the Britten Passage is set to kick off. This passage will provide an additional tunnel underneath Amsterdam Zuid Station and give access to the rail platforms. The station itself will be undergoing a full-scale renovation in the coming years. On site, the foundation piles were twisted into the ground along Arnold Schönberglaan, between Gustav Mahlerplein to Parnassusweg. They will bear the load of a concrete slab 70 metres long, 12 metres wide and 2 metres thick. In the summer of 2019, the massive structure will be thrust into position through the A10 motorway and underneath the tracks of what are currently platforms 2 and 3. After that, two further sections of the Britten Passage will be built at the same spot.

INNOVATION DISTRICT Home to VU Amsterdam and the Amsterdam UMC, the Zuidas Kenniskwartier brings a special dimension and dynamic to Zuidas, based on the premise that students, urban professionals of all ages and scientists thrive in a vital urban setting in proximity


to innovative enterprise. The planned allocation of these plots

Overall, the five plots are slated for a mixed-purpose

is intended to further shape the Zuidas Kenniskwartier as an

programme comprising at least 46,000 to at most 58,000

‘innovation district’, fostering interaction, inspiration and

m2 in gross floor area for offices and facilities alongside

knowledge exchange. Integration of a residential function will

private sector homes for purchase and rental and mid-

help to make this a real part of the urban fabric, while the mix

range rental homes, all overlooking an enclosed green,

of affordable housing, offices and amenities will further solidify

publicly accessible courtyard. The whole selection process

Zuidas’ position as a desirable business and residential location

is expected to take around 11 months, with the tender to be

for international organisations and city dwellers alike. Plans for

definitively awarded in the autumn of 2019.

plot 2A will tie in with these objectives.

Text Jos Moerkamp

• 13




at Beatrixpark

MINUTE? Late last year, 150 local professionals and business owners were offered a month of free travel on the new Noord/Zuid route as part of a trial set up by the GVB, Zuidasdok and Hello Zuidas. This allowed commuters who live north of the city and normally drive to Zuidas by car on weekdays park free of charge at the Park+Ride at Amsterdam Noord Station, the route’s first/last stop, and then catch the metro to Amsterdam Zuid Station, a 15-minute ride. The purpose of the trial was to allow employers to assess whether the metro offers a speedier commute over driving. Also, by getting more people to take public transport into Zuidas, local congestion and pressure on parking capacity can be reduced. We asked four participants about their experiences during the trial.

As part of the Zuidasdok project, the ZuidPlus building consortium is currently laying the groundwork for construction of a new tunnel for


cyclists and pedestrians underneath the A10 motorway and railway tracks,

Owner of NINE restaurant & cooking studio

off Beatrixpark and just west of Amsterdam RAI Station. The Vivaldi tunnel

‘For me, the trial was a big success. I could be at work fast, skip

will extend from Antonio Vivaldistraat, which runs parallel to the A10

gridlock and the connection was good. Living in Amsterdam

southbound outside the EY office, and provide bike and pedestrian access in

which then has to be sufficiently

Noord, this route works out better for me than driving to Zuidas.

and out of Beatrixpark.

hardened within the next 12 hours to

As soon as the trial ended I bought an OV chip card and now hop

replace the soil and lay the railway

on the metro whenever I can.’


tracks back on top. By 5 am on Monday

The first part of the tunnel will be

Meer to Amstel junctions) and all of the

morning, everything has to be finished

erected aboveground on a building

railway tracks over four weekends in

for trains to resume running as normal.

site between the A10 southbound

2019. There will also be partial road and

motorway and the railway tracks.

rail closures on another two weekends.

This concrete slab, measuring 24

A10 DIVERSION At this point, only a small section of the

by 22 metres and 1 metre thick, will


Vivaldi tunnel will be in place. The next


subsequently be levered into position

With the structure to rest on a pair of

step will be to install sections of the tunnel

Secretary at Loyens & Loeff

underneath the four railway tracks over

lateral walls, two gigantic concrete

underneath the metro tracks and A10

‘The Noord/Zuid route exceeded my expectations. When the service started in September (following

the weekend of 1-2 June 2019. This past

beams are needed to support the

motorway. This will happen at a much later

the relatively quiet period during the summer holidays), I got to experience the full force of morning rush

December, piles were driven into the

whole. These beams, 24 metres in

stage, however. First, the A10 northbound

hour traffic again, with daily gridlock on the A10 ring road and access roads to Purmerend/Volendam.

ground at the building site to provide

length, 2.2 metres wide and 2.5 high,

lane has to be diverted to make room for

During the trial, I did my entire commute by public transport, taking the bus from Purmerend to

a foundation. Foundations also need

have to be cast underneath the train

construction of the northern road tunnel,

Ilpendam, then changing to the bus going to the metro stop in Noord, and from there metro 52 to Zuid.

to be laid underneath the tracks and

tracks. This will happen over the

which will reroute part of the existing

What a refreshing change that was! No traffic jams, no stress; though it did take me a bit longer than

the motorway, in both cases calling

weekend of 25 May 2019. Within just

motorway underground. Not until the

driving when there’s less traffic. Also, commuting this way gives me a bit more exercise, which is great.

for partial closures. In its entirety,

52 hours, workers will have to take out

tunnel entrance is completed several years

Now that the trial is over, I regularly leave my car at home in favour of relaxing on public transport!’

this will require closure of all the A10

the tracks, excavate the site, place the

later will the A10 be moved back along its

southbound lanes (from the De Nieuwe

rebars and then pour the concrete,

old course.

Text Jos Moerkamp

14 •


CLIVE PRITCHARD Managing director at Savills Investments ‘I completely rediscovered public transportation thanks to this experiment. It reminded me of when I lived in London: travelling on the metro is so fast. The Noord/Zuid route is an ideal link between the city centre and Amsterdam Noord and Zuid. It’s a relief to avoid the traffic jams, which begin before you even leave the car park! My own commute is considerably shorter now and it’s also nice to feel you’re part of a community. That said, the toilets at the station in Amsterdam Noord are not up to standard, the use of OV bikes could be a lot smoother, the bike sheds need to be really functional and the P+R should have number plate recognition. Nonetheless, I’ve been pleasantly surprised!’

CORINA BESTEBREUR Medical secretary at VUmc ‘Both parking at Noord and taking the metro into Zuidas went smoothly for me, and I appreciated being able to try it out this way. The only drawback was that it’s not convenient for me to travel all the way to the WTC – the Amstelveenseweg stop is better, being closer to the VUmc. The Noord/Zuid route would be an excellent alternative if I didn’t own a car, but in my case driving to work is faster than taking public transport. That took me almost an hour, compared to just 20 minutes by car.’

Text Romy Lange

• 15

PROPERTY Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your property news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

STARBUCKS IN MAHLER900 PLINTH Zuidas - Starbucks is opening a new branch at the plinth of the brand-new Mahler900 building at Gustav Mahlerlaan 900. I think we can safely say that Zuidas is the one place in the Netherlands where coffee keeps the wheels of the economy turning, says Michael van de Kuit, CEO for landlord Nedstede. The new Starbucks branch will open in 2019.





Zuidas - The Dutch Green Building Council has rated Noma

Zuidas - On Tuesday 13 November, construction of the new

House Outstanding on the Breeam scale, which shows

2Amsterdam building started out with a festive event. Right in

that CBRE’s Zuidas offices are located in one of the most

the heart of Zuidas, next to the WTC building and Amsterdam

sustainable office buildings in the Netherlands.

Zuid train station, Provast is redeveloping the former AkzoNobel and Stibbe office towers for the Commerz Real open-ended

16 •

Noma House is located at Gustav Mahlerlaan 1200,

real estate fund hausInvest. The fund’s portfolio has included

Amsterdam, and was developed by Maarsen Groep and

the towers for 20 years. Originally constructed in the 1980s, the

Zadelhoff. The building was completed for CBRE Global

towers are now being transformed into what’s called a mixed-

Investors in early 2018. The office building was developed by

use development: 2Amsterdam. KCAP Architects&Planners is

Dam & Partners Architecten and built by the Dura Vermeer

responsible for the development’s design. The multifunctional

construction company. The building boasts approximately

project consists of 20,000 m² LFA of multi-tenant office space,

16,500m² of office space and has facilities in the plinth, right

a Melia hotel with 330 rooms, a sky bar and an underground

above an underground parking facility.

parking facility with 374 parking spaces.

ENGEL & VÖLKERS REAL ESTATE AGENTS OPEN THIRD BRANCH IN AMSTERDAM Zuidas - Engel & Völkers Real Estate Agents have opened a third branch in Amsterdam. The office is located at George Gershwinlaan 687. By opening this new branch, Engel & Völkers aim to become even more firmly embedded in the residential real estate market. The new branch is also part of an expansion strategy for Engel & Völkers in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam residential market is very popular among foreign buyers, and Engel & Völkers was the first international real estate agent to capitalize on this new trend back in 2008. (For pictures of the grand opening go to page 46)

THE METROPOLITAN PARTNERSHIP MAKES ZUIDAS OFFICES MORE SUSTAINABLE Zuidas - The Metropolitan partnership is working to make the Zuidas office building with the same name more sustainable. Once updated, the 10,000 m² multi-tenant office building built in 1969 will receive energy label A. The building’s comfort-level will also receive a boost thanks to updated installations and new insulation for the façade. The façade will also be given an aestheticallypleasing makeover and will become more transparent, in accordance with the design by Habeon Architecten. Opening the building’s plinth and adding facilities open to the public is a way of aligning the building with the plans and developments in place for the Zuidas area. The offices will also have a view of Zuidas. In January 2019, Heembouw will begin removing surplus materials from the building. The project will be completed in December 2019.

• 17

House of digital innovation THERE’S A NEW NEIGHBOUR ON THE BLOCK.

Not just another coworking space, Epicenter is a world class innovation arena, dedicated to helping scale up companies to accelerate their business growth. Located at the buzzing Zuidas, Epicenter Amsterdam brings together both local and international entrepreneurs to collaborate and put their best ideas to test. We believe that when the right people come together, anything is possible. EPICENTER AMSTERDAM FRED. ROESKESTRAAT 115 1076 EE AMSTERDAM HELLO@EPICENTERAMSTERDAM.COM EPICENTERAMSTERDAM.COM



Trump Visits Zuidas, aka “New Amsterdam” The following statements were made by

this whole district has its own name! What

believe that? They say - the Fake News media

President Donald Trump at a future event

the Dutch call the Z… (what word is that?

- they keep talking about the water coming,

in Amsterdam Zuidas. The statements

Swede. Ass.) The ‘Swede Ass’ district. So if

the sea levels, the Great Flood. The Dutch,

are verbatim and have not been edited or

you like Swedes, I mean, they’ve got some

they don’t care. They know: Climate Change


nice ones. All kinds actually. Very clean, so

is a hoax. Keep digging, Netherlands. Keep

I’m told. Very clean.


wherever this is. Where are we? Because

“And I saw that video you made about me,

“And that’s what I love about Dutch banks

this doesn’t look like Amsterdam. These

by the way! Very flattering, very respectful.

- you love funding these digging projects.

are some nice-looking properties, let me

Some of your European neighbors could

And you don’t ask too many questions about

tell you! I mean, I know real estate. And…

learn a lesson. From you and from the lovely

where you get the money, where it’s from.

this is not what you think, when you think

Dutch people. So tall! Very tall people! And

I love that! I mean, some banks, and they

Amsterdam. Am I right? Okay. ‘Amsterdam.’

it’s in your DNA, I know, from all the flooding.

have their Headquarters right there… Very

Wherever the hell we are. But it looks nice. It

That was the original Dutch growth model:

impressive buildings. Very new. They should

looks nice.

you grow, or you drown.

call it ‘New Amsterdam.’ Like they used to

“Okay, thank you! it’s great to be in -

call New York! I mean. We’re not using that

“Thank you for the very gracious

“And I just heard they’re - you know what

name anymore. You should - take it from me

introduction from my great friend, Mr. David

they’re doing right here? They’re digging. A

- if you want a name for this district, you call

Von Trapp. And he just told me - and you

whole new tunnel for the highway. It’s not far

it New Amsterdam. Although the ‘Swede Ass’

know, many people don’t know this - but

enough below sea level, apparently. Can you

is very nice.”

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) is the voice of Trump in the viral video ‘Netherlands Second.’ His solo show The Madness of King Donald: A Trump Tutorial comes to Griffioen Theater 12 February, 2019.

Photography Davien Hulsman


Calvin Choi (Market33), Claudia Heimensen (Provast) & Casper Klap (Tribes)

Sander Overeinder & Deborah Schilperoort (Restaurant As)

Andrea Raken, Anton Meester (Zuidas Art Projects) & Cintha van Heeswijck (Art Zuid)


Sebastiaan Capel (Chairman district Amsterdam South) & Cintha van Heeswijck (Art Zuid)

Barbara Buddingh (Art Zuid) & Olivier Otten (Hello Zuidas Foundation)

HELLO ZUIDAS END-OF-YEAR MEETING Thursday 13 December Floor Beeren & Marja Cino (Hello Zuidas Foundation)

• The 2018 end-of-year meeting convened in the Art Chapel at

Monique de Loos & Fokko Faber (VUmc)

Beatrixpark. • More than 150 Hello Zuidas members gathered for the reception. • Discussion centred on Art Zuid, a prominent art initiative hosted in Amsterdam Zuid and Zuidas. • Everyone raised their glasses to a healthy and prosperous 2019. Silvie Spreeuwenberg (Zuidas Resident) & René Wentink (Zuidas passant)

Grardie Akkerhuis (Lebkov) & Marie-Christine Lodewijk (Von Poll Real Estate)

20 •

Janneke den Oude (Zuidas District) & Eline Kik (Green Business Club)

Casper Klap (Tribes) & Romy Lange (Zuidas Publishers)

Bo Meskers & Amina Sabanovic (The Online Group)

Remco Kappelhof (Zuidas Bier) & Jesse Gosse (Zuidas Bier & The Online Group)

Photography Jaiwey Nuij



Step inside the newly renovated Atrium in Zuidas and you’ll discover an ultra-modern

equipment available. And, weather

meeting centre. Located in the heart of the district, it offers an ideal location for your

permitting, we can serve drinks or lunch

next corporate function or business meeting. Its 17 multifunctional conference rooms

on the terrace outside. The Atrium is so

and high-end auditorium are available for events, presentations, training courses and

well-situated that we can always welcome

other gatherings. All are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The interiors were

visitors to show them around.’

created by the Firm Contrast and applied the luxurious touch here. We got an inside look from Iris Brooshooft, account manager at the Atrium Meeting Centre.

The Atrium Meeting Centre had been nominated for the 2019 National Meeting


we’ve been able to create a cosy ambiance.

Award, presented annually to meeting

‘The Atrium Meeting Centre is part of the

We’ve gotten lots of positive reactions on that.’

locations that combine exceptional

Atrium complex’, explains Iris. ‘We can host

entrepreneurship, quality and guest

very small groups here, but also very big ones.


Many of our customers are companies in

At the Atrium Meeting Centre, everything

Zuidas, so mainly financial, legal, recruitment

revolves around hospitality. ‘We are very

and real estate firms. We’ve got an enthusiastic

flexible in what we can offer, and are happy

Strawinskylaan 3001

team with a real passion for hospitality, and

to advise customers. Also on things like

1077 ZX Amsterdam

our five-star service takes care of all the

transportation, catering, hotel rooms and

+31 20 5400205

details.’ The interior has been meticulously

entertainment. We also have a high end

styled. ‘That’s what makes us a cut above’,

auditorium with 122 seats and a beautiful

agrees Iris. ‘Everything is new and modern, yet

adjoining foyer. Here is the latest audiovisual

Text Romy Lange • Photography Milan Hofmans & Davien Hulsman



• 21

FINANCE Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

FUNDA IN BUSINESS WEBSITE SEES SURGE IN BRITS SINCE BREXIT VOTE Zuidas - Property website Funda in Business has witnessed steady growth in its UK-based traffic, with the number of visitors from the United Kingdom more than doubling since the country’s Brexit referendum to leave the European Union, according to a company spokesperson. From just over 2,600 UK visitors in January 2016, the dedicated corporate real estate site clocked almost 7,200 visitors this past November. The number of unique users doubled in that period.

22 •



Zuidas - Top executives at big corporations in Germany took


home pay cheques averaging €6.2 million last year – quite a

Zuidas - The record-setting billions invested in Dutch

bit more than those in the Netherlands, who averaged €2.6

bricks and mortar in 2017 already seems to have been

million. Though in line with global rates, CEOs of Dutch listed

broken. Rental housing proved the big favourite among

companies fall far behind their eastern counterparts – to the

investors in 2018. They pumped twice as much money

tune of 42% last year, compared to top executives of large

into this segment as during the year before, bringing

cap companies in Germany. These figures derive from a

the rental housing investment volume up to around €7

comparison of median CEO salaries – the middle wage of all

billion in December, according to estimates released by

CEOs ranked from low to high – in the annual remuneration

property consultancy CBRE, or as much as €8.5 billion,

study conducted by the Vlerick Business School. It compared

according to sector peer Capital Value. In 2017, with

862 listed companies in seven European countries, including

investments totalling €3.8 billion, the rental housing

the Netherlands and Germany, as well as Belgium, France,

segment for the first time became the largest in the

Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Dutch property market.

MORE HOUSEHOLD INCOMES TOP €50,000 Zuidas - In 2017 just over half a million Dutch households had standard incomes exceeding €50,000, representing 6.7% of the country’s 7.7 million total households, calculates Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in its recent report on income distribution in the Netherlands. In 2013, this percentage was 5.3%, amounting to 120,000 fewer households. The share of Dutch households with a combined yearly income of more than €100,000 also rose, by more than a quarter relative to 2013, to 55,000. The mean standard income of Dutch households currently is €28,800.

CORPORATE ANNUAL REPORTING REQUIREMENT ON CONTINUITY Zuidas - If accountants have their way, companies will in future be obligated to include a section on their enterprise’s prospects for survival in annual reports. At present, companies have to report this only if the outlook is uncertain. Accountancy firms are now gearing up to petition The Hague to amend this provision in the law. A separate section on continuity would solve a problem that often confronts accountants when companies go bust. Since they are the ones who sign the financial statements, this naturally leads investors, customers and suppliers to wonder why an accountant didn’t sound the alarm. Nor is it uncommon in bankruptcy cases for trustees and investors to claim damages from accountants.

• 23


How can we improve

LOGISTICS FLOWS IN ZUIDAS? Hello Zuidas actively maintains ties with a range of local actors through its Hospitality and Food Service committee, Retail Services network and Traffic and Management committee, putting members in the loop on the latest developments. While it’s no secret that logistics flows are a sticky issue in this district, it is less obvious which factors are involved and which steps could lead to concrete improvements. Fortunately for Zuidas, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has a wealth of expertise in precisely this field, and has been conducting an study on food logistics flows in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. So we got in touch to find out whether their research could also unravel the challenges facing Zuidas. As the study liaison for Hello Zuidas members, we’re facilitating the research team by initiating contacts, creating cross-links and communicating research results to our network. For this issue, we talked with Jessica van Bossum, AUAS lecturer-researcher in sustainable urban food systems, and Kees-Willem Rademakers, AUAS lecturer-researcher in food and city logistics. BACKGROUND

players are actually involved and therefore

also a lecturer in logistics and city logistics and

Jessica studied industrial design before

are able to leverage the food chain – from

I coordinate the department’s minor in urban

switching gears to environmental science.

farmers to consumers to waste processors.’

logistics. My own background is in sustainable

While working on her second degree, she began

Kees-Willem’s specialises in in sustainable food

logistics and city logistics. In my former job

narrowing her focus to food and climate. ‘Now,

and city logistics. ‘My current research consists

at PostNL, I helped to create the company’s

my research at the AUAS seeks to make food

of identifying the impact of wholesale food

sustainability policy and implemented a range

system data available to others who can use it

logistics in and around Amsterdam on traffic

of projects targeting the greening of parcel

to make the system more fair and sustainable.

and liveability in the area. This is part of a larger

deliveries. Now, I’m researching the food

For example, by cutting down on food waste,

research programme in which we’re mapping

logistics system in the greater metro region.

linking local production and consumption,

the regional food system together with the

I’ve just wrapped up a report on food sector

and organising food logistics more efficiently.

Amsterdam Institute of Metropolitan Solutions

distribution in Amsterdam that Jessica and I

In order to do that, you need to know which

and Wageningen University. Apart from that, I’m

researched together.’

24 •


TIPS FOR ZUIDAS BUSINESS OWNERS: Sustainability is an ever more important theme in food service. The emphasis lies on reducing food


a limited one. We’d like to expand on that with

waste and healthy, organic and local


a follow-up study. From our current vantage

products. Consider the role your

Last year, Jessica and Kees-Willem conducted

point, deliveries don’t seem to be much of an

deliveries play, in terms of emissions

research on hospitality and food service sector

issue. That said, it’s getting busier here all the

and traffic burden.

deliveries in Zuidas. Explaining their research,

time, with both residents and tourists, and

• Think ahead: How do you think the

Jessica says, ‘Based on interviews with hotel,

additional environmental regulations are in

construction around Zuidas-dok

restaurant and café owners about their

the making. Worst of all, construction work

will impact your establishment?

business operations and supply and ordering

connected with the Zuidasdok project is set

Increasing population and visitors

practices, we were able to draw up a logistics

to put a big crimp on local accessibility, so the

in the area will increase demand.

profile of the entrepreuneurs. Our aim was to

question is whether all those deliveries will still

But besides opportunities, it might

create a snapshot of the situation in Zuidas,

be feasible’. On top of that, adds Kees-Willem,

also bring new problems or access

which feeds into a larger project of mapping

‘There are lots of smaller suppliers who deliver


the impact of food service distribution city-

just a few items at a time, so it’s worth looking

wide’. Kees-Willem adds, ‘In 2017 we did a study

at a way to bundle those deliveries to supply

involved in sustainability and

on the food logistics system in Amsterdam,

more goods whilst cutting motorized traffic

smart logistics around in Zuidas.

which revealed that food service distribution

into Zuidas’.

Establishments like Palante, Circl,

was one of the largest logistics flows overall,

• There are a few inspiring pioneers

WeCanteen, Stach and Bolenius

amounting to roughly 25%. So if we want to


apply their vision of sustainability

improve city logistics, that would be the logical

In 2019, Jessica and Kees-Willem will expand

to their entire operation. They have

place to start. Unfortunately, there was hardly

their research by interviewing more hospitality

synced their logistics and kitchen

any available about this flow. That’s why we

and food service operators and further

processes, and find that this saves

decided to focus our efforts here’.

crystallizing their sector delivery profiles.

time, reduces disruptions in the

We’ll also be looking at the impact of Zuidas-

kitchen and in the public space, and


dok construction, says Kees-Willem, ‘and at

helps to minimize food waste and

When it comes to food service, Zuidas has

possibilities for smarter deliveriers. That will tie

twice the footprint of the rest of Amsterdam,

in with another supply study being done by the

averaging 20 deliveries per business, per week.

Green Business Club. We want to use this to let

brainstorming about what this

‘We looked at 15 food service establishments

business owners know what to expect and to

might mean for your business?

in Zuidas’, Jessica continues, ‘which gave us a

motivate them to join forces and come up with

Contact Hello Zuidas.

cross-section of the sector in the district, albeit

smarter logistics solutions.’

Text Romy Lange

emissions. • Interested in finding out more, and

• 25



Friday 11 January EXHIBITION: ‘NATURAL’ CONSTRUCTIONS Through 13 January


Until mid-march


The group show ‘Natural’ Constructions is


@Amsterdam RAI Theater

on view through 11 January 2019 at Circl.

For three weeks from December 2018

ART, with a selection of recent acquisitions

Photographer Milan Hofmans has put

the classical musical CATS is coming to

for the ABN AMRO Art Collection. Featured

together a sensational exhibition on the

Amsterdam. Catch the London West End

are artists whose works refer in different

history of Tabsch, a shameless Dutch

production in English and book a special

ways to the perfectible world and question

gossip magazine. The exhibition is

package for you and your friends, family

in how far it is worth striving for. Stressing

accompanied by a stunning catalogue. This

or business partners. CATS has a range of

the divide between nature and culture -

large-scale photo show can be seen daily

packages available, including a dedicated

more blurred now than ever - they zoom

from 16 November 2018 through 4 January

host(ess), for groups of 10 or more. For

in on the ways we seek to control nature

2019 on the ground floor of the south tower

information about these packages, email

using technology, holding a mirror up at

of the Atrium, Parnassusweg 707. More info: or

the moment we risk losing ourselves in, Instagram: Tabsch_tabloid.

phone +31 (0)20 21 01 636.

daydreams of an untouched paradise.

@Atrium Zuidas

Tuesday 8 January

Friday 11 January



@WTC Amsterdam

@à Deauville

During the TAXci After Lunch Sessions,

During these speed dates you’ll be

consultants from Tax Consultants

introduced to around 20 other singles.

Monday 7 - Thursday 10 January

International update you on a range

Every four minutes, half the singles move


of specific topics during a 30-minute

to the next table, putting a different

@RAI Amsterdam

presentation, after which there will be

person across from you until you’ve met

Get inspired during the 63rd edition of

plenty of time to ask any specific questions

them all. After each date, you state on

Horecava at the RAI Amsterdam, from 7 to

you may have and meet and chat with the

the form whether you want to get better

10 January. Discover the latest trends and

speaker and his/her colleagues. For more

acquainted: Yes or No?! More info:

developments, join interactive workshops

information and registration, visit

and see demos by famous chefs.


26 •


Send your agenda to

Tuesday 15 January WORKSHOP: CIRCULARITY CHECK @Circl How circular and sustainable are the products and services marketed by your organization? Sustainability and circularity Friday 11 - Sunday 13 January

are increasingly being prioritized by


companies. CSR expert Arthur ten Wolde


of MVO Nederland and Arno Kunert of

@Green Business Club

WeSustain lead this workshop on how

Get ready for the first day of the challenge

to implement the new Circularity Check

of a lifetime! The Green Business

to assess precisely how circular and

Challenge 2019 will kick off with a group

sustainable the products your company

of passionate young professionals. First,

markets are. The check can be used to

there’s an opportunity for the challengers

scan products and services circularity in

to get acquainted, form teams and

all industries. The workshop consists of

formulate a game plan. In short, to lay the

a presentation, time for questions and

groundwork for another exciting Green

feedback, and an interactive walk-through

Business Challenge!

of the questionnaire.

Friday 18 January SPEED DATING FOR AGES 25-38 @à Deauville During these speed dates you’ll be introduced to around 20 other singles. Every four minutes, half the singles move to the next table, putting a different person across from you until you’ve met them all. After each date, you state on the form whether you want to get better acquainted: Yes or No?! More info: speeddaten-amsterdam/.

Thursday 17 January

Wednesday 23 January

Monday 14 January


& Thursday 24 January

& Monday 11 February




@De Nieuwe Poort

@The Basket

@Art Zuid Office

Mental short-circuit or a fall-out at work?

Join Art Zuid as an education volunteer!

Every month, The Basket hosts the latest,

Chances are, a trauma will make matters

From 3 to 5 pm on Wednesday 23 January

greatest group game: 30 Seconds. Have

worse. Is it rooted in your own history, or

and Thursday 24 January, Art Zuid will be

you got all the answers to beat out the

that of the organization? Find out, using

holding an informational meeting at its

competition in just 30 seconds? Then clear

the Culture Canvas. This introductory

office at Prinses Irenestraat 19-1 about

your diary every 2nd Monday evening

workshop teaches you how to tap into

volunteer opportunities. Art Zuid is looking

of the month and drum up your best

your intuition to smooth processes in your

for people to guide school groups along the

friend, showbiz aficionado or know-it-all

work, advising or consultancy. Because

sculpture route, help out in the children’s

colleague to come play this rapid-fire party

organizational change need not come at

art studio and sell route maps. Interested?

game at The Basket Amsterdam. Register

your expense or detract from the quality

You can join straight away! ARTZUID 2019 is


or aims of the organization.

from 17 May through 15 September.

• 27



Thursday 24 - Sunday 27 January

Sunday 27 January





@RAI Amsterdam

@Jumping Amsterdam RAI

Tuesday 29 January

This special 2019 Diamond Edition will

This special morning event gives budding


be extra festive to celebrate not only the

jumpers a friendly introduction to the


return of the Longines FEI Jumping World

world of championship equestrian

@Johan Cruyff Institute

Cup, but also the 60th anniversary of

sports. Novotel Amsterdam City is

During this informational gathering,

Jumping Amsterdam! Alongside a fresh

the sponsor of Jumping Amsterdam’s

the institute will present its Sport

new programme, this year there will be

programme for children, featuring

Management MSc programme and the

even more to see and do at the RAI, with

competitive activities packed with action

‘Cruyffian’ teaching methodology. It’s also

the addition of another event hall offering

and speed. Included is a seat on the track

a great chance to meet members of the

4,000 m² packed with awesome stands,

during Britt Dekker’s clinic, a fabulous

team and ask any questions you may have

food and beverages and entertainment.

musical freestyle and a thrilling horse

about the curriculum.

Plus, with more space in the spectator

and pony relay pairing championship

stands, the fun and friendly atmosphere

between riders and children. Kids can

for which Jumping is famous for will be

also explore the competition’s jumping

better than ever. In other words, this

course and of course cuddle and ride the

Diamond Edition is not to be missed!

friendly ponies.

Every Monday and Friday FREE LUNCHTIME MEDITATION @Club Sportive Business life is demanding, with Friday 25 January

Monday 28 January

increasing workloads, fast-paced change



and a wide diversity of tasks. How do you

@Gerrit Rietveld Academie


stay centred? Press Pause: train your mind

@The Basket

and train your attention with Mindfulbizz!

Come to the Open Day at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie on Friday 25 January,

Coming live to The Basket on 28 January,

Come join our FREE sessions:

when all the art institute’s departments

it’s the Amsterdam championship of the

- Every Monday & Friday at 12:30-1pm

and studios will be opening their doors to

classic group game of student houses

- In NL & ENG

the public. Instructors and students will

across the country: Loopin’ Louie! This is

- Business attire

be on hand to answer questions. Also feel

your chance to prove what you learned

- Clubsportive membership not

free to bring along your portfolio for an

at university! Sign up your team of two at

on-site review.

28 •

necessary; sign up at reception For more information, see


Send your agenda to

Tuesday 5 February TAXCI AFTER LUNCH SESSION: ACCOUNTING @WTC Amsterdam During the TAXci After Lunch Sessions, consultants from Tax Consultants International update you on a range of specific topics during a 30-minute presentation, after which there will be

Want a green ride to these events?

Order a Green TCA Taxi at no extra cost!

plenty of time to ask any specific questions you may have and meet and chat with the speaker and his/her colleagues. For more information and registration, visit

Friday 22 February WORKSHOP: ARABIC COOKING @NINE Restaurant & Cooking Studio From chickpeas to za’atar, Arabic food is pure and incredibly varied. Fixtures include lentils, rice, chickpeas, yoghurt, aubergine and lemons. During this cooking workshop, you’ll also learn all about the many spices used in the Middle Every Monday

Saturday 9 February

East. Forget about mere teaspoons,



we’ll be adding flavour by the heaping

@Rialto Cinema

@De Nieuwe Poort

tablespoonful to delicious classics like

Would you love to attend some of the

By now an annual Zuidas tradition, De

hummus, harira soup, tagine, baklava,

beautiful films Rialto is screening, but you

Nieuwe Poort’s ever-popular Valentine’s

bulgur and falafel. You’re guaranteed to

don’t understand all the foreign languages

Day special is back, pairing young

experience a taste explosion during this

and can’t read Dutch subtitles? Here’s your

professionals and seniors for a fun day

Arabic cooking workshop. Ideal as a fun

chance to see some of these wonderful

out. Get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day

team activity and for those still unfamiliar

films anyway, because on Monday we

this year with an intergenerational date!

with this fabulous cuisine, to discover new

screen them with English subtitles. Check

Time: 12-6pm. Registration:

flavours and cooking techniques together!

out the programme at

More info:

• 29











Over the next year and a half, Loyens & Loeff intends to train 300 of its employees in all


things tech: from new developments such as blockchain to smart contracts and artificial


intelligence. In order to facilitate this, the firm announced in a recent press release, it is


launching its very own Loyens & Loeff Tech Academy. The Tech Academy will be rolled out

On average, the hourly rate of law firms in

company-wide and is to be a supplement to the existing Introduction Academy for beginning

the Randstad conurbation is 12.5% ​​higher

employees. Both lawyers and support staff (IT, HR, marketing, etc.) at Loyens & Loeff’s offices

than that of regional firms. This is one of

in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland may enrol at the Tech Academy. By

the findings from Benchmark Advocatuur

offering these new training courses for all its employees, the firm says it hopes to inspire staff

2018, a study by Wolters Kluwer in which

to jointly develop new ideas for its clients.

182 small and medium-sized firms (up to 26 lawyers) participated. Another finding is that the average hourly rate of so-called ‘niche’


firms is 11% higher than that of full-service

The first Legal Pub Quiz in Zuidas – hosted by Rechtsorde and Advocatie – was won by Team

firms. Of the 182 firms that filled in Wolters

Force Majeur of The Hague law firm Buren. The scene of their hard-fought victory: Zuidas

Kluwer’s survey, 42.3% were located in

restaurant Nine. There, on 22 November, nearly twenty teams representing law firms and

Randstad. Niche firms accounted for 44.55%

other organisations gathered to sink their teeth into a series of tough legal questions. In

of all participants, with the remaining

the end, the Buren team managed to answer the greatest number of questions correctly.

55.45% consisting of full-service firms. The

Team Joris en de Draken, representing the RESOR law firm, took home second place, with

average hourly rate of Randstad firms is

Lauxtermann Advocaten’s Team Legal Eagles coming in third and completing the podium.

€226, compared to a €201 average rate at regional firms.

• 31



At year’s end it’s always tough to decide what kind of gift will really bring a smile to your business associates’ faces. Leaving it until too late means making last-minute choices that can feel hollow. By giving a personalized Christmas ornament created by Vondels, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your professional connections or employees far beyond the holiday season. Of course, if you want a thing of beauty, you also have to plan early. The ladies behind Vondels, Yan Xu and Loesje DonnerRaedts, filled us in on their fashionable luxury Christmas brand that’s sold in 30 countries.

32 •

‘Our brand has a strong Amsterdam DNA’ STRONG AMSTERDAM DNA

Loesje adds, ‘Like with fashion, it’s very important

Loesje and Yan established the Vondels brand

for us to keep up with trends. I tend not to look to

in 2014. Fast forward to 2019, their Christmas

Christmas for inspiration, because that’s not very

ornaments are sold in all the Dutch luxury

distinctive. Instead, I go to lots of museums. To

department stores as well famous houses abroad

an exhibition of Picasso, say. Just one tiny thing

like Harrods and Printemps. ‘Our brand has a strong

could spark off lots of ideas.’ Yan: ‘Obviously, we

Amsterdam DNA’, emphasizes Yan. ‘Vondel is an

need to be commercial, but we want to inspire

iconic Dutch poet who penned beautiful verses. With

people, too. Sometimes I do wonder: will this

Vondels, we want to capture the same symbolism –

really sell? But Loesje has a sixth sense for what

to give people the same sparkle with our Christmas

people will like.’

items as his poems still evoke today.’ Loesje: ‘Yan and I met through my former job as a buyer for


the Bijenkorf, where I always bought Christmas

Good news! Vondels can also custom-design

products from Yan. I was looking to make a career

ornaments for companies to give to their business

switch, so in 2014 Yan and I decided to establish our

partners or staff. ‘It’s a time-consuming process’,

own brand, Vondels. We spent two years talking

according to Yan, ‘because all of our creations are

and planning everything out, looking around to see

hand-crafted. It’s crucial to order early so we can

and understand what the market wants in order to

create a customized collection. Already, we’ve made

crystallize our concept. The development of our look

ornaments for companies like KLM, Bijenkorf and

and feel took time, but that enabled us to delineate

Van Assem.’ Loesje: ‘Customers are welcome to

clearly what Vondels is.’

come to our showroom in Aalsmeer to see all the possibilities and brainstorm with us. It’s important to


see everything and have a good feeling about it. We

Since then, Vondels has become a high-end

can’t wait to start creating our products for Zuidas!’

Christmas brand and fashionable fixture of the festive season. ‘I’m in charge of the business side


of things’, explains Yan, ‘and Loesje for the creative

Would you like to sparkle in December 2019 with


side. She combines ordinary objects with special

customized ornaments for your business partners

elements that turn the ornaments or balls into

or employees, or to dress up the trees at your office?

works of art. What sets us apart is our fine quality.’

Get in touch with Vondels!

Text Romy Lange • Photography Lotte de Graaf

• 33

AFGHANISTAN KABUL WHY? This is a street where you can expect an explosion any minute. But when there’s no bomb blast, it looks like this – very representative of daily life in Afghanistan. Fierce activity in the streets goes on, despite the threat, but one never gets used to the palpable tension. However, this man seems to relax a little on his wheelbarrow. WHAT? Toilet paper for sale on the pavement. The little morsel of red fruit on the pile of yellow is no coincidence, but a local marketing trick. The lady in the burqa is my tribute to the women of Afghanistan – invisible, but strong.

34 •

STREETS OF THE WORLD COMING TO ZUIDAS Opening 7 March @ Arnold Schรถnberglaan

โ€ข 35

Amsterdam International Community School

ACCEPTING NEW ENROLMENTS Established in 2003, the Amsterdam International Community School on Prinses Irenestraat in Zuidas is a popular Dutch International Primary and Secondary School offering international education in English. With Amsterdam’s international community continuing to grow, so is demand for education in English. To cater for this growth, the AICS - with a Main location on Prinses Irenestraat in Zuidas and a Primary School Satellite location on A.J. Ernststraat 130 in Zuidas- has just opened a third location: AICS South East (SE). Now temporarily housed in Amsterdam Oost, in September 2019 the AICS SE location, and in September 2021 the AICS Main location, will be housed in brand-new school buildings in Darlingstraat and A.J. Ernstraat 1179 respectively. We talked to Veronica Kleipool, project leader for the new AICS location. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE

the member schools without risk of falling behind. This organization

Having joined the AICS 15 years ago, Veronica recalls, ‘We worked

also holds conferences where we can all exchange information, get

with 30 students and grew exponentially over those 15 years. In that

updated and improve our curricula. To ensure compatibility, we work

time, we’ve also learned a great deal about international education,

with universal topics, concepts like temperature, nature and peace.’

expats, diversity and of course the IB curriculum that we teach, and we’re also accredited by the Council of International Schools


in 2012. We’re a part of the worldwide International Baccalaureate

Looking back, Veronica says times have changed dramatically. ‘Kids

organisation, which means expat kids can transfer between any of

these days use Google to look everything up, so we have to key into

36 •


that and make the difference. We teach them how to be internet-savvy

worldwide. At the moment we’re still in Amsterdam Oost, but we’re

and how to figure out whether or not information is reliable. And right

looking forward to the completion of an brand new building that’s

from the start, in year 1, we encourage them to ask lots of questions.’

under construction for us in Amsterdam Zuidoost.’




Walking through the school’s hallways, you hear students speaking a

The AICS is a popular school. To respond to the large number of

wide mix of languages, says Veronica. ‘From Hindustani to Afrikaans,

applications, a third location has now opened in Amsterdam Oost.

from French to English: it’s fantastic to hear! Officially, the school’s

‘For expats seeking an international school for their children’,

language is English, of course; for teachers, too. Some kids arrive

Veronica explains, ‘we’re the answer. We have classes for all age

fresh from Schiphol into a world that’s completely different from what

levels from 4 - 18 years old. To be accepted to our school, children

they’re used to, but their peers immediately make them feel at home

have to be internationally mobile. In the case of parents working

– they know how it feels like, after all. For us, it’s important that our

abroad, it’s good to prepare a child for the transfer ahead of time.

students feel safe and that school is something that’s always familiar

Being government subsided, our school fees are lower than at

to them, a constant in their lives, wherever in the world they are.’

other international schools. We teach the same IB curriculum and have the same IB exams, so kids qualify for entry to any university

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

More info:

• 37

Brand-new coffee and wine bar in Zuidas! T he be s t c o f f e e & del icious s w e e t bi t e s Del igh t f ul l unch & c ock t ail bi t e s In t er nat ional s el e c t ion o f w ine s!

Get in touch:, 06 15 30 60 66 or visit

Open: Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm and Wednesday-Friday 10 am - 11 pm.

Beethovenstraat 498 on the corner next to Nauta Dutilh.

Are you experiencing back pain? We invite you to our next Scan Day, on 17, 23 and 30 January and 4 and 19 February 2019. Chiropractie Zuidas (Spine Health incompany) organizes Scan Days specifically for individuals who regularly experience back pain (or related symptoms like neck pain or headaches) and want to find out if a chiropractor can help. What can you do when your back pain doesn’t show on x-ray or MRI? Here is one of the top reasons people come to my clinic: “I’m hurt and I’ve been to the doctor and nothing shows up on an x-ray or MRI but I can’t do what I want to. No one can find anything wrong with me and I have been told that I have to live with it.” The bottom line is that not all pain is able to be detected on an x-ray or MRI. That does not mean that there is nothing that needs to be diagnosed or treated. It may need a deeper look into how the joints and nervous system are functioning before the answers come into place. In these cases, the “Sigma SpineLiner” a functional scan apparatus, which measures misalignments in the spinal cord and nervous system, may offer more insight into the root cause, advises chiropractor “Per Munksgaard”. You can have the Scan done on this day at a cost of EUR 20,which includes a personal explanation of the results.

By appointment only. Please phone 020 7997 556.

Gustav Mahlerplein 2 1082 MA Amsterdam

Visit for more information


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS Zuidas is facing several major challenges, ranging from how to achieve greater environmentally-friendly mobility to improving the area’s accessibility. The City, the local business community and other organisations are coming up with creative solutions on


a daily basis, such as car sharing, carpool

In October last year, during the Energy Lab event, president of

apps, e-bikes, improved bicycle facilities,

Green Business Club Zuidas, Roland de Vlam (Loyens & Loeff), first

public transport travel cards and so on. Both

presented the ambitious plan of getting Zuidas to turn off the gas.

employers and commuters can obtain a clear

A number of measures have already been taken to slowly wean the

idea of the various options available to them

Zuidas area off of gas, which is reflected in the City of Amsterdam

by checking out This

district of Zuidas’ policy: new buildings are only allowed to use

new site includes a clear overview of current

sustainable energy sources for heating and cooling. In meetings

Zuidas mobility programmes, providers and

with stakeholders to assess the situation for each individual

products that can help increase the number

building, GBC Zuidas plans to push the idea of also making existing

of employees using environmentally-friendly

buildings more sustainable and thus no longer reliant on natural

modes of transportation and can help

gas. What are the owner’s ambitions, what does the user want

commuters choose a suitable travel option.

and need? When do the gas pipes need to be replaced? This

Go to

information can be used by Zuidas, the City of Amsterdam and Alliander to devise a master plan for a future without natural gas.

THE ALTERNATIVE: SHOPPING AT THE FOOD BANK Foodbank Amsterdam Zuid presented a new concept at the kick-off for Green Business Club Zuidas’ collection campaign: a supermarket system allowing card-carrying customers to buy what they need. This increases customers’ sense of independence and gives them a self-esteem boost, while also limiting food waste. GBC Zuidas intends to support this plan in cooperation with Zuidas businesses by providing technical expertise, funding and assistance in improving customers’ mobility, for example. If your company is interested in lending a hand, please contact Diederik Imfeld at GBC Zuidas:

Maartje Oome is communications advisor for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district that has businesses cooperating in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to​

Text Maartje Oome

• 39

WE’RE OPEN! NEW ITALIAN IN TOWN La Lotteria is our homage to authentic regional Italian dishes in the style of an osteria. We’re situated in the most sustainably renovated building of the Netherlands and home of the Charity Lotteries. Come and see our expression of warm Italian style hospitality. Open from Monday till Friday: 8:00-22:00 | Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-22:00 Kitchen open every day till 21:00

Beethovenstraat 200 | 1077 JZ Amsterdam | 020 896 51 37 | | Find us on


Unique shots of Zuidas! You may have seen Marcel Steinbach out

that has resulted in unique shots. Recently

and about in Zuidas with his camera, taking

he got to swing above the Nhow near the

pictures of all the nooks and crannies of

RAI in a man basket, and got a behind-the-

this district. His photo reports zoom in on

scenes look from 80 metres high in the

people, works and projects. For the City

tower crane at The Gustav & George.

of Amsterdam he is currently recording the main development projects in Zuidas

Marcel has given Hello Zuidas permission

and construction of Zuidasdok, which

to use his pictures on our Instagram

is rerouting part of the A10 motorway

account! So be sure to follow us:

underground between the Nieuwe Meer


and Amstel junctions. Through his work, Marcel has gotten to know both the project

You can also check out Marcel’s work on his

developers and the building labourers, and


Text Romy Lange

• 41



On Cloud 9 with Xavier Address

Gustav Mahlerlaan

Scheduled for completion


KenK Architecten

2nd quarter of 2019

Building owner Zuidschans CV (cooperation between AM & BPD

Number of floors

Main user

Residents (SAREF),

Main building with 20 residential floors

tenants and companies (IEF)

and a ground floor with commercial

Height in meters 75

42 •



FACTS • Most of the project names in the Zuidas area have something to do with music, from composers and violinists to conductors and more (Gerswhin, Mahler, Vivaldi, Miles building, Summertime, Intermezzo,

Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering

is a formidable residential tower with a

Symphony, etc.). The name Xavier

work in architecture. As it matures into

modern and bold design. The interior was

comes from the word Klavier,

an international quarter of Amsterdam,

designed accordingly and the grand foyer

meaning piano, which led us to

buildings in Zuidas are shooting up

with a doorman maximizes the building’s

think of the gemstone Sapphire (this

right and left. Amidst all these modern

spacious and luxurious feel. Other luxurious

blue gem is the most powerful of

skyscrapers, it may be difficult to

elements include the finishing details in

gemstone, promoting love, purity,

imagine that just about 20 years ago

the apartments, including high ceilings and

energy and harmony), which in

this stretch of land connecting the

large windows that let in lots of light. Every

turn led designers to come up

residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and

apartment also has a balcony or rooftop

with the name Xavier. With the X of

Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis

terrace, allowing residents to enjoy the fresh

Amsterdam, the name Xavier also

courts and football pitches. In this series

air, sunshine and stunning views in private.

literally means ‘new house’ in the

we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas.

Basque language.

This time we take a closer look at the

The façades consist of a grid of layered

Xavier residential building.

masonry with vertical windows that become wider nearer the top of the tower, making

• An underground parking facility that provides parking spaces for up to 122 cars is hidden from view. • Xavier’s architectural style was

Zuidas boasts a wealth of impressive office

the building more transparent and allowing

buildings, and in recent years more and

residents to enjoy even more spectacular

inspired by typically Dutch urban

more equally awe-inspiring residential

views of the city from their apartments. By

design combined with elements

towers have been added to the mix. The

using a rich, nuanced brick combined with

from international styles. The

new Xavier residential building is a prime

various bonds and frame depths, the buildings

ornamental edges from Manhattan

example: stately, stylish and above all:

acquire a chic but ‘bold’ metropolitan look.

are an example.

spacious. At over 75 metres high, Xavier

Xavier will make you feel like you’re on Cloud 9.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Artist Impressions Theo van Leur

• 43


WINTER DEAL Book your meeting with an overnight stay at the Bilderberg

Garden Hotel with at least a value of â‚Ź 4.000,- and get a free overnight stay with a dinner for two in Restaurant De Kersentuin! May we take your reservation? +31 (0)20 570 56 55 or via for requests and reservations. Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam +31(0)20 570 56 00 This deal applies to bookings made before 31 March 2019

dental team 2.0 just around the corner

At 116 Gustav Mahlerplein you will find a dynamic team of oral care professionals offering a wide range of specialist treatments under one roof. A place where dental quality, EBD (evidence-based dentistry), patient commitment and openness are highly valued.

wellness in dental care Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 Visit us and register online at or call 020-6623071

Zuidas, get ready!


have, ISDN 1/2/15/20 or 30, depends on how many

has become a known name in corporate Zuidas. As

simultaneous calls you need to be able to make. We

an ICT service provider, they want to let everyone

want to make people aware of this and help them

know about some big telecom changes taking place

decide if and how to reconfigure their infrastructure.’

in 2019. One is the phasing out of ISDN 1/2 and PSTN. We sat down with Jeroen Reijmers, account


manager at NDI, to find out what this means.

Jeroen: ‘There are a range of possibilities, depending on the type of infrastructure an organization uses.


In some cases it can be adapted to meet the new


requirements, in others they’ll have to switch to a


new internet solution for telephony.




Jeroen: ‘In a nutshell, it means that if you haven’t

‘As a local ICT provider at the Zuidas and KPN

integrated a future-proof solution before then,

Excellence Partner, we’re experts in supplying and

you’ll no longer be able to make phone calls. KPN

supporting various solutions. We offer speed and

introduced ISDN as a telecom solution back in

agility in supplying our own services, and can also

1991. That’s obsolete by now, so they’ve decided

provide support and third-party solutions. We

088 - 088 43 10

to replace it. The analogue landlines that we all

know the Zuidas and have already facilitated lots of

used to use for phone calls, and still do, will be

customers to make this switch, and therefore have

transferred to the internet. ISDN has several variants

the experience and expertise to advise people on

that will be replaced one by one. Which kind you

which steps will work for them.’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

NDI ICT SOLUTIONS For more details, get in touch with Jeroen:

• 45


Frank Jansen & Rogier Smit (SBS6)

Raymond Vischjager (investor) & Floris Paternotte (KroesePaternotte)

Tjerk van der Linden, Barbara van der Grijp & Wieger van der Linden (Management Engel & Völkers)

Monique Uppelschoten (Wereldouders & Zuidas Business Ride) & Nynke Wynia (Personal Shopper)

Irene en Willem van Raan (clients Engel & Völkers)

Ronald Koopman (RTL-Z) & Inez de Groot (Engel & Völkers)

Albert van Deel (Hamelwerth), Danny Hogers (Trust & Law) & Robbert Goossens (Trust & Law)

OPENING OF ENGEL & VÖLKERS ZUIDAS Thursday 15 November 2018 • Engel & Völkers real estate agent opened it’s 4th office in the Netherlands on George Gershwinlaan • Many famous faces from the property world were in attendance. • All were eager to congratulate Barbara van der Grijp (managing director) and her two sons Wieger and Tjerk van der Linden. • The drinks flowed in good company until the wee hours. Nicole Moen (Wieglia Beheer), Frank Bakker (De Kredieter) & Douwe van den Broek (Dokter Makelaars)

Anna Bangert (Country Manager Benelux Engel & Völkers) & Karlijn Ramondt (Managing director)

46 •

Romy Lange (Zuidas Publishers) & Conchita van Rooij (Lawyer)

Hans Lemmens (Hans Lemmens Golf), Eva Eenink (Ostrica Vermogens Beheer) & Alexander Peetoom (Rob Peetoom)

Martine Hissink & Vanessa Keizer (Chefs Poulet & Frites)

Gwenny Eisema & Robert Halewijn (Vips Only @ Privé)

Photography Jaiwey Nuij


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES the following new members

ENGEL & VÖLKERS Residential real estate • 14 employees LINK WITH ZUIDAS After the success of our other two Amsterdam locations, in Amsterdam-Zuid and Centre, we decided to open up shop in the vibrant Zuidas district. We are highly internationally oriented and want to serve our clients in the buying and selling process from the best possible locations. REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER Great opportunity to connect with potential new clients and


other businesses.

Restaurant • 14-18 employees

BARTOLUS ADVOCATEN REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER The Zuidas business market is important to us. A lot of our guests

Legal services • 2 employees

come here to enjoy full-course business lunches, and we also get lots of group reservations in the evening. We’re especially


well-equipped to handle these kinds of parties because of our

Our office is located in NoMa House, in Zuidas.

table layout, which includes semi-private alcoves. In the summer, the restaurant has two terraces idyllically located in the middle


of Beatrixpark. Bordering a quiet pond on the south side of the

We warmly welcome this initiative to bring all Zuidas stakeholders

restaurant, these terraces form a perfect location for a private


get-together or barbecue.



Sport • mainly volunteers, 10 permanent employees Digital signage, retail media solutions 3 employees in Zuidas, 27 worldwide



Besides our location – our football pitches on the corner of De

Our European office recently moved to a new location in Zuidas.

Boelelaan and Beethovenstraat are hard to miss – many of our

Everyone is welcome to visit us at Strawinskylaan 4117, where you

sponsors are located in the area as well. We have organized

can also see our screens.

events for several large Zuidas companies.



Because we only moved to Zuidas recently, we’d like to get

Vitality, emotion, performance, fun and teamwork: these are the

in touch with other companies and organisations in this

characteristics that define AFC. A unique formula that allows us to

area. Joining the Hello Zuidas network offers us the perfect

help our clients strengthen their brand and increase their name

opportunity to become part of the local community - and to start

recognition. Trade the corporate jungle for the green grass of our

making our own contribution to that community.

football pitches.




Hello Zuidas

• 47

MEMO BOARD TEAMING UP FOR THE RONALD MCDONALD CHILDREN’S FUND CHALLENGE Having fun, toughing it out and battling the elements together – that’s what HomeRide is all about! Amsterdam will once more be represented by a team at the 2019 edition of this sponsored bicycle ride to benefit the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. Cycling day and night, whatever the weather, participants will conquer 500 kilometres in 24 hours to raise money for the Ronald McDonald houses and holiday accommodations. Are you and your team ready to take on the challenge and join the run or bicycle ride on 22 or 23 June? Check on or and sign up now!

RECORD-BREAKING GBC ZUIDAS FOOD DRIVE This year, companies in Zuidas this year managed to collect an impressive 600 crates of non-perishable food items and other products in the annual drive for the Amsterdam Zuid Food Bank. That’s


the largest amount ever! Over the course


of one week, local Green Business

Locals have been able to get their

Club Zuidas member organisations

coffee fix at the familiar American

appealed to employees to donate food

chain for some time at Zuid Station,

items, which were packed in crates and

but now Starbucks is opening

collected by the Food Bank the following

a second location on Gustav

week. The 2018 drive yielded so many

Mahlerlaan. Starting in 2019, you

donations that the items will also be

can grab your coffee to go or take

distributed via other branches of the

a leisurely break with colleagues at

Amsterdam Food Bank.

the new Starbucks at Mahler 900.

NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY SETS YOUNG HEARTS RACING DURING JUMPING AMSTERDAM On Sunday 27 January, Novotel will be hosting Jumpertjes Kinderochtend during Jumping Amsterdam at the RAI. A special morning event for budding jumpers, the programme promises plenty of action and entertainment. Main sponsor Novotel Amsterdam City, part of the Accor chain, is delighted to be a part of Jumping Amsterdam, says the hotel’s general manager Dirk Beljaarts. ‘We’re proud of our partnership with Jumping Amsterdam. Not only do we share many of their ambitions, we also share the same values. Our contribution to this traditional Amsterdam event is a special morning for kids with which we hope to enthuse as many people as possible.’

48 •

MEMO BOARD EY’S MACHIEL GOSSCHALK NAMED BEST YOUNG PROFESSIONAL OF 2018 Machiel Gosschalk (27) has been named Best Young Professional of 2018. With the prestigious title, this budding talent tops the ranking of Holland’s 100 best young professionals working in a range of business and government sectors. The prize is participation in a two-day training programme of choice at Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). To compile the top 100 list of Best Young Professionals, all candidates were subjected to an exhaustive questionnaire, vetting them on proven performance in areas including education, current job and career development. The 15 highest-scoring young professionals were interviewed and evaluated by the Johan Cruyff Institute’s manager and academic director, Henk Verschuur. Following these interviews, a top 10 list was compiled, ending with Machiel Gosschalk in first place. Congratulations to you, Machiel!!


2AMSTERDAM CONSTRUCTION KICKS OFF Construction of 2Amsterdam in Zuidas kicked off with a celebration at the end of last year. Formerly occupied by AkzoNobel and Stibbe, the two towers in the heart of the

Want to keep up with all the latest

district, next to WTC and Amsterdam Zuid Station, are being

goings-on in Zuidas? Then be sure

redeveloped by Provast for Commerz Real’s open-ended

to regularly check our website and

HausInvest real estate fund into a premium mixed-use building.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and

When finished, 2Amsterdam will offer a combined 20,000 m²

LinkedIn feeds, and sign up for our

LFA in multi-tenant office space, a high-end 330-room hotel, a

digital newsletter on

skybar and an underground car park. The mutually enhancing mix of functions, with a green corporate garden to connect the whole, will bring more activity to the area 24/7.

• 49

Apartment ...

or cottage

In the city ...

or in the country

A financial advisor who arranges everything

or get a mortgage online on your own

Whatever you decide, We will provide you with the best advice

Real Estate English for Professionals • Custom courses and workshops • Improve your professional English 020 - 598 64 20

Partner up with Zuidas Publishers and create your top-quality company, client or city marketing magazine or glossy.

Magazine Management & Editing

Press Releases Branded Content & Advertorials

Photography & Videos

Online Marketing

Strawinskylaan 15 (WTC Amsterdam) 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 - 362 09 93 WWW.ZUIDASPUBLISHERS.NL

Members Hello Zuidas • January 2019 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 01. 900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) 02. ABN AMRO 03. Accendium 04. Accenture 05. À Deauville 06. AFC 07. AkzoNobel 08. Albert Heijn 09. Amsterdam in Business 10. AICS 11. Amsterdamse Bos 12. Amsterdam UMC 13. APG 14. Apleona GVA B.V. 15. Arcadis 16. Argos Communications 17. Arnold & Siedsma 18. Art Zuid 19. ASEGA Media 20. Asunaro Holland Interplan 21. Atrium Meeting Centre 22. Bagels & Beans 23. Baker McKenzie 24. Bartolus Advocaten 25. Beheermij WTC Amsterdam 26. Being Development 27. Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam 28. Blue Boat Company 29. Bolenius 30. Bouwens& 31. Boyden Global Executive Search 32. Breevast 33. BREIKERS 34. Broersma Nieuwbouw 35. Caffè Belmondo 36. CBRE B.V. 37. citizenM 38. Che Buono 39. Club Sportive 40. CMS 41. Cognito Financial Communications 42. Colliers International 43. CompaNanny 44. Corporate Housing Factory 45. Cosmo Hairstyling 46. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 47. Customized Media 48. D&B The Facility Group 49. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 50. De Hypotheker 51. Deloitte 52. De Nieuwe Poort 53. De Vroedt & Thierry 54. De Zuidas Apotheek 55. Dentons Boekel 56. Doctor Feelgood 57. Domeco Development B.V. 58. Doppio 59. Eden McCallum 60. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 61. Eigen Haard 62. Element Hotel 63. Engel & Völkers 64. ENGIE 65. Euro CCP 66. Expat Center for The Netherlands 67. EY 68. Fam. Advocaten 69. Financial Offices 70. Fit 20 71. Flexform Amsterdam 72. FLOW Real Estate 73. Fortron B.V. 74. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 75. Fris Makelaars 76. G&S Vastgoed 77. Gentlemen’s Place 78. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 79. Grand Café Mahler

80. Greenberg Nielsen 81. Green Business Club 82. Greenwheels 83. Gustavino 84. GVB 85. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 86. Hestia Kinderopvang 87. Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal 88. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 89. Hogan Lovells International LLP 90. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 91. Houthoff 92. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 93. House of Sports 94. Htel Serviced Apartments 95. IMA 96. InAmsterdam 97. ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West 98. JLL 99. Johan Cruyff Institute 100. JUIZZ 101. Koetjes en Kalfjes 102. König + Neurath (Nederloand) A.G. 103. Lebkov & Sons 104. Lexence 105. Liander 106. LibRT 107. Limon 108. Loetje 109. Loyens & Loeff 110. Lunshof Makelaardij 111. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 112. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 113. Made in May 114. IHS Markit 115. Market 33 116. Mastercard 117. MBO College Zuid 118. Mech Make & Take 119. Miles Building 120. Mindfulbizz 121. Miss Molly 122. Mondrian Espresso 123. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 124. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. 125. Multicopy A’dam WTC 126. Mylk 127. NACH 128. Nationale Postcode Loterij 129. NDI ICT Solutions 130. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 131. Nedstede Real Estate 132. NH Amsterdam Zuid 133. Nicolaas Lyceum 134. NL Real Estate 135. Novotel Amsterdam City 136. NS 137. Nouryon 138. Oliver’s 139. Openbare Bibliotheek 140. ORAM 141. Oranje Energie 142. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 143. OVG Real Estate 144. Ox & Bucks 145. Palante 146. Partou Kinderopvang 147. Pathé 148. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 149. Platform Beter Benutten 150. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 151. Property NL B.V. 152. Protiviti 153. Provast 154. Puramis Consultancy 155. Qbic Hotels 156. Q-Park Nederland 157. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 158. RAI Amsterdam

159. Regus 160. Reset Yourself 161. Restaurant As 162. Restaurant het Bosch 163. Restaurant Nine 164. RGA International Reinsurance 165. Rialto 166. Rivers 167. Rob Peetoom 168. Ronald McDonaldhuis VUmc 169. Rosarium 170. Russell Reynolds Associates 171. Savills Amsterdam 172. Salsa Shop 173. SCOR Global Life SE 174. Season-Flowers 175. Securitas 176. Simmons & Simmons LLP 177. Sixt 178. SoundGraph 179. Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver 180. Spine Health Incompany 181. Spirit Hospitality Services 182. Stella Agency & Academy 183. Stibbe 184. St. Olympisch Stadion A’dam 185. Student Experience 186. Summertime 187. Sushilee 188. Sushi Time 189. Symphony’s 190. Taalcentrum - VU 191. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 192. Taylor Wessing 193. Tax Consultants International 194. Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) 195. The Bank of New York Mellon 196. The Basket 197. The Bikevertising Company 198. The Breakfast Club 199. The Office Operators 200. The Online Group 201. Thomaskerk Amsterdam 202. TREC 203. Tribes 204. UNET 205. Urban Salad 206. Van Dijk & Ten Cate 207. Van Gool Elburg 208. Van Lanschot Kempen 209. Vermaat Groep (CIRCL) 210. Vesteda 211. Visser Communicatie 212. Von Poll Real Estate 213. Vondelgym 214. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 215. VU University Press 216. Wagamama 217. We Canteen 218. WeWork 219. Wineboutique & Spirits 220. Wintertaling 221. Worldeye Amsterdam 222. WTC Amsterdam 223. WTC A’dam Business Club 224. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 225. Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) 226. YoungCapital 227. Your Assistant 228. Zuidas Bier 229. Zuidas Publishers 230. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 231. ZuidPlus 232. Zuidas Services 233. 234. Zuidschans 235. Zwaan II

COLOPHON FOUNDATION HELLO ZUIDAS Strawinskylaan 61, 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 Our goal With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by Zuidas Publishers WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 15 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20-3620993 Editor-in-chief Romy Lange Advertising Please send an e-mail to for questions about advertising. Art Director and Graphic Designer Emiel Brouwers • IMAGEAU Translation Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors Romy Lange, Eefje van den Akker, Greg Shapiro,,, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Photography Davien Hulsman, Lotte de Graaf, Marcel Steinbach, Jaiwey Nuij, Milan Hofmans & Jeroen Swolfs. Editorial advisory board Olivier Otten, Floor Beeren, Kenneth Goedhart, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome. Thanks to Arie Boomsma (Vondelgym), Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), TAXI TCA, Kroonenberg Groep, Maarsen Groep, PropertyNL, Greg Shapiro, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad,, Clubsportive, Thinking of Holland, The Office Operators, Corporate Housing Factory, Crowne Plaza, De Hypotheker, Stella Agency, Van de Veer Tandartsen, Bilderberg Hotel, WTC Amsterdam, Vondels, La Lotteria, Zuidas Apotheek, Epicenter, Atrium Meeting Centre, NDI ICT, Amsterdam International Community School, AM, Marcel Steinbach, Engel & Völkers, Taalcentrum-VU & Beeldig Werk. Printed by Senefelder Misset Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition 20.000 copies Circulation Free for Zuidas and Amsterdam South. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It is be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies within Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency Six times a year (bi-monthly) Copyright © 2018 Zuidas Publishers. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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