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THE ETHICAL EDITION Do good, feel good S T Y L I S H . I N T E L L I G E N T. E L E G A N T. A B S O L U T E LY COVER_OCT 2.indd 2

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One estate agency. All kinds of reasons to choose us. At Pedder we listen to our clients and work tirelessly to improve the service we offer them. With experienced teams dedicated to New Homes, Commercial Property and Surveying - whatever your needs - we make sure you get the right advice. But we’ve never forgotten our first love - domestic sales and lettings. That’s why our network of offices work together - not against each other - to get you the result you’re after. And why we’re so hot on the essentials - like professional property details, engaging window displays and placing your property on the right websites. It’s no wonder we sell and let more homes in SE London than anyone else. So whatever kind of help you’re after, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to talk to Pedder.

A passion for property Pedder. SE London’s premier agent


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Destined to create the world’s most beautiful bathrooms

Showrooms located at Mayfair I Clerkenwell I Knightsbridge I Battersea I Wandsworth I Selfridges I Kent I Surrey I Sussex For enquiries please call 0333 011 3333 ‘At Home Design Service’ available see website for details


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61. WOODEN HEART Meet Hendzel + Hunt 65. ETHICAL INTERIORS Sustainable style

31. ETHICAL FASHION Style with a conscience 32. FRIDA KAHLO Mexican chic


47. FOOD NEWS 48. JAY RAYNER Is meat on the way out? 57. RESTAURANTS



67. UK GETAWAY Ellenborough Park 58. THE HIGH LIFE Alex James explores the Dolomites

KIDS & EDUCATION 71. OPTING OUT Schools seeking alternatives to A Levels


82. IN THEIR OWN WORDS Cameron Mackinnon and Edward Ogden from Jacksons talk property 90. PROPERTY NEWS 96. SPOTLIGHT ON CRYSTAL PALACE



42. STYLE WITH A CAUSE Support Breast Cancer Awareness 45. HEAVEN SCENT Lawrence Roullier's perfume column


OCTOBER 2013 £3.95





11. WHAT’S ON This month’s diary 14. KAMATHI DONKOR The artist on inspiring a new generation 22. STEEL GOT IT Mark Steel talks cheese and filmmaking 28. DOING IT FOR THE KIDS In conversation with Camila Batmanghelidjh


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THE ETHICAL EDITION Do good, feel good S T Y L I S H . I N T E L L I G E N T. E L E G A N T. A B S O L U T E LY

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ON THE COVER: IZZY LANE Made to Measure suit, £425;

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Feeling caged in?

If you need more space, then call...

We have over 46 years experience in planning and managing home extensions; for a free non obligation quotation contact us on:


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OCTOBER Editor's Letter Love local, live ethical with October’s edition of Absolutely


hen author and Absolutely columnist Ilana Fox emailed in her October column she also sent a very interesting post-script: ‘p.s. I have a pic of my friend holding the rat with the BBQ tongs - have emailed to ask if we can use it in the mag...’ Given that the theme to this month’s issue is ‘ethical’, I was obviously intrigued to find out what, exactly, she’d written about. I won’t spoil it for you - it’s Ilana’s (hilarious) story, after all - but I will say that reading it made me realise how wonderfully varied different peoples’ understanding of ‘ethical’ can be. For Peckham-based furniture makers Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt (of Hendzel + Hunt) whose work is all done by hand using traditional joinery methods and reclaimed wood, ethical is about finding environmentally sound and sustainable ways to do what they do. Find out what their favourite projects have been so far on page 61. For philanthropist Camila Batmanghelidjh, as well as helping disadvantaged children through her charity Kids Company, ‘ethical’ also means galvanising others into action; read her incredible story on page 28. And for author and journalist Jay Rayner, it’s about opening his readers’ eyes to the food issues that will one day alter our entire way of living. Fascinating, if a little frightening, read about it on page 48. For my part, it’s a mix of all of the above with just one more thing: supporting our community. Whether that’s visiting our myriad of independent shops and eateries (see our beautiful map) or catching a film in Crystal Palace at the annual film festival (comedian Mark Steel talks about it on page 22) ethical to me means loving all things local. P.S. Ilana’s friend said yes. See the picture, along with Ilana’s brilliant column, on page 19. Email: Twitter: @Absolutely_mags Facebook: AbsolutelyMagazines


Alexandra Jones, Editor

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Have a Grand Christmas Ball this year at Battersea Arts Centre. Battersea Arts Centre’s magnificent Grand Hall is available to hire throughout the Christmas Party Season. With fantastic Christmas catering packages provided in house, Battersea Arts Centre is the perfect venue for this year’s festive celebrations. For more information call the events office now on 0207 326 8211 or email 0207 326 8211 |

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BLUE ELEPHANT THEATRE A husband. A wife. A marriage in crisis. Inspired by both silent film and cartoons, this is a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant exploration of the lengths people will go to to fix a relationship, even when it seems beyond repair. 59a Bethwin Road, SE5, 020 7701 0100;

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SOUTH LONDON GALLERY Stitched canvases, drawings, sculptures and films; it seems Oscar Murillo has stripped his studio bare to put together this solo exhibition. Much of Murillo’s artwork aims to expose the complexities and contradictions apparent across socioeconomic, racial and cultural boundaries. For deep-thinkers and fans of modern art. 65-67 Peckham Road, SE5, 020 7703 6120;


RITZY CINEMA A highly entertaining and engaging approach to thought-provoking and sometimes dark subject matter. Following the success of their previous film, The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, director Sophie Fiennes and charismatic philosopher Slavoj Žižek explore the idea that we are all regarded as ‘subjects of pleasure’ by both political and commercial establishments. Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, SE2, 0871 902 5739;


HORNIMAN MUSEUM For family fun this All Hallows’ Eve why not pop along to the Horniman Museum and see what their Halloween Fair has to offer? Follow a spooky trail, find some treats in the arts and crafts market and enjoy some delicious Halloween-themed food. 100 London Road, SE23, 020 8699 1872;


ROYAL HORTICULTURAL HALL Seize the opportunity to taste the finest food and wine Italy has to offer without ever leaving London. For three days only Italy’s best food and beverage producers will converge to offer up regional specialities from all over the country as well as offering cooking classes and wine tasting. We recommend skipping breakfast as delicious food and drink will be available to buy all day. Perfetto! 80 Vincent Square, SW1P;


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THE BUSSEY BUILDING Add a bit of Latin flavour to your life this month with a dose of red-hot flamenco. World-class dancers sizzling and scorching their way across the floor performing one of the most provocative and technically difficult dances out there? Our toes are already tapping… 133 Rye Lane, SE15;


O2 BRIXTON ACADEMY Since releasing their fi rst album in 2009, The Local Natives have been compared to a long list of bands, including Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. Personally, we think their new album sounds like a joyous cross between Bloc Party and Bon Iver. But maybe it’s time to stop comparing them to others and start appreciating them for what they are themselves: brilliant. 211 Stockwell Road, SW9, 020 7771 3000;


THE CINEMA MUSEUM FoolishPeople and The Cinema Museum invite you to enter into the heart of English Dreaming and engage in a live cinema encounter like no other, in the theatrical premiere of the feature film Strange Factories. Experience the madness and terror of haunted cinema, as you witness the film unravel inside Stronheim’s factory and its characters come to life around you. 2 Dugard Way, SE11, 020 7840 2200;



UNICORN THEATRE Kings need crowns and castles: without them they would hardly be kings at all. Henry is hung up on this fact of life - Henry the Fifth of England, that is - as well as the fact that he’s running out of cash and his neighbour’s castle is bigger than his. The only answer, of course, is to invade. A powerful, contemporary response to Shakespeare’s Henry V that asks whether getting into a fight is ever really worth the damage it causes. 147 Tooley Street, SE1, 020 7645 0560;


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MASTERS IN THE MAKING ‘Y Alexandra Jones talks to artist Kamathi Donkor about how teens at the Tate inspired his latest exhibition

ou haven’t asked me about the paintings yet Alex!’ It’s forty minutes into my interview with artist Kamathi Donkor and, as he’s quite rightly reminded me, I haven’t asked him a thing about his paintings. I suppose I could say that a good interview is like a fine red wine, it needs time to mature, to breath but I think you’d probably see that for what it is: a half-arsed simile to cover a lapse of focus.



30/09/2013 17:28


In my defence I couldn’t help but be carried away by our conversation. Not just because the man himself was eloquent and interesting and all those things that make you want to go ‘no, please, go on’; but also because an exhibition that (deep breath) ‘invites you to explore the suggestion and sense of trepidation and intrigue about the relationship between the politics of race and perceptions of exclusion and mystique in the contemporary art world’, necessarily leads you down many other conversational paths. Despite not coming from a particularly artistic family (his mother was a primary school teacher, his father a vet) Donkor decided at the age of 14 that he’d become an artist, ‘I think my first interest was in what they now call graphic novels but in olden days we used to call comic books,’ he tells me with a short laugh. Moving to London to study, he’s been living and working in South East for 30 years. ‘I wasn’t born in South London but all my adult life has been spent here and like all parts of London, it’s constantly changing. I think Peckham Rye has a wonderful atmosphere. I like Brixton Market, the Dulwich Picture Gallery but mostly I like how green it is.’

It was whilst doing his Fine Art degree at Goldsmiths that he developed a preoccupation with the teaching and learning of art, a preoccupation which would shape much of his career. ‘Even at art college, way back in the 80s, I was involved in youth groups. And I suppose that was a reflection of my own experience, I was a young black art student so I was interested, a bit narcissistically, in things connected to my situation: education, the black community and the arts. I worked on a small publication - a zine - called Black Eye, which was an arts listings mag aimed at young black people in Brixton and that was 1985/ 1986. It progressed from there I suppose.’ It’s a preoccupation that obviously informs his most recent body of work. Commissioned by Peckham Space, the preparation for the exhibition, wryly entitled Daddy I want to be a black artist, began long before Donkor put pencil to paper. ‘They asked if I’d be interested in working with a group of young people in conjunction with Leaders of Tomorrow [a mentoring charity for teenagers]. The aim of Leaders of Tomorrow is to foster a sense of personal aspiration… to broaden horizons and help [the young people involved] think beyond the status and concepts which are popularized around them.’

During a series of workshops Donkor took the teens - ‘an animated, bright and thoughtful group’ - on after-hours jaunts around the Tate Britain and Tate Modern and asked them to discuss critically the artworks and artists they encountered. Looking in particular at the work of renowned black British artists, the workshops encouraged the teens to ‘think about black leadership through the prism of art and art through the prism of black leadership.’ I put it to him that the figure in the exhibition’s blurb – ‘in Tate’s collection…about 15 of the 3,500 artists from both black and British identities’ – is startling. It seems to me, at first glance, a stark underrepresentation. ‘But then, there aren’t that many black and British people in the world. It is an interesting figure but like any statistic it should have a context. Yes 15 is a small amount out of 3,500 but…the national collection as a whole – as I understand it – takes in international artists as well as British artists and obviously they don’t set out saying “we must have a certain amount of artists from Moldova, a certain amount of artists from South Korea, a certain amount of artists from Peckham.”’ ‘On the other hand on the question of gender, for instance, there’s obviously an imbalance which changes as you walk through the collection. Especially nowadays as it’s organised on a chronological basis. You start off in the 16th Century and all the artists are male and then you get to the 21st Century and there’s a much stronger female presence. There’s a change in the way the identity of artists is represented in a collection. How that change takes place and the debate that surrounds it, I suppose, is what Daddy, I want to be a black artist is about.’ Donkor took the teens’ responses as the inspiration for his pieces, which - no thanks to me - we did finally get around to talking about. ‘Primarily what I’m going to be showing are new large-scale oil paintings. I suppose they are my response, or interpretation, of the experiences I’ve had working with Leaders of Tomorrow and Tate. They’re meditations on creativity and studiousness. I mean, they’re quite difficult paintings because they’re trying to communicate excitement about quiet things: creativity and studiousness are very internal, aren’t they? But I’ve tried through the painting of London landscapes and scenery and the figures of these young people to get across some of the complexity of that excitement.’ Richly coloured and meticulously planned, Donkor’s images are bold, cinematic explorations of the tension between internal and external. The artworks seem almost a catalyst, encouraging the viewer to consider, on the one hand their own relationship to the art and on the other the artist’s relationship to the viewer. The reactions of the young people – the Leaders of Tomorrow – to the works of Chris Ofili, Sonia Boyce, Frank Bowling et. al. which lie at the heart of the pieces in turn act as a directive for the viewer: discover, question, be educated. So perhaps it was inevitable that the interview would meander down other conversational paths, would go off topic…well, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. ‘Daddy, I want to be a black artist’ by Kimathi Donkor 24 September – 24 November 2013 Admission Free. Peckham Space, 89 Peckham High Street, SE15



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ON THE MAP 1) DRINK AT... CAFE VIVA 44 Choumert Road SE15 2) READ AT... REVIEW 131 Bellenden Road SE15 3) SHOP AT... FENTON WALSH 117 Bellenden Road SE15 4) EAT AT... THE BEGGING BOWL 168 Bellenden Road SE15 5) INDULGE AT... MELANGE CHOCOLATE SHOP & CAFE 184 Bellenden Road SE15

In an extract from her new book 'London Villages', Zena Alkayat takes a stroll down...

Bellenden Road P

arts of Peckham may be a little down-at-heel, but gentrification has had its grip on the south London district for some time, and places such as Bellenden Road are the fashionable result. The serene, boutique-lined street seems at odds with the parallel Rye Lane where pound shops and African grocery stores butt up against the odd pop-up bar – usually frequented by art school students from the nearby Camberwell College. The contrast often sees Bellenden Road accused of being ‘posh’ rather than ‘real’ Peckham, though it’s impossible to fault its genial shopkeepers, and hard to resist its pleasant cafés (see Anderson & Co), proper

butchers (Flock & Herd) and welcoming pubs. Independently owned boozer The Montpelier on Choumert Road has a dinky cinema in its backroom and serves local brews, while The Victoria Inn back on Bellenden is at the heart of the village with a dog-friendly policy and children’s playroom. The surrounding area definitely merits a ramble too: look out for arts centre The Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane, Persian deli Persepolis at 28 Peckham High Street, and the café-cum-gallery that pops up on top of the Peckham Rye Multistorey Car Park each summer. London Villages by Zena Alkayat, published by Frances Lincoln



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delicatessen café, art space

When looking for food & produce of true quality it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees. Try the independent deli & café for award winning cheeses, chef prepared fresh ready meals, truly handmade breads, local honey & premium quality teas. Breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea – the ever changing café menu reflects what’s fresh, the best and genuinely delicious. We’re licensed too!

0208 299 1900 80 Dulwich Village SE21 7AJ

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Open everyday: Weekdays & Saturday 8am, Sunday 9am Closing time: 5pm everyday

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ON Brian

Parsonage Kelly of Antoinette Costume Hire in Sydenham

Why did you decide to call the shop Antoinette? It’s named after local costumier, Antoinette Gregory, who started the business about 40 years ago

Checking emails and calls, dealing with whoever walks through the door, mending, projects and, for the last 12 months, planning for every single item to be hireable online - it's a big job!

What made you want to become a costumier? I have a background in fashion and the theatre, so it was a natural step to put the two together.

What's your favourite part of the job? Being creative. Whether I am designing our latest window (currently Mata Hari themed), or helping a customer transform into their chosen look. I also love the media, and we are featured in an episode of a new Mary Portas series, on air early in 2014.

How long have you been open? Since 2005, but the original shop dates back the Seventies. Have you had any strange requests over the years? Two weeks ago I was scrabbling around to find corsets for Rihanna's next video. I’ve also been asked to dress a bride and groom in each other's clothes. What's your favourite fancy dress theme? I love themes which think outside the box. ‘Come as a Tube Station’ or ‘Come as a Letter of the Alphabet’ are easy and fun, but ‘Come as your Dream’ is a great one. What's your most frequently requested costume? We get a lot of requests for 1920's, 1940's, Burlesque, Cowboys and Movie Star costumes. Can you talk us through a normal work day?

It's almost Halloween -–what's the scariest costume you've ever come across? Halloween is our busiest time of the year. Most ideas for outfits are fun and not really scary. I think if I were to dress as something creepy I would wear all beige, white out my face and come as 'Average Person'. Now that IS scary. High Street Buildings 134 Kirkdale SE26 4BB

Where do you source your costumes? It is very easy to source costumes, so I have to stop myself acquiring more as we are already bursting! We are given lots of items, we buy from the theatre, we collect vintage fashion, and there were already hundreds of items when I took on the business. If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing? Probably something else in the theatre or show business. It's all I know. What's your best piece of advice for someone who really wants to 'wow' with their costume? Your look should be dramatic, whether that means extravagantly OTT or historically precise. Something that takes you a long way from your usual look is best.


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VIRGO FIDELIS PREPARATORY SCHOOL an independent school for boys and girls aged 3 - 11

Hello, my name is Ilana and I'm addicted to East Dulwich. It's chronic – to the extent that I feel uneasy outside of SE22. Yep, I get the shakes when I leave the confines of our neighbourhood.

Open Day Saturday 5 October 2013 10.00am - 12noon

Out Foxed

020 8653 2169

147 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, London SE19 1RS

Come and visit South London’s best kept secret!




Over 10,000 sheet music titles Examination, solo, ensemble, choral, classical, pop and jazz music Classical, acoustic and electric guitars Violins and ukeleles Buffet clarinets and a growing range of woodwind instruments Baby percussion Strings, reeds, bags, etc Novelties and CDs

Visit us at 29 Grove Vale, East Dulwich, London SE22 8EQ Tel: 020 8693 9879 • Mob: 07957 461 677 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm

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Buy online at

Erm, Ilana - that’s not an overweight mouse: it’s a rat,” a friend announced to me last week after I’d begged him to come and rid me of a rogue rodent. It had been running around my flat for hours. Now I finally had help – a boy who 15:16 was not scared and was willing to get rid of it for me – but I was at a loss as to what to do next. “Do you want me to just catch it or kill it?” he asked. It wasn’t a question I was sure how to answer. You see, I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re not going to eat an animal then you shouldn’t kill it. At the same time, the rat had given me a pig of a day, which had started at 4am when I’d discovered it running around my bedroom. My two cats are hopeless hunters (they are middle-class, precocious, East Dulwich cats who think all food comes in expensive-looking pouches) and it was obvious nobody was awake enough to come and rescue me. So I did what any girl would do: I turned up on my boyfriend’s Shoreditch doorstep at 6.30am and fell into his bed. Hours later I returned to my flat, hoping that my cats’ feline instincts would have kicked in in my absence thus meaning that I wouldn't have deal with the matter. My heart sank when I couldn’t find any trace of the rodent … until, that is, I opened my bedroom door and it ran straight at me. As you can imagine, I entered panic mode, screamed and sent SOS texts to everyone I know who lives in Dulwich. Luckily, I am blessed to have many such friends who live just down the road. “Kill it,” I replied wearily. “Kill it now.” My friend lifted up a full-length mirror, slid it down the back of the radiator … and crushed the rat to death in one swift guillotine-esq move. As he pulled out the dead rat with some BBQ tongs I felt a pang that I’d gone against my personal ethics – I definitely wasn’t going to make rat pie for dinner – but then I realised that had I not taken a hit out on the rat, it would have scurried straight from my flat and into someone else’s. People of East Dulwich, you’re welcome. Ilana Fox is a writer. Her third novel ALL THAT GLITTERS (Orion Books) was published last year. She's currently writing her fourth. She lives in East Dulwich with her two annoying cats.

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Lordship Lane Carpets Ltd

Carpets Wood Amtico Rubber Cork Sisal Marmoleum Woven Runners Customised Runners Bespoke Rugs Vinyl and Woven Vinyl Concrete

East Dulwich 129-131 Lordship Lane London SE22 8HU tel: 020 8693 8728 Monday-Saturday: 9am-5:30pm

Blackheath Village lordship flooring Co. Brigade St London SE3 0TW Tel: 020 8852 8109 Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm Out of hours appointments are available Lordship_Carpets.indd 2

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BOOKS Well Read

There are few things more satisfying than a good book and nowadays it seems few things more hard to come by than a good book shop, unless, of course, you live in South East London. Each month Sheila O’Reilly and the team at Dulwich Books (London’s best Independent Bookshop, as voted by the book industry in 2012 and again in 2013) will recommend their selection of sensational reads – enjoy!


ILLUSTRATED BY BEN CORT Using the lyrics of the world famous Beatles song Ringo Starr has created this glorious picture book which is ideal for children of 3+. The story follows five children on a magical undersea adventure and is lovely to read aloud. It is a hardback with a CD featuring an exclusive reading and a never before heard version of the song, both by Ringo himself. ISBN: 9781471120077 £12.99 Simon & Schuster Children’s Books 6 Croxted Rd, SE21 8SW

THE GOLDFINCH BY DONNA TARTT This is the story of Theo Decker, son of a devoted mother and a reckless, largely absent father, whose life is torn apart by an explosion in a museum. Alone and rudderless in New York, he is taken in by the wealthy family of his friend, Andy. Tormented by an unbearable longing for his mother,

Theo clings to the one thing that reminds him of her: a small, strangely captivating painting that ultimately draws him into a dark criminal underworld. A compelling read with brilliantly developed and complex characters, Tartt’s gift with detail pulls you deep into the story. I carried the book around with me savouring rather than reading each paragraph. Part thriller, part love story but most of all a completely brilliant book, it has been well worth the eleven-year wait since 2002’s The Little Friend. If you have to choose one book this autumn make it The Goldfinch, it will wrap its arms around you. Completely impossible to put down. ISBN: 9781408704943 £20.00 Little, Brown


This is an atmospheric collection of short stories from one of Britain’s most captivating writers. Inspired by ghost stories, traditional folk tales and country


legends from England and France, these tales are rich and dark and populated by revengeseeking spirits or ghosts. Griefstricken women and haunted men come to terms with their various destinies - all of which are rooted deep in the elemental landscapes of Sussex, Brittany and the Languedoc. ISBN: 9781409148043 £14.99 Orion Publishing


BOOKS.indd 19

30/09/2013 15:23

© Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

Steel Catherine Hales talks to comedian Mark Steel about cricket, costly cheese and the Crystal Palace International Film Festival

I would love to talk to you about the Crystal Palace Film Festival. How did you first become involved? I know you hosted last year as well. The simple answer is that I play cricket with Neill who organises it - that’s the first thing. The other thing is that its just a brilliant festival, he’s done so well with it. When he first asked me to be on a panel choosing a couple of the winners, I looked through thinking I’m sure the things that get sent into film festivals are probably of a certain sub-standard quality but they weren’t at all! They were really decent and fascinating so it

was brilliant watching them. I mean, the odd one’s a bit mental but that’s all part of it. So not all just students who have read 1984 and think they can make a movie? Not at all! Absolutely not, there’s one with John Hurt in! Stuff like that, quite well-known actors - there was one with [astrologer] Russell Grant in it last year which I think ended up being one of the winners. And I met Russell Grant strangely at some posh do and I mentioned it to him and he was like, “oh, you’ve seen that! Oooh!” And as a result of that I’ve got


MARK STEEL.indd 22

30/09/2013 15:26


and they were so chuffed. There they were, they’d put all this effort into it and it had taken about five years to make, having to do it when they had the odd weekend free when they could all get together. How international is it? Because its billed as an international film festival? Are their many foreign entries or is it more local? It’s very international. Wait, here’s Neill [the organiser], let me see if I can call him. [Yells] Neill! I’m in the middle of that interview. [To me] Neill’s here right now - so basically the whole thing has been an utter disaster from the start. [Laughs]. I’ll be putting that in the article by the way: an unmitigated disaster. [Laughs] Anyway, sorry what was the last question? How international is it? Well, I saw a really good science fiction film from Germany and there was an Iranian one that was on one night. In fact there was a whole series of short foreign films. It’s about as international as anything called ‘international’ could be. I mean, that is genuine - China, Japan, that’s pretty international isn’t it? Yeah, I think that counts. Are you local to Crystal Palace? Because I know you support the football team. Yes, I’ve lived in the Palace since I was 18. I read a rather impassioned blog post of yours about when you guys got promoted to the Premier League. Oh, you read that! That was probably a bit teary was it? I think you called it the fourth best thing that ever happened to you. Yeah, I have to say that to be diplomatic because I’m married and have two kids at home. [Laughs]

to know Russell Grant. He’s a big fan of cricket which I didn’t realise, so it all comes full circle. It all comes back to cricket. Yeah. I mean, the films are really great - not all of them but lots of them are - but I don’t think that’s the main thing, the main thing is that its just a brilliant event. It’s about going to see these films and for two weeks around Crystal Palace there are about five or six venues and every night…fifty, sixty people are going in to watch something or other. There may be the impression that it’ll

all be arty farty stuff where someone is just following a wasp for twenty minutes and that’s supposed to make you think about your relationships with boundaries and space or something but there’s none of that. Everything you watch, even if you don’t like it you think “oh, well that was interesting,” and you remember it. There are just so many people who’ve gone to such lengths to make these films and it’s marvellous. Anyway I remember there was one, I think it was the year before last, a sort of science fiction-y thing and the blokes who made it were in the pub where it was being shown

So are you quite proud that the festival happens in your area? Yes, definitely. I’m sure other people in other areas do things like this but I don’t know, I just find it very moving that something like this could be put on. It’s easy to think that everything is just X Factor and stuff that nobody puts much effort into - superficial stuff like that - but its not the case. I think as soon as you put something on that’s got a bit more thought to it then… “Build it and they will come,” or whatever it is. If you go to the Vue theatre to watch a film, its not always a good experience is it? You go and the film’s good and it’s great but if the film’s not good then its all a bit of a nuisance. But here even if you didn't like the film, its a good night out. And if there’s any justice it would have a big sponsorship deal and everyone would know about it and people would come from other places. It’s actually growing. I was going to ask about some of the things you yourself have been doing recently, I read about your book about small town mentalitiesI’ve made a radio series of it. I’ve just


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“...we'll probably end up with seventeen restaurants and this shop that sells cheese for four quid a slice.” seventeen restaurants and this shop that sells cheese for four quid a slice. [Laughs] What community could survive on that? If you want a pound of potatoes you’ve got to go to Peckham. When I go to a place I get a sense pretty quickly of what people talk about. You know that if two or three people mention the same place that’s obviously somewhere everyone knows. Like when I was in Handsworth last year there was a Jamaican rice and peas place and two or three people told me how slow they are in there. I did a couple of minutes about how the people you see in there aren’t the people who ordered the meal, they’re the sons and daughters of the people who ordered forty years ago - that they went away, left, died and put in their will that when the meal arrives their children should get it - all that stuff. And you never know if they’re going to go, “what the hell are you talking about?” But no, they got it. And in Crystal Palace I can think of a load of things that would be the same.

started writing the new series and its fun. I’m writing about Huddersfield at the moment, so just thinking about that really. It is a mad, nutty little place. In Crystal Palace as a community are there any oddities or quirks specific to that area? Any small town mentality there, even though I know it isn’t a small town. Oh, definitely. If someone was doing the show I do but basing it on Crystal Palace I would

hope that if they spent a bit of time here, which is what I do, they would get a sense of what people talk about and what annoys them pretty quickly. I mean there’re one or two shops that have crept in now that are just ridiculously posh. There’s one where you can buy a slice of cheese for four quid. I could do five minutes on that. It’s absurd. Of all the things that the bloody world needs, that we need in a community! We’ve only got a small road and there’s not room for that many shops…we’ll probably end up with

What’s been your favourite quirk that you’ve experienced yourself? There was a guy in a music shop in Bury, it’s a beautiful but tiny town, and everyone said “there’s the grumpiest bloke ever in there,” so I went in. He was just doing his crossword, didn’t even look up, though eventually said hello, I mean he looked like he hadn’t sold anything since the 1960s. Anyway, there’s a story that a bloke went in there once and said “yeah, I want a plectrum, a really hard one.” And the bloke in the shop didn’t even look up from his paper, he just went, “well then I suggest you go to the builder’s merchants and buy a tile.” That’s great, it’s just bonkers and unnecessarily rude in the way the Basil Fawlty is rude. Exactly! Catch entries for the Crystal Palace International Film Festival from Sat 26 Oct to Sat 9 Nov 2013 For details go to


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A Woman for Women BAFTA-winning actress and south London local Juliet Aubrey talks to Absolutely about why she’s running for women’s rights


uliet Aubrey has one of those faces which you immediately recognise but can’t quite place. That is until someone points out the countless programmes she’s been in and you instantly kick yourself. You see, Juliet has been on our screens for over twenty years, giving a BAFTA-winning performance in Middlemarch in the nineties, playing evil Helen Cutter in Primeval in the noughties and most recently the Countess of Warwick in the BBC’s historical drama The White Queen. Today, the south Londoner is training for a 10k run to raise awareness for Women for Women, a charity which works to support socially excluded women in war-torn countries across the world. Here she tells us why she’s getting involved… You’re running 10k for Women for Women International this month. Why have you decided to support this charity in particular? My involvement began with Women for Women about two years ago after my sister died. She had campaigned and fundraised for them for some time and had been responsible for getting a group together to bring awareness to people in the UN about violence against women, particularly in East Congo. I met some of the representatives for Women for Women at her memorial service and it felt like the right thing to do, to carry on the work that she’d left us. So how have you carried on this work? This month I’m running the My Step

10k before. I’d be happy if I did it under an hour. On a separate note, you’ve just finished filming The White Queen for the BBC. It’s been said that the series is being axed… There was never an intention to make a second series so no, it's not been axed. Would you do another period drama? Absolutely, I love learning about periods of history which I didn’t know about before. At the moment I don't have anything particular in mind, so I’ll wait and see. You know as soon as you read a script whether you like it or not. How much research do you have to do for a period role? As much as you want; as much as you feel comfortable doing. There’s that old saying, ‘You don’t know a person until you’ve walked a million miles in their shoes’ so I try to find out about the time the character was living in and what it was like to be alive then. Her Stride race in Regent’s Park. It’s a 10k run to raise awareness for the charity. We’re looking to get 100 runners together, so I’m hoping people will sign up! How are you training for it? Any tips? I’ve been up in Northumberland running on the beaches there, as training on sand is great for endurance. I do run normally, but it’s going to be tough as I’ve never run

You live in Herne Hill. What’s the best thing about living in south London? There’s so many green spaces in south London and so many bars popping up. And Brixton is so vibrant, full of new bars and cafés, and there’s always music in the street. I’m a big south London fan. Women for Women are looking to get 100 runners in the 10k My Step Her Stride race on 6th October. To join Juliet on the run, visit to sign up.



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Want to take control and feel more secure in today’s world?

Safer World Training is here to make you and your family safer. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy exploring both the online and offline worlds – whatever your age and wherever you choose to travel. We run outstanding, supportive training events in online and personal safety for all ages and levels of ability ranging from internet safety, personal safety, women’s courses and travelling abroad, specifically designed for ages ranging from 9 to 90! Our training is delivered by the UK’s leading experts in online and personal safety at our state-of-the art premises in Putney. We also offer bespoke training for companies and organisations – contact us for more details. Take the first step towards making life feel more secure and take back control! Call us on 020 8780 5982

Find us! Safer World Training at the Tracy Edwards Academy, The Old Boathouse, 1a Embankment, Putney, London SW15 1LE

Intersport Herne Hill Come and see our new autumn range

Your Local Independent Sports Specialist 134 Herne Hill, London, SE24 9QL Tel: 0207 326 5050 @intersporthh

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Doing it for the

kids For Absolutely’s Ethical edition Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of South East London based charity Kids Company, issues a call to arms…


rowing up in Iran, I had a police bodyguard who drove my brother and me everywhere. I thought this was normal – all children risked being kidnapped and that was why we had protection. I didn’t realise at the time that we were very wealthy. When I was 9 years old, I told my mother that I wanted to open an orphanage in Iran and dedicate my life to disadvantaged children. She took one



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look at me and wondered where on earth had she acquired such a fruitcake. But the unique thing about my mother was that even though I was clearly different to other children, she never tried to ‘normalise’ me. She allowed me to develop in my own personal way. I started trying to read child developmental journals, which used to arrive every Wednesday. On one level they were hard to understand but on another, I felt I was reading things that described what I intuitively knew already. Call it a vocation, my destiny to work with children was powerfully predetermined. The Iranian Revolution, however, dramatically changed my life. My father, who had made his wealth legitimately, refused to run away and was imprisoned. We lost everything and I ended up as a refugee living in England. The kindness of people was a great source of comfort to me in those uncertain times. Years later, I founded two children’s charities, the first of which (the place2b) is now national, and Kids Company, of which I’m Chief Executive. At Kids Company we do everything a parent would do. Children

I ended up as a refugee living in London. The kindness of people was a great source of comfort come to us for meals, educational support and help to get to university. We also support local projects. Childhood maltreatment and poverty are a toxic combination. Of the children that come to us, a third don’t have beds at home and are sleeping on the floor, 18 per cent don’t have underpants, 16 per cent don’t have socks and nearly 40 per cent need clothes. But the extraordinarily hopeful narrative is that children can recover with unrelenting love, when a substitute re-parenting opportunity

is made available to them. We don’t blame parents (who are often victims of childhood harm themselves) but we attempt to break the cycle to help the next generation flourish. I am a great believer in the power of kindness. We’ve certainly witnessed its transformative capacities thanks to the generosity of the public. At Kids Company, hundreds of thousands of children have been helped and I have no doubt many more will be too. And not just through donations – volunteering to mentor or run one-off creative workshops are just as important, as is working in our head office on administration. Interested parties can also become fundraising pals. If you’re sitting next to a biscuit manufacturer at dinner, tell him Kids Company needs his biscuits. Or if a multimillionaire is your evening companion, forget sleeping with him, get him to write us a cheque! We find a use for everything. Even if you haven’t thought of it, we identify the special gift you have to give. You just need to give it. Visit to find out what you can give



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Shot By The Sheriff Photography

1 hour family portrait session WAS £135 NOW FREE Only pay for your print choices Only available for bookings in October & November Tuesday-Thursday only

Print Prices Start From: 15x20cms £23.99 20x25cms £38.99 21x30cms £40.99 30x42cms £62.99 42x60cms £90.99

1 hour family portrait session Including Three 21x30cms Fine Art Prints available Weekdays & Weekends

Total Worth: £260 Offer Price: £175

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking 07973 504 522 or 0800 03 777 03 No.4 The Old Stable House, 53-55 North Cross Rd, East Dulwich, SE22 9ET


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Absolutely's pick of the best ethical fashion brands in the biz 3






1. STELLA MCCARTNEY AW13; 2. BELIEVER JEWELLERY Beaded dog tags £75; 3. GOODONE Shoulder Jumper £85; 4. CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN AW13; 5. TOFT Pom Pom Hat £61; 6. IZZY LANE AW13; 7. PEOPLE TREE Dress £78; 8. BOTTLETOP Amazonas Bag £200;



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Channel the Frida Kahlo look with Sister Jane's colourful collection



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We’re feeling socksy this month (sorry!) thanks to Jollies’ eye-popping yellow and blue numbers. For each pair that you buy, a homeless person in your area gets a similar pair free. Wear a pair share a pair! now available at Bias on Bellenden Road. JOLLIE’S socks Bias 143 Bellenden Road, SE15;

Feel-good fashion: the best ethical brands and outlets in the area



Offering a selection of knits that your nana would be proud of, Lowie is Autumn/ Winter ethical at its best. Their new collections feature festive tartans and fun winter jumpers, as well as vintage inspired coats, dresses and cardis. Started in 2002 by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, the Brixton-based brand has an outlet in Herne Hill and with its commitment to organic, sustainable and fair practice, a place in our hearts. LOWIE 115 Dulwich Road, SE24;

Once upon a time, we ethically minded had to schlep all the way to our desktops and logon to the web to fulfill our fashion needs. Who could tell the fit? Or the quality? But that was then. Hurrah for now, when we can indulge our urges IRL at actual bricks-and-mortar outlets like East Dulwich’s shop. Drop in for organic, up-cycled, fair trade, vegan and sustainable fashion. New in store this month: FAIR+true AW'13 (pictured). FASHION-CONSCIENCE 28 Grove Vale, SE22;


A good t-shirt can see you through a myriad of sartorial situations and this month the Absolutely office has been abuzz with delight over sweatshop-free brand Black Rabbit. Founded in South East (all the best things are) and featuring bold art-inspired designs, Black Rabbit’s hand-printed t-shirts are totally ethicool (sorry, again!) BLACK RABBIT T-shirts from £22.50;


e FEEyLoIuNr pGhoto takenchnoeoeldpnic’ttubre


s Getting rd poses and inner fashion r t wa all awk s. Indulge you ith South Eas w ck flashba an afternoon eter Simao. r rP model fo photographe IMAO on based ct PETER S k. faceboo Conta 83047; 079893 /Peter-Simao 944 ges 50 com/pa /5578961542 pher a r g to o ph

IN VOGUE: Nothing but a Hound Dog 8 of the best houndstooth print 1. M&S Collection Dogtooth skirt, £35; 2. Tibi Houndstooth Cotton Sweater, £277; 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Shooting Houndstooth modal and silk-blend scarf, £150; 4. Moschino Cheap and Chic Goat hair-trimmed houndstooth wool cape, £790; 5. Dogtooth Coat, £219;



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Adventure Starts Here

Sc ho As o k D l/P abo is la u co y t un gr t ou p

Outdoor Clothing for Kids & Toddlers Waterproof | Windproof | Insulated


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020 8693 5150 roullier

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BEAUTY NOTES October’s most brilliant beauty buys


We love Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes. Long-wearing and nonsmudging, each stick contains Vitamin E to soothe those eyelids whilst pasting them with wondrous colour. Chubby Sticks for big eyes? Works for us.


Feeling a little lethargic? A tad bloated? Well, Pure Aloe Vera Drinking Gel may be just the thing. Yes, you read right, you have to drink it and although the words “drinking” and “gel” may not seem to go together, it actually allows the body to cleanse the digestive system. The gel not only works wonders on the inside but also helps with bad skin, hair growth and the strengthening of your nails. Well, we’re sold. Pure Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, £20.80;


Feeling tired? MAC's Prep + Prime Beauty BB Palm Compact SPF 30 enhances facial contours and adds light to shadowed areas to give naturallooking, illuminating foundation. Highly recommended. £23, Available from Morleys of Brixton, 472-488 Brixton Road, SW9; maccosmetics.


Our hands are said to bear the map of our lives so if you don’t want people to know about that time you accidentally took a wrong turn, then it makes sense to take care of them. Rodial’s STEMCELL Super-food Hand Cream is clinically proven to strengthen skin and protect it from the harshness of the environment as well as keeping your hands hydrated. Probably an excuse to make a few more wrong turns. Rodial’s STEMCELL Super-food Hand Cream, £19;




Fluttery and flirtatious, we love the new Feather Manicure from Ciaté. Channelling a look taken straight from the runway, the kit is not only bang on the texture trend but also uses ethically sourced feathers. £20;

Not only does this sound like a product for superheroes, we have it on good authority that it is. Recently launched by Racinne, the Ultimate Youth Power Mask. contains ginseng, hyaluronic acid and a few other age defying ingredients to promote cell regeneration and reduces fine lines and dark spots. So, it may not give you the power of flight but that’s still pretty good. Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Mask, £30;



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Henry Barnett has been selling shoes in Lordship Lane since 1968 and the store itself has been going since 1911 when it was owned by Charles & Eliza Stallworthy. Stocking an established range of footwear to suit all of the family, including quality brands such as Clarks, Ecco and Seibel to name but a few! Known for their ladies boots, you'll also find Dr Martens Skechers & Wortmann. John Barnett Shoes 137/9 Lordship Lane SE22 8HX; 020 8693 5145

Ian Dunn Woodwork & Design is a bespoke cabinet making company located in East Dulwich. With over 30 years of experience working alongside clients and architects, they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise under their belt. Ian Dunn provides an individually tailored service, creating unique designs from traditional to ultra-modern. Projects encompass a wide range of fitted and free-standing furniture including kitchens, libraries, media units and dressing rooms. To find out more visit:;; 020 8613 1781

ABSOLUTELY In the know...

Smart shopping in Dulwich



Lordship Lane Carpets and their recently opened sister shop, Lordship Flooring Co. in Blackheath Village, have an excellent reputation for service and quality. Offering an inspiring range of flooring, Roger Oates runners and Marmoleum sit alongside unusual and inspiring carpets and rugs. Friendly, knowledgable staff will create bespoke runners and rugs from their Dulwich shop. A member of the Society of British Interior Design and Carpet Foundation. 131 Lordship Lane SE22 8HU, 020 8693 8728;

Angel Upholstery on Melbourne Grove is one of the best kept secrets in Dulwich. Celebrating its 14th year, Anne Marie and her team have created a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere at their design studio and workshop. Their client base includes a diverse range of contracts - designers, celebrities, and lifestyle makeover TV programmes, and they are best known for their quality workmanship and attention to detail. Services include modern and traditional re-upholstery, client designed bespoke pieces, headboards, sofas, deep buttoning, replacement cushions and much more. Angel Upholstery is a member ofThe Guild of Master Craftsmen. 4 Melbourne Grove, SE22 8QZ;;; 020 8693 4869


When it comes to ethical cleaning we worry about what toxins we release into the environment but we give less thought to what dangerous chemical cocktails we absorb ourselves through contact and inhalation. The reason commercially produced cleaning and laundry products smell so strongly is to mask the odour of the nasty chemicals present; many contain formaldehyde, human embalming fluid! Mrs White’s home cleaning products are all natural, work incredibly well and smell great; making Mrs White the sensible household choice for you and your family. 125 Lordship Lane SE22 8HU, 020 8693 5151;


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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Show your support (and look great) with these top beauty picks, each of which give a portion of their profits to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.




1. Chapstick Breast Cancer Care Twin Pack, £2.49; 2. Aveda Pink Ribbon Hand Relief, £19; 3. Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne, £78; 4. Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm in Guava, £16; 5. Stila Positively Pink Palette, £13; 6. Bodhi Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil Limited Pink Edition, £38; 7. Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Super Strong Daily Shampoo, £10.75; 8. Darphin Silky Moisturizing Lotion Essential Body Beauty, £28;



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Antoinette Costume Hire



Private Hair Stylist

Masks, Wigs, Blood, Teeth

25 years of experience working with the world’s biggest music artists, supermodels and fashion designers

Visit Call

Now taking on private clients in Dulwich and London

020 8699 1913

High Street Buildings 134 Kirkdale, SE26 4BB Borders Sydenham/Forest Hill/Dulwich


Become a

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MODERATE DRINKER... Do you drink everyday? Do you fear it controlling you? Instead of you controlling it? Does your drinking become excessive when you socialise? If any of these apply to you and you want to take back control and instead become a MODERATE DRINKER Contact me, Diana Powley on 0800 093 2024 Locally based in Dulwich I use a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy. And record hypnosis to CD for you to take home.

We Break Habits 0800 093 2024 07886 863 923

Please contact

07956 178 106

Diana Powley SQHP/MPNLP

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scent Absolutely Columnist Lawrence Roullier White on the difficulty with ethical aromas...


hoosing to buy ethical fragrances is more complicated than one could ever imagine, the industry is a full of anomalies and contradictions. For an Eau de Toilette to listed be called ‘organic’, for example, its total organic content must be 95%. This means that 95% of the ‘juice’ could be organic grain alcohol whilst the remaining 5% - the very essence of the scent - might very well be laboratory-made chemicals. This is further confused when you consider that in the perfume industry ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘ethical’. The tradition being one where animal parts and secretions are used to ‘fi x’ the botanical notes; in this case, the use of manufactured (i.e. non-animal) alternatives is preferable. In addition, standard practices simply do not apply; many ingredients are so unusual that they are not covered by fair trade arrangements. The whole issue is further clouded by ambiguous labelling and due to a regulatory loophole the actual fragrant ingredients can be hidden within a group known on the box as simply ‘parfum.’ With this lack of clarity Absolutely decided to set its own ethical criteria; here are our top ten fragrance houses from whom you can buy in the absolute certainty that they have said ‘Yes’ to our four ‘No’s’: no animal testing; no animal ingredients; no ingredients used which have a devastating effect on the environment; no purchasing from suppliers who do not enforce workforce rights.

1) Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, founders of Atelier Cologne, create scents with the freshness of a cologne but with the lasting power of a parfum. Trèfle Pur(b) is green and dewy, an early morning meander across a meadow, fresh from a night of rain. 2) San Francisco based perfumer Ineke Rühland’s bold use of botanicals in her eponymous brand makes her one to watch. Her poetic concoctions recall moments in time. Who wouldn't want to step out at night in a fragrance named; Evening Edged in Gold? 3) Nothing encapsulates the magic, mystery and passion of the great Spanish metropolis like Carner Barcelona's D600(c).

7) New this year; Byredo’s Infloresence(e) is Ben Gorham’s olfactory vision of a riot of burdened bowers as a garden’s intoxicating blooms reach their peak. A modern floral masterpiece. 8) ‘Gourmand’ fragrances are big and my recent discovery, Officina delle Essenze, is bang-on with its Caldo Gourmand(d); a rich caramel melange of hot chocolate and vanilla, with a dusting of musk. 9) Undergreen is a 100% natural urban brand from Paris. Gold has sensationally citrusy top notes of lime, lemongrass and grapefruit, one of the most scintillatingly ‘popping’ openings of recent years. 10) Acqua de Genova, in its glamorous handmade bottle with silk pump, is the last word in elegance. This beautiful scent was fittingly made for the Countess of Castiglione whom, at the time, was described as the most beautiful woman in the world.

4) Paris-based Rancé has been producing fragrances since 1795 and is still a family concern; Eau de Noblesse(a) has all the notes you would look for in a modern scent; rhubarb, iris and sparkling grapefruit. 5) New Swiss brand Sentifique launched last year with some seriously sexy scents. The brainchild of designer Friedemann Ramacher, Testosterone is dangerously seductive with its rugged but sophisticated structure and elegant inclusion of crystallised patchouli. 6) One of my favourite brands, Farmacia SS. Annunziata, literally grew out of a monastic garden. If you are unfamiliar with it, collection 450, which celebrates the company’s 450 year anniversary, is about as good as it gets: musk, iris and amber: like pulling on a cashmere sweater, delicious.







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COMFORT AND JOY Its been three years since Andrea Adeji opened the doors of her wonderful cafĂŠ Comfort and Joy. Here she lovingly creates wholesome hot and cold soul food, zingy salads, lunchtime wraps, hot drinks and other treats. In the hub of Crystal Palace, this is a great meeting point where you can sit and enjoy a snack, a coffee and a chat, or if you're in a hurry take everything away. You can also catch Comfort and Joy on North Cross Road, East Dulwich every weekend and at the Crystal Palace Market. 79 Church Road, Crystal Palace, SE19 2TA

ABSOLUTELY In the know...

SOUTH OF THE RIVER Nestled in the heart of the Triangle, south of the river is well known as a destination store for all things lovely. Clothing follows trends, yet is suitable for all ages and bank balances. Gifts are outrageously fabulous and the greeting card range rivals top London stores – they have even printed a range especially for Crystal Palace (see above). Open 7 days a week with new stock arriving daily, come see for yourself at: South of the river 56 Westow Street, Crystal Palace London SE19 3AF 020 8653 166

Our top picks in Crystal Palace



This Crystal Palace based firm is an independent advisor and offers a comprehensive investment advice service that carefully matches investment expectations to an acceptable level of risk. Using a range of expertly researched risk rated portfolios, whether the savings objective is generating capital growth or income. Once an investment is made, a regular review process is undertaken to ensure the investors' objectives are met. For more advice and information, visit us at 67 Westow Street, Upper Norwood, SE19 3RW or call 020 87718661;

Find the sights and sounds from around the world on your doorstep in this exotic shop specialising in an inspiring selection of fairly traded arts, crafts & antiques from India, Africa and Asia. The exciting, unusual range of furnishings and gift ideas include jewellery from India, China, Cambodia and Thailand, as well as beautiful coconut shell and leather bags, hand woven silk scarves, hand embroidered leather notebooks & much more. It's just the place to find something uniquely different. 73-75 Church Road, Crystal Palace, SE19 2TA Tel: 020 8771 0700

PAPAGAIO Papagaio is a beautiful independent toy shop in the heart of the Crystal Palace triangle. Opened early 2013, they offer classic and unusual toys, games, pocket money goodies, baby gifts and much more. Little ones can play at the toy table whilst adults browse. They stock great brands including Brio, Tidlo, Tomy, Melissa & Doug, Toby Tiger, Orchard Toys and Science/Natural History Museums and offer a personalised party bag service. 83 Church Road, Crystal Palace, SE19 2TA. Tel: 020 8653 1070 Twitter: @papagaioworld


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Gourmet tea is really having a moment. This month we’re loving South East London’s Tiger Spring Tea. Not just because all the teas are delicious and freshly foil packed but also for their unusual Burmese Green, sales of which support charity Helping the Burmese Delta ( Tea’s up! TIGER SPRING TEA from £4.30; tigerspringtea.


Dried figs - 1/2 cup Pitted dates - 1/2 cup Almonds chopped about 10 Cashew nuts chopped about 6 Pistachios chopped about 6 Ghee - 1/4 cup


Fruits, figs and fry-ups... CAFÉ CULTURE IN CRYSTAL PALACE

Get a side of feel good with your fry up at this Crystal Palace café. Profits from the café are used to help women who are or have been victims of domestic violence. The charity (Living Water Satisfies) offers workshops and counselling, whilst the café offers a damn good cappuccino. LWS CAFÉ 46 - 48 Westow Street SE19;


1. Soak dried figs in 2 cups of water for about 3 hours. 2. Drain and grind into a puree. Add a drop of water if required. 3. Chop the dates and place in hot water for about 15 mins. Grind into a puree using very little water. 4. Heat ghee in a pan, add both the purees and cook on medium heat stirring continuously. Cook until all the excess moisture has dried up. 5. Add the nuts and mix well. 6. Continue to cook for 10 mins or until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. 7. Spread on a greased tray. 8. Once cool, cut into desired shapes and serve.


Started by two Herne Hill mums, Local Greens is not for profit scheme that does veg from the hoe to your home in the quickest, most sustainable way possible. The veg is collected fresh from local farms every Thursday morning (in an electric van, no less) and dropped off at collection points around Dulwich and Herne Hill ready for you to pick up on the very same Thursday afternoon. Yum. LOCAL GREENS boxes from £11.82;

DID YOU KNOW… Pumpkins are 90% water and the name originated from the Greek word ‘pepon’ meaning ‘large melon’. 47

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30/09/2013 16:13

Rayner of Terror Jay Rayner turns food futurologist and tells Alexandra Jones why our meat eating days are numbered – vive le revolucion! ILLUSTRATION: LIZ CLEMENTS



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food & drink


an you imagine how fisticuffs between Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and me would look? It’d be like that punch-up scene in Bridget Jones, two posh boys fighting. It would be awful,’ laughs South East London based writer and food critic Jay Rayner, quite unperturbed by the question. Well now that he’s put a scene to it, I can’t help but imagine...‘stop it! Take it right out of your head Alex!’ Alright, I admit, it isn’t a particularly cerebral line of questioning but for his new book – A Greedy Man in A Hungry World: How (almost) everything you thought you knew about food is wrong (£12.99 William Collins) – Jay Rayner has come out fighting. The question is who’s going to take a hit? Hugh F-W, floppy haired arbiter of so many of the foodie myths that Rayner debunks in the book seems to be an obvious target. ‘No, of course there won’t be fisticuffs with Hugh! There’s a nuanced argument here and I think Hugh would find an awful lot with which to agree.’ Oh, alright then, I’ll leave Hugh out of it. See, there are things that you and I think we know about food. There are rules that we follow, boxes that we do our darndest to tick: local, seasonal, lowcarbon. These by-words represent what Rayner calls the ‘great sacred cows of ethical foodie-ism’. And it’s to our credit that most of us want to be better consumers; it’s a noble enough endeavour. It’s just that we haven’t gotten it quite right: ‘I’m about to lead most of those sacred cows out into the market square and shoot them dead,’ warns Rayner at the beginning of A Greedy Man in A Hungry World. And, oh boy, he doesn’t disappoint (Hugh – look away). According to the book, farmers markets are ‘a lifestyle statement, just as buying a Chanel handbag is a lifestyle statement.’ And what’s more ‘this lifestyle statement now comes with a greasy veneer of false self-righteousness.’ Ouch. ‘Grow your own’ is a ‘loose and fanciful’ notion. Supermarkets are not evil. Apart from when they are evil. ‘I’m an ornery bastard, it has to be said,’ Rayner tells me when I ask what made him write the book. ‘I tend to look at conventional wisdom slightly askance; I’m just a bit suspicious of it.’ Offered up between deliciously entertaining snippets of his life, this treatise-to-food-sustainability-cum-memoir is funny and pacey and full of light-bulbmoment insights. ‘I’m surrounded by other food policy books that are tedious in the extreme, you know, preachy and finger wag-y so I didn’t want to write that. I thought it would at least be mildly entertaining to write it in the form of memoir, where the memoir impacted on the question of food. That’s who I am. You’ve only to look at me to know that I might have a bit of an appetite.’ It’s an appetite that has served him well. As food critic for the Observer his reviews are so widely read and well respect that a Rayner thumbs-up can be akin to a sprinkling of fairy dust, turning previously “undiscovered” backstreet bistros into middle-class must-visits. Though this doesn’t always make him popular with the



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in the world…in meat production, for example, meat will become so much more expensive that we will be forced to alter our routes to animal protein… There are already projects underway at a couple of European Universities to extract proteins from insects and within five to ten years there will be [insect based] powders turning up in the cheaper meat products. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to start going ‘‘oh I must get another bag of crickets for dinner’’. Most Brits won’t even eat bloody langoustine because they’ve got eyes and claws and look too much like scorpions, and they’re lovely…. As a result we will turn full circle, we will go back to eating proper meat in a far more specialized manner, hopefully buying a lot more of it from a high street butcher where there’s a shorter supply chain.’ So there is still room for local? ‘The thing about the book is that I don’t believe in polarized arguments. It has been a habit of the food world to say, if you think there is a place for industrial scale agriculture, you’re approving of the very worst excesses of big agri, and obviously, I’m not. Or if you say localism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, that gives you licence to shop wherever you like and I’m not saying that either...I think what I’m really calling for in the book is a change in the way we think about things. Do not just go for the lazy assumptions, unpick them. Have a deep think about how things actually work.’ At the very least savour that Sunday pork chop while you can still get it…

locals some of who, you get the sense, see it as a destruction of something that is theirs and private. ‘I’ve been accused of being ‘a one man gentrification machine’ on a local community website called urban75,’ admits Rayner, wryly. ‘ All because I’m drawing attention to places and therefore making people come and it’s all my fault.’ Fittingly then, localism (the idea that you should shop local because tomatoes from the farm down the road or lamb from the field round the corner, are more environmentally sound than their foreign-produced counterparts) is one of the sacred cows that is shot dead in the book. ‘There was a moment, when the New Zealand report landed in my hands [when I realised that] everything that I’d suspected, was true,’ he tells me. For Rayner the New Zealand report (or Food Miles – Comparative Energy/ Emissions Performance of New Zealand’s Agriculture

“Do not just go for the lazy assumptions, unpick them. Have a deep think...” Industry) ‘was the final nail in the coffin of localism’. He goes on to argue that in terms of food production it is necessary to think globally rather than locally, but admits that ‘how British consumers can impact upon global sustainability is a ‘‘knoty’ question.’ ‘A lot of the book is diagnosis; it’s telling you what’s going on out there

Want to know more? Jay Rayner will be appearing at Wimbledon BookFest on Saturday 12 October to discuss themes from his latest book, A Greedy Man in a Hungry World. Tickets are £10:

RAYNER RECOMMENDS Saz 23 Norwood Rd SE24 9AA ‘a lovely Turkish place that’s really doing a terrific job’ KaoSarn Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Ln, SW9 8PR Honest Burger UNIT 12, Brixton Village, SW9 8PR



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020 8768 0096


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PHEASANT IN CIDER Difficulty: Medium Serves: 4 Preparation: 10 mins Cooking: 25 mins

Falling for Fowl

Serve with roast potatoes and baby leeks.


4 pheasant breast fillets 4 rashers, rindless smoked back bacon 300ml dry cider 4 shallots, peeled and finely chopped 25g butter 1 tsp caster sugar 1 tbsp plain flour 4 tbsp full fat crème fraiche Roast potatoes and baby leeks to serve


Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6. Season the pheasant breast fillets with freshly ground black pepper and wrap each one with a rasher of bacon. Place in an ovenproof dish so they aren’t too cramped together, pour 5 tbsp cider over the top. Bake for 15-20 minutes until tender. Heat the butter in a pan until melted and foaming. Add the shallots, fry gently until soft. Sprinkle in the caster sugar and continue to cook, stirring until slightly caramelised. Stir in the flour. When combined pour in the remaining cider and the crème fraiche. Heat and simmer until the sauce has reduced and slightly thickened. Season to taste. Thickly slice the pheasant breasts and transfer to warmed plates. Spoon the sauce over the top.


Pheasant and partridge and grouse - oh my!

he Game bird and Waterfowl open season begins 12 August; this is the perfect time (September through to February) to enjoy the economical and tasty seasonal meat. Open season is when Game really comes alive with lots of pheasant, partridge and grouse available. David Isaacs, the owner of William Rose Butchers in East Dulwich champions this versatile and healthy meat, an excellent organic and free range option. His favourite way of creating an easy but mouthwatering meal is by cooking it in a stock with cider and seasonal vegetables (think shallots, celery and carrots). Remember: it is at it's best when braised to prevents this delicate and tender meat from cooking dry. William Rose butchers sources their game from the open wilds of the Yorkshire Moors to ensure that the birds are of the best quality. If red meat is on your agenda, then David and his knowledgeable and fully trained team can serve you with Longhorn cattle beef as well as the popular Aberdeen Angus

from Rory MacDuff, who mature their beef traditionally on the bone. Visit William Rose and chat about what you're looking for and all the advice you need will be at hand! 126 Lordship Lane SE22 8HD Tel 02086939191



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Divine & Conquer Ahead of 2013’s Chocolate Week Alexandra Jones talks to MD of Divine Chocolate, and South East Londoner, Sophi Tranchell about farmers, fair trade and fantastic chocolate


hat goes into the decision making process when you buy a bar of chocolate? Cost? Calories? Cocoa content? Do you always go for Cadbury? It may be that you don’t think of any of these things, as chocolate is, after all, a product with its own innate desirability. You want it just because, and to hell with the other stuff. For Sophi Tranchell those decisions, your chocolate decisions, have come to form the basis of her entire working life. And as exhausting as that may seem, she’s managed to boil it down to one crucial factor which supersedes all others: taste. During the course of our interview she uses the word ‘taste’ no less than 17 times. That’s just over two ‘tastes’ a minute. ‘Well, you can make chocolate taste pretty ropey,’ she laughs. The thing is, in Britain we are particularly loyal to our brands. We see them as an extension of ourselves and, for any new company in this kind of environment, it’s easy for the product to get lost in brand jargon. So just for the

record, from one chocolate lover to (I’m guessing) another, the Divine product really does taste good. But whilst that has always been the case, it's been an uphill struggle. ‘There was a lot of scepticism at first. Probably because we seemed like a little group of people who were doing something that sounded deeply implausible.’ Though the company was started in 1998, the Divine story actually began five years before that when a co-operative called Kuapa Kokoo was founded in Ghana. Run by farmers, for farmers, Kuapa Kokoo was a democratic organisation that aimed to assist small-scale cocoa farmers who in the past had been cut out of the cocoa selling process. In 1993, 22 member villages made up the co-operative, with each village electing two representatives to act on its behalf at the Kuapa Kokoo AGM. ‘At the AGMs they discussed what they were doing, what their priorities were, how they were spending any additional income and in 1997 they voted to set up a chocolate company – Divine. So here we are: a farmer-owned chocolate company,



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delivering Fair Trade chocolate in the mainstream market.’ I can tell that it’s a story Sophi is passionate about. Because despite the fact that the product, the chocolate itself, is delicious enough to stand up under even the most intense of scrutiny (their Dark Chocolate After Dinner Ginger Thins and 70% Dark Chocolate with Chilli and Orange have both been awarded stars by the Guild of Fine Food at this year’s Great Taste Awards) the Divine story – the backbone of its brand, its USP – is what can really sell it. ‘ For a long time people didn’t fully understand that the farmers own 45% of the company, that they sit on the board and they get a percentage of the profit. Even now, you can say it everywhere, I mean, apart from having it tattooed on my forehead, I feel like I’ve said it solidly for 14 years. I’m amazed at how many people I talk to, people I’ve talked to before, who suddenly go, “What, the farmers own it?” and I go, “Yeah! That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time!”’ It’s a story that continues to grow in significance each year as our awareness of Fair Trade increases and as more and more brands begin to carry the Fair Trade mark. ‘When we started, only around 7% of people knew what Fair Trade was and the demographic, the people who were aware of it, were older than 55. One of the fantastic things about chocolate is that because everybody loves it, we’ve had the opportunity to change that demographic and make so many more people aware. So over these 14 years the awareness of Fair Trade has increased to around 80%, that is, 80% of people when stopped in the street would recognise the Fair Trade mark. And

an impressive proportion of those people would actually be able to say that it’s about developing countries. I think we’ve helped achieve that.’ It’s a fair assumption, given that when they started out in 1999 only Divine and Green & Blacks were ‘doing’ Fair Trade chocolate. Since then, Divine’s success has encouraged Cadbury, Nestle and Mars Inc to follow in its footsteps, widening the Fair Trade niche that Divine once occupied, almost unrivalled, and making it a much more difficult market for a small fish company. It could be argued that Divine still has something of an upper hand in that it can trace every one of the cocoa beans used in its chocolate back to a Fair Trade farm, something which many of the bigger companies cannot do. Sophi, however, is quick to point out that Divine was never just a Fair Trade brand. ‘We were always about fantastic chocolate, with a lovely brand which farmers owned attached.’ And so it comes back to taste. ‘My personal motivation in to doing Divine is to prove that you can make a difference. I don’t want people in Britain to watch the news and think they can’t do anything about it. I want them to recognise that this is a linked up world and in this linked up world the things you do and the decisions you make, can make a difference to people everywhere; you can make a difference.’ Factor that thought in next time you make a chocolate decision.



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Bespoke Kitchens & Furniture Designed and built in East Dulwich


4 Goose Green Trading Estate, 47 East Dulwich Road, London SE22 9BN 0208 613 1781 | |

Rich and fudgie brownies studded with juicy raspberries, nuts and white chocolate pieces – a triple chocolate treat. MAKES 24 PIECES


IAN_DUNN.indd 1

2 x 100g bars Divine Dark Chocolate 100g unsalted butter, room temperature 200g caster sugar 4 large free-range eggs, at room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 60g plain flour 60g Divine Cocoa powder 50g pecan nuts chopped 1 x 100g bar Divine White Chocolate chopped 150g fresh raspberries

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S T Y L I S H . I N T E L L I G E N T . E L E G A N T . A B S O L U T E LY















S T Y L I S H . I N T E L L I G E N T. E L E G A N T. A B S O L U T E LY


COVER_OCT.indd 1

The Best of Local Luxury




MARCH 2013 £3.95





SUGAR CITY & ANGEL Putney & Wandsworth





Battersea & Clapham




T: 020 7704 0588 / F: 020 7900 3020 WWW.ZEST-MEDIA.COM

1. Prepare a 28 x 18cm x 2.5cm deep brownie tin or baking tin. Grease the tin and line with greaseproof paper. Preheat the oven to 180C, 350F, Gas 4, fan 160. 2. Break up the dark chocolate into squares and put into a heatproof bowl, set over a pan of hot (but not boiling) water, making sure the base of the bowl does not touch the water. Leave to melt, stirring occasionally. Remove the bowl from the pan. 3. Whisk the butter and sugar together in a bowl using an electric whisk until light and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs, beating well after each addition. 4. Add vanilla extract and melted chocolate, and stir in gently using a spatular. Sieve the flour and cocoa in to the bowl, add the nuts and chocolate pieces and then fold in carefully until the mixture is evenly blended. 5. Spoon half of the mixture into the prepared tin and spread evenly. Scatter the raspberries over the top of the brownie mixture, top with remaining mixture and spread evenly. 6. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until the mixture feels firm when pressed. Remove from the oven and cool in the tin on a wire rack. When cold cut the brownie into 24 squares. Brownies improve on keeping.


OCTOBER 2013 £3.95


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Come celebrate Christmas with colleagues, friends and family at your local market

THE CRYSTAL PALACE MARKET ‘MARKET FRESH’ FESTIVE FOOD AND DRINK Ideal for parties, group dining or intimate Yuletide celebrations

For all enquiries please contact 020 3475 7080 The Crystal Palace Market

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Soul Food is inspired by Africa, the Caribbean and much of the Americas. These regions have been polished, buffed and forged into their current guise after years of slavery, colonial rule, piracy and uprising. The result is a tantalising blend of strong earthy tastes and traditional techniques. Soul Food was founded by Patrick Williams, celebrity television chef and successful author of The Caribbean Cook. Having trained under Marco Pierre-White at The Canteen, The Criterion Brassiere and The Titanic, worked with Richard Neat at the Oxo Tower, Williams is now taking his latest Soul Food venture to some of London’s most famous foodie markets including the famous Borough Market.

Come and visit us at Borough Market |


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REVIEW The Clock House The Clock House 196A Peckham Rye SE22 9QA 020 8693 2901

Alexandra Jones pushes her luck at the Clock House


will come clean and confess from the off: I arrived 40 minutes late to review The Clock House. A combination of mix-ups, public transport delays and bad planning on my part meant that I stumbled in from the rain, shamefaced and expecting the table to be (quite rightly) gone. What actually happened set the tone for the rest of the evening. I was met at the bar, a warm and buzzing room, with just one question ‘are you hungry?’ Newly renovated in March, The Clock House is a charming mix of mismatched chairs and chintzy wall decorations. It was busy –despite the fact that it was a rainy Wednesday – which added to the pleasantly familial atmosphere. To start (and on recommendation) I shared with a friend the truffle celeriac fries,

smoked mackerel fishcakes with pickled cucumber and crispy pig’s cheeks with Bramley apple. The fries were a little on the limp side but so full of flavour that it was impossible not to enjoy them, equally the fishcakes were bold and smoky and well accompanied by the crunchy pickles. The pig’s cheeks were crispy on the outside and full of tender pork, though the Bramley apple sauce wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked. The mains (we plumped for the chicken kiev with celeriac

and truffle mash, Hispi cabbage and smoked bacon) were brought promptly and served piping hot. The accompaniments were a wonder, the mash earthy, the cabbage still a little crunchy. The kiev was what you would expect from a kiev. There’s no doubting that it was a very very good one – moist chicken, the garlic oozing and punchy, the crumb crisp – but it is, after all, the main that you would have gotten on those evenings when mum was late home from work and needed to knock something up in a flash. The thing is, after a nightmare commute and a trek in the rain, I was hungry (and wet, and cold) and the food at The Clock House – so full of nostalgia and bold homely flavours – was exactly what I needed to pick me up. I couldn’t help but leave smiling.



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REVIEW The Bridge House The Bridge House 2 High Street London SE20 8RZ 020 8659 6928

Lynsey Saker sits down to a Sunday roast at The Bridge House. No sharing!


here’s either something really wrong with the friendship or really right with the food when one of your closest friends refuses to let you try even a mouthful of her starter. ‘But it’s my favourite,’ she whines, guarding her plate. Oh well, I guess this means I can’t tell you much about The Bridge House’s taramasalata, other than it pleased Polly (that’s my friend) and it came with feta and pitta. Onto my own starter, then, of duck and orange pâté with toasted ciabatta, which came in a generous portion and had a pleasant zing of orange that cut through the rich taste of duck liver. A word of warning: don’t make my mistake and finish the whole thing if you want room for your main! It being a Sunday, we went for the roasts, which came traditionally trimmed (you

know: veg, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes) and swimming in gravy. The lamb was my choice and though tender and well seasoned, it didn’t quite live up to the pork. With its crispy, salty crackling and moist white meat, Polly’s choice, I’m a little ashamed to say, made me envious. She let me try a forkful, grudgingly. I don’t blame her I suppose. The Bridge House serves the kind of heart-felt pub food that makes you want to curve your arm round your plate and keep it all to yourself. If you can be the bigger person and share what you’ve got, that’s great. If not, just make sure you pick right because as Polly found when the deserts came, being miserly won’t win you any friends (or a bite of lemon meringue pie!)



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ABSOLUTELY In the know...

Our top picks for Forest Hill


Forest Hills' latest bar! Having opened just 3 months ago after a full refurbishment and under new management, it offers fantastic fresh food at amazing value, real cask ale and the largest selection of cocktails in the area. Don't miss the live music every Friday and Saturday: different genres of music, based around the baby grand piano. The large function room is also available for private hire. 45-47 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, SE23 3HN; 020 8699 5686.


Your local bra-fitting expert for eight years. A lovely G – K lingerie boutique where you will be welcomed warmly. Marvel when you see yourself in a correctly fitted bra that feels comfortable, helps you look pounds lighter and boosts your body confidence. Your new mantra will then be 'because what you wear underneath is important'. The Fitting Studio 16 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3XU; 020 8613 8038


Sugar Mountain is a traditional sweet shop with a twist. We sell all the classics alongside American candy, amazing gelato ice cream and delicious hot drinking fudge. HALLOWEEN GOLDEN TICKET LUCKY DRAW The ghoulish fun starts on Saturday 26th October, where 3 golden tickets will be secretly hidden in our little brown sweetie bags. If you're lucky enough to find one you can choose up to 5 different sweetie mixes to fill a whole 3kg jar to the brim! If thats not enough we will have 2 more golden tickets to find on Sunday 27th! THE LUCKY WINNERS CAN COLLECT THEIR PRIZE JARS ON HALLOWEEN 57a Dartmouth Road, SE23 3HN



The Dovetail Joint in Forest Hill has manufactured beautiful handmade kitchens since 1990. If you would like a stunning, practical, hardwearing, bespoke kitchen in the style of your choice and at a reasonable price, get in touch. Unit 15, Forest Hill Business Centre, 2 Clyde Vale, SE23 3JF; 020 8291 5578;

Stag & Bow is a celebration of creativity, materials and originality and is a true antidote to the increasingly generic highstreet shop. Pascale and Cyrus have created not only a beautifully warm, welcoming retail space, but also an inspiring learning environment where customers can source quality materials, buy hand made items and sign up for a range of craft and textile workshops conducted by experienced makers in the setting of the shop itself, they also offer a full picture framing service. 8 Dartmouth Road, SE23 3XU 020 8291 4992;


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DESIGN - SUPPLY - INSTALL FREE DESIGN SERVICE German made furniture Hi-Spec Appliances Worktops from Granite Stone Composite, Corian, Wood and Stainless Steel Glass Splashbacks Kitchen Accessories

Showroom: 37 Grove Vale, East Dulwich, SE22 8EQ 020 8693 6666 |

DulwichKitchens_Half.indd 1



yourspaceourskill Forest Hill • 020 8291 5578 •

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Wooden Heart Hendzel + Hunt tell Alexandra Jones about reclaimed cabinets and clever handcrafting


veryone is really catching on to that thing of reclaimed timber and the charm it has, so now it costs almost more than new wood. Sometimes people are like “you’ve found that, it’s reclaimed, why is it more expensive?” Well, because it takes so much more time. First to check for contaminants and foreign bodies like metal and then to try and keep the character. You don’t just cut the length there, you’re dissecting the timber to get a better pattern and a better finish.’ I’m at the Peckham studio of bespoke furniture designers Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt (dusty, loud, full of wooden odds and ends, just what you’d expect), they’re telling me about what it takes to make new furniture from old wood and quite frankly, I’m out of my depth. Woodwork

was my worst school subject, I’m not 100% certain what ‘reclaiming’ wood entails and I don’t actually own any furniture. What I do know is that the things that they make, all by hand from those odds and ends of wood that surround us now (odds and ends that used to be floorboards or pallets or roof joists) are intricate, elegant and wonderfully clever. They met six years ago whilst working for ‘the same sketchy cabinet maker’ who one day decided to follow his dream and move to the country. ‘He said he was leaving London and not renewing his contracts. Suddenly we had no building, no machines but still one job to do. After a lot of deliberation and searching we found this place.’ Using the deposit from their one job, they paid for six month’s rent on the studio we sit in now, ‘basically all the money we made - gone. But we had an amazing space so we just went for it, fully naive. I suppose it was the best way, if we’d really considered what it takes to set a business up then it would never had happened.’ Their USP - bespoke, handcrafted, up-cycled - happened, then, in part out of necessity and in part as a result of the resoundingly positive responses they got to their first collection, “Made in Peckham”. ‘We got a lucky link with The Shop at Bluebird, they loved the idea of “Made in

Peckham” on the King’s Road.’ Jan and Oscar’s statement piece for the shop - a dining table with a striking tree centrepiece that blended seamlessly up out from the table top - was shown at Design Week, then sold within two days. ‘Now it’s in New York, which is the most amazing kind of start. That’s when we really got the strength to go: right this is what we want, good stories, good products, beautiful timber, beautiful joinery. We need to make it work.’ Since then they’ve built a brand that is synonymous with style and craftsmanship on the one hand and sustainability on the other. ‘Much of the thrill that people get from our work is to do with providence, the narrative behind the wood. When you can say, this bit is Victorian and came from a local bank, it becomes a talking point.’ As their clients get bigger (they’re working on more and more corporate projects, adding personality to clinical spaces) and their work more widely recognised, this attention to narrative and storytelling, to making things that inspire wonder and spark conversation, will undoubtedly serve Hendzel + Hunt well. If for no other reason than it means those of us who failed woodwork can still talk about their brand and their pieces as if we know a thing or two.



30/09/2013 16:36


This is iconic Hendzel and Hunt from our first ever London Design Festival (2012). We created and launched ‘Made in Peckham’, our signature range, using our local area as resource and inspiration. Waste materials are sourced from the streets and yards of SE15 and transformed into elegant furniture. Each piece is imbued with it's own story, a story which in turn informs the design process. The results hold intrigue and character, alongside a high level of craftsmanship, showcasing what can be achieved within small batch production. This has brought us a lot of interest and many fabulous commissions.


The challenge is based on our ethos of locality and craftsmanship [a group of designers are challenged to complete a design and make project in 24 hours]. The Duchess of Peckham was a complete success of a project from our first ever 24hr design challenge.

HENDZEL Jan and Oscar's favourite projects...


This was a commission we won. A magical adventure in an incredible botanical gardens in the south of France. An amazing opportunity for the whole team to get out of the workshop and build a fully working boat utilising traditional is green woodworking techniques. She sailed and ns. garde the for ture now a permanent sculp


An amazing trip in the style of our 24hr Design Challenge. We had 6 days to create whatever we wanted for a workshop at UnBox Festival in New Delhi. We had an incredible adventure sourcing bits from around the city. We made a table and 12 stools for the British Council New Delhi, using old tiles, bike chains and scraps of timber.



30/09/2013 16:37



A project using only workshop scraps (the majority from pallet). We love this one because it highlights the quality and beauty of the different woods in pallets. This is also an ongoing project, part of Made in Peckham.


This watch cabinet was one of the first really high end pieces we crafted and it was for a very special owner: the Creative Director of the Old Vic theatre. As with all great cabinets it has clandestine spaces and great attention to detail. It also has a magpie to guards over the treasures.



Made in Peckham on the King’s Road

A commission inspired by both Made in Peckham and the 24hr Design Challenge. Selfridges commissioned us to make an advent calendar cabinet, and this is what we came up with. 24 hidden compartments all with working wooden locks and padlocks, including wooden springs and a central combination lock. This project nearly killed us! It was such a mad timescale for so much detail. It has many hidden secrets. 63


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Ofsted 2009

‘Outstanding’ Come and see for yourselves...

Last Open Session of 2013

Thursday 3rd October 10am with the Headteacher at 10.45am


inc. English & Maths


11 - 18 Church of England School for Girls New Kent Road, London SE1 4AN T: 0207 407 1843 E: ST SAVIOURS.indd 1

30/09/2013 10:59

Empowering girls to pursue ideals and knowledge unafraid Senior School Open Morning Tuesday 15 October 9.15 am - 11.30 am Sixth Form Open Evening Wednesday 9 October 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm Register for Open Events at Senior School (11-18) 42 Abbotswood Road, SW16 1AW 020 8677 8400


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Organic, Upcycled, Ethical Oh My!




3 7 10




1. Dotcomgiftshop Non-Slip Doormat Rusty The Fox £19.95; 2. Fairwind Franjipani enamel mugs £8.50 each; 3. Dotcomgiftshop Ivory Indoor Compost Bin £19.95; 4. Olive wood Pestle & Mortar £23.95; 5. Fairwind Hand painted wood 3 drawer, 1 door chest £35.00; 6. Galápagos Bartolomew chair in Ayers Rock £625; 7. Humblesticks Alice Shade £40; 8. The Kid Who In the Rain Cushion £48; 9. Rangoli Flower handmade cushion £36; 10. Fairwind Klimt brown and green handmade rug £225;



30/09/2013 16:39

An outstanding* education that goes way beyond exams *Inspection Report 2012

Senior & Junior School Open Mornings throughout October and November See website for details 020 8557 7004 19 Westwood Hill London SE26 6BL

Junior School

Senior School

Sixth Form

r fo le b a ail av ants s ip lic sh pp lar m a o h or sc F BC ixth S H lS d oo te es sch t s e t n ea sta M


16/09/2013 09:52

The Old Vicarage 127 Herne Hill London SE24 9LY

Independent co-ed pre-prep & nursery 3–7 years . Founded 1976 . Member ISA

W E T 020 7274 6336

Parents considering September 2014 Kindergarten or Reception admission should register as soon as possible. Tours available by appointment.

Main entry at 2+, 3+ and 4+. Sparkly, for life

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We look forward to meeting you!

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Dry stone walls, hedgerows, rabbits fleeing through empty meadows... this ancient house on the original Cheltenham racecourse estate has been beautifully restored so as to reflect its long history, which dates back to the 16th century. Formerly a school for girls, in 2008 it was turned into a hotel – and it’s a great spot, sitting at the highest point in the Cotswolds hill range. The location is ideal for hikes and walking trips; beyond the hotel gardens lies the rolling Gloucestershire countryside, while to the northeast you can see the summit, views and wildflowers of Cleeve Hill.


There are 60 bedrooms in total, including ‘traditional’, ‘classic’, ‘luxury’ and ‘tower’ varieties, plus four suites. There are dogfriendly rooms available in the modern outbuildings, though sticklers for history will surely prefer to stay in the main house, where rooms even contain Tudorstyle, wood-clad lavatories. Our bed was a presidential four-poster; other features of the room included a sprawling view, flat-screen television and gloriously open, spacious, marble-bedecked bathroom with double sink, double shower, roll-top

clinking silver platters and wheeling trolleys laden with interesting cheeses. Wood-panelled walls can be overbearing and stuffy, but this was a more romantic, low-lit affair and the food was of an experimental bent. A cooked and continental breakfast is also served here, while you can head to the more casual brasserie for something less formal. bath and Penhaligon smellies. From the comfort of the tub you can look out over the gardens, where butterflies dance and horses nicker in their paddocks.


Ellenborough Park is a spa hotel, so there is of course a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna alongside an impressive roll-call of treatments. If it’s serenity you seek, you can indulge in various spa packages and experiences, while there are also special treatments for bridal parties – the hotel is a popular wedding venue. I trialled the new Ila massage, which soothed and invigorated in equal measure. Another major selling point is the hotel’s outdoor pool, heated to a cosy 31 degrees all year round; given the right weather, you could almost be sojourning at a Tuscan villa.



Distilling as it does the best of Old England, Christmas at Ellenborough Park must be magical - so the hotel’s yuletide offer is one worth investigating. Guests arriving on Christmas Eve can enjoy afternoon tea in the Great Hall, a champagne and canapé reception accompanied by a professional harpist, a four course dinner in the Beaufort Dining Room plus mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. Christmas Day sees a special Christmas breakfast served, then champagne followed by a traditional Christmas lunch and a buffet in the evening. Which leaves just a leisurely breakfast on Boxing Day before departing - a snip at £1250 for a traditional room (based on two adults sharing). Southam, GL52 3NH;

We partook of a few cocktails amid the hanging tapestries and antique chandeliers of the hotel’s lounge bar, while several of the house’s former residents (or their portraits, at least) looked on. We were then led to the the Beaufort Dining Room – an exemplary gourmet restaurant – where we were well looked after by a team of staff that buzzed about 67

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High Life The

Blur bassist Alex James discovers the delights of the Dolomites thanks to some family mountaineering in the Alps



30/09/2013 17:03



t’s a rare thing, glamour. I never really know when it is going to strike. I say this because we were staying in a log cabin with no electricity or mains water, no internet or coffee gadgets and none of the standard cues of twenty-first century luxury. The kids didn’t even have their iPads or any of their toys. Instead, they’d spent most of the previous evening running up and rolling down the mountainside until they were exhausted, and then one by one we’d fallen asleep telling stories around the fire. And it was glamorous. The Dolomites, the mountain range in Northern Italy where the cabin lies, are a pristine wilderness – think Heidi, but with Michelin starred restaurants and you’ve got it. The alpine slopes were in their summer glory, a mass of flowers and cascading streams – quite the setting – and the log cabin itself, despite lacking mod cons, was a beautiful thing crammed with other beautiful things: soft blankets, bathrobes and candles. The cabin is an outpost of The Rosa Alpina where we were staying in nearby San Cassiano. The hotel has a couple of these traditional huts, way up on the slopes, that guests are free to use. The previous evening a porter had delivered everything we needed for a spectacular banquet: marinated steaks and chops, part-cooked aubergines and artichoke hearts for the barbecue along with endless salads and sides, a spectacular strudel and a couple of bottles of wine that I’d taken some pleasure in choosing from their extensive cellars. They’d offered to send a chef up too, but the kids all wanted to help with the cooking so I lit the torch paper on the outdoor range and twenty minutes later we were cooking in the free world: appetites sharpened by fresh air and exercise, the warmth of the fire in the twilight, not a soul for miles around. It was the feast of a lifetime. After breakfast in the morning (also brought up by the porter) we wandered down the hillside, stopping

at one of the many adventure playgrounds that pepper the area. The tourist infrastructure in Alta Badia, the immediate local area, is extensive without ever intruding on the natural beauty of the mountain range (the Dolomites are a World Heritage Site). In winter, it’s a world-class ski resort but the cable cars, bars and restaurants all run throughout the summer months too, and unlike many tourist destinations, it really works all year round. It’s paradise for kids. Children never tire of basic, elemental stuff: splashing around in mountain streams, poking fires, looking for bears. That’s why I wanted to bring them here, for a big slice of nature. It’s one of those places that would be fine even if there was no organised activity – but there is so much to do. Mountaineering was a big hit. The guide came to meet us at the hotel, dug out climbing shoes and harnesses for everybody and half an hour later I watched my nine-yearold scale a vertical cliff face like a spider. Even the four-yearold got half way up the sheer mountainside before abseiling down. Once the kids had been up and down a couple of times I had a go – they were much better at it than I was but I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most. And that was the best thing about Alta Badia. Its delights are universal. I’m not sure who was happier in the spa at Rosa Alpina, the three-year-old or her mother. Rosa Alpina is a very rare thing, a spectacular hotel that has been in the same family for generations. It felt like home, largely due to the diligence of Hugo Pizzinini, the current proprietor who was always in evidence. The family touch makes it feel small and friendly but is big enough to have all the bells and whistles – one of the restaurants has two Michelin stars and there’s a full-on spa. It’s exquisite in every detail but what really set it apart was the service. There was always somebody making a helpful face, puffing up a pillow or asking if we needed anything. We stayed in the penthouse with a key operated lift that, to

the children’s endless delight, opened directly into the room. The best definition of holidays I’ve ever heard is ‘any time you put on weight,’ but we walked so much we all came back looking pretty buff, despite gorging ourselves. One of the best walks was up to Scotoni – about a mile vertically and roughly three along. We were ravenous by the time we got to the restaurant hallway up the mountainside, a simple hut knocking out dazzling barbecued mixed grills, polenta and pasta – the simple wholesome food at which the Italians excel. I don’t think it is possible to get bad food anywhere in Italy, or at least you’d have to try very hard. There are twenty Michelin Stars in Alta Badia. We only managed to tick off the two at St Hubertus, one of the restaurants at Rosa Alpina. I can only take a napkin wafting, chairpushing-in type affair once or twice a year but it was bliss to put the kids to bed with the babysitter, walk into the hushed dining room and whisper candlelit conversations. We had the ‘chef’s special’ and it certainly was, with all the psychotic attention to detail that is historically the hallmark of haute cuisine: minuscule carrots and teeny rack of suckling pig. One of the countless courses came with six vintages of a local wine to taste, just a mouthful of each. An embarras de richesses if you will, but then that’s the area in a nutshell. We didn’t even get around to white water rafting, which was top of my list, or tandem hang gliding… Next time. 7 nights for the price of 6 at Rosa Alpina from £3840 per family, based on 2 adults and 2 children sharing two Deluxe Double Rooms, including breakfast and return flights from London Gatwick to Innsbruck with Carrier (0161 492 1357 or For further information on Rosa Alpina, please visit For further information on the area please visit the South Tyrol Tourist Board at



30/09/2013 17:03

dulwich life ad new logo:dulwich life ad




Independent co-ed pre-prep & nursery 3–7 years . Founded 1976 . Member ISA Independent Co-educational 3-11 years. Founded 1942. ISA & IAPS

We all look forward to meeting you at our

Open Mornings Saturday 28th September 10.00-12.30 Tuesday 5th November 9.30-11.00 Tours of the school are held on Tuesday mornings during term time. Bursaries available Please call 020-8670 5865 for further information Prep Department, 70 Thurlow Park Road, SE21 8HZ Pre Prep Department, Elmcourt Road, SE27 9BZ email:

Absolutely Magazines ad Sept 2013:Alleyn's




16/08/2013 12:47

Excellent and outstanding: 58 times! Verdict from the latest Independent Schools’ Inspection report: The words excellent (highest rating for Whole School and Key Stage 1) and outstanding (highest rating for Early Years) feature an incredible 46 and 12 times, respectively. See

Vauxhall 3 miles

Surrey Quays 4 miles

Notting Hill 6 miles

Marble Arch 5 miles

Knightsbridge 6 miles

Greenwich 4 miles

Fulham 6 miles

Clapham 3 miles

The City 5 miles

Chelsea 6 miles

Borough 5 Miles

Battersea 5 Miles

Alleyn’s School, Dulwich, 14 minutes from London Bridge; 12 minutes from Victoria.

Balham 3 Miles

Constructing, for life


Co-educational, academic excellence is closer than you think.

OPEN DAYS 2013 All welcome – no need to book Saturday 12 October 11+, 13+ and 16+ 9.30am Tuesday 5 November 16+ 2.30pm Wednesday 6 November 11+ & 13+ 2.00pm

Main entry at 2+, 3+ and 4+. We look forward to meeting you! W E T 020 7274 6336

•ADVERTS.indd 4

Independent day school for boys and girls aged 4–18. Dedicated daily coaches serving inner and outer London. For more information visit our website Tel: 020 8557 1478

The Old Vicarage 127 Herne Hill London SE24 9LY

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Opting ut

Why are so many of our leading private schools dropping A-levels for international alternatives? Amanda Constance investigates


Despite the Coalition’s insistance that it is addressing major concerns over standards, Ed Elliott, head of The Perse School, Cambridge, said many schools were unwilling to wait for the reforms or risk them being reversed by a future Labour administration. ‘The Perse does not want to be part of a game of political ping pong which will destabilise the exam system to the disadvantage of students,’ he explains. ‘By sitting international qualifications we can take a ‘wait and see’ approach to UK domestic exam reform, whilst ensuring our pupils benefit from studying proven, rigorous and internationally recognised qualifications free from political interference.’ QIUYING LAI

t hasn’t been a good summer for Michael Gove. The education secretary has already faced a surge of criticism over his reforms, but now some of our most elite private schools are dumping A-levels for an international alternative in protest at the changes. During the summer, members of the Headmaster’s and Headmistress’s Conference (HMC) – which represents top private schools such as Eton, Harrow and Winchester – spoke out against the ‘huge gamble’ Gove was taking with A-level reform. From 2015, AS-levels are to be separated from full A-levels to form a qualification in their own right. In England, new linear A-levels where all assessment takes place at the end of two year courses will replace the modular system, in an effort to end the constant treadmill of exams and generate a ‘revival of the art of deep thought’. But many don’t agree. Andrew Grant, a former HMC chair and head of St Albans School, Hertfordshire, said he was concerned that Mr Gove was ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ by de-coupling AS and A levels and said he was looking for alternatives for his school: ‘We at St Albans School are looking very, very seriously at International A-levels because we feel there is a tremendous value in the feedback provided by AS levels at the halfway point.’ In total 72 schools entered pupils for International A-levels this summer, but it is believed

numbers could soar in coming years. However, it isn’t just the international A-levels that are being used by private schools. More pupils are taking the Cambridge Pre-U, which is seen as a return to traditional, rigorous A-level study, and the International Baccalaureate diploma is increasingly popular. 99 British schools have pupils taking the Pre-U this year and 188 offer the IB. And it isn’t just A-levels. Last month it was revealed that almost 2,700 secondary schools now offer the International GCSE amid fears over falling standards and questionable

reforms planned for 2015. This huge shift towards IGCSEs follows a Coalition decision to scrap rules imposed under Labour that effectively barred state schools in England from offering them as an alternative qualification. Today, it is believed that around 6/10 state and private schools across the UK are teaching the course in at least one subject. Other independent schools such as Sevenoaks in Kent and Bedales in Hampshire are going a step further by devising their own in-house alternatives to GCSEs. So are private schools just opting out of Gove’s reforms?

TOP OF THE CLASS King’s College School, Wimbledon, is celebrating record IB results this year, with over 51% of all grades being at Level 7 – the equivalent of A* at A Level. 12 King’s students also achieved the extraordinary score of 45/45, which fewer than 100 IB candidates in the whole world achieve each year, whilst 55 received prestigious Oxbridge offers. Congratulations KCS!



30/09/2013 17:05

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Venner Road, SE26 A splendid five double bedroom family house for sale in a highly sought after residential road in Sydenham. This classically beautiful home has been sympathetically refurbished maintaining some beautiful features from the pretty faรงade; tiled path and stained glass front door to the handsome fireplaces, coving and stripped wood flooring.

ยฃ699,950 Pedder, Sydenham / 020 8659 0220;

2 PFC.indd 2

27/09/2013 17:17

Completely at home in London With 50 branches across the Capital and over 35 years’ London property experience, we are perfectly placed to help with all your property needs. So, if you’re thinking of selling, letting, buying or renting, visit today.

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 KFH_Brand_Adverts_210x297_Kids on Stairs.indd 1

Our services Sales and Lettings Financial Services Chartered Surveyors Block Management Commercial Property

10/09/2013 12:06 17:26 02/05/2013

Rollscourt Avenue, Herne Hill, SE24 £1,795,000 Freehold Dulwich Village 020 8299 4499 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 2

Stunning six double bedroom house offering 3,147 sq ft of accommodation arranged over five floors. This property offers a wealth of features and a modern and original architect designed extension.

• • • • • • • •

Six double bedrooms Two reception rooms 600 sq ft kitchen/diner Three bath/shower rooms Basement/utility storage Roof terrace over the garden Balcony with views over London EPC rating E

10/09/2013 10:07 17:26 30/08/2013

Wheathill Road, Anerley, SE20 ÂŁ725,000 A stunning double fronted Victorian house arranged over three floors and restored to a high specification. This property boasts five double bedrooms, two reception rooms, two bathrooms, eat in kitchen/diner and a 69ft rear garden. Freehold. EPC rating C. Crystal Palace 020 8766 5920 Email

Ewhurst Road, Brockley, SE4 OIRO ÂŁ650,000 A spacious five bedroom Victorian house arranged over three floors comprising two reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, walk in wardrobe and 42ft rear garden. This property is located on a popular road in Crofton Park. Freehold. EPC rating E. Brockley 020 8469 0202 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 3

10/09/2013 10:07 17:26 30/08/2013

Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, SE5 ÂŁ575,000 A well presented two bedroom apartment offering a large reception room, separate kitchen and private garden. Set within an impressive stucco fronted Georgian building on Camberwell Grove. Freehold. EPC rating D. East Dulwich 020 8299 8800 Email

Mundania Road, East Dulwich, SE22 ÂŁ1,175,000 An impressive five bedroom period house offering over 3,000 sq ft of internal space, three reception rooms, a south facing garden and off street parking. This property is located in a popular residential pocket of East Dulwich. Freehold. EPC rating F. East Dulwich 020 8299 8800 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 4

10/09/2013 10:07 17:27 30/08/2013

Lordship Lane, Dulwich, SE22 Prices £689,950 - £699,950 A unique collection of four bedroom semi detached homes in a private gated enclave off Lordship Lane. These beautiful contemporary homes suit modern families with a strong emphasis on light and superior finishes. Historic Dulwich Park, excellent schooling, stations and shops are all nearby. Freehold. Land and New Homes 020 7740 2640 Email

Computer generated image

Grove Park, Camberwell, SE5 Prices £475,000 - £675,000 Only one three bedroom duplex apartment left in this superb collection of stunning apartments. Set near the revered Camberwell Grove area this scheme offers contemporary excellence finished to exacting standards with numerous features. Freehold. Land and New Homes 020 7740 2640 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 5

10/09/2013 10:08 17:27 30/08/2013

Peckarmans Wood, Upper Sydenham, SE26 ÂŁ1,850 pcm Three bedroom, two bathroom house in a unique setting on a quiet private road in Upper Sydenham. The property has been redecorated with a modern finish throughout and benefits from lots of natural light. Furnished or unfurnished. EPC rating D. Crystal Palace 020 8766 5930 Email

Nunhead Lane, Peckham, SE15 ÂŁ1,350 pcm Beautifully presented purpose built flat close to Peckham Rye Park and station with excellent transport links to London Bridge and Victoria. The property is located within walking distance of sought after primary and secondary schools as well as local shops. EPC rating C. Peckham 020 7635 0034 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 6

10/09/2013 10:08 17:28 30/08/2013

Frankfurt Road, Herne Hill, SE24 £2,895 pcm A delightful four bedroom house situated on a sought after road, superbly located for access to North Dulwich and Herne Hill stations and close to the area’s most respected schools. Unfurnished. EPC rating D. East Dulwich 020 8299 8980 Email

Darrell Road, East Dulwich, SE22 £3,000 pcm A beautiful four bedroom house benefitting from period features, located in the heart of East Dulwich moments from Lordship Lane and the wonderful amenities on offer. Unfurnished. EPC rating D. East Dulwich 020 8299 8980 Email

KFH_DulwichOct.indd 2 10.13 KFH Dulwich & SouthEast.indd 7

10/09/2013 17:04 17:28 02/09/2013



Vendor Advice What happens on the day of completion?


here are a lot of things that need to be organised before the day of completion. If you have a lot of furniture, booking a removal company is crucial. We would recommend that you use a company that is a member of the British Association of Removers ( It is also important that the meters are read and that you ensure that you get the information about who the utilities are with, i.e. EDF, British Gas, etc. On the day itself, when the vendor’s solicitor has legally and financially completed the purchase/sale they will call the estate agent and confirm that we can release keys to the buyer. It is imperative that we receive this authorisation before the keys are handed over to the new owners. We will then call the vendor to confirm completion has taken place, check that they have left the property and confirm keys are coming into us - if we have not got a set of keys already. The buyer is then contacted to collect the keys from the office with their ID.

Esta Wilson

A magnificent eight bedroom Edwardian home situated in a leafy locale close to top schools, Greenwich Park and excellent transport links.


his is an exceptionally lovely house that has rarely changed ownership and deserves a busy, young family to appreciate its space and charm. There are three large receptions on the ground floor, a 21.5 ft kitchen/diner plus a utility room, cloakroom and shower room, as well as a 100 ft garden

complete with its own air-raid shelter. Original features are plentiful and include oak panelling in the main hallway, solid oak banisters, period fireplaces, oak doors with original brass fittings, parquet flooring, and two inglenook style fireplaces, French oak doors, cornicing, picture rails and the original glazed potting shed in the garden.

Sales Manager haart, Crystal Palace � 020 8670 5845;


Beaconsfield Road, SE3 £1,850,000


Roy Brooks 020 8299 3021;


SHOWCASE.indd 165

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ITOW.indd 104

27/09/2013 17:25


WORDS EDWARD OGDEN AND CAMERON MACKINNON Sales Manager & Lettings Manager: Jacksons, Dulwich Photography: Rebecca Noonan


ach year, around one and a half million people make the commute from East Dulwich station to London Bridge, and it only takes them around 12 minutes. That fact alone shows that if you live a little further away from the centre of London, you aren’t, in fact, ever far away from the hub of city life. It’s probably this notion that Dulwich is far away from the capital’s centre that has resulted in property prices lagging behind those of more central or traditionally desirable locations. You can still get so much more for your money here in Dulwich, safe in the knowledge that people are beginning to cotton on to what a great opportunity this area represents in terms of investment, as well as a place to set up home. We both live nearby to the new Jacksons’ Dulwich office and truly love the village type atmosphere here in Lordship Lane and the surrounding roads. Our particular favourites include - but are not limited to - Cheese block, where the queues go out the door and the range and quality of food offered is second-to-none, Mon Petit Chou where the lunches are sublime, and Franklins and The Parmeston for special occasions. Dulwich’s popularity has increased exponentially over the last few years due to a range of factors. The continual regeneration of small independent businesses has added to the village and community feel of the area. The North Cross Road Market also provides a variety of foods and goods. Education here is top notch - with many brilliant schools in the

area, such as Alleyn’s and The Charter School, which have consistently been rated outstanding by Ofsted. As well as the ease in which people can travel into central London, the new East London line has made it even easier to get out and about. It is no wonder to us that this area, with its leafy yet vibrant atmosphere, is fast becoming a very desirable place to be. Young (and canny) professionals are investing in homes, where prices are rapidly catching up on central parts of London. For example, an average 3 bedroom Victorian terraced house is now selling for around £700,000 compared to average selling prices of £550,000 just 12 months ago. In the coming months, the most challenging aspects we’ll see in both the sales and lettings departments will be the lack of property available on the market, a problem that is currently prevalent in most of London. We’ll aim to solve this by building rapports with local contacts, increasing and improving advertising, and providing solid employee training. We both find it really enjoyable and incredibly rewarding being estate agents here, the area is fun and quirky, which means our work is never boring. Due to the fantastic mix of property and people, we can see only good things for the future of Dulwich.

� 020 8875 7999;


ITOW.indd 105

27/09/2013 17:25

Seriously Substantial Family Home £1,200,000 Therapia Road, SE22 Ref: 7986 A substantial six bedroom double fronted Victorian house in an excellent residential location. The house has two grand separate living rooms and six bedrooms laid out over five hall/landings. An outstanding and exceptional property. • Victorian House • Double Fronted • 6 Bedrooms • 2 Reception Rooms • Very Large House • Space for Second Bathroom


Fantastic Apartment £500,000 Manor Mount, SE23 Ref: 7863 A truly stunning and extremely rare to market four bedroom Victorian property, situated on the first floor of this very handsome building in the heart of Forest Hill, this amazing property comes to the market chain free. A real must view. • Four Bedrooms • Period Features • Share of Garden • Chain Free • High Ceilings • Good Transport Links


haart of DULWICH


30/09/2013 17:29

Dulwich 020 8299 3728

Call us 8am - 10pm everyday

Great House. Great Location £795,000 Adys Road, SE15 Ref: 7932 Excellent proportions and second-to-none location. This is a well-balanced and friendly four bedroom house on a popular street between East Dulwich and Bellenden Road. Some cosmetic work for the buyers to make the home their own. • Four Bedrooms • West Facing Garden • Sought After Location • Period Property • Good Schools Nearby • Great Transport Links


Fabulous Family Home £925,000 Upland Road, SE22 Ref: 7871 A substantial 6 bedroom family house in a superb location very close to a highly regarded state primary school. The property has a large kitchen dining room and a really good sized garden. Accommodation is laid out over 3 floors. A great house. • 6 Bedrooms • Big Kitchen • Large Garden • Superb Location • 3 Storey • No Chain


For more properties in your area visit


30/09/2013 17:29

Camberwell Green 020 7703 2662 Lettings 020 7358 5523

Call us 8am - 10pm everyday

Fantastic Split-Level Apartment £525,000 Grove Lane, SE5 Ref: 3386 This great apartment has a contemporary feel, and boasts traditional period features including fireplaces and stripped floorboards. The high gloss white kitchen has an enviable outlook over the rear garden, and the westerly facing reception room boasts floor to ceiling windows allowing the sun to flood in for most of the day, until it sets in the evening. The super dining room with those garden views is a great space for dinner parties and entertaining. • • • • • • •

Reception Room Contemporary Kitchen 3 Bedrooms En-suite Shower room Bathroom/WC Landscaped Rear Garden Share of Freehold


Smart Mews Property £425,000 Redwing Mews, SE5 Ref: 3842 A rare opportunity to purchase a property in a gated mews development, boasting well planned accommodation with a convenient layout. The bright and airy reception room enjoys warm tones from the wood flooring, and is open plan to kitchen, making this space really sociable, and ideal for entertaining. The master bedroom boasts French doors that open out to the very private, rear courtyard, enabling you to sit and have your morning cuppa and read the papers, whilst enjoying the outdoors! • • • • • • •

Open Plan Reception Room 2 Bedrooms Smart Fitted Kitchen Bathroom/WC Front and Rear Gardens Off Street Parking Convenient Location




For more properties in your area visit

30/09/2013 17:30

Crystal Palace 020 8670 5845

Call us 8am - 10pm everyday

A Piece of Paradise OIRO £590,000 Downsview Road, SE19 Ref: 6304 Pull your wheels up onto the drive of this sumptuous five bedroom semi detached home on a beautiful street not too far away from Biggin Hill Woods. Featuring contemporary open plan living including a divine fitted kitchen and fantastic views too. • • • • • •

Semi Detached Residence Five Bedrooms En-Suite Stylish Kitchen Off Street Parking Well Kept Garden


Sheer Elegance £450,000 Crescent Wood Road, SE26 Ref: 6431 Magnificent two double bedroom first floor period apartment just a short walk away from Dulwich Woods, Crystal Palace Park and Sydenham Hill Station. The property boasts fabulous views, ten foot high ceilings and an en-suite to the master bedroom. • • • • • •

Victorian Apartment Imposing Building Two Double Bedrooms Communal Gardens Off Street Parking Chain Free



Haart_Crystal_Palace_OCT.indd 1

For more properties in your area visit

30/09/2013 17:30

For Sale

Peckham SE15

ÂŁ649,950 F/H

Ivydale Road remains a firm favourite for unhead house-hunters. This pretty tree-lined road is flanked with large two-storey Victorian terraces. Internal accommodation comprises of a through reception, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, two further double bedrooms and an upstairs bathroom. urther benefits from a private rear garden. Energy Efficiency Rating D.

Please contact our Peckham office for more information on 020 7771 6777 or email

Dulwich SE22

ÂŁ625,000 F/H

Three bedroom detached Victorian home, finished to a good standard throughout. The property has recently been refurbished and retains many original features. To the ground floor there is a kitchen diner, a separate lounge and family bathroom. To the first floor are three good si e bedrooms and a shower room with WC and sink. To the rear of the property there is a well presented landscaped garden.

Please contact our Dulwich office for more information on 020 8516 3666 or email

The Acorn Group ACORNOCT.indd 2

27/09/2013 17:28 We Value Your Home

To Let

Peckham SE15

From £1,100 PCM

Positioned in the middle of popular and bustling Rye Lane, lies this contemporary development. Offering a variety of 1 bed apartments each with a unique and charming layout, these flats offer style and space in abundance. Highlights include large windows, neutral décor, wooden flooring and fully-fitted kitchens with integrated appliances, en-suite facilities and panoramic views of London.

Please contact our Peckham office for more information on 020 7771 6777 or email

Dulwich SE22


Guidance Guidance on LogoonUsage Logo UsagePCM £1,400

Situated within a modern block is this beautifully presented two double bedroom apartment that sits only moments from Dulwich Park. This light and airy flat is generously proportioned throughout. It has ample space for sharers, a couple or even a family. There is a large living area, separate kitchen and two equal bedrooms, the master bedroom also boasts a en-suite. Energy Efficiency Rating C.

To prevent any confusionTo regarding prevent our any logos confusion both regarding for the estate our logos agent both and the for the public, estate please agent follow and the guidelines public, please follow the guidelines below on the correct usage. below Where on the possible correctThe usage. Property Where Ombudsman possible The (TPO) Property logo should Ombudsman be reproduced (TPO) logo in the should be reproduced in the colours shown, the colour colours specifications shown, the are colour given below. specifications Where itare is not given possible below. to Where reproduce it is not thepossible logos into these reproduce the logos in these colours, you may reproduce colours, them you in monochrome may reproduce or black them in and monochrome white. or black and white.

Please note that the OFT Please approval note only that applies the OFT to our approval Code only for Residential applies to our Sales Code andfor cannot Residential be usedSales with and any cannot other be used with any other logo, and that their guidelines logo, on andthe that correct their guidelines usage of the on joint the correct logo must usage be of followed. the joint logo must be followed.

If you have registered with If you TPOhave under registered the Consumers, with TPO Estate underAgents the Consumers, and Redress Estate Act 2007 Agents (CEARA), and Redress and are Act not 2007 a (CEARA), and are not a

Please contact our Dulwich office for more information on 020 8516 3666 or email

full TPO member, you arefull notTPO entitled member, to use you theare TPO notlogo entitled or the toTPO/OFT use the TPO jointlogo logo. orPlease the TPO/OFT see thejoint section logo. below Please see the section below regarding CEARA registered regarding agents. CEARA registered agents.

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27/09/2013 17:28

Exterior shot of Dalmore Road

Property News

Jonathan Barry Sales Manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward’s West Dulwich branch � 020 8761 0900;

The property I’d most like on my books : Family homes – in particular, those which are located within good school catchments. West Dulwich is really sought after among families, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the process that families go through when buying a home here. Although these transactions sometimes require a little more care and attention, I find it very rewarding and really enjoy the excitement when it’s time for them to move in. The best place to invest: West Dulwich and the surrounding area, specifically West Norwood, are seeing huge levels of capital growth, and as such I’d have to recommend it. Many initiatives have been introduced to the area and its high street to improve the look and feel and similarly homes here represent good value compared to some of the surrounding areas. As a result, in some roads in SE27 we have witnessed growth of between 20% and 30% in the last 12 months.

House Hunting Jonathan Barry takes Absolutely for a trip down Memory Lane.

The most interesting property I have been involved in : I once marketed a house on Vermont Road, SE19, where the owner had a 1986 BMW 635 CSI parked in the driveway. Although it was in very poor condition, I could instantly see that the classic model had plenty of potential and decided there and then to see if I could buy it. As luck would have it, the owner sold it to me and I’ve since had it restored to its former glory. I still drive it today and every time it makes me think of that house.

and therefore the banks wouldn’t lend on it and as a result, no one would touch it. We persuaded a potential purchaser to undertake a structural survey on the property and lo and behold, the structure of the building was absolutely fine. Subsequently a mortgage was granted and it sold. It was a great lesson that you shouldn’t always take things at face value. Finest property showcase: We have just started marketing a 5 bedroom property on Dalmore Road, which is perfect for a large family looking for a home with plenty of character and space. Detached, double-fronted family homes in this area don’t come along very often so we expect it to receive a good amount of interest. £1,450,000 - Freehold.

The toughest sale and why: A few years back we marketed a property on Ulverstone Road, SE27 which was proving difficult to sell. Known as the ‘falling down house’ the perception was that the unmodernised period home was structurally unsafe


NEWS.indd 108

27/09/2013 17:26


minutes With...

Claire Empson


Oliver Burgess Winkworth, East Dulwich

Director of Daisy Lets � 020 8299 9035;

� 020 8299 2722;

Lenders’ tighter lending policy Julian Hill Director of Elysian Finance

1. Why did you choose this area to open your branch? I’ve lived in East Dulwich since 2002,

� 020 8676 5090;

so it was an area I knew very well and meant I had a large network of potential clients to draw upon when starting the agency. Word of mouth recommendations cannot be underestimated in an area like East Dulwich.

s mortgage lending increases, lenders are tightening certain areas of their lending policies in order to avoid the excesses that caused the last housing bubble. Stress tests are being introduced in April next year and this will test the impact of a future rise in interest rates based on market expectations and a contingency for unanticipated rate increases on earnings. Th is will work alongside the affordability checks that measure lifestyle costs, including mortgage payments, against net income. Many lenders already adopt this policy and they do not anticipate much increase in the number of applicants they turn down. In addition, lenders are reducing the age that they will lend up to (75 or 70 years of age), although there may be sufficient income from pensions, investments or their business to cover the mortgage. Th is leaves the older borrower with a more limited choice of lender.


2. What is your company ethos? How do you translate that into giving the best customer service? Our

company motto is “We’ll look after your property as if it were our own”, and we all strive to adhere to this, which results in customer satisfaction for both landlords and tenants. 3. What properties are you most excited about having on your books? I love to take on previously owner

occupied Victorian and Edwardian family houses just off Lordship Lane, as they are easy for us to fi nd tenants for and I enjoy admiring the period features still intact in a lot of them. It’s also great fi nding out what is different about each property as each owner has changed it to suit them and modernized them in innovative ways. 4. What do you predict for the property market for 2013/14? Rental values and demand are strong and

should continue to be so. We may see a slight decline in letting new build flats due to the new government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme from Jan 1st. Th is may help some tenants who would otherwise have rented for a few more years buy their fi rst property much sooner. Due to this increased interest, developers of new build properties may also sell more stock off rather than letting it, which some have chosen to do in recent years until the sales market improved. Th is scheme only applies to the purchase of new build properties, so it shouldn’t affect the general rental market too much in this area of South London where the majority of the housing is period property. I think that the only way is up!

Demand & prices rise in the South-East

Kim Jones

Sales Manager of Bushells � 020 8299 1722;


ouse prices have continued to rise consistently each month over the summer as the market continues to go from strength to strength. Overall, the local market has seen a rise of 3.5 per cent from last August with a growing interest in South East London, in particular East Dulwich, Peckham Rye & Camberwell. East Dulwich has seen a great increase in the property market this year as new buyers recognise all of its great offerings,

A property situated on Grove Park that recently sold for £1,495,000.


he summer in this part of London has been extremely busy. May through to July saw record levels of demand and the Winkworth group sold over 23% more property than in the same period last year. August also bucked the trend and the office was a hive of activity. The lettings team especially exceeded expectations and, although we have seen people stopping renting in order to get on to the property ladder, there are still plenty of good professionals out there looking to rent. September has continued with a bang and record prices are being achieved across the area. Three properties in the roads around Peckham Rye have achieved a million pounds and above and demand remains very strong for these larger properties. In fact, there is demand across the whole property range, with the area being targeted by young professionals and families.

including great transport links into central London, buzzing markets, pubs, restaurants & boutiques. Th is, coupled with the fantastic sought-after schools & beautiful parks, make it a haven for young professional couples and families. The government’s help-to-buy scheme has also seen a large increase in the number of fi rst time buyers in the market, as it enables more people to take that fi rst step onto the property ladder. As a result, the vibrant up and coming areas of Peckham, Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park, Sydenham & Nunhead are attracting a lot of attention. When also taking into account the recent addition of the East London Overground, it confi rms that these areas are certainly ones to watch. Low stock levels are also adding to the increased prices in the area with the demand backing up as a result of their being little stock for people to buy. Th is trend is unlikely to change in the immediate future, and with the introduction of the second part of the government’s proposal in the form of the mortgage guarantee scheme, we are likely to see demand and prices rise even higher in 2014.

Up Your Street William Drey

haart, Dulwich � 020 8299 3728;


ast Dulwich is a pretty unusual and dinky place and this curious house is very East Dulwich. It is a three bedroom house in a brilliant location near Northcross Road, which for non East Dulwich aficionados is the epicentre of the area and has a superb Saturday market, apart from loads of trendy shops. What’s different about this house is that it has a shared entrance. One front door leads to a hallway shared with it’s semi detached neighbour. This house has bags of character and charm and needs work. It has an excellent garden with a fabulous open aspect. Upland Road, SE22  £550,000 Freehold


NEWS.indd 109

27/09/2013 17:27

p r e m i e r

showcasing the finest

Substantial home Prime Road

p r e m i e r

Therapia Road SE22 A substantial six bedroom Victorian family house situated in a prime residential road. The property comprises three reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, six bedrooms, family bathroom, large garden and off street parking for two vehicles. The property is near local shops, cafĂŠs and bars and is within easy reach of the main bus routes from Forest Hill Road. ÂŁ1,200,000 Freehold

Dulwich 020 8875 7999


01/10/2013 12:30

Balham 020 8675 6565 Battersea 020 7924 2255 Clapham 020 8875 7995 Dulwich 020 8875 7999

Victorian property

Earlsfield 020 8971 7070 Putney Open 2013 Streatham 020 8677 9900 Tooting 020 8767 0522

Wandsworth 020 8875 8899 Wandsworth Common 020 8672 9077 Wimbledon 020 3195 9111

p r e m i e r

Beautifully presented

Upland Road SE22 A fantastic Victorian family house presented in superb condition. The property comprises of double reception with a modern kitchen/breakfast room, four bedrooms and a large contemporary bathroom. Situated in a popular tree lined residential road near Goodrich Primary School and within easy reach of main bus routes, cafĂŠs and restaurants on Lordship Lane. ÂŁ799,950 Freehold

Dulwich 020 8875 7999


01/10/2013 12:33

p r e m i e r

showcasing the finest

Stunning kitchen

Centrally located

p r e m i e r

Hansler Road SE22 A fabulous three bedroom Victorian mid-terraced house located in one of the most popular residential roads in East Dulwich. The property is presented in superb condition and there is no onward chain. Comprises double reception, large kitchen breakfast room three bedrooms and good size garden. Situated within easy reach of East Dulwich station, main bus routes, shops, bars and restaurants on Lordship Lane. ÂŁ795,000 Freehold

Dulwich 020 8875 7999


01/10/2013 12:33

Balham 020 8675 6565 Battersea 020 7924 2255 Clapham 020 8875 7995 Dulwich 020 8875 7999

Converted Church

Earlsfield 020 8971 7070 Putney Open 2013 Streatham 020 8677 9900 Tooting 020 8767 0522

Wandsworth 020 8875 8899 Wandsworth Common 020 8672 9077 Wimbledon 020 3195 9111

p r e m i e r

Stunning property

Black Roof House SE5 A unique two bedroom duplex that forms part of this historic church in Myatts fields. Comprising two double bedrooms, large open plan living room/kitchen with vaulted ceiling and family bathroom. The property has access to Loughborough Junction and Denmark Hill stations and the Oval underground is just a short walk away. ÂŁ415 per week

Dulwich 020 8875 7999


01/10/2013 12:33


Spotlight on Dulwich Village THROUGH THE KEYHOLE... Half Moon Lane, SE24 £1,675,000

� 020 8693 4321;


superb double fronted Edwardian family house conveniently located for Herne Hill and North Dulwich stations as well as all the renowned Dulwich schools. The house has great accommodation with five bedrooms, three bathrooms and superb kitchen/breakfast room.

7 Kitchen/ Breakfast Room



Stunning fitted kitchen/breakfast room with modern appliances and gas fired AGA.


7 Bathroom Superbly fitted fabulous family bathroom, one of three serving five double bedrooms.



Sitting Room

One of two bright and comfortable reception rooms opening directly onto the landscaped garden.

Public Knowledge

Liz Marshall

Branch Manager at Pickwick Estates, Dulwich � 020 3397 1144;





Goodrich, Heber, Goose Green St John’s, St Clements and St Anthony’s are all popular primary schools. For secondary schools Kingsdale foundation, Charter, Sydenham Girls & Forest Hill Boys are well-respected.

Head off to The Dulwich Picture Gallery for culture followed by coffee and a slice of cake afterwards. I also love to mooch around the shops on Lordship Lane and follow it up with a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon.

The One O’ Clock club in Peckham Rye Park for little people- they can throw paint at paper and it doesn’t matter if they miss. A walk in your wellies in the woods with a spot of blackberry or mushroom picking is wonderful too.

Dulwich Park is a haven of activity. There’s lots available- tennis, football, outdoor fitness classes and exercise equipment, boating on the lake as well as the banana bikes. Bel Air House has cricket, tennis, 11-a-side footie and the Skate Park.


SPOTLIGHT.indd 124

27/09/2013 17:22

LANDELLS ROAD, SE22 £669,950 F/H

PELLATT ROAD, SE22 £669,950 F/H


road in the centre of East Dulwich. Large open plan

one single bedroom, reception, modern kitchen and 2nd

of East Dulwich. The property offers 4 good double

living and dining room, modern kitchen, two double

reception / breakfast room. Excellent location close to

bedrooms, large contemporary style family bathroom,

bedrooms, luxury bathroom, loft room and landscaped

the local primary school and the bars and restaurants on

double reception with oak flooring and modern kitchen

South West garden with a 5 person hot tub.

Lordship Lane.

diner with doors leading onto a good sized garden.




South facing garden. The property is well presented

offers a double reception, large family sized kitchen

just off North Cross Road close to Lordship Lane. The

throughout with 2 separate receptions, kitchen diner with

diner with French doors to private garden. Upstairs are

property offers a large double reception, modern

doors leading out onto a sunny landscaped garden.

three double bedrooms and a modern bathroom.

kitchen/diner, three good double bedrooms, family

Victorian half house situated on a tree lined residential

3 double bedroom semi- detached Victorian house with

3 Bedroom Victorian half house with 2 double bedrooms,

3 double bedroom Victorian terrace house. The house

4 Double bedroom town house situated in the centre

3 double bedroom Victorian mid-terraced house situated

bathroom and an attractive private garden.

HAYES GROVE, SE22 £679,950 F/H

COLWELL ROAD, SE22 £749,950 F/H

IVYDALE ROAD, SE15 £669,950 F/H

through road in the centre of East Dulwich. The house

Dulwich. The house offers an extra wide reception,

offered to the market chain free.The property offers a

has been recently refurbished with a new kitchen diner

modern kitchen diner, master bedroom, two further

large double reception, family eat-in kitchen diner with

with doors out onto a landscaped garden. 3 large

double bedrooms, bathroom and patio garden.

doors out onto a good sized sunny garden, upstairs are

3 bedroom modern town house located on a quiet no

3 double bedroom Victorian house in the centre of East

double bedrooms, and a huge family reception room.

3 double bedroom Victorian terraced house being

three excellent double bedrooms with a family bathroom.

Scan this code to download the Winkworth iPhone app

See things differently.

020 8299 2722 WINKWORTH_Oct.indd 1

30/09/2013 18:40



Elite 3 Bed terrace on hip East Dulwich street. Ultra high-spec internals, Farrow & Ball decor, inbuilt media hook-ups, underfloor heating and bespoke Hafele kitchen. New windows, carpet, oak flooring, bespoke storage too. Superb spot just off Lordship Lane. This client has busied themselves creating the house of their dreams and are reluctantly selling up and moving on. Nutfield Road is lined with these pretty, flat-fronted Victorian cottages - this has a double reception, downstairs cloakroom, kitchen/diner plus 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

For sales call Felicity, Stacy, Colin and Elaine ROY BROOKS DPS OCT.indd 2

30/09/2013 12:20

Matching people to homes 020 8299 3021 |



Contemporary coach-house with supersonic internals, 2 bedrooms, fluid living space, a glass-clad rear, en suite plus shower room and private garden. Find it close to Zone 2 trains/East London Line services, Bellenden Road and the centre of Camberwell.



Live stylishly in this seductively refurbished bake house. It’s a detached, freehold no-expense-spared fantasy-pad of 850 sq ft with a designer evergreen courtyard garden. Find it near beautiful Peckham Rye Park.

For lettings call Kelly and Mel ROY BROOKS DPS OCT.indd 3

30/09/2013 12:21


Sydenham now boasts a monthly Farmers Market

Pedder Community news

Natasha Osunde

Branch Manager, Sydenham � 020 8659 0220;


ow considered one of South East London’s up and coming areas, Sydenham has been re-energised. Since being awarded Mary Portas Pilot funding, the high street has greatly improved, encouraging new and independent businesses and pop up shops to

Dulwich Picture Gallery


rom 16th October – 12th January, Dulwich Picture Gallery will be displaying a new exhibition called ‘An American in London: Whistler and the Thames’. This major exhibition devoted to the American born artist will include an array of paintings of Chelsea and the Thames River, along with prints and rarely seen drawings, watercolours and pastels. The exhibition will culminate in the display of some of Whistler’s stunning and iconic Nocturnes, including Blue and Gold – Old Battersea Bridge (1872-1877). Visit to buy tickets.

Market Comment emerge. This, coupled with the exciting links into London via the East London Line, means Sydenham is now more than just a viable option to live- it is more often than not, people’s first choice. Property prices range from £150,000 for flats above commercial buildings to £1,500,000 for detached houses on prime roads; the diversity is fascinating.

There is also a strong sense of community in Sydenham with many streets holding Summer street parties, a monthly Farmers Market (which is located in the new pocket garden, Venner Square), various festivals and many other diversions. With six local parks and a good selection of schools, Sydenham truly has it all.

Big Pub Quiz

Park Hill Junior School


n Thursday 10th October Pedder will be hosting our third annual ‘Big Pub Quiz’ in aid of Cancer Research UK at the Dulwich Woodhouse. Located at 39 Sydenham Hill, the pub is only a five minute walk from Sydenham Hill railway station.Through ticket sales and prizes donated by generous local companies £300 was raised for the charity last year – a target we are hoping to beat! Pedder have been raising money for Cancer Research UK for over 3 years and you can keep up to date with their progress at


edder are the new sponsor of Park Hill Junior School’s football team and would like to wish them lots of luck for the new season! We are also proud to sponsor the school’s Fireworks display which takes place on Friday 8th November at 6.15pm.

We’re also very pleased to announce that both of our Herne Hill branches are now back open and trading us usual after the flood damage that occurred at the beginning of August.

For more information on upcoming events, please visit



30/09/2013 14:16

Award winning independent residential lettings & property management specialists


TARGET : Edward & Catherine STATUS : Newlyweds PROFESSION : Accountant & Teacher INCOME : Combined £70,000 Pa INTERESTS : Reading, Travelling, Tennis & Cooking

Ideal home - 82 Wood Vale


We’ll look after your property as if it were our own Landlord & Buy-to-Let Magazine

Landlord & Letting Awards

Finalist 2012-13


* Free Daisylets App available to download now for iphone & Android


020 8299 9035 30/09/2013 15:50



£925,000 FREEHOLD

Stunning four double bedroom semi-detached house that has been the subject of a recent top spec overhaul ,and now successfully blends period charm with a modern style. Well-placed for local amenities, West Norwood station and great schools. Properties of such a high standard rarely become available so early viewing is highly recommended.

West Dulwich Office94 Park Hall RoadWest DulwichLondon SE21 8BWE:


30/09/2013 12:15

WWW .pickwickestates. CO . UK

pickwick estates



A classic double-fronted 3/4 bedroom Victorian house with

Lovely mid-terraced cottage which has been subject to immaculate

generous sized rooms close to great transport links to central

refurbishment and offers well-planned accommodation throughout.


Available from October.

Dulwich Office

West Dulwich Office

CATOR ROAD, SE26£1,595,000 F/H

CLIVE ROAD, SE21 £475,000 F/H

Statuesque 6 bedroom detached period home set back from

Breathtaking two bedroom first floor flat with gorgeously equipped

the road with a sweeping driveway and enormous garden.

open-plan living and finished to an exceptional standard.

West Dulwich Office

West Dulwich Office

Dulwich Office I 8 Woodwarde Road I Dulwich I London SE22 8UJT: 020 3397 1144E: PICKWICK ESTATES.OCT.indd 3

30/09/2013 12:15



£450,000 FREEHOLD

Set in a lovely quiet cul-de-sac is this four bedroom mid terraced house with the rear overlooking the park. Externally there is a well maintained 40ft rear garden and off street parking to the front. Within close proximity to Honor Oak train station and Overground with no onward chain.

Honor Oak Park Office I Honor Oak I London SE23 1EA I Tel: 020 3397 1166E:


30/09/2013 12:15

WWW .pickwickestates. CO . UK

pickwick estates


LORDSHIP LANE, SE22  £475,000 SofF

Beautifully presented two bedroom (plus study) first floor conversion

Large three bedroom Victorian conversion garden flat situated on

flat with fabulous private garden.

Lordship Lane. Chain free and share of freehold.

Honor Oak Park Office

Dulwich Office

BARRY ROAD, SE22  £435,000 L/H

FERMOR ROAD, SE23  £430,000

Well proportioned 2 bedroom garden flat occupying the entire

Recently refurbished four bedroom end of terrace house in a quiet

ground floor of this handsome Victorian house.

residential road with 65ft garden.

Dulwich Office

Honor Oak Park Office

Dulwich Office I 8 Woodwarde Road I Dulwich I London SE22 8UJT: 020 3397 1144E: PICKWICK ESTATES.OCT.indd 5

30/09/2013 12:16



AG SAL RE E ED GROVE PARK SE5 Asking Price £2,350,000

COURT LANE SE21 In excess of Asking Price £1,950,000

DRUCE ROAD SE21 Asking Price £1,250,000

KFH_NH_OCT.indd 8

WOODWARDE ROAD SE22 Asking Price £1,200,000




BECKWITH ROAD SE24 Asking Price £1,350,000

CARVER ROAD SE24 In excess of Asking Price £995,000

CARSON ROAD SE21 Asking Price £1,495,000




STRADELLA ROAD SE24 Asking Price £2,250,000

CAMBERWELL GROVE SE5 Asking Price £2,300,000




ALLEYN ROAD SE21 Asking Price £3,250,000

MITCHELLS PLACE SE21 Asking Price £935,000

HALF MOON LANE SE24 Asking Price £675,000

27/09/2013 15:12

IN ST NE RU W CT IO N BEULAH HILL SE19 £2,250,000 Owner’s Agents Early Victorian c1840 Grade II listed detached house (5404 sq ft/502.03 sq m). There are 7 Bedrms; 3 Bathrms (2 ens); 2 Shower Rms; 4 Rec Rms; Study: Coach House; Summer Hse & Outbuildings. EPC : F

HALF MOON LANE SE24 £1,675,000 Sole Agents Double fronted Edwardian family house (2477 sq ft/230.11 sq m) with 5 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrooms; Shower Room; 3 Reception Rooms; Kitchen; Utility Room; Cellar & 32’ Rear Garden. EPC : E


ALLEYN ROAD SE21 £2,500,000 Sole Agents Detached family house (3481 sq ft/323 sq m) with 5 Bedrooms; Bathrm; 2 Ens Shower Rms; 4 Reception Rooms; Kitchen/Dining Room; Utility; Games Room; Shed; OSP & 115’ Rear Garden. EPC : E

WARMINGTON ROAD SE24 £1,350,000 Sole Agents Double fronted detached family house (2072 sq ft/192.49 sq m) with 5 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrooms; 2 Reception Rooms; Kitchen/Dining Room; Study; Cellar; Garage; OSP & 43’ Rear Garden. EPC : F

KFH_NH_OCT.indd 9

SYDENHAM HILL SE26 £1,450,000 Sole Agents Modern detached family house (3046 sq ft/282.97 sq m) with 6 Bedrmooms; Dressing Rm; 2 Bathrms 91 ens); Shower Rm; 2 Reception Rooms; Kitchen/ Dining; Gym; OSP & 76’ Rear Garden. EPC : D


GROVE PARK SE5 £1,495,000 Owner’s Agents Victorian semi detached family house (2383 sq ft/221.38 sq m) with 6 Bedrms; Bathrm; Shower Rm; 2 Reception Rms; Kitchen; Study/Bed 5; Gym/Bed 6; Laundry; Bike Store & 74’ Rear Garden. EPC : F


COURT LANE SE21 £1,495,000 Sole Agents Double fronted detached family house (2064 sq ft/191.75 sq m) with 6 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrms (1 ens); Shower Rm; 3 Reception Rooms; Kitchen/Breakfast Room; Shed; OSP & 87’ Rear Garden. EPC : E

BEAUVAL ROAD SE22 £1,075,000 Sole Agents Edwardian family house (1965 sq ft/182.55 sq m) situated between Dulwich Village & East Dulwich There are 5 Bedrms; 2 Bathrms (1 ens); 2 Rec Rms; Kitchen; Study/Bed 5 & 35’ Rear Garden. EPC : E

LONGTON AVENUE SE26 £800,000 Sole Agents Detached double fronted family house (1891 sq ft/175.67 sq m) with 5 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrooms; 2 Reception Rooms; Kitchen; Utility Room; OSP; Garage and 56’ Rear Garden. EPC : E

27/09/2013 15:12

Offices throughout London

Landells Road SE22


East Dulwich Road SE22


A very well presented two double bedroom flat with a private garden offered to the market with no onward chain. This property is bright, airy & is located in a sought after street in East Dulwich close to all the popular shops, bars & restaurants on Lordship Lane. EPC = D

A larger than average two double bedroom top floor Victorian conversion in the heart of East Dulwich. Overlooking Goose Green, this property is bright, airy, offers fantastic living space & two great size bedrooms. Benefiting from a shared south facing roof terrace with great views over London. EPC = E

Dulwich & SE I 020 8299 1722 I

Dulwich & SE I 020 8299 1722 I

Crebor Street SE22

Consort Road SE5



A well presented two bedroom maisonette offered to the market with no onward chain and a share of the freehold. This property has been decorated to a high standard & benefits from a large reception room, two bedrooms, a modern & newly fitted bathroom, kitchen/diner, balcony & private decked garden. EPC = C

Bushells are pleased to offer a three bedroom Victorian house. This property is oozing with many original features from stripped flooring to pretty fireplaces and benefiting from a 70ft garden, two reception rooms, kitchen diner opening out onto the garden with the upstairs having three double bedrooms. EPC = E

Dulwich & SE I 020 8299 1722 I

Dulwich & SE I 020 8299 1722 I

Acton  Balham  Bloomsbury  Battersea  Camden  Clapham  Dulwich  Fulham  Hammersmith  Islington  West Hampstead

Bushells OCT.indd 2

27/09/2013 11:42

Netherby Road SE23


A four double bedroom semi detached house with off street parking & a large private garden. This spacious house is split over three floors & offers over 1200 sqft of living space. Comprising a large kitchen/diner, reception room leading on to a bright conservatory which leads on to a very well kept decking area & a private 57” garden, two bathrooms including one en-suite & a downstairs WC. EPC = C

Dulwich & SE I 020 8299 1722 I


Acton  Balham  Bloomsbury  Battersea  Camden  Clapham  Dulwich  Fulham  Hammersmith  Islington  West Hampstead

Bushells OCT.indd 3

27/09/2013 11:42

Barry Road, East Dulwich, SE22 0JP ÂŁ1,175,000 - Freehold

5 bedrooms 2 reception rooms Large southerly facing garden

This pretty Victorian semi-detached home has been revamped by one of East Dulwich’s most inspired development companies. The property offers a contemporary clean-lined kitchen/breakfast room extension to the rear and a media room for those wanting to entertain friends and family with a home cinema experience. Barry Road is equidistant betwen West Dulwich Station, East Dulwich Station and Peckham Rye Station all offering links into Central London. There are also plenty of excellent bus routes including the No.12 bus which takes you to Victoria Station.

Dulwich Office 16 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8HN

TRUEPENNYS_DulwichOct.indd 2


t: 020 8693 2277

30/09/2013 17:58

Nutfield Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9DG £2,400 - per calendar month

Limes Road, Beckenham, BR3 6NS £1,600 - per calendar month (£370 p/w)

.. .

2 Bedrooms Fully refurbished throughout Double reception room

3 double bedrooms Open plan kitchen/breakfast room Private garden

Darrell Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9NL £2,750 - per calendar month (£635 p/w)

.. .

4 Bedrooms 2 reception rooms Excellent location

Clapham Office 29 Abbeville Road, Clapham, SW4 9LA

TRUEPENNYS_DulwichOct.indd 3


t: 020 8675 1762

30/09/2013 17:58

After the umpteenth year, the self-made man rested.

PL_DulwichOct.indd 2 2-3 Bedroom_297x210.indd

20/09/2013 10:41

PL_DulwichOct.indd 3

20/09/2013 05/06/2013 10:41 11:45


Living the Dream � The most luxuriously appointed properties on the market.

Camberwell Grove, SE5


truly charming Georgian townhouse in the most sought after (in our opinion) road in Camberwell. The property has retained a wealth of period features, including wood panelling, fire places, floorboards and sash windows, but would benefit from updating throughout to make a truly spectacular home.

£950,000 Pickwicks, Dulwich

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Elm Park, SW2

Upland Road, SE22





his house is a stunning example of period architecture blended with a contemporary finishing. A luxurious kitchen will be bliss to the gastronomically inclined, and the perfect postage stamp courtyard garden accessed from the rear is nothing short of delightful. The two double bedrooms provide superb accommodation and having previously been a three bedroom house, the third bedroom has been converted into a significantly larger than average, highly attractive bathroom suite.


his beautifully presented period conversion ground floor flat was refurbished to a high standard a couple of years ago, and has been further enhanced by the current owners. This property comprises of three double bedrooms, a private large rear patio area, and a stunning open plan living and kitchen area. Situated close to Peckham Rye Park, the bars and shops of Lordship Lane and good transport links. Viewing is highly recommended.

haart, Brixton

Leasehold Acorn, Dulwich

� 020 7274 2878;

� 020 8516 3666;


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A passion for property

Woodyard Lane, Dulwich ÂŁ2,950,000 An architectural rarity in London - 1 of only 9 - overlooking Dulwich Park. Featured twice on Grand Designs, the property offers 3132 sq ft of stylish living space set over 3 floors comprising 3 receptions, study, utility room, 5 bedrooms (one ensuite), family bathroom and guest WC. Floor to ceiling double glazing throughout provides bright living space. EPC: (D).

Please contact our Dulwich Village Office on 020 8299 0922

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SE London’s hottest properties

Friern Road, East Dulwich £1,195,000 Victorian family house recently upgraded to a high standard. The property is arranged over 3 floors comprising 5 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms (open-plan), utility room, downstairs WC, cellar and kitchen/breakfast/family room with bi-fold doors opening out onto a 78’ garden. Off street parking to the front. EPC: (C).

Please contact our East Dulwich Office on 020 8299 3721

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A passion for property

Lawrie Park Avenue, Sydenham ÂŁ595,000 Four bedroom town house arranged over five floors. The property comprises a reception with an open view, a kitchen/ dining room overlooking gardens to the rear as well as a family bathroom, ensuite shower and a downstairs WC. Private drive and integral garage. Well located for access to Sydenham Rail and Crystal Palace Park. EPC: (E).

Please contact our Sydenham Office on 020 8659 0220

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SE London’s hottest properties

Frankfurt Road, Herne Hill ÂŁ1,100,000 Five bedroom well presented property retaining many original features and offering spacious living accommodation with a 30ft landscaped garden. The property also features study, utility room, 2 bathrooms and WC. EPC: (E).

Please contact our Herne Hill Office on 020 7738 5926

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A passion for property

Honor Oak Road, Forest Hill £1,475,000 Six bedroom semi detached house arranged over four levels boasting 4,800 sq ft of living space with a 200 ft garden. The property comprises 5 double bedrooms (one en suite), 3 reception rooms, kitchen/ breakfast room, pantry, 2 WCs, sixth bedroom/self contained studio apartment and a 24’1 x 18’1 coach house. EPC: (F).

Please contact our Forest Hill Office on 020 8314 4070

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SE London’s hottest properties

South Norwood Hill, South Norwood ÂŁ619,995 Five bedroom detached property totalling 1,850 sq ft over 3 floors. The property comprises reception room, utility, guest WC and kitchen/dining space with bi-fold doors onto a 75ft rear garden. The first floor comprises 3 double bedrooms and a family bathroom, with two further bedrooms (one en suite and another with balcony) on the top floor. EPC: (C).

Please contact our Crystal Palace Office on 020 8670 7160

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A passion for property

Anerley Park, Crystal Palace Prices from ÂŁ525,000 A pair of 3/4 bedroom high specification semi-detached houses with parking. En suite shower rooms to master bedrooms. The houses are located close to Crystal Palace Park and have excellent transport links from Penge West (ELL) to London Bridge and Canada Water within 20 minutes and from Penge East to Victoria in 17 minutes. (Images for marketing purposes only).

Please contact our New Homes Office on 020 7783 6839

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A passion for property

SE London’s hottest properties Have you ever wondered why so many of SE London’s hottest properties are with Pedder? Maybe it’s down to our dominance on the high street. Perhaps it’s our office network and extensive web coverage which means more details get in front of more people. Or maybe its because our eight offices work as a team. It all means that hot homes get the best possible exposure – great news for sellers and landlords.

Pedder. SE London’s premier agent Crystal Palace

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Pissarro House 77A Westow Hill SE19 1TZ 020 8670 7160

119 Dulwich Village Dulwich Village SE21 7BJ 020 8299 0922

23 Lordship Lane East Dulwich SE22 8EW 020 8299 3721

45 London Rd Forest Hill SE23 3TY 020 8314 4070

24 Half Moon Lane Herne Hill SE24 9HU 020 7738 5926

52 Chichester Rd Parkhill CR0 5NB 020 8680 2422

Darley House 14 Sydenham Rd SE26 5QW 020 8659 0220 PEDDER_DULWICH_IBC_SEPT.indd AW16532 PedderChilli_A4_Ad_v2.indd 21

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A passion for property

Sharper thinking comes with experience.

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