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CREATING Our Future Together

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A REPORT TO VENTURA COUNTY Ventura County Community Foundation


Staying the course in times of



community foundation occupies a unique place in a region like Ventura County. Its purpose is to protect the charitable capital entrusted to its care for the future, and to work with donors, nonprofits, community leaders and outside partners to harness that philanthropic capital to address the challenges faced by the people of Ventura County. As the financial convulsions of 2009 evolve into a still difficult-to-predict 2010, we remain grateful for the privilege of working with so many donors, partners and friends to fulfill our core responsibilities: • Stewarding donor legacies • Training leaders and educating donors • Investing in the future of Ventura County We remain, 23 years after our founding, committed to one simple but powerful ideal: earning the trust that will make us an indispensible philanthropic partner dedicated to strengthening the future of our county. This annual report to the community reflects the core values we hold at the heart of our mission, to promote and enable philanthropy to improve our community, for good for ever. We believe our work requires specialized skills, which we work hard to perfect. These include: • Protecting donor intent to ensure these wishes are carried out long into the future; • Disciplined and skillful management of longterm endowments to fund that intent in perpetuity; • Evaluation of grantmaking and operations to

deliver our mission efficiently and effectively; • Training leaders among local nonprofit boards and staff; • Investing in a brighter future through scholarships for students and those needing training in our workforce. In this report, you will see how we carry out these responsibilities, how local philanthropy has made a difference in our region and how leadership, at multiple levels, is a core value that we not only teach but try to model. In these especially tumultuous times, we are persevering to ensure the legacies donors entrusted to our care continue to make a difference they intended. Business guru Peter Drucker observed the best way to predict the future is to create it. After such an unsettling year, the future seems more uncertain, and the consequences of the global economic slowdown are both real and profound. But the talent and desire to create a better tomorrow and to work with others in its pursuit are assets that do not fluctuate with market values. They are valued at VCCF every day and fuel our work. We have the great privilege and opportunity to create a future that reflects the investments of donors and partners to meet the needs of our neighbors and to build healthy communities with nonprofit institutions that will protect, preserve and nurture a future for our children, a future that is worthy of those who paved the way for our success. Thank you for your faith in our partnership. Come join us in this good work.

Pierre Y. Tada, Chair, Board of Directors

From left: Hugh J. Ralston and Pierre Y. Tada

Hugh J. Ralston, President & CEO

The year at a glance

VCCF navigates a turbulent economy while helping local nonprofits stay afloat through grants and training January






• A record number of • Verizon awards • The Mary Leavens • Destino: The • The ArtsLIVE • Armando Lopez $50,000 to scholarships – nearly Schwabauer Hispanic Legacy Initiative awards its joins the VCCF Leadership Fund Fund awards eight first round of grants 380 awards, totaling Board of Directors. support VCCF’s new technology is launched at an grants – totaling – totaling $129,950 more than $1.35 • The ArtsLIVE strategies, event to honor $51,000 – to – to nonprofits and million – is awarded Initiative holds including an at the annual VCCF Schwabauer as she programs serving individual artists, its first public online community Scholarship Awards steps down as Board Ventura County’s with a focus on platform. convening: Reception. chair. Latino Community visual arts. “Building • VCCF Board cuts with a broad focus Communities • VCCF holds special • Ten community the VCCF budget on literacy. volunteers receive through the Arts” open investment 15 percent due to the first President’s – with nationally committee for the impact from Award for Service. historic downturn known expert Jerry donors and in the financial Yoshitomi. beneficiaries. • Board Leadership markets. Institute graduates convene to address board training in a tough economy. Mary Leavens Schwabauer

2009 Timeline • Grant from VCCF Community Response Fund reopens a battered women’s shelter shuttered by state budget cuts. • The Women’s Legacy Fund at VCCF gives $71,000 in grants to assist abused and • For the first time homeless women. • VCCF’s investment in its history, the portfolio rebounds • VCCF launches • VCCF donates VCCF board votes $10,000 as seed in the 4th quarter, redesigned to reduce annual • The Center money for Ventura up 12.6 percent. payout rate to • With Amgen for Nonprofit County Together’s • The Social Justice nonprofits from matching donations Leadership at VCCF “The Buck Starts Fund of Ventura its endowment – a • Meet the dollar per dollar, announces new Here” campaign to County awards move brought on Grantmakers Ventura County curricula to help meet basic needs for $50,000 in grants to by the plunging at the Center Together’s “Buck nonprofits weather struggling Ventura nonprofits that give financial markets for Nonprofit Starts Here” the recession at its County families, and requirement Leadership attracts annual open house, local residents – not campaign raises joined by First 5 a handout – but a a record number of to preserve core Ventura County and recognizing three $224,000 for basic hand up. endowment. attendees. United Way. needs. local donors.








By the Numbers Asset Growth

Grants Growth

Additive Chart 1

Additive Chart2

6,000,000 $6 million-

120,000,000 $120 million-

100,000,000 $100 million-

- $95,645,892

5,000,000 $5 million-

- $4,987,618 - $4,493,118

Other Assets

- $83,690,416

$80 million-


Smith Foundation Assets

4,000,000 $4 million-

- $71,186,744 Endowed Assets

60,000,000 $60 million-

Scholarship Funds

$40 million40,000,000


Other Assets Smith Foundation Assets

Grants Awarded-VCCF

3,000,000 $3 million-

Scholarships Awarded

2,000,000 $2 million-

20,000,000 $20 million-

2007 2007

Grants Awarded-Smith

- $14,488,692 2008 2008


2009 2009

2007 2007

Endowed Assets Scholarship Funds

Fiscal year end assets reflect the impact of investment performance, annual distributions and new contributions. For more

- $1,329,801

1,000,000 $1 million-

2008 2008

Grants Awarded -Smith Grants Awarded -VCCF

2009 2009

Scholarships Awarded

information, contact Clare Brown, VCCF vice president and controller.

VCCF Operating Budgets Fund Fee Income Cornerstone Endowment Fee for Service Grant Funded Programs Donations & Contributions Total Revenue Staff Payroll & Benefits Program Consultants & Expenses Rent Operating Expenses Capital Improvements & Software Total Expenses Net Operating Profit (Loss)




901,589 212,925 146,000 434,696 114,521 1,809,731 1,051,999 222,569 96,924 329,661 65,573 1,766,726 43,005

933,584 212,754 190,706 634,179 110,002 2,081,225 1,302,550 284,318 112,069 323,583 61,345 2,083,865 (2,640)

718,523 219,398 221,492 517,085 170,964 1,847,462 1,138,369 267,666 132,415 282,552 35,686 1,856,688 (9,226)

Like other nonprofits dependant on the investment markets, The board also directed us to extend our field-of-interest VCCF was hit by lower endowment fees. fund grant cycles to two years, saving VCCF staff time and Recognizing early in the year the impact on VCCF’s also allowing more substantive objectives for grants from our operations was likely to be significant, the board approved Destino, Women’s Legacy and Heritage funds. cutbacks, including leaving three open positions vacant, The December 2009 completion of VCCF’s updated Web reducing operations and moving much of our marketing to a site allows us to post donor statements online, reducing both new online platform. printing and mailing costs.


Investment returns

V CC F F i s cal Ye ar End i ng S e p t . 3 0

Fiscal YTD

Last Fiscal Year

Last Five Fiscal Years

Last Ten Fiscal Years

As of 9.30.09

As of 09.30.08

FY 2004-2009

FY 1999-2009

5.5 1.7

VCCF Policy Index

(14.0) (14.7)

5.5 3.8

6.3 3.3

A volatile year ends on an up note The financial markets followed a volatile path in Fiscal Year 2009 and plunged to historic lows on March 9. The markets eventually found their footing and posted significant gains through Sept. 30, 2009, and beyond. The disciplined investment strategy adopted by VCCF,

which is carefully monitored and reviewed by the investment committee and the board, yielded good returns. VCCF’s portfolio climbed back 5.5 percent for the fiscal year. These excellent relative returns mean the portfolio outperformed its benchmarks by 365 basis points.

Our investment policy VCCF is entrusted with long-term endowments, to be invested and provide for the purposes designated by the donor. Working with an investment committee of experienced professionals,VCCF provides oversight for endowments invested in diversified portfolios which are designed to preserve and grow contributed capital over market cycles at levels in excess of fees, annual distribution and inflation. These strategies are reviewed and approved by VCCF’s board of directors on an annual basis. For more information on VCCF’s investment policies, asset allocation strategies and manager performance, visit

VCCF Board builds framework for the future Training Leaders and Educating Donors








Investing in Ventura County and its future T



Stewarding Donor Legacies VCCF believes in the value of strategic planning, particularly as the organization and the environment in which it operates evolve. Beginning in 2009, the Board of Directors recognized the 2005 strategic plan had been overtaken by our success. We were approaching five-year goals early. And beyond that, the landscape of the financial markets and nonprofit sector encouraged taking a look at our goals and objectives.

Market declines and their impact on both funding partners and local donors cautioned VCCF to review its strategic direction within a framework appropriate for the both the opportunities ahead and the capacity to deliver. As it focuses strategic planning around longer-term goals and engages a professional firm to conduct stakeholder interviews in the spring-summer of 2010, the board has reaffirmed the

unique opportunities for a community foundation. In the chart above, you will see how the board’s three core priorities both feed from each other and lend strength to the work of the Foundation itself. In the spring of 2010, the board will work on developing its longer-range agenda, focusing attention on ways philanthropy, and all its partners, can invest in Ventura County’s future and produce substantive change.


Supporting community priorities D

espite a historic plunge in the financial markets in 2009,VCCF distributed more than $4.9 million in grants to the community, ensuring donor intent is honored in the tough times as well as in the good ones. Significant grants in 2009 included $1.5 million in distributions to local agencies from endowments established at VCCF by donors as well as by the agencies themselves. A new record in scholarships – $1.3 million – was handed out to students attending post-secondary education and

occupational training programs. Other grants included $1.1 million in funds distributed by donor-advised funds at VCCF – and an additional $495,000 from the Smith Foundation. VCCF’s own community grantmaking included $153,375 from the Community Response Fund and $34,012 from the Special and Urgent Needs (SUN) Fund to assist nonprofits struggling in the down economy.

$ 1.6 million Donor-advised funds and the Smith Foundation provided grants to local nonprofits. Investing in youth: $1.3 million A core investment in the future of Ventura County continues to be VCCF’s enormously successful scholarship program, which has grown tenfold over the past six years. Funded by over 90 individual scholarship funds established at VCCF by donors and bequests, and expanded

by additional gifts – including a significant contribution from the Orfalea Foundations – this year’s scholarship efforts expanded the number of students served.Yet, they still fall significantly short of the demand, increased by the recession that gripped the state. In 2009, as in 2008, applications increased 60 percent.

VCCF met this challenge with a sizable investment in technology by creating an online registration system designed to help students identify the scholarships for which they are qualified. For a listing of scholarship funds at VCCF, visit scholarship_fund_vc/index.shtml.

Housing for agricultural employees long Providing shelter for farmworkers: $102,000 has challenged Ventura County community leaders. With many crops grown locally Futures Alliance’s Farm Workers Housing Task Force. In requiring more labor and the increasing cost of housing, 2009, the fund distributed its first grant to the city of it has become difficult for this critical workforce to find Ventura to support a new housing project in that city, affordable shelter. expanding the supply of affordable housing for these workers and their families. The 80 in ‘08 Campaign by the Fund for Farmworker Housing raised funds to match a challenge from the Ag Visit

Strengthening the arts: $129,950 VCCF continued its partnership with the James Irvine Foundation’s Communities Advancing the Arts with its innovative ArtsLIVE in Ventura County. This three-year initiative is designed to highlight the quality of the arts produced in our region, invest in local arts organizations with training and technical assistance, raise new monies to support local arts organizations and start a new scholarship fund at VCCF dedicated to helping young artists succeed. The first two recipients of the Young Artists Scholarship


Fund received their awards in June and the first cycle of grants to nonprofits was distributed in May at a reception in Ventura. Partnering with the Ventura County Arts Council, the initiative raised matching funds to distribute grants to local arts organizations and, with the VC Arts Council, grants to individual artists working with community organizations on various projects. Ultimately the goal is to raise the visibility of creative expression in our region and attract more donors. For more information on the grants distributed in 2009, visit

$ 1.5 million Grants to local nonprofits from VCCF endowments established by donors and the agencies keep operating budgets afloat. Giving opportunities to women and girls: $70,000 In 2009, the Women’s Legacy Fund made domestic-violence prevention and the importance of basic-needs and safety-net services for women and girls its priority issues. The annual grants reception in September featured Ventura

County CEO Marty Robinson and distributed grants to local nonprofits. For more information, visit index.shtml.

Expanding literacy: $51,000 Beginning in 2010, In 2009, Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund Destino will focus focused on literacy in all its forms – financial, on investing in education and expanding opportunities for health, artistic and reading – and made grants to eight Latino youth to succeed. organizations throughout the county. The grants reception featured a keynote address by Rene and Angela Rodriguez, For more information on Destino’s grants, visit holders of a named Destino Scholarship Fund. funds/destino_fund/index.shtml. Reversing the nursing shortage: $33,804 VCCF was one of the first 10 partners in the United States funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Partners in Nursing’s Future program. The two-year grant, which was completed in 2009, was designed to build a community process that recognized the importance of nursing to the delivery of health care to the region and highlighted the structural challenges to

improving our county’s severe nursing shortage.

Through the PIN grant,VCCF and CSU Channel Islands partnered in developing community input into strategies for funders, donors and educational institutions to strengthen not only the nursing corps but also the capacity of statewide and regional institutions to train nurses. To see these strategies in more detail, visit programs/nursing_legacy/index.shtml.

Encouraging civic engagement: $40,250 An initiative of VCCF, the Ventura County Civic Alliance has been working in partnership with the Ventura Council of Governments, Southern California Association of Governments and the Ventura County Transportation Commission to get community input on plans for adapting to growth. Titled the Compact for a Sustainable Ventura County, this project is designed to bring the community’s say into publicsector plans to respond to growth, using the potential accommodation of 200,000 more residents as a prism around which to look at, and balance, growth in businesses, transportation, housing and other infrastructure. It’s not whether but how to accommodate growth that is the focus. For more information on the first phase of the compact, and the community sessions scheduled for 2010, visit

Making systemic change: $50,000 The Social Justice Fund was established as a donor-advised fund at VCCF by a group of dedicated local donors, who wished to work together to provide grants to address systemic inequities in our region. Using a giving-circle model, the fund has developed a more ambitious vision of engaging grassroots organizations, expanding its donor base through an educational campaign

and building a sustainable source of funds for its operations through an endowment, supported in part by the Irvine Foundation. VCCF has contributed to sustaining its operations and provides staffing support for its grantmaking and educational efforts.Visit for more details.


Strengthening nonprofits to withstand tougher times VCCF takes creative approaches to training arts providers. Through the Engaging, Sustaining and Growing Donors: the ArtsLIVE Training Program, 22 representatives of Ventura County arts groups learned skills to help their organizations thrive in 2009 and beyond. While a wonderful variety of the arts enriches and enlivens this county’s cultural scene, many local providers lack expertise in attracting donors – large and small – to support their programming. Of the 22 organizations enrolled, four had dedicated fund-raising staff. Seven had endowments – the highest being $1.2 million and the smallest at $9,850. Just two had planned-giving programs. The VCCF Center for Nonprofit Leadership tailored offerings to the needs of these arts organizations, in some cases leveraging its existing courses in fund-raising and leadership training; and in others, adapting them to arts providers. Distinct learning tracks were created for small and emerging arts organizations and for the larger groups with more sophisticated fund-raising practices. In addition, a consultant was made available to help the organizations meet their own goals. Workshops and one-on-one sessions with Ilana Ormond, vice president Philanthropic Services, helped nonprofits tap into the potential in planned gifts. Participants found the program valuable as evidenced by the fact 13 returned for the 2010 sessions. ArtsLIVE in Ventura County is a three-year initative funded by

Hiroko Yoshimoto puts the finishing touches on one of her works in her “Rising from the Ashes” series. The artist used a grant from ArtsLIVE Ventura County to raise fire-safety awareness.

the James Irvine Foundation’s Communities Advancing the Arts. Its goal is to heighten visibility of the arts and artists in our county and attract more donors to local arts. For more information, go to

In 2009, VCCF distributed over $3 million to local nonprofits, strengthening their operating budgets to support staffing, operations, programs and outreach. Donors establish funds at VCCF to benefit specific nonprofits in our region. Nonprofits open agency endowments at the Foundation to take advantage of our security, investment expertise and scale of our endowments.

Center tailors courses to battered economy The VCCF Center for Nonprofit Leadership graduated to the next level of service to local nonprofits in 2009. The Center, which offers 110 workshops a year to give nonprofit staff and board members technical and leadership skills, convened its first all-faculty summit in September. Thirty CNL educators gathered to explore curriculum that addresses the current challenges faced by nonprofits in a difficult economy. They also brainstormed how to improve the educational experience for their students and strengthen the Center’s output. The faculty emerged from the session with a series of recommendations, many of which CNL’s staff have put into action. They include: • New courses tailored to tough economic times; • A clearer road map: The Center is developing a sequence of courses so that attendees can build knowledge and skills in a more systematic way; • Better communication with leaders and attendees: students who register online now are surveyed to find out their level of knowledge before the class begins; • Improved follow-up and better interaction between students and faculty, even after the classes are completed; • Better tools for teaching and learning: Each faculty member received $125 to spend on publications or online student aids to enhance the quality of their instruction. Noted expert Andy Robinson leads a class For up-to-date programming at CNL, visit at the Center for Nonprofit Leadership


VCCF institute provides nonprofits with expertise in sophisticated fund-raising VCCF’s Planned Giving staff continues its efforts to help Ventura County nonprofits take their fundraising to a more sophisticated level. “Many Mansions is delighted to be working with the VCCF in its Planned Giving Institute. It is a great resource that helps other nonprofits strengthen their financial position not only through their supporters today, but into the future.” – Elaine Benditson, director of development, Many Mansions.

In Fiscal Year 2009, the Ventura College Foundation, Mary Health of the Sick and the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation completed charitable gift annuities through VCCF. The previous fiscal year, the Ojai Music Festival, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation and Many Mansions — the latter, a provider of housing for low-income Ventura County residents — ­ benefited from VCCF’s expertise in setting up their gift annuities. Ilana Ormond, vice president Philanthropic Services at VCCF, is pleased by all the ways this VCCF service helps both donors and nonprofits.

“We have set up charitable gift annuities from donors outside the county to benefit nonprofits in Ventura County, and Ventura County donors have established CGAs with us to benefit charities outside the county.” The Community Foundation was licensed in 2004 to execute charitable gift annuities, and it adheres to the rates dictated by the American Council on Charitable Gift Annuities. In addition, Ormond offers a free workshop every quarter on charitable gift annuities for nonprofits staff and board members as well as confidential consultation with donors and prospects. For more information, visit and click on Planned Giving.

Into the breach:VCCF saves haven shut down by state budget crisis A shuttered shelter for battered women reopened in the fall of 2009, thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Ventura County Community Foundation. The VCCF board of directors voted to donate the money after Gov. Schwarzenegger struck funding from the budget for all five longerterm shelters serving abused women and their children in Ventura County during the budget crisis of 2009. Along with VCCF, other community organizations and individuals contributed enough to

reopen three of the five shelters for at least one year. Because of this grant, 12 Ventura County women and their children were able to flee violent homes, according to Erik Sternad, executive director of Interface Children Family Services, operator of the shelters. With this donation from VCCF’s Community Response Fund – which makes grants based on community priorities – abuse victims had a safe place to live for three months while they received therapy, job counseling and legal aid. The fate of the shelter in 2010 awaits the new state budget.


2008/2009 Gifts Received The following is a listing of gifts of $100 or more received by VCCF for various funds from Oct. 1, 2008, to Sept. 30, 2009. We strive for accuracy in listing all our gifts. If you find a correction needs to be made, please accept our apology and contact us directly so we can correct our records. On behalf of VCCF and the good work we accomplish together in Ventura County, thank you for your contributions. This list is also available online at VCCF Fund Donors Ann Marie Education Fund Mr. and Mrs. George Durr Barrabee Family Fund Ms. Libby L. Barrabee Ms. Susan Barrabee Bobbie Steindler Beatty Academic Opportunity Fund in Honor of Howie & Ann Steindler Anonymous Donor Bob Benedetto Memorial Fund for the Mentally Ill Robert L. Beilin Ph.D. Benedetto, Inc. Ms. Annette Benedetto Mr. and Mrs. Roger Berg Ms. Jean Farley Hammer Hewson Assoc. Mr. Jeffrey Klemme Dr. Dennis G. Longwill Mr. and Mrs. Gary Monte NASW, California Chapter, Reg. G Mr. Hugh E. Nelson Neuro Logic Systems Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oyan Ms. Bonnie Quinton LCSW Mr. Pat Ryan Bob Benedetto Memorial Scholarship Fund for Social Workers Mr. and Mrs. Dick Callanan Laura, Jahaziel, Adolfo & Maria Ocamp Rabobank Ms. Clare Wibblemann Jamie Burton Memorial Fund Jill A. LaRock Buy a Drink and Get to Know Fund People Media Group Southern California Edison Company Elsie J. Carr Memorial Fund Barbara Cranfill in memory of Elsie J. Carr David G. Casavan Memorial Scholarship Fund Mrs. S. P. Wan

Mr. Kelly Cox and Mr. Kevin S. Bradley Darancare, Inc. Mr. Dominic Dovidio Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jorgensen Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred E. Moodie Mr. and Mrs. Gaston A. Palombo Rotary Club of Westlake Village Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Thommen Ms. Carla M. Trent VFW #11395 Warner Pacific Insurance Ms. Jean Yeakel Cornerstone Community Needs Response Fund Mr. and Mrs. George F. Heavican Dr. and Mrs. John Thacher Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund AT&T Services, Inc. Mrs. Ellen Brokaw Crane Estate, Inc. in honor of Allen C. Hardison II J. Dan Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ramirez Tony and Anne Thacher Destino Scholarship Fund Ms. Holly C. Cole Ms.Virginia M. Espinoza Ms. Christina Franco Ms. Ginger Gherardi Ms. Sharon L. Hillbrant Ms. Star Hunter and Mr. Frank Moraga Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Lacayo Ms. Angela Lopez Mr. Miguel Magdaleno Verizon Ms. Celina L. Zacarias Michael DiRaimondo Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tony M. DiRaimondo Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Koep Brad Donley Memorial Scholarship Fund Jian A. Chen M.D. Cucina Isabella Hope E. Donley Donley Chiropractic Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Draine Ms. Karin A. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Don Henderson Ms. Laura D. Rodnick Mr. and Mrs. John M. Walker

Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc. Fund Child Development Resources Mr. James J. Friedman

Faria Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Larson in memory of Virginia Faria Baptiste

Conejo Recreation and Park District Foundation Fund Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Callero Cohen, Miskei & Mowrey LLP Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Colony Conejo Valley Therapeutic Advisory Council

Bob and Evie Florence Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Funsten Mr. Philip Gainsborough Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Janssen Robbi L. La Londe

Dennis S. Ford Memorial Scholarship Fund Ms. Linda Kimi Ford Mr. and Mrs. Glen Senda

Dan Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Poole Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Teachman Mr. and Ms. Richard E.Young

Christopher P. Fowkes Memorial Fund Tony and Edie Fowkes Mrs. Carol E. Hertel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hrabovsky

The following gifts were made in memory of Mike Baumann: Ashford Textiles, LLC. Joan T. Bishop and Jeny Marie Bishop Brookside Holdings, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Coleman Ms. Mary D. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fully Foreston Trends Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Griffard Midwest Textile & Home Products Association Prestige Home Textile Inc. Mr. Melvin S. Rosenthal Standard Fiber, LLC Ms. Loren Henderson Sweet Trade Lines, Inc. Ms. Shealen L. Nash-Wynner

Mike Frick Memorial Baseball Scholarship Fund The Frick Family in memory of Holly Booth Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Purdy Friends of Olivas Adobe Fund Paraclete Eldercare Services Mr. Michael Putman Mr. and Mrs. Royce Townsend Marquita Shiells Griswold Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Gordon Mary R. & James R. Galbraith Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. James R. Galbraith The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Heritage Fund Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Butler Jr. Ms. Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard Powell Greenland Ojai Pixie Growers Association John and Cindy Williams Mrs. Nancy Worthington in memory of William Worthington Jan Heyne Memorial Scholarship Fund Michael J. Amato Amgen Foundation Mr. John Angwin Atkins Environmental H.E.L.P., Inc. Baumann International, Inc. in memory of Kris Fisher Mr. Colin C. Beamish Broadcast Music, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. R. Charvonia Mr. John Ciccone Mr. Todd Dillenbeck Mr. & Mrs. James Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Griffard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Griffard in memory of Molly Bagwell, Worth Kiger, Margo Crowe and Alicia Adams GSO Business Management Mr. Tim Heyne in memory of Dean Baumann Heyne Rutgers in memory of Bill Smith Ms.Virginia G. Hough Mr. John J. Keady Mr. John Knight Ms. Liz Lovie Ronald L McCullough Richard R. Merritt Real Estate Group

Indian Education Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Floyd O. Beller Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians Susan Izumo Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leidersdorf Vivian Klemz Memorial Scholarship Fund Ms. Tina M. Knight in honor of Virginia Weber Ms. Lorraine D. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Weber KW Community Leadership Fund Ms. Deana Albarran Churchill Valencia Team Elder Ms. Patricia Harrington Keller Williams Realty Ms. Joan Osborne Ms. Cami Pinsak & Mr. Bob Taylor Rillo Realty Ventura Coast Market Center Limoneira Foundation Fund Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Pinkerton in appreciation of Mr. Jack Dickenson’s efforts on behalf of the Limoneria Company Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sawyer Loebl Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Grasso in honor of Dorothy H. Loebl’s birthday Mrs. Dorothy Loebl Ms. Ellen Loebl in honor of Dorothy H. Loebl’s Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sawyer Harry A. Lyon Youth Scholarship Fund Mr. Ken Ibarra

Bobbie Steindler Beatty Academic Opportunity Fund In honor of Howie and Ann Steindler Purpose: Provide funds to deserving youths between the ages of 12-18 who live in Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Camarillo to further their academic progress. Bobbie Steindler Beatty created this fund to honor her father and mother.VCCF provided Bobbie with an opportunity to ensure the memory and philosophy of her parents lived on in perpetuity. Visit this fund page on


John & Cherie Brant Fund Purpose: To benefit youth organizations, museums, libraries and the arts in Ventura County. “We feel it is important to invest in the wellbeing of our community.We believe in supporting local organizations, and VCCF understands our county.” – John and Cherie Brant Visit this fund page on Arleigh McConnell Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Cornelius Dominick and Bridget McGrath Fund Hon. and Mrs. Charles R. McGrath Sarah Moody Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Moody Mr. and Mrs. William K. Stumbo Dionicio Morales Destino Fund in memory of Dionicio Morales McDonald’s USA, LLC Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jose Montenegro SCIF GRACE PLACE, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Wille Ryan O’Neil Memorial Fund Mr. Gordon Abellera Accutech Data Supplies, Inc. Advanced Motion Controls Mr. Mike Adame Ms. Jan Kristian Alandy Anacapa Heating & Air Mr. Michael K. Andonian Mr. and Mrs. Allyn E. Arnold Beckman Construction Co. Mrs. Gail Beltramo Dr. and Mrs. Normand L. Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Bhupendra D. Bhakta Blessed Junipero Serra Mr. and Mrs. Terrell F. Bounds Mr. and Mrs. Lubomir Branchev Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brucker Mr. Clyde J. Buque Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Burns Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Burns California Designers Choice Custom Cabinetry, Inc. Canteen Vending of Coastal California Mr. and Mrs. H. Randolph Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Conroy Ms. Ruth J. Costanzo CPU Sales and Service, Inc. Mr. Charles W. Croll Dayle Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Milton Daily, Jr. Famcon Pipe & Supply, Inc. Mr. Mark Fang Mr. James R. Foley Mr. Isaiah E. Gagua Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Martin Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Glass Martin T. Greaney M.D. Mr. and Ms. Carl B. Grether Ms. Laurena Guizar Mr. Robin Hallford Mr. John Heard Mr. Richard W. Herman Mr. James H. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hindle Mr. Erik F. Hough Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hrabovsky H & R Roofing Supply Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Hyman Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Improta

Mr. Brad J. Jacobson Mr. Tom P. Jeremiassen Mr. Ernest Johnston Mr. Christopher D. Joyce Ruth and Ray Joyce Keenan Carpets Inc. Mr. James C. Keogh Mr. David A. Kirkpatrick Mr. Donald A. Krock Lava Products, Inc. Mr. Les Lim Livingston Construction, Inc. Mr. Kevin Mandour G.W. Mason Mr. Charles Mayer Mr. Ed McCarthy Mr. and Ms. Tom McGrath Ms. Theresa McConville Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Mitchell Ms. Elizabeth J. Monroe Mr. Robert Napp Nilsen Aviation, Inc. Mr. Sean Nowak Nuewood Construction Mr. and Mrs. Don O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. O’Neil Mr. James P. O’Neil ONR INC. DBA RIC’S Ottavio’s, Inc. Mr. Gary R. Peattie Mike and Becka Pecsok Mr. Harry F. Perry Mr. Brandt O. Pile Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rakestraw Ms. Mary A. Renuart Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Resnik Ms. Eleanor Rosa Mr. James R. Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Edward Saxey II Mr. and Mrs. Neil N. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Scott Mr. Michael S. Shumway Ms. Doreen Shumway SIMBA CAL, INC. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smith Somis Nut House Mr. William E. Sweeney CPA Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Swindle T&T Truck & Crane Service Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tassano Mr. Henning L. Thorsen Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works Wal-Mart Store #2032 Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. White Mr. William H. White III White Seed Company Dr. and Mrs. Marc D. Wolfsohn Partners in Nursing Fund The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Jeffrey H. Ralston Fund Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Jones in honor of Hugh Ralston Ms. Anne R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Ralston Sage Scholarship Fund Canteen of Coastal California Inc. Critical Power Exchange LLC McCune Foundation Sage Publications, Inc.

Samaritan Center of Simi Valley Permanent Endowment Fund Ms. Mary Ann Divizia Santa Paula Farmworker Memorial Fund Mr. Manuel C. Amaro Ms. Graciela Casimiro Sr. Isais Casimiro Amaro Clinicas del Camino Real Patricia A. Fulbright Supervisor Kathy Long Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo M. Miranda Ms. Maricela P. Morales Mr. and Mrs. Albino R. Pineda SEIU Local 721, CTW, CLC Alicia Villarreal Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Welsh Mary L. Schwabauer Leadership Fund VCCF - Anogia Fund AT&T David & Jeanette Bauer Hon. and Mrs. Michael D. Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brokaw Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Butler Jr. Mr. Glywn S. Chase Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coultas Mr. Robert C. Davis Jr. VCCF - Erickson Family Fund Mrs. Lorraine H. Finch Ms. Rita M. Frayer Mr. Donald S. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Brian Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Held VCCF - Hertel Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kelly Ms. Eunice M. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Lacayo Leavens Ranches Ms. Leslie Leavens-Crowe and Harry Crowe Mark and Terri Lisagor Mrs. Dorothy Loebl Mr. Armando Lopez Mr. L. Karsten Lundring Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Maxey Mr. Phil McGrath Ms. Roz McGrath Andrea and Hank Pfister Mrs. Helen K. Pidduck Plaza Development Partners LLP Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Ralston Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Rancho Camulos Museum Ms. Shirley Randall Mr. and Mrs. Scott Samsky Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schwabauer Ms. Lis Schwitters and Mr. Steve Lippman Sempra Energy Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Strathearn Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Y. Tada United Way of Tri-State Verizon West Coast Environmental VCCF-Yount Charitable Family Fund Science Matters Scholarship Fund Mr. and Ms. David J. Pettitt

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Raber in honor of Barbara Rose Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rose Wharton Foundation, Inc. Cheryl Shearer Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Harrington Mr. David Shearer Anne W. “Muggy” & William P. “Pawsie” Slover Memorial Fund Dr. and Mrs. William Slover in honor of Nancy Stehle and in memory of Betsy Phoenix Social Justice Fund for Ventura County Ms. Stephanie Angelini VCCF - Anogia Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bale Mr. and Mrs. Stan Benson Mr. Thomas Berg Mr. James Berliner Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blau Mrs. Ellen Brokaw Ms. Michelle Buchman Ms. Judy Bysshe Cabrillo Economic Development Corp. The California Endowment Ms. Karen Escalante-Dalton Center for Explorations in Consciousness Ms. Suzanne M. Chadwick Ms. Fran Christiansen Mr. Gordan Clint Mr. Jeff Conway Ms. Lucinda S. Daley Ms. Sharon Damico and Mr. Stephen Fish Dr. Jamshid Damooei Ms. Lorelle Dawes Mr. Randall D. Donohue Mr. Michael Doyle Mr. Jeffrey Drezner Ms. Julie Kenny Drezner Mr. and Mrs. Drew Erickson VCCF - Erickson Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Escobedo Faber Family Fund Mr. Steve Fields Mrs. Jill Fioravanti Anne Fitzgerald Ms. Jill Forman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Freed Mr. and Mrs. David Friedlander VCCF - Fund for Social Justice Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gilbert Ms. Alice Gillaroo Mr. Dennis Goodrow Ms. Diana H. Goodrow Mr. Douglas H. Green Mr. William R. Hillbrant Ms. Sharon L. Hillbrant Dr. Anthony and Barbara Hirsch Mrs. Carolyn R. Huntsinger Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Improta in honor of Terri Lisagor The James Irvine Foundation Ms. N. Jeannette Jennett Dr. Daniel Jordan Ms. Kimberly M. Kahmer Ms. Mary Kaiser Florence Karraa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keen Meenal and Kris Kelkar


Ms. Kathy Kenny Ms. Jean Kilmurray and Mr. Tom MacCalla Ms. Cynthia E. King PhD Ms. Nancy Kochevar and Mr. Michael Lurie Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Kornreich Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Laby Mr. and Mrs. Ray LeDesma Mark and Terri Lisagor Ms. Julia H. Macy Ms. Pam Maines Karen McAuley Ms. Karen McAuley and Mr. James Klausen Marisla Foundation Mr. Kenneth McBride McCune Foundation Ms. Kate McLean Mrs. Barbara Meister Mr. Doug Messner Ed and Sharon Moses Ms. Nancy Newman Colleen & Bill Paterson Hon. and Mrs. William Peck Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo M. Perez VCCF - Allison Huntington Raleigh Fund Mr. Hugh J. Ralston VCCF - Elizabeth and Hugh Ralston Charitable Fund Mr. Jose Ramirez Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rehder Ms. Raelynne P. Rein Ms. Laurie Rozet Ms. Margaret Rulon-Miller Sage Publications, Inc. Ms. Cheryl A. Sendaydiego and Mr. Bruce R. LeDesma Ms. Janeva I. Scharf Ms. Marlene Schiff Alexander Ms. LouAnn P. Schlichter School of the Pacific Islands Mr. and Mrs. William Shanbrom Ms. Margaret Shorey Mr. and Mrs. David M. Smith Ms. Linda Sorensen Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Ms. Margaret E. Tranovich Ms. Sara Weinheimer Mr. Matthew Weisman Gail Weller Brown Ms. Ellen Widess Dr. and Mrs. Marc D. Wolfsohn Joanie and Richard Young in honor of Kate McLean Stephanie Zierhut

SUN (Special & Urgent Needs) Fund Diamond Ground Products, Inc. Ms. Helen Karlsberg VCCF - Laurie Rozet Fund Mr. Craig Underwood

Thousand Oaks Therapeutic Dance Fund Bruno Associates Conejo Recreation & Park District Mr. David A. Esquibias J. C. Plumbing “N” Things

Pro Golf Discount of Simi Valley Rotary Club of Simi Valley Soroptimist International of Conejo

TAC as a Grantmaker Fund Ms. Libby L. Barrabee Crescendo Interactive, Inc. Mr. L. Karsten Lundring Mr. J. Peter Wakeman Mr. Mark Winter

Laura Duval Toomey Saticoy Poinsettia Club Scholarship Fund Ms. Ruth C. Fowler in memory of Virginia McKean Voyce

Katherine M. Wakelee Scholarship Fund Dr. and Mrs. Dan W. Wakelee in memory of Katherine Wakelee Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wakelee Women’s Legacy Fund Ms. Madhu Bajaj Libby Barrabee Mr. and Mrs. Norm Blacher Mrs. Ellen Brokaw VCCF - Armand and Gabrielle Dupuis Fund Ms. Rita M. Frayer VCCF - Haas Automation Charitable Fund Ms. Rose Jeffery Supervisor Kathy Long Ms. Roz McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Joe Paulucci Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Ralston Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Beverly and John Viola Dr. Roz Warner and Dr. Michael Hogan Ms. Dorie Zabriskie

TEACh Fund Ms. Barbara Karplus Mr. and Mrs. Larry Matheney Ventura Emblem Club 157 Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Wells TEACh Opportunity Scholarship Fund Adams Keegan, Inc. AGI Polymatrix Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Bayer Material Science LLC City National Bank Commercial Advisors, LLC Continental Traffic Service Inc. Dow Chemical Company FedEx Finest Industrial Co Limited Flynn Transportation Services, Inc. General Building Services, Inc. Haas Automation Foundation HIJI Investment Co., LLC Imperial Guard Services, Inc. Kyoto America Inc. Mr. Robert K. Liebe Mach 1 Air Services Inc. Memphis Recycling Services, Inc. Pallet Services, LLC Pitt Ohio Express LLC Pratt Corrugated Holdings, Inc. Red Prairie Remagen Associates LLC Singulus Technologies, Inc. The Gilbert Company Vigobyte Tape Corporation William Davis & Associates Thousand Oaks Council on Aging Fund Bruno Associates Nordic Nursery Virgil’s Auto Body

Do you have a fund at VCCF? If so, would you like to let the world know about it? The new allows every fund to have its own page on the site. The fundholders shown on these pages – Bobbie Steindler Beatty, Judy Blane Goldwater and John and Cherie Brant – have done just that. They used a simple online process to help create their pages. An online survey leads fundholders through a series of questions about their fund, such as why they created it, why the cause is important to them and why they chose to work with VCCF. Fundholders also may provide a photo to complement their page. Just fill out the survey at Afterward, a VCCF staff member will contact you. Or, for more information on how to create a fund page, contact Heather Short, Philanthropic Services associate, at or (805) 988-0196, Ext. 132. Share your story!


VCCF Homeless Transition Fund Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele VCCF Scholarship Fund for Ventura County Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brokaw Mr. and Mrs. Austin Coe Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Crunelle Mr. and Mrs. Ed S. Friel Jr. Ms. Marquita Shiells Griswold VCCF - Haas Automation Charitable Fund VCCF - Bob and Emily Hall Charitable Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. George F. Heavican Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Jensen in memory of Theodore E. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. James E. Keegan Mrs. Dorothy Loebl Ms. Margaret J. Melvin Mr. and Mrs. John J. Menne Jr. The Monroe Foundation Ojai Pixie Growers Association Mrs. Wilma S. Poe Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. William R. Seaver Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Ms. Laura L. Thomas Laverne L.Venus Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wakelee Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Walker Mr. and Mrs. John T. Williams Ms. Michelle Zuckerman VCCF Scholarship Grants Fund Ms. Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard VCCF - Armand and Gabrielle Dupuis Fund VCCF - Haas Automation Charitable Fund Ventura Community Park Fund Buenaventura Swim Club Mr. and Mrs. George F. Heavican Mr. Ken Ibarra Meister Family Foundation Paradise Chevrolet Ventura Toyota Ventura Auto Center Dealers Association Ventura County Bar Association Legal Services Fund Mr. David A. Gerber Ventura County Fund for Farmworker Housing AG Innovations Network Ms. LaVerne Gragg, Trustee Eric and Paula Dersom Ms. Autumn M. Edwards Leavens Ranches Ms. Barbara Macri-Ortiz Ojai Pixie Growers Association Ms. Joann R. Ontiveros in honor of Joe Ruiz Ventura County Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Everette Garmon Mr. Grant B. Marcus Ventura County Medical Education Fund Ms. Lynda Young The following gifts made in honor of Becky Eaton Jian A. Chen M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Don Henderson Ventura County Safe Harbor Fund Peace Officers Association of Ventura County

Ron F. Wagley Fund AEGON USA, Inc.

Women of Jewelia Fund Ms. Jacqueline E. Burge Ms. Maggie Hood Ms. Nancy Huff Ms. Roz McGrath Ms. Dale Muegenburg Ms. Mary O’Connor Ms. Mary Osborn Ms. Jone Pence Priscilla Van Gundy Women of Jewelia, LLC The Following Funds Received Gifts From the Families/Agencies Establishing Them Agency Funds Charles M. Hair, M.D. Endowment Fund Moorpark Education Fund San Buenaventura Friends/Library Endowment Fund Simi Valley Public Library Foundation Simi Valley Senior Services Endowment Fund Ventura Music Festival Endowment Fund Charitable Gift Annuities W. John and Betty Broscious CGA James Heffernan CGA Community Needs Response Funds Gladys Daily Coffman Fund Nellie Daily Fund Bernice Daily Gastl Fund Ben E. and Joan H. Nordman Fund Cornerstone Administrative Funds Loebl Family Cornerstone Fund Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lueck Cornerstone Fund Designated Funds Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for Community Memorial Hospital Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the Boys and Girls Club of Ventura Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the Jewish Family Service Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the Museum of Ventura County Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the San Buenaventura Friends of the Library Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the Ventura County Jewish Brotherhood of the Temple Beth Torah Myra and Ronald Bank Family Fund for the Ventura Interfaith Ministerial Association Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Fund Strathearn Family Fund Harry Valentine Fund for the Humane Society of Ventura County

Judy Blane Goldwater Fund Purpose: General charitable purposes “We have seen the freedom a guide dog can give those who are blind. Relatives and friends ... lead productive, fulfilling lives because of their guide dogs. VCCF recognizes the validity of our sincere cause to help blind persons and an endowment fund gives us the opportunity to have expert opinions in the field of longterm investments, to make our money grow so we can help others.” – Judith Blane Goldwater Visit this fund page on Destino Named Funds Hank & Leah Lacayo Family Fund Destino Scholarship Named Funds Rene and Angela Rodriguez Destino Scholarship Fund Celina L. Zacarias Destino Scholarship Fund Donor Advised Funds Mary Ann & William Bang Family Fund CHC Fund Jennifer and Douglas Cooper Charitable Fund Fund for Catholic Intentions established by John W. Borchard, Jr. Brian Daily Given Charitable Fund Margaret and John Given Charitable Fund Peter William Given Charitable Fund Hertel Family Charitable Fund Jensen Family Fund for Charitable Giving Paul J. and Anne O. Leavens Family Fund Elaine Miller Family Charitable Fund The Paulson Family Charitable Trust Fund Elizabeth and Hugh Ralston Charitable Fund RED Family Fund Rotary Club of Moorpark Fund Lou Ann Peterson Schlichter Family Fund Yount Charitable Family Fund Field of Interest Funds E. Wright Daily Fund Ruth Daily Livingston Fund Heritage Named Funds Laurence W. and Margaret Fowler Heritage Fund Berenice and Dave Strathearn Heritage Fund Life Insurance Funds George Berg Library for the Future Fund Betty M. Harris Life Insurance Fund Richard T. Johnson Life Insurance Fund Cal Johnston Life Insurance Fund Karsten Lundring Life Insurance Fund Nancy Stehle Life Insurance Fund Scholarship Funds ¡Adelante! Scholarship Fund Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County Scholarship Fund Bob Beltramo Memorial Scholarship Fund for Athletic Sportsmanship Bethany Anne Cody Scholarship Fund in memory of William E. Colborn, Charles “Abe” Eskridge, Joe Ryan, William Ray Bledsoe, Mike Ortega Sr., Joan Clark, Billy Charles Reed, Inez Marie Maxwell, Santo “Sam” Portorella, Frederick J. DeLay, Jane Viola Waters and Leonard Jenkins Stanley E. Cohen Memorial Education Endowment Fund Delta Kappa Gamma Recruitment Grant Fund The Joyce M. Kennedy, Ph.D. Scholarship Fund Orfalea Forgivable Loan Fund Orfalea Migrant Scholarship Fund Orfalea Scholarship Fund Ryan Orfalea Scholarship Fund Salik Omar Shah Fund

Soroptomist of Santa Paula Scholarship Fund Leo and Rita Vanoni Scholarship Fund VCCAR Scholarship Fund Jean Weber Memorial Scholarship Fund Edna Wirt Woods & Ruth Nagel Scholarship Fund Women’s Legacy Named Funds Ruth Batterton Endowment Fund Rita Frayer Family Fund Barbara Meister Fund for Women Helen Kimball Pidduck Women’s Legacy Fund Soroptimist International of Ventura Women’s Fund W. I. L. Family Fund in honor of Joyce & Steve Resnik’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and Brett Scyphers upon his graduation from University of Arizona VCCF Associate Members Century Circle Clare and Charlie Brown Freska Produce International, LLC. Mr. Robert J. Katch Ms. Laura K. McAvoy and Mr. Sol Chooljian Ilana and Steve Ormond Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Roscoe Mr. and Mrs. Scott Samsky Mr. Pierre Y. Tada Mr. and Mrs. R. Whitten Yount Stakeholder APIS Capital Advisors LLC Mr. Jim R. Birkenshaw Hon. and Mrs. Michael D. Bradbury Mr. and Ms. Anthony Ocone Ojai Oil Company Sempra Energy Builder Judge Jerome H. and Mrs. Carolyn S. Berenson Mr. and Mrs. George T. Berg Ms. Mary Bergen Community Partner Mr. and Mrs. Kimmis P. Brady Ms. LaVerne Gragg Ms.Ynez D. Haase Mr. George Kroll Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lagomarsino Mr. Marc Wilde McCune Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pavley Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Michael and Melissa Silver Jack and Marian Totheroh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Weber Mr. and Mrs. James Williams Associate Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Channer Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Faue Mrs. Carol E. Hertel Jack’s Shoes of Westlake Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martinez

Ms. Suzanne M. Wedow Ms. Nita Whaley and Mr. Arne Anderson Center for Nonprofit Leadership Aera Energy LLC Amgen Foundation Mr. Fred Bauermeister California Consumer Protection Foundation Montecito Bank & Trust Andrea Pfister Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Towbes Foundation VCCF - Farr Family Fund Venoco Community Partnership Mr. Charles T. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Weber in honor of Dena Jenson, Marylynn McCorkle, and Susan Seale Wells Fargo Foundation Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Mr. & Mrs. R. Whitten Yount Operating Fund McMaster-Carr Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Samsky Mr. Pierre Y. Tada VCCF Limoneira Foundation Fund Arts Initiative The James Irvine Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Martin in memory of James Stemen ArtsLIVE in Ventura County VCCF Smith-Hobson Foundation Fund Heritage Operating Fund Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clark II Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coultas Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Parker Jr. Harvey Shenkin Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cosner Mr. and Mrs. Chris D’Angelo Ms. Ellen S. Kaufman Ms. Erin S. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Jim Preston Ms. Sarae Shenkin Planned Giving Initiative Crescendo Interactive, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Katch E. R. Mancini & Associates Rabobank, N.A. Mr. Mark Winter VCCF Technology Platform Scripps Howard Foundation Verizon Women’s Legacy Fund - Lunch Sponsors Mrs. Carolyn R. Huntsinger Mediation & Family Law Document Service Montecito Bank & Trust Hon. and Mrs. Steven Perren Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Ms. Irene V. Henry WLF 2009 Celebration Luncheon Mrs. Joanie Abou-Samra

Ms. Lila M. Atkisson Ms. Libby L. Barrabee Mr. and Dr. Norm Blacher Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Hall Cheryl Heitmann Mrs. Carolyn R. Huntsinger Leavens Ranches Mrs. Dorothy Loebl Supervisor Kathy Long Ms. Roz McGrath Colleen Paterson Susan S. Petty Ms. Maura Raffensperger Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Ms. Tina Rasnow Hon. and Mrs. Allan Steele Ms. Debra Tash Ms. Maria Teran Dr. Mona Thompson, Ph.D. Ms. Sandra Young Ventura County Civic Alliance Colleagues Mr. Tucker Adams Ms. Kay Faulconer Boger Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bottorff Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brokaw Ms. Claudia Harrison Ms. Julie C.T. Hernandez Mr. Kim Hocking Mr. Robert J. Katch Mr. Marv King Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Krause La Reina High School Mark and Terri Lisagor Stanley C. Mantooth Dr. Charles T. Maxey Ms. Nancy Mayerson Ms. Laura K. McAvoy and Mr. Sol Chooljian Mr. Phil McGrath Ms. Kate McLean and Mr. Steve Stone Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pidduck II Ms. Arlene E. Pinkerton Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Ralston Ms. M. Carmen Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Silacci Ms. Nancy S. Stehle Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schwabauer Mr. Sandy Smith Margaret Travers Mr. Lyle D. Wray Collaborators Edward and Susan Lacey Mr. David Maron VCCF - Stacy A. & Kerry P. Roscoe Charitable Fund Rotary Club of Oxnard Sunrise Foundation Ms. Celina L. Zacarias Community Builders Norman M. Rosenblum Community Leaders AT&T 20/20 Visionaries Common Sense California Institute


Service makes the difference From left, Doug Green, Doug Graham, Nancy Stehle, Fred Bauermeister, Richard Shipley, Alex Teague, George Tillquist, Jim Jenson and Lois Manning. Not pictured: Peter Wakeman.

Volunteers receive first President’s Award for service Ten volunteers who donated their time and talents to bettering the lives of thousands in Ventura County were honored with the new Ventura County Community Foundation’s President’s Award in June 2009. “We simply could not accomplish all that we do for Ventura County without the contributions of these community leaders,” VCCF President & CEO Hugh Ralston told the roughly 75 attending a reception at the Commemorative Air Force WWII Aviation Museum in Camarillo. More than 375 people volunteered at VCCF in 2008 and 2009, participating in advisory committees, board committees, grants and review committees as well as supporting program initiatives like the nursing initiative, the Civic Alliance and ArtsLIVE in Ventura County. Over 65 serve as faculty for the Center for Nonprofit Leadership. In 2009, nearly 75 volunteers processed the more than 3,060 applications for scholarships at VCCF. The 2009-2010 honorees were: Fred Bauermeister, of Moorpark, who serves on the Center for Nonprofit Leadership Advisory Committee;

Doug Green, of Santa Paula, a faculty member for the Center for Nonprofit Leadership; Ted Jensen, of Port Hueneme, who volunteers for the VCCF Scholarship Advisory and Selection Committee and coordinates compliance for over 3,000 applications every year; Lois Manning, of Ventura, for her work on the Partners in Nursing Committee and oversight of the Medical Education Fund; Richard Shipley, of Camarillo, a former VCCF Board member, who also serves on the Administrative & Finance, Investment & Strategic Planning committees as well as the board of Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Foundation; Shred Rite, of Oxnard, which donated shredding services to the Scholarship Program to protect applicants’ personal information. Doug Graham accepted the award; Nancy Stehle, of Oxnard, chair of the Ventura County Civic Alliance, with its major initiatives around sustainable development, expanding livable communities and strengthening workforce education; Alex Teague, of Santa Paula, who co-chaired the 80 in ‘08 campaign, which raised over $90,000 in funds for the development of new farmworker housing for the region’s agricultural employees; George Tillquist, of Ventura, a member of the Program and Grants Committee, who devotes significant hours to reviewing compliance and other related issues for possible grants and for scholarship applications; and Peter Wakeman, of Westlake Village, who serves on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Charitable Gift Annuity Committee, and was instrumental in several projects, including establishing the TAC as a Grantmaker fund.

Staff promotions in 2009

Honoring staff leadership

The Ventura County Community Foundation Board of Directors promoted two VCCF staff members who work closely with donors in 2009. Ilana Ormond was promoted to vice president Philanthropic Services. Heather Short assumed the title of associate Philanthropic Services. Ormond, who had been the director of Planned Giving, now oversees the Philanthropic Services department, including all fund development, donor relations and planned giving. Short, who reports to Ormond, now provides staff support for the Destino and Heritage field-of-interest funds. She coordinates events as well as improvements in the Foundation’s database that tracks donor activities. She joined the staff in May 2008.

In 2009, four staff members were recognized for their efforts to conserve VCCF’s resources while advancing its mission:


Kesa Ryono was honored for the energy and enthusiasm she put into the dual role of providing outstanding support to the Ventura County Civic Alliance while serving as VCCF marketing coordinator. Heather Short won the award twice in 2009 for saving VCCF resources

by finding more cost-effective ways to produce VCCF external communications. She also shared the award with Lindsay Smith for their success in moving VCCF fund statements online to save postage and printing costs. Talon Klipp received the award for his can-do efforts to produce publications inhouse, saving time and costs.

Board of Directors 2 ­ 009 The Ventura County Community Foundation board is made up of Ventura County residents dedicated to strengthening its mission by seeking funding and enhancing the charitable capital that has been entrusted to the Community Foundation by generations of generous donors.

Foundation Staff As of 9.30.09

Clare Brown VP & Controller LaToya Ford Program & Grants Associate Donna Hall Finance Accountant Dena Jenson VP & Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership Talon Klipp Office Manager/ Systems Administrator

Pierre Y. Tada, Chair

Mary L. Schwabauer, Immediate Past Chair

Timothy J. McCallion, Vice Chair & Treasurer

Stacy A. Roscoe, Vice Chair

Tina Knight VP, Programs & Grants Marylynn McCorkle CNL Outreach Coordinator Ilana Ormond VP, Philanthropic Services Hugh Ralston President & CEO

Scott B. Samsky, Secretary

Hon. Michael D. Bradbury

Gary E. Erickson

Tim Gallagher

Claudia Sanchez Finance Associate Susan Seale CNL Program Coordinator Heather Short Philanthropic Services Associate Barbara Smith Executive Assistant

Robert J. Katch

Henry L. Lacayo

Terri Lisagor, Ed.D.

Armando Lopez

Lindsay Smith Donor Relations Officer Virginia Weber Scholarships Officer

In memoriam

Charles Maxey, Ph.D.

Roz McGrath

M. Carmen Ramirez

Michael L. Silacci

With gratitude to Sally Yount Sally Yount left the VCCF Board of Directors in 2009 after serving since 2000. During her tenure, she was co-vice chair of the Board and chair of the Resource Center Advisory Committee. She has been a trainer in nonprofit management for over 20 years, with an emphasis on board development and training. She will continue to facilitate workshops at VCCF’s Board Leadership Institute. We thank Sally for her generosity, hard work, vision and persistence in advancing VCCF’s mission. Sally S.Yount

Kesa Ryono, associate with the Ventura County Civic Alliance and VCCF marketing coordinator, died in March 2010. Kesa came to VCCF in 2007 as receptionist and was the Foundation’s smiling public face until her promotion to associate with the Civic Alliance in 2008. We mourn her passing.











Ventura County Community Foundation 1317 Del Norte Road, Suite 150 Camarillo, CA 93010-8364 Phone: 805.988.0196 Fax: 805.485.5537



Explore the new The Ventura County Community Foundation launched a major upgrade of its Web site – – in 2009. Made possible by a $50,000 grant from Verizon, this technology expansion allows VCCF to achieve excellence in delivering services to the nonprofit and philanthropic communities of our region. And while offering more services online, the new site permits us to operate more efficiently. Online features save printing and staff time, allowing VCCF to lower overhead, be more timely and preserve the charitable capital entrusted to it. The major upgrades include: • A secure “My Account” which allows donors with funds at VCCF to log on and view their statements online; • Interactive registration that helps students seeking scholarships at VCCF make sure they are eligible for any scholarship they apply for; • More tools to help nonprofits enhance technological literacy, raise capital and train their future leaders using VCCF’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership; • Up-to-date and historical summaries of VCCF funds and their grantmaking over the years; • Access to publications and recent reports. We know more information, research and dialog are occurring online, beyond normal business hours and away from traditional print venues such as newsletters and mailings.The new site makes VCCF available when our stakeholders need us. Please visit us at And let us know how we can improve our new site.

Philanthropic Stewards for Ventura County. Investing in Ventura County. For Good. For Ever.

VCCF has been certified in compliance with national standards for U.S. community foundations by the Council on Foundations.

VCCF is committed to using recycled materials for printing where possible.

Thanks to Colleen Cason and Talon Klipp for writing and designing the 2009 Report to the Community.

Creating Our Future Together  

2009 VCCF Annual Report