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GRIEF IS COMPLICATED, BUT IT’S WORSE FOR TEENS In any school classroom, at this moment, there is likely one or more students in the midst of grieving. The death may be from illness, accident, violence or even suicide. Just when they should be enjoying a first date or getting a driver’s permit, they’re experiencing devastating loss. One of our students was willing to share her story: Two years ago, Sarah's focus was on school, friends and softball. A good student and athlete, she looked forward to high school. All that changed in an instant on New Year’s Eve in 2016. Her father had difficulty walking and didn’t feel well. The doctors, unable to find a cause, wrote off his symptoms as a virus. Unfortunately, the symptoms persisted and he was finally diagnosed with a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis. Her mother’s focus turned to her father’s care at the hospital and Sarah was left in charge of her younger siblings. Her father’s symptoms advanced quickly and he was moved to a hospital in Los Angeles. Sarah’s responsibility for her siblings increased. School, sports and social activities were pushed aside. At just 15 years old, she didn’t have any time to think of herself.


Three exhausting months later, on March 27th, her father was declared brain dead. She and her mother had to make the heartbreaking decision to end life support. Sarah says she’ll never forget what it felt like to watch her father die. She never wants anyone to experience that. Ever. After his passing, Sarah continued to worry about her siblings. She wasn’t able to feel her grief. She was certain she didn’t want pity or things handed to her. Her emotions spiraled into depression and anxiety. She made bad relationship choices. Finally, her health suffered and she was misdiagnosed with Leukemia. Shortly before starting treatment, she was re-diagnosed with a simple virus, not Leukemia. Sarah said she had to grow up fast and be more mature. She had to miss a lot of the experiences her classmates were able to enjoy. She regrets that her dad didn’t get a chance to see her make the Varsity softball team her Freshman year. Through her grief group experiences over the last 2 ½ years, she’s learned to “let people be there” for her. She’s able to “put her emotions out there” and make better relationship choices. Her family is healing. Her mother remarried and they recently welcomed a new baby brother to their family.


As any parent knows, getting a teen to open up about anything is just about impossible. Getting them to talk about grief is doubly difficult. Teens often hide their true feelings; acting as though nothing has happened. They just don’t have the words to explain the emotions—and the heartache—they feel. TEEN GRIEF continues on page 4



Lanyard K. Dial, MD President/CEO and Medical Director

Laura K. McAvoy, Board Chairman

Honoring the Caregiver

Caregiving is a journey—one that it is stressful and hard to do alone. Family caregivers spend an average of 20 hours per week (many 24/7) providing care for their loved one. Although caregiving is a labor of love, the toll it can take on an individual or family’s physical, emotional, or economic wellbeing can be devastating. Livingston is honored to partner with so many wonderful family caregivers; helping them to ease the stress of caregiving. We were personally touched by Cheryl Peay’s story of her caregiving journey with her Mother. Cheryl shared her experience with Livingston at our Annual Meeting in March. She talked about how important Livingston was to her and her Mom during the Thomas Fire. (Annual Meeting: Reflecting on 2017) In our 71-year history, we have never turned away a home health, hospice or palliative care patient because they could not pay. Our home health, hospice, and palliative care services are available to everyone in Ventura County. This legacy of caring is only possible with support from generous and loyal donors— like you. This past month highlighted how integral donors are to this legacy of caring. Nearly 200 donors and numerous sponsors came together at the 10th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon to honor two special mothers, beloved caregivers to their families, friends and Ventura County neighbors. The event helped raise much-needed funds for our subsidized care patients. (Honoring our Mothers) Another 560 community members attended the 22nd Annual Camarillo Hospice Garden Tour; an event that raises money to support bereavement and grief programs for children and adults. (Brilliant Sunshine & Five Fabulous Gardens) Together, every day, we are providing care to hundreds of our neighbors who are homebound, frail, elderly, disabled or terminally ill. Together we can ensure that no one has to travel this journey alone. 2 Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association•

Joan R. Araujo, RN, MHSA Christine Cohen Jurgen Gramckow Cynthia Johnson, RN, MSN, MHA Banks Staples Pecht Martin A. Pops, MD C. Albert Reeves, MD Ric Ruffinelli Robert C. Streeter, MD, FACHE Adam Y. Thunell, FACHE Jane Donlon Waters, RN, MSN

Community Advisors

Gail Beltramo, Elena Brokaw, Gerry Olsen, Sherry Scott

Professional Advisory Board

Lois Manning, MSN, MS, PHN Joan R. Araujo, RN, MHSA Rev. John Martin Normand Bessette, MD Kathleen Oates, LCSW Jeannine Carter, MS, CCC-SLP Ben Pecht, MD Miguel Cervantes, MD Martin A. Pops, MD Daniel Cox, MD C. Albert Reeves, MD Barbara Gage, OTR Rebecca Z. Sokol, MD, MPH Charles M. Hair, MD Robert C. Streeter, MD, FACHE Rev. Curtis Hotchkiss John Walters, MD Karen Jensen, RN, MN, PhD Fran Larsen, MD Lanyard K. Dial, MD PRESIDENT/CEO AND MEDICAL DIRECTOR James Helmer, MD Leslie Pawson, MD Becky Wade, MD Mish Pearl, MD HOSPICE PHYSICIANS

Mission Statement Livingston Memorial VNA Health Corporation, Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Livingston CareGivers recognize the growing need to provide services in the home environment for the sick, handicapped, elderly, terminally ill, and homebound. As community-supported non-profit organizations, they strive to provide professional and supportive home health and hospice care services of the highest quality in the most cost effective manner to the people of Ventura County to ensure a positive patient outcome. Livingston explores and develops health-related programs based upon community need and acceptance, economic viability and availability of resources to provide services. Livingston is sensitive to the financial circumstances of its patients and provides needed services, including those at reduced or no charge to indigent patients, based upon the available resources of the organization. The Livingston Memorial VNA Health Corporation is the parent organization of Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Livingston CareGivers. Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association is licensed by the State of California, certified by Medicare and Medi-Cal, and is accredited by The Joint Commission. Joint Commission accreditation is regarded as the most comprehensive review of patient safety and quality efforts in the industry. Livingston CareGivers is a non-medical provider of in-home assistance and is CAHSAH certified and not associated with The Joint Commission.





Share, listen and explore thoughts and feelings about caring for your loved one. 1st and 3rd Mondays — 10:00 to 11:30 am Ojai Valley Community Hospital Continuous Care Unit, Fireside Room 1306 Maricopa Hwy., Ojai For information call: (805) 633-9056

1st and 3rd Wednesdays — 1:00 to 2:30 pm Camarillo Hospice Office 400 Rosewood Avenue, Camarillo For information call: (805) 389-6870 x452

Explore, learn and feel supported in a safe environment. Our programs are designed for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Meeting dates/time for support groups can be found on our online calendar. Please call (805) 642-0239 x775 or email before attending the first time. Ongoing Support Groups: Adult Loss of a Parent, General Bereavement, Survivors of Suicide Loss, Young Widows and Widowers. Intermittent/Time-Limited Support Groups: Bereaved Parents, Good Grief Club (children 6-14), Healing Through Creative Writing, Newly Bereaved, Teenage Grief (ages 15-19), Young Adult Grief. Individual, couple and family grief counseling available.


Learn basic information about Type 2 diabetes — including prediabetes with an emphasis on meal planning, exercise, blood sugar monitoring, medications and new developments in diabetes. 1st Tuesday of the Month — 1 to 2:30 pm Livingston Community Conference Room 1996 Eastman Ave., Suite 109, Ventura

1st Wednesday of the Month - 2:30 to 4 pm Camarillo Community Center, Room 3 1605 Burnley St., Camarillo

1st Wednesday of the Month — 10:30 am to Noon Simi Valley Senior Center 3900 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley

4th Wednesday of the Month - 1:30 to 3 pm Adult Community Center, Foothill Room 1385 E. Janss Rd., Thousand Oaks


Prepare for knee or hip replacement surgery with information about home safety, exercise and rehabilitation. 2nd Monday of the Month - 4 to 5 pm Spanish Speaking Class 5:30 to 6:30 pm Livingston Community Conference Room 1996 Eastman Ave., Suite 109, Ventura Please call to RSVP: (805) 642-0239 x739

2nd Wednesday of the Month – 3 to 4 pm Sunrise Senior Living of Wood Ranch Activity Room 190 Tierra Rejada Rd., Simi Valley Please call to RSVP: (805) 797-7699

2nd Wednesday of the Month – 11am to Noon AlmaVia of Camarillo 2500 N. Ponderosa Dr., Camarillo Please call to RSVP: (805) 797-7699

For a current and complete listing of classes, visit the CALENDAR section at These FREE community classes are available to anyone learning to care for or cope with the loss of a loved one, managing their diabetes or living with new mobility after a hip or joint replacement.•Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association 3

TEEN GRIEF continued from page 1

They seek distractions rather than staying with the grief process long enough to experience relief. Teens need a place where feelings are expressed in a healthy, helping situation—without fear of blame, anger, sorrow, or loss of face. Being able to express their fear and anger to someone who accepts them totally just as they are, without shaming them or trying to get them to “cheer up” can be very healing.


Amanda McQuade-Crawford, AMFT is one of three counselors on our staff using art therapy techniques. Amanda and her colleagues use art as a means to communicate and heal. Amanda is quick to point out that the focus of the group is on the students — and what they need at that time. It is a place to vent, without filters, and seek help from others in the group. Her students run the gamut of the high school population — freshmen and seniors, gamers and athletes, shy and outgoing. They have one thing in common — the need to talk to someone in a safe place. Art therapy is about the process involved while making art—the interactions and conversations—not the product. Her goal is to allow the students to find resilience in themselves and discover self-soothing techniques they can use throughout their lives. This program is funded entirely through community donations and grants. Please contact Molly Corbett at (805) 642-0239 ext. 603 if you’d like to know how you can support this vital program.

Camarillo Certified Farmers Market A project of Camarillo Hospice, a program of Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association. Every Saturday 8 a.m. to noon­­ ­—­rain or shine — 2220 Ventura Boulevard in Old Town Camarillo.

4 Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association•


Amanda often starts students with a coloring project to break the ice. She offers students a wide variety of patterns from which to choose. When students concentrate on their projects, words and feelings flow better. Students are able to open up and share feelings and experiences more easily. As students are more comfortable with “feeling,” Amanda moves on to more advanced projects such as masks, vision, or dream boards. With masks students are encouraged to show the face they show the world as opposed to how they feel. The contrast between a student’s “public” face versus what they inwardly feel is often quite striking. Vision or dream boards help students map the way they want their new life to look. They are collages of images, photographs, and phrases glued to a poster board. The board may show the journey they take or be an expression of what they want from life. Students are encouraged to talk about the images and what they represent.


Livingston has teen grief programs throughout Ventura County and students are referred by teachers and counselors. They want to make the high school years as stress-free as possible. Students stay in the program as long as they need the support and Livingston grief counselors often talk — or text — with their students outside of their time at school. The hope is that by the time the students graduate they have been able to learn coping skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Personal Care is Peace of Mind Livingston CareGivers has provided vital, non-medical personal assistance in the home to residents of Ventura County for over 15 years. Our clients include not only the frail, disabled and elderly, but anyone and any age that needs personal help at home. When daily needs are managed and addressed, people can remain in their home, which is often a preferred option to long-term placement. Many studies show that home is where the elderly prefer to be and where they do best.

Livingston CareGivers

(805) 642-9570

ANNUAL MEETING Reflecting on 2017 We are immensely proud of Livingston’s ability to meet the needs of our patients, clients and their families. At our Annual Meeting, we had the opportunity to share the results of our remarkable 70th year serving Ventura County. We welcomed donors, volunteers, healthcare industry leaders, and community members to the Hilton Garden Inn in Oxnard to hear Dr. Dial recap the year. Three events stood out last year: ensuring patient safety during the Thomas Fire; the 70th Anniversary Celebration honoring Tom Pecht; and our merger with Camarillo Hospice.


The Thomas Fire that devastated our community highlighted our value to provide care even in the most difficult times. We successfully tracked and cared for over 400 home health and 100 hospice families during this crisis.

Additional photos and video at

Martha Baumann was one of our CareGivers clients affected by the fire. Standing by her mother, with her hand tenderly resting on her mother’s shoulder, Cheryl Peay, shared their story at the meeting:

Lanyard K. Dial, MD, President/CEO and Medical Director

I want you to know we’ve been through natural disaster before, but my mom’s anxiety level during the fire was high— and increased as the night went along. Dealing with my mom and my autistic son was challenging. My experience with other caregiving agencies had been that when a disaster happens, they don’t come. When I heard the knock on the door at midnight,

I was so relieved to find our personal care assistant Manuela Santoyo. She went straight in to my mom, held her hand, sat with her and said the rosary. Her calming presence allowed me to go and comfort my son. I was so grateful that she stayed up all night with us. The next day, John Macias, Livingston CareGivers Director, called to ask if we were okay; if we needed anything. I was overwhelmed and so grateful to hear his voice. The next night, even though we were under a state of emergency, Manuela came—just like she always does from midnight until 4 a.m. It is comforting to know I can get some rest so I can take care of my family. Caregiving is an act of love and the most intimate thing you can do. [This] is a journey I’m taking with my mom. I’m so grateful Livingston is holding my hand on this path with my mom.

Martha Baumann and Cheryl Peay

Martha’s story highlights Livingston’s commitment to providing care whenever, and wherever, it is needed. Each year, Livingston helps more than 3,000 Ventura County residents recuperate, recover, or simply maintain a safe lifestyle in their home.•Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association 5

10 th Annual

Lunc heon

Honoring our Mothers

On April 27, Livingston celebrated its 10th annual Mother’s Day Luncheon honoring Carolyn Daily Menne and remembering Helen Kimball Pidduck, two dedicated mothers who gave tirelessly to their families and community. Over 190 guests paid tribute to these two amazing women at the Las Posas Country Club. Carolyn Daily Menne is deeply involved in a myriad of Ventura County organizations and causes. Her two sons, Martin and John, addressed the guests on how deserving their mother is of this honor. Our in memory of tribute went to Helen Kimball Pidduck. Son Richard Pidduck and longtime friend John Orr recalled their memories of Helen, a woman who clearly touched the lives of many.

Additional photos at

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and our honorees’ families for making this Mother’s Day Luncheon a success. Over $157,000 was raised and all funds go toward ensuring that Ventura County patients have access to quality home health care, compassionate hospice, and vital in-home assistance regardless of their ability to pay.

The Helen Kimball Pidduck Family

L-R John Given, Margaret Given, John Menne, Carolyn Menne, Heather Daily, Bud Daily

L-R Marcia Donlon, Noel Daily, Nina Butler

L-R Dr. Charles Hair, Suzanne Chandler, Tom Pecht

L-R Martin Menne, John Menne

Jane Pidduck, Richard Pidduck

L-R Elise Kearney, Bill Kearney, Janice Willis, Gerry Gramckow

L-R Margaret Kimball, Bill McPheron, Dorcas Thille

John Orr, Stephanie Orr

L-R Laura McAvoy, John Menne, Carolyn Menne, Dr. Lanyard Dial



Marcia Donlon & Family Margaret & John Given Hammer-Hewson Associates Carolyn & John Menne Judy & John Menne, Lynne & Mark Arizmendi, Becky & Martin Menne Dorcas Thille Mrs. Janice P. Willis

Anonymous Alice B. Avedisian Ellen Brokaw Mrs. Morley Chase Mr. & Mrs. Jurgen Gramckow Bill & Elise Kearney Allan Pinkerton Family Vickie & Bruno Pozzi


Mrs. Robert Beltramo John & Nancy Borchard Claire Friel Carty Community Memorial Health System Drs. Lanyard & Mary Dial Lisa Dunlap Mary S. Gallagher Mr. James H. Gill

Joe & Becky Hansen Laura McAvoy & Sol Chooljian Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP Karen & Tom Pecht Pidduck Family


John & Betsy Grether Charles M. Hair, MD & Suzanne Chandler HUB International Margaret Kimball & William McPheron J. Link & Sally Leavens Leslie Leavens Terri & Mark Lisagor James O. Lloyd-Butler Maulhardt Properties Company Sean McGrath Montecito Bank & Trust John & Stephanie Orr Banks & Ben Pecht Penny & Ric Ruffinelli Sherry Scott Rebecca Sokol, MD & Jeffrey Smith Tom & Esther Wachtell


Anonymous (2) David & Joan Araujo Nina Butler Christine Cohen & Michael Derr Steve & Linda Donovan Finch Family Foundation Toni Gardiner Alyssa & Brian Given Carolyn W. Hertel Dottie Loebl Judge David W. Long (Ret.) & Shirley Critchfield Sam Perricone, Jr. Carolyn Pidduck Mary Wagner Staas Leo Tauber Linda White




This year’s record-breaking Garden Tour raised over $36,000 to directly support our most vulnerable neighbors — parents, grandparents, children and friends — when they need care, comfort, support, counseling, and education when facing a lifelimiting illness or grieving the loss of a loved one. All provided without charge. Special thanks to committee co-chairs Betty Bright-Martinez and Carol Weaver and committee members Midge Bradford, Pat Distad, Cameron Draine, Karen Knight, Komali Nunna, Linda Ramelli, Jill Scholler, and Ruff Smith.

Additional photos at

Garden Tour co-chairs Betty Bright-Martinez and Carol Weaver

Tiered rock planters bursting with color at Maravilla Gardens

Repurposed farming artifacts are tucked into nooks and crannies that line meandering paths at the Maulhardt Garden

Thank You Sponsors ROSE



Claire Friel Carty Jurgen Gramckow Susan & Tom Yaberg


Coast Cities Creamations Christine Cohen & Michael Derr Edward S. Friel Bill & Elise Kearney Michael McCarthy, DDS Sherry Stearns Ventura Eye Institute, Michael Ragen, MD Sondra Wood ZestNet

Pastel Society of the Gold Coast artist Lynn Simon


Anonymous (3) John & Nancy Borchard Al Martinez & Betty Bright-Martinez Susan & Bob Brown Lynda & Bill Frank Dr. Robert Improta Karen Knight LightGabler Al & Petra Lowe Ruth Maulhardt Mary McGrath Sandy & Dave Nirenberg Parrott Aire Heating & Air Conditioning Pastel Society of the Gold Coast Jane Pidduck Murray Rosenbluth Tony & Kathy Trembley Jane & Ed Waters Carol Weaver Evelyn & Michael Williams, in memory of Mariam Cane Williams & Delbert Muth

The owner’s personality and sense of humor are reflected in the Touch of Color Garden


Radiation Oncology Centers of Ventura County Timothy A. O’Connor, MD & Henry Z. Montes, MD

Breathtaking view at Somis Valley Vistas

Jennifer Russell, (L), assists a guest at the raffle, a popular stop on the tour

Landscape architect Scott Menzel and garden owners Bridget & Mark Fischer

Memorials &Tributes FEBRUARY THROUGH APRIL 2018

At its heart, Livingston is about helping people. It is with deep gratitude that we recognize gifts made in tribute to friends and family members. These thoughtful gifts will truly help someone when they need it most. IN RECOGNITION OF A LIVINGSTON CAREGIVER Jacqueline Frieling Susan Adams Wendy Gastwirt Ms. Joan Erickson Daniel Kaplan Susan Hutchinson, MD Louanne Kroell Ms. Joan Erickson Araceli Ochoa Jane M. Goodwin Pastor Judy Pando Mr. Chris Dutton Kurt Rice Mr. Thomas Kistler Cynthia Saks Jane M. Goodwin Melani Sauer Orville & Elaine Hernvall Stacia Sickle Bill & Deanna Hackman

George & Dad Mrs. Patricia Saito

Toni Lether Mr. John Lether

William Ray Barnes Virginia M. Grainger

Bill & Toni Georgi Gayle & John Powell

Jennifer Lipton Linda & Tom Toutz

Patricia Barron Ms. Shelagh Garren

Susan Mary Giambrone, PhD Sue Wooster

Morton Lit Harriet Lit

Shirley Bennett Ms. Betty Juel Andersen

Dorothy Gooden Mr. Robert Gooden

Robert Littell Mrs. Mary Littell

Boyce B. Blackshear Mr. Jack M. Dickenson III

Kathrine N. Gooding Mr. & Mrs. Max A. Mora

David Lundgren Mrs. Robert Beltramo

William Bogner Jim Bouck and the Poker Boys

Violet Goodwin Jane M. Goodwin

Rhoda Mahlke Richard Mahlke

Eleonore Gravel Annette & Steve Campbell

Millie Mainzer John H. Mainzer

Timothy Griffin Anonymous

Jane Marcus Lois Manning

K.C. Hackman Bill & Deanna Hackman

Robert H. Martin Mrs. Linda Martin

Virgil Hall Mr. Keith T. Hall

E.C. Hap Maxwell Maureen M. Younkin

Gail Harwood Mrs. Charles E. Swift

Peter John McGrath Mr. James H. Gill

Richard Heller Mrs. Linda Heller

James P. McLoughlin Maureen M. Younkin

Karen Henry Sue Mitchell

Cindy Merrick Joan & David Murphy

Billy Standing Mr. & Mrs. George T. Roberts

John 'Jed' Hilzinger Ms. Kristin Hilzinger

Howard 'Moe' Moberly Ken & Carolee Feltch

Ray Swift Mr. James H. Gill

Audrey Hilzinger Ms. Kristin Hilzinger

John Mogg Carmen Mogg

Esther Hutchinson Susan Hutchinson, MD

Charles 'Chuck' Moore Mrs. Natalia C. Moore

Dr. Leo Tauber Anonymous Berkley & Suzanne Baker

Larry Keller Sue Pollack & Larry Markworth

John 'Chappy' Morris Mr. James H. Gill

Carol Brabb Ms. Iris Schulman Sherrill Broudy Charlene Broudy Genevieve Buchroeder Jerry & Peggy Matchin John 'Chappy' Morris Mrs. Robert Beltramo

Patricia Taylor Mr. Robert L. Winston

Vyda Burger Mrs. Robert Beltramo Marilyn S. Viles

Courtney Wallace Jane M. Goodwin Mrs. Linda Martin

Lyn Carmichael Carol A. Bartholme

IN HONOR OF Gail Beltramo's 80th Birthday Sal & Edy Santangelo Hanna Caraway Anonymous Carolyn Daily Menne Ms. Sharon P. McGahan IN MEMORY OF Don Adams Susan Adams Jamie & Kelley Hains

Lucille Conforti Peter T. Conforti John & Marilynn Connelly Mr. Ronald F. Connelly & Family James Nathan Dazey Judith Ann Dazey Dr. James Decker-Mahin Mrs. Mary Littell Judy Dengel Thomas & Barb Polek Arnold 'James' Edwards Mrs. Lina Lee Edwards

James & Roberta Kerwin Ms. Winifred Jordon

Karen Erickson Ms. Joan Erickson

Rhea Kistler Heather & Milton Daily Mr. Thomas Kistler Kelly & Mary Stark

Susan Fenton Tami Schnitman

Tom Kline Madeline Kline

Gordon Fergusson Ms. Barbara J. Fergusson

Elizabeth Knaebel Walter Knaebel

Josie Flores Anonymous

Tom Koch Ms. Loretta Koch

Sandra M. Artuso Anonymous

Roger John Edward Flynn Michael Flynn

Hazel Lanquest Mrs. Larrilyn Bangs

Sandra Atkinson Linda & Tom Toutz

Wilbur Frederick Edith & Jennifer Frederick

Paul R. Bangs Mrs. Larrilyn Bangs

Benjamin E. Gehr Roberta L. Gehr

George Lathem Edith & Jennifer Frederick

Arne Andersen Ms. Betty Juel Andersen Margaret Andrews Lawrence Andrews Richard Arciniega Mrs. Brenda Arciniega Carla & Bob Clark Terry & Marcia Elliott Mercedes Schmidt Paul & Diane Schmidt

Shelly Powell SC&A Insurance Services, LLC

Paul & Darrell Bangs Mrs. Larrilyn Bangs

Betty Lenhardt Noella Belvedere

Mary Maxwell Maureen M. Younkin Wilfred Morter Mindy Kahle Lisa's Mother Paul & Ann Carter Delbert Muth Evelyn & Michael Williams Robert Osborne Ms. Denise McMaster Garret Payne Linda & Charles Simon Howard & Beatrice Petersen Christine & Ralph Schwiesow David Peterson James & Glenys Slavik Weinreb Segal Family Fund Helen K. Pidduck Mr. William McPheron & Ms. Margaret Kimball Suzanne T. White

Rita Price Mrs. Natalia C. Moore Stanley Raap Anonymous Amy Marie Reinert Richard & Brenda Reinert Kathy Ricco Mrs. Charles E. Swift Billie Roberts Mr. & Mrs. George T. Roberts Michael Ann Rockenstein Paul Rockenstein Arlene Roper Dick Roper Lupe Sanchez Mr. Richard G. Calzada Michael Scott Linda & Charles Simon

Gary Tullberg Mrs. Natalia C. Moore Lori Tullberg Mrs. Natalia C. Moore Kathryn Vargeson Jim Vargeson Dawn Vodka Joseph Vodka Maureen Wachold Robert Jelnick Joseph 'Joe' Wall Mrs. Natalia C. Moore Rolla T. Wilhite Mrs. Ellen Louise Carleton Marian Williams, RN Evelyn & Michael Williams Teresa Dianne Wilson Mrs. Linda Romano Terry Wright Mrs. Linda Romano

Honoring and recognizing our donors is very important to us. We apologize for any omissions and / or errors. Please call Lynda Frank at (805) 642-0239 ext. 641 to update us with any changes, corrections or preferences. Your support is greatfully appreciated. 10 Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association•

Make a gift today. Leave a legacy for tomorrow.


Blended Giving

imilar to finding your perfect coffee blend, there is a way to blend your personal philanthropy

that is right for you.

The idea is that you make a starting gift with a current gift of cash, securities or real estate.

Then you find the planned gift method, maybe a bequest, charitable trust or gift annuity, that works best for your situation. With the planned gift, you set it up now and enjoy the benefits

and security during your lifetime, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your planned gift will make a big difference by adding to the gift you already started.

Contact Molly Corbett at (805) 642-0239 ext. 603 to begin learning about the many different ways you can create a custom gift. Please let us know how we can help you.

Passion for Pastels 2018



Benefiting Camarillo Hospice, a program of Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association

2331 Borchard Road • Newbury Park (next to the library)

July 5–26 Monday through Saturday 11am–5pm

Meet the Artists Reception Sunday, July 15 1–3pm

www. 501(c)3 organization

Morning Walk by Judy Deitch

Reflections at Sunset by Pamela Salem•Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association 11

1996 Eastman Ave., Suite 101 Ventura, CA 93003-5768 (805) 642-0239 •

34th Annual



FRIDAY, JUNE 15 at 5:30 PM Maravilla Gardens ~ 8620 Santa Rosa Road

Guest Speaker: Susan Florence

internationally acclaimed author and artist Please join your family, friends and neighbors for this interdenominational service commemorating the lives of deceased loved ones with inspirational words, music and ritual. All of those in attendance will have the opportunity to place a satin butterfly in memory of their loved one on our Memorial Quilt. 12 Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association•

Visitors Newsletter Summer 2018  
Visitors Newsletter Summer 2018