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Time Warner Cable Treats 100 Los Angeles Students from Compton’s Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum and South Los Angeles’ A Place Called Home Nonprofit Organizations to a Special Space Shuttle Endeavour and STEM Field Trip

December 2012

As part of Time Warner Cable’s $3.8 million contribution to space shuttle Endeavour that included helping deliver the shuttle to the California Science Center, Time Warner Cable took a group of 100 youth, from underserved areas of Los Angeles, to visit the shuttle in its new home at the California Science Center on Wednesday, November 14, 2012. The students from Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, a Compton based nonprofit organization that brings aviation history to life and empowers the dreams of youth to take flight, and A Place Called Home, a south central based nonprofit organization that empowers underserved youth through programs in education, arts, and well­being, participated in a variety of unique and exciting STEM activities. The kids, which ranged from ages 8­18 years old, had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Endeavour with a shuttle lesson and tour of the shuttle pavilion with California Science Center educators. They also did a number of live experiments and demonstrations including a special liquid nitrogen demonstration to simulate the extreme temperatures of space, experiments with living and non­living objects to demonstrate effects of the extremely cold space environment and the “Life in a Vacuum” demonstration, which is a challenge that helps kids understand what it’s like to live in space. To end the event filled afternoon, the children had a theatrical, IMAX experience and journey with a special screening of “Hubble 3D,” a film about the Hubble space telescope’s legacy that is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Time Warner Cable presented the special experience as part of the company’s Connect A Million Minds initiative, a five­year, $100 million commitment to inspire the next generation of problem solvers by connecting young people to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM.)

Altura Credit Union Sponsors Annual Holiday Food Drive for Local Charitable Organizations Altura Credit Union’s fifth annual Holiday Food Drive is currently underway at its nine Riverside County branch locations. Altura Members, staffers and community residents are invited to participate by donating canned and other non­perishable food items. Donations will be accepted through Saturday, Dec. 15. “Altura’s annual food drive is just one small way that we can help struggling families in the Inland Empire have a happier holiday this year,” said Cindy Thomas, AVP, Altura Credit Union Branch Operations . “It’s a great way to bring together the community for a worthy cause. We notice that many families make the trip to the branch together tomake their donation. It’s such a great thing to be a part of,” added Thomas.

The staff members at each branch selected the local school or non­profit organization to receive the donations from that branch. The organizations slated to benefit from this year’s drive include: California School For The Deaf, Aqua Caliente Elementary School,Family Services Association, Riverside City College­ Active Minds, Martha’s Village and Kitchen,Take A Bite Out Of Hunger/Riverside, Settlement House, of Corona/Norco, The Pantry, Hemet Community Pantry Altura has branch locations in Riverside, Corona, Hemet, Indio, Moreno Valley, Murrieta and Rancho Mirage. Donation bins or tables are set up inside each branch. Visit Altura’s website at for branch addresses, or call 1­888­883­7228.

Inland Empire Chapter Of Tennessee State University Alumni Association Celebrates First Anniversary By Marilyn James Miller

Stay Safe While Preparing for and Celebrating the Holidays Southern California Edison Offers Tips to Avoid Injuries and Fire Hazards

As store shelves fill up with holiday lights and decorations, families and friends are preparing to celebrate the festive season. And as they get together to celebrate, Southern California Edison (SCE) has a simple message: don’t let potential fire hazards such as frayed cords and unsafe conditions like broken lights ruin the festivities. “During the holiday season, it’s easy to get distracted with all the things you need to prepare around your home for your family and guests. Taking short cuts may seem to save time, but it’s important not to rush and be safe,” said William Messner, SCE’s manager, Corporate Health and Safety. “We want all our customers to enjoy the holidays, so we urge them to be aware of potential risks associated with decorating such as falling off ladders, fires and electrical hazards.” Close to 83 percent of people decorate their homes as part of the winter holidays, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. And the most common winter holiday decorations are lighted Christmas trees (83 percent), indoor decorations using electric lights (63 percent) and outdoor light

decorations (58 percent). From 2005­2009, an annual average of 240 home fires started with Christmas trees, resulting in 13 deaths, 27 injuries, and $16.7 million in property damage. About 5,800 people each year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for falls associated with holiday decorations. More than half of these injuries were caused by falls from ladders or roofs while decorating outdoors. During this holiday season, SCE has a few helpful tips: Do not use decorative lighting with frayed cords and wires, broken fuses or broken light bulbs. Do not use staples, nails or tacks to hang electrical cords. These can pierce the protective insulation.Plug no more than three strands of lights into each electrical cord or outlet.Never use lighted candles on or near holiday trees or decorations.Use wooden or fiberglass ladders when decorating outdoors. Metal ladders conduct electricity. More safety tips are available at: Follow us on Twitter ( and like us on Facebook ( About Southern California Edison An Edison

International (NYSE:EIX) company, Southern California Edison is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, serving a population of nearly 14 million via 4.9 million customer accounts in a 50,000­square­mile service area within Central, Coastal and Southern California.

The Inland Empire Chapter of Tennessee State University Alumni Association recently celebrated their first anniversary, along with Tennessee State University’s Centennial year. The University was founded in 1912 and the chapter was chartered in 2011. On November 11, 2012, chapter members, friends and family convened at Walters Restaurant in Claremont, California for their Anniversary Brunch. Among the noted guests were Congressman Joe Baca’s Representative Michael Townsend, who presented a certificate of Congressional Recognition on his behalf. Also, Theo Maxey, Far West Regional Vice President of Tennessee State University National Alumni Association extended words of encouragement. The chapter previously received Senate and Assembly recognition from Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter. Over the past year, the chapter contributed back to school supplies to women and children homes in Pomona, Upland, and San Bernardino. Holiday food donations were given to nonprofit organizations in Rialto and Riverside. Additionally, the chapter participates in college/career fairs throughout the Inland Empire. During our Centennial Celebration in June of 2012, high school graduates Onyx Linton (Los Osos High School) and Tariq Henson (Eisenhower High School) were recognized for their academic excellence and outstanding service to the community. Mr. Linton is pursuing pre­medical studies and Mr. Henson is pursuing engineering studies. The ultimate goal of the Inland Empire Chapter is to make every effort to ensure that students have the information necessary to make informed decisions about their educational needs. These efforts are made to empower our students and to enrich the lives of our families, thus strengthening our communities.


December 2012


Joomla Development – A Perfect Web Development Solution By Roger Dave

A brief look at its background tells us that Joomla is an award winning content management system (CMS) with PHP as its base. It is user friendly and allows flexibility in creating websites of various shapes and sizes; and of course, it is an open source solution and thus has no license fees. From Fortune 500 companies to non­profit organizations, Joomla is used widely and extensively. This is a piece of information you are guaranteed to get when you Google ‘Joomla development'. But I'm not very sure if Google really tells us everything about why Joomla is perfect as a web development solution! Yes, Joomla is most certainly one of the best content management systems; and Joomla development is certainly the most sought after method of developing powerful and dynamic ecommerce, intranet and extranet websites due to its simplicity and ease of use. As far as its technicalities are concerned, one of the most noted advantages of Joomla development is the huge number of programs, or Joomla extensions it offers. Joomla also comes with a lot of free plug­ins including language translation plug­ins which enable users from across the globe view your site in different languages. As Joomla comes with such a large variety of extensions, it can be easily upgraded with change in technology (most of the times, free of cost!). In today's fast paced world of rapid change, it is a must to keep up with competition and contemporaries. Both issues can be handled by creating a bug free, attractive and arresting Joomla website which gives

the rest of the world a run for their money! Another thumbs­up goes to the CMS for the Joomla Customization which is possible. This customization boosts creation of web pages and applications a notch higher and makes possible the creation of ‘robust' dynamic pages and applications for Ecommerce storefronts, RSS feeds, Blogging, Community Portals, Interactive Image Galleries, Corporate websites, E­Magazines & Polls integration and the likes.Joomla websites, not so surprisingly, are easy to navigate through and easier to maintain! But of course, this is not all! A brief run through the list of advantages of using Joomla for web development highlights: Affordable Joomla customization and Joomla extension development. Possibility of developing comprehensive CMS features like blogs and RSS Feeds. A centralized database which stores all your images and content A variety of free (and paid) plug­ ins to choose from Predesigned web templates for Joomla Customization and/or editing HTML text editor for non­ technical users Joomla can be used widely and extensively to serve the following purposes: Customization, Design Integration, Templates Designing, Extensions Development, Modules Development, Modification and Customization, Content development and Management Effective Joomla development only ensures successful integration, processing and representation of the data on your website. Did you know that Joomla creates SEO friendly websites? It channels search keywords to the right place on your website too? You mean you didn't know? I

SEO Techniques That Will Get Your Website Banned By John Taylor

engine optimization (SEO) for your website this is, more often than not, the result of Has your website ever been banned for inexperience and a lack of knowledge about what spamming the internet or using unethical is and is not acceptable in terms of optimization. techniques? If you are in charge of the search If you have hired an SEO company to undertake

optimization for you, on the other hand, they have been sprung using black hat techniques and you should really consider taking your business elsewhere. Keyword Stuffing: The search engines look at something known as ‘keyword density', which calculates how many times a keyword is used on a particular page. Shove your keywords in too many times and the search engines will think you're spamming them. Cloaking: This is a phrase used to describe a website that shows one lot of information to search engines and another to human visitors. This is often seen as a misleading SEO technique, but there are situations in which it can be used without penalty. Hidden Text: Whilst this was once a popular SEO technique for adding in keywords, the act of hiding text in the background (by making the font the same colour), using negative margins or placing it somewhere else invisible is considered highly unethical. Gateway Pages: Some people like to create web pages or entire websites for the sole purpose of ranking highly and sending traffic onto the main site. If these gateway pages don't provide users

with any SEO value, however, they can be banned. URL Redirection: This happens when a user or search engine is redirected to another website without their knowledge. Some SEO's use this technique to acquire the Page Rank of the destination page, whilst others are trying to send you to dodgy websites. Link Farms: This is an SEO technique that is almost as old as the term itself. Some people try to trick the system by creating a community of websites that all link to each other; they try to take advantage of the fact that link popularity is a major factor in ranking. Fortunately, the search engines have become increasingly smarter when it comes to rooting out those websites that are utilizing black hat and unethical SEO techniques. Whilst these techniques might give your website some pretty good results to begin with, you can rest assured that it will only be a day or two until the search engines realize what you are doing and land you with a hefty penalty or even a ban. There are plenty of other SEO techniques out there that you would be better off using.

How to unlock AT&T iPhone and major benefits of unlocking a phone By Brunetti Brunetti

The competitive rivalry existing between various service providers or network providers often pose inconvenience to the average user. A healthy competition may ensure that you get a phone or an iPhone at very tempting prices, but this discount comes at a price. These smart service providers sell you phones which have locked codes thereby preventing you from using the SIM card of any other network. For instance, if you have bought a Blackberry phone, then you may not be able to function through any other network unless you buy a Blackberry unlock code. But you do not have to fret till eternity. There is a very simple and feasible solution. All you have to is to purchase an unlock code (available at nominal prices) and then you are free to change the SIM card and access any network you are fond of. Getting your phone unlocked is completely legal. But it is advisable to refrain from purchasing illegal or uncertified codes. In order to unlock AT&T

iPhone or any other phone, you better take professional help of a genuine website which can sell you the code within a reasonable time frame and budget. 8 easy steps for unlocking a phone: If you were thinking about how to unlock a phone, then here are 8 easy steps for you:i. Say, if you wish to unlock AT&T iPhone, then your first step should be to contact a professional website (which legally sells unlocking codes) and then send the IMEI of your phone to their server. Every GSM phone comes with its own unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which can be easily traced imprinted below the battery. You can also get it on your screen by typing *#06#. ii. Shortly, you will get a message saying ‘activated’. iii. Your next step should be to get the most recent version of iTunes installed in your phone. iv. Next, you must ensure that the latest version of iTunes is an officially updated one. v. Next, you are required to connect your phone to iTunes with the invalid SIM card. vi. In a few seconds,

the iTunes will recognize the phone vii. Next, you must disconnect your phone and then wait for around 10 seconds before reconnecting again. viii. Your phone gets unlocked. Benefits of getting your phone unlocked: Here are some of the chief benefits of getting your phone unlocked: a. Save in your roaming charge: By buying a Blackberry unlock code, you save all your future roaming expenses since you can now insert a local SIM and enjoy cheaper tariffs. b. Increase in resale value: If you ever want to resell your iPhone in the future, then you better get it unlocked. If you unlock AT&T iPhone, then you can sell it at a much higher price. c. Convenience: The whole business of unlocking is extremely convenient. There is no technical knowledge required for it and you can reap its benefits for the rest of its life. A Blackberry unlock code can also be received in just a matter of minutes. TimeFree Web Content, effort and cost incurred are miniscule in comparison to the benefits.

By Ethel Martin­Miller

I thought I should write an article this holiday season to wake up the speeding drivers, the texting drivers, mobile phone talkers, and address all those other activities that go on inside a vehicle that distract people from driving safely. Oh yeah, I don’t want to forget all the people who drive under the influence of whatever and feel they are in control of the wheel. I don’t know if it is me, my imagination or what, but I see on a daily basis, people driving fast and running through red lights as if it is the right thing to do. Most of the cars on the freeways are speeding to the point I sometime feel I’m on a racetrack. Or I find myself speeding up and moving to another lane, because I see people driving too slowly. Fast drivers are texting crazy while driving, and that is scary. I observed a young lady running right through a stop sign while texting. I tried to catch up with her to tell her that she didn’t stop at the stop sign and that someone was going to get killed or hurt. I wasn’t able to catch up with her at that point. All I could do was whisper a prayer for her and everybody else traveling her way. More and more I hear on the news about

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regular everyday people hitting, not one person, but several people or groups of people without stopping to see if they can help or call 911. These drivers leave the scene of the accident and become the top story for the evening news. Now the police are looking for them because they’re criminals. The people who are texting, talking on the mobile phone, under the influence of whatever are the ones who think it will not happen to them; but it does, so please be safe this holiday season. Many people will be traveling this holiday season, and I hope that I can give someone something to think about before they get inside an automobile. My message to all of us is to play it safe, and obey the law. If you can’t control yourself, put your mobile phone on the back seat or turn them off when you are driving because it can happen to you. Tell your teenagers to put their mobile phones on the back seat or turn them off. We want to have a beautiful Christmas, keeping Christ in our hearts and minds and bringing in the new year with peace, joy, and happiness. Please know that good people, if they don’t follow the laws, can end up in prison for a stupid mistake. Let’s make the right choices this holiday season.

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December 2012

Small Business

Business Credit Card Management Tips for First­time Entrepreneurs By Matt Perry Nguyen

If this is your first­time to receive and manage a business credit card and you wish to know how you can responsibly handle your existing line of credit then, you've surely found the right article. In the paragraphs below, we have enumerated and tackled several tips guaranteed to help business owners, like you, succeed in their respective quests to responsibly use their credit card accounts. Pay your credit card bills prudently. This means that you have to submit early or on­time payments to your credit card issuer. There are plenty of benefits associated with this good credit habit. First of all, your business can avoid making extra payments on pesky fees and charges, such as late payment penalties, which are usually charged to delinquent credit cardholders. Second, such habit can help you build a solid credit profile for your enterprise. And this will in turn help improve the financial prospects of your small shop or store.

Settle your bills in full. Apart from submitting on­time payments to your card issuer, we also encourage you to pay your credit card charges in full. Always remember that submitting just the minimum amount due can cause your interest charges to balloon out and soon get way out of hand. Hence, to keep your interest payments minimal, you should resolve to pay your credit card bills not just prudently, but also completely. Keep your business credit card spending in check. Although business credit cards usually have high spending limits, it doesn't mean that you have to max yours out. Keep in mind that credit utilization, otherwise known as your business debt­to­limit ratio, influences the computation of your business credit score. And if you happen to spend beyond the credit limit imposed on your line of credit then, there's a huge possibility that the credit score of your enterprise will instantly drop. This is the reason why we encourage business cardholders like you to keep a tab on their

transactions. Make it a habit to check the available balance on your credit card before charging your purchases and bills on it. That way, you can determine if you still have enough balance you can use on your account. Otherwise, you may have to pay for your expenses in cash. Don't forget to ask for receiptsand proofs of your credit card transactions. Keep in mind that these documents will not only help you validate the entries found in your monthly billing statements. You can also use them for disputing errors or inconsistencies you discovered in your business credit report. So, never throw your receipts, proofs of payment and other financial records away. Instead, keep them with your other business records so that you can easily retrieve them when an urgent need arises. Say NO to offers for more business credit cards. After all, managing multiple lines of credit can push you down into debt traps and tarnish the good credit reputation of your business. This means that, for the meantime, you should turn down offers for additional business credit card

accounts. And try re­visiting them ONLY when you're confident that your enterprise can afford to keep up with its future credit card charges, without compromising its existing financial obligations.

The Importance of Teamwork

By Patricia Woloch

Whether in the workplace or on the football field, or even amongst members of a community, effective teamwork can produce incredible results. However, working successfully as a team is not as easy as it may seem. Effective teamwork certainly does not just happen automatically; it takes a great deal of hard work and compromise. There are a number of factors that must be in place to cohere together as a team and work seamlessly. • Good leadership: Effective leadership is one of the most important components of good teamwork. The team's leader should possess the skills to create and maintain a positive working environment and motivate and inspire the team members to take a positive approach to work and be highly committed. An effective team leader will promote a high level of morale and make them feel supported and valued. • Clear communication: Communication is a vital factor of all interpersonal interaction and especially that of a team. Team members must be able to articulate their feelings, express plans and goals, share ideas and see each other's viewpoints. • Establishing roles: It is absolutely necessary for team members to understand what their role on the team is, what he/she is responsible for. The

team leader can enable this by defining the purpose in a clear­cut manner in the beginning of the formation of the team. • Conflict Resolution: Conflicts will arise no matter how well a team functions together. The best way to counter conflict is to have structured methods of conflict resolution. Team members should be able to voice their concerns without fear of offending others. Instead of avoiding conflict issues, a hands­on approach that resolves them quickly is much better. It is often advised that the team leader sit with the conflicting parties and help work out their differences without taking sides and trying to remain objective if possible. • Set a good example: The team leader must set a good example for good teamwork to come about. In order to keep team members positive and committed and motivated, the team leader herself/himself needs to exhibit these qualities. The team looks to the leader for support and guidance so any negativity on the leader's part can be disastrous. Regardless of what type of sales you are in, you may one day be asked to be part of a team sales effort, and knowing how to effectively work on and with a team is going to be crucial to your success and that of your team.

3 Tips to Make Customers Key in Your Business Referral Plan By Christian Fea

Creating a valuable business referral plan can be vital to the continued growth of your company. Since the best source of referrals is always going to be happy consumers or clients, you cannot find a move valuable prospect than an individual that has been sent to your business from a satisfied customer. The biggest challenge for any business is how to get their satisfied customers to openly and actively promote their products and services. Make the Business Referral Plan Work for You­There are a few basics to implement in any good marketing plan that will help to train your current clients to be walking, talking representatives of your business. Ask­It may sound simplified and it is. However, often the simple task of asking for referrals falls to the wayside in the day­to­day grind oftentimes. The best time to ask for a business referral is while in the process of delivering the most excellent services or products. For etiquettes sake, try not to ask for referrals at the beginning of a transaction, but instead as the transaction is being completed such as when making changes or during the signing of a contractual agreement. Teach Your Consumers to

P l a ce Y ou r AD H er e Ca l l (909)278­7046

Work for Your Business­Make it as easy as possible for your current clients to refer your business. While many of your consumers would be happy to refer you, they may not know how. Create a short, catchy and easy­to­ remember URL for referrals, or give away free business cards near where consumers pay or check out from your products or services. Buy or build a sign up box where customers can sign up to a monthly newsletter or jot down a friend’s contact information. If you utilize online review services like Yelp, make sure to share where consumers can go to leave you a positive review. Buy that easy­to­remember domain name to redirect to your review site. Thank Your Referrers­Always thank referrers. Find a manageable system for rewarding and acknowledging those who refer their friends, family and associates to you. For those who refer entire businesses to you it’s important to find something bigger and better than the acknowledgements you give those individual referrers. Consider consulting a marketing expert to help you create your own method of referral rewards for your employees as well as your consumers or clients. Word­of­mouth is still the best method of marketing referrals in today's digital age. While many of the referrals today do come through digital platforms such as social networks, they are still, in essence, the same as those referrals given face­to­face. Those consumers who come to your business via a referral from a friend or associate are arriving on your business's doorstep with a default level of increased trust that differs from a walk­in or browse­by type of consumer. Always nurture those relationships and you will have one more customer willing to increase the chance of word­of­mouth style referrals. This continual cycle of any good business referral plan will work for your businessScience

Top 5 Most Chic Corporate Christmas Presents By Travis Olague

For me Christmas time is the best time ever! It is a time when all my dreams come true and when all my fairy­tales realise. Read about presents. It is usually an issue simple methods to state your personal enjoyment combined with affection toward the citizens who you do business with. Your buyers and consequently shoppers, workforce so career co­staff produced a involvement to all your financial and so the results of your respective industry. So now is the time to provide returning to the whole a trifle treasure along with a few. Firstly. Straightforward X­mas cards tend to be very trendy in addition to low­cost different but also the sweetest solution to suggest your personal feeling. You will be able to publish your personal comfy terms and phrases as well as note during this card special person. Secondly. Any kind of appointments for the complete 365 days, such type of is always that an organisation continually offers their purchasers. It is extremely attention­grabbing, worthwhile and moreover revealing gift. Derived from one of thing it's really amusing to have a souvenir, provided by a second, the emblem together with the trademark of a provider reminds your clients with your consultant the complete time in to the future. 3. Shopping vouchers, gift certifications or perhaps reward boxes are unquestionably quite widespread great product for all The european union. First and foremost, it will save your time not at all strolling with regards to and locate that most right offer. Additionally, that person by himself will certainly buy the perfect gift the individual calls for. It's rather a business, cafe, gym other sorts of cheap qualification. Special gift baskets have been interesting as you can put many slight products in 1 package. Fourth. An actual discount item creates your company name well regarded together with trendy. This is usually a smart internet marketing process with regards to administrators. And if you might have a few outdated goods, present them. Heading to prospects palms, households as well as the workplaces, you can easily advance and moreover promote the business. You might consider it garmets, souvenirs, property ornaments, artwork on to current day devices, systems, supplies and as a consequence goodies, accordingly just think from the box! Fifth. Floral arrangements plus a nice wine bottle can as well be be used as Christmas presents. Supplying a flower arrangement guarantee that the particular receiver enjoys the following particular rose. They could besides that mean some top­ secret concept. In the event that Xmas day unfolds anybody will definately give thought to you and your family drinking alcohol your primary bottle of champange in addition to the looking through your private note. Alcoholical beverages for instance like winery, champagne or maybe a spirits can be efficiently­favored of management and business get togethers. You will find that a good container with delicious chocolate for that if you decide to want!

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These palms are 9 yers old, can live over 100 years and can grove over 20 feet tall. Call today and pick­up in Pomona, California Contact: Paul (909)620­7597

Pony Tail Palms (Beaucarnea Recurvala)



December 2012

How Can I Communicate With Senior Managers?

From time to time, though, there could come a time where you, as an IT professional will need to communicate with senior managers at your job. This could be for a variety of reasons. You might be asked to present something to a senior manager (or even more daunting ­ a few senior managers!). You may need to incorporate information to an email to get delivered to someone at a senior level.

Or it may be various other parts of your job. For the purposes of this particular article, I mention senior management as somebody who is involved in making key decisions in your business, and is at least two levels above you on the organizational chart. So, your boss's boss, at least. While they might not have a senior or executive title, they do have a different area of

obligation and it can seem overwhelming to need to speak to them. There are some things you can do to really succeed. Don't Panic When Communicating With Senior Management Senior professionals get created in the prime of their career from nothing and are automatically awesome at everything they do. I'm kidding, by the way. Senior managers are senior mainly because they have the experience doing roles at more junior levels or other elements of a business. They've been in your situation before. They've given presentations and provided information to other executives before they got to their position. So, they know what it's like to be where you are. For that reason, you shouldn't panic. Don't think a lot about what may go wrong when you speak to others. Attempt to relax. Concentrate on what you're trying to say or communicate to them, and just say it. Don't Go Into Too Much Detail It's very easy for us IT professionals to describe the details of what is requested of us to senior managers. We think it's relevant, it's important, and it matters to what's being talked about. Leaving it out would be crazy!

Be a performer in an Interview By Bhupendra Ahluwalia

Write your resume effectively. It's a good concept to describe your skills, experience and objectives like a summarized story so that the HR can consider you in short­run. Organize and categorize your portfolio and it should blend to your resume. Make some stuff under your privilege by using your unique art & style e.g. illustrations, Presentations,2d/3d show reels,etc. Try to forward your resume direct to the companies or job consultancies on their available e­mail address. You are also open to ask directly to your friends in your network also request them for

Before we go into too much detail, we should try to see it from their side. They more than likely don't want the details. Their time is precious and they don't need to find out the specifics. They have an interest in different areas of the company and aren't usually focused on technical areas. If you have to give an update to a senior manager on a critical system outage, they would likely be thinking about specific things like the expected resolution time, who's examining the issue presently, and who to contact to find out more. They probably don't need to find out about server logs and possible causes. Afterwards, they might, if some kind of review is done. But this is just one example. The idea here is that we need to understand which information is important and which isn't. Know What You're Talking About Depending on the manager you're speaking to, they can be pretty picky. In fact, senior managers will have other managers which they are accountable to and are accountable to. This means anything you tell them is likely to be passed on to their manager. This is relevant to know, because if the incorrect details are communicated or if it's uncertain,

recommendations. Performance at Interview Call­If you receiving any interview call be polite and answer the questions calmly. By chance if you confused with any word or interview related question, you may request the caller to repeat question or blame yourself that "I could not hear you clearly". Get Ready to PerformIt is recommended to collect information in advance about the company market values, major players, objectives and status so that you can frequently answer the question while interviewing process. Dress well when you go for interviews and practice to answer the unexpected questions that may be put out by the

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it can cause problems. Be sure to know what you're talking about when communicating with senior managers. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to say so. It's better to be not sure about something, and say so, than to pick a response or a solution which might be incorrect. They will make decisions or take actions based upon what you tell them, so as long as it's correct, it will be OK. Be sure to tell them your concerns if it isn't accurate. For example, if we use the same situation as above where there is an outage ­ another team tells you the hardware will arrive and be installed in four hours, but you're doubtful it can be done that quickly. Management then ask you for an update. It's a good idea to mention the four hour resolution, but also mention your concerns that it may not be accurate, and why. This may allow the managers to take necessary action. Learning how to communicate with senior managers seems to be an intimidating experience, but it doesn't need to be. Once you're able to focus and ensure you're communicating the proper information, it'll be a lot easier!

employers. Do not let them consider you are unyielding, or violent, let them feel you are easy going, Flexible, skilled, knowledgeable and deserving candidate for the job. Performance for Evaluation­At the scheduled interviews try to fill all the fields in the query form and try to match all information according to your resume. HR will consider you by judging similarities between query form and your resume. Do not pass wrong information and say no if you do not have right information related to the question. If you receive documents related to your online interview process make sure that the listed themes are relevant to your criteria. It is quite possible there could be much content listed in your received document related to your online skill performance, need not to be bothered, concentrate on a particular content, sequence or theme and try to do your best on maturity level so the concerned person can evaluate your performance Always be in negotiation when employer asks about your salary expectations do not tell them directly your desired amount and confirm yourself, "what is their decided range"? You can also negotiate your salary by describing your advance knowledge and skills bring into their knowledge how these skills are beneficial for their organization and future progress. Though we cannot define any fixed theory how to get a job, but it is completely depends on individuals and company requirements, situations, policy or circumstances. You can increase chances to win a job by attending seminars, events, and job fairs.



Can You Handle The Truth By Pastor John H. Clark In this article I will examine 3 major areas where the church of today is operating out of the will of God. These 3 areas are Christmas, Easter, and the 10 Commandment Laws. We assume that because the holidays are well intended, and because Jesus is the focus of the holidays that no harm is being done. In reality, it does not matter what you believe, think, feel, practice, or what you have been taught all your life. If it does not line up with the word of God, it’s wrong, and you’re out of order. That being said, let’s examine what is being taught, verses what the scripture says. Christmas: I challenge anyone reading this article to go to you Bible and find the word Christmas. I challenge you to find the scripture that instructs you to hang lights, decorate trees, buy gifts, or for that matter, celebrate the birth of Christ.

Most Christmas stories represent 3 wise men coming to the manager, but there is nothing in scripture that says there were only 3 wise men. Matthew 2:7­11. The word of the birth of Christ was not given to the wise men, but to the Shepherds. Luke 2:10­12 We must realize that although the modern day Christmas story may be warm and fuzzy, it is not factual, and it certainly is not based on scripture. Furthermore, the commercial aspect of Christmas certainly has no place in our Church. When Easter is mentioned in Acts 12:4, it means Passover, and most of us know how and when the Passover story begins. We know the story of Joseph and how the children of Israel came to live in Egypt. Genesis 37­46:6 We know that the Jews dwelled in Egypt for several generations. Exodus 12:40­41. We know that when the Pharaoh, with whom Joseph had

found favor died, the new ruler of Egypt became worried that the Jews would take over his people and his power. To avoid this, he forced them into slavery. Exodus 1:1­11 We remember the story from our childhood of how, even though the Egyptians made their lives horrible, the children of Israel thrived in Egypt. Exodus 1:12. We remember the story Moses, how he came to be in Egypt, how he was raised in the house of the Pharaoh, and how he came to be face to face with the Pharaoh to demand that the children of Israel be set free. Exodus 1:15­3:10 We know that when God sent Moses to the Pharaoh to ask for the freedom of the children of Israel he knew he would refuse. Exodus 7:2­3. Even after witnessing the miracles and suffering the plagues that God instructed Moses to bring against Egypt the Pharaoh would still not let

the children of Israel go. The 10th and final plague was that all of the firstborn children and animals in Egypt would die. Exodus 7:8­11:10 Most of us know by heart the story of how The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and instructed them regarding the meal of the Passover, the blood they were to put on the 2 sides of their door, and on the upper door post. We remember that the blood was to be a token, so that where the blood was the Lord would pass over that house. Hence, the name “Passover.” Exodus 12:1­13. We seem to get a little foggy after that, but we must remember that Easter has nothing to do with the resurrection. God instructed Moses to keep the Passover Feast for a memorial for Israel. Exodus 12:14. We must remember that for us the Passover meal represents Christ as the bread of life. Matthew 26:26­28, I Corinthians

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11:23­26, because it was a type of Christ, our Redeemer, John 1:29, I Corinthians 5:7, I Peter 1:18­19, the Passover lamb had to be without blemish just as Jesus was without blemish. John 18:38, and just as the blood applied to the door post protected the children of Israel, the blood of Jesus is our perfect protection. Hebrews 10:10­14, I John 1:7 How can we be so blinded as to allow something so sacred to co­exist with such foolish as Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and a new Easter hat? For those who say there is no harm; for those who would claim that these celebrations are for the children, I answer that the manipulation, misinterpretation, or misuses of the word of God is in direct violation of new testament order.

The Rightful Position Of A Woman Of God To Principles to Discipline for a Healthy Growth See Good Days In Future Taking Personal Responsibility for a Healthy or talent you have, you can get to the Olympics By Ngozi Nwoke

Who is a woman of God and what is her rightful position? Women of God are responsible for an enviable position in God's kingdom, of which they will give account of later to God. You will surely see good days when you obey God's command. Related Articles Mt. Sinai and the Day of Judgment God of Life Why Serve God? A Curious Mother's Day Story Rise up, you women who are at ease! Hear my [Isaiah's] voice, you confident and careless daughters! Listen to what I am saying! In little more than a year you will be shaken with anxiety, you careless and complacent women; for the vintage will fail, and the ingathering will not come. Tremble, you women who are at ease! Shudder with fear, you complacent ones! Strip yourselves bare and gird sackcloth upon your loins [in grief]! ­ Isaiah 32:9­11 (AMP) You are to wake up from slumber and get on your knees, if you are to continue to see good days in future. Your today is as a result of the prayers you prayed or did not pray yesterday; and your tomorrow will be a result of prayers prayed or not prayed today. Who is a woman of God? But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority (power, privilege, right) to become the children of God, that is, to those who believe in (adhere to, trust in, and rely on) His name ­ John 1:12 (AMP) We can deduce from the above scripture that a woman of God is a woman who loves God, has received Jesus as her personal saviour and obeys all His commands, both

the written word of God and the personal instructions from God. In addition, God is her number one priority: every other thing is secondary. Her life is centred on God. Also, she loves people and shows it by her actions. Furthermore, she lives a sacrificial life. What is the rightful position to take? Based on today's text (Isaiah 32: 9­20), the rightful position to take is "on your knees." It is a position you must maintain if you want to see good days all your life, in your family, church or nation. You are to arise and take the position of a diligent prayer warrior. Otherwise, the forces of darkness will have a free day causing havoc within your territory: strife, division, sickness and diseases, poverty, and abominable occurrences will come like bandits. Prayers keep the enemy away from your territory. The more you pray, the farther away he goes. That means, the lesser you pray, the closer he comes. It's like a torch­ light in the night: the brighter it becomes, the more darkness disappears. Why do you need to pray? You pray for things to happen according to the plan of God. Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP) tells us the plan of God, "For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome." God's plan is for you to continuously see good days. And one way to bring it to pass is by asking God to fulfil His plan and purpose in all that concerns you. He says to ask and you will receive, which means that if you do not ask you will not receive.

Growth We are personally responsible for our progress in devotion to God. We have to assume this responsibility trusting that God will work together with us. God will not work for us without our own responsibility for compliance. Awaken, there are things we have to do, not as an exchange or a condition for God to give us what they promised, but, for us to be prepared. We need to be prepared for what we have received not harm us or make us evil, but that we can make good. 1.Aim to Grow our Personal Spiritual Life for Health The Apostle Timothy needed to grow in key areas such as: The Fear of God, understanding of God's love, the longing for God's presence and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We also need it in other areas and that God sees fit. In the Church many believers talented and capable, but very few believers devoted to God. The emphasis of this generation is to serve God, to accomplish things for God, which is not bad, but the activity cannot in any way replace holiness, devotion and consecration to God. The Apostle Paul told Timothy be an example In speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity or integrity. 2.Know the Cost of Commitment for a Healthy Growth No one comes to the Olympics or level of national powers, without a commitment to pay the price of rigorous daily workout. In the same way, no one becomes a saint without a commitment to pay the price of daily spiritual discipline that God designed for us to grow in holiness and devotion to God. All this requires commitment. There is a price to holiness, consecration and devotion to God and is never coming REBATE neither cheap nor EASILY. It requires a persevering, diligent and conscientious about our part in what it takes. 3.Have a Teacher or Coach Competent for a Healthy Growth No athlete for more natural ability

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without a coach who rises to the highest standards of excellence and monitor and correct every little mistake. In the same way, we can not discipline ourselves to be holy without our coach. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and coach, elevates us to the highest standards of spiritual excellence as we teach, rebuke, correct and train through His Word. We have to spend much time in the Word of God as this is the environment in which God speaks, teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains directly. Finally for a Healthy Growth You Need to Practice, Practice and Practice Is the practice which puts Feet engagement and applied teaching coach, is the practice where the skill is developed, which makes a competitive athlete in his sport. There are no shortcuts to the devotion and holiness of God, is fidelity media every day that God has destined and using the Holy Spirit to enable us to grow and be prepared. Our primary goal in this practice is the skill in the Ministry serving God, but the holiness and devotion to God. We want to be skilled at the Ministry, but more important is to focus on our relationship with God. Holiness or devotion to God is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. God desires Workers WORSHIPERS before, the only workers acceptable to God, are those who have learned to love.

What By:Do You Know? Donna M. Walker What do you know for yourself: Do you know who you serve? Do you know whom you depend? Do you know who holds your life’s plan? What do you know for yourself? Do you know God’s priorities for life? Do you know wrong from right: Do you know dark from light? What do you know for yourself? Do you know who knows the way? Do you know who blesses your day? Do you know whose promises are true? Do you know who truly loves you? What do you know for yourself? Do you know who shed His blood for you? So your sins could be washed away Do you know who died for you? So you could be delivered and restored each day What do you know for yourself? Do you know who forgives your sins? And sticks closer than your best friend And who knows your faults within? What do you know for yourself? Do you know who has unfailing love? Do you know who sees all from above? Do you know who has tender mercies Do you know who has abundant grace What do you know for yourself?

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Bad Credit Car Loans : Enjoy Better Auto Loan Rates even with Poor Credit History By Williams Orchard

Bad credit auto loans can be availed at lower rates. You just need to understand the car loan process and be ready for it. Essential information mentioned here will help you buy the car of your choice irrespective of your credit ratings. Do not believe when someone says that better car loan rates are only for people with good credit. It is not true. Anyone can enjoy low­interest rates if he reduces the risk factor associated with him. So, even you can enjoy affordable car financing with bad credit score. Prepare Yourself for the Car Loan Process Car loan process can be a lengthy and a strenuous one. But, you can make it easier by preparing for it beforehand. Prepare a budget so that you know

how much you can afford to spend on the car. Calculate all your monthly income and expenses and decide how much monthly payment is possible for you. Don't forget to consider costs related to the car like registration fees, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. It will help you to take an accurate decision. This step is very important for people with bad credit because any wrong decision can further deteriorate your credit score. Also, you must order your free annual credit report and check for any errors. It is a known fact that credit bureaus mess up transactions. So, inspect the report thoroughly. If possible pay­off few debts to improve your credit score. Used Cars can be Beneficial As used cars are of lesser value, the overall auto loan cost is lower compared to

new cars. This situation is perfect for a bad credit borrower because a smaller auto loan is much more manageable than a larger loan. So, opt for a used car. But, don't compromise on the quality of the car. The vehicle should always be reliable because you don't want to spend your money on a lemon or a junk. Searching for a Sub­prime Lender Do not apply with your nearest lender/dealer. Instead, take some time in research. Only apply with those lenders that offer bad credit auto loans. Most sub­prime lenders work with borrowers who have credit issues. So, contact reputed sub­prime lenders and apply with them. How to Get Better Rates? Don't think bad credit score is the only factor that is responsible for approval. You can enjoy better rates by

concentrating on other factors. Income Proof When lenders see your regular income, they will consider you a less risky borrower. For this purpose, use your pay stubs and/or income­tax statements. Co­Signer As the co­signer also reduces credit risk, lender's confidence increases in you. Down Payment Down payment can really work for someone with poor credit history. As you put money down, auto loan amount reduces. This means your total loan cost comes down. Trade­In If you have an old car, you can use it for trade­in. It will lower the car financing amount. Also, it is beneficial for those individuals who find down payment difficult. Applying for a Bad Credit Car Loan Won't Lower your Credit Score People with bad credit ratings are often apprehensive of applying for a bad

credit auto loan. They think that inquiries on their credit score will make it worse. But, the reality is different. Fair Isaac Corporation, the company that handles FICO scores has announced that all inquiries made within 30 days of car loan shopping won't affect your credit score. Now, the number of days may reduce to 14 if the lender uses previous versions of FICO scores and increase to 45 if he uses the latest formula. This means there will be no reduction in your credit ratings if you apply for car loans with poor credit history. SoComputer Technology Articles, go out there and apply for auto financing without any worry.

Finding the right program for your situation takes a little effort. For any student or graduate facing debts of tens of thousands of dollars, the future can seem quite bleak. This is where managing college debt effectively can make such a difference, and it is commonly accepted that the most viable method of doing this is consolidating the debt. But with both federal loans and private loans granted to students, consolidation is made a little more complicated.

There is a wide range of consolidation programs to handle the constructive repayment of these college loans. But the right one depends on your situation and the nature of your existing loans. Consolidation Explained As the name suggests, consolidation is all about gathering a number of debts together and buying them out with one single loan. The advantaged of this strategy is that one debt is a lot easier to manage than several. This is the basis of college loan consolidation programs. To students and graduates alike, budgets are effective ways to manage what little money they may have. And the fact that several debts are compressed into one means their efforts to balance the books are helped greatly. By managing college debt in such an effective way, the pressure is lifted from their shoulders. For example, a graduate may have spent four years in college, and have taken out five separate college loans to pay fees and cover some living expenses. Each of these loans have different interest rates and repayment schedules. But replacing these loans

with one single loan is much more cost effective. Choosing the Right Consolidation Program Typically, a college loan consolidation program sees a group of loans brought together, and a new repayment schedule agreed. Usually, this entails agreeing a longer loan term so as to lower the actual monthly repayments. For example, instead of repaying $50,000 over 5 years, the term is extended to 10 years, thus reducing repayments from $850 to $420. Finding a program that reduces the repayments by such a degree is a core part of getting the right deal. However, the interest charged is also hugely important, with the extended term effectively meaning more interest is paid over the lifetime of the consolidation loan. Still, managing college debt in this way lifts the pressure. The other issue to consider is whether consolidation is for federal or private college loans. There are consolidation programs available for both categories, but not all of them allow for a mix of the two. So, in certain cases, some but not all loans

can be consolidated. Where To Go So, with all of these issues considered, where does a graduate go to get the right college loan consolidation program? Well, there are several options, but again it is sometimes dictated by the nature of your loans. For example, for federal loans it is best to approach the financial aid office on campus and apply for a federal consolidation loan. Here, applicants are advised which program to apply for. After all, managing college debt through consolidation is an option reserved for those in real financial difficulties. If your college loans are privately secured, however, then it is a good idea to approach your existing lender. They are often willing to strike a consolidation deal with their borrowers, and it saves students and graduates the trouble of applying. But there is always room for a better deal, and it is possible to track down some great options online. Just take care to consider the interest rates chargedFree Web Content, and whether any real savings are made.

Hope you soon get better rates on a car loan and buy your dream car!

College Loan Consolidation Programs: Finding the Right Program for Your Situation

By Mark Venite Choosing the right college loan consolidation program is as important as choosing the right college. So, it pays to take time to consider the programs on offer before signing up to one. The idea that all college loan consolidation programs are the same is deeply flawed. There is an array of program types and options, and perhaps even more importantly, a variety of lenders providing them.

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Surviving Grief During the Holidays By Deborah Jones

The Holidays especially Christmas, more than any other holiday can present challenges for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Christmas represent a day of family coming together; turkey or ham with all of its trimmings, decorations, caroling, unwrapping gifts and wishing everyone merry Christmas. I recall my first Christmas after the loss of my mom and father in law. Each year we would travel to visit and have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with them without fail. It was a family tradition, like a family reunion. What would the holiday’s look like without them? How would I be able to survive the challenges of grief during this season? How would I deal with the empty void? My mom passed away a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving. She had suffered various illnesses over a two year period. During that time, my father in law, who was almost like a father to me, suffered a severe heart attack. Although he had fallen sick, we had Thanksgiving with him as a family for the last time. Everything hit me when my father in law fell sick. The weeping began. Sadness had overcome me, I didn’t understand. I had done so well during and after my mom’s home going service. I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions. As I look back, I was dealing with the challenges of grief and sensing the loss of our

family traditions. What did the future hold for us? It would not be the same anymore. How would we celebrate without them? These were the internal questions going on inside of me. Our family tradition was no longer traditional. How would we plan the holidays without our loved ones or even understand the emotions of grief. Grief is a natural, healthy response we experience after suffering the loss of someone or something that is of value to us. In the Old Testament, grief was a sign of mourning for men to shave their heads and beards or pluck out the hairs from their beards to display their anguish. (Isaiah 15:2, Jeremiah 48:37, Leviticus 10:6) In fact, The New Testament tells us that even Jesus grieved. Jesus wept over the loss of His dear friend Lazarus (John 11:35­36). He also experienced intense anguish as He anticipated the loss of His relationship with His Father as He agonized in prayer in Gethsemane (Luke 22:44). Jesus described His grief saying, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even to death (Mathew 26:38). Grief involves many different feelings and emotions. Some of the symptoms associated with grief are shock, anger, denial, depression, guilt, acceptance, yearning for the person, problems with memory and concentration, loneliness, energy loss, withdrawal from spiritual things, and anger with God. Author and theologian, C.S. Lewis in “A Grief Observed,” in describing his experience with loss after the tragic death of his wife said, “The first emotion I felt was fear. No one ever told me grief felt so much like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid. The fluttering in the stomach, the same restlessness, the yawning. I keep on swallowing. At other times it feels like being mildly drunk or confused.” As Lewis, I experienced similar emotions with the loss of a dear friend and

with my mother. The sensations I felt upon hearing the news was shock, numbness, and exhaustion. Another sensation I experienced was an outburst of crying. My dad had given me this beautiful photo of my mother, he felt I should have a copy of. A few weeks after my mother’s home going service, and right after Thanksgiving with my father in law, I took the photo to Wal­Mart to have it copied. As I approached the counter for assistance, tears began to stream down my face. I began to cry uncontrollably. I didn’t know why I was crying. I later learned that this outburst was called grieving. Everyone responds differently to grief. Some grieve openly, while others hide their feelings of distress. Some grieve quickly, while others take a long time. There is no set pattern. Every person is unique. However, when we do not experience the natural grieving process, grief becomes overwhelming, and we may never fully recover from our loved one’s death. What is the length of the mourning process last? The more attached you are to the person, the greater the grief will be. According to noted author and counselor H. Norman Wright, “The normal time can vary, depending on many factors. The average length of mourning is approximately two years for a natural death. In the case of a terminally ill individual, the time following the death could be less, since some of the grieving happened prior to the death.” Is there hope for those who grieve? Yes, there is! The Bible tells us that God’s presence will comfort us as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalms 23:5). In the New Testament Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted (Mathew 5:4). Jesus tells us we are blessed because God will comfort you. When we allow God to comfort us, we will experience a natural grieving process that Jesus says is a blessing. You can trust God to bring you through your grief process. He will uphold you with His righteous hand (Isaiah 41:10). What are some things you can do to help survive the Holidays? The Grief Net organization offers the following suggestions: Give expression to your grief by allowing yourself to feel the sadness of missing your loved one, participate in activities that bring comfort and meaning, keep in mind the feelings of your children or family members, surround yourself with people who will give you support, exercise, eat right, get enough rest, start a new tradition in memory of your loved one, express your feelings in writing, talk to God, and stay involved with your church. You can make it through the Holidays with these practical tips. However, if your grief becomes overwhelming, I recommend contacting your physican to discuss your situation. Reverand Deborah Jones is a full time hospital chaplain and a educational contractor for a grief organization, specializing in teaching professionals and churches child and adult grief. She also served as a corporate chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains Internationals for several years.

Hair Care Tips: Giving you smoother and healthier hair

Acquirement of healthy looking hair is the desire of almost every girl and this can only be done if one follows Hair Care Tips. These tips will definitely make you have the hair you want and these are mentioned as below: 1. Proper Eating Habits Beautiful Hair is such valuable possessions that cannot be lost if taken care properly. Healthy hair can only be facilitated with the healthy nutritious food products. A balanced diet including all the finest products like lots of green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, yogurt, baked and grilled dishes and so more. One cannot have access to the shining hair without proper care and have to avoid all the unhealthy eating habits like greasy food, fast foods as burgers, cheesy fingers, potato chips and so forth. This valuable asset can help you to gain attention of the others with their extra shine. 2. Choose Mild Shampoo according to the hair type There are various kinds of hair in the different individuals such as oily, dry, normal, mixed condition and dull hair types. Different shampoos for each hair type should be chosen, as mild shampoo for dry hair scalp, drying shampoo for oily hair type, soft shampoo for dull hairs and so on. After washing the hair, conditioners should be applied for two to three minutes so that a new shine can be brought in the dull looking hair. 3. Avoiding Combing and Rinsing the Wet Hair One must never use a comb on the wet hair, as it can cause breakage and damages to your hair as well. Rinsing should also be omitted so that hair loss can be put to its minimum and one can effectively have beautiful looks for their hair. 4. Avoid Excessive Use of Straighter and Blow DryersGirls usually take help of blow dryers, straighter, curling machines and many more for giving new styles to their hair. This should be occurred occasionally, but if done regularly can harm your hair and make them look inferior. Thus, one must have natural practices in the routine life and avoid the excessive use of these electronic machines in the day­to­ day life. 5. Regular Massage and Oiling of the Hair Scalp Whether you have dry hair or oily hair, massage of the scalp must be done at regular intervals. Olive oil seems the perfect alternate for giving a shiny look to the hair, as it can give nourishment to the dry as well as oily scalp.Thus, following these unique tips can efficiently make possessors of shiny, healthy and gorgeous hair that can easily make you capable to acquire attraction of the others.


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H el p f u l T i p s F o r E v er y d a y L i v i n g : - )

The Effects of Homeschooling on Children's' Social Skills

By Hazel Rigg

be several misconceptions about it. Homeschooling supporters don't believe There are many approaches that families can socialization to be an issue any longer. The use if they choose to homeschool their children. healthy development of socialization skills has As homeschooling evolves over time, there may never really been an issue, they also believe. This

very topic has been the subject of many studies for more than ten years. According to these studies, home schooled children generally have better developed socialization skills. While in principle public education may be a desirable way to socialize kids, the reality has turned out to fall far short of this. The overall direction of schools is only going downhill, and the safety of kids is only one of the problems. Therefore it does seem that a healthy home and relationships between parents and children would almost certainly be an improvement. Homeschooling doesn't limit the opportunities for children to experience life; just the contrary, it opens many more possibilities. Kids can be given more direct experience of the world by being shown things in person to supplement book learning. When it comes to how well socialized home schooled kids are, a lot of it often comes down to money. In many cases there are plenty of chances for children to receive social exposure. Yet many of these opportunities cost money to join, and this isn't affordable for all parents. Unfortunately, parents may not always be able to pay all these costs, which ends up excluding the kids from these activities. Another potential complication occurs when home schooled kids feel they are missing something by not attending a public school. If parents tend to keep their children too insulated, this can backfire and

cause them to want what other kids have. You can consider the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling from several different points of view. It's well known that children are compelled to develop certain social skills in public schools. Yet another aspect of this is that schools teach children to be obedient. While there are obvious positive effects and needs for that, still it can seem there are excesses in that approach. When too much emphasis is placed on rules and authority, children may not learn to think for themselves. Schools, in their need for order and conformity, can often stifle some important qualities in children, such as creative and independent thought. Children can be socialized in a number of ways, and the kind provided by schools is not necessarily the most desirable kind. Clearly, while lifelong friendships can happen in institutional settings, there are serious negative effects always present. Depending on your own preferences, the type of child you have and the reputation of schools in your region, you have to come to your own conclusions. That decision also takes into account the many other factors involved. One issue that all parents must come to terms with is where they think their children will be safest, as this has become a real concern in modern schools. Those concerns cannot and really should not be overlooked or ignored by any parent.

participation in church programs, etc. are more important in their family. Dinning together is a great opportunity to share good manners and information about table settings and eating utensils with children. This may not seem important immediately, but if you've ever shared a meal with someone who does not have good manners, you know manners do matter. Let's face it people who have good manners are much more likely to get what they need or ask for. It may be tough to dine together seven days a week; the following guidelines can be an aid in helping to adjust your schedules to add the family dinner. My Top Tips Five for Family Dinners 1. Set goals.Share the plan with the family this will help in deciding on the best days each week for the family meals. Schedules may prevent the family from eating together very day, but aim for two nights a week and stick to the plan. As schedules change with the school year, raise the bar to three nights each week. 2. Make the family dinner a family activity. Get your partner and/or kids involved in planning meal saying what they want to eat. Before opening up the menu, set some guidelines as to what kind of foods you will

allow and what kind you won't allow. This help you avoid get rid of junk food on the menu. I recommend before you delve into planning meals as a family, you all set 3. Let the Plate be Your Guide ­ Hot or cold, convenience or scratch, everyday foods or new and exotic ­ use MyPlate for planning healthy meals. Include foods from all the food groups, and choose a variety of foods from each group. A variety of foods prevents boredom and is the best way to ensure your family gets the 40+ nutrients they need each day. 4. Remember to stay flexible. Meal plans and menus, however great, are not set in stone. A posted menu plan promotes accountability, but family members will forgive you, as long as they get their postponed favorite a day or two later. 5. Make it a habit. The family dinner can become a habit just fastening your seat belt. After you've shared a few dinners, the family will see that a shared meal is a boost to everyone's well­being. Take Away: Bringing the family together for a shared meal is not hard. With a few schedule adjustments, and input from family members on the menuFree Web Content, it will be something the family looks forward to.

The Dinner Table­ Tips For Open Communication, Table Manners & Family Values By Michelle Stewart

At the end of a good dinner body and soul both enjoy a remarkable sense of well­being.­­ Jean­Anthelme Brillat­Savarin Though written in the 19th century, this quote from a leading food essayist holds true today. Although we are all balancing a full plate of activities and tasks, dinner is important for our well­being. These days dinner can fall into several categories ranging from home­cooked, semi­homemade, carry­out or dine­in at a local fast­food site­the act of sharing a meal with family has tremendous benefits. Between work, day care, and after school activities, parents and in some case grandparents are juggling to squeeze in daily tasks and get dinner on the table. If you can pull the meal together and round up the family for a traditional sit­down family meal it is a win­win for all and boost to family well­being. Family meals help parents stay engaged with their children, help improve children's eating habits, encourage children to communicate and provide a setting for parents to share family values and convey dinning manners. Though young people may not recognize it at the time, each of these benefits are big aids to the kids as

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they grow up. Improving Eating Habits­Meals together give kids the chance to observe parents attitudes about food, portion size and healthy eating. Kids will model their behavior after the things they see parents do or say about food and healthy eating. Research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that children who ate family meals consumed more fruits, vegetables and fewer snack foods than children who ate separately from their families. Open Communications­Sharing a meal is the perfect setting for conversation­this setting gives parents an opening to ask about their children's day at school and brainstorm to help solve any challenge the kids may be facing. Shared meals can also work toward improving kids coping skills­particularly adolescents as who can gain insight from parents about how they handle issues that may arise during their work day. Family Values and Manners­When the family sits down for a meal, as each member talks, kids have the opportunity to see and learn what is important in their family. For example if activities at church take priority over watching sports on television, kids learn that

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