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Omnitrans Driver Thwarts Attack on Teen Donald Latimore has special radar when it comes to kids safety By Juno Kughler Carlson “I can’t help it—I’m a dad,” he smiles with a shrug. “My son Damarian is 3-years-old right now. I also used to drive school buses for First Student and Durham and worked for a while as campus security for Rialto Unified School District. You learn to pay attention.”



The One Secret to Changing the World that Nobody Talks About By Dr. Lissa Rankin

Recently, when he was driving the Omnitrans Route 8 along Lugonia in the evening, he was startled to see someone run into the middle of the street and attempt to flag down passing cars. “I wasn’t sure what was going on,” Donald says. “At


first I was worried it was a drug addict or something, and there was no way I was going to get involved. Suddenly he jumped in front of my bus, waving his arms, and I was forced to stop. I could see that it’s this kid about 14 or 15-years old. He looked absolutely terrified and was crying hysterically. I had a gut feeling that he wasn’t a threat. There was seriously wrong though, and he needed help. When you’ve worked with kids as long as I have, you have a pretty good instinct when someone is safe. So when he came to the side, I opened the door.” Shaking and in tears, the boy explained that a group of kids had ganged up on him and tried to rob him. One had a gun and demanded that he turn over his cell phone. Afraid for his life, the boy had run into the street in an attempt to get help. Donald didn’t hesitate. “Get in!” he told the boy, quickly scanning the area for signs of the attackers. He saw a group of shadowy figures near the side of the road. Cont p. 4

You can’t change something by making it wrong. You can only effect change if you can wake up the sleeping people, and in order for them to hear you, you must have compassion for how they got where they are. Think of all the truly effective change agents. They didn't come out with hate, guns blaring and voices screaming. They came out with love and spoke to the hearts of those who knew there was another way. That's my intention with medicine. Many people are angr y at medicine because our system is so broken. I used to be, too. But the establishment can't hear you if you're beating them up. They'll defend against you, even if you speak truth. The only way to get them to hear you is to love the very people that are out of alignment with a universal truth. Then, feeling loved and safe, they have the opportunity to release their defenses and examine their own beliefs and actions and choose whether they'll come with you or

dismiss what you're teaching. If they don't choose to come with you, it doesn't mean they're wrong. We live in a very dualistic world, in which you’re right or wrong, awake or asleep, north or south, our side or their side, and we place judgments on all those positions. But we need to release the judgments. We all have our own paths. If you’re trying to change people who aren’t ready to change, release them without anger. It just means their souls are not yet ready for what you are inviting them to do. No need to be angry. Bless them and carry on. If it feels impossible to stop being righteously angry at those you seek to change, this is my prayer for each of you: “May you find the angry part of you, the part that feels violated and betrayed, the part that should have been nurtured, but instead was harmed, the part that is making others wrong, the part that is frustrated b e c a u s e y o u Cont p. 4

The Number 1 Retail Sales Leader in California By Ethel Martin-Miller Good news happened in the city of Fontana this last Januar y. Bill and Marie Waddingham, the proud owners of Rotolo Chevrolet, located at 16666 Highland Ave, Fontana was granted one of the highest awards in the Automobile Industry. They received the #1 Sales Value Leader Award, granted to them for selling the most cars in the state of California. Those in attendance for this grand celebration was Mayor A c q u a n e t t a Wa r re n o f Fontana, Corporate Dignitaries, special guest and all of the employees of Rotolo Chevrolet. One can truly say they have committed employees working under the leadership of Bill and Marie. Their working together as a committed team paid off in making Rotolo Chevrolet the best. It was a proud day for everyone.

Rotolo Chevrolet Takes 2013 Top Honor Rotolo Chrevrolet knows how to services their customers, not only do they sell automobiles, but as an on going service they have “ C u s t o m e r A p p re c i a t i o n Night,” this is where customers are invited to have orientation night including snacks, drawings and answers for any questions or information the customers might have about their vehicles. The c u s t o m e r s receive thorough information on their vehicle, the question and answer session and the tour that is given of their s e r v i c e department is great.

Another great feature provided to their customers and the community is Rotolo Chevrolet's Cruise Night held every second Saturday of every month beginning in

March to October. Cruise night starts at 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. There are hundreds of beautiful GM, Ford, Mopar, Hot Rods, Harleys and much more all to see. There is food

and lots of fun at Cruise Night for the family. Cruise Night is held at the Dealership where the Service Department is located.


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Secret from page 1 know the truth and nobody else is listening to you, the part that just can’t stand the discomfort of being with the truth when others don’t yet have it. Offer that par t of you comfort, loving care, and compassion. Promise to take care of that part of you. Make a commitment to always listen to this angry part. Promise to never sell out that part of you. Never. Ever. Reassure the angry part. Mother the angry part. Soothe the angry part. The angry part thinks it won’t get heard unless it screams, defends, and makes everyone else wrong. It doesn’t realize it’s actually sabotaging your efforts to effect change, because you can’t change something when you make it wrong. The angry part doesn’t trust that it will be heard if it shows up in love. But I promise, there’s a more effective way to teach. I know this may feel impossible for many of you (and that’s OK) but if you’re ready, when the angry part calms down, do a loving kindness meditation focused on all the people who aren’t changing, the ones who aren’t listening to you, the ones who hurt you, the ones who disrespected you, the ones who aren’t ready to face the truth that you know. Know that they were hurt too, that they have an angry part within that they are not acknowledging, that they are defending against you and your truth because of this angry part that they’re trying to protect. Because they’re not nurturing their own angry part, the

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angry part keeps acting out, hurting others. I know it’s hard, but try to open your heart to love those who hurt you. Have compassion for them, for they were hurt as you were. Pray for help if you think you can’t forgive. Then, with that in your heart, go out to those who aren’t listening if it's your path to do so. (It's OK if it isn't.) Teach what you’re hear to teach, but not from a place of agenda or dogma, not with righteous anger and indignation, but with an invitation to see the light. M o d e l a n o t h e r w a y, w i t h o u t attaching to whether or not they choose to see the light with you. Then, from a place of non-judgment, you can illuminate universal truths and inspire those who seek to join you in knowing the truth, while releasing those who choose not to hear you. Lissa Rankin, MD is a mindbody medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and other health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself. She is on a grass roots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself. Lissa blogs at and also created two online communities H e a l H e a l t h C a re N o w. c o m a n d She is also the author of two other books, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. Lissa lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.

Yes We Can Newspaper Omnitrans from page 1 figures near the side of the road. “Come on, kid—get in here NOW!” urgently echoed an older gentleman seated near the front of the bus. The boy boarded, and Donald closed the door and pulled ahead. His priority now was to transport both the kid and his passengers away from the scene as safely and quickly as possible. “My original plan was to drop him off at the Sheriff’s station in Yucaipa, so I’d know he was safe,” said Donald. “But the kid was able to reach his mom, who arranged to pick him up at a service station along Sand Canyon in Yucaipa. I was just glad I was there to help.”

Donald was honored for going the extra mile to help someone in distress. Although he simply could have refused to get involved, his attentiveness, compassion and quick thinking in this unusual situation ensured the boy’s safety and prevented what could have been a dangerous altercation. Donald isn’t easily fazed by the unexpected. He likes dealing with different passengers every day and enjoys the diversity. “I run a good coach,” he says proudly. “I get along with everybody, no matter who they are. I speak to each person who boards my bus, and I treat them with respect. If you don’t give it, you don’t get it. Respect has to be earned.”


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The Light Turned Yellow By Danada The light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn, screaming in frustration, as she missed her chance to get through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup. As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. He took her to the police station where she was searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a holding cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects. He said, "I'm very sorry for this mistake. You see I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you and cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the 'What Would Jesus Do' bumper sticker, the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'Follow Me to Sunday-School' bumper sticker, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk, so naturally I assumed you had stolen the car."

By Ethel Martin-Miller During the month of February, many of us will be sharing a special love expressed by giving of greeting cards, flowers, candies, special gifts and don't forget that special night out for dinner. All of that is wonderful, but I also feel compelled to write about how we can also show love to ourselves. With this idea in mind, I decided to write this month and encourage you think about dreams that you are holding on to from past years. It would be nice if we make 2014 the year that we concentrate on ourselves and unfinished business or projects that we have not completed or need to continue until it is completed. It’s time to set some goals for ourselves and love ourselves enough to make that list work toward its completion and to pick up the goals that we made last year and dropped the ball. I know that the time for making New Year’s resolutions has passed, but it’s never too late to put down in black and white the goals you would like to achieve and/or complete for yourselves. Just in case you forgot you can still set yourself some goals for this year. Some of you are probably saying “what’s the use of setting goal’s, I did that last year and nothing became of it.” I'm sure you're not the only one making that statement. I'm also sure there are some of you that set goals and you stuck it out and before you knew it you achieved your goals, and others

of you completed some of your goals, Nevertheless, I am here to say congratulation. I believe setting goals is saying “I love you” to ourselves. A few days ago I went to visit my daughter and upon entering their home, my son-in-law and her were busy at the kitchen table writing down their goals for 2014. Their conversation was very interesting and they seem to be having so much fun and at the same time being very serious about working on their goals. They shared with me that their Pastor's sermon that Sunday was on setting goals. She had taken some notes and I would like to share them with you. First, write down intelligent goals: Set short and long term goals, such as 1 year, 3 years, 5 and 10 years. Think and pray about the goals before writing them down. Also use SMART goals.Make sure your goals are S - specific, M measurable, A - achievable,R realistic goals and T-timely. It was explain that when you write your goals down you are expecting something. It starts with a vision and then starts working on your strategies and moves forward and works your goals. I left her home with the notes that she had taken from her Pastor's message and went home and pulled up the Internet for more information on setting goals. I hope you are encouraged to write down your goals and get excited about working toward them.

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Divorcé Creates Christian Relationship-Mending Cards Most people enter marriage By Richard O. Jones believing honesty is the foundation of an everlasting good marriage followed closely by the blessing of God. Unfortunately, many marriages begin with the absence of full closure and God’s blessings. Perhaps God’s blessing is all that is truly necessary because without honesty, God is unlikely to have blessed the doomed union. Fortunately, the wedding is often beautiful and a joyful memory for the bride and groom. Nevertheless, a few guests in attendance find themselves clinging to their loyalty, through a code of silence, when the preacher asks, “If anybody here knows why these two people should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”     Richard O. Jones, 66, a survivor of several sunken relationships including two divorces, believes that “Unequally Yoked Relationships” dominate marital unions. With the divorce rate at 50% and climbing, surely it can easily be concluded that at least a few of the remaining marriages are rocky; although the couples remain married until death does them part.        The Bible admonishes in Deuteronomy 22:10  Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together. The main problem with many intimate relationships and marriages, according to Jones, is not that most people are in ox and donkey relationships but they don’t

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know how to harmoniously and lovingly co-exist in such a contradictory lifestyle. It has been consistently proven that the human head and heart is not connected when it comes to love. Based on scientific and human behavior studies, opposites will always attract.   “I give kudos to the resilience of lovelorn once divorced people who continue to try the married life after surviving the capsizing of one or more Love Boats,” says Jones. “If I didn’t think that I would get committed to hell or an insane asylum, I would marry a blow-up doll. That’s the only kind of woman that can put up with my mess,” he jokes.           In order to combat the high rate of divorce, Jones created, Ox and Donkey Relationship Cards. “There are hundreds of repairable conflicts that cause salvageable loving couples to breakup,” says Jones. “Many families, friends, inlaws and bright futures are left behind as collateral damage. Nevertheless, the realty of ox and donkey relationships exists. I have over 70 lighthearted cartoon cards of an ox and donkey couple called Oxy & Keke illustrating the conflicts real couples face. Each card ends with a scriptural reference that guides the couple in the area of their conflict.” Jones says that two psychologists, Dr. Cindy Lester of Newburg, Oregon, and Dr. Evelyn

Clarke of Inglewood, CA have endorsed his cards as viable tools to reconciling couples in conflict. Jones invites marriage counselors and others in ministry to view his cards. As a clean comedian Richard O. Jones is available for marriage retreats and couples ministries at no charge as a service to the sanctity of marriage. Visit his website at: www.oxanddonkeyrelationshipcards .com or for more information email:

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Etiquette Excursion By Mona Johnson For a long time courtesy and etiquette toward those with physical and/or mental disabilities was not seen as having social significance. The respect or lack of respect that was (is) shown toward individuals with disabilities says a lot about us as individuates. Etiquette is just as important and just as expected to and from individuals with disabilities. However, we can agree etiquette toward someone with a disability can be different because we do not know nor can we fully understand how the individual accepts his or her disability. Nor can we understand the full extend as to how the disability has affected or changed their life. The 1990, the American with Disabilities Act was created and passed to protect the 43,000,000 Americans that have one or more physical or mental disabilities. This number is increasing as the population as a whole is aging. At one time, society hid and segregated individuals with disabilities. Despite some improvements, such for ms of discrimination against individuals with disabilities continue to be a serious and pervasive social problem in our society today. These forms of discrimination contribute to emotional and financial stress to t h o s e a ff e c t e d b y t h e u n f a i r practice. Just as you would to someone without a disability, you

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should extend your right hand to the person with the disability. It would be their responsibility to shake your hand or to apologize for not shaking your hand. The same rules of introduction should be applied to those with disabilities. Of course, they act of standing and or shaking hands could be altered to fit the circumstances of the person with the disability. However, the same dignity and respect should be given to individuals that have a disability. Although seating in a home or at a restaurant may have to be given some consideration, it is not an impossible task. The arranging or rearranging of seats should be done as inconspicuously as possible. Usually asking the person needing the special seating will resolve the situation. Mental disabilities are not usually talked about due to the stigma that is still associated with having a mental disorder. I urge you to understand that individuals with mental disabilities are in need of friendship and honesty. Be just as honest and tactful as you would with any other friend. Discrimination against individuals with disabilities continues in such critical areas as education, employment, housing, public accommodations, transportation, communication, recreation, institutionalization, health services, voting, and access to public services. Does any of this sound familiar? Until 1990, individuals with physical and/or mental Cont. p7

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Yes We Can Newspaper Etiquette from page 5 disabilities had no legal recourse to redress such discrimination. Even with legal recourse, they are often discriminated against. In your dealings with everyone, reminder, respect is something you fi r s t h a v e t o g i v e . T h e a b o v e information was gathered from the ADA website ( Join me as I answer your questions, sharing ideas, exploring good manners and lost etiquette in


these social, political and economically challenging times. Send your questions or comments to Personnel Best, 112 N. Harvard Ave., #28, Claremont, CA. 91711, email, Mona Johnson is the CEO of Personnel Best a consulting firm specializing in how to conducting effective meetings, public speaking, team building, leadership development, microphone etiquette, networking, organizational and selfawareness.

Arts And Craft Tips For Anyone By Jazz Austria Are you looking for a hobby that will keep you busy? If so, arts and crafts may be the answer for you. It is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In this article, you will be given tips to ensure you get the most out of arts and crafts. Keep a library of your arts and crafts books. There are so many things that you can do if you are a crafty person. And that means a lot of people write about the subject. You'll have craft book after craft book available to you. Your library can grow very quickly. Keep it organized and you'll really enjoy looking for new crafts to try. W h e n making projects with children, remember to keep t h i n g s fl e x i b l e . Either show a lot of examples or don't show any at all so the kids can take the lead with their own imagination. For example, they could glue an ear where an eye should be. Creativity should take precedence over perfection. Does some of your arts and crafts projects involve painting? Do you sometimes have difficulty painting straight lines? Masking tape can help with this problem. Stick the tape on the craft that you are painting and paint a little over the edge of the tape. When the paint has thoroughly dried, pull it off. Now, you will have a perfectly straight line!

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Going to your local arts and crafts fairs are a great way to meet others who are into crafting. You may find people who like the same craft as you but express it in a totally new and unique way. You can also find out where they shop for supplies or where they get their great idea. If you are just learning oil painting, and decide you really don't like something you've created on canvas, simply paint over it! Oil is adaptable and the extra pain coats won't harm the surface. It can make your creation have a unique design and depth. Yo u a n d your kids can make a simple bird feeder by spreading peanut butter all over the outside of a large pine cone. Then, while it is sticky, coat it in bird seed. Your seeds will adhere to your peanut butter, so all you need to do is add a string and hang the feeder in a tree. In conclusion, arts and crafts may be for you if you're interested in taking up a new hobby. To really enjoy this hobby, however, it is helpful to learn all about it. This article has given you a start to learning about arts and crafts. Use them to your advantage and have fun!


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There’s Just Something About that Name By Chris Thompson In the ultra-conservative home I grew up in, there were many words or phrases that were off limits for my brother and I to speak. My mom wouldn’t hesitate to blister our backsides or wash our mouth out with a bar of soap in a moments notice should a sour word exit. I can tell you first hand that if you’ve ever tasted a bar of Dial or Ivory, you’ll bite your tongue come the next time you’d want to speak a word from the unwritten, but wellknown, list of filth. The bar of soap was just the beginning of the punishment, depending on the severity of the words. First there were cuss words, then words that meant what cuss words meant, and then the worst category of all. You did not, without expecting sudden and harsh punishment, utter anything that would use the Lord’s name in any other context than prayer, worship, praise, evangelism, or study. This could have been one of the worst offenses in my home, on a level with the deepest physical pain that I could have brought to my brother. See, in the early 1980’s, the list of official cuss words included many that are now part of our everyday culture and currently liberally used on television as common language. The H-word, the Bword, the D-word, especially the G-D words, were all in the ‘cuss word’ category with the Sword and F-word. The banned language even went above and beyond this list to include words of like meaning such as heck, H-E-double hockey sticks, and dangit. It was well known that this foul language would not be tolerated in our

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home, and as to the reason why, we all knew. It was because “who we are is shown by what we say.” Now comes the worst of the worst category of all the intolerable language. If you were to refer to God or Jesus, you best have proper reason. These are not words, but rather names of the One who has saved us from our sin and He alone is the only way

It was well known that foul language would not be tolerated in our home, and as to the reason why, we all knew. It was because “who we are is shown by what we say.” to receive salvation. So the phrase ‘Oh My God’ in a moment of exclamation for anything other than speaking directly to our Father in heaven was not only discouraged, but also was punished severely. It was not the words themselves that were problematic, but rather the respect of the names. I am a child of God, a creation of His, and follower of Jesus Christ, and am but a servant to Him. Who am I to speak His name is a disparaging manner? Psalms 105:3 tells us “Exult in his holy name; rejoice, you who worship the LORD.” (NLT) Why is it that the name of God and Jesus has become words to be uttered at will, with no more respect than any other? Maybe the Holy Spirit gets off easy, as I rarely hear anyone in disbelief say, “Oh My Holy Ghost.” I understand the doctrine of the Trinity, and know this would be considered one in the same, but it is no less an uncommon statement.

Why would I care so much about this topic? Because it is the name of our LORD we are talking about. I’m not even talking about God himself yet, but simply His name. He is so sovereign, He is so holy, and He is so worthy of our uninterrupted praise and worship that even His name is sacred. It’s respect for the one who created me, the one who saved me from an eternity in a lake of fire and constant gnashing of my teeth, and the one who is there for me every time I call. My parents gave my name to me and it’s nothing but an identifier between myself and anyone else not identified by my name. In my name, I can do nothing, nor can anyone else. You know nothing about me by just hearing my name. Jesus is so much different. Just for a moment, think about the name Jesus as only a word, putting all doctrine aside for a moment. Feel the power in the name of Jesus? I do. In today’s world, OMG would also fall into the category of filth in the home I grew up in, and the term is actually banned from the mouths of my children. Yes my mother was strict when it came to God’s name in our home, a lesson I vow to pass on. From 1983 to 2014, and for generations before and generation to come, times can change all they want, but let there be no doubt that time has absolutely no relevance on this universal truth of the power of His name.


Chris Thompson is a Biblical Pastoral Counselor who specializes in home-based sessions through online webcam programs such as Skype. Chris uses counseling techniques that are applied through a Biblical filter and believes that God’s hand is already at work to solve our human issues, and that together, the three of us (you, God, and Chris as your helper) can find the right way to God’s will. Find more information at

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