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Every year it is gratifying to close a cycle of conventions with smiles, connections and new friendships. Links that will last in the hearts of the people who participate in our conventions. This cycle culminates with the closing of an intense 3-day event, due to all the emotions that unfold when we know that both the participants of the different spaces and the coordinating team can feel satisfied and proudly say “we made it”. There are no words to THANK all the organizations that joined and supported us with our dreamed convention, encouraging us to continue building peace in our country, through the projects we forge with dedication and love; for our communities, for our youth and children, for the future, we say THANK YOU! Thanks to the United States Embassy in Colombia, Association of American Programs ASOUSA, Corporación Centro Cultural Colombo Americano de Cartagena, Centro Colombo Americano de Barranquilla, YMCA, Agrupación Pattakí, Estudios CODICO, the 8 cultural samples, the 9 speakers, the 23 entrepreneurs and the 255 national participants, scholars, former fellows and leaders. Thank you for believing and supporting us in our growth. It goes without saying that this cycle is the opening to new projects and experiences that will continue throughout the year 2020. To the YCLF Board of Directors and to all the members of the different committees of the convention I want to tell you that without your commitment it would not have been possible. I feel proud to have you all as a team. CAROLINA CABEZAS YAP 2009 – IVLP 2017 Co-founder and CEO Youth Colombian Leaders Foundation


A GLANCE TO PREVIOUS CONVENTIONS First National Convention, held in Cali – Valle, del Cauca in 2012. 50 alumni from different cities. Report: http://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_asousa

Second National Convention of Volunteer, Leaders and Alumni of US programs held in Envigado- Antioquia in July 2013, with an attendance of over 120 people from 20 different cities and an international guest. Report: http://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_ii_convenci__n_asousa

The third version of the National Convention was held in Barranquilla in August 2014. Over 70 youth people attended from different groups, such as ambassadors, leaders, volunteers and alumni from Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador. Report: http://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_oficial_iii_convenci__n

The Fourth National Convention of Volunteer Leaders and Alumni of US programs held was in Armenia in July 2015 with an attendance of over 100 people between youth ambassadors, leaders, volunteers and alumni from Colombia and the United States. Report: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_iv_convenci__n_nacional

The Fifth National Convention of Volunteer Leaders and Alumni of US programs held was in Quibdó in July 2016 with an attendance of over 100 people between youth ambassadors, leaders, volunteers and alumni from Colombia and the United States. Report: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_v_convenci__n_nacional

The Sixth National Convention of Volunteer Leaders and Alumni of US programs held was in Medellin in November 2017 with an attendance of over 100 people between youth ambassadors, leaders, volunteers and alumni from Colombia and the United States. Report: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_vi_convenci__n_nacional_pub

The Seventh National Convention of Volunteer Leaders and Alumni of US programs held was in Bogotá in August 2018 with an attendance of over 250 people between youth ambassadors, leaders, volunteers and alumni from Colombia and the United States. Report: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_vii_convenci_n_nacional



INDEX VIII National Convention.......................................................................... 5 Day One.................................................................................................. 7 PROJECTS FAIR...................................................................................... 8 CULTURAL SHOW................................................................................... 13 Day Two................................................................................................. 16 CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS.......................................................... 16 Day Three.............................................................................................. 26 SOCIAL SERVICE DAY............................................................................. 26 APPRECIATIONS..................................................................................... 31 EVALUATION.......................................................................................... 33 GALLERY AND VIDEOS............................................................................ 34


VIII NATIONAL CONVENTION In its 8th version, the National Convention of Volunteer Leaders and Alumni took over Cartagena and the Colombian Atlantic coast. From November 1st to the 3rd, 2019, the Youth Colombian Leaders Foundation led an event that brought together more than 200 volunteer leaders from different regions of the country. ‘La Heróica’ was the spotlight for interaction, dialogue and cooperation around a global purpose of building a country, this time brought together by the slogan “DO IT NOW” under the theme of “Think global, act local”. The Convention invited us to unite wills to act promptly and effectively for our country and our planet, making a call to bring hands together around social development, environmental protection, culture of peace and social entrepreneurship. This is how for three days we participated in an entrepreneurial fair, cultural exhibitions, various presentations and a day of social service that sought to leave its mark on a city that is characterized by tourism, a great historical value and a notorious social inequality. 255 leaders participated in this version, of which 206 were fellows and ex-fellows of different programs of the U.S Department of State, such as the Youth Ambassadors, ACCESS, Martin Luther King, Community College Initiative, TEA, YLAI, English For Girls, College Horizons, Fullbright, SUSI and Success programs. Likewise, we were also joined by 16 volunteers who are part of the programs of the Youth Colombian Leaders Foundation nationwide. The leaders were from 16 different cities in the country, among which we find Barranquilla, Bogotá, Buenaventura, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena, Guadalajara de Buga, Itagüí, Leticia, Manaure, Manizales, Medellín, Pereira, Popayán, Quibdó and Sincelejo.


1 DE NOV. 2019




De mi tierra / MLKSTSHIRTS Camisetas con identidad e historia / English Vacation KT / SOY CARIBE TOUR AGENCIA DE TURISMO CARTAGENA / Bolsos artesanales / Eclipse playa sol y luna / Huellas de paz, amor y reconciliacion / Construyendo nuestro futuro / Ebano Cartagena / Peinados Evento marco de la VIII Convención Nacional de Líderes, Voluntarios, Becarios y Ex Becarios de Programas Estadounidenses ORGANIZA FUNDACIÓN YOUTH COLOMBIAN LEADERS CON EL APOYO DE:


Day one

1 de Noviembre

Feria de Proyectos y Bienvenida Cultural


TIME 8:00-4:00 pm. 9:00-4:00 pm. 4.30-6:15 pm. 6:15-6.30 pm.


PROJECTS FAIR In 2019, entrepreneurship, creativity and social innovation took over ‘La Heróica’. As a tradition, the Convention is a space for interaction, in which leaders and entrepreneurs find the opportunity to show the community the results of their hard work. Being 8:00 in the morning of November 1st, the Colombo American Cultural Center of Cartagena opened its doors for 23 entrepreneurs to show citizens creative ideas that with great effort and passion they have been building up. We found entrepreneurship projects that focus on the empowerment and vindication of Afro aesthetics, examples of this are Sankofa Accessories, Ebony Cartagena and Yuyu Hairstyles. Likewise, we have Afro Winkle who also adds an inclusive message for the LGBTIQ+ community. We have enterprises focused on the design of accessories, swimwear such as Caro Álvarez Accesorios and Purple Swimwear. While on the culinary side, Postres Nissi (Nissi Desserts) joined us with an inspiring family project that sells delicious homemade desserts.


There were social projects focused on the construction of spaces of peace through the promotion of art and culture, as does the Casa Cultural, SueĂąos Arte y Cultura, or programs that seek to strengthen the teaching of a foreign language in children of socially vulnerable communities, as well as English Vacation KT. Following the line of work with impact we find the OrikĂĄnikĂĄ project that promotes an environmental culture and a transition towards eco-sustainable territories, or Ama Pachamama, which supports the trade of organic products of small agroecological farmers and indigenous communities of Colombia. This is how in a dynamic way, through dialogue and interaction we manage to generate a network and promote those actions that are being led with commitment, courage and passion from our territories.


Josly Andrea Angulo Cortés, who is originally from Buenaventura and is a member of the Afro Winkle venture, designs and sells products that exalt an Afro-diverse identity and aim to send a message of inclusion and respect for Afro-descendant and LGBTQ+ communities. Josly mentioned that they were very happy as a team to participate in the Convention since they were given a space to show the entrepreneurship that they have arduously been taking forward. Finally, she mentioned being grateful to the Youth Colombian Leaders Foundation “for betting on entrepreneurship, and for believing on these rights-fighting spaces that seek to show all the wonderful things our country has.” Diana Camargo was the representative of Ama Pachamama during the day, a project that seeks to support the trade of organic products of small farmers and indigenous communities. Among its products are the black peppers of Putumayo, a honey from Antioquia and different products based on the coca leaf, which they aim to claim as a food and a sacred plant for us as Colombians. Diana mentions that her experience at the Entrepreneurship Fair has been positive, since it has allowed her to show more people what Ama Pachamama does; and mentions with certainty that “through teamwork and local commerce we can make sure that we can continue growing as colombians and project our work from the regions.”




CULTURAL SHOW Art and culture were protagonists on our first day. A meeting where we got together in one voice through songs, dance and folklore. From the Cultural Center Colombo of Barranquilla we were accompanied by different acts, of artistic expression of the region. Jessica Cabezas, President of YCLF, welcomed and opened the space to a choir composed of fellows and ex-scholars of the ACCESS program, who gave us their energy through melodies in English. From ‘La Arenosa’ we were also accompanied by a magnificent trio of guitars and a singer, scholars of the ACCESS and MLK programs. We had dance samples from the Colombo in Cartagena, where the body expression was taken in the auditorium. The folklore of Colombia and the Atlantic coast was transmitted by young scholars of the programs. From the heroic also a singer accompanied us, who has participated in different spaces. Through music they summon young people to join a musical training school. And finally, a champeta show was added to the space where the urban genre made us dance and enjoy the closing of a great day. In general, the cultural shows exposed the importance of promoting spaces for art and recreation, and the influence they have on the integral development of our youth. They taught us the value of giving young people the opportunity to participate in the experience and construction of their own program. It was an opportunity to know our culture, our roots. Where there was a total diversity of elements and samples that are part of who we are as a variety of programs, variety of cultures, variety of cultural expressions in the Colombian territory.




Day Two CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS On November 2, the VIII National Convention of Volunteer Leaders, and alumni of the US programs in the American Colombo of Cartagena with place at Cuatro Vientos. We count on the participation of the American Colombo Choir who gave the initial opening to the convention, followed, we received welcomed to the city and the facilities by Dr. Mario Ramos, General Director of the Colombo in Cartagena who thanked all the attendees and organizations that make possible the realization of the national convention for having chosen Cartagena as the protagonist city of such a majestic act, in addition, we have the participation of Jay Raman, from the American embassy who spoke about the importance of these spaces of participation where personal and collective development is promoted in which each one can share and express in a significant way their roots, their social composition and in that way, help to the growth of the society that surrounds them. Carolina Cabezas, Co-founder and General Director YCLF who expressed her thanks to all attendees for the assistance and spoke about what has been the development of the convention since its beginnings, in addition, she shared the projects that develop in certain cities and what has been the impact they have caused and invited to stay tunned with the Youth Colombian Leaders, ASOUSA and Exchange Alumni networks. Diana Cortina, Advisor education USA Cartagena who was aware that the spaces in which we would participate were to the order of the day and with the required requirements, in addition, Javier Ortiz, an American embassy official, was with us. On the second day of the convention, we had the participation of several local exhibitors and other cities who were speaking on various topics, including leadership, entrepreneurship, environmental education, strategies for bilingual social action, dignity in black aesthetics, culture as power, to grow and grow so that participants create new social development alternatives in their communities and in their projects that each one carries out.



How to obtain scholarships, grants and study opportunities abroad? Rachel Wilson is the Higher Education Coordinator of the United States Embassy in Colombia and advises Education USA on the Fullbright Commission in Bogotá. “The opportunities to access scholarships, internships and grants in institutions for education outside the country are not just a dream, they are facts that become reality if steps to achieve the purpose of pursuing with postgraduate studies outside from Colombia” Fullbright, ICETEX, ORI, OAS, Colfuturo, Colciencias and Banco de la Republica are entities and programs that in Colombia provide opportunities for students to continue their postgraduate studies abroad. For this it is necessary to have a resume that reflects the purposes of the entity or program to which you want to apply, such as involving volunteers. It is also important to find out what is the profile of people who have already applied for the scholarship, grant or internship. This with the aim of highlighting the characteristics they are looking for in the profile of the candidates and having more chances of being selected.

Speaker: Heider Lacera Topic: “Steps to create your own social organization” Keywords. Organization, foundation, association, corporation. This presentation aimed to provide detailed information on how to establish an organization. In that order of ideas, the speaker begins his presentation highlighting the differences between corporation, foundation and association, seeking to provide his audience with a clear identification, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each entity. Subsequently, he proceeds to explain the process of registering the organization and the legal framework required to consolidate its training. Heider also allowed us, through his presentation, to understand how to face accountability and how to present the requested documentation to the relevant institutions to meet the objectives of the organization.

Speaker: Jorge Ovalle Topic: “Think and act in Environmental Peace” Keywords: Peace, Environment, Affectation, Pollution, Armed Conflict. The rapporteur began the presentation defining the concept of environmental peace, then said that this category refers to the possibility that human beings have to respect their right to life, to reconcile with each other and with nature. Also, that over time the relationship of man with nature has been war, abuse, exploitation for economic purposes. An unfortunate relationship as nature should be considered as a subject of law. In conclusion, the rapporteur affirms that alternative energy must be considered to improve the environmental situation of the world, taking into account responsible consumption, recycling, the reduction of plastics, the use of renewable energy in transport, in order to Climate change no longer depends on human actions.


Speaker: Santiago Rivera Topic: Presentation “Minecraft, puzzles and legos: How the worlds we dream we build with blocks and pieces” Keywords: Dreams, Construction, Worlds. Santiago began telling how he began to create his own worlds from legos or Minecraft, showed images of his creations and the reasons that had led him to them; From the above, compare his dream of being an astronaut with the construction of his pieces, he says that to reach your goal you must perform small tasks in the short and medium term, lose your fear of ridicule, work as a team and seek help from experts. To explain all of the above, Santiago always referred to specific examples of activities that he or his friends had done, such as that time together with his classmates sent an experiment to space with a NASA globe. Finally, with the application that he created, he held a workshop, where people had to draw and write about their dreams following some proposed activities, where he wanted the attendees to visualize their dream in a clearer way, and then share it with others, according to the motto learned from “losing the fear of ridicule.”

Speakers: Natalia Bernal, Carolina Acevedo, Jorge Morales y Gustavo Ávila Topic: “PLAYLEE” Keywords: Recreation, Bilingualism, Vulnerable Communities, Leadership. Playlee beyond the teaching of the English language, allows the learning to live in community, the importance of the diversity of the subjects and the form of education according to the own context of each population, and how this program generates a much deeper impact on Each community, like the leaders of each city, makes its own analysis of each place where it is carried out, not only at the level of the language, but of the socio-economic conditions in order to generate a much more effective approach, in addition to the generation of commitment of The parents in the sessions. Each of the sessions not only develop communication skills from the teaching of a language outside the classroom, since a learning methodology is used through experiences and the association of words from their own daily experiences, where learning is constructed from group way, and not from the individual way, generating guided learning.

Speaker: Juan Carlos Martínez Romo Topic: “YMCA Peace Modules: a strategy for the promotion of healthy coexistence and bilingualism” Keywords: English, Bilingualism, Experiential Education, Integrated Education, YMCA. The pedagogical questions that have been made in recent decades were evidenced in this talk, where it began with a national need which is to promote the learning of a second language, but why?, what is the need to learn it and if the Learning processes that are used nationally are really


promoting this to a level far removed from the need for the same economic production. A historical tour was made about the reason for learning and teaching in Colombia, with a special emphasis on the decolonization of education, where many political interests and international needs are evidenced through globalization managed at an economic level and this as it really affects the most remote areas of our national geographic. During this talk it was evident the need to improve learning didactics and teaching pedagogy to generate a much more significant impact that really impacts each of the areas of the national geography.

Speaker: Mileinis Murillo Topic: “Culture as power, to grow and grow.” Keywords: Experiences, anecdotes, process, teaching, volunteering, change, lives, university, indigenous, discrimination, representative, defender, impact, campaign, smiles, community, workshops, learning, leadership, diversification. Representative and Human Rights Defender. His presentation was based on general, life experiences and anecdotes she has had in her life. Initially, she highlighted: “I come to share personal experiences and processes that have led me to be a leader of my community.” Then there was a very particular moment, in which she asked that we please close our eyes and imagine the Guajira; Next, the indigenous leader began her speech with a phrase that attracted a lot of attention: “The person who assumes the job of volunteering is because it will change lives.” In the same way she shared a little about her entrepreneurship, which is about making bags, backpacks, blankets etc. Finally she highlighted the importance of this presentation towards the Convention and closed with a great phrase “Culture is more than a dance or a song, it is a power.”

Speaker: Dulcelys Gaviria Chiquillo Topic: “The dignity of black aesthetics” Keywords: Identity, Style, Turbans This paper addressed the knowledge of clothing and its relationship with identity, origins and their uses. Within this context, the Dandies, a social group within the Congo that promotes what is known as “Social ancestry.” “Why do black communities somehow seek social ancestry?” - Dulcelys (Speaker) “There is a social gap, we are at a disadvantage, there are no benefits as such (to the communities) all this is in order to recover what was once taken away from us “-Rubén Cassiani” In one way or another we must project what we are “- Caterin Lobo, was carried out using quotes and reflections concerning discrimination and segregation (Cleaning of blood in colonial and postcolonial era). Dulcelis concludes his presentation by mentioning that “there are lags in colonial thought” and “we must cultivate Black coexistence”


Speaker: Héctor Contreras Topic: “Leadership and Interpersonal Relations” Keywords: “Our world is creating work machines” “A leader never works alone, because he knows that unity is success” Thanks to technological progress, communications between people who do not reside in the same place have improved, allowing us to keep in touch with people from other countries even continents when this in past years was a real struggle, but this although it has improved and facilitated things in one area, it has also had dire consequences in our interpersonal relationships, coexistence has been lost even in homes, now it is only done through an electronic device. We do not have the ease of communicating with real people, the saturation of information has caused our society to have lost that sensitivity to the events that happen around us, to our new generation the importance of balancing with technology, and not losing our interpersonal relationships have been lost. If not, he is the one who recognizes the qualities of each member and is able to influence so that we all go for a common good, and we have to start by training and being an example in our homes, schools, work, in our cultural and other spaces, knowing that it is not a work in vain since generating changes can make an impact on our society.

Speaker: Mayra Alejandra Suárez Topic: “From intention to action: Strategies for Bilingual Social Action” Keywords: Bilingualism, social action, English. Mayra Suarez transported us to a stage of reflection on the value of articulating the teaching of a language to a social action that articulates the particular needs of the territory. Through recreational activities, a short dance of “bilingual shock sauce” and open spaces for dialogue. Finally, it invites us to follow a route of action where we must first identify the population, followed by a recognition of their particular needs and finally identifying how English can be articulated to those specificities of the context. A very timely reflection that invites us to build a country with communities, innovating from education and recognizing them as actors of local transformation in a fully globalized world.

Speaker: Daniel Valderrama Topic: Local strategies for global objectives. On this occasion we have the presentation on the 17 central objectives on which the UN has focused and we learned about the progress and the setback of some of them, we talked about figures, we knew stories, we sought to create spaces of awareness about the reality that it affects us all and because through simple initiatives we can start to make a change, we talk about the importance that exists when working for education, the environment among many others and how each of the attendees can


reflect and from there, create and recreate everything we need to make this world where we live, a different place. Finally we have 3 lessons to make the change possible. 1. Embrace authencity: recognize that each one needed to be born in such a way for a reason or a purpose. We would like to have more benefits and talents, and tend to feel at disadvantage. What we have a give us an understanding of the world and is going to help us changing the world. Feel proud of your skills and who you are. Enjoy being in your own skin. 2. Seek association. Talk to people from other cities and programs. Create connections. We need to learn to associate. Networking time. 3. Maintain assiduity. Continuity. Be constant.

Workshop EnREDemonos Speaker: Juan Fernando Arango (Equipoder) Keywords: Celebration, gratitude and recognition. “We all create our own climate, we determine the color of the sky in the emotional universe in which we live ...” Fulton J. Shen “Comfort is the cemetery of consciousness” Juan Fernando Arango has been consolidating himself as a great speaker and teacher in everything related to experiential education for more than 20 years. We count on his participation as a keynote speaker where he shared with all attendees the importance of relating to the one next to us, but we do not distinguish. He invited us to create spaces for sharing where attendees expressed themselves from within showing that being that summoned them to be there, there were group integration activities where they presented each other and in the end everyone understood and knew the objective for which each one went there, all presented themselves and showed themselves in essence. Finally, we conclude that we are here to serve, to get to know each other and how everything we have learned during the participation spaces can be used to apply in what we do daily, give meaning, give importance to life itself. You have to know the Why? And for what? About our existence and how we can project what makes us up to new spaces. The risk we must assume if we want to achieve our goals and thus achieve collective work for the benefit of all the ideas they seek to undertake.




Diana Cortina

Rachel Wilson

Jay Raman

Daniel Valderrama

Carolina Cabezas

Juan Fernando Arango

Dulcelys Gaviria

Héctor Contreras

Heider Lacera

Jorge Ovalle

Juan Carlos Martínez

María Salazar

Mayra Suárez

Santiago Rivera

Mileinis Morillo


Day Three SOCIAL SERVICE DAY This, being the maximum representation of the collective work carried out by the participants of the convention, the third day was set aside to carry out two social volunteer service activity. The attendees were divided into two large groups, the first one had as assignment the visit to the school Institución Educativa La Milagrosa to leave in it an artistic imprint with a message of historical tradition. Meanwhile, the second group was in charge of working with Planeta Azul Caribe Foundation in the decontamination of Caño Juan Angola.

Day of service at the School.

On November 3, one of the social service activities was carried out at La Milagrosa School in which more than 70 volunteers had the opportunity to share experiences about what working in the community has been for them. They depicted in different spaces several paintings in which there were local, national and international leaders who have promoted the freedom of their peoples, including: Martin Luther King, India Catalina, George Washington, Pedro Romero, Sacajawea , Cacique Galeras and Benkos Bioho exposing their more great achievements and how these over the years and generation after generation manage to create and impact new spaces of social and cultural development, in addition, their initiatives have served to create new policies. We have the creation of a mural where a pair of wings were the protagonists during the session. The volunteers managed to demonstrate their artistic ideas as well as their leadership skills and abilities, as teamwork achieves great creations. Now all the children who attend the La Milagrosa school will have the opportunity to portray, photograph and explore each of the spaces of their school where the different paintings were located and thus recognize and value each of these spaces giving a different meaning where They can understand in a better way the importance of working in community, of seeking personal benefit and then impacting their community.

Cáterin Lobo (Barranquilla)

Social worker. Alumni of the first court Martin Luther King (MLK) of Barranquilla. Who shared with the attendees at the convention her experiences and how significant it is to share and know the cultural context of those who attend and how each of the ideas that the participants carry there, serve so that she and the community in which she works can implement new ideas of leadership and social entrepreneurship so that others can benefit from this. She thanked all those who made their participation possible and invited all those who fight and work for those small and large spaces in which they project their ideas on leadership in order to grow on a personal and professional level, all with a collective approach.

Sebastián Cruz (Cali)

Social communication student. Youth Ambassadors Program 2011. Sebastian has been a volunteer leader of the YMCA for more than 8 years, who has led great initiatives


locally and nationally. He has attended the convention on 6 occasions where he has shared with all and all his great experiences and how these spaces have served to create new ideas that strengthen his desire to continue working in the communities in which he leads certain initiatives. “On this occasion we are in the city of Cartagena at the VIII convention of volunteer leaders and Alumni of the US programs on this occasion we have had the opportunity to share with different speakers and leaders who have shared their experiences that are generating impact in the different territories At the national level, it is a place where we can meet, exchange knowledge, exchange methodologies and a space that summons us to inspire us to act where we speak of a DO IT NOW. Where we talk about thinking globally and acting locally, a place that summons us to action that invites us to transform lives, to transform realities�



Day of service Mangroves Through the Planeta Azul Caribe foundation, participants had the opportunity to learn about the importance of mangroves for the preservation of marine life and to contribute sectorally to its recovery. For this activity, two functions were assigned to the volunteers, on the one hand, a group was in charge of collecting recyclable material from the homes near the area. While the other one, lifted all the debris that was in the nearby area to prevent them from reaching the mangrove swamp. This community, residing next to the Juan Angola pipe, appropriated the responsibility of not allowing more waste to reach the water source , and also, the volunteers contributed to this purpose through both actions. In addition, all participants received prior training on the importance of mangroves, the organic processes in which they participate and the direct effect of their contamination. María de los Ángeles Gary Martin Luther King Cartagena The day of service with Planeta Azul Foundation was an enriching experience as we gained knowledge about the characterization of mangroves, their importance and could learn curiosities of aquatic life. The second phase of the activity consisted of cleaning the mangrove, which was gratifying because we put into practice the value of the importance of the same that we had previously learned. As a final phase we made a tour around the neighborhood 7 de Agosto where we identified the organized way in which it is made of recycling and sorting waste from the area in order to put it into practice in our communities in a way subsequent Alejandro Alvarez Youth Ambassador Bogotá Personally, I liked the idea of doing all these works without people of the school. I’m curious to know what they thought as soon as they saw it and what their reaction was. I like to think that they took the trouble to do more research on each of the characters that were painted and that they felt grateful for having angel wings in their yard, perhaps not all but perhaps a large majority. Whatever the case, it sure did change those students’ lives a little bit, and that’s the ultimate purpose of Youth Colombian Leaders. Jesus David Moreno Salcedo Martín Luther King 2017-2018 alumni - Quibdó Participating in this convention was an enrichment experience, it changed my life and the way I think. Arriving to Cartagena and meeting new people with similar leadership experience and skills, with different ways of thinking, people who love to work with communities, sharing life experiences and new ways with which we are changing the world changes you deep, makes you wonder how this spaces can contribute you, can improve your opportunities to make a real impact. I am really happy with this experience, and I would like help so other alumni can participate in the future of this space. Thank you, I hope this message can be Heard by many others, so they get motivated and leave their comfort zone.




SPECIAL APPRECIATIONS Embajada de Estados Unidos en Colombia, Jay Ramán (Agregado Cultural), Rachel Wilson y Javier Ortiz (oficiales Embajada de de Estados Unidos), Mario Ramos (Director Colombo Americano de Cartagena), Diana Cortina (Asesoría EducationUSA), Juan Pacheco (Director Académico, Centro Colombo Americano de Barranquilla), Asociación Nacional de Ex becarios de Programas Estadounidenses ASOUSA, USAID, Agrupación Pattakí, Estudios CÓDICO, EQUIPO ORGANIZADOR NACIONAL, ACJ-YMCA Colombia CENTRAL COMMITTEE Carolina Cabezas (YAP/IVLP) Silvana Gómez (YAP) Jessica Cabezas (Presidenta YCLF) ​ FINANCES AND REPORT COMMITTEE Cristian Salazar (YAP) Carolina Cabezas (YAP/IVLP) Jessica Cabezas (Presidenta YCLF) ​ CULTURAL COMMITTEE Heider Lacera (MLK BOG) ​ SERVICE DAY COMMITTEE Yuranis Escorcia (MLK BAQ) Heider Lacera (MLK BOG) ​ LOGISTIC COMMITTEE María Catalina Morales (YAP) Tannia Lorena Ocampo Villa (YAP) Jorge Eduardo Morales (Voluntario YCLF) Heider Lacera (MLK BOG) Javier Pino (YAP) Camilo Andres Julio Bolivar (MLK CTG) María De Los Ángeles Gary Camargo (MLK CTG) María Isabel ortega de Arco (MLK CTG) ​

​SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Valentina Alvarez (YAP) Juan Carlos Martínez (YAP) Javier Ortiz (Embajada) Javier Alvarez (YAP) ​ DELEGATIONS/PARTICIPANTS COMMITTEE Cesar Valencia (Vicepresidente YCLF) Jessica Cabezas. (Presidenta YCLF) Gustavo Avila (YAP) ​ REPORTS COMMITTEE Sebastián Cruz (YAP) Cesar Valencia (Vicepresidente YCLF) Erika Pinzón (Voluntaria YCLF) ​ COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Johan Romero (Voluntario YCLF) Jorge Yepes (Voluntario YCLF) Silvana Gómez (YAP) ​ PROJECTS FAIR COMMITTEE Silvana Gómez (YAP) Heider Lacera (MLK BOG) PROJECTS FAIR PARTICIPANTS Afro Winkel, De mi tierra, MLKSTSHIRTS Camisetas con identidad e historia, Caro Álvarez Accesorios, English Vacation KT, Las Ancestras , Accesorios Sankofa, Orikániká, Casa Cultural Sueños, Arte y Cultura, Ama Pachamama, La Joya, SOY CARIBE TOUR AGENCIA DE TURISMO CARTAGENA, Bolsos artesanales, Colectivo de Comunicaciones Mandela, Eclipse playa sol y luna, PÚRPURA SWIMWEAR, Huellas de paz, amor y reconciliación, Construyendo nuestro futuro, POSTRES NISSI, Ébano Cartagena, Peinados ACCESS.


CULTURAL SHOW Coro ACCESS Centro Colombo Americano Barranquilla, Coro UNICOLOMBO Cartagena, Tambores y Cantadora Cartagena, MLK Cartagena Cumbia, MLK Cartagena Champeta SPEAKERS Jorge Joan Ovalle Buritica, Rachel Wilson, Santiago Rivera Suárez, Mileinis Morillo Epieyu, Maria Jose Salazar Quiñones, Mayra Alejandra Suarez Tapasco, Juan Carlos Martínez Romo, Heider Lacera,Dulcelys Gaviria Chiquillo, Héctor Jesús Contreras Marimon, Daniel Valderrama, Juan Fernando Arango SERVICE DAY Fundación Planeta Azul CaribeLuis Fernando Sanchez Institución Educativa la Milagrosa Carlos Ramirez



This year the convention was able to call 255 leaders, volunteers and alumni from 15 Colombian cities. The Cartagena convention organization team successfully gather donations up to USD$ 47.000, getting economical support to all participants.




VIII National Convention - Official Photos 1st Day https://www.facebook.com/pg/YouthColombianLeaders/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3153069118043374&__tn__=-UC-R

VIII National Convention - Official Photos 2nd Day https://www.facebook.com/pg/YouthColombianLeaders/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3153124708037815&__tn__=-UC-R

VIII National Convention - Official Photos 3rd Day https://www.facebook.com/pg/YouthColombianLeaders/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3153239211359698

VIII National Convention - Welcome Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooxr-NW-fjw&feature=youtu.be


VIII National Convention - Video 1st Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypASqufGQUY&feature=youtu.be

VIII National Convention - Video 2nd Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0I8flvnXGo&feature=youtu.be

VIII National Convention - Video 3rd Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD96XquB_0U&feature=youtu.be

VIII National Convention - Video 3rd Day - IED La Milagrosa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0SxyQQ8Q84&t=9s



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Report VIII National Convention  

https://www.yclf.org/convenciones Spanish version: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_viii_convenci_n_nacional

Report VIII National Convention  

https://www.yclf.org/convenciones Spanish version: https://issuu.com/youthcolombianleaders/docs/informe_viii_convenci_n_nacional