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March 2012

March... A Busy & Exciting Month! March is going to be a busy but fun month! Many great things are going on and it is not just Spring Break! There will be fun programs, extracurricular activities, job opportunities, leadership experiences, and many many more activities to keep you busy. Be sure to get involved and make the best of your spring semester because it is quickly coming to an end. After Spring break we will be conducting a Trivia night program. Be sure to keep an eye out for advertisement!

Sign up for Housing Have you signed up for housing for Fall 2012? If not spaces are still available. Please stop by the Department of Housing and Residence Life or go online to to fill out your application.

Spring Break Housing Spring Break is quickly approaching. If you have already made travel plans for spring break we hope you have a wonderful trip. If you do not have anywhere to go, no worries you can stay on campus. RESIDENCE HALLS CLOSE: Saturday, March 17 @ noon th

RESIDENCE HALLS REOPEN Sunday, March 25 @ 9:00am th

1 John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25755 E: housing P: 304.696.2570 F: 304.696.6161

If you need to stay longer or come back early you must fill out a break housing application. There is no charge to stay over spring break. Students needing housing will be placed in TTE or TTW. If you know someone in one of these buildings you can apply to stay in their room but must get permission from them. Applications can be found at your front desk, in the Department of Housing and Residence Life or online. Applications are due to Housing and Residence Life by Monday, March 13th. If you have any questions regarding break housing please contact Terry Anderson at


March 2012 Attention residents! This is the month to start celebrating and appreciating mother nature. This month, the Department of Housing and Residence Life is taking the initiative, in addition to other on campus organizations, to educate the students of Marshall University on how to be self sustainable and live green. Participate in Earth Day celebrations, use the “go green” tips from this article and be conscious of the resources you are using. A better, brighter future for this world begins right here, in Buskirk Hall.

40% of college drop outs do so because of poor or insufficient study skills. What are YOU doing to prevent this?!? Residents enjoyed playing Apples to Apples and desserts at a preValentine’s Day party with RA, Bianca Barrett

Upcoming Programs Recycle in Style– March 16th in the main lobby


Make a fun, stylish craft out of recycled materials. Turn junk into something practical! Life’s a garden...So Dig It!- March 15th in the 2nd floor lounge



Learn how to make a garden that is small enough to fit in your room! Another purpose for a mason jar... Clever Clovers St. Patricks’ Day Party– March 14th in the 3rd floor lounge Celebrate for the holidays with “green” themed crafts

and games.


Growing Green– March 15th in the 4th floor lounge

Decorate a flower pot with recycled materials. Makes a great gift! So what about this RA job?- March 5th in the 5th floor lounge


Get the inside scoop on being an RA and learn how to apply. Going Green Bulletin Board Competition– March 27th in the hallway Reduce, reuse, and recycle right in your own hallway.


Pillow Shirts– March 1st in the 6th floor lounge

Don’t scrap your old t-shirts. Make them into something beautiful! Game Night– March 15th in the 6th floor lounge

Jessica is the 4th floor RA of Buskirk Hall. You have may have attended her program last month, Love the Skin You’re In, a spoof off of the Dove Campaign to empower women about their bodies and beauty. Jess likes to integrate her major, marketing and mass communications, into programs to educate her residents about how media can negatively and positively impact our lives. She is a first year graduate student and her birthday is on Earth Day!

Jessica Baker

RHA Residence



Interested in becoming an RA? Check out this month’s calendar board for information!

The Residence Hall Association in Buskirk Hall held a fundraiser to raise money to purchase gaming system entertainment for in the lobby. Residents gathered for a small meal and a chance to purchase and tie-dye their own 20112012 Buskirk Hall tees. Excluding what was raised in the first semester, Buskirk currently has $130.00 to put toward building additions for all to enjoy. The bulletin board located next to the main door indicates when a meeting will be held and advertises upcoming programs. Are you a member of the RHA Facebook page? Become one today! Give your input on programs and keep up-to-date on upcoming activities.

17 Steps Closer to “Being Marshall Green” 1. Use things until they wear out. 2. Use recycled paper and notebooks. You can purchase these at the on-campus book store. 3. Look for Green Seal or Ecologo 3rd party certification on your products. 4. Buy used or electronic textbooks. 5. Use CFL light bulbs.

11. Wash laundry with cold water instead of hot. 12. Unplug appliances when not in use. 13. Drive the speed limit and combine errands into one trip. 14. Put a stop to unsolicited mail! 15. Take 5 minute showers.

6. Give up bottled water.

16. Turn off the air conditioner.

7. Use plastic, not Styrofoam or paper plates.

17. Donate to GoodWill.

8. Purchase an Energy Star micro-fridge. 9. Sleep tight with organic cotton or hemp sheets. 10. Stop using disposable bags.

Residents showed off their artistic talents by participating in a Valentine’s Day door decorating contest.

The N&S Report ghg

March Edition

Author: Amanda Young & Matt Perry

Mark Your Calendars!

The RA – Classifieds

Spring Break will begin March 17th and run through the 25th!

RA’s enjoy... Moonlit programing around 9pm... Late night walks through the building with a duty partner... Meaningful and in-depth talks with residents... Expressing art through bulletin boards and door tags...


We encourage anyone that is interested to apply! RA applications can be found online at :

RHA will be holding an Easter basket

raffle that will begin in early March.

Remember: March 7th: RA applications are due at HRL in Holderby Hall by Noon. March 12th: “Teach me how to RA”- This is a program that will help prepare you for the life of a RA. The grand prize will be a 1 on 1 meeting with Kousy before RA interviews take place. March 31st –April 1st: RA interviews.

Remember: Meetings are every Tuesday @ 8:30pm in the South Classroom. Come get involved!

SPRING CLEANING!- Health and Safety Inspections will take place in North and South over Spring Break on March 20th and 21st.

The Great Hunt th

On the 30 an epic Easter Egg Hunt will take place at 7pm. The Hunt will start in South Lobby and there will be prizes, including the grand prize of a digital camera.

Man Movie Week March 12-16*

Pictured above are residents enjoying different culinary delights from around the world at the “Travel the World through Food Program.”

Monday: Starship Troopers Tuesday: Casino Royale Wednesday: Boondock Saints Thursday : Scarface Friday: Fight Club *North Theater Room

Gillis Group

Gibson Residents learn how to make sushi.


March Haymaker Wellman Newsletter Super Sushi Program!

Made by: Wittlee Retton Fun Facts for March: 

Women’s History Month

-March 2: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

March 20: First day of Spring

A program was recently thrown in the media room. A Call of Duty Tournament was played and residents really enjoyed themselves! There was a grand prize of junk food and Gatorade!


Residents of Haymaker and Wellman learning how to roll the sushi!


The recent Sushi program in Haymaker hall, had an amazing turnout! This program was thought of by Cynthia Torppa our Faculty in Residence and Azusa Hana Yamada who is the Japan Outreach Coordinator. During this program we made Sushi and had interactive activities.

Spring Break is right around the corner- Starts March 17!

RHA recently brought to commons a coffee house night with live performances! Come to the meetings on Monday nights and find out what else they are going to do and help plan an event!

DON’T FORGET ABOUT RA INTERVIEWS! March 7th at 12pm March 9th March 12-13th noon March 31st & April 1st April 9th April 27th

RA Applications due RA Interviews Extended Interview Signups RA Interviews (time TBA) RA Offers Extended Fall Connection Day

HRL – Holderby Hall (Via Email) HRL – Holderby Hall Corbly Hall (Via phone) (TBA)

March 2012

Holderby Herald 

Magic Seems to be the Theme

RHA has been a busy think-tank this

semester. It recently began honoring the many outstanding residents of Holderby. Every week, residents and staff can stop by the front desk to nominate a resident who has gone above and beyond for their peers. The three names with the most nominations are the star residents for that week and their names are displayed on the RHA bulletin board. This is a simple, yet great way to recognize the everyday contributions of our residents and encourage a community of helpers! The association has also chosen to paint the 4th floor lounge in an awesome space theme! This means our future programs and movie nights in there should be out of this world!

RA Corner:

RHA has several upcoming events:

Not ones to be outdone, the RAs are busying

o Open Mic March 1st 8pm Holderby Lobby o Painting the 4th floor lounge March 15th

themselves with planning some spectacular programs! RA’s are throwing Magic the Gathering Card games

all throughout the Magic month of March!   

Residents playing poker in the 8th floor bathroom as part of the “Royal Flush” program.

Spring Break Edition The Residence Halls will close for spring break on Sat., March 17th at noon. They will not reopen until Sunday, March 25th at 9am. If you need Spring Break Housing please fill out the application and submit by Tuesday, March 13th at 4:30 p.m.

March 2012

Upcoming Program: Does thinking about finding a job after college sound frightening to you? Want to know what you can do now to make yourself more competitive in the job market when you graduate? The Towers East Resident Advisors have planned a career building program that will take place on Tuesday, March 27th at 8:00 pm in the Towers East Glass Lounge. It is never too early to start thinking about your options after graduation. Staff from the Student Resource Center will provide information to help you take steps now so you are more prepared when your career search begins. There will be a fun contest at the beginning of the program and awesome prizes will be awarded. After the program, food and drinks will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to talk to our presenters to find out more about the career building resources available to students right here on Marshall’s campus. We promise this will be a fun and exciting event! Hope to see you there!

The Towers East Times


Volume 2, Issue 3

RHA’s Open Mic Night will be held on March 8th at 8:30 pm in the Glass Lounge. Sign up today! Contact Miles Gray if you have any questions!

Important Dates to Remember March 1—2nd 8 weeks classes begin March 16th—last day to drop a full semester course March 17th—25th—Spring Break April 4th—Assessment Day April 27th—last class day May 5th—Graduation

Above: Residents get crafty at a Valentine’s Day program on the 10th floor. Below: Residents get a good laugh at “The Dating Game” program with Dr. Hinton.

Spring Break Safety Tips: Have plans for Spring Break? If you are traveling, your RAs want you to be knowledgeable about the choices you may make. Take some time to think about these safety tips provided by the Center’s for Disease Control.

Left: Residents of the Month for January. Caitlin, Josh, Imani, and Danielle. Towers East RHA is accepting nominations for Residents of the Month. If you know someone who has been a good neighbor, stop by the front desk and nominate them for Resident OTM today!

March 2012

Wild Wild West Upcoming March Programs

Cameron Mallory and Jon Barnett, both residents of the 14th floor playing Call of Duty during a floor tournament.

What’s Up With RHA?

RA Spotlight- Dylan Rees Q: Hello Dylan, how are you today? A: Pretty good man. Q: So let’s get down to business, what’s your favorite thing about being an RA? A: I like that I have the opportunity to make an impact on my resident’s lives. Q: RA selection is coming up, any advice to future RAs? A: Be yourself, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get hired the first time around! Q: That’s all the room we have, any closing words? A: Come to programs, and support RHA!

In the wonderful world of RHA, March has so much in store. To start out the month, President Andrew Lusk has planned an Open Mic Night on March 1st starting at 8pm. The previous Open Mic Night was a huge success and saw many great talents from all across the campus, so if you have a talent you want to share, then please attend and have a good time.

A Game Tourney is being held on March 8th. The cost is 5$ per person to enter and will feature games such as: Call of Duty: MW3, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros: Brawl. So bring your favorite controller and your A-game and we hope to see you there! Finally, RHA will be holding a meeting on March 4th at 9pm in the Glass Lounge on the first floor, so if you have any ideas or want your voice to be heard, be there and we will enjoy your thoughts on how we can make Twin Towers West a better community for you to live in.


Have you signed up for housing for Fall 2012? If not spaces are still available. Please stop by the Department of Housing and Residence Life...

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