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Marshall University Residence Hall Newsletter September 2015 Edition

What’s Going on in First Year? We hope that your first few week here at Marshall has been amazing! It’s been so much fun here in the First Year Residence Halls. People have headed out to Cosmic Frisbee during WOW week and even a few residents have gotten together and played card games in the lobby. We’ve had a few programs h e r e t h i s month, and we h a v e many m o re c o m ing up in September. There are many organizations here on campus. There is one for everyone. It could be Marshall Maniacs, Greek Life, a Fellowship Group on campus, getting involved in the INTO program, etc. Just give it a try and see where you fit in. If you are having any difficulties in classes there is a tutoring center, and you can always for a study group. REMINDERS: Remember that there are other people that live next door to you, so let’s all try to stay quiet and be polite to those that could be studying next door. Just a reminder that it is a fire hazard to have

doors propped open through out the building. Please try to keep your doors shut at all times. When you come to the desk for a package first check the sign to see if packages are ready. Second please have your ID ready for whom ever is working the desk. Lastly, please be respectful to the person at the desk. When ever you enter the building please be sure to show your key to who ever is working the desk, even if it is your RA. Even if your guest is already signed in remember that their ID still must be checked by the person at the desk. This is for the safety of the building. Remember that you MUST be with your guest at all times. DO NOT forget to sign them out if they are not coming back. You can have a guest for up to 72 hours, but after 72 hours an improper will be given. Come out to programs this month, and if you need anything you RAs are here to help. If you have any ideas for programs that you would like to see in the building talk to your RA and give them your idea.

Upcoming Events Glow in the Dark

Sept 15th at 9:30pm Between FYN and FYS

Pre-Game Party

Sept 19th at 1:00pm Between FYN and FYS

A Week in the Life

Sept 9th at 7:30pm FYS Theater Room

Cookie in a Cup

Sept 3rd at 7:00pm FYN Lobby

First Year Residence Halls @1stYearResHalls @1stYearResHalls

Upcoming Events Back to School Bash

Sept 13th at 4:00pm Ed Grosse Room


Sept 16 at 7:30pm Gibson Hall

Feminism Program

Sept 22nd at 7:30pm Willis 3rd Floor

Frame Your Future

Sept 24th at 8:00pm Wellman Kitchen

Marshall Housing and Res Life

@MU_HRL @MarshallResLife

The Marshall Commons Voice The leaves are beginning to change from green to red, and thousands of students flock about Marshall’s campus, hurriedly rushing to class, eager for what’s to come of the Fall 2015 semester. In Commons the atmosphere is filled with an air of newness as the staff make preparations for what will surely be a fantastic semester. In fact, a few exciting programs have already sprung up— and were a great success it should be adde d . Wellm a n Resident Advisors Matt Jones and Damone Chang led a campaign involving the benefits of healthy habits among residents in their program, “Smash Your Way to Healthiness,” in which students and residents battled it out virtually through the well-known Super Smash Brothers. Precautionary messages pertaining to safe sexual practices and healthy dietary habits encouraging the welfare of students were given by the RAs amidst the laughter and fun. RA Jess Kennedy put on a wonderful program for residents akin to the game of Jeopardy. Within the game, players learned several exciting his-

torical facts about Marshall University, important floor policies, and through trivia questions, got to know their neighbors as well! These events and several more were only the beginning! A few forthcoming programs you won’t want to miss out on include the “Haymaker Kitchen” program in which residents can come enjoy delicious delicacies, and learn the vi-

tal ways to keep a kitchen safe, and the Back to School Bash—which we are especially excited for! During the BTSB (Sunday the 15th, Buskirk Field, 4:30-6), we are going to have the ultimate assortment of games, food, winnings, music, and good times galore! So come on out and bring your friends; it will surely be an evening to remember. Although life in Marshall Commons has been extremely eventful thus far, this is only the start of a year filled with hard work, unforgettable times, accomplishments waiting to be achieved, and memories waiting to be made.

Color My College 5k Sponsored by CAB Sunday, Oct 18th at 1:00pm Joan C. Edwards Stadium

The Twin Towers East Times Twin Towers East has seen a lot of excitement since school began! We have had several programs in the building, elected our Hall Council Executive Board, and have scheduled our Community Standards Meetings. We hope that you are enjoying your time at Marshall and in TTE. We are excited that you are here and we hope that you will attend one of our various RA or Hall Council Programs! As you are settled well into your semester, you may be starting to become more over w helme d with your classes and school work. The Academic Mentors (AMs) are located on every floor in TTE and are available daily in the Towers Learning Center (TLC). Look for the various flyers around the building for TLC Office hours and when AMs are available. The TLC can help you with anything from study skills to assistance with certain school subjects. For additional resources like Tutoring Services or the Writing Center, the AMs can steer you in the right direction! Make sure you are in control of your academic success!

S P O T L I G H T : DR. MONIKA SAWHNEY, FIR Dr. Sawhney was born and brought up in India. She completed her Bachelors in Biology and Chemistry and has 2 Masters Degrees— one in Social Work and the other in Human Resources Management at top rated Universities in India. Dr. Sawhney moved to USA to complete her PhD in Global/Public Health from Tulane University in New Orleans. The work completed by Dr. Sawhney, in the area of Global Health, has provided her an opportunity to travel to all continents of planet earth except the Artic and Antarctica but she hopes to someday visiting those places in her lifetime. At Marshall University, Dr. Sawhney works as an Associate Professor and Director for the Bachelors Public Health program. In her free time Dr. Sawhney enjoys outdoors activities, going to the Rec center, watching NFL, planning study abroad programs, and interacting with students from different disciplines. Feel free to stop by the TLC during her scheduled office hours to discuss academics issues, planning your professional career, watch movies and football or for just a causal chat.

Upcoming Events Lucky Lift

September 8th at 1:00pm TTE Lobby

Bathroom Decorations

Sept 17th at 9:30pm 14the Floor

Learn to Fly

Sept 24th @ 7:00pm 4th Floor

Get Your Game On

Sept 17th at 8:00pm 3rd Floor Study Lounge

Marshall Housing and Res Life

@MU_HRL @MarshallResLife


Sept 18th - 3p-11p Riverfront Park

The Twin Towers West Times Welcome Back! The Twin Towers West community celebrates a bright new semester at Marshall with the recent start of classes. The month of September is one of welcoming. Towers West is pleased to have 4 new Staff members. We welcome RAs Anthony Bady and Kaitlin Stiltner as well as new Residence

Director Jim Clagg and Assistant Residence Director Allison Richards. We would also like to welcome back for another year, our faculty in residence Dr. Rosalynn Quinones who is a professor operating out of the College Of Science with a specialization in Chemistry. She is an invaluable member of the staff and a resource to all who seek her help. All of the offices of the professional staff are located on the first floor of Towers West. Stop by and make introductions if possible. In what remained of the month of August after move-ins we hit the ground running with various

programs tailored specifically to students. These programs include “Recfest” (which was amazing if you like free things), the annual paint party “Splatterbeat” as well as the “Back 2 School Bash” thrown by your very own Towers West staff. In the future residents can look forward to seeing more programs on their floors tailored to their communities as part of an interpersonal development and community initiative. Also keep a lookout for upcoming community standards meetings on your respective floors. These meetings simply outline the expectations that residents and their neighbors have for one another. Lastly on the topic of events there will be a gigantic movie night on Buskirk field where the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a showing of the recently released Jurassic World. Do not forget to take time out of your day to explore Marshall’s campus and community. There are various groups to become involved with. Some of these groups are but are not limited to CRU, Fraternities and Sororities, The Marshall Smashers, and the Campus Activities Board. Get Involved!!

Upcoming Events Smash Tournament

Sept 15th at 7:00pm TTW Lobby

Dollar and a Dream

Sept 24th at 7:30pm TTW Lobby

Sundaes on Sunday

Sept 20th at 2:00pm 6th Floor Lounge

Marshall Housing and Res Life

@MU_HRL @MarshallResLife

September 2015 Residence Hall Newsletter  

September 2015 Residence Hall Newsletter

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