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1945 Okamura founded in Yokohama by aviation engineers. 1950 Invention of torque converters. 1952 Development of Okamura N-52, Japan’s first postwar plane. 1955 Development of Mikasa Car – Japan’s first front-wheel drive. 1957 Okamura switches to office furniture production. Okamura is listed on Tokyo and Osaka stock exchange and has major office projects worldwide.


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Sound Styling Beauty and comfort in equal measure like a well-tailored suit.

Sylphy is the new way of task seating with a unique back curve adjustment. what Okamura discovered from the body measurement of hundreds of people was the wide difference of back curves in a lateral direction, which was overlooked by seating manufacturers. through the instant switch function of the backrest horizontal curve, Sylphy gives maximum comfort to wide range of people. Okamura leverages on their expertise in seating, allowing the Sylphy to offer full-function ergonomic task seating with a wide variation of style and finish.

The Sylphy with a work veil gives you privacy in public while you concentrate on your work without disconnecting you from your colleagues.

Work Standing Or Sitting Having this flexibility is healthy, inspiring and efficient for office workers. Now, the desk adapts to your work style. Move the desk surface up or down quickly with ease, creating the optimum positioning when it is needed. SW focuses on freed movement, comfort and safety with flexible design and functionality.



Ideal Perching Position

Less strain on the lower back than when sitting

Pelvis is stable due to 3-point support from soles of the feet and the hip bone

Pelvic angle Approx. 5° Less stress on the feet than when standing

Seat angle Approx. 10° Approx. 130°

30 % of body weight is on the feet

70 % of body weight is on the seat

Source: joint research with Prof. Ko Matsudaira, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Medical Research and Management for Musculoskeletal Pain, 22nd Century Medical and Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo-Hospital, 2015

Risefit is a versatile supplementary work table which can be used in any part of your company’s office, lobby or lounge. Its special feature is its ability to continually adjust its height to meet the needs of any particular user at any time, whether sitting or standing. This is achieved by the direct operation of Risefit’s flexible arm and hydraulic pressure switch.

Economical Moving Runa This simplistic design embodies the functional needs of a versatile office environment. Runa offers a comprehensive seating collection with a wide variety of colors and finishes. When you need the freedom to think creatively and want those big ideas, Runa gives you the freedom and support to succeed.

product design award award 2012 2012

Japan Industrial Designers’ Association “JIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION Vol.16” SELECTED PRODUCT



When the personalities of workers and their work style preferences are so diverse, why can't their environment be?

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