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Room for Imagination - Immerse yourself in our living spaces

CHAIR – The art of lounging

TEXTILES – Christianshavn

A new design by Jaime Hayon

Introducing a new upholstery fabric

SHELVING - Timeless geometry

LIGHTING – Suspence P1.5

The new Planner shelving series

An exploration of colour and size

BRAND – Back to Fritz Hansen

ACCESSORIES – Inspirational delights

It´s time for new beginnings

A new collection of interior objects


Room for Imagination Since 1872, Fritz Hansen has been crafting extraordinary design that transforms the everyday into something special. By continuously pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship we shape a world for those who wish to be inspired, intrigued and surprised.

Our furniture, lighting and interior accessories of exceptional quality are curated in a series of immersive environments inspired by moments in life — from the final minutes getting ready before guests arrive for dinner to the contemplative calm of late nights alone with a good book. The result is imaginative spaces created to give room for imagination. We invite you to step out of the ordinary and enter our world of unique beauty.

Home office space featuring the new Planner shelving units and the Seven series chair

Welcome to the world of Fritz Hansen.

Fritz Hansen reveals a new masterbrand strategy, anchoring furniture, lighting and interior accessories under one cohesive brand.

2019 marks the end of The Republic of Fritz Hansen and Lightyears and the beginning of a new direction for the Danish design brand, under the simpler brand name Fritz Hansen.



3. A New Direction 4. Planner Shelving Series 6. The Art of Lounging 8. PK22 Special Edition 10. Seductive Simplicity 12. The Christianshavn Textile Series 14. New Accessories 16. Little Giraffe 17. PM02 Table Lamp 18. Plenum Sofa System 19. Calabash in New Colours 20. N01 Wooden Chair 22. About Fritz Hansen 23. Contact

SWAN™ by Arne Jacobsen

Committed to bringing exceptional design to a global audience of design passionate people, Fritz Hansen is a luxury lifestyle brand that creates extraordinary collections of high-end furniture, lighting and interior accessories. Products are meaning ful additions to spaces, inspiring creativity and underpinning our 150-year history of design tradition and craftsmanship excellence, while looking firmly to the future. By removing the prefix, The Republic of, Fritz Hansen redefines its image, branching

out with a wider ranging product portfolio in more markets than ever before. Uniting all our designs under the Fritz Hansen umbrella, we put the spotlight on our roots, our traditions and—not least—our future with a new and distinctive identity that showcases our full product portfolio to maximum effect. We have also introduced a new trade fair concept and image campaigns under the subtitle Room for Imagination. Bolder, more colourful and enhancing the everyday, the concept profiles our human approach to extraordinary and lasting design, connecting to our consumers and the spaces they create—whether current and casual or classic and conservative. In short, Fritz Hansen improves life and the spaces we live in through great design. 3

PLANNER™ Collection

The latest addition to Fritz Hansen’s Planner™ collection, our new shelving series embodies forever modern design with multifunctional appeal.

Designed in the 1950s by the late Paul McCobb – widely recognised as a pioneer of contemporary democratic design – Planner™ shelving is a series of units to show and stow objects. “Planner™ shelving balances Paul McCobb’s signature graphic expression with Fritz Hansen’s classical craftsmanship skills,” says Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen, on the new addition. “It’s elegant in its simplicity, yet it unashamedly commands attention in a room.”


Timeless Geometry

overall expression. Diagonal rods on the two larger designs lend added support, while creating visual interest in the subsequent negative space. Shelves are cut from natural oak and bevelled at the edges to fit seamlessly with the frame – one of many small but significant details. Named after its ability to help shape the design of a room, the simple yet striking shelving is available in three versions, each in varying heights and configurations. Ideal for private and professional spaces alike, Planner™ shelving can be arranged to match taste as well as needs — as a bookshelf, a display unit for favourite objects, or even as a room divider, where multiples can be attached together. In stores from September 2019.

The Bauhaus-inspired lines of each unit are crafted in durable powder-coated steel with a matte finish, and joints are welded by hand and gently rounded to soften the

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Paul McCobb’s (1917-1969) innate understanding of perspective paved the way for a career as one of the most important design figures of his time. The self-taught American designer’s pragmatic yet perfectionist nature was reflected in his work, characterised by slender, graphic lines, a simplicity of form and lightness of design. His trademark scale and perspective imbued his no-nonsense designs, which focus on simplicity and functionality, pared-back to


PLANNER™ Shelving PLANNER™ Magazine Holder

their purest forms.


Jaime Hayon and Christian Andresen share their thoughts on the new design Tell us about what inspired this new design for Fritz Hansen. Jaime: “The idea was to create a “typical” Danish lounge chair, expressive and modern. Comfort was a key factor, as was the combination of the best of Danish design tradition and modern technology.” Christian: “We wanted to make a unique chair that was light and sculptural in its expression; smaller than Jaime’s previous designs for Fritz Hansen, but one that married his artistic design language with Fritz Hansen’s know-how.” How does the final product relate to your initial ideas? Jaime: “We knew from the start what we wanted to achieve: an extraordinary and seamless addition to the Fritz Hansen universe. We also looked to nature: to the rounded, streamlined shape of the pelican’s beak and body, which is apparent in the curved shapes of both the frame and the cushions.”


The result of the latest collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon, the Lounge Chair JH97 strikes the perfect balance between past and future. Applying classical craftsmanship techniques to modern innovation design, Fritz Hansen’s Lounge Chair JH97 is a contradiction in terms: classic yet modern, bold yet simple, light yet solid. “We wanted to create a modern lounge chair that was light and sculptural in its expression; fusing Fritz Hansen’s expertise with Jaime Hayon’s sculptural design language,” explains Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen. The apotheosis of a lounge chair, the new iteration takes its inspiration from nature: Inspired by the pelican, shaped for flight with long, broad wings, a gently curved body and a distinctive bill, the Lounge Chair JH97 conveys a similar lightness that belies its strength. 6

“The Lounge chair is more than just a chair: it’s expressive, light and comfortable, bringing life to a wide range of spaces.” — Jaime Hayon, Hayon Studio

What do you like most about the Lounge Chair JH97? Jaime: “It is well balanced and expressive, and has the perfect mix of Danish tradition and a Mediterranean feel, which I love. I love the silhouette and how it looks beautiful view from all angles. I also love the fact that it is the best-priced lounge chair I have ever made, making it accessible to a wider audience.” Christian: “I believe we have created a truly stunning piece of furniture, where function, craftsmanship and beauty go hand in hand.” Where do you see it working best?

Christian: “The result is simpler in form than Fritz Hansen’s typical designs, but it retains the brand’s sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship with its low, open silhouette.”

Jaime: “Everywhere! Quite possibly the best thing about the Lounge Chair JH97 is its ability to work in almost any environment – from homes to hotels and offices – while retaining its authenticity.”

Tell us a little about the process.

Christian: “It’s such a versatile, timeless piece. The removable cushion covers make it customisable to any setting, too. It’s a chair for modern spaces; for work or play.”

Jaime: “It was easy and exciting. We discussed how to best use traditional techniques and modern technology to achieve what I believe is a truly great piece of design.”



The Art of Lounging

Christian: “It was also important to look to our craftsmanship heritage. Using our decades-long woodworking knowledge, we have added handmade touches; the joints of the softly sculptured wooden frame are assembled by hand.” Jaime Hayon Hayon Studio Christian Andresen Head of Design at Fritz Hansen

Available in stores from September 2019. LOUNGE CHAIR JH97



Noble by Nature The special edition PK22™ by Poul Kjærholm is a lasting tribute to natural materials and exceptional form.

The PK22™ was conceived in 1956 by the legendary Danish designer Poul Kjærholm. Fritz Hansen is now delighted to offer the inimitable design classic in a special limited edition, available for purchase for one year only. Upholstered in high quality leather in a warm grey hue, the sleek silhouette of the timeless design is updated to modern sensibilities. The understated elegance of one of Kjærholm’s most iconic designs is brought to life by skilful craftsmanship techniques mastered by our experienced artisans. Available in stores from April 2019 until April 2020 only.

The special edition PK22™ is upholstered in warm grey leather, bringing a contemporary feel to the timeless design.


9 PK22™ special edition

Reflecting its minimalist Nordic roots, the Suspence™ pendant has a classic industrial look that is elegantly updated with an outer surface coating in muted, matte hues. Designed for Fritz Hansen by the DanishItalian duo GamFratesi, the minimalist lamp translates movement into a physical form: the dome-shaped silhouette protracts upwards, where the cord seamlessly connects to the shade. A detachable infinity diffuser directs the light downwards and prevents glare. A stylish way to illuminate a room, the traditional vertical drop design is perfectly scaled for a multitude of uses: it brings depth and dimension to dark spaces, as well as acting as a subtle accent, providing ambient lighting for reading or relaxing in a cosy corner of a room. Suspended as task lighting above kitchen counter tops or ambient lighting above dining tables, it fits effortlessly into its surroundings.


Seductive Simplicity Sized in between the existing P1 and P2 pendant lights, the new P1.5 has a generous diameter of 320 mm that makes it ideal for a range of lighting needs, from accent and mood to task, and suspended alone, in clusters or in combination with the P1 and P2 models from the same series. The Suspence™ pendant is versioned in calming, muted hues with a matte finish. Powder Burgundy is reminiscent of chocolate milk, radiating a warm and sophisticated expression. Pale Pearl reflects the essence of light and softness; the luminescent hue brings a feeling of instant calm to any room. In stores from May 2019.

Lighting plays an important role in shaping the atmosphere of a space. Fritz Hansen’s Suspence™ pendant, now introduced in a medium size in updated colours, sets the mood.



The SUSPENCE™ P1.5 pendant in Powder Burgundy The SUSPENCE™ P1.5 pendant in Pale Pearl


Christianshavn™ - a new and timeless collection of upholstery textiles designed by Fritz Hansen

Developed in a range of 26 beautiful colours – from classic, neutral hues to contemporary shades of muted yellow and red – the tactile fabric is crafted from a wool-blend with a supremely soft handle and high durability.

Christianshavn fabric no. 1120 and 1170

The launch of the Christianshavn upholstery textile collection, designed by Fritz Hansen’s in-house team, pays homage to the brand’s legacy as a high-end manufacturer and designer of luxury furniture and interior objects. Shaping not only the curves of our furniture, but also our brand, the soft yet durable wool-blend textile collection underscores the timeless beauty of the furniture it embraces, as well as providing lasting finish in sophisticated colourways.


13 Christianshavn fabric no. 1120, 1170, 1150, 1131 and 1134

Fritz Hansen’s latest collection of accessories for the home or office blends seamlessly into modern spaces and is brought to life in beautiful, lasting materials with unique appeal. Archival pieces from lauded mid-century modern designers are given new life, and a new generation of everyday objects brings renewed focus to the designs that lend meaning to our modern lives. Always functional, always beautiful and always with room for imagination, these are the pieces that add personality and character to spaces. In stores from May 2019.

Beauty lies in simplicity. Case in point: Fritz Hansen’s sophisticated Table Mirror, reflecting the timeless appeal of mid-century modern design. Part of a series of decorative mirrors in our Planner™ collection, the Table Mirror was designed in the 1950s by the late Paul McCobb. As relevant today as ever, the relaunched design is equal parts functional and decorative: a slender powder-coated steel frame and Carrara marble shelf underpin the sleek, timeless aesthetic, while a 360-degree horizontal swivel rotation ensures the perfect viewing angle.


Accessories that inspire and delight

TABLE MIRROR Paul McCobb, the 1950s

MAGAZINE HOLDER Paul McCobb, the 1950s

Part of Fritz Hansen’s Planner™ series of practical, beautiful and versatile design with timeless appeal, the relaunched magazine holder by Paul McCobb explores the interplay of contrasting materials and the relationship between form and function. The perfectly symmetrical silhouette holds a detachable basket made from a tactile wool-blend fabric that wraps around a powder coated steel frame. The A-shaped base is soldered to a seamless finish. Two internal compartments keep magazines upright, and a practical top handle makes it easy to move around. Feet are tipped with non-slip covers for additional stability.

BUCKETS Mia Lagerman, 2019

MOON EYE VASE SET Grethe Meyer, 1986

Inspired by the iconic crescent moon and eye symbols, Fritz Hansen’s decorative Moon Eye vase set showcases a lasting tribute to imperfection: the mouth-blown glass reveals distinctive colourways and smoke gradient, with each vase in the two-piece set differing in height, thickness and hue thanks to a specialist fixed-mould crafting process that requires high levels of technical skill to achieve. Beautiful when filled with just a handful of flowers, they can be positioned together or individually.

Originally designed for the 2017 edition of The Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition as large, outdoor objects in steel, Buckets is reinterpreted as a series of scaled-down vessels suitable for organising clutter. Crafted in smooth yet sturdy leather, the three bucket-shaped penholder pots and corresponding tray are strong enough to hold all your necessities — leaving you to stay focused on the task in hand. Made with distinctive handles and detailed with contrasting hand-stitched thread, the pots are ideal for storing writing implements. The tray can be placed beneath the pots or used alone to keep keys, paperclips or other small desk essentials within easy reach — and always in the same place.

COAT TREE™ WALL Sidse Werner, 1971

WAVE DESK ORGANISER Hiromichi Konno, 2019


Fritz Hansen’s new desk tidy, Wave, holds the potential to streamline clutter in the most playful of ways. Shaped from a single piece of powder-coated steel, carefully formed into undulating folds, the desk organiser demonstrates the enduring power of simple, functional design. Equally at home on an office desk or a kitchen counter, the deep back pocket is ideal for storing important documents, while the central fold comfortably holds a tablet and the catch-all front tray is perfect for small items or pens.

Fritz Hansen’s distinctive hanger takes its cue from the willowy branches of a tree. First realised as a coat stand in 1971, the Coat Tree™ is revised for modern spaces as a wall-mounted rack to bring nature — and order — closer to home. Ideal for small or narrow areas where floor space is limited, the elegant branches in blue or grey powder-coated steel are assembled at varying heights in a branch-like formation. Spheres replace hooks to hold coats, hats, bags and other items that require snag-free hanging. The elegant design makes a striking statement, whether filled with everyday essentials or simply left unadorned.


Casting a warm, ambient glow, Fritz Hansen’s newest addition to the Planner™ family is a simple and small lamp that makes a big impact.

Our Planner™ series of relaunched designs from the 1950s by the late American designer Paul McCobb gains a new member this season: the Planner™ PM02 table lamp. Proving that simple can be beautiful, the thoughtful, practical design emits diffused light from its hand-blown frosted glass shade to create a warm, atmospheric glow. Minimal in its expression, the lamp sits on a three-legged base in reflective brass or matte powder-coated steel to provide an elegant contrast to the tall, cylindrical shade. “The Planner™ PM02 table lamp carefully balances modern manufacturing with a handmade feel, which has become a

distinct feature of Paul McCobb’s designs, as well as a hallmark of Fritz Hansen’s craftsmanship,” says Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen. “Playing with proportions, the combination of a small base and tall shade make it appear substantial, despite its modest shape.”



Elegant Illumination

Ideal for rooms where space is at a premium – or simply to update a room with the soothing ambience of indirect lighting – the Planner™ PM02 table lamp’s subdued silhouette and compact design beautifully illuminate any setting; from desk corners and bedside tables to hallways and counter tops, in both private or professional spaces. In stores from August 2019.


Sculptural Comfort


First put into production by Fritz Hansen in 2018, the story of the Little Giraffe™ chair dates back to 1959, where it was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the restaurant at the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Dubbed the Little Giraffe™ due to its extended backrest, reminiscent of a giraffe’s long

and graceful neck, and originally designed with an open wood frame, Jacobsen experimented with the design until settling on the chair as we know it today, characterised by its lower back and fourlegged base. 17 PLANNER™ PM02



Collaboration, concentration and relaxation – in a single design

The gentle, convex form of Fritz Hansen’s Calabash™ pendant is crafted from light-conducting materials to perfectly illuminate any space - functionally or atmospherically.

Looking to our changing working environments for inspiration, Fritz Hansen’s Plenum™ is a series of furniture that meets the needs of modern workspaces, where space is at a premium and comfort is a prerequisite.

CALABASH™ pendants in matte silver, matte black and matte bronze.

Contours of Creativity The Danish design studio Komplot was charged with creating a sculptural pendant that retained its presence when switched off — reflecting as well as directing the light. The result is Calabash™. The pumpkin of the same name informs its distinctive, rounded form, which is both functional and sophisticated, crafted from aluminium for lightness. The characteristic curves of Calabash™ are offered in two sizes and a range of

18 The PLENUM™ sofa and its designer, Jaime Hayon

colours and finishes: Matte Black, Matte Silver and Matte Bronze are inspired by the texture of cast iron. Polished chrome in gold, silver, red or black playfully reflects its surroundings to bring a modernist feel to the rotund design.



Embracing modern life – for generations to come A fusion of Japanese minimalism and Danish craftsmanship traditions, Fritz Hansen’s N01™ chair brings nature closer, embracing modern life with its sculpted wooden frame.

The N01™ – an uncompromising and timelessly beautiful chair with a modern mindset. Available in natural oak, beech and black stained oak. Design by Nendo.


21 The N01™ wooden chair



Welcome to a world of craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design. To nearly 150 years of Danish design history and a heritage shaped by collaborations with some of the biggest and most innovative designers in Denmark and the world.

Extraordinary Design The story of Fritz Hansen is one that spans four generations of family leadership, global growth and an enduring commitment to delivering ground-breaking modern design that enhances not only spaces, but also experiences.

At Fritz Hansen, we believe that a single design object – whether a piece of furniture, a light fixture or an interior accessory – can dramatically enhance an entire space, physically as well as emotionally. We design beautiful furniture that doesn’t compromise on comfort; versatile lighting that illuminates any and every space; and elegant accessories that add the finishing touches. We continuously strive to further our position among the global elite of design, luxury and lifestyle brands. Our name encapsulates the brand’s entire history – from the eponymous founder and visionary cabinetmaker, Fritz Hansen, to the architects and designers we collaborate with and who are esteemed across the globe. Fritz Hansen’s history is about being open to progress, about thinking big and outside the box, and about remaining true to our founding principles: Fritz Hansen is about crafting timeless design. CHINA CHAIR™ by Hans J. Wegner

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EGG™ by Arne Jacobsen

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