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Intuition and Technology Enhance Your Creativity

How do you feel today? Where do you work with whom or by yourself? Is it going to be a collaborative meeting or privately concentrated work on your own? You decide how to use the Luce chair. Enjoy endless ways to be creative with the Luce chair. As the name says, light is ever-changing, from dawn to sunset. It energizes, heals, relaxes, and makes us lively.

How will you interact with it?

Luce naturally responds to a fast paced move on the go. How it reacts to your intuition surely affects your creative workow.

From large meetings to smaller discussions, Luce has endless possibilities to expand how to utilize not just your space but your idea, too.

You can see even greater versatility of Luce when used as workstation or with tables on castors.

In your ofďŹ ce today you may be at the center of highest trafďŹ c or meeting with

Luce seamlessly helps change layout at ease from one to another, and it helps your ideas prosper as well.

key clients in a relaxed but concentrated atomosphere. In whatever kind of space you may be, give the space you use often the supreme comfort and adaptability.

October 2013



XTRA okamura luce  
XTRA okamura luce