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Charity Bowl .. . . . .. .. .... .... . 13

Xi Chapter 1992-93 ........... 2, 3

Intramurals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Xi Chapter History ......... . . 4, 5

Kappa Sigma Sweetheart .. . .. ... 15

A Lifetime Commitment ........ . 6

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Campus Leaders .. . ..... .. . . 18, 19

Rush ................ . . . .... 8, 9

Xi Chapter's Leaders for 92-93 .. 20

Rush Application .. ." . . . .. . .. ... 10

Letter From The President . . . . .. 21

Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 11

Campus Highlights . . .. . . . .. 22, 23

Community Service . ... . .. . . ... 12

92-93 Members & Hometowns . .. 24 "The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman . . . a man of honor and courage ... a man of zeal, yet humble ... an intelligent man ... a man of truth ... one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God."

Xi' s 1992-93 Long Range Planning Committee, from left to right: David Dobbins, Aaron Windsor, Chris Morris, Richard Harp, Ron Spencer, Jeb Joyce, George Bogy, Michael Holloway Scott Been, and Jeff McNatt. Not pictured: Clay Hamilton.

Editor -

Scott Been

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Martha McNair

Pictures from the K appa Sig ma file s .

Xi Chapter's 1992-93 Annual Report is a sample of how our proud brotherhood has excelled and what we have accomplished in various areas at the University of Arkansas. I speak for my brothers when I say that the mainstream, yet incredible, success Xi chapter has attained has been well worth our diligent work. I would like to thank the fraternity , the Long Range Planning Committee, and especially Scott Been for their contribution to this report. This publication is a fine finish to an outstanding year. As a senior, I realize how my four years at the University of Arkansas have been enhanced by the fraternity and extend my congratulations to the men awarded the opportunity to become a Kappa Sigma at Xi chapter in the future . They will be joining not only the largest and most diverse fraternity at the U of A but the most decorated Kappa Sigma chapter in the nation. The men of Xi chapter must continue to be leaders within the chapter , university , and community \Yhile living by the Star and Crescent to insure that we reach our goals and maintain our reputation as being the best. AEK ~ B

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Aaron R. Windsor Chairman, LRPC

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University of Arkansas

Xi Chapter 1992-93 Kappa Sigma was founded in America in 1869. Kappa Sigma's Xi chapter at the University of Arkansas was founded in 1890. Xi has initiated more members than any other Kappa Sigma chapter in the world, and our current total of 153 members and 11 pledges makes us the largest fraternity on campus. On our most recent Founders Day, when the national fraternity hands out awards and scholarship money, Xi received more awards and money than any other Kappa Sigma chapter. In the last two years, we have received more awards from our national headquarters than any other Kappa Sigma chapter. Xi is also proud to be the first "Jackson's Chapter" in the Kappa Sigma fraternity system. The award is named after the man who developed our current ritual and served three terms as the national fraternity's Grand Master, Stephen Alonzo Jackson. To become a "Jackson's Man," you must donate $1, 000 or pledge to pay $1 ~ 000 over three years to the national fraternity. To become a Jackson's chapter, a chapter must have 10 "Jackson's Men," actives or alumni. The Order of Omega, the UA Greek honor society, held its annual awards ceremony in April, and Xi was given the A ward of Excellence, making us the only fraternity to win the award in its two-year existence. Xi also shared the Model Pledge Class of 1992 with another fraternity , and out of that Xi pledge class came brother Chris Turner, U A's Model Pledge on Campus. Brother Michael Newcity also won a prestigious individual award - Big Greek Man on Campus. Other house awards included one for the most participation in the Greek Olympics, one for outstanding participation in GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) , and one for second place in intramurals. Brothers Brian Taylor, Dustin McDaniel, Brian Cahalan, and Martin Swope were all named new members of Order of Omega at the ceremony as well. Every member of Xi is involved in at least one campus organization. From the Interfraternity Council to Booster Club to the Judicial Board, a Kappa Sigma can not only be found , but found excelling in a position of leadership. For example: Dustin McDaniel, IFC president; Allen Freeman, Booster Club president; Brian Cahalan, Mortar Board president; Michael Newcity , Beta Gamma Sigma president; Craig Johnson, GAMMA president; Jeff Miller, Beta Alpha Psi president; Jake Fast, IFC rush chairman; and Rod Lochala, Mortar Board vice president. This involvement led U A Campus Activities to name Kappa Sigma the best fraternity of 1992-93. The end of a year is a time to look back and reflect upon what has been accomplished. Needless to say, we at Xi are beaming with pride over our accomplishments. We invite you to take this report, look inside, and see why we call ourselves Fabulous Xi. -

Fabulous Xi Long Range Planning Committee

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University of Arkansas

Xi Chapter History Xi chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the oldest fraternity on the campus of the University of Arkansas, has been an integral part of the University life since it received its charter on May 29, 1890. The founder and first Grand Master was Dr. Charles Richardson, who had originally been initiated into Omicron Chapter on the campus of Emory and Henry College, Emory , Virginia. The original group was comprised of six men: Charles Richardson , John Clinton Futrall , Carl Clinton Miller, William Allen Crawford, William Shields Goodwin, and George Bernard Pugh. To comply with rules forbidding secret societies, Kappa Sigma members deferred wearing badges and met as the Richardson Club for several years in the early 1900s . As the University of Arkansas flourished under the leadership of President Futrall, so named in 1914, so did the fraternity . Struggling against problems posed by efforts to relocate the University , efforts to maintain academic standards, and efforts to quell counterproductive secret societies , the fraternity continued to recruit members and to find residences large enough to accomodate the brotherhood. Originally meetings were held on the fourth floor of Old Main, and initiations took place on the top floor of the Ozark Theater Building. In 1915, the chapter rented a house at 803 West Dickson. Later, it moved to the Arkansas Building at 111 Mt. Nord Street. In 1919, Xi moved to a house owned by W.K. Askew, a member of the fraternity. Because the rumors of moving the University had ceased for the most part, and because of the growing size of the chapter pursuant to the returning of veterans from World War I, it was decided that a permanent location should be purchased. Following the first statewide meeting of the fraternity, in 1921 , a frame house at 711 West Dickson was purchased for $11,000, and Xi became the first fraternity to own and operate its own house on campus. The chapter continues to occupy that same address. Under the leadership of Tom Cutting, Doug Smith, and others, the current chapter house was built and was dedicated during Homecoming weekend of 1931. During the 1930s, the fraternity thrived but was saddened by Futrall's death in an automobile accident near Winslow in 1939. Futrall had served as president of the University for twenty-six years until his death. Brother Hal Douglas , president of Blue Key and the student senate in 1931 , and Brother Jay Dickey , business manager for the Razorbacks in 1931, had attained leadership roles on the University Board of Trustees. Thus, men of Kappa Sigma oversaw the transition from Mr. Futrall's presidency to the next. During the years of World War II, the size of the membership was irregular, with the lowest chapter size dropping to ten. Nineteen members of the fraternity lost their lives in service to the United States during World War II. The 1940s and '50s saw the membership expand greatly with the addition of returning veterans to the university campus. In order to accomodate the large numbers , Xi expanded the chapter house to include an annex with sleeping quarters , a large dining room and chapter hall , and a kitchen, making up the back portion of the house. At one point, the chapter could boast of a m embe rship of 225. It was the largest fraternity chapter in the world and was dubbed ''Fabulous Xi, ' ' a name still revered by alumni and actives alike. By the end of the '50s, chapter size had begun to decline from the postwar numbers, and the Interfraternity Council began limiting the number of pledges allowed per year. By 1960 the size of the chapter had receded to 125.

University of Arkansas

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In 1964 a fire caused extensive damage to the original portion, or main rooms , o f the chapter house. That year and the next were taken up with the extensive and costly repairs. In the first half of the 1970s, the chapter dealt with deterioration of the chapter house, culminating in the movement of the chapter in 1972 into a house at 10 N. Garland. The efforts of the actives , who organized a "Give a Week" program in which they spent weeks traveling to visit alumni in an effort to raise funds with which to save the house, led to increased alumni support. This included a reorganizing and relocating of Xi Corporation to Little Rock . Xi Corp. then oversaw a two-phase rebuilding program. Charles B. Whiteside ill (1960) , as president of Xi Corporation since 1974, was a driving force behind the restoration and continues to be instrumental in the success of the chapter. The restored chapter house, completely financed through donations from past members and friends of the fraternity at a total cost of $250,000, was dedicated in 1976 during the Homecoming weekend. Although the years spent outside the house resulted in fewer actives and pledges, the numbers began to grow immediately as the impetus of the building program carried over into enthusiastic participation in all phases of fraternity and campus life. The mid-80's saw the chapter adopt a Zero Tolerance policy . This policy was designed to eliminate any drug use from the chapter. The second half of the ' 80s saw Xi recapture its former greatness, due greatly to the work of Alumnus Adviser D. Malcolm McNair (1969). Brother McNair, a local attorney , has been rewarded for his hard work with Adviser of the Year awards from the University and the national fraternity. From 1986 through 1990 the membership tripled, and the chapter won campus awards for community service and campus involvement. Xi also won a special plaque from the national fraternity for all-around excellence and the Boyd House Award for the finest and best maintained chapter house among national chapters. In March 1990, its centennial year, Xi hosted a Multi-District Conclave on the Arkansas campus which was attended by more than 250 Kappa Sigmas from seven states. On April 6-9 the Centennial Celebration was held in Fayetteville and was attended by over 300 alumni and their wives from around the country and was considered a great success. In 1992, Xi became the first ''Jackson' s Chapter'' in the nation by having at least 10 members or alumni donate or pledge to donate $1,000 to the national fraternity . In 1993 , Xi won the A ward of Excellence for b eing the best fraternity on the U A campus. The present chapter size is 164, comprised of 153 members and 11 pledges, making it the largest on campus .

Bologna, Italy, the birthplace of Kappa Sigma, as seen from the tower of Torre degli Asinelli.

Xi chapte r ha s begun its second century on campus in the same place it began in 1890 - alone at the top.


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A Lifetime Commitment By Jeff McNatt and Scott Been Behind any successful fraternity are strong, active alumni, and Kappa Sigma is no exception. Starting with Charles B. Whiteside ill, president of the alumni association, and D. Malcolm McNair Jr. , Xi alumnus adviser, Xi's alumni take an interest in the house and provide their support, both monetary and otherwise. Xi's recent success, particularly in rush, can be traced to the commitment of the alumni.

Xi Corporation President Charlie Whiteside ill addresses a group of brothers at an officer retreat prior to the beginning of school.

Prominent alumni of Xi include architect Fay Jones, who won the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal for lifetime achievement in 1990, and in 1991, was named the Kappa Sigma International Man of the Year.

The 1984 Kappa Sigma International Man of the Year, Charles Massey, is also a Xi brother. Massey is the President Emeritus of the National March of Dimes Foundation. We are also proud of Xi's Jerry Jones, a 1963 initiate who is now the owner of the Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys. Jones helped orchestrate one of the quickest last-to-first turnarounds in NFL history. Another constant reminder of the importance of alumni are the legacies who pledge Xi every year. Xi currently has 21 legacies active in the chapter. Xi's 1992 fall pledge class was composed of several legacies, and they helped make the class one of the campus's best. In the classroom and in the community, the class reached new heights in its accomplishments. Proud fathers, grandfathers and brothers gathered on January 30, 1993, to watch their relatives become members of Fabulous Xi. The legacies included: Chapter Initiated Jeramy Joyce Brother Jeb Joyce Father John Joyce GrandadJack Joyce

Xi 1993 Xi 1990 Gamma Psi 1966 Xi 1939

Tommy Donoho ill Father Tommy Donoho Jr. GrandadTommy Donoho Sr.

Xi Xi Xi

1993 1970 1944

Brennan Bosley Brother Garren Bosley Jr. Father Garren Bosley Sr.

Xi Xi Eta Prime

1993 1990 1965

Chapter Initiated Brien Douglas Father Doke Douglas Jr. Grandad Doke Douglas Sr.

Xi Xi Xi

1993 1962 1928

Michael Brittain Grandad Woodrow Brittain

Xi Delta Pi


Lance Osborne Brother Stephen Osborne

Xi Xi

1993 1991

Chris Thompson Brother Mike Thompson

Xi Xi

1993 1989

Newly initiated legacies pose with their fathers , grandfathers, and brothers , as well as Charlie Whiteside, Malcolm McNair, and William Waters.

University of Arkansas

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Alumnus Adviser D. Malcolm McN air Jr. By Scott Been When you're a Kappa Sigma, you're a Kappa Sigma for life. It doesn't end when you graduate. Just ask the hundreds of Xi alumni who give a little back to the fraternity all the time. Xi is lucky to have an alumnus adviser who gives much more than a little. Brother D. Malcolm McNair Jr. was initiated at Xi March 8, 1969, 30 years to the day after his father was initiated at Xi. Malcolm served as Grand Scribe for Xi when he was in college, and he has served as Xi's alumnus adviser since the fall of 1986. Since taking the job, he has been making up for lost time. ''I got a little bit disenchanted when I was in the house before, '' said Malcolm, a lawyer who works for the university's law school as director of development and alumni relations. "And it was easy for me to do that because I lived in Fayetteville and I could move home. I felt like I had given a little bit back to the house , but I never felt like I'd given back as much as I'd received through the years.

Malcolm McNair Jr.

''Being adviser has given me an opportunity to give something back to the house, that over the years has been very important to me, and to my father before me. " It would be hard to imagine Malcolm doing more than he's already done for the fraternity. In 1987, he was recognized by Kappa Sigma's national headquarters as an Outstanding First Year Volunteer, and in 1989 he won Kappa Sigma's national Alumnus Adviser of the Year award . In 1990, he was named the UA Alumnus Adviser of the Year. He recently received an honorary membership into Mortar Board, a prestigious organization based on scholarship and leadership. A chief reason for Malcolm's accolades was his part in reviving Xi chapter, along with Xi Corporation president Charlie Whiteside, in the mid-1980's. At that time, Xi had fewer than 60 members. When Malcolm became adviser, Greek houses signed nearly all their fall pledges in the summer, unlike the big, formal rush right before school that was prevelant in McNair's and Whiteside's time. "Charlie and I sat down, and we analyzed the fact that we didn't do very well going around the state because people thought we were a bunch of hellions and couldn't make our grades and that kind of stuff, which was very far from the truth," Malcolm said. "But our reputation wasn't what we wished it was. "We had a really nice house and we had a really nice group of boys, but we didn't ever get to show anybody that. So Charlie and I analyzed this, and we said we'll just set this rush up like we used to do it. So we did a trial rush that fall and we got the jump on everybody.'' Xi quickly grew to have the largest membership on campus and became, as it is now, one of the elite fraternal organizations at the university. McNair has enjoyed seeing the house grow, just as he enjoys watching the members of Xi grow as individuals. "It's fun to see people when they first come to college," McNair said. "It's a particular time of growing and broadening. It's a time when people learn that there's something besides just living at home with your parents. Being part of a fraternity provides an environment that allows people to do that, and watching people grow over a period of time and having an input into that, I think, is just a kick that nobody can give you. ''

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Rush By Jeb Joyce and George Bogy ''Rush is the lifeblood of the fraternity.'' This phrase is what has given Kappa Sigmas at the University of Arkansas a commitment to quality, one that is seen in Xi chapter's superior rush program. This is not only a phrase, but is reinforced by numerous national fraternity and university awards. In 1992 Kappa Sigma signed a superb pledge class. At the national leadership conference, Xi was awarded its second consecutive F.A.C.E. award for being one of the best chapters in the nation, as well as six other awards. This success contributed to Kappa Sigma obtaining the largest pledge class on campus for the second consecutive year.

Xi's 1992 Fall Pledge Class

Kappa Sigma pledge classes are known not only for their quantity but their quality. Academics are obviously the foremost priority (pledge class ACT average of 25), but excellence in such areas as community service, campus involvement, intramurals, and social events are also very important. This excellence was rewarded in the 1993 award ceremony of Order of Omega, the Greek honor society. Kappa Sigma was given an award for the outstanding pledge class, and Xi's Chris Turner from DeWitt was named the Model Pledge on campus.

University of Arkansas

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This summer will prove to be another great year for rush at Xi. Bacchanalian , our Row party , also served as our first rush event. Rushees and members alike enjoyed a wonderful time over the weekend. Darby York, head summer rush chairman , and his seven assistants are anticipating yet another "Fabulous" rush. The five big rush parties are as follows (First three party sites not known at time of printing. Call rush chairmen .): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

July July July July July

3 10 17 24 31

Little Rock Fort Smith Little Rock (Formal) Russellville Hot Springs

Mount Nebo Belle of Hot Springs

Alumni are always encouraged to part1c1pate in rush in any way possible. Xi pledged seven legacies in the 1992 fall class , a testament to the continuous support we receive from our alumni. Many smaller rush functions are held at the homes of alumni , so alumni as well as rushees should feel free to attend. Recommendations from alumni for any rushees are also greatly appreciated. If you are a candidate for rush this fall , we would like to invite you to consider Kappa Sigma. We hope this report gives you an insight into Kappa Sigma and fraternity life in general. An important decision lies ahead for you, and we hope to provide any information that will assist you in making an intelligent decision. If you would like to attend a rush function or have any questions , please call one of the rush chairmen. If you are interested in Kappa Sigma or would like to make a recommendation , please fill out

the Kappa Sigma rush application on page 10 of this report. Please send in care of Darby York to the Kappa Sigma house at 711 West Dickson in Fayetteville, 72701. We sincerely hope that every rushee will respond to the opportunity to learn about Kappa Sigma , an organization that builds its brotherhood and strength by recruiting the finest young men available. None of this could be accomplished without the strong leadership of the actives , the coordinated support of Xi corporation and the unparalleled faith of the Fabulous Xi alumni. Kappa Sigma absorbs the strengths of its members to overcome any weaknesses and builds character that some may equal but none shall excel. If you can accept the challenges of high goals and expectations , then Kappa Sigma is for you and can grant you rewards for a lifetime.

Xi Rush Chairmen 663-3985

Darby York, Overall Chairman


Keith Byrd, Northeast Arkansas

Brian Taylor, Central Arkansas


Brien Douglas , Southwest Arkansas 898-5726

Jeramy Joyce, Central Arkansas


Chris Turner, Southeast Arkansas


Matt Meeks, Northwest Arkansas


Vince Jones , Out of State



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University of Arkansas

Gentlemen: Rush is the lifeblood of the Fraternity. On this foundation, Xi chapter has built a century-old tradition rich in excellence. This is not mere coincidence, but is due to hard work. If you are a young man interested in Kappa Sigma or an alumnus with a candidate for Xi Chapter's fall pledge class, please fill out this application and send to the Kappa Sigma Rush Chairman at 711 W. Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701. We look forward to hearing from you.

Name Address Street




Father's Name and Business Kappa Sigma R e l a t i v e s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Kappa Sigma Connections Intended Major - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Is he interested in Kappa Sigma? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ What High School or College has he attended? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ What is his High School G.P.A. and Activities?

What is his summer telephone number? __________ Remarks _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Name of nominator Address ----------------------------------~

University of Arkansas

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Academics By Richard Harp Once again, Kappa Sigma has achieved academic excellence at the University of Arkansas. Hard work, diligence, and motivation are three factors that enable the men of Kappa Sigma to exceed the campus academic standards. Xi chapter earned an average house GPA of2 .77 in the fall of 1992, which was better than the previous two year's GPA. It also topped the fall's U A large fraternity average of 2. 69. This outstanding accomplishment is attributed to the Scholarship Chairman Michael Newcity helps brother John Council with his homework. drive and commitment of the men of Kappa Sigma to work as a team in excelling in the area of academia. Our plan to facilitate continuing success is a two-part program. First, Kappa Sigma has implemented a 15-hour-per-week study program . The intent is to allow for a consistent amount of studying from Sunday through Thursday. During these times, Kappa Sigma provides tutors, and if the student's needs are not Âľiet, Xi Corporation will pay for additional tutoring outside of the study hall. Second, brother Michael Newcity has developed and refined the Academics Advisory Board. The goal of this program is to utilize the scholastic abilities of Kappa Sigmas by having Kappa Sigmas tutor their brothers. Brothers volunteer to help each other with certain subjects each week. This promotes brotherhood , while avoiding the costs of tutors. Xi also recently added a computer lab , which will be expanded with more equipment this fall. As scholarship is the foundation of college life, Xi chapter continues to achieve academic excellence while surpassing university standards. Kappa Sigma demands this quality from its membership to insure success both during university life and life after the university. UA's Top Ten Fraternity GPA's Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Tau .................... Pi Kappa Alpha ....... .. ........... Kappa Sigma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Delta Upsilon .. . ... . . ....... ......

3. 14 2.97 2.80 2. 77 2.75

Fall 1992

Sigma Nu ....... ..... ............. Farm House. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha ................. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... . ......... Sigma Chi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2.74 2. 72 2.68 2.68 2. 64


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University of Arkansas

Conununity Service By David Dobbins Philanthropy is defined as the love of man or mankind , benevolence toward the whole human family. The men of Kappa Sigma have demonstrated their good will to the people of Northwest Arkansas by contributing a total of 2 ,294 community service hours and over $5,000 this past year, under the leadership of philanthropy chairman John Hutchinson.



Contributions of good will have been performed on all levels , from setting up for the Northwest Arkansas Symphony to putting up Christmas lights for the city of Fayetteville. A new project we recently took on was an Adopt-a-Park program. Xi adopted Hotz Park, located on Palmer A venue in Richardson Center children play with the toys provided by Xi as Fayetteville. Another program we ' re brother George Bogy (Santa Claus) and brother Mac Campbell proud of is the Christmas party we and look on . the Pi Beta Phi sorority annually give for the disadvantaged children at the Richardson Center. Gifts were handed out, and the children even got a visit from Santa Claus (brother George Bogy). Other organizations served include the March of Dimes , the highway department, Autumn Fest, the Salvation Army, the Wal ton Arts Center, United Way , the American Red Cross , and many others. Kappa Sigma has accomplished a great deal in the past year, and we will continue to do so in the future. Each year, the fraternity gains new members , which allows for new ideas to be generated to serve the community. Learning to care for our fellow man is a large part of being a Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigmas and Pi Beta Phis play with Richardson Center children.

University of Arkansas

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Charity Bow I By Scott Been During the past year, members of Xi chapter got to dust off their old high school football helmets and dig out their cleets for a worthy cause. Xi participated in Charity Bowl XII on a chilly Sunday in February at Razorback Stadium . The annual football game, sponsored by the Sigma Chi Fraternity , pits Sigma Chi against the fraternity who bids the most amount of money to help out a local charity . Under the leadership of Charity Bowl chairman Matt MacArthur, Xi ' s bid of $5 ,000 , which will go to the Fayetteville United Way , beat out the rest of the fraternities on campus ; so Xi members went home for Christmas knowing they had to hit the weight room to get ready. Eighteen Razorback football players, including brother Scott Rivers , volunteered their time to coach the two teams. Xi coaches were: Rivers , Tyrone Chatman , Ron Dickerson , Marcus Adair, Tony Jeffery , Oscar Malone , Del Delco , Willie Johnson , Dexter Howard and Verl Mitchell. Sigma Chi coaches were: Kirk Botkin, Scott Long, Scott McCall, Dean Peevy , Bryan Cornish , Rick David,Kevin Kempf and Richard Yager. The game did not turn out quite as well as Xi had hoped as the Kappa Sigmas fell to Sigma Chi 43-3. The game was close early as brother Chris Werner kicked a 36-yard field goal to pull Xi within four , 7-3 , with 1:50 to go in the first quarter. But a Xi fumble and a pass interception late in the second quarter led to touchdowns for Sigma Chi, who took a 21-3 lead into the lockeroom and never looked back.

Xi Charity Bowl captains (white) go to midfield for the coin toss .

"It was a lot of fun just to put on the

pads and play football again,'' MacArthur said. ' 'Once we got in the game, the rust really started to show. We did have some fun, though , and donated $5 ,000 to a great cause. " I'm happy with our participation in it. Now that we've had a year to know what it takes , not only on the field but just organizing it, we can hopefully come back in the future with a little more success on the field .''


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lntramurals By Ron Spencer Once again, the University of Arkansas supplied a variety of intramural activities, and Kappa Sigma was ready to participate. With a high level of competition and a well organized system , the university has one of the best intramural programs in the nation. In the fall of 1992, the Fabulous Xi chapter of Kappa Sigma turned rn another semester of high participation and intense competition. Kappa Sigma finished a close second to to Sigma Nu in the Intramural/Recreational Sports All University scoreboard. Brother Bryan Quinn led Kappa Sigma as the intramural chairman for the fall and continued the outstanding job that has become the standard at Fabulous Xi. Brother Reagan Wilson looks for an opening in an intramural football game.

Brother Nick Remy was the overall champion in AA tennis , while brother Brad Clapp was the overall champion in pool. In team competition, Kappa Sigma placed first in handball, second in soccer and third in flag football. Brother Chad Linden has taken over the reins as intramural chairman for the spring of 1993 and has done an excellent job. Kappa Sigma is in second place overall at the time of this report' s printing and is in good position to make a run at the title. Everyone at Fabulous Xi enjoys intramurals and takes great pride in their participation in these events.

Xi's points football team poses after capturing third place in the all-university intramural football league .

University of Arkansas

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Kappa Sigma Sweetheart

Katie Johnson Katie Johnson, a sophomore from North Little Rock, was Kappa Sigma's sweetheart for 1992-93. Katie is a fashion merchandising major and is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.


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University of Arkansas

Social Calendar By Jeb Joyce Kappa Sigmas are known for their academic, philanthropic , and intramural abilities. However , social skills are also necessary, so Xi chapter maintained another busy social schedule this year. Led by social chairmen Matt Meeks and Jeb Joyce , the social calendar was full of many new parties , as well as old favorites . Brothers started off the fall semester with a back-to-school Bourbon function with the Delta Delta Deltas. Kappa Kraze, with the Kappa Kappa Gammas , Kappa Deltas, and Kappa Alphas was indeed a crazy time. Kappa Sigma celebrated the Razorback football team's move to the Southeastern Conference with a homecoming bash with the Pi Beta Phis at River City. Although many of our parties are with sororities , two date functions were among the most popular events of the year. The second annual Southern Skies was held at Beaver Lake . Everyone enjoyed camping and listening to Gypsy despite the cool weather. Our new Halloween costume party featured dates dressed as Elvis and Priscilla , the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout, and Fred and Wilma Flintstone. The semester ended in yuletide fashion with "Christmas At My Crib" at Studio 225. Everybody had a jolly time , including Mom Foti. As the spring semester arrived , so did a Kappa Sigma classic. The fifth annual Kappa Sigma - Tri-Delt Winter Olympics brought many great times , and a foot of snow as well. After the initiation party on January 30, Kappa Sigmas and Sigma Chis hosted a dual function two weeks later to loosen up before Charity Bowl. Xi also held festivities at the house the weekend of the game. " A Day at the Races " was the theme for this year's formal , held in Oklahoma City. Brothers and their dates congregated at comedy clubs Friday night and at Remington Park all day Saturday . The band 17th Floor took the stage Saturday night , and everyone danced all night in the hotel ballroom.

Kappa Sigmas and their dates dance at the formal in Oklahoma City.

Another favorite took place the first weekend in March . Tequila Sunrise with the Kappa Kappa

University of Arkansas

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Kappa Sigmas and guests get together on Saturday afternoon for Bacchanalian.

Gammas was a true hoedown, complete with a country band and cowboy hats. This was simply a warmup, however, for the largest and wildest party of the year. Kappa Sigma's Row Week party, Bacchanalian, consisted of six bands over four days. The music ranged from reggae favorite Local Hero to the wild man, Windy Austin. Although the weather did not cooperate, many brothers and rushees attended, keeping the atmosphere very festive. This list should illustrate clearly how full Kappa Sigma's social calendar is year round. We hope these highlights have given you an idea of our wide variety of social activities,

and we look forward to showing you first hand.


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Caillpus Leaders SCOTT BEEN Scott is a senior from Tahlequah , Okla. , completing a degree in journalism. His 3 . 73 GPA places him in the top 10 % of Fulbright College students, and he has been named one of five Outstanding Seniors from the school of journalism. He has been a member of Gamma Beta Phi , Cardinal Key , and Golden Key honor societies . He is a member of the National Dean' s List and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. He recently completed a year as the sports editor of The Arkansas Traveler, the UA student newspaper , and he has been editor of Xi ' s Annual Report for the past two years. For Xi , Scott has served as scholarship chairman, out-of-state rush chairman, assistant pledge educator, and a member of the judicial board .


MICHAEL NEWCITY Michael is a senior from Greenwood completing a degree in computer information systems . He ha s a 4 .0 GPA and has been named a Senior Scholar, an Outstanding CISQ Senior, and the Outstanding Graduating Senior in the College of Business Administration. He recently won the prestigious Big Greek Man on Campus Award given by Order of Omega , the Greek honor society. Michael is the recipient of the 1992-93 Alumni Citation Award honoring him as the university's outstanding male graduate of the year. He has served as vice president of Mortar Board , and president of Beta Gamma Sigma , the national business honor society . He has been a member of Blue Key honor society , the Air National Guard , the American Red Cross , and Student Mobilization , a campus Christian organization. For Xi , Michael has served as pledge educator, scholarship chairman, awards chairman , and a member of the board of governors .

Dustin is a junior from Jonesboro majoring in public administration. He is currently the president of the Interfraternity Council . He began as Xi ' s representative to IFC , then served as IFC ' s representative to Panhellenic Council and as IFC treasurer. Last year, he was an Emerging Leaders mentor after being one of only 24 students on campus to be a mernber of Emerging Leaders the year before. Dustin has been a member of the Freshmen Involvement Committee and Junior Greek.


LQCHALA Rod is a junior from Newport majoring in microbiology. He is currently the vice president of Mortar Board, the top honor society on campus, and he has also been a member of Arkansas Booster Club , Gamma Beta Psi, and Alpha Epsilon Delta , the pre-medicine honor society . He has been a recipient of a scholarship/ leadership award from Kappa Sigma' s national headquarters. For Xi , Rod has served as Grand Master of Ceremonies for the past year.

BRIAN TAYLOR Brian is a junior from North Little Rock majoring in mechanical engineering. He has been a member of Gamma Beta Psi , the Freshmen Involvement Committee, the Razorback Alcohol Awareness Program, and the Society of Automotive Engineers . He has appeared on both the Dean's and Chancellor' s List. As a freshman, he was named the model fraternity pledge for the entire UA Greek system by Order of Omega, the Greek honor society . For Xi , Brian has served as a rush chairman for three semesters.

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MATT MacARTHUR Matt is a senior from Oklahoma City , Okla., completing a degree in communications . He will be recognized as an Athens Scholar, one of the top six graduates in the communications department , and has served as scholarship chairman for Lambda Pi Eta, the communications honor society . Matt has been a member of Arkansas Booster Club, the National Dean's List, and Golden Key honor society , and he has served as media chairman for IFC 's media committee. His 3.68 GPA places him in the top 10% of Fulbright College students . For Xi, Matt has served as vice president, overall rush chairman , Northwest Arkansas rush chairman , intramural chairman, Charity Bowl chairman , and kitchen manager.


TODD LEWIS Todd is a senior from Fort Smith completing a degree in history . He plans to attend law school at Arkansas in the fall. He served for two years as a U A Associated Student Government senator and was election commissioner for a year. He also served as a UA rush counselor and student orientation leader, and he was on the Interfraternity Judicial Board for two years. Todd has been a member of Blue Key honor society and Phi Alpha Theta , a history honor society , and he has served as vice president of Young Democrats. He is a past recipient of the Charlie Whiteside Scholarship. Todd was recently named to the list of Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities .

BRIAN CAHALAN Brian is a junior from Kansas City , Kan. , majoring in management and minoring in computer information systems. He will be the 1993-94 president of Mortar Board , the top honor society on campus, and has been a member of several other honor societies , including Gamma Beta Phi , Cardinal Key , Blue Key , and Golden Key , of which he was treasurer. He has been chairman of the Emerging Leaders Mentor Program, he has served as a representative to UA ' s Associated Student Government, and he was a member of the Interfraternity Judicial Board. This past school year, he won the Thomas J. Williams Award , one of only 28 given, from Kappa Sigma 's national headquarters. For Xi , Brian has served as vice president and intramural chairman .

ERIC CLEMONS Eric is a sophomore from Nashville majoring in microbiology . He has been a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta (the pre-medicine honor society) , Young Republicans , UA 's Programs Lecturers Committee, the Freshmen Involvement Committee, the Razorback Alcohol Awareness Program, and GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) . He has been a party monitor for the Greek system and is a participant in MACE (Men Advocating a Controlled Environment), which provides for campus safety . He has served as a UA rush counselor and as one of six campus-wide coordinators for Students for Hutchinson. For Xi, Eric has served as IFC representative and as Assistant Grand Treasurer.

CHRIS TURNER Chris is a freshman from DeWitt maJonng in Industrial Engineering. He has been a member of Arkansas Booster Club, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and the New Greek Council , where he serves as the representative to IFC . Chris attended the Arkansas Governor's Scholars Conference and represented Kappa Sigma at the MidAmerica Interfraternity Council 's Southern area conference. Chris, who earned a 4 .0 GPA in the fall , received both the model and academic pledge awards for Xi's 1992 fall pledge class, and he was named model fraternity pledge for the entire Greek system by Order of Omega, the Greek honor society . For Xi , Chris is serving as Southeast Arkansas rush chairman.


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Xi Chapter's Leaders for 1992 - 93 Executive Committee Grand Master Grand Procurator Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Treasurer Grand Scribe Pledge Educator

Fall 1992 John Murphy Brian Cahalan Rod Lochala Jeff Miller Darby York Michael Newcity

Grand Master Grand Procurator Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Treasurer Grand Scribe Pledge Educator

Fall 1993 Martin Swope Vince Jones Craig Johnson Clay Hamilton Clint Fortenberry Matt Meeks

1992 Summer Rush Chairmen Rush Coordinator Central Arkansas Northeast Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Southeast Arkansas Southwest Arkansas Out-of-State

Spring 1993 Martin Swope Brian Cahalan Rod Lochala Clay Hamilton Lonnie Wright Vince Jones

Darby York Jeramy Joyce Brian Taylor Keith Byrd Matt Meeks Chris Turner Brien Douglas Vince Jones



~ Xi's Summer Rush Chairmen Front: Matt Meeks , Darby York, Brian Taylor. Back: Keith Byrd, Vince Jones , Brien Douglas , Chris Turner, Jeramy Joyce.

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A Letter From The President Dear Friends and Brothers , The 1992-93 school year was the best in recent history for Xi chapter. Kappa Sigma was recently awarded the Interfraternity Council A ward of Excellence at the awards ceremony of Order of Omega , the Greek honor society. This is the second year this award has been in existence, but no fraternity qualified for it last year , making Kappa Sigma the first house to ever achieve this honor. Although it could be awarded to more than one fraternity , Kappa Sigma was the only fraternity to win the award this year. The award represents excellence in the pledge program, community service, interfraternity relations , scholarship , and other areas. A Kappa Sigma, Chris Turner , was named Model Pledge on Campus , and Michael Newcity was named IFC Big Man On Campus , awarded annually to a fraternity member who exemplifies the ideals of Greek life in the university community . On January 30, 1993, Xi added 34 new members. There are currently 11 spring pledges. Our total of 164 members and Martin Swope pledges makes us the largest house on campus. In addition , because of the valuable recommendation of alumni, the chapter held a special initiation for Joe Tom Cunningham of Helena on March 27 . As president , I am very proud of these accomplishments. I am most proud , however , of the sense of accomplishment that all the members feel as they participate in fraternity activities. Currently , the presidents of IFC, Mortar Board , Booster Club, GAMMA , Beta Alpha Psi , and Beta Gamma Sigma are all Kappa Sigmas. There are many Kappa Sigmas in other offices as well. As a fraternity , Kappa Sigma has co-sponsored the MACE program , which helps ensure safety on campus. We are not only involved with the university , but with the community as well . Over the past year, we have lent a hand to the Fayetteville Youth Center, the Salvation Army , the Wal ton Arts Center , and many others. Kappa Sigma depends for its success on the continued support of Charlie Whiteside, Malcolm McNair , and Phil Schoettlin. I appreciate them , and the whole fraternity joins me in thanking them for their hard work . I am looking forward to continuing my service as Kappa Sigma Grand Master . This summer will be filled with rush activities. Since 39 seniors are graduating , we will be looking for a strong pledge class . Also this summer, several members , including me, are looking forward to attending Kappa Sigma ' s Biennial Grand Conclave in Dallas, Texas, which gets underway in August. Fraternity life has never been stronger on the University of Arkansas campus, and Kappa Sigma is the strongest of the pack. I, along with the members and pledges of Xi, know that the continued support of the alumni helps make us what we are , making clear that Kappa Sigma is truly not for a day , an hour , or a college term only - but for life . Fraternally,

Martin Swope Grand Master


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Caillpus Highlights By Chris Morris Renovation has been the theme the past few years on the UA campus . With the completion of the renovation of Old Main in 1991 , students have once again been attending classes in the historic symbol of the university. And the renovation continues. During the past year , students witnessed the construction of the new Silas H . Hunt Student Hall at the corner of Maple and Garland. It has become the new site for drop-add and registration lines , as well as other student administrative activities. Another addition to the campus is the soon-to-be completed Bud Walton Arena, located south of the outdoor track and field complex. Further renovations have been done to the Fine Arts Center Gallery , and laboratory space is being added to the Chemistry and Science buildings. The growing student body complemented this expansion. This year ' s entering freshmen enrollment was up 5. 3 % over last year. The entering freshmen class brought with it 41 of the 1992 Governor' s Scholars , 35 National Merit Scholars, and 202 of the state's 1992 valedictorians and salutatorians. This quality in new students is sure to bring more credibility to our campus and attract our state's best students to stay at home for college in the future. People are beginning to recognize UA because of the achievements of those associated with it. Mike Conley brought prestige to UA athletics with his 1992 Olympic gold medal in the triple jump. And no one has put more eyes on the state of Arkansas and the university than President Bill Clinton. In November, then-candidate Clinton visited our campus a week before the presidential election . During his final campaign push , millions across the country saw the UA campus for the first time.

Senator David Pryor and President Bill Clinton at a rally on campus a week before the election .

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Bud Walton Arena under construction .

This year was also a time for concentrating on academic improvements. Academic standards were raised as the GPA requirements for acceptance went up. In addition , UA officials announced November 19 their " Campaign for Arkansas " with a goal of raising $115 million in private funds for the benefit of the entire campus. The campaign will end December 31 , 1996. December marked the beginning of the 38th and last basketball season to be played in Barnhill Arena. The Hogs , after beginning the season unranked , captured the SEC West Division title March 3. That night was dubbed "The Night the Lights Went Out in Barnhill ," and it included a postgame ceremony featuring former coaches and players and former band director Jim Robken. Arkansas finished the season nationally ranked and reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, where they were defeated by eventual national champion North Carolina . In February, the somewhat mild winter came to a blizzard end with the campus covered in more than a foot of snow. Classes were canceled for a record two days in a row. The weather soon calmed down and spring came as walkers, runners, and cyclists emerged to enjoy the long-awaited sunshine. Baseball fans packed the bleachers to watch the Razorbacks. Greek Week seemed to begin the festive season and was a time of friendly competition between Greek houses on campus . The week ended with our very own Greek Olympics. In April , Greeks got rid of the spring jitters before final exams with what we call Row Week. The highlight, of course, was Kappa Sigma' s Bacchanalian party. The university took major steps this year toward a bright future , and Xi chapter promises to be a big part of that future. It was a fabulous year!


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University of Arkansas

1992 Meinbers and Hoinetowns First Name, Last Name


Ft. Smith Jeff Ardemagni Little Rock Scott Barksdale Tahlequah , OK Scott Been Ft. Smith Jeff Bell Kevin Benson Rector Jason Bius Marion Shawn Bizzell Maumelle Brian Black Benton Ed Boersma Marshall , TX Pine Bluff George Bogy Bryan Bone Batesville Chip Bosley Sherwood Brennan Bosley Sherwood Nathan Bramlett N. Little Rock John Bramlett Little Rock Mark Bray Benton Michael Brittain Little Rock John Brown Marion Marc Brown Ft. Smith Sean Burke Danville, CA Keith Byrd Forrest City Brian Cahalan Kansas City Mac Campbell Harrison Heath Carlton Hickory Ridge Bo Chaney Benton Brad Clapp Harrison Eric Clemons Nashville Will Connell Benton Chadd Cooper Mena John Council Benton Blake Croxdale Fayetteville Michael Cullen Ft. Smith Ron Day Little Rock David Dobbins Dallas Tommy Donocho Little Rock Brien Douglas Ashdown Bill Eggart Little Rock Rob Epperson Ft. Smith Blake Fain Prescott Shannon Fancher Dover Jake Fast Harrison Clint Fortenberry Newport Allen Freeman Richardson , TX Hal Freeman Fayetteville Marc French N. Little Rock Jeff Friar Hot Springs Charles Friday Lockesburg

First Name, Last Name


H.B . Garland Harrison Mike Garner N. Little Rock Chris Gilbert Garland, TX Steve Green Tontitown Nick Griffith Forrest City Jay Hale Marion Jam es Hall Hot Springs Clay Hamilton Little Rock Wes Hamilton Broken Arrow , OK Richard Harp Little Rock Kipp Hearne Fordyce Marcus Hendricks Tahlequah , OK Grant Herndon Nashville Robbie Hileman Tahlequah , OK Michael Holloway Austin , TX Chris Hoisted N. Little Rock Rob Holyfield Camden Rob Hornung Greenwood John Hutchison Little Rock Jed Jacobs Wynne Chris Johnson Sherwood Craig Johnson Van Buren Vince Jones Stilwell , OK Derek T . Jones Berryville Jeb Joyce Benton Jeramy Joyce Benton Rob Keys El Dorado Chris Knight Rogers Brooks Lee Fayetteville Norman Lee Benton Todd Lewis Ft. Smith Plano, TX Chad Linden Rod Lochala Newport Boyd Logan Conway Jack London Searcy Ben Luper Fayetteville Matt Lyle Minden Matt MacArthur Oklahoma City Chuck Martin Jacksonville Lonnie Mathis Harrison Russell Mayo Greenwood Tom Mays Fordyce Pat McCune St. Charles , MO . Dustin McDaniel Jonesboro Jeff McNatt Aurora , MO Shannon Meek Kansas City Matt Meeks Ft. Smith

First Name, Last Name


Booneville Mike Mikles Greenwood Chris Milam Houston Jeff Miller Benton Steve Milligan Forrest City Chris Morris Little Rock Marvin Morris Tahlequah , OK Jason Munsell Hot Springs John Murphy Ft. Smith Michael Newcity Texarkana Charles Ogden Ashdown Stephen Osborne Ashdown Lance Osborne Ft. Smith Branko Pejic Fayetteville Shawn Perceful Minden Shea Peterson Lake Village Jere my Pieroni Little Rock Allan Pinkerton Little Rock Chase Pinkerton Benton Kyle Pitts Forrest City Frankie Pratt Conway Bryan Quinn Booneville Nick Remy Benton Jimmy Renfrow Benton Scott Rivers Fayetteville Jason Rogers N . Little Rock Danny Ryan Pearcy Chris Samuel Joplin , MO Ron Spencer Claremore, OK John Stafira Russellville Rusty Stingley Nashville Jeramy Stone Lincoln Martin Swope Lincoln Patrick Swope Little Rock Brian Taylor Fayetteville Chris Thompson Sherwood Robby Tiffee Dewitt Chris Turner Ft. Smith Paul Udouj Jacksonville Gary Washam N. Little Rock Chris Werner Mena Jay Whisker Brad Whitehead England Blytheville Reagan Wilson Sherwood Clint Wilson Benton Aaron Windsor Foreman Lonnie Wright Little Rock Darby York


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