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Layce Pelletier graces this month’s cover. You can see her on Memorial Day weekend in Soldier at the Midway Tavern for the Annual Memorial Weekend Run, BBQ, Street Dance/Concert. Festivities are on Sunday May 25th with Vendors, Food, Tattoo Artist, Live Music, and the Neal Denney Memorial Poker Run.

Sometimes we are fortunate happening. Shortly after that, enough to have incredible it was announced that the people come into our party was going to be lives. That sure as hell cancelled. We posted happened with me in the cancellation in the the last few years. I April issue, and then have made so many the week after that new friends and came out, Possum and brothers and sisters of the crew decided to do the party, road that it is awe inspiring. but change the weekend to We got rolling with Thunder Memorial Day weekend. May Roads Magazine of Iowa and June 2010 was 23-25th. The best bet to know the most the first issue under our leadership. Some people updated information and status of events is to go have come and gone, but even they played a crucial to and check it out there. part in getting the ball rolling. We have built the With the changing of dates, information, and what current TRMI family with people that share a passion is allowed, we cannot keep up with the changes in a for the motorcycle community, monthly publication so check out Iowa, and our biker lifestyle. These their website. folks are invaluable to me and the magazine and are greatly respected May is also the month of release and loved. In this issue there is a of Natanic’s pin up calendar. Nate write up about the crew that I would Ullrich from Clinton has become love to share with you. I wanted to an incredible friend and cohort share with you why these people over the last few years. He are so important to me. It seems publishes his calendar every year fitting to do so on the marking of and it features cool bikes, cool our four years under this regime, cars, scenic backgrounds, and 48 issues on the shelves that have some very awesome hotties; real been printed. There is no end in vehicles, real women, real art. I sight, and we keep growing and dig this calendar on many levels, becoming more of the source for and actually had the opportunity biker information in Iowa. Thanks to help Nate with some aspects of to all the readers and sponsors of the calendar and cannot wait to get the magazine. We could not have my hands on my own copy. True built this without you. biker artwork from an Iowa biker, cannot be beat. You can get one on May is starting to explode the his site at, or riding season, and I must say it is about time. There check out the ad on our pages. are never enough good days to get out in the spring it seems. Wind, rain, snow, crap on the roads‌ Get out and ride! See you on the road! and then being busy with things keeps us off of our two and three wheelers. May is the real start to the Vernon riding season for many. Stay safe, stay aware, stay alive. Be careful out there so we can share the road Quote of the month: Sometimes the fastest way to get for many more miles. there is to stop for the night. Author Unknown. In our March issue, we ran an article about the spring Conesville party and the changes that

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 5

When Vernon Schwarte showed up at my very first photo shoot with a 1948 blue Pan-Head, I instantly fell in love. NOT with HIM of course, but with the bike. It had a nice layer of dust from years of neglect, cracked & faded saddlebags, and a torn seat... it took every ounce of control not to drool all over her! It was a ‘typical’ outdoor photo shoot I guess, cold, windy and I found myself scantily clad around a bunch of strangers. As I think back on that late October afternoon of 2011, I am almost positive the first thing I said to my future boss was “can you please tighten up my corset, the ‘ladies’ aren’t cooperating today”. As Big V tightened the seemingly million strings of my corset with his eyes shut (what a gentleman!) I am certain that was the start of our friendship. After the shoot, we chatted briefly about Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa and why, as an Iowa biker, I hadn’t heard about it. A few months later, I got a call from Vernon asking if I’d be interested in modeling for the June 2012 Cover. I didn’t hesitate, maybe this’d give me the chance again to ask about the magazine like WHERE can I find it? After the late April shoot, we hit the Rusty Duck for a bite to eat, we chatted about the magazine more and I got to know both him & the mag better. Fast forward to Sturgis on the River, Davenport June 2012….. After a long night of biker playtime, we awoke and were discussing breakfast options. “Pancakes sound delicious! D’ya know of anywhere around here close to get some pancakes?” Vernon asked me. Being born & raised in the Quad Cities, of course I knew; Village Inn was close and I love the blueberry syrup. Over breakfast I started asking questions about the magazine; how long

had he been doing this? Where does the mag cover? As an Iowa biker, how come I couldn’t find this magazine? On and on I went (I have a very curious mind); Big V answered every question I asked and even posed a few of his own to me, including one that would rock my world drastically, “How would you feel about working for the magazine, we could use a good person to start building our team on the Eastern side of Iowa.” At the time that Vernon posed his question, I was working toward becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. After learning first-hand the mental, emotional & physical benefits of practicing yoga and Reiki through my own life experiences/challenges/strife, I wanted to share my knowledge & skills with the world, so more lives could be enhanced as mine had been. I was focused on educating others to bring more understanding, acceptance and enjoyment to those around me. I had left my previous job because it was consuming too much of my time and I wasn’t able to be around for my kids as much as I’d liked to. I realized that by obtaining my certification, I would be able to work on my own schedule and still be able to attend choir concerts in the afternoon & all day wrestling tournaments for my kids. There I went, planning my future, not knowing the curve that the world had in store for me. After some thought, I recognized that I would not be giving up my focus by joining the TRMI team. I knew that this was an experience of a lifetime and couldn’t pass it up. I withdrew my offer on my ‘future studio” and accepted the position with TRM of IA. Now, almost 3 years later, I strive to bring knowledge, understanding, acceptance & enjoyment to all who read our magazine. I enjoy writing about everything I have ever written for the mag. I love breaking the bogus impression of most cagers that all bikers are dirty, law breakin, fight startin, no gooders. I treasure being able to feature some of the nation’s coolest folks (from right here in this great state) in articles or photos. I value the many friends and memories that I have made since starting with the mag and I look forward to making more of both! That’s my story, here I am… a long legged, fender jockey, bundle of fun with everchanging hair colors, that’s me-Pinky. If you see me out and about, come say hi….. I won’t bite…. that hard ;-) Pinky

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 7

CMA Notes

promising relationship broken, serious health concerns, or threats of layoff leave us feeling bruised and shaken. I don’t know about you, but some As we look around at our rides stand out in my mind not friends, some of them seem to because the ride was all that great, be cruising along so smoothly but because of the things I learned that we wonder – Are we even about riding. A number of years on the same ride? We can so back when I was still riding 2-up completely exhaust ourselves with Mark we had gotten a new in our attempts to brace against bike and were heading out for the possible disaster that we miss first long-ish ride with me as a the rest of life. The issue may passenger. It wasn’t going to be not be that we’re in worse life an Iron Butt Ride by any stretch of circumstances than everyone the imagination – we were just heading out with a group of else but rather that we’ve friends, intending to meander south along the River Road become focused inwardly on on the Iowa side, catch a meal somewhere, cross to Illinois our problems. If we’ve turned and ride back north to the bridge back to Iowa. It’s a great our lives over to Christ Jesus, ride and I was looking forward to the day. we should quit depending on our “stock” solutions that Things did not go quite the way I had envisioned them. aren’t working and instead take Instead of relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and different the following quality advice scenery, I found myself doing a lot of shifting around on the from His Word. seat. I decided the local road department must have taken off in the middle of some project because I didn’t remember When we don’t understand this route have so many gigantic potholes to drop into or why something is happening, instead of focusing on doubt lumps that would launch the bike into the air. I was so Proverbs 3:5 tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your busy trying to brace myself against the next spine-crunching heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” jolt that I barely noticed the rest of the ride. When we made a gas stop an hour and a half later, I dismounted stiffly When we are loaded down with problems, instead of from the bike and hobbled over to the others in the group, focusing on the burdens of life, Philippians 4:6,7 tells us expecting to hear them complaining about the unusually to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and bad state of the road. Instead, they were all relaxed and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made smiling, exchanging good-natured barbs and talking about known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all the great day. I began to wonder - Had we even been on the understanding will guard your hearts and minds through same ride? I finally mentioned something about the road Christ Jesus.” being so much rougher than usual. They all just looked at me. Eventually one of them jabbed his toothpick toward When we feel overwhelmed by our inability to fix a the bike. “That still the stock seat on there?” I nodded. He situation, we should not despair, because 2nd Corinthians turned toward Mark. “You want to keep her riding with 12:9 assures us that “My grace is all you need, for My you, you might want to find a quality seat.” power works best in weakness.” A couple weeks later with a new seat installed we headed off to give this another try. What a big difference it made and what good advice to remember: The seat really matters! If you’re completely distracted by discomfort you won’t be a safe rider or passenger.

Blessings – Karla

Mark and Karla Cornick are Area Reps for the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Find out more about CMA and God’s plan for you at Motorcyclists Association. Find out more about CMA and In the same way, at different points in time we may find that God’s plan for you at the roads of life aren’t quite living up to our expectations. A

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 9

Biker Friendly Directory

It’s important for you to know who your friends are out on the road! The Biker Friendly Directory is a list of establishments throughout Iowa that want you to know that they’re here for YOU. Let them know that you saw them here in Thunder Roads. If you know a business that would like to advertise in Thunder Roads Iowa Biker Friendly Places, please email

Biker Accessories 1224 Celebrity Drive Marcus, Iowa 51035 877-816-2200

Follow us on Facebook!! Crispy’s Biker Apparel Cedar Rapids, Iowa Find Us On Facebook 319-241-0916 J&P Cycles 13225 Circle Drive Anamosa, IA 52205 800-318-4823 Leather & Hawgs 316 Main, Hornick, Iowa 121 1st St, Soldier, Iowa

Dubuque Harley-Davidson 145 N Crescent Rdg Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-3735

Werner Cycle Works 14410 Frontier Road Exit 440 I-80 Omaha, NE 68138 402-894-3050¬

Edwards Motorsports and RV’s 1010 34th Avenue Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501 712-366-8400

Whipp Sales and Service, Inc 701 S 8th Street Clarinda, Iowa 51632 1.800.477.0195

Ernie’s Harley-Davidson 2613 Hwy 18 East Algona, IA 50511 515-295-7951

Wiebler’s Harley-Davidson 5320 Corporate Park Drive Davenport, IA 52807 563-355-6437

Fenders Cycle and Motorsport 1109 E Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315 515-256-9062 Harley-Davidson of Mason City 706 South Federal Avenue Mason City, Iowa 50401 WWW.HARLEYOFMC.COM 800.205.7082

Baxter Cycle 311 4th Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2351 Brown Motorcars 330 NW 49th Place Des Moines, IA 50313 515-282-0123 C&C Custom Cycle 130 E Lincoln Chariton, Iowa 50049 641-774-7494 Carroll Cycle Center 1327 Plaza Dr Carroll, Iowa 712-792-1610

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Entertainment Book Em Dano’s 33 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 712-263-9818Mon-Sat 4-2 Dancers Nightly 5-1:30

Leer’s Cycle Center 101 Fletcher Avenue Waterloo, Iowa 50701 1-800-870-6058

Knoxville Raceway 1000 N Lincoln Street Knoxville, Iowa 50138 641-842-5431

Loess Hills Harley-Davidson 57408 190th Street Pacific Junction IA 51561 712-622-4000

National Motorcycle Museum 102 Chamber Drive Anamosa, Iowa 52205 319-462-3925

Nishna Valley Cycle HONDA – YAMAHA – KTM Atlantic, Iowa 50022 1-888-577-6406

Bringing the Comfort of the Saddle to Your Iron Horse American Made Motorcycle Stirrups, Inc. Okoboji Harley-Davidson 212 South 6th Street, Nebraska City, 1005 Eastview Avenue Okoboji IA, NE 68410 51355 712-332-7700


Zylstra Harley-Davidson 1930 E 13th Street Ames, Iowa 50010 515-232-6223

R/J Performance HWY 63 North Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641.684.8400 Route 65 Harley-Davidson HWY 65/96 South Indianola, Iowa 50125 www.route65,com 515-962-2160 Trike Your Bike 503 1st Ave North Altoona, Iowa 50029 515-957-8920

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame/ Museum One Sprint Capital Place Knoxville, Iowa 50138-0542 641-842-6176 Vintage Sound 93.1 FM Muscatine’s Premier “B Side” Station Request Line (563)263-9393 Listen ANYWHERE with free mobile app

Food and Drink 411 Main/Rocket Joe’s 411 Main Street Griswold, Iowa 51535 712-778-4111 FB 411 Main Street Bar & Rocket Joes

Uptown Motors Sales, Inc 310 Cleveland St Muscatine, IA 52761 563-263-2944

Barney’s 203 S Mill Street Wadena, Iowa 52169 563-774-2525 Barney’s Wadena on Facebook

Beer Barn and Grill 226 State Street Kirkman, Iowa 51447 712-766-3395 Open Mon 4, Tue-Sun at 11 BJ’s Bar & Billiards 110 Ida Waterloo Iowa Home of Full Throttle Thursdays 319-234-9810 Booneville Bar&Grill Waveland West Café 35653 Ute Ave Booneville, Iowa 50038 575-987-2237

Broken Throttle Saloon 621 Highway K45 Whiting, Iowa 712-455-1096 We are on Facebook Buck Snort 113 4th Street Neola, Iowa 51559 712-485-9090 The Buck Snort on Facebook Cadillac Jack’s 106 Main Street Baxter, Iowa 50028 641-227-3611 Cadillac Jack’s on Facebook C&L Sandbar 103 North Noyes Street Mondamin, IA 51557 712-646-2300 or 712-216-0975 Hours Daily 11-close Captains Quarters 807 Main Adel, Iowa 50003 M-F 2-12, Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12 515-993-4417 Catfish Charlie’s On the Mississippi River 1630 E. 16th Street Dubuque, IA 52001 (563)582-8600 Dew Drop Inn Bar & Restaurant 109 Main Street McClelland, Iowa 51503 712-566-9360 Mon-Sat 11:30-Close Doc’s Roadhouse 309 East 7th Street Logan, Iowa 51543 712-644-3636 Open 365-8 am to Close Dolly’s Bar & Grill 109 N. Pine Street Auburn, Iowa 51433 712-688-2220 Come for the Food, Stay for the Scenery Do Drop Inn 403 3rd Avenue Under the Water Tower Jamaica, Iowa 50128 515-314-0783

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Ferg’s Bar & Grill 806 Hwy 30 Grand Junction, Iowa 50107 515-738-5416 Where Good Friends Meet

Lampe’s Pub 608 Iowa Avenue Dunlap, Iowa 51529 712-643-5781 Open 7 days a week at 11 AM

Sambetti’s Bar and Grill 1430 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50314 515-245-9780 Mon-Sat 11a-2a, Sun 11a-7p

The Roadhouse 105 Washington Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2272 Home of the Marne Burger

George And Dales Bar & Grill Downtown East Dubuque,IL Open 11 am 7 days a week Wed Bike Night 815-747-8810

Los Altos Greenfield, Iowa 641-221-9081 Stuart, Iowa 515-523-8000

Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill

228 East 4th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703 319-235-8865

The Sawmill Bar & Grill Now with a Full Menu 401 Main St New Market, IA 51646-3079 712-585-3601

Lugger’s 201 N Main Street Kimballton, Iowa 51543 712.773.8620

Shenanigans Pub-Dubuque 3203 Jackson Street Dubuque, Iowa 563-513-4001 Open 364 - 3 pm - 2 am

The Wagon Wheel 521 E 7th Washington, Iowa 52353 319-653-3637 Wagon Wheel Tap on Facebook

Sidetracked 206 West Union Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-8534

T.J.’s Pourhouse 100 E. Washington Street Exira, Iowa 50076 712-268-2353 Open M-SAT.@11, SUN.@ NOON

Good Sons 2815 Beaver Ave Ste 102 Des Moines, Iowa 515-681-5375 Goozman’s Westside Bar & Grill Harlan, Iowa 712-755-2259 Goozman’s Westside on Facebook

Midway Tavern 206 1st Street Soldier, Iowa 712-884-2230

Haverhill Social Club 202 1st Street Haverhill, Iowa 50120 641-475-3321 Mon-Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12

Montgomery Street Pub 207 East Montgomery Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-2165

Slaby’s Bar & Grill 6020 New Liberty Road Plainview, Iowa 52773 563-843-3443

Hawkeye Bar & Grill 110 North 4th Street Mapleton, IA 51034 712-882-1226

Off Sides Pizza 1119 Thomas Street Redfield, Iowa 50233 515-833-2900

Softail Saloon & Grill 811 Hwy 9 Superior, Iowa 51363 712-858-4500 Softail Saloon on Facebook

Mon-Sat 10:30 a.m. ~ Sun 12:00 p.m. Hazard County LoungeIowa’s Premier Night Club

(above the BBQ Shack) 203 Main St. Lohrville. Iowa 51439 Open M-S 4pm-close. Sunday 12pm-close (712)-465-3278 Huffy’s Mule Barn 802 Main Street Anita, Iowa 50020 712-762-9995 Iron Saddle Saloon 39 S Main Street Dayton, Iowa 50530 515-547-3311 KC’s Tavern 120 North Main Bridgewater, Iowa 50837 641-369-2017 KC’s Tavern on Facebook

Papa Joe’s 117 South 6th Street Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-642-9015 Pearl Street Social Club 110 Pearl Street SW Shellsburg, Iowa 52332 319-436-7100 Find Us On Facebook! Pines Steakhouse Oinkers Lounge & Grill 1500 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-243-3606 M-F 11AM-, S-S 4PMPizza Ranch DENISON 510 HWY 39 North Denison, Iowa 712-393-3333 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week

Sparetime Bar & Grill 136 West Main Street Ute, Iowa 61060 712-885-2226 Sportsman Bar & Grill 103 1st Street Pisgah, Iowa 51564 712-456-2222 FOOD, FUEL, FUN The Chrome Spur 105 2nd Street Schleswig, Iowa 51461 Chrome Spur on Facebook The Edge 3157 Joliet Avenue Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-642-2229 The Edge on Facebook The Getaway Where to Go When You Need a Break!

Keasey’s Hideaway Lounge 911 Court Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-993-3001 Kelly’s Irish Pub & Eatery 563-344-0000 2222 E 53rd Street #10 Davenport, Iowa 52807 Great Food, Great Service, Great Atmosphere Knickers Saloon 2186 Central Avenue Dubuque, Iowa 52001 563-557-0887 365 Days a Year Knickers Saloon on Facebook

Pizza Ranch HARLAN 613 Court Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-2262 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week Red Oak Tap 419 E. Reed Red Oak, Iowa 51566 712-623-4788 Riverside Tavern 450 E Main St Lehigh, Iowa 50557 515-359-9998

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

221 Main Street Vail, Iowa 51465 712-677-2200 The Home Plate Diner 304 E. 30th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50317 515-262-7000 The Lounge 1005 Chatburn Ave Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-5050 The Lounge Harlan Iowa on Facebook

The Middle of Nowhere 112 Main Street Cumberland, Iowa 50843 712-774-5425

Tobey Jacks Mineola Steak House Mineola, Iowa 712-526-2078 Open 7 Days a Week Check Us Out on Facebook Vic’s Main Tap 304 Broadway Audubon, Iowa 50025 712-563-2122 Opens M-F 3, Sat 10, Sun 3 Wilson’s Tap and Recreation 1008 Story Street Boone, Iowa 50036/ 515-433-1395 Woody’s Roadside Tavern 100 West Jefferson Albion, Iowa 50005 (641) 488-2220 Woody’s Roadside Tavern on Facebook

Guns and Ammo 2A Firearms Training Training to Protect Your 2nd Ammendment Rights 641-439-6660 Dales’ Guns Buy-Sell-Trade-Gunsmithing 109 Main Street Ute, Iowa 712-885-2671 Locked and Loaded Outfitters 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-4867

Shooter’s Outlet 114 Main Street Arcadia, Iowa 51430 712-689-2772 Tues,Wed,Fri 9-5, Thurs 9-7, Sat 8-12

TRMI MAY 2014 - 11

Healthcare/Wellness Road Weary Muscles?? Stephanie Warren, LMT Suzanne & Co Salon, Davenport, 563-355-4200 eve & wknd appts available

Insurance Matt McCall Insurance Agency State Farm Insurance 102 East South St, Tipton 563-886-6120

Legal Hupy and Abraham sc, pc Lawyers for Bikers 800.800.5678 Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C. Riding and Defending Your Rights for Over 29 Years 977-209-9452

Photo and Art JW Custom Artwork 610 Grove Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-577-5264 Ullrich Photography PO Box 1842 Clinton, Iowa 52733 563-243-8715

Services BCS Computers 100 Industrial Road Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115 641-747-3344

12 - TRMI MAY 2014

Ben Franklin/Radio Shack 106 N Wilson Jefferson, Iowa 50129 515-386-4122 Forbidden Angels Promo Girls 515-505-4888 Forbidden Angels on Facebook

Dead Heads Eng, Fab, Repairs & Sales 426 Railway Street Gillett Grove, Iowa 51341 712-835-3353 Elite Auto Upholstery & Embroidery

Specializing in Motorcycle Seats 1313 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309 515-276-4392

Sound and Service Bike/Car/Home Audio and TV 712 Quint Avenue Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-5403

F & J Racing 701 N 3rd Ave Marshalltown, Iowa 50158 641-752-8651

Southwest Iowa Sandblasting Mike Magers 65162 Oxford Rd Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-3995

Main Street Bikes and Trikes 522 Main Street Granville, Iowa 51022 712.727.3515

Tame Your Mane at MY BARBER 7th & Fillmore, Davenport 563-322-8762 Biker Owned & Operated

Shops and Fabricators Butterfield’s M.C. Parts 8025 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68134 402-391-3768 Chuck’s Cycle Service and Repair 714 East 7th Street Washington, Iowa52353 319-461-5278

Metal Ink 911 7th Street Ste 102 Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-2453 Moser’s 4-Way Service Center Motorcycles.ATVs.Jet Skis Harley-Davidson Certified Luxemburg, Iowa 563-853-3390

Trike Your Bike 503 1st Avenue North Altoona, Iowa 50009 515-957-8920 Waderich’s Towing 420 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 Phone 712-263-3687 Cell 712-263-9685

Tattoo Crave Tattoo 201 S 12th Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 51501 515-576-8289 FB Crave Tattoo, Inc.

To buy ad space in our directory, call 712-249-5630 or email

Nelson Machine & Forge General Machining, Ornamental Iron, Weld/Fab 70 Washington Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2220

Creative Concepts Collision 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712.755.2231 Custom Paint Specialists 5050 ½ NW 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50313 515-971-4579 Creative Industry LLC 200 N Jefferson Way Indianola, Iowa 50125 515-689-7844 cell

Pike Run Services 320 Main Nichols, Iowa 52766 Shop 319-723-4244 Cell 319-330-4541 Revolution Cycles 120 South Main Street Baxter, Iowa 50028 641-507-9250 Steffens Cycle Shop LLC 1311 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-5876 M-F 9-5 Most Sat 9-12 Or Call

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thun under und der Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 13

wires for the turns and bolted them to the bracket on the standoffs I already Well it seems as though winter has finally been kicked had on them, I set one to the curb. Now with a little bit of hope the wind will of the saddlebags on it to see how she looked. As stay down and the rain will come during the night. soon as I set it up there however I noticed a problem. Nothing like catching some z’s to the rumbling of The turn signal stuck out too far and wouldn’t let thunder in the distance. As it is every year I’m sure me fasten the bag on. After this I might have said a every motorcycle couple expletives, grabbed shop out there a cold beverage, sat down is swamped. in the chair and just looked Just remember at it in disbelief. After a little wherever you calm down period I just put get your ride everything away and left it for serviced, have another day. Well needless to patience with say I did a little flipping through them. Everybody one of the books at work and has a tendency to found just some simple hollow decide all at once bolts that I could eliminate that they need the standoff all together. After their bikes done getting the parts in I went to at the same time. work undoing all the great There are only so work I had already done. many hours and Once I got it all back together mechanics that can do it so be sure to give them a little break.

You Don’t Have to Ride a Bagger

As I am sure many of you have done you always have to do something to your ride for the new season. Well this winter I chose to finally put some bagger bags on my 1999 Softail Night Train. I’ve had the kit sitting around for at least a year if not two and just never tackled the project until now. Sumax makes simple and clean quality kits for both dynas and softails. The kit does not come with saddlebags but Sumax does offer their own saddlebags or you can do like I did and find a decent pair of takeoff saddlebags or slightly damaged ones that you can fix and paint to match your ride.

AGAIN I set the bags up on the rails and I had a nice eighth of an inch gap on each side. After you get this done you can align the saddlebags with the pin Installation of the kit is actually quite easy. On my brackets that secure them. softail it mounts at two points on the fender strut cover Unfortunately I am waiting for my bags to get a new and also the passenger peg mount. The hardest part coat of paint laid on them to match the bike but once I had was trying to figure out what to do with my turn they are done I am sure it will look great. This kit is signals. Now there are plenty of options out there from really a great way to turn your favorite ride into your different turn signals to eliminating the stand alone own bagger especially if you just don’t have enough turns for a tail light that has them integrated into it. change to get a new bagger. First off I tried eliminating them by going with a slick looking tail light that had the turns in it. When it came I know it is still not as warm as we would all like it to be to install though my ride was a touch too old for it; but I know a lot of you out there are grasping at every and by a touch I mean a measly one year. Anyway if chance you can get to get out there on two wheels or I would have wanted to do some re wiring and buy a even three. Make sure you get your ride serviced up new bracket I could have used it but I simply didn’t and ready for the season. Again take it easy on your want too. So I opted for a bracket that bolts to my service man, they are going to do the best they can for existing license plate bracket that relocates the turn you. Until next month, keep the rubber side down and signals to there. However, if you’re doing this on your enjoy your freedom. own don’t make the mistake I did. Just assuming all I had to do was move the turn signals down to this Tony Darveau bracket. After I had cut, extended, and soldered the Carroll Cycle Center 14 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thun Th under un u n nde deer Road d R Ro Roads oaad ds Magazine Maggaazi Ma zine ne of of Io IIowa ow waa on on Facebook Face Fa Face cebo book ww w ww thu un nd deerrrroaad dssio iowa w .com wa .ccom om

T TR RM MII M AY 22014 AY 014 - 155 01 TRMI MAY

16 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook


June 13-15 has the potential to be a huge weekend featuring the best of the AMA flat-track motorcycle riders and the best of the World of Outlaws (WoO) dirt-track sprint car racers. Our program, and the vintage racing bikes in the museum, will just add to the excitement of the eentire AMA/WoO weekend.” T Those individuals interested in learning more about th the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum aare urged to visit

SET FOR SATURDAY, JUNE 14, AT NATIONAL SPRINT CAR MUSEUM KNOXVILLE, IOWA (April 3, 2014) - The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum will host it’s firstever “Flat-Track 101: Past, Present & Future” program on Saturday, June 14, at 1 p.m. The program is free with a paid museum admission, and it will be hosted by emcee Ricky Elliott. Amongst the featured speakers are American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Pro Racing official Daniel Johnsen, Iowa veteran riders John Tibben and Bob Weirbach, and current AMA flat-trackers Sammy Halbert of Washington, Henry Wiles of Michigan, Jared Mees of Pennsylvania, Bryan Smith of Michigan, Rob Pearson of Colorado and Aaron King of Iowa. According to museum volunteer Bob Colbert today, “We are very excited to be offering a Flat-Track 101 program about the lives and careers of select veterans, current champions, and up-and-comers in the sport of AMA flattrack motorcycle racing. My thanks to Matt George, Brian Stickel and Bob Weirbach for helping make this happen, as

18 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

99 Counties to tour on the bike, 99 counties to tour, take one down, drive on around, 52 counties to tour on the bike. A few years back, a summer riding goal was to ride through each one of the counties of Iowa, and what was found was a wealth of interest and beauty. Each month I will revisit each county as a featured article. I will tell you about new things to see, places to ride, and give you a little spark of touring curiosity for our state of Iowa.

least that I could do. My Victor experience was weird in the fact that it is a town divided, cross this street and your in another county right there in town and the friendly people at the convenience store where I was looking at my map were happy to point out to me that I “wasn’t in Iowa county”! The cemetery I assure you was so stay towards the east side of town.

I grabbed V36 and caught County 21 north to County 212. The roads were in nice shape considering the winter everyone had. There is a town called Koszta on the map so I decided I have been on many county tours and every county has its I should check it out, well, um, it is a town but you can only charm, points of interest or reputation. I have used a myriad of get to it on gravel and if you don’t turn around and go out the words to describe my time wandering around Iowa towns and way you came in you are going to have to take almost eight hillsides and the one indisputable word that comes to mind miles of gravel to get back to the when I reflect on my experience in Iowa County is “weird”! hhighway. Not weird in a bad way either, eclectically fun and engaging! Luckily the county seat Marengo L Iowa County is in east central Iowa. It is of standard size with was not too far off and I needed a w a growing population of 16,000 or so residents. The county rrefreshment. As I drove through was formed in 1843 and named after the Iowa River, which ttown I was impressed with to flows freely, through the area. It has an exorbitant amount the size and grandeur of the th of residents of German heritage who settled and now make a ccourthouse. I was also impressed living off of the Amana Colonies. If you have lived in Iowa with Beer 30! I am sure many w for any amount of time you have been to or at the very least oof us have walked into a small heard of the Amana Colonies so I won’t spend too much time town bar before and after a while to on them. ppeople warm up to you once they know you mean no harm th I entered the county from the west taking exit 205 off of I80 bbut at Beer 30 I was immediately and headed north into the little town of Victor. As I pulled into eembraced and treated like the kkid sister they had missed and town needed to give a hard time to! I asked what they do there for t to I fun in Marengo, I was told that they “Kill stuff; animals or brain cells take your pick and screw”. Kenny the owner has really sweet, I am pretty sure that Shep needs a hug and the sassy mouth ginger at the bar should really play more dress up with his girls, after all it looked like he had the legs for it. I appreciated that Beer 30 will let you do your thing, doesn’t matter if you are a group of cackling scrap bookers or the 99 Counties Chick out on a tour, all are welcome and encouraged to stop in! Iowa County Iowa

After leaving Marengo I headed east to Homestead. On my way there I saw a sign and a beautiful little fence on a hill pointing out a pioneer cemetery. Color me intrigued! However when I stopped and walked up to the spot where the Granny Sprague Cemetery was there was no headstone, just a sign that read headstone out for repairs, will return April 12th, the co could ou not help but be taken in bby the towns cemetery. T The Calvary Cemetery had so many old beautiful headstones that I had to take a moment and look around. Our vveterans ve e have done so much forr us it seemed like the fo 20 - TRMI MAY 2014

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weekend AFTER I did my tour. What are the odds? Well… pretty good I guess. I peaked into Homestead and enjoyed a little of the old German architecture. It was time to head south on 151 but a few miles down the road I was struck by the town sign for Conroy, yet another town that took me five miles of gravel to get to. It turns out that Conroy is technically unincorporated but it did lead me to the Firestone Winery! If you enjoy a little vino it is a beautiful place to take a load off for a little while. N trip through Iowa County would be No c complete without a stop at Iowa’s oldest o outlet mall at Williamsburg. Mamma n needed a new casserole dish and the C Corelle store had just what I needed at a “ “drastically reduced price”. I continued on Hwy 149 south into the to of Parnell. Part way into town I hit town m breaks, turned around after seeing my w I wasn’t sure I saw and pulled what into a stranger’s driveway. There she was, an almost five foot tall copper looking long horn steer with smoke coming out of her nose. I walked up the driveway with magazine in hand and introduced myself to Brian and asked what the heck that contraption was?! Turns out it was a grill that his buddy brought him back from Mexico and this was his inaugural brat cooking. Brian seemed to be a really nice guy, he chatted with me for a bit and showed me his bikes, which were beautiful, and I was again on my way. Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

A As I drove west oon Road F32 oon my way to M Millersburg I bbeeped my horn aand waved at a gguy doing some yyard work, he w waived back aat me…with a m machete! Weird, gglad I was moving rright along into ttown. to o I drove through Millersburg and it was a nice enough little town and stopped into the Hometown Café. They are Hawkeye fans there, which immediately endeared them to my heart! The company was good and the drink was cold and the owner is a rider, what more can you ask for? The day was getting late and it was a really long drive home so I headed north on the super curvy and fun V52 to take the big road west towards home. Iowa County was a different kind of tour this month but it was a really fun one. I laughed a lot. Thank you Iowa County for your hospitality, see you again soon! Next month I am off to Jackson County, see you there! Sources Available Upon Request D Ring

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Every bike tells a story. When I got the opportunity to put my boots in the Motorcycle Stirrups, it was just the story I want my bike to tell. It’s hard enough to choose between my horse and bike already and this just made it a little more difficult. This will be my 2nd year on my 04’ Honda Shadow and I have been searching to add the right pieces to make this iron horse mine. When I was told that I could get these, I was

them, but after that it was pure cowboy bliss. Much like floorboards, the more surface area your boot makes contact with the more comfortable. I am really impressed with having that much area, plus moving back and forth to brake or shift was no different than a peg.

Motorcycle Stirrups

Along with comfort and ease of installation there are a few other things I’d like to point out. First of all being that these are

made right here in the States. I know what your thinking, “says the guy riding a metric bike”, but I will stand by anything American made as much as possible, and bonus if it supports a small business owner in the Midwest. Second, is that there is actually a variety ecstatic and went straight to These of options for leather colors on the web site. With that, I black and chrome comfort creators belonged on my bike. will note that the top leather has a simple Chicago screw that could easily be removed and replaced with a concho to I was like most people, a bit skeptical at first, wondering if personalize them even more. they would give my feet enough room and not get hung up if I needed to get from cruising to stopping in a hurry. But, All in all, the motorcycle stirrups are a great buy. They just like the video on the web site states, there is plenty of were easy to install. They are built to last. Built for room. Then there is the issue with size; these are not dainty comfort and style to match any bike. They have definitely little pegs, these are full size stirrups that are hanging out helped add character and tell the story that is my bike. there. But my fears were snuffed about the same time 5th Without having to say a word. I am looking forward to a gear settled in and I had miles of open road on the horizon. long hot summer and many, many miles of open road, open Since they mount the same as a standard peg, installation trails and my feet not knowing the difference! is easy. I have a custom mustache bar, so the hardest part was figuring out placement. The website along with the Nathan Paulsen box helps with that. The mounts on the stirrups do have an adjustable mounting sprocket that locks the stirrup solid. It did take me one test run and a minor adjustment to set 22 - TRMI MAY 2014

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19-hosted events as they make their way along their arduous journey. F Five museums are on the route and w will be visited as well. The Coker T Tire Museum in Chattanooga, T Tennessee, the Cyclemos Motorcycle M Museum in Red Boiling Spring, T Tennessee, the Rocky Mountain M Motorcycle Museum in Colorado S Springs, Colorado, the Legends M Motorcycle Museum in Springville, U Utah, and the LeMay Museum in T Tacoma, Washington will all play hhost to the riders as they wind their w way towards the Northwest.

Sturgis, South Dakota, March 30, 2014 - Lonnie Isam, Jr., owner of Jurassic Racing in Sturgis, South Dakota, and promoter of the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Run announced today that the third iteration of the transcontinental ride promises to be a truly exciting world wide affair. Scheduled for 17 days in September, the coast-to-coast run on antique motorcycles has its roster full and the route set. This unique and grueling ride will be historic. According to Isam, the endurance ride for pre-1937 motorcycles will get underway from the sands of Daytona Beach in Florida on Friday, September 5 and will include 115 entries from 32 states, 11 countries and 3 continents as well as the island of Japan. The historic run will indeed be watched by the world as motorcycles of all marques tackle a demanding route across America. A week into travel, riders will have a day of rest, repairs, and some festivities in the hospitable town of Junction City, Kansas on September 12. Included in the impressive lineup of antique bikes will be some lesser-known marques such a 1923 Ner-a-car, a Sokol 1000, and a Sunbeam m9. As predicted early on, the field will be overwhelmingly dominated by a remarkable 67-Harley-Davidsons, followed in concentration by 19-Indians, 16-Hendersons, 6-BMWs, 2-Moto Guzzis, 2-Moto Freras, as well as 1-each Rudge, BSA Sloper, and Brough Superior.

Flying event colors for the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run is a great way to support this remarkable event. Official commemorative t-shirts, caps and lapel pins are now available, posters available soon, at the National Motorcycle Museum Store and website or call the Museum at 319-462- 3925 to order yours. The artwork is classic and these are the only official Cannonball apparel items available. Complete information about the Motorcycle Cannonball Run, including route details and promoted events, is available at

The continent-wide event is not a race but will be a timed test of both the riders’ endurance and the roadworthiness of their respective machines as they navigate non-Interstate roads across 10 of America’s States. After a total of some 3,944 miles, the ride is slated to conclude on Sunday, September 21 in Tacoma, Washington. Isam stated that the run, “Will be huge,” and while organizers and MCR Course Master John Classen are still working out the final details of some of the stops, it’s clear that there will be several opportunities for the public to meet the Motorcycle Cannonball riders during one of the

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Motorcycle Awareness Group

- “Is the right tire track the new sweet spot to ride in?”

I’ll admit it, I grew up riding with one thing firmly implanted in my head by the gray-beards at the front of the pack- “when you ride solo, stay in the left tire track of the road”. This rule of the road has served me well for many years. “It gives you options” they said. “If somebody pulls out in front of you, you can go around them. If somebody turns in front of you, you can go to their left”. We all avoid the lane center between the tire tracks because it collects oil and debris. And although the entire road is crowned, the lane center develops its own crown over time which just makes it even less suitable to ride on. While these all important facts haven’t changed, a new threat has emerged which frankly eclipses these- distracted drivers. Day after day I meet drivers with their nose buried in a cell phone that have no idea I’m even there, whether on my bike or in my truck. The most alarming thing they do is drift over the center line, and they do this with alarming regularity. Unfortunately, if I’m following the old school rules of the road and staying in the left tire track and meet somebody that has drifted over the center while texting, I’m a goner. -

24 - TRMI MAY 2014

When you review all of the dynamics at play here, it’s simply not safe to ride near the center of the road anymore, at least in rural areas. That’s when road speeds are greatest, and as physicists put it, your “closing speed” is highest. You and that vehicle are closing in on each other at the highest rate possible, and the margin for error is zero. When I’m solo on an open highway, you’ll find me hard against the right side anymore. If I have to take the ditch to miss a texter, I’d rather take my chances in the grass than on an asphalt belt sander. Maybe enough of my vintage motocross skills are still present that I can get the bike shut down without leaving bike parts all over the ditch. And if they do recover and straighten out in time, I’m allowing the maximum amount of road while they get their priorities in order, at least for the moment. But what about the age old threats of people turning in front of you? Well unfortunately that will never change and I’ll admit I get anxious every time I meet a car sitting at an intersection waiting to turn left in front of me. I think the best approach is to use both sides of the road as best suited by the riding conditions you’re in. I stay hard right now exclusively on open highways to miss the texting drivers, and will move to the old school approach when in urban areas and the drivers are likely to turn in front of me. Your options unfold more slowly when encountering an urban car that has created a threat to you- you could go in front of them, unless of course they accelerate rapidly and force you into traffic (seen it). You can go behind them, unless they try to fix their error and throw it in reverse (been there done that one too). You can lay it down and broadside their car, or you can square punch the driver’s door and do the superman over the top, hopefully offering the driver a painful reminder about why it’s not nice to pull in front of motorcycles. All of these options can be played out in your head, if only for a few milliseconds. We don’t have these milliseconds when we meet a driver that has crossed the center line on the highway. That’s why you’ll find me as far from the center of the road as possible when I’m on the open road. Do whatever feels right to you, but always keep your guard up on a two-lane highway. Personal electronic devices have forever changed the rules of the road out there. Have a safe riding season! Mark Mullins, President, Motorcycle Awareness Group.

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Iowa is the number one beverage alcohol producing state in the country, who’d have thunk it?? Nestled between the bluffs of LeClaire and the Mighty Mississippi River, stands a tan brick building, just north of the local shops along Highway 67 that make up the shopping district, is the home of the Mississippi River Distilling Company. As we drove past the building, we caught a glimpse of an inviting sign on the door “Tours given from 9-4”. We had found another something to do in LeClaire. Walking through the doors, the scent of fermenting grain began to become noticeable. Growing up in Muscatine, I know that smell can lead to some fine alcohol. Brothers Ryan & Garrett Burchett opened this distillery in 2010 and continue to have a hand in every batch of spirits that is concocted on the premises. Refusing to outsource and only doing business with local farmers is what they pride themselves on. Every grain that is used comes from within 25 miles of the distillery. There are only a handful of distillers in the US who take the “grain to glass” approach, and the Burchett family is one of them.

Homegrown Spirits was designed around this still and from every corner of the distillery building she has her eye on you. The products that come out of Rose are top notch. After taking its trip through the still and the rectification columns (depending on what is brewing), the alcohol is stored in 30 gallon barrels (a smaller barrel is used to speed up the curing time. The traditional 60 gallon barrel can take up to 1 year to age and by cutting down the amount of liquor in each barrel, they are able to naturally speed up the aging process). Each barrel of spirits is labeled with the date of manufacture and the origin of its ingredients and is set down in the climate controlled warehouse to let father time do his magic. Once each batch is ready to bottle, it is brought up from the warehouse and thanks to the help of volunteers, every spirit is hand bottled, hand corked & hand labeled with batch information, thus reflecting the love & dedication that each bottle receives. There are five products that are prepared at the Mississippi River Distilling Co. ranging from smooth vodka to stout whiskey. Each with its own distinct blend of local grains, fruits & vegetables; and each product claims a name reflective of life along the river.

River Pilot Vodka is an award winning crystal clear and amazingly smooth vodka, named after the first riverboat pilot to successfully navigate through this area of the Mighty Mississippi’s cross currents, rocks and other hazards, Philip Suiter. River Rose Gin is highlighted with traditional juniper, along with a full body of citrus including orange, grapefruit and lemon; lavender, rose petals, and locally grown cucumbers provide a finish that is sure to tease your palette. The recipe used for River Rose dates back to the 1800’s. (I am NOT a fan of Gin at all, seems we all had “one of The star of the tour is “Rose”; a 1000 liter, handmade, gleaming copper and stainless steel German still who stands those experiences” in college with Gin that involved a late night and praying to a porcelain god; but I sucked it up for proudly next to 2 very tall rectification columns. Aptly you and tried it…. It was the most refreshing, smooth and named, Rose has the curves of a beautiful woman and is flavorful spirit that had crossed these lips ever). When the the true “river rose” of the distillery. The building layout river was the lifeline of this area, steam boats carried all

26 - TRMI MAY 2014

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the needed supplies, including wine and alcohol up river to Iowa. Most of these steamers were owned by a single man or small groups of men, these keepers of life’s luxuries were known as river barons. River Barron Artisan Spirit is again crystal clear and is made from a mixture of corn & wheat. This spirit is delicious alone boasting a sweet, smooth finish, but gives a distinctive kick to any number of mixed drinks (I would recommend a White Russian, or a splash of your favorite soda). Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey gets its name from William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who was born in LeClaire in 1846. And much like the road of life that Buffalo Bill traveled, this whiskey boasts a flavor and aroma experience unlike any other. The sweetness of corn combined with light fruit from wheat and a grassy, nutty finish from the unmalted barley make this bourbon stand out. The vanilla and caramel flavoring from the oak barrels it is aged within give this spirit a distinct flavor. Bottled at 90 proof this bourbon has enough kick to know it’s a bourbon, but finishes so smoothly you’ll never realize it. During his storied life, Buffalo Bill was regarded as a regular purveyor of whiskey and legend has it that rye whiskey was his spirit of choice. Cody Road Rye is a unique spirit that illustrates the wonderful spiciness of this one-ofa-kind grain along with the delicate fruitiness that is often lost in rye whiskies. Rye is known for being a bold and spicy grain. It is distilled very cleanly so you can experience a sweet fruitiness that is unexpected from rye. Along with their normal line of products, the distillery continues to create a variety of limited edition spirits, including Apple Cider Whiskey, Iowa Coffee Co Liqueur and Mono Loco Banana flavored Rye Whiskey to name a few. They also offer a once in a lifetime chance to make your own whiskey, whether using your own recipe or just your ideas, Ryan & Garrett will help you create your own custom whiskey, age it for you and invite you back to bottle your brand (makes a perfect gift for that hard to shop for person!). Also, a few times a year, the brothers offer a “Whiskey School”. Over the course of 2 days, you will learn every step of the distilling process, what grains lead to which flavors, the history of whiskey and how to make some of the most famed whiskey drinks around. Next time you are looking for a destination for your ride, think about cruising along the Mississippi River to LeClaire and stop by the Mississippi River Distilling Company for a tour, make sure to tell them Thunder Roads Magazine sent ya! Just remember to always ride safe and drink responsibly. ~Pinky

I really enjoy a slow stroll through the parking lot of any event that draws bikers. It doesn’t matter if it is a rally, a poker run or a bike night as long as there are bikers and bikes. After all the handshakes, back slaps and story telling, I like to meander through the vast array of bikes observing the variety of paint schemes and accessories that adorn each bike, specifically in search of the specialty items that reflect the riders taste, personality and soul. While doing so, I have noticed an increasing number of bikes adorning a long braided rope hanging from the brake or clutch lever. Because I am curious and inquisitive in a sick kind of way, I felt it necessary to get to the bottom of this. So I began asking questions.

who need to pay more attention to the road. Not a bad idea, but a few steel marbles or ball bearings falling out of my pockets will do the same thing in a much more discreet manner. In the event that such an act would happen to draw the attention of law enforcement, I’m going to claim that they aren’t mine, then show him my balls and explain how I lost my marbles years ago. How am I going to deny the rope is mine by eating it?

The third poor soul I asked, explained to me “I saw bikes at a Rally with them. I thought they were really cool so I bought one”. I walked away shaking my head and silently thinking, I hope a good strong wind wraps that thing around his neck like a boa constrictor because I’m pretty sure he The first rider I asked informed me “it’s a club thing, isn’t smart enough to activate the emergency clip. I realize everyone in my club rides with them”! As I walked away I that’s not very nice but some people just don’t understand was grateful that he didn’t find my inquiry offensive because how to properly accessorize. I knew I was vastly outnumbered by the rope count in the parking lot. This lead me to the discovery that there is a fable My fourth inquiry informed me “it’s a safety cord” he went that the “Old School Get Back Whip” started in the 1940’s on to explain, “It keeps me safe by flapping in the wind when West Coast Biker Clubs started adorning their bikes beside me”. There is some belief that “The Whip” flapping with them to display their club colors and make clubs more in the wind along side the bike as it rolls down the road recognizable. helps other drivers see the biker better. This theory makes a little sense. But my pony tail flaps in the wind and there I realize that it takes a while for a fad to travel from the are a lot of idiots out there that only see it when they are Coast to the Midwest but 70 years seemed like an awful stigmatizing me. So the next time I get a sneer or comment slow ride to me. So I found the most seasoned rider in the about the pony tail I’m going to explain that it is called a crowd and struck up a conversation. He claimed he had been “Safety Cord” then l will make sure that someone dials 911 riding for 65 years. He had no memory of any “Get Back for them. Whip” from the 40’s. Of course he couldn’t find his bike in the parking lot, he wasn’t sure who he came to the event The so called “Old School Get Back Whip” is it a fad, a with and even though I told him my name five times, he fable or simply fabulous. Call it what you want; believe insisted on calling me “Shitty”. whatever you like, as long as it is flapping in the wind “Shitty” will be too. My second interview informed me “it’s for emergencies”. My first thoughts were, a whip sold to bikers for ShiFty LaRue emergencies, how come I am never blessed with an emergency like that? He went on to explain how “The Whip” is designed with an emergency clip so it can be quickly and easily removed with one hand while in motion. It is then used to get the attention of a dog or a bad driver. I’m sure I can hit the throttle and out run a dog much faster than unclipping that whip and trying to figure out how to safely swing it while in motion. Swinging that rope at a chasing dog sounds like a good way to create an emergency when it gets lodged in the rear wheel or wrapped around the sprocket. Maybe I just misunderstood! Now that I think about it the chic he was with wasn’t very pretty, she was wearing a leather harness and he had her on a leash. Thinking about using “The Whip” to get the attention of a bad driver sounds like a good idea. The fable of the “Old School Get Back Whip” includes having steel balls braided into the end of the whip to make a greater impact on drivers 28 - TRMI MAY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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32 - TRMI MAY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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The businesses of Soldier would like to thank those from near and far for supporting our events. These parties could not happen without these businesses pulling together to make this happen. Join us Sunday May 25th and then again August 20th31st for the Midway Tavern’s events. Special thanks to: Something Unique, Soldier Fire Department, Soldier Community Club, Soldier Speedee Shop, Soldier Elevator, I Kan Marketing, Sherri’s Book Store, Bloomy’s Boutique, Leather & Hawgs, and the Community Bank.

38 - TRMI MAY 2014

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TRM TR MI M AY 22014 0144 - 399 01 TRMI MAY

When we took over the reins of this critter four years ago, we wanted something special, something unique, and something different. For the last 48 issues, we have been working feverishly at creating a biker magazine for Iowa that is not as much about the bikes as about what to do when you throw a le leg eg over. Our biker magazine is not about the bikes, but more of a biker lifestyle publication. There are plenty of other avenues to get your fix on bikes, builds, and customization, and we simply did not want to pour ourselves into the same mold. We instead chose to make our own mold, and it sure seems to be working. This May issues page count is a record number at 72 pages. When we get more sponsors on our pages, we increase pages of content accordingly, and the readers and sponsors are increasing their support of TRMI. Our goal is to feature Iowa places, people, and things to do right here at home. There is a ton of things to see and do in Iowa, and many of these treasures are easily overlooked. On the cover it states About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa, and that is what we try to live by with this magazine. Our Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa family extends far beyond our staff page. The readers and sponsors of the magazine are what make this special. Readers that comment that they have kept every copy, that they love the magazine, the sponsors that say that the best advertising they have done is on our pages, makes this YOUR TRMI. The staff help put everything together, but we are always looking for more stories, more places to go in Iowa, and more photos for our pages. Don’t be afraid to submit

anything to us, as we consider everything that we get. If it interests you, it may interest many others, and we try to take that into account. We cannot c run everything that we w get, but as stated, we look l at and read everything that t comes our way. You can su submit u anything you would like for content to Vernon@thunderroadsiowa. com With all that said, I wanted to share a little bit about our crew with all of you. These people are near and dear to me, and this could not happen every month without their hard work and dedication. They all work on the magazine on a part time basis, as they have other gigs to pay the bills, but each and every one of them does this with a passion for the biker life that is unparalleled. Eryka, aka Pinky, and Dan Driscoll-These guys are from Eastern Iowa, and they are both bikers and hot rod folks. You can read more about Eryka in the Letter from the Staff page toward the beginning of the magazine. They are wonderful people, and Dan even likes to run his yellow Firebird aptly nicknamed the “Thunder Chicken” on the drag strip whenever he can. If you ever get a chance to party it up with this incredible couple, don’t pass it up. You will not forget it, or maybe the party would be so fun you will! Murph and Annette-When taking over the magazine we met Murph at the Carroll Cycle Center HOG meeting, and hit it off immediately. He said that he loved the magazine and that he would do anything he could to help out. He stated that he could do deliveries of the magazines every month, and that his lovely wife Annette could help out as well. Things progressed and these two have been instrumental in the making of TRMI. We simply could not do this without them. Murph is still delivering and speaking praises about the magazine everywhere he goes, and Annette has gotten into event correspondence, photography, and ad sales on top of delivering. These two have cut a wide swath the past

40 - TRMI MAY 2014

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few years, and have become widely known. Murph was in a crash last summer, and just to let everyone know, he is doing better, has been up and around on his new leg, and is doing good. Annette stood by this man through all the trials and tribulations, and it has not been easy for either of them, but they are prevailing and will be back in the wind this summer. I am sure you can see them at many events this year. Darcy Ring-The infamous DRing. This gal is a perky little number that has been a friend of mine for quite a number of years. About a year ago she asked about the 99 County Tour articles, as one of the upcoming counties was where she was raised. She took the ball and ran with it and has not looked back since. She is doing that article, a few others here and there, and some event correspondence and ad sales. She has also been one of my best sounding boards both personally and professionally. She offers a unique perspective on things and brings a lot to the table. One thing that she does very well is meeting people and finding out where to go and what to do. Her love and enthusiasm for the magazine is unquestionable, and it shows when she is out and about. She runs in the western Iowa area for ad sales, but who knows where you may see her next. If you run into her, chat her up about your neck of the woods and let her know about more places she should go see and things to do here in Iowa. Netty Kawecki-This woman got hooked up

Susan Mast-This feisty little blonde crossed paths with us at a show over in Rock Island if I can recall correctly. After some discussions about the family that we are building, she signed up to do her part. She hails from Wayland, and runs around the SE corner of the state. She brings a heart of gold and an interesting perspective from the back seat of a motorcycle. She loves to ride and will do so whenever she gets a chance. Never enough rear seat time for this gal. She loves to check out new events and take photos, and has come up with some pretty damn cool stories for the readers. She has a unique eye for stories and photos. David and Heather McCoy-This pair is up in Mason City and they got hooked up with the magazine via Harv. We needed someone in that area for ad sales and distribution, and David fit the bill. This cat loves to ride and is a firm believer in the Bill of Rights. He is not afraid to roll about anywhere on two wheels, so who knows where you may see him. He has gotten into this gig, and has even gotten a nice camera to be able to capture more of those awesome shots at events all over. Harvey and Sue Hunter-Harv is one of the most unique people that I have ever met. He is brash, loud, large, and has a giant heart as well. Sue is a saint. That is a common

with the magazine by default, and when others have gone away, she remains an invaluable part of the family. Not only does she roll to events for coverage, partying, taking pictures, and writing stories, she tells me what I do wrong! She is the copy editor for the magazine and tells me what I don’t type correctly! Her smile is contagious and has a blast just about anywhere she goes. Just ask thousands of people at the Midwest Motorcycle show in March. Her and Darcy covered the booth on the Saturday of the show and had a great time. And, the best cheeseburger ever! Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 41

comment about her. Harv brings so much passion to the biker world that it is amazing, and Sue is right there with him but slightly more quiet and reserved and with a smile on her face almost constantly. We hooked up with this couple at Hawgstock quite a few years ago and hit it off. They are at parties with the notorious TeePee with the Thunder Roads banner on it. In Algona, look for them and some of the Jell-O shots that they are gonna have along. There is always a great time with these two. Look out though, as you never know what shots Sue may get with that camera! Jeff and Anne Sigwarth-Jeff approached me a couple years back at an event in Dubuque and through some back and forth emails and phone calls, he jumped on board and brought his wife Anne with. Jeff rides in about any weather, and loves to tear up the pavement. He gets out and about in the Dubuque area, but they live in Holy Cross. He lives the biker life and will never leave a biker on the road with no help. I just got a call from a guy recently that relayed that exact sentiment. His comment was thanks to Jeff, because he “gets it”. This type of enthusiasm is what makes the TRMI “family” cohesive, and that passion is shared with readers and sponsors.

have known this gal for years and she is one of a kind for sure. She jumps into everything she does with both feet, and despite her size, she is a firecracker. She is in the Des Moines area, but has ties to people all over the state. Right now she is dealing with a fractured wrist, but I am sure that will not keep her down long. I would bet that by midsummer, you will see her out on the road on the HD. Tony Darveau-Tony runs the parts department at the Carroll Cycle Center. The dude is the guy with the funny colored hair on occasion. He has been selling me parts for years and knows his business. I conned him into doing an article every month about new and cool stuff for parts that are out. He is a rider and a hot rodder, and gets the biker lifestyle on multiple levels.

Nate and Theresa Ullrich-One of my first memories of Nate was late one night at a rally when he was heading back to camp. He was walking up the hill and it was not the easiest thing for him at the time at that hour. He had a camera bag slung over his shoulder, and I was surprised when he grabbed a beer out of the bag. He slurred a little bit about sometimes having trouble remembering to not put Bob Colbertice and beer in the bag until he removes the camera. That He rolls in the was a couple of beers and years ago, and we have been Knoxville area good friends since. His sexy wife Theresa and some of and is a rider and Nate’s other photos grace the walls of my house. They are is very ingrained a great couple from Clinton that also does event coverage in motorcycle and photography, and create their very own pin-up calendar racing. As every year. Look for it on these very pages. Knoxville raceway hosts Mark and Karla some of the best Cornick-These are two AMA racing in of the sweetest people the Midwest, that you will ever meet. you will find him here on race day and out and about These two submit promoting the events there. He has a wonderful spark in the CMA page every his eye about racing and riding. This year the Knoxville month and do so with Raceway is hosting AMA Flat Track racing and Vintage great positivity. They motorcycle races on the same are both riders and we weekend as the Sprint Car met them originally at Nationals. You can catch Bob Conesville. Kind of an odd place to meet up with Christian trackside that entire weekend. Motorcyclists, but it takes all kinds to make this world go around. I am not a highly religious man, but their way of Glenda Bates-This spunky sharing stories and relating them to the bible is a must read little gal that rides her own for me every month. They are unique and caring people Heritage, and does so with that you need to make a point of meeting out at events in confidence. Despite her southeastern Iowa, you will be impressed. short stature, she handles that Big Twin like no other. I 42 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Jack Randleman-This Iowa boy got hooked up with the magazine at one of the past Conesville events. He is a graphic artist and helps out with many different aspects of the magazine and does a phenomenal job. He transplanted to Key West this past year, but keeps his ties to Iowa close, and this is one of his avenues to keep that accomplished. I envy him for the relocation, or at least I did when it was minus what the hell ever this past winter.

to raise awareness and safety of motorcyclists everywhere. They are thinking outside the box on ways to help keep us all alive.

Mark Brundige-I have known this cat for more years than I can count. Mark, AKA Lurch is from my hometown and went to school with my younger brother. I always thought he was a pain in the ass, but things have changed as we have grown up. He is a diesel mechanic by day, but at night he does hand tooling Peter Sieben-From the leather work that will make your sometimes overlooked area of head spin. He rolls to events northwest Iowa, Peter submits with us and spreads the word monthly as a Coalition of about TRMI far and wide. His Independent Riders member and bike, a 2005 Road King, nick an ABATE member. He will named Road Rage, sports some bring topics of all sorts about little 20� apes, and they totally rights, freedoms, and being fit him and the bike. If you ever able to be an American as it meet up with him, ask him how was meant to be. Sometimes much ice can build up on the controversial topics that others spokes of Road Rage before he may shy away from, Peter is not afraid to call a spade a calls in the rescue truck. spade. Ray Weber and Erica Craig and Lynnette Kniesly-We met Ray and Little-Craig and his Father in Dunlap a Lynnette and their few years back. Thought son Chris have it was cool his old man is all been students still riding. Allen Weber of mine in EMS is down in Florida now, classes at different but rolls on his trike every times over the years. chance he gets. Ray and That is how we first Erica have been great got hooked up, and friends and proponents of then the friendship the magazine. They as continued with the well come along to events love of motorcycles, as much as they can, and help out with a lot of things behind guns, and Emergency Services. Another love for all of us the scenes. Erica this year may just possibly end up with is the love for food. Craig and Lynnette do the Will Ride her own ride! Another rider in the world is a good thing. to Eat page every month. It seems fitting that someone that love to roll on his Valkyrie and loves to eat would only put All of these people together help to make TRMI what it is. that together and share with the biker world some good Their love and support for the magazine is what makes it spots to get some vittles. I only wish that we had more time work, and makes us family. Our passion is contagious in to hook up more frequently to go review spots. this biker community, and we want to share that with all of you. Thank you for reading and supporting the magazine! Mark Mullins-Mark is one of the most recent additions to the family. He is with the Motorcycle Awareness Group Vernon out of northern Iowa. They are doing everything they can

Scoot is a quiet man of average height, with a graying goatee, sitting in a tool shed sometime around 1985-86 and snagged usually wearing red lens sunglasses and watching him kick her up for a mere $700. Scoot has plans for the future over his machine is captivating. It took me a little bit of to restore the paint to the original coloring and continue effort to crack Bill Bright, restoring it to showcase the but once I did- I couldn’t get original beauty. enough of his story. Born and raised in Anamosa, he Scoot rides alongside the has only been without a Teufelhund Veterans Group, motorcycle for 7 years since based out of Anamosa he got his license (there was (featured Jan 2014 in TRM a gal who didn’t like ‘em of IA). He has also been and that meant he couldn’t a member of the AmVets either). Scoot enlisted in the & Abate in the past. For Navy in 1971 and completed the last 33 years, he and 2 tours in the Vietnam War. wife, Sherry, have fueled He was pretty much up and their love for all things 2 down the entire west coast wheels together. Scoot & of Southeast Asia, with brief Sherry spend many days stops in the Philippines, tooling around the Iowa Singapore, and Thailand as countryside with each other. well, supplying our troops Sherry learned how to ride with necessities to complete a motorcycle upon Scoot’s their missions. favorite of the collection, his ’72 Triumph. Although he Scoot’s father was also in has a few bikes to choose the Navy and fought during from, Sherry is dedicated the Korean War. Both of his to her teal 1991 Heritage, grandfathers fought in World of which she handles with War I, a fact that led to an ease and grace. When Bill interesting story. While one & Sherry aren’t racking grandfather was fighting up the miles, both are very with the United States armed dedicated to assisting the forces, the other grandfather was on the opposite side of the battle line, fighting alongside Teufelhunds & the German armed forces. His grandfather, the German the numerous soldier, was captured by the Allies and spent a year as a charitable prisoner of war in an Allied Forces war camp. causes that group On top of having quite the family military story, Scoot has supports. acquired a rather captivating collection of bikes along his journey, owning many of them to this day. After ditching Thunder the above mentioned ‘fun hater’, Bill scooted around town Roads on a 1967 Triumph. Returning to civilian life, he picked Magazine of up a 1972 Triumph, and has since then thrown his leg over Iowa thanks a varied assortment of motorcycles. One of Scoot’s rides is you for your currently on display at the National Motorcycle Museum; a service to our very rare Taiwanese Panther adorned with a 175 cc, 2 stroke country and motor. He picked up this uncommon ride at a swap meet, as your passion a ‘buy this bike and I’ll throw in that bike’ type of deal; the for two ‘freebie’ was this Panther. Another one of his prized rides, wheels! a stunning blue 1967 Triumph, is featured in Natanic’s 2014 Classic Pin-Ups calendar. Even with those rare beauties in ~Pinky his collection Scoot’s favorite bike is his gold 1972 Triumph, saying he’s owned it for 27 years and it’s been the most reliable bike he’s ever owned. He found this classic beauty Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook 44 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 45

Dick “Slider” Gilmore is a well-known name in the motorcycle community. Slider is a member of the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame, National Museum Motorcycle Hall of Fame and American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame. He also received the Silver Spoke Award from National Coalition of Motorcycles. Originally from Sioux Rapids, he has been all over the country and beyond presenting on motorcycle safety to riders of all walks of life for over 30 years. He has also been behind training countless emergency services providers on how to more effectively treat victims of motorcycle crashes.

presented his all-new diabetic rider safety course with a focus on awareness and how diabetes affects the community. The program was presented in memory of a man locals and Gilmore refer to as both a “brother and diabetic rider,” Dan “Chipper” Ables. “Most people don’t understand diabetes,” Gilmore said. He wanted me to develop a program to teach people about diabetes. The motorcycle community is at least the norm of the regular population and at higher risk than others because of their lifestyle.” He added, “Lifestyle can heighten the risk of diabetes.” The program itself is designed for the general public, not specifically for the motorcycle crowd exclusively.

The Diabetic Rider

About everyone has a family member or friend that is impacted by diabetes,” Gilmore said. “We touch on how it affects your brain, your heart, sexual function, nerves, kidneys, feet. ... It’s one of those things for our community that affects so many people. So many people are at risk and don’t know it.” Gilmore was an original member of the Shayla Bee board of directors, and all proceeds from the registration of attendees for the evening presentation were donated to

On April 11th, Slider took on a new topic, one that is near and dear to him. At the request of a longtime friend just before his passing, he was asked to create a presentation on a national health issue, Diabetes. Over 30 million Americans are Diabetic, with double that figure that are estimated at being under or undiagnosed. This disease is growing with no end in sight, and it can affect everyone, including the biker community. The best way to curb the growth is to offer education on the disease, and show ways that can keep the disease in check. Slider wants to keep his fellow riders, friends, and family from being affected by this disease. The Clay County Regional Events Center hosted “The Diabetic Rider” program. For the first time, Gilmore Shayla Bee. Slider took only satisfaction away from the evening knowing that he shared valuable information with bikers, and raised more monies for Shayla Bee. Spencer Hospital also supported the program. Nurses were on hand offering non-fasting blood screening for anyone wishing to have the testing done. Just about everyone in the room took part and the results were interesting for the crowd. If you ever get a chance to sit in on this, or any of Slider’s presentations, it is highly recommended. He is well versed and provides information in an entertaining fashion. His passion for what he does and the biker community is unquestionable. Vernon 46 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 47

China Village 628 Nile Kinnick Drive Adel, IA 50003 515-993-3383 Mon - Sat 11 AM - 9 PM Sun Closed

will ride to eat

What to eat, what to eat? This is the question that sets the wheels of decision in motion. It’s usually followed by Lynnette’s question: What haven’t we reviewed recently? And there you have a rare glimpse into minds of a food review team (I hope it was all you had imagined!!!). Our most recent conversation of this type was followed up by the answer: Chinese... we haven’t reviewed Chinese in a long time! And so here it is... our Chinese restaurant review. Now the next logical question is where? A quick online search of Chinese restaurant locations yielded quite an extensive list. After eliminating past reviews and chain restaurants we ended up deciding on China Village in Adel. Looking at the address I wondered where the heck Nile Kinnick Drive was. The easiest way to describe how to find China Village is find the Fareway grocery store across from the high school on the south side of Adel on Hwy 169. Immediately north of Fareway is a small church and immediately north of the church is China Village on the south end of a small strip mall. Now don’t panic when you see there are very few parking spots allotted for the restaurant, there is plenty of parking on the back side of the building along with a rear entrance for customers. We went in and were seated; this appears to be a family operation. I have no proof but the wait staff looked to me as grandmother, mother and daughter. I was also curious about the golden bears on the counter with the waving arms. It turns out they are gold cats (cats... bears... what do I look like a zoologist?) and they are a traditional Chinese method to bring in customers. Well, it must work because here we are!!!!

ily on one of my crab rangoon and this stuff will definitely clear your sinuses (I didn’t know I had sinuses all the way up to my receding hair line until now!!!)! If you happen to order the crab rangoon as an appetizer and are sad when they are gone don’t fear, the dinners here come with a crab rangoon, an egg roll (which is filled with cooked cabbage not eggs... WHO KNEW!?!?!) and a chicken wing.

Lynnette ordered General Taos Chicken and I ordered the Combination Kung Pao. If you are looking for some heat (like I do) just check out the items on the menu with the little pepper next to the name. They will also adjust the heat to your liking so don’t be afraid to step up to the fire LOL!!!!!!! The combination I ordered included beef, chicken, pork and shrimp. All these wonderful meats were mixed together with some peppers and other veggies and served along with a bowl of rice and a bowl of the soup of your choice. I like to mix everything together with the rice but you may have other ways you prefer, the empty plate they give you to mix upon can be likened to a blank canvas to a painter. China Village, Chinese food at its best. Go there and create your own masterpiece! Until next month, ride safe and eat hearty! Craig Little PS If you have someplace you think we should check out in your neck of the woods, shoot me an email.

After ordering our drinks we asked for some crab rangoon as an appetizer. Our gauge of Chinese restaurants is their crab rangoon and this was excellent! As a side note, one of the toughest jobs of reviewing food is remembering to take pictures before eating (so I like to eat... sue me!!!!)! The crab rangoon appetizer order is comprised of 4 of them. When Lynnette reminded me to get a picture there was one left (I told you they were good!), sorry. I don’t want to forget to tell you about the condiments on the table. There you will find salt, pepper, a bottle of soy sauce, a basket of sugar and a red squirt bottle and a yellow squirt bottle. Red and Yellow... ketchup and mustard, right? I thought that was strange for a Chinese place. Well, the red isn’t ketchup... it actually contains sweet and sour sauce. The yellow... well, it does have mustard... kind of... HOT mustard. I know this is dating me but in the words of the old Brylcreem commercials.... “A little dab’ll do ya!” I squirted a little too heart48 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder d Roads d Magazine off Iowa on Facebook b k

f o s l r i G

We want you on our pages! If you are an Iowa Girl of Thunder, send us your name, year and model of bike, and where you are from to v

Paula Frank 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Ankeny

Michelle Spare-Johns 2010 Harley Nightster Altoona

Donna Saggs 2003 Harley Road King Police Council Bluffs 50 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 51

A woman on a mission that is what I was. When I was young I always said that by the time I was thirty I wanted a horse, by the time I was forty I wanted a hog. Thirty came and went, no horse but I am okay with that.

unfortunate, the extra riding time is invaluable! We all arrive on a Friday afternoon, eager and wide eyed. There were five of us in the class. Two women with no previous riding (less the fender) experience, two gentlemen who have done some riding with a permit and felt reasonably comfortable on two wheels and then we had the super star rider who had been riding all his life but made the choice to get legal! Our instructor was a lovely man who had lived a full life, who had done about every crazy thing you can think of on two wheels and lived to tell the stories so we could learn from him, kind of a do as I say, not as I did kind of guy.

There was inclement weather forecasted for Sunday so we jumped right into the riding portion of the class. I had never been on two wheels of my own and I new being apprehensive would not be a good thing so I tried very hard to just do it. We learned how to mount the bike properly, where all the switches and levers were on our bikes, what they did and we were off! Although it is a few years off I was not willing to see Who knew neutral could be so hard to find? Friday forty on the distant horizon without reaching out and was filled with basic maneuvers, stopping, starting, taking the steps to attain this goal. curves and the dreaded double U-turn box, my nemesis on day one. I generally pick up on things I had wanted to take the A.B.A.T.E class because very easily, my cup is always half full, heck it’s pretty EVERYONE who has taken it told me how awesome darn full, but by the end of the first day I was having it was, but I would have had to wait until June to doubts on my ability to be successful in this class. I take one close to me, so I signed up at the nearest had to rationalize in my head how I was going to be community college as soon as they could get me in. successful if I was having such a hard time finding It was a three-day class for a total of fifteen hours, neutral? We ended the first night in the classroom Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Next year they are and I went home exhausted and slept like a rock. cutting the class to thirteen hours but I think that is After talking to some friends who had taken the same class I was reassured that Saturday would go better. Thank goodness it did! Things started to come more naturally. I figured out that if you don’t look at the darn cones you don’t hit them. If you look where you want to go you go there. The U-turn box of death really wasn’t my nemesis after all and keeping your knees together really can be beneficial! It came time to take the riding portion of the test. In our class we all started at zero. If you earn more the twenty points you do not pass. There were four portions of the riding test, going into the final portion of the test I had only earned six points and was feeling pretty darn good about myself. Then I realized what time it was and I was going to be 52 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

late to my sons wrestling banquet, so I asked to jump to the front of the line so I could get going, bad move but lesson learned. Being mentally distracted really does affect your ability to operate a moving vehicle. On the last part of the test I earned thirteen more points because I went out of bounds. Not my proudest moment, however I passed! Our instructor told me that he had seen me accomplish that task all day without major issue so he felt comfortable with my riding. Thank goodness, but that six would have let my peacock feathers spread out a little further then that nineteen does.

For the record one fine chap in our class earned zero points on the riding portion and a 96% on the written, not too shabby for a fellow TRMI staffer! His encouragement through the class to me and everyone proved an invaluable tool. Taking my motorcycle license class and passing is something I am very proud of. It was not the easiest or the hardest thing I have ever done but it is my accomplishment, it is for me and no one else! Now to find my Hog or metric; at this point I am not as picky about what I ride I just look forward to making it my very own. See you on the road soon! DRing

Sunday was review and the written test. Fifty multiple-choice questions, the culmination of our three days of learning decided whether we pass or fail. I had done the work, I had studied and I decided that it was go time. It took me less then ten minutes to complete the test and I passed with a 98%! Talk about a sigh of relief. Four of us passed all of the tests and the fifth will retake the portion they needed a little extra help with in the near future and be on the road in no time.

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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54 - TRMI MAY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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56 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of of Io IIowa owa wa on on Facebook Faace F cebo ookk ww w ww .tth hun unde derr rroa oads dsio ow waa.ccom om

TRMI MAY 2014 - 57

58 - TRMI MAY 2014

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60 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 61

Why did the Easter egg hide? Because it was a little chicken

says,“ “You passed a bullet, right?” The mother g goes on to tell the daughter the story.

A female reporter was conducting an interview with a farmer about Mad Cow Disease.“Mr. Brown, do you have any idea what might be the cause of the disease?”“Sure. Do you know the bulls only screw the cows once a year?”“Umm, sir, that is a new piece of information, but what’s the relationship between this and Mad Cow?” ?” “And did you know we milk the cows twice a day?”“Mr. Brown, that’s interesting, but, what’s the point?”“Lady, the point is this: if I’m playing with your tits twice a day, but only screwing you once a year, wouldn’t you go mad, too?”

Top 15 Euphemisms for Impotence 15. 180 degrees shy of heaven 14. Performing with Flaccido Domingo 13. A few parts shy of an erector set 12. Sch-wing and a miss 11. Not rising to the level of impeachable offense 10. The Null Monty 9. Disappointing Miss Daisy 8. Taking the gold at the Lake Flaccid Olympics 7. Ascension Deficit Disorder 6. Bouncing the Check of Love 5. Less-than-Magic Johnson 4. All Doled up with nowhere to go 3.Welcome to Flaccid City. Population:You 2. Serving boneless pork 1. Unleavened Man-Bread

Several weeks later, the third child, a son, comes to his mother and says,“Mom, the strangest thing just happened.” The mother interrupts him and says,“You passed a bullet, right?” The son says,“No, Mom — I was masturbating and shot the dog!”

One afternoon a man says to his wife, you, me and the dogs are going pig shooting. They pack the truck and head off. They get there late at night and the man says, we will head off at sunrise. The wife is tired and replies, I don’t want to go in the morning. The husband is furious and replies, I will give you 3 options, you, me and the dog shoot, or you give me a blow job or we have anal sex. The wife isn’t to pleased but realizes it’s one or the other. They rise early in the morning and the husband says well, what’s it to be. She isn’t pleased but decides to give him a blow job. As soon as she starts she stops and says, your dick tastes like shit. He replies:“Yeh, the dog didn’t want to go either.”

A guy walks into the bar of a restaurant and goes to the bartender and asks “how much for a beer?” The bartender replies “$1”. The customer completely amazed, orders a beer then asks the bartender “Well then how much for a NY sirloin, with side of mashed potatoes and salad, and an entire cheesecake for desert?” The Bartender reply’s “$5”. The guy still amazed then orders everything and after he is done eating his meal then says “Wow, this place is amazing, I really wish I could meet the owner of this place”. The bartender then says “Oh well, he’s upstairs in his office with my wife”. The guy looks all confused then asks A pregnant woman is in the bank when the bank is “What is he doing upstairs in his office with your wife?” robbed. A gunfight breaks out, and she is shot 3 times in The bartender then says “The same thing I’m doing to the abdomen. She is rushed to the hospital. Miraculously, his business”. she is unharmed. After giving a full examination, though, the doctor tells her,“I have good and bad news for you. A young woman goes to church to confess her sins You are going to have triplets — but each baby has a to the priest. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” bullet in it. Luckily, they have hit no vital organs, and “Tell all of your sins, my daughter.” “Oh, Father, last eventually your children will pass the bullets naturally.” night my boyfriend made hot, passionate love to me seven times,” she says. The priest thinks about this The woman has 3 healthy babies. Twelve years pass, long and hard and says, ’’Take seven lemons and and she has all but forgotten the incident in the bank. squeeze the juice into a tall glass and drink it.’’ “Will this cleanse my soul of my sins?” “No,” the priest One day, the first child, a daughter, comes to her mother says, “But it’ll wipe that smile off your face!” and says,“Mom, the strangest thing just happened — I was using the toilet, and I passed a bullet.” The mother explains everything, and she assures her daughter that everything is okay. Q: What’s slimy cold long and smells like pork? A: A few weeks later, the second child, also a daughter, Kermit the frogs finger comes to her mother and says,“Mom, the strangest thing just happened.” The mother interrupts her and 62 - TRMI MAY 2014

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It is every citizen’s civic duty to When I was a young represent him or man, and therefore her and their family both invincible and politically to protect invisible there was nothing that I could not do. what our fore-fathers fought and died for. Okay, so that’s just my opinion, but I’ll bet that if you ask You know what, sometimes I still believe that one any veteran, they’ll probably, more often than not, dedicated American can accomplish almost anything, agree with me. what’s sad is that 40 years ago 85% of people Remember, “Life is a competition, only the strong thought that same way. Today, I’m beginning to think survive,” Peter Sieben, Free Roaming radical. If we that I’m it. I’m a dying breed of folks that aren’t afraid want to win the war on the assault that has been to go against the grain and stand up for something, raised against us, we must be willing to outwork out or anything just because, as Americans, we are competition. Numbers matter. One person sending guaranteed the right to do so. You know, push the emails means little, but it still gets noticed. One envelope, and thereby make thousand folks sending more room for everyone. emails is an effective coalition. One hundred I realize that this means thousand folks and you’ve “choosing the more difficult got a movement, and that’s path.” I’ve found over the what this is. The “I want my years that the greater the rights back as an American” risk, the greater the reward. movement. All you have Most times, the difference to do to join is to get in the between success and failure game. is just hard work, and I know Comments or questions how to work hard. Hell, I don’t even mind it. Since the political process belongs to those who show up, I choose to get in and stay in the game no matter how frustrating it can become. Little victories mean a lot. Little defeats only serve to strengthen my resolve. The thing that’s hard for me to understand is that most folks simply choose to stay on the sidelines and try to remain blissful in their overall ignorance. Let the government continue to violate the U.S. Constitution and eliminate many of the rights guaranteed to us as citizens. Remember a “no vote” is a vote in favor of the status quo.

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

P.S. I would like to recognize the involvement of Abate of IA Dist 20’s participation in the Abate of IA State Capital Lobby Day. Over 30 people out of the 110 or so in total. Pretty good, especially considering the fact that Dist 20 is located among the farthest from Des Moines.

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64 - TRMI MAY 2014

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that it said “Li’l Blue Bitch” on the gas tank and that was enough for the officer to feel like he had found the rightful owner as this information was on the original paperwork concerning the theft. The Triumph had been changed a bit over the years. Its baby blue paint job had been changed to silver and black with a tiger on the gas tank. She had been bobberized, her front fender was removed and she had a different seat and pillion. However at her core she was still Donald’s Triumph.

Werner Cycle Works hosted the Midwest Motorcycle Show in conjunction withe the World of Wheels in Omaha in March. Tom and crew have been growing this show for the past few years, and it keeps getting bigger and better. This year the crowd favorite bike has a unique story is unreal. If you did not make the show, here are some photos of the bikes and a little ditty on the bike that got a lot of attention, years later.

The day Donald met back up with “Li’L Blue” he gave the agent who delivered her a hug and jumped right on her back and took her for a spin around the parking lot! Even at 73 he still enjoys the wind in his hair and the roar of the engine! Just a few weeks after getting her back Donald had her repainted and had the “Li’l Blue Bitch” put back on her gas tank. Now he and his lady friend take her to shows and

Forty-six years is a long time to own something, let alone to be missing something. Forty-six years is how long Donald DeVault wondered what ever happened to his “53 Tiger T 100 Triumph. One ill-fated night in February of 1967 in an Omaha backyard some wayward soul stole Donald’s old girl, affectionately named the “Li’l Blue Bitch”. Forty-six years later in Los Angeles California, in a shipping yard about to be sent to Japan a diligent U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection agent ran the serial number of the bike and found that it had been stolen from Donald’s back yard so many years ago! Like many young men in their 20’s in the 60’s Donald bought, rode, loved and customized his motorcycle. Sure she was only worth about $300 at the time she was stolen but she meant the world to him. Over the years Donald had always wondered what happened to his Li’l Blue Bitch? Unless someone comes forward her forty-six year odyssey may never be realized. Whatever happened over those many years, she was a well cared for lady who jumped in value to $9,000! When Donald received the call in November of 2013 he couldn’t believe his ears. The officer asked if there were any distinguishing markings on the bike, Donald told him 66 - TRMI MAY 2014

share her story. I had a great time listening to and learning from Donald and Joan at the World of Wheels show. He had so much knowledge to share and interesting life stories to tell. If the Li’l Blue Bitch was able to tell her stories from the past forty-six years I am sure she would also captivate an audience. Until such a time comes if you happen to run across Donald and Li’l Blue take a moment to stop and listen, it really is a feel good story and who doesn’t like to feel good? DRing

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MAY 2014 - 67



Desparado’s, Wheatland Brooklyn’s Bar & Grill, Ottumwa Lynch’s Bar, Rockwell City Century Bar, Alta Starr’s Two Wheel Tap, Davenport Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon, Atalissa The Outfield, Richland Wednesday SOS Clubhouse Muscatine Slaby’s Plainview Wiebler’s HD Davenport (Alternating weeks) Greencastle Tavern, Mingo Shenanigan’s, Boone OP, Clear Lake Cadillac Jack’s, Baxter Ride’s Bar & Grill, Ft Dodge Shuey’s, Shueyville Joe’s Nighthawk, Waverly The Pour House, Davenport Quaker Steak & Lube, Council Bluffs Samz Sports Bar Muscatine 2nd Avenue Bike Night (2nd Wednesday) Joe’s Night Hawk, Waverly Fro’s Wilton Thursday Roar Into Harlan (3rd Thursdays) Ferg’s Grand Junction (Last Thursday) Krazee Kafe, Des Moines Chrome Horse Saloon/JP Cycles, (2nd Thursdays) Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill, Waterloo The Buck Snort, Neola BJ’s Full Throttle Thursdays, Waterloo The Wagon Wheel, Washington Crossroads Tavern, Kelley(Begin 4/17, every other) Crazy Coyote, Burlington *3rd Thurs Ducky’s Lagoon, Taylor Ridge, IL Jesse’s Saloon, Silvis, IL Throttle Thursday, Dillon Bros HD, Omaha (1st Thurs)

68 - TRMI MAY 2014

Thunder Nites Newton-2nd Friday May thru Sep Knoxville Bike Night (1st Friday) Knoxville Dubuque Harley-Davidson (Last Friday May-Aug) Spanky’s Bar & Grill Emerson Bike Down to I-Town (3rd Friday) Indianola Woody’s Roadside Tavern Albion last Friday Biscuit’s Bar and Grill Buffalo Onion Grove, Clarence Saturday Winterset Bike Night (3rd Saturday) Winterset Von Tuck’s/Dave’s Place Oelwein Taylor County Bike Night Gravity (July 26th) Gravy’s Bar and Grill Davenport Sunday Dolly’s Auburn The Edge Missouri Valley Haverhill Social Club (3rd Sunday) Haverhill Scooter Sunday 411 Main Griswold Team 36 Mitchellville Icky Nickel Sioux City Captains Quarters Bike Days Adel Avenue of the Saints (2nd Sundays) St Charles This list is what we have found and what has been submitted. Before heading to any event, please check weather and make sure the event is not cancelled. Not responsible for misprints and typos. If you have any other events to list, please email om m

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TRMI MAY 2014 - 69

Apr 25 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 26 Apr 27 Apr 27 May 2 May 3 May 3 May 3

Motorcycle Safety Forum IA Events Center, Des Moines F&J Racing 19th Annual Blessing of the Bikes Marshalltown Fenders Cycle Open House Des Moines Sleeping Angels Fun Run Boone Benefit for Chad Hammitt Run Run Logan ABATE D15 Blessing of the Bikes Run Davenport Blessing of the Bikes at the Grotto West Bend Brenda Parker Benefit Ride Dubuque Ty Perry Memorial Ride Waukee Spring Open House Wieblers H-D Davenport Spring Balltown Ride Wieblers H-D Davenport Annual Sgt James C Kearney III Memorial Run Pacific Junction International Female Ride Day Worldwide Bike Blessing and Run For The Son Burlington Run For the Son Ottumwa BiState Motorcycle Awareness 30th Anniversary Event Davenport May 4 Chuck Rosenbalm Poker Run Des Moines May 9-11 2nd Annual Spring Fling Gravity May 10 ABATE D14 Charity Fun Run Libertyville May 10 Pancake Breakfast Metro H-D Cedar Rapids May 10 Demo Day and Jumpstart Wieblers HD Davenport May 10 ABATE D16 Awareness Ride Waterloo May 12 Boot Camp Wieblers HD Davenport May 17 Baxter Cycle Spring Open House Marne May 17 National Armed Forces Freedom Ride TBD May 17 Blue Knight’s Armed Forces Day Poker Run Ottumwa May 17 Ride for Peanut Cedar Rapids May 17 B.A.C.A. 5th Annual 100 Mile Ride Des Moines May 17 B.A.C.A. 3rd Annual 100 Mile Ride Omaha May 17 ABATE D25 Motorcycle Awareness Ride & Breakfast Boone May 17 Can-Am Spring Mud Fling 600 Acres May 17 Blue Knight’s Armed Forces Day Poker Run VFW Ottumwa May 17 Marty Davidson Bike Show Oskaloosa May 17 National Armed Forces Freedom Ride Loess Hills H-D Pacific Junction May 17 Rumble for the Cure Columbus May 17 Blessed Bikers Motorcycle Group Bike Blessing Waukee May 17 Veterans Family Fund of America Ride Mason City May 18 Iowa Thunder Des Moines May 19 Garage Party Wieblers HD Davenport May 20 Garage Party Big Barn HD Des Moines May 24 Main Street Bikes & Trikes Open House/Fun Run Granville May 24 Summer Kick-Off Bikes & BBQ Wieblers H-D Davenport May 24-25 Midway Tavern Annual Fun Run, BBQ, Street Dance Soldier May 25 9th Annual Dan Sesker Memorial Poker Run Ogden May 30-Jun 1 Eastern Iowa Ain’t Playin’ Possum Party Muscatine May 31 Carroll Cycle Center Rock N Ride Carroll May 31 Marty Davidson Memorial Poker Run Oskaloosa May 31 ABATE D23&16 Ride/Fun Run Waterloo Jun 1 65th Annual Hill Climb & Swap Meet Anamosa Jun 6-7 VMC (NC) Regional Meet Werner Cycle Omaha,NE Jun 7 Juices Ride 5 Dubuque Jun 7 ALR Post 166 Charity Ride Shellsburg Jun 7 ABATE D12 The Pig Out Lake Rathbun Jun 7 TeamZ Poker Run Alden Jun 7 Dillion Naslund Memorial PTSD Awareness Run Alta Jun 7 Ride For Life Ride Elkader Jun 7-8 Vintage Rally and Bike Show Anamosa

70 - TRMI MAY 2014

Jun 12-15 HogRock Cave in the Rock, IL Jun 13 Vintage Motorcycle Races Knoxville Jun 14 6th Annual Bell Tower Festival Poker Run & Cycle Show Jefferson Jun 14 ALR/Vodec of Iowa Blackjack Run Council Bluffs Jun 14 Old Glory Poker Run Adel Jun 14 Rigid River Run Dubuque Jun 14 ALS benefit for Greg Leonard Jamaica(IA) Jun 14 Wallace Winkie Post 39 Legion Poker RunBelle Plaine Jun 14 Iowa City Eagle Riders Poker Run Jun 15 AMA Grand National Flat Track Racing Knoxville Jun 16 National Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day Jun 19-21 Romper Room Fun Run Earlville Jun 19-21 Awesome Biker Nights Sioux City Jun 19-22 Throttle Fest Chicago Jun 20-21 Big Barn H-D Spring Open HouseDes Moines Jun 20-21 RJ Performance Victory Demo Days Ottumwa Jun 20-22 Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Jun 20-22 3rd Blackhawk Lake Trike-In Lakeview Jun 20-22 Central Iowa Hog Rally Waukee Jun 20 Relay for Life Ride by Wind Bags Atlantic Jun 21 ABATE D14 30th Baldy Memorial Ride Fremont Jun 21 ABATE D14 29th Anniversary Party What Cheer Jun 21 Big Dam River Run Omaha, NE Jun 22 8th Annual Angels for Sam Benefit Ride Des Moines Jun 27-28 Maquoketa Motor Madness Maquoketa Jun 27-29 J&P Open House Anamosa Jun 28 Roar Into Harlan Fun Run Harlan Jun 28 Shenanigans Pub Freedom Ride for the Veterans Center Dubuque Jun 28 Ride it Out for Amber Polk City Jun 28 Girls Ride Waterloo Jun 28 Lady’s Cancer Ride Mason City Jun 28 First Annual BDADD Awareness Cruise & Concert Des Moines Jul 3-5 ABATE Freedom Rally Algona Jul 5 7th Annual Freeman Ride Avoca Jul 5 Patriots for Pets Ride Mason City Jul 5-12 Summer Open House Metro H-D Cedar Rapids Jul 11-12 English River Outfitters Veterans Bike Jamboree Washington Jul 12 6th American Soldier Past & Present Poker Run Brighton Jul 12 Fun Days Poker Run Calamus Jul 12 Angel Ride to Save the Tatas Fort Dodge Jul 12 Goozman’s Westside Poker Run Harlan Jul 12 5th “Co” Smith Memorial Ride Fairfield Jul 12 Jeff Ernzen Ride and Benefit Farley Jul 19 MurphFest Redfield Jul 19 Toys for Tots Christmas in July Anamosa Jul 19 Women’s Ride by Wind Bags Atlantic Jul 19 Ride 4 Time Haverhill Jul 19 Patriot Ride Quasqueton Jul 19 Hogging for Heroes Hoopla Anamosa Jul 20 Butterfields M.C. Parts Hot Dog Daze Omaha, NE Jul 26 7th Brooke Barber Memorial Poker Run Mount Ayr Jul 26 Christmas in July Toys 4 Tots Ride Anamosa Jul 31-Aug 2 7th Annual Across the Border Raid Bedford Aug 2 2nd Annual Ride to Live 4 Gibbie Fun Run Boone Aug 3 School Supply Ride Mason City Aug 4-10 South Dakota Party Aug 9 AtlanticFest Ride In Bike Show Atlantic

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Aug 9 Mighty Mississippi HOG MDA Hope Ride Dubuque Aug 9 4th Annual Josh Davis Memorial Poker Run Perry Aug 9-10 ABATE D15 Too Broke to go to Sturgis Rodeo Donahue Aug 15-16 American Victory Rally Spirit Lake Aug 16 Lu Brown’s Hep C Ride Richland Aug 16 Bob Ezarski Memorial Run Hampton Aug 16-17 33rd Annual Baxter Days Marne Aug 22-24 Party in the Pasture Softail Saloon Superior Aug 22-24 BTW 10th Annual Trike In Kellogg Aug 23 AHeinz57’s 6th Ride Your Hawgs for Dogs Run Adel Aug 23 Vic’s Main Tap 6th Annual Fun Ride Audubon Aug 23 Old School Bike Show and Rodeo Muscatine Aug 23 B.A.C.A. Bike Bash Des Moines Aug 23 New Model Party Metro H-D Cedar Rapids Aug 23 Big Barn H-D Fall Open House Des Moines Aug 23 Challenge Run Dolly’s Auburn Aug 23 4th Annual Bill Vincent Memorial Ride Keota Aug 24 Children’s Miracle Network Fun Run Ida Grove Aug 28-30 43rd Int’l Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap Davenport Aug 30-31 Midway Tavern Soldier Valley Run BBQ, Street Dance Soldier Sep 5-7 Hogs4Dogs Benefit & Ride Ottumwa Sep 5-7 Davis Motorcycle rally New Hampton Sep 6 National Motorcycle Museum SideCar Rally,Anamosa Sep 6 Sidney’s Wish Poker Run Des Moines Sep 6 3rd Hope for Hayley ITP Benefit Ride Kelley Sep 6 U of IA Children’s Hospital Poker Run Davenport Sep 11 911 Ride Mason City Sep 12-14 25th State Line End of Summer Rally Keosauqua Sep 13 7th Cancer Benefit “RIDE FOR THE TA TAS” Kirkman Sep 13 Celebrate Freedom Run Catfish Charlies Dubuque Sep 14 Hill Climb and Swap Meet Anamosa Sep 19-21 Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Sep 20 Fall Open House Wieblers H-D Davenport Sep 21 Concours de Cornfield Antique Motorcycle Show Earlham Sep 24-27 Bikes Blues & BBQ Fayetteville, AR Sep 27 Carroll Cycle Center Open House Carroll Sep 27 Chosen Few MC End of the Year Party Cedar Rapids Sep 27-28 RJ Performance Fun Day Eddyville Raceway Park Sep 28 Fall Balltown Ride Wieblers H-D Davenport Sep 29 Big Barn H-D 7th Annual Summer Ride ends Des Moines Oct 2-5 Hog Rock’Toberfest Cave in the Rock IL Oct 4 Tailgate Party Wieblers H-D Davenport Oct 4 2nd Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ride Cedar Rapids Oct 4 Toys for Tots Mason City Oct 5 Big Dog Wine Run with Dogs on Skis Tama Oct 5 30th Annual Toy Run w/USMC Reserves Davenport Oct 5 ABATE D19 Toy Run Denison Oct 5 Carroll Cycle Center Toy Run Carroll Oct 12 ABATE D4 31st Toy Run Des Moines Oct 16-19 Biketoberfest Daytona, FL Oct 19 Eagles Toy Run Atlantic Oct 31 Halloween Party Metro H-D Cedar Rapids Nov 7-9 ABATE of IOWA STEAM/BOD Mt. Marshalltown Nov 21 Carroll Cycle Center Ladies Night Out Carroll Nov 28 Turkey Run Clinton Nov 28 Carroll Cycle Center Guys Night Out Carroll Nov 28 Black Friday Metro H-D Cedar Rapids Dec 13 Carroll Cycle Center pictures with Santa Carroll Dec 13 Santa Metro H-D Cedar Rapids

This list is what we have found and what has been submitted. Before heading to any event, please check weather and make sure the event is not cancelled for some reason. Not responsible for misprints and typos. If you have any other events to list, please email them with Date/Name of Event/Location to

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TRMI MAY 2014 - 71

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May 2014 draft  

Iowa's Biker Magazine. About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa

May 2014 draft  

Iowa's Biker Magazine. About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa