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Things are changing at one of our favorite places to party. Conesville and the Circle of Price MC as we have known it is no longer and now it is called Conesville Rallies. There will be two Redneck Revivals and Two Rumble in the Stalks events this year. Dates are on the events listing. More information about the changes is on page 14 in the article No Mas T.I.T.S., Times They are a Changin’.

March is upon us and I must say that it is about time. This has been one of the coldest winters that I can remember. Maybe in my older age I am just not as used to it, or cannot remember colder times, but this one of late has been a doozy. March brings us the first day of the “official” spring, but the “biker” spring will start once the snow and ice are all gone and the hard core riders start to get out on the roads. Bikers have never been much for following calendars, if it is good to ride, we will! The big thing is that spring is not far off for sure. We will see you on the roads in the very near future!

March 28-30. This is a very cool event and worth the trip. If you see any of the Thunder Roads crew at any of these events, stop by, say hi, and introduce yourselves. We always love to meet more people when we are out and about, so don’t be shy!

We can certainly tell that the new legislative season has started. Tons of things floating around on new laws that have been introduced, talks about political maneuvering, discussions about it being an election year, and all the politicians posturing to do what they can to make sure they get the votes they need to keep their offices. Some things of interest in my wheel house are some DRing and Eryka have been on the phone and email getting a of the helmet law bills, and bills in reference to firearms and hold of last year’s bike night host sites. They are confirming self-protection rights. My official stance is that we do not need who is and what nights and such the bike nights are held. We a helmet law, let those that ride decide! If they are doing this want to make sure that our list is as complete and accurate under the guise of “protecting” us, they would be introducing as possible. The organizers of these events have been bills for helmet use in cars. There are far more head injuries wonderfully appreciative of the effort for the most part, and in cars than on motorcycles. Not that I am for any type of that makes us feel good to be a part of the Iowa biker culture. helmet legislation, just saying look at the big picture. As We will start to run the FREE Thunder Roads Magazine of far as anything with self-protection, I feel that I have a God Iowa bike night listing for the April issue as that is when a lot given right to protect myself, end of story. If it takes passing of them start to kick off. We will continue as in past seasons a law to help protect me legally in the event of being forced and run the bike night listing through the riding season. If you to do so, then so be it. As far as the 2nd Amendment, I do not are hosting a bike night, email one of the crew and let us know support anything that will further limit our rights to keep and where and what night and we can get it added to the list. bear arms. The 2nd Amendment protects all the others, if we give that up, we can kiss our asses good bye! Those are my Not quite full bore riding season yet, but at least some biker views; I will respect your opinion if you respect mine. That stuff has been going on and that will continue into March. is the mentality that built this great nation. Be informed, be Sunday March 2nd in Cedar Rapids is the Parts Girls Swap responsible, and know your rights. Be active, don’t be a sheep. Meet at Hawkeye Downs. This one day event packs the Thanks for reading! people through and is a great place to get parts and about whatever “biker” stuff you want. On March 22nd in Everly Vernon they are hosting a Two Wheel Trauma Class. This is one class that should be attended by anyone that responds to or treats Quote of the Month: Riding a motorcycle on today’s highways, patients of motorcycle crashes. Get a hold of anyone from you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a ABATE D8 for more information. To round off the Month of good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on March, you can hit up the Mid-West Motorcycle show that is the controls at all times. Evel Knievel held in conjunction with the Omaha World of Wheels. The Motorcycle show is hosted by Werner Cycle Works and is


Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 5

I didn’t really grow up around motorcycles, but I remember my first experience like it was yesterday. My brother had this little Honda 70 that I wanted to drive more than anything, but as a girl living in a boy’s world, that just wasn’t going to happen. So I straddled the seat behind him, and off we went. Mike and I thought we were total bad-asses, cruising up and down East 108th Street, and as we rounded the corner, Mike opened ‘er up. It was then that I truly understood why dogs love to stick their heads out car windows. Fast forward 30 years. When life throws you a curve, lean into it. My husband and I separated in the fall of 2001, and he took his Standard Softail. Part of me was angry, but another part was embracing the idea of owning my own bike. October 9th was my lucky day. Not only did I find a lady-driven 883, but I made a lifetime friend! Jodi and I met halfway in Rock Island, IL, so we could finalize the transaction, and she could take one last road trip on her “baby.” What a sweetheart! It was a win-win situation. I was totally excited about getting my own bike, but I had no idea how to ride a motorcycle, nor did I have a motorcycle license, so I asked my buddy if he would come along to ride my Harley home. Under duress, Joe agreed. (Insert wink, and evil little grin.)

The minute I got her home, I began networking to learn as much as I could about my new toy. Service manual in hand, I changed out the shocks, dropped the fluids, and installed a new seat. Come March, my bike was ready to roll, but I still didn’t know how to ride. The local community college was offering motorcycle safety courses in the spring, so I eagerly signed up. Ironically, my daughter and I ended up in the same class. After a weekend of classroom instruction, and hands on experience, Autumn and I were merely a written test away from having our motorcycle license in hand. I road my little 883 until May of 2004 before buying a ‘97 1200, by this time, I had become quite adept at servicing my bike, so the customization was easy. In the spring of 2006, my neighbor’s dad saw my 1200 in the driveway, and sauntered over to get a closer look. He was smitten, and though I hadn’t planned to sell this bike, the man made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Life without a bike is no life at all. For the next 2-1/2 months, I was “bikeless,” and my heart sank every time I heard a “vroom vroom”. One Saturday morning, I drove to Des Moines to check out the new Harley dealership just off the interstate. As I meandered through “The Barn”, I couldn’t help but drool over the bikes. One in particular kept calling my name. This 2003 Heritage Classic was chromed out and factory lowered, with a big bore kit, and when I finally mustered up the nerve to sit on her, I could hardly believe the center of gravity was perfect for my small frame.

From the Quad Cities, it was only a 90- minute drive home, but seeing Joe riding my bike made it seem like the longest drive of my life! Of course Joe relished the The salesman asked if I was interested in buying that little moment, riding up beside me, smiling, and throwing me the beauty, and I calmly replied, “Not until I ride her.” Taking “biker wave”. his cue, he quickly retrieved two helmets, a bike for himself, and we were off. As I drove onto the interstate, I definitely felt the difference between my sporties and the Heritage. She fit me like a glove, and I rode her like a BOSS! By the time we returned to “The Barn,” I knew this was the bike for me, and on June 29, 2006, I became the proud owner of a “big girl bike.” For some there’s therapy. For the rest of us, there are motorcycles. Riding has become my passion and my peace. It’s the place where I can connect with God, and appreciate the beauty of all His creations. It’s a place to meet friends, and share the open road. A while back, an opportunity presented itself for me to become part of the TRMI team. I didn’t have to think twice about this one. (Thanks, Vernon!) I’m extremely honored to be a part of Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa ABOUT IOWA, FOR IOWA, FROM IOWA. Until we meet again, keep the shiny side up, my Brothers and Sisters. ~Glenda Bates, aka Ms. G 6 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 7

CMA Notes

really doesn’t matter. In Mark 8:35-37, Jesus puts it this way: “If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you March may be here, but none of give up your life for my sake us Iowa folks are crazy enough to and for the sake of the Good believe that consistently nice riding News, you will save it. And weather will be here any time soon. what do you benefit if you gain That doesn’t mean we won’t ride the whole world but lose your – it just means we’ll be physically own soul? Is anything worth miserable from the cold and wet more than your soul?” We while we’re simultaneously having need to stop going to extreme the time of our lives! It’s easy to measures to keep our fears look at your buddies and see the love hidden and instead turn our of the ride all over them – relaxed focus toward Jesus, who will shoulders, smiles on their faces, laughing and talking at re-make us from the inside the gas stops. We sneak time off work, leave the lawn unout. As we give ourselves to mowed, and abandon the dirty dishes in the sink all for the the Lord and accept his help in sake of a ride. our problem areas, he helps us recognize those same problems Of course, you can also tell what someone dislikes or fears in the lives of others and gives about riding situations if you look closely enough. My us the compassion to pray for saddlebags are full of extra jackets, chaps, gloves, heat packs, them. This process frees us and rain gear. It’s pretty obvious that being cold and wet is from serving our fears so we something I avoid, because I willingly inconvenience myself can turn our lives toward what by dragging all that stuff with me. Mark often finds a way to really matters serving Christ take a cup of coffee with him because he’s afraid of letting and showing his love to those around us. the caffeine level in his blood drop too low. He willingly puts up with it splashing on his legs every time he hits a bump Be blessed – Karla just because he has to have it. We have a friend who had a major encounter with a deer that totaled his bike, tore up his Mark & Karla Cornick are Area Reps for the Christian leather coat, and ground chunks out of his full-face helmet. Motorcyclists Association. Find out more about CMA and He was so blessed to come out of that adventure only missing God’s plan for you at the skin off his knees and the palms of his hands! Now, every time he rides, he’s in so much gear that he leaves the Michelin Man looking under dressed. He REALLY doesn’t want to leave any more of himself on the highway. We all make some pretty big accommodations in other areas of our lives to avoid the things we dislike or fear. Afraid of getting fat? We exercise fanatically. Afraid of becoming poor? We take every chance at overtime that is offered. Afraid of getting old? We take vitamins and supplements like there’s no tomorrow. Afraid of what others think? We try not to let people see who we really are. The bottom line is that we spend a lot of time, money, and energy serving not just what we love, but what we fear. The Bible gives a different perspective on how to deal with the tendency to protect our weak spots. It basically says: Don’t bother, because you’re focusing on something that

8 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Ro Roads oads Magazine Maga g zinee of Io Iowa on Facebook thunderroads d iowaa.ccom

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 9

Biker Friendly Directory

It’s important for you to know who your friends are out on the road! The Biker Friendly Directory is a list of establishments throughout Iowa that want you to know that they’re here for YOU. Let them know that you saw them here in Thunder Roads. If you know a business that would like to advertise in Thunder Roads Iowa Biker Friendly Places, please email

Biker Accessories Backroads Biker Leather Shoppe 305 N Main Street Everly, Iowa 51338 712-834-2999

Loess Hills Harley-Davidson 57408 190th Street Pacific Junction IA 51561 712-622-4000

Vintage Sound 93.1 FM Muscatine’s Premier “B Side” Station Request Line (563)263-9393

Nishna Valley Cycle HONDA – YAMAHA – KTM Atlantic, Iowa 50022 1-888-577-6406

Food and Drink

Route 65 Harley-Davidson HWY 65/96 South Indianola, Iowa 50125 www.route65,com 515-962-2160 Trike Your Bike 503 1st Ave North Altoona, Iowa 50029 515-957-8920

Bringing the Comfort of the Saddle to Your Iron Horse American Made Motorcycle Stirrups, Inc. 212 South 6th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410

Uptown Motors Sales, Inc 310 Cleveland St Muscatine, IA 52761 563-263-2944

Baxter Cycle 311 4th Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2351 Brown Motorcars 330 NW 49th Place Des Moines, IA 50313 515-282-0123 Carroll Cycle Center 1327 Plaza Dr Carroll, Iowa 712-792-1610 Dubuque Harley-Davidson 145 N Crescent Rdg Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-3735 Fenders Cycle and Motorsport 1109 E Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315 515-256-9062 Leer’s Cycle Center 101 Fletcher Avenue Waterloo, Iowa 50701 1-800-870-6058

10 - TRMI MARCH 2014

B & M Bar and Grill 110 W. Main Street Panora, IA. 50216 641-755-2806 Open Daily @ 11:00 am

R/J Performance HWY 63 North Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641.684.8400

Crispy’s Biker Apparel Cedar Rapids, Iowa Find Us On Facebook 319-241-0916


Listen ANYWHERE with free mobile app

Beer Barn and Grill 226 State Street Kirkman, Iowa 51447 712-766-3395 Open Mon 4, Tue-Sun at 11 BJ’s Bar & Billiards 110 Ida Waterloo Iowa Home of Full Throttle Thursdays 319-234-9810 Booneville Bar&Grill Waveland West Café 35653 Ute Ave Booneville, Iowa 50038 575-987-2237 Buck Snort 113 4th Street Neola, Iowa 51559 712-485-9090 The Buck Snort on Facebook

Werner Cycle Works 14410 Frontier Road Exit 440 I-80 Omaha, NE 68138 402-894-3050¬ Whipp Sales and Service, Inc 701 S 8th Street Clarinda, Iowa 51632 1.800.477.0195 Zylstra Harley-Davidson 1930 E 13th Street Ames, Iowa 50010 515-232-6223

Entertainment Book Em Dano’s 33 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 712-263-9818Mon-Sat 4-2 Dancers Nightly 5-1:30

Haverhill Social Club 202 1st Street Haverhill, Iowa 50120 641-475-3321 Mon-Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12 Hawkeye Bar & Grill 110 North 4th Street Mapleton, IA 51034 712-882-1226 Mon-Sat 10:30 a.m. ~ Sun 12:00 p.m. Hazard County LoungeIowa’s Premier Night Club

(above the BBQ Shack) 203 Main St. Lohrville. Iowa 51439 Open M-S 4pm-close. Sunday 12pm-close (712)-465-3278 Huffy’s Mule Barn 802 Main Street Anita, Iowa 50020 712-762-9995 Iron Saddle Saloon 39 S Main Street Dayton, Iowa 50530 515-547-3311 KC’s Tavern 120 North Main Bridgewater, Iowa 50837 641-369-2017 KC’s Tavern on Facebook

Captains Quarters 807 Main Adel, Iowa 50003 M-F 2-12, Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12 515-993-4417

Keasey’s Hideaway Lounge 911 Court Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-993-3001

Dew Drop Inn Bar & Restaurant 109 Main Street McClelland, Iowa 51503 712-566-9360 Mon-Sat 11:30-Close

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame/ Museum One Sprint Capital Place Knoxville, Iowa 50138-0542 641-842-6176

Goozman’s Westside Bar & Grill Harlan, Iowa 712-755-2259 Goozman’s Westside on Facebook

C&L Sandbar 103 North Noyes Street Mondamin, IA 51557 712-646-2300 or 712-216-0975 Hours Daily 11-close

Catfish Charlie’s On the Mississippi River 1630 E. 16th Street Dubuque, IA 52001 (563)582-8600

National Motorcycle Museum 102 Chamber Drive Anamosa, Iowa 52205 319-462-3925

Good Sons 2815 Beaver Ave Ste 102 Des Moines, Iowa 515-681-5375

Doc’s Roadhouse 309 East 7th Street Logan, Iowa 51543 712-644-3636 Open 365-8 am to Close Do Drop Inn 403 3rd Avenue Under the Water Tower Jamaica, Iowa 50128 515-314-0783

Lampe’s Pub 608 Iowa Avenue Dunlap, Iowa 51529 712-643-5781 Open 7 days a week at 11 AM Lugger’s 201 N Main Street Kimballton, Iowa 51543 712.773.8620 Master Griller/The Field House 142 S Chestnut Earlham, Iowa 50072 515-782-5850 Midway Tavern 206 1st Street Soldier, Iowa 712-884-2230 Montgomery Street Pub 207 East Montgomery Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-2165

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Off Sides Pizza 1119 Thomas Street Redfield, Iowa 50233 515-833-2900 Papa Joe’s 117 South 6th Street Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-642-9015 Pearl Street Social Club 110 Pearl Street SW Shellsburg, Iowa 52332 319-436-7100 Find Us On Facebook! Pines Steakhouse Oinkers Lounge & Grill 1500 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-243-3606 M-F 11AM-, S-S 4PM-

Softail Saloon 811 Hwy 9 Superior, Iowa 51363 712-858-4500 Softail Saloon on Facebook

Wilson’s Tap and Recreation 1008 Story Street Boone, Iowa 50036/ 515-433-1395

Sparetime Bar & Grill 136 West Main Street Ute, Iowa 61060 712-885-2226

Woody’s Roadside Tavern 100 West Jefferson Albion, Iowa 50005 (641) 488-2220 Woody’s Roadside Tavern on Facebook

Sportsman Bar & Grill 103 1st Street Pisgah, Iowa 51564 712-456-2222 FOOD, FUEL, FUN The Chrome Spur 105 2nd Street Schleswig, Iowa 51461 Chrome Spur on Facebook The Getaway

Piranha Club 1215 Plaza Drive Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-9184 Piranha Club on Facebook Pizza Ranch DENISON 510 HWY 39 North Denison, Iowa 712-393-3333 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week Pizza Ranch HARLAN 613 Court Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-2262 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week Red Oak Tap 419 E. Reed Red Oak, Iowa 51566 712-623-4788 Riverside Tavern 450 E Main St Lehigh, Iowa 50557 515-359-9998 Sambetti’s Bar and Grill 1430 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50314 515-245-9780 Mon-Sat 11a-2a, Sun 11a-7p Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill

228 East 4th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703 319-235-8865 Shenanigans Pub-Dubuque 3203 Jackson Street Dubuque, Iowa 563-513-4001 Open 364 - 3 pm - 2 am Sidetracked 206 West Union Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-8534

Guns and Ammo 2A Firearms Training Training to Protect Your 2nd Ammendment Rights 641-439-6660

221 Main Street Vail, Iowa 51465 712-677-2200

Dales’ Guns Buy-Sell-Trade-Gunsmithing 109 Main Street Ute, Iowa 712-885-2671

The Home Plate Diner 304 E. 30th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50317 515-262-7000

Locked and Loaded Outfitters 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-4867

Where to Go When You Need a Break!

The Lounge 1005 Chatburn Ave Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-5050 The Lounge Harlan Iowa on Facebook

The Middle of Nowhere 112 Main Street Cumberland, Iowa 50843 712-774-5425 The Sawmill Bar & Grill Now with a Full Menu 401 Main St New Market, IA 51646-3079 712-585-3601 The Wagon Wheel 521 E 7th Washington, Iowa 52353 319-653-3637 Wagon Wheel Tap on Facebook

Shooter’s Outlet 114 Main Street Arcadia, Iowa 51430 712-689-2772 Tues,Wed,Fri 9-5, Thurs 9-7, Sat 8-12

Healthcare/Wellness Road Weary Muscles?? Stephanie Warren, LMT Suzanne & Co Salon, Davenport, 563-355-4200 eve & wknd appts available


Third and Main 301 Main Street Manning, IA 51455 712-655-2304/712-210-2304

Matt McCall Insurance Agency State Farm Insurance 102 East South St, Tipton 563-886-6120

T.J.’s Pourhouse 100 E. Washington Street Exira, Iowa 50076 712-268-2353 Open M-SAT.@11, SUN.@ NOON


Tobey Jacks Mineola Steak House Mineola, Iowa 712-526-2078 Open 7 Days a Week Check Us Out on Facebook Vic’s Main Tap 304 Broadway Audubon, Iowa 50025 712-563-2122 Opens M-F 3, Sat 10, Sun 3

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Hupy and Abraham sc, pc Lawyers for Bikers 800.800.5678 Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C. Riding and Defending Your Rights for Over 29 Years 977-209-9452

Photo and Art JW Custom Artwork 610 Grove Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-577-5264 Ullrich Photography PO Box 1842 Clinton, Iowa 52733 563-243-8715

Services BCS Computers 100 Industrial Road Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115 641-747-3344 Ben Franklin/Radio Shack 106 N Wilson Jefferson, Iowa 50129 515-386-4122 Forbidden Angels Promo Girls 515-505-4888 Forbidden Angels on Facebook Sound and Service Bike/Car/Home Audio and TV 712 Quint Avenue Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-5403 Southwest Iowa Sandblasting Mike Magers 65162 Oxford Rd Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-3995 Tame Your Mane at MY BARBER 7th & Fillmore, Davenport 563-322-8762 Biker Owned & Operated

Shops and Fabricators Butterfield’s M.C. Parts 8025 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68134 402-391-3768 Creative Concepts Collision 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712.755.2231 Custom Paint Specialists 5050 ½ NW 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50313 515-971-4579

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 11

Shops and Fab Cont. Creative Industry LLC 200 N Jefferson Way Indianola, Iowa 50125 515-689-7844 cell Dead Heads Eng, Fab, Repairs & Sales 426 Railway Street Gillett Grove, Iowa 51341 712-835-3353 Elite Auto Upholstery & Embroidery

Specializing in Motorcycle Seats 1313 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309 515-276-4392 F & J Racing 701 N 3rd Ave Marshalltown, Iowa 50158 641-752-8651 Main Street Bikes and Trikes 522 Main Street Granville, Iowa 51022 712.727.3515 Metal Ink 911 7th Street Ste 102 Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-2453

12 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Moser’s 4-Way Service Center Motorcycles.ATVs.Jet Skis Harley-Davidson Certified Luxemburg, Iowa 563-853-3390

Trike Your Bike 503 1st Avenue North Altoona, Iowa 50009 515-957-8920

Nelson Machine & Forge General Machining, Ornamental Iron, Weld/Fab 70 Washington Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2220

Waderich’s Towing 420 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 Phone 712-263-3687 Cell 712-263-9685

Pat Oberg Customs 102 1st Ave South Fort Dodge Iowa 50501 515-302-1695 POC Powder Coating on Facebook

Tattoo Crave Tattoo 201 S 12th Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 51501 515-576-8289 FB Crave Tattoo, Inc. To buy ad space in our directory, call 712-249-5630 or email

Pike Run Services 320 Main Nichols, Iowa 52766 Shop 319-723-4244 Cell 319-330-4541 Revolution Cycles 120 South Main Street Baxter, Iowa 50028 641-507-9250 Steffens Cycle Shop LLC 1311 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-5876 M-F 9-5 Most Sat 9-12 Or Call

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thun under und der Ro der R Roads oad ads ds Magazine Maga aga g zi zine ine of of Iowa Iowa on on Facebook Faceb Face bookk bo www ww w. th hun un und nde derrroa derr oad dsio ds iowa iowa wa.c .com com m

TRMI TR MI M ARCH 22014 ARCH AR 0144 - 13 01 MARCH

No Mas TITS Times, They Are a Changin’

Twenty seven years of motorcycle rallies, including music, contests, drag racing and booze (so very much booze) are changing with the times. The spring Hog Wild Rodeo and the fall Thunder in the Sand parties are now a thing of the past. These changes have been brought about by many different factors. Most

of the changes are beyond the control of Possum, Pam and the Circle of Pride group. To a great extent they are playing a hand that has been dealt to them; working with these changes in order to continue holding killer parties on these event grounds. This has not been a popular decision to some and the details are really not for public consumption, but let’s face it- either we get set in time out for a while or we lose all privileges to party here. The folks in Conesville want to keep hosting outrageous parties, but have had their hands tied when it comes to the particulars. 14 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Realizing that there are always loopholes, the hosts went digging and found a way to continue holding parties in Conesville. The new parties will be held May 30, 31 and June 1 and again Aug 8-10. These Redneck Revivals will feature EVERYTHING that the old rallies had; great live music, heart pumping motorcycle drags, body painters, tattoo shops, delicious food from a variety of vendors, entertaining contests, vendors selling everything from sex toys to sunglasses and of course the squawking voice of F*ck Man Charlie. Twang and the boys from Motorcycle Specialties and Asshole’s Garage will still be putting on a show with the outlaw motorcycle drags and Ron Riehm will still be tearing up the drag strip on his V-8 trike, leaving streams of colored smoke behind him. How does this work, why is the only About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa biker magazine reporting this? We are bikers whether we are on 2 wheels or stuck in a cage. Riding a motorcycle doesn’t make you a biker any more than owning a sand wedge makes you a golfer; it’s the shared love for our freedom, the camaraderie of being with like-minded folks and the atmosphere and energy that comes along with these factors that makes us bikers. It’s all the same vendors, all the same fun people and overall the same fun party…… with a few exceptions. There will be no clubs, no colors, no patches, no support shirts and even no “Son’s of Anarchy” clothing allowed. There will also be no motorcycles allowed to ride in. If you would like to participate in any of the drag racing, the bike MUST roll in on a trailer; NO EXCEPTIONS. Don’t ride in, you won’t get in. Simple as that. Despite these changes, there will still be a ton of fun to be had. Pack up the golf cart, the bicycle, the wagon or the Segway and cruise Tittie Lane and Beaver

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Blvd in your style. The spring Redneck Revival will offer some cool tunes by the likes of Dallas Moore Band from Texas, Jane Rose and the DeadEnd Boys outta Nashville and the local fellas from 3 on the Tree. There will be cash and prizes for the All Harley Outlaw Drags and the Fastest Foreign Bikes. New this year, there is a $500 reward offered for the fastest diesel and gas powered street legal pickup trucks. Of course, the “what t-shirt” contest will be sure to wow, but the newest ‘beauty’ contest will surely be entertaining as the “Redneck Queen” is crowned. Ensure your golf cart is in shape and get signed up for golf cart polo matches. Double-check that the ball hitch is securely fastened to your bumper and enter the pickup truck tug-of-war contest. The entire day of Sunday is devoted to fun in the newly dug mud pit including a mud bog contest. As always, the grounds feature clean shitters, hot showers, ice sales, good food and cold beverages right on-site. Add some fun-loving rednecks that want to party and we will have a blast. Give Possum and his crew a chance to prove that they can still throw one hellova party, despite the red tape that’s wrapped around them, I know I am! For detailed information please visit See ya in May! ~Pinky

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 15

99 Counties to tour on the bike, 99 counties to tour, take one down, drive on around, 53 counties to tour on the bike. A few years back, a summer riding goal was to ride through each one of the counties of Iowa, and what was found was a wealth of interest and beauty. Each month I will revisit each county as a featured article. I will tell you about new things to see, places to ride, and give you a little spark of touring curiosity for our state of Iowa.

If you have some extra time on your visit to the area there are some lovely parks. Stop and see the bronze statue on Frank A. Gotch; he was the man credited with bringing wrestling into the mainstream! He was a champion. You can find his statue in Bicknell Park. It is a beautiful place along the river to stop and stretch your legs. If you need an overnight stop and aren’t afraid to camp the Rutland Dam in Rose Mill Park is a beautiful place to see even in the winter!

Humboldt County Iowa Humboldt County is located in north central Iowa. It is four townships smaller then most Iowa counties having only twelve, due to a nasty land grab in the 1800’s. There is not an over abundance of land, of population, curves or hills, however Humboldt County does feature some great parks and long time family businesses that allowed me to more deeply explore some of the family bonds that make our state such a fantastic place to live and raise your family!

I shot out of Humboldt heading west and made the regular tour of many of the little communities; Rutland on

I entered the county from the south on Hwy 169. The town of Humboldt is connected with Dakota City, which is the county seat. The only way to know one from the other is the fact that one has curbs on their streets and one does not. What Humboldt does have is a long-standing business named Pasquale’s! I love pizza, no really, to

C29, north to Bode on P33, east towards Livermore on C20 then south to Hardy and Thor on P66. What struck me about the towns was that you could see the next one from the one before. I live in southwest Iowa now, I am originally from northeast Iowa and sometimes my families I forget how flat and straight things can be. They all had chagrin I elevators reminding me of how lucky we are to live in the grain could eat it belt and enjoy a decent corn fed steak whenever we want it! every day and Although I did not have the pleasure of eating one they say you probably not can get a good one in Thor at Unkie’s Entertainer. complain! I ran across While taking a load of for a short bit at Unkie’s the owner’s Pasquale’s sister asked if we had seen the Minions on Hwy 3? They are frozen pizza garnering national attention on youtube so we hopped onto in a tavern Hwy 3 and drove until we found them, it really wasn’t too and when difficult. We found two huge round bail Minions! They are in I realized I was going to their mother country I had to stop a field driveway so you can pull in and take a picture, if it is at their brick and mortar store. The building burned down at night they are even lit up. You have got to love a person’s recently so everything is fresh and ingenuity. new. neew People say that the frozen pizza piiz has nothing on a fresh one Since we were this close we but b I beg to differ! Both are had to take a moment and stop fantastic and totally worth a out at the Humboldt County visit. The people who were Dragway. It is winter, you can working the day I was there tell it has been there a while but were fantastic. It is right on it is still loved and cared for. I had d Hwy H 169, you can’t miss it. Hw the pleasure of chatting with theirr matriarch Shirley a few weeks 16 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

back and she briefed me on the history and the years of family joy that it had brought her, her kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and just about everybody else who ever spent time there. The simple adoration in her voice for the people who have passed through the gates over the years is evident from the moment she answered the phone. It was the original location for the A.B.A.T.E. rally that is now in Algona. Though the rally has Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

moved on to a bigger venue you can still bring out your bike any Saturday night May thru October and run the 1/8th mile nostalgia concrete track, 660 feet in 4 seconds, that is moving right along. At the Humboldt County Dragway you get to “run what you brung!” Humboldt County Iowa has great history. It’s a place where you can take the time and slow down and remember why you choose to live here. Next month I am off to Ida County. A little bit closer to home for me but plenty to explore! See you on the road. Sources Available Upon Request D Ring

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 17

There is an old folklore referring to bike. It was very well done clear down March as in like a lion; out like a lamb. I to the matching paint on the primary don’t know who the folks are belt. Let’s not forget our that wrote that lore very own Thunder but they better be Roads Magazine right about it. The of Iowa crew end of February meeting, can not get to greeting, Iowa quick posing for enough, pictures I am and anxious passing for March out to roar in magazines then get the hell out of here so directly across from the bikers can take over. I think I can safely Vernon’s Super Glide proudly displayed in speak for many Iowa riders when I say, “Bring on Spring”! the show. The weather has not been very cooperative with getting any time in the saddle and the riding itch as turned into a bad There were plenty of parts on hand to choose from new case of the crabs. and used, wheels, forks, a variety of pipes, handlebars, saddlebags, windshields, fenders and tanks. Everywhere I That’s right, I am sick and tired of scooping snow, warming looked I saw headlights, tail lights, turn signals, patches, up the four wheeler, bundling up for the below zero wind pins, helmets, bumper stickers, helmet stickers, flags, chills and I’m ready to clean bugs off the windshield instead rings, knives, foot pegs, floor boards and frames. Roaming of ice. I have been confined to hibernation long enough through the show helped the “Abstinence Attitude” fade and I’m getting crabby. After a brief conversation with a away. couple of riding buddies I discovered that I am not in this alone. There has been an outbreak of “Abstinence Attitude” There were plenty of opportunities to buy leather coats, in Iowa, it’s like an STD, highly contagious and spreads boots, chaps, gloves, seats, luggage, new and used it was quickly. all there. There were opportunities to take home a piece of biker themed artwork, toys, or other biker memorabilia I decided the best cure for this “Abstinence Attitude” was including old Easy Rider magazines which are a perfect to spend some time doing biker stuff. With the Capital City fit for the 70’s pinup themed Man Cave. You could make Custom Bike Show and Swap Meet looming on the horizon, arrangements for powder coating, a paint job, stop by CMA I cleared my calendar and planned to attend. Of course to get a free grease rag or just dream about making a cool when the day arrived, the temperature was in the single oil tank from a half gallon flask. digits and the wind chill was below zero AGAIN, perfect conditions to keep the outbreak of “Abstinence Attitude” There were a variety of clubs and dealers represented. A lot on full throttle. I knew I didn’t dare ride to the show, but of bikers turned out for the show, I didn’t see any Cowboys I made myself go anyway. After driving through snow there, but I didn’t see any Indians either. showers and finding humor in a couple idiot cage drivers sliding out of control on the slick roads I arrived safely. The Siouxicide Chopper booth attracted quite a crowd as people stopped to pose for a picture with the long, tall The “Abstinence Attitude” was immediately checked at chopper. Everyone looked short standing next to that bike. the door, the music was rocking and the smell of grease I am considering installing a set of their machine gun and leather was in the air. It was a perfect prescription for handlebars on my bike. I vow to never give a cage driver a crabby old biker caught up in the clutches of winter. I the finger again, if those handlebars fire real bullets. barely got my admission fee paid before a riding buddy that I had not seen for years, started calling out my name. This Only in Iowa at the Capital City Custom Bike Show and brought some satisfaction to my sick mind that I had done Swap Meet can a biker get his knives sharpened, fingernails the right thing by deciding to attend. I quickly realized that done, sample some great jerky, join a club, get patches sewn I was exactly where I belonged, right where I needed to on, buy a chance on a bike lift, rock out while having your be; hanging out with long haired, bearded, tattooed, body tattoos rubbed down with rejuvenating cream, then walk pierced people, surrounded by friends, brothers of the road out the door with a box of Girl Scout Cookies and best of and “the lifestyle”. all it turned out to be the perfect cure for the “Abstinence Attitude”. The loud speaker announced that this was the 21st year for the show. A building full of vendors and a lot of awesome Get ready for an attitude adjustment, Riding Season is bikes in the show made for another great year. My sick coming soon. mind was fondly attracted to the bike with the open end wrenches for a kick stand and a shifter. The only advice I Shifty LaRue have for that bike is to check out the gel seat booth, 5 or 6 free samples properly placed could make for a better ride. I also really liked the paint job on the ghostly skull themed 18 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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20 - TRMI MARCH 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 21

22 - TRMI MARCH 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 23

Shalea “Slim� Hammock from the Quad Cities is ready to party all summer long in Conesville. Come down to the RedNeck Revival 5/29-6/1 & 8/8-8/10 AND Rumble in the Stalks 6/20-6/22 & 9/19-9/21 for a guaranteed fun time!!

“Basically, you are just like Bob the Builder….. only in fatigues” and when I made that statement, a loud roaring laugh came from deep within Dan Strank. “Yeah, I guess you are right” he said with a huge smile plastered across his face. Sergeant First Class Strank, from Tiffin, enlisted in the National Guard at 17 years old, between his junior & senior years of high school. He was hoping to complete a ‘split option’ training, enabling him to attend his graduation ceremony & return to basic training. However instead of heading to basic training in March, Dan wasn’t called to basic until July, after he had graduated with the class of 1997. By this time, he and his nowwife, Danielle, had become more than just high school sweethearts; they had begun to plan a life together. Dan was set on chasing his passion to serve this country with or without support from his family or his girlfriend, all the time not quite knowing where this passion came from. Turns out Dan’s Grandpa served with the Army in Italy during WWII and had only shared stories of his time in the service with Dan, no other family member heard word one about Grandpa Grumpy’s time in the Army.

trips down the coast and two trips back up, Dan decided that it was time to come back to Iowa and he became a heavy equipment operator. Quickly realizing the possibilities of career advancement in this field; moving up the ladder, Dan next was a construction equipment operator and has since become a senior jobsite supervisor (you know, kinda like that cartoon character, Bob the Builder). On top of his ‘weekend warrior’ duties, Dan is enrolled as a full time student at UNI, works full time as a CDL instructor at Kirkwood Community College and is highly involved in his sons’ school & sports lives. The very busy father of two, Jaxon (10yrs old) & Sam (6 yrs old), still finds time to get lost on the highway on his 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C90T. He purchased this bike as a left over in 2006 and has only owned this bike. He does have plans on expanding his collection, but swears he will never get rid of his current ride. Dan has made the trek out to Sturgis twice on this bike, both times all his gear packed onto the bike, no trailer, no chaser vehicle. In 2012 he went out with a few of his riding buddies, this past summer he invited his wife along for the ride. When I asked Danielle about the trip she said the ride out wasn’t bad, but after riding everyday in South Dakota, the ride back was painful. Up until this trip, the longest ride they’d gone on together was a day trip to Prairie Du Chien, WI. Despite the sore bottoms, they both had a great time and are looking forward to a weeklong trip down the Blue Ridge Highway in the future. Dan hopes to pass on his love for motorcycles to the boys, thinking it’d be great to have Jaxon & Sam ride alongside of him on his next trip to Sturgis.

Dan, you are a great friend, a loving husband, a devoted father and one hellof-a soldier! Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa thanks you for your dedication to After completing basic training, Dan returned to Iowa and has the military been an active member of the National Guard for 18 years. and for In that time he has never been deployed, despite volunteering all you’ve on 2 occasions. Both times Dan, his family, & employers sacrificed for prepared themselves for his absence only to receive word us! that his services were no longer needed abroad. He did, however, spend 5 months on a recruiting tour, traveling the ~Pinky East Coast from Maine to Florida, dropped off some recruits in DC and drove back to Maine to do it all again. After two 26 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 27

Cactus Bob’s BBQ Corral 5955 Merle Hay Road Johnston, IA 50131 5515-331-0057 Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Closed Sun

will ride to eat

was formulating her own concoction by applying a layer of the Sweet and Smokey and then dribbling on a dab of the Revenge sauce. I on the other hand, after

Hankerin’ for some barbecue? Craving something with a little “bite”? Perhaps craving something with ALOT of “bite”! Have I got the place for you!!!! Cactus Bob’s BBQ Corral in Johnston. Situated on the main street, Merle Hay Road, running through Johnston, Cactus Bob’s is easy to find. The strip mall it is in has ample parking for most any size group of bikes. Seating shouldn’t be a problem either, while there I noticed two separate dining areas both with numerous tables and booths. You can check out their menu online at www. and check out their page on Facebook. The evening Lynnette and I were there we both selected their Baby Back Rib dinners. Lynnette had the half rack and I had the full rack (duh, would you have expected anything else?!?! LOL). The dinners come with your choice of two sides or one side and a drink. I chose the two sides and had the Pit Beans and Potato Salad. Lynnette went with the one side and a drink and chose the Macaroni and Cheese. The ribs are served pre-sliced into individual bones with a half rack consisting of 6 bones and a full rack consisting of (yes, you guessed it) 12 bones. The ribs have a smokey flavor to them without any sauces added. The selection of sauces available really enhances the flavor of the ribs! (With some sauces adding more “flavor” than others!!!!) On the table you will find the three “basic” sauces; the Sweet and Smokey (good flavor, no heat), the Original (sweet with a little heat) and the Revenge (now we’re starting to get somewhere!). Lynnette

28 - TRMI MARCH 2014

tasting the on-table offerings, elected to dabble in the darker levels of “sauce applied heat”! In addition to the three sauces on the table there are eight more levels of heat in the main room! There they supply small cups for you to fill with your choice of the eight levels of hades. I tested each one by attempting to garner the same amount in each cup and apply that to an individual rib. Scientific, huh! (And you thought I was just another pretty face... I’s smart too!!!!) The first 5 levels weren’t too terrible of a challenge for a seasoned heat consumer as myself. But I must admit the last three levels made me a little apprehensive, especially the last level called Scorpion Venom! The first thing that sent up a red flag for me was that it was a different color than the rest. As it turned out, my fears were well founded! I didn’t apply quite as much of this one as I did the others out of fear! As it turned out that was a wise choice!!!! Even applying half as much as the others sent me scurry-

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

ing for the remnants of the side dishes that I had and Lynnette’s mac and cheese as well!!!! Anything to attempt to knock down the inferno I had just ignited in my mouth!!!! After quenching the fire I did have to admit that it was some dang fine tasting sauce! As if the sauce selection wasn’t enough they also have the Showdown Challenge! I encourage you to read about it on their website. The sauce they use is not any of them that are available normally, it is made special for the Showdown (hence the name “Showdown Sauce”). I asked one of the gentlemen there about it and, although I don’t remember all the ingredients, the names Habenero and Ghost Peppers stand out in my recollection! (He did tell me the challenge brings him quite a bit of entertainment!) One thing the website doesn’t share with you in the rules is that even though you have 10 minutes and you finish in 2 you still have to sit there without drinking anything for the full 10 minutes!!!!! Cactus Bob’s BBQ Corral, whether you’re hankerin’ for heat or just some good BBQ, this is the place to go! I know I’ll be back to try some of their other offerings and who knows... I may just be brave enough to give the Showdown Challenge a try!!!! Until next month, ride safe and eat hearty! Craig Little PS If you have someplace you think we should check out in your neck of the woods, shoot me an email. Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 29

f o s l r i G

We want you on our pages! If you are an Iowa Girl of Thunder, send us your name, year and model of bike, and where you are from to v

Cheryl Terry Shenandoah 1994 Softail

Rachelle Suedmeier Des Moines Marley the Rump Shaker Harley 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Kim Grisham Springville 1965 FL Harley-Davidson Panhead

30 - TRMI MARCH 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 33

34 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Ride Safe! Ride Safe! As we have endured some of the coldest temperatures this winter that we can remember, it has been it seems even tougher on the riding community. Attitude, boredom, frustration, and just people itchy to ride have brought about an Iowa biker world grumpier than ever before. The fix for this? Simply get on and ride! This will come with due time, but we also need to make sure that our machines faired the winter well and are safe to hop on and get down the road. The list to the left is from the MSF, and is a brief list to check out before any ride, and the following are suggestions to check out before you even think about hopping on your trusted iron steed. It is a good idea to consider all of this no matter if you do so yourself, or take it to one of the trusted shops or dealers listed on pages 10-12.

pressure, and inspect the wheels feeling and listening for dry bearings, loose spokes, and any other noises that are out of the ordinary. When rolling the rear wheel around, look for damaged or missing teeth on sprockets, adjust belt or chain tension, and lube the chain. Inspect your brake fluid levels and top off if needed. If it looks dirty or cloudy, it will need to be replaced. Look for any cracks and leaks in the brake lines, and make sure the shoes or pads are thick enough to run. Lube the pivot points on the brake levers and operate the brakes to make sure no issues are present.

Ride Safe a

Using fogging oil in the fall before putting away seems to be a lost practice, so If you didn’t spray fogging oil or lubricate the top of the cylinder before storage, remove the spark plugs and pour 2 tablespoons of oil into the spark plug ports. This will lubricate the top portion of the cylinder walls before you start the bike. When you pull the plugs, check the gaps and adjust as needed.

Ride Safe! Ride Safe! The poor thing has been sitting idle for months, maybe with or without a cover, but invariably, they will be dirty. Clean it off, blow off the dust, wash it, and remove any storage materials you may have installed to keep bugs and critters out. By doing so you are doing somewhat of an inspection. Take your time, clean it up right, and then you get a chance to eyeball your whole machine before even starting on an inspection.

Check out your gas. Pop your cap and look and smell it. Fuel stabilizer and high end fuels generally store pretty decent, but one should check it anyway. If it is clear and smells fine, move on to inspect the fuel lines and fuel system for any cracks and signs of leaks. If it smells or looks foul, better drain it and start with fresh. Pop off your air filter cover and inspect the filter and replace if needed.

Inspect the frame and fairing for hairline cracks. Pay close attention to areas around the engine and transmission brackets. Move the forks forward and back to feel for looseness. If there’s any movement or clunking from the steering head, tighten it properly. Inspect the handlebars for cracks and lubricate the cable connections. Check the condition of every nut and fastener, and tighten as necessary.

Ride Safe

Check your electronics, switches, lights and gauges for proper operation. Test your regular and high-beam headlamps, and front and rear turn signals. Test your rear brake light and Many motorcycle manufacturers recommend that you change ensure it lights up when you engage the brakes. Test the horn the engine oil and filter before storage and again in the spring. to ensure its working. Examine the cables and hoses for During storage, the oil can separate, causing a condensation cracks, kinks or other damage. Test the levers and pedals to build up that may harm your engine. Whether or not you make sure they’re well-lubricated. Test the throttle to ensure changed your engine oil before storage, you’ll still want to it flows smoothly and does not jam and returns properly when check the oil level before riding. released.

Ride Safe! Ride Safe! Make sure that all other fluids are full. If the levels are good move on, and if not, try to figure out where they may have leaked from. Make sure everything is topped off and good to go. Depending upon the type of battery, you may need to check levels there and add some distilled water. Clean the cables and terminals and if it has not been on a tender, get the battery charged up. If it fails to charge, replacement is usually your only option.

Storing motorcycles with the weight off the tires is ideal, but that’s the exception not the rule. Roll the bike or the tires if elevated and inspect for any damage, flat spots, bulges, cracks, or punctures. Make sure the tires are at the proper

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Make sure you have current plates and registration, and make sure your insurance policy is up to date.

Ride de Sa Safe

Fire it up and let the bike idle for a few minutes to get its fluids circulating. Check to see whether it idles smoothly and at the correct RPM after reaching normal operating temperature. Use the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s T-CLOCS (Tires, Controls, Lights, Oils and Fluids, Chassis and Stands) checklist before you hop on the motorcycle. Take some short trips around the neighborhood to make sure everything is good to go, and then hit the road! Ride safe! Vernon

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36 - TRMI MARCH 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of of Io IIowa owa wa on on Facebook Faace F cebo ookk ww w ww .tth hun unde derr rroa oads dsio ow waa.ccom om


38 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

40 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI MARCH 2014 - 41

Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, “Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!” Miraculously, a parking place appeared. Paddy looked up again and said, “Never mind, I found one.” Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and asks the first man he meets,“Do you want to go to heaven?” The man said,“I do, Father.” The priest said,“Then stand over there against the wall.” Then the priest asked the second man,“Do you want to go to heaven?” “Certainly, Father,” the man replied. “Then stand over there against the wall,” said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O’Toole and asked, “Do you want to go to heaven?” O’Toole said,“No, I don’t Father.” The priest said,“I don’t believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don’t want to go to heaven?” O’Toole said,“Oh, when I die, yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go right now.” Paddy was in New York. He was patiently waiting and watching the traffic cop on a busy street crossing. The cop stopped the flow of traffic and shouted,“Okay, pedestrians.” Then he’d allow the traffic to pass. He’d done this several times, and Paddy still stood on the sidewalk. After the cop had shouted,“Pedestrians!” for the tenth time, Paddy went over to him and said,“Is it not about time ye let the Catholics across?”

Walki into the bar, Mike said to Charlie the Walking b bartender,“Pour me a stiff one - just had another fight with the little woman.” “Oh yeah?” said Charlie,“And how did this one end?” “When it was over,” Mike replied, “She came to me on her hands and knees.” “Really,” said Charles,“Now that’s a switch! What did she say?” She said,“Come out from under the bed, you little chicken.” Patton staggered home very late after another evening with his drinking buddy, Paddy. He took off his shoes to avoid waking his wife, Kathleen. He tiptoed as quietly as he could toward the stairs leading to their upstairs bedroom, but misjudged the bottom step. As he caught himself by grabbing the banister, his body swung around and he landed heavily on his rump. A whiskey bottle in each back pocket broke and made the landing especially painful. Managing not to yell, Patton sprung up, pulled down his pants, and looked in the hall mirror to see that his butt cheeks were cut and bleeding. He managed to quietly find a full box of Band-Aids and began putting a BandAid as best he could on each place he saw blood. He then hid the now almost empty Band-Aid box and shuffled and stumbled his way to bed. In the morning, Patton woke up with searing pain in both his head and butt and Kathleen staring at him from across the room. She said,“You were drunk again last night weren’t you?” Patton said,“Why do you say such a mean thing?” “Well,” Kathleen said,“it could be the open front door, it could be the broken glass at the bottom of the stairs, it could be the drops of blood trailing through the house, it could be your bloodshot eyes, but’s all those Band-Aids stuck on the hall mirror.

A man walks into a pub with an ostrich and a pussy cat. He goes up the bar and says:“Beer for me, beer for the Gallagher opened the morning newspaper and was ostrich, whisky for the cat.” dumbfounded to read in the obituary column that he The unlikely trio find a table, sit down and drink their had died. He quickly phoned his best friend, Finney. drinks. Next, it’s the ostrich’s round. He walks up to the “Did you see the paper?” asked Gallagher.“They say I bar and says:“Beer for me, beer for the man, whisky for died!!” the cat.” Then the ostrich takes the drinks back to the “Yes, I saw it!” replied Finney. “Where are ye callin’ table and they drink them.When it comes to the cat’s from?” turn to buy a round, he simply tells his pals to “Sod off!” So the man goes back to the bar and asks for another two beers and a whisky. An Irish priest is driving down to New York and gets Impressed at his generosity, the barman says:“I notice stopped for speeding in Connecticut. The state trooper that you and the ostrich have both bought a round but smells alcohol on the priest’s breath and then sees an the cat hasn’t.Why do you hang out with him?” empty wine bottle on the floor of the car. The man replies:“I once helped a little old lady across He says,“Sir, have you been drinking?” the road, and she turned out to be my Fairy Godmother. “Just water,” says the priest. She granted me one wish, which landed me with the cat The trooper says,“Then why do I smell wine?” and the ostrich forever.” The priest looks at the bottle and says,“Good Lord! He’s “What did you wish for?” enquires the barman. done it again!” “A long-legged bird with a tight pussy” 42 - TRMI MARCH 2014

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Follow Up: Seems to me that since my last article generated some comments and interest that I’d run a sort of a “follow up” this time through. The article wasn’t necessarily about the fact that thanks to the E.P.A. and government attitude toward American jobs that 165 of them no longer exist. Although, as we all know, that’s plenty bad all by itself. It also wasn’t necessarily about the fact that now, we as a country, can’t smelt raw new lead even though God blessed us with the resource. Even though it’s not good since we now have to depend on other countries if recycling alone can’t economically supply our needs (hard to re-cycle spent lead bullets). What I honestly see as a giant problem in today’s America is that somehow we’ve elected a president, who no one is allowed to criticize. The media has become so afraid of being accused of being racist that they completely fail in their responsibility to tell all of us what’s going on. Fellow citizens we have a responsibility to know what’s going on even if we have to work at researching it. Do it the easy way, that’s how I got started. WARNING: Some of what you’re going to find out is going to make you angry. Good. It’s time to get angry. A couple of suggested websites to check out: Motorcycle Riders Foundation: Abate of Iowa: The AMA: For 2nd amendment information take a look at: Gun Owner’s Association: Iowa Gun Owners: National Rifle Association:

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

You owe it to yourself to check it out. All of them provide information that as a rule, won’t find much of anywhere else. Example: here in Iowa, Abate of Iowa will be fighting against 3 separate bills that are trying to mandate helmet use. You know there is no law saying that anyone can’t wear one if they want to. Why worry so much about my hat? There’s no law requiring me to wear shoes or pants. I just want to be left alone to make my own decisions. It makes me sad that there appears to be so few who will stand up and do anything about it. “Politics belongs to those who show up”. This was said to me by my Political Science Professor at Hamline University. You know what, he was exactly right. If your representative(s), senator(s) and governor know who you are, your opinion will naturally make more often an impact than if they’ve never heard from you before. 1st Step- Do your own research on what people stand for and vote. I remember when basic citizenship was taught in schools. God I’m old. 2nd Step- Become more involved. Join organizations that support your interests and defend your constitutional freedoms. Once you start doing these things you may even find that you enjoy it. Take a look across the dining room table at your kids or grand-kids. Do you really want to “trust” people who don’t even know you to regulate your life and limit your liberty? Not me. Comments:

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46 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

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2014 Feb 26 ABATE Lobby Day Des Moines Feb 28-Mar 2 World of Wheels Chicago Mar 2 Parts Girl Promotions Swap Meet Cedar Rapids Mar 7-16 Daytona Bike Week Daytona Beach Florida Mar 8 St Patty’s Party Dubuque HD Mar 8 B.A.C.A. Flippy Cup Tournament West Des Moines Mar 8-9 ABATE D25 Swap Meet Shenanigans Boone Mar 15 ABATE D3 Annual Dance Moonlight Lounge Exira Mar 21 Carroll Cycle Center Spring Fest/Open House Carroll Mar 21-23 Swap Meet Sioux Falls, SD Mar 22 Two Wheel Trauma Class Everly Mar 23 CMA Polar Bear Ride Cedar Rapids Mar 28-30 World of Wheels Omaha, NE Mar 29-30 27th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show Twin Cities, MN Apr 1 B.A.C.A. Child Abuse Awareness Month Kickoff WDM Apr 5 Dubuque HD 5th Anniversary Dubuque Apr 5 ABATE D14 TGIS Party Ottumwa Apr 5-6 8th Annual North Iowa Motorcycle Expo Mason City Apr 19 Demo Event & Open House Dubuque HD Apr 19 Memorial Run to Benefit JDRF Muscatine Apr 19 Blessing of the Bikes & ABATE D4 Chili Feed Des Moines Apr 25 Motorcycle Safety Forum IA Events Center, Des Moines Apr 26 F&J Racing 19th Annual Blessing of the Bikes Marshalltown Apr 26 Sleeping Angels Fun Run Boone Apr 26 ABATE D15 Blessing of the Bikes Run Davenport Apr 26 Blessing of the Bikes at the Grotto West Bend May 2 International Female Ride Day Worldwide May 3 Run For the Sun Ottumwa May 9-11 2nd Annual Spring Fling Gravity May 10 ABATE D14 Charity Fun Run Libertyville May 17 National Armed Forces Freedom Ride TBD May 17 Blue Knight’s Armed Forces Day Poker Run Ottumwa May 17 Ride for Peanut Cedar Rapids May 17 B.A.C.A. 5th Annual 100 Mile Ride Des Moines May 18 Iowa Thunder Des Moines May 24-25 Midway Tavern Annual Fun Run, BBQ, Street Dance Soldier May 30-Jun 1 Conesville Rallies Redneck Revival Conesville May 31 Carroll Cycle Center Rock N Ride Carroll Jun 7-8 Vintage Rally and Bike Show Anamosa Jun 11-14 20th Annual Rally on the River Davenport Jun 12-15 HogRock Cave in the Rock, IL Jun 13 Vintage Motorcycle Races Knoxville Jun 14 6th An Bell Tower Festival Poker Run & Cycle Show Jefferson Jun 14 ALR/Vodec of Iowa Blackjack Run Council Bluffs Jun 15 AMA Grand National Flat Track Racing Knoxville Jun 16 National Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day Jun 19-21 Romper Room Fun Run Earlville Jun 19-21 Awesome Biker Nights Sioux City Jun 20-22 Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Jun 20-22 3rd Blackhawk Lake Trike-In Lakeview Jun 21 ABATE D14 30th Baldy Memorial Ride Fremont Jun 21 ABATE D14 29th Anniversary Party What Cheer Jun 27-29 J&P Open House Anamosa Jun 28 Shenanigans Pub Freedom Ride for the Vets Center Dubuque Jun 28 Ride it out for Amber Polk City Jul 3-5 ABATE Freedom Rally Algona Jul 11-12 English River Outfitters Bike Extravaganza Washington Jul 12 6th American Soldier Past & Present Poker Run Brighton Jul 12 Fun Days Poker Run Calamus

48 - TRMI MARCH 2014

Jul 19 Jul 20 Jul 26 Jul 31-Aug 2 Aug 2 Aug 4-10 Aug 8-10 Aug 9 Aug 9 Aug 9-10 Aug 16 Aug 22-24 Aug 23 Aug 23 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 28-30 Aug 30-31 Sep 5-7 Sep 6 Sep 6 Sep 6 Sep 19-21 Sep 24-27 Sep 27 Oct 5 Oct 5 Oct 5 Oct 16-19 Oct 19 Nov 21 Nov 28 Nov 28 Dec 13

Toys for Tots Christmas in July Anamosa Butterfields M.C. Parts Hot Dog Daze Omaha, NE 7th Brooke Barber Memorial Poker Run Mount Ayr 7th Annual Across the Border Raid Bedford 2nd Annual Ride to Live 4 Gibbie Fun Run Boone South Dakota Party Conesville Rallies Redneck Revival Conesville AtlanticFest Ride In Bike Show Atlantic Mighty Mississippi HOG MDA Hope Ride Dubuque ABATE D15 Too Broke to go to Sturgis Rodeo Donahue Bob Ezarski Memorial Run Hampton BTW 10th Annual Trike In Kellogg AHeinz57’s 6th Ride Your Hawgs for Dogs Run Adel Vic’s Main Tap 6th Annual Fun Ride Audubon B.A.C.A. Bike Bash Des Moines Children’s Miracle Network Fun Run Ida Grove 43rd Int’l Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap Davenport Midway Tavern Soldier Valley Run BBQ, Street Dance Soldier Davis Motorcycle rally New Hampton Sidney’s Wish Poker Run Des Moines 3rd Hope for Hayley ITP Benefit Ride Kelley U of IA Children’s Hospital Poker Run Davenport Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Bikes Blues & BBQ Fayetteville, AR Carroll Cycle Center Open House Carroll 30th Annual Toy Run w/USMC Reserves Davenport ABATE D19 Toy Run Denison Carroll Cycle Center Toy Run Carroll Biketoberfest Daytona, FL Eagles Toy Run Atlantic Carroll Cycle Center Ladies Night Out Carroll Turkey Run Clinton Carroll Cycle Center Guys Night Out Carroll Carroll Cycle Center pictures with Santa Carroll

This list is what we have found and what has been submitted. Before heading to any event, please check weather and make sure the event is not cancelled for some reason. Not responsible for misprints and typos. If you have any other events to list, please email them with Date/Name of Event/Location to vernon@

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