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The Place to be in Western Iowa on Labor Day


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Midway Tavern Memorial Day Party....................... 6 P.O. Box 29 Kimballton, Iowa 51543 (712) 249-5630

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Owner/Editor Tina (TT) Schwarte (712) 249-5582

CMA ........................................................................ 13

EDITOR Vernon Schwarte (712) 249-5630

Military Rider .......................................................... 17

Susan Mast SC/SE Iowa 319-931-4546

Thunder Cam ......................................................... 22

Richard (Murph) and Annette Murphy Western Iowa 641-524-4808

Freedom Run ......................................................... 28

Adam Ratzlaff Intern/Ad Sales 712-304-0498

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Biker Friendly Listing ............................................ 10 99 County Tour ...................................................... 12 HOG Wild Rodeo.................................................... 14 Horse Rally ............................................................. 16 Girls of Thunder..................................................... 18 Will Ride to Eat ...................................................... 19 Bug Catchers ......................................................... 25 Day Trips with Doc ................................................ 26 Iowa Thunder ......................................................... 29 Joker’s Wild ........................................................... 31 Cause for the Paws ............................................... 37

CONTRIBUTORS Nate Ullrich Craig Little-Will Ride for Food Dude Day Trips with Doc 515-975-3893 NATIONAL FOUNDERS Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon 1421 Chapmansboro Road Chapmansboro, TN 37035 Office: (615) 792-0040 Fax: (615) 792-7580

On the cover this July issue we have a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide Custom from Midway Tavern that is being raffled off to support the Soldier Valley Emergency Services Units. The bike will be raffled at the Labor Day bash in Solder. The lovely ladies gracing the cover are Laci Cooper, Dustin Ibarra, and Amanda Swanson.

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share that little refresher about our past, to help everyone remember where we came from, and to stand up for what you believe today. There is no better time than now to remember the ideals that we were founded on in this great US of A on our Birthday Month! It is believed that the Bald Eagle represents freedom, strength, and power. This is something we as Americans have inside of each of us. July is upon us and with this brings Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776 declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. During the American Revolution the legal separation occurred on July 2, 1776 of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain. The Thirteen Colonies consisted of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence. Each of these colonies developed their own system of selfgovernment. A committee of five, consisting of John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Livingston of New York, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, by appointment on June 11, 1776 to draft a statement for the case of independence to present the colonies to the world. The ones that came before us had a vision for a better way. They have modeled the government to support the people. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” The previous statement is a small excerpt from the transcription of the Declaration of Independence. For more interesting readings a web site to check out is I just wanted to

4 - TRMI JULY 2011

Welcome July. It is time to get out and ride. There are events going on all over this wonderful state of ours. If you need some ideas for a day trip or longer make sure to check out the event listing on the back page. Check out Craig’s articles “Will Ride to Eat” in current or past issues, or Doc’s “Day Trips” article for some places to visit. If you hear of something cool going on don’t forget to send a text, email, or Facebook message so we can let others know for more to attend. Our advertisers need a big pat on the back and with your support they are able to continue to help support this magazine. I hear all the time that people are out visiting places because they saw the ads on the pages of Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa. Let the advertisers know you have come to see them because of their ad in Thunder Roads. With the times we are living in, every penny counts. This is where I feel fortunate to be able to share some of Iowa’s talented people and their unique shops. We love to help promote those truly “biker friendly” types of places. People ask all the time about submitting stories and photographs, and we welcome them with open arms. Let us know your thoughts and what exciting adventures motorcycling in Iowa has brought you. Shoot an email to or give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Gonna head out now to go meet more cool Iowa bikers, take care, be safe, and enjoy your Freedom! tt

Where in western Iowa can bikers go hang out on Memorial Day weekend? About the only place to be is at the ANNUAL MEMORIAL WEEKEND RUN BBQ and STREET DANCE/CONCERT! And where was that wonderfully awesome sounding party, you ask? Right in Soldier, Iowa and we are here to tell you, it was awesome! Saturday, the band Hippie Go Lucky, kicked off the festivities and the party was on from there. I tell you what, they need to invent a motorcycle boot that isn’t so heavy because after about 5 songs or so, the foot starts getting heavy, but when the happy feet hit you, you just have to dance. Now, I don’t know if you have ever been to Soldier before, or not? The town is basically situated on a hill, one of the Loess Hills to be exact, and in one of the prettier areas of the hills to ride in. As you near the town you can hear the sound of numerous bikes arriving and departing. You know how I can tell the difference? When they’re coming into town, you can hear the rumble. And when they’re leaving, you can hear them roar. As we entered town, we could see the tents and bikes scattered all over the town. There’s always lots of places to camp because townspeople are always glad to open their arms to bikers for these celebrations. Of course, that’s what this is all about anyway, the community. Hairball and crew host some cool biker parties that have been helping community causes for years.

beautifully carved bench on display to support a fundraiser by ABATE District 19. Another repeat from last year was Charissa McCartney of My Spirit Stones. I really like her jewelry, she has some really beautiful, unique pieces, with very fair pricing. She is also venturing into the metals and has been practicing creating jewelry with some so-called softer metals. She said her work is not ready for public viewing yet, but I don’t think it will be long before she has some pieces for sale and I can’t wait to catch up with her again. Anyone interested, she has a Facebook site, search myspiritstones and you will find her. The Charter Oak Ute Girls Softball Team also has a raffle with some really cool stuff. Not only did they have a couple jackets donated from Greg and Gerri Crook of Leather One of the big events every Memorial Day weekend is the and Hawgs there Neal Denny Memorial Poker Run which rolls through some in Soldier, (and of the most scenic areas of the Loess Hills, to some of the Hornick), but they coolest places a biker can hang out. After the run back in had a quilt made Soldier, I saw some vendors that were there last year like from t-shirts from the big tent from big B’s Leather and Tee’s. There was a different Memorial

6 - TRMI JULY 2011

wasn’t the only one .

Weekend Dance/Concerts from the past. I hope the lucky winners enjoy their wonderful prizes. On display, of course was the beautiful piece of machinery that will be raffled off at the Soldier Valley Run on Labor Day weekend, a 2011 Super Glide Custom. Last year, the gal that won it had flown to the party from out of state. Guess who didn’t need a return ticket? I did get Steve to pose with some of the Pink Ladies and the motorcycle, and let me tell you, it was tough to get him in the same frame as those beautiful ladies. Those pretty ladies were sure working hard serving up those beers. There are plenty of great food vendors around with wonderful scents you pick up as you walk the street in Soldier. That is one of the draws at events like this, on top of the ride, the bikers, the cold drinks, and everything else. The smell that topped them all seemed to come from the Kettle Corn tent, owned and operated by Gene Geiger from Spencer, Iowa. Way to go Gene, that was one product that I don’t think anyone could resist.

After listening to music and snapping pictures for a while we decided it was time to take a break and hit the road for a short ride. Man, I just love the roads around there. They just roll and curve oh, so nicely. My favorite places to ride are roads just like the ones around Soldier Valley, and I’m forever grateful that Iowa has as many paved country roads as it does. Sharp Dressed Man headlined the event on the last night. They are a ZZ Top Tribute Band. They were so good that the ol’ man didn’t even have to talk me into staying until they were done. Oh happy feet! I think I might have even noticed one of the officers tending the gate moving just a tad. These guys were great, and judging by all the dancing going on, I’m not the only one with that opinion. All I can say is, I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! End of the 100 Day Poker Run in July at the Midway in Soldier, here we come. Annette Murphy

Next we hear some sounds coming from inside the Midway Tavern. Well, I guess Mingo and the guys from the Byron James Gang were a little leery of those dark clouds that kept drifting overhead. Can’t say that I blame them with all that electrical equipment. They have played the Midway many times, so they know how to setup inside as well as outside. So now it’s time for some awesome music and some happy feet. Ya know, it’s kinda hard to take pictures when you’re dancing . The Byron James Gang sure kept my feet moving, and I

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Independence Weekend Blowout featuring Antique Drags Conesville July 1st and 2nd To any and all antique motorcycle riders and collectors, Conesville Iowa has the feature event for you! On Friday & Saturday July 1st and 2nd, The Conesville drag strip will be home to the antique drag event of a lifetime.

Members of the AMCA get together to share their passion for antique bikes, as well as education and inform those who know little about them. By hosting regular meetings, events, and now drags they are able to showcase how these antique motorcycles paved the way for many of the makes and models we see and ride today. Anyone can pound the pavement at the Conesville strip. Many antique bikes qualify to race, whether it’s an old Indian, Vincent, Triumph, Bonneville or antique Harley Davidson. As long as your ride fits the criteria of being made before 1984 or it has a generator, multi-engine, flathead, knucklehead, or being a bobber, panhead, shovelhead, ironhead you can compete. Winner takes home the pride of being the fastest around, along with a nice $1,000 cash prize that will be divided. Bikers from around the globe are planning to attend this legendary event. Of those already attending are the Omaha Chapter & ABATE Lincoln Members, Chief Blackhawk Chapter, Members from Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, California, and several other states have already expressed their interest at recent meets. It is a chance for anyone to get together with fellow members as well as many who are nonmember to see what the AMCA is all about and experience true old school power & speed. Join the Thunder Roads Iowa team watching the “Old Iron” go fast! Adam Ratzlaff The AMCA and Circle of Pride MC with all of their members invite anyone to come and race their old school bikes on the only all motorcycle drag strip around. With the proper protective gear anyone can bring their antique or old school bike to the track and race head to head with some of best antique collectors and old timers around. Who are the AMCA? The Antique Motorcycle Club of America was founded in 1954 near the New England area. A group of antique bike enthusiasts got together and decided to create the AMCA that we know today. With over 11,000 members and 54 affiliated chapters, it is one of the fastest growing antique-motorcycle organizations in the United States. They began the club in order to preserve, restore and operate many of the old school motorcycles from all makes and models.

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Biker Friendly Directory


M&M Garage 408 Market Street Audubon, Iowa 50025 712-563-2425

Baxter Cycle 311 4th Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2351

It’s important for you to know who your friends are out on the road! The Biker Friendly Directory is a list of establishments throughout Iowa that want you to know that they’re here for YOU. Whether it’s a bike dealer, service shop, restaurant, bar or any other type of business that welcomes our biking community, you can count on our family of friends to always welcome you in. The staff here at Thunder Roads greatly appreciates our advertiser’s support each month. WE WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT THEM! So please give them the support that they truly deserve for being with us & drop by to see them for a visit. Let them know that you saw them here in Thunder Roads. If you know a business that would like to join our Thunder Roads family of Biker Friendly Places, please e-mail vernon@

Services Metal Ink 911 7th Street Ste 102 Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-2453 Nelson Machine & Forge General Machining, Ornamental Iron, Weld/Fab 70 Washington Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2220 Paint By Golden Pin Striping, Airbrushing, Complete Bike 402-214-1609 Revolution Cycles 120 South Main Street Baxter, Iowa 50028 641-507-9250

Shops and Fabricators Batt’s Cycle 1006 Linn Street Boone, Iowa 50036 515-298-0375 Bike Pit Motorcycle Services 2694 5th Ave, Building B-Unit 2 Marion, IA 52303 319-651-8835 Butterfield’s M.C. Parts 8025 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68134 402-391-3768 F & J Racing 701 N 3rd Ave Marshalltown, Iowa 50158 641-752-8651 Guthrie Auto Body John Beer owner 1804 State Street Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115 641-332-2484 J & S Custom Cycles 3630 Merle Hay Road Des Moines, Iowa 515-779-4632

10 - TRMI JULY 2011

Iowa Bail Bonds 200 4th Street Des Moines, IA 50309 (515) 243-4411

Throttle Shop LLC 1988 Arion Avenue Arion, Iowa 51520 712-674-3325 Trustworthy Cycles 3781 Balk Road Fulton, Illinois 61252 563-249-1777 Specializing in Making the “Old Iron” Trustworthy Twisted Grip Cycle 2444 L Avenue (I-29 & 25th St. Exit) Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501 712-256-7323 Aaron@twistedgripcycle. XTreme Cycle & Off Road 206 E Main St Panora, Iowa 50216 641-755-4288

BCS Computers 100 Industrial Road Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115 641-747-3344 RJM Trucking Cedar Rapids, Iowa 319-360-5433 Southwest Iowa Sandblasting Mike Magers 65162 Oxford Rd Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-3995

Carroll Cycle Center 1327 Plaza Dr Carroll, Iowa (712) 792-1610 Hawkeye Harley-Davidson Coralville, Iowa I-80 Exit 240 (319)545-7495 Open 7 days per week

Biker Accessories Biker Diva 109 South John Wayne Drive Winterset, Iowa 50273 Crispy’s Biker Apparel Cedar Rapids, Iowa 319-241-0916 Jose’s Custom Leather 2715 Kanesville Blvd Council Bluffs, Iowa 712-256-5579 Lazy Mule 2715 Kanesville Blvd Council Bluffs, Iowa 712-256-6939 Leather & Hawgs 316 Main, Hornick, Iowa 121 1st St, Soldier, Iowa StrongArmBrand.Com 888-271-7055 Visit the Biker section on the website.!

Bail Bonds Photo and Video Doc’s Bail Bonds Your 24/7 Prescription to Freedom in Minutes Adel, Iowa 50003 515-993-4773

Big Barn Harley Davidson I-80 Exit 135 Des Moines, Iowa 515-265-4444

Ullrich Photography PO Box 1842 Clinton, Iowa 52733 563-243-8715

Heartland Harley Davidson 155 S Roosevelt Burlington, Iowa 52601 319-754-1100 Nishna Valley Cycle HONDA-YAMAHA-KTM Atlantic, Iowa, 50022 1-888-577-6406 Werner Cycle Works 14410 Frontier Road Exit 440 I-80 Omaha, NE 68138 (402) 894-3050 Food and Drink 4th Avenue Grill 115 N 4th Ave Logan, Iowa 712-644-3200 14th Street Tavern 3418 East 14th Street Des Moines, Iowa (515) 266-3446 M-F 8am-2pm Sat 10-2 and Sun 11-2 Amigos 280 North 1st Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 515-576-0142 B&M Bar and Grill 110 @ Main Street Panora, Iowa 50216 641-755-2455

Beer Barn and Grill 226 State Street Kirkman, Iowa 51447 712-766-3395 Open Mon 4, Tue-Sun at 11

Larsen’s Pub 4026 Main Street Elk Horn, Iowa 712-764-4052

BJ’s Bar & Billiards 110 Ida Waterloo Iowa Home of Full Throttle Thursdays 319-234-9810

Midway Tavern 206 1st Street Soldier, Iowa 712-884-2230

Boss Hawgs 5959 SE 14th Street Des Moines, Iowa 515-287-8646

Montgomery Street Pub 207 East Montgomery Street Creston Iowa 50801 641-782-2165

DMAKU’s Tiki Bar & Grill 213 Antique City Drive Walnut, Iowa 712-784-2190 Sun-Sat Open at 9 AM

Nitro’s Bar & Grill 310 Main Street Gravity, Iowa 50848 641-418-0004 Home of Sunday-Funday

Doc’s Roadhouse 309 East 7th Street Logan, Iowa 51543 712-644-3636 Open 365-8 am to Close

Off Sides Pizza 1119 Thomas Street Redfield, Iowa 50233 515-833-2900

Do Drop Inn 403 3rd Avenue Under the Water Tower Jamaica, Iowa 50128 515-314-0783 Escape Lounge 8843 Northpark Ct, Johnston, IA 50131 515-276-2209 Good Sons 2815 Beaver Ave Ste 102 Des Moines, IA (515) 681-5375

Papa Joe’s 117 South 6th Street Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-642-9015 Pearl Street Social Club 110 Pearl Street SW Shellsburg, Iowa 52332 319-436-7100 Phil’s 20oz Prime Rib Friday Nights 9956 Swanson Blvd Clive, Iowa 515-270-0959

Haverhill Social Club 202 1st Street Haverhill, IA 50120 (641) 475-3321 Mon-Sat 10-2,Sun 12-12

Quick Rick’s Rib Joint 406 East Lincoln Highway (Highway 30) Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-600-6161 Tue-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm

Hog Stop BBQ 3621 9th Avenue Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501 712-EAT-BBQS

Riverside Tavern 450 E Main St Lehigh IA, 50557 515-359-9998 Email:

Huffy’s Mule Barn 802 Main Street Anita, Iowa 50020 712-762-9995

Ruby’s 114 NE 2nd Street Stuart, Iowa M-F 4, Saturday 10 am, Sunday 12

Lampe’s Pub 608 Iowa Avenue Dunlap, Iowa 51529 712-643-5781 Open 7 days a week at 11 AM

Rusty Duck Bar & Grill 723 Marshall Street Dexter, Iowa 50070 Tue-Sat 4-10pm 515-789-4142

Sambetti’s Bar and Grill 1430 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50314 515-245-9780 Mon-Sat 11a-2a, Sun 11a-7p

Crave Tattoo 201 S 12th Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 51501 515-576-8289 FB Crave Tattoo, Inc.

Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill 228 East 4th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703 319-235-8865


Sidetracked 206 West Union Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-8534 Sparetime Bar & Grill 136 West Main Street Ute, Iowa 61060 712-885-2226 The Hole On the Greenbrier Golf Course 2519 Highway 71 712-268-2209 The Sandbar 103 N. Noyes Mondamin, IA 51557 712-646-2300 Open 7 days a week at 10 a.m. Texas Roadhouse 8744 Northpark Drive (I-80 at 86th street exit) Johnston, Iowa 50131 515-251-4597 Thomas Street Tap 1109 Thomas Street Redfield, Iowa 50233 515-833-2379 Wet Goods Food & Lounge 113 N. Chestnut Street Jefferson, Iowa 50129 515-386-2111 Wilson’s Tap and Recreation 1008 Story Street Boone IA 50036 515-433-1395

Metro OB/GYN, LLC 201 Ridge Street, Suite 307 Council Bluffs, IA, 51503 (712) 256-8505 Attorneys Richard Lester 800-on-a-bike Guns and Ammo Shooter’s Outlet 114 Main Street Arcadia, Iowa 51430 712-689-2772 Tues-Fri 2-7, Sat 8-3 Events Across the Border Raid Bedford, Iowa August 4-6, 2011 Circle of Pride Conesville, Iowa Independence Bash July 1-2 T.I.T.S September 1-4 Nitro’s Bike Rally Gravity, Iowa July 7-9, 2011 Winterset Bike Night 3rd Saturday Night Each Month May through September

To buy ad space for your business or service in our directory, give us call at 712-249-5630 or email

Tattoo Bad Girlz Ink 1217 Willis Perry, Iowa 50220 515-465-2205

TRMI JULY 2011 - 11

99 Counties on the Wall 99 Counties to tour on the bike, 99 counties to tour, take one down, drive on around, 85 counties to tour on the bike. A few years back, a summer riding goal was to ride through each and every one of the counties of Iowa, and what was found was a wealth of interest and beauty. Each month we will feature a different county, and new things to go see, and hopefully spark a little touring curiosity for our own state. Carroll County For the month of July the featured county is located right along highway 30 at the intersection of highway 71. Carroll County y was organized in 1851 primarily due to the nation’s railroad system. The county seat is, yes you guessed it, Carroll, Iowa, named after the Charles Carroll of Carroll-ton. Charles was one of few who signed the Declaration of Independence, and believe it or not, went on to be the longest living out of all who signed that important document. In 1855 a county government set up in the small town of Carrollton. Three years later after being established, a courthouse was then constructed. In 1869 the railroad company selected Carroll City, which replaced Carrollton as the county seat. With railroad system W Wi th such h a pr ppredominant edomin nan nt ra rai ilrooad ilro a sys y tem outt of Chicago g and nd

Just east of Carroll near the town of Glidden, Iowa you can make a stopp and pa ppay tribute to a special Iowan named Merle Hay, who was one of the first U.S. soldiers H kkilled in World War I. There you can view a roadside memorial that is right along Highway 30. Or you can go on to Merle H Hay Memorial cemetery where Merle is H bburied. From Glidden head south to the Coon F Rapids area and there along the Northeast R oof the town is the Riverside Park. This 144 aacre park is a great place to take a short rrest and stretch those legs. There is campiing, hiking, and wildlife viewing for visittors to enjoy. For those who head north be sure to stop F iin Breda and see the Breda Memorial Park aas it has one of the few remaining wooden ccovered grandstands in the Midwest. The field was once the home of the Breda Eagles, a semi-pro baseball team of the E 11940s. Another nationally known business in Breda is the Toyne Fire Equipment company. They produce custom built fire apparatus, and have quite the facility. Worth a tour if you are passing through and have the time. Others who head south should stop by Swan Lake State Park, just 2 miles south & one mile east of Carroll. This park is a 510 acre area that offers tent and trailer camping, picnic grounds, showers, flush toilets, hiking trails, a swimming beach, and nature center. It also features the Farmstead Museum which has horse drawn machinery and tools of the M ppast. The lake is a no wake lake, and very peaceful for a pass tthrough camping spot.

Along your journey south hop on highway 141 and head A west. Along your cruise west you will roll into the town of w Templeton, Iowa home of the famous Templeton Rye Whiskkey. You can schedule tour dates through their website www. to view the distillery. Continuing westward you will enter Manning. Once inside the city limits go w one half mile south of the Manning school towards the east end of Manning there you will see Forgotten Corner Museuum. This museum contains antiques of all kinds along with a 1963 fire truck. While still in Manning drive by the Horizon Equipment mosaic painting created by Clint Hansen. The E the Northwest they pretty much had any say in how the town painting is an excellent representation of Iowa’s agricultural beauty, that is only if you are a Deere fan though. was laid out and constructed. Next month check out Cass County - Adam Ratzlaff Carroll County and its many small cities and towns have a lot to offer for visitors rolling through. Begin by viewing the many things that Carroll has to offer. First check out the Chicago & Northwestern Carroll Depot and Park,. This rail depot was first built in 1867 and then reconstructed in 1916 after being burned down. It served as the railroad’s showpiece for the West Central Iowa area, and many still admire iitt today. While you’re still in town make it a point to see if the farmers market in Depot Plaza is open to enjoy some fresh Iowa grown fruits, veggies, and baked goods. If you have no luck with the farmers market then head downtown to the Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery. There you can relax from your ride and grab a bite to eat at their bistro. On the east side of town is also the Piranha Club and Ossie’s. Strangely a good place to grab a burger and enjoy the sights, whether you care to be seated in the front or back part of the bars. rrroad dsiiowa com 12 - TRMI JULY 2011

What’s in a name? Anyone looking through Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa, as well as through any other biker publication, will run across more than a few people who go by nicknames. Do you know anyone called Stampede, tt, Murph, Chopper, Whip, Moose, or Ma? If none of those ring a bell, how about Slider, Rambo, Beagle, Shadow, or Cat? One person’s nickname may be linked to a specific event in the bearer’s life, while another is a reflection of a personality trait. Some nicknames are descriptive of a person’s looks, while others are a play off the person’s given name. You’ve probably hung around enough bikers to know that asking someone you just met how he or she got their nickname can be risky business - you may get TMI or even a look like you’re asking for their Social Security number! It’s kind of funny how a nickname can both reveal and conceal at the same time. It reveals some particular aspect about the person while it simultaneously conceals the name they were given at birth. A nickname provides some privacy while still maintaining a person’s availability to a certain segment of the population. And if another person only knows you by your nickname, it may indicate that they don’t know you very well.

Is your life in constant turmoil? Jehovah-Shalom means “The Lord is our peace. Are you struggling to make ends meet? Jehovah-Jireh means “The Lord will provide.” Do you need to know that someone has your back in the middle of life’s battles? Jehovah-Nissi means “The Lord is our Victor.” Are you sick? Jehovah-Rapha means “I am the Lord your Physician.” Do you realize that you will never be good enough on your own to make it to heaven? Jehovah-Tsidkenu means “The Lord is our Righteousness.” God does have a name, and he wants you to call on him. He’s not afraid that you’ll give him a problem too big to deal with. He won’t put his bodyguards up to keep you at a distance so that you won’t pester him. He wants to be found by you. May God bless you, Karla Mark and Karla Cornick are Area Reps with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Find out more about CMA and God’s plan for you at

The first line of a song that plays on the radio says, “If God had a name, what would you call him?” Well, the Bible tells us many of God’s names and what they mean. The first name by which God is known in the Old Testament is “Jehovah” which means “The Self-Existent One Who Reveals Himself”. That’s a revelation right there, because most people with power and riches are trying to keep the general population away from them so that they won’t be badgered by people wanting favors, but this God wants to make himself known to us! Then, God goes on to tell us more of his names, just in case we need to ask him for anything: Do you feel alone? Jehovah-Shammah means “The Lord is there.” Do you need guidance? Jehovah Ra-Ah means “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

TRMI JULY 2011 - 13

Hog Wild Rodeo illle, il le, Iowa IIowa, owa wa,, po popu pula pu lati tion on 4441, 411, ex exce cept ffor orr ssummer u me um merr ho hol lid id Conesville, population except holiday weekends. On those three weekends, the population grows by leaps and bounds. South of town, on Hwy 70, there is an unassuming plot of land that transforms into one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the Midwest. It is sponsored by the local Circle of Pride Motorcycle Club. This biker bash, which has been going on for the past 23 years, has become a destination for many bikers across the country. Set back from the highway, the rally grounds consist of vehicle parking, for those who don’t bike to the event, and areas for tents and campers. Inside the gate you can’t miss Possum Lodge and One-Eyed Jack‘s, the two large open structures that feature stages and beverage counters, as well as seating. “Possum”, organizer of this motorcycle mayhem, brings in live bands that play on the 3 stages. Looking around, you will also see an outdoor stage, vendor tents, plenty of good food and drink options, a stripper pole stage, and a drag strip. Not to be forgotten are the important rows of porta-potties and a shower house., For the more refined attendee, stainless steel bathroom stalls are also available. Additional areas inside the gate are designated for campers and tents. The variety of sizes and styles of tents makes for a colorful, panoramic view. And there are bikes of course. Lots and lots of bikes. Nearly every make and model are represented. Once this party gets going, there’s no stopping it! If you’re offended by foul language and nudity, then you’d better stay home, just like the poster says, it is an all out biker bash! Team Extreme Street Stunts This 4-man team of daredevils were part of the entertainment at the Circle of Pride 2011 Hog Wild Rodeo held on Memorial Day weekend in Conesville, Iowa. These gentlemen were originally part of the factory sponsored Buell Team that toured across the country, providing shows at a variety of venues. Now part of the Stunt Tours Network, the members of this

14 - TRMI JULY 2011

team, hailing from Ohio, Illinois, and as far away as Florida, are Adam Chumita, Michael Tindall Jr., Henry Singleton, and Cory Dady. While many of the guys still perform on Buells, occasionally one of them will perform on one of their other motorcycles. Fortunately, these guys put on their show two and three times a day so if you miss the first one, you’ve got a chance to catch them later. This show is packed with stunt after stunt. You can see such stunts as the “flamingo” (one foot on either the tank or seat while doing a wheelie), both forward and backward tank stands, tight circles executed with no hands on the bars, front wheel “wheelies”, the “lazy boy” (where the rider puts both legs out in front, under the center of the handlebars and leans back), the “high chair” (the riders legs are over the handlebars while performing a wheelie), and many other outrageous tricks. During the second show on Saturday, they brought some ladies out on to the track for a little “human obstacle course” riding. They snaked between them, getting as close as possible without actually touching them with their bikes. Another addition to the afternoon show was a precision can crushing stunt. This stunt was performed using an empty soda/beer can placed on the track. The rider started from far down the track, gathering speed, then passing the can, stopping short, popping up on the front tire, then coming down on the can, crushing it with the back tire. Amazing. Adam and Cory have been performing stunts together for 8 years. Their tips for riders who’d like to get into the sport? First of all, “buy a bike you don’t care about”. Secondly, start with the “wheelie”. Once a rider has perfected the “wheelie” and can perform it perfectly and without hesitation, he/she can then move on to the next trick. And lastly, practice, practice, PRACTICE. They all agreed that a rider has to be able to move from trick to trick without delay in order to be truly successful at this sport. Be prepared for the danger involved, as well. There will be broken bones. There will be lots and lots of road rash. Attitude and confidence are definitely required for anyone who wishes to take on this very athletic sport. Kudos to Team Extreme for putting on an excellent performance. Fire-Breathing Dragon This beast belongs to Tim Carlson of Carlson Customs

in Atkins, Iowa. It’s a custom built, fire-belching crowd pleaser. It started out as a 1994 Buell S2. After 3 years of fabricating and customizing, Tim considers this bike his “daily ride”. He also enjoys taking it to shows and rallies. As darkness falls, he’ll pull his bike into a clearing and start demonstrating what makes his bike so special. It starts with a couple of clicks, then flames shoot from the exhaust pipes. The combination of injecting air and gas into the pipes and igniting the fumes with a custom spark plug system, causes the flames to erupt, burning until he flips a modified kill switch. The tank design, an intricately painted dragon, was done by Underground Art Studios, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To watch this bike take shape, visit Carlson Customs and Repair on Facebook, click the Photos link on the left, then scroll down and click on DRAGON BIKE BUILD.

announcer “F*** Man” Charlie. This man is a Conesville icon. If there is a delay on the track, he is quick to fill in with his wit and obscene dialog. (More about Charlie later.) One of the biggest surprises to hit the track was lady racer, Teri Kinney. This was Teri’s third year of racing at Conesville. In those three years, she has always been the only female to compete against the men. Her determination and competitive edge has brought her one first place finish and three second place finishes on this Exotic Pole Dancing strip. She is disappointed that more women don’t compete. Just east of One-Eyed Jack’s there is a stage with a runway. On that stage is a brass pole. The sign hanging high above the When asked how the men she competes against treat her, she stage reads Exotic Pole Dancing. Thanks to an announcement said that some won’t shake her hand, but most of them are from F--- Man Charlie, who does the color commentary at the “pretty good” about losing to a woman. Her bike is a classy drag strip, women were invited to gather at this stage to sign up 2008 Fatboy Softail Anniversary Edition (#205/4000) Teri and for this competition. An hour or so later, 5 beautiful and brave her husband own and operate River Street Automotive in Iowa Falls, where they work on trucks, cars, and motorcycles. women put on show for the large crowd that had gathered. Hank Rotten, from the Ross and Rotten show that performed This is only a taste of the fun to be had at Conesville as there Friday night, served as the announcer, encouraging women is plenty more to see and do to participate and at a Circle of Pride party, but gathering dollars we don’t have enough space from the crowd. to include everything. Join Those dollars them at their 4th of July Bash would later serve as the prize. Voting with antique motorcycle races, or the Thunder in the was done by Sand event on Labor Day applause, hooting, weekend. Ride Safe! and hollering. The lovely Melissa took home the cash Susan Mast prize of over $400. Everyone received a special Wicked Weasel bikini. (Special shout out to Joanne, Audrey, Renee, and Ashley for participating.)

Drag Racing This 1/8th mile track gets lots of action and attention during the Hog Wild Rodeo. Spectators gather to watch the qualifying heats and then stay around for the race. Divided by class, the bikes take their turns racing down the track, putting their bikes to the test. Speeds can reach over 100 mph. During the Saturday afternoon competition, the top speed for a Harley Davidson was 114 mph, while another rider, tied his own track record of 130 mph on his import. The races are well organized, so that keeps the action moving and the crowd in place. As heart-pounding as the drag races are, they would be somewhat unexciting without the colorful commentary of the track’s

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The Hors orrse Rally-Ma y ay 2011 You know, a person just can’t beat a holiday weekend in the summer around Sabula, Iowa. You see, Sabula sits smack dab in the middle of the Mighty Mississippi River, and it’s literally “Iowa’s only island city.” Being right in the heart of all the river action on Memorial Day weekend is plenty of fun on its own, but when you throw a bike rally into the mix, there’s just no comparison! Just outside Sabula, on highway 67 south, The Horse grounds offer a lovely view overlooking the Mississippi, and within those bluffs sits a natural amphitheater, which makes for the ultimate location for a party. The Horse has been going strong for about 5 years, with parties on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. It’s known for bringing in a lot of classic rock headliners, and Horse favorite Jimmy Van Zant rocked his solo and Skynyrd classics on Saturday night, while former Boston lead singer Fran Cosmo took the stage Sunday night. Also, just across the river in Savanna, Illinois, a couple biker friendly watering holes, both Hog Dogs and the Iron Horse Social Club, were playing host to live music during the daylight hours. To sweeten the deal, both the weekend’s headliners played matinee shows upstairs at Hog Dogs in the old opera house, which in recent years has housed an antique mall. Even Frank Fritz, of History Channel’s American Pickers, has taken a liking to the establishment and markets some of his rare finds in the mall. On a good day, a person might even see Frank strolling around the place and checking out all the weekend’s action.

foul weather Sunday morning made things too muddy at the hill. Oh well, all the more reason the check it out on Labor Day too! Plus, after each night’s main headliner, a group of ladies all joined on stage for a couple of memorable wet T-shirt contest, worthy of telling the grandchildren about on Monday! Food, beer, vendors, and free hot showers are all available on the grounds, and the entire weekend full of events is only $25 at the gate, which includes camping and the up close and personal matinee shows in Savanna. Jimmy Van Zant is already slated to return Labor Day weekend, with another national headliner to be announced. To add some eye candy to the mix, nationally published photographer, and contributor to this great magazine, “Natanic” Nate Ullrich (yes the same good looking guy writing this story you’re reading) will be launching his 2012 pin-up calendar featuring hot little ladies from around the Midwest modeling on vintage motorcycles. And who knows… Maybe a few of these darling dolls will be on hand for photos and autographs. Guess you’ll just have to partake in the party Labor Day weekend and find out for yourself! For more info check out or call 815-273-2600

Also so during duringg tthe he day vorite L aPuma cr ranked out day, local fav favorite LaPuma cranked classic rock tunes a couple doors down at the Iron Horse, and later in the afternoon took stage back over in Sabula at the rally grounds. Aultimate Ozzy shared the main s, stage with the headliners both nights, with an Ozzy Osbourne tribute, which can’t be beat!

Nate Ullrich

During the day Saturday, 4x4 mud bogs kept things lively on the grounds, while the 100-foot tall “Devil’s Tower” of Iowa was slated to host a hill climb on Sunday, but 16 - TRMI JULY 2011 hunderroads sio


bikes. I got certified on Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Buell, V-rod, and early model Harleys. I worked in Des Moines after I graduated at a few shops, and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best Mechanics I have ever met, Curt Musgrave, and Arden Batey. However the door swings both ways, and I have learned a lot of don’ts from some mechanics that look at quantity over quality, they are everywhere and we all know it. Now that I have opened my own shop here in Des Moines, along with my partner John Rassmussen, at J&S Custom Cycle, that kind of attitude is not tolerated. I want my customers for life and to look at them and their bike as part of the family Sean’s riding history is quite extensive, and he has not of Iowa motorcyclists. If you don’t have your custombeen without a ers you don’t have bike since he a business. Thank was a youngyou and Semper ster. Some of Fi!” his past rides have included at age 4 a If you see Sean Honda quad, out and about on at 7 years old a a bike, or at J & Honda XR100, S Custom Cycle and then at 16 wrenching, give getting a road him a nice Vetbike, a 1974 eran’s wave, and if 1000cc Haryou get a chance, ley Davidson shake his hand Sportster. He and thank him for has had many his service. other street and dirt bikes, as well as other toys, but has Ride Free Thanks finally settled to our Military! on the only bike he currently owns, a 2008 Harley Davidson Street Bob. He commented that he just got too old for all the dirt racing. He likes his Dyna because for him it has the most benefits such as the motor and nimble frame. He also digs the flat black look with chrome accents. He has plenty of ideas for future accessories and mods, and states, “ the Harley is just the starter kit. I have done so many mods to bike that I have been like man I want that too. I have to treat my Harley like getting Tattoos, just a piece here and there.”

This month we present to you Sean Gilbert of Des Moines, Iowa. Sean was in the United States Marine Corp 2nd LAR out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He served and attained a rank of E-4 during the war and was promoted to E-5 on Terminal. He served from 2000-2004 and did so in locations such as San Diego for Boot Camp, Camp Pendleton for ITB, and Fort Bragg for training. He was then off to Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq. He followed in his grandfather’s footsteps as a Marine, who served during the Korean Conflict. His duties while serving America was as a Rifleman and LAV Crewman/Scout.

One cool as hell piece about Sean, that even while in the service, he got to ride. “ During operation Iraq freedom I was in the initial 21 days that took the country, and got to do some of it riding the KLR 650 Marine Corps dirt bike (See picture on wall of shop). After the service I went to MMI in Phoenix to better learn about

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of Iowa Laura Wulf Deloit, Iowa 2002 Harley Davidson V Rod

Peggy Reed 2005 Softail Standard Stanton, Iowa

Mary Carlson-Smith Humboldt, Iowa 2005 Heritage Softail

18 - TRMI JULY 2011

Hog Stop BBQ 3621 9th Avenue Council Bluffs, IA 51501 712-328-2277

will ride to eat

Kitchen Hours – Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm, FridaySaturday 7am-11pm, Sunday 7am-8pm Lounge Hours – Monday-Saturday 7am-2am, Sunday 7am10pm It’s all good! This month Lynnette and I had the pleasure of joining TT and Vernon on a pleasant little sashay out to Council Bluffs to enjoy an establishment they had discovered by the name of Hog Stop BBQ. You have probably heard the advertising mantra of “Location, Location, Location” and this place has

it! When you look at the address above you’ll probably be like me and think “where the heck is that?” Well, never you fear, it’s VERY easy to get to. Make your way to I-29 and get off in Council Bluffs at the 9th Avenue exit (the Harrah’s exit for you gamblers out there) and turn east... there it is on the east side of I-29, south side of 9th Avenue. I’ll put it this way, if you’re coming from the east under I-29, don’t turn too soon or you’ll be heading up the off ramp... it’s the next driveway! The Hog Stop BBQ runs specials every night starting with open faced hot smoked pork sandwich on Monday. Beef tacos with optional enchilada beans and rice on Tuesday. Open faced hot smoked beef sandwich or from 5-9 all the riblettes you can eat on Wednesdays. Thursday night is Steak night from 5-10pm featuring a 10oz New York Strip. Fridays are chicken fried steak. Saturdays special is baby back ribs. Sunday has NY strip, eggs, spuds, and toast all day, also Sunday night is Family Night from 3-8pm; kids 10 and under eat free off of the kids menu with an adult purchase of a meal. As luck would have it we landed at our table on a Saturday evening. Rib special... perfect!!! The rib special consisted of a half-rack of baby back ribs, 2 sides and your choice of Texas toast or cornbread. My choice of sides were BBQ beans (woo, surprised you all with that choice didn’t I.... NOT!) and potato salad. I like to try the potato salad at different places since there is a wide variety of ways to create a great potato salad. Hog Stop BBQ makes a VERY good

potato salad, the base salad is pretty standard but what sets it apart from the others is when they add the bacon to it... yes, you read correctly, BACON! And not that cheap, shake out of the bottle, ground up, fake stuff that most restaurants have on their salad bar. This is real live cooked bacon that has been crumbled and mixed into the salad! YUMMY!!!! Being somewhat of a connoisseur of BBQ beans I was pleasantly surprised with these. Some places add so much brown sugar to enhance the sweetness of their beans that it changes the color of the beans to an almost chocolate brown. When I see beans that are that deep brown color I know they are going to be extra sweet (now don’t get me wrong... I LOVE beans that are that sweet but my doctor doesn’t!!!) On the flip side of that coin beans that are a more natural color are generally less sweet and are more natural in flavor. These beans were a lighter brown but almost as sweet as the darker ones... very nice! The hardest decision was the choice between the Texas toast and the cornbread. This one our waitress helped out with by describing the cornbread, after that there was no choice anymore... as with the beans I love my cornbread nice and sweet. The cornbread at Hog Stop BBQ was no disappointment! Now, let’s get down to the “meat” of the matter (meat... get it, it’s a play on words... oh never mind). The ribs were very tender with a delicious bark and a smoky flavor that was distinct but not overpowering. The flavor of the ribs is perfectly capable of standing on its own but, like all BBQ, can be enhanced by a good sauce. Hog Stop BBQ provides 4 different flavors of BBQ sauces to the table. Aloha, Pooh Honey Sauce (my favorite... I wonder why?), Woo BBQ (the spicy one), and Hog Regular. At Hog Stop BBQ, the specials aren’t the only thing they offer, they have a full menu that can be viewed or even printed from their website, They also cater and do take out. Hog Stop BBQ... the staff is friendly and helpful and the food is great! Don’t take my word for it, go try it for yourself! It’s all good!!!! Until next month, ride safe and eat hearty! Craig Little PS If you have someplace you think we should check out in your neck of the woods, shoot me an email.

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Bug Catchers Some of the Popular Windscreen Options Let’s talk Windshields… with so many different companies out there today your options may seem endless when it’s time to choose a windshield for your bike. A couple of the most popular choices are the Klock Werks “Flare” and the National Cycle “V Stream” windshields for the Baggers. The Klock Werks windshield made famous by being on the “World›s Fastest Bagger” a couple years ago. This was one of the first on the market with the contoured styling to achieve that sleek low windshield look, but have the functionality to still move the air over you going down the road. They first introduced a 6 ½” and 11 ½” and have now added a 3 ½” and 8 ½” to the lineup. I’ve heard many different opinions on the windshields. Some people love them, and some don’t care for them at all. I personally rode to Naples, Florida with one on a 2006 FLHTCU and I never had a problem, but I’m used to riding a 1999 Night Train with no windshield, so I really don’t have much to compare it to. If you’re questioning about how effective they are just stop into the shop. We now have a demo set covering all four sizes that we will let you put on your bike and take them out for a quick ride. They also have these windshields for the FLTR models and have also recently come out with what they call the “Flare Billboard” windshields for the rest of the bikes from Sportsters to Road Kings. I currently have one of these out on a customer’s bike that I’m waiting to get some feedback on. It is a bit wider than the original Harley windshields so it should move quite a bit of air.

from 7 ½” all the way up to 17” and they also have them for the FLTR models as well. For those of you out there who don’t have a fairing, but want the benefits of having one without the sticker shock that may accompany it; Memphis Shades has come out with a batwing fairing for under $500. Considering a majority of the other aftermarket fairings are between $1000 - $3500, this is quite an improvement. Memphis Shades have produced them for the Road Kings and FL model Softails, but just recently released them for 2006 and newer Dynas, 1980-Newer FX Softails, and Wide Glides. After getting the initial Fairing and mount kit for your bike they give you four choices for windshield height and even have optional accessories including chrome windshield molding, wind deflectors that mount on the side and a three pouch bag that all mount to this. Best part is when you don’t want it on your bike just flip two lever and the whole assembly pops off the front of your bike just leaving a couple of simple brackets on your bike. They are made of an opaque black Lucite that looks great the way it is, but it can also be prepped and painted to match your motorcycle. The hardware is available in either polished stainless or black for you riders that have decided “chrome don’t get you home”. Memphis Shades has teamed up with Hogtunes and put together a great speaker system that mounts directly to the fairing. The kits has two 4 ¼” speakers and a 50 watt amp with USB charge port audio perch with built-in volume control. The speaker kit rolls in at $400, but is still a great set up for everything and your still under $1000. I’ve only covered just a fraction of all the windshields out there and I know each rider has their own personal taste when it comes to function and looks. Stop ppyy to pp in Carroll Cycle Center and we would be happy explain your options and get the right windshield for you.

Ride safe. One of the most recent additions to the marketplace is the V Stream windshield by National Cycle. Vernon brought these to my attention after he attended an expo Tony Darveau where National Cycle were exhibited. After talking to him about the V Stream; I ordered in a few. Now I haven’t rode one yet with it on, but Vernon has one installed on his bike and I’m sure he will tell you that it is great. I don’t stop hearing about how “Awesome” it is. The V Stream doesn’t have that “Flare” the Klock Werks windshield has, instead it has two funnel type contours on either side of the windshield that push the air around the rider. Vernon states that it drastically reduces the wind noise so you can hear your stereo at a lower volume level and this makes for a more comfortable ride. Less wind noise and better stereo sound? How can that be beat? These windshields are made from National Cycles Exclusive Quantum hard coated polycarbonate which carries a 3 year unbreakable warranty and is one of the hardest windshields to scratch that I have ever seen. If you don’t believe me just stop in and I’ll show you. They offer it in four sizes

TRMI JULY 2011 - 25

day trips with Doc Greetings Brothers and Sisters here we are staring July in the face. It just doesn’t seem possible that time has crept up on me, and grabbed me by the boo-boo! Wait a minute here, where did May go? And for that matter, what happened to June? Wow, they say time flies when you’re having fun!! WELL? Are we having fun? If you can’t answer yes to that question then check your local papers Obituary, see if you name is in there! Not there? Cool, let’s ride then, can I get an Amen?

some lush and green valleys with breathtaking views from the top of those rolling hills. Sometimes you could see for more than twenty miles ahead of you, God’s work laid out before you, there to enjoy at your leisure!

Butch and his wife met me for fuel up, and we headed south on 169 to Winterset, then pointed our wheels East through Patterson, Bevington, on into Indianola. We met Brad, Roy, and Steve on the East side of town; took time for a stretch and some liquids then continued our journey. A There has been plenty going on in the great State of Iowa, little East of I-town we turned south on a county road, not and Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on a good many of sure what number, but it goes to Milo, and then East out us while trying to enjoy ourselves in our favorite hobby! of Milo to Lacona. I was impressed with this part of Iowa, I myself have been caught in the monsoons of Iowa more long stretches of roads between towns, and outstanding than once, and I think I am getting numb to her antics, well views that went on for miles!! As we were riding I noticed at least certain parts of me (the exposed ones) anyway! But the scent of blooming flowers and fresh cut grass and hay, in the wake of all the rain, there have been some excellent as well as, the usual fresh turned earth warming in the sun. days, and nights to ride; which brings me to another As we rode into Lacona, we found O’Neal’s Bar and Grill, Reader Response Ride that took place on Memorial Day, and what looked like a good place to stop. There were bikes fortunately the weather was perfect and that really put everywhere, now I was thinking to myself, I said “self” this smiles on. is MY kind of watering hole here, good folks out enjoying the sunny day, and we all just converged on the same I was contacted by a few guys who work at FedEx, it seems place!? Well not exactly, seems there was a poker run that one of them has a route that winds through south central had stopped there for eats and ale. O’Neal’s was packed, Iowa that has some fantastic scenery, and it does. Roads but we went in and refreshed ourselves anyway, met a few with sweeping curves and straights that take you through folks. I learned that they serve a mean burger there but with all the poker run riders ordering up we parted ways. Still heading south through Oakley we came to US 34 and went into Chariton to fuel up again, it’s hard to find a station with premium in those parts of the country! The day was getting late, so we turned West and then south again at Lucas, past Stephens Forest, and through Derby and Humeston took US 2 west and rode into the heart of Decatur county, Leon, Iowa where we stopped for a stretch and a bite to eat, that’s when it got strange! Some people in a cage pulled up, then acted like they were going to back over our bikes! All hell could have broke loose when the door opened to reveal Brads sister-in-law and her husband! Go figure huh? Small world! Leaving Leon we headed north on US 69 on into Van Wert, then Osceola, where we encountered another poker run, maybe it was the same one, some of the scoots looked familiar from O’Neal’s in Lacona! We caught Highway 28 and rode through New Virginia, St. Mary’s and Martensdale, which is where Brad lives, we stopped long enough to hear his better half tell him who was cooking the meal if we were going to stay for dinner and then roared off for home ourselves!! 26 - TRMI JULY 2011

This trip has lots of scenic views out in the country, and you can literally see into tomorrow from the top of some of them hills! And riding down into the valleys smelling the blossoms of all the Earths flowers and blooming trees, almost took our minds off the fact that this was the last day of the weekend! Most of the roads were great for riding on, with a few rough spots, I figured it to be in excess of 300 miles by the time I got back home to Dallas County, and Mother Nature let us know who was boss once again by cooling off the air and then dumping on us one more time before pulling into town! But it was a good day, and I enjoyed the ride, even the bumpy spots! If you are reading this, remember as you ride, be safe, be friendly, and relax! Have a safe 4th of July, and take time to reflect on what makes our country the greatest in the world and those that made it possible for you to revel in the freedoms we have!! Happy Birthday America!!! As for me? See you on the road sometime soon! Till the tanks run out of Gas‌.Doc Do you have a ride you would like to share? Off the beaten path? Know of some well kept secretes hidden down a forgotten road somewhere? Contact me and let me know about it, Hey, Maybe even let me ride with you! Like I have said before, I love to ride! And I would like to see firsthand what is in your neck of the woods! Shoot me an E-mail or call! Doc or 515-975-3893

TRMI JULY 2011 - 27

5th Annual Ride for Soldiers On June 11th Harvey and I had the pleasure of riding to Grundy Center to go along on a portion of the 5th Annual Ride for Soldiers. This ride was organized a few years ago by Lennie Philips, who currently has a son deployed. He started the run to support troops overseas and it has become quite the NE Iowa gathering. We were impressed with the number of bikers as well as area folks that come to ride, drive, and even hop on a bus to follow the day’s events. After a ride throughout some cool biker hangouts, the party comes back to Scotty’s Saloon in Grundy Center for a DJ and all sorts of fun. The day started off with a gathering at Scotty’s, then a 21 gun salute followed by a reading off of the names and ringing the bell for fallen Iowan soldiers. After this heartfelt ceremony, a prayer and a few words were spoken by special guest Charles Grassley. He was in attendance with his grandson

P Patrick to support the cause. A group ride then took ooff for the Firehouse in Eldora, Grumpy’s in Ackley, JJack N Arnies in Reinbeck, Jokers in Traer, RJ’s in Conrad, then back to Grundy Center. The event raised over $9,000 for the troops, and will be a run for Thunder Roads to repeat the second weekend of June in 2012. See you there. Vernon




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Local Iowa Offices to Serve You Free Legal Consultation No Recovery = No Fee We Make House Calls Attorneys in Every State and Province Who Ride No Fee on Motorcycle Damage Recovery Also Auto Accidents 24 Hours - Toll Free (800) 531-2424

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(800) ON-A-BIKE


Rec 0 Mill ov io Our ered F n o Clie nts r

2011 RIDE REPORT May 23, 2011 Carolyn A. Handy/Chandy Photography Sunday morning, May 22, 2011, Craig Wiggins and I left Keota, IA for Des Moines with plans to attend Iowa Thunder 2011. The ride up was pretty uneventful with traffic not too heavy and clouds but NO rain. We arrived early at Southridge Mall to find the crowd starting to gather, so Craig parked the bike and we were able to relax for awhile, waiting for others to arrive. It’s always been good to get there an hour or so ahead of time and watch the riders and bikes roll in and the parking lot fill up. Checking out some really nice bikes, and seeing where folks were from by their license plates gives you an idea of the wide range of people who support this ride, and honor our veterans by participating in Iowa Thunder. Whether they are there on a bike, in a car or pickup, and for whatever reason each of us makes this ride every year, it seems that once you’ve participated in Iowa Thunder, you tend to make a plan to return every year after. While we waited, we had time to talk to friends, and I saw quite a few folks I hadn’t seen in a long time – it was good to catch up with old friends! The sun started to break through the clouds, and it warmed up quite a bit. Time to pack up the jackets and chaps – typical Iowa spring weather!

Arriving at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site, near the Iowa State Capitol grounds, we parked the bike, and I took time to photograph the riders still rolling in. It is a breathtaking sight to see bikes still coming up the street, and turning into the Memorial’s parking area for several minutes after we had arrived. The ceremonies began with Garnet Scobee singing the national anthem as she has for many years at this event, and The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all. Rabbi and Don “Moose” Kirchner conducted the start of the ceremony with Long Tim Billy giving the opening prayer. It was a surprise to all who were there to hear, and then see, fighter jets appear in the sky overhead. I didn’t get a count on how many there were, but I did get a photo of one of them during the flyover! I don’t think the significance of this chance occurrence was lost on anyone who was there, as the jets seemed to hail the start of Iowa Thunder 2011. The ceremonies continued on with the reading of Patriot Guard missions for the year by Charlie “Bear” Neil, and Rabbi reading the names of the KIA vets from Iowa who were lost during the previous year. An American flag was flown during the ceremonies, then folded and given to the family of the late Steve “Piper” Layton, who has played bagpipes for Iowa Thunder in past years, and KIA funerals in Iowa since at least 2008. As Iowa Thunder 2011 drew to a close, the familiar sound of Rabbi singing “Come Along, Take a Ride With Me” filled the air. We turned to walk from the memorial site, and it’s time to say goodbye to friends and get ready for the ride back home. At least we all know that there will be Iowa Thunder 2012 to look forward to. It will be another year for those of us who choose to be a part of Iowa Thunder, and ride in honor and gratitude for the heroes who serve to protect us all.

With the arrival of the Des Moines police escort just before 1:00 pm, you could feel the excitement building as folks knew it was almost time to fire the bikes up, and roll out down Southeast 14th Street as Iowa Thunder began for 2011. With Dave “Rabbi” Decker in the lead, flying both American and P.O.W. flags from his bike, Iowa Thunder hit the road. It’s an awesome sound to hear all the bikes firing up, and see everyone line up to roll out from the parking lot. Craig and I were maybe about a third of the way back from the lead bikes, so I had a great position for camera shots of the parade both forward and behind Craig’s bike. It’s easy to be a pphotographer ph otog ot oggra raph p err aaround ph rooun undd ev even events ents ts ooff th this his m magnitude, ag gn photo-ops are aaplenty, and all you hhave to do is look aaround you to see ssomething that’s w worth photographing aas a remembrance oof the day. With tthe h Des Moines ppolice force giving eescort, the riders ffor this year’s Iowa T Thunder made the rride to the Capitol ggrounds as one aawe-inspiring group oof motorcycles, hhonoring our vveterans by riding to sshow our respect and ggratitude for their sservice.

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A man and his wife, moved back home to Tennessee, from Ohio . The husband had a wooden leg, and to insure it back in Ohio cost them $2000 per year! When they arrived in Tennessee, they went to an insurance agency to see how much it would cost to insure his wooden leg. The agent looked it up on the computer and said: ‘$39.’ The husband was shocked and asked why it was so cheap here in Tennessee to insure it because it cost him $2000 in Ohio ! The insurance agent turned his computer screen to the couple and said, ‘Well, here it is on the screen, it says: Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler system above it, is $39... You just have to know how to describe your situation. ( * Hillbillies know how “to git er’done”)

************************************* An elderly man really took care of his body. He lifted weights and jogged six miles every day. One morning he looked into the mirror, admiring his body, and noticed that he was suntanned all over with the exception of his penis. So he decided to do something about that. He went to the beach, undressed completely and buried himself in the sand, except for his penis, which he left sticking out of the sand. A bit later, two little old ladies came strolling along the beach, one using a cane to help her get along. Upon seeing the thing sticking out of the sand, The lady with the cane began to move the penis around with her cane. Remarking to the other little old lady, she said: “There really is no justice in the world.” The other little old lady asked: “What do you mean by that?” The first little old lady replied: “Look at that. When I was 20, I was curious about it.” “When I was 30, I enjoyed it.” “When I was 40, I asked for it.” “When I was 50, I paid for it.” “When I was 60, I prayed for it.” “When I was 70, I forgot about it.” “And now that I’m 80, the damned things are growing wild and I’m too old to squat.”

A man joins a very exclusive nudist colony. On his first day there, he takes off his clothes and starts to wander around. A gorgeous petite blonde walks by, and the man immediately gets an erection. The woman notices his erection, comes over to him and says, ‘Did you call for me?’The man replies, ‘No, what do you mean?’ She says, ‘You must be new here. Let me explain. It’s a rule here that if you get an erection, it implies you called for me.’ Smiling, she leads him to the side of the swimming pool, lies down on a towel, eagerly pulls him to her and happily lets him have his way with her. The man continues to explore the colony’s facilities. He enters the sauna and, as he sits down, he farts.... Within minutes, a huge, hairy man lumbers out of the steam-room toward him, ‘Did you call for me?’ says the hairy man. “No, what do you mean?’ says the newcomer. ‘You must be new,’ says the hairy man, ‘it’s a rule that if you fart, it implies that you called for me.’ The huge man easily spins him around, bends him over a bench and has his way with him. The newcomer staggers back to the colony office, where he is greeted by the smiling, naked receptionist, ‘May I help you?’ she says. The man yells, ‘Here’s my membership card. You can have the key back and you can keep the $500 membership fee.’ ‘But, Sir,’ she replies, ‘you’ve only been here for a few hours. You haven’t had the chance to see all our facilities.’ The man replies, ‘Listen lady, I’m 68 years old. I only get an erection once a month! But I fart at least 40 times a day!’

******************************************** Wayne’s wife, Debbie, had been after him for several weeks to paint the wooden seat on their toilet. Finally, he got around to doing it while Debbie was out. After finishing, he left to take care of another matter before she returned. Wayne got done with his chore, came back home, and undressed to take a shower. Before getting in the shower, he sat on the toilet, as his coffee was kickin’ in. As he tried to stand up, he realized that the not-quite-dry epoxy paint had glued his ass to the toilet seat. About that time, Debbie got back home and realized his predicament. They both pushed and pulled without any success whatsoever. Finally, in desperation, Debbie undid the toilet seat bolts.

Debbie wrapped a sheet around Wayne and drove him to the hospital emergency room. Ole’ Doc Baldwin got Wayne ******************************************** into a position where he could study how to free him. DebBubba met a girl in the park the other evening. bie tried to lighten the embarrassment of it all by saying, There was an instant spark between him and her “Well, Doc, I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this immediately. She dropped to her knees and laid on the before..” Ole’ Doc B. replied, “Actually, I’ve seen hundreds grass at his feet. As he was making love to her, Bubba of them. I’ve just never seen one mounted and framed.” thought…..“These tazer guns are well worth the money”.

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From the Woman’s Seat

WHAT RIDING DOES FOR ME, words from tt

You know when you have one of those days that nothing is going right no matter what it is you try to do to correct matters? Work has to be done and nothing is clicking, the brain is foggy it seems, and there is only one fix, except there are other issues. Outside the concrete walls it has been raining nonstop for the last couple of days; not the get it done and move out kind of rain but the nice slow drizzle that you know will be around for awhile. With a nice white cloudy overcast sky, I set out to go a couple of miles down the road to just clear my head. Even a short jaunt down the road can do wonders, even a five mile trip has therapeutic benefit. Riding is an escape, a release, a form of relaxation that cannot be matched. Hopping on the bike, with only a light jacket, I immediately notice there was a sweet smell of fresh rain in the air. With the hum of motor between my legs and the rooster tail of water from my back tire, the few miles stretched on as my travels took me farther north out of town, out of the hustle and bustle of traffic. The congestion of the traffic has slowed to a car here and there with only the occasional need to pass another vehicle. With only myself, my bike, and the open road before me the miles began to accumulate with each turn of the tire. All the daily stresses began to fade away. Feeling as if the clouds in my brain where going away as the clouds outside started to give way to the early evening sunshine. A warm feeling came over me as the last rays of the day’s sun shone bright. The wet pavement turned to dry as the miles seemed to become endless. The scent of flowers, grass, and freshness filled my head. There came a point when it is time to turn around and head back to face the daily challenges. The return trip back to reality was spent looking around the country side at a slower pace. Upon approaching a large field of wild grass and trees there was a clearing with many turkeys walking about. Upon further inspection into the clearing a white headed bird was spotted. With no other traffic around I slowed my pace some more to see that it was a bald eagle. The sight was truly breath taking. I watched intently to see an impressive sized bird with his eagle eye turning in my direction. Then as quickly as he was on the ground he spread his wings to take flight. My only sorrow was that his flight was due to the noise from my pipes. At

36 - TRMI JULY 2011

this point my ride was complete, and I felt at peace with the world again. This is just one example of why I enjoy the ride. The smells, taste, and sights cannot be experienced any other way. With this particular ride I felt as nature was working with me. As my head cleared so did the weather. They say if you have to explain you just would not understand. Here is my brief glimpse of what the ride means to me. The sharing of our own experiences empowers others to do the same as well. With our “From the Woman’s Seat” articles, we hope to encourage and facilitate other women riders to step up and take the reins when they are ready. The following is a submission from a cool little lady from Newell, Iowa.

My name is Alisa Christensen and I am 19 years old. I started out riding with my boyfriend and my father every now and then. My father then bought me a Suzuki 250 which was a little more my size, and I decided to give it a try. I won’t try to hide the fact that my very first time I had given the bike way too much gas and it accelerated from beneath me and tipped over. I was very embarrassed and to top it all off they got it on camera. My father has been a huge confidence builder for me and has been the one to teach me to ride. If it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be enjoying motorcycling. I currently only have my permit, but I will be trying for my license very soon. I am slowly working my way up to a larger bike once I feel more comfortable and can afford one. I would recommend to anyone looking to learn how to drive to start small and work your way up. Don’t try to jump on that big Harley and think you will get it right away. We would like to wish Alisa many safe and enjoyable miles, and a good luck to you on becoming a fully licensed rider!

CAUSE FOR THE PAWS What do you get when you cross a dedicated animal lover with a biker? People like Don and Judy Batt from Batt’s Cycle in Boone and Heidi DreesWhite from the Boone Area Humane Society. Add all the stuff that Don has been squirreling away for a “Customer Appreciation Day” that he’s going to have “some day” and a dedicated animal lover like Heidi and you get, “Cause For The Paws”, a Poker Run to raise money and awareness for the Boone Area Humane Society.

that hadn’t partaken of Nancy’s food at the Otho Pub, decided to try out the fare from the menu at Pickles. Yet another tasty small town Iowa eatery. Now it was time to head east on another road that gave us nice curves and winding hills that turned south into St. Anthony, where we pulled into Flatheads. I’m sure you can give a pretty good guess why these fellow riders named their establishment Flatheads! Fellow riding enthusiasts, they are also known for some interesting menu items, such as Crawdad tails with shrimp sauce and their Friday Night Fish menu items, which you’ll just have to go visit them to check it out for yourself. The final stop was with the folks at the American Legion in Story City and they welcomed us with open arms. The poker hands were drawn, and tons of door prizes were given away. It was a great day enjoying some of the beautiful roads and sights in central Iowa.

Our route started at the Adobe Lounge in Boone and took us north and west out of Boone onto some of the best back country roads I have been on in a long time. And they weren’t just short bits of nice windy road either. Our first stop was the Otho Pub in Otho, but we didn’t get there until we traveled some of the most beautiful scenery, called Dolliver State Park, that I can’t wait to go back there and go camping sometime! It was a fairly brief stop and soon we were on our way. We were headed for Kamrar next. Kamrar, you say? Where in the world is Kamrar? Well, we headed north out of Otho and shot onto Highway 20 for about 20 miles or so and then headed south. Cool, another country road. Not a long one, but this one took us down by the Skunk River and featured a little jewel called Pickles Pub. It sure didn’t look like they had that much space in there from the outside. By this time, those

Watch for information next year for this same ride to happen again. I’ve got it from the top honchos that it will definitely happen and I have not one doubt that there will be a tremendous turn-out. Annette Murphy

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Events Around Iowa 2011

Iowa Bike Nights Monday Fireside Grill Altoona Johnny Mac’s Des Moines Tuesday Legacy Sports Bar and Grill Waukee Gathering on the Grounds Iowa State Fairgrounds J&P Cycles Cruise Nights (Selected Tuesdays) Anamosa Ron Dawg’s House Des Moines Victory Lane Des Moines Wednesday Beer Barn and Grill Kirkman Amigos Fort Dodge Roar Into Harlan Downtown (3rd Wednesday) Harlan O’Kelly’s Pub Baxter Hooters West Des Moines Quaker Steak & Lube Council Bluffs Legacy Sports Bar & Grill Waukee Rusty Duck Dexter Boss Hawgs BBQ Des Moines Skatterkats Davenport Lynn’s Des Moines Spanky’s Bar & Grill Emerson Latitude 41 Bar & Grill Johnston Mullets Des Moines Thursday Trophy’s Bar & Grill Des Moines Daytona’s All Sports Bar Des Moines Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill Waterloo Beach House Humboldt DMAKU’s Tiki Bar and Grill Walnut Rides Bar and Grill Fort Dodge BJ’s Full Throttle Thursdays Waterloo Cedar River HD (1st and 3rd Thursdays) JR’s Bronson Grid Iron Grill & Sports Lounge Webster City Knuckleheads New Market Tapz Pub Clive Big House Harlan Michelle’s Des Moines Woody’s Roadside Tavern (3rd Thursday) Albion AJ’s Des Moines Square One Clive Ridgemont (BACA) Windsor Heights Friday Knoxville Bike Night (1st Friday) Knoxville Throttle Down to “O” Town Osceola Fatboyz Saloon (2nd & 4th Friday) Grimes Bike Down to I-Town (3rd Friday) Indianola Ferg’s Grand Junction Hicklin Powersports Dinner Rides(4th Fridays) Grimes Saturday Winterset Bike Night (3rd Saturday) Winterset Do Drop (Under the Water Tower) Jamaica Sunday Haverhill Social Club (3rd Sunday) Haverhill Ickey Nickel Sioux City Daytona’s All Sports Bar Des Moines Team 36 Mitchellville This list is what we have found and what has been submitted. Before heading to any event, please check weather and make sure the event is not cancelled. Not responsible for misprints and typos. If you have any other events to list,please email

Jun 25 Ride it out for Amber Sarcoma Fundraiser Indianola, Iowa Jun 25 Joe Beck Memorial Poker Run Creston, Iowa Jun 25-26 J&P Cycles Open House Anamosa, Iowa Jun 26 Cruise with the Crew Holstein HD Omaha, NE Jun 26 GWTA Nishna Valley Wings Ride Indian Creek Museum Emerson Jun 27 Harley Owners Group Million Mile Monday Jul 1-2 Circle of Pride Independence Day Blowout Conesville, Iowa Jul 2 English River Ou i ers Poker Run Washington, Iowa Jun 30-Jul 2 ABATE Freedom Rally Algona, Iowa Jul 7-9 Nitro’s Bike Rally Gravity, Iowa Jul 9 Motorcycle Rodeo and Ride in Bike Show Missouri Valley, Iowa Jul 9 3rd Annual Moose Riders Benefit Poker Run Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jul 9 Nishna Valley Cycles Open House Atlan c, Iowa Jul 9 Freeman Ride Avoca, Iowa Jul 9 Kick off BBQ Leather & Hawgs Hornick, Iowa Jul 9 Wish Ride Mason City, Iowa Jul 9 Diamond Run Benefit Fun Run Cedar Falls, Iowa Jul 9 ABATE D9 Motorcycle Rodeo at Fun Days in Baxter, Iowa Jul 10 Yellow Ribbon Run Werner Cycle Omaha, NE Jul 16 ABATE D15 Taco Run for Charity Jul 16 Patriot Ride Quasqueton, Iowa Jul 16 Ride for Life Benefit Run Camanche, Iowa July 15-16 100 Ryderz MC Annual Party Des Moines, Iowa Jul 14-16 Iowa HOG Rally Pella, Iowa Jul 23 3rd Annual Woman’s Fun Run Atlan c, Iowa Jul 23 END 2nd Annual 100 Day Poker Run Party Soldier, Iowa Jul 23 10th Annual Special Olympics Poker Run Doc’s Roadhouse Logan Jul 23 Almont Run Clinton, Iowa Jul 23 Cruise Night Heartland HD Burlington, Iowa Jul 30 Slopfest Beachfront Bar Wever, Iowa Jul 30 Save the TATAS Ride Amigos Fort Dodge, Iowa Jul 31 Team Sue’s 2011 Poker Run Glidden, Iowa Aug 4-6 Across the Border Raid Bedford, Iowa Aug 5-6 2012 Model Rollout/Demo Rides Big Barn HD Des Moines, Iowa Aug 5-6 Papa Clutch Customs Open House & Sturgis Layover Aug 8-14 Black Hills Motorcycle Gathering Aug 13 ABATE D15 Rodeo “Too Broke for Sturgis” Donahue, Iowa Aug 13 Viva Sturgis BBQ Leather & Hawgs Hornick, Iowa Aug 14 ABATE D5 Leukemia Lymphoma Benefit Ride Aug 19-20 American Victory Rally Spirit Lake, Iowa Aug 20-21 30th An Baxter Cycle Open House/Triumph Demo Rides Marne Aug 20 10th Heartland Hemophilia Run Papa Joe’s Missouri Valley, Iowa Aug 20 ABATE D21 Rodeo Miles, Iowa Aug 20 ABATE D17 Fall Rally St. Ansgar, Iowa Aug 20 Make-A-Wish Ride Council Bluffs, Iowa Aug 20 Bob Ezarski Memorial Run Aredale, Iowa Aug 27 Werner Cycle Works 3rd Annual Bike/Car Show Omaha, NE Aug 27 Fall Open House Big Barn HD Des Moines, Iowa Aug 27 Cruise Night Heartland HD Burlington, Iowa Aug 26-28 Iowa Lincoln Highway Assn Motor Tour Council Bluffs to Clinton Aug 26-28 7th Annual BTW Trike In Kellogg, Iowa Sep 1-4 Davenport An que Motorcycle Rally Sep 1-4 Circle of Pride Thunder In the Sand Conesville, Iowa Sep 2 Vintage Flat Track Motorcycle Races Davenport, Iowa Sep 2-5 Iron Horse Bike & Music Fes val Sabula, Iowa Sep 3-4 Midway Tavern Soldier Valley Run BBQ, Street Dance Soldier, IA

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa July 2011  

Iowa Biker magazine, About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa July 2011  

Iowa Biker magazine, About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa