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2013 World Summit Youth Award

Use Internet and Mobiles to put the UN Millennium Development Goals into Action!

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Sri Lanka, Wonder of Asia!


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What are they good for? Young people use Mobile and Internet to make a change

Step out of your comfort zone and take action! Make a difference with the tools you know best! Take Internet and Mobile and change the world! Here where you live, now in your present society! This book provides you with an overview of actions projects from around the world and positively change established ways and structures. The World Summit Youth Award encour­ ages young people under thirty use of ICT years of age to show how they use their digital power to address social challenges in their communities and countries, or the world. Internet and Mobile technology are changing the lives of people around the world. Today, the majority of the world’s population may be so-called “digital na­ tives”. They do not remember or even im­ agine a life without a phone, a computer or the World Wide Web. Regardless if they are from industrialized or developing countries, they appreciate the conveni­

ence of digital communication and IT, are driven by curiosity, are stunningly crea­ tive and have the innovative power to customize digital tools according to their needs and imagination. But there is also another side to this world. The United Nations estimates that one in eight people worldwide still go hungry every day. More than 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty. Too many women still die in childbirth and small kids are killed by malaria and other dis­ eases, even though the means to save them exist. More and more, people experience the impact of climate change and govern­ ments and companies continue to do too little to stabilize our environment. And although it is known that education is the key to development, millions of children from poor and rural households do not have the chance to regularly attend school and enjoy access to basic know­ ledge.

The winning projects in this book address the UN Millennium Development Goals which articulate the aspirations for our global community, as formulated by the UN General Assembly in the year 2000. The MDGs inspire us to keep up the ef­ forts and encourage young people to step forward with ambitious plans for a better future. The World Summit Youth Award is an ­initiative for creative young people who want to contribute in their own way ­towards these common goals. As digital natives, they use ICT to fight poverty, hunger, disease, gender inequality, lack of education and environmental de­ gra­ dation. In this book, you will find an overview of the 18 most engaging and innovative pro­ jects from the 2013 contest, selected out of 2275 submissions from 147 UN mem­ ber states. These projects vividly demon­ strate what can be achieved when young

people stand up and act together for a liveable future. The WSYA is grateful to the government of Sri Lanka and the Information and Communication Technology Agency un­ der the leadership of Mr. Reshan De­ wapura, for hosting the WSA Global Con­ gress and - within its framework - the WSYA Winners’ event. In this booklet, please enjoy finding out what is being done and what impact the projects have already brought. May this event evoke our solidarity with the pow­ erful actions lead by young people around the world using ICT. Thank you for your interest and your support, Best wishes, Peter A. Bruck Chairman of WSA Hon. President of ICNM


Patrons' Statements

Patrons' Statements Young people using Internet and Mobiles to put UN MDGs into Action

Irina Bokova

Eveline Herfkens

LI Yong

Director-General, UNESCO UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization

Founder of the UN Millennium Campaign

Director General of UNIDO UN Industrial Development Organization

Youth are a great source of crea­ tivity and innovation. If equipped with the needed skills, technology and investment to turn their ideas into successful busi­ nesses they can become drivers of eco­ nomic growth and job creation in their societies. The past years have been marked by the events of the Arab Spring which are believed to be, inter alia, the re­ sult of unequal access to economic oppor­ tunities and high unemployment rates among young graduates. Young people demand to be actors of the socio-econom­ ic development of their societies. We should work towards an enabling envi­ ronment to unleash the productive poten­ tial of young women and men. This will require the joint efforts of the international community, governments and the private sector. Together we can support youth worldwide to fulfill their aspirations and turn their innovative ideas into action.


Young people were the favorite allies of the UN Millennium Campaign: passionate, energetic and thinking “out­ side the box”. Using internet and mobiles to achieve the MDG’s was certainly be­ yond the frame of mind of government leaders who agreed to these Goals… Tomorrow’s world is defined by action today. So some 20 years from now, when your generation will provide the Secre­ tary General of the UN, she does not need to report once again that the Millennium Goals have not been met as yet. Your ac­ tion prevented these Goals to end up as litter on yet another boulevard of broken dreams…

I wish to congratulate each of the young social entrepreneurs who have taken part in the WSYA 2013. Each of you is a winner – a winner for inclusion and innovation, a winner for building stronger knowledge societies. We need precisely these kinds of initiatives, to harness the power of new information and communi­ cation technologies for more sustainable and just development. UNESCO’s posi­ tion is clear – we must move forward to­ gether, by giving everyone an unhindered voice through new technologies and me­ dia, by respecting cultural and linguistic diversity, by promoting the rights, dignity and capacities of every woman and man.

Walda Roseman

Ahmad Alhendawi

Michael Spindelegger

Chief Operating Officer, Internet Society

United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, Federal Minister for European & International Affairs

and identity, the creation of varied infor­ mation content, and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural herit­ age. It aims to make the benefits of the new information society accessible and mean­ ingful for all. Unfortunately I am not able to be with you in person, but I did visit Sri Lanka ear­ lier this year and am very happy for those of you who have the chance to see this beautiful country and participate in the World Summit Award Global Congress. Therefore, from a distance this time, I am particularly happy to congratulate the 2013 winners and I wish you great suc­ cess with the forthcoming congress in Sri Lanka!

The World Summit on the Infor­ mation Society (WSIS) is bringing UN or­ ganizations and programmes together around a common goal: to channel the great potential of information and com­ munication technologies (ICTs) to every­ body. Partnering with governments, private sector and civil society in over 160 UN Member States, the World Summit Award supports the implementation of the UN agendas for Information Society and De­ velopment of the Information Society, and the Millennium Development Goals of ending poverty, hunger and disease, pro­ viding education for all, saving the envi­ ronment, and giving a fair share to wom­ en through the use of ICTs. Responding to rapid changes in the infor­ mation society, the World Summit Award initiative emphasizes cultural diversity

The Millennium Development Goals were launched in 2000 in order to promote action against poverty. In 2013 they continue to provide important benchmarks while the International Community is already working on a post2015 development agenda. A large number of young people can be found among those willing and eager to change our world for the better. I took great interest in learning about the inno­ vative and creative projects submitted by the participants of the World Summit Youth Award. It is the dedication of our youth, as demonstrated by all the bright minds taking part in the WSYA, which gives us renewed hope for a brighter ­future.

It's exciting to see the energy, the ideas, and the increased richness of the Internet that is unleashed through the creativity of Internet citizens from across the globe. The Internet Society believes the Internet is for everyone, and we ap­ plaud the World Summit Youth Award and its initiatives to showcase the power of local content and diversity on global ­issues


Welcome Note President of Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka

We are proud to be associated with the World Summit Award, which today is the international showcase for content indus­ tries that can inspire information society worldwide. This wired world has brought people together in unprecedented ways, but it also has the potential to distance nations by threatening sovereignty. In the light of recent developments across the globe, the notion of cyber sovereignty is an increasingly salient issue which can­ not be ignored. Sri Lanka, having successfully concluded an internal conflict, is engaged in multipronged socio-economic development with unprecedented speed and success. As the Country forges forward, it is my vi­


sion that every citizen will reap the ben­ efits of the rapid technological changes taking place around us. The ‘eSri Lanka’ Initiative has not only taken the dividends of ICT to every vil­ lage and every citizen but has success­ fully re-engineered the way Government thinks and works. Sri Lanka is now en route to the next level of the ICT develop­ ment: a ‘SMART Sri Lanka.” I welcome you all to Sri Lanka and invite you to enjoy the warm hospitality of the oldest democracy in Asia. Mahinda Rajapaksa President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, Wonder of Asia!

Sri Lanka, Wonder of Asia! Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka is a place where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt. Sri Lanka packs into 65,610 square kilometers 1,330 kilo­ metres of coastline - much of it pristine beach, 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies and more. Few places have as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (eight) packed into such a small area. Its 2500-plus years of culture can be discov­ ered at ancient sites filled with mystery. Legendary temples boast beautiful de­ tails crafted by artisans through the cen­ turies. ‘Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, killer surf, fun trains, famous tea, flavourful food’ Lonely Planet Guide, 2013

And then there is more …. Dazzlingly white beaches ring the island so that no matter where you go, you will not be too far from a sandy gem. If you want a change of scenery, away from the tropical climate of the coast, the central hills beckon with its verdant tea planta­ tions, rain forested peaks and alluring wa­ terfalls. That’s not all … Sri Lanka continues to lead the world in high – value niches, including fast fashion and ethical apparel in the clothing indus­ try, solid tires and surgical gloves in the rubber industry, single origin teas in the tea sector, and activated carbon in the Coconut sector. Since colonial times, the Country has excelled in education quality and enjoys a literacy rate of 93%, highest in the region. Current level of IT literacy is estimated to be 35% and the Government

aims to increase it to 75% by 2015. Sri Lanka’s competitive advantage also lies in the soft skills of its people which have been borne of being a small island with a cultural melting pot history. Sri Lanka is today capitalizing on a firm foundation of peace and stability to achieve rapid economic growth. Colom­ bo, the commercial of hub of the Country is a competitive and dynamic city reflect­ ing the Country’s aspirations of becom­ ing an upper middle income economy and global hub. This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon. Discover refreshingly Sri Lanka!



The World Summit Youth Award


Promoting young entrepreneurs who make a difference

2013 marks the sixth edition of the World Summit Youth Award, the annual interna­ tional competition for digital and social innovators under 30. Each year the num­ ber of applications has increased signifi­ cantly. Until today, the WSYA has select­ ed and promoted 90 projects as winners (and 40 projects as runners-up) which contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), raise awareness of local

and global social challenges and take ac­ tion on making a difference. The WSYA is promoted in all UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA) the UN Global Alli­ ance for ICT (UNGAID), other participat­ ing UN Organisations and Agencies such as UNESCO and UNIDO, governments and NGOs, youth organisations, and many other committed partners.

Applications to the WSYA 2005-2013 1,224












WSYA Flashback

Flashback The WSYA Success Story 2005–2012

Tunisia, Mexico, USA, Austria and Canada: For eight years the World Summit Youth Award strives to act as a platform and international network for young social entrepreneurs who make a difference. In the framework of different high-profile events the WSYA offered its winners the opportunity to share ideas, debate, celebrate and present their projects in front of an international audience. Every WSYA program was designed for the uprising MDGs Pioneers to get to know to each other and network with potential business contacts. Starting in 2005 with 3 winning team out of 300 applications to 2013’s 18 winners out of 2275 submissions from 147 countries – the WSYA is a true success story in selecting and promoting the next gen­ eration’s innovations acting on the MDGs.

Tunisia 2005:

USA 2010:

Austria 2011:

The first WSYA meeting was held in conjunc-

The UN Millennium Review Summit was the

In a slight flush of homesickness, it was decid-

tion with the UN World Summit on the Informa-

perfect framework for the WSYA Winners’

ed that the WSYA was going home to Austria.

tion Society (WSIS) in Tunis. In three categories,

Event in 2010. Alongside meetings of high level

Graz, UNESCO City of Design and Human

3 winning teams had been selected out of over

representatives of the UN member states, 40

Rights, just seemed to be the perfect place for a

300 applications hailing from 70+ UN member

winners and runners-up had been invited to the

World Summit multimedia Festival. The 18 win-


Big Apple to celebrate

ners and 15 runners-up met here with representatives of governments, NGOs, business and the United Nations.

Mexico 2009:

Canada 2012:

With the great support of INDIGO BRAIN

In the framework of WITSA’s 18th World Con-

­MEDIA and the Knight foundation this year’s

gress on Information Technology, the WSYA

winners’ event took place in Monterrey. Partici-

was part of this outstanding event as Young

pants from over 50 countries, among them

Digital Planet. As WCIT’s youth track it fea-

ministers, UN representatives and e-content

tured speed meetings, mind minglings, best

experts, attended the four-day event.

practice presentations and workshops, showcasing some of the most committed young producers from all over the world.


Winners' Event

WSA Global Congress 2013 The World´s Best in e-Content and Creativity 2013 Young People using ICTs to take action on the MDGs Conference, Exhibition, Gala Colombo, Sri Lanka, Oct 23-26 2013


Kingsbury Hotel Colombo |Oct 23-26 Local Content with Global Relevance The WSA Global Congress is dedicated to innovation and the creative use of ICTs. The conference highlights that sustaina­ ble development has to be driven by the creative use of quality content. Creativity is neither bound to being rich in terms of material goods, nor to infra­ structure or existing networks. It is a “natural resource” of the human mind

and it exists everywhere in the world. Bridging the digital divide and acting to­ wards the UN Millennium Development Goals is therefore also a matter of con­ tent. International and local speakers present the latest trends in e-Content and the Winners 2013 showcase their awarded solutions.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS • Opening Inauguration with H.E. President Mahinda Rajapaks at Presidential Secretariat • Galadinner and Award Ceremony at Mount Lavinia Beach • Interactive Workshops and Discussions • Mobile Content Conference • Visionary Keynotes, Interactive Discussions • Casestudies from globally successful entrepreneurs


WSA Global Congress 2013

Keynote Speakers 2013 • Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman World Summit Award, Austria • Gregor Cholewa, CTO KnowledgeFox Austria, Austria • Reshan Dewapura, CEO ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka • Niki Ernst, TEDx Ambassador and CEO Planetsisa, Austria • Dorothy Gordon, Director-General, Advanced Information Technology Institute – Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT, Ghana • Osama Manzar, Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation, India • Jasna Matic, Special Adviser for Competitveness and Knowledge Economy | Ministry of Finance and Economy, Serbia • Adam Montadon, The Awesome Department, Denmark • Govindan Nair, President, Hemispheres Solutions LLC (USA) and Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University, USA • Tiit Paanen, former CEO Skype Estonia, Estonia • Milind Pathak, Global Head of New Business, One97, India • Sheila Pimentel, President, Humanitare Institute, Brazil • Gary Schwartz, CEO Impact Mobile, USA • Mano Sekaram, Chief Executive Officer & Co- founder, 99X Technology, Sri Lanka • David Shelters, Financial Advisor, Author, Blogger, USA/Thailand • Ralph Simon, CEO & Founder: Mobilium International; Chairman Emeritus & Founder: Mobile Entertainment Forum – Americas, UK • Rita O´Sullivan, Country Director, Asian Development Bank, Sri Lanka • Badr Ward, CEO, ertica, Saudi Arabia • Janine Warner, Founder Digital Family, USA • Dr. Shahani Markus Weerawarana, Visiting Fellow, UNSW, Australia / Visiting Scientist, IU, USA / Visiting Lecturer, UoM & KDU Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka • Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe, Senior Lecturer, University of Colombo School of Computing • Dr. Hans Wijesuriya, Group Chief Executive Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka

GALA | Mount Lavinia Beach | Oct 26th Celebrating richness and diversity in e-Content and Social Entrepreneurship

EXHIBITION | Kingsbury Hotel Colombo | Oct 23-26 Discover the most innovative and creative e-content

The gala celebration will be the highlight of the entire WSA and Youth Award year 2013. It is a unique ceremony to honor excellent e-Content and innovative applications from young social entrepreneurs. During the gala, the winning teams from all over the world receive their awards, handed over to them by high level government representatives and key participants from the ICT industry. Moreover, the 8 World Summit Award Global Champions 2013 will be announced at the gala evening and receive special recognition for their outstanding applications.

The Winners’ Exhibition is a truly outstanding experience for everyone interested in e-Content and the creative use of ICTs. Explore and discover the industry’s latest trends and innovations, from e-Learning to e-Health and from e-Entertainment to e-Inclusion. Don´t miss to meet the Youth Award Winners 2013 at their booth to learn more about social entrepreneurship and activism from all over the world.





Sept. 29th. – Oct. 1st., 2014.

Expo Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco / Mexico

Mexico is an excellent market full of business opportunities:



$1.2 trillion Economy 3.9% GDP growth in 2012 14th Largest Economy in the World Largest number of free trade agreements in the world, 12 agreements with 44 countries Youthful demographic with 121 million population

WCIT (World Congress on IT) is the most important event for Information Technology and Communications (ITC). It is an international high level congress and exhibition that brings together:


International leading companies presenting cutting edge technologies on show floor 3,000 delegates from approximately 80 countries Corporate leaders Policy makers Government officials Academic and research scientific community Three days of Congress to discuss emerging issues on ITC, debate hot topics and address legal, political and economic trends that are affecting business models around the world.

Congress Audience

Under the theme “Creating Collaboratively the Digital Age”, WCIT 2014 will feature a high level conference program, B2B meetings, innovation showcases and more.

Decision makers and leaders from:

Creating Collaboratively the Digital Age industry

High Technology Industries: Automotive e-Health Finance Services government Smart Cities Education




San Francisco





Washington D.C.








Kuala Lumpur




IDEAS Decision makers


3,000 deleGATES

EXHIBITION AREA Corporate & academic leaders


Academy: Universities Research Centers Support Organizations

Government: e-Health e-Government e-Security Yokohama e-Commerce Montreal



UN member states!

WSYA 2013 in Numbers 18 Winners have been selected out of 2275 applicants from


UN member states!



Total number of entries Complete Projects Eligible Projects Winners 2013 Runners-Up 2013

422 331 18 12

Per Category Eligible Projects


1 3

1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease 2. Education for All 3. Power 2 Women 4. Create your Culture 5. Go Green 6. Pursue Truth

5 2 2



60 113 25 65 43 26

Per Region

Africa 73 Arab Countries & Middle East 31 Asia 95 Europe 100 Latin America & Caribbean 17 North America & Oceania 15



Meet the WSYA Jury 2013 Jury President: Franz Josef Allmayer, Vamed Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, Guatemala / Austria

Diversity is key. 27 jurors from 22 countries have dedicated their time and expertise to evaluate this year’s WSYA applications and select the best and most promising projects addressing UN MDGs. In two rounds of online evaluation they chose 3 winners and 2 runners up in each category based on the following criteria: - Content - Design - Innovation & creativity - Interactivity - Sustainability + Strategic value (Effectiveness in putting the MDGs into action) We thank all of them for their indispensable contribution to the success of the WSYA 2013!

Nawaf Abdulrahman

President | Bahrain Internet Society, Information Security & Quality Assurance Manager |Al Baraka Banking Group

Danya Bashir

Executive Director | Social Media for Change

Stéphane Boyera

Lead Program Manager | World Wide Web Foundation | CEO | SB Consulting

Joel Buenaventura

Global Health Specialist | Ministry of Health - Bureau of Int. Health Cooperation

Sebastian Bustamente


Jennifer Corriero

Co-founder & Executive Director | TakingITGlobal

Ehssan Esfehani

Chairman | Vista Samaneh Asia

Luis Fernandez CTO | XumaK Mathias Haas

CEO | SuperSocial

Bahrain Libya France Philippines Colombia Canada Iran Guatemala / Austria Austria

Ahmed Hassan Al Lawati Information Security Officer | Information Technology Authority Oman Member | The National Youth Committee


Alex Hung

Co-Founder | Crossover International Co. Ltd.


Adam Itzkowitz

Co-Founder |


Ravi Karkara

Global Expert Advisor Children & Youth | UN Millennium Campaign | MyWorld2015 Child and Youth Focal Point


Eileen Knowles

Executive Director | Education Generation


Anna Mazgal

Consultant | Ashoka Poland and CEE


Alexander Ojo

Co-Founder and CEO | FreelancePro.Me


Alberta Pelino

President | Young Ambassadors Society

Sheila Pimentel

President | Humanitare Institute

Rapelang Rabana

Founder | Yeigo Communications

Rafael Rivera

General Director | JOIN - Jóvenes Informados | Consultant | McKinsey & Co.

Adeline Suwana

Founder | Sahabat Alam

Bridget Stout

Chief Development Officer | iEARN-USA

Anshul Tewari

Founder and Editor in Chief | Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth


Véronique Thouvenot

Head | Millennia2015 "Women and eHealth" International Working Group; Evaluation Expert in eHealth, mHealth, eLearning and Telemedicine


Mata Toure

Advanced Development for Africa (ADA)

Nkemdilim Uwaje

Director | Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd.

Italy Brazil South Africa Mexico Indonesia USA

Mali Nigeria


Statements WSYA Jury 2013

“I was impressed by the applications that are being developed. The WSYA shows us that young people are the game changers and that with their indefatigable dedica­ tion, the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved.” – Mata Toure Advanced

these projects and the level commitment showcased by the participants across various domains. WSYA is an excellent platform for youth to showcase their cre­ ative and innovative ideas." Nawaf Abdulrahman Information Security

Development for Africa, Mali

­Officer, ITA Oman & Member of the National Youth Committee, Oman

"Being a member of the jury for the WSYA is a difficult but rewarding experience. It's such an inspiring process because there are so many young people working toward the attainment of MDGs in all continents; it's definitely a good sign of a better future" – Rafael Rivera General Director JOIN-Jovenes Informados and Consultant at McKinsey & Co., Mexico)

"It has been a great journey evaluating these innovative and creative ideas sub­ mitted by youth from all around the world. I was impressed with the quality of

“In the evaluation process I have been amazed with the creativity of the young people – how unobvious their choices for interventions are and how passionately they often speak about solving big prob­ lems. Young people care about the world they live in and want to pass it on to the next generations as a better place. They display a complex understanding of tech­ nology application and are very creative in connecting the online component with solid offline actions.” – Anna Mazgal ­Consultant, Ashoka Poland and CEE

“Innovation is key in a changing world where technologies provide an immense field of experiment and hope. The evaluation of more than 80 projects reveals that the gender gap remains a ­reality, as only 25% are posted by women. From the regional perspective, the African continent is the most active with the ­submission of 38% of the projects, fol­ lowed by Asia, Europe, Middle East and Americas. The selection of 3 projects by category is a real challenge as many more would merit to be awarded too!” – Dr Veronique Ines Thouvenot, ­(Dr Veronique Ines Thouvenot, Head of Millennia2015 “Women and eHealth” ­International Working Group, Chile

“Being a member of the jury does not only give me the opportunity to select who goes to the next round of the competition, it gives me the opportunity to be a part of

the movement for change. I feel the sheer creativity, innovativeness, energy and de­ termination put the projects by appli­ cants. There is a lot of talent on display and I'm highly optimistic – Alexander Ojo Co-Founder & CEO, FreelancePro.Me, Ghana

"It is amazing to see how, despite their age, participants are able to identify a challenge in their society and propose a working solution to tackle it. In absolutely all projects, independently of the topic, the leadership and innovation demon­ strated by the participants is just amaz­ ing. I'm convinced that, winner or not, all participants have a strong career in front us and we will hear about them in the fu­ ture." – Stéphane Boyera Lead Program Manager, World Wide Web Foundation, USA


The Global Network

The WSYA Global Network WSYA Ambassadors 1 Rapelang Rabana Founder | Yeigo Communications South Africa 1

2 Francesca Ronchi E Content Award Italy Italy 3 Stephan Hamberger Product Manager Web | Red Bull Media House Austria 4 Abe Fergusson Natural Disasters Youth Ambassador Trinidad -Tobago


5 Adam Itzkowitz Co-Founder | USA 6 Dylan Mahalingham Founder & Executive Director | Lil´MDGs; Chief Strategist | Under the Acacia USA 7 Alexander Ojo Co-Founder and CEO | FreelancePro.Me Ghana 7

8 Nathan Masyuko Chief Executive Gamer | NexGen Kenya 9 Fungai Machirori blogger, researcher and creative writer | Fungai Neni / Her Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 10 Momal Mushtaq Founder and Executive Director | The Voice of Youth Pakistan


11 Jithin Krishnan Director | Make A Difference India 12 Bistra Kumbaroska Master candidate: International Business | University of Ljubljana; Network Coordinator and Co-founder | Mladiinfo Macedonia 13 Sébastien Bourdu Co-founder and CTO |; Member | MakeSense France


14 Raphael Rivera General Director | JOIN - Jóvenes Informados; Consultant | McKinsey & Co. Mexico 15 Renato Martins Dornelas Head of International Affairs | React & Change Organization; Youth Ambassador | US Department of State; Global Changemaker | British Council Brasil 16

16 Muthoni Njuguna Systems Administrator and CSLT Facilitator | Jesuit Refugee Services Based in Kakuma Kenya

The Global Network

WSYA Board 1

1 Nawaf Abdulrahman President |Bahrain Internet Society Information Security and Quality Assurance Manager |Al Baraka Banking Group Bahrain 2 Ehssan Riazi Esfehani Chairman | Vista Samaneh Asia Iran 3 Jennifer Corriero Co-founder & Executive Director | TakingITGlobal Canada 4 Alex Hung Co-Founder | Crossover International Co. Ltd. China


5 Titi Akinsanmi Committee Member | ICANN South-Africa 6 Andrew Gakiria CEO | Kenya e-Learning Center Kenya 7 Nkemdilim Uwaje Director | Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria 7

8 Zawan Al-Sabti Projects Specialist | Information Technology Authority (ITA) Oman 9 Franz Josef Allmayer Project Engineering/Medical Equipment Planning | VAMED Engineering Guatemala 10

10 Sebastian Bustamente CEO | Colombia 11 Abdullah Mosaad Founder and General Coordinator | What's Up Youth Online Channel Egypt 12 Anshul Tewari Founder and Editor in Chief | Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth India


13 Eileen Knowles Executive Director | Education Generation Canada 14 Carina Schmid Co-founder and CEO | The Global Experience Germany 15 Mathias Haas CEO | SuperSocial Austria



The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Imagine a world where every person has the chance for a liveable future and the right to food, security, shelter, health and education. And imagine that it was not only the civil society, but also world leaders and the biggest international in足 stitutions joining in on the effort. This is what the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are about. In 2000, the UN member states decided on eight concrete goals to improve living conditions for everyone around the globe: Reducing poverty, hunger and diseases, promoting education, health, gender equality and environmental sustainabili足 ty, and building a global partnership for development. These goals are set to be reached by 2015.


Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty

Achieve Universal Primary Education

Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Reduce Child Mortality

Improve Maternal Health

Combat HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases

Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Develop a Global Partnership for Development

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

2. What kind of World do you(th) Want?

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nation, Remarks at Special Event on achieving the Millennium Development Goals, 25/9/2013

“Cynics expected the MDGs to be aban­ doned. Some said, they were too ambi­ tious. They were too lofty. Well, they were wrong, Thanks to the hard work of gov­ ernments, civil society and other partners around the world – the MDGs have mobi­ lized action and achieved results. Global poverty has been cut in half. We have im­ proved access to drinking water and con­ ditions for people living in slums. More girls are in school. Child and maternal mortality is declining dramatically. Yet we continue to struggle against extreme poverty, inequality and insufficient access

to sanitation. Climate change remains a clear and present danger. Now is the time for MDG Momentum. We now have less than 1,000 days to close the gaps and accelerate action. That means scaling up success. Empow­ ering women and girls. Keeping fiscal promises. And mobilizing people from governments to the grassroots. The ideas and inspiration of young people are espe­ cially critical. Action now will add momentum as we look beyond 2015 to the challenges of sustainable development.”

With the UN MDGs, world leaders prom­ ised to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Thanks to millions of people taking action and a massive global effort, we have al­ ready made real progress. The number of people living in poverty has fallen to less than half of its 1990 level. Over two billion people gained access to better drinking water. The share of slum dwellers living in cities fell, improving the lives of at least 100 million people! Yet, 1.4 billion people still live in extreme poverty. Every 4 seconds a child dies from preventable causes and over 900 million, particularly women and young people, suffer from chronic hunger. Meanwhile our population is set to rise to 9.5 billion by 2050 and the food system is at break­ ing point.

The United Nations Millennium Campaign, along with many partners within the United Nations as well as Civil Society Stakeholders are now looking at pros­ pects for the Post-2015 agenda. he United Nations Millennium Campaign, along with many partners within the United Nations as well as Civil Society Stakeholders are now looking at pros­ pects for the Post-2015 agenda.


The World We Want will gather the priori­ ties of people from every corner of the world and help build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and World Leaders to plan a new development agenda launching in 2015, one that is based on the aspirations of all citizens!


JOIN THE GLOBAL CONVERSATION on For more info on the UN Millennium Campaign

8. 19


The WSYA Categories


Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! Content and applications addressing is­ sues of extreme poverty and hunger, of­ fering solutions for those whose income is less than $ 1 a day, supporting the re­ duction of diseases and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria.




Content and communities which pro­ mote gender equality and empower women, eliminate gender disparity in ed­ ucation and at work places, facilitate ac­ cess of women to all levels of political decision making and strengthen wom­ en’s contribution to the peaceful resolu­ tion of conflicts

Applications and content addressing the natural environment, promoting environ­ mental sustainability, integrating the principles of environmentally sustainable development into policy programmes, re­ versing the loss of environmental re­ sources and biodiversity, reducing the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and im­ proving the lives of slum dwellers.

Power 2 Women!

Education for All! Content, platforms and solutions to give boys and girls everywhere in the world a full course of primary schooling, to ad­ vance training for personal development and jobs, and to achieve a high level of understanding and knowledge of the global information society and its prom­ ises, challenges and opportunities.



Go Green!

Create your Culture! Online platforms, applications and con­ tent expressing young people’s aspira­ tions, ideas and values, sharing their news, enabling their participation in deci­ sion-making processes, strengthening social justice, promoting the knowledge of many languages and cultures, support­ ing multilingualism, creating contempo­ rary forms of culture and preserving in­ digenous knowledge and traditions.


Pursue Truth! Journalism using Internet and Mobiles to cover the MDGs and to report on issues related to them, to their realization or fail­ ure to be realized; addresses content ex­ cellence in terms of a fair, accurate, con­ textual pursuit of truth and the success in publishing the content using digital, in­ teractive media platforms; invites young journalists and citizens to share their news and become active participants in the public interest of their community and country.

WSYA Winners

Winners 2013

Category 1: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! Jayanth Justin, Abhilash Reddy, Kallepu Ashton, Richard DSa India Hisham Fawzi Shehabi, Tariq Al Olaimy, Emad Naeemi, Saleh Al Derazi Bahrain Tamer Taha Egypt Category 2: Education for All! iScuela Maninder Singh Bajwa India The LISTA Initiative Ana Pantelić Serbia Challenge:Youth Bistra Kumbaroska, Hina Hazrat, Dan Croitoru, Damla Aktan, Jatin Kataria, Samuel Duru Slovenia Category 3: Power 2 Women! The African Queens Project Gloria Silas Mangi Tanzania Connecting for my health María Luisa Méndez, Aldo Arce Guatemala Get Water! Tuuli Saarinen, Nicole Darabian, Veniamin Chukhovich, Daniela Yli-Kiikka, Michael Hsu Canada Category 4: Create your Culture! Jerry Do It Together Justine Hannequin, Ah-Kiem Emilien France Lendabook Muhammad Iqbal Hariadi Putra, Ahmad Syarif Afandi, Yunus Kuntawi Aji Indonesia You Are What You Post Roberto Ruz Sahrur Mexico Category 5: Go Green! Wiithaa Brieuc Saffré, Nicolas Buttin France Book for Book Kassie Papasotiriou, Fotis Aisopos Greece Viadedo Philipp Alexander Wenger, Óscar Sánchez, Abigail Acuna, Fredy López Paraguay Category 6: Pursue Truth! Yes AYV Creative Youth Media Project Poornima Meegammana, Mithun Kumarasinghe, Wajira Madusanka, Lahiru Wanigasekara, Kavinda Promod, Romesh Dhanajana Sri Lanka Social Cops Prukalpa Sankar, Varun Banka India B The Media & Kalabash Nicholas Fallon Monro Zimbabwe


Category Winners

1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!


Winner Promoting voluntary blood donation through mobile applications Saving a life can be just a touch away.

Friends2Support is an Indian voluntary blood donors’ organization bringing to­ gether voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood onto a common digital platform. Friends2Support was founded as an effort to tackle the problem of blood shortages in hospitals. The organization’s main aim is to change the society towards stronger solidarity regardless of caste, creed or religion. By organizing rallies, events and other activities, the team promotes their concept and raise awareness. Friends­ 2support has more than one hundred thousand donors across India at present and targets even greater heights, aiming for one million donors in the near future. Essential tools for their work is the web­ site and the new mobile applications

which are connecting all stakeholders and are provided free of cost. Making use of contemporary technology Friend2Sup­ port wants to pave the way for a safer and better tomorrow. The mobile application is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Java. With its appealing design and layout, the application is comprehensible and easy to use even by people of low education level. Donors can register quickly by pro­ viding basic personal data while donor seekers have a simple search function at their fingertips.


Mr. Jayanth Justin

Mr. Abhilash Reddy Kallepu Mr. Ashton Richard DSa



Category Winners An online education and community portal for diabetes in Bahrain

English / Arabic

Mr. Hisham Fawzi Shehabi

Mr. Tariq Al Olaimy Mr. Emad Naeemi Mr. Saleh Al Derazi


24 is the first online education and community portal targeted at diabe­ tes in Bahrain. The platform gathers stakeholders in the diabetes ecosystem in Bahrain, including specialists, hospitals, clinics, universities and others, to create a collaborative environment for diabetes. is designed to be an open source initiative: the team actively targets potential partners on dia­ betes who later become content providers and collaborators to the website. Among the key services and content pro­ vided by are news and blog sections, a directory of contacts, an events calendar, a gallery of images and videos, and an extensive diabetes re­ source section.

“The momentum that the MDGs have garnered over the past decade has shown the importance of partnerships on a local level but also across borders. The UN Agenda has activated NGOs, private and public sector as well as individuals to make a contribution to the global impact. Bahrain has made great progress in terms of achieving the MDGs, and we believe that the diabetes “time-bomb” can seriously damage these efforts. 30% of the population is affected by this disease and on the public health agenda it is considered a serious threat. The best tools to fight it are education and awareness. The internet is a great platform for the dissemination of information - the diabetes. bh team is doing its part to make best use of it.” (Hisham Fawzi Shehabi)

Winner Enabling entrepreneurs to turn ideas into action with crowd-funding is the first social platform that offers a hybrid model between openinnovation and crowd-funding platform in the Arabic-speaking world. It tries to bridge the gap between the challenges faced by micro- and small en­ trepreneurs (MSE) working mainly in lowtech and informal manufacturing indus­ tries and the innovative ideas and skills of potential problem solvers. As a non-profit online platform Yomken. com is providing an innovative channel to market new products, enable entrepre­ neurs to develop their ideas through “crowd-funding” and connect people. Yomken is mainly a youth-based plat­ form. It provides the adequate environ­ ment for the Egyptian youth to offer grassroots innovations in response to real

needs coming from Egyptian MSEs. Young people are encouraged to fight un­ employment, not only by starting their own businesses, but also by helping un­ derprivileged MSE owners to increase the added value of their products which will be translated in higher revenues. Collaborative projects range from design­ ing new products or upgrading existing ones, providing machinery or unconven­ tional raw material to graduation projects and implementation of innovative solu­ tions designed by young engineers.

Arabic / English

Mr. Tamer Taha

Mr. Tariq Al Olaimy Mr. Emad Naeemi Mr. Saleh Al Derazi



Category Winners

2. Education for All!



iScuela Providing easy access to interactive educational content

iScuela is a self-learning platform for school kids. The project is based on an Android platform, which provides ­children with learning material for an ­entire year without the need of an internet connection. The creators of iScuela are aiming at tackling problems in the education sector such as affordability of education, inter­ net availability, the gap between the level of education in cities and rural areas and the lack of qualified teachers. iScuela combines images, audio, video, 3D animations and other interactive methods to deliver complicated content matter that is not just interesting but easy to grasp for all school children. The idea of iScuela is to teach pupils in the way they want to learn.

“We wanted to create an online portal to deliver education at various levels, but lack of internet penetration & high cost of hardware meant this portal would only reach a handful. With the tablet PC era taking shape and hardware costs coming down, we decided to build a product based on the open source operating system Android that can be run offline. This way we overcame some major hurdles that used to exist. We believe that the majority of today’s problems in the world can be solved by empowering our society. There is no better way to empower ourselves than educating our children. Going forward, it is not oil, gas or gold but how educated we are. This will determine where we head as a race.” (Maninder Singh Bajwa)


Mr. Maninder Singh Bajwa

Mr. Gagandeep Singh



Category Winners

The LISTA Initiative The app that trains Colombian women from rural areas in financial matters

English / Spanish

Ms. Ana Pantelić



The LISTA Initiative is the world’s first tablet-based financial education program It is designed to help poor women living in rural areas to access information and training that will help them make more in­ formed decisions, all from the comfort of their own homes. This self-teaching platform, pilot-tested in rural Colombia as a tablet-based app, teaches users how to navigate the formal financial system, re­ ceive tips on managing their household finances, and access a wide range of infor­ mation despite geographic barriers. The app and its complementary distribu­ tion methodology have been designed as a scalable solution for promoting financial inclusion, with the additional benefits of empowering women, creating positive exter­ nalities within the family nucleus, and helping to create lasting and sustainable solutions to poverty alleviation. The L ­ ISTA

Initiative is particularly useful for large government social programs, as their dis­ tribution channels facilitate targeting and scaling up. “We have a hypothesis that the combi­ nation of three senses (visual, audio and tactile) can improve the learning process and may in fact lead to higher adoption and retention rates, that would in turn result in the faster transformation of know­ ledge into applicable skills and adopted behaviors. Through our pilot experience, we found that, for example, the inclusion of video testimonials of successful women savers, was an effective way to motivate our t­arget audience to save. Some of the participants even became motivated to start their own businesses, having heard the experiences of others.” (Ana Pantelić)


Challenge:Youth An engaging network encouraging youth to step out of their comfort-zone

Challenge:Youth (C:Y), a Global Youth Think-DO-Tank, engages, fosters and supports young local talents in creating collective environmental, social and eco­ nomic initiatives, helping them become the global citizens of tomorrow. With an international online youth community of over 35,000 members from 242 countries and 1,802 schools across world, C:Y is im­ pacting thousands of lives every second. C:Y works to fuel change makers learn sustainable development, igniting young minds to generate innovative ideas for solving pressing global issues via web-based competitions. Supported by the online platform Challenge:Future, C:Y came to life through C:F’s global online competitions started in 2009. C:Y now has multiple youth-driven international projects, bringing highly competitive tangible im­

pacts through global connections, cou­ pled with the world-class training of young leaders. Challenge:Youth is a youth-led global network, enabling young people from dif­ ferent corners of the world to join forces and come up with solutions through global partnerships, led by the motto: “Invent Tomorrow, Impact Today”. “C:Y is committed to drive youth ideas and innovation with global impact through a highly interactive web-based global community. For the world, C:Y is an opportunity to invest into development of minds and hearts of future generations and prepare the change-makers of tomorrow for the challenge of transitioning towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.” (Bistra Kumbaroska)


Ms. Bistra Kumbaroska

Mrs. Hina Hazrat Mr. Dan Croitoru Mrs. Damla Aktan, Mr. Jatin Kataria Mr. Samuel Dur Slovenia


Category Winners

3. Power 2 Women!



African Queens Project Where women can share their stories and inspire one another

The African Queens Project is an interactive website sharing the stories of women around Africa. The platform highlights struggles, tri­ umphs, and victories of African women of every generation and the steps they are taking to make a difference in their com­ munities and nations and so as to motivate and inspire other women who want to do the same or partner with them. The website content includes blog entries, videos, podcasts and pictures. ­ Regular updates with content and the in­ teractivity with social media is essential to the project. Each month there is an ­“African queen of the month” who is fea­ tured on the website with a special radio and video interview.

“African women doing these amazing deeds around the continent need to be celebrated, their works shared around the world. I find that there is nothing more powerful than a true story filled with truth, pain, and hope and that is the legacy I want to leave behind for my fellow women.” (Gloria Silas Mangi)


Ms. Gloria Silas Mangi



Category Winners

Connecting for my health Empowering girls with information on sexual and reproductive health

English/ Spanish

Ms. María Luisa Méndez

Mr. Aldo Arce



Connecting for my health is an SMS system that aims to empower young women and girl adolescents in rural areas of Guatemala with information regarding the prevention of child and teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and HIV. Through messages, the girls receive free weekly information for seven months but can also ask educators directly about how to take care of themselves. The platform targets youth in thirteen ru­ ral municipalities using educational games and mobile phones to transmit knowledge and inspire users to become dissemina­

tors who will reach even more girls. Ac­ cess to information on contraception has increased among adolescents in Guate­ mala, but the failure to use family plan­ ning or STI prevention methods, still puts many young women at risk. Connecting for my health is an initiative developed between 2011-2012, driven by the Guatemala Association Paz Jóven through organized groups of teenagers and young people and supported by the United Nations Fund for ChildrenUNICEF in Guatemala.


Get Water! A game raising awareness of water scarcity and its direct effect on girls’ education

Get Water! is the first mobile game de­ veloped by Decode Global launched on March 22, 2013 for World Water Day. Get Water! is a story-driven, gesture controlled, endless runner-game for mobile touch screen devices. The social impact game tells an engaging tale about the protagonist Maya, a brave young teenage girl who gets pulled out of school to fetch clean water for her family. The purpose of Get Water! is to raise awareness of water scarcity and how it directly affects girls’ education. The player’s role is to help Maya in her task, by guiding her through a 2D world full of obstacles. The player controls Ma­ ya’s movements by drawing a line under

her feet on which she can surf, while tap­ ping the screen releases her boomerang to fend off peacocks that try to break her water pot. As the player passes through stages of the game, he unlocks new chap­ ters in Maya’s story, and acquire new skills and supplies to make her task faster and easier. “Through presenting a brave, female protagonist in the game, Get Water! is promoting gender equality by breaking down traditional gender roles found in video games. Female characters in most video games have no voice, and are often portrayed as weak, or in need of rescue by the male hero.

The gender gap in video games has grown so wide that an informal economy has emerged, whereby technologically savvy players are hacking their favourite games to turn their protagonists into female characters. Having a young, confident, teenage girl as the lead character is breaking the industry norm, and giving hope to young girls who love to play games as much as their male peers.” (Tuuli Saarinen)


Ms. Tuuli Saarinen

Ms. Nicole Darabian Mr. Veniamin Chukhovich Ms. Daniela Yli-Kiikka Mr. Michael Hsu



Category Winners

4. Create your Culture!



Jerry do it together Enabling collaboration and digital empowerment by building computers inside a plastic can

Jerry Do It Together is an openknowledge project that focuses on the building process of IT infrastructures. It brings together citizens that decided to build a more inclusive digital society. A Jerry is a customized computer inside of a plastic jerry can, built together with its end users. Made out of end of life materi­ als, they are the low cost solution for digital empowerment. The project compiles open-source building manuals and free tutorials assisting everyone to create a Jerry of his own. The initiative is spread through the Jerry Clan, a global community of users and builders, that relayes it locally. By build­ ing Jerrys together, the team aims to open and democratize the knowledge in the field of digital technologies. Today, around 450

people are actively participating or fol­ lowing the project’s activities in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland) and in Africa (Algeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin). “Our goal is to foster innovations that emerge from the community. Our key factor of success is to make new Jerry usecases as replicable as possible. Therefore our key challenge is to strengthen the Jerry Clan with powerful tools for documentation, online and offline collaboration. Addressing both neophytes and experts is one of our primary challenges. “How to make people contribute?” is a key question we keep in mind when working on contributor paths.” (Justine Hannequin)

English/ French

Ms. Justine Hannequin

Mr. Ah-Kiem Emilien



Category Winners

Lendabook A social platform to share books and foster the culture of reading


Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Hariadi Putra Mr. Ahmad Syarif Afandi Mr. Yunus Kuntawi Aji



Lendabook is a social networking site, where anyone can facilitate the mutual borrowing and lending of books wherever they are. Lendabook lets people make friends, share books they own and borrow them from each other. Lendabook is be­ coming a giant digital library scattered in various regions of Indonesia with diverse collections of books. As the value of books increases with growing ease of access, Lendabook is bound to promote the culture of reading. Member registration is simple: all it takes is information including residence, email address, facebook, and twitter accounts. Members’ profiles indicate their identity and contact where they can be reached to let people borrow their books. The pro­ file also shows a member’s book collec­ tion, so others can see what may be bor­

rowed, just like sharing real libraries! What an easy way to get friends and books. Lendabook already has more than 1500 members from various parts of Indonesia and from further abroad. “In the Indonesian society and especially among youth, reading becomes less and less common. With the expansion of the digital world and increasing access to technology we believe that Lendabook can make an important contribution to the revival of a reading culture. This way we hope to see knowledge and education increase in the future.” (Muhammad Iqbal Hariadi Putra)


You are what you post A campaign raising awareness about the risk of inappropriate use of social media

“You Are What You Post” (“Eres lo que publicas”) is a social campaign aimed to reduce the negative consequences of in­ appropriate use of digital social networks. The website focuses on a strategy for young people, advocating the proper use of social networks to turn them into plat­ forms for personal well-being, and offer­ ing protection against cyber-crime. The project encourages moderation in the use of online networks, in order to avoid social isolation and computer ad­ diction, and raises awareness of the per­ sonal and professional consequences of posting inappropriate or discriminatory content, as well as one’s geo-location in real time. Finally, it promotes a culture of privacy in social networks, through specially-de­ signed tools. “You Are What You Post” has

spread through mass media, Internet, free E-books, conferences, workshops, and promotional materials, as well as by tar­ geting public policy in Latin America. “Ignorance leads to the great problems of humanity. Hunger, inequality and diseases can be fought with education, and Internet can break the giant wall that separates millions of people form the empowerment that brings knowledge. Social Media have the potential to unite knowledge and youth to collaborate with organizations and government to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It can prevent youth as bystanders to the violence, indignity, and persecution suffered around the world.” (Roberto Ruz Sahrur)


Mr. Roberto Ruz Sahrur



Category Winners

5. Go Green!



Wiithaa, the upcycling network Adding value to used objects and material thanks to design

The Wiithaa website is an upcycling network. Upcycling is a way of recycling by adding value or new use to objects or materials thanks to design, helping com­ panies to give new life to their waste. The Wiithaa Lab invites designers, engineers and other specialists to evaluate excess production and to offer local synergies, to find new partners, and especially, develop prototypes of new products or new ser­ vices. Wiithaa accompanies users in the implementation of these new processes. By applying design thinking to the prob­ lem of waste, businesses and communi­ ties can use the proposed solutions to re­ duce or recover the waste they produce, whether at the production or distribution stage. New operations or business mod­ els enable the creation of shared value, not only within a given entity, but for all

actors in the ecosystem. By creating new synergies, natural resources are less stressed and waste is reduced or elimi­ nated permanently. Through testing, pro­ totyping sessions and workshops, Wiithaa opens new economic, social and environ­ mental opportunities. The transition from a linear economy to a circular economy is now possible.

English / French

Mr. Brieuc Saffré

Mr. Nicolas Buttin “Wiithaa is the aboriginal name of the bowerbird living in Australia. He collects everything that's around him to build and decorate the most beautiful nest in order to get the girl. There is not waste in Nature, only resources and nutriments: "nothing is lost, everything is transformed". In light of this, Wiithaa became a company doing just that.” (Brieuc Saffre)



Category Winners

Book for Book Connecting pupils and students in the spirit of solidarity and environmental awareness

Greek / English

Ms. Kassie Papasotiriou

Mr. Fotis Aisopos



The Book for Book website provides high school students with the possibility of matching requests and exchanging books of particular interest. In the spirit of solidarity and environmental aware­ ness, the platform aspires to host young students and parents who wish to find books online for free, quickly and easily. Platform users can offer or search for spe­ cific textbooks that other users living close to them may have already offered. A meeting can easily be arranged for the book exchange to take place. School principals or even students within a spe­ cific neighbourhood can organize a meeting for a large-scale exchange of books between classes within a school or in a public place. Book for Book aims to eventually establish a social network,

connecting students and schools to recy­ cle used books of different school grades on a large scale and from a single access point. “According to official statistics, every year in Greece 45 million new school books are printed, costing about 26 million euros and resulting into 270,000 trees cut! However, at the end of each school year, most of the books end up useless on students’ shelves or even discarded. Our main goal was to create a tool facilitating the exchange of books. Books do not have an expiration date, so it is a pity printing so many of them every year instead of passing existing ones to the next generation.” (Kassie Papasotiriou)


Viadedo A safe and easy way to share the same way and reduce CO2 emissions

Launched in spring, 2013, Viadedo is the first carpooling platform in Paraguay that offers car owners with a spare seat a place to post their planned routes, so that passengers can join them. People gain another means of transportation and car owners save money on fuel. Considered to be dangerous, carpooling was once a controversial topic in ­Paraguay. To overcome this perception, ­Vialedo targeted safety as the major ­priority in the project’s development, al­ lowing users to check drivers’ credentials on Facebook. Car owners can also post a route that is only visible to their Facebook friends or friends of friends. In the context of South America, especially Paraguay, with poor public transportation systems, cities have neither planned for the sky­

rocketing number of cars, nor for any real control of growing CO² emissions. With carpooling, Viadedo not only makes it easier for people to be a part of a viable solution, but also teaches them that ­taking care of the environment is a win/win situation for all. “Living in Paraguay I’m confronted with problems that the MDGs are trying to solve each day. My team and I chose to do “Viadedo”, the first carpooling platform in Paraguay, because we were tired of depending on a corrupt and deficient public transportation system and were worried about the increasing traffic and CO2 emissions in our city.” (Philipp ­Alexander Wenger)

Spanish / English

Mr. Philipp Alexander Wenger

Mr. Óscar Sánchez Mr. Abigail Acuna Mr. Fredy López



Category Winners

6. Pursue Truth!



Yes AYV Creative youth media project Training youth in media creation and digital journalism

The Yes AYV Creative youth media project was launched in 2011 with the support of UNHABITAT and Adobe Youth Voices. Over one hundred under-served youth were trained in digital media crea­ tion. Yes AYV has been a telling success, pol­ ishing young people’s skills in teamwork, self-expression, interactive dialogue and digital journalism so that they are able to report on issues relevant to their lives. By learning to create and publish digital me­ dia on interactive social platforms, once deprived youth have turned into active participants addressing the public inter­ est of their community, country and world. The effective use of media tools, social networks and mobiles inspired these youth to conduct inquiries on MDG related issues using digital journalism. Their media cre­ ations won four global awards in 2013,

helping to secure the resources to form a digital media social enterprise with the purpose of training youth in digital jour­ nalism for reporting on social issues. Yes AYV is an example of using ICT, interac­ tive networks, mobiles and digital media for positive social change. “Our goal is enabling youth participation in development for social change. ­Promoting Gender Equality, Youth Health, Child Rights, Universal Education, Environmental Sustainability, Youth Economy and Global Partnerships for development are our objectives. We believe that Youth skilled in interactive platforms and ­mobiles are a key stakeholder in development. They can take higher responsibilities in society with social awareness and media literacy.” (Poornima Meegammana)

Sinhala / Tamil / English

Ms. Poornima Meegammana

Mr. Mithun Kumarasinghe, Mr. Wajira Madusanka, Mr. Lahiru Wanigasekara, Mr. Romesh Dhanajana, Mr. Kavinda Promod, Mr. Prabhashana Meegammana, Mr. Uvindu Abeyrathna, Mrs. Tharika Hansani, Mrs. Sandya Madushani, Mr. Aadeeptha Samarakoon Sri Lanka


Category Winners

Social Cops A crowd-sourcing portal for citizens to report on civic issues and interact with public administration authorities

English / Hindi

Ms. Prukalpa Sankar

Mr. Varun Banka



A belief that citizens’ voice can be har­ nessed as a resource led to the invention of Social Cops, a technology platform that crowd-sources citizen reports regarding civic issues and forwards them to rele­ vant authorities. Google maps integration & GPS tracking allows to identify the rel­ evant authority in a given case and to for­ ward the complaint to the authority in­ volved via a customized dashboard with automated daily/weekly analytics. The institution involved in the project can easily engage with citizens by sending no­ tifications, emails, SMS directly via the dashboard. Social Cops uses citizen data and matches it with third party feeds to increase accountability and to incentivize public servants.

“Using innovative technology, our model harnesses citizen voice as a resource to create and affect systemic change. We call it <using small data to create big impact>. The biggest learning in the past few months has been that every neighborhood has its own heroes – who are just lacking the tools to enable them to create lasting change.” (Prukalpa Sankar)


B the Media & Kalabash Triggering action through dialogue and self-expression

Magamba is a youth and cultural activist network using the arts since 2007 as a ­vehicle for expression under the highly restrictive conditions current in Zimba­ bwe. Magamba started the B the Media campaign in 2011, to promote free ex­ pression and demand accountability through new forms of media activism. Through workshops, young people gain skills in blogging, podcasts, video blog­ ging, and newsletter writing, to cover both events that they organize them­ selves, as well as other social, cultural and political events. By providing a space where young Zimbabweans can express themselves, B the Media makes it possible to discuss the MDGs and improve life for people, while engendering further debate using the social media. In 2013, the B the

Media team started the online e-newslet­ ter Kalabash as an alternative space for the next generation of male and female Zimbabweans to share their views, whether personal, social, political or cul­ tural.


Mr. Nicholas Fallon Monro “The MDGs provide the world with a benchmark, which we hope to step closer to. The youth are at the core of closing in on the environmental, healthcare, educational and rights based goals outlined in the MDGs. Through a global network of justice seekers we can feed the need to change for the better.” (Nicholas Fallon Monro)




WSYA 2013 Runners-Up Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! Open Journal Project

Mr. Julian OShea



Ms. Natasha Suri



Mr. Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah



Mr. Kande Kazadi



Mr. Kallidil Kalidasan


I Am Proud Campaign

Ms. Katy Ma



Ms. Flora Commaret


Ms. Simone Bernstein



Ms. Laura Vilardo



Mr. Josef Wasserbauer



Mr. Vintagesam Obumunaeme



Mr. Garret Jeremy Koeswandi


Education for All!

Power 2 Women!

Create your Culture!

Go Green!

Pursue Truth!


The YA! Friends platform enables WSYA Winners, Runners- Up and participants from each year to connect and communi­ cate directly. Launched in 2010 by ­Stephan Hamberger and Mathias Haas, two social entrepreneurs and active con­ tributors to the WSYA, YA! Friends makes it possible for registrants to showcase their projectsand to get in touch with other young social innovators. Over the course of this year’s WSYA, the platform was revamped and has a ton of new fea­ tures and fresh content, where the main goal is to link up with one another!

Connect, communicate, promote, share, showcase and (be) inspire(d) by all the projects of like-minded young people from all over the world. The new interface adopted the user-friendly environment of worldwide social networks, which makes it very easy to navigate and to find every­ thing that you need. Much like facebook every project can be liked to gather ­support which could be the start of going viral! And with the implemented marketplace everyone can join YA! Friends: registra­ tion is fast and simple and without any restrictions.

YA! Friends Become part of an international community to put the MDGs into action!


Tweeted about WSYA

Excellence in m-Content

Towards A Mobile Knowledge Society

Abu Dhabi 2014 WSA-mobile

Winners‘ Conference, Expo & Gala

SELECTING GEMS FROM TRASH – THE WORLD‘S BEST MOBILE CONTENT The WSA-mobile is the only ICT event worldwide, which reaches the mobile community in over 160 countries. It promotes excellent mobile content and innovative applications, turning UN WSIS targets into action. Use the unique opportunity and feel the pulse of this thriving ­industry.

m-Business & Commerce

m-Government & Participation

m-Learning & Education

m-Entertainment & Lifestyle

m-Tourism & Culture

m-Media & News

m-Environment & Health

WSA-mobile website

WSA-mobile facebook

m-Inclusion & Empowerment


Thanks for supporting the youth, taking action on the UN MDGs!

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Under the patronage of

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

World Summit Youth AWArd NEtWorK PArtNErS

World Summit Youth Award Office

| ICNM – International Center for New Media

Leopoldskronstr. 30 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria | T: +43 662 6304086| F: +43 662 630408 22 | | |!/youthaward

WSYA Catalogue 2013  
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