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What is the Digital Divide?


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Digital Libraries, interactive maps, flash information and personalized guides have come to the offices and living rooms of many. But what about people who are offline or do not speak English? Who don't even know what Web or Internet or Mobile Messaging are? No, the problem is not only that they can't get to a computer or can't afford a mobile device. The problem is that they don't have access to high quality contents and useful applications that would allow them to improve their lives. This book introduces you to richness and diversity of creative contents and innovative applications from the WSA global contest of 2009 so that more people become aware of what is available and can be shared and the digital divide might be a bit closed.

What is the Content Gap? As world economies focus on creating and improving technological products, the issues of quality contents are considered insufficiently. Technology and what technology produces belong together — one cannot exist without the other. The “what” however, the core of it all, remains a fraction of what it could be - due to an appalling lack of financing. This book provides an overview of the value and usefulness of creative contents and innovative applications from the WSA global contest of 2009 so that quality producers and creative designers gain recognition, success in the market place and financing for their next projects and products.


ISBN 978 92 3 104126 6


IMPRINT Editorial Team Editor and Author • Peter A. Bruck Text Management • Cordula Schmidt, Cecilia Thurner, Anastasia Konstantinova, Karin Gilberd Text Editing • Claire Jones Screenshots • Predrag Micakovic Layout and Design by Shaifali Chikermane | DEF INDIA | WSA Project Team Anastasia Konstantinova • Karin Gilberd • Cecilia Thurner • Angelika Spraider • Predrag Micakovic • Emilia Bruck • Anja Weiler • Cordula Schmidt WSA Grand Jury Team | DEF INDIA | Osama Manzar • Neeraj Singh • Shahid Ahmad • Puneet Sharma • Ranjit Kumar Produced by World Summit Award Office ICNM - International Center for New Media Moosstraße 43a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris, France. © 2009 ICNM and UNESCO All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted, reproduced, utilized in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission of UNESCO or ICNM in written form. This edition has been published by UNESCO by arrangement with the ICNM. Printed in India

UNESCO ISBN - 978 92 3 104126 6 The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNESCO or ICNM concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. The identified authors are responsible for the choice and the presentation of the facts contained in this book and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of UNESCO or ICNM and do not commit either organization.

The World’s Best e-Contents 2009


WORLD SUMMIT AWARD Board of Directors 2009 - 2010 Executive Members of the Board

Outgoing Members of the Board

PETER A. BRUCK Chairman of the WSA Board of Directors CEO and Chief Researcher Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft Honorary President, International Center for New Media AUSTRIA

PAUL HOFFERT WSA Director Emeritus for Development of WSA in North America Region Chair, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund Global CEO, Noank Media Inc. CANADA

JAK BOUMANS Managing Director, Electronic Media Reporting NETHERLANDS

CHRISTINE MAXWELL WSA Director Emeritus for Relationship with ISOC Senior Partner, Institute of Scientific Simulation & Trustee Emeritus, Internet Society USA/FRANCE

EFFAT EL SHOOKY Advisor for International Relations to the Minister, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) EGYPT ALEXANDER FELSENBERG Executive Management and Communications in the Digital Economy GERMANY MANAR AL-HASHASH General Manager, Dot Design KUWAIT LATIF LADID President, IPv6 Forum LUXEMBOURG OSAMA MANZAR Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation INDIA

AHMED YAHIA DARWISH WSA Eminent Expert for Egypt Senior Projects Manager, Information Technology Industry Development Agency, EGYPT

Non-Executive Members of the Board ALI MAMMAD OGLU ABBASOV Minister of Communication and Information Technologies AZERBAIJAN ADAMA SAMASSÉKOU President of the African Academy of Languages President of WSIS Preparatory Committee for Geneva Phase Former Minister of Education of Mali (1993-2000) MALI

ELIZABETH QUAT Founder and Immediate Past President, Internet Professional Association (iProA) Hong Kong CHINA

RAMON GARZA President & CEO, Indigo Brainmedia MEXICO

ALFREDO RONCHI General Secretary, MEDICI Framework ITALY

VINTON G. CERF Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Inc. USA

CHRISTIAN RUPP Spokesperson Digital Platform on E-Government, Federal Chancellery AUSTRIA


ANYA SVERDLOV Managing Director, Actis Wunderman RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Special Ambassador for Development of WSA GABRIEL DEEK President, Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) LEBANON

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WSA - a unique view into the richness and diversity of e-Content

he World Summit Award is an Austrian initiative in the context of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It is an invitation project and puts the focus not on wires and computers, but on contents and applications. The best use of ICTs is at the center of a unique, global contest activity in 8 categories and involving more than 160 countries.


Started in 2003 for the Geneva Summit conference, the WSA has been an unprecedented success due to the strong networking of professional associations, the national chapters of the Internet Society, multimedia education and research institutions, electronic chambers of commerce, non-governmental groups and foundations, government offices for IT and Information Society development and many others. The WSA is the result of the active engagement of all these players in WSIS and of their shared conviction that quality contents are essential for a quality Information Society. Contents inspire, inform and allow the exchange of information and knowledge. Technology offers tools. It is a fundamental fact of the Information Society development that the performance of the tools increases faster than the human capacity to use them. This creates the Content Gap: ICTs offer more capacity to produce, store and transmit than humans can use, fill, read or consume.

Content Gap is growing — WSA shines the light on local content Over the last 50 years, Information and Communication Technologies have become exponentially more powerful and radically cheaper and smaller. E-Content cannot keep up with technology in terms of speed of development, economies of scale and simplicity of consumption. This results in a dynamically created structural gap. This gap is widening as we move on and as technological innovation more and more outperforms human capacities to pay attention, retain and memorize, comprehend and understand. The Content Gap is not just one of technological versus human capacity. It also has awareness aspects and results from social and economic structures. There is an imbalance of pay and an inequity of investment. Post-industrial societies spend enormous sums of money on equipment, gadgets and ‘tech things’. They invest far less in quality stories, knowledge and insight. The WSA addresses that and puts the focus on the creative use of technology for content as the basis for knowledge, insight, entertainment and understanding. In the context of the global economy, it is the content industries which offer the opportunity for local and regional economic development. Basic software, hardware and netware have become global industries with a high degree of global concentration. Contents are tied to culture and language. They are largely local and regional. Most creative producers — save

4 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / Vision of the World Summit Award


the ones working for the Hollywood industries and/or in English - have culturally restricted audiences and markets. This gives countries opportunities to develop economically. The WSA is strengthening the opportunities of those not working in English and not producing for the global market. WSA gives unique exposure to the best producers no matter where they are from and what language they use. WSA shows a way for the development of the content industries in their cultural and linguistic diversities.

Digital Divides need closing — WSA gives opportunities to producers Digital divides add further dimensions to the Content Gap. The ‘information poor’ have not only less or no access to Internet and other digital platforms. They also get lower quality contents and applications. Digital divides widen the Content Gap as info trash clogs the networks and quality contents move to pay-modes. The threat of a widening Content Gap runs counter to the promise of the Information Society. The capacities of technologies, systems and tools to generate, distribute and store content increase exponentially, but content markets are not transparent or open. Despite significant improvements in mobile telephony and internet access in some parts of the developing world, the gap between the information and communication “haves” and “have-nots” has remained virtually unchanged since 2002, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report from April 2009. The ITU created the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Development Index (IDI), which compares developments in Information and Communication Technologies in 154 countries. WSA showcases which high-quality contents exist and thus counteracts oligopolies in the content sector. It demonstrates the cultural diversity of and the opportunities for small and medium sized producers to be successful. In addition, it increases the capacity of individuals to gain an overview of what is available on the markets, thus decreasing the marketing powers of a ‘chosen few’.

Cultural richness — bridging the gap The World Summit Award and this book on the Winners of the WSA 09 contest emphasize the cultural diversity and identity, the creation of varied information content and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural heritage. These are core of a high-quality Information Society in which people might be happy to live.

Market barriers — WSA gives opportunities to producers The goal of the WSA is to break the awareness barrier and the marketing deadlock where big promotional budgets or market dominance decide what is available and known in e-Content. It also aims to help overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and the smallness of national markets, to generate an international showcase and to stimulate an interchange of quality multimedia. It is a curious fact of the emerging Information Society that many people — even the ones who are deeply

WSA gives unique exposure to the best producers no matter where they are from and what language they use.

Vision of the World Summit Award

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 5


involved in industry and policymaking — have little information about what quality contents are. They lack opportunities to see, use and experience the power of great e-Contents. This book presents the 40 best products in the world. They were judged to be the best ones in the world from close to 160 countries by an independent jury of 34 eminent experts from all corners of the world. Australia, Austria, Canada and New Zealand can walk the stage at the World Summit Award Gala and collect the winning trophies for the world’s best e-Contents. With three winners each, creative content producers and application designers from those countries topped approximately 20.000 other products and projects from the 157 countries participating in the 4th edition of the World Summit Award. There were 545 national finalists for the Grand Jury to consider. The trend to mobile contents is slow in developing, and the most interesting and socially relevant contents are still to be found on the Internet. At the same time online beats interactive TV and has outdone by far Off-line DVD in terms of the richness and diversity of quality content around the world. In contrast to mass TV and newspapers, the e-Content producers and application designers do not concentrate in one country or one region; we do not see a digital Hollywood or digital Fleet Street. Rather, the most interesting e-Contents come from smaller markets and there from smaller players. They appear to be much more in touch with users and their communities. Local not global content triumphs in terms of quality. Two awards each went to China, Egypt and Italy, which have shown excellent results already in the previous years, but also to the newcomers Ghana and Sri Lanka, showing that excellence in the content use of new ICTs is neither a matter of size of population, nor is it driven by wealth. One award each went to Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. Two newcomers from countries with less developed content industries are leapfrogging technologies with creative innovations. They are Democratic Republic of the Congo (“Congoblog”) and Nigeria (“Mark of ‘Uru’ ”).

The strength of WSA — its partners around the world I want to acknowledge the important contribution of and thank the Government of India and its Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology for hosting the Grand Jury in New Delhi. R. Chandrashekhar and S.R. Rao have given the WSA Grand Jury the leadership support needed. I thank also the Digital Empowerment Foundation for organizing a most conducive environment for the Jury to do their work. Osama Manzar and his team provided all the tools and spaces needed for a fair and independent assessment process. Key sponsors of the WSA include Internet Society, which has been supporting the initiative since its launch in 2003, with Lynn St. Amour giving WSA the contacts to local chapters and to a strong partnership for the development of a quality Internet. Indigo Brainmedia is the leading and most innovative digital magazine company from Mexico, which won the WSA in e-Entertainment category in 2007. Thanks to its CEO and chief editor/publisher Ramón Garza, Indigo entered into a long term visionary relationship as main supporter and sponsor of WSA. His combination of civil courage and journalistic professionalism has taken “Reporte Indigo” into the galaxy of the most respected and most influential media in Latin America. He provides proof that e-Content rivals print journalism and TV reporting in impact. The WSA 09 Winners' Gala will be celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, on September 4th, 2009 in collaboration with the UN GAID's Global Forum. This is a fitting United Nations context for the celebration of the World Best in e-Content and Creativity. Thanks also to UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector for publishing this book. Together with my fellow WSA directors and the WSA team in Salzburg, I hope you enjoy this book and the unique view into the richness and diversity of e-Content it provides. Peter A. Bruck Chairman of the Board of Directors

6 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / Vision of the World Summit Award


“I am pleased to send my warmest greetings to the recipients of this year's World Summit Award (WSA).”

I am very proud that a country like Austria was the initiator of the World Summit Award in 2003.

Our “wired world” has brought humanity together in unprecedented ways.

Today WSA is the international showcase how content industries can help local and regional economic development and inspire the information society worldwide.

The creators and architects of information and communication technology have broken through barriers with their ideas and innovations. The creators and producers of e-content demonstrate that imagination is as infinite as the sky, and that sometimes a dream is all it takes to give history an unexpected, unforeseen and wonderful turn. From the inspiring vision of its Youth Award winners to the internationally renowned professionals presented as winners in this book, the World Summit Award serves as a spectacular showcase of talent in this ever expanding field. WSA provides an excellent opportunity for all to discuss issues of common concern, to exchange ideas and explore new concepts. I applaud the organizers of WSA on their success, and I wish all an enlightening and memorable experience.


Patron Statements

The change from the industrial society to a modern, knowledge-based information society is driven by the information and communication technologies (ICT) and their applications and e-content is one of the most important ones. Austria has in coordination with fellow EU member states and the European Commission developed its "e-Inclusion policy". Every citizen should be provided with the necessary "know-how" regarding ICTs and their use for information and communication. We want to minimize the digital divides caused by differences in possibilities of access, education, income, age and gender. The WSA can help create more equity and the e-content industries more economic growth and more jobs, more independence and better chances in life and quite generally enhance solidarity within our societies.


/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 7


The Internet Society is proud to support the WSA. We are committed to helping new Internet leaders emerge, and so we applaud the WSA's role in encouraging people to innovate and apply ICTs to improve the quality of life for people all around the world. As ISOC grows, so does the WSA. We are looking forward to long time cooperation with the focus on the best use of the Internet. Lynn St. Amour President & CEO THE INTERNET SOCIETY (ISOC)

One of the most effective channels for eradicating poverty, creating wealth and enhancing competitiveness is through the acquisition, adaptation and application of relevant technologies for knowledge. ICTs and e-Content are crucial in spurring development, dignity and peace. Let us turn the digital divide into digital opportunity. Governments, civil society, the private sector, academia and others must join forces to promote new business models, public policies and technology solutions in the global approach to development. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General UNITED NATIONS (UN)

8 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / Key Statements


In the ongoing transformation of our societies and economies through the ICTs the World Summit Award puts a focus on empowering content creators through entrepreneurship development. A well functioning e-Content production and quality ICT application design are key factors for effective industrial development.

Empowering people through freedom of expression, and access to information and knowledge is central to UNESCO's actions in the area of communication and information. UNESCO plays a leading role in the promotion of the universal human right to freedom of expression and freedom to seek, receive and impart information.It fosters free, independent and pluralistic media, communication for development, information accessibility and preservation, information and media literacy, and infostructure development.

UNIDO has been working with WSA in partnership since 2005 and I see proven that the mechanism of a fair, independent and well juried global contest is not an abstract concept, but a powerful means to network dedicated people, who move things in practice.

Through its actions, UNESCO contributes to building knowledge societies that are inclusive, pluralistic, equitable, open and participatory.

We at UNIDO and other UN agencies will keep promoting and supporting the WSA, because private sector development and growth is the key to poverty alleviation.

UNESCO welcomes the World Summit Award as a very efficient tool to promote the creation of quality e-content around the world.

I am also glad to see that the World Summit Award and the Youth Award with its focus on using Internet for getting action on the UND MDGs link the countries of the 'bottom billion', where people live on less than a dollar a day, to initiatives in other parts of the world, thus contributing crucial components in the fight against poverty, hunger and disease as well as providing key incentives for effective and sustainable industrialized development. Kandeh K. Yumkella Director-General UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (UNIDO)

Key Statements

An important aspect of UNESCO's work is its support for the production, dissemination and preservation of culturally diverse content including e-content.

ICT and the Internet bring radically new prospects to creative practices. They help to generate new opportunities for intercultural exchange and networking, innovative means to make old and new knowledge available, new vehicles for promoting and expressing creativity, and fresh avenues for accessing cultural content and services produced worldwide. E-content that is exclusionary, unrepresentative and nonparticipatory does not meet the test of quality, nor does e-Content that denies the creative involvement of local or minority cultural communities.


/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 9


Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Benin Bolivia Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Democratic Republic of Congo Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Fiji Finland France Gabon Gambia Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Mongolia Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Korea Moldova Romania Russia Rwanda Saint Lucia Samoa San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Timor-L L este Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Tuvalu Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States of America Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe



157 Registrations per Category e-G Government & Institutions

79 e-H Health & Environment

65 e-L Learning & Education

85 e-E Entertainment & Games

57 e-C Culture & Heritage

72 e-S Science & Technology

53 e-B Business & Commerce

74 e-IInclusion & Participation

75 Total


Category: e-Government & Institutions E.V.A. - Enhanced Vehicle Automation Italy Integrated Court System (ICS) Malaysia National Broadband Map New Zealand Royal Court Af fairs Mobile Recruitment Oman Government Information Center (GIC) Sri Lanka

Delivering complete services in public administrations to individuals, businesses and organisations combined with organisational change in order to significantly improve services and democratic processes and strengthen support to public policies; fostering quality and ef ficiency of information exchange; empowering citizens and public services clients.


“E-Government in the information age gives rise to a new kind of relationship between citizens and the authorities.”

Christian Rupp Federal Executive Secretary eGovernment Austria

truly global information society means that all people, without distinction, are empowered to freely create, receive, share and use quality information and knowledge for their social, cultural, economic and political development.


As we can see in this WSA category, e-Government and Institutions play an important role for various reasons. On the one hand, the deployment of information and communication technologies within public administrations and institutions is expected to contribute to economic growth. On the other hand, e-Government is seen as a potential stimulus for e-Content. The core tasks of e-Government must be the simplification and speeding up of processes between the citizen and public administration but also the internal processes of both administration and the business sector.

outmoded and fragmented administrative structure is being replaced by a model of cooperative administration. E-Government gives citizens also the chance to directly participate in the opinion-forming and decision-making process.

E-Government in the information age gives rise to a new kind of relationship between citizens and the authorities. Public administration is shedding its bureaucratic skin and transforming itself into an efficient and service-orientated provider of services. The

“The key values of good e-Government are exemplified by this year's WSA 09 Winners: efficiency in administration, transparency in operation, integration in services, accessibility for all, and an effective narrowing of digital divides.” WSA Grand Jury, April 09, New Delhi

E-Government brings all citizens, enterprises and organizations very close to each other and helps them to interact more easily, more quickly and at a lower cost. It’s the dream of all citizens plagued by unresponsive bureaucracies.

Nariman Hajiyev Project Director National e-Governance Network Initiative Azerbaijan

14 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Government & Institutions

E.V.A. — Enhanced Vehicle Automation PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION E.V.A. — Enhanced Vehicle Automation is an innovative and integrated multimedia system for emergency vehicles developed by police in Italy. It enables control of a territory; its features are being activated by operator voice commands as well as by manual use of its touch-screen. Armed with GPS, and regular gadgets like an infra-red camera to record the surrounding environment, real-time activity recordings, a police vehicle is connected 24x7 with the central information server through Intranet and wireless connectivity. The system can be installed on any vehicle and consists of an internal heart, located on the dashboard, and an external device comprising an emergency alert system including a back-panel to display alert messages. Back-office servers complete the distributed architecture, linking to terminals and police force databases.

JUROR’S EVALUATION E.V.A. ensures citizens' security and safety through a government-to-government application. This novel multi-media and multi-computing mobile solution is based on a super mobile computer addressing the needs of police patrols. E.V.A. allows real-time data mining and access to information related to policing, security, suspects, complaints, licenses, and so on. E.V.A. is the result of the vision of the ICT division of the Police Department of the Ministry of Defence, in order to strengthen the supporting infrastructure. E.V.A. speeds up significantly critical operations in emergency situations. Through wireless connectivity and Intranet access, the system also provides officers on the street speedy access to information such as photographs of suspects and missing persons.

e-Government & Institutions

Producer Arma dei Carabinieri Francesco Morelli Country Italy Contact Language Italian Media Format cross media

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 15

Integrated Court System (ICS) Producer Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. William Then Country Malaysia Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL www.highcourt.sabah.

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Integrated Court System (ICS) comprises three main systems; a Community and Advocates Portal, a Case Management System, and a Court Recording and Transcription System. CAP and CMS are fully web-based applications that are centrally hosted at Sarawak Information Systems, an industrial standard data centre. CAP serves as an information technology channel of communication and operations among the public community, which includes the clients, their advocates, and the judiciary. CMS functions to facilitate judiciary processes within the court, in particular the management of court cases. CRT is a specialized system for the real-time recording and transcribing of courtroom events. As a package, the Integrated Court System promotes productivity and efficiency for judiciary processes that benefit the judiciary and court officials, the advocates, the parties in trial cases and the public at large.

JUROR’S EVALUATION The ICS project is an exemplary initiative which efficiently integrates IT, Video and mobile technologies for improving the productivity and efficiency of case dispositions and improving the quality of judiciary services. It integrates functionally three sub-systems to simplify recording and transcribing of court processes and provide real-time publishing of case lists, judgments and other documents for the community and advocates. SMS based alerts are used to inform citizens and legal professionals on their case schedules. The video conferencing of court proceedings provides convenience and substantial travel savings. The open source platform offers a scalable, secure and a reliable model. Since its implementation in 2006 in two states of Malaysia on the island of Borneo, ICS has greatly reduced by 80% the average number of days to settle a case.

16 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Government & Institutions


Producer State Services Commission

The National Broadband Map is a visual representation of New Zealand's broadband landscape. It has been created to graphically represent broadband supplier network footprints alongside geocoded points, which indicate potential broadband demand locations. The Map takes publicly available government location data from various sources and combines it in such a way as to provide information and tools to aid in demand aggregation and infrastructure planning. The National Broadband Map also allows any citizen, business or government agency to reuse, reanalyse or visualise the demand point data in any manner, providing an environment in which extra value can be created from data which was once dispersed and inaccessible.


Country New Zealand Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online

The functionalities developed by the National Broadband Map unlock huge stores of information that otherwise would be locked up in proprietary or Product URL legacy systems. This content application makes the information accessible to a greater audience and thus creates transparency in an area hitherto closed off. By using open source software, standard API's and exposing the data in standard formats, the usage of the data is not restricted by technology or application, making it much easier for people to both consume and add to the data store. The mashup of public and private data is quite unique and both the public and private sectors in New Zealand are becoming aware of the value of having accurate, precise, data which are accessible to all. This intuitive, cross sector, public/private initiative is critical to the future of NZ.

e-Government & Institutions

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 17

Royal Court Af fairs — Mobile Recruitment Producer Royal Court Affairs (RCA) Nasser Al Badri Ahmed Al Mandhari in cooperation with IT Dept in RCA Abdullatif Al Zadjali (IT Dept) Ministry of Manpower (National Manpower Registrar) Country The Sultanate of Oman Contact Language Arabic and English Media Format mobile content

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Royal Court Affairs (RCA) — Mobile Recruitment is an electronic system which works by receiving, evaluating and short-listing job applications via SMS technology and a mediator programme. Applicants can apply for RCA vacancies by sending an SMS with their Ministry of Manpower registration code and their chosen job code. A mediator system matches the applicant details from the Ministry with the job requirements from the RCA recruitment office. If the match is successful, the candidate is short-listed. Should the candidate fail to satisfy the requirements, the application is rejected and an SMS is sent with the rejection grounds. Once a candidate satisfies all the requirements, he or she receives an SMS with a registration number and congratulatory message. The whole process is fast and efficient, normally taking 5-10 seconds from receipt of the SMS to response.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Royal Court Affairs has implemented the highly innovative and high impact Mobile Recruitment application to help citizens with a transparent and effective employee recruitment process. The system automates the entire employee short listing procedure in an incredibly short time span. As compared to the manual process which required about four months and over 50 staff, the mobile recruitment concludes a recruitment process in about two weeks. For citizens and RCA it only costs 50 baisas to send the SMS for application and its result. For Omani citizens, the project has increased ease and transparency in applying for jobs from anywhere in Oman saving applicants and administration significant amounts of money, time, and effort.

18 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Government & Institutions

Government Information Center (GIC) PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The Government Information Center (GIC) is a single, electronic, trilingual (Sinhala, Tamil and English) online knowledge base of 1,600 services available to citizens from 77 key government organizations. Obtaining a particular government service used to involve navigating through a thicket of organizations and making multiple personal visits and repeated telephone calls. Language was a further barrier for the 25% of Sri Lankan citizens who speak Tamil. The GIC was established as a public/private partnership to provide a single point of access to government information and services in an effective and friendly manner. The knowledge base, stored in an SQL database, is available through multiple channels, including a Microsoft Visual Basic interface for call center staff, a web based interface for the IT-literate general public and, to accommodate future expansion, a web services API.

JUROR’S EVALUATION The product perfectly addressed challenges faced by the citizens of Sri Lanka in accessing government services. One single phone number 1919 for getting information about what, how, where, who and how much of government services provides great value to ordinary citizens, particularly who are living far way from where the government institutions are located. The product leverages the telephone as the still most used and affordable I&C technology for accessing government information and uses access through Internet as well. The GIC has a very strong inclusion dimension: it offers the services in all three languages people talk in Sri Lanka. Illiteracy is not a barrier as accessing a phone is not a problem at all in Sri Lanka. The GIC helps particularly poor people save effort and time. The public private partnership ensures sustainability of the services.

e-Government & Institutions

Producer ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) Country Sri Lanka Original Title Rajya Thorathuru Kendraya (1919) Contact Language Sinhala, Tamil and English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 19

Category: e-Health & Environment Tree People Australia The BioMAP project Egypt MPedigree Ghana Mamaherb Israel Catalonia Shared Medical Record Spain

Developing the client-centred model of health care where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing ICT, including internet technologies to manage health issues as well as the health care system; meeting the needs of citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, as well as policy makers.


“The e-Health projects reflect the range from the official e-Health sector to the alternative e-Health sector.”

Jak Boumans Managing Director Electronic Media Reporting Netherlands

n 2009 the category e-Health has been successfully extended to include Environment. 65 projects were jurable and three e-Health projects and two environment projects have been selected as winners.


The e-Health projects reflect the range from the official e-Health sector to the alternative e-Health sector. The Catalonia Shared Medical Record project presents a live website with centralised, shared electronic patient records, available to practitioners in health organisations. The MPedigree project is a simple text messaging warning system in a growing global counterfeit market reaching US$ 75 billion in just two years. The project allows a mobile-based drug authentication and tracking system for developing nations. is a typical example of a Web 2.0 crowd sourcing project and provides a social network for people interested in Natural Health. Mamaherb has become one of the world's largest free alternative health related knowledge bases. The environmental entries show also an interesting range from monitoring and assessing of the biodiversity in a country to influencing the attitude of people towards the environment. The BioMAP project (Monitoring and Assessing of Biodiversity in Egypt) started with the creation of a comprehensive database of existing Egyptian biodiversity records, made accessible to users via the Web. The Tree People project, created by an energy retailer, is an environmental project for young and old and consisted of an online forest, complete with its own miniature eco-system which needs to be kept alive by users. The winners show the use of ICT and internet in different ways. The Catalonia Shared Medical Record project is based on Web 1.0 principles and stores information; it secures this information and

makes it available for better management and study purposes. MPedigree uses the mobile technology in order to battle counterfeited drugs. Mamaherb is a social network community in Web 2.0 fashion, establishing a large natural health resource. The same range can be seen with the environmental entries. BioMap offers actual, updated information for decision-making, education and tourism. Treepeople involves kids, their parents, family and neighbours in a virtual project in order to change their mindset towards the environment; it uses Web 2.0 technologies and methodologies to keep the kids involved and keep the trees growing. Interestingly, in the Catalonia Shared Medical Record project the two subjects of e-Health and Environment are linked as it also covers environmental related and job hazardous health topics.

24 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Health & Environment

Tree People PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The Tree People team created an easy-to-use website to make the environmental campaign more attractive to children - the ´heirs´ to the Earth. With the idea of 'every little step helps', Tree People encourages users to adopt a virtual tree in an online forest, complete with its own miniature eco-system. Users nurture the tree by pledging small lifestyle changes and as they enter their activities they can watch the tree grow according to a sophisticated algorithm. Each time a tree is viewed, a Flash application graphically builds it to the changed height, calculating the real growth-rate. Users are able to join groups, give animated gifts to friends´ tree, and win prizes. The constantly changing online environment gives an incentive to return to the website again and again to renew one's pledges.

JUROR’S EVALUATION New Zealanders are constantly bombarded with 'green' messages, and it's all too easy to switch off. The creators of Tree People have rightly avoided the ubiquitous carbon calculator and adopted a very orginal approach. In a detailed online forest with its own miniature eco-system users can place and adopt their own native tree. "Turn out the lights" and your reduction in the demand for energy will make your tree grow. Tree People is exceptionally easy to use and geared towards younger people to encourage them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Web 2.0 features make it interesting to join and stay. The state of the art design gives users an attractive site to change their lifestyles and save the environment.

e-Health & Environment

Producer Lowe Sydney Tom Markham Chris Hunter Damian Simpkins Han Lee Masami Iida Richard de Nys Karim Hadid Jeremy Brook Country Australia Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 25

The BioMAP project Producer Nature Conservation Sector EEAA Ahmed Said Country Egypt Contact Original Title

Language English, Arabic and Italian Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The BioMAP project monitors and assesses the biodiversity of Egypt and aims to create a comprehensive IT-based database of existing Egyptian biodiversity records. Linked to up-to-date data bases through internal and external monitoring of Egypt´s Protected Areas, the project enables an analysis to be made of changes in the status of the country´s biodiversity. The web-based information centre contains five operational sites. One of these is the Egypt’s biodiversity web site which was authored by Image House and includes a large number of photographs and illustrations on all topics of relevance to biodiversity, enabling users of all types to access credible information, in order to inform decision-making at all levels.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Egypt has been endowed with a unique variety of ecosystems and a corresponding variety of wildlife that ranges from Eurasian species to purely sub-Saharan species. The attractively designed BioMAP shows that Egypt is not only concerned with the preservation of its history, its pyramids and royal graves, but also with the preservation of its living biodiversity. Maps are produced to be used as a knowledge base for researchers, for conservationists, for planning projects and for ecotourism. The BioMap encourages and enhances the capacity of park rangers to monitor and collect data, raises public awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity for future generations, and supports work in local communities that makes sustainable use of local resources, preserving and celebrating the traditions and heritage of people in the context of their environment.

26 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Health & Environment

MPedigree PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION MPedigree enables anyone in a developing country with access to a cell phone to authenticate drugs before use. In order to fight the deadly consequences of the growing global counterfeit pharmaceutics market, it works via a simple SMS, accessible by default on all phones, and available on all cellular networks. Akin to the very popular scratch card method for replenishing cellular talktime, users reveal a single-use code on drugs and SMS it to a provisioned mobile short code, which in turn generates an automated verification response. There is no cost to the drug patron — genuine drug manufacturers bear the cost due to the entrenched benefits they stand to reap when counterfeiters are driven out of the market.

Country Ghana Original Title MPedigree Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION Malaria kills over a million people a year: a simple SMS could prevent 20% of deaths. This health application brings together medicine manufacturers, government and consumers to solve one of the main problems in Ghana as in other African countries: that is medicine and drugs authenticity. Currently 80% of the medicines are counterfeited and result often in death. This project is the hope for every individual in this region suffering from counterfeited medicines and drugs. Armed with a simple cell phone, users can finally find out about the quality of their medicine. This project bridges the gap between the mobile technology and medical related contents to solve a major problem in Africa and other developing regions.

e-Health & Environment

Producer MPedigree Bright Simons Ashifi Gogo

Language English and traditional African languages Media Format broadband/online mobile content Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 27

Mamaherb Producer Elad Daniel Country Israel Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION is an internet platform, enabling users from all over the world to access and evaluate information on alternative herbal remedies. Having become the world's largest free Natural Health resource, its goal is to function as a paradigm-changing tool in the field of alternative - and perhaps all - health related knowledge. Users are able to research, rate, comment on, or discuss particular treatments and thus, with the help of other assessment tools, such as links to external references, be part of a huge project which aims to assess the effectiveness of natural and alternative treatments. Exploiting the universality of the internet, seeks to address two main issues: "What's out there?" and "What actually works?"

JUROR’S EVALUATION Mamaherb is an excellent site with a fresh lay-out about natural health resources and alternative medicines. It offers information about natural herbs and remedies as well as establishing a community of users and practitioners to exchange knowledge and experiences about these herbs and treatments. The knowledge and research of these alternative medicines is not as systematic as that of regular medicine, but in this site the present state of knowledge is brought together by a social network, the community of users and experts. The information offered is extensive and packaged attractively, giving product information and natural ingredients as well as information on treatment and remedies. It gives advice on remedies, accompanied by proper warnings.

28 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Health & Environment

Catalonia Shared Medical Record PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The Catalonia Shared Medical Record provides a database that maximises the quality of healthcare services by making available information on patients from Catalonian care centres. Different health organizations can exchange information in order to facilitate continuity care and to speed up diagnostic procedures by avoiding the repetition of unnecessary examinations. Selection and visualization of specific registers of information regarding the patient's medical history and care are carried out by a browser. Citizens have access to their own clinical history via a personal digital certificate, and professionals through a federal certification system. Providing greater access to relevant information and better communication among professionals, the Shared Medical Record has the potential to save time, money, and more importantly, lives.

Country Spain Original Title Historia Clinica Compartida a Catalunya Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION This website is an outstanding example of the importance of centralized shared health records. The Catalonia Shared Medical Record builds on the strong collaboration between the Catalonian health institutions such as clinics, hospitals and others. It promotes transparency by bringing together patients through digital certificate authentication and health practitioners through federal certification system. It is also a knowledgebase for quality assurance processes and procedures for managing health organizations. Moreover, it supports different disease surveillance to spread awareness on pressing health issues and to control infectious diseases. It goes beyond this to cover environmental and other various health related topics.

e-Health & Environment

Producer Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia Joan Guanyabens

Language Catalan Media Format broadband/online Product URL html/ca/dir2495/index.html

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 29

Category: e-Learning & Education E-DysGate Austria Lingorilla Germany CELL - Centre for Experiential Learning Italy Human and Nature Lithuania Our Space New Zealand

Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills for a complex and globalizing world; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalized and distributed learning resources; creating active e-Learning communities and target models and solutions for corporate training as well as life-long learning.


“The five winners represent vastly different areas of e-learning and education.”

Subho Ray President Internet & Mobile Association India India

t the WSA Grand Jury this year the range and depth of entries and their creativity and innovativeness under the category of e-Learning and Education was striking and intrigued the jurors.


Broadly, the national entries had a broad range and can be classified in the following manner: a) e-Learning of school curriculum for children b) e-Learning and education for pre-school children, c) e-Learning of culture and heritage d) e-Learning of a niche and specialized topic and e) learning languages innovatively. Whether it was teaching computers in a culturally aligned way, or it was collecting and selling books and representations of a niche culture, or it was teaching standard curriculum, or perhaps teaching higher sciences and professional languages: each entry brought with it its own uniqueness. In that sense the national entries represented a wide range of new ideas as well new models of executing existing ideas. There were almost no cases of “me-too” type entries. This proves beyond doubt that the digital media provides great opportunities and we are just about beginning to skim the surface now. As per the high standards of judging at the WSA, selection was based mainly on creativity — creativity of thought, ideas and effectiveness, relevance and above all presentation. If short listing 28 out of 80 jurable entries was diffiAs per the high standards of cult, selecting 5 out of judging at the WSA, selection the 28 entries was a stupendous task. This was was based mainly on creativity made possible by the — creativity of thought, ideas fact that the members and effectiveness, relevance of the jury represented a cross section of proand above all presentation. fessional expertise and scrupulously followed

the process laid down before them. The five winners represent vastly different areas of e-Learning and education. What connects all of them is their uniqueness — be it in terms of the way medical education is imparted [CELL] or in terms of the way heritage is learned and imbibed in a participative way [Our Space] or in the use of audio visual in learning languages by creating a community of learners and teachers around each language [Lingorilla], or in the way information and advice about a niche and very private and sensitive condition can be imparted [e-Dysgate] or in the way a simple yet effective science curriculum for primary classes can be created. These deservedly were the best entries in the sense that they were able to explore the cutting edge of creativity and technology to deliver e-Learning and Education. Well done!

34 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Learning & Education

E-DysGate PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Dyslexia is often regarded purely as a reading and writing difficulty, but the under-lying problems also impact on many other life skills. The interactive website E-DysGate provides a stimulating learning environment for a range of skills known to be important for young dyslexic adults. The material has been selected based on research that it will stimulate sections of the brain that are active in many activities, including reading. E-DysGate stimulates key areas so that neurological links will develop and the brain will be more receptive to learning and reading. The project targets specifically seven areas through direct and indirect stimulation including auditory memory, visual sequence, and Spatial Position. The exercises are not specific to a given language and will work for individuals across Europe.

Country Austria Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION E-DysGate is an outstanding product addressing dyslexics with motivating and stimulating content. Although internet-based exercises already exist to help train specific skills of dyslexia sufferers, such programmes are generally targeted at children, tending to patronise adults. E-DysGate is a multimedia tool delivered by professionals. Interactive contents are combined with well done graphics and sounds in a highly motivating manner. Dyslexics deserve special care through inclusive and attractive means. E-DysGate will help to break their isolation and emulate their skills. Wealthy and poor countries can take advantage of E-DysGate to empower their care resources.

e-Learning & Education

Producer E-Learning concepts Rietsch KEG Petra Rietsch Elisabeth Kaziz-Hitz Eva Riemer Ian Smythe Wolfgang Tesar

Language German, English, Bulgarian, Danish, Spanish Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 35

Lingorilla Producer Lingua-TV GmbH Philip Gienandt Sandra Gasber Country Germany Contact Language English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Lingorilla is a broadband video community where linguaphiles from across the globe can brush up on their language skills. Offering a diverse and effective platform for language learning, Lingorilla uses interactive activities and entertaining video clips to offer glimpses of every-day life, while conveying useful vocabulary and authentic accents. Lingorilla's specially developed language-learning functions also enable its members to network and interact through video chat. The Lingorilla platform is available to log into 24/7, accommodating every single member and making over-booked classes a thing of the past. Lingorilla is designed as a solution for the global spread of languages, from those essential to international communication, to those that are more obscure or in danger of dying out.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Language learning is really old task, but since the introduction of video as a tool we haven't seen big advances in its use. Lingorilla presents a new, simple and effective way to integrate video in the learning of languages. See, read, understand and learn. In this natural sequence of learning, Lingorilla presents a clear and innovative interface to learn languages easily. It gives users an intelligent window combining all the elements necessary to making learning languages exciting. The high production quality of the videos provides a fresh approach. The platform is very well designed and all the necessary tools have been taken into account, from evaluation questionnaires to the integration of a community, facilitating communication and collaborative learning among students.

36 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Learning & Education

CELL-Centre for Experiential Learning PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION CELL-Centre for Experiential Learning is a multimedia and interactive learning environment for medical practitioners, which delivers effective and engaging learning projects in accordance with the latest andragogy principles. The training centre exploits new technologies supporting natural interaction and new media applications within the medical and scientific fields, offering physical settings for clinical simulations and thereby promotes the active participation of physicians in their vocational training. Interactive virtual reality theatres, virtual desks and clinical simulations are part of the wide range of methods and tools available in order to train and test medical and paramedical personnel. CELL creates a unique learning environment where the excitement of being involved in a new and meaningful experience favours learning and the intake of information.

JUROR’S EVALUATION CELL represents excellence in the field of e-Learning for health and radically transforms conventional continuing education and refresher courses for medical practitioners. It introduces comprehensive cutting edge e-Learning facilities using the added value of digital technologies for the needs of e-Health. Users are "immersed" in highly realistic simulations enabling more powerful learning mechanisms. To learn by doing or testing with the support of a qualified tutor is for sure one of the most significant achievements of a creative use of ICT. Stateof-the-art technologies, content and learning methods converge to make training solutions effective. CELL represents an ice breaking solution in this sector, a relevant case study and a significant advance in both in e-Health and e-Learning.

e-Learning & Education

Producer QBGROUP spa Luca Quareni Country Italy Contact Language Italian, English Media Format kiosk/multimedia installations

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 37

Human and Nature Producer Education Development Centre Elena Motiejuniene Ona Vašcenkiene Saule Vingeliene Sviesa Publishers

Country Lithuania

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Human and Nature is an integrated course in natural sciences for 12-14 year-old Lithuanian pupils. Based on thorough pedagogical research and results of pilot projects, natural science meets modern IT in a comprehensive online environment. Virtual learning and teaching content is packaged in form of over 1700 learning objects, which are presented via site-demonstrations, laboratories, and quizzes. An online encyclopaedia and thesaurus complement the course content. Coordinated by SPC, a department of the Lithuanian Ministry of education, the project has been integrated into the curriculum of schools throughout the country. Educational experts collaborated to produce methodological recommendations for improvements to the natural sciences curriculum, alongside developing a comprehensive user manual. Due to the project's success, similar Lithuanian science courses are now being developed for 15-16 year-olds.

Original Title

JUROR’S EVALUATION Contact Language Lithuanian Media Format broadband/online

This outstanding example of e-Learning for school students attractively involves children in the learning process by combining more than 1700 learning objects placed in this site-demonstrations, laboratories, tests and questions, encyclopaedia and thesaurus. Interactive online laboratories which are both simple and involving, help students learn while they use it like a game play. Teacher tools provide a great teaching environment making it easy to use in classes while every student can enjoy learning individually on this website. The high quality e-Content in Lithuanian language was developed in close consultation with teachers, experts and focus groups. Involving 426 teachers in a project of this kind is a giant step towards the revolution in educational methods in schools.

Product URL

38 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Learning & Education

Our Space PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Our Space aims to forge communities and explore identities through a user-generated, interactive digital media experience. It guides visitors to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa through virtual and physical exhibition spaces where they are also able to view images submitted by the public and to work them into individual representations of national identity. In order to become a part of the exhibition, users join a web community and upload images or videos into a database. The media objects are then tagged to allow them to be easily accessed. Based on well-established social media functions such as the Flickr model, Our Space connects the images to a physical on-site experience. Visitors to the museum are invited to manipulate the material, completing the experience through aural, tactile, and visual stimulation and interaction. By recognising and inviting media from the great plurality of perspectives on life in contemporary New Zealand society, Te Papa is creating a vital resource for exploration and learning.

JUROR’S EVALUATION This customized state-of-the-art installation is a great example of a digital playground that invites users to explore digital content about their national identity in different dimensions. Highest quality multimedia technology has been integrated for multiple user interaction, content management, and content display in a seamless way creating a unique multisensory experience for the user in order to facilitate the access to a great library of digital content that has been exceptionally handcrafted and designed. Is a great example of how interaction and quality digital content can be transformed in to an immersive and interactive experience appealing for everybody with no computer skills required. An outstanding example of on-line, off-line experience for identity learning.

e-Learning & Education

Producer Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Adan Tijerina Gibson International Allan Smith Country New Zealand Contact Language English with some Te Reo Maori Media Format cross media

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 39

Category: e-Entertainment & Games MyMachine Belgium Street Dance School the Center Bulgaria IQ Training & Testing Croatia Wreck a Movie Finland Casebook New Zealand

Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world's variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one way to two-way, from single to multiple players, interactive entertainment and the synergy between analogue and digital platforms.


“The products allow users to exercise living a new experience of entertainment and gaming.”

Effat El-Shooky Advistor to the Minister for International Relations Ministry of Communciations & Information Technology Egypt

Gbenga Sesan Social Entrepreneur & Information Society Researcher Nigeria

he category e-Entertainment & Games always features exciting products because of the nature of entertainment- and gamerelated content. This year's products, however, went beyond mere entertainment as they took advantage of new technology platforms to deliver educative and inspiring games and environments that appeal to the user's sense of relaxation.


The new trends that were demonstrated by winning products of the category e-Entertainment & Games in 2009 have been exceeding the expectations of jurors, providing a chance to experience pioneering new paradigms of e-Entertainment & e-Gaming production. From "Casebook's" immersive and interactive game experience to "IQ Training & Testing's" non-geeky appeal, products in this category demonstrate the move is from boxed entertainment (whose sole objective is to amuse the user) to wholesome eduinfotainment. The technologies that are used to allow for global collaborative product making, open source utilization, open content contribution and high quality production mixing video, audio and text in a very simple and interactive manner for the user. The products allow users to exercise living a new Besides being interesting and experience of entertainattractive the winner entries in ment and gaming that the category challenge our you can live life and online at your pace. mental focus, our logical

understanding, our knowledge enhancement and our personal enthusiasm.

Besides being interesting and attractive the winner entries in the category challenge our

mental focus, our logical understanding, our knowledge enhancement and our personal enthusiasm. The category's products also demonstrate the increased affinity for dual entertainment platforms that are available in both online and offline formats. While violence and insensitivity in gaming and entertainment have always been a major concern for parents and other stakeholders in child development, it is clear that this year's products point to the move towards child-friendly content in both online and offline environments. The e-Entertainment & Games category demonstrates, once again, the potentials of using entertainment and games for 21st century learning and other opportunities. The winners of 2009 bring users a world of imagination, excitement and a life experience.

44 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Entertainment & Games

MyMachine AvaGuide PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION MyMachine builds bridges between the three different levels of education: primary, secondary and higher. Via an attractive interactive web-site, children in primary schools produce ideas to create their own 'dream machine', the focus being on creativity and imagination over functional usage. Subsequently, higher education students, who are taking engineering courses, translate these ideas into workable designs, publishing their endeavours to a virtual online community. Finally, pupils from technical secondary schools use the online material in order to produce real prototypes of the machines. The MyMachine lifecycle (invent, design, make, show, patent) starts with the imagination of children and ends with ‘products’. During the process, children and students collaborate online and appeal to the know-how and support of partners, unifying the world of education and entrepreneurship with a key focus on ‘creativity and innovation’.

Country Belgium Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION MyMachine is a unique project adopted by the local and regional government of Flanders and by various companies which have become corporate partners. Its content is very creative in the use of multimedia and the animation combines with digitalized pictures of the children’s machines. MyMachine invites and engages children to publish and share their ideas, challenges students in technical and engineering schools to implement the ideas, and informs the general public and the community around. This attractive Internet site offers an enjoyable digital experience and is at the same time an effective learning platform. The interface is intuitive and entertaining, with an excellent use of sound and animation supporting product navigation.

e-Entertainment & Games

Producer Intercommunale Leiedal (Intermunicipal Body) Filip Meuris Howest University College Piet Grymonprez Community Foundation of West-Flanders Jan Despiegelaere In cooperation with Indiegroup

Language Dutch and English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 45

Street Dance School - the Center Producer Future Media Ltd. George Dichev Country Bulgaria Contact Language Bulgarian and English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Street Dance School - the Center has become a hit among Bulgarian fans of hiphop culture. Functioning to promote a school of street dance, this interactive website aims to persuade even the worst couch potatoes to get into the groove. Not only does the site make users want to get moving, SDS the Center is technologically advanced with its attractive combination of video, image and text content, some animated for added user interaction. With each log-in contents are being viewed in a different manner. The project requires no significant resources, making it accessible to the masses. Visitors to the site can listen to the music used for training, leave comments, view recordings of performances, read biographies of the choreographers and, having been convinced, subscribe to actual dance classes themselves.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Once inside the Street Dance School website users find themselves immediately inspired to experience or learn dancing in a multimedia environment irrespective of age, knowledge and background. Street Dance School allows you to access a highly creative mixture of audio, video, text and multimedia covering dancing, classes, shows and competitions. Users can interact with others and enjoy a seemingly endless world of e-entertainment that deeply boosts spirit, moral and positive energy. The Street Dance School allows people who cannot afford it to attend virtually dancing shows or competitions in their own country or in other countries of the world. The website bridges cultural gaps and the age gap among members of different communities and helps building a global information society in an entertaining manner.

46 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Entertainment & Games

IQ Training & Testing PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION IQ Training & Testing stimulates visual, mathematical and logical Intelligence Quotients, tunes up mental focus and logical understanding in an entertaining and educational software package for PCs. Suitable for anyone with a reading age of 7+, the software stimulates users to improve their memory, learn faster, become more organized and finish their projects on time. Their logical, mathematical and visual intelligence is enhanced via a series of questions and games. IQ Training & Testing promises to tune up mental focus, improve intellectual productivity and enhance concentration, promoting faster thinking and learning. Users can compete with others at problem and puzzle-solving tasks and display their results - making learning appealing and fun.

Country Croatia Original Title IQ Trening Testovi Inteligencije Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION Everyone desires a high IQ, and that explains why internet search for “IQ” is on the high side. Unfortunately, though, most IQ tests come across as academic exercises. IQ Trening Testovi Inteligencije makes IQ testing available to multitudes of users while also allowing them to have fun when taking the test. As an offline multimedia product, IQ Trening Testovi Inteligencije is available to many more people - especially those whose access or bandwidth challenges will prevent them from using online IQ test tools. The game offers a series of enjoyable questions and an evaluation expressed as a percentage. IQ Trening Testovi Inteligencije is rich in content, has a user-friendly interface, is highly interactive, and one should not be surprised to see the original product translated to many languages over the next few years!

e-Entertainment & Games

Producer Dominativ Roman Krvavica

Language Croatian Media Format CD-ROM

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 47

Wreck a Movie Producer Star Wreck Studios Ltd. Timo Vuorensola Atte Joutsen Vesa Nieminen Peter Vesterbacka Samuli Torssonen Country Finland Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Wreck a Movie unites Internet and film industry by unleashing the creative potential of web communities and thereby changing the whole value chain of filmmaking. Film-makers and amateur enthusiasts alike can collaborate online to extend their resources and to produce professional quality audio/visual material of all genres; from music videos to full-length feature-films. Wreck a Movie applies the open source software approach to film production. It helps get films completed faster and at a considerably lower cost, through crowd-sourced work on production tasks and online resourcing of expertise and corporate funding. In addition, it facilitates the viral promotion of films throughout and beyond their production. Wreck a Movie enables film makers of all backgrounds to create, produce and license quality films at a fraction of the cost, harnessing the wealth of talent that exists outside the world of blockbuster budgets.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Wreck a Movie pioneers a new paradigm in collaborative film-making and serves as a platform for talented film enthusiasts, professionals, open source fans, free content contributors passionate about global collaborative film production using the Internet. No need to get a major production company for the film, you produce at a fraction of the normal cost. It is now the largest internet based film production studio housing over 80 productions under its on-line roof. Over 1600 active users collaborate to produce films and distribute them. They are also encouraged to get funding and attract advertisers. Volunteer action plays a key role. Though released only recently, Wreck a Movie has already gone international with its fresh approach to movie production. It creates a new passion with loads of future promises!

48 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Entertainment & Games

Casebook PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Casebook is a forensic investigation game which utilizes patented AREO technology to enable players to fully explore 3D photo real crime scenes. Gameplay is interspersed with over 30 minutes of cinematics, featuring real actors starring in genuine sets, and convincing crime scenes. These scenes can be subsequently navigated and investigated in real-time by the player, whose task is to find and analyse clues in order to ultimately solve the case. The AREO technology captures the film scenes with tens of thousands of digital photos which, when stitched together, create an interactive environment rich in detail. Considering the massive amount of data captured, the ‘magic’ of the technology is that the game, which contains 100,000 plus digital photos, ships as a 1GB size file and is downloadable.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Casebook impresses the non-gamer with its methodology and technology. Compared to many flashy and stressful games, Casebook opens its gaming world through fashion made high quality 3D movies integrated into a simple, user-friendly concept. Despite the massive volume of data, the speed of loading and accessing the game is high even on a non gaming PC. Casebook is a superb forensic investigation game, having not only gaming functionalities but also offering entertainment and learning elements. Once in the game, users really feel being part of the scenario as the images are looking quite real giving users the impression of being among of the actors. Casebook bridges digital divides through its high quality standard and allowing people with no budget for supergaming PCs to have fun with this game.

e-Entertainment & Games

Producer Areograph Limited trading as 'Areo' Luke Reid Dane Clarkson Graham Hambleton Evan Sunley James Country New Zealand Contact Language English, Russian and Italian Media Format DVD-Rom online/broadband download Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 49

Category: e-Culture & Heritage Twelve Canoes Australia A Journey into Time Immemorial Canada Congo Blog Dem. Rep. of Congo You Tour Mexico Mark of ‘Uru’ Nigeria

Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-of-theart technology; developing the diversity of cultures and sub-cultures and the multilingual nature of societies.


“The connecting theme is diversity and innovation in the use of digital content to remind us of our common human heritage while celebrating our difference.”

Dorothy K. Gordon Director-General Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT Ghana

David Berman Expert Speaker on Strategy, Ethics & Branding Canada

onnecting across geography and generations, this years winners in the category e-Culture & Heritage represent an exciting blend of technologies: the latest in high-end video content through broadband access, animation, maps, photos, and using multiple languages and platforms.


and share heritage. Equally important are those entries that show how ICT itself is helping to define and evolve culture.

The absolutely stunning use of these technologies allows the producers an individual in one case, a group of bloggers in another, academia and the private sector to tell stories that resonate with us today allowing us to insights into indigenous societies, preservation of cultural heritage as well as real time documentation of culture and community adapting under stress.

With winners from countries that span the range of wealth, access, and geography, there is no shortage of hope that econtent can both preserve and sustain the diversity of proud human activity, breaking down the limitations of distance, time, and borders.

The connecting theme is diversity and innovation in the use of digital content to remind us of our common human heritage while celebrating our difference. In a world of increased media concentration, where the global economic situation forces pragmatic decisions on what content is shared in the mainstream, it is especially refreshing to see the balance and thematic range of entries this year in this category. The winners represent engaging successes in using ICT to preserve

In a world of increased media concentration, where the global economic situation forces pragmatic decisions on what content is shared in the mainstream, it is especially refreshing to see the balance and thematic range of entries this year in this category.

Projects from Australia and Canada bring ancient cultures alive. "You Tour" from Mexico shows us how new technology can make the ancient accessible. "Congoblog" demonstrates how a mixture of personal courage and open source technology can transform society. The next decade will finally bring the Internet to the majority of the world's people. There will clearly be no shortage of opportunity to share our varied pasts while creating our common future.

54 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Culture & Heritage

Twelve Canoes PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The oldest culture in the world meets the newest technology. Following the world-wide success of Oscar winning feature film ‘Ten Canoes’, the indigenous Yolngu people of Ramininging in Australia's Northern Territory have collaborated with filmmaker, Rolf de Heer, to further showcase their prided culture in the first ever feature film to be specifically made for and released on the Internet. The Twelve Canoes site is an immersive digital experience based around twelve visual “poems” on the culture, history and homeland of the Yolngu people. The website wishes to challenge the cinematic status quo. The visitor is guided through the intuitive content, yet his path is never dictated; design and navigation enhancing, rather than over-powering, film quality.

Producer Wanted Digital Cora Spear Molly Reynolds James Furey Mark Eland Country Australia Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION Australian Aboriginal culture is considered one of the oldest continuous human cultures — now we can get a compelling portrait of it directly delivered to our desktop. Twelve Canoes is a Web site on the Yolngu people, their history, beliefs, art and stories. This application provides a set of hints on how one can help preserve and revere local cultures. Excellent quality of content, creative format and interface, simple and intuitive navigation demonstrate the potential for extension of branded media from one channel to another, gracefully carrying forward the look and feel of original film into the online multimedia experience. This beautiful and unique project has provided one of the oldest cultures in the world the opportunity to connect with new generations worldwide and keep its culture alive through modern technology.

e-Culture & Heritage

Language English and Yolngu Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 55

A Journey into Time Immemorial Producer Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Barbara Winter Ivana Filipovic Linnea Battel Country Canada Contact Language English and French Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION A Journey into Time Immemorial offers users the opportunity to see and learn about the ancient Stó:lo people of Canada. The virtual online museum environment offers visitors infinite ways to explore and enjoy animated scenes from the past. Text descriptions, visual renderings, and photos describe the Stó:lo daily life, and with innovative Flash video content, users are transported three thousand years back in time. The website dynamically loads sound, video characters, and educational content via a customised Flash panorama engine. The website navigation lets visitors choose their own path through the virtual Stó:lo village, thereby creating a different experience with each visit. In addition to the Flash website, a fully accessible HTML site is available, in accordance with the strict specifications of the Virtual Museum of Canada.

JUROR’S EVALUATION “Immersivity” is the keyword identifying this online resource. It is based on the Canadian First Nations traditional knowledge and oral history and provides a picture of life in the Fraser Valley as it was three thousand years ago. A deep insight of the Stó:lo daily life including fishing, trapping, weaving, and canoe building through a very rich selection of visual renderings, videos, photos and textual descriptions. Once downloaded the splash page navigation appears natural, easy and highly immersive; “explorers” simply look around the everyday life in the Stó:lo’s village and “touch” the objects they are interested in. The application provides a rich set of structured information taking advantage of the most suitable and effective media. The historical quality of the content provided by the archives is excellent and the quality of graphic, photo and video is outstanding.

56 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Culture & Heritage

Congo Blog PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Rigorous censorship is an issue with which the population of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) are well-acquainted. In a country where most official journalists support the government in order to receive protection, working as an independent journalist is far from easy. Thanks to Internet blogging, however, the people working at found a platform for freedom of speech where they could publish articles without fearing the censorship that ordinary newspapers are subject to. Eight young citizens were trained on blogging techniques and provided with a camera - previously unthinkable in the former dictatorship, whereby anyone caught taking an unlicensed photo was promptly arrested and thrown into jail. Step by step, with the support of the journalism school of Lille, these young bloggers are being encouraged to take the lead on the website, in the hope that the project will motivate them to train others in the technique of blogging.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Congoblog was started in 2005 by a young Congolese journalist who posted daily pictures and short articles on pressing issues in Kinshasa, DRC. It proved to be a huge hit amongst the republic's population and soon was transformed into a platform enabling other Congolese citizens to express themselves freely. The value to the growing number of readers: mostly Congolese from the diasporas and people interested in the issues Congolese face in their country is immense. Congoblog fights against the restriction in the taking of pictures and the posting of information at the risk of being arrested and sent to jail. It effectively challenges the dictatorship and its intention to destroy the evidence of the chaotic management of the country.

e-Culture & Heritage

Producer Congo Blog Cédric Kalonji Mfunyi Jolly Kamuntu Mireille Bukasa Yves Zihindula Trésor Kibangula Lydie Betyna Walter Badibanga James-Norbert Tshipama Country Democratic Republic of the Congo Contact Language French Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 57

You Tour Producer You Tour Alejandro Machorro Fernández Rodolfo Laddaga López Country Mexico Contact Language Spanish, Italian, French and English Media Format mobile content

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION You Tour uses the latest generation iPods to offer a multimedia tour guide which lets tourists conveniently do their sightseeing at holiday destinations. In an educational, entertaining and interactive way, the user is guided around their chosen destination, their route enriched by a wealth of content. Not only are the tours well documented with location maps, digital reconstructions, photographs, illustrations, animations, videos and instructions; a regularly updated directory of museums, restaurants, shops and services keeps tourists up-to-date. A ‘survival kit’ offers information on embassies, currency, and emergency phone numbers. Finally, You Tour offers an audio/photo dictionary which contains useful phrases in the local language. Available in multiple languages, this comprehensive package can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store.

JUROR’S EVALUATION This ingenious application offers a rich mixture of intriguing and practical content, combining historical explanations with current logistical information of interest to visitors of the Chiapas region. The You Tour navigation is intuitive, both compliant and sympathetic to the Apple interface standards for iPods. The product interacts excellently in a variety of user languages, taking advantage of location-based information. You Tour provides reliable local e-Content, at a time and place where the visitor is most likely to be interested and make use of it. You Tour is distributed by institutions or museums loaning the branded iPods to visitors at no charge. If this business model proves successful in Chiapas it will globally substituting local e-content for tour guides. As GPS becomes more ubiquitous in devices, further features may be added.

58 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Culture & Heritage

Mark of Uru PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Mark of Uru is an exciting web-based animation from Nigeria. Developed to fill the void of authentic African animation, the series combines digital expertise with local folk story, imagery and culture. Azuka is a girl born with a birthmark identical to the tattoo of the sinister sorceress Uru, who was banished from her village long past. Tales of agony and doom are woven around Uru and everything associated with her. Despite the efforts of Azuka´s mother’s to conceal the birthmark, it is eventually discovered, and the annihilation of the child becomes imminent, in order to protect the village dwellers from the curse of Uru. The intervention of a fallen elemental being, Isi-Agu, and his apprentice Etido, forestalls Azuka’s execution, and she is taken to a sacred mountain out of the reach of her family, friends and foes. She embarks on a gruelling journey through treacherous terrains to unravel the mystery behind her bizarre birthmark.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Mayhem Productions created an outstanding African oriented web series of animation and illustration. The site shows the episodes of the Mark of Uru its outstanding 3D images. The site also provides free 3 D models and textures for multimedia productions for download with no strings attached. Episodes can be downloaded by any user of a hand held device like ipod,etc.. The site allows a user to email the producer about other file versions of hand held devices and they will upload the device. For users with dial up, the episodes can be downloaded on windows media version. Mark of Uru combines animation expertise with local content. The producer uses Nigerian folk story, imagery and culture to explore the boundary between expertise and local content. It is developed to fill the void created by the dearth of authentic.

e-Culture & Heritage

Producer Mayhem Productions Obinna Onwuekwe Country Nigeria Contact Language English, Igbo, Efik, Yoruba, Ijaw and Urhobo Media Format broadband/online Product URL Mark_Of_Uru/Mark_Of_Uru_ Animated_Web_Series.html

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 59

Category: e-Science & Technology Water World Austria Genomics Digital Lab Canada Fossil Web China Newstin Czech Republic Videolectures.Net Slovenia

Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of applications and infrastructures that will enable it; providing measures to promote and demonstrate scientific processes and make them accessible to citizens; scientific projects articulated through new media.


“What is also of paramount importance is the strategic role each of the winning projects plays in its field and its region.”

Anya Sverdlov Managing Director Actis Wunderman Russia


n the WSA 09 contest, content enhancement through participation, collaboration and aggregation is the primary trend in the e-Science & Technology category.

What is also of paramount importance is the strategic role each of the winning projects plays in its field and its region. Whether it is the ability for anyone to access diligently systematized scientific lectures and materials from leading thinkers without leaving one's home (Videolectures.Net) or scan through a full aggregation of news on any subject from around the globe (Newstin), the information and communication technology is used to break down geographic boundaries, to enrich and empower users around the world. The winning projects also show that providing visitors with the ability to "learn by doing" in a fantastically rich multimedia environment (Genomics Digital Lab) can be today a reality for everyone. In addition, users can collaborate with millions of other participants, including leading scientists, in exploring science (Fossil Web), or involve all of one's senses in a truly engrossing scientific journey (Water World). The WSA 09 winners in e-Science and Technology use multimedia and the Internet to add tremendous value by creating new worlds to experience and exciting platforms to share. They close the content gap and eliminate digital divides in science.

The WSA 09 winners in e-Science and Technology use multimedia and the Internet to add tremendous value by creating new worlds to experience and exciting platforms to share. They close the content gap and eliminate digital divides in science.

64 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Science & Technology

Water World PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The former Water Plant of the City of Linz has been turned into the home for Water World — an exhibition and guided tour which takes visitors on the fascinating journey of water from the source to processing through disposal and renewal. Illustrated with interactive and audiovisual installations, Water World caters to a broad horizon of interests from school children to environmental experts. Content objects can be arranged from a large information-store in order to produce tours tailor-made for the visitors' interests. Tour guides can react immediately and change the order or adding or taking out individual elements of the multimedia exhibition. A programming tool allows processes to be compiled and directly executed. Visitors are enabled to integrate their contributions into the tour, using presentation pages or photos.

JUROR’S EVALUATION This exhibition and guided tour about water, from its origin, production, ingredients and environmental aspects is a very significant contribution to creating awareness about the most important resource on the planet. The installation in the beautiful old Linz Water works, now a protected building, is designed to offer as much variety as possible through the use of exhibition pieces, interactive elements, models and audiovisual installations, completed by a projection presentation of water well. It is geared towards schoolchildren of all ages, interested adults and also water experts. The haptic quality of the exhibition is enhanced with the visitors being invited to take a drink of one of the finest water in Europe. Water World is an outstanding example of in-depth e-Content presented creatively and comprehensively and with a powerfully clear message.

e-Science & Technology

Producer vogel audiovision Peter Vogel Country Austria Original Title Wasserwelt Contact Language English Media Format cross media

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 65

Genomics Digital Lab Producer Spongelab Interactive Jeremy Friedberg Andrea Bielecki Rob Cummins Co-producer Purdue University David Salt Thomas Sors Country Canada Contact Language English and French Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Genomics Digital Lab is an animated software tool designed to help users understand plants and their significance. In an interactive laboratory, users can alter the environment around a dying plant, zooming in and out of the major plant cell organelles, and using what they learn to figure out how to make the dying plant survive. The software is divided into three modules representing the mitochondria, chloroplasts and nucleus, whilst reinforcing the “Genomic” concept that organelles are inter-dependent. The Genomics Digital Lab learning environment uses games and puzzles to engage learners and to encourage a deeper understanding of biological processes, promoting higher-order thinking skills in a fun and entertaining format. The software comes complete with accompanying teaching material, geared towards the curricula of high-school grades 7 to 12.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Genomics Digital Lab connects several areas of biology, effectively modelling ecology of the earth in a relevant and meaningful way. The lab provides comprehensive content about plant cells. Given the few digital resources available for teachers in this subject area, this is a first. The digital lab offers a series of visually stunning games, modules, and interactive simulations. Altering the environment of air, light and soil inside the lab, users can figure out the best conditions needed for plants to survive and thrive. The lab is easy to navigate for teachers, learners and parents. GDLv4 is fully online, accessible from home or school through a web browser, with no downloads, or installation. The lab offers discovery based self-learning and was is a huge success with hundreds of users across 22 different countries worldwide.

66 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Science & Technology

Fossil Web PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Fossil Web caters to the fascination of people in fossil-rich China where the number of knowledge-thirsty internet users has reportedly reached 253 million. With its commitment to promoting palaeontology, Fossil Web acts as a bridge between the world of science and the general public. Website visitors are able to access many resources, including up-to-date research, palaeontology news, and pictures of fossils, in order to obtain an insight into the evolution of once-living creatures. Visitors are also able to take advantage of a users' forum to share their pictures and experiences with other enthusiasts. In addition, a wealth of scientific articles summarized in an easy-to-understand way by young palaeontologists is readily available on Fossil Web for all visitors.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Fossil Web offers an appealing and dynamic experience and is a true sample of a very in-depth content site. It contains an amazing database on fossils and a complete knowledge system which is presented with user-friendly navigation and menus. The layout and architecture of the site are well planned and make it easy for people to find information. It amuses both children and adults with its pictures and videos, forums and enhanced Web 2.0 interactivity. The site has e-magazines, links to other related websites and even animated games for children to play. There are nearly 11,000 science articles and 20,000 science photos. This multilingual site (Chinese and English) is definitely a powerful content in development on the subject of science that can be enjoyed by anyone via the internet.

e-Science & Technology

Producer Nanjing institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wei Wang Country China Original Title Fossil@NET Contact 2004929131714.html Language Chinese with English introduction Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 67

Newstin Producer Newstin a.s. Frank Vrabel Julius Rusnak Peter Zajac Vladimir Meier Petra Novakova Country Czech Republic Contact Language Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Newstin is the largest news database in the world with up to 250,000 articles processed daily, comprising over 100 million and 5 billion metadata items. Newstin’s mission is to help corporate and government clients optimize intelligence and improve performance management by providing fully automated news and data categorization solutions in all the major world languages. Newstin technology is a unique system that features multi-language and cross-language document categorization. It is a powerful engine which harnesses a variety of cutting-edge technologies and implements linguistic processing with semantic analysis, multi-tier content categorization and cross-language taxonomy structures. With 2 million users globally, Newstin patented technology has the potential to become a core platform for organizing any form of unstructured textual data.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Newstin’s innovative technology of real-time content organization allows for the creation of the world’s largest categorized news database, working in 11 world languages, and for other possible applications that require powerful searching and indexing tools and data mining capabilities. It is thus not just a news application, but an effective tool for business intelligence and enterprise performance management. Newstin is an ideal gateway into the world of news or other categorized data from all over the world — no longer is the user dependent on citation-based crawling tools and catalogues or forced to visit specialized resources to obtain the global view. Newstin helps users overcome language barriers and allows to receive an unbiased, but full world view, without the interference of “noise” and/or bias introduced by search optimizers.

68 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Science & Technology

Videolectures.Net PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Videolectures.Net provides free and open internet access to high quality videos of lectures presented by distinguished scholars and scientists at prominent academic events. The portal aims to promote science, facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster knowledge sharing by providing high quality didactic content, not only for the scientific community, but also for a more general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and are classified during the editorial process according to user comments. The materials come from several EU funded research projects and organizations such as Xerox Parc, British Telecom, Max Planck, Fraunhofer Institute, Australian National University and Carnegie Mellon. The range of countries involved and languages used includes Europe, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Ukraine, Russia and Brazil.

Producer Jozef Stefan Institute, Center for Knowledge Transfer Mitja Jermo Marko Grobelnikl Peter Kese Davor Orlic Sebastjan Mislej Darko Ignjatovic Nina Rancic Country Slovenia

JUROR’S EVALUATION Videolectures.Net's impressive content array on all scientific topics is truly impressive comprising materials suitable for both venerable scholars and the general public. It is an excellent "best practice" example for video content aggregators with its categorization and classification of content, ability to pinpoint very targeted pieces of knowledge within a large sea of information and true aggregation of various media according to topics. The high didactic quality gains significance as the site provides free and open access to science information from the world's leading experts in one internet space. The portal's navigation is easy and intuitive. This project plays an immensely important role in bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap. Geographical borders, financial considerations and access limitations disappear through provision of unlimited access to quality content for all.

Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

e-Science & Technology

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 69

Category: e-Business & Commerce karma currency website Australia Remediation Check Austria AWEB China ngpay India AvaGuide Poland

Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, internet security and other areas; supporting SMEs on the marketplace; using ICTs for buying and selling as well as servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.


“E-Commerce is intertwining with all different fields of business in the real life of societies with the benefit of ICTs, namely transparency, simultaneousness and comprehensiveness.”

Alexander Felsenberg Executive Management & Business Development Research Communication in the Digital Economy Germany he WSA winners of 09 demonstrate how e-Commerce is intertwining with all different fields of business in the real life of societies with the benefit of ICTs, namely transparency, simultaneousness and comprehensiveness.


importance and therefore it is a must for WSA to present the best of its kind. Ngpay is an outstanding example for that.

In addition, we see two trends in the business e-Content and commercial e-Services sector: for one, we see the importance of the addition of a human touch to the virtual world and on the other we see a way of dealing with the critical issues of today, the climate change issue.

WSA 09 winners present what e-Content / e-Services best stand for: information and trading in the oldest field of business: farming. The Chinese Web portal creates transparency and ease of use in a complex and tightly connected world.

Adding human touch to the virtual experience is a logical step in providing better services, especially in areas where explanation is needed. In an increasingly developed and competitive e-Commerce sector a solution such as AvaGuide is a benchmark for its development. Getting money action and with it karma on the global issue of climate change makes sense, both commercially and in terms of human survival. And you can find out how much funding you can get to improve your house for the same purpose. In order to give access to the merits of e-Content/e-Services to as many people possible, mobile e-Content/e-Services are of great

The spirit of the WSA makes every entry worthwhile using. The WSA 09 winners are just the most outstanding lighthouses for many excellent products and solutions.

In order to give access to the merits of e-Content/e-Services to as many people possible, mobile e-Content/e-Services are of great importance and therefore it is a must for WSA to present the best of its kind.

74 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Business & Commerce

karma currency website PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION karma currency is Australia's first online gift voucher website for charitable donations, offering non-profit agencies - big and small - the chance to use the site as a new fundraising channel, with 100% of all donations going to their charity. The site explains this new concept, providing an intuitive user experience for a diverse target audience, in the hope of converting browsers into purchasers. Charities are reviewed and approved by karma and, once accepted, are able to upload products for customers to purchase. With new charities signing up and content changing daily, a special content management system gives karma staff the tools to manage charity partners, content workflow, financial reporting and even the generation of reports for the Australia Taxation Office.

JUROR’S EVALUATION karma currency bridges via online technology individuals and corporations with prospective charitable institutions by providing the facility of receiving giving and redeeming online. Donors can give following easy-to-follow instructions and enjoy the benefits of tax deductions as incentive. Prospective recipients have their profile available for donors to evaluate and decide. karma currency is beautifully designed and easy to use and navigate, with animated graphics and multimedia to enhance its design. The application helps giving gifts on different occasions and promotes good karma. The karma currency foundation was set-up to revitalize the philanthropic landscape in Australia. More than 150 projects have benefited from this facility since its inception.

e-Business & Commerce

Producer Spin Communications Nigel Ewart Country Australia Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL karmacurrencystage1.

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 75

Remediation AvaGuide Check Producer sicht-bar - Peter Pruzina k25 - Wolfgang Hemmerich Gehmair & Pohl - Wolfgang Pohl e7 - Margot Grim s Bausparkasse - Andreas Fleiss Country Austria Contact Language German Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The SanierungsCheck software gives the customers of the Austrian construction loan bank ‘Bausparkasse’ an easy first step to find out how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and at what costs and with what government supports. Users of the website are guided through the possible range of improvements to their properties in a few minutes in order to maximize the energy-saving potential. The application identifies the improvements, calculates a building cost estimate based on market data, evaluates the subsidies available of the respective provincial government and calculates potential mortgage options. The software is divided into several modules which can be used on their own or in combination, according to individual needs and interests.

JUROR’S EVALUATION features a modern and self-explanatory design to facilitate access and provides all the necessary information at a glance. It offers quality and comprehensive content, regularly updated and exceptionally relevant to the target group of home owners and builders. The site is easy to navigate, with good orientation and very useful tools which add lots of value. Users can calculate energy values and view the impact of new designs on the energy efficiency of their homes in real time simulations. Users can generate content and add it to the site. This is coupled with relevant advice and tips to make the site attractive to customers of the bank and is a very valuable contribution to environmental sustainability.

76 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Business & Commerce

AWEB PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION AWEB is China's largest agricultural portal website offering farming information, news, network promotion, online trading, supply and demand, and online recruitment for farmers and agricultural enterprises. Farmers can consult experts via a forum and receive answers free of charge. They can also post supply and demand information on a “Business Platform”. A “Comprehensive Services Platform” regulates and controls the quality of the material submitted, as well as the content of online stores. In order to strengthen the protection of farmers, a "credit star" program has been developed which uses an electronic tag to establish a low-cost credit system for small and medium sized enterprises. It also provides basic online credit management services for their electronic business and trading activities.

Producer Beijing aweb Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Genhuo SHAO Dr. Li Shaoming Qiu Yuwen Zeng Guozheng Dr. Zhao Yanqing Country China Original Title

JUROR’S EVALUATION AWEB has a pedigree of almost 10 years of brand-building as China's foremost agricultural portal with hits of more than 1 million per day. Its content is free of charge, very comprehensive, broad based, factual and updated by users. The site provides a platform not only for business but for knowledge sharing between farmers and farm agents. Its ease of use, functionality, navigation and orientation with the connectivity speeds in China make it an easy to use interactive experience for the user. Its simple design has taken into account Chinese cultural preferences.

Contact Language Chinese Media Format broadband/online Product URL

e-Business & Commerce

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 77

ngpay Producer “ngpay” (JiGrahak Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) Sourabh Jain Country India Contact Language English Media Format mobile content Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION ngpay is India’s first mass market mobile commerce service. Functioning on every telecom network, consumers all over India are able to bank, pay bills, book tickets, make donations, shop, order food, and more - from a single place on their mobile handsets. At present, transactions with 80+ businesses across 10 sectors can be completed following a simple download of a free, 64kb application. Upon selection of a merchant, users are guided step-by-step through the m-commerce transaction via a menu-driven interface. At the payment stage, the conventional forms of electronic payment are offered. Data and over-the-air transactions are fully encrypted and require multi-level authorization to be accessed. Users receive SMS and, where applicable, email verifications of their transactions, and can view their transaction history on the ngpay main menu.

JUROR’S EVALUATION The power of mobile connectivity to change the way people do business transaction is amply demonstrated by ngpay. It is easy, fast, and secure and has already a quite comprehensive list of services including entertainment, travel, shopping, banking, utility bill payments, and donations. The ngpay has an attractive menu, clear graphics and provides easy yet comprehensive mobile banking including 3rd party fund transfer and redeeming ngpay loyalty points. It delivers a true PC-based e-Commerce experience. The Ngpay user needs only a basic java handset and active GPRS connection. Ngpay brings low-cost electronic commerce and financial services to the rural and working class.

78 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Business & Commerce

AvaGuide PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION AvaGuide combines interactive video and text-to-speech technology to enable virtual characters to hold customized conversations on company or product web sites. In less than 10 minutes of production time, AvaGuide can provide businesses with a virtual employee who will work 24/7, serving tens of customers at a time. One needs only to record a video or choose one of the pre-recorded characters and add a background and a dialogue. The code is to be simply copied and pasted into the website and AvaGuide is ready to attract more customer attention, convert visitors into paying customers, plus gain distinction from competitors. AvaGuide helps visitors to navigate though sites and find answers to questions instantly providing an intuitive online experience.

Country Poland Contact Language English, Chinese

JUROR’S EVALUATION “Making business life easier” - AvaGuide is a sophisticated combination of top quality interactive video and text-to-speech technology that enables businesses to create astoundingly life-like virtual characters on the web in the most simple way. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and using cutting-edge multimedia technology business websites gain immensely in attractiveness. Visitors can thus easily find information, fill out forms or get answers to their questions. Stylish backgrounds can be easily integrated and classical business dialogues are already prepared for customization. The simple copy and paste approach of the finished HTML Code make AvaGuide a breakthrough product that refreshes each business.

e-Business & Commerce

Producer InteliWISE S.A. Marcin Strzalkowski Marek Borzestowski Marek Trojanowicz

Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 79


The Manthan Award Digital Inclusion for Development

South Asia


Network of more than 1000 Best Practices using ICT and Digital Content Services to reach and link masses across India and South Asia

Information Communcation Technology for Development

Empowering through Information and Content


>> knowledge <<

>> advocacy <<

>> outreach <<

>> research <<

>> consultancy <<

Empowering People


the edge of information

Category: e-Inclusion & Participation Homeless Nation Canada ICT for Illiteracy Eradication (ICT4IE) Egypt TradeNet (Esoko) Ghana Voices of Africa Netherlands Impaired Aid Sri Lanka

Measures supporting integration of the global information society; bringing least developed countries into the knowledge society; reducing â&#x20AC;&#x153;digital dividesâ&#x20AC;? between technology-empowered and technologyexcluded communities and groups such as rural areas and women; bridging society and strengthening social and political participation of individuals and groups through ICTs.


“The issues of social inclusion and participation have a universal dimension.”

Latif Ladid President IPv6 Forum Luxembourg

he e-Inclusion & Participation category in the WSA 09 contest has seen a good balance of entries and worldwide representation from all continents. The issues of social inclusion and participation have a universal dimension. This becomes apparent especially when the applications touch and attempt to solve issues of those on the side line of society or those on the outskirts of the economy.


The selected projects exemplify a new phenomenal trend of societal awareness of caring for the weaker spots of the social fabric using extreme technology with a vision of extending a voice and space to the homeless in Canada, setting on air emerging journalists in Africa, giving virtual vision to the blinds in Sri Lanka or simply bridging the digital divide and extending knowledge to rural society in Egypt. It's about empowering those excluded from society and about arming them with knowledge and hope to better decide on what they could do for their future. Some of our most prominent composers ended up almost homeless like Mozart or some of our best singers were blind like Ray Charles or end up deaf like Beethoven. These people have changed the world like nobody else and as a tribute to them there is a moral responsibility to invest in this special society that carry a magic in them and always astonish us with their genius and celestial talent again and again.

It’s about empowering those excluded from society and about arming them with knowledge and hope to better decide on what they could do for their future. Some of our most prominent composers ended up almost homeless like Mozart or some of our best singers were blind like Ray Charles or end up deaf like Beethoven.

84 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Inclusion & Participation

Homeless Nation PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION is a participatory new media project that allows voices from the street to engage in peer-to-peer dialogues and conveys their experiences to the broader public. By sharing stories within a network of like-situated people, participants experience the power of self-expression, build self-esteem, and feel a greater sense of belonging. Born from documentary filmmaking, this collection of voices is interactive, living, and constantly evolving; it is designed to build confidence, communities and a sense of control and motivation. Online discussions spur real-world solutions — the public is asked to learn more about their fellow citizens and take on greater social responsibility. Mobile technology and new media are used to help bridge the digital divide for homeless Canadians, allowing them access to the tools and information necessary for their successful transition from the street.

JUROR’S EVALUATION is the world's first website created by and for the homeless community based on an open social networking paradigm. This place extends a voice and a space to the homeless to express their issues, stories and share painful realities and truths. To have these stories told as an on-going dialogue for social awareness and positive change, Homeless Nation's outreach workers deliver therapeutic collaboration for the homeless community. They place donated computers into shelters and drop-in centres and thus provide opportunities to create audio, visual or written testimonials from those whose voices are kept silent by their circumstances. They meet Canada's homeless individuals where they are and make public the life in shelters, day-centres, squats, at protests, community events, on the street and online.

e-Inclusion & Participation

Producer Homeless Street Archive Daniel Cross Brett Gaylor Mila Aung-Thwin Anuj Khosla Chris Aung-Thwin Country Canada Contact Language English and French Media Format broadband/online Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 85

ICT for Illiteracy Eradication (ICT4IE) Producer Egypt ICT Trust Fund Partnership between Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Country Egypt Original Title Wasserwelt Contact Language Arabic Media Format CD-ROM

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION ICT4IE uses advanced IT to convert the learning content of literacy classes into simple, interactive computer-based tutorials. Basic reading and writing skills are presented in 3 multi-media CD-ROMs, which are designed for both classroom use and self-study. Content is especially geared towards women in rural and remote areas where the culture mainly prevents them from leaving home for classes. 70% of illiterates in Egypt are women. Lessons are designed to embed learning activities into familiar contexts of every day life and are dramatized using sound and music effects. The e-Content emphasises relevant topics such as health, education, political rights, environment, and family care. The goal is to improve trainees' retention and understanding and their satisfaction derived from the learning process.

JUROR’S EVALUATION Despite considerable progress in the fight against poverty, an extensive literacy problem continues to exist in Egypt. Comparative figures show 17 million being illiterates. With 29.7% the country has the second highest rate of illiteracy in the region. The prevalence of illiteracy among women, particularly in very conservative rural and remote areas, and the demonstrated discomfort among many older students in traditional illiteracy eradication classrooms, gave rise to new innovative ideas for mobilizing multimedia technologies in an effort to produce more interesting, simpler and easier educational content on a CD set that can be used in eradicating illiteracy. Given the nature of written Arabic and the presence of illiteracy problems in other Arab countries, ICT4IE has a very large potential across the region.

86 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Inclusion & Participation

TradeNet (Esoko) PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION TradeNet is an innovative technology that links mobile phones to web-based management systems and enables agri-business, agri-associations and other agri-projects to systematically build polls, and automatically scouts participants for critical field information. The scout technology can be programmed to send or receive text messages from participants in the field in order to track activities and inventories or evaluate crop behaviour. The project incorporates an SMS-based and Java-based application that connects mobile handsets with a powerful online toolset, enabling large-scale tracking from the field, and significantly reducing the cost of real-time distribution and recovery of responses from thousands of participants. Today, almost 800,000 price records have been entered from 10 countries, making this the largest SMS-based MIS system on the African continent. Over 12,000 registered users are profiled in the system, and almost 500 markets are covered.

JUROR’S EVALUATION TradeNet uses a combination of offline research, mobile content and communications with easily accessible online content to enable farmers and traders throughout Africa to access critical market information as means of improving market transparency and thereby household security and an opportunity to have returns on agricultural investments. Till today, small scale producers have been excluded from accurate daily price information in national markets. By training their communities and making price alert deliveries to mobile phones automated, TradeNet provides access to more markets and negotiate better prices. It improves the transparency of agricultural markets in developing countries and includes communities in information services that previously they did not have access to.

e-Inclusion & Participation

Producer BusyLab Michael Ocansey Puoza Gamaliel Mark Davies Xose Ahlijah Andrea Biardi Country Ghana Original Title Esoko Contact Language English, French, Spanish and Portuguese Media Format mobile content Product URL

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 87

Voices of Africa Producer Voices of Africa Media Foundation Pim de Wit Olivier Nyirabugara Country Netherlands Contact Language English Media Format broadband/online Product URL

PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION The Voices of Africa website hosts over 300 examples of mobile reports supported by a programme which gives young Africans with little or no journalistic experience the opportunity to make a living by pursuing careers as mobile reporters. The foundation behind the site provides individuals with the basic technological equipment and financial means to be active in the media sector. Participants are given training and support with specific small scale assignments and are also encouraged to participate in specific media projects initiated by partners of the foundation. Their efforts are displayed on

JUROR’S EVALUATION Both inclusive and participatory, the depth of content and the interactivity are particularly rich on the Voices of Africa. Emerging journalists, mentored by experts in their field, take matters into their own hands and get valuable on the job training that is second to none. This interactivity is incredibly rich as they learn from scratch how to produce their own stories. The program fits for the needs of the audience and enables a large number of people to engage journalistically in a meaningful way eliminating financial barriers that may prevent talented journalists to emerge and grow. Voices of Africa is an outstanding citizen journalism site and was recognized as such through its invitation to be one of a few hand selected bloggers at the G20 Summit in 2009. This project exemplifies both bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap.

88 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Inclusion & Participation

Impaired Aid PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION Impaired Aid comprises a suite of software programs that opens up the world to the aurally and the visually impaired people, giving them the chance to be equal partners in society. An engine developed to convert Sinhala text to Braille, and vice versa, offers the visually impaired the facility to read daily newspapers, use wordprocessing software and read and write emails. Messages typed in Braille are converted into Sinhala and sent to the recipient. If the recipient is also visually impaired, he can read the mail using a refreshable Braille display. Impaired Aid includes also interactive multi-media software to teach written language skills to the hard of hearing and programmes to give hearing impaired students grounding in mathematical concepts letting them keep up with mainstream classmates.

Country Sri Lanka Contact

JUROR’S EVALUATION Impaired Aid is the first suite of ICT products that addresses Deaf and Blind people in Sri Lanka, focusing on Sinhala Language, which is unique to Sri Lanka. Impaired Aid is a very creative suite of products which can make a significant contribution towards the inclusion of the deaf and blind communities into Society. The Sinhala text to Braille and Braille to text software has many applications which have tremendous impact in opening the world of text-based digital content and communication to the blind. Deaf students enter school with almost no vocabulary. The e-Learning software with vocabulary building tool for the deaf helps to bring students without hearing nearer to an equal footing with those who can hear. Impaired Aid successfully employs ICTs to engage blind and deaf people in Sri Lanka.

e-Inclusion & Participation

Producer Jinasena Properties (Pvt) Ltd. Ranjith Jinasena Dilum Chaminda Nayana Hewage Susil Peiris Tania Ranaraje

Language Sinhala Media Format offline materials

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 89


WSA is a global initiative to give recognition to creative content producers and innovative applications designers for the quality of their work and their contribution to the development of the information society including narrowing the content gap and closing digital divides. This recognition should also pay of f for the producers designers as professionals, for their companies institutions in terms of their goals and market success for the users in terms of finding out about the richness diversity of e-Content from other parts of the world.

and and and and

Success stories from WSA winners highlight the positive impact of WSA and illustrate the wide range of successes which cross real needs and useful services. In some cases, products or services seem to disappear af ter receiving awards. But in the vast majority of cases the WSA awards give the much needed boost to get the right exposure and reach goals previously considered too ambitious. In some cases, the winning made the critical dif ference between stop or go, termination or a positive future.

Success Stories 2007: e-Government Underworld 2005: e-Health Numeropolis 2007: e-Learning Binar-e-World 2007: e-Entertainment The End of Silence 2007: e-Culture China Digital Science & Technology Museum 2007: e-Science 2007: e-Business Digital Inclusion for Communities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park 2007: e-Inclusion

WSA Winner 2007: e-Government ("") is the portal that offers a one-stop entry point to the public sector in Denmark, making it easy for citizens to find the right information and use digital self-service solutions. About 600 digital public services are currently available via the Internet.


In 2007, received the World Summit Award (WSA) as the best national example of e-Government. This recognition generated attention to from the media and the general public in Denmark. has also been continuously recognised around the world for its innovative initiatives in terms of digitising the contact between citizens and public authorities. Version 2 of the site went online on 20 October 2008. As a new feature on version 2, all Danes have also got their own personal page where, using secure access, they can see the information held by public authorities about them - for instance tax, housing and civil register data. The development of will go on at full speed in the future. Facilities such as text message reminders and the option of receiving e-mails from public authorities via will be implemented. A long-term goal for 2012 is that all citizen-relevant public digital services should be linked to the portal.

Contact Natascha Dexters Head of Office National IT and Telecom Agency Denmark

92 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / Success Stories

WSA Winner 2005: e-Health


fter winning 3 awards in Australia, this was the peak of success for me. I created and produced Underworld independently, applied for and received funding from the Australian Film Commission, and employed several people to work on the programming, animation, filming of interviews and acting.


The project took over 6 years of full and part time work. It was a labour of love. I chose to make a product that would be useful as a resource to health and sexuality educators and to teenagers as well as a work of art and entertainment. A huge task! Underworld is rich with printable information, video interviews with teenagers and health professionals and it's funny, too. I have found that the industry is generally impressed with flashy technology and often at the expense of good content. Is this an issue only in Australia? Is it because the companies who have the money to spend on amazing technology are interested in promoting sports or commodities rather than something with more integrity? Regardless, Underworld has still managed to be recognised for it's quality content and usefulness. Travelling to Tunis for the WSA 05 at the UN Summit was a personal highlight of recognition, in spite of feeling like a small fish in a very large sea. Dataworks is the distributor of Underworld in Australia. When they took the project on, they did very little marketing activity so the product has been selling very slowly and the only way people know about it is word-of mouth. When people do find out about it, they are very keen to buy it and they love it. There are still very few sexuality education resources around and certainly nothing with a sense of humour, like Underworld. And yet there is a desperate need for it. My dream is that some visionary entrepreneur will recognise the importance of sex education and the need for good resources, laugh in the face of controversy and come up with the funds so that every high school in Australia and New Zealand (at least) can be given a free copy of Underworld. My heartfelt thanks go to the WSA organisation and network. They help make me feel connected to the world!

Contact Jennie Swain Producer Content Creator & Artist Australia

Success Stories

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / 93

WSA Winner 2007: e-Learning


umeropolis started as the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger project called "Games as a math teaching method" and in 2007 was awarded with the WSA.


The recognition of WSA and the need for good teaching material has made us look into other fields and develop new programs. Winning the WSA and meeting all the people at the WSA Winners' Events in Venice were one of the most interesting experiences of our lives. Presently, we are developing new materials from United States and still looking for new partners to help us reach as many children as possible. We can't say the prize expanded the company in a financial way, nor did it give Numeropolis the Venezuelan or Latin-American impulse that we thought, but we were so pleased with it that, with our very scarce resources, we developed Letropolis in order to offer a math and Spanish language teaching and enjoying tool for everyone. You can visit Numeropolis and Letropolis at and

Contact Mauro Clemente Development Manager INED Innovaciones Educativas Venezuela

94 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / Success Stories

WSA Winner 2007: e-Entertainment

Binar-e-World: The Largest Computer of the World multimedia attraction park

inning the WSA 07 undoubtedly has served as a trampoline for our vision of ¨one Binar-e-World in each country¨ so that everyone no matter of age, sex or economic status can feel attracted to ITCs via edutainment (education + entertainment).


Today we are in the end-stages for the installation of Binar-e-World in countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. This will be finished before the end of 2009 and we are taking the steps to initiate operations in the USA and other parts of the world. Winning the WSA gave us a lot of local promotion in Venezuela and also significant international projection. It helped our project to become more accepted and enjoyed by the general public. We also receive recognition by other companies, but the uncertainty of the political and economic status in our nation does not help much. WSA benefitted us in finding the new business partners and enlarge our network beyond Venezuela. In the future we want to establish one Binar-e-World in each country of the world and develop different versions such as fixed, museums, or itinerate.

Contact Jimmy Blanco Director Tecno Atracciones C. A. Venezuela

Success Stories

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 95

WSA Winner 2007: e-Culture

The End of Silence

he agency BlueMars was commissioned to create the internet site which specifically addressed pupils and young adolescents in Germany to accompany the TV documentary about the Auschwitz Trials of 1963 to 1965 in Frankfurt by hr-online, the public broadcaster in the State of Hessen.


BlueMars accomplished to integrate historical source material into a multimedia concept and at the same time not to mistake scientific accuracy for neutrality on the issue. Winning WSA was important for BlueMars because it gave us international recognition that we achieved this and that a difficult project can be widely and the internationally awarded for content as well as technical competence. For us it was a most welcome sign of high appreciation of the project in society. For the completed project BlueMars was later on also the IF Award, the DMMA (German Multimedia Award), a medal at the Eurobest Festival and was nominated for the Grimme prize. We were also happy that the target group of young people as well as people who had suffered the Nazi regime gave a very positive reception to this web project.

Contact Tobias Kirchhofer GF Business Development BlueMars - Gesellschaft fĂźr digitale Kommunikation mbH Germany

96 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / Success Stories

WSA Winner 2007: e-Science

China Digital Science and Technology Museum

hina Digital Science and Technology Museum ( is committed to show science knowledge and achievements through internet and serves the public about science popularization free of charge.


It covers a range of high quality resources in science popularization to demonstrate current progress and development in science and technology by remarkable virtual technology and multimedia. By logging into the website, we can have on-line study by the help of online interactive activities and obtain the basic conception of science and technology. In the mean time, a vast amount of practicable materials are available to the workers of science popularization and some who are interested in creating new products. CDSTM has been operated since Dec 20, 2006 and won WSA in Oct 2007. Now it has already completed the first phase target, the amount of the individual theme museums increased from an initial 24 to over 90 and four times the figure in exhibit contents and it is still being updated continuously. The award of winning the WSA, which signifies an important milestone in the development history of CDSTM, arouses more attention and firm acknowledgement in our construction level as well as the achievements from the same profession at home and abroad. A star is sparkling in the stage of the world science popularization and more people can touch the science knowledge and understand the science development occured in China by CDSTM. After winning the WSA, CDSTM had a higher reputation domestically and internationally and received more attention and approval from the same profession especially in the course of the communication activities, which helped to enlarge the cooperation networks in resources. Therefore, CDSTM acquired the recoginition by the relevant departments and was listed into one of the key achievements. For the collective honor shared by all institutions involved, it was taken as the the crucial criteria for intelligent assessment. At the same time, we wish that under the guidance of the WSA and with the principle of cooperation, sharing, and win-win, we could establish extensive collaborative relations with our partners worldwide by various means including regular business study, theory research, exchange visits and resources cooperation. We will together push the development of world science popularization. Finally, we welcome all friends from the world to visit our CDSTM and expect more partners to join the resource cooperation. When you enjoy the happiness of online science popularization, you are unconsciously one of us!

Contact Ke Wang General Director Department for Science Popularization China Association for Science and Technology China

Success Stories

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / 97

WSA Winner 2007: e-Business One-Stop Digital Content Marketplace

inning the WSA is absolutely a precious and fancy experience to our company. Among many other benefits, the first benefit brought by this international Award is that it added onto us tremendous PR value. As a Hong Kong-based project representing China, we obtained media coverage from both local and Mainland China's press and government official channels. This helped us to build our reputation and professional image, which is peculiarly meaningful to the industry.


After winning the WSA 2007, our project was also awarded as a finalist of the Stockholm Challenge 2008 (Culture Category) to compete with over 20 elites elected globally for the same category. Given our project is a living example of implementing latest MPEG-21 Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies in daily life, we attracted attention from industry professional bodies on that knowledge area. In July 2008 we were admitted to be a Standard Drafting Committee Member of the China DRM Forum and participated in drafting the implementable DRM standards for the Chinese communities together with experts across academia and industries. Besides, in September 2008 we were admitted to be a member of the Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China (DRM sub-group) which is going for a national standard in Mainland China. With the blessing of WSA, we successfully expanded our network to the Mainland China for business collaboration. In 2008, we reached agreements with the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School to explore joint R&D projects around implementation of MPEG-21 DRM technologies for facilitating digital content distribution between Guangdong and Hong Kong. In March 2009, our joint proposal was awarded R&D funding from the Shenzhen government through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle Project Funding Scheme for two-year development. The project is now in progress and hopefully this will benefit the industries in Guangdong and Hong Kong. WSA is unquestionably a happy and rewarding competition for best e-Content. We wish more and more excellent projects bridge the content divide across different levels and aspects of the world.

Contact David Chung Head of IT Operations Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co. Ltd. China

98 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / Success Stories

WSA Winner 2007: e-Inclusion

Digital Inclusion for Communities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park onservation Through Public Health (CTPH) was very proud to receive the World Summit Award for its project to establish the first community telecentre in a protected area in Uganda in 2005.


CTPH is a grassroots non-profit and non-governmental organization, with a mission to promote conservation and public health by improving primary health care to people and animals in and around protected areas in Africa. CTPH's vision is to prevent and control disease transmission where wildlife, people and their animals meet while cultivating a winning attitude to conservation and public health in local communities. CTPH uses three integrated strategies to address these issues: wildlife health monitoring, human public health and information, education and communication. Since 2005 the telecentre had 197 students graduating, 40% of who are women. One of them is our Community Telecentre Officer, and had that many more of his community. At least 40 community members (20%) have directly got jobs using this certificate. Most community members know how to use the internet because of CTPH, and are willing to pay for it. Bwindi community members are selling their products such as handcrafts to people from all over the globe because of internet brought by CTPH. Through the Telecentre, students from Bwindi are interacting with students in New York State enhancing cross cultural learning of natural and social sciences over the internet using Skype. The success at WSA of the Bwindi telecentre led to establishing a second telecentre in a savannah ecosystem of Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP), which receives the most visitors in Uganda, up to 40,000 tourists per year. In QENP CTPH we formed a partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority to set up an UWA Visitor Information Centre/CTPH Telecentre. From this we did a pilot project of Roving Telecentre model with Microsoft and UNIDO, called Project Silverback where people go out on motorcycles and laptops to train people in their villages. This enables people who cannot afford to get to the Telecentre to have access to laptops with cached internet sites for e-Learning. The QENP Roving Telecentre model will be replicated in Bwindi to communities that live far from the Telecentre to be able to also access the internet; we have so far reached over 50 people through computer training. Our future plans are to replicate in other protected areas in Uganda and the Albertine Rift region, where we have just started a project in North Virunga National Park, where gorillas share a habitat with people in Mount Tshiaberimu.

Contact Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka Founder and CEO Conservation Through Public Health Uganda

Success Stories

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / 99

Taking into account the dif ferent cultures and levels of economic and technical development in the participating countries, the Grand Jury decided that is necessary and fair to showcase not only the best in each category, but also the best in each geographical region. If a world region was not present among the best five products in the category, the top-ranked product of this region was selected and honoured by a Special Mention. This way, the state of excellence and the development of the e-Content industry all over the world is showcased and the best are honoured.

Special Mentions 2009 from Latin America and the Caribbean

e-Science & Technology:

e-Business & Commerce:

Title: Scientific Journals Network (REDALYC) Title: Country: Mexico Country: Company: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Company: México (UAEM) URL: URL: Producer: Eduardo Aguado López Producer: The Redalyc Scientific Information System (Network of scientific journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal) is an academic programme supported by UAEM in order to strengthen the spreading of the scientific activities produced in and about Ibero-America.

Superbid Brazil S4B Digital Desenvolvimento de Tecnologia Multimídia LTDA Ronaldo Santoro

The site is an auction system platform with activities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and nowadays starting operations in Mexico. is recognized as the most reliable, scalable, fast and user-friendly system for participating in online real-time auctions with total transaction transparency.

e-Inclusion & Participation Title: Intecap Movile Units Country: Guatemala Company: Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad (INTECAP) URL: Producer: Ricardo Mendez The Intecap Movile Units site informs about trainings that are provided all over Guatemala, through the use of five fully equipped vehicles in five specialities: Computer Science, Animal Health, Agriculture, Electricity, Tourism and Gastronomy.

100 /

WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009


Special Mentions

e-Government & Institutions:

e-Health & Environment:

Title: ttconnect online Country: Trinidad & Tobago Company: National Information Communication Technology Centre URL: Producer: Thomas Cleveland


"ttconnect online" is a one-stop shop electronic access to government information and services from all 24 ministries in Trinidad and Tobago. The portal addresses citizens, businesses and non-nationals in one information repository.

The website of the "Secretary for the Rights of People with Disabilities of the State of Sao Paulo" offers the most complete collection of the legislation, public policies and other issues related to people with disabilities in Brazil. The site is designed in accordance with the access protocols of the W3 Consortium.

e-Learning & Education:

e-Entertainment & Games:

Title: ICT Education Program of Fe y Alegría Country: Venezuela Company: Federación Internacional Fe y Alegría (FIFYA) URL: Producer: Jorge Cela

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

ICT Education Program of Fe y Alegría provides new training opportunities for students and teachers from Latin America, exploiting the potential offered by ICTs in the contemporary world. Platforms were developed for use and expansion: World school site.

Special Mentions


Secretary for the Rights of People with Disabilities Country: Brazil Company: Ms. Maria Isabel Silva URL: Producer: Maria Isabel Silva

Detective Stripes Mexico Grupo W Miguel Calderon

The website presents the entire story about Detective Stripes. Testimonies and an early solution to the problem are released in five episodes set in the locations appearing in the life of the hero, while users can unlock goodies such as screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones and other contents.

WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009

/ 101

Special Mentions 2009 from Africa

e-Government & Institutions:

e-Learning & Education:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:


Nigeria Immigration Service Portal Nigeria Nigeria Immigration Service Portal Udeh Chukwurah

Rural Life Skills Development Project (Farming) Country: Zimbabwe Company: World Links Zimbabwe URL: Producer: Eliada Gudza

The Nigeria Immigration Service portal combines ease of use with functionality to provide services such as passport application (from form completion to payment and beyond) and visa application - while also providing information that any visitor will need before a trip to Nigeria.

Rural Life Skills Development Project is set to help rural communities to better understand and address local issues that impact on rural development with a focus on agricultural and other life.

e-Entertainment & Games:

e-Science & Technology:

Title: Country: Company:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer: Ghana National Information Communication Technology Centre URL: Producer: Mr. Nii Abbey Mensah Ghana is a multimedia content service provider and the largest electronic source of information in the Ghanaian music scene. The mix of photos, audio, video and interactive features provides a wonderful real-time experience of Ghanaian music today.

Burkina-ICT Burkina Faso Yam Pukri Idrissa Martial Bourgou

This website gathers information about the usage of ICT for improvement of living conditions in Burkina Faso. The content comes from four groups of editors: ICT and Education, ICT and Farming, ICT and Telecentres, ICT and good governance.

e-Business & Commerce: Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Market Democratic Republic of the Congo ZANDOO! Germain Ruvunangiza

Market is a business web portal and a reliable source of information and services for the use of business men, entrepreneurs and consumers. The range of solutions and services offered include business applications development, e-marketing and e-surveys.

102 /

WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009


Special Mentions

Special Mentions 2009 from Arab and Middle East

e-Learning & Education:

e-Culture & Heritage:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Sudanese Electronic School Sudan Ahfad University for Women Ahmadi Mekki

Noor Comprehensive Commentary Collection Iran Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences Hamid Shahriari

Sudanese Electronic School is an excellent example of an online school. With its on-demand learning system expert teachers can now provide their services to all students, independent of geographical area or time.

The Noor Collection has more than 300 Islamic books and 1,419 volumes of cultural and religious information on a DVD. It provides a useful research tool, advanced searches, detailed glossaries and different translations of holy Quran both vocal and in text.

e-Entertainment & Games:

e-Science & Technology:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Kout bu setta Kuwait KB Center Programming and Analysis Ahmad Al-Ebrahim

Kout bu setta is an online entertainment website with a mixture of multi-player games and social networking web applications that include the most popular local games in the Middle East.

Waqf Information Center: Waqfic Kuwait Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation (KAPF) Iman Al-Hmaidan

The Information Center consists of a specialized library that offers various services to researchers in the field of the panIslamic level. The library includes most importantly the Internet Public Access Catalogue (IPAC), the Cumulative Waqf Index, the Waqf Thesaurus, and the Waqf Tarajim.

e-Business & Commerce: Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Arab Finance Egypt ArabFinance Brokerage Mohamed Ayyad

Arab Finance was established in 2001 as the first online portal offering prices, news and information on the Egyptian capital markets and economy. In June 2008, Arab Finance became a fully integrated brokerage company with both online and offline services.

Special Mentions


WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009

/ 103

Special Mentions 2009 from Asia

e-Health & Environment:

e-Learning & Education:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

WebHealthCentre India Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Monish Chopra

ChinesePod - Praxis Language China Praxis Language Feng Zhang

WebHealthCentre is a portal that supports the delivery of telehealth to communities around the world. The portal supports online storage of medical records, online consultation with medical specialists in real time and in store and forward mode.

ChinesePod is an innovative way to learn Chinese; it is mobile language learning with a focus on convenience and personalization - fitting the learning around the learner or 'Learning on Your Terms'.

e-Entertainment & Games:

e-Culture & Heritage:

Title: Country: Company: URL: Producer:

Title: Gunijan: Our Source of Inspiration Country: Bangladesh Company: Gunijan URL: Producer: Urmi Lohani

Upin&Ipin / Geng: The Movie Malaysia Les' Copaque Production Ehsan Azharuddin

Upin & Ipin / Geng are back in the new Ramadhan series with more fun and exciting experience in learning how to fast. Meet their new friends: Mail-the mischievous one, Jarjit a young boy with a huge voice who always gets left out, and not to forget, their kindergarten teacher Miss Jasmin.

Gunijan is an initiative to present personalities in Bangladesh who inspire new generations through their writings, words, scientific and artistic works and other creative pursuits. The programme inspires new generations to bring out their best as patriots of the motherland.

104 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 /

Special Mentions

Special Mentions 2009 from Europe

e-Culture & Heritage Title:

La Vanguardia Digital (Eldest Virtual Newspaper Library) Country: Spain Company: La Vanguardia Digital (Grupo God贸) URL: Producer: Angel Fernandez The 'Hemeroteca' (newspaper archive) of the newspaper La Vanguardia is an exceptional journalistic archive which is offered online to users free of charge and free of any access restriction (except for the last 30 days of publication). It covers the whole 128 years of history of the newspaper (from February 1st, 1881 until today).


WSA Grand Jury and Winners’ Celebration The Grand Jury 2003 - Dubai; 2005 - Bahrain; 2007 - Croatia; 2009 - India

Winners’ Celebrations and Gala 2003 - Geneva; 2005 - Tunis; 2007 - Venice; 2009 - Mexico

The WSA Grand Jury is convened every two years and takes place on invitation of national partners with the support of governments. It is composed of 34 to 40 leading international experts in the field of e-Content production and ICT applications. In a unique 7-day judging process jurors evaluate a broad range of off-line, on-line and mobile e-Content applications using their insight in the trends and state of development of e-Contents and creativity around the world. The jury is supported by a special evaluation and ranking software and a professional moderation ensures that decisions are made according to the best available expert views.

The WSA Winners' Celebrations and the Gala bring WSA winners together with international leaders and innovators, creators and designers, entrepreneurs and activists in the international e-Content and ICT industries. The Gala attracts high-level guests from all over the world, including Heads of State and government representatives, executives from UN agencies and private sector leaders who personally hand over the award trophies to the winners of the Global e-Content contest.

106 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / WSA Grand Jury and Winner’s Celebration


WSA Grand Jury 2009 New Delhi, India April 2 - 8, 2009 The event was organised by the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and hosted by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India. Thank you for the great hospitality!

WSA Grand Jury and Winner’s Celebration

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 107

WSA Jury 2009

Grand Jury Meeting 34 International experts evaluated about 560 new media projects from 157 countries during one week of intense discussion at the WSA 09 Grand Jury Meeting, held from 2nd to 8th of April 2009 in New Delhi on the generous invitation of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India, Government of India. The event brought together experienced as well as young entrepreneurs in the field of multimedia, designers and scientists, project managers and heads of NGOs.

In a spirit of respect and understanding for the other person's cultural background, experts shared insights into what's happening in the country they represented from an e-Content perspective. And while discussing and evaluating the submitted projects, the only thing that mattered was quality and creativity - and not financial power of the origin of the country.



BAHRAIN AUSTRIA Chief, Information Technology, Federal Executive Secretary for e-Government, General Organisation for Youth & Sport Austrian Federal Chancellery Christian Rupp was appointed as the Federal Executive Secretary for the eGovernment initiative of the Austrian Government in spring 2003. Since autumn 2005 he is the spokesperson of the federal platform ‘Digital Austria’ in the Federal Chancellery, which coordinates the ICT and eGovernment activities between local and national governments, municipalities as well as industries. He also is a member of the advisory board for information society in the Federal Chancellery, which coordinates the 2010 activities in Austria, as well as in the advisory board of, the strategic consulting group ICT in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, and the eVoting advisory council of the Federal Minister of Science and Research. He previously served as Before eBusiness representative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and as deputy director of communication and marketing, director of the eCenter, adviser for international technologyand know-how-transfer in the Federal Chamber Organisation.



NARIMAN HAJIYEV AZERBAIJAN Project Director, Network Initiative

Nawaf M. Abdulrahman - Chief, Information Technology in the General Organization for Youth & Sport, Vice President of Bahrain Internet Society and Head of the Jury & Technical Committee in Bahrain eContent Award - is a skilled Information Technology professional with leadership qualities and strong hands-on experience in solutions & applications developments beside to infrastructures, networks & security. Nawaf boasts 12 years of experience in the IT field with proven ability to manage large scale projects through the entire lifecycle, consistently delivering these engagements within time and budget constraints. A confidant manager with a solid track record for leading and motivating technical professionals & teams in order to achieve high levels of performance. Nawaf has an MBA with concentration in Finance & Bachelor in Information Technology; he is also CISA, ITIL & MCSE.

e-Governance Ananya Raihan is currently the Executive Director

Nariman Hajiyev is the Director of the joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan, entitled ‘National E-Governance Network Initiative’. He has already provided his invaluable assistance while working over the National E-Government Contest in the year 2005. He is the member of a number of institutions, like ‘VITA’ ICT Academy, and also is involved in a number of incountry ICT initiatives as an expert. Mr. Hajiyev has also been involved into the process of development of the first automated translation system from Azeri into a number of European languages. Also, at the moment, the working group of the project under his supervision is performing over the pilot ‘Info booth’ project, which is targeted to enable all citizens of the country to use the e-Gov applications through the specific info booths to be installed in all the regions of the country. Also he is performing the PhD and the topic is also dedicated to the eGovernance.

of D.Net ( Development Research Network). Raihan started his professional career at Kharkov State University, Ukraine as an Assistant Professor in 1993. He also served as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a leading civil society think tank in Bangladesh. He immensely contributed at Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) as an Associate Professor and Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) as a consultant. Ananya has a diversified research interest which includes access to information and knowledge, international trade, financial sector reform, corporate social responsibility and SME development. He was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship in 2004 in recognition of his contribution as a social innovator in the area of ICT for the rural community. Furthermore he is currently serving as secretary General of Bangladesh Telecentre Network (BTN), which aims to build up information and knowledge system for the poor and marginaliesed by 2011.

RUDI VANSNICK BELGIUM Chairman, Internet Society Belgium Since 1998, Rudi Vansnick has been a member of the ISOC Belgian Chapter and he currently serves as the Society's Chairman in Belgium. He worked at several projects for Belgian companies as well as for government and national associations. 2007 became the year of Rudi's presence in ICANN structures. He's a founding member of EURALO and participates actively in the ALACAt large Structures. Furthermore he is involved in national matters regarding domain names, registry and registrars and focuses specifically on issues of cyber security. In April 2008 the general assembly of TIK vzw (usersgroup Telecom & Internet customers in Belgium - some 10.000 members) elected a new board chaired by Rudi for a mandate of 3 years. During the 33rd ICANN meetings in Cairo, Rudi got elected ALAC liaison ccNSO.

ANTHEA FOYER CANADA Training Programmes Manager, Canadian Film Centre's Habitat New Media Lab Anthea Foyer is the Training Programs Manager at the CFC Media Lab, a world-renowned new media research, training and production facility created in 1997 by the Canadian Film Centre (CFC). As the Training Programs Manager, she provides program design and creative input on the Centre's new media initiatives, including the development and production of a diverse range of critically acclaimed interactive narrative prototypes. Anthea is a practicing artist and curator and has exhibited across Canada and internationally. She currently sits on the Board of the Toronto Free Gallery and is an active member of the Toronto arts community. She is often found speaking about emerging realms of interactive art and entertainment and presenting CFC Media Lab's staff and Alumni's groundbreaking projects.


DAVID BERMAN CANADA Expert Speaker on Strategy, Ethics and Branding David Berman's 25 years of experience and technique have helped hundreds of organizations get great things done. The combination of his inspiration and techniques motivate people to create unique and ecologically-responsible strategy, events, branding, design, ethics, and communications solutions. His career as an expert speaker, facilitator, communications strategist, judge, and graphic and environmental designer has involved him in developing dozens of events in over 18 countries. His clients include IBM, International Space Station, World Bank, Norwegian Design Council, the Aga Khan Foundation, Environment Canada, Health Canada, Parks Canada, Statistics Canada, and Treasury Board. In 1999, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada named him a Fellow for his eco-friendly Code of Ethics. David was elected V.P. Ethics of the Society in 2000, and since has served as Ethics Chair. In 2005, he became a Vice-President of Icograda, the World body for graphic design, which organizes global conferences. His opinions have been featured on CBC, in Financial Post and Marketing. David is a National Professional Member of CAPS and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

ALEX HUNG CHINA Vice President, Internet Professional Association (iProA) Alex Hung is the Vice President and the chief advisor of Junior Committee of Internet Professional Association. He is active in promoting ICT to youth in the Asia Pacific region and get youth involved in volunteer services by applying ICT. He was the Project Director of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2006: eYouth 2007,2008: Best Innovation and Research Award, a programme that provides opportunities to participants to demonstrate their talented ICT projects to the industry, academia and the general public, allowing them to develop their confidence, deepen their knowledge and understanding in the ICT industry. He is the Managing Director of Crossover International Co., Ltd. which is an IT and Business Consulting company serving clients in Asia Pacific. He has extensive experience in international business development, project management and alliance development. Recently, he is leading a new challenging project in interactive 3D middleware development.

BEATRIZ ELVIRA ALONSON BECERRA CUBA CEO, Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (CITMATEL) Beatriz Alonso Becerra has been working in the sector of Science since 1980 and has accumulated a wide professional experience in the field of ICTs. She was Head of the Department of Systems Design at the Center of Automated Systems Design -CEDISAC and later Director General of Said institution and since 1999 she has been Director General of Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (CITMATEL) and member of the Council of Management of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for many years. Beatriz has been member of Organizing Committees for National and International events associated to Information Technologies. She is a member of national commissions in ICT-related topics, such as the National Editorial Council. She furthermore represents Cuba in the Country Code Top Level Domain of Latin America (LACTLD).

In 1996 Stanislav Miler founded Futurola Ltd. an independent production company for innovative multimedia projects in Prague. He co-founded and directed a Multimedia program and the computer laboratory at the Prague Film Academy. He has been a lecturer at EUROPRIX summer schools, X-MELINA and ACTeN Media training workshops. In 2004 he has organized 2 Media training workshops on Interactive Film, Games and Documentaries. He was an IST expert for Multimedia for the Fifth Framework Program of the European Commission and is member of the European Academy of Digital Media ( EADiM). As an author he has produced several TV documentaries, multimedia installations and interactive documentaries. He is a co-founder of the Memories festival and Hidden spirits project. He is collaborating on development of easy to use tools for interactive storytelling and interactive documentaries.

JUAN CARLOS SOLINES MORENO ECUADOR Partner, Solines & Asociados / Gobierno Digital Juan Carlos Solines Moreno is a partner at Solines & Asociados Abogados, a full service law firm based in Ecuador, where his professional practice focuses on technology and telecommunications law, patents & intellectual property, e-Commerce and entertainment law. Currently Juan Carlos is a Professor of Technology & Law and Telecommunications Law at San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ). Previously Juan Carlos served as President of the National Telecommunication Commission (CONATEL), agency that is also in charge of ICT policy in Ecuador. In 2002 he was appointed as the first Director of the National Digital Agenda and prior to that he worked for the Presidency of Ecuador as Undersecretary General for Public Administration (Deputy Chief of Staff), where he supervised operations of the executive branch and worked with the Cabinet. He was also a member of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) and he actively participates in regional and global forums on ICT, including Internet Governance Forum (IGF) where he was a speaker and panellist at the Athens and Rio de Janeiro meetings. Furthermore he is founder and partner of Gobierno Digital, a consulting firm that provides advice to public and private sector clients on ICT applications, impact and opportunities in government.

EFFAT EL-SHOOKY EGYPT Advistor to the Minister for International Relations, Ministry of Communciations and Information Technology, MCIT-EGYPT Effat El-Shooky is the "Advisor to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology for International Relations in Egypt", the National Project Director of UNDP-MCIT Project "Empowering and Connecting the Community through ICT" and the Director of the GDLC-Egypt ( Global Development Learning Center) of the World Bank at RITSEC (Regional Information Technology & Software Engineering Center). Effat has been very active and instrumental in the field of information technology for more than 25 years. In Dec. 2007 she was awarded by the President of Finland "First Class Knights Award : Lion of Finland" due to her active involvement in initiating, activating and coordinating the Finish-Egyptian partnership initiatives, programs and projects in the area of ICT for the government, public, private and academia communities in both countries. During her professional career, Effat provided advisory and consultation to a number of UN Agencies such as UNDP, UNESCO, UNIDO, ECA, ESCWA, UNCTAD, ILO, UNICEF and the World Bank, DANIDA, JICA, CIDA, EU, WIPO, EFTCA (Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with AfricaEgyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Arab League and others. She also represented the Government of Egypt in a number of global and regional initiatives for the Groups of G8, G15, G77 and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), NEPAD (New Partnership for the Development of Africa), and the UN ICT Task Force.

DOROTHY K. GORDON GHANA Director-General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT Dorothy K. Gordon is the first Director-General of Ghana's Advanced Information Technology Institute (AITI), the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT. She is a specialist in international development with over 20 years experience working throughout Africa, the US, Europe and Asia in Executive and Consulting positions - principally with the United Nations but also working with private sector and civil society organisations. She is committed to the process of creating real 'ownership' of Information Communication Technologies within Africa and the related goal of promoting local content. She also supports training and research initiatives in India and Africa. Ms Gordon serves on a number of international and national boards and also works with a range of not-for-profit and community-based organisations to support economic empowerment and good governance.

MARIA MERCEDES ZAGHI GUATEMALA Operations Director, Ergocom Maria Mercedes Zaghi is the ICT Project Coordinator for the Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala. She is part of the Information Committee in the National Science Council, she heads the National E-commerce Commision of Guatemala and is also a professor in ICT programs for Universidad del Valle Landivar University and Universidad Galileo in Guatemala. Maria has been a senior consultant for local projects in Guatemala related to financial systems, energy sector financial systems, Internet, e-commerce, e-education, e-inclusion, among others, but she has also been an international consultant for projects related to ICTs for the IADB, World Bank, the European Community, ICDF (Taiwan), Gateway Development Foundation, NAM CSSTC, GAIA (Spain), Panamerican Health Organization, Exxon and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

OSAMA MANZAR INDIA Founder and Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation Osama Manzar is a convert social entrepreneur spearheading the mission to overcome the information barrier between India's rural sector, and the so-called developed society, through Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) -- the not-forprofit organisation founded to accomplish the mission; In 2003 he launched India's first ever award for choosing the best econtent practices in India and South Asia. Osama is the Chairman of the Manthan Award for Best eContent for Development; He has authored titles like "eContent: Voices from the Ground" ( "Internet Economy of India" and "India's Best e-Contents". Manzar is eContent Expert for India for World Summit Award (WSA), Grand Jury Member and member of Board of Directors. He has been a part of the Professional Social Entrepreneurship Program by Social-Impact International; Osama has worked through Computerworld as assistant editor, head of interactive media division of Hindustan Times and started a software company 4Cplus, for media publishers and quit the same to get into social entrepreneurship through DEF.

SUBHO RAY INDIA President, Internet and Mobile Association of India Subho Ray is president of Internet & Mobile Association India (IAMAI) since March 2006. He heads the permanent secretariat of the association and is an ex-officio member of its governing council. He is currently responsible for conceptualising and implementing the association's activities around regulatory affairs, public policy, industry standards, research, communications and promotional events. The Internet & Mobile Association of India is an industry body registered under the Societies Act, 1896, dedicated to create and present a unified voice of the internet and mobile value added services industry to the government and other stakeholders. In his current role, Subho has been instrumental in some crucial steps for the development of the industry. The main among these are instituting an accreditation process for interactive agencies, a credit recovery process for online publishers, organizing and getting recognition for the mobile value added services industry and for opening up the pre-paid instruments industry. More recently, the role of IAMAI in reduction of service tax cut has been well-recognised. Under Subho's leadership, IAMAI has also been recognized as the leader in all Internet and mobile value added services research in India. Before joining IAMAI, Subho was director for the ICT vertical at the Confederation of Indian Industry (India's largest industry body) in New Delhi where he worked since 1998.

JOSEPHINE CACDAC INDONESIA & PHILIPPINES Programs Director, Multimatics Indonesia Josephine Cacdac is the Programs Director of Multimatics Indonesia (PT Lifelong Learning), the Master Franchise of Informatics and the country office of HELP University College in Indonesia. Josie has worked in Informatics (Philippines and Indonesia) for more than ten years now, establishing partnerships with educational institutions to help promote and enhance the partners' Information and Communications Technology, Language, and Business Management programs, among others. She is a strong advocate of quality ICT education for all, promoting ICT4Teaching, IT skills certification, and English language proficiency to existing and prospective school partners. She is the current President of Rotary Club of Jakarta SentralIndonesia, the co-founder and secretary of the newly ISOC Philippine Chapter, and an active member of various socio-civic and IT organizations, including Philippine Computer Society and Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines. She was awarded Best in Academics by Informatics Philippines and was recognized for her leadership in various ICT-related projects, notably in the aspects of IT curriculum re-engineering, e-learning content development and facilitation, and ICT literacy.

SHINTA DHANUWARDOYO INDONESIA CEO, PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana ( Shinta Dhanuwardoyo is the founder of She acquired her Bachelor degree in Architecture form the University of Oregon and her MBA from Portland State University. As the Chief Execuitve Officer (CEO), with her artistic talents and business know how to spur business growth at Bubu Internet. Active in contributing to the IT industry in the country, she is now considered an "IT icon" and one of the successful women entrepreneurs in Indonesia. is a digital/interactive media company, which focuses its service in designing websites, intranet solutions, e-commerce, multimedia, Internet marketing, etc. The company is considered as the pioneer and the leading in the web development business in Indonesia. is representing major clients such as Telkom, Gudang Garam Surya 16, Kalbe Nutrition, Hutchinson Three, Total Indonesie and British Petroleum.

EHSSAN RIAZI ESFEHANI IRAN IT Consultant, Ehssan Riazi Esfehani is an IT consultant and eSolutions project manager working with governmental and private organizations in Iran and abroad in order to help develop better e-contents and e-solutions. Ehssan has been the co-founder of "e-solutions festival" ( since 2004, the first contest on e-content and digital media in Iran which has also served as the national approved contest for WSA05 , WSA07 and WSA09. He is the current chairman of "e-solutions festival". Ehssan has also organized the first WSA Road Show in Iran to help Iranian experts and solution developers get better understandings of the WSA key matters and get more familiar with the world's best in e-content. Ehssan encourages Iranian developers to promote their products and show them opportunities to have a bigger share in e-Activities in the world through.

ALFREDO RONCHI ITALY General Secretary, MEDICI Framework Alfredo M. Ronchi is the General Secretary of the European CommissionMEDICI Framework, Secretary of the European Working Group on "EU Directives and Cultural Heritage" and head of the representative of OCCAM NGO at UNO International Centre in Vienna. Furthermore Alfredo is the programme Chair of the Cultural Track of the IX International World Wide Web Conference, May 2000 Amsterdam (NL), Chair of panels "On culture in a world wide information society" WWW Conferences 2001-2004 Founding Chair of the International Conference Cultural Heritage Networks Hypermedia, September 9606 Milan, Co-Chair of Infopoverty Conferences 2001-07 Founding Chair of the panel "Business opportunities from cultural heritage" CeBIT 98-07 Hannover (D). Alfredo M. Ronchi is appointed as an expert c/o , the Norvegian Government, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, CNR and member of the Scientific Committee c/o Infopoverty, Fondazione Italiana Nuove Comunicazioni, Global Forum, Sacred World Foundation.

ANDREW GAKIRIA KENYA Coordinator, Kenya eLearning Centre In his capacity as National coordinator and Founder of the KENYA e-LEARNING CENTRE (KeLC), Andrew leads a team that is facilitating the development and implementation of eLearning programs in over 50 training and educational institutions in Kenya. From 2004 - 2006, he served as founder chairman of the East African Regional working group on e-Government; a joint initiative of the five East African Countries to leverage e-Government for faster regional integration in EAC region. Andrew also previously served as Africa representative to the Youth Advisory Council of the G8 in 1999. Previously as senior Policy Analyst at the Office of the President, his roles included policy and strategic advice on the implementation of Kenya's eGovernment strategy. Andrew currently coordinates implementation of e-Learning blended learning programs in Africa as Regional e-Learning course manager for InWEnt in conjunction with Namibia e-Learning Centre and the University of Western Cape, South Africa.

MANAR AL-HASHASH KUWAIT General Manager, Dot Design Manar Al-Hashash is the Founder and Project and Marketing Manager of Dot Design, a software development company. She has also launched the IT magazine Dot, of which she is the owner and Chief Editor. In 2004, Ms Al-Hashash launched and managed a local e-Content contest, the Ghiras Electro Contest 2004, which was aimed at youths in Kuwait (14-22 yrs old), competing for best website design, best presentation and best graphic design. She was awarded an IEEE for her outstanding Internet and e-Commerce projects in 2000. Ms Al-Hashash is in charge of and presents the weekly IT programme Compunet World on the Kuwait Satellite Channel in Arabic and an IT programme on KTV2 in English called Zero Ones. She also writes a weekly IT column for the Al-Watan newspaper.

LATIF LADID LUXEMBOURG President, IPv6 Forum With support from the IETF NG & Ngtrans Working Groups and the IPv6 Deployment Initiative, Latif initiated the foundation of the IPv6 Forum in May 1999, of which he is the President. He also served as chairman of the European IPv6 Task Force, is an Emeritus Trustee of ISOC. Furthermore, Latif works at the University of Luxembourg as a Senior Researcher on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Projects e.g. 6INIT - the first Pioneer IPv6 Research Project, 6WINIT, NGNi, EURo6IX and Eurov6. In addition Latif is involved in the following projects: IPv6 Security & Privacy project - Security Expert Initiative (SEINIT), European Security Task Force project - SecurIST , u-2010 Emergency & Disaster and Crisis Management, Public Safety Communication Forum, FIPSANS project, Secricom Safety & Security Project and IRMA Project (Integrated Risk management for Africa using IPv6. Latif is a member of 3GPP PCG, the Vice Chair of IEEE ComSoc EntNET, a member of UN ICT Task Force Policy WG, a member of IEC Executive Committee, a member of the ITU-T Informal Forum Summit, a Board Member of TSF ("Technologies Sans Fronti猫res"), a Board Member of Nii Quaynor Institute for Research in Africa.

RODOLFO LADDAGA MEXICO Co-founder, You Tours Rodolfo Laddaga L贸pez has been a university professor teaching courses in Multimedia and Digital Cinema, in its latest foray as a teacher at Centro de Dise帽o, Cine y Televisi贸n. In 2000 he and Alejandro Machorro founded Media Innovations, a company that became the 4th digital signage company worldwide and the most important in Latin America. The company closed its doors in January 2007 and from that moment Rudy and Alejandro started to lay down the foundations of you Tours, a company that started operations on October 2008 and has been already certified by Endeavor. Rudy has been awarded and recognized for his films and his works and projects as a multimedia producer.

JAN BIERINGA NEW ZEALAND Director, BWX Productions Jan Bieringa works independently as a creative producer in both new media and with feature documentaries. Jan has primarily worked in and around the cultural sector and during the 90s she was Programme Director at Creative New Zealand, responsible for programming and funding short film, documentary and new media. Jan, with a small dedicated team, set up and ran (e)vision Digital Media Centre for Communication Art and Technology in the late '90s. From (e)-vision came her engagement with WSA in '03 and she is now working with both New Zealand & the Pacific to ensure submissions from both regions are available. In September last year she took the WSA Roadshow to Rarotonga to the PacInet conference. Simultaneously she is working to realise a Digital Content Showcase in 2009 in NZ. The WSA Roadshow will provide a central component to this event which will seek to engage with a broad cross-sector audience with the aim of showcasing new media practice beyond the parameters of the ICT world. She is currently the programme coordinator for an ideas forum - see - a forum for people ambitious for what the world might be and New Zealand's role in this framework.

GBENGA SESAN NIGERIA Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria 'Gbenga Sesan, an Ashoka Fellow, is the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and he serves on the board of various organizations. His consulting experience includes assignments completed for numerous institutions, including Microsoft, Harvard University, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Res Publica, Computer Aid International, Heinrich Boll Foundation and the International Telecommunications Union. He is a member of the United Nations Committee of eLeaders on Youth and ICT and Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow; and he was Nigeria's first Information Technology Youth Ambassador. He was the Vice Chair of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa's African Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC), voluntary adviser to numerous youth-led nonprofits and pioneer Program Manager of Lagos Digital Village. In 2006, he was appointed as the youngest member of the Nigerian Presidential Task Force on the Restructuring of the Nigerian Information Technology and Telecommunications Sectors. 'Gbenga is also an author and regular feature on some of Nigeria's popular television shows. A multiple award winner, 'Gbenga has been profiled as one of the 35 Icons of ICT in Nigeria.

ZAWAN AL-SABTI OMAN Projects Specialist, Information Technology Authority (ITA) Zawan Hamed Al-Sabti works for the Information Technology Authority. Zawan started her career in the only Telecom Company in Oman in the e-services department as a business analyst. After that she moved to the Information Technology Authority as a marketing & training specialist. Working for ITA, Zawan was a member in the first editorial team which started Digital Oman magazine and worked on its content for 5 issues. In 2006 she managed e-Oman Marketing & Awareness campaign. In the period from 2004 to 2005 Zawan was a key member in Oman WSIS preparatory Task force & represented Oman in the regional international WSIS conferences and meetings. Zawan is currently coordinating 2 National projects which are 'Digital Literacy Certification for Civil Servants' and the 'National PC initiative'.



RUSSIAN FEDERATION Managing Director, Actis Wunderman

TUNISIA Chairman, Tunisian ICT Federation

Anya Sverdlov is the Managing Director of Actis Wunderman, Russia's top digital agency, member of the Wunderman network and part of the WPP family. Prior to joining the Actis team, Anya's professional experience included three years on Wall Street at Kemper Securities, Inc. and more than three years in strategy management consulting with A.T. Kearney (working in the US, Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark), where she managed large projects in the financial services and consumer goods sectors. Anya has been involved with the WSA since its early beginnings and her agency recently looked after the WSA website's relaunch in 2008.

Faouzi Zaghbib is expert in information technologies, General Manager of R2i (an IT firm) and Founder of ESPRIT (Tunisian University specialized in Engineering & ICT). From 1981 Faouzi conducted information systems projects and implemented ICT solutions for public services and enterprises in many countries. Furthermore Faouzi is the Chairman of the Tunisian ICT Federation (UTICA-FED-TIC), and member of WITSA (the World IT & Services Alliance), founder member of IJMA3 (the Arab IT Association) and AFICTA (the African IT Association) and several national and regional committees in charge of capacity building, ICT governance, eCommerce, ICT4D, education and research. Since 2003, he is member of the WSIS organization and follow-up committee.

LUMKO CAESARIO MTIMDE SOUTH AFRICA CEO, Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) Lumko Caesario Mtimde is the Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) since 2006, a development agency set up to develop, encourage and promote media diversity and to assist in developing community and small commercial media in South Africa. His experience include working as a Communication Development Consultant after leaving the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). From 2002 - 2006, he served the Independent Communications Authority of S.A. (ICASA) following his appointment by the then South African President Thabo Mbeki, in terms of the ICASA Act. From 2001 - 2002, he served as a General Manager / Chief Director (Broadcasting Policy) of the Department of Communications, Ministry of Communications. Before that, he served the IBA, as a Councillor from 1998 to 2000, following his appointment by the then South African President Nelson Mandela, in terms of the IBA Act. This followed after four and a half years serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF).

CHITRANGANIE MUBARAK SRI LANKA Programme Head, ICT Agency of Sri Lanka Chitranganie Mubarak has spear-headed several key export oriented initiatives besides coordinating several donor-funded programmes of the EDB. As Director of denetSL, the e-commerce arm of the Sri Lanka Export Development, Chitranganie was responsible for introducing several ICT solutions for facilitating the rural entrepreneur and has played a key role in launching the country's pioneering online trading platform. She is presently Programme Head at the Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, the apex body responsible for ICT policy and direction in Sri Lanka and the implementing organization for the e-Sri Lanka Initiative. Her main focus is the e-Society Programme which seeks to ensure that the dividends of ICT reach all sections of Society. Several highly innovative ICT applications/ content of relevance to Society have been developed and deployed through this Programme. She has presented Sri Lanka's ICT4D experience at several international fora including the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) Conferences, Annual Regional Meetings of One World South Asia, Forum for Information Technology Nepal, ICT4D Conference of the Centre for Advanced Computing, C-DAC and in global video conferencing sessions of the World Bank.

SHASHANK OJHA WORLD BANK Senior eGovernment Specialist Shashank Ojha is a Sr. eGovernment Specialist, Policy Division, Global ICT Department of the World Bank. He is responsible for the e-Government team of the World Bank in India which provides technical advice and funding support on information technology related projects funded by the World Bank. He has been involved in providing technical advice and support to over twenty-five ICT / e-government projects in India and is currently the Co-Team Leader of the eBharat Project which would support the National e-Governance Program of GoI. In addition to India project responsibilities, he is also provides specialist advice to e-government projects in other countries in the Middle East and South Asia region. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, member of Project Management Institute - USA, Founder member of PMI - North India and Fellow member of Institute of Internal Auditors. Before joining the World Bank, he has worked as a Senior Management Consultant with Ernst & Young and as General Manager - Finance & IT with National Panasonic group.

RAJEN VARADA UNITED NATIONS Resource Person, UN Solution Exchange Rajen Varada is currently with the UN Solution Exchange, which is a knowledge management unit of the United Nations in India. He holds the post of the Resource Person & Moderator for the Information & Communication technologies for development (ICTD) unit. He manages the knowledge discussions of the ICTD online community of over two thousand members. He is actively involved in collaborative projects on key development issues among which are promoting standards for web access and guidelines for public private partnerships. Rajen is the founding director of "Technology for the People"; a Non governmental organisation in southern India that works towards providing ICT based livelihood options for marginalized women by upgrading traditional skills to match modern market needs. Thru TFTP, he has been instrumental in enabling knowledge centers in rural locations in two states. He has previously been with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Hyderabad/India, where he has designed and managed the development of the ICT package for health called â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sisu Samrakshakâ&#x20AC;? (Child Protector), which won the 2005 Manthan Award and the World Summit Award in e-Health. He has also designed and developed modules on HIV/AIDS using ICT for Indian rural communities.


WSA in Austria hink local - act global! We all know how much ICTs have changed our economies, our daily work and our societies within the shortest time. The usage and the ability to use multimedia undoubtedly determine the economic success of companies and the competitiveness of a country.


In Austria ICT related industries are already the most important pillar of our economy. The ‘Österreichischer Staatspreis für Multimedia & e-Business’ (Austrian State Prize for Multimedia & e-Business) is a gauge for the development and current status. This award was established in 1997 to promote Austrian multimedia producers and is an explicit benchmark of the e-Content industry and its related sectors. The showcasing of excellent products and projects of Austrian companies encourages young people and entrepreneurs to work in this field. Many award winners are now successful not only throughout Europe but also at the global market. True to the motto ‘Yes we can’ this Austrian State Prize is the national contest of WSA and winners are nominated to the Grand Jury. But we also look at it the other way round. WSA shows us what we can learn from the best of the best from all around the world. Christian Rupp, Spokesperson of the Federal Platform Digital Austria in the Austrian Federal Chancellery

112 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / WSA around the World


WSA in Bahrain nternet was introduced in Bahrain in the mid nineties. In 2004 the Bahrain e-Content Award was created to encourage web developers to further improve and develop their e-products with a view to meeting international standards and customer satisfaction. The Bahrain Internet Society is heavily involved in developing the e-Content and thus introduced the Bahrain e-Content Award. The e-Content Award has become an institution of its own right.


In 2004, Bahrain organized a Global ICT Summit and in 2005 the country had the opportunity to host the WSA Grand Jury. The yearly ICT exhibitions such as the Future IT conference and exhibition in 2004 and 2005 have in the last five years always included special presentations and exhibit areas for e-content and design companies. Recently, The Internet Society launched a unique program called eShabab (meaning eYouth) that involves university students in e-Content development and ICT innovation. A further step forward was the establishment of Bahrain e-Government Authority which has a mandate to ensure the effective delivery of government services to citizens, residents, businesses and visitors. The e-Government Authority has improved the lives of nation's citizens and also sponsored the e-Content Award and this year also the Arab e-Content selection. Currently we can see all government organizations competing to provide more e-services to the society. The above steps have lead to a many recognitions and at the 2009 Arab e-Content Award Bahrain had six winners from Bahrain. In the business sector, there is awareness of the importance of e-Content and this category has the highest participation in the e-Content Award. Nawaf Mohammed Abdulrahman, Chief, Information Technology, General Organization for Youth & Sport; and Vice President, Bahrain Internet Society.

WSA around the World

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / 113


WSA in Egypt am very happy to be involved with the e-Content WSA since its start-up in 2003. I have learned a lot of the value of the e-Content industry and its impact on bridging the ‘Content-Divide’ as mentioned in the UN Millennium Development Goals.


My exposure and involvement in the WSA activities contributed to my personal knowledge, experience and passion to the e-Content world. I worked hard on introducing the WSA to Egypt in an institutional manner guided by the WSA guidelines, methodologies, mechanisms, tools and techniques. Mobilization of the Egyptian youth capacities and directing them into a global e-Content world to help them develop new skills for new jobs in a new world was a great challenge. Through the ‘National e-Content Competitions’ Egyptian start-up companies and youth had the chance to voice their ideas and thoughts in ambitious, innovative and challenging e-Content products that were recognized as world wide winners in the global WSA arena."

Effat El Shooky, Advisor to the Minister for International Relations, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

114 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / WSA around the World


WSA in Ghana earning from the best! Africa’s rapidly growing content industry is leapfrogging technology.


WSA makes a difference both globally and locally through knowledge sharing and networking as well as by driving breakthrough innovation and excellence to set new standards. The focus on MDGs encourages content producers to overcome traditional divides and to use digital media to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. By making public the best in global digital content including the showcasing of African talent, WSA allows institutions like AITI-KACE to inspire our course participants and incorporate into our courses interesting new techniques in content creation as they hit the market. AITI's substantive engagement with industry and NGOs is enriched by the exposure to new products and our ability to create the links between them and the inspiring and talented WSA network. Dorothy K. Gordon, Director-General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT AITI-KACE

WSA around the World

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 115


WSA in Italy o Google is simply one of the neologisms providing the evidence of a running revolution, ‘go digital’ is the keyword. A wide range of information and services are directly delivered on our desks or mobile phones: a tight interface with public administration, healthcare, education, entertainment and more.

T WSA in India ndia’s story of e-Content movement is very much inspired by the WSA since its beginning in 2003.


Keeping the momentum and vision of inclusive development through digital content, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) partnered with WSA and made possible that India is at the forefront of the e-Content movement in the subcontinent and also envision that the large population the country which is oral in nature should take full advantage of the scope of empowerment through various tools that empower masses through the possibility of multimedia and oral medium of the new media and new ICT tools like mobile, TV, Radio, and Multi-media web. India has been organising annual e-Content contests and has also taken lead to become WSA’s South Asia office, and implementation partner. In the last 5 years DEF In India has organised more than 10 national and regional shows on e-Content, brought more than 8 e-Content publications, and also successfully organised 40-Country WSA International Summit on e-Content in India in 2009, followed by WSA Grand Jury in New Delhi. DEF in India and WSA aspire to be the leading example of making the digital content movement pervasive across all developing nations.

Quality content and services are a paramount issue in such a context, technological infrastructures without ‘content’ looks like a highway without cars or a library without books. The World Summit Award initiative posed this question very clearly all around the world and ignited the quest for ‘quality content’. Through the centuries we faced a number of ‘revolutions’ that shifted the human paradigm, this time we are crossing the ‘digital’ river, the border line of the stating side was probably the merge of IT and Telecommunications how can we call the opposite side? Information Society? Knowledge Society? It will take some more years and technological developments to reach destination. The WSA shows how we progress. In Italy, the initiative derived from WSA is based on three main actions running throughout the year: scheduled road shows both in the country and abroad on the occasion of major events, educational projects, information days and more recently the creation of the WSA Institute for e-Content located in Venice. The main aim of our project is to bridge the gap between the local e-Content authors and the international community stimulating at the same time creativity and innovation. The feedback is quite positive: an increasing number of quality products, more and more Institutions supporting the project, better results in the global contest.

Osama Manzar, Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation Alfredo M. Ronchi, EC MEDICI Framework Secretariat, Politecnico di Milano

116 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / WSA around the World


WSA in New Zealand and the Pacific ntil recently New Zealand has relied heavily on its commodity base but in the last decade the country has worked hard to develop alternative models for wealth creation. The 'new economy' is one of our important drivers and the content agenda has been uppermost in that new thinking.


The World Summit Award’s has contributed, through its cross-sector approach, to take the debate way beyond the ICT environment. As understanding and awareness of the complex ICT industry deepens in New Zealand and in the Pacific, the WSA network will play an even larger role. WSA is able to offer a pool of projects that island countries can both draw from and contribute to. The WSA framework, as developed by Professor Peter Bruck, will have increasing influence on the design of quality products and services on a global basis. So to projects like the The Broadmap (NZ winner ’09) demonstrates how co-operation will be the key to developing a better world through New Media. A unique open source application of public, private and government partners is changing the availability options of broadband in NZ. Collaboration is the key to all the winning projects from New Zealand. Jan Bieringa, Coordinator, NZ World Summit Awards

WSA around the World

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WSA EXPERT NETWORK AROUND THE WORLD As a result of the smooth functioning of the WSA 07 selection process, the job of pre-selecting the best national projects was again put in the hands of a panel of national eminent experts. Nominations to become a WSA Expert were accepted from all 191 United Nations member states, and 168 countries submitted expert nominations. Each WSA Expert was responsible for the pre-selection process in her/his country and 8 products- 1 per category - were to be submitted for the WSA 09 contest. AFGHANISTAN Aimal Marjan ICT Directorate of the MoC (Ministry of Communications and IT) Director General

CHILE Alberto Cerda Silva Ministry of Economy Legal Adviser of Executive Secretary of Digital Strategy

ALBANIA Vojo Spahiu Communication and Information Institute ( CII ) Director

CHINA Elizabeth Quat Internet Professionals Association (iProA) Founder & President

ALGERIA Mohamed Saad-Laib DIDACTICA, Higher School of Management and Information Technologies Project Manager

COLOMBIA Alfredo Jose Roldan Piedrahita ParqueSoft Colombia Director Network Colombia and L. A.

ANDORRA Joan Font Government of Andorra Head of the Audiovisuals & Communications Department

COSTA RICA Alexander Mora Costa Rica Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies -CAMTIC Chairman of the Board

ARGENTINA Marcelo Petrich Fundación Era Digital (O.N.G.) President - Executive Director

CÔTE D'IVOIRE Kudzo Tay YES - Youth Employment Summit Project Coordinator

ARMENIA Garegin Chugaszyan IT Foundation Executive Director

CROATIA Sebastian Ladika IPv6 Task Force Croatia Coordinator

AUSTRALIA Karson Stimson Spin Communications Director

CUBA Beatriz Elvira Alonso Becerra Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (CITMATEL) CEO

AUSTRIA Christian Rupp Bundeskanzleramt Spokesperson Federal Platform Digital Austria

CYPRUS George D. Roushas GnosySoft Ltd Managing Director

AZERBAIJAN Nariman Hajiyev National E-Governance Network Initiative Project Director

CZECH REPUBLIC Dana Bérová KPC-Group, s.r.o. Zastoupení Gartner Business Development Director

BAHRAIN Ahmed ALHujairy Bahrain Internet Society Chairman

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO Didier Rukeratabaro Kasole Supranet Chief Technology Officer

BANGLADESH Ananya Raihan D.Net CEO

DENMARK Sanne Plichta Danish Parliament Web Editor, MILSc.

BELARUS Sergei Enin NGO "Information Society" Executive Director

DOMINICA Addys Then Marte Alianza ONG Executive Director

BELGIUM Rudi Vansnick Internet Society Belgium President

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Carlos Miranda General Coordinator

BENIN Hermann Aplogan Afrique Emergence Founder and President

ECUADOR Carlos Vera Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association of Pichincha Ecuador President

BOLIVIA Wilson Cuellar Viceministery of Telecomunications Country Gateway Bolivia Coordinator

EGYPT Ahmed Yahia Darwish Information Technology Industry Development Agency- ITIDA Senior Projects Manager

BRAZIL Cid Torquato General Director BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Soon Chang BITEX Sdn.Bhd. Chief Executive Officer BULGARIA George Sharkov ESI Center Bulgaria Director BURKINA FASO Sylvestre Ouedraogo Yam Pukri Executive Director BURUNDI Jean Paul Nkurunziza DSF-FSN PROJECT IN BURUNDI National Animator CAMEROON John John Nsoga AfricaCom International Group Chairman & CEO CANADA Ana Serrano CFC Media Lab Director

WSA Expert Network around the World

EL SALVADOR Rafael Antonio Ibarra Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas IT Director ESTONIA Katri Ristal “The best e-content” competition in Estonia Organiser FINLAND Cai Melakoski Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences Principal Lecturer, Head of Interactive Media programme FRANCE Hélène Abrand HAC - Hélène Abrand Consulting CEO GABON Thanguy Obame Ministry of Labor Inspector of Labor GAMBIA Poncelet Ileleji The Gambia YMCA Computer Training Centre & Digital Studio Coordinator GERMANY Alexander Felsenberg Alexander Felsenberg Consulting CEO

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 119

GHANA Dorothy Gordon Advanced Information Technology Institute Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT Director-General GREECE Dimitrios K. Tsolis High Performance Information Systems Laboratory, University of Patras Assistant Professor GUATEMALA Maria Mercedes Zaghi Ergocom Operations Director GUINEA Golmadingar Djimtangar DREAM Centre IT Manager GUYANA Vidyaratha Kissoon DevNet Project Officer HAITI Schiller Jean-Baptiste Conatel ICT Consultant HONDURAS Darío Pinus Private Company Project Manager HUNGARY Ferenc Hargitai Hungarian Association of Content Industry (Magyar Tartalomipari Szövetség, MATISZ) Secretary General

LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA Issmail Ellabib Ministry of Higher Education General Manager of ICT Centre LIECHTENSTEIN Mario Frick General Manager and Creative Director LITHUANIA Aurimas Matulis Information Society Development Committee under Government of Republic of Lithuania Director LUXEMBOURG Latif Ladid IPv6 Forum President MADAGASCAR Olivier Robinson Ministry of Telecommunications, Posts and Communication Director General of ICT MALAWI Derek Lakudzala BUMAS international Partner MALAYSIA Nancy Choy Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd Head, APICTA MALDIVES Malika Ibrahim Telecommunications Authority of Maldives Director

INDIA Osama Manzar Digital Empowerment Foundation Founder & Director

MALI Mariko Simbara Agence des technologies de l'information et de la communication (AGETIC) Institute of Information Technology and communication Training Manager

INDONESIA Josephine Cacdac Informatics Indonesia Programs Director

MALTA Kenneth Bone Seasus New Media Managing Director

IRAN Ehssan Riazi Esfehani IT Consultant

MAURITIUS Dave Kissoondoyal Teleforma ltd - a US Upstream Co. Director of Information Technology

IRAQ Akram Othman Al-Mashaikhi Iraqi Computer Society President

MEXICO Rodolfo Laddaga Media Innovations VP of Digital Content

IRELAND Martin Casey Arekibo Communications Managing Director

MONGOLIA Sansar Jiimen ICT Authority of Mongolian Government Vice Chairman

ISRAEL Hazan Suzan Digital-Heritage, Israel Director

MOROCCO Kamal Okba MAROC TELECOM Regional Director

ITALY Alfredo Ronchi MEDICI Framework Gerneral Secretary

MOZAMBIQUE Zauria Saifodine ICT Policy Implementation Head of ICT Training and Certification

JAMAICA Valerie Gordon Eptisa Internacional Independent Regional Monitor

MYANMAR Thein Oo Myanmar Computer Federation President

JAPAN Keisuke Kamimura Center for Global Communications Assistant Executive Director

NAMIBIA Catherine Beukes-Amiss University of Namibia Head of Department

JORDAN Mais Daoud INT@J - Information Technology Association of Jordan ICT National Strategy Director

NEPAL Allen Bailochan Tuladhar FIT Nepal Chairman

KAZAKHSTAN Anatol Kremenchutsky National Information Technologies Chief constructor

NETHERLANDS Wessel de Valk The Crowds CEO

KENYA Andrew Gakiria Nderitu Directorate of e-Government Senior Policy Analyst


KUWAIT Manar Al-Hashash Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences Kuwait e-Award Secretary General and DotDesign General Manager

NICARAGUA Cornelio Hopmann eNicaragua Executive Director

KYRGYZSTAN Aleksei Bebinov Civil Initiative on Internet Policy IT Consultant LAO PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Vorasone Dengkayaphichith Mahosot Consulting Company Ltd. / Jhai Foundation General Manager / Country Coordinator LATVIA Alexander Bindemanis Smarthouse SIA President LEBANON Gabriel Deek Professional Computer Association (PCA) President

NIGER Adamou Iro Haut Commissariat aux TIC/ Cabinet du Premier Ministre Technical Consultant NIGERIA Gbenga Sesan Paradigm Initiative Nigeria Executive Director OMAN Zawan Al-Sabti Information Technology Authority (ITA) Projects Specialist PAKISTAN Shahida Saleem Standing Committee on IT & T Federation Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Vice Chairperson

120 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / e-Science & Technology

PANAMA Sonia Montenegro Chamber of Commerce of Panama E Commerce Project of SMEs E-Commerce Project Coordinator

SUDAN Noueldeen Abdulrahman Noureldeen University of Science and Technology Faculty of computer Science and Information Technology Dean

PARAGUAY Rosi Rivarola iEARN internacional - Colegio de San José Coordinator

SWEDEN Geska Helena Andersson Interactive Institute Video artist Director of Performing Pictures at Interactive Institute

PERU Rolando Toledo Red CientÃ-fica Peruana

SWITZERLAND David Galipeau Founder, Managing Director

PHILIPPINES Josephine Cacdac Informatics Indonesia Programs Director

SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Nibal Idlebi United Nation- Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia First Information and Communication Technology Officer

POLAND Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz Warsaw University of Technology Professor

TAJIKISTAN Valentina Spivak Tajik Development Gateway Deputy Director

PORTUGAL Carlos Nunes Perve Global Lda Art Curator/Manager

THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Bardhyl Jashari Foundation Metamorphosis Director

QATAR Reem Al-Mansoori ictQATAR e-Inclusion Acting Manager

TIMOR-LESTE Abel Pires Da Silva Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - East Timor ICT Advisor

REPUBLIC OF KOREA George Kim Global EDSION Academy, Handong Global University Professor for Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

TOGO Olévié Kouami Institut of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (INTIC4DEV) President / CEO

REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA Sidorenco Veaceslav Technical University of Moldova & RENAM - Research & Educational Networking Association of Moldova Associate Professor

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Gia Gaspard Taylor International Education and Resource Network Trinidad and Tobago President

ROMANIA Gheorghe Samoila ITC Institute for Computers Technology Project Manager

TUNISIA Faouzi Zaghbib R2i General Manager

RUSSIAN FEDERATION Anya Sverdlov Actis Systems Managing Director

TURKEY Hakan Gönenli Xing AG Country Manager Turkey

RWANDA Celestin Zimulinda Cisco Systems Inc. Sales Project Manager

UGANDA Milton Aineruhanga Women of Uganda Network - WOUGNET Program Officer - Technical Support

SAINT LUCIA Cletus Bertin Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Saint Lucia Deputy Director - Public Sector Reform (ICT & E-Government)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Sakris Seman Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) Director of New Media

SAMOA Gisa Fuatai Purcell Government of Samoa Secretary/ICT Advisor


SAN MARINO Luciano Capello Digital Design srl Chairman

UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA Casmir Respickius University of Dar es Salaam Deputy Managing Director

SAUDI ARABIA Mohammad Alqasem Ministry of Communication and Information Technonolgy Minister’s Advisor

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Paul Braund RiOS Institute Executive Director

SENEGAL Daniel Annerose Manobi CEO & Founder

URUGUAY Marcel Mordezki ORT University Executive Education Director

SERBIA Dušan Stojicevic Svet kompjutera, Politika Magazini d.o.o. Editor-In-Chief

UZBEKISTAN Vadim Navotny UZSCINET Project Manager

SIERRA LEONE Sylvia Blyden West Africa Dot Net Chief Executive

VANUATU Mathew Temar Vanuatu Government Assistant Database Manager

SINGAPORE Daniel TAN Nanyang Technological University Director Centre for Educational Development

VENEZUELA Peter Cernik CAVEDATOS / ISOC / Director

SLOVAKIA Vladimir Burcik Academy of Communication Director

VIETNAM Viet Anh Vu Tran Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) Vice Director of Training and Human Recourse Department

SLOVENIA Borka Jerman-Blazic Josef Stefan Institute and Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana Head of a Laboratory for open systems and networks

YEMEN Abubakr Alsheikh Abubakr Hadramout university of Sience and Technology Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

SOUTH AFRICA Lumko Mtimde Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) Chief Executive Officer SPAIN Andreu Vea (Who is Who in the Internet World) Founder and Director SRI LANKA Reshan Dewapura Information & Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) COO

WSA Expert Network around the World

ZAMBIA John Slaighter Munsaka JSM Business Consultants Managing Consultant ZIMBABWE Eliada Gudza World Links Zimbabwe Executive Director and ICT in Education Consultant

To contact our Expert Network please write to

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The World’s Best e-Contents 2009 / 121


The Arab e-Content Awards (AEA) are the special selection of the best of entries in the World Summit Award from the Arab speaking countries. The awards are based on the evaluation of these entries by the Grand Jury of the WSA and a special ranking done by the special Grand Jury Panel. The Arab e-Content Awards 09 were supported by the Kingdom of Bahrain and its e-Government Authority as part of its efforts to encourage e-Content creativity in Bahrain and Arab countries within the international initiatives to bridge the digital divide among UN member states. The goals of the AEA are to strengthen cooperation among producers from Arab speaking countries that share in the same culture and address similar markets whilst also helping innovative electronic products from this language region to achieve global recognition through qualification for the WSA. For the AEA any company, organization and individual are being considered who achieve the distinction of being a national best in e-Content and innovative ICT applications from any WSA participating country from the Arab speaking world.

JURY MEMBERS Nawaf Abdulrahman Chief, Information Technology General Organization for Youth & Sport Bahrain Effat El-Shooky Advisor to the Minister for International Relations Ministry of Communications and Information Technology MCIT-Egypt Shashank Ojha Senior e-Government Specialist World Bank, UN India Alfredo Ronchi General Secretary MEDICI Framework Italy Anya Sverdlov Managing Director Actis Wunderman Russian Federation Faouzi Zaghbib General Manager R2i Tunisia

122 / WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / Arab e-Content Awards 2009

Arab e-Content Awards 2009 Winners Category: e-Government & Institutions

Category: e-Culture & Heritage

Abu Dhabi Government Portal

Ibn Khadoun - 600 years illumination



Kingdom of Bahrain - e-Government Portal

Jihat Al-Shi'r



Royal Court Affairs - Mobile Recruitment Oman

Category: e-Science & Technology Bahrain Center for Studies & Research

Special Mention/Jury Distinction


Waqf Information Center: Waqfic Kuwait

Category: e-Business & Commerce Arab Finance

Category: e-Health & Environment The BioMAP Project





Ministry of Health Portal

Jobs Abu Dhabi



Arabic computer Application for Dyslexia Kuwait

Category: e-Inclusion & Participation Donations Portal

Category: e-Learning & Education King Saud University


ICT for Illiteracy Eradication (ICT for IE)

Saudi Arabia


Tunisian Post Virtual School

Women Gateway



Arab Open University

Special Mention/Jury Distinction


Darfour Kids: Lost & Found Sudan

Category: e-Entertainment & Games Yallakora

Doha Debates Qatar


Aljazeera net Qatar

Kout bu setta Kuwait

The Arab eContent Award 2009 was held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Mubarak AL Khalifa, Kingdom of Bahrain Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman for the Supreme Committee for ICTon the 25 May 2009.

Arab e-Content Awards 2009

/ WORLD SUMMIT AWARD: The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best e-Contents 2009 / 123

WWW.WSIS-AWARD.ORG WSA - a unique way to select and promote the richness and diversity of e-Content in your country. The WSA Office is ready to support you in organising a local or national contest.

Please contact us:

WSA Global Sponsor Partners

WSA Strategic Partners

WSA 09 Grand Jury Host and Organisation Partners

Department of Information Technology Ministry of Communication & Information Technology

Government of India


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