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The World’s Best e-Contents 2003

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The best in e-Content and Creativity

WSA Patrons The World Summit Award is conducted in the framework of the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society under the high patronage of: ROMANO PRODI President of the European Commission WOLFGANG SCHÜSSEL Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria


NÉSTOR CARLOS KIRCHNER President of Argentina BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh ION ILIESCU President of Romania ABDOULAYE WADE President of Senegal ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI President of the Republic of Tunisia

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Content World Regions

PETER A. BRUCK European Academy of Digital Media – Chairman of the Board Hon. President of ICNM, Head of EUROPRIX


WSA 03 Jury

JAK BOUMANS European Academy of Digital Media – General Secretary EMR, Netherlands – Senior Consultant


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VLADIMIR BURCIK ELT, Slovakia – Director TATIANA ERSHOVA Institute of the Information Society, Russia – Director General W. PATTERSON FERNS Banff Television Foundation, Canada – CEO CHRISTINE MAXWELL Institute for Scientific Simulation (ISS), USA – Senior Partner Internet Society (ISOC), USA – Trustee Emeritus CAI MELAKOSKI Mindtrek, Finland – Manager, International Relations GRIGORE POPESCU ITC, Romania – General Manager

WSA Mission

Bridging the content gap Showcasing the World’s Best

Inspiring the Info Society Technology does not inspire. Contents do. The slim book which you are holding in your hands does not mean to provoke you. But it has a sharp message: the Information Society will remain an empty concept if one talks solely about technology, networks and access issues. We need not only to consider the general uses or impact of the new information and communication technologies (ICTs), but also the cultural messages which they can relate. This book guides you to those best e-Contents from around the world which stand out due to their excellence in carrying a message and in creating knowledge. This book is published in the context of the United Nations, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It adds to the WSIS process the graphic presentation of e-Contents. Not just any contents, but those which the best available expert opinion has judged to be the best. This was done in the two rounds of the World Summit Award – WSA 03: first, most recognised experts nominated by leading professional organisations and institutions in 136 countries selected their national best in eight categories; then 36 of the Eminent Expert Panel members met in Dubai City to choose the five best in each of the categories out of 803 nominations. These products are presented in this book. In addition, the jury looked at six world regions and awarded special mentions to additional products to showcase the top achievements from each cultural world region. The goal of the entire WSA 03 process is simple: making visible the contents that already exist and thus demonstrating the richness and diversity of content creativity to those interested in understanding and planning the global Information Society. It is a curious fact of the emerging ›Knowledge Society‹ that many people – even the most involved in industry and policy making – have little opportunity to see, use and experience the power of great e-Contents. There is a general ›non-knowledge‹ of e-Content. This

4 | WSA 03 | Mission

book tries to offer a change. At the very least, it gives recognition to those who work creatively to produce messages with IS technologies. The World Summit Award builds on the success and experience of the EUROPRIX which, over the last six years, has developed as the leading European contest in quality multimedia contents. On the initiative of the European Academy of Digital Media, over 80 organizations from around the world worked together to make WSA 03 possible. More than 400 experts have provided input and a number of governments and private companies are funding it. The WSA wants to demonstrate to you, the readers – experts and diplomats, civil society activists and policy makers – the existing range of creativity and excellence in the use of the IT tools and communication networks. It might confirm your conviction that access to networks and ICT platforms is beneficial due to the high quality and value of e-Contents which are produced and available. It might also lead you to consider that quality contents, their production and economic sustainability require changes to the way markets operate and governments act.


of investments. Post-industrial societies spend enormous sums of money on equipment, gadgets and ›tech things‹. They invest far too little in stories, knowledge and insight.

Contents are tied to culture and language. Unlike technology they don’t ship easily. They ›work‹ only where people can understand them. They are largely local and regional. Most creative producers – save the ones working for Hollywood industries and in English – have culturally restricted audiences and markets. Around the world, social life, education, business and politics are being transformed by the new information and communication technologies. The United Nations’ first World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) addresses these transformations in terms of infrastructure, access and digital divide issues. The content gap needs to be added.

A gap is growing

The digital divide adds a further dimension to the content gap. The ›information poor‹ have not only less or no access to internet and other digital platforms, they are also getting lower quality contents and applications. The digital divide widens the content gap as info trash clogs the networks and quality contents move to pay-modes.

Over the last 50 years, information and communication technologies have become exponentially more powerful and radically cheaper and smaller. Today, they are omnipresent. e-Contents cannot keep up with technology in terms of speed, economies of scale and simplicity of consumption.

The threat of a widening content gap runs counter to the promise of the Information Society. The capacities of technologies, systems and tools to generate, distribute and store content increase progressively if not exponentially, but content markets are not transparent or open.

The clash between technology and content is as old as media based culture. It is not a fundamental contradiction, but a dynamically created structural gap. This gap is widening as we move into the Information Society.

Rather, concentration has reached a global scale with the likely scenario of five to seven dominant content providers creating a cultural oligopoly of a new magnitude. This diminishes cultural diversity and the opportunities for small and middle sized producers to be economically successful. In addition, the capacity of individuals to gain and maintain an overview of what is available on the markets decreases due to the marketing powers of a few.

The content gap results from social and economic structures. It is not produced by electronic machines. It is created by the imbalance of pay and the inequity

The content gap exacerbates existing inequalities and undermines the vision of a global Information Society for all.

Cultural richness – bridging the gap

The World Summit Award and this book place their emphasis on cultural diversity and identity, the creation of varied information content and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural heritage. These are not side issues for the world community and the WSIS process. They belong to the core of a quality Information Society in which people will be happy to live.

The World Summit Award serves the United Nations’ World Summit as a mechanism to allow an understanding of the richness which already exists and to create the necessary transparency in information markets as regards quality content and applications and their availability.

The benefits of the new technologies to citizens and consumers need to be addressed concretely on the level of what their real use is. The World Summit Award is a means to demonstrate the benefits showcasing existing products and innovative applications.

The goal of the WSA is to break the awareness barrier and the marketing deadlock where big promotional budgets or market dominance decide what is available and known in e-Content. It aims also to help overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and the smallness of national markets, to generate an international showcase and to stimulate an interchange on quality multimedia.

Peter A. Bruck For the WSA Board of Directors Chairman, European Academy of Digital Media Hon. President, International Center for New Media, Austria

Mission | WSA 03 | 5

Products per platform Online 586 Offline 129 Mobile contents 23 Games platforms 4 Interactive TV 3 Cross media 58

Products per category e-Learning 105 e-Culture 107 e-Science 81 e-Government 113 e-Health 83 e-Business 110 e-Entertainment 106 e-Inclusion 98

6 | WSA 03 | World’s Best e-Contents



1 WSA 03 Participating countries 136

World’s Best e-Contents

Total 803


the Information


Total 803

World’s Best e-Contents | WSA 03 | 7

1 e-Learning

• Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT Austria • The Mia Software Collection Canada • Ireland

• EduWave Jordan

• Curriculum Server Poland

Special Mentions • IlmuKomputer.Com Indonesia • IAI Cameroon Cameroon • Pisacola Dominican Republic

Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT Description of the product/project ›Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT‹ is a web based e-Learning tool for public administrations and authorities using ICTs for their service delivery. It enables training on the job close to real conditions of the operating system. The user interface and the usability of the web-based training simulate the e-Government application provided by the company. Trainees choose among different modes of passing lessons. They can self-train assisted by an electronic agent called ›Fabi‹ or test their progress without any help. Evaluation reports on lessons done and tests passed indicate the user’s progress.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Fabasoft AG Country Austria City Linz Puchenau Contact

Jury Evaluation ›Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT‹ is a parallel learning environment to the system the user is training for. The training tool perfectly simulates real-time conditions. This method generates a high transfer rate of knowledge. Training lessons are linear series, explaining clearly and in detail what needs to be done, how much time it will take and what the student should know by the end of the lesson. The teacher is substituted by a sympathetic virtual fish character, which guides and assists through the environment making use of text as well as voice sound files. This online training tool is highly suitable and exemplary for its target group of administrators and public services, with its self explanatory character and process orientation.

e-Learning contents are: Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills for a complex and globalizing world; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalized and distributed learning resources; creating active e-Learning communities and target models and solutions for corporate training; supporting first steps in multimedia.

8 | WSA 03 | e-Learning

e-Learning | WSA 03 | 9

The Mia Software Collection Media Format offline/DVD CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER KUTOKA INTERACTIVE Richard Vincent Tanya Claessens Country Canada City Montreal Contact

Description of the product/project The CD-Rom series of ›Mia‹ titles addresses children and marries entertainment and education in new ways. The ›MIA Series‹ of edutainment includes thus far five episodes: ›Mia’s Reading Adventure‹, ›Mia’s Science Adventure‹, ›Mia’s Math Adventure‹, ›Mia’s Language Adventure‹, a new title focusing on English, French or Spanish as a second language and ›Click & Create with Mia‹, a complete creativity studio. Each ›Adventure‹ title has its own story unfolding in a 3D graphic animation environment.

Description of the product/project ›‹ is a free access interactive online learning and service platform dedicated to Ireland’s Secondary and High School level students. The site provides a broad range of rich media curriculum learning material covering all major subjects. ›‹ also provides educational consultants who answer a selection of questions submitted by students online on a daily basis and a collection of valuable features for parents to help them cope with some of the challenges they might face.

Jury Evaluation ›Mia Series‹ of edutainment multimedia CD-Roms is clearly outstanding in terms of its original features which easily capture the attention of children – especially the use of the »character follow mouse« concept. The graphics are exemplary, captivating and very interactive. In addition to thoroughly entertaining the users, the ›Mia‹ products add a lot of value in its way of using interactive media for teaching languages, science, mathematics, just to name but a few. Due to its excellent contents, the titles have been translated into 14 different languages and distributed in 40 countries.

Jury Evaluation ›‹ offers depth contents for 3 target groups including junior student, senior student and teacher. Its services are highly accepted and used by students as well as schools. The e-Learning platform brought together a collection of resources, including comprehensive Homework Notes, essential Year Planners, and a large database of FAQs to answer students’ questions in all major subjects at all levels. Learning resources are designed to excite, engage and motivate students through visualisation and interactivity. A vibrant community has developed around ›‹ where students debate on educational as well as general issues.

10 | WSA 03 | e-Learning

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Intel IT Innovation Centre Peter Hamilton Joe Hegarty Áine Maguire Tom Durkan Country Ireland City Leixlip Contact

e-Learning | WSA 03 | 11


Curriculum Server

Original Title EduWave – e-Learning Platform Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Integrated Technology Group Country Jordan City Amman Contact

12 | WSA 03 | e-Learning

Description of the product/project The web based e-Learning platform ›EduWave‹ is an instructional, content and learning management solution comprising of 3 main components: administrator, author and portal. Through these components, ›EduWave‹ allows all stakeholders in the learning community to engage in the teaching/learning process. It is a comprehensive tool that helps the educational sector to enhance productivity and sets the stage in fostering innovation, creativity and the building of a collaborative learning community.

Description of the product/project ›Curriculum Server‹ is a CD-Rom series of e-Learning programmes for teachers and students in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Its material is in line with the required curricula and designed as a complement to traditional textbooks. Each program contains thousands of interactive pages including a rich audio-visual media set, animations, films and 3D models. ›Curriculum Server‹ can also be used in a variety of teaching and learning contexts such as group-work and project based learning.

Jury Evaluation ›EduWave‹ is a comprehensive e-Learning platform and management solution that makes the learning/teaching process much easier and more enjoyable due its high quality contents. It was designed for users. The site provides students access to the materials they need in a new way by taking full advantage of multimedia and interactivity. Teachers have the possibility to create highly creative multimedia materials and also follow individual students, their performance and progress. Parents can follow the progress of their children and interact with teachers. Through all of these components ›EduWave‹ offers a new approach to the process of education and learning.

Jury Evaluation The ›Curriculum Server‹ e-Learning programs provide teachers and students with very useful explanatory audio-visual material. Its highly emotional impact supports the transfer of knowledge. Graphics are modern and appropriate to the content and navigation is easy to understand as well to use. Each program is full of educational material with thousands of high quality interactive pages including texts, pictures, photos, illustrations, animations, films, 3D models, simulations and exercises. With its rich variety of objects and topics the ›Curriculum Server‹ appears to be a prime example of high quality contents which could be adapted to almost any national curriculum.

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER Young Digital Poland Country Poland City Gdansk Contact

e-Learning | WSA 03 | 13

1 e-Culture • Art2LIFE Canada

• Chile

• The Splendid Chinese Culture China • FACES France


• Living Heritage New Zealand

Special Mentions • Dinka Dance Sudan • Egyptian Culture Heritage in the Digital Age Egypt

Original Title Art2LIFE: The Canadian Century

Description of the product/project ›Art2LIFE‹ is a web-based interactive timeline of 20th century Canadian art, events and people. For each decade of the timeline, visitors have access to 13 themes and events associated with each. A Flash component, the ›Visual Gallery‹ lets visitors interact and affect the surroundings (colour, texture, audio, zoom) as they view the artwork. An exceptional array of media assets from over 200 sources is made available online. The Art2LIFE promotes an understanding of art within greater socio-historical themes.

Jury Evaluation ›Art2LIFE‹ is an impressionistic foray into the world of art in Canada. It exemplifies the importance of integrated learning. The site is inspired by the principles of learning through art and the value of integrated learning. It provides an in-depth look at Canada through its works of art, original photographs, articles, video and audio clips. The interactive tools work like a magnifying glass and create a joyful way to view artworks. ›Art2LIFE‹ truly represents one of Canada’s outstanding digital cultural collections and can serve as an example of e-Culture to be followed by others in order to present and preserve cultural values online.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Ecentricarts Inc. Michel Blondeau Bruce L. Richard Shelley Falconer Country Canada City Toronto Contact

e-Culture contents are: Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets; clearly and informatively using state-of-the-art technology.

14 | WSA 03 | e-Culture

e-Culture | WSA 03 | 15 Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Corporación Patrimonio Cultural de Chile (Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation) Cecilia García-Huidobro, Freifrau zu Knyphausen Paula Fiamma Terrazas Rosario Mena Larraín Paola Guajardo Arrázola Marisol García Correa Country Chile City Santiago de Chile Contact

16 | WSA 03 | e-Culture

The Splendid Chinese Culture Original Title

Description of the product/project The Chilean cultural heritage site is dedicated to the promotion and valuation of Chile’s identity and cultural heritage. The site is not just featuring monuments, museums and artistic works, but also covers popular traditions and contemporary cultural developments. It aspires to reflect the nation’s soul through the active participation of visitors. It aims to encourage cultural diversity, to promote knowledge and allow the free interchange of ideas, uniting efforts for the valuation of patrimony and identity. Its virtual library contains numerous texts, MP3 sound files and videos. The site seeks to inform and to create an active online community on Chilean culture.

Description of the product/project ›The Splendid Chinese Culture‹ website is Hong Kong’s major cultural project to provide valuable information on the rich heritage of Chinese culture. It comprises of 18 series covering history, literature, art, religion and intercultural exchange. The project addresses students and citizens alike and aims to increase knowledge, recognition and the understanding of Chinese cultural development. ›‹ presents the essence of Chinese culture and wisdom from its ancient kingdoms to the present day.

Jury Evaluation ›‹ impresses not just as a comprehensive collection of cultural artefacts of Chilean culture, past and present. It also presents an online space for the collaboration of people and cultural institutions. It promotes a notion of heritage which is alive and dynamic in anticipation of the country’s upcoming bicentennial. Users are lead to explore Chile’s diverse communities in a media rich way, learning about its people, music, customs and history. The site is highly interactive and invites active participation. It is continuously updated and provides articles and news related to recent and upcoming events. The Chilean cultural heritage site’s interface is highly inviting and user-friendly.

Jury Evaluation ›‹ is an inspiring site of great depth, media richness and comprehensive content. It provides Chinese users with an incredible array of contents on Chinese life, history, literature, and culture. The combination of various multimedia formats is done in an exemplary fashion. The exhibits include most useful lesson plans linked to current Chinese education and curricula, featuring tools that assist educators as to how they can use each topic of the site in the appropriate pedagogical setting. The website serves as a powerful online national archive of Chinese history and culture over the centuries.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER The Academy Of Chinese Studies Cong Jing Hu Country China City Hong Kong Contact

e-Culture | WSA 03 | 17

FACES Original Title VISAGES : l'imaginaire des pierres romanes Media Format offline/DVD CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER Parole et Patrimoine Rémy Prin Rodolphe Prin Patricia Touzeau Country France

Living Heritage Media Format cross media

Description of the product/project How can one understand today the hidden memories of historic places? After centuries of silence, what can images of stone tell us? The ›FACES‹ CD-Rom offers a contemporary interpretation of Romanesque figures. ›FACES‹ presents twenty-six impressions of faces from different places. Each presentation includes references and explanations of the connection between places and chosen scenes. It includes dynamic sequences including poems as well as music. Special attention and space is given to the written word. To re-read the poems on the screen and to print them are only one way of a different visual discovery.

City Néré Contact

18 | WSA 03 | e-Culture

Jury Evaluation ›FACES‹ is professionally built around black and white photographs with a clear and simple interface. In this visual and poetic journey in the world of images, sculptures, dance, poems, words and music. Like a country, the faces of the world require a discovery. Sculptors once carved the stone out of their faith, their fears and the violence of the world around them. ›FACES‹ provides a very different look on heritage. It asks questions about the roots of people and their culture within a perspective focused on tomorrow.

Description of the product/project ›Living Heritage‹ is an online bilingual initiative that enables New Zealand schools to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community. Living Heritage preserves history and culture in a digital format for every generation, and allows children’s voices to present a view of New Zealand on the World Wide Web. It is linked to the curriculum in schools. Working as individuals or in groups within their schools, students take the role of researchers, storytellers and web publishers telling unique stories of their region and families. Jury Evaluation ›Living Heritage‹ stands out with its highly participatory approach to social history and contemporary cultural life in New Zealand. The project develops and disseminates local cultural content created by primary and secondary students. The site is an extraordinary environment where students are producers of web content, creating an experience more engaging and constructive than merely viewing a cultural website. Students and schools can share their projects with anyone with interest in New Zealand’s culture, whether European or Maori. ›Living Heritage‹ provides a free online environment and self-publishing tools for a growing online collection of stories, hence contributing to the unique mosaic which is a nation’s culture and history.

PRODUCER The Learning Centre Trust of New Zealand Jill Wilson Country New Zealand City Wellington Contact

e-Culture | WSA 03 | 19

1 e-Science • DVIN Armenia

• Science Matrix Canada

• Agricultural Expert System in China China • Blue World Croatia


• PLoS Biology USA

Special Mentions • Egyptian National STI Network Egypt • Science in Africa South Africa • Sparkles Panama

Description of the product/project The ›Data Visualization Interactive Network (DVIN)‹ produced by the ›Aragats Space Environmental Center (ASEC)‹ in Armenia provides online access to valuable data related to solar storms. The system visualises and analyses space weather data provided by solar monitors located at a high altitude research station on Mt. Aragats. It enables the monitoring of severe solar storms in progress and provides an automatic alert service to subscribers around the world over the internet. Beyond this, it fosters global collaboration in forecasting potential hazards of solar storms. Jury Evaluation The key to space weather forecasting is timeliness and accuracy of data. ›The Data Visualization Interactive Network (DVIN)‹ provides this with a high-tech application that is targeted to scientific agencies for monitoring solar storms. It has a high value for clients by alerting them early of potential damages to satellites, space stations, space personnel and the need to change flight schedules. The system is highly interactive and exceptional information is easily accessible online. Data can be monitored and analysed for desired time spans in a fast and reliable manner. DVIN is strategically important as a scientific application developed by scientists within a national project to help develop space science and do assist weather protection in Armenia.

Original Title Data Visualization Interactive Network (DVIN) for Aragats Space Environmental Center (ASEC) Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Cosmic Ray Division – Yerevan Physics Institute Ashot Chilingarian Nerses Gevorgyan Melanya Ulikhanyan Gayane Kostanyan Country Armenia City Yerevan Contact

e-Science contents are: Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of infrastructure that will enable it; providing measures to promote and demonstrate scientific processes and make them accessible to citizens; scientific projects articulated through new media.

20 | WSA 03 | e-Science

e-Science | WSA 03 | 21

Science Matrix

Agricultural Expert System in China

Media Format cross media

PRODUCER Digital Frog International, Inc. Celia Clark Simon Clark Sarah Clark Jane Recoskie Jim Bridges Country Canada City Puslinch Contact

22 | WSA 03 | e-Science

Original Title

Description of the product/project ›Science Matrix‹ is a multimedia product tackling that which is invisible – the cell. The modular cross-platform product (internet and CD-based) presents the scientific topic in a way which can attract future scientists and non-professionals alike. The content is broad, wide-ranging and ordered to allow exploration and discovery. Its strategic aim is to provide insight into the little known and make accessible hard to understand information in a simple and comprehensive way by using new technologies as motivators for participation.

Description of the product/project In 1990, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology initiated the ›Agricultural Expert System‹ within the National High-Tech R&D Program of China (863 plan). Today, the project provides agricultural knowledge and techniques to millions of local farmers on its web based platforms. established an extensive agricultural research, production & management system with ICT as key technologies. It improves the economic and environmental information and communication in various regions of the country.

Jury Evaluation How to excite young people about science? Often students are turned off a career in the sciences because they find the materials in school difficult to understand or boring. ›Science Matrix‹ presents difficult-to-understand scientific concepts in a captivating and engaging way. Interactivity sets this project apart. The outstanding visual elements easily draw the user into active participation in all processes and bring out inquisitiveness in the search for the unknown. Its first module ›Cell Structure and Function‹ entices the exploration of a complex structure of cells through stunning 3D models of the amazing range of organelles.

Jury Evaluation The ›Agricultural Expert System‹ stand out as a really cooperative scientific network, joining agricultural scientists, experts and small producers. With its knowledge database and reasoning engine, the system interacts with users who come up with local environmental and economic parameters. Digital collection of local information is made in community centres and with geo-localised personal digital assistants. The implementation of the project not only benefits the agricultural economy in China, but also provides a highly valuable experience and models for closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas and enhances rural economy development based on quality e-Content and innovative applications.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER China National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture Chunjiang Zhao Mingshu Li Quanyuan Wu Fanlun Xiong Yueliang Qian Country China City Beijing Contact

e-Science | WSA 03 | 23

Blue World

PLoS Biology Original Title Public Library of Science – PLoS Biology

Original Title Plavi svijet Institut za istrazivanje i zastitu mora Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation Drasko Holcer Caterina Maria Fortuna Gorjan Agacevic Country Croatia City Veli Losinj Contact

24 | WSA 03 | e-Science

Description of the product/project The website of the ›Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation‹ in Croatia meets the target set for the institute, which aims to preserve the marine world. Quality content is being provided by high level researchers working on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Its design represents the blue sea world, the world of dolphins, marine turtles and other marine life. It addresses the needs of students, researchers and encourages public participation.

Jury Evaluation Isn’t it absurd to call this planet Earth, when it should quite clearly be Ocean? The ›Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation‹ takes good care of marine life and the institute’s website is an irresistibly beautiful example of promoting scientific work to the public. One finds engaging material to the scientific projects like research of bottlenose dolphins and marine turtles, the first reserve area for dolphins in the Mediterranean and the ›Marin Education Center‹. The site is highly interactive and provides quality multimedia including animations and videos. It generates high sympathy for several scientific projects of the institute, especially for activities to protect dolphins.

Description of the product/project The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a non-profit organisation of scientists and physicians committed to making the world’s scientific and medical literature freely available as a public resource. ›‹ provides free and unrestricted access to scientific literature. It is a high-profile multidisciplinary journal which publishes original research articles across all fields of biology as well as synopses intended for the non-professional reader. An editorial board includes 120 scientists in all continents. ›PloS Biology‹ aims at making scientific information and the scientific process accessible to a wider audience. Jury Evaluation ›PloS Biology‹ is strategic in its free sharing of high quality scientific knowledge. Giving open access to full texts of scientific publications is essential in global networks. This non-profit initiative from the United States demonstrates an excellent and sustainable knowledge sharing for civil society. ›PloS Biology‹ applies an Open-Access License to the published works – a guaranty for diffusion. The site, supported by print publishing, provides an excellent way to share a wealth of contents between scientists and people worldwide. It’s really a world of sharing and demonstrates that high-quality online journals can flourish without charging.

Media Format cross media

PRODUCER Public Library of Science Vivian Siegel Harold Varmus Patrick Brown Michael Eisen Country United States of America City San Francisco Contact

e-Science | WSA 03 | 25


e-Government • Ministry of Commerce Bahrain • Secretariat of Federal Revenues Brazil • Easy Procedures Chile • Qatar e-Government Project Qatar • Romanian e-Government Gateway Romania

Special Mentions • ESD Life China • Eprocureweb Kenya • USA

Ministry of Commerce Original Title

Description of the product/project Since the Ministry of Commerce for Bahrain is the gateway to incoming business for the country, it has established an ›e-Service gateway‹ addressing the private sector. The portal is not just a government site offering comprehensive e-services to the business community, but also an information service that delivers business news and reports, polls and newsletters. It promotes interaction between business communities and thus makes the site the key portal for business in Bahrain.

Jury Evaluation Bahrain Government’s website for the Ministry of Commerce is an excellent example of e-governance initiative. The portal allows intense interaction of businesses, networks and citizens with the Ministry as well as each other. It has content, services, interactivity, transactional options and all reasons for the targeted audience to come to the website again and again. The site is extensive and truly offers the business community a comprehensive range of business services. The site is clean and modern and is a best of breed benchmark in moving from a policing entity to service oriented institution.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER TCG-ME Ahmed Al Baharna Mohamed Nayle Elvis Vincent Taklikar Ambadas Country Bahrain City Manama Contact

e-Government contents are: Empowering citizens and serving public services clients; fostering quality and efficiency of information exchange and communication services in governmental and public administrative processes; strengthening participation of citizens in Information Society decision making.

26 | WSA 03 | e-Government

e-Government | WSA 03 | 27

Secretariat of Federal Revenues

Easy Procedures

Original Title Site da Secretaria da Receita Federal Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Secretariat of Federal Revenues – Secretaria da Receita Federal Cláudia Leal Michiaki Hashimura Donizetti Vitor Rodrigues Vitor Marcos Almeida Machado Country Brazil City Brasilia Contact

Original Title Trámite Fácil

Description of the product/project The Secretariat of Federal Revenues is a central agency subordinated directly to the Finance Ministry of Brazil. Its function is to enhance voluntary compliance of tax-related obligations, collect funds for the State, and undergo law enforcement actions to prevent tax evasion and promote fiscal justice. The IRS website is the electronic vehicle to implement these objectives. SRF is using the internet as an instrument of integration between tax authorities and taxpayers since 1997. 90% of all taxpayers use the ›Receitanet‹ services for generating and submitting their tax returns. The system effectively cuts organisational effort and saves time for users. Jury Evaluation Why does Brazilian’s experience with tax returns and tax payments differ from most others in the world? ›Receitanet‹ – the site of the Federal Revenue and Custom Secretariat of Brazil (SRF) tries to serves them best. With respectable results. The site is minimal in design but is usable and comprehensive. The flagship product is the ›Receitanet‹ engine, which is an offline application that aids the completion of tax refunds through an intuitive interface. This product is functional, easy to use and effectively using technology to reduce administration costs and bring transparency to the Brazilian Tax System.

28 | WSA 03 | e-Government

Description of the product/project In the past, official procedures in Chile with state bureaucracy were complicated and long winded. ›Easy Procedures‹ is now setting new standards in facilitating and optimising the relations of citizens and public institutions. The inclusive e-Government service provides all relevant information, procedural forms and online procedures at one central website thus saving time and resources of people and institutions. The ›Easy Procedures‹ service is dedicated to all Chileans including citizens living abroad.

Jury Evaluation ›Easy Procedures‹ is the Chilean Government portal that links citizens and businesses to public institutions. Besides providing information it also allows one to complete over 140 high-demand procedures online and to download over 400 procedural forms. Overall the site is thorough and comprehensive, it has been built with the users requirements in mind and therefore is strategically focused and clearly mandated to be a tool for the Chilean population. The site is highly attractive and user friendly – very inviting, encouraging and welcoming. You really feel it has been developed for the people.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Ministerio Secretaría General de la Presidencia Rodrigo Egaña Jorge Chateau Patricio Gutiérrez Country Chile City Santiago de Chile Contact

e-Government | WSA 03 | 29

Qatar e-Government Project

Romanian e-Government Gateway Original Title Sistemul Electronic National

Original Title

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Qatar e-Government Issam W. Alameh Dr. Ahmed Hamad Almohanndai Tarek Abdulkader Haytham Abduljawad Rhonda Asmar Country Qatar City Doha Contact

Description of the product/project The ›Qatar e-Government Project‹ provides comprehensive online services to its citizens, residents and business sector as well as potential tourists to Qatar. The mission of ›Qatar Online Services‹ is to provide government transactions, information and knowledge anytime anywhere on a single government-wide portal. Its practical services range from Visit Visa services, driving license and traffic violations, water & electricity bill payments to islamic tax payments.

Description of the product/project The ›Romanian e-Government Gateway‹ is the central access point to on-line public information and e-services of the national Government. It facilitates electronic transactions between citizens, businesses and public administration through value added services like single user authentication for various departments. As the central part of the Romanian Government strategy for transparency and efficiency, the e-Government initiative reduces bureaucracy and reinforces the commitment to an accountable public sector.

Jury Evaluation The ›Qatar e-Government Project‹ site delivers highly accurate and practical e-services to citizens and the business sector. The site is clean in design, intuitive in use and available in English and Arabic. Electronic transactional services streamline administrative processes and demonstrate that the Qatar Government is proactive and committed to delivering online services in a citizen friendly manner. The ability to pay various types of Zakat and Sadaqat, elements of the islamic system of charity and social welfare, electronically is inventive and commendable.

Jury Evaluation The ›Romanian e-Government Gateway‹ is an impressive example of how a government is committed to delivering comprehensive and innovative e-services to its citizens. The site’s design, its interface and structure is intuitive and user focused. The extensive e-services are functionally rich and progressive. For example, the ›Electronic System for Public Acquisitions e-Procurement‹ is a smart and practical service that encourages the private sector and creates preconditions for reducing corruption. The site delivers practical and useful information and services to its citizens and enforces the Romanian Government’s commitment to an inclusive and sustainable e-Government strategy. This ensures that the transition to an Information Society is irreversible.


30 | WSA 03 | e-Government

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Microsoft Romania Sorin Eftene Dorin Badea Razvan Baciu Country Romania City Bucharest Contact


e-Government | WSA 03 | 31

1 e-Health

• Doc@HOME Estonia

• Argonaute 3D France • TeleDoc India

• Telepresence New Zealand


• Health On the Net Foundation Switzerland

Special Mentions • Health-e News Service South Africa • Salud Dominicana Dominican Republic

Original Title Doc@HOME Remote Monitoring System

Description of the product/project ›Doc@HOME‹ uses a low cost and easy to use data collection unit (DCU) that has been designed considering the needs of home care patients. Innovative in DCU measurements is that they serve an in-depth and a continuous overview of the patient’s cardiac parameters at home. Furthermore, ›Doc@HOME‹ acts as an integrator for blood pressure or glucose measuring devices, storing and forwarding collected data. As a result, medical professionals are able to assign more effective treatment.

Media Format mobile contents

PRODUCER Curonia Research Ardo Reinsalu Kristjan Port Rainer Nõlvak Country Estonia City Tallinn

Jury Evaluation ›Doc@HOME‹ is an innovative use of ICT and bio-impedance technology to enable a continuous remote monitoring of patients and timely intervention by doctors. It allows patients to receive contents adapted to their situations, including doctor’s comments and suggestions. This product is low cost and easy to implement and particularly relevant for countries with an aging population. The ›Doc@HOME‹ system uses existing ICT infrastructure (mobile, internet) and has good business potential. Hence, it appears highly sustainable.


e-Health contents are: Developing of the consumer-centered model of healthcare where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing ICT, including internet technologies to manage health issues the health care system.

32 | WSA 03 | e-Health

e-Health | WSA 03 | 33

Argonaute 3D


Original Title Argonaute 3D Media Format offline/DVD CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER IRCAD (Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer) Jacques Marescaux Luc Soler Country France City Strasbourg Contact

34 | WSA 03 | e-Health

Description of the product/project Based on VR and on DSL internet technologies, the ›Argonaute 3D‹ platform is a tool and content service for cooperative work between distant medical professionals. A medical case can be analysed and operated in real time and visualised in a 3D environment. Specialists and practitioners can decide together on best surgical strategy. This helps reduce decision time and improve the reliability of the chosen treatment. Experts from all over the world can be connected via ›Argonaute 3D‹ joining their skills and knowledge in order to reach the best result for the health of their patients.

Description of the product/project ›TeleDoc‹ uses leading-edge communications technology to bring high-quality healthcare and health related information directly to rural villages. Local healthcare personnel can enter disease symptoms and patient information into the database over the widely-available GPRS network. Doctors retrieve that information at an IT-enabled central clinic, where they input diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment for retrieval by the local personal. ›TeleD0c‹ is a low-cost, highly effective and broadly applicable networking solution.

Jury Evaluation ›Argonaute 3D‹ provides a most useful support to improve diagnostic and surgery methods and strategies. Medical surgeons located in different towns or countries interactively and simultaneously share the same information, have access to the same medical files and can discuss in real time the diagnostic and plan how to run the surgery. They can follow the outcome of their work in a real time 3D virtual body present in their screens. The platform is a highly promising advanced technology to facilitate complex and specific surgery. Its content richness provides precise simulations of how to ›navigate‹ inside organs, tumor destruction or organ cuttings.

Jury Evaluation ›TeleD0c‹ is a highly innovative use of information technologies to provide improved healthcare contents and services to people living in the rural villages of India. It uses mobile GPRS network to creatively enable villagers to access highquality contents and services at a timely and affordable manner. In 2003, the system is being started in one village and its implementation plan, as documented, shows high quality and sustainability, applicable by other organisations and sectors as well. ›TeleDoc‹ is truly an exemplary product demonstrating best practice in e-Content.

Original Title TeleDoc: Sustainable Healthcare for Rural India Media Format mobile contents

PRODUCER Jiva Institute Steven Rudolph Rishi Pal Chauhan Dr. Partap Chauhan Edmond Gaible Country India City Faridabad Contact

e-Health | WSA 03 | 35


Health On the Net Foundation

Original Title Telepresence Communications and Surgery Facility Media Format cross media

PRODUCER Mobile Surgical Services Ltd Stuart Gowland Country New Zealand City Christchurch Contact

36 | WSA 03 | e-Health

Original Title HON – Health On the Net Foundation

Description of the product/project Imagine New Zealand’s smallest hospital: a 20 metre long, 39 tonne mobile surgical unit cruising the country. It is providing low-risk day surgery using local and regional healthcare professionals in a five week cycle. For emergency and complex surgery the bus is fitted with an interactive video system, providing local surgical teams with real time collaboration with expert colleagues off-site. The ›Mobile Surgical Service‹ brings stateof-the-art expertise to the heartland of New Zealand. Jury Evaluation The Mobile Surgical Service makes excellent use of ICT enabled contents and services to remove distance barriers. It extends best practice to the rural areas and becomes a training facility through the real time advice and exchange of professionals. Best practice is primarily established by the mobile surgical unit’s patient information recording and medical management systems that provide timely information for the staff on patient history and monitors surgical processes. Through its intelligent use of static, interactive and real-time data, voice and visual information, it serves the needs of medical and healthcare professionals and should be considered for broader use and adoption in health and medical institutions.

Description of the product/project The ›Health On the Net Foundation‹ (HON) promotes best practices in e-Health. It supports doctors and patients, as well as generally interested citizens in the use of medical information on the Web. It improves and structures access to quality information and provides guidelines of how to use and evaluate internet health information. The ›HON Foundation‹ also created and implemented ethical standards for online providers. Over 3.600 health web sites have already been accredited according to these standards. Jury Evaluation ›Health On the Net Foundation‹ (HON) improves access to best practices in e-Health all over the world. HON has developed dedicated online applications, including an encyclopaedic resource of medical and health information containing over 90.000 references and with HONselect a powerful search engine. Chronically ill people, their caretakers and families can thus find easily online support communities, providing encouragement and cost-effective counselling. Pioneering the field of health information ethics, ›HON‹ was first to introduce a code of conduct for medical and health websites, the HONcode. The penetration of HONcode accredited sites is impressive: 3.600 in 67 countries.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Health On the Net Foundation, under the aegis of the Direction Générale de la Santé – Département Action sociale et Santé Celia Boyer Vincent Baujard Prof. Antoine Geissbühler Dr. Donald B. Lindberg Michel Carpentier Ron D. Appel Country Switzerland City Geneva Contact

e-Health | WSA 03 | 37


e-Business • INTERSPORT Rent Austria • Canada • Tires Direct Germany

• Hostelworld Ireland

• United Arab Emirates

Special Mentions • Trade Point Senegal Senegal • WiseNews China

INTERSPORT Rent Description of the product/project ›INTERSPORT Rent‹ portal is an online B2C and B2B application for skiing equipment reservations, linking stores in over a hundred villages and cities. It is a vertical e-Business environment, covering the entire life-cycle of the renting process of boots, skis and other equipment. The system recommends suitable products and leads through the reservation process, completely handled online including credit card payment. The customer then picks up the booked equipment at a local partner dealer at the agreed upon time. In addition, by managing the appropriate information for specific customer profile and needs the application provides a new way of organising holidays. Jury Evaluation Skiing is very popular in Austria and winter-sports tourism is an important economic factor for people in the Alps. More and more tourists do not want to buy and transport skiing equipment, they would rather rent it. ›INTERSPORT Rent‹ portal innovates a complex business process that integrates individual consumers (B2C) as well as companies (B2B) by managing very efficiently all information and logistics by electronic means. The application has a fine user centric design and customer oriented service and is easy to navigate. It is a best practice example of how a traditional business can be transformed to an e-Business model and create a much more efficient customer relationship tool both for consumers and companies.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Prokom Internet-Marketing GmbH Timo Wendling Dietmar Rietsch Country Austria City Salzburg Contact

e-Business contents are: Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce, business to business, internet security and other areas; supporting SME’s in the marketplace.

38 | WSA 03 | e-Business

e-Business | WSA 03 | 39 Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Abebooks Hannes Blum Boris Wertz Uli Brand Country Canada City Victoria Contact

Original Title Reifendirekt

Description of the product/project ›‹ is the world’s largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books. It connects those who buy books with those who sell books and covers the entire cycle of an online transaction, from registration to logistics. ›‹ has unique features, including a matching system that helps users find unavailable books, direct bookseller contact and a free bookstore inventory management system. The site also includes literary features and community fora where booklovers have lively literary based discussions. ›‹ has an unparalleled selection including collectibles, comics and reading copies of bestsellers.

Jury Evaluation When people think of internet e-commerce success stories two names immediately come to mind – Ebay and Amazon. What about the Canadian company Abebooks? ›‹ combines the professionalism and efficiency of Amazon, the market-making and relationship development activities of Ebay and the ethos of the second-hand bookstore around the corner. ›abebooks’‹ success story is indeed impressive. Launched in 1996 with four bookshops, it connects today thousands of booksellers who list over 45 million titles worldwide at ›‹, ›‹, ›‹ and ›‹.

40 | WSA 03 | e-Business

Tires Direct Description of the product/project ›Tires Direct‹ is an e-Commerce portal for selling tires and related products throughout Europe. It brings agents and tire service stations within Europe under a single roof. ›Tires Direct‹ is provided in 11 countries and in 7 languages. The portal offers a broad selection of tires, grouped in major categories according to type, brand, price and performance. Its special features include advanced search functions, delivery options and service functions like independent quality and performance test.

Jury Evaluation ›Tires Direct‹ is a vertical e-Business application to sell tires and connected services. It is remarkable in the sense that it integrates agents and many small and medium enterprises, as garages are, to provide the consumer with the best products and services at a best possible price. It provides full service in the best sense from presale activities such as tips and tests to finding a garage or a service centre which will put on the tires and fix your car. ›Tires Direct‹ is a comprehensive e-Business application and covers the complete supply chain related to the purchase of tires and related customer support.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Delticom AG Timon Samusch Country Germany City Hannover Contact

e-Business | WSA 03 | 41

Hostelworld Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Niamh Ni Mhir Ray Nolan Tom Kennedy Country Ireland City Dublin Contact

42 | WSA 03 | e-Business

Description of the product/project ›Hostelworld’s‹ core business is an online information and booking service for hostels and budget accommodation in 145 countries worldwide. It acts as an application service provider for hostels and small tourism enterprises, thus enabling them to handle information services and transactions online. ›Hostelworld’s‹ online booking system can be used from any of their websites and through a network of affiliate sites, hostel websites and travel agents. The comprehensive portal of ›‹ makes sure that the key target group of students and young people can be reached. In addition to this main portal, ›Hostelworld‹ also runs country and city specific sites.

Description of the product/project The Dubai based ›‹ is the premier business-to-business online marketplace for the Middle East. It enables buyers and sellers to transact and share information about goods and services via a secured internet environment. ›‹ provides a secured database service and a single point of contact for an open and growing community of buyers and suppliers. It permits spot-purchasing and online auctions that allow real-time access to new markets and enhance their competitive standing. The platform also serves Dubai Government to transact tendering and bidding processes online with vendors and constructors.

Jury Evaluation ›Hostelworld‹ employs a unique business model which allows small tourism units to handle online business and transactions. It enables ›mini-businesses‹ heretofore too small for existing e-travel companies. The ›Hostelworld‹ websites are a fantastic resource for the targeted group of young people providing comprehensive content such as city and country guides as well as quick and easy on-line confirmed bookings. ›Hostelworld‹ represents a feasible solution for large travel sites targeting a younger demographic, or niche sites targeting the Budget, Independent and Youth Travel (BIYT) sector.

Jury Evaluation ›‹ has established a very well designed, open, horizontal e-Business marketplace and community. It plays a significant role in transforming the Middle East economies into an internet based trading environment by providing reliable, secure and innovative online B2B services. Beyond e-commerce, ›‹ also allows companies to instantaneously share information and collaborate effectively across the supply chain. ›‹ benefits companies in extending the reach to new markets and generating substantial cost savings.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Tejari Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi Country United Arab Emirates City Dubai Contact URL:

e-Business | WSA 03 | 43


e-Entertainment • Habbo Hotel Finland • A Destiny Guatemala • Orisinal Indonesia

• TimeHunt Slovakia

• Tropical America USA

Special Mentions • Postcardigital Lebanon • People of Bahdja Algeria

Habbo Hotel Description of the product/project ›Habbo Hotel‹ is not a place just to stay overnight but an inspiring interactive virtual environment where teenagers meet up and play with each other. Signing in ›Habbo Hotel‹ is about having fun, social interaction and self expression. The site provides a safe, rich and positive gaming environment, but it is its visitors who write the script. As Habbos they create their own character and virtual world. All interaction is done through instant messaging, email and SMS and is routed via the site’s console without ever revealing private data. Jury Evaluation In the interactive virtual environment of ›Habbo Hotel‹ teenagers create their own identities and living conditions. With its imaginative, colorful graphic design and smartly provided scope of options for change and interactive transformation, it presents the most sophisticated form of quality entertainment. ›Habbo Hotel‹ is about having fun. But it also deals with the values necessary for the development and mastering of social skills, such as creation and interaction, imagination and creativity. ›Habbo Hotel‹ has developed a massive virtual community, spreading from Finland to many other countries, stimulating creative entertainment and communication across geographical and cultural borders.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Sulake Labs Country Finland City Helsinki Contact

e-Entertainment contents are: Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world's variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one-way to two-way interactive entertainment and the synergy between analog and digital platforms.

44 | WSA 03 | e-Entertainment

e-Entertainment | WSA 03 | 45

A Destiny

Orisinal Original Title Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

Original Title Jun E (Idioma Maya K’iche’) Media Format offline/DVD CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER PAEBI/World Learning Melchor Aguaré Calel Jesus Estuardo Laynes Mario Torres Gricelda Flores

Description of the product/project ›A Destiny‹ proposes a cultural and educational environment with original graphics referring to cultural and rural aspects. It allows users to learn in a highly playful and interactive way about the Mayan language and culture. Its content is well designed to meet both teachers’ and children’s demands and needs. Four different levels of complexities can be played, thus increasing the interest and learning value. The platform is designed to add and modify new games, sounds and texts.

Country Guatemala City Santa Cruz del Quiche Contact

Jury Evaluation ›A Destiny‹ adds a new dimension to bilingual education in Guatemala. Interactive games based on specially designed graphics aim to reinforce the Mayan cultural identity and abilities in Mayan languages. The CD-Rom is especially designed for children in rural Mayan elementary schools. Learning about the Mayan culture and language in an entertaining, computer-based environment raises attractiveness to children and facilitates the preservation of indigenous languages.

46 | WSA 03 | e-Entertainment

Description of the product/project ›‹ is a free entertainment site providing over 40 Flash games. It is an original collection of short games which are accessible, lightweight and very easy to use. At the same time they are technically elaborated to such a degree that actual interaction is as simple and easy as possible. The games’ visuals are highly original and as light and beautiful as morning sunshine. Because of its non-violent stories and sweet characters, these games are highly adequate for little kids. But adults might also be fascinated because of its originality, beautiful aesthetics and rather challenging character.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Ferry Halim Country Indonesia City Padang Contact

Jury Evaluation In ›‹ every game has a story of its own with great sense of humor which promotes human values. The web site is a great example of technical mastery devoted to the creation of maximum simplicity – a noble and sophisticated form of minimalism that is very rare in electronic content, especially in the entertainment industry. With this, and with the excellent design of images as well as of sound, ‹Orisinal‹ introduces popular entertainment to the aesthetics of the sublime.

e-Entertainment | WSA 03 | 47

TimeHunt Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Studio 727 Ladislav Dedík Hannah Kodicek Danny Kodicek Country Slovakia City Pezinok Contact CO-PRODUCER Wellspring Interactive Ltd Kate Reditt Country Great Britain City New Balderton

Tropical America Original Title América Tropical

Description of the product/project ›TimeHunt‹ is a challenging and edifying online treasure hunt on the theme of time, science and renaissance thought. The website contains an extensive collection of articles, interactive games, puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, time travels, space explorations and other features to inform, entertain and share ideas and insights on scientific, historical, computing, mathematical and literary studies. They are arranged in the form of a solar system. The story revolves around the 16th Century alchemist and philosopher Michael Poverus and his ›Machina Universalis‹, a device for uncovering all secrets of life and universe. A real treasure awaits those who reach the point of all answers. Jury Evaluation ›TimeHunt‹ is of astounding encyclopaedic richness and content depth. It captivates those who try to solve its riddles and seek to find all answers. It is highly entertaining and educational for all ages. The website reflects what must have been an excellent collaboration of artistic and creative minds to produce such a great work of art and knowledge by using the power of the Internet. Users have unique experiences of exploring in a journey through time and space. ›TimeHunt‹ is highly significant due to its educational, technological and scientific value. It has drawn an impressive user community all over Europe and around the world.

48 | WSA 03 | e-Entertainment

Description of the product/project Exploring history can be a real adventure in the virtual world. ›Tropical America‹ is an online game with educational focus on the history of Latin America and human rights aspects. Users travel through centuries of history in the role of a lone survivor of the 1981 El Mozote massacre in El Salvador. They can search for evidence of the incidents and communicate their findings via media devices to the world. The educational game focuses on preserving a rich culture and history, utilizing the art of language, sound, graphics and interactive multimedia.

Jury Evaluation ›Tropical America‹ is an outstanding product in view of the historical, cultural, educational, social and moral values that can be derived from it. It is rich in content and highly entertaining yet very value-oriented. Pure graphics in black and white refer to culture and impressively represent a flashback of the past. ›Tropical America‹ is a significant electronic artefact in terms of providing material for history teaching educators, multicultural diversity and values. It also promotes the use of Internet contents as a rich source of research materials and entertaining educational games.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER OnRamp Arts Marcela Oliva Stephen Metts Jessica Irish Juan Devis Country United States of America City Los Angeles Contact

e-Entertainment | WSA 03 | 49

1 e-Inclusion • BIG hART Australia

• Infocentros El Salvador

• n-Logue Communications India • Time to Market Senegal


• WOUGNET Uganda

Special Mentions • Content Village Luxembourg • PiPOP Lebanon

Description of the product/project The aim of the Australian non-profit organisation ›BIG hART‹ is to bridge the digital divide between marginalized people – primarily Indigenous – and the Information Society. Through highly engaging and powerful multimedia art productions excluded community is empowered through IT integration. The ›Nuff Stuff‹ project focuses on disadvantaged young people. It enhances new media skills by enabling creative multimedia productions to re-engage in education and to encourage re-entry into the education system.

Jury Evaluation The ›BIG hART‹ initiative is an excellent effort in bridging the content gap between ›the haves‹ and the ›invisible have-not’s‹. The exploration of the use of emerging visual languages in the ›Nuff Stuff‹ project taps the needs of young people, psychologically and educationally. The multimedia products resulted from the project are beautiful, highly artistic and individual. ›BIG hART‹ is a good example of increasing new media skills and using content creation for the social goals of integration. Providing access to multimedia technology to people who otherwise are excluded from the Information Society gives them a new chance in life. The innovative use of multimedia serves as a re-entry point and stepping stone for marginalized people to improve their future in life.

Media Format broadband/online nuffstuff/nuffsite.htm

PRODUCER Australian Government – Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Christabel Wright Bunji Elcoate Bob Targett Scott Rankin Country Australia City Canberra Contact

e-Inclusion contents are: All measures supporting IT integration of least developed countries into the Information Society. Reducing the ›digital divide‹ between technology-empowered and technologyexcluded communities and groups – such as rural areas and women; bridging society through multimedia.

50 | WSA 03 | e-Inclusion

e-Inclusion | WSA 03 | 51


n-Logue Communications

Original Title Asociació/ Proyecto Infocentros Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Asociacion Infocentros Sigfredo Figueroa Gilberto A. Lara Sosa Country El Salvador City San Salvador Contact

52 | WSA 03 | e-Inclusion

Description of the product/project Asociación Infocentros (AI) contributes to the development of El Salvador by enabling people’s access to internet technologies and by facilitating content generation and publication. The web portal ›‹ has a modular design and its structure allows for the decentralized generation of content in different categories, such as local information, themes, communities and specialties. Members in 40 infocentres and telecentres nationwide generate and feed contents into the portal. In this way, local knowledge from around the region is shared easily. Jury Evaluation The El Salvador ›Infocentros‹ online portal is an excellent example of an e-Inclusion initiative aimed at narrowing the content gap and digital divide for El Salvadoran communities. It empowers on a personal, cultural, social, professional and economic level. Community members at each local infocentre or telecentre are trained to publish web information. They create an exemplary nationwide network aimed at raising the productivity and quality of life of the Salvadoran people. The web portal serves as a virtual meeting place created by and for Salvadorans through a development strategy that is based on the productive, participatory use of information and knowledge.

Description of the product/project The ›n-Logue Communications‹ project project gives information and communication access to people in rural areas of India by installing Kiosks (›n-Logue‹ centres) with wireless internet connection. Each location has its own site with localized information in Tamil, English, Hindi, Teluku, Gujarati. It offers low bandwidth video conferencing and video mail applications that proved to be very efficient for the communication between ›n-Logue‹ centres, hospitals, research centres and schools. The ›n-Logue‹ centres are managed by the local population and promoted in a door-to-door process over the whole community which makes it sustainable.

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER n-Logue Communications Ashok Jhunjhunwala Country India City Chennai Contact

Jury Evaluation Bridging the Digital Divide Profitably! That’s the mission of ›n-Logue Communications‹ with a charter to provide telecom and internet services in rural areas of India. These services base on the technological innovation of ›CorDECT‹, an advanced wireless access system. However the key to success is not just connectivity, but content. The ›n-Logue‹ portal gives access to excellent and updated information ranging from agriculture to health with localized information for each region in local languages.

e-Inclusion | WSA 03 | 53

Time to Market Original Title Extranet securise sur les prix des produits agricoles et de la mer Media Format mobile contents

PRODUCER MANOBI Daniel Annerose Djibril Ndoye David Boggio Raphaël Bellec Emile Sene Country Senegal City Dakar-Fann Contact

54 | WSA 03 | e-Inclusion

Description of the product/project The multi channel system ›Time to Market (T2M)‹ makes available online and over mobile connections real-time market data regarding farm and sea harvests in Senegal. Producers and traders can use their mobile phones in WAP and SMS mode, PDA or internet to check actual prices and availability of products. The price information and data on arrival of products at the markets are generated twice a day. ›Time to Market‹ creates a win-win situation where supply and demand are better coordinated and users increase the efficiency of their small businesses and revenues. Jury Evaluation ›Time to Market (T2M)‹ is a highly innovative type of e-Inclusion project. Rather than merely providing just computers or internet access to ›have-not‹ businesses or people, ›T2M‹ chooses a specific target group which has a strong impact on society at large. In this case, the group of small producers and traders (fishermen and peasants) is chosen. This project is appropriately specific to its target group, very focused, and its objectives are practical and down to earth. By providing a simple and easy to use application of technology, ›T2M‹ has become a realistic and promising project. It can serve as a foundation for the development of the more general e-Inclusion projects targeting other social groups.

WOUGNET Description of the product/project The mission of the ›Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)‹ is to promote and support the use of ICT by women and women organisations in Uganda. Key among its activities is the ›WOUGNET‹ website. It has become a key resource for network members and partners providing information about and for women and their organisations. In addition the website provides links to a broad range of women related projects and resources in fields such as ICT, education, business and human rights. Jury Evaluation The ›Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)‹ allows women to take advantage of the opportunities presented by e-Content and the internet in order to effectively address national and local problems of sustainable development. It offers multiple references and content to empower women in Uganda. It generates awareness about women rights and helps integrate women into the areas of politics, community, education and health. The ›WOUGNET‹ website promotes information and references about best practices, appropriate technologies, ideas and problems of other groups working on similar concerns from various women organisations in Africa. This project has a strategic value for the world-wide inclusion of women.

Original Title Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) Dorothy Okello Milton Aineruhanga Hadijah Namumbya Country Uganda City Kampala Contact

e-Inclusion | WSA 03 | 55


Special Mentions e-Learning e-Culture e-Science e-Health e-Business e-Entertainment e-Inclusion



Original Title IlmuKomputer.Com – Komunitas eLearning Gratis Indonesia dalam Bidang Ilmu Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER IlmuKomputer.Com Romi S. Wahono Country Indonesia City Semarang Contact

Description of the product/project ›IlmuKomputer.Com‹ is a free Indonesian e-Learning site in the field of computer science and information technologies. The non-commercial knowledge portal aims at providing comprehensive materials to Indonesian students and IT learners and creating an active community. More than 200 articles, tutorials and books (in PDF and HTML) can be accessed and downloaded. ›IlmuKomputer.Com‹ also provides online consulting and distributes free CD-Roms for students in Indonesia.


IAI Cameroon

Media Format cross media

Best in the World Regions: WSA Special Mentions

PRODUCER IAI Cameroun Armand-Claude Abanda Tene Jondzo Embolo Bella Alain Owona Zoa Alioum Ousmanou

The World Summit Award is showcasing e-Contents in 8 categories which represent the different sectors of social life. The nominations of national finalists by eminent experts were restricted to one per category. From these the Grand Jury selected in three rounds the 5 world’s best.

Country Cameroon

Given the different cultures and the different levels of economic-technical development among the 136 participating countries, it is necessary and fair to publish and showcase not only the best five products in each of the 8 categories. Where there was no best of five from a specific region, the Grand Jury selected the top ranked product in each category according to cultural world region and honored it with a special mention. On this way, the state of excellence and development of the e-Contents in all the world regions of the WSA 03 is showcased and demonstrated.

56 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions

City Yaoundé

Description of the product/project ›IAI Cameroon‹ is the country member organisation of the Gabon based ›L’ Institute Africain d’Informatique (IAI)‹ associating 11 African member states. ›IAI Cameroon‹ has a relevant impact on the leverage of information technologies knowledge and skills. In less than 4 years it became a major player in computer science training in Cameroon. Its ›‹ portal provides concise information on the numerous training programs and courses of different level, supported by comprehensive online material.


Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 57




Egyptian Culture Heritage in the Digital Age

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Canoa Interactiva Pindaro Peña Annette Aboy Lorelay Carron Country Dominican Republic

Original Title

Media Format cross media

PRODUCER Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) Fathy Saleh Country Egypt

City Santo Domingo

Description of the product/project The ›Pisacola‹ educational site was created to provide children of the Dominican Republic a dedicated learning environment on the internet. ›‹ enables children from all over the world to learn in an easy and joyful way about the Dominican Republic. The name ›Pisacola‹ makes reference to a traditional children game very similar to ›hide and seek‹, thus emphasising its playful and exploring character. The e-Learning site works as an accompaning measure to curricula in grade schools.



Dinka Dance

City Giza Contact

Description of the product/project Deciphering of the Rosetta stone has been a shining moment in historical research of Egyptian heritage. ›‹ is an inspiring website dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of Egyptian cultural and natural heritage. The websites reflects the broad range of heritage programs. An interesting feature is the possibility of downloading the study: ›Strategic approach to Egypt’s Cultural Heritage‹ which lays the fundament for documenting, preserving and disseminating heritage through ICTs.


Egyptian National STI Network

Original Title

Original Title

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Sudan University of Science and Technolgy Rustom Sayed Country Sudan City Khartoum Contact

Description of the product/project ›Dinka Dance‹ is an artwork about African tribal dances. The film is made up of hand-drawn animated frames and sounds of drum rhythms. The Dinka is a large tribe in Southern Sudan. Their dance style has influenced many tribal dances in the region. The particular one displayed in this film is an expression of peace. It celebrates the emerging peace in Sudan. The ›Dinka Dance‹ DVD conjuncts fine arts and digital multimedia to promote peaceful co-existence and cultural exchange between African tribes.

58 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions

Description of the product/project The ›Egyptian National Science and Technology Information Network (ENSTINET)‹ is a public information services organisation. ›ENSTINET‹ provides the Egyptian research community with a full online and onsite access to global information resources via internet. On the local level, ›ENSTINET‹ has been developing and maintaining local databases. These databases contain both literature published in Egypt in the field of science & technology and directories to assist the researchers.

PRODUCER The Egpytian National S&T Information Network Ahmed Abd El-Bassit Dr. Ahmad Abdel Hamid Kabesh Jehan Nour Nadia El Shishiny Ola Wagieh Laurence Country Egypt City Cairo Contact

Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 59



Science in Africa

ESD Life

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Science in Africa Janice Limson Garth Cambray Christina Scott Country South Africa City Grahamstown

Description of the product/project ›Science in Africa‹ is a free online science magazine, containing topics and issues on current scientific research on the African continent. ›Science in Africa‹ has become an important information resource and communication tool. It makes science understandable for every African and showcases African scientists and scientific developments to the world.


Original Title

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China – Information Technology Services Department Woon-Hang Cheung Tony Ma Country China City Hong Kong Contact


Description of the product/project The ›Electronic Service Delivery (ESD)‹ is a bilingual – English and Chinese – one-stop portal from Hong Kong. It provides integrated electronic public and commercial services under a public-private sector partnership model. The ›ESD Life‹ covers a wide range of electronic public services provided by more than 50 government departments and public agencies. It enables the public to transact business with the Hong Kong Government through a diversity of access channels and in particular through the internet.




Original Title Destellos

Media Format broadband/online

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Level36 Mahmoud Noor Edwin Momanyi

PRODUCER INDICASAT Gonzalo Cordoba Cecilia Guerra Lelys de Brugiati Dioselina Gonzales Gilberto Sánchez Country Panama City Panama Contact

Country Kenya City Nairobi

Description of the product/project ›Sparkles‹ is a comprehensive program to promote science and technology in Panama. It aims at creating an investigator’s culture and achieving active, ingenious and creative participation of young people in sciences and technology. The ›Sparkles‹ website intensively promotes such program initiatives as workshops on research and innovation for students and teachers and targeted events like the ›Scientific National Fair of the Juvenile Ingenuity‹ and ›National Week of science‹.

60 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions


Description of the product/project ›Eprocureweb‹ is an online secure procurement system for the Kenya Government that supports the country’s development towards a transparent ›e-Government‹ and a modernised administrative structure. The project aims to optimise government efficiency, increase access to public services and contracts and achieve higher transparency. ›‹ moves the federal procurement process completely online from vendor registration, bid processing to invoicing.

Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 61



Health-e News Service

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER General Services Administration Mary Joy Jameson Country United States of America City Washington

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Health-e News Service Sue Valentine Kerry Cullinan Anso Thom Khopotso Bodibe Thandeka Teyise Country South Africa


Description of the product/project ›‹ is the official U.S. portal to all federal government information and services. It also links to state and local government websites. The portal highlights all U.S. governmental online services and provides a mechanism for public feedback to 125 agencies in three branches of government – executive, legislative and judicial. ›FirstGov’s‹ innovative search technology allows instant content access to more than 20,000 federal websites, many of which were previously not accessible to public search.

City Cape Town Contact


Description of the product/project ›Health-e News Service‹ was started as an online news agency covering public health issues and especially HIV/AIDS in South African print & electronic media. ›Health-e‹ aims to produce reports and features that are accurate, avoid sensationalism and contextualise the impact of HIV/AIDS on South African society. The site provides full and free access to all articles and audio reports which are supplemented by a full transcript, so that the content is availible for all web users.


Salud Dominicana

Original Title

Media Format broadband/online

Media Format broadband/online Official Design/index.html

PRODUCER Telemedia Information Technology Rajesh Coutinho Debabrat Patnaik Dr. Sadiq Abdulla Deepu Ramachandran Srusti Ranjan Misra Mahmood Al Qassab Ali Al Tareef Country Bahrain City Bahrain Contact

PRODUCER Proal SA Isis Martinez Maria I. Laborde Country Dominican Republic City Santo Domingo

Description of the product/project ›Every Individual Matters‹: That is the credo of ›‹. The web portal is dedicated to serving all segments of the society. It is created with the stated mission of improving healthcare through modernising medical communication. This central portal comprises a comprehensive set of service tools addressing doctors, patients, students and general users. By enabling direct interaction ›‹ also aims to develop close-knit relationship between medical professionals and users.

62 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions

Description of the product/project Salud! The highly interactive portal of ›‹ serves the public with comprehensive healthcare and medical information and services. Besides persisting information, the site publishes a bi-weekly online magazine on up-to-date and seasonal health issues. The magazine is subscribed by over 140.000 Dominican and Spanish speaking web users. ›‹ also provides interactive fora and online consultations with doctors, thus creating real added value for citizens.


Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 63





Original Title Mercado electrónico de la Construcción Media Format broadband/online

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER iconstruye Fernando Echeverría Juan Correa German Bartel Nicolas Errazuriz

PRODUCER Wisers Information Limited Ringo Lam Prof K.F. Wong

Country Chile

Description of the product/project ›Iconstruye‹ is an information technology service provider in Chile. In the beginning it was developed as an e-marketplace for the construction industry. After gaining critical mass and becoming the leader for that industry, ›Iconstruye‹ began expanding to other areas of the economy such as health and financial services. It has been contracted to provide the e-procurement service for the Chilean Government. Today it is the leading e-marketplace in Chile.

Original Title

Country China City Hong Kong

City Santiago de Chile Contact www.



Description of the product/project ›WiseNews‹ is a market intelligence network to collect, analyse and deliver business information from the Greater China market to corporate clients. Its innovative product ›WiseNews‹ is a market information service which includes media monitoring and clipping services. It is linked up to more than 350 publishers and information providers. Intelligently aggregated articles of daily news coverage and an extensive archive provide a comprehensive source of information, individually tailored for each client.


Trade Point Senegal


Media Format broadband/online

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

PRODUCER Paravision Michel Sfeir Maroun Asmar Karim Saikali Jo Elias Pierre Yaccoub

PRODUCER Foundation Trade Point Senegal Mor Talla Diouck Aichetou Lalla Ndiaye Amadou Mbaye Diop Abdoulaye Mbodj Abdoulaye Diouf Country Senegal

Country Lebanon

City Dakar Contact

City Mkalles

Description of the product/project ›Trade Point Senegal‹ is the country’s central Web based trade information system. It focuses on consulting and publications on business opportunities as well as on technical and financial partnerships. The system is connected to the Global Trade Point Network (GTPNet) which includes fifty countries. Internationally relevant issues are translated into French and inserted in the ›Trade Point Senegal‹ site at the disposal of Senegalese economic operators.

64 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions

Description of the product/project ›Postcardigital‹, an interactive CD-ROM serie, is a multimedia version of a classical postcard. Each CD-ROM offers a mine of audio-visual information on a specific town or theme in Lebanon. Available in French, English and Arabic, it contains videos, photos and 360 degrees virtual tour. ›Postcardigital‹ comes in the form of a classic CD sleeve. Each cover shows a photo of a place or a monument. The back cover is the same as in a classical postcard where one can write a message, put a stamp and send it off.


Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 65



People of Bahdja


Original Title Wled el Bahdja Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Karim Lounes Country Algeria City Algiers

Description of the product/project The ›People of Bahdja‹ website is a community building e-Entertainment application for Algerian people. A big gathering for fun, it explores Algerian culture and humour. ›‹ features several entertainment sections like Algerian jokes, cuisine, football, Algerian music and also includes a discussion forum. The Algerian music section is dedicated to popular music (chaabi) and allows listening to and voting on music. It offers songs, pictures, interviews, lyrics to print out and a forum for ›chaabi‹ fans.


Content Village

Media Format broadband/online

PRODUCER Primesphere S.A. Tanja Vadrot Maxime Sanglan Judith Pretty François Rousseau Fabrice Kauffmann


PRODUCER Webserv Wissam Ashmar Sara Ashmar Wassim Makarem Ali Jaafar Mohammad Hadla Country Lebanon City Beirut

Description of the product/project The ›PiPOP‹ project aims to diminish the digital divide in the Lebanese society. ›PiPOP’s‹ are centres established in remote areas, which provide free access to IT and internet for the local population. Each ›PiPOP‹ has its own website that offers extensive information about the region, its activities, community, geography and tourism. Bridging the content gap and narrowing the digital divide, it connects local people and the Lebanese diaspora through the use of the internet.


»The World Summit Award gives expression in a very concrete way to the hopes of people to use the IS technologies for something good. It is also a most important means to allow the cultural identities of all nations to be communicated in the Summit Process. The WSA makes a clear statement that richness and diversity can be developed and that all in the South and North can benefit from each other when contents are exchanged in an open manner.«

Original Title Content Village

City Howald

Media Format broadband/online



Country Luxembourg

Original Title PiPOP

Description of the product/project ›Content Village‹ is an awareness raising measure under the European Community’s eContent programme. It extends awareness of results & best practice, supports programme participants and stimulates the European content industry through information dissemination. The ›‹ Web portal is a key instrument for expertise & know-how transfer. Numerous community building tools serve to include actors from the entire value chain. This industry-led site contains market and project information from eContent participants & user communities relevant to everyone in the area of digital content worldwide.

66 | WSA 03 | Special Mentions


ADAMA SAMASSÉKOU, Mali President of the WSIS Preparatory Committee

»The World Summit on the Information Society is not about: ›How does it work?‹. It is about: ›What's the purpose of it?‹ That is why the World Summit Award for e-Content and Creativity is essential to the success of this Summit.« GUY-OLIVIER SEGOND, Switzerland ITU Special Ambassador for the WSIS

Special Mentions | WSA 03 | 67

1 Content World Regions

e-Contents are cultural products. The information and communication technologies of the day determine the way contents are produced and presented and how they can be accessed, transmitted, shared or sold. But e-Contents are also fundamentally tied to language and culture. They inform, relate stories, make knowledge available in ways and amounts unprecedented in human history. e-Contents can be globally linked, but – if not produced in English – they remain in many ways local and regional.

136 countries participated in the WSA 03. Given the different cultures and the different levels of economictechnical development among world regions, it is necessary and fair to showcase not only the best five products in each of the 8 categories, but also to present the products according to the cultural world region from where they come. Hence, where there was no best of five from a specific region, the Grand Jury selected the top ranked product in each category. On this way one can get a full picture of the state of excellence and development of the e-Contents not only in all the categories of the WSA 03 but also in all cultural world regions.

68 | WSA 03 | Content World Regions






• Time to Market Senegal (p. 54) • WOUGNET Uganda (p. 55)


• The Splendid Chinese Culture China (p. 17) e-Science

• Agricultural Expert System in China China (p. 23) e-Health

• TeleDoc India (p. 35) e-Entertainment

• Orisinal Indonesia WSA 03 SPECIAL MENTIONS e-Learning

• IAI Cameroon Cameoon (p. 57)

(p. 47)


• n-Logue Communications India (p. 53)


• Dinka Dance Sudan (p. 58) e-Science

• Science in Africa South Africa (p. 60) e-Government

• Eprocureweb Kenya (p. 61) e-Health

• Health-e News Service South Africa (p. 63) e-Business

• Trade Point Senegal Senegal (p. 64) e-Entertainment

• People of Bahdja Algeria (p. 66)


• IlmuKomputer.Com Indonesia (p. 57) e-Government

• ESD Life China (p. 61) e-Business

• WiseNews China (p. 65)

Content World Regions | WSA 03 | 69








• Chile (p. 16)


• EduWave Jordan (p. 12)



• Ministry of Commerce Bahrein (p. 27) • Qatar e-Government Project Qatar (p. 30) e-Business

• United Arab Emirates


(p. 43)

• Secretariat of Federal Revenues Brazil (p. 28) • Easy Procedures Chile (p. 29)




• A Destiny Guatemala


• The Mia Software Collection Canada (p. 10) • Art2LIFE Canada (p. 15) • Living Heritage New Zealand (p. 19)

(p. 46)


• Infocentros El Salvador




• Telepresence New Zealand

• Canada (p. 40)


• Egyptian Culture Heritage in the Digital Age Egypt (p. 59) e-Science

• Egyptian National STI Network Egypt (p. 59) e-Health

• Bahrein (p. 62) e-Entertainment

• Postcardigital Lebanon (p.65)

• Pisacola Dominican Republic

(p. 58)



• Tropical America USA (p. 49)

• Sparkles Panama (p. 60)



• Salud Dominicana Dominican Republic

(p. 18)

(p. 63)

• DVIN Armenia (p. 21) • Blue World Croatia

(p. 24)


• e-Government Gateway Romania (p.31) e-Health

(p. 36)

e-Business e-Culture


• FACES France e-Science

(p. 52)

• PLoS Biology USA (p. 25) • Science Matrix Canada (p. 22)


• Fabasoft e-Gov-Suite/WBT Austria (p. 9) • Ireland (p. 11) • Curriculum Server Poland (p. 13)

• BIG hART Australia (p. 51)

• Argonaute 3D France (p. 34) • Doc@HOME Estonia (p. 33) • Health On the Net Foundation Switzerland (p. 37) e-Business

• Hostelworld Ireland (p. 42) • Intersport Rent Austria (p. 39) • Tires Direct Germany (p. 41) e-Entertainment

• Habbo Hotel Finland (p. 45) • TimeHunt Slovakia (p. 48)


• Iconstruye Chile (p. 64) WSA 03 SPECIAL MENTIONS


• PiPOP Lebanon

e-Government (p. 67)

• USA (p. 62)


• Content Village Luxembourg (p. 66)

70 | WSA 03 | Content World Regions

Content World Regions | WSA 03 | 71


Jan Bieringa

WSA 03 Jury Selecting National Finalists and the World’s Best Contents

National Finalists from 136 Countries: The Expert Panel In the spring of 2003, the leading organisations, associations and professional institutions in the new media sector in all United Nations member states were invited to propose their country’s most recognised multimedia experts to become a member of the WSA 03 Expert Panel. A total of 399 national nominations were received and the WSA Board of Directors selected one expert per country to nominate the best products within the framework of the WSA 03. In consultation with other experts and institutions and in many cases using the results of national awards and contests, the eminent experts took the responsibility for proposing the eight, in his/her opinion, best practice examples in e-Content & creativity from his/her country in the WSA categories. As a result 136 countries have taken part in a worldwide initiative to select, evaluate and promote the best practice examples in e-Content and creativity and a total of 803 project nominations have been proposed as WSA 03 national finalists.

72 | WSA 03 | Jury special mentions

Director, (e)-vision Digital Media Centre for Communication Art and Technology, Wellington New Zealand

Md. Akteruzzaman President, Bangladesh Multimedia Association (BMA) Bangladesh Md. Akteruzzaman, well known as ›A K Zaman‹ has been working in multimedia and e-Content development for almost 8 years. He was the first to introduce a digital multimedia magazine on CD-Rom and this became the key turning point of multimedia progress in Bangladesh. President of the country’s largest voice of e-media – BMA (Bangladesh Multimedia Association). Frequent guest speaker at multimedia related seminars and workshops. For almost 5 years he worked as a multimedia lecturer for NCC Education UK under BIT- Bangladesh. He is currently working as a multimedia consultant on different national and international projects.

Waheed AlBalushi Founder & General Secretary, Bahrain Internet Society. Columnist & Editor, ›.COM‹ Bahrain

The WSA Best e-Contents: The Grand Jury Meeting in Dubai from October 17th to 22nd, the WSA Grand Jury brought together 36 of the eminent experts from 36 countries representing all continents and a diverse range of languages and cultures. They evaluated all nominated products in a judging process consisting of three rounds. The five WSA Best Contents were voted on by the entire Grand Jury on nominations from category panels. The results of the Grand Jury also include 21 special mentions for products in each category from each world region: Africa, Asia, Arab countries and the Middle East, South and Latin America, North America with Australia and New Zealand, and Europe.

Waheed is a founder of Bahrain Internet Club (1999), Bahrain Chapter of ISOC.ORG (2002) and Bahrain Internet Society (2003). He was involved in launching the first Arabic IT sections in the daily local & regional press (1995). He is approached by schools, social and official bodies to give lectures, presentations, and workshops in the internet field and on how to use the best of the web for novice and advanced users. Family and parental guidance is one of his major goals and concerns. Waheed is an e-Content and webdesign assessment consultant for several IT companies and official entities in Bahrain. He was also selected as a jury member for the 2003 Competition.

Silvia Amici Head of Ars Media, Hypermedia Production Company Italy Silvia Amici has been working for 20 years as a director and producer on a wide range of communication products in the marketing, educational, installation and entertainment field. She focuses on interactive solutions for edutainment, using cross-media supports. In 1989 she set up Eclectica, a company specialized in new formats for didactics, training and health promotion. Silvia Amici is didactic coordinator in the »ID3 – Interaction, Interface and Info Design – Program«. Director of Pari-Go, a non-profit association for research on access to the Information Society since 2002.

As director of NZ’s only digital media centre we have established a programme that has application across the business, industry and creative sector. The philosophy of (e)-vision is predicated on the belief that a digitally literate, informed workforce will be better able to contribute to economic and social development through the integral inclusion of the creative sector. Prior to the initiation and establishment of (e)-vision 5 years ago Jan was involved in the cultural sector with particular responsibility in the programming and funding of short film, documentary and new media.

Josephine Cacdac Training Director, Informatica Technology Center Philippines Josie Cacdac is a PhD in Technology Education. She has 26 years of teaching experience in the fields of IT, mathematics, languages and social sciences, both in the traditional and e-Learning modes. She specializes in curriculum design, system integration and human resource development. Her work with Informatica involves ICT literacy for Muslims, preemployment internship for college graduates, ICT for teachers and internet applications development. She was MIS director of Rizal Technological University, analyst-programmer for Metro Drug Co., IT integration program manager of Informatics Holdings Phil. Inc., and e-Learning content developer-facilitator for

Andy Carvin Senior Associate, Communications Policy, Benton Foundation USA Senior Associate at the Benton Foundation in Washington DC, coordinator of the Digital Divide Network, co-editor of the Digital Opportunity Channel, moderator for the DIGITALDIVIDE discussion forum. In 2003, served as program chair and organizer of the E-Government for All virtual conference. Author of the award-winning website EdWeb, moderator of WWWEDU, creator of SEPT11INFO. Appeared in numerous national publications, including Wired, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone. Named by District Administration magazine as one of America’s top 25 edtech advocates. BS in rhetoric and an MA in telecommunications from Northwestern University.

Martin Casey Managing Director, Arekibo Communications Ireland Martin is a co-founder of Arekibo, an internet consultancy whose client include government agencies and internationally recognized corporations. Prior to Arekibo, Martin was a founding partner of an eBusiness solutions provider that was acquired by Breakaway Solutions, an American eBusiness company in 2000. Martin has won international awards for multimedia and design, accolades include; Creative Review New Media Talent 2000 and winner of Student Award in the inaugural Europrix Multimedia Awards in 1998. His work has been exhibited in the US, South America, Australia and across Europe.

Garegin Chugaszyan Executive Director, IT Foundation (ITF) Armenia As the Executive Director of ITF, Garegin is one of the leading professionals in the promotion of the Information Society in Armenia. He has worked in the sphere of multimedia for 12 years as director and producer of a number of projects including the first ever web casting of World Chess Olympiad in 1996. His latest initiative is a new project on »The Life and Music of Aram Khachaturian«. In 1999 – 2001, as a member of Open Society Institute (OSI) Information Sub-board in Hungary, he participated in the preparation of OSI digital media strategy. He was one of the initiators and the Chairman of the Jury for the National Multimedia Contest (1997) and National Website Contest (1999).

Gabriel Deek Secretary General, Professional Computer Association (PCA) Lebanon As founder and CEO of Digital Media Solutions Companies and Manager of e-Business Solutions Activities for the past 20 years, Gabriel was involved in numerous projects related to e-Business infrastructure, multimedia, advanced collaboration, video production and post-production and news-room automation systems. While keeping a close relationship with the Academia, he joined the PCA in 1996. As the Secretary General (March 2003) he is actively involved in community initiatives aiming to bridge the digital divide. He also chairs the Organising Committee of the Golden Chip Awards since its creation in 1999. This competition seeks to discover and support young talents and promote their work in the business community.

Jury | WSA 03 | 73

Malick Ndiaye

Olga Heker President & Founder, Argentinian Multimedia Association Argentinia

Effat El-Shooky Vice President, RITSEC; Director, Global Distance Learning Center Egypt. Ms. El Shooky has been managing RITSEC Regional Development Programs since 1992 and joined the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Centre in 1986 as the Manager of International Cooperation. Her achievements include founding and directing the ›Global Campus‹ that delivers e-Learning academic, professional and executive programs and establishing an Arab e-University on the net. Ms. El-Shooky has more than 20 years of experience in international and regional cooperation and ICT projects. She tactfully managed joint projects with UN,UNDP,UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, and the Arab League.

Alexander Felsenberg Vice-President & Managing Director, Internet Multimedia Association (DMMV) Germany During his career Mr. Felsenberg has held various positions in the TV, publishing and media industry, with employers including Pütz and Partner GmbH, MEDOX Medien GmbH, and the German Research Society at the University of Siegen, where he was a member of the media faculty in the position of assistant professor for five years. In addition to his involvement with the Dmmv (Deutscher Multimedia Verband), Alexander is the VicePresident of the FSM (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia Diensteanbieter), a self-regulating body of internet multimedia services and contents, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the German Software Federation.

Andreas Hadjioannou Managing Director, Virtual IT Cyprus Andreas Hadjioannou received a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1984. Since then he has worked as a Software Engineer, Project Manager, IT Manager, Operations Director and Managing Director for local and International organisations such as NCR and Pepsi Cola International. Andreas is the founder and Managing Director of Virtual IT, an information technology solutions and services company. Recent projects include the formulation of the Government of Cyprus strategy and legal framework for E-Commerce, the travel ASP marketplace and the EU/IST project – e-MINDER.

74 | WSA 03 | Jury

Olga Heker works as CEO of Heker Multimedia Group, Design study and Electronics Developments. She was invited by the Quebec Council for Latin America and the MMA for the launching of the Multimedia Market of America in Montreal, 2001. She gave lectures on copyright and rights of intellectual property together with O’Farrel & Schmucker studio, and held workshops on Digital Art together with well known International artists. Ms. Heker taught at the University of Graphic Design in Palermo and at the Technological Faculty of Belgrano University. Currently Ms. Heker is preparing a book about Professional Practice.

Yuri Hohlov Chairman of the Board, Institute for Information Society (IIS) Russian Federation Yuri Hohlov was among the creators of the National Science Foundation – the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (1993) and directed its ICT Department. In 1996 he served as a Deputy Director of the Russian State Library responsible for IT and library automation services. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Digital Libraries Journal and the Information Society Journal (Russia), Group Coordinator of the International Jury to the Stockholm Challenge Award, Chairman of the High Level Expert Committee for e-Development of the Moscow City Duma (Council), Chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian e-Development Partnership and Chairman of the Jury to the Russian e-Region Award for the e-Russia Program.

Dave Kissoondoyal Group Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer, Bowman International Sports Ltd Mauritius As CTO, Dave is also responsible for the content strategy for the online gambling and casino business. As President and Chairman of the Internet Society Chapter of Mauritius, he aims at raising awareness for the Internet in Mauritius and the use of creativity for contents in the culturally diverse Mauritian environment. Dave helped in drafting the Global Information Technology Readiness Report in 2001, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and Harvard University. Dave has also been the President of ›Save the Children of Mauritius‹.

Technical Adviser to the Prime Minister Senegal

Megan Knight Director, New Media Lab and Johnnic; Chair, New Media/ Department of Journalism and Media Studies/Rhodes University South Africa Megan lectures postgraduate courses in New Media and Media Technology. She also supervises research in new media issues, including the uses of new media, news technology, and online publishing and storytelling. Megan has considerable experience both as a journalist and as a web developer in South Africa and Canada. She has worked with Independent Newspapers as their Computing and Technology editor, with VWV Interactive as a project manager and programmer, and with the SABC as a webmaster. She is also involved in Highway Africa in a number of capacities, as a previous conference director, and currently in running the newsroom and the award for Innovative Use of New Media in Africa.

Merlyna Lim

Kresimir Lugaric President & CEO, Internet Institute Croatia Kresimir Lugaric has been in a love affair with Information Technology in both a professional and private way for over 10 years. It began when he assembled his first computer, continued throughout pioneering BBS communities, began his own successful web development business and peaked with establishment of the Internet Institute mid 2001. He was appointed the Institute’s President in November 2001. In addition to the management and planning of activities, Kresimir continues to pursue his second great love - design - within the implementation activities of Institute’s internet projects.

Internet Researcher, SCoT Research Group Indonesia

Son ˇ a Makulová

Research fellow and project director of the Social de-Construction of Technology (SCoT) Research Group, Bandung, Indonesia; PhD candidate in Technology & Society Studies, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. Publications on social uses and impact of the internet in international journals and as book chapter; Guest lecturer and speaker in various international conferences and meetings. International awards/achievements include: SSRC (New York) research grant in ICT & civil society 2003, Oxford Scholarship on 2003 Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme, WOTRO fellowship in social science and humanities research (NWO Netherlands), winner of 2002 International Paper Contest of American Society of Information Science & Technology, and other.

Son ˇ a Makulová specializes in information retrieval, information architecture, multimedia and electronic publishing. She is also an information specialist at EL&T, the leading Slovak company in the field of electronic publishing, multimedia and www design. Son ˇ a Makulová is the author of 6 books and more than 150 articles. She lectured at universities and conferences all over the world. She is currently involved in the research on digital libraries and also in the EU project ACTeN. She is the President of SlovakPrix MultiMedia.

Albert Song Lian Lim Deputy Director, Digital Media Design Center, Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore Albert has been in the tertiary education business for the past 13 years. His academic career spans 3 faculties (i.e. Engineering, Information Technology and Design). He is an elected member of the Polytechnic’s Senate. He specializes in digital media education, and the development of digital animation, interactive television, and digital cinema. He is an active member of the management committee of ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore chapter, and currently chairs the GRAPHITE2004 Electronic Theatre program. GRAPHITE2004 is an international computer graphics and interactive techniques conference to be held in Singapore in 2004. In 1997, he was a jury member for the International Digital Media Award in Toronto, Canada.

Associate Professor, Comenius University Slovakia

Osama Manzar Founder & Secretary, Digital Empowerment Foundation India Mr. Manzar is the founder & editor-in-chief for, India. As an ICT expert, he is a widely quoted IT entrepreneur, editor, columnist, and new media specialist. He has authored ›The Internet Economy of India‹, and was awarded Young Indian IT Professional Programme 2002 Scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to study Advanced IT Management Programme at Manchester Business School. He is an ICT4D Advisor to the Development Gateway Foundation and is cofounder and board member of 4Cplus, a software company in New Delhi.

Mr. Ndiaye coordinated the set up of the information system of the Senegalese Government on the internet (portal, website, mail, access). He is engaged in the activities of OSIRIS (Observatory on the information system, the networks and the info highways in Senegal) with which he took part in the launching of the concept of a multimedia caravan in rural areas. He also works for ISOC SENEGAL (Senegalese Chapter of Internet Society) which deals with the development of ICT and it’s appropriation by the population. Mr. Ndiaye has coordinated several multimedia projects and organized a website contest in Senegal. He is also a member of the Senegalese task force for WSIS.

Charles N. Nduati Executive Secretary & Director, ICT Board Kenya As the Executive Director of a Federation of 12 ICT Associations, Mr. Nduati has a clear overview on the entire network, involved in the Kenyan ICT industry. He is the key link between the ICT industry and the government and all other stakeholders. Prior to this, he was the head of ICT practice at the local office of Andersen Consulting (DCDM) for 4 years. Again prior to that he served as the CEO of a medium size IT Integration Company and also served as the CIO of a local bank for 5 years. Nduati is a 1988 MBA graduate in Finance in IT of St Joseph’s university in USA.

Izzeldin Mohamed Osman President Emeritus, Sudan University for Science and Technology Sudan As a professor of computer science in Sudanese and US universities Dr. Osman pioneered national and regional multimedia web-based contests and educational projects. He is a member of the UN ICT Task Force Panel of Experts, an active member of the Regional Information Network for Africa and a member of numerous professional and academic regional and international associations. Dr. Osman graduated in Electrical Engineering from University of Khartoum, Sudan, received MSc and PhD in Computer Science from Bradford and Durham universities in UK and was the Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Hayward.

Denis Pansu Member of the executive board, FING France Fing is a collective and open Research and Development project which focuses on tomorrow’s internet uses, applications and services ( Mr. Pansu manages french meetings in different cities about innovative projects. Since 1997, he used to work on human networking using groupware solutions. He analyses, coaches and chooses french internet solutions among different project calls in business and non-profit areas.

Elizabeth Quat President & Co-founder, Internet Professionals Association, Hong Kong China Dr. Quat is the Vice President of Corporate Development of SC Fulfil Limited, which specializes in IT Logistics. Dr. Quat holds BBA, MBA and Ph.D. degree in Management and possesses 15 years extensive experience in Asia market entry, new business & product development and M & A. Dr. Quat is an active member of many HKSAR Government Advisory Committees and community servicing organisations such as the Logistics Development Council and the Research Grants Council. Dr. Quat was elected as one of the »Ten Outstanding Young Persons« and »Ten Outstanding Young Digi Persons« for the year 2001.

Christian Rupp Federal Executive Secretary E-Government, Austrian Federal Chancellery Austria As the E-Business representative for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Mr. Rupp is, since 1995, the driving force behind information society awareness activities in Austria. He is the author of various publications and articles about new technology and new media aspects in modern business development and communications as well as new public management. As an expert in various e-fields he is an evaluator and a national delegate at the European Commission for e-Europe initiatives. Before his appointment as the Austrian Federal Executive Secretary for E-Government he held positions in the chamber organisation as Vice Director of Communications/Marketing Department and Deputy Manager International Technology Transfer.

Jury | WSA 03 | 75

State Secretary for Information Technology Romania

Leopold Mutakyawa Rweyemamu Vice-Chairman, DigIT Africa Tanzania Leopold is Co-founder and Vice-Chairman of the first ICT Non Governmental organisation in Tanzania, ›DigIT Africa‹. As Project Coordinator of the ICT Awareness project he is engaged in organizing training seminars/workshops to high school students on the benefits of embracing ICT. He worked as Director with AXIS international Limited, an IT consultant and book distributor that represents global publishers. Leopold has also taken an active role in the Tanzanian delegation to the WSIS process right from Bamako to PrepCom I, II, III and was working as a secretariat member in organizing the two day National WSIS Consultative Workshop in October 2003.

Marcelo Sant’Iago President, Brazilian Interactive Media Association Brazil Law degree from Faculdade de Direito do Largo de São Francisco; started his career in advertising in 1989; works with interactive advertising since 1996. As Associate Creative Director for the Internet at J.Walter Thompson, he was the first Latin American invited to WPP Interactive Community in 1998. Served as Country Manager for the digital agency Collectivemind and later as CEO at MundoMedia, the leading online advertising technology provider in Brazil. Worked for major clients, such as Ford, MaxBlue, UDV, Wyeth, Nestlé, Unilever and Warner Lambert. In 1999 he was appointed Top 5 Interactive Advertising Professional in Brazil and won 2 IBest awards. Served as President of the internet Jury at Gramado International Ad Festival ’03. Lectures in Brazil, USA and Mexico.

Suzanne Stein Mentor, Habitat Canada Canada Suzanne has been a core member of the new technology division, Habitat, at the Canadian Film Centre, since its inception in 1997. She is currently faculty member and module leader for interactive media and narrative theory in their training programme and is a co-mentor for the Interactive project lab that runs across Canada, guiding and nurturing innovative technology projects for market launch. In addition to her work at Habitat, she has been a research and creative consultant to the IT sector for 7 years, forerunning and anticipating the importance of the new discipline of User Experience.

76 | WSA 03 | Jury

State Secretary for Information Technology in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology since October 2001. Studied Computer Science and Mathematics at ›Gh. Asachi‹ Technique University in Iasi. MBA from the Open University Business School, UK. Doctorate in e-Government systems’ security. Since 2001 – member of a joint committee for eEurope + Action Plan and Vice-President of the Working Party for Industry and Enterprise Development (WPED); an umbrella body of the team of specialists on internet Enterprise Development. Secretary of the ICT Task Force – The Group for Promoting Information Technology, formed by 7 e-Ministers and lead by the Prime Minister of Romania. Awarded Businesswoman of the year ’02 by National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Edgard Cyr K. Tougouma Cofounder & Technical Director, SOLSI, Libreville Gabon Mr. Tougouma graduated from the African Institute of Computer Science in 1996 and is involved in the promotion and development of the internet and ICT in Africa since 1998. He was cofounder in 1999 of the African Internet Fiesta Association (Fête de l’Internet en Afrique – FIA) and since then has been continuously elected President of the association. After two years work as the IT Manager of Globule Consultants (a Gabonese company for enterprise communication and events organisation), he participated in the creation of SOLSI (Services OnLine & Systemes Informatiques) in 2000. As Technical Director, he has led the development of the two main activities of SOLSI: ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Web Agency (Web sites design, online advertising and Free Web mail through a web portal).

Louise van Rooyen Executive Director, Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA) Australia As Executive Director of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association, Louise van Rooyen represents, supports and advocates the interactive media industry in Australia and internationally. With over 10 years experience working in the interactive media industries, van Rooyen was previously Managing Director of Massive Interactive, one of Australia’s leading interactive media development agencies, a company she co-founded in 1996. Prior to this van Rooyen was Executive Producer at TeraMedia where she helped grow Australasia’s largest interactive agency at the time and lead the team to garner a string of international development awards for a suite of six edutainment CD-ROM titles.


Jury Spokespersons

Adriana T˛ ica ˇu

Carlos Vera Quintana Director, Agenda at Conectividad del Ecuador Ecuador Carlos Vera Quintana is an electronic engineer, with background on ITCs and Telecommunications. He hold a Bussines Administration Degree and a Magister Artium on International Relations. He is Former President of the Ecuadorian Information Technology Association a member of WITSA, Former president of the Ecuadorian Corporation of Electronic Commerce and the Internet Society Ecuadorian Chapter of ISOC and the leader of the Country Gateway Project in Ecuador. Carlos Vera Quintana is also the Director of the Ecuadorian Program of Electronic Government and Information Society and in charge of the Ecuadorian participation on the WSIS.

Melita Zajc Head of Research, RTV Slovenia Slovenia Combining editorial work and research in the field of media, Ms. Zajc was editor of the magazine ›Mladina‹ and head of Arts and Culture Department at RTV Slovenia. She has a PhD in anthropology and philosophy and also studied Visual Media at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna where she curated an international series of lectures ›Theories of the Visual‹. Ms. Zajc has written many international publications and lectured at the ISH Ljubljana. She is a member of the Supervisory Board of Slovene Film Found and President of the Expert Commission on Media and Audiovisual Culture at the Slovene Ministry of Culture.

Lawrence Zikusoka Founder & Director, ICT for Development, Conservation through Public Health Uganda ›ICT for Development at Conservation through Public Health‹, is an organisation which promotes conservation and public health by improving primary health care to people and animals around protected areas in Africa. Mr. Zikusoka worked as an ICT Specialist in United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India in 2003. This involved volunteering in the global UN Information Technology Service initiative and advising the Government of Orissa on issues of e-governance, ICT policy and networking technologies with a special focus on ICT’s in rural development, including agricultural marketing. In 2000, Lawrence was on a strategic business development team that identified opportunities in emerging markets at Nortel Networks in Research Triangle Park, USA. In 1999, he also worked on a technical infrastructure team that expanded the first mobile phone network and services in Uganda, operated by CelTel.

»The World Summit Awards are a very important initiative at this time. As many countries are launching e-Content initiatives, it is important that we take stock of best practices being established and the impact of these projects. Given that the Information Society is a global phenomenon, it is important that we begin cross-country dialogues, and learn from each other. In essence, the WSA is a process and a platform upon which we can set a series of standards and work collaboratively to ensure that the future we build now is meaningful. With the high level of inclusion of country and continental representation, transparent procedures, and openness in a democratic process, the WSA models a best practice for dialogue and decisionmaking. The harmony and spirit of the process was itself inspiring and promising. What is amazing about the WSA is that it provides the chance to look at works and realize that there are significant projects from virtually every country in the world. «

»I am very proud to have been at the Grand Jury of World Summit Award as the national expert from Brazil. It was a unique opportunity to see how interactive content is been developed around the globe and also to meet other experts who now turned into friends. The process allowed us to check at least 2 different categories and learn how each country addresses the e-Content issue when the finalists got into plenary voting. For the producers this award is an excellent way to showcase their projects. I have already receive requests from interested business parties from different countries, who wish to get in contact with Brazilian producers. That’s thanks to WSA.«

Suzanne Stein

»The World Summit Award (WSA) is the first global attempt to help develop the e-Content industry within the framework of building the global knowledge-based economies. Creativity and innovation are key driving forces for promoting intellectual capital as the basic development catalyst to nations and economies. I strongly believe that the WSA provided an excellent opportunity for 136 countries to participate in the most innovative and fruitful attempt towards the achievements of the 21st century development goals and to boast the global e-Content industry. My experience of being a member of the Grand Jury in Dubai was a very enriching one: we evaluated a broad range of best practise examples, which demonstrated the harmonious integration between the content creators, structures, workers, processes and technology providers with the aim of serving the development of different societies, communities and people.«

WSA Spokesperson for North America, Australia and New Zealand

»During the WSA Grand Jury process we evaluated some of the most innovative e-Content and creativity products, services and applications emerging from both developing and developed countries. The Grand Jury process raised awareness among eminent experts on the need to further identify, support and implement multimedia and ICT best practices, which help to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) within specific thematic areas such as, education, health and sustainable environment in Africa and the rest of the world.«

Lawrence Zikusoka

WSA Spokesperson for Africa

Marcelo Sant’Iago

WSA Spokesperson for South and Latin America

Effat El-Shooky

WSA Spokesperson for Arab Countries and Middle East

»The World Summit Award is the very first contest that showcases interactive content from all over the world. It is a truly international competition that reflects today’s development of interactive content worldwide. The fairness, open-mindedness and tolerance of the country where the evaluation took place make this award even more extraordinary and the process by which the selection and judging of this award was conducted could be an example to lots of competitions. Due to the indiscriminating entry procedure, the jury evaluated a broad range of entries from 136 countries. The results of the selection represent an accurate state of the content production worldwide.«

»As a member of the WSA Grand Jury I was faced with a very challenging task and a wonderful experience. The qualities of the best e-Content from 136 countries were exceptionally high. They covered wide varieties and displayed very high standards in creativity and innovation. The upcoming WSA Road-show will surely showcase the best practices whereby new standards for the industry will be set.«

Elizabeth Quat WSA Spokesperson for Asia

Alexander Felsenberg WSA Spokesperson for Europe

special mentions Jury | WSA 03 | 77

1 Invitation to the WSA Future

2004 and 2005 The WSA Contest and WSA 05 Gala

The WSA contest for e-Content and creativity will be launched in mid-2004 and will be open to all producers and companies without discrimination in terms of language, technological platform or nationality of submitters. Residency and/or company seat of business will determine the country and region in which to participate.

2004 The WSA Road Show

The WSA 03 Best Products will be showcased around the world in special events during 2004. In each of the major world regions the events will be organized in close cooperation and on the invitation of local organizers and key partners. The events will demonstrate the world’s best in quality e-Content creation and will create awareness for the WSA 05 contest.

The Road Show will not only demonstrate the richness and diversity of the world’s best contents, but also place emphasis on e-Inclusion: special accompanying measures on this issue, such as workshops and conferences will be organized in-line with the exhibition.

Interested to host a WSA Road Show exhibition or event? Please contact:

A network of World Summit Award key partners will organize pre-selections in their regions. The partners guarantee the fairness and independence of the evaluation process and follow the criteria of the WSA contest rules. The WSA 05 Grand Jury with the selection of nominees and winners will take place in August 2005. The winners will be announced at the WSA Winners Gala in Tunis, November 2005, which will be held in the framework of the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Wish to enter your project or application into the WSA 2005?

We welcome your interest and will be happy to inform you about the registration start: please contact us via

world summit




The best in e-Content and Creativity

78 | WSA 03 | Invitation to the WSA Future


WSA@ ICNM The International Center for New Media (ICNM) is a non profit association, based in Salzburg, Austria and networking throughout Europe and all over the world. ICNM focuses on research and analysis of the content and market development in new media. It also offers selected educational programmes. ICNM stands out with its special emphasis on the evaluation, promotion and showcasing of best practice in e-Content and multimedia creation.

ICNM currently runs eight different national, european and international programmes and projects. It cooperates in international networks and works in partnership with other centers of exellence, professional multimedia associations, institutions of higher learning, research institutes and non-profit foundations. It services private industries and governments and offers a platform for networking, co-operation and experience exchange for multimedia professionals from all over the world. Honorary President: Peter A. Bruck

ICNM Team: Birgit Berger (Business Manager) Christian Bauer, Ursula Berk, Verena Bstieler, Anna Djuric, Petra Eberhart, Jana Egger, Paul Gerl, Anastasia Konstantinova, Dejan Linkic, Martin Ortner, Caitriona Rynne, Robert Singer, Tatjana Stimmler, Verena Struber

International Center for New Media Moosstr. 43a 5020 Salzburg Austria T: +43.662.630408 F: +43.662.630408-22

ICNM Projects 2003 – 2005 World Summit Award

The worldwide need to learn about quality in new media is addressed by the World Summit Award. The project focuses on bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap through selecting and promoting the world’s best e-Content and creativity.


EUROPRIX is a development platform for new media industries in Europe and encourages the professional networking of producers and designers. It is a strategic project to develop the fast-moving multimedia markets in Europe. Since 1998, EUROPRIX conducts one of a leading multimedia awards for quality multimedia contents in Europe.

EUROPRIX Top Talent Award

Europe’s most recognised award for innovative projects, created by young producers under 30. Projects can be submitted in the following categories: internet/broadband, offline/DVD, mobile contents, computer graphics, interactive TV, games and cross media.

EUROPRIX Summer Schools A unique possibility to learn from the best European multimedia producers and designers and work with leading technology researchers, advancing multimedia technologies and tools.

ACTeN – Anticipating Content Technology Needs A EU-funded thematic project and a cooperation between EUROPRIX network partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Austria. ACTeN aims to stimulate the development of European e-Content industry by monitoring the digital media market and transferring knowhow in Europe.

EADIM – The European Academy of Digital Media

EADiM provides an infrastructure for sharing professional expertise and for extensive networking among the nominees, winners and jurors of the EUROPRIX Multimedia Contest. The academy is incorporated as a non-profit foundation under Dutch law and managed by a board of directors.


An intensive training program in cross media and new technology for young professionals/producers, who work in the field of convergent media, in the broadcast and in the audiovisual or new media industries. It focuses on providing the participants with a strong understanding of advances of new technologies and tools and developing their managerial skills, in order to maintain and strengthen their professional position.

INYOP Selective workshops in interactive storytelling and cross media production for young professionals/producers, who work with new media in innovative projects. INYOP workshops focus on providing the participants with a collaborative environment to develop their projects and techniques in interactive storytelling. For updates:

Austrian State Prize for Multimedia & E-Business An initiative to promote Austrian’s best multimedia producers. Established as the Prix MultimediaArt in 1997, it was in the following year awarded the status of the Austrian State Prize. The ›Staatspreis für Multimedia & e-Business‹ henceforth has been the explicit benchmark for Austrian multimedia producers.

The special WSAmentions @ ICNM | WSA 03 | 79


WSA Associate Partners ALBANIA


• Polytechnic University, Department of Distance Education, Tirana

• Cyber Senior Network Development Association Limited COLUMBIA

• Colombian Software Industry Federation – FEDESOFT


• Asociación Argentina de Multimedia • Cámara de Empresas de Tecnologías de Información de Argentina (CESSI)


• Cyprus Computer Society ECUADOR


• The Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences • Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) • Xmedia Lab AUSTRIA

• creativ wirtschaft austria • •

• • • •

NUEVARED.ORG The Ecuadorian Association of IT and Services The Ecuadorian Chapter of ISOC The Ecuadorian Corporation of Electronic Commerce – CORPECE ETHIOPIA

• United Nations Economic Commission for Africa FINLAND


• MindTrek Association • SATU

• Bangladesh Computer Samity • Bangladesh Multimedia Association • Forum for Culture and Human Development


• The Next Generation Internet Foundation


• Krealis



• Associação de Mídia Interativa (AMI) • – Câmara Brasileira de Comércio Electrônico BULGARIA

• Association for the Development of the Information Society (ADIS) • National Association – Student Computer Art Society (SCAS) BURKINA FASO

• Fondation Internet Nouvelle Generation Afrique (FINGA)

• Deutscher Multimedia Verband (dmmv e.V.) • Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden Württemberg (MFG) HONG KONG

• Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF) HUNGARY

• Hungarian Association of Content Industry • Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ) INDIA

• B. B. TEK Inc, Pune • People’s Action for Social Service INDONESIA


• Associacion pour la Defence des Droits de l’Homme

• Indonesian Telematic Software Association IRELAND


• Banff Television Foundation • International Federation of Multimedia Associations (FIAM)

An Initiative by the European Academy of Digital Media

with the support of and in partnership with

• The Irish Internet Association ITALY

• Ars Media

Sponsor Partners

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