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The Best in e-Content & Creativity

Editor and Publisher Peter A. Bruck Publication Management Anastasia Konstantinova Editing and Text Management Stefan Kaufer Assistance Cecilia Bruck, Ian Boyle Published by World Summit Award Office ICNM – International Center for New Media Moosstr. 43a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Graphic Design Eric Pratter – media&design – © 2005 ICNM – International Center for New Media All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted, reproduced, utilized in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission of the publishers in written form. Printed in Austria

The World’s Best e-Contents 2005

world summit



The Best in e-Content & Creativity

WSA 05 Patrons WOLFGANG SCHÜSSEL Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria YOSHIO UTSUMI Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union KANDEH YUMKELLA Director General Designate, UNIDO NÉSTOR CARLOS KIRCHNER President of Argentina BEGUM KHALEDA ZIA Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh ´ STJEPAN MESIC President of the Republic of Croatia GERARD LATORTUE Prime Minister of Haiti ALEKSANDER KWASNIEWSKI President of Poland ABDOULAYE WADE President of Senegal ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI President of the Republic of Tunisia ROMANO PRODI Former President of the European Commission ION ILIESCU Former President of Romania

WSA 05 Board of Directors PETER A. BRUCK Chairman European Academy of Digital Media – Chairman of the Board Hon. President of ICNM, Head of EUROPRIX JAK BOUMANS European Academy of Digital Media – General Secretary EMR, Netherlands – Senior Consultant VLADIMIR BURCIK Academy of Communication, Slovakia – Director ALEXANDER FELSENBERG Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V, Germany – Member of the Board PAUL HOFFERT, C.M. Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Canada – Chairman OSAMA MANZAR Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), India – Director CHRISTINE MAXWELL Institute of Scientific Simulation, California – Senior Partner Internet Society – Trustee Emeritus CAI MELAKOSKI Mindtrek, Finland – Manager International Relations GRIGORE POPESCU Institute for Computers (ITC), Romania – General Manager ELISABETH QUAT Internet Professionals Association (iProA), Hong-Kong/China – Founder and President MARCHELO SANT’IAGO Interactive Media Association Brazil (AMI), Brazil – President

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WSA Mission

Bridging the content gap Showcasing the World’s Best

A unique global initiative in inspiring the Information Society You are holding a unique document in your hand. This book is the only source where you can find an overview of what are the best interactive contents and innovative applications in the world. Forty products were selected in a five-stage process from approximately over 20,000 candidates from 168 countries. The selection of the best products in the world included national evaluations, a Grand Jury review of over 750 nominations and a 6-day methodical judging process. The overall process meets near-scientific requirements of independent, inter-subjective judgment and of establishing the best available expert views. This book has a clear objective: to document for you and everyone else the existing richness and diversity of quality e-Contents from around the world.

The need for quality content Contents and their quality are difficult to judge, more so than technology. In the case of technology, the parameters are clear and objective; the performance of chips can be measured in Hertz, the throughput of networks in bits per second, and the storage capacity of disks can be calculated precisely in bytes. Such simple parameters do not exist for the quality of content. Yet, quality needs to be assessed: users need to know what they get or buy, clients need to order according to certain standards, producers and designers need to have best practice models and quality comparisons. This is where the World Summit Award (WSA) and this book meet a real demand. The WSA is the only existing mechanism to search and find out which quality contents exist around the world and how they meet criteria such as depth of content, ease of use, value adding of interactivity, aesthetics of design and interface, and technical realization.

4 | WSA 05 | Mission

A worldwide networking effort The World Summit Award is an Austrian initiative in the context of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It is an activity, not a new organization. Started in 2003 for the Geneva Summit conference, the WSA has been an unprecedented success due to the strong networking of professional associations, the national chapters of the Internet Society, multimedia education and research institutions, electronic chambers of commerce, non-governmental groups and foundations, government offices for IT and Information Society development and many others. The WSA is the result of an active engagement of all these players in WSIS and of the shared conviction that quality contents are essential for a quality Information Society. Contents inspire, inform and allow the exchange of information and knowledge. Technology offers tools. It is a fundamental fact of the Information Society development that the performance of the tools increases faster than the human capacity to use them. This creates the Content Gap: ICTs offer more capacity to produce, store and transmit than humans can use, fill, read or consume.

The Content Gap is growing Over the last 50 years, Information and Communication Technologies have become exponentially more powerful and radically cheaper and smaller. E-Content does not keep up with technology in terms of speed of development, economies of scale and simplicity of consumption. This results in a dynamically created structural gap. This gap is widening as we move on into the Information Society. The Content Gap is not just one of technological versus human capacity. It also has awareness aspects and results from social and economic structures. There is an imbalance of pay and an inequity of investment. Post-industrial societies spend enormous sums of money on equipment, gadgets and ›tech things‹. They invest far less in quality stories, knowledge and insight.

Content industries are local and regional, technologies are global

Cultural richness – bridging the gap

In the context of the global economy, it is the content industries which offer the opportunity for local and regional economic development. Basic software, hardware and netware have become global industries with a high degree of global concentration.

The World Summit Award and this book place their emphasis on cultural diversity and identity, the creation of varied information content and the digitalization of educational, scientific and cultural heritage. These are core issues of a high-quality Information Society in which people might be happy to live.

Contents are tied to culture and language. They are largely local and regional. Most creative producers – save the ones working for the Hollywood industries and in English – have culturally restricted audiences and markets. This gives countries opportunities to develop economically. The WSA is strengthening these opportunities in giving exposure to the best producers and showing a way for the development of the content industries.

The goal of the WSA is to break the awareness barrier and the marketing deadlock where big promotional budgets or market dominance decide what is available and known in e-Content. It also aims to help overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and the smallness of national markets, to generate an international showcase and to stimulate an interchange of quality multimedia.

Narrowing the Digital Divide The Digital Divide adds a further dimension to the Content Gap. The ‘information poor’ have not only less or no access to Internet and other digital platforms. They also get lower quality contents and applications. The Digital Divide widens the Content Gap, as info trash clogs the networks and quality contents move to pay-modes. The threat of a widening Content Gap runs counter to the promise of the Information Society. The capacities of technologies, systems and tools to generate, distribute and store content increase exponentially, but content markets are not transparent or open. WSA showcases which high-quality contents exist and thus counteracts oligopolies in the content sector. It demonstrates the cultural diversity of and the opportunities for small and medium sized producers to be successful. In addition, it increases the capacity of individuals to gain an overview of what is available on the markets, thus decreasing the marketing powers of a ›chosen few‹.

It is a curious fact of the emerging Information Society that many people – even the ones who are deeply involved in industry and policymaking – have little information about what quality contents are. They lack opportunities to see, use and experience the power of great e-Contents.

An invitation to readers This book also issues the invitation to you to take a bit of time and inform yourself about 40 products in the world. They were judged to be the best ones in the world in 2005. You might disagree in one or the other case, but you might at the same time join in giving recognition to those who work creatively to produce new and innovative contents and applications with IS technologies. The WSA wants to demonstrate to you, the readers – experts and diplomats, Civil Society activists and policy makers – the existing range of creativity and excellence. Please enjoy – and let us know your comments and feedback: Salzburg/Tunis, October 2005

Peter A. Bruck Chairman, World Summit Award and European Academy of Digital Media Hon. President, International Center for New Media, Austria

Mission | WSA 05 | 5


World’s Best e-Contents Inspiring the Information Society

WSA 05 Participating countries 168

Registrations per platform Online 621 Offline 83 Mobile contents 11 Games platforms 5 Interactive TV 1 Cross media 21 Total 742

Registrations per category e-Learning 101 e-Culture 102 e-Science 64 e-Government 110 e-Health 70 e-Business 108 e-Entertainment 88 e-Inclusion 99 Total 742

World’s Best e-Contents | WSA 05 | 7

e-Government • Brisbane City Council Green Home Australia • Bahrain eVisas Bahrain • Canada • Municipality Meeting Online Netherlands • Directgov United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Special Mentions • Welcome to the Panama Canal Panama • Singapore • Cape Gateway South Africa

e-Government contents are: Empowering citizens and serving public services clients; fostering quality and efficiency of information exchange and communication services in governmental and public administrative processes; strengthening participation of citizens in information society decision making.

e-Government | WSA 05 | 9


Brisbane City Council Green Home Media Format broadband/online BCC:STANDARD::pc=PC_1265

Producer Impart Qantm Studio Mark White Country Australia Contact

Description of the Product/Project The purpose of the Brisbane City Council Green Home project was to provide visitors to the Brisbane City Council’s corporate website,, with a 3D interactive house, viewable over the Internet, which illustrates the council’s core key messages around household sustainability. The product represents one of the first uses of Shockwave 3D technology on any local government website in the world, and it is the first Australian government-sponsored »Interactive Learning Object« to use 3D technology to convey environmental messages designed to cause behavioural change in the target audience. Jury Evaluation The Brisbane City Council Green Home website demonstrates best practice and innovation in e-Content to strengthen participation of local citizens in smart decision-making. It features a 3D simulation of an environmentally-friendly home, in which participants can interact with objects to explore practical building tips and energy efficiency. The Green Home is a model of a comfortable and safe lifestyle in house and garden that uses sustainable living principles. The highly-interactive game-base approach to information exchange is an innovative approach to e-Government and encourages understanding of otherwise complex matters by fully engaging participants in the content.

10 | WSA 05 | e-Government


Bahrain eVisas Original title

Description of the Product/Project The primary function of Bahrain eVisas is to provide an online application service for payment for and processing of visas for travel to Bahrain. The application uses connectivity to the GDNPR systems and databases to automate the processes as much as possible within policy and security constraints. Many groups of people benefit from the service: individuals who intend to visit the country, residents of Bahrain who are looking for multiple re-entry visas, and companies in Bahrain who want to interview an applicant from abroad. The system can also save biodata electronically, thereby reducing the data capture process at check-in. Jury Evaluation The service provided in this portal demonstrates the strategic vision of the government of Bahrain to promote tourism, by making all pre-application processes for visas as easy as a click away. In addition, Bahrain eVisas also allows sponsors to register online as users of the system, allowing them to apply for sponsored visas online for their clients and expected guests. This sort of user can also follow the progress of the visa as it is created. Eligibility is checked immediately, and if a person is eligible, then she/he can print the receipt from the online page, present it in Bahrain airport and access is permitted upon arrival.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer General Directorate Nationality, Passport & Residence (GDNPR) Ahmed Bin Isa Al Khalifa Thabit Mohammed Al-Shrooqi Mark Broomhead Country Bahrain Contact

e-Government | WSA 05 | 11

1076 Media Format broadband/online

Producer City of Vancouver Catherine Clement Roger Fast Hamish Wilson Paul Heraty Lisa Hildebrandt Marianne Hammond Country Canada Contact

Description of the Product/Project is a comprehensive website produced by the City of Vancouver, which promotes content designed to inform, educate and engage its citizens in local issues. While the website does provide convenient online services, such as the ability to purchase business licences through the Internet, the city’s priority has been to develop a website that contains a wide range of detailed content. The purpose is to promote awareness for and access to civic programmes and services, and also to keep citizens informed and engaged in debates on issues that impact their day-to-day lives. Jury Evaluation takes an anonymous metropolitan city of 3 million people and makes it feel like a community where every citizen belongs. User-friendly, accessible, and superbly well-organised, the website has its audience first in mind. When you come to the website of, you are asked to identify yourself as a resident, tourist or business of the city. Information thus gets sorted based on audience segments, and the information is parsed with the particularities of each segment in mind. This website also provides important information with an emphasis on educating and engaging citizens on the issues, debates and projects that affect their community.

12 | WSA 05 | e-Government


Municipality Meeting Online Original title Bestuur Online

Description of the Product/Project In collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven and Omroep Eindhoven, Noterik developed the Municipality Meeting Online (BestuurOnline) application. Council meetings are transmitted live over the Internet, with unique rich media features, providing citizens and journalists with new ways to interact with local politicians. In addition, webcasts are enriched with metadata, enabling advanced retrieval of recorded council videos, using the system’s search engine. The project is to date the most advanced online video application for council meetings in the Netherlands. It demonstrates the potential of new technology in providing transparency of governance. Jury Evaluation The Municipality Meeting Online application uses advanced streaming media technology. It is well-structured and easy to use; it offers a robust, user-friendly interface which integrates video data, audio data, speaker information, an interactive chat, a polling mechanism and other useful information on a single screen. The application provides up-to-date online information on political discussions and decisions. It also ensures that disadvantaged people are not left behind and thereby avoids new forms of exclusion. The content is comprehensive and shows the potential of multimedia in presenting proceedings in municipal council meetings.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Noterik Multimedia BV Rutger Rozendal Peter Maas Jechiam Gural Country Netherlands Contact

e-Government | WSA 05 | 13


Directgov Media Format broadband/online

Producer Directgov, Cabinet Office Alex Butler Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Contact

Description of the Product/Project puts users straight through to public services without them having to understand government. People who prefer not to use the Internet can get to Directgov through Digital interactive Television (DiTV) or 6,000 public kiosks. The application uses freshly written content to form a complete, coherent picture of the central government services. It aims to make all service delivery easier, quicker and cheaper for users, to drive the take-up of the government’s online transactions, to proactively present users with other relevant services and to help de-duplicate and rationalise the government’s web provision. Jury Evaluation is a concise effort to bring e-Government services into a single portal with full interactivity for citizens. It supports government policy in a myriad of ways, including the provision of user-focused content and services from different government sources while helping government to rationalise its infrastructure and reduce the number of government websites. This project brings together information, not only for the UK citizen, but also for the international visitor in a coherent structure with a friendly tone of voice in an environment where branding and approach is consistent and special care and attention is paid to the accessibility issues of people with disabilities.

14 | WSA 05 | e-Government

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »To win at the WSA 03 led to a significant increase in visits«

Easy Procedures Easy Procedures is a product from Chile that started in 2001. The team behind it – engineers, sociologists, lawyers, ICT experts and geographers – had a vision: Communication processes between citizens and public agencies were to be improved, public administration services should become more effective and transparent, and the use of the Internet in the country should be encouraged. In the meantime, the Easy Procedures website has become a »catalyst for simplification« regarding communication with public agencies in Chile. »To win at the WSA 03 has helped our project to become well-known both nationally and internationally, which led to a significant increase in visits. Today, we have an improved website, and we have managed to triple our amount of visits«, the producers say. The new website of the service, which provides all relevant government-related information and forms at one place on the Internet, has been launched in 2004, and it currently has 10,500 unique visitors per month. 85 per cent of all users are from Chile, the others are from the US, Peru,

Mexico, Argentina and Spain. 2,000 consultations are being conducted every month, in not more than 48 hours. The producers of Easy Procedures are proud of the fact that more than 240 government-related procedures can be completed online, significantly helping citizens to save time. Especially people in remote areas benefit from this service, as getting to a city is not always easy for them: »Chile is a country with a rough landscape, which often makes it difficult to travel.«

Secretariat of Federal Revenues The website of the Brazilian Secretariat of Federal Revenues is another WSA 03 winner. A pioneer in e-Government, the Ministry of Finance in Brazil started to make content available for computers as early as in 1991, and a first (very basic) version of the current product was launched in 1995. Making it easy and convenient for taxpayers to pay their taxes, all goals that were set out at the beginning of the project were soon exceeded, as the website became hugely popular. Plus, winning at the WSA 03 was another great achievement for the producers, who further improved the structure and navigation of the website after having won. »The recognition of winning at the WSA was great, as the people behind this initiative work for an organisation with great international prestige. The interest in our website has increased during the last three years.« In 2003, about half a million users came to the website every day. In 2004, the

number reached 0.8 million, and since summer 2005, the number is more than one million visitors a day. For the future, the Secretariat of Federal Revenues plans to further improve its service, offering new features. The producers also work on digital certification tools, which will speed up procedures even more.

e-Government | WSA 05 | 15

e-Health • Underworld Australia • Contraception Awareness Project Canada • IZIP Czech Republic • Sisu Samrakshak India • MedlinePlus United States of America

Special Mentions • Fleury Diagnostics Online Brazil • Talking Glove Iran • e-Health in the South: The Malian Experience Mali

e-Health contents are: Developing the consumer-centered model of health care where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing ICT, including internet technologies to manage health issues as well as the health care system.

e-Health | WSA 05 | 17


Underworld Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Jennie Swain Lisa Logan Partner De Jour Funded by the Australian Film Commission Country Australia Contact

18 | WSA 05 | e-Health

Description of the Product/Project Funny, frank and funky sex education for teenagers: Underworld is an animated, interactive and musical, detective investigation into the female reproductive system. Part narrative, part documentary and a valuable source of information, the project explores issues of sexuality with humour, characters, songs and video material. The CD-ROM includes interview footage with teenagers and adults, covering a range of topics including sexual preference, body image, young mothers, safe sex, first times and language. The detectives at Sam Sperm’s Detective Agency are on a mission to find out what’s going on during a menstrual cycle. And they also carry out other investigations. Jury Evaluation Underworld enables teenagers and teachers to collaborate in using Internet technologies to manage to discuss sexual health issues. The application provides sex education for teenagers and closes major gaps in the current system of sex education. The CD-ROM combines music, drama, animation, and interactive Internet technologies to break down barriers and to encourage teenagers to investigate the female reproductive system. Part narrative, part documentary, it is a very valuable source of information. The product comes with a Teachers’ Guide and Notes, including suggestions for lessons and activities.


Contraception Awareness Project Description of the Product/Project The Contraception Awareness Project, available at, offers credible, comprehensive information on sexual health issues. The site makes use of unique characteristics of the Internet medium – anonymity, accessibility, expertise, interactivity and audio-visual richness – to enhance the user’s learning experience and accomplish its sexual health promotion objectives. The site is targeted to five distinct audiences, serving teens, parents, adults, teachers and healthcare professionals, and offers prepared and linked texts, interactive learning and referrals to preventive or treatment services.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) Dr. André Lalonde Country Canada Contact

Jury Evaluation The Contraception Awareness Project promotes open communication on issues that, in some cultures, are not easy to deal with – contraception and safer sex –, offering comprehensive information on those matters. The content of the project is well structured and well focused on the specific needs of the target groups. Where and when appropriate, interactive games, quizzes and general knowledge tests are used to illustrate what the website tries to promote and make people aware of. Visitors to the site will certainly be pleased with its ease of use, navigability and clean interface, taking full advantage of the power of multimedia.

e-Health | WSA 05 | 19


IZIP Original title Internetovy pristup ke zdravotním informacím pacienta (IZIP) Media Format broadband/online

Producer IZIP spol. s ro. Pavel Hronek Milan Cabrnoch Miroslav Ouzky Country Czech Republic Contact

20 | WSA 05 | e-Health

Description of the Product/Project Files accessible through the Internet Access to Patient Healthcare Information project contain all necessary information about the state of a patient’s health and are accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Information can be accessed by the patient or the doctors she/he gives permission to. Only healthcare workers registered in the IZIP system can update medical files. After registration, a patient receives an access code, only known to her/him. After initial registration (activation), she/he is able to access and read her/his medical file. Doctors and other healthcare workers can access these medical files, too, once they have been given permission. Jury Evaluation Internet Access to Patient Healthcare Information has the ›wow! factor‹. It provides users with valuable content for patients and medical professionals in both Czech and English. Portals like this one add some real value to the World Wide Web community, showing how ICT can be used to improve people’s lives especially in the health sector. Navigation on the website is very easy. Different sections offering different sorts of information (and offering assistance, too) make using the website a user-friendly experience. This medical portal uses text as well as multimedia features, such as storing data from all over the world in one single database.


Sisu Samrakshak Description of the Product/Project Sisu Samrakshak aims at making use of Information and Communication Technology to improve women’s and children’s health through enhanced community monitoring mechanisms. ICT can be used to empower communities and promote inclusion of vulnerable groups, especially of women and the disabled. The project offers a comprehensive and an integrated solution for addressing the needs of the community. Sisu Samrakshak is part of the strategy of information dissemination centres to provide accurate, timely, contextual knowledge to mother and child. The knowledge is created for community-based learning and support. Jury Evaluation Sisu Samrakshak offers women and their children as well as the larger community a comprehensive and integrated knowledge CD with accurate and contextual information. It has information for married couples, on the pregnancy period, for newborn care, on the lactation period, on infancy, on early childhood, on HIV-AIDS prevention, on immunisations, on hygiene and for schoolchildren. The content of the CD has been adapted to the specific needs of users in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. People who are literate or illiterate, visually able or not, can use it – in English, Telugu and Kannada.

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer United Nations Childrens Fund, Hyderabad field office Michel Saint-Lot Rajen Varada Country India Contact

e-Health | WSA 05 | 21


MedlinePlus Media Format broadband/online

Producer National Library of Medicine Donald A. Lindberg Eve-Marie Lacroix Joyce Backus Naomi Miller Wei Ma Country United States of America Contact

22 | WSA 05 | e-Health

Description of the Product/Project MedlinePlus is produced by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the world’s largest medical library. It provides consumers with comprehensive information on over 700 diseases and wellness issues. Health topic pages are supplemented with information on prescription and non-prescription drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, a medical dictionary, the latest medical news stories, directories of health professionals and facilities, and special features such as narrated interactive tutorials, broadcasts of surgeries, and easy-to-read materials. Jury Evaluation MedlinePlus is a product with the goal to disseminate information on over 700 diseases and wellness issues to everyone. The interactive tutorials and video broadcasting features on medical procedures, tests, surgeries and conditions – with the use of multimedia such as images, video files, audio files and even quizzes – can appeal to low-literacy audiences as well. The structure of the project is extremely well organised: All data has been categorised so that any user (doctor or patient) will not get lost in the great amount of content. The ›3-clicks to data‹ principle is being followed.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »To win was a proof that we were heading in the right direction«

TeleDoc »Please do continue with your award, on an annual basis if possible«, is a message the WSA received from a team in India, who in 2003 made a significant step in bridging the ›health divide‹. Since starting the project in 2003, 1,500 ill people from 20 villages have received medical treatment with the help of TeleDoc, an application that sits on an ordinary mobile phone. It enables healthcare personnel to enter data of patients, which is then transmitted to a city hospital, where doctors look at it and send back treatment and prescription information. »Winning at the WSA was followed by an enormous amount of media exposure, a great acknowledgement of our achievements. TeleDoc was featured on CNN, most of the major Indian news channels, and in dozens of leading magazines and newspapers. We were also able to meet many potential partners to discuss an extension of the project, as we believe it could work successfully anywhere in the world.«

With so many patients having been helped locally who otherwise would have needed to travel for days to get treatment, the success is obvious. »Technology was an excellent means to make this happen. Most people in rural areas suffer from health problems because of ignorance, and lack of access to qualified doctors.«

Doc@HOME Doc@HOME, an application from Estonia, has been ordered several times now after having won at the WSA in 2003. A subsidiary has been established in the UK, showing the rising commercial success of the project. The team behind it needed four years of hard work from first idea to completion and medical certification, but after all it was worth it: »To win at the WSA was a proof that we were heading in the right direction. It also helped us to convince our partners that our company is a reliable partner.« Doc@HOME makes possible remote monitoring of patients, especially of the elderly and people with special needs. The application continuously saves and transmits data of patients, and as a

result, medical professionals are able to assign more effective treatment. »There have been about 500 patients and about 20 doctors using the system in the past two years – coming from Estonia, Finland, the UK, Germany and Portugal.«

Telepresence »We are proud to have been involved«, say the producers of the Mobile Surgical Services (MSS) and Telepresence Unit from New Zealand. »We believe that the WSA network has the potential to become the best and most creative global e-Content network.« The unit which won an award at the 2003 competition is the country’s smallest hospital, bringing low-risk day surgery to remote regions and providing local surgical teams with real-time collaboration with expert colleagues off-site for highrisk surgery through an interactive video system. »Winning at the WSA increased the MSS profile on the world stage and gave credibility to the service objectives in all sectors New Zealand wide«,

say the people behind this new health delivery model for the world. Over 300 medical specialists have so far worked with the application, and they are not just from NZ, but also from Australia, the US, Canada and the UK.

e-Health | WSA 05 | 23

MTC: Creativity the foundation of our success TC began its operations in 1983 as a pioneer in the mobile telecommunications industry. With the appointment of Dr Saad Al-Barrak in 2002 and the initiation of the 3X3X3 expansion strategy, under his tutelage MTC grew from a single operator in Kuwait with 600,000 customers to a conglomerate of 18 operations expanding from the Gulf, Middle East and to Sub-Saharan Africa. MTC’s strategy is based on an ambitious, profitable expansion strategy that envisions MTC as a global mobile player Dr Saad Al with in excess of 30 million customers by 2011. As of October 1, 2005 MTC has approximately 12 million customers and 6,500 employee, providing customers with a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services. MTC operates in Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and in 13 African countries under the“Celtel” brand - Burkina Faso, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


Customer focused MTC is continuously improving its services and product offering as a customer centric organization. MTC has inadvertently sought to the bridge the digital divide by introducing new technologies that entice customers to make better use of their mobile as well as the internet. In recent months MTC has made excellent strides in introducing the leading technologies to help customers make more of their communications means. In Bahrain for example MTC was the first operator in the Middle East to launch 3G network nationwide. Today customers in Bahrain can enjoy high speed data downloads, video conferencing, MMS, TV streaming services and much more. The same is taking place in Kuwait where EDGE and GPRS is prominent medium of MTC data service offering and by end of 2005 the operation will introduce 3G. On MTC’s website in Kuwait and Bahrain customers can access their accounts, pay their bills, and purchase online services as well as shop online for mobiles. In the future MTC in Kuwait will be offering customers the chance to purchase new numbers online delivered to their homes. Both in Bahrain and in Kuwait, MTC customers can have email access as well as voice and fax messages. These services and products have definitely improved the way people do business as well

as the way people live their lives. It has driven communities to learn more about the internet and communicate in ways they never thought possible. In Jordan, an operation with a renowned record of introducing many ground-breaking technologies i.e. the first to introduce MMS in the Middle East for one, customers also benefit from similar facilities to those in Kuwait and Bahrain. Reaching out With MTC’s acquisition of Celtel (May 2005) in SubSaharan Africa and its hope to Barrak, CEO expand and cover other areas in the continent, MTC is seeking to offer these same services to its current customer base of 7 million customers in that part of the world. Even in Iraq, a region stricken by violence and hardship MTC’s subsidiary MTC Atheer has provided over 900,000 affordable mobile lines to populations in the Southern and Baghdad region. Not only has this allowed the population in this region to communicate with each other more easily but in the future MTC hopes to introduce GPRS, Voice Mail, Email and MMS by the end of 2005 to further educational efforts as well as improve the business environment. In July 2005 the MENA region reached 83 million mobile subscribers with an average growth rate of above 50%, this has prompted companies such as MTC to work closely with governments and international organizations such as the WSA to improve the economic and social standing of populations in these regions to enable them to leap frog and compete with developed countries. Without the use of new and improved technologies such as Mobile communications, and the wireless internet and data services accompanying mobiles countries can develop themselves quickly in order to meet with the increasing demands incumbent on them.

Whether the slogan is “We hear you” in Kuwait or “Yes we can” in Jordan, or “Making life better” in Africa, MTC is committed to providing the best mobile communications services to the widest number of customers. We will continue to work with NGOıs, international organizations, governments and businesses to achieve this and more. MTC is bidding today in Egypt, Nigeria and continuously is looking into new markets to further its message and grow.

Please visit us at

e-Learning • Digital Literacy Program (PAD) Argentina • E-Blocks Brazil • Nature Park Kopacki Rit Croatia • Advanced e-Learning Objects Romania • Stagework United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Special Mentions • Armenian Genocide of 1915 –1923 Armenia • Pax Warrior Canada • Namibia • Islam Web Quatar

e-Learning contents are: Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills for a complex and globalizing world; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalized and distributed learning resources; creating active e-learning communities and target models and solutions for corporate training, supporting first steps in multimedia.

e-Learning | WSA 05 | 27


Digital Literacy Program (PAD) Original title Programa de Alfabetización Digital (PAD) Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer E-Marketing S.A. – Pablo Aristizabal Daniela Correa Guillermo Le Fosse Miguel Angel López Country Argentina Contact

28 | WSA 05 | e-Learning

Description of the Product/Project The Digital Literacy Program (PAD) is part of the aim to increase the number of PCs in Argentina that are connected to the Internet to 10 million over the next five years. With a population of over 38 million people, Argentina has an IT penetration rate of approximately 5% only at the moment. The project does not only provide technological infrastructure and access to the Web, but also creates value and sustainability by using technologies to generate contents, services and other applications of interest for the community. PAD combines an innovative dual (on- and offline) e-Learning software, a peer-to-peer learning community and instructional design that stimulates network thinking. Jury Evaluation Since it was launched in March 2005, the Digital Literacy Program (PAD) has been installed by over 70,000 PC users. PAD provides a unique user-friendly learning experience that gradually integrates students of all ages into the ›digital logic‹ without losing contact with their social, cultural or business background. The project promotes the three dimensions of digital literacy: (1) acquiring information skills, (2) developing new learning skills in order to see the world from a new perspective and (3) becoming able to work in the New Economy. PAD plays a significant role in bridging the Digital Divide in Argentina.


E-Blocks Description of the Product/Project E-Blocks is an innovative, research-based method for teaching English as a Second Language. The intuitive character of the E-Blocks panel makes it easy for children of all skill levels to interact. By connecting the panel to a computer, children identify letters and spell words by placing palm-sized blocks into the sensory pockets. Animated characters and full-colour graphics motivate children (ages 4– 10). The product offers a variety of exercises and high-quality voice recordings that give children the opportunity to work on their pronunciation, based on authentic accents (US or UK).

Jury Evaluation E-Blocks is used for teaching children of the age 4– 10 English as a second language. It focuses on words, phrases and spelling. The product is rich in term of content: There are five levels and many exercises. The exercises and the lessons are colourful and successfully make use of sounds and graphics. The product is easy to work with, and it is highly interactive. It is also very well designed. E-Blocks empowers teachers, and is an excellent teaching tool.

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Grupo Positivo/ Positivo Informática Samuel Ferrari Lago Roberta Stock Sofia Guimarães von Ridder Alex Paiva Roger Antonio Finger Country Brazil Contact

e-Learning | WSA 05 | 29


Nature Park Kopacki Rit Original title Prirodni park Kopacki rit Media Format broadband/online

Producer Green Studio Ltd. Akos Papp Zoran Balkic Sasa Vidakovic Mario Romulic Jozsef Mikuska Country Croatia Contact

30 | WSA 05 | e-Learning

Description of the Product/Project Nature Park Kopacki Rit is a rich multimedia presentation of the Nature Park »Kopacki Rit« in the eastern part of Croatia (Osijek-Baranya county). After a few years of running the old site, new multimedia material has been made available and features for interaction between real and virtual visitors have been added. As a result of years of creating and editing new multimedia material, a new website is now born, which focuses on a variety of animals. Jury Evaluation Nature Park Kopacki Rit is a stunning website. It provides a virtual nature experience by presenting the park’s treasures with a variety of multimedia features. An impressing gallery about the park itself, the vegetation, the animal world and the landscape makes the virtual visitor plunge into a world of colourful pictures and interesting facts. Navigation is made easy through the smart dynamic menu. The website makes possible interaction between virtual and real visitors of the park. The jury was especially impressed by the fact that by using technology, we can protect our environment and culture.


Advanced e-Learning Objects Description of the Product/Project Advanced e-Learning Objects is a comprehensive collection of various lessons to be used at school (appropriate for ages 10 –18, ISCED levels 2 and 3). The material consists of content for over 850 hours of learning in 8 subject categories. The majority of the content is universal (e.g. science lessons), while some content is specific to local issues in Romania. All lessons have been developed based on rigorous didactic, ergonomic and scientific standards by a team of teachers, psychologists and IT specialists. The collection of lessons consistently follows a didactic strategy, relying on interaction between the content and the user as the main vehicle for knowledge transfer. Jury Evaluation Advanced e-Learning Objects is an excellent example for a new approach to e-Learning. The digital material can be used in various learning environments, and it covers a huge range of subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Computer Science, Geography and Technology. The product gives the teacher great flexibility and is an excellent tool that promotes a student-centred approach. It has a very nice and clear design that significantly contributes to the understanding of the content. Rich in multimedia features, the product is a best practice example for new trends in e-Learning.

Original title Obiecte avansate pentru e-learning Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer SIVECO Romania Radu Jugureanu Country Romania Contact

e-Learning | WSA 05 | 31


Stagework Media Format broadband/online

Producer National Theatre Peter Reynolds Charlie Gill Partner Illumina Digital Ltd. Culture Online Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Contact

32 | WSA 05 | e-Learning

Description of the Product/Project Stagework is a website that allows users behind the scenes of the UK’s leading theatre productions, delivering an array of unique original content following the creative process from idea to performance. The project’s aim is to create an online experience from the ephemeral medium of theatre and to create productions that can be explored in the long term, extending the audience for productions beyond those able to get there in person. It sets a new benchmark for the delivery of rich online media to 3 audiences – existing theatre enthusiasts, teachers/ learners of English and Drama and young people who want to pursue a career in the creative industries. Jury Evaluation Stagework provides over 11 hours of video clips and hundreds of features, ranging from original costume sketches to stage models and production diaries. Additional information on various productions is available for students and teachers. The design is stylish and not intrusive. The navigation is straightforward and easy to understand. The integration of various texts, colours, images and videos into one Web application has been done very smoothly. Interaction through several query and search functions makes available immediately the information the user is looking for. Other fields of interest could make use of this idea of presenting knowledge, e.g. the medical world.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »The WSA award has provided valuable international recognition of the achievements of the product« is a free access interactive online learning and service platform dedicated to Ireland’s secondary and high school level students. The website provides a broad range of rich media curriculum learning material covering all major subjects. also provides educational consultants who answer questions submitted by students online on a daily basis, and it provides a collection of valuable features for parents to help them cope with some of the challenges they might face. The objective of the producers was to make a significant and visible contribution to education to demonstrate the value of digital education and help develop the technically literate knowledge societies necessary for future success and competitiveness in the global world. Resources were designed to be open, free and available to all and on all computing platforms, in order to reduce the Digital Divide and help accelerate the adoption of digital education throughout the community. Launched in 2002, the platform has since been undergoing continuous expansion, innovation as well as renewal of learning models. New resources are being added every few months. The producers are of the opinion that public and private sector collaborations have been crucial to their success. »In Ireland, the support of AIB Bank,

the Irish Times newspaper and AXA Insurances has provided the investment required, and important communication channels to the education community have been established. Collaboration with the Professional Teachers Association and the education ministries in both the UK and Ireland has ensured best pedagogic approaches are taken, and our strategies align with the government’s strategy for digital education.« Winning at the WSA has also helped the project, the people behind add: »The WSA award has provided valuable international recognition of the achievements of the product particularly as an open and inclusive learning resource with the potential to contribute to education worldwide.« In 2004, the platform was launched, and the UK product has so far been accessed by over 150,000 classrooms for whole-class teaching. currently has 200,000 users, representing more than 40 per cent of high school level students in Ireland. Currently, significant work is in progress to develop worldwide programmes in Africa and South East Asia as well as websites in Arabic and Spanish with new implementations planned for 2006. »Collaborations are being developed with governments, NGOs, technology companies and publishers to support these programmes.«

e-Learning | WSA 05 | 33

Overcoming Boundaries with HP HP: Access to technology is a Global Citizenship priority In the beginning of the 21st century, the so-called “Information Age”, less than 20% of the world’s population has access to information technology and the benefits associated with access to information. In a global society in which political and economic power allocation is shaped by access to information and education, the challenges facing social and economic development is how to make technology, and its benefits, more widely available. As a global provider of technology solutions to enterprises, small and medium businesses, consumers, and public sector institutions, HP is in a primary position to meet this challenge. HP has been investing in each community where it has been doing business since 1957. Our worldwide presence and steadfast commitment to global citizenship allows us to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, including increased access to technology and environmental sustainability. This is achieved by aligning our business and global citizenship strategy, and collaborating industry-wide with multilateral organisations, governments and NGOs. Today, we have global citizenship projects underway in 53 countries across six continents.

Education Education is the foundation for every development objective and a primary government concern, especially in emerging countries. It helps reduce poverty, increase competitiveness and promote democracy. HP offers a wide range of solutions for K-12, higher education and lifelong learning. Best practices include the Government of Northern Ireland Classroom 2000 (C2K) initiative, which is based on public private partnership, and designed to connect the largest number of students, teachers and administrators in the world.

Community investment HP adds to the capacity of local communities through philanthropic investments, public policy dialogue and employee volunteerism. HP Digital Community Centres in Europe, Middle East and Africa provide ICT infrastructure to underserved communities. HP i-communities in South Africa and India work in partnership with local government, non-governmental and community organisations to promote literacy, entrepreneurship and job creation. HP Digital Villages allow underserved U.S. communities to use technology for learning, working and community building. The HP Microentreprise Acceleration Programme helps increase and sustain business growth and economic opportunity by providing micro-enterprises in marginalised communities with access to technology and training.

Innovation HP Labs, along with other research groups within HP, are one of the leading IT research centres in the world. Innovative solutions from HP Labs India – such as “video-on-demand” using digital library software and satellite feed – are designed to meet the education challenges of emerging and other countries. HP creates new solutions to help its customers meet the challenges of the 21st century – such as the HP National Identity System (NIS) with partner Microsoft. This allows governments to build and quickly deploy an affordably-priced infrastructure that meets their changing needs for security and identity management, while allowing citizens to access e-government services and conduct secure transactions.

The right partners HP participated in the ICT for Development Platform in Geneva in 2003 and will be taking part at the event again in Tunis this year. HP is also a proud sponsor of the World Summit Award (WSA). The ICT4D Platform aims to make technology available to all, while the WSA emphasises the importance of the digitalisation of educational, scientific and cultural heritage. Both initiatives work towards bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap – goals HP are dedicated to. HP solutions are designed to serve the needs of the 21st century by promoting freedom of information and economic growth. HP understand that only accessible technology is the catalyst to realising this change, and are committed to support the WSA in meeting this goal.

For more information, please go to: © 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

e-Entertainment • Argentina • Gullivers World Austria • A Moles’ Trip Czech Republic • dvd-kids Iceland • BBC One Music United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Special Mentions • Jazz in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan • VITI for Kids Egypt • eyeMagic New Zealand • Where to Go in Lagos Nigeria

e-Entertainment contents are: Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world’s variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one-way to two-way, from single to multiple players, interactive entertainment and the synergy between analog and digital platforms.

e-Entertainment | WSA 05 | 37

4039 Media Format broadband/online

Producer Marcela Rut Czarny Mariela Reiman Andrea Urbas Country Argentina Contact

Description of the Product/Project is the first and largest Internet portal for Spanish-speaking children created in Argentina. This portal, with content specially designed for kids and guaranteeing navigation to safe links, has become the portal par excellence for children to enter the world of Internet, with access from schools, homes, cyber shops and phone booths. Also, shows a strong community-stimulating commitment to the world we live in and promotes respect for human rights and the environment. The product introduces new technological tools and new media to Spanish-speaking users, especially catering for the needs of children aged 6–14. Jury Evaluation This comprehensive portal is not only extremely well-designed and easy to use, but it also shows a very well defined content ›edutainment‹ strategy. Exciting games are part of the project as well as relevant learning material. There are specific fields of content, such as kids cooking, gaming etc, and there is also content for parents and teachers. Content creation activities allow for peer participation or individual projects to be worked on, including digital newspapers. is a benchmark for successful children’s sites, as it has succeeded in building myriad virtual communities linking children throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

38 | WSA 05 | e-Entertainment


Gulliver’s World Description of the Product/Project Gulliver’s World implements a unique and innovative exhibition model for interactive digital environments. It features a total of seven ›experience stations‹ whose intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy for visitors to get into the swing of handson experimentation. This makes learning the complex individual steps involved in creating an individualised mixed reality environment a quick and painless process. Users can give free reign to their imagination in designing and exploring virtual worlds and their inhabitants. Thus a journey through Gulliver’s World features a series of complicated, highly technical procedures that even kids can master easily. Jury Evaluation Gulliver’s World has been designed to help exhibition visitors to create content and gives an insight into how cutting-edge digital media products are created. The user-friendly design allows visitors to experiment in collaborative content creation in an experimental mode, since this very specific technology has yet to be distributed widely. The experience is totally interactive with a strong emphasis put on physical interactivity as opposed to screen interactivity. The project allows visitors to explore the huge dimension and potential of new media. WSA Jurors trust that its availability will soon be widespread.

Original title Gullivers Welt – Das Multimedia Theater Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Ars Electronica Futurelab Stefan Feldler Peter Freudling Thomas Grabner Roland Haring Horst Hörtner Andreas Jalsovec Hirokazu Kato Daniel Leithinger Christopher Lindinger Christian Naglhofer Christine Pilsl Robert Priewasser Country Austria Contact

e-Entertainment | WSA 05 | 39


A Moles’ Trip Original title Krtcˇí v´ylet Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Pictopool Jitka Petrová Jarda Sˇajban Zdenek Schneider Petr Sˇoupa Richard Kolbe Jan Hlavácˇ Michael Knˇazˇko Country Czech Republic Contact

Description of the Product/Project A Moles’ Trip is a flash game for pre-school kids. The story is about five moles who want to construct an airship and go on a trip together. Each mole has to collect one part of the airship, which means that one player can play five games to get a whole airship completed. The project consists of three parts: the intro, five games and the outro. Most of the tasks in the game are a variation of classic games from the first half of the nineties – all tasks are simple and easy to understand for children. Jury Evaluation The great achievement of A Moles’ Trip is that it provides a safe and constructive way for building conceptual skills, computer control skills as well as a healthy and collaborative value system. The goal is to enjoy a fun game, which encourages a team-building spirit. The project is an excellent example of an entertaining experience for pre-school kids. To move the moles is very simple, using the mouse and cursors. Characters in the story provide instructions allowing children to build a relationship with them. And time-triggered audio-visual instructions help when the user is lost. Mole’s Trip is a virtual playground where kids are the masters when it comes to organising the events of the tale being told. It is filled with interactive surprises, funny characters and beautifully illustrated scenarios.

40 | WSA 05 | e-Entertainment


dvd-kids Description of the Product/Project dvd-kids is an easy-to-use DVD controller with a touch panel that allows children to play and interact once an activity card has been inserted. It is compatible with 95% of stand alone DVD players and can be used with special encoded DVD discs and cards. The games and consoles have been designed for young children (aged 3–7). With its unique interactive DVD concept, dvd-kids is an innovative product for the youngest generation, offering children the chance to interact with their favourite TV characters. The child is in the focus of the game action, and learning has never been such fun and as creative as now – with the child being led through stories, tasks, games and much more.

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer 3-PLUS Ltd. Ingolfur Gardarsson Helgi G. Sigurdsson Country Iceland Contact

Jury Evaluation The dazzling 3D video and excellent audio combined with simplicity and ease of use of dvd-kids is what the jury finds most appealing, especially as these features have been specially designed for children. The product comes with a variety of games with different themes. They allow the child to explore different types of climate, different types of shapes and the correct usage of tools (just to name a few themes). Like with any other console game, the child will have to correctly identify and solve the problems it is confronted with before it is allowed into another level of the game.

e-Entertainment | WSA 05 | 41


BBC OneMusic Media Format broadband/online

Producer BBC Radio 1 Alan Rhodes Matt Fernand Louise Kattenhorn Martyn Davies Catherine Chambers Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Contact

Description of the Product/Project BBC Radio 1’s OneMusic is the default source of information and advice in the UK for anyone wanting to take their interests and talents further in the field of popular music. It nurtures new music in its earliest forms by showcasing artists’ demo recordings, encouraging peer-to-peer support, mentoring artists and giving artists access to the experience of others, including people at the top of their game. OneMusic empowers people by giving them the insight and skills they need to take control of the business side of their creativity. It is also an effective learning resource, which works with the music industry as well as with numerous educational bodies and music communities. Jury Evaluation BBC OneMusic is simply a one-stop-shop for music lovers. It is rich in the variety of content presented: You can listen to famous artists as well as to indie bands who can submit their demos and get votes from the users. The portal gives an insight into the music industry to those who want to start a career as a musician. The information is well-structured with a simple navigation structure that guides users to their fields of interest. The website builds a community of music lovers regardless of their backgrounds and tastes. It is highly entertaining and educating at the same time, especially because of the music composing tools provided.

42 | WSA 05 | e-Entertainment

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »Winning at the WSA was a fantastic honour«

TimeHunt A product from Slovakia, TimeHunt is a challenging and educating game, a »mind-expanding tool«, as the producers say – an online treasure hunt related to the topics of time, science and Renaissance thought. The website contains an extensive collection of articles, interactive games, puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, time travels, space explorations and other features to inform, entertain and share ideas on and insights into scientific, historical, computing, mathematical and literary studies. TimeHunt was completed in 2002, after two years of development and a year and a half of pre-production and fundraising. The project was developed with the assistance of the MEDIA programme of the European Commission, as a co-production between Wellspring Interactive Ltd in the UK and Studio 727 SRO in the Slovak Republic. »Winning at the WSA was a fantastic honour«, say the producers of the hunt that no player so far has managed to complete, »and naturally it made an enormous difference to the success of the project. This was especially true for the Studio 727 team, whose commercial success is going from strength to strength now, having had a publicity boost and industry recognition.« Unfortunately, the people behind TimeHunt add, all this success has not helped TimeHunt itself to gain more funding. They would like to further

work on the game, adding more articles and features, but this is currently not possible due to a lack of funding. The project is however still being used and enjoyed by players online, and as it is a puzzle, the main excitement for players is to make progress. There are still fan websites where they discuss and share their experiences of the game. As the hunt is presented in English, »most of our players are from English-speaking countries – mainly the US. But a brief glance at Google will reveal TimeHunt-related websites and blogs in many other languages, too.« TimeHunt is a great example of how a whole community of people has evolved around a website: »What struck us most regarding our players was their spirit of co-operation, both in the solving of the hunt and in the general support they gave to each other, day in day out, for months, indeed for years. One story in particular comes to mind. A player posted a distress message, as she wasn’t able to get her computer to work properly. She got many players online to respond with suggestions as to how to solve her problem. But she still couldn’t get it to work. One player suggested she comes to his northern US city, so they can try to sort out the problem together. She replied that she can’t, as she is severely disabled and lives in the south of the US. The player who offered help then got in his own car, travelled south and the problem was fixed!«

e-Entertainment | WSA 05 | 43

e-Culture • Aram Khachaturian: Life and Work Republic of Armenia • Eternal Egypt Egypt • Paris, A Roman City France • Pobediteli/The Victors Russia • Lakota Winter Counts United States of America

Special Mentions • Azuero Panama • State of the Arts South Africa

e-Culture contents are: Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-ofthe-art technology.

e-Culture | WSA 05 | 45


Aram Khachaturian: Life and Work Original title Aram Khachaturian: Kianqn u gortsn Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer ITE CJSC Garegin Chugaszyan Country Republic of Armenia Contact

46 | WSA 05 | e-Culture

Description of the Product/Project The CD Aram Khachaturian: Life and Work is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian, who lived in the 20th Century and was the first composer to combine symphony music with the musical tradition of the East. The composer’s life and works are presented by means of his letters, photos, a biography, an archive, his contemporaries’ memories, video material and music. Born in Tiflis and spending his childhood in this city where the cultures of the West and the East were crossing, Aram Khachaturian managed to accumulate this heritage and later to create his unique blend of symphony music. Jury Evaluation It is always hard to add a virtual dimension to music, but Aram Khachaturian: Life and Work succeeds in creating that by interactively presenting not only Khachaturian’s music, but also sources of inspiration of this great composer, the facts of his life and – most importantly – the musical environment he lived in, that inspired him and later made possible such a kind of unique musical synthesis he is now famous for. Like no other new media project that focuses on music, Aram ›Khachaturian: Life and Work‹ succeeds in taking the user on a fascinating journey into the world of a composer.


Eternal Egypt Original title

Description of the Product/Project Eternal Egypt is a multi-lingual website (in English, French and Arabic) that uses the latest interactive technologies, highresolution imagery, animations, virtual environments, remote web cameras and three-dimensional models in order to offer users from around the world the experience of learning about stories of Eternal Egypt. To explore this site, a guided tour and selected highlights of Egyptian civilization are available, in addition to a number of search possibilities. Plus an innovative, interactive map and timeline guides Eternal Egypt visitors through Egypt’s cultural heritage. Jury Evaluation Eternal Egypt is a remarkable e-Culture project from a country with a huge cultural heritage. It provides some very rich and comprehensive historical, sociological and archaeological content and uses an impressive, yet simple, set of innovative interactive tools that allow users to enjoy learning about Ancient Egypt. The product has a simple and efficient design and includes highly interactive functionalities – including animations, 360 degree photos, videos, webcams and a unique tool that allows to visually show relationships between objects, persons, places and dates by means of intuitive navigation from one object to another at the user’s own pace.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, CULTNAT Fathi Saleh Country Egypt Contact

e-Culture | WSA 05 | 47


Paris, a Roman City Original title Paris, ville antique Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Ministry of Culture and Communication Christophe Dessaux Martine Tayeb Country France Contact

48 | WSA 05 | e-Culture

Description of the Product/Project Visitors to the Paris, a Roman City website can see and explore the city’s main monuments from the Early Roman Empire – today completely vanished – including the forum, the theatre, the amphitheatre (»Les Arènes de Lutèce«) and the baths (»Les Thermes de Cluny«). Interactive handling of objects discovered during archaeological excavations – such as a fibula, a statuette, a vase, a pocketknife, etc– help bring these ›witnesses of the past‹ back to life. Thanks to overlay maps, users can step back and forth in time, and for those who want to make a ›real‹ visit to Roman Paris, an information guide leads travellers along traces of the past through the streets of today. Jury Evaluation Paris, a Roman City is an outstanding website, impressively rich from a historical point of view – but also in terms of sociology, ethnography and archaeology. The content of the website is very well presented thanks to a set of innovative interactive tools. It is beautifully designed, and multi-level maps, panoramic views and detailed building construction schemes as well as 3D and 2D animations have been integrated in a very efficient and stylish manner. When building the site, user-friendlyness was obviously paramount. Taking a look at Roman Paris is fun and pedagogical at the same time.


Pobediteli / The Victors Original title

Description of the Product/Project The Victors: Soldiers of the Great War is a multimedia project dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the »Great Patriotic War« of 1941–1945. Although the Great Patriotic War was clearly a part of World War Two, Russian people perceive it as a separate war in which the very existence of their country and their national identity was at stake. The aim of the team of historians, writers, designers and programmers who created the project was not to correct this perception but to document it for future generations, as well as to share the memories and experiences of the veterans. Jury Evaluation The project The Victors: Soldiers of the Great War creatively experiments with new forms of multimedia storytelling, realised by means of Flash-based technology, which allows high-quality audio-visual representation of the history of the »Great Patriotic War«. This war is documented in an interactive chronological manner, enhanced by in-depth comments and stories and supplemented with maps, personal recollections, documentary movies and audio clips and photographs. By featuring a list of full names of surviving veterans, the project encourages personal interest in the fate of veterans of the war and has started building a community interested in an intergenerational dialogue.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer W-M.RU Jan Cherniak Elena Kolmanovskaya Ekaterina Solntseva Jane Zavalishina Country Russia Contact

e-Culture | WSA 05 | 49


Lakota Winter Counts Media Format broadband/online

Producer National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution Robert Leopold Candace S. Greene Christina E. Burke Anh-Thu Cunnion Country United States of America Contact

50 | WSA 05 | e-Culture

Description of the Product/Project The Lakota Indians marked the passage of time by drawing pictures of memorable events on calendars known as »waniyetu wowapi« or »winter counts«. The Lakota Winter Counts website features 16 of these Native American Calendars from Smithsonian collections – plus a timeline of images showing events recorded by winter count keepers in various communities between 1701 and 1905, a searchable database of 19th Century commentaries, a documentary about Lakota history and culture as well as video interviews with Lakota people who relate these indigenous calendars to a wide range of historical and contemporary concerns, both local and global. Jury Evaluation The Lakota Winter Counts website provides well-structured information and useful descriptions in an interactive environment and pleasant multimedia layout, successfully helping users get an idea on how the Native American image-based calendars worked to track time. The graphic design of the site matches the concept very well, and the well-kept balance between design and content makes the user enjoy learning about the Lakota people and their perception of the world. Both a Flash version and an HTML version are available, ensuring that information is not only available for broadband users, but also for people who can only access the Internet through slower modem connections.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »As a result of the award, the project did get more attention«

Art2LIFE Art2LIFE is a web-based interactive timeline of 20th Century Canadian art, events and people, targeted to students and lifelong learners. For each decade of the timeline, visitors have access to 13 themes and events. Over 2,000 primary media assets are presented within the highlighted events of the past, which are organised by theme and decade, thus promoting an understanding of art within greater socio-historical themes. Art2LIFE is built from over 200 partner sources. In 2001, having just started, it had 68,000 unique visits. »It was not an initial objective – but in light of US American cultural domination, it may appear as a small example of how to reach a national audience with a truly Canadian perspective – easily and cheaply.« Winning at the WSA, the producers say, helped in terms of »profile and prestige«: »As a result of the award, the project did get more attention, increased the user base and substantially legitimated the thinking behind the project. The award was important for the key project partners – The McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the York Region Board of Education,

for it helped move the project from a ›peripheral project‹ to ›leading edge‹.« »Canadian content is hard to finance,« the people behind Art2LIFE add, »due to small markets and the to-be-defined business case that is content on the Web. The project was financed through government, private sector and in-kind contributions from the partners.« At the moment, it has come to a standstill, but there are plans to revivify it. »The project may be reconstituted in another form – at the request of a government agency. We partners are currently in discussions about this.«

Splendid Chinese Culture The Splendid Chinese Culture website is Hong Kong’s major cultural project to provide users with valuable information on the rich heritage of Chinese culture. It comprises of 18 series covering history, literature, art, religion and intercultural exchange. The project addresses students and lifelong learners alike and aims at increasing knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture. The producers, who worked 3 years on getting their project ready for launch, tell the WSA team: »Winning at the WSA has improved the website’s profile and reputation to a great extent. It has raised people’s awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the website.«

more than 30 million a year. Users come from almost 100 countries, including Chinese people who live overseas and foreigners who want to learn the Chinese language. If the simplified Chinese version can become popular in Mainland China, its impact will be unprecedented«, the producers claim.

In late 2005, a version of the website for Chinese citizens who live in Mainland China will be launched. This is because of the great success the project has had so far. »Since the launch of the website in 2001, the number of hits has exceeded 1.2 billion, and the access rate is now

Once the new version of the website will have been completed, the people behind the Splendid Chinese Culture project will add 100 new topics to the 200 topics that already exist. »This will make the content of the website more systematic, comprehensive and complete.«

e-Culture | WSA 05 | 51

e-Science • Virtual Science Museums of China China • Croatia • EduMedia France • JST Virtual Science Center Japan • Cape Farewell United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Special Mentions • The ExperiMENTALS Australia • Medical Parasitology Iran • University Research on Hypermedia Togo • Globalcult Venezuela

e-Science contents are: Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of infrastructure that will enable it; providing measures to promote and demonstrate scientific processes and make them accessible to citizens; scientific projects articulated through new media.

e-Science | WSA 05 | 53


Virtual Science Museums of China Original title

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiao Yun, Yan Baoping, Li Jianhui, Li Wen, Chen Yu, Yang Shiqing, Yin Chuanru, Chen Aiming, Zhao Yixia, Chen Lili, Wang Fang, Qi Xin, Yang Qian, Yang Yan, Chang Da, Wang Hua Country China Contact

54 | WSA 05 | e-Science

Description of the Product/Project Supported by 108 Chinese Academy of Sciences research institutes all over China, the Virtual Science Museums of China website ›translates‹ scientific information into content that can easily be shared and appreciated by people who are not professionals. VSMC also makes an effort to establish a virtual community space, where both scientists and the general public can meet in order to better understand each other, by means of open and unbiased communication. Also aimed at fostering better understanding between China and the world at large, VSMC actively develops international partnerships. Jury Evaluation The Virtual Science Museums of China (VSMC) website is the first and largest presentation of museums in the country, featuring 60 museums in Chinese and 11 in English. VSMC provides free access to multimedia materials on various topics such as ceramics, space travel, physics, tropical plants, infectious diseases, science in ancient China, principles of the universe, Chinese culture – to name a few topics. Visitors to the website can play games that explain basic scientific concepts and natural phenomena, view images and videos and read detailed information on many aspects of science. They can even remotely control a webcam at the popular Panda Museum.

6019 Description of the Product/Project presents on the Web the amazing fauna of Croatia using the latest Internet technology, including live presentations, video documentaries as well as 2D and 3D animations and illustrations. Content for the project is created in collaboration with students of biology and young scientists who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research results with the general public. New content is published on a monthly basis in form of ›monthly themes‹ that present a certain animal species or a group of animals. Users of the site are provided with information on scientific research being carried out on the monthly theme, and they are also told how to get involved if they have questions. Jury Evaluation This well-conceived, well-designed and well-structured website is a successful effort to make the richness of Croatian wildlife known to the general public in Croatia. provides information by educating and entertaining at the same time, presenting each of the monthly themes in an elaborate and extremely comprehensive way. By means of extensive use of various multimedia formats (including photos, 3D demonstrations, live conferences and presentations, video documentaries and – last not least – well-written and well-structured texts), users are drawn into the very different worlds of insects or dolphins, to name only two.

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Design studio (R)evolution and Terra Society Gorjan Agacevic Vladimir Koncar Ozren Crnogorac Timy Sarec Drasko Holcer Country Croatia Contact

e-Science | WSA 05 | 55


EduMedia Original title Banque d’animations pÊdagogiques flash pour les enseignants Media Format broadband/online

Producer eduMedia Charles Sol Christophe Monnerie Quentin Thiaucourt Mathilde Ritz David Lory Country France Contact

56 | WSA 05 | e-Science

Description of the Product/Project EduMedia is an online learning community website, dedicated to help to teach and study science. It provides a rich scientific multimedia database with more than 350 multimedia resources, featuring material for all new teaching methods. The website gives teachers and students access to the information they need in a new way by taking advantage of multimedia and interactivity. Animations are modular, brief and interactive, and they allow visualising complex or abstract thoughts and theories, previously difficult to illustrate without interactivity and simulation. These animations have been adapted to teachers’ needs and can be used in classrooms. Jury Evaluation Well-structured and well-designed multimedia content has a very high potential of making complex scientific concepts easier to understand. EduMedia is a relevant resource both for teachers and students. Each animation provided is conceived as one learning or lesson unit, which can easily be adapted to different teaching practices. Content is accessible online by selecting themes, entering keywords or by choosing a level. And each animation comes with teaching guidelines that allow a student to review key thoughts or principles illustrated by the animation. EduMedia has the potential of becoming a crucial place for the scientific community to meet and work on the Web.


JST Virtual Science Center Original title

Description of the Product/Project The concept of the JST Virtual Science Center website is to bring ›ordinary‹ people closer to the world of science, following the motto »You and Science«. There are different topics available. »Being Alive« focuses on the mysteries of the body, »Find Out« deals – among other subtopics – with the chemistry of fireworks, with sports and mathematics, »Our Lives« explains how watches, clocks and other devices work, »The Earth« talks about dinosaurs and the history of our planet, and »The Universe« features satellites, far-away planets and subtopics on the Moon and the Apollo space missions. Jury Evaluation The JST Virtual Science Center portal has a chiasmic structure: It moves from the individual to the universe and goes back from the universe to the individual’s existence. This innovative approach to both design and content structure is evident from the home page and permeates this extensive and multi-layered project. Subjects presented are covered comprehensively from every angle, using the latest multimedia technologies and interactive services. Following on the portal’s approach to the human being at the centre of her/his own universe, the portal allows each user to customise her/his own space, path and interests within the site, while being educated and entertained, awed and bewildered.

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Japan Science and Technology Agency Minako Arakawa Go Shimizu Hideaki Shimizu Country Japan Contact

e-Science | WSA 05 | 57


Cape Farewell Media Format broadband/online

Producer Cape Farewell David Buckland Bullet Design Kathy Barber National Oceanography Centre Simon Boxhall Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Contact

58 | WSA 05 | e-Science

Description of the Product/Project Cape Farewell has brought together on the web scientists, educators and artists to collectively address and raise awareness about global warming. Three trips to the High Arctic are the background of the project, taking there scientists from the National Oceanography Centre, secondary school teachers of Science and Geography and high-profile British artists. Together they have explored the Spitsbergen Archipelago, witnessing first-hand the effects of global warming and coming to terms with the threat climate change poses to our planet’s stability. Visitors to the Cape Farewell site, which is highly interactive, are invited to share in this exploration. Jury Evaluation The Cape Farewell website is an excellent example for the successful use of interactive online media, combining the arts, film, radio, journalism and well-placed technology, to raise awareness for ecology and the science of climate change in general, specially in regard to global warming, and in particular for its effects on the Arctic region. The product follows a fascinating story, the three expeditions Cape Farewell has run to the Arctic on board of a 100-year old Dutch schooner (through a route previously icebound but now passable ›thanks to‹ global warming). In addition, the site also offers ample and well-structured information on general scientific aspects of climate change.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »We received more funding from the government and companies«

Data Visualization Interactive Network The Data Visualization Interactive Network (DVIN) from Armenia provides online access to valuable data related to solar storms. It enables the monitoring of severe solar storms and provides an automatic alert service to subscribers around the world. »After winning at the WSA 03, visits to our site increased dramatically«, the producers say. »This was when we found out that our data is not just relevant for scientific publications, but also for the general public.« DVIN has currently 50,000 hits every year; users come from the US, Russia, Japan and Europe. »We continuously improve the product, adding new detectors, new data analysis methods and

new types of interface.« The people behind DVIN believe in global scientific collaboration: »Scientific progress cannot be achieved without communicating and sharing research results.«

Agricultural Expert System In China, the Agricultural Expert System provides agricultural knowledge and techniques to millions of local farmers on its web-based platforms. The team behind the project all in all worked about 15 years to get it implemented. Goals were to establish a knowledge and information transfer system for farmers in remote rural areas as well as to improve farmers’ agriculture production management skills. »Winning at the WSA put the spotlight on us«, the producers tell the WSA team. »We received more funding from the government and companies, and everybody involved in the project felt acknowledged and encouraged.« 8 million farmers have so far benefited from the system, which has also been

implemented in Vietnam and will soon come to Malaysia. The future will also see the integration of TV and mobile phone technology, in order to reach even more people.

Blue World A website from Croatia, Blue World aims at preserving wildlife species of the marine world, focusing on life in the Adriatic Sea – dolphins, turtles and other species. In so doing, it addresses students and researchers and encourages interaction with the general public. »The more people are included, the better, as conservation of the marine environment cannot really be localised but is a worldwide issue«, the people of the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation say. »Winning at the WSA gave us a great start locally, but also internationally, as our site has had significantly more ›international‹ hits thanks to the award.« Currently, the marine wildlife website has about 100 hits a day. Visitors are from Croatia and other

parts of Europe, but also from North America. The team now works on a new design and a restructuring of the website. Plus there will be new features such as online lectures, live broadcasts and much more.

e-Science | WSA 05 | 59

e-Business • Tianfu China • Ireland • Artisanal Shopping Morocco • WebTelegram Tunisia • Jotun Professionals Network United Arab Emirates

Special Mentions • Virtual Coffee Auction Program Guatemala • Kenya • New Zealand

e-Business contents are: Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, internet security and other areas; supporting SME’s on the marketplace.

e-Business | WSA 05 | 61


Tianfu Original title

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Sichuan Branch of China United Telecommunication Corporation Yang Huiheng Lu Bin Country China Contact

62 | WSA 05 | e-Business

Description of the Product/Project The Tianfu Agriculture Information Network (TAIN) was established in order to reduce the Digital Divide in poor areas of Western China, where more than ten minority groups live. In these areas, communication infrastructure is underdeveloped, and each minority group has their own dialect not easily understood by others. Education level is in general quite low. TAIN helps farmers to access all kinds of knowledge and information relevant to them, such as agricultural weather messages, farm produce supply information and demand status, treatment and sanitation recommendations and legal advice. All of this helps farmers to sell their products at a fair market price. Jury Evaluation The Tianfu Agriculture Information Network from China is an example of an effective trading platform and business model for economically less advantaged sections of the population. The product makes available a huge amount of agricultural business related information in a highly integrated system, which is accessible to a massive number of people, who otherwise would have no chance to get this information. By providing relevant multimedia content as well as call centre and hotline support, this business platform provides agricultural information in a way that really gets to the people who need it.

7069 Description of the Product/Project is Ireland’s biggest property website and one of Ireland’s most established Internet brands. It serves over 15 million pages of properties every month to over 450,000 unique visitors. The website makes an effort to make finding property really easy, and it also cares about price, which is why claims to offer some of the most competitive advertising rates in the market – for first-time buyers looking for a first home, for business owners looking for new premises as well as for students looking to move into a house share. There are literally thousands of properties to choose from, with over 35,000 properties available on the website at any one time.

Media Format broadband/ online

Producer Eamonn Fallon Brian Fallon Country Ireland Contact

Jury Evaluation Having started out as a small ›garage_dot‹ project, from Ireland is an e-Business product that really addresses a big issue in society, since finding suitable properties in Ireland is extremely difficult. The website is highly usable and comprehensive. Property finding is made easy by providing rich, comprehensive and well-structured content. The simplicity of the interface and the effective navigation and orientation allow the website to make it much easier for users to find properties according to their needs – be it a business man, a pensioner looking for a second property or a student of the Arts.

e-Business | WSA 05 | 63


Artisanal Shopping Original title Vente de produit d’artisanat Media Format broadband/online

Producer MedinaShop Abdellah Aboulharjan Country Morocco Contact

64 | WSA 05 | e-Business

Description of the product/project Artisanal Shopping is an online shop, offering more than 1,000 products, handmade in different Moroccan cities and selected for the international market. Collaboration has been established with about 80 craftsmen, who work the way craftsmen used to work centuries ago, ensuring that products have the same incomparable quality as they had hundreds of years before. The online shop rewards partner craftsmen according to their delivery of incomparable quality. Artisanal Shopping has a specific agreement with partners, making clear that beginners cannot sell their products using this website. Jury Evaluation Artisanal Shopping of Morocco is an excellent example of a sophisticated merge of local/traditional ambiance and an e-Commerce application. With a design that respects the ›genius loci‹, this product has successfully linked the uniqueness of a specific culture with the modern way of doing business. By adding local stories and feelings to the business type of information, this online shop brings fresh air to the commercial realm, featuring a non-commercial, cultural background. Artisanal Shopping is really a great example of an e-Business application that enables the international expansion of SMEs by stressing the importance of ›a real place‹ in the global cybersphere.


WebTelegram Description of the product/project Like good old mail, the telegram is moving to the Internet thanks to a new product: The WebTelegram solution allows the printing, the nationwide delivery and online tracking with proof of delivery of telegrams. It is a B2B & B2C service, which can easily be deployed in any national postal network, in any post office. The delivery of telegrams is reliable and also very fast – thanks to the electronic processing of everything, from writing a telegram to online payment. Additional features include bulk sending and online tracking for both private and business customers.

Media Format broadband/online

Producer EQUINOXES Karim Skik Country Tunisia Contact

Jury Evaluation The WebTelegram service from Tunisia is a clever way of reinventing an old form of communication. By transforming a traditional telegram into a WebTelegram, this product has given new meaning and new values to the telegram in society. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which can also be customised and personalised, this product offers its users a new way to electronically send and track telegrams. WebTelegram is an excellent example of an effective e-Business application that is rooted in the local social context (as the telegram has a practical and legal meaning in Tunisian society).

e-Business | WSA 05 | 65


Jotun Professionals Network Original title Jotun Professionals Network – From Product to Personalisation – A Relationship Marketing Exercise Online Media Format broadband/online

Producer E-Media FZ LLC Preethi Mariappan Rania Kawhaji Lew Kong Kane Chauhan Navin M. Naheem Country United Arab Emirates Contact

66 | WSA 05 | e-Business

Description of the product/project The Jotun Professionals Network takes an innovative approach to e-Business, as it aims to build long-lasting business relationships with customers using e-Content. It targets architects, professionals, interior designers and consultants across the Middle East, bringing them together as a community around the brand – its products, services and culture. The project is conceived to change Jotun’s position in the market from being a world class paints solutions provider to a world class paints solutions advisor, helping prospective customers to perceive Jotun Paints as an ally. Jury Evaluation Jotun Professionals Network from the United Arab Emirates is a very innovative e-Business website that focuses on the importance of business communities and networks, which is a social and human dimension neglected in most of the mainstream e-Business applications. Its high quality of design, supported by a highly interactive interface, enables professional communities to create, access and maintain rich, diverse, wide-range and in-depth business information. In so doing, the Jotun Professionals Network creates opportunities for collaborative projects and project sharing ideas, leading to the establishment of various business opportunities.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »We never dreamed we would be doing 90 per cent of all online bookings for the whole youth hostel sector worldwide«. from the United Arab Emirates is the premier B2B online marketplace for the Arab Middle East. It helps to cut costs for everybody involved, as buyers and sellers can transact directly via a secured Internet environment. »Being a WSA 03 winner further enhanced our brand credibility and boosted both regional and international awareness for the benefits of online procurement for companies in the Middle East«, the producers say. From 2003-05, achieved numerous goals, including reaching profitability. It has now about 4,000 trading partners, and a number of website features have been improved.

In the future, aims at creating more online communities for thriving sectors and to further expand internationally. A website from Canada, is the world’s largest online marketplace for used, rare and out-of-print books. It connects those who buy books with those who sell books and covers the entire cycle of an online transaction, from registration to logistics. »Being a winner at the World Summit Award has given us valuable exposure around the globe. It marked a key period in the company’s development, as it expanded beyond North America and into Europe,« the people behind the successful project told the WSA team. »In the past two years, we have seen the UK market grow rapidly with sales continuing to increase. And in 2004, began officially selling new books alongside used copies.« 70 million titles are now listed for sale by more

than 13,000 independent booksellers from around the world, and additional offices have been opened in Germany and Spain. In 2006, the e-Business pioneer will celebrate its 10th birthday, as the firm was established as early as 1996.

Hostelworld Hostelworld’s core business is an online information and booking service for hostels and budget accommodation in 145 countries worldwide. The website from Ireland acts as an application service provider for hostels and small tourism enterprises, thus enabling them to handle information services and transactions online. »Our main goal initially was to save administration time for hostel owners and to simplify the booking process for customers who wanted to book a hostel. We never dreamed we would be doing 90 per cent of all online bookings for the whole youth hostel sector worldwide«, the producers tell the WSA team. »Winning an award at the WSA 03 was a great international accolade for us. It improved the knowledge of our website in a wider range of countries worldwide. From 2003 to 2005 we have

hugely expanded the amount of hostels that we work with and have particularly grown in developing markets including Asia and Latin America. Milestones include reaching 10,000 hostels worldwide, processing our 1 millionth online booking and adding customer reviews and ratings to our site of which we now have 400,000.«

e-Business | WSA 05 | 67

e-Inclusion • WomenGateway Bahrain • DeafPlanet Canada • Children@Hospital France • Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché Guatemala • Web Content Translation Engine Kuwait

Special Mentions • Agenda Feminist Media Project South Africa • Vietnam Development Gateway Vietnam

e-Inclusion contents are: All measures supporting IT integration of least developed countries into the Information Society. Reducing the »digital divide« between technology-empowered and technology-excluded communities and groups – such as rural areas and women. Bridging society through multimedia.

e-Inclusion | WSA 05 | 69


WomenGateway Original title

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Alnadeem Information Technology W.L.L Ubaydli Ubaydli Country Bahrain Contact

70 | WSA 05 | e-Inclusion

Description of the product/project New opportunities are being created every day on the WomenGateway. The project is a milestone in the Kingdom of Bahrain to help women advance their career. It is the first website on the island to focus on gender equity. Objectives are to provide women with detailed and accurate information on how to expand their businesses and investments, to offer them a cost-effective, user-friendly e-Commerce platform and to create an environment that liberates them from the constraints of traditional society. WomenGateway is a ›melting pot‹ of all sorts of information and services for women in Bahrain. Jury Evaluation The WomenGateway illustrates how women in Bahrain can successfully be helped in their career by offering them relevant information, such as how to start a business, how to do marketing etc. The website has some quality e-Learning features, but it also makes available for download various business software applications – for free. The site also offers the possibility to find experts for various issues that might come up. Through this initiative, Bahrain has become a leader in including women in the Middle East in the Information Society – a task that should be on the agenda of all nations.


DeafPlanet Description of the product/project DeafPlanet is a web destination where deaf and hearing children alike can make an exciting and engaging cultural experience. Produced in partnership with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, this website is a companion to the television show, the first television series and website in American Sign Language. In addition to the regular content related to the TV show, new content has been integrated into exciting animated environments which use the latest Flash web design technology to allow audiences to play trivia games and participate in educational activities.

Media Format broadband/online

Producer marblemedia Mark Bishop Matt Hornburg Country Canada Contact

Jury Evaluation DeafPlanet is probably the only educational resource available worldwide, which allows both deaf and hearing children to interact with the same characters in the same environment – be it on the Web or watching TV. From a new media perspective, the most crucial part of the project is the integration of TV content into the Internet. To be able to use an educational resource, which communicates sign language visually, is of great importance to those with hearing loss, especially with the low literacy rates in the deaf community. There is currently no content being created in any sign language that could compete with in terms of quality, cross-platform integration and creative concepts.

e-Inclusion | WSA 05 | 71


Children@Hospital Original title L’enfant @ l’hôpital Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Association Anne Dunoyer de Segonzac Bour Geneviève Pellereau Emmanuel Ferrand Vincent Country France Contact

72 | WSA 05 | e-Inclusion

Description of the product/project Children@Hospital allows seriously ill children, who are forced to live excluded from the world they are used to, to get in touch with other groups of children and adults, who keep them connected to the world, to other cultures and to educational knowledge. The multimedia platform and content, which has been created for this project, is easy to use and based on technology usually accessible for everybody. Children@Hospital is a little university where linguists, musicians and scientists make use of their knowledge to do everything they can for the ill children at hospital. The project follows the motto »learning to help healing«. Jury Evaluation Children@Hospital is an easy-to-use product that allows seriously ill children to communicate with friends, teachers and adult mentors while in hospital. At the heart of the product is the Kanari application, which includes e-Learning tools to study, interact with mentors, post at forums and build a home page. The possibility to interact with mentors is a very interesting feature; it gives the child the opportunity to keep in contact by sharing pictures, written experiences and short films. Teachers can also continue to educate the child by giving assignments and keeping it up-to-date on news from school. Children@Hospital is being used in 50 French hospitals – a great achievement.


Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché Description of the product/project Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché pioneers innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies to empower indigenous communities in Guatemala. By using this company’s application, teachers can create their own teaching material, students can become more active learners, and community members can thus reach their full potential. The producers believe that indigenous people can benefit from ICTs, improving their education and skills, if technology comes with content in their language and culture, thus strengthening their identity and self-esteem. Online courses for adults and interactive CD-ROMs for children are what Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché focuses on. Jury Evaluation The Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché project is a great example of e-Inclusion. It provides the local community with ICT know-how, helping indigenous people to obtain the necessary skills for jobs on the new media market. But by using ICTs to provide knowledge and education, much more can be achieved: The general standard of life improves for everybody in the community. As globalisation, free trade and the mass media have an increasingly larger impact even on the lives of people who live in remote areas, indigenous people, too, must be helped to bridge the Digital Divide – and the Content Gap, by ensuring that content is made available to them in their own language and culture.

Original title Enseñando con computadoras no sobre computadoras Media Format broadband/online

Producer Ajb’atz’ Enlace Quiché Andrew Lieberman Lorenzo Alvarado Tipaz Tomás Matias Gutierrez Tzunun Cristina Perez Medrano Melchor Aguarré Calel Isabel Natalia Can Balcot Pixabaj Country Guatemala Contact

e-Inclusion | WSA 05 | 73


Web Content Translation Engine Original title

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Sakhr Software Fahad Al-Sharekh Country Kuwait Contact

74 | WSA 05 | e-Inclusion

Description of the product/project The Web Content Translation Engine is a Web-based translation service that translates, on-the-fly, any English Web page to Arabic and vice versa, while preserving the original Web page layout. The application also allows for the translation of texts that can be entered. It can easily be accessed from anywhere; the only thing needed is a connection to the Internet, a computer, a login name and a password. Additional features of the Translation Engine are glossaries and daily updates with the latest information and news. Jury Evaluation The Web Content Translation Engine translates English to Arabic and vice versa on-the-fly. The tool is available in two formats: a free version, which translates text information that has been entered, and a pay-for-use version, which can also translate websites. The fact that English is the dominant language on the Web is still a big problem for the majority of Arabs who don’t speak it, making ICTs redundant for them. This is why this service is an excellent example for reducing the Content Gap, and it is also a great example of successful e-Inclusion, as it facilitates quick and easy access to information, knowledge and opinion.

WINNERS 2003 – SUCCESS STORIES »To win at the WSA has benefited us both internally and externally. «

Time to Market Time to Market makes available in Senegal realtime market data regarding agricultural products via mobile phone. This data is vital for people to determine where to sell or buy their products. »Our main goal was to demonstrate that a mobile phone can be used to uplift the social and economic development of small farmers,« the producers explain. »We extended the service to fishermen, and we export it now to various African as well as to Middle East countries.« Winning at the WSA in 2003 has given the project great exposure. There are now 8,000 users in Senegal, and a free

daily text message Market Information System has recently been launched, which is being used by more than 3,000 farmers.

Infocentros Project One of the main objectives of the Infocentros Project was to improve the quality of life of Savadoran people who had been excluded from ICT development. The Web portal makes possible the decentralised generation of content. Thus local knowledge from around the region is shared easily. »To win at the WSA has benefited us both internally and externally. This recognition has motivated our team members, who enthusiastically work on this project day in and day out. It has also allowed us to show our partners, allies and the

general public the quality of our project.«The portal has now 140,000 visits per month.

N-Logue Communications N-Logue Communications is a project that offers Internet services to rural people in India by installing kiosks (n-Logue centres). The first village kiosk was established in December 2001, and there are now over 2,000 villages connected. »The objective of the project was to make use of the Internet to significantly change lives of rural people, focusing on education and health«, the producers say. Credibility with government organisations has been helped by winning at the WSA, they add. »All in all, we can now offer Internet access to six million rural people in six different states – and in

six different Indian languages. Our plan for the next two years is to establish a total of 30,000 village kiosks, serving 90 million people.«

e-Inclusion | WSA 05 | 75

Special Mentions e-Goverment e-Health e-Learning e-Entertainment e-Culture e-Science e-Business e-Inclusion

WSA special mentions: The best projects of the world’s regions The World Summit Award showcases products that focus on e-Content in eight categories, which represent the different sectors of social life. Nominations of national finalists by eminent experts were restricted to one per category. From these, the Grand Jury selected the five best projects of the world in three rounds. Taking into account the different cultures and different levels of economic and technical development among the 168 participating countries, it is however necessary and fair to publish and showcase not only the best five products in each of the eight categories. If a world region was not present among the best five products in each category, the top-ranked product of this region was selected and honoured by a special mention. This way, the state of excellence and the development of the e-Content industry in all the world regions of the WSA 05 can be showcased and demonstrated.

76 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions


Welcome to the Panama Canal

Original Title Bienvenido al Canal de Panamá Media Format broadband/online

Producer Panama Canal Authority Leyla Raymondo Roberto Chockee Country Panama



Description of the product/project With its website Welcome to the Panama Canal, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) provides valuable information about the history of the canal under Panamanian administration. It also tells users about the organisation, its responsibilities and modernisation projects. The website tries to make as clear and transparent as possible the objectives of the ACP, giving insight into past, present and future operations – in a simple, functional but also educational manner, providing graphics and animations to illustrate operational concepts.


Media Format broadband/online

Producer Housing and Development Board Peng Kuan Loo Loi Choo Chou Teng Fong Ang

Description of the product/project has been produced by Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) to allocate its business premises through electronic bidding in real-time – much alike a property auction house. The portal has created a win-win paradigm and has significantly transformed business interaction between HDB and its customers regarding the allocation of business premises. helps businessmen to make informed choices while obtaining premises quickly, within their affordability range, transparently, anytime, anywhere. It has user-friendly features such as Property Alert, text message as well as WAP bidding, thus making it as easy as possible for customers to find their business premises.

Country Singapore Contact


Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 77


Cape Gateway

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Centre for e-Innovation, Provincial Government of the Western Cape Katherine de Tolly Helen Alexander Germaine Grammer Fundile Majola Steve Vosloo

Description of the product/project The Cape Gateway portal from South Africa provides citizens of the Western Cape with easy access to government information and services in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. Along with the walk-in centre and the call centre (which use the portal as their main information source), Cape Gateway aims to give all citzens equal access to information. It has been designed from a citizen perspective, following the motto that users don’t need to know which part of the government is responsible for providing which service. The site gives an integrated view of national, provincial and local governments and has over 30,000 pages covering services, policies, facilities, contacts, vacancies and much more.

Country South Africa Contact



Fleury Diagnostics Online

Original Title Fleury Online Media Format broadband/online

Producer Fleury S.A. Teresa Sacchetta Alberto Ciccone Fadi Hanna Filipe Guazelli Ian Saukas Tarcísio Peres Regina Pistelli Partner Tribal iThink


Country Brazil Contact

Description of the product/project Founded in 1926, Fleury is a full-fledged centre for diagnosis in Brazil, offering over 2,000 different diagnostic tests, including imaging, in 16 facilities for sample collection and diagnostic procedures. In addition to technical excellence, ensured by a multidisciplinary team, customers can now also benefit from a website: They can get appointments online, access test results, including images, and they can look at their past results. Physicians are allowed an integrated view of their patients’ results. Fleury also offers publications and e-Learning products for physicians and for the general public.

78 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions


Talking Glove

Original Title

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer Citex Co. Ali Mizani Oskui Zohreh Abbasi Oskui Country Iran Contact


Description of the product/project The innovative product Talking Glove (or Talking Fingers) has been developed in Iran to help deaf and mute people or people who have difficulties in speaking normally to other people. Using the »Talking Fingers« application, they can talk fluently and normally to other people simply by moving their fingers. Using the product is very simple. The user touches a small pad – which is placed on his arm – in a specific way to create characters, which are then displayed on a screen, using a laptop or a pocket PC to connect the devices. The application is currently available in Persian and English.


e-Health in the South: The Malian Experience

Original Title Télémédecine au Sud: L'expérience Malienne Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer REIMICOM – Keneya Blown Mahamoudane Niang Mohamed Lamine Ouattara Abdrahamane Anne Ousmane Ly Cheick Oumar Bagayoko

Description of the product/project E-Health in the South: The Malian Experience is a project with a huge impact that has been implemented by a group of young physicians in Mali. It mostly consists of a telemedcine network, which connects several health institutions in Bamako, Kayes, Mopti, Segou, Sikasso and Tombouctou, where medical teams have been trained to use Internet-based tools. Webcasting systems for distance learning have been implemented, where medical education courses are now broadcast on a weekly basis. And a system has been established to optimise patient evacuation to hospitals in the North or to prepare humanitarian missions.

Country Mali Contact


Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 79


Armenian Genocide of 1915 –1923

Original Title Haiots Mets Egern, 1915-1923 Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Producer ITE CJSC Garegin Chugaszyan Country Armenia

Description of the product/project The CD-ROM on the Armenian Genocide of 1915–1923 is a project that makes possible to study deeply and interactively information on the first genocide of the 20th Century – the Armenian Genocide, which was centrally planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire, and which caused the death of more than 1.5 million innocent victims. The CD interactively presents a chronology of events, archival documents and press clippings, Armenian and foreign eyewitness statements as well as more than 500 photos illustrating the context of the Armenian Genocide.




Pax Warrior

Media Format broadband/online

Producer 23YYZee Inc. Sean Hopen Andreas Ua'Siaghail Country Canada Contact


Description of the product/project Pax Warrior is a subscription-based online activity from Canada that focuses on individual responsibilities and promotes global citizenship. Part interactive exercise, part history/geopolitics lesson, it was developed for the educational market and is based on General Romeo Dallaire's experience as UN commander in Rwanda in 1994. A decision-based simulation, it asks the student, ›What would you do?‹ in difficult situations. In this way, s/he is engaged, given a role, given agency. Produced in collaboration with survivors of the Rwandan genocide, human rights experts and the peacekeeping community, Pax Warrior focuses on the decision-making process, moral obligations and critical thinking.

80 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions


Media Format broadband/online

Producer National Institute of Educational Development Elbe Boshoff Academy for Educational Development Todd Malone Country Namibia Contact


Description of the product/project is the website of the Namibian Ministry of Education’s digital resource centre, making Namibian educational resources available to all Namibian educators. Resources include all Namibian curricular materials, HIV/AIDS prevention training resources and teacher support materials, among many other features. For people who do not have access to the Internet, there is also a CD with the same content, which is updated annually and then distributed throughout the country. Everyone who wishes so is allowed to make copies of the CD, thereby ensuring widespread use. And SchoolNet Namibia places the content of the CD on their open source computer labs in over 200 schools.


Islam Web

Original Title

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Younis Yaser Country Quatar

Description of the product/project Islam Web from Quatar includes an e-Learning system in seven languages. It assists non-arabic people to study the Arabic language. Features include Koran Recitation (Tajweed), a memorisation system, Islamic translations and Arabic letters formalisation.


3018 Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 81


Jazz in Azerbaijan

Media Format broadband/online

Producer MediaDesignTech Samir Gasimov Miraslan Zeynalov Rashad Zeynalov Ruslan Nabiyev Country Azerbaijan

Description of the product/project The Jazz in Azerbaijan website reflects all aspects of jazz culture in Azerbaijan, making plunging into jazz a multimedia experience. This is because is not simply a website related to this kind of music – it is in fact a jazz portal, currently linked to more than ten sites, and more links will soon follow. A specific feature of the portal is its combination of creative design with state-of-theart Internet technology, ensuring that all information about jazz is presented as well-structured as possible and in a most interesting way.




VITI for Kids

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Information Technology Institute Heba Saleh Doaa Sherif El Badrawy Anso Thom Marwa Ahmad El Sherif Marwa Mohamad Abdel Aleem Country Egypt Contact


Description of the product/project VITI for Kids from Egypt is an e-Entertainment website for Arab kids (6–12 years), aiming at helping them to improve on their skills and knowledge – starting from the early years. The site’s activities are presented in an interactive and animated way; activities include teaching basic computer skills (for ›normal‹ and for deaf kids) as well as painting, music, ethics and general knowledge. All of this learning material is taught ›indirectly‹ through tips and stories told by the site’s main character Semsem. VITI for Kids tries to combine fun with learning, having a positive impact on kids’ lives.

82 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions



Media Format cross media

Producer Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand Mark Billinghurst Gavin Bishop Claudia Nelles Hirokazu Kato Country New Zealand Contact


Description of the product/project The eyeMagic project at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, explores the application of augmented reality technology to children’s literature. Augmented Reality is a new computer interface technology that allows computer graphics to be overlaid on the real world, so that both the virtual images and the real objects can be seen at the same time. EyeMagic is one of the first times that an author has used this technology in an entertainment application. A New Zealand’s children’s book, Giant Jimmy Jones, was transformed from a normal printed book into one where three-dimensional animated virtual images appear to pop out from the real pages.


Where to Go in Lagos

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Meliora Limited Jerry Ray Ben Chukwujama Bukky Aro Robert Jibunoh Kunlay Sadare Country Nigeria

Description of the product/project Where to Go in Lagos from Nigeria is an Internet portal offering a wide range of services regarding what to do on the island of Lagos. It is a one stop shop for discovering what’s new on the entertainment sector and takes a look at events and the arts scene. Bars, restaurants and clubs are all featured on, including menus, prices, dress code information and venue descriptions. Email alerts are also a feature of the portal, keeping subscribers up-to-date on the events of their choice. There are also links to online maps.

Contact index.php


Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 83



Media Format broadband/online

Producer Rix Cerezo Design Ricardo Cerezo Country Panama

Description of the product/project is a website that explores extensively by means of images, sounds and videos a historic and cultural region in Panama called Azuero, a region of multiple colours and sounds with an almost magical aura, blazing under the tropical sun. The project aims at promoting an exhibition about the peninsula of Azuero, providing museums and cultural associations that are interested with relevant information about the region. In order to get the project completed, the artist and the producer lived and worked in the region for two years, doing interviews and recording sounds, pictures and videos.




State of the Arts

Media Format broadband/online

Producer New Media Lab, Rhodes University Vincent Maher Colin Daniels Vanessa Malila Country South Africa Contact


Description of the product/project The National Arts Festival is the most important event in Grahamstown each year and is the second largest festival of its kind in the world. It is a major gathering and showcase of African art ranging from street theatre to fine art exhibits and is the cultural sounding-post for all South African artists. The digitalisation of the experience of the festival is seen by the staff of the New Media Lab at Rhodes University as a major opportunity to capture and contribute to this massive cultural event. As part of a broader media project called CueMedia, the NML developed content management tools that support text, audio, multimedia, video and more for the State of the Arts project.

84 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions



Media Format broadband/online science/experimentals

Producer Australian Broadcasting Corporation Chrissie McIntyre Country Australia Contact


Description of the product/project The ExperiMENTALS is a hilarious new broadband video science show for kids. It's science, but not as you know it. Instead of relying on just the ›wow!‹ factor of science, the ExperiMENTALS (scientists Ruben Meerman and Bernie Hobbs) add cheesy jokes and wild costumes to help make the point. No experiment is too big, too crazy or too low budget for Bernie and Ruben to try. Armed with bits of paper, balloons, rockets and anything else they can find, our scientists spend their days exploding, demystifying and explaining everyday science for young and old. In the show’s 19 x 5 minute episodes, the ExperiMENTALS tackle everything from gravity to impressive dating tricks and Bernoulli’s Theorem.


Medical Parasitology

Original Title

Media Format offline/DVD, CD-ROM or video materials

Description of the product/project Medical Parasitology from Iran is a CD that contains about 850 photos of parasites that were taken with electron and »normal« microscopes. Further information on parasites is provided on the CD, including life cycle information. A search tool helps to identify parasites, and there are zooming and printing features. There is also a »self-examination« part, helping the user to check if she/he is infected by parasites.

Producer Tehran University Ehsan Taghi zade Davari Hamidreza Shahsavand Mehdi Pahlevani Elham Kazemi Zahra Babaee Country Iran



Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 85


University Research on Hypermedia

Original Title Recherche Universitaire sur les Hypermedia Media Format broadband/online

Producer APYRAMIDE Goncalves Kodjo Country Togo

Description of the product/project, the website of the University Research on Hypermedia programme in Togo, presents itself like a maze of icons that can be activated. The project makes available online iconographic and textual hypermedia research results related to prospective architecture.





Original Title Portal del Programa Globalizaci贸n, Cultura y Transformaciones Sociales (Globalcult) Media Format broadband/online

Producer Programa Globalizaci贸n, Culturay Transformaciones Sociales Daniel Mato Alejandro Maldonado Gloria Monasterios Country Venezuela Contact


Description of the product/project The website of the Portal of the Globalization, Culture and Social Transformation Program (Globalcult) from Venezuela provides free and easy access to more than two hundred original texts related to several fields in the social sciences. Wesite content includes several books, articles, conference papers, monographs, interviews, theses and links to other valuable and little known websites on related subjects. In order to make content accessible for as many people as possible, the website can be worked with using slow modem conections and early versions of browsers. The site has about 20,000 visits every month and users are from more than 60 countries.

86 | WSA 05 | Special Mentions


Virtual Coffee Auction Program

Original Title Programa de Subastas de Café por Internet Media Format broadband/online

Producer Asociación Nacional del Café – ANACAFE Lucrecia Rodriguez Country Guatemala Contact


Description of the product/project The Virtual Coffee Auction Program is an Internet portal that has been created for the Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé) in order to make the Guatemalan coffee growers competitive in a globalised world. At, Guatemalan Coffees are being promoted on the Internet, and one of the major goals of the platform is to let the world know of about the advantages of buying coffee from Guatemala. Perhaps even more important, it is also a tool for educating farmers and transferring coffee technology to more than the 65,000 Guatemalan coffee producers in the country.


Media Format broadband/online

Producer Limited Amolo Ngweno Mucemi Gakuru Pauline Omolo Country Kenya Contact


Description of the product/project is an online shopping website from Kenya that uses various aspects of ICT technology to promote African products on the international market. The site has been in operation since 2001 and offers a wide range of traditional arts and crafts products, clothes, jewelry, food, books and music CDs. A key element of this online shop’s mission is to help small businesses that sell high-quality products but have hardly any access to international markets. All products are carefully selected to ensure that high standards are maintained. The website’s online catalogue features more than 4.200 items, each with an image and text that assists customers in their selection.

Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 87


Media Format broadband/online

Producer Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd. Dave McPherson Country New Zealand Contact

Description of the product/project Fonterra’s supplier website, is a unique community and business channel used by Fonterra dairy farmers throughout New Zealand to monitor their business performance and stay in touch with the company and each other. has an ongoing aim to leverage the power of the Internet to ensure best farming practises and productivity tools can be shared across the supplier base. Today more than 70 per cent of Fonterra’s 11,500 farms are registered to utilise the site – these farms account for more than 80 per cent of the company’s national milk production. A wide range of communication tools, productivity tools and interfaces with company systems are used on a daily basis by farmers.



Agenda Feminist Media Project

Media Format broadband/online

Producer Agenda Feminist Media Project Christine Davis Country South Africa Contact


Description of the product/project The Agenda Feminist Media Project is a website from South Africa designed to provide a variety of tools to a diverse audience in Africa. It provides online gender-related journals and a weekly updated gender-related news section with a corresponding newsletter that goes out to over 3,000 subscribers. Visitors include a broad spectrum of people from the world of business, NGOs, government, media and academia. A regular feature of the news section is a list of announcements, which include a list of vacancies, calls for papers and functions. The website’s online community also provides free space for people to publish their poetry, prose, artwork and photography.

88 | WSA 05 | special mentions


Vietnam Development Gateway

Original title Công phát triên Viêt . Nam c


Media Format broadband/online

Producer Vietnam Sustainable Development Center Thu Huong Tran thi Country Vietnam Contact


Description of the product/project The Vietnam Development Gateway (VnDG), launched in November 2002, is a website dedicated to sharing information and knowledge in support of development. Its aims at narrowing the Digital Divide and making information accessible to all interested parties – in particular to the population of rural and remote areas. Main features of the VnDG website are a special information section for farmers, the VnDG Campus 21 and an employment facilitation section. The initiative has positively contributed to the national campaign for the eradication of hunger and the alleviation of poverty.

»We took a close look at the concept that’s behind this initiative and decided to support this project as it is not only in line Lynn St. Amour Internet Society (ISOC) President and CEO

with ISOC’s mission of promoting the use of the Internet for the benefit of people everywhere, but it also reaches out specifically to very important segments, such as young people through the World Summit Youth Award.«

Special Mentions | WSA 05 | 89

90 | WSA 05 | special mentions

WSA 05 Jury Selecting National Finalists and the World’s Best Contents WSA 05 Expert Panel As a result of the smooth functioning of the WSA 03 selection process, the job of pre-selecting the best national projects was again put in the hands of a panel of national eminent experts. Nominations to become a WSA Expert were accepted from all 191 United Nations member states, and 168 countries submitted expert nominations. Each WSA Expert was responsible for the pre-selection process in her/his country, and 8 products – 1 per category – were to be submitted for the WSA 05 contest.

WSA 05 National Contests

WSA 05 Grand Jury Meeting

In 2005, more than 50 partners of the WSA launched National WSA Contests in their countries, which served national pre-selection process for the WSA 05 global competition. These national contests were all based on the WSA rules and categories.

35 international experts evaluated about 750 new media projects from 168 countries during one week of intense discussion at the WSA 05 Grand Jury Meeting, held from 3–10 September 2005 by generous invitation of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The event brought together experienced as well as young entrepreneurs in the field of multimedia, designers and scientists, project managers and heads of NGOs.

»Launching a National WSA Contest in Bahrain was a great experience; it was a dream fulfilled to me and the rest of the team. Not only did it allow us to experience the variety of our national projects and to select the best of them following the high standards of the WSA. It also boosted the position of Bahrain as the up-and-coming e-content industry hub in the region. It brought people together to work and network, and it allowed us to be pioneers and to set standards for other countries willing to hold their own national contest.«

Waheed al Balushi

Chairman of the Bahrain e-Content Award

Winning projects of the National WSA Contests automatically became WSA nominees and were evaluated by the WSA 05 Grand Jury.

94 | WSA 05 | Jury

In a spirit of respect and understanding for the other person’s cultural background, experts shared insights into what’s happening in the country they represented from an e-Content perspective. And while discussing and evaluating the submitted projects, the only thing that mattered was quality and creativity – and not financial power of country of origin. Christine Opokua Kisiedu, WSA Juror from Ghana, said about the selection made: »The WSA is the most focused initiative I am aware of to bridge the Digital Divide. I hope it will be possible to present the winning projects in my country, in order to show people there what can be achieved through multimedia.«

Waheed Al Balushi Chairman, Bahrain e-Content Award Bahrain

Marcelo Héctor Petrich President/Executive Director, Fundación Era Digital (O.N.G.); Argentina Marcelo Petrich is an expert and consultant in new technologies. He studied ITSM (eLearning and Distance Learning) in Monterrey, México and at the InterAmerican Association of Doctors,Washington. Mr Petrich is President and Executive Director of the Foundation Digital Era (ONG). He was formally the Coordinator of the National Programme of Telemedicine (2000/01) to the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2002, Mr Petrich became an Assessor at the Board of Directors at ComCitel, the Annual InterAmerican Assembly of Telecommunications (OEA-CITEL). He was also a Consultant at the Institute Connectivity of the Americas (ICA), Canada, and in 2003 he worked for the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Waheed Al Balushi works as Assistant Manager of Arabbanking in Bahrain and is currently the Chairman of the Bahrain e-Content Award. He founded the Bahrain Internet Society, of which he is currently SecretaryGeneral. Mr Al Balushi is a member of numerous organisations and associations, including the Bahrain Journalists Association and the Internet Society (ISOC). He also edits .COM, a weekly IT newspaper supplement, and he is in charge of an Internet page in Honal Bahrain, a weekly magazine produced by the Ministry of Information. In 2003, Mr Al Balushi was selected to represent his country as a Grand Jury Member for the WSA.

Md. Akteruzzaman, Bangladesh President, Multimedia Association (BMA) Bangladesh

Garegin Chugaszyan works as Executive Director for the IT Foundation, Armenia. He was selected as a Grand Jury Member for the WSA in 2003. He is also an ICT for Development Advisor for the Development Gateway Foundation, WB, USA. Mr Chugaszyan is a Member of the Presidential IT Council in Armenia, a Member of the Board of Directors of ADA (Armenian Development Agency), and President of ITE Ltd, Armenia. Previously, he held positions as Chairman of the Board of OSI AF, Armenia, Director of the Department of Information and Publications, Government of Armenia, and in 1992, Mr Chugaszyan was a Chief Expert for the President of Armenia.

Md. Akteruzzaman is the President of the Bangladesh Multimedia Association (BMA). In 2003, he was selected to represent Bangladesh as a WSA Expert and eventually a WSA Grand Juror. Mr Akteruzzaman is Founder and President of the Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT (BYF), CEO for ABC Multimedia Ltd, and he also works as Multimedia Consultant to the Ministry of Science and ICT for the Government of Bangladesh. Mr Akteruzzaman is an active member of numerous international organisations and associations, including the World Health Organisation, Bangladesh, the Genetic Educational Group, Singapore, Hanoi University of Science & Technology, Vietnam, the Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum (BIJF), Bangladesh,, Canada, Youth Creating Digital Opportunity (YCDO), USA, the Global Alliance for Bridging Digital Divide (GABD), Hong Kong, and the UN ICT Task Force, Asia Region.

Ilyas Naibov-Aylisli

Rudi Vansnick, Belgium

Project Director, National e-Governance Network Initiative Azerbaijan

Chairman, Internet Society Belgium

Garegin Chugaszyan Executive Director, IT Foundation Armenia

Ilyas Naibov-Aylisli is Project Director for the National E-Governance Network Initiative of Azerbaijan. From 2002-04 he worked for the company BP, where he was responsible for the development of local suppliers and external relations. Previously, Mr Naibov-Aylisli was with Procter & Gamble, where he was in charge of marketing and business development in the South Caucasus region and Turkey. Since 1998, he has also been giving lectures on IT for management, international business and marketing management purposes at the MBA Programme of Khazar University. Mr Naibov-Aylisli received his Master’s Degree in Information Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1997. In 1995, he graduated from the Baku State University’s Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Programme.

Since 1998, Rudi Vansnick has been a Member of ISOC (Belgian Chapter), and he currently serves as the Society’s Chairman. He worked at several projects (Internet, Intranet, and Extranet) for Belgian companies as well as for government and national associations. Mr Vansnick is an Expert Evaluator for FP6 projects for the European Commission, and he is also an independent ICT consultant.

Cid Torquato Executive Director, The Brazilian Chamber of e-Commerce Brazil Cid Torquato is Executive Director of the Brazilian Chamber of e-Commerce, which he co-founded in 2001. Prior to joining the Chamber of e-Commerce, Mr Torquato worked for the Federal e-Government Committee of Brazil at the Ministry of Planning, where managed the main public Internet portals. Previously, he held positions as Regional New Business Executive for Lowe & Partners, Latin America, and as Corporate Communications and Marketing Director for StarMedia Networks. Mr Torquato holds a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo, where he specialises in International Affairs.

Ana Serrano Director, Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab Canada Ana Serrano is the Canadian Film Centre’s Director of Habitat New Media Lab. In its second year of operation, Habitat was named one of the top ten new media schools in North America by Shift Magazine (1999). From 1994-97, Ms Serrano worked with the Digital 4sight Corporation as an Associate Researcher & Consultant, where she produced the case studies for the multi-client study The Impact of Networked Interactive Multimedia on High Performing Organisations. She is a member of numerous organisations and associations, such as the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, DigiFest, Interaccess Electronic Art Organisation, and Nerdheaven. Ms Serrano was awarded the Educator of the Year Award by the Canadian New Media Awards Industry.

Winnie Tang Vice-President, Internet Professionals Association (iProA) China Winnie Tang is Vice-President of the Internet Professionals Association (iProA) and CEO of ESRI China (Hong Kong) Ltd. In 2001, she received an award at the Ten Outstanding Young Digi Persons Selection in Hong Kong for her success in the promotion and implementation of GIS and IT. With support from iProA and her company ESRI, Ms Tang initiated the iYouth Campaign 2005, in order to encourage China to become an outstanding Information Society with the help of young leaders in Hong Kong and China, and through bridging the Digital Divide. ESRI Ltd is actively involved in projects for the United Nations, e.g. Proteus – the World Conservation Monitoring Centre’s Biodiversity Project under the UN Environmental Programme.

Jury | WSA 05 | 95

Alexander Felsenberg Member of the Board, Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. Germany

Kresimir Lugaric President and CEO, Internet Institute Croatia Kresimir Lugaric founded the Internet Institute, providing leadership and a unique vision for its profit and non-profit projects. In March 2001, he successfully applied for a seed grant with The World Bank’s InfoDev and established a core team for the Croatia Development Gateway project. Prior to establishing the Internet Institute, Mr Lugaric ran his own successful web development business. He has extensive experience in Information Technologies, including system and networking administration, web development and design.

Hélène Abrand Managing Director, Hélène Abrand Consulting France Hélène Abrand is Managing Director of her own content and new media consulting company, Hélène Abrand Consulting. She holds an MA in Arts Management and also a Master’s Degree in Fiscal and Business Law. Since 2003, Ms Abrand has been working with MuLiMob, a Multilingualism and Mobility project. And since 2001, she has been an Evaluator for the Information Society Technologies Programme for the European Commission. Ms Abrand was part of the Milia d’Or International Selection Committee and was also a Jury Member for the Moebius Prize.

Edgard Cyr K. Tougouma Co-founder and Technical Director of SOLSI Gabon Edgard Cyr K. Tougouma has been involved in the promotion and development of the Internet and ICTs in Africa since 1998. A Co-founder in 1999 of the African Internet Fiesta Association, he has been serving as elected President of the association since this date. After two years of working as IT Manager for Globule Consultants (a Gabonese company in the field of enterprise communication and event organisation), Mr Tougouma co-founded SOLSI (Services On-Line & Systèmes Informatiques) in August 2000. As Technical Director, he has been managing the two main activities of SOLSI: providing Internet service and Web agency activities. Mr Tougouma has also served as Gabon’s National Expert of the WSA 2003, and he was an Expert Member of the WSA 2003 Grand Jury Meeting. He graduated from the African Institute of Computer Science in 1996.

96 | WSA 05 | Jury

In 1998,Alexander Felsenberg became Managing Director of the German Multimedia Association (dmmv) e.V. In 2004, he served as Managing Director of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) e.V., of which he is now Member of the Board. Mr Felsenberg is a Founding Member and Vice-President of the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia (FSM), an industry self-regulating body. His previous roles include: Business Developer and Manager of the first Multimedia Department at MEDOX Medien GmbH and Assistant Professor at the University of Siegen in the Media Faculty. Alexander Felsenberg holds an MA in Communication Science from the University of Munich.

Christine Opokua Kisiedu Associate Professor, Department of Information Studies, University of Ghana Ghana Christine Kisiedu has spent most of her professional life as a Librarian, Teacher and Researcher at the University of Ghana, Legon. She is a specialist in university library management and design, and her teaching and research interests are information retrieval (traditional and modern), principles of information systems, collection development and Africana classification/documentation. For the past decade, Ms Kisiedu’s professional interests have widened to include ICT-related aspects of library and information work. She has supervised a series of projects funded by the World Bank’s Infodev Programme, in collaboration with UNESCO, ITU and UNDP, with the objective of promoting the use of telematics in the public sector for development through training, research, conferences and practical connectivity. Ms Kisiedu has been on advisory boards of a number of African programmes/projects for promoting African content development and visibility in the Information Society.

Dorothy K. Gordon Director-General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT Ghana Dorothy K. Gordon is the first Director-General of Ghana’s first Advanced Information Technology Institute (AITI), the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT. She is a specialist in international development with over 20 years experience working throughout Africa, the US, Europe and Asia in Executive and Consulting positions – most important with the United Nations but also with private sector and civil society organisations. Ms Gordon’s work includes support for the drafting of key policy documents and providing systems design and implementation support for the launch of Ghana’s first Community Information Centres. She also supports training and research initiatives in India and Africa.

Osama Manzar Founder and Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation India Osama Manzar is an entrepreneur, editor, columnist, and new media specialist. He has authored two books: E-Content: Voices from the Ground, launched at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva in 2003, and The Internet Economy of India, released in 2001 in New Delhi. In 2002, Mr Manzar was awarded a scholarship for the Advanced IT Management Programme at Manchester Business School. He serves as a National WSA Expert for India, as a Grand Jury Member and sits on the Board of Directors of the WSA. Mr Manzar is Vice-Chairman of the Global Alliance for Bridging the Digital Divide, an Advisor to the ICT4D for Development Gateway Foundation, and he is a Member of the Association of British Scholars.

Merlyna Lim Project Director, SCoT Research Group Indonesia Merlyna Lim is a Research Fellow of the Social Construction of Technology (SCoT) Research Group Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. Recently, she was awarded a Henry Luce Visiting Fellowship from the East-West Centre, Washington DC. Ms Lim received a PhD fellowship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to do her PhD research in Technology and Society Studies in the Netherlands, and she received a full scholarship from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) to attend the OII Summer Doctoral Programme at the University of Oxford. Ms Lim won the International Paper Contest, held by the American Society of Information Technology and Science (ASIST).

Sepehr Dehpour Rich Media Designer,

Iran Sepehr Dehpour holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Beheshti University of Iran. He provides commercial templates worldwide. One of his major clients is Geneva Systems Inc. Mr Dehpour is the Founder, Manager and Director of CGTAL Active Media. CGTAL is the core of his online business Through participating in the WSA, he hopes to encourage Iranian developers to promote their products and show them opportunities to have a bigger share in e-activities around the world.

Martin Casey Managing Director, Arekibo Communications Ireland Martin Casey co-founded Arekibo in 2001, an Internet consultancy. Previously, he was a founding member of, an e-Business solutions provider that was acquired in 2000 by Breakaway Solutions, an American e-Business company. Arekibo’s clients include America Online, the Allied Irish Bank, the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ireland), and Pfizer. Mr Casey has won several international awards for multimedia and design, accolades include: Creative Review New Media Talent 2000 and winner of Student Award in the inaugural EUROPRIX 1998. His work has been exhibited in the US, South America, Australia and Europe.

Alfredo M. Ronchi Professor, Politecnico di Milano Italy Alfredo Ronchi is Professor of Multimedia Publishing and Techniques and Tools for Multimedia. He co-founded and co-ordinated the Computer-Aided Architectural Design Laboratory. In 1990, he also founded the HyperMediaGroup Laboratory. Mr Ronchi has initiated and co-ordinated both European (De Architectura, MOSAIC, Peripatetic, MIMS, MEDICI Framework etc) and worldwide research and development projects (EuroSinosoft, Microsoft EMWAC). He is currently Technical Secretary of the European Commission MEDICI Framework and a European Commission Expert for EU Telematics, e-Content and IST programmes. Mr Ronchi is a Member of the UNESCO OCCAM Mediterranean Programme, Infopoverty, Fondazione Italiana Nuove Comunicazioni, and Sacred World Foundation Scientific Committee.

Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes Advanced Multimedia Specialist, Fuji Xerox Ltd Japan Alejandro Jaimes is an artist and Research Scientist (Advanced Multimedia Specialist) at Fuji Xerox’s FXPAL Japan (in Nakai), where he is in charge of multimedia analysis and interaction. His current research efforts focus on using Computer Vision Techniques for Multimedia Analysis and Interaction. Mr Jaimes received a PhD in Electrical Engineering (2003) and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University (1997) in New York City. He holds a Computing Systems Engineering degree from Universidad de los Andes (1994) in Bogota, Colombia. Prior to joining Fuji Xerox, he held summer research positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Siemens Corporate Research, and IBM (TJ Watson and Tokyo Research Laboratories). Mr Jaimes’ recent professional activities include founding and chairing the International Workshop on Technology for Education in Developing Countries (TEDC 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003). He is also a Founder and Chair of the ACM Multimedia Interactive Art Programme 2006, 2005, and 2004, and Editor of the Art Beat column of IEEE Multimedia Magazine.

Manar Al-Hashash General Manager, Dot Design Kuwait Manar Al-Hashash is the Founder and Project and Marketing Manager of Dot Design, a software development company. She has also launched the IT magazine Dot, of which she is the owner and Chief Editor. In 2004, Ms Al-Hashash launched and managed a local e-Content contest, the Ghiras Electro Contest 2004, which was aimed at youths in Kuwait, competing for best website design, best presentation and best graphic design. She was awarded an IEEE for her outstanding Internet and e-Commerce projects in 2000. Ms Al-Hashash presents the weekly IT programme Compunet World on the Kuwait Satellite Channel in Arabic, and she is also in charge of an IT programme on KTV2 in English called Zero Ones. She writes a weekly IT column for the Al-Watan newspaper, too.

Gabriel Deek Secretary-General, Professional Computer Association Lebanon In 1996, Gabriel Deek joined the Professional Computer Association (PCA), and he became its Secretary-General in 2003. The PCA represents 125 companies, thus representing 80% of the ICT business in Lebanon. He is also Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Golden Chip Awards, a competition aimed at finding and supporting young Lebanese talents in the field of ICT. Previously, Mr Deek worked for the HolCom Group in the position of Project Manager. In 2000, he joined Quantech (part of the Holcom Group), where he still manages the Digital Media and the e-Business Divisions. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Vernon Joseph Fernandez Head of Multimedia Lab, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) Malaysia Vernon Fernandez works at the Creative Multimedia Lab in Multimedia Development in Malaysia, where his duties include helping students with their projects and managing and supervising all video and multimedia productions. Mr Fernandez has successfully completed the My Malaysia Digital Storytelling Project, which taught teachers and students how to use digital tools (software and hardware) to produce short videos as a means to tell stories.

Rodolfo Laddaga Co-founder, Media Innovations Mexico Rodolfo Laddaga is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Quimera Communications (multimedia production tools). He also co-founded Media Innovations (interactive telecommunication systems and digital signature tools). Previously, he worked as a Programmer and Interface Designer at the Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mr Laddaga freelances in computer animation and has worked as Interactive Projects Manager at Tangara’s Production. He holds a BA in Communication Sciences from Tec de Monterrey, Mexico.

Salomao Manhica Director/Chairman of the Board, ICT Policy Commission/INCM Mosambique Salomao Manhica works as Director and Chairman of the Board for the Mozambique National Institute of Communications. He is a Member of the UN ICT Task Force and a former Member of the African Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) for the African Information Society Initiative (AISI) – spearheaded by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Previously, Mr Manhica was Director of the ICT Policy Implementation Technical Unit (UTICT) of the ICT Policy Commission and also worked as a Senior Advisor for Information Technology and Public Affairs (UNDP Mozambique). He served as the Deputy Minister for Culture, Youth and Sports and is also the former Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Titilayo Akinsammi Joint Programme Manager, Global Teenager Project Nigeria Titilayo Akinsanmi currently works with SchoolNet Africa as Joint Programme Manager of the Global Teenager Project. She has experience in the broadcasting (radio and TV) and mobile telecommunication industries. Ms Akinsanmi holds a BA in English from Obafemi Awolowo University and has a passion for connecting people, ideas and resources. She currently volunteers for the AFARA project and facilitates the WSIS Youth Caucus and the IKAMVA youth project.

Jury | WSA 05 | 97

Anya Sverdlov Managing Director, Actis Systems Russia For the past five years, Anya Sverdlov has been working as Managing Director of Actis Systems, Russia’s premier web design and development company, with over 500 projects completed in 26 countries worldwide. More than 30 projects created by Actis Systems under her guidance have been awarded top prizes at a number of international advertising and web design festivals and contests. Prior to joining the Actis Systems team, Ms Sverdlov’s professional experience included three years on Wall Street at Kemper Securities, Inc. and more than three years in strategy management consulting with A.T. Kearney (working in the US, Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark), where she managed large projects in the financial services and consumer goods sectors.

Son ˇ a Makulová Professor of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Slovakia Son ˇ a Makulová is Professor at the Department of Library and Information Science at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University. She specialises in information retrieval, electronic publishing, external information resources, information architecture and evaluation of multimedia. Ms Makulová is also an Information Specialist for ELET, Slovakia‘s leading company in the field of electronic publishing, multimedia and WWW design. She founded and is the President of SlovakPrix MultiMedia, a non-profit organisation established for organising a national multimedia contest in Slovakia. In 2003, Ms Makulová was a Grand Jury Member for the World Summit Award. From 2002-04, she was a researcher for Slovakia in the international EU project ACTeN.

Izzeldin Osman President Emeritus, Sudan University of Science and Technology Sudan Izzeldin Osman is President Emeritus of the Sudan University of Science and Technology. During his academic career, he held positions both in his own country and the US. Mr Osman is a pioneer in establishing distance learning programmes, offering education to students in five countries – including remote areas in Africa. He represents Sudan through the RINAF (Regional Information Network for Africa), the UN Working Group Informatics, and he is on the Panel of Advisors for the UN ICT Task Force. Mr Osman has also represented Sudan as an Expert for the WSA 2003.

98 | WSA 05 | Jury

Leopold Rweyemamu

Peter Cernik

Project Coordinator, DigIT Africa Tanzania

Director, CAVEDATOS/IDG Venezuela

Leopold Rweyemamu works for AXIS International Ltd in the position of IT and Telecommunications Consultant. He is a Founding Member and Project Coordinator of DigIT Africa, an IT advocacy and consulting NGO. Mr Rweyemamu was a Member of the Country Delegation representing the CSO/NGO sector at the WSIS 2003. He works as Technical Editor of IT Vision, a bi-monthly ICT magazine in East Africa. Mr Rweyemamu is also Head of DataCom Africa Limited, an IT and Telecom Consulting firm with regional offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Sydney, Australia.

Peter Cernik is currently Executive Vice-President of the Venezuelan Chamber of Information Technology (CAVEDATOS). His present responsibilities also include: Managing Director of Computerworld Venezuela and Country Manager IDG Venezuela. Mr Cernik produces a Science and Technology Programme (Tecnología Hecha Palabra) at Circuito Triple F/Jazz 95.5 FM, for which he has received the City of Caracas Award for Scientific Journalism.


Faouzi Zaghbib Chairman, Tunisian IT Chamber Tunisia Faouzi Zaghbib, an expert in information systems engineering and IT, is the General Manager of R2i, an IT company. He is also Chairman of the Tunisian IT Chamber (UTICA-CNS-SSII) and Administrator of ESPRIT (a Tunisian IT university). Mr Zaghbib is an active member of WITSA (the World IT & Services Alliance), IJMA3 (the Arab IT Association), AFICTA (the African IT Association), and several national and regional committees in charge of e-Commerce development, ICT capacity building, and education. He has a degree in Computer Science and a DEU in Economic Sciences from Tunis University.

Milton Aineruhanga Programme Officer, Women of Uganda Network Uganda Since 2001, Milton Aineruhanga has been working as Programme Officer for the Women of Uganda Network – WOUGNET. (WOUGNET was honoured at the WSA 2003 in the category e-Inclusion.) He is also a member of the Ugandan National Taskforce for the WSIS. Mr Aineruhanga works as National Coordinator for the Computers for Africa initiative. He is also Co-project Manager (Uganda) of the United Nations Development Programme UNDP.

Hind Almualla IT Instructor, Higher Colleges of Technology United Arab Emirates Hind Almualla has spent a number of years teaching, studying, and researching Web related issues.Covering but not limited to:Web Usability, HCI, and the effectiveness of Computer-based learning. Since 1998, she has been working as IT Instructor for the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. From 1992-98, she was IT Instructor for the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Ms Almualla has studied in England and in the UAE. She holds an MSC in Multimedia Computing for e-Commerce from Brunel University, a PGC in Educational Studies, a Diploma in Web Engineering, and BSc. In Computer Science.

Jak Boumans


Netherlands Jak Boumans works as Principal Consultant for Electronic Media Reporting, an electronic publishing consultancy specialised in content strategy, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been active in publishing since 1970 and started to specialise in electronic publishing from 1980. In 1984, he created the first online version of a daily newsletter for the computer industry in Europe – for VNU BP in London. In 1990, Mr Boumans started Electronic Media Reporting, performing strategy studies, doing market scans, executing project audits and organising conferences and workshops. Mr Boumans has experience as a Project Evaluator, Reviewer and Expert for the European Commission in the field of electronic publishing, multimedia and content. He was also a tutor in the EU media projects X-Melina and INYOP. Mr Boumans is Secretary General of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM). This network consists of 125 multimedia experts in 28 European countries. EADiM has initiated the European Instructors’ Network, an organisation for multimedia instructors, and the World Summit Award in e-Content and Creativity was started with the support of EADiM in 2003.

Suzanne Stein


Canada Suzanne Stein has been a core member of the New Technology Division, Habitat, at the Canadian Film Centre, since its inception in 1997. She is currently Faculty Member and Module Leader for Interactive Media and Narrative Theory in Habitat’s training programme. Ms Stein is also a Co-mentor for the Interactive Project Lab that runs across Canada, guiding and nurturing innovative technology projects for market launch. In addition to her work at Habitat, she has been a Research and Creative Consultant to the IT sector for seven years, forerunning and anticipating the importance of the new discipline of user experience. Ms Stein is an active member of the World Summit Award network. She has been a WSA Grand Jury Member in 2003, and she has also been elected as a spokesperson for the Northern American Region.

Jury Spokespersons »In North America and Oceania, the creation and production of e-Content becomes more and more important. As the adoption rates for new types of technology platforms (cell phones, PDAs, etc) and infrastructure (broadband, satellite, etc) continue to rise, the need for content becomes more pressing. The WSA’s role in the development of e-Content is in my opinion two-fold: On the one hand it should encourage best practice e-Content production from around the world, and on the other hand it ought to ensure that global audiences see the diversity of e-Content paradigms from around the world. For North America and Oceania, it is important that we have access to not only indigenous e-Content productions, but that we also are exposed to other forms of e-Content from other cultures.«

»Latin America is a continent where ICT infrastructure is yet to be fully implemented. Governments of most countries make a great effort to make digital content available to people in remote rural areas, for instance by establishing Internet kiosks in villages. Latin America’s e-Content industry is growing quickly, too, but what I am worried about is that we lack quality content which reflects our social and cultural diversity. This is something we need to focus on much more, in order to make possible the digitalisation of Latin American heritage, so we can showcase it to the world. The World Summit Award plays an important role for developing countries in Latin America, as it lies in the nature of people on our continent to take the examples from the developed countries to adapt them to our cultural and social reality.«

Ana Serrano

Rodolfo Laddaga

WSA Spokesperson for North America, Australia and New Zealand

WSA Spokesperson for Latin America and the Caribbean

»The e-Content situation in Asia is diverse but weak in terms of quantity and impact. Creation of digital content is also made hard because of a lack of availability of ICTs. Local content and local languages suffer from this barrier. In fact, some kind of revolution is needed to enable the globalisation of Asian content, to uplift the richness of content from its current grassroots level. The WSA is already a very well positioned initiative and has the potential to put brain into the gear of the ICT movement. A problem all content creators in the world face is that they do not get enough recognition for what they do. As a global movement, the WSA certainly will have an impact especially on developing countries to strengthen the digital content creation industries.« Osama Manzar WSA Spokesperson for Asia

»E-Content across Europe is thriving. Europe is at the forefront of ICT innovation and rapidly develops services for a broad spectrum of uses. Businesses, governments and educators recognise that without quality content, products, technology and the services they can offer cannot truly deliver value to the citizen, consumer or individual. Content feeds technology and without content, technology cannot truly reach the citizen, community or global audience. The WSA transcends borders, it inspires and cultivates innovation, it draws attention to the possibilities of e-Content and recognises best practice across the world. The WSA must continue to showcase innovation and best practice in the use of e-Content and continue through its national network to carry the message to all corners of the world.« Martin Casey WSA Spokesperson for Europe

»If content of sufficient quality can be produced, Africans have the potential to play a role in the international markets. However these markets are often protected, and significant resources are usually required to break the barrier. The overriding aim of strategies in this area should therefore be to improve on the opportunities available for Africans to express themselves through speech, songs, dance, pictures, the written word, drama or by means of accomplishments in sports, in science, industry and other fields of human endeavour. Helping Africans to create, understand, use, buy, sell and exchange content meaningful to their lives is not the obscure fad of a few enthusiasts on the fringe of the global Information Society. It is a core purpose, and the WSA can have an impact by valuing and motivating local content, by building adaptation skills, by addressing language issues, by promoting local ownership and participation, by making local content visible, by engaging in joint action on content development and by strengthening the local skills base.«

»ICTs more and more become a major component of our lives, and this is why it is of great importance for us to focus on best practice and innovative use. Because of ICTs, various aspects of society will need to change, such as information structure and disseminating of information. To help tackling these changes, quality e-Content is needed, and this is why I welcome the World Summit Award to focus on this issue. I think the WSA should even more focus on showcasing best practice projects in all regions of the world, seeking support from local authorities and getting them involved in promoting quality e-Content products. In my opinion, the WSA initiative should also try to do more to help local experts to promote the advantages of e-Content in their county, in order to ensure that the WSA becomes a real story of success around the world.« Waheed Al Balushi WSA Spokesperson for the Arab Countries and the Middle East

Titilayo Akinsanmi WSA Spokesperson for Africa

Jury | WSA 05 | 99

Invitation to the WSA Future

Road Show 2006 – 2007 In the framework of the world wide selection the WSA generates two important assets: the right to showcase world’s most outstanding examples of quality e-Content and a global and highly active supporters network. To leverage these exceptional assets, WSA conducts a worldwide Best Contents Road Show, organised in all main world regions on invitation and in cooperation with the local key partners. The goal of the WSA Road Show is to showcase the world’s best e-Content examples and, through this, to raise the awareness of the importance of the quality e-Content in the development of the Information Society. The concept of the Events can include opening ceremony/gala, World Best Contents Exhibition, press conferences, key notes and lectures, held by international and national experts, workshops and demonstrations, held by the best contents producer, demonstrations and workshops of the national nominees 2005 from the hosting country. The WSA Road Show can be conducted according to the two main scenarios: WSA GLOBAL E-CONTENT SUMMIT (large scale, targeted mainly internationally & globally) WSA ROAD SHOW EVENT (smaller scale, targeted mainly nationally) Professional organisations from all over the world are invited to become partners of the WSA Road Show and submit their ideas and proposals to We will be delighted to welcome you on board and to bring WSA to your country!

world summit



The Best in e-Content & Creativity

100 | WSA 05 | Invitation to the WSA Future

WSA@ ICNM All the central activities of the WSA are conducted from the International Center for New Media (ICNM) – a non profit association, based in Salzburg, Austria and networking throughout Europe and all over the world. ICNM focuses on research and analysis of the content and market development in new media and stands out with its special emphasis on the evaluation, promotion and showcasing of best practice in e-Content and multimedia creation. It also offers selected educational programmes. ICNM currently runs different national, European and international programmes and projects. It cooperates in international networks and works in partnership with other centers of excellence, professional multimedia associations, institutions of higher learning, research institutes and non-profit foundations. It services private industries and governments and offers a platform for networking, co-operation and experience exchange for multimedia professionals from all over the world. Honorary President: Peter A. Bruck

WSA@ICNM Team Birgit Berger ICNM Business Manager Anastasia Konstantinova WSA Project Manager Christian Bauer Program Development Thomas Biebl Networking & Partnerships Cecilia Bruck Registration Process Anna Djuric Administrative and Database Support Michael Jeppesen National Contests & Networking Stefan Kaufer Senior Writer Erika Leitinger National and International Events Dejan Linkic IT, Database & Technology Stanislav Miler Video Production Martin Ortner Marketing & Communication

International Center for New Media Moosstr. 43a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria T: +43.662.630408 • F: +43.662.630408-22 •

ICNM Projects World Summit Award

Inscape – Interactive Storytelling for Creative people

The increasing worldwide activities of the ICNM are incorporated by the World Summit Award. The project focuses on bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap by showcasing the world’s best in e-content and creativity.

a project designed to enable ordinary people to use the latest Information Society Technologies for authoring, publishing and living stories whatever their form might be. (FP 6 – Start: Sept. 1, 2004)

VocINet EADIM – European Academy of Digital Media provides an infrastructure for sharing and networking expertise among the nominees, winners and jurors of EUROPRIX and the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award.

VocINet (Vocational Training for European Instructors) aims at giving the interactive Audio-Visual Training community a platform for exchange and offering trainers vocational training sessions in order to keep them updated with trends and best practice cases.

EUROPRIX Top Talent Award is Europe's most important multimedia award for innovative and creative projects created by young producers (Age limit: 30). Projects can be submitted in the following categories: internet/broadband, offline/DVD, mobile contents, computer graphics, interactive TV, games and cross media.

Austrian State Prize for Multimedia & E-Business In 1997 the initiative to promote Austrian multimedia producers was established as the Prix MultimediaArt which the following year was awarded the status of the Austrian State Prize. The »Staatspreis für Multimedia & e-Business« henceforth has been the explicit benchmark for all Austrian producers.

EUROPRIX Summer Schools provide a unique possibility to learn with the best European multimedia producers and designers and work with leading technology researchers advancing multimedia technologies and tools.

The WSA @ ICNM | WSA 05 | 101

WSA Associate Partners . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . .. . .. .. . .. . . . .. .


Afghan Computer Science Association (ACSA)


Polytechnic University


DIDACTICA, Ecole Superieure de Management et des Technologies de l’Information


Cámara de Empresas de Tecnologías de Información de Argentina (CESSI)


Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA) X|Media|Lab


VIW Austrian Association for the Information Industry


Internet News (NETTY)


Bangladesh Computer Samity Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication BRT Group Bytes for All Forum for Culture and Human Developement Insoft Systems Limited


Internet Society Belgium


Krealis, Multimedia & Web Design


Associação de Mídia Interativa (AMI) Câmara Brasileira de Comércio Electrônico (


Brunei Darussalam Computer Society


Association for the Development of the (ADIS) Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria (FNTS) Internet Society Bulgaria Student Computer Art Society (SCAS)




Associacion pour la Defense des Droits del’Homme Programme de vulgarisation, de formation et d’encadrement (PVFE)


International Federation of Multimedia Associations (FIAM) New Media Business Alliance


Hong Kong Cyber Senior Network Development Association Limited Hong Kong Information Technology Internet Professionals Association (iProA) Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association

. . . .. .. . . .. . .. . . . . . .. .. .. . . . .. . .. . .


Colombian Software Industry Federation (FEDESOFT)


Internet Institut


Cyprus Computer Society


AETIS Conatel CORPECE Internet Society Ecuador


United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)


MindTrek Associtation SATU Tampere Polytechnic School of Art and Media


Association e-Développement (AEDEV) The Next Generation Internet Foundation (FING)


Medien- und Filmgesselschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG) Web Workstyle


Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (GINKS)


L’Association des Jeunes Pacifistes de Guinée


Réseau Télématique Haitien pour la Recherche et le Dévelopement (REHRED)


Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ) Hungarian Association of Content Industry (Matisz)


B.B.TEK.Inc Bihar Institute of Economic Studies (BIES) Digital Information Research Foundation Mediasoft Interactive Design Studio People’s Action for Social Service


Indonesian Telematic Software Association (ASPILUKI)


The Irish Internet Association


Ars Media MEDICI Framework


Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) ATM Forum Japan IT Services Industry Association


Information Technology Association Jordan (int@j)


Computer Society of Kenya

102 | WSA 05 | WSA Associated Partners

.. . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. .. . . . .. . . . .. .


Dienrastis Infobalt Information Management Students Organization (IMSO)


Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University



Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)


Society of Environmental Journalists of Nepal (SEJ-Nepal) and Environmental News National Weekly


Electronic Media Reporting OPPO-MMBO ZaPPWeRK


Groupe Internet Niger


Cyber Champ General Services


Indus Technology Parks LTd/National IT Parks Peace Worldwide


Pacific Islands Small Business Development Center Network (PISBDCIV)


F/OSS Technologies and Women’s Resource, Research and Information Centres


Information Processing Centre LearningLab Educational-Development IST Program (PEP) Publishing and News Technologies (WINT)


Associacao Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento das Comunicacoes (APDC)


Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII)

. . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . .. .. .. . . .. . . . .


Multimedia Center KIBLA (MMC KIBLA)


Information Industry South Africa


Fondation I-with.Org


Federation of the Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka


Internet Society (ISOC) SwissMedia Association


Tajik Development Gateway


The Assciation Of Thai Computer Industry


Trajkovski & Partners Management Consulting


Internet and Multimedia Tunisian Society (ATIM) Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce


Yildiz Technical University


Information Society of Ukraine (ISU)


AITEC UK Information Shop for Young People Watershed Media Centre


DigIT Africa Tanzania ICT Association (TICTA)


Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) World Information Technology & Services Alliance (WITSA) Digital Partners Garmeen Technology Center/Garmeen Foundation USA Global SchoolNet Foundation



The Romanian Association for Interactive Multimedia (ARMI)


Institute of the Information Society Russia TheWebProduction

Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (CUTI)


Camara Venezolana de Comercio Electronico (CAVECOM-E) CAVEDATOS Parque Tecnologico de Merida



Documentaire Edition Electronique (IDEE)


Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF)

Vietnam Software Association (VINASA)


Yemeni Scientific Research Foundation (YRSF)


Computer Suppliers’ Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA)


Comenius University Easy Learning and Teaching (EL&T) SlovakPrix

WSA Associated Partners | WSA 05 | 103

WSA Strategic Partners

WSA Sponsor Partners

104 | WSA 05 | WSA Strategic & Sponsor Partners

join in!

world summit



The Best in e-Content & Creativity

The World Summit Award What is the WSA? The World Summit Award (WSA) is a global contest for selecting and promoting the world’s best multimedia applications and projects that focus on e-content. It sees the bridging of the Digital Divide and the narrowing of the Content Gap as its overall goal and – as of today – involves 168 countries. Putting its focus on cultural identity and diversity, the WSA looks for multimedia projects that effectively and creatively work with quality content and digitalise educational, scientific and cultural heritage. It was started in the framework of and in cooperation with the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

What is the Digital Divide? Digital libraries, new ways of storytelling and flash information have come to the living room. But what about people who are offline or do not speak English? Who don’t even know what Web or Internet mean? No, the problem is not that they don’t have a computer. The problem is that they don’t have access to high-quality content that could change their lives.

What is the Content Gap? As world economies focus on creating and improving technological products, the issue of content is considered insufficiently. Technology and what technology produces belong together – one cannot exist without the other. The »what« however, the core of it all, remains a fraction of what it could be – due to an appalling lack of underfinancing.

World Summ Awar d 200 it 5 168 C ountr ies 40 Be st Pro ducts 8 Cat egorie s world summit



The Best in e-Content & Creativity

Wsa 2005 catalogue final 051007  
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