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World Summit Award e-CONTENT + CREATIVITY


Wsa Grand Jury Manama, Bahrain

e-Annual Report enables entrepreneurs in Estonia to submit annual reports via the e-reporting environment of the Central Commercial Registry. Almost 120,000 companies in Estonia use this new method of reporting. Its uniformity makes the entry and submission of data significantly more convenient for companies, as there is only one place and specific channel to submit all required data. Companies do not have to submit data to public authorities more than once, as the data reported is retrievable from the central system by all other relevant databases leading to less red tape for all. The e-government system used in Estonia has created more transparent, efficient, convenient and trustworthy relations between citizens and government agencies. e-Annual Report uses the internationally recognized XBRL standard, meets all WCAG requirements and responds to AAA level, thus anticipating the European Digital Agenda 2020.

Malaria kills over a million a year: a simple SMS could prevent 20% of those deaths. In order to fight the deadly consequences of the growing global counterfeit pharmaceutics market, mPedigree, operated by Sproxil, enables enables anyone in a developing country with access to a cell phone to authenticate their drugs before use. It works via a simple SMS, accessible by default on all phones, and available on all cellular networks. Akin to the very popular scratch card method for replenishing cellular talk-time, users reveal a single-use code on drugs and SMS it to a provisioned mobile shortcode, which, in turn, generates an automated verification response. There is no cost to the drug patron – genuine drug manufacturers are eager to bear the entire cost due to the entrenched benefits they stand to reap when counterfeiters are driven out of the market. Armed with a simple cell phone, users can finally rely on the quality of their medicine.

and Information Systems

Producer Mpedigree Operator Sproxil

mpedigree | 2009, Ghana

e-Annual Report | 2011, Estonia

Producer Centre of Registers


The WSA Online Jury, consisting of 48 international jurors, once more evaluated 200 great WSA winners, and selected 8 WSA all-time favourites: the WSIS + 10 Global Champions, based on the following criteria:

Wsa Grand Jury Dubai, UAE

Timel ine




WSA was initiated by Austria in 2003 in the framework of the United Nations‘ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and is organised by a global partner network from governments, private sector and civil society in 168 UN member states. WSA is a global activity to select and promote the world‘s best e-Content and most innovative ICT applications. It offers a worldwide platform for all who value the creative use of ICTs and who are committed to making today’s information society more inclusive. Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, invited the WSA as a global activity to organise two workshops and a Gala Ceremony showcasing past ten years of best practice in e-Content out of the 200 WSA winners from the years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

2005 is a CD delivered LAN system of learning to supplement rural education in India. Entire text books are converted into colourful 3D animated movies with interactive games and puzzles, bringing a visually beautiful and engaging learning experience to children. The students’ learning and retention capabilities are significantly improved. The software can run on reconditioned solar-powered PCs. assists rural students to compete for seats in Technical Institutions by delivering national examination science concepts first in local vernacular and then in English for exam preparation. Students can do scientific experiments virtually although the real laboratory equipment might be missing

Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Producer | 2007, India


1. Knowledge quality: e-Content as building block for a knowledge society, value add for users

Evaluation Criteria

Wsa Grand Jury Brijuni, Croatia

WSA Gala Venice, Italy


WSA Gala & Summit UN WSIS 2003 Geneva, Switzerland

WSA Gala Cairo, Egypt

WSA Grand Jury Hong Kong, SAR China

Mini-mundi is an online tamagotchi, a virtual planet to learn how to separate for recycling. Depending on how well the planet is cared for, it starts growing an abundance of flora, fauna, natural resources and funny creatures. Mini-mundi was created in order to provide an entertaining way to teach kids how to separate for recycling. The game begins by giving children a little baby world which they have to nurture through recycling ta sks and games of which there are 16 throughout the platform. The game adapts its interface to the time of the day the child plays and also displays the 4 different seasons through the year. Players receive different forms of recognition and can make albums with the different stages of their mini-mundi. The technically welldesigned Mini-mundi platform also provides a tool for teachers to register kids in their classrooms to promote an environmental conscience.

Producer MilknCookies

Mini Mundi Tamagotchi | 2011, Guatemala


2. Inclusiveness: addressing digital divides - not aggravating 3. Sustainability: product /solution can / has survived more than years, business model

WSA Grand Jury Delhi, India

WSA Gala Monterrey, Mexico


WSA Gala & Summit UN WSIS 2005 Tunis, Tunisia

The oldest culture in the world meets the newest technology. Following the world-wide success of Oscar winning feature film ‘Ten Canoes’, the indigenous Yolngu people of Ramininging, Australia have collaborated with filmmaker, Rolf de Heer, to further showcase their prided culture in the first ever feature film to be specifically made for and released on the internet. The Twelve Canoes site is an immersive digital experience based around twelve visual ‘poems’, which paint a compelling portrait of the culture, history and homeland of the Yolngu people. The website has been designed to exploit the strengths of the online environment, offering a highly immersive state of engagement, and thereby providing a platform that challenges the cinematic status quo. The visitor is guided through the intuitive content, yet his path is never dictated; design and navigation enhancing, rather than over-powering, film quality. This beautiful and unique project has provided one of the oldest cultures in the world the opportunity to connect with new generations worldwide and keep its culture alive through modern technology.

Producer Wanted Digital

Twelve Canoes | 2009, Australia


4. Lighthouse quality: winner is exceptional and shows the way 5. Impact: matters to many people, addresses grave issue, more than one country / market

WSA Gala at WISIS+10 Review UNESCO, Paris, France Feb 25 – 27 2013






WSA Gala & Summit 23 – 25 Oct. Colombo, Sri Lanka

High Quality e-Content is Core for Building a Knowledge Society – 10 Years WORLD SUMMIT AWARD as part of UN process

What smartness?


WSA Winners Events 2013 in SRI LANKA, Oct 23-25

Professional National awards: contests in over 50 countries

Strategic partners 2012/2013: UNESCO, UNIDO, UN Global Alliance for ICT & Development (UN GAID), ISOC, WITSA

When the United Nations World Summit on Information Society got underway at the Geneva Summit in 2003, access to the wireline services was the key concern. 10 years later after the mobile revolution the world is moving fast to the point when there will be more phone connections then people living on this earth. This moment is significant for it marks the point when the means of communication and information have ceased to be scarce and the talk

466 734 626 552 458


2003 2005 2007 2009 2011

UN member states 32 26 27 27 28


WSA Winners over the last 10 years

UN member states 91 130 114 108 92

2003 2005 2007 2009 2011


Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck WSA Chairman

from 168 UN member states. Within WSIS+10 activities, the WSA winners from 2003 to 2011 are showcased as building blocks for a true Knowledge Society. WSA winners demonstrate how people can be and are smarter. Please join WSA and be invited to share our vision beyond 2015 and participate in your country through the WSA national expert network.

Product nominations over the past 10 years

about information society is about the present, not the future. The Internet of things will make the human environment much smarter and broadband everywhere and for all will complete the tech roll out envisioned in 2003. In 2013 the challenge is what these means are to be used for: Smart technology or smart people? In this context, the World Summit Award is the global activity within the WSIS process which brings into focus the best of e-content

Videolectures.Net, free and open access academic video digital library, provides free and open internet access to high quality videos of lectures presented by distinguished scholars and scientists at prominent academic events in the field of science. The portal aims to promote science, facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster knowledge sharing by providing high quality didactic content, not only for the scientific community, but also for a more general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and are classified during the editorial process according to user comments.

Producer Jozef Stefan Institute

VIDEOLECTURES.NET | 2009, Slovenia

e-SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY is a non-profit web site revolutionizing the fight against global poverty by enabling socially-conscious internet users to connect with and make personal loans to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world. An exceptional social software solution, Kiva acts as the world’s first person-to-person lending marketplace for the poor. Anyone can make a direct loan of as little as $25 to someone in a developing country. This affordable capital helps low income entrepreneurs start or expand their small businesses, creating a path towards economic self-sufficiency. Specifically, has developed also a program that will accelerate the growth of microfinance institutions through the use of accounting software.

Producer Kiva Microfunds

KIVA Microfinance |2007, USA


DeafPlanet, accessible at, is a web destination where deaf and hearing children alike can make an exciting and engaging cultural experience. Produced in partnership with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, this website is a companion to the television show, the first television series and website in American Sign Language. In addition to the regular content related to the TV show, new content has been integrated into exciting animated environments which use the latest Flash web design technology to allow audiences to play trivia games and participate in educational activities.

marblemedia & Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf


DEAFPLANET | 2005, Canada




Associate partner network: members globally

Participation: UN member states

WSA Years: 2003 | 2005 | 2007 | 2009 | 2011 | 2013

10 years of WSA – Facts & Numbers

WSA Grand Jury June 2013 Tallinn, Estonia

Looking forward to next WSA events

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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The World Summit Award (WSA) promotes the use of ICTs for solving the challenges that face countries around the globe. Over the last 10 years, the initiative has been very successful in highlighting the ways by which e-content can transform a wide array of fields - including education, participation and culture. WSA contributes to bridging

Entertainment Forum-Americas Managing Director, Electronic Media Reporting

President, Internet Professional Association (iProA)

© 2013 ICNM All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted, reproduced, utilized in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission of ICNM in written form. This edition has been published by ICNM. Printed in Austria The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of ICNM concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. The identified authors are responsible for the choice and the presentation of the facts contained in this book and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of ICNM and do not commit either organization.

Produced by World Summit Award Office ICNM – International Center for New Media Moosstraße 43a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Birgit Berger, Matthias Gruber, Lucie Jagu, Peter Nemec, Nora Wolloch

WSYA, World Summit Youth Award Registration: March 2013 Jury: July 2013 Winners´ Event: October 2013

WSA Winners Events 2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka, 23-25 Oct 2013

Editor and Author: Peter A. Bruck Text Management: Matthias Gruber, Lucie Jagu, Nora Wolloch Artwork: floorfour, Herbert Ellinger

WSA Project Team

Invitation to get involved! Editorial Team


Emeritus & Founder, Mobile

Jak Boumans, Netherlands

International, Chairman Founder and Immediate Past

in ICT

Elizabeth Quat, China

CEO & Founder, Mobilium

Rudy Laddaga Lopez, Mexico

Ralph Simon, United Kingdom

Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)

Chief Executive Officer, ICT

Reshan Dewapura, Sri Lanka

Agency (MDDA)

Development and Diversity

Chief Executive Officer, Media

Lumko Mtimde, South Africa


Managing Director, Actis

President, IPv6 Forum

Latif Ladid, Luxembourg

e-Award; e-Leader, UN GAID

Secretary General, Kuwait

Alfredo Ronchi, Italy

Empowerment Foundation

Anya Sverdlov, Russian Fed.

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

UNESCO congratulates the WSIS+10 Global Champions which have been recognized as best examples for local content with global relevance. Thank you for your inspiring engagement and contribution to the building of peaceful and inclusive knowledge societies.

CEO and Co-Founder, U-TOUR

Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence

CEOFelsenberg Consulting,

George Sharkov, Bulgaria

ment Strategies

Alexander Felsenberg, Germany eGovernment, Chancellery Office

Director-General, Ghana-India

-CCCPA- Cairo Federal Executive Secretary,

President, FanTrust Entertain-

and Peace-keeping in Africa

Dorothy K. Gordon, Ghana

Training on Conflict Resolution


Christian Rupp, Austria

Catherine Warren, Canada

Manar Alhashash, Kuwait

Cairo Regional Center for

Research Studios Austria

Düsseldorf / Berlin


Learning Program,

CEO and Chief Researcher,

Director - ESI Center Bulgaria

General Secretary, MEDICI

Director of Online Distance

Founder & Director, Digital

Effat El Shooky, Egypt

Chairman, World Summit Award

Osama Manzar, India

UNESCO values and supports these contributions to the implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) outcomes and goals.

knowledge divides and enhances the expression of cultural diversity in cyberspace. It encourages the creation of locally relevant quality content.

Peter A. Bruck, Austria

World Summit Award Board of Directors

Statement by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova

WSA in the WSIS framework – 10 years of high quality e-Content

10 years of wsa poster and wsis 10 flyer  
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