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December 2016 | Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY | natural awakenings

December 2016




Dec. 9

2017Directory Natural Living

CT/NY Special

Your Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Resource Guide Natural Living Directory PRICING

• $125 for 1st Listing • 2nd Listing 50% OFF • Additional Listings 50% OFF ACUPUNCTURE INTEGRATIVE MED SOLUTIONS Dr. Fred Lisanti, ND,LAC.,RH, CHT 281 White Plains Rd., Eastchester, NY 914.337.2980; Therapeutic solutions for acute and chronic health conditions. Acupuncture is an intelligent medicine, gentle enough for pregnant women, and powerful enough to treat serious conditions like chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. It can restore harmony and balance to mind, body and spirit

Each Listing Includes:


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Be Part of the 9th Annual Natural Living Directory and reach thousands of potential new clients in the only holistic resource guide covering Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties.* Let our readers find you when they need you, in print and on-line all year long. Printed 2017 Natural Living Directory listings will also be posted ONLINE at and and on our Mobile app – for the entire year, no extra charge. ALSO, be featured in

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Ideal for wellness practitioners and healing centers! Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition



natural awakenings

December 2016



natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings

December 2016




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hat if everything in our world could feel better right now just by shifting into the frequency of love? Through meditation and connecting with universal intelligence, the Divine or what some call agape love, we can shift our energy or frequency to this love vibration on a regular basis. The physical benefits of this frequency include better Dana Boulanger Marilee Burrell heart rhythm and a balanced nervous system, and even the cells of our body function more efficiently. Scientists say that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe, and that this frequency of love interacts with and affects not only our own physiology, but also the vibrational fields of others. Our feature article this month, “Loving Large: Scientists Say We’re All Connected,” may be my favorite article we’ve published yet. The exciting takeaway is that each of us has the ability to increase our awareness of the vibrational world in which we live and experience more of the high frequencies, such as joy, appreciation and love, and less of the lows, like fear and sadness. Getting to these states of higher frequencies through meditation and other spiritual or healing practices can be learned and made easier with a teacher, and since resonance experienced in a group makes getting there even easier, learning to meditate is affordable. To find meditation organizations and teachers in our area, such as the Garrison Institute, the Westchester Buddhist Center, Omega, the Temperance Center, the Center for Health and Healing and others, see pages 40-43. You can find more resources in our news brief section and the calendar as well. Mindfulness and meditation during the holidays can be especially helpful, since everything is easier, gets done more quickly and is more enjoyable when we’re not stressed, are tapped into appreciation and see the big picture. More good news: studies also show that vacations reduce stress and can do wonders for our health. On that note, in March I’ll be going back on the Holistic Cruise: A Voyage to Well-Being. I went last year and can highly recommend it! This Caribbean cruise features yummy and healthy vegan meals, yoga classes, cooking demonstrations and wellness talks by leaders in the field like T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Neal Barnard. See ad on page 73 and visit to learn more. We hope to see you on board! Last month, several of us traveled to NYC to hear Bob Proctor, the grandfather of the Law of Attraction movement, speak at the two-day Modern Day Millionaire workshop. Along with other dynamic speakers, like Michael Beckwith, Proctor inspired us and offered new ways of thinking about and attracting money. Here’s an easy exercise we learned that you may want to try: twice a day for 30 days, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m so happy and grateful now that money is coming to me in increasing amounts through multiple sources on a continuous basis.” Be prepared to feel silly, but many have attested that if you can stick with it for the full 30 days, it is a valuable tool for shifting your financial picture in a good way. Next month, look for our 2017 Natural Living Directory to hit the streets. Until then, enjoy the peace and beauty of the holiday season. Feel good, love more!

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natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings

December 2016



natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

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Practical Ways to Regain Vitality by Linda Sechrist

50 FETCH, STRETCH, DANCE Make Your Dog an Exercise Buddy by Sandra Murphy

52 FITNESS 2017

New Year’s Resolutions that Stick by Aimee Hughes


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natural awakenings

52 December 2016


newsbriefs Workshop Teaches Tools to Combat Holiday Stress

“The Mindful Shaman” Leads Community Healing Circles

linical psychotherapist Elsa Arce will host a December 10 workshop on using simple energyhealing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Reiki to help relieve stress during the holiday season. The workshop costs $25 and takes place from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at Dragonfly Wellness, 109 Croton Avenue, Suite 205, Ossining. Arce says she began exploring various forms of energy healing after having practiced as a psychotheraElsa Arce pist for many years and deciding that “talk therapy” needed more support. “Attending an EFT workshop six years ago with Master Carol Look inspired me and made me want to learn more,” she says. “When I experienced EFT for myself, I knew immediately that this was something very powerful and special. Its effectiveness has brought astounding clarity and helped me see how old, limiting beliefs, blocks and negative emotions were transformed.” The results of EFT were rapid, she says—not just in her, but in her clients who were struggling with similar concerns. “This method gives you the ability to see things differently in a very short time,” she says. “Changing the way you see things helps you make changes that you never thought you would or could. This approach is very gentle and lasting.” Arce has counseled victims of domestic violence and continues to diagnose and treat children, adolescents, adults and couples at a foster care agency. She is an EFT level 2 practitioner and a certified Abundance Coach. She currently practices in Briarcliff Manor and at Dragonfly Wellness.

elanie Ryan, founder and owner of the Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, leads a monthly community healing circle there for individuals seeking Reiki healings, shamanic journeys and mindful meditation practice. Known as “the Mindful Shaman,” Ryan is a Melanie Ryan master teacher and practitioner of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, teaching and offering shamanic healings in combination with Tibetan Buddhist meditation and modern psychology. The name of the monthly gathering, Shamanic Reiki Hearth Healing Circle, has special significance, Ryan says. “Hearth combines heart and earth, and the circle connects us deeply with ourselves, Earth, community and our spiritual guides.” Seventy percent of proceeds of the circle go to, a nonprofit Shamanic Reiki Hearth with a mission to preserve Community Circle worldwide indigenous tribes and teachings. Ryan is also launching a “Root to Rise” program, involving experiential learning for professionals, therapists, healers and educators. “This program brings the powerful integration of Buddhist meditation and shamanism practices,” she says.


For workshop info or to schedule individual coaching sessions, call 914.330.5328, or visit


natural awakenings


For more info, visit, call 914.260.1696 or email See ad, page 19.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik lecturing

Lecture Explains Ayurvedic Approach to Winter Ills


r. Somesh N. Kaushik will give a free lecture, Ayurveda and the Winter Season: Preparing for and Thriving in the Dark and Cold, from 3 to 5 p.m., December 10, at his Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic at Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River. The lecture is part of a monthly series offered every second Saturday at the clinic. Light refreshments will be served. “Ayurveda defines health as a balance of body, mind and spirit,” Kaushik says. “But it can be hard to stay in balance during the winter months, when all you want to do is hibernate.” Ayurveda has some specific methods for getting through the cold and flu season without getting sick, and for avoiding or mitigating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), he says. Among the subjects he will cover are why we tend to feel mentally, emotionally and physically tired as temperatures drop, and what to do about it; the connection between fatigue and the adrenal glands; why thyroid health plays an important role during winter; foods that support and enhance adrenal and thyroid function; and foods to stay away from during winter months. Kaushik has more than 30 years’ experience as an Ayurvedic physician and has a background in public health and health education. He lectures on Ayurvedic Medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, as well as at various national and international symposiums and events. His clinic is located at 792 Route 35, Cross River.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh

For more info, contact him at 646.670.6725 or, or visit See ad, page 12. natural awakenings

December 2016


newsbriefs New Stott Pilates Studio In Eastchester


eidy Tejeda compares her Eastchester fitness studio, Pilates Unleashed, to a boutique: local, customer-focused and eclectic. After years in the health and fitness industry and as a yoga and Pilates instructor, Heidy Tejeda she moved her practice to its current, “bigger and better” location last year, focusing on Stott Pilates, which takes a fresh, comprehensive approach to the original Pilates teachings. “One of the reasons I decided to become a Pilates instructor is because I wanted to have a more impactful experience for my clients and a culture of empowerment, healing and challenge, and so opening Pilates Unleashed became the very next natural step,” she says. Developed by a physical therapist, a physiotherapist and professionals in sports medicine exercise, Stott Pilates integrates the moderate exercise principles of Pilates with proven practices in biomechanics rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. “That’s the focus of Pilates Unleashed,” Tejeda says. “We have everything needed—from medicine balls and foam rollers to arc barrels, reformer and Cadillac—to take your workout to the next level.” The studio offers private sessions by appointment from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and a variety of small-group training classes, including Reformer; Barre; Pilates Mat; Yoga; and combination classes like Barre and Yoga, Barre and Reformer, and Yoga and Pilates for Kids. “We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and we use customized workouts to help you reach your goals and have fun during your journey,” Tejeda says. “When you come visit us, your second visit is free.”  Pilates Unleashed is located at 274 White Plains Rd., 2nd floor, Eastchester. For more info, call 914.361.1399 and visit

Clinical and Health Psychologist Offers Weight-Loss Counseling


r. Penni Waldman might have the most important credential there is for helping others tackle tough weight-loss challenges: personal experience. While she has plenty of professional training too—she’s a New York-licensed clinical and health psychologist as well as a life coach—she also un-


natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

derstands first-hand what it’s like to fight the weight battle and win. Waldman’s own struggle began when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at the age of 29. When traditional doctors and therapies didn’t help her, she says, she tried various alternative therapies. Still, her body became weaker and she put on more than 100 pounds. “It was apparent that the medical and alternative communities could not help me,” she says. “We are physical, psychological and Dr. Penni Waldman spiritual beings. There needed to be a common goal, a synthesis.” In 2005, Waldman founded Life Changing Psychological Services, a comprehensive company to address those needs. “After almost 20 years of research, I created and put together an incredible system that works synergistically on the whole person,” she says. She lost over 100 pounds with a detoxification and nutrition program Dr. Penni Waldman that she now offers to her clients. before weight loss In addition to weight-loss counseling, Waldman uses her “holistic, eclectic and bio-psychosocial approach” in a variety of psychotherapy services. She offers house calls, educational seminars, and counseling via phone, email and Skype. She also teaches teleconference classes on nutrition, detoxification, psychology and spirituality. For more information, call 914.961.8412 or visit

Family Yoga and Mindfulness at Somers Library


enise Nobile will lead a yoga and mindfulness practice for families from noon to 1 p.m., December 12, at the Somers Library. This all-levels class, which includes postures for adults, teens and children aged 5 and up, is designed as an opportunity for families to bond while sharing yoga’s benefits of health and well-being. Participating families will explore standing poses, sun salutations, partner poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and interactive yoga games. Every participant should bring a yoga mat. Nobile, a registered adult and children’s yoga teacher, currently teaches English language arts at Somers Middle School. Space is limited. Register on the events calendar at, or call the library at 914.232.5717. Each family member should register separately. natural awakenings

December 2016


Programs for Energy Mastery and Well-Being

newsbriefs Trauma-Informed Training at Sacred Spirit Yoga in Dobbs Ferry


he nonprofit Crossover Yoga Project is offering Trauma-Informed Training from 1 to 6 p.m., January 28, at Sacred Spirit Yoga and Healing Arts Center, located at South Presbyterian Church, 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry. The training will be led by Elisha Simpson, who founded CYP to help young women reclaim their power through a specialized yoga and art curriculum.  “This seminar is essential for professionals working with trauma survivors,” Simpson says. “Many people affected by trauma lose their sense of self-regulation. CYP participants empower themselves to reclaim their emotional and physical regulation when using tools instructed in this training. They’ve told us that they have learned how to calm down when they’re angry and handle their problems better, and that they’ve used the breathing techniques to help sleep better. For a trauma survivor, these are important steps towards recovery.”  This research-based training is open to all professionals working with communities affected by trauma, including yoga teachers, social workers, clinicians, hospital workers, school teachers and mental health, juvenile and justice personnel. Participants will learn about the physical and psychological impact of trauma; the vulnerabilities and triggers of trauma survivors; practical skills to help young women cope in the real world; the use of effective, supportive communication; creating safe spaces; trauma-informed sequencing and cueing; vicarious trauma and self-care for teachers; the stress response and the nervous system; and yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations that support self-regulation.   Tuition is $150. Register at For more info, call 914.319.4010 or visit See ad, page 44.


natural awakenings


nne Bentzen, a Westchester Reiki master trained in Eastern and Western styles of Reiki, offers three programs for practitioners and the general public. Beginning January 29, she will begin a six-month Reiki master program for Reiki 2 students who want to advance their ability to channel Reiki energy. The curriculum includes monthly study sessions, student teaching and advanced training. Anne Bentzen “Becoming a Reiki master means you have the insight and tools to perceive the world energetically,” she says. “While you are not required to teach others, master training accelerates heart-centered living and healing skills.” This program is only offered from January to June. Reiki 1 and 2 courses are taught throughout the year, beginning in March. Bentzen’s StarVisions healing circles will resume at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Mount Kisco on January 30, from 7 to 9 p.m. Although the circles are open to all, an RSVP is required, and space is limited to 18. “Participating in group healing circles is an economical way to manage stress,” Bentzen says. A new, four-part energy mastery workshop series led by Bentzen and other StarVisions practitioners will begin in February. Discussions will include energy boundaries, energy discrimination, clearing, and strengthening your energy field. “By empowering others to master their energy, they develop a more positive vibration and become a light for others,” Bentzen says. Register online for courses and healing circles at Healing circles, Reiki courses and workshops are held either at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 236 South Bedford Rd, Rt. 172, Mt. Kisco, or in Armonk. For further information, call 914.588.4079.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

O2living Debuts Smaller Size Organic Juices


2living, which makes cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetable juice, now offers a smaller size with updated labeling for its original four flavors: Fresh Start, Green Vitality, Carrot Kick and Red Radiance. Founder and CEO Rosemary Devlin says the new packaging is more convenient and affordable for consumers and helps them know what they’re getting: juice that’s never watered down, with no added sugars or sweeteners. O2living products are available at and in stores throughout the NYC area. Previously available only in a 16-ounce bottle, the new 12-ounce size retails at the lower cost of $6.99, expanding O2living’s consumer base for cold-pressed juice, Devlin says. “As a premium brand, this additional line of 100 percent juice allows for consumption of the juice in a perfect snack size or in addition to a meal,” she says. “While the 16-ounce bottle was often considered a meal replacement, the 12-ounce is great for a grab-and-go snack or for the health-conscious consumer looking for a beverage to accompany a meal.” While the packaging maintains the shape of the 16-ounce option and also uses PETE1 plastic bottles, the new label states the key difference between O2living and its competitors: No Added Water. “We want to make it clear to consumers that O2living is 100 percent juice, not 14 percent, not 89 percent. Our main ingredient is and always will be a fruit or vegetable—never filtered water.” O2living is located at 6 Yellow Monkey Village, 792 Rte. 35, Cross River. For more info, visit See ad, page 75. natural awakenings

December 2016


newsbriefs Limited-Edition Peace Poles Now Available


wo new limited-edition peace poles—created through a partnership of the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS), artist Stephanie Burgess and Studio M— are now available for purchase. The four-foot-tall Sun and Moon and six-foot-tall Sun and Earth peace poles make a bold statement in any home or landscape, says Ann Marie Robustelli, assistant to the executive director and coordinator of the Peace Pole Project. Peace poles are handetched, multisided monuments bearing the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four or more languages. Proceeds from their sales support the activities of the Peace Pole Project, a program of the WPPS, a member-supported, not-forprofit, nonreligious, nonpolitical international peace organization affiliated with the United Nations. The 154-acre WPPS headquarters, the World Peace Sanctuary, is located in Wassaic. “In essence we are a global family— we are all connected in life—and peace is a responsibility we share,” Robustelli says. “Each of us has the capacity to shape the destiny of the Earth by our thoughts and actions.” The World Peace Sanctuary grounds are open year-round, from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. The office is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Peace poles of all sizes can be purchased at the sanctuary gift shop or at For more info, visit or, call 845.877.6093 or email


natural awakenings

Biweekly Esoteric Healing Discussions in Chappaqua


very other Tuesday night, the Center for Aligned Healing in Chappaqua hosts a community night for people who want to learn about energetic healing for conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, autism and learning issues. The ongoing event is led by Bernadette Bloom, a physical, manual and craniosacral therapist and esoteric healing practitioner who has offices in Chappaqua and NYC. She is president of the JJ Esoteric Foundation, Bernadette Bloom which advocates for this advanced form of energetic healing. “I’ve been teaching for 20-plus years, have recovered from life-threatening situations and illness, and am ready to help others take the next step into empowerment,” Bloom says. “Participants in our community nights have the opportunity to learn about and experience soul-focused healing and feel the energy, sense the energy, move the energy, shift the energy and receive the energy, which will benefit them in their New Year.” The Center for Aligned Healing is located at 175 King St., Chappaqua. For more info, visit or, or call Bernadette Bloom at 239.289.3744.

Foot Massage Now Available at Healing Facials


elieve it or not, aching feet should not be a normal part of life. “A normal foot is pain-free, with normal muscle balance and the absence of contracture,” says Joan Forlow, who recently added foot reflexology touch therapy as part of the spa add-ons at Healing Facials in Cold Spring. As a former dancer and yoga instructor, Forlow knows the importance of caring for the feet. “I noticed that my clients responded with a sense of overall well-being after their feet had been worked on at the end of the facial, while the mask was on,” she says. This observation led her to in-depth study with Craig Kienzle at the Swedish Institute of Massage in Manhattan, where she learned a 40-minute foot massage whose sequence of strokes, stretches and Joan Forlow deep-release techniques are designed to create a feeling of renewal on all levels. “My feet were happy for days after my class partner worked on them,” she says. “Our feet are our very foundation. You never know how important it is to care for them until you stop and enjoy a 40-minute session geared just for them.” A New York-licensed skin-care therapist, Forlow completed 600-hour training at the New York School of Esthetics and Day Spa and expert-level coursework at the Dermal Institute in Manhattan. She is currently studying touch therapy techniques at the Swedish Massage Institute. Healing Facials is located at 3021 Rte. 9, Cold Spring. For appointments, including a $40, 40-minute foot massage, call 845.559.3326. For more info, visit See ad, page 75.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings

December 2016


Shaklee Program Offers No-Fuss Weight Loss


athy Tafur says she spent “dollars and decades” before finally finding the convenient nutrition program that helped her achieve a healthy weight. “After working with specialists and listening to scientists and doctors in the health field, I believe that Shaklee has the best formula for successful weight loss for the busy person,” she says. “I have a protein Life Shake in the morning with a piece of fruit, and a nutrient-rich Meal in a Bar for lunch. Dinner includes lean protein, veggies and a starchy food. There’s no need to fuss all day.” Through Shaklee’s healthy weight program, Tafur says, she lost weight while improving her energy level, digestion and sleep. “These products have a powerful nutrient that helps build muscle and maintain your metabolism so you lose Kathy Tafur fat, not muscle. Plus Shaklee’s research and quality testing guarantees their safety and purity—healthy choices without artificial ingredients.” Now a local independent Shaklee distributor and weight-loss coach, Tafur offers her customers “built-in free support. My partners and I will be hosting weekly conference calls starting in December.” For a free consultation, more information about Shaklee’s healthy weight program, or lifestyle coaching to achieve a healthy weight, contact Kathy Tafur at 914.714.2253 or, or visit

Intuitive Coach Launches “True Essence Connecting Circle”


ary Ellen O’Brien, an intuitive coach, channel and healer, has expanded her practice and will now offer programs and private sessions at the Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center in CrotonOn-Hudson. The center is a space for transformational healing and includes an experienced group of licensed or certified therapists and healers, each with specific areas of focus, dedicated to treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit. O’Brien will launch a new two-month program, True Essence Connecting Circle, on January 14. The program includes four group meetings (held every other Saturday) and four individual coaching sessions. “There’s a powerful healing benefit when Mary Ellen O’Brien like-minded people connect in a group and focus on their spiritual growth together,” she says. “The combination of the alternating group and individual sessions is an effective way of integrating the learning so each participant can awaken their true essence and experience more joy, balance, fulfillment and synchronicity in their life.” Each group meeting will focus on a different topic and will include a guided meditation, self-discovery coaching exercises and group discussion. Meetings will be held January 14 and 28 and February 11 and 25, from 2 to 4 p.m. The group is limited to eight people to maintain an intimate group setting, O’Brien says. For more info, visit or call 845.424.6219. See ad, page 53.


natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Pilates teachers after weekend training at Rhinebeck Pilates

New Pilates Teacher Training in Rhinebeck


n January, Rhinebeck Pilates will begin a new round of Pilates teacher training led by Jennifer DeLuca, who received her certification under Romana Kyzanowska, a protégé of Joseph Pilates. Apprentice teachers will learn the beginner and intermediate classical Pilates systems on the full range of apparatus—Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels and Magic Circles. “Our studio features Gratz equipment, well known to be the highest-quality equipment in the business and the most classical in design,” says Elaine Ewing, owner of Rhinebeck Pilates. This 500-hour certification consists of beginner and intermediate system seminar weekends, observation, practice teaching, lessons and self-practice hours, with an additional option to take the advanced training seminar. The training ends with a final test. “Once completed, teachers will earn a certificate to allow them to teach classical Pilates at Rhinebeck Pilates as well as any other studio,” Ewing says. “Those who have completed the program are teaching at studios in Rhinebeck, Glens Falls, New York City and around the world.”    Rhinebeck Pilates has been bringing classical Pilates to the Hudson Valley since 2003. “We are the only studio in the Hudson Valley area to be truly fully equipped, including a few rare apparatus such as the Arm Chair and the Guillotine,” Ewing says. “All our teachers are fully certified and qualified to teach a wide range of people.” Group classes and private sessions are available seven days a week.   Rhinebeck Pilates is located at 6400 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck. For more info, call 945.876.5686, email or visit See ad, page 55. natural awakenings

December 2016


Aurora Moves Energy-Healing Practice to Peekskill


ina Aurora, a professional transformation coach, organizer, Reiki practitioner, speaker and workshop facilitator, has moved her practice to 725 South Street in Peekskill, where she shares a space with the Energy Movement Center. “I am so grateful to have found a great space that allows me more flexibility to see my clients,” she says. Aurora’s 90-minute energyhealing sessions include a 15-minute discovery meeting, 60 minutes of energy healing and a 15-minute Tina Aurora debriefing discussion. “During my sessions, I channel divine healing energy, which promotes profound, positive changes in the body, mind and spirit,” she says. The cost is $85 per session. Aurora has been working out of her home office in Cortlandt Manor since 2010, when she began offering organizing services. Shortly after that, she achieved a longtime goal of becoming a certified life coach. “While working with my clients, I began to understand that change is not always easy for some,” she says. “I discovered that many of my coaching clients needed deep healing from past traumas and blocks in order to move forward. In 2013, I was guided to obtain my Reiki certification. I believe that we all have a divine purpose and that everything happens for a reason. I know I am living my life’s purpose by helping others on their personal and spiritual journeys of growth and healing.” For more info, visit, email Tina.Aurora@verizon. net or call 914.473.1032.


natural awakenings

Natural Awakenings Family of Franchises Keeps Growing


atural Awakenings Publishing Corp. (NAPC) welcomed four new publishers to a November training session at the corporate headquarters New Natural Awakenings Publishers at training in Naples, Florida. The NAPC staff spent several days with these entrepreneurs, discussing the ins and outs of publishing a new Natural Awakenings edition in Spokane, Washington, and taking over publication of existing magazines in Oklahoma City, Wayne County, Michigan, and Volusia and Flagler counties, Florida. Founded by Chief Executive Officer Sharon Bruckman with a single edition in Naples, FL in 1994, Natural Awakenings has grown to become one of the largest, free, local, healthy living publications in the world, serving 4 million readers each month via 95 magazines published in cities across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “Our devoted family of publishers, supported by advertisers, informs readers of many national and local resources that offer paths to a happier, healthier and longer life,” says Bruckman. “Our active and growing readership has helped increase interest in naturally healthy living that has impacted mainstream America and is beneficial for Earth and its inhabitants.” For a list of locations where Natural Awakenings is published or to learn more about franchising opportunities, call 239.530.1377 or visit See ad, page 8.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings'

World of Coaching RESOURCE PAGE To place a listing on this page, call 914.617.8750.

Find a knowledgeable professional to help you reach your goals. Life Coach Helps Clients “Rewrite Internal Software”


eah Wilson-Watts, who officially started her life coaching business in the Westchester area in June, has an interesting metaphor for her job, which includes career coaching and corporate services: “I help people rewrite their internal software.” She says most people wishing to achieve personal goals don’t realize why affirmations, positive thinking, goal writing, reading self-help books Leah Wilson-Watts and attending seminars garnish few results. “The results are minimal because you may have information stored in your subconscious mind that is out of alignment with your conscious thoughts; this internal conflict is usually the cause of your unrealized desires. While most people know that they may have repressed thoughts that are impeding their ability to achieve their personal goals, what they don’t know is how to reprogram them.” A certified life coach with a master’s degree in school counseling, Wilson-Watts is a facilitator of the PSYCH-K, a psychological process that can be used to improve life mentally and physically. She is also certified in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. Her life coaching services include reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing career opportunities, developing meaningful relationships, eliminating destructive habits such as smoking and overeating, and releasing post-traumatic stress. “Since we are unaware of our inner gifts, we tend to view ourselves as powerless in how we live our lives,” she says. “The people I’ve worked with receive great results realizing their personal power.” Wilson-Watts works with adults and children and is available for private sessions, seminars and workshops. For more info, visit or call 718.812.5166.


Raise Your Vibration! Briarcliff Manor, NY 914.330.5328;


Certified ADHD Coach/Organizer 914.373.4787;


Coaching, Healing & Channeling Cold Spring, NY 845.424.6219;

DIVORCE COACH Susan De Robertis

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December 2016


Bright Lights A Cup of Peppermint Tea Boosts Alertness Encourage Healthy Eating R


esearch published in the Journal of Marketing Research links bright light to healthier food choices. The study observed 160 diners at four separate metropolitan locations of a chain dinner restaurant between 6 and 8 p.m. Two of the restaurants used bright lighting (250 lux luminance) and the other two locations had dim lighting (25 lux luminance). The researchers found that diners at the well-lit locations were more likely to choose healthy options such as baked or grilled fish and chicken than the patrons at the dimly lit restaurants. These results were replicated in a laboratory test of 700 college students where scientists attributed students’ healthier choices to the alert feelings that being in a bright room elicits.

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Why Some Kids Grow Up with Fewer Allergies


study in the journal Pediatrics, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, has found that the common childhood habits of thumb sucking and nail biting can reduce the risk of adolescent and adult allergies. Researchers followed more than 1,000 individuals from 5 through 32 years old, monitoring these two habits at ages 5, 7, 9 and 11. The subjects were tested for allergies at 13 using a skin-prick test and again at 32. Of all participants, 31 percent were frequent thumb suckers and nail biters, and those children had a lower incidence of allergic reactions than the others. These results support a hygiene hypothesis suggesting that early exposure to microbial organisms reduces the risk of developing allergies.

Cranberries Reduce Urinary Tract Infections


ranberries, a staple on most holiday tables, can help women reduce their risk of urinary tract infections (UTI). A recent study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research tested the impact of consuming whole-cranberry fruit powder on women that had experienced two or more UTIs in the previous 12 months. Of the 182 study participants, 89 were given 500 milligrams of the cranberry powder daily for six months. The remaining 93 women ingested a placebo. The cranberry group reported significantly fewer infections than the placebo group. In addition, it took the women in the cranberry group more time to develop a first UTI than the women in the control group. matka_Wariatka/


esearchers from Northumbria University, in England, have discovered that drinking peppermint tea can improve working and long-term memory. After 180 healthy adults filled out questionnaires about their mood, they were selected at random to consume one of three drinks—peppermint tea, chamomile tea or water—and then rested for 20 minutes. The subjects were then tested for memory and other cognitive factors and given a second mood questionnaire. Those that drank peppermint tea exhibited improvements in both types of memory and were more alert than the other two groups. The participants that drank chamomile tea displayed reductions in both memory and attention functions compared to the others. Researcher Mark Moss, Ph.D., notes, “The enhancing and arousing effects of peppermint and the calming, sedative effects of chamomile observed in this study are in keeping with the claimed properties of these herbs and suggest beneficial effects can be drawn from their use.”

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Conscious Parenting Guide AROMATHERAPY Beyond the Spectrum Synergy Sprays™

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December 2016




Eco-Toy Story

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Solar Sidewalk

Missouri Debuts Energy-Generating Pavers Missouri is rolling out a set of energy-generating photovoltaic pavers along a section of the iconic Route 66 highway in a sidewalk pilot project—the first on a public right of way—in the U.S. The street pavers were developed by Solar Roadways, a company created by inventors Scott and Julie Brusaw, which raised more than $2.2 million in crowdfunding in 2014 to bring their technology to market. The Brusaws claim that replacing all of America’s roads and parking lots with their solar pavers would generate more than three times what the country consumed in electricity in 2009. The Missouri Department of Transportation considered their own crowdfunding campaign to support their energy experiment; plans called for the hexagonal solar panels to be fully installed and operational by the end of this year.

courtesy of Solar Roadways


During the holiday gift buying season, it’s good to recall the days of old-fashioned toys. Simple, wooden toys made with non-toxic paints are far safer than those sprayed with varnishes and paints containing lead and volatile organic compounds. Plastics can emit unhealthy chemicals used during manufacturing, which also produces environmental pollution. Pieces can break off, possibly injuring soft skin, or be consumed by toddlers with dangerous results. A recent report by Environment California, a research and policy center, found that products designed for babies and young children, such as soft plastic teethers, bath accessories and others, contain phthalates. Many toys require batteries containing heavy metals like mercury and cadmium. recommends eco-conscious makers of toys available at GreatGreenBaby. com, including organic cotton stuffed animals;, featuring sustainably harvested cherry wood rattles and organic Egyptian cotton animals; and, with play meal cookware and serving pieces made from bioplastic, consisting of a corn and starch resin. Here are other factors to consider. Educational toys can “enhance language, conceptual understanding and numerical and spatial cognition,” according to a study in the journal Mind, Brain and Education. Six-to-8-yearolds can gain an appreciation for archaeology playing with Smithsonian toys available at Barnes & Noble and sells wood puzzles, solar-powered robots and board games from the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy. The Discovery Channel Store has safe toys and books for kids. Follow age guidelines in choosing gifts, advises Steve Pasierb, president and CEO of the Toy Industry Association. “Age-grading has nothing to do with how smart a child is—it’s based on the developmental skills and abilities at a given age and the specific features of a toy.” Practice conservation while saving money by canvassing thrift and consignment shops for classic card and board games.

Source: NBC

Greening Planet

Satellites Reveal Unexpected Plant Growth The study Greening of the Earth and its Drivers, published by an international team in the journal Nature Climate Change, shows significant greening of a quarter to one-half of the Earth’s vegetated lands based on satellite data from the past 33 years. This represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees that produce sugars using sunlight energy to mix atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) with water and nutrients from the soil. These sugars are the source of food, fiber and fuel for life on Earth. More sugars are produced when there is more of this greenhouse gas in the air in a process called CO2 fertilization. About 85 percent of the Earth’s land is free of ice and covered by vegetation, currently encompassing 32 percent of the planet’s total surface area. Lead author Dr. Zaichun Zhu, a researcher from Peking University, in China, states, “The greening over the past 33 years reported in this study is equivalent to adding a green continent about two times the size of mainland USA, and has the ability to fundamentally change the cycling of water and carbon in the climate system.” The effect may serve as a carbon sink to help counter climate change.

Somchai Som/

Safe, Fun Gifts for Kids

Source: Boston University 24

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Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition


Wise Woodsmen

Norway Bans Deforestation Products The Norwegian Parliament Standing Committee on Energy and Environment has pledged that the government will follow a deforestation-free public procurement policy, meaning that any product that contributes to deforestation will not be used by the country as part of an Action Plan on Nature Diversity. Rainforest Foundation Norway was the main lobbying influence behind this recommendation and has worked for years to bring the pledge into existence. “This is an important victory in the fight to protect the rainforest,” says Nils Hermann Ranum, head of policy and campaign for the committee. “Over the last few years, a number of companies have committed to cease the procurement of goods that can be linked to destruction of the rainforest. Until now, this has not been matched by similar commitments from governments. The Norwegian state is now following suit and making the same demands when it comes to public procurements.” Deforestation is estimated to comprise about 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and disrupting natural cycles and livelihoods, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Removal of trees can disrupt a region’s water cycle, resulting in changes in precipitation and river flow that also contribute to erosion. Source:

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December 2016



Preventing, Reversing and Managing Diabetes Naturally by Linda Sechrist


ttending to the miracle of our body’s metabolism—which consists of numerous processes that include the digestion of food for growth and energy—is critical to good health. Diabetes, a metabolic disorder, is a serious threat to these processes as well as any hope of anti-aging and longevity.

Types of Diabetes

There are four types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, gestational and Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA). In type 1, which is not caused by eating or lifestyle habits, the immune system destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Type 2 is a metabolic disorder in which the cells are unable to use insulin. This type of diabetes is caused by unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, and if changes in those areas are made when symptoms are first identified, it may be reversible. Gestational diabetes, which occurs 26

natural awakenings

during pregnancy, typically disappears afterwards, although women who have had it are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. LADA is an autoimmune form of diabetes in which the death of the beta cells occurs over a span of years rather than rapidly. According to the American Diabetes Association, 8.1 million of the 29.1 individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes were surprised by the diagnosis.

Early Symptoms

The telltale signs of diabetes are dry mouth, excessive thirst, frequent urination, being hungry all the time (even after meals), unusual weight gain or loss and lack of energy. According to Nancy Iankowitz, a family nurse practitioner who is the director and founder of Holistic and Integrative Healing in Holmes, NY, many diabetics learn of their condition from a routine blood test ordered by their doctor. Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Iankowitz has a patient-centered practice that is based on a practical four-month plan that includes tracking the patient’s foods, moods, blood pressure, sleeping habits and exercise, all of which are important to preventing, managing or reversing diabetes. Initially, if a client presents with symptoms of diabetes, she recommends an A1c glycated hemoglobin blood test, which is a reading of blood sugar levels over a three-month period. “Physical symptoms are important to note because type 2 diabetics have the same signs, but since it can take years to develop full-blown diabetes, symptoms are subtler,” she says. Marizelle J. Arce, a naturopathic doctor and the owner of Natural Care of Westchester in Larchmont says fatigue can also be an indicator of pre-diabetes and diabetes—particularly feeling tired shortly after eating a meal. “Fatigue occurs because the body is using a lot of energy to manage the inflammatory response from the extra blood sugar level that is the result of eating processed food and sugary drinks. Additionally, excess weight gain, particularly when it is concentrated at or just above the waistline, can often signal a pre-diabetic state,” she says.

Blood Sugar (Glucose) Levels

Normal blood glucose levels vary throughout the day. For healthy individuals, a fasting blood sugar level on awakening is less than 100 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dl) of blood. Before meals, normal levels are 70 to 99 mg/ dl. Fasting glucose levels should vary between 100 and 125. Above 126 is an indicator that lifestyle changes are needed to avoid progression into full type 2 diabetes. “Individuals who have developed early stages of insulin resistance will not always experience high blood glucose levels, but without medical intervention, those with type 1 diabetes will experience extremely high glucose levels,” notes Arce, who says she likes to give patients the steps to change their lifestyle and health patterns before they develop full type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. If changes in those areas are made when symptoms are first identified, it may be reversible. Fluctuating Blood Sugar

“Roller-coaster sugar levels along with high insulin levels are irritating to the nerves and weaken the lining of blood vessels,” Arce says. “They contribute to neuropathies in the legs and can destroy blood vessels behind the eyes, which can lead to retinopathy. Excess sugar intake raises triglycerides, a type of fat (lipid) that circulates in the blood along with cholesterol. Triglycerides are an important measure of heart health.” An excessive amount of glucose in the blood—200 to 499 mg/ dl—can lead to a risk of stroke and heart attack, she says. Arce notes that if fluctuating high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels remain untreated, other symptoms may appear, including numbness, tingling, pain or discomfort in the hands and feet. These symptoms can indicate nerve damage as a result of high blood sugar levels, which if allowed to remain high for long periods of time will create complications such as the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision problems and neuropathy.

High Risk Groups

People at high-risk for type 2 diabetes include those who consume large amounts of simple carbohydrates and sugars, are overweight, or have an exceedingly sedentary lifestyle that includes eating unhealthy processed foods. An awareness of risk factors, such as a family history of diabetes, is important to early detection. Armed with this knowledge and with guidance from a health professional regarding how to keep diabetes from progressing, individuals will know what types of changes they should make and how to go about making them. Both Iankowitz and Arce say making the most impactful choices is critical in the earliest stages, which is why they work closely with patients to educate and help them integrate dietary changes into everyday life. They educate patients on the necessity of eating foods that are low on the glycemic index and reducing blood glucose levels while increasing their consumption of healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and olive oil. Alarmed at the nationwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes as well as the increased number of teenagers in different stages of the disease, Iankowitz and Arce emphasize that antioxidant-rich plant foods are a critical important component of an effective dietary plan for all age groups.

The Role of Exercise

Exercise plays an important role in reversing pre-diabetes and managing diabetes for individuals who are on insulin, Arce says. natural awakenings

December 2016


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Michelle Vitner, LMT, LPN Putnam, Westchester & Dutchess 914.672.1916 or 914.873.1376

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“Exercise increases the muscle cell’s demand for glucose, lowering insulin levels. Therefore glucose is moved out of the blood and into the muscle cells,” she explains.

Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, owner of Westchester Wellness Medicine, which has locations in Harrison and Mount Vernon, introduces patients to intermittent fasting, a pattern of eating that helps them avoid insulin resistance and control blood sugar. “The concept of intermittent fasting is about going 14 to 16 hours without food,” he says. “This replicates how our ancestors ate when food was not in abundance thousands of years ago. They didn’t wake up in the cave and eat ham and eggs. They feasted when food was available and fasted in famine, sometimes going multiple days without food.” He notes that this type of fasting can be done once a week. “Our biochemistry actually does very well with intermittent fasting, which isn’t really so hard to do when your last meal is at 7 p.m. and you skip breakfast and delay lunch the next day until 1 p.m. You can drink water with lemon, teas and black coffee. By 1 p.m., the body has been 18 hours without protein and carbohydrates. Insulin levels haven’t gone up, and the body is burning fat for fuel,” he says.


Herbs such as turmeric reduce inflammation, and berberine can help cells use glucose efficiently. Supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, resveratrol and pycnogenol can raise antioxidant levels, in which most pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals are deficient. Iankowitz, Arce and Baccellieri formulate their supplement recommendations specifically for each patient.

Control and Reversal

There is no quick fix for preventing or reversing diabetes. Restoring health begins with making the most impactful lifestyle changes: replacing processed and sugary foods in meals and snacks with nutrient-dense whole foods; determining possible food sensitivities with an elimination diet; eating some protein with every meal; eliminating environmental toxins; performing a form of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at least three to five times a week; and adding stress-relieving practices such as yoga, tai chi or qigong. Dr. Nancy Iankowitz practices at Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC, 24 Great Bear Rd., Holmes (917.716.6802). Dr. Marizelle J. Arce practices at Natural Care of Westchester, 20 North Ave., Larchmont (914.315.9596, Dr. Angelo Baccellieri practices at Westchester Wellness Medicine, 704 Locust St., Mount Vernon (914.699.6036) and 500 Mamaroneck Ave., Harrison (914.630.7330,

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings

December 2016


localfood Fresh Coffee Now Brewing at Big Bang


t’s been a busy fall for Big Bang Coffee, but the Peekskill coffee roasters have finally installed all their machines, and they are now open to the public. “We have started serving espressobased drinks and drip coffee by the cup at the roastery,” says owner Elina Dart. “All the machines are hooked up for anything from a latte to a hot chocolate to an americano. We Elina Dart enjoys also have gifts for coffee lovers.” a double espresso Holiday hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Big Bang, which uses only ethically sourced beans, began as a coffee roaster with both home-delivery and wholesale customers. It started serving fresh-brewed coffee in October, when it held an espresso workshop through Westchester continuing education. (Its next class, on cold brew, will be offered in the spring.) “Now we have a store and café—it's got a speakeasy vibe,” Dart says. “The hours are limited, but the service is totally personal. We consistently prepare every micro-roast, delivering the cleanest, most fulfilling cup our customers have ever savored.” On alternating Saturdays throughout the winter, Big Bang will serve as a pickup for orders of organic veggies, and grass fed beef from New York organic farmer Eight Mile Creek farm. Big Bang Coffee Roasters is located at 1000 N. Division St., Ste. 9., Peekskill. For more info, call the store at 914.433.7278, visit, or follow Big Bang on Facebook and Instagram.

Fable Farm Launches Barnraiser Campaign


able, a small farm in Ossining, has launched a Barnraiser campaign to raise $15,000 to expand its sustainable operations. The farm grows and sells produce for farmers’ markets, the New York Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital, Turco’s in Yorktown Heights, and its Farmstand. Located off Route 134 near the Taconic State Parkway, Fable grows crops year-round in a hydroponic greenhouse. Among its specialties are herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, squash, garlic and eggs. The goal of the Barnraiser campaign is to help make healthy, sustainable farming the norm by pioneering the next generation of responsibly grown food and humanely raised chickens. By raising $15,000, Fable could double field pro30

natural awakenings

duction, install a cold storage room, construct beehives and lengthen the chicken field to accommodate 300 freerange chickens for fresh organic eggs. The Barnraiser campaign ends December 9 Fable Farm in Ossining at 9 p.m. Donators can pledge any amount, although “rewards” are listed at specified levels. If Fable does not reach its $15,000 goal, it will not receive any of the funds and donators will not be charged. Find the campaign at Barnraiser. us/projects/help-us-grow-the-farm. For more info, visit

Stay Warm Year-Round at Hudson Valley Farmers’ Market


aby, it’s warm inside at Brewster’s year-round farmers’ market. Open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., it features 23 vendors selling local meat, produce, skin and body products, jewelry and gifts. Among the products for sale at the Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market are meat and fish from Meat and Hook; fresh veggies from DoReMe; baked goods, including fresh bread from Bootleg Breads; and specialty items like jam and goat’s milk soap to take home or for gift giving. “Nick the Knife will be here for regular knife sharpening, along with Ace Endico Marketplace, which recently joined the market to bring our customers an array of local products from vendors across the region, in addition to fresh-cured meat and cheeses,” says Storm Keefe, marketing and community relations coordinator for the Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association, which operates the market. “This holiday season we will have honey from Right From the Hive, jewelry from the Grand Strand, Soaps from the Town Soapier and so much more. As always, we offer fresh and snappy pickles and pickled products at our Market Table, along with other prepared food and goods from Steve’s Country Kitchen. KAS Honey Liquor, Hincks Pretzels and Petropolous Family Olive Oil Products will all be there throughout the holiday shopping season.” The market also features weekly kids’ crafts, free food samples and hot organic coffee from Sacred Grounds. Customers can enjoy their purchases on the plaza until it gets too chilly. The Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market is located at 15 Mount Ebo Rd. S., Brewster. For a full list of vendors, visit Follow HVRegionalFarmersMarket on Facebook to get the latest on special events and weather alerts. See ad, page 75.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

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December 2016



Healthy Holiday Restorative Drinks Revive Good Cheer by Judith Fertig



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natural awakenings

uring jam-packed special occasions like holidays, our drinks should multitask, too. We need festive tipples to refresh us without overdoing it, restore equilibrium if we overeat or drink or revive us when we’re feeling low from a seasonal cold or flu. In addition to traditional offerings that family and friends might expect, why not add a new and improved signature drink to everyone’s repertoire? These feel-good beverages, featuring winter fruits high in vitamin C, anthocyanins, therapeutic herbs and fresh ginger, deliver delicious boosts to help us feel our best.  


The season of hospitality is happily also the season of pomegranates, blood oranges and Meyer lemons (a sweeter, thin-skinned, aromatic variety). These vibrant fruits give a taste of good cheer to anything we can pour, shake, muddle or simmer. Whether we offer fresh-squeezed blood orange juice in the morning, a nonalcoholic cocktail of pomegranate juice and sparkling water, or a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice in a hot toddy or tea, the tart flavor is a sure pick-me-up. The red color in antioxidant-rich blood oranges and pomegranates indicates the presence of anthocyanins, compounds that might help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as treat eye disorders, according to an article published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. Meyer lemons are a good source of vitamin C, essential for producing collagen needed to support the formation of new bone, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition


After an evening of over-imbibing, our systems need to reboot. The stomach needs help in processing alcohol, plus we may be dehydrated and feeling a little queasy. Filtered water, coconut water or a sweet, caffeine-free coffee or carbonated beverage of the lemon-lime variety rehydrate, as well as help our digestive system break down and flush out the alcohol. According to Registered Dietitian Aicacia Young, in Austin, Texas, founder of, the simple act of drinking water before we go to bed can assist in the recovery process. Research published in the Food & Function journal found that lemonlime soda helps the body metabolize alcohol better by speeding up its ability to process the compound aldehyde dehydrogenase, the main cause of hangover symptoms. For nausea and motion sickness, ginger or peppermint tea can help, according to studies in the American Journal of Physiology and the French Prescrire International.  


Sometimes the stress of holiday to-dos, often combined with travel, can lower the resilience of our immune system. When we feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, the classic hot toddy can help us feel human again. The alcohol in whiskey is a natural decongestant; plus, it helps get us to sleep. Honey soothes and perky lemon juice gives us hope that we’ll feel better the next day.   Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS. Connect at




Seasonal Drinks that Revitalize

and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain out the ginger slices and serve in a mug.

Blood Orange French 75 Yields: 1 serving In a champagne flute, pour a jigger of gin, the juice of half a blood orange and a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice. Top up with champagne.   Courtesy of Kathryne Taylor, a whole foods and vegetarian blogger; Search

Holiday Sangria Yields: 8 servings Combine 1 liter of cabernet sauvignon, a quart of pomegranate juice, ¼ cup agave nectar, 1 thinly sliced Meyer lemon and 1 thinly sliced pear in a pitcher. Add ice and stir. Pour into glasses to serve.

Courtesy of Judith Fertig, Alfresco

Brent Hofacker/


The best holiday drinks are festive and taste great. They should also be easy to fix. Here are five to get us started.

Meyer Lemon Hot Toddy Yields: 1 serving Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Remove from the heat. Stir in the juice of half a Meyer lemon, a tablespoon or two of honey and a jigger of whiskey. Serve hot in a mug. Courtesy of Judith Fertig, Alfresco

Fresh Hot Peppermint Tea Yields: 1 serving Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. While it’s boiling, place 7 to 10 fresh organic mint leaves in a tea cup. Pour the hot water over the mint leaves and let them steep in the cup for 5 minutes. Strain out leaves as desired, and enjoy. Courtesy of Heather Crosby, author of YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, WholeFood Lifestyle; fresh-peppermint-tea.

Recharge Your Body

Fresh Hot Ginger Tea Yields: 2 servings Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, and then add 1 small knob of fresh ginger, precut into thin slices. Reduce the heat


natural awakenings

December 2016



inspired by The Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy.

HOLIDAY MUNCHING Sugar-Free Treats Kids Love by Judith Fertig


hen sugar was a commodHealthier Holiday Snacks ity only the wealthy could Mothers Amy Roskelley and Natalie afford, “visions of sugarMonson, of Provo, Utah, agree that raisplums” danced in the heads of chiling healthy kids is a challenge. Dealing dren ensconced in Clement Moore’s with picky eaters, getting family mem’Twas the Night Before Christmas. bers to exercise and sourcing organic Now, cheap candy is everywhere and baby care products are all in a day’s not all that special. What is special work for them. It’s why they founded is making memories aligned with Subscribers contemporary traditions while enjoying naturally sweet, healthy treats that have access to meal plans, recipes and healthy parenting tips. Recent advice kids will remember helping to create. includes ditching prepackaged popcorn “It’s important to limit sugary snacks, even during the holidays,” says (listing unpronounceable ingredients) and instead making the treat at home— Claire McCarthy, a Boston Children’s Hospital pediatrician, Harvard Medical popping kernels in coconut oil and topping the result with maple snickerSchool assistant professor of pediatrics doodle flavorings. and senior editor for Harvard Health   Many moms turn to online boards Publications. She is also a mother of for party ideas. Fun photos posted elementary school kids. “We need to there guide kids in creating naturally use the opportunity—any opportunity sweet treats, such as fresh fruit skewthese days—to teach children and ers shaped like elves or magic wands families about eating healthy.”   Natural Awakenings recommends using organic and non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients whenever possible.


natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

“Building a gingerbread house is a time-honored tradition for many families,” says Jacquie Fisher, a Kansas City, Missouri, mom who masterminds the educational blog and kid-friendly adventure postings at KCEdventures. com. Learning to construct the edible structure is intriguing fun. “Testing out how to balance the walls, construct a roof and put together a fun little structure is the perfect intro to some basic physics principles,” she notes. Because she’s not a fan of sugar icing and candy add-ons, Fisher’s kids connect over how to make Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s stable with whole-wheat graham crackers “glued” together with a homemade maple caramel mixed with coconut milk. They decorate using dried fruit, nuts, dry cereal and flaked coconut.  

Christmas Stocking Stuffer and Hanukkah Gelt For healthy alternatives to sugary candy, savvy parents source sweet treats made with 100 percent fruit juice and fair trade chocolate available at health food stores and markets. Registered Dietitian Abbie Gellman, in New York City, reinvents the Hanukkah gelt, or foil-wrapped chocolate coins, that Jewish children traditionally receive. She flattens dried apricots with a kitchen mallet, dips them in melted dark chocolate and then sprinkles the treats with sea salt. We can always make wonderful memories true to the spirit of holiday traditions, and do it today in a healthier way. Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

Gina Smith/


Gingerbread House Update

Sugarplums Update Healthy Sweets for Kids

heat. Add 3 kernels of popcorn and wait for them to pop. Once the test kernels start to pop, add the rest, cover and allow to pop, shaking occasionally until popping slows to a near stop. Pour the popcorn into a large bowl and set aside.

Yields: About 5 cups Popcorn: 1 tsp coconut oil, melted ½ cup popcorn kernels Maple Snickerdoodle Topping: 1 Tbsp coconut oil 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup ½ tsp cinnamon Sea salt to taste Heat the coconut oil in a medium saucepan, with a lid, over medium

Serve immediately making additional sea salt available. Courtesy of Amy Roskelley and Natalie Monson, maple-snickerdoodle-popcorn.

Place chocolate in the top of a doubleboiler over simmering water and stir until the chocolate has melted. Dip each apricot in chocolate, coating ½ to ¾ of the apricot. Place on wire racks set over parchment or wax paper and sprinkle with sea salt. Let stand until set. Transfer apricots to baking sheets lined with parchment or wax paper and refrigerate until firm. The gelt may be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to three days. Adapted from a recipe by Abbie Gellman, apricot-gelt-recipe.

Apricot Gelt Yields: 12 servings (6 pieces per person)


Maple Snickerdoodle Popcorn

For the topping, whisk together the coconut oil, maple syrup and cinnamon, until well combined. Pour over the popcorn and mix well. Sprinkle the top with a few pinches of sea salt, mix again and taste.

Using a heavy skillet or mallet, flatten apricots to ¼-inch thickness and set aside.

1½ lb dried apricots 1 lb dark chocolate chips 1 Tbsp coarse sea salt

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December 2016


Rudolph the Reindeer’s Stable Yields: 1 stable Graham crackers Small paintbrushes Assorted fresh and dried fruits for decoration, such as blackberries, pomegranate arils and kiwi fruit Dry cereal, such as Rice Chex, and flaked coconut for decoration Pecan halves for roof shingles

Holiday Fairy Wands

Vegan Maple Caramel “Glue”: 1 cup canned coconut milk (shake the can well before opening and measuring) 3 Tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla extract Pinch sea salt 

12 long bamboo skewers 24 seedless green grapes 12 chunks of fresh pineapple 12 strawberries, hulled 2 starfruit (carambola), cut into 12 slices

For the vegan maple caramel, place all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir until the mixture comes to a boil. Keep cooking until the caramel thickens and darkens to a caramel color, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

photo by Stephen Blancett

Yields: 12 servings

Yields: 12 servings

12 cocktail sticks or short bamboo skewers 12 seedless green grapes 12 strawberries, hulled 1 firm banana, peeled and cut into 12 thin rounds 1 mozzarella stick, cut into 12 rounds For each skewer, thread a green grape to the bottom of the skewer to create the elf face. Top with a round banana slice to make the pale trim around the hat, then an upside-down hulled strawberry to form the pointy hat. Add a mozzarella round to make the pompom at the point of the hat. Serve right away. 36

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Remove from the heat and let cool until just warm to the touch, then use for glue. If you like, make the caramel mixture ahead, store in the refrigerator and then microwave until just warm.

For each skewer, thread a green grape 3 inches from the bottom of the skewer, leaving room to hold the wand. Next, thread a chunk of pineapple, then another grape. Thread a strawberry, pointed end up. Add a slice of starfruit to make the star on the end of the wand. Serve immediately.

photo by Stephen Blancett

Fruit Skewer Elves

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Dab the bottom of 1 double graham cracker with the maple caramel glue; then attach it to a dinner plate to make the stable floor. Glue on three walls, a fence and a roof. When the structure is solid, use more warm caramel mix to attach the desired decorations on the stable, fence and perhaps a courtyard out front. If necessary, reheat the edible glue in the microwave. Let dry for 1 hour. Courtesy of Jacquie Fisher,

Eat Well and Be Well Natural Awakenings





Local honey at Harvest Moon Farm


Scratch-made Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies 163 Grand St, Croton on Hudson, NY  914.862.0874;


45 Market St., Rhinebeck, NY 845.876.3108


Artisan Juice Bar/Cafe 8 East Market St. Red Hook,NY 845.835.8402


1 Bloomer Rd North Salem, NY 914.669.8275


100% Organic & Non-GMO Food 1 Court St, Bedford, NY 914.205.3900; FB: The Outpost

THE FREIGHT HOUSE CAFE Natural. Local. Good 609 Route 6, Mahopac, NY Behind music store 845.628.1872


Juices.Smoothes.Healthy Fare 1807 Commerce St. Yorktown, NY 914.302.7331;

COFFEE & TEA BIG BANG COFFEE ROASTERS 1008 Main St. Peekskill, NY 10566 914.402.1280

FARMERS’ MARKETS CONGREGATION SONS OF ISRAEL ORGANIC MARKET 1666 Pleasantville Rd Briarcliff, NY Sundays 914.762.2700;


From our Farms to Your Kitchen 914.923.4837


& Gossett Brothers Nursery 1202 Rt.35, South Salem, NY 914.763.3001;


at NewYork-Presbyterian/ Hudson Valley Hospital 1980 Crompond Rd, Cortlandt Manor, NY 1st & 3rd Tuesday (May-Nov) 11-4pm.


Greig Farm, 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 914.474.2404 HudsonValleyFarmersMarket.

Visit our Foodie Blog for local food info:

HUDSON VALLEY REGIONAL FARMERS MARKET Sundays, 10am-2pm 15 Mount Ebo Road South Brewster, NY 845.878.9078 x 4115


Outdoor June-November 21 Bank Street, Peekskill, NY


130 Hardscrabble Rd North Salem, NY 914.485.1210

HILLTOP HANOVER FARM & ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER 1271 Hanover St, Yorktown Heights, NY 914.962.2368


7(1/2) servings of organic vegetables in one serving of green juice to go. 914.763.6320;

WHOLE FOODS MARKET 575 Boston Post Rd. Port Chester, NY 914.708.1985

WHOLE FOODS MARKET 1 Ridge Hill Rd., Yonkers, NY 914.378.8090


Check website for hours 845.628.7772


Local. Sustainable. Organic 512 Clock Tower Dr., Brewster 845.582.0574;


Nepal, Tibet, Indian Cusine 34 Triangle Ctr., Yorktown Hts. 914.302.2886


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MARKETS BEWIES HOLISTIC MARKET Organic Juice & Smoothie Bar 430 Bedford Rd., Armonk NY 914.273.9437;


275 S. Central Park Ave. Hartsdale, NY 914.437.5802 natural awakenings


Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 914.834.1525

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LOVING LARGE Scientists Say We’re All Connected

Cosmic View

by Linda Sechrist


rue love is not something reserved exclusively for soulmates, couples, children, friends or family. Observations by sages for millennia and by enlightened scientists more recently are increasingly aligned with the point of view articulated by renowned meditation teacher Jack Kornfield that true love and awareness—a sense of universal connectivity and the idea that divinity, or the sacred, is found in all things—are indistinguishable.

Scientific View

This state of being, generally denoted by strong feelings of love or acceptance toward others, brings us into contact with universal energy which connects all of humanity with the natural world. Clues to our united commonality are explored in two 21st-century books, Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become, by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., and A General Theory of Love, by medical doctors Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon. These authors explore the brain science that’s related to love and awareness. 38

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Although trying to grasp love intellectually may be like eating soup with a fork, the authors of A General Theory of Love cite feelings as a good starting point. Fredrickson describes love as “the momentary upwelling of three tightly interwoven events: a sharing of one or more positive emotions between you and another; a biochemical synchrony between your and the other person’s biochemistry and behaviors; and a reflected motive to invest in each other’s well-being that brings mutual care.” Fredrickson, director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, believes love is a complex physiological response; a “positivity resonance.” She describes key factors in love’s ability to biologically transform us as oxytocin, a hormone active in social bonding and attachments, and the vagus nerve deep within the brain stem that connects with numerous organs, including the lead “character” in this relationship, the heart. The neural synchrony of positivity resonance between the brains of two individuals is a connected oneness that Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

During their 30-year friendship, Bob Staretz collaborated with astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., the lunar module pilot on Apollo 14 and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, to research and write “The Quantum Hologram and the Nature of Consciousness,” published in the Journal of Cosmology. Their scientific theory explains how all of creation learns, self-corrects and evolves as a selforganizing, interconnected holistic system through love. “Without exception, everything in nature exists and works together in total balance, resonance and harmony, interacting as one. From this perspective, Edgar and I reached the obvious conclusion—the organizing principle of the cosmos is agape love, an ultimate form of unconditional love that accepts all things existing in nature without regard to conditions, expectations, shortcomings, flaws or faults,” explains Staretz. The former executive director of Eternea, an organization focused on spiritually transformative experiences and the study of consciousness, Staretz says individuals that undergo such an experience attest that loving one another and all

images by tai11/

Fredrickson notes is far more ubiquitous than previously thought possible. Her research shows that it requires only connection, not the intimacy or shared history that comes with any special bonds. Micro-moments of the connected oneness we feel as life-giving reverberations occur via shared smiles or laughter, a common compassion or an engaging story. Humans all hunger for such moments. The prerequisites are perceived safety and authentic sensory connection with another, even if it’s fleeting. In Fredrickson’s perspective, such neural coupling is a biological manifestation of oneness in which a habitual focus on “me” expands to a life-expanding “we”.

of nature, of which we are a part, is the central reason for our existence. Anita Moorjani’s latest book, What If This Is Heaven? reiterates the life lesson she learned from her dramatic near-death experience in which she identified herself as a state of pure consciousness connected with everything in the cosmos. She clearly heard: “Your only work is to love yourself, value yourself and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you.” This message continues with her, and she explains that by not loving ourselves, we are denying the part of God that expresses itself through us. An overarching insight from her lifechanging journey is, “Unconditional love is a state of being, not an emotion. It’s not just one side of the coin—it’s the whole coin.”

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~William Blake

How-to Resources Interest in this deeper perspective led The Shift Network, which offers online transformative education, to host a recent Advanced Teachings for Truly Loving Yourself with Margaret Paul, P.h.D., co-author of Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By You? Many others are working to spread the word about a larger sense of lifegiving love, including Cleveland, Ohio, intuitive psychologist Debra L. Reble, Ph.D., author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World. She says, “Our soul’s purpose is to be and express love. We dream of love, yearn for love and make love, but rarely do we realize that we are love, a source of divine energy.” Reba Linker, a New York City life coach and author, hosts a Leaders in Self-Love Facebook page and the Paint Yourself into The Picture online coaching show. Linker’s philosophy on love resembles that of New Thought leader Michael Beckwith, minister, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California—

to discern that our true nature is love is to know that we are created in the very image and likeness of love, the essence of life itself. Gary Sinclair, author of Healing Memories in Seconds, views his life from an altitude of oceanic oneness. His 35 years of study in a field that uses energy to heal spirit, mind and body led him to develop Soul Link, a memory energy therapy. His work is changing the face of therapy for those with post-traumatic stress disorder and led to the revelation, “Love pulls whatever it touches to its highest potential.” Teaching what he knows “beyond a shadow of a doubt” helps to shift his students’ worldview. “All of creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are energy beings who can learn to manage our energy to heal ourselves. We are all connected by omnipres-

ence, the energy of love, a heart connection of life. Consciously choosing this awareness allows us to be ‘love living life.’” Kamini Desai, director of education for the Amrit Yoga Institute, in Salt Springs, Florida, lends her yogic perspective to love. “We are each a wave on the ocean of existence. Even though we are separate waves, we carry the essence of the same ocean. When that essence manifests in us as spirit, its quality is a healing force of love surrounding our cells, causing our heart to beat and regenerating our organs. This intelligence guides and directs the universe in the same manner that it heals and maintains our body. In yoga, we learn to listen to its subtle voice so that we can follow its urges and energetic impulses to the source from which it springs.” The perceptions of California’s HeartMath Institute founder Doc Childre, dedicated to helping people access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence, are generally aligned with those of Fredrickson. Both approaches recognize how order and balance in the nervous system and smooth, harmonious and coherent heart rhythms enhance our ability to clearly perceive a far larger universe of experience. The ensuing connections widen the windows of perception to view ourselves as no longer separate, but part of a unified whole. Accumulated micro-moments of love communicated through synchronized gazes, touches and vocalizations forge a shared subjective appreciation of connection and oneness. We feel ourselves embodying positive resonance and experience easier and more immediate rapport in familial, familiar and even new relationships. We discover abundant opportunities to feel love, loved and loving as we make ourselves available to them. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

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December 2016



Westchester Buddhist Center Celebrates Eight Years


Garrison Meditation Hall

The Garrison Institute Hosts Mindfulness Series


n 2017, the Garrison Institute will offer a series of workshops and retreats on meditation to cultivate mindfulness, awareness and compassion. The series begins the weekend of January 6-8 with Embodying Practice: A New Year’s Resolution Retreat, designed to help people become more aware of their bodies and trust in its innate wisdom. Later that month, the weekend of January 27-29, renowned teacher Tara Brach and her husband, Jonathan Foust, will lead a retreat exploring how to release the limiting beliefs that fuel insecurity, judgment and self-doubt, and how to awaken the “fearless heart—the heart-space that has room for fear and full aliveness, creativity and limitless love.” In March, the Garrison Institute hosts People Who Care for People (March 1012), as a community of caretakers from all walks of life recharge physically, mentally and emotionally with meditation, yoga and contemplative practices. For those wishing to practice mindfulness on the spring equinox (March 17-19), the institute will offer a special retreat focused on Pema Chödrön’s book How to Meditate. For more information, visit or call 845.424.4800. See ad, page 41.

ADVERTISE WITH US Contact us for special one-time ad rates.

an d




gr o w

Wa k e U p N a t u r a l l y. c o m | 914-617-8750 40

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Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

n December 18, Westchester Buddhist Center (WBC) will celebrate its eighth anniversary with a special guest speaker, the well-known author and Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzburg. Salzburg, who wrote the best-sellers Real Happiness and Lovingkindness, has played an important role in bringing Buddhist meditation practices to the West, beginning in the early 1970s when she cofounded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She will give two talks, The Foundation for Real Happiness, from 10 a.m. to noon, and Lovingkindness Meditation, from 2 to 4:30 p.m., at WPC’s location at 2 Bridge Street, Irvington. “Having Sharon here is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion of our anniversary,” says senior teacher John Baker, who cofounded WBC along with senior teachers Jane and Derek Kolleeny. Due to the surging interest in the benefits of meditation, WBC has exJohn Baker panded its activities threefold during the past year, says Jane Kolleeny. It now holds regular weekly meditation practice gatherings, which include dharma talks and receptions at three locations (Sundays and Tuesdays in Irvington and Wednesdays in Mount Kisco) and offers classes in three levels of study (its signature introductory course How to Meditate, using the book of that name by Pema Chödron, as well as various intermediate and advanced courses). WPC will hold its fifth annual weeklong meditation retreat at Garrison Institute February 10-17. Recent highlights include talks by visiting Tibetan and Zen teachers on topics ranging from Working with Fear, Death and Dying, to Bringing Meditation into Everyday Life. Visit for more info. See ad, page 42.

Anam Cara Founder Releases New Meditation CD


awrence Edward, PhD, founder and director of the Anam Cara Meditation Foundation, has released a new meditation CD, Om Namah Shivaya. The CD includes meditation instructions, chants of the ancient mantra Om Namah Shivaya (“I honor the Auspicious One, the Divine Within”) and chants of world mantras from many traditions. Edwards trained as a monk in India and has been teaching meditation, mindfulness and chanting for 45 years. He is an author, poet, retreat leader and licensed psychotherapist. The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation is a nonprofit, nondenominational educational organization whose mission is to make meditation teachings and practices available to everyone. It offers retreats, courses and free meditation sessions every second and fourth Thursday at 7:15 p.m. at 2 Byram Brook Place in Armonk. Edwards’ new CD is designed to support people in their meditative practices, he says. “The mahamantra—the great mantra, Om Namah Shivaya—is a throb of your own divine self. You are the auspicious one, the divine within everyone and everything. Limitless is your power, love and ecstasy. That is your true nature, your true home and refuge. Mantra opens the way for you to abide once again in the truth of who you are, in your state of radical freedom.” For more info, visit the-book/ or See ad, page 45.

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December 2016


Meditation at The Temperance Center

Making the Time to Meditate


errill Black, who founded the Temperance Center in Eastchester and leads a meditation group there, hears the same question over and over: “How often should I meditate, and for how long?” As most of us have busy lives and are pulled in many directions, Black says, she’s a firm believer that a little meditation goes a long way. “Not everyone has an hour a day to spend meditating, but we all have five minutes in the day to quiet the mind and body,” she says. “Meditation can take so many forms—it can be taking a walk, listening to the wind, watching a sunset. It’s all about allowing yourself to get totally immersed in whatever you are doing, without judgment.” Black admits that she wasn’t showing discipline in meditating, and that’s one of the reasons she began the meditation group a few years ago. “In the beginning it was purely guided,” she says. “At that time I wasn’t channeling yet. I could feel—that was always one of my strongest abilities—and being an empath, I wanted to be able to do more, hear more, see more, feel more. Then one of my favorite longtime intuitive healers said to me, ‘If you want to be able to see and hear intuitively, then you need to meditate.’ The deeper truth is that once I gave up the need to hear, see, etcetera, and just appreciate my abilities for what they were, that is when the other abilities started to open up.” It’s like that with meditation, she says. “It’s about acceptance, no judgment—just observing, letting go, finding a sense of freedom. The bottom line is, making the time to meditate means you are loving and valuing yourself.” The Temperance Center, located at 453 White Plains Road, Suite 201/203, offers a variety of healing services, including guided channeling meditations every other Monday and Friday from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. The cost is $15. “Each session is unique depending on who is coming that day and the messages needed to come through for the higher group consciousness,” Black says. “It’s about healing the mind, body and soul.” Those interested should contact Black at 914.793.2600 or For more info, visit See ad, page 12.


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Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Live as Your Heart Lives



by Lyric Benson Fergusson


here your mind wavers, your heart overcomes.

Your heart can tame any monster, your heart can devour any fear. Your heart’s chivalry is incomparable. Your heart’s genius outsmarts what’s written on parchment or etched on stone tablets. Your heart sees an ogre as an angel, Just waiting to be born… (with a soft kiss). Are you brave enough to pucker up? Your mind would rather run from sleeping tigers that had, several decades ago, promised to eat you, than face the unknowns of life. Your heart knows that overwhelming darkness is a miracle waiting to happen. Which lens do you choose to see this world through? Your heart or your mind? Baby, it’s all about perspective. Source: French Kissing God, a collection of poems by Lyric Benson Fergusson ( natural awakenings

December 2016



Krista Tippett on Our Evolving Spirituality Why it Evokes Hope by Randy Kambic


rista Tippett helps us ponder the meaning of life as host and executive producer of On Being, the award-winning weekly radio program and podcast produced in Minneapolis for more than 400 public radio stations. The bestselling author of Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit has been acclaimed for thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence. Her latest book, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living, reflects upon how spirituality intersects with science, technology, health, art and politics. This daughter of a Southern Baptist minister first launched her show, origi-


natural awakenings

nally titled Speaking of Faith (also the title of her first book), on Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media in 2003. Today, Tippett continues to discuss faith, spirit, inner growth and what it is to be human with leading authors, thought leaders and pioneering change makers. She also hosts online classes and a blog.

How has On Being evolved to reflect existing dimensions of spirituality that have proven surprising? I am fascinated with how spiritual life and religious identity have evolved in the last decade. This part of life is

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

more fluid than it’s ever been in human history. We are the first generation that didn’t inherit religious identity like we do a hometown. We craft our spiritual lives and choose our faith, even if it’s the faith of our families. In many that don’t claim a religious affiliation, especially Millennials, I encounter a spiritual curiosity and ethical passion akin to religion at its best. Because seekers dwell both inside and outside of traditions, my life of conversation stretches beyond boundaries in ways I did not expect when I began. I also never imagined that I’d interview physicists, evolutionary biologists and neuroscientists exploring territory previously reserved for theologians and philosophers. Together, they are illuminating the ancient questions related to our place in the cosmos; the nature of human freedom and consciousness; even beauty and the reality of mystery.

Which guests do you feel have resonated the most with listeners and why? A show that seems to have touched more people most deeply is my interview with the Irish poet, philosopher and author John O’Donohue just before he died in his early 50s. He radiated such an unusual combination of qualities: wisdom, tenderness and playfulness; mysticism, theology and a raw Celtic earthiness. He’s someone who could speak of God with great wildness,

strangeness—and authority. He inspired with his vision of beauty as a human calling and somehow embodied it for the listener. I meet all kinds of people that keep that show on their playlist and listen again and again. In general, my favorite guest is the most recent person interviewed. At the moment, it’s Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia co-founder, who stunned me with his insistence on kindness as the virtue that’s made this nonprofit’s ethos and accomplishments possible. Another is civil rights veteran Ruby Sales, who wisely works to uplift the human drama of our political/ social moment, like the way we must come to be as articulate about what we love as about what outrages us.

How do you see people’s awakening sensibilities influencing local and global issues?

Tell them you saw it in Natural Awakenings, available in PRINT, and ONLINE at

I am drawn to the notion that we are in the adolescence of our species. The globe right now is like a map of the teenage brain, prone to recklessness and destruction in places and simultaneously possessing vast potentials for creativity and advances. So many are relentless in telling the story of destruction that it seriously colors how we tell the story of our time. I stand among those shining a light on the abundant beauty, goodness and courage in our world so these become more visible and evident at a global level.

Are you optimistic about the future? I am hopeful about the future. My life of meaningful conversation has led me to re-imagine the meaning of hope. It has nothing to do with wishful thinking, but rests on the lives of beauty and goodness I see everywhere I turn. It’s a choice—a more exacting and courageous choice than cynicism or resignation. The pain and fear alive in the world surface as anger and violence, and some of us are called to be calmers of fear. We must create the world we want our children to inhabit and do so together. Hope isn’t an option on this path; it is one of our primary resources for getting there. Randy Kambic is a freelance writer and editor in Estero, FL, and regular contributor to Natural Awakenings. natural awakenings

December 2016


healingbriefs Reiki Master Opens Healing Center in Dover Plains


ia Russ, a Reiki master and teacher, has opened a new healing center at 2277 Route 22 in Dover Plains. It includes a dedicated herbal kitchen available for herbalists looking to create their own line of products, massage and healing space, and workshop and art space, all overlooking a pond. Russ, who has been working in holistic healing for more than 30 years, brings many modalities to her healing sessions, including self-discovery thru clay play, collage, writing and other creative means. She is a practitioner of Reiki and shamanism, modalities that complement each other, she says. “Both work with source energy, recognizing that source is not polar. Both seek to bring balance to the entire person. Shamanism works in nature, as a part of it, understanding Lia Russ that we all have parts of us in shadow. Using breath, stones, fire or smoke, and water, shamanism reconnects a person to him- or herself and to the natural world. Shamanism seeks to remember—to bring back together—all parts of ourselves, reintegrating into a holistic connection with the natural world. Reiki’s source energy loosens and lifts energy blocks, thus enabling deep relaxation and healing. If you want to develop your intuition and awareness of energy, taking Reiki 1 is a great beginning.” Through December, Russ is offering a 10 percent discount for first-time students and clients. For more info, call 914.329.3325 or visit See ad, page 41.

Two-Day Class for Reiki Certification


hima Chavet, owner of Universal Reiki Healing Arts Connection, says her mission is to preserve the integrity of Reiki by adhering to the attunement process as passed down from master to practitioner. In that spirit, she offers a two-day certification classes for those wishing to administer and practice this hands-on healing technique. “Reiki is a Japanese word that means ‘universal life force energy,’” she says. “The benefit of learning Reiki is to be able to bring this energy into the human energy field. If you want to be of service to others and don’t know how to begin, then Reiki is a wonderful modality to learn. It is also a self-healing modality.” She especially recommends the training for parents of children with ADD or ADHD, or for friends or family of those who suffer from depression, illness or overwhelming stress. “Universal Reiki Healing Arts Connection also offers individualized healings that will bring you a feeling of incredible peace and spirituality,” she says. To learn about an upcoming class or to schedule a healing session, contact Shima Cavet at 917.279.9577 or visit See ad, page 45.


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Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Intuitive & Healing Arts ASTROLOGY Pam Cucinell Phone, online & in person 917.796.6026; Colin McPhillamy Pleasantville, NYC 213.840.1187

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES (EFT) Steven Gottlieb 25 Franklin Ave #4B White Plains 914.997.7873

ENERGY HEALING Accessing Intuition & Spirit for Healing: Mag Treanor RN Carmel, NY; 845.228.8132 NEW Tina M. Aurora, CPC, CRP

Energy Healing, Coaching, Organizing Services Peekskill, NY 914.473.1032 Nadiya Nottingham Healing Arts Pawling/Amenia/NYC 917.519.9101

Synchronicity Sisters Spiritual Tools for Healing Martha: Sophia: 914.462.6030

ENERGY MEDICINE Bernadette Bloom, PT Esoteric Healer & Teacher 239.289.3744 Betty S. Feldman, LLC, HTCP Healing Touch Program 53 Maple Ave. Fishkill, NY 845.896.6405 One Light Healing Touch Certified Energy Practitioners & Training Schools •


Reflections of Nature Mystic, Magical Gardens 845.489.7250

INTUITIVE James Pulley Soul Activation & Healing In Person & SKYPE

Traprock Suite in Ardsley Readings. Healings. Channeling By appointment 914.725.5656

HEALING SPACES FLOW Feng Shui Christine Persche 914.671.7523

Shira Adler, Intuitive Healer Certified Past Life Regressionist 914.861.5186;



Anne H. Bentzen, RMT, JRP Reiki Master Teacher & Energetic Counseling 914.588.4079;

Guided Channeling Group The Temperance Center Merrill Black, LCSW 914.793.2600

Jennifer Ching Lopez Healer: Heart.Mind.Body.Soul In Person or Distance Healing 845.702.1334



Dreaming Goddess Energy healers/Tarot Readers 44 Raymond Ave. Poughkeepsie 845.473.2206 Hands of Serenity Healing 1129 Main St., Fishkill NY 845.896.1915

Hands of Serenity Healing Jody Cleveland, RN 1129 Main St., Fishkill 845.896.1915 The Temperance Center Merrill Black, LCSW Reiki Master 914.793.2600, Eastchester

Synchronicity 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster, NY 845.363.1765

To place a listing on this page call 914.617.8750

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December 2016


xavier gallego morell/


Heal Adrenal Fatigue

NATURALLY Practical Ways to Regain Vitality by Linda Sechrist


atigue due to physical or mental exertion is common in those beleaguered by stress, poor eating habits and insomnia, struggling to balance the needs of family and career and too often using caffeine and other stimulants to artificially rebound energy. James L. Wilson, Ph.D., a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, educates medical professionals about an even more serious health issue he identifies as “adrenal fatigue”; it’s characterized by below-optimal adrenal function induced by an overload of such stressors. Our two walnut-sized adrenal glands, one atop each kidney, produce vital hormones that help control heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and many other functions, including how the body deals with stress.

Identifying the Core Issue

In his book, Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, Wilson sheds light on the scope of the problem. “The fact that adrenal fatigue is unrecognized by conventional medicine has left millions of people suffering from an untreated problem that interferes with their ability to function normally and capacity to enjoy life. For those whose adrenal glands are ‘running on empty’, even something as basic as happiness seems almost out of reach,” comments Wilson, who resides in Tucson, Arizona. Individuals suffering from adrenal fatigue are most concerned about their low moods, energy, mental acuity and libido, for which conventional medicine typically prescribes antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs. These medications do nothing to revive adrenal functioning. This faulty condition also affects weight gain and a propensity toward the development of some diseases, including 48

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fibromyalgia. “Your resiliency, energy, endurance and very life depend on the proper functioning of the adrenals,” Wilson says. We’ve inherited our sympathetic nervous system and its stress response of fight-or-flight from our prehistoric ancestors. It hasn’t evolved to differentiate between an acute threat to survival and the chronic threats from looming deadlines, financial pressures and other modern-day worries. “The adrenal stress response to physical danger or any perceived psychological threat is identical—the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine responsible for cascading physiological reactions,” explains Dr. Vijay Jain, who treats fatigue from an integrative perspective at his Mind Body Wellness Center, in Palm Coast, Florida.

Suggested Treatments

Adrenal fatigue is mainly a self-induced health problem that doesn’t just appear. It results from an accumulation of ongoing choices that we can change. Jain applies ayurvedic principles to reestablish balance in the body’s three prominent mind-body types that influence personal well-being. These are known as vata, pitta and kapha. For people primarily characterized by vata and pitta typology, fatigue is the result of being overactive and burning the candle at both ends. For those with kapha constitutions, fatigue is the outcome of a sedentary lifestyle with insufficient movement and eating the wrong foods for them. He further recommends getting more sleep with regular bedtimes, practices such as yoga nidra meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing) and a slower-paced yoga practice with longerheld meditative poses, as well as massage and a diet designed to restore our biological energies, or doshas, to a balanced state. “Depending on a patient’s constitution I advise some to slow down and burn 50 percent less of their candle, while I tell others to increase their physical activity and improve their diet.” Jain also recommends a type of ayurvedic purification and detoxification treatment that involves a series of five therapies including massage and herbal treatments. Performed in sequence, these allow the body and mind to drop into a state of peacefulness. Acupuncture treatments are also helpful, along with a regimen of adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, schisandra and ashwagandha, according to Jain. In Happy Healthy Thyroid: The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally, author Andrea Beaman writes about how she recovered naturally from adrenal fatigue. To restore energy and vitality to the body, she further recommends the healing practices of hatha yoga, qigong and tai chi. “These modalities build energy, whereas power yoga, and cardiovascular exercises drain energy in fatigued individuals,” advises Beaman. She notes that it can take six months to two years to restore desired energy levels. Beaman counsels individuals with behavioral characteristics that make it more challenging to burn less of their candle. She grabs their attention with the critical nature of their situation. “‘You are in and out of life in a blink. If you’re exhausted at age 48, how are you going to live a vibrant, happy and exuberant life right up to the finish line?’ That generally works,” she says.

More Tips to Beat Fatigue by Linda Sechrist


he earliest signs of adrenal fatigue are low energy and the need for several strong shots of caffeine to kick-start the morning or get through an afternoon slump. If these symptoms arise, take steps to begin nourishing, restoring and de-stressing the adrenal glands. Eliminate stressors. Reevaluate daily schedules to make room for a regular session of yoga, meditation, tai chi or qigong. Establish a regular sleeping schedule aligned with the body’s natural cycle. Slipping between the sheets no later than 10 p.m. can mean better and deeper rest. Make dietary changes, starting with 40 grams of protein each morning. Limit the intake of stimulants, including caffeine. Eliminate sugar and processed grains. Add adaptogenic herbs and organic coconut and olive oils to dishes and food preparation. Eat nutritious foods such as greens and brightly colored vegetables. As a result, blood sugar and insulin levels will take fewer rollercoaster rides, easing the work of the adrenals. Refrain from over-exercising. Excessive cardio or endurance training is hard on the adrenals, so substitute more relaxing forms of exercise. Practice calming mindfulness and deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing.

Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at natural awakenings

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Fetch, Stretch, Dance Make Your Dog an Exercise Buddy

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by Sandra Murphy

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an and woman’s best four-legged friend can activate and energize even the most reluctant couch potato or exhausted owner, making the family dog an excellent exercise buddy. Regardless of how lax we may be, everyone feels better after some kind of workout. A study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology confirms that working up a sweat outdoors affords an appealing boost of energy, enjoyment and improved state of mind. Dogs love routine, so they’ll be waiting by the door for their daily walks. Make each outing mindful by letting the pet choose the route and pace. While they stop to sniff, do hamstring stretches by leaning against a wall, fence or tree. Once the warm-up portion is completed, add sprints to burn more calories. Ask for a sit, pick a goal a short distance away and then give the cue to run together fast. After arriving at the goal, ask for another sit. “Our favorite time to go is before 7 a.m. to avoid cars and when the asphalt isn’t too hot for his paws,” says Monica Weintraub, a food and travel blogger currently working from Beijing, China. “Carl loves the burst of energy, and we both build muscle.” A backyard agility course can complement or even substitute for walks. It’s easy to make with weave poles, jumps and tunnels. Vary


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the order of the obstacles and run alongside the dog to call out each one. When it’s excessively wet, cold and icy or hot outside, create an indoor agility course. Use blankets and upturned chairs for tunnels, cardboard boxes to designate a weaving trot and a hula hoop for jumps. Set it up on top of rugs that foster firm footing. Balance can also be improved with exercise balls. While some dogs only see a soccer game, others try to balance on the ball, strengthening core muscles like their humans. Learning doga, or yoga for dogs, incorporates a canine’s natural trainability, flexibility, mimicry of human moves and desire to please. Kristen Corral, who’s also certified in animal massage, teaches Anima yoga fusion classes for people and pets of all ages in Las Vegas. “Anima means an expression of one’s true inner self,” she explains. “We work on balance and never force the dogs into poses. They’re excited during the first sessions, but as you move and breathe together, it becomes a calming and relaxing activity.” Floor exercises with the help of a dog also helps strengthen core muscles. Do leg lifts and teach the pet to walk under a raised leg to ensure it stays raised for the proper amount of time. Incorporate fetch games with sit-ups; throw the toy when sitting up and accept it back while reclining. Alternate arms—the dominant one has better aim, while the other one adds steps for the dog as it runs to fetch an errant toss. For chair exercises, use a toy to lure the dog under the chair, moving it from side-to-side, simultaneously working the waistline. Fetch lets the dog chase the toy before dropping it in front of the chair, giving the owner’s core muscles a workout when bending to pick it up each time. Dogs love to play hide-and-seek. It’s easy with two people; one holds the dog while the other hides. If solo, teach the pet to sit until a timer goes off before starting the hunt. “I ask Felix, my mixed-breed dog, to hold a sit-stay while I go hide,” says Chantelle Wallace, a professional writer who volunteers to exercise animals at Skyline Pet Care and Fitness, in Austin, Texas. “Hide and seek activates both mental focus and physical exercise.” Dancing to favorite tunes expends lots of energy. Dogs may perform obedience moves to the beat or, like humans, dance like nobody’s watching. Scientists at the University of Missouri are among those that have found that music improves moods, too. Teaching a dog to help around the house impresses everybody and takes advantage of bad weather to catch up on chores. They can tour a laundry basket to bedrooms, pick up trash or place items for recycling in a bin. Select individual items to be carried up or down stairs for a muscular workout. Take some tips from Jesse, a most helpful dog, at HouseholdHelpPooch. When our will to exercise is wavering, an eager dog will help keep an exercise routine interesting and on track. The dog’s goal is always to have fun with their favorite person. Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at natural awakenings

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FITNESS 2017 New Year’s Resolutions that Stick


by Aimee Hughes

very January, we rally our hopes, vowing that this time our New Year’s resolutions will finally stick. However, “If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail,” says Kansas City, Missouri, personal trainer Jake Albracht. We can make our health and fitness goals for 2017 a reality instead of just wishful thinking. Find a good trainer. “A personal trainer provides a helpful base of knowledge because the hardest part for most people is a lack of planning and diligence in following up. Trainers can step in to help a client achieve their goals,” says Albracht. Jeanne Rankin, assistant strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, adds, “A personal trainer can also help you set lofty goals that you wouldn’t have considered on your own due to fear of failure in achieving them.” Secure personal attention. Individual attention is invaluable. Albracht notes, “There’s nothing like the instant feedback with technique, information and support that one-on-one training provides.” Rankin adds, “In ongoing individual evaluation, a personal trainer can see exactly what’s going well and what isn’t, providing a better assessment than in a group.” “Group settings can also be positive and mimic a team environment, but a one-on-one relationship allows for a deeper bond of trust. Sometimes that can make all the difference in the world,” Albracht explains. Ask questions. If engaging a personal trainer isn’t in our available budget, they are often willing to answer a few burning fitness questions. Most of us have had volunteer teachers at some point in our lives that expected nothing


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We can make our health and fitness goals for 2017 a reality instead of just wishful thinking. in return because they loved sharing what they know. It’s a slower process, but can be a viable option. Set realistic goals. “I tell clients that structuring a program of specific goals will always trump a non-structured program,” says Albracht. “They need to fill out a goals sheet and develop a personal model that is repeatable, sustainable and successful. We use the SMART acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.” Sometimes writing things down is just what’s needed to make them actually happen. “When you look at pictures of famous people in magazines, realize that the images have been Photoshopped. They also have access to the best and most expensive resources in the world, and looking good is their job,” reminds Rankin. “Set a goal, and then set a bunch of small, achievable, measurable and quantifiable steps along the way that’ll push you towards that bigger goal.” For example, If the goal is to lose 50 pounds in a year, then maybe shoot to lose 30 pounds in the first six months and 20 in the second six months. “Breaking it up into what feels doable for you is key,” says Rankin.

• Full time programs begin Jan. 2017 • Part-time programs begin Feb. 2017

Establish intentions. Krysten Clark, a Los Angeles personal trainer, yoga teacher and founder of Yogva Nutrition, uses the SMART elements along with establishing an intention for each session. She states, “It’s important to recognize what ‘being healthy’ means to you. I always have my clients set an intention for their workout in the moment, which allows them to be fully present with what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Connecting with their ‘why’ proves powerful in a day-to-day practice.” She also strives to bring mindfulness into any fitness workout that evolves from a mind-body connection. The accompanying sense of self-compassion furthers progress in the never-ending process of personal growth and healthy living. Acquire a fitness posse. An accountability partner can be a friend or a personal trainer—someone that’s only a phone call away. Rankin observes, “If you know that you are letting someone down by not working out, then you are more likely to stick to a plan, especially if you’re paying that person.” Hit the reset button if needed. “Set a deadline to attain a goal and work backwards from there to achieve it,” advises Albracht. “If the goal is missed, reassess and plan again.” Be patient and forgive yourself as often as necessary if slip-ups occur. The ultimate results of feeling good and healthier provide their own payoff. Aimee Hughes, a freelance writer in Kansas City, MO, is a doctor of naturopathy and consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute. Connect at natural awakenings

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oga students will have the opportunity to hit their internal “refresh” button through the workshop Yin/Vinyasa: Harnessing the Power of Stillness to Maximize Your Inherent Mobility, scheduled from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., December 10, at Club Fit in Briarcliff Manor. Corina Benner will lead the class, which is offered by the Yoga TeachCorina Benner ers Association (YTA) of the Hudson Valley. The workshop will begin with yin yoga poses to open the hips, hamstrings and shoulders and then transition into a vinyasa yoga practice, during which participants will experience familiar yoga poses in a whole new way. As the rhythm and repetition of breath-led movement cause the muscles to warm up and fill with blood and energy, students will notice the absence of tension and resistance that they typically feel in asana practice. In addition to the physical benefits of this combination of practices, participants will feel more energetic, mentally and emotionally cleansed and more connected to themselves. An RYT 500 and founder and director of Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia, Benner has been teaching vinyasa yoga since 1999 and yin yoga since 2004. She views asana practice as an entry point to self-study and weaves the tenets of yoga philosophy into her teaching. The workshop will be held at the Yoga Studio at Club Fit, which is located at 584 North State Road in Briarcliff Manor. The cost is $45 for YTA members and $65 for nonmembers who register in advance, or $55 and $75 at the door. Those interested should preregister at Ample parking is available. Bring a yoga mat and arrive early to check in and set up. For more information, contact Audrey Brooks at YTAPresident@ or 914.582.7816. YTA’s 2016–17 program year will continue with Connecting to Source through Meditation, Mantra and Sound, with Jeff Migdow, on January 21; followed by LifeForce Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, with Deborah Lubetkin, on February 11; and Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra: The Power of the Breath, with Daniel Orlansky, on March 11. The nonprofit Yoga Teachers Association provides affordable continuing education for yoga teachers and committed students. For more info, visit natural awakenings

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calendarofevents Please call ahead to confirm times and dates. Pre-register early to insure events will have a minimum number to take place. To place a calendar listing, email us before December 12 (for January issue) and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines on how to submit listings. No phone calls or faxes, please. Thank you!

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1 Shamanic Journeys through the Directions – Dec 1-22. 7pm. Thurs. Four-week series of powerful and healing journeys to explore each of the Cardinal Directions. Hands of Serenity Healing, 1129 Main St, Fishkill. Call for fees: 845.896.1915.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 Yoga Nidra – 7-8:30pm. With Nadiya Nottingham. $35. Inner Balance Studio, 1072 Rte 311, Patterson. Preregister.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 Create Vital Health: An Introduction to Ayurveda – 9am-1pm. 5653 90. $59. L Hughes. LES430. Dutchess Community College South. Register directly with the school: 845.431.8910. SunyDutchess. Edu/cfweb. Kirtan Chanting – 7-8:30pm. With Sita Miriam Zernis. Eclectic sacred sounds that open heart, quiet mind and create deep sense of peace. Sacred Spirit Yoga and Healing Arts Center, South Presbyterian Church, 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry. Preregistration/pricing details:

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 Circle of Hope – Await the Winter Solstice and create lighted wreaths to usher in the season of light. $30 includes all materials. Hands of Serenity Healing, 1129 Main St, Fishkill. 845.896.1915. Reiki I Training – 10:30am-2:30pm. With Brett Bevell. Be initiated into the powerful, lifechanging experience of Reiki, International Master Teacher and Author Brett Bevell. $250. Mt Kisco. 914.864.0462. First Sunday Free Meditation and Satsang – 11am-12:15pm. With Gabrielle Semel, E-RYT 500. Inner Balance Studio, Patterson. Info: Teen Yoga, Meditation and Empowerment – Dec 4-18. 1-2:30pm. With Crossover Yoga Project. Yoga, MSBR. Sunday discussion for kids 12-18yrs to help lower stress and more. $100 five-weeks. PranaMoon Yoga, 1000 N Division St, Ste 2H, Peekskill. 914.319.4010. The Order of Melchizidek and Priesthood Class: Ordination into Interfaith Ministry – 1-4:30pm. With Rev. Dan Chesbro. Learn history, ceremonial rituals, legal duties and more. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 236 S Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco. Pricing details: 914.236.4503.


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Annual Skybaby Holiday Open House – 1-6pm. Featuring samples of holistic health care, shopping and snacks. SkyBaby Yoga & Pilate’s Studio, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. Shamanic Drumming Meditation – 3:30-5pm. With Amy Benesch. By donation. Synchronicity, 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster. Info/RSVP: 845.363.1765; Yin Yoga & Meditation – 5-6pm. With Adrienne Eppner. Mind and body practice using longer holds in poses focusing on connective tissues in body. Quest Yoga Arts, 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Register: 914.241.9642.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 5 Slow Medicine for Holiday Stress – 7-9pm. With Dr. Michael Finkelstein. Learn how stress affects the physical body and tools to maintain balance. Free. Quest Yoga Arts, 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Preregister: 914.241.9642. Adult Guided Channeling/Meditation Group – 7:15-8:15pm. With Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master. Unique theme, meditation, group discussion. $15. The Temperance Center, 453 White Plains Rd, Ste 203, Eastchester. 914.793.2600.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 Qi Gong Classes – Dec 6 and 20. 6-7pm. Sacred Space Healing Arts Studio, 436 Main St, Beacon. $10. Info: Lorraine: 845.416.4598.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7 Reiki Circle – 7pm. A Reiki share for all practitioners Level I or higher. $10 requested donation. Hands of Serenity Healing, 1129 Main St, Fishkill. 845.896.1915. Eyes and the Brain – 7-9pm. Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Learn to reduce visual stress and make efficient use of vision. Free. Dr. Samantha Slotnick, 495 Central Park Ave, Ste 301, Scarsdale. RSVP, Jane: 914.874.1177.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8 Holistic Moms Network Event – 7:30pm. With Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, Pediatric Neurologist and author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil. Rye Free Reading Room, 1061 Boston Post Rd.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 Mediumship Circle – 7-8:30pm. With Carla Blaha. $40. Synchronicity, 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster. Info/ RSVP: 845.363.1765;

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markyourcalendar Young Living Essential Oil New Year Workshop “New Beginnings to a Healthier You in 2017” Tuesday, January 24, 2017 6-8pm Katonah, NY Make your New Year’s resolution to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Join us to learn how these natural oils support your physical, mental, emotional spiritual you. Register by Friday, January 20th $10.00 (Includes light refreshments) O: 914.556.8258 C: 914.494.2266 (address given at registration) Adult Guided Channeling/Meditation Group – 7:15-8:15pm. With Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master. Unique theme, meditation, group discussion. $15. The Temperance Center, 453 White Plains Rd, Ste 203, Eastchester. 914.793.2600.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 Holiday Stress Relief Workshop – 2-3:30pm. With Clinical psychotherapist Elsa Arce. Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Reiki can help relieve stress. $25. Dragonfly Wellness, 109 Croton Avenue, Suite 205, Ossining. Info: 914.330.5328; Introduction to Foot Reflexology – 9am-1pm. NCC 2039-01 / KSU. $45 plus $10 material fee. Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster. 94 Mary’s Ave, Kingston. 845.339.2025. Register: SunyUlster.Edu/ce. Babysitting Workshop – 10:30am-2:30pm. Introduction to babysitting course. Students will learn interviewing tips, communication skills, ages and stages of young babies, toddlers and more. Kent Public Library, 17 Sybil’s Crossing, Kent Lakes. Register: 845.225.8585. Yin/Vinyasa – 1:30-4:30pm. With Corina Benner. Combine these practices for increased energy and emotional cleansing. $45 members. $65 nonmembers in advance. The Yoga Studio, Club Fit, 584 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor. Info: Audrey Brooks: 914.582.7816. Free Lecture: Ayurveda and the Winter Season – 3-5pm. Preparing for and Thriving in the Dark and Cold. Light refreshments served. Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic, Yellow Monkey Village, 792 Rte 35, Cross River. Dr. Kaushik: 646.672.6725. MELT – 4-6pm. With Joy Jacobson. This technique, combined with small balls and soft foam rollers, is designed to alleviate pain and release built up tension. $30/$35. Quest Yoga Arts, 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Register: 914.241.9642. Monthly Shamanic Reiki Hearth Healing Circle – 5:30-7pm. With Melanie Ryan. Proceeds support non-profit projects working to preserve world-wide indigenous shamanic healing practices. $20 suggested. Drop-ins welcome. Mt Kisco. 914.864.0462.

Monthly Manifesting – 6-7:30pm. With Carla Blaha $25. Synchronicity, 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster. Info/RSVP: 845.363.1765; Women’s Full Moon Circle – 7-8:30pm – A nondenominational monthly gathering for women. Draw in the powerful energies of the full moon. $10. DG Sanctuary. 2 Lagrange Ave, Poughkeepsie. 845.473.2206.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11 A Day with the Sacred Feminine – 11am-5pm. With Jo Jayson, intuitive artist. Full day event. 11am-1pm/workshop. $35. 1-5pm/Trunk Show. Free admission. Great gift ideas. Mt Kisco. 914.864.0462. Magical Awakening Level 3 Training – 11:30am3:30pm. With Brett Bevell. $200. Synchronicity, 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster. Info/RSVP: 845.363.1765;

Monthly Reiki Circle – 7-8:30pm. Relax and receive the healing of universal life force energy in a loving, supportive healing environment with caring, professional Reiki Practitioners. $20 suggested. Mt Kisco. 914.864.0462.


Shamanic Journey Circle – 7-9pm. Through rhythmic drumming in guided meditation, transcend our conscious state and journey to meet helping spirits around. No experience necessary. $20. DG Sanctuary. 2 Lagrange Ave, Poughkeepsie. 845.473.2206.

…Awaken to Your Best Self… Sunday, January 29, 2017 ~ 10am to 5pm Hotel Pennsylvania Penntop Ballroom 401 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17 Qi Gong for Beginners & Experienced – 9am12pm. $25. Register directly with school: Desmond Campus for Adult Enrichment, 6 Albany Post Rd, Newburgh. 845.565.2076.

Winter Solstice Healing Night – 4-6pm. With Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master. Restorative yoga, singing, lighting ceremony and meditation. $20 half goes to charity The Temperance Center, 453 White Plains Rd, Ste 203, Eastchester. 914.793.2600.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21 Tarot Wisdom Gathering – 6:30-8pm. BYO Tarot deck if available. Each month a card will be chosen to discuss and journey into with open minds and hearts. $10. DG Sanctuary, 2 Lagrange Ave, Poughkeepsie. 845.473.2206.


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13 Tea & Stones – 6:30pm. An hour lecture to connect and learn about gems, stones and their incredible properties. Free. Dreaming Goddess 44 Raymond Ave, Poughkeepsie. Info: 845.473.2206.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16 Holiday Shop and Sip – 5-10pm. Join us for a relaxing evening of shopping, snacks and secret discounts and specials. Hands of Serenity Healing, 1129 Main St, Fishkill. Info: 845.896.1915. The 72 Archangels of the Kabbalah – 7-9pm. Workshop with Shaman Elka Boren. Participants are given the opportunity to discover their Birth Angel. $35. Synchronicity, 1511 Rt. 22, Brewster. Info/RSVP: 845.363.1765;

Tickets make a FANTASTIC holiday gift!

Adult Guided Channeling/Meditation Group – 7:15-8:15pm. With Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master. Unique theme, meditation, group discussion. $15. The Temperance Center, 453 White Plains Rd, Ste 203, Eastchester. Info: 914.793.2600.

Manage Stress with Biofeedback – 5-6:30pm. Learn how biofeedback can help manage anxiety, stress and pain relief. No charge. Hygeia Integrated Health 3505 Hill Blvd, Ste K, Yorktown Hts. Registration required: 914.352.6116.

DIY Sugar Scrubs – 5:30-6:30pm. 3rd Thurs crafts for adults. November craft will be making sugar scrubs. Kent Public Library, 17 Sybil’s Crossing, Kent Lakes. Register: 845.225.8585.

Speakers, Healers, Vendors and Readers Over 100 exhibitors, 1000 guests! Exhibitor spots available


Aromatherapy for Emotional Wellness – 5-6:30pm. Learn about therapeutic benefits of and how it can help relax, boost energy and mood and more. No charge. Hygeia Integrated Health 3505 Hill Blvd, Ste K, Yorktown Hts. Advance registration required: 914.352.6116.

December Family Yoga & Mindfulness – Noon1pm. With Denise Nobile, registered adult and children’s yoga teacher. Program for family members to practice together. Adults, teens and children 5 years and up. Info/register: 914.232.5717.

Awaken Wellness Fair

Holiday gifts for sale at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard 130 Hardscrabble Rd, North Salem

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18 Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra – 10-11am. With Claudia Gukeisen. Offered monthly. A deep level of guided inner relaxation. $25 drop-ins welcome. Claudia: 914.673.3314. Third Sunday Community Yoga – 11am12:15pm. Admission by donation of personal care products for the Pawling Community Resource Center. Community Acupuncture and Meditation – 5-6:30pm. Discussion and demonstration on benefits of acupuncture for stress reduction, digestive issues and more. Led by Licensed Acupuncturist. $30. Hygeia Integrated Health, 3505 Hill Blvd, Ste K, Yorktown Hts. Advance registration: 914.352.6116. Restorative Yoga – 5-7pm. With Karla Diamond. Powerful practice that everyone can benefit from, regardless of age or fitness level. $35 advance. $40 door. Quest Yoga Arts, 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Register: 914.241.9642.

Winter Solstice Ceremony and Community Celebration – 7-9 pm. Drumming circle, potluck food and conversation in community. All ages. BYO drum or rattle. StarVisions and KatonahSPACE. 44 Edgemont Rd, next to Katonah Methodist Church, Katonah. 914.236.4503.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 Adult Guided Channeling/Meditation Group – 7:15-8:15pm. With Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master. Unique theme, meditation, group discussion. $15. The Temperance Center, 453 White Plains Rd, Ste 203, Eastchester. Info: 914.793.2600.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28 New Moon Manifestation – 7-8pm. Together we manifest our hearts desires with the creative energies of the New Moon. $10 newcomer fee. DG Sanctuary. 2 Lagrange Ave, Poughkeepsie. 845.473.2206. ADD Just Doesn’t Add Up – 7-9pm. Is it really a short attention span? Learn to distinguish visual problems that mimic or complicate AD(H)D. Free. Dr. Samantha Slotnick, 495 Central Park Ave, Ste 301, Scarsdale. RSVP, Jane: 914.874.1177.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 1 New Year’s Fire Ceremony – 11am. Help us send the intentions collected on the yule wreath to the universe. Event takes place at another location; call for directions. Hands of Serenity Healing, Fishkill. 845.896.1915.

natural awakenings

December 2016


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ongoingevents NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 12th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls or faxes, please. Ongoing Calendar listings must be resent quarterly for our January, April, July & October editions. Thank you!

sunday Kacey, On The Radio – 6:30am. The Health and Happiness Show. Interviews with therapists, healers, doctors, actors and dreamers. Tune into 100.7 WHUD.

Andy Kadison & Shira Adler Beyond the Spectrum Synergy SpraysTM 888.392.5242

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Pre-Natal Yoga – 9-10:15am. Strengthen and open, cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity through yoga poses modified for the pregnant body. $100 four weeks. Quest Yoga Arts, Mt Kisco. RSVP before first class: 914.241.9642. Beginner Tower Pilates Mat Class (on machine) – 10-10:50am. 50 minute workout on the Pilates Tower Mats will have participants feeling longer and stronger when they leave. $35. Pilates Glow and Yoga, 241 Harrison Ave, Harrison. Info: 914.630.4594; Yoga in Leonard Park – 10-11am. Meet near the pagoda in the park to practice outdoors under the shade of the trees. BYO mat and water. $5 suggested donation will go back to the park. Info: 914.241.9642. David is Back: Yoga Basics – 11am. New studentsall levels. Review the fundamentals including basic concepts, postures, alignment and breathing. $20 drop-in or purchase class card. o2living, Yellow Monkey Village, Cross River. 914.763.6320. Organic Market at Congregation Sons of Israel – 11:30-2pm. 1666 Pleasantville Rd, Briarcliff Manor. Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market – 10am2pm. 15 Mt. Ebo Road S, off Rt. 22, Brewster.�����  ���� Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association building. Celebration of Life Service – 11-12:15am. Inspirational music, affirmative prayer, meditation, lessons in the Science of Mind. Children’s programs 1st & 3rd Sun. Free. Center for Spiritual Living White Plains, 262 Martine Ave, Masonic Temple. 914.261.9119. Dharma Sunday School – 12:30-2pm. 1st Sun. Explore concepts like kindness, compassion and gratitude. Ages 5 and up. By donation. SkyBaby Yoga Studio, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. Teen Yoga, Meditation and Empowerment Class – 1-2:30pm. Led by Elisha Simpson of Crossover Yoga Project. Through yoga, meditation and discussion, kids 12 – 18 years learn mindful techniques to help lower stress, and more while having fun. $100/5 weeks, $25/drop-in. PranaMoon Yoga, 1000 N. Division St, Ste 2H Peekskill. Info: 914.319.4010.

Open Dance Party – 2:30-4:30pm. 1st Sun. All ages. Our DJ provides the beats and vibrations to set us on a journey of self-expression. $10. SkyBaby Yoga, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444.

monday Free Morning Meditation – 8:45-9:15am. SkyBaby Yoga & Pilate’s Studio, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. YogaShine for Adults – 9-10:30am. With experienced teacher, Vitalah Simon. Heart-centered, Kripalu-based, developing our consciousness, curiosity, strength, and compassion. First class free. Receive individual attention. 7-11 Legion Dr, Valhalla. 914.769.8745. Putnam Yoga Level 1 to Level 2 Classes (w/ modifications) – 9:30am. For those familiar yoga, power yoga poses and techniques are incorporated for indepth strength training, improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​30 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place. $15. Info: Christine Dodge 845.494.8118; Morning Flow Yoga – 9:30-10:45am. Move with the breath, working slowly through transitions to make sure alignment is right.  $10 first class;  $22 after. Pilates Glow and Yoga, 241 Harrison Ave, Harrison. Info: 914.630.4594; Vinyasa – 9:30am. With Anna. Moderately paced flow of poses, with attention to alignment and breath. Mildly challenging. $20 drop-in or purchase class card online. o2living, Yellow Monkey Village, Cross River. 914.763.6320. Restorative Yoga – 9:30-11am. With Nannette. Gentle and supportive allowing passive stretching and deep relaxation with breathing techniques, meditation and sound vibration. All levels. $25 drop-in. Soulauras, 520 N State Rd, Briarcliff. Pricing options/RSVP: 914.941.2400. Gentle Flow Yoga – 1:30-2:30pm. $20 drop-in or purchase class card for reduced fee. Sirona Therapy Spa, 280 N Bedford Rd, Ste 301, Mt Kisco. Must register: 914.241.0727. Iyengar Based Classical Yoga – 5:30-7pm. All levels. $20 drop-in. Katonah Yoga Center, 41 Main St, Bedford Hills. YogaShine for Pre-Teens and Teens – 6:307:30pm. With experienced teacher, Vitalah Simon. Heart-centered, Kripalu-based, developing consciousness, curiosity, strength, and compassion. Receive individual attention. First class free. 7-11 Legion Dr, Valhalla. 914.769.8745.

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natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Pre-Natal Yoga – 7-8pm. Strengthen and open, cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity through yoga poses modified for the pregnant body. $100 four weeks. Quest Yoga Arts, Mt Kisco. 914.241.9642. Contact before first class.


Women’s Healing Circle – 7-9 pm. Chanting, meditation, sharing and channeling the saints, angels, stars and ancestors by Eileen O’Hare. $20. The Healing House, 11 N Cedar St, Beacon. Info:

tuesday Alignment – 8:30am. With Kate. Focusing on students’ individual needs, this class utilizes detailed alignment cues, kinetic awareness, mindful meditation and more. All levels. $20 drop-in or purchase class card online. o2living, Yellow Monkey Village, Cross River. 914.763.6320. Free Morning Meditation – 8:45-9:15am. SkyBaby Yoga & Pilate’s Studio, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. Basic Beginner Vinyasa Flow – 9:30-11am. With David. Tailored to the individual’s ability. $14. The Stretch Community Yoga, 467 Central Park Ave, Yonkers. Info: 914.906.8233. StretchYoga.Me. Slow Flow Vinyasa – 10am. With Linda. Gentle. Slower paced class linking poses to breath to cultivate strength, alignment balance and more. Newbeginner students. $20 drop-in or purchase class card online. o2living, Yellow Monkey Village, Cross River. 914.763.6320. Therapeutic Yoga Flow – 10-11:30am. With Diane Graziosa, RYT 500. All levels. Floor Flow: breathing, strengthening, stretching and restoring. All levels. $20 drop-in. Eastchester. Info: 914.793.2600. Hatha Yoga – 10:30am-noon. With Nannette. Increase flexibility, strength and balance through pranayama, meditation and asana. All levels. $25 drop-in. Soulauras, 520 N State Rd, Briarcliff. Must RSVP: 914.941.2400. Into to MELT – 10:45-11:45am. Simple selftreatment technique designed to reduce chronic pain and help participants stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. $10 first class; $22 after. Pilates Glow and Yoga, 241 Harrison Ave, Harrison. Info: 914.630.4594; Gentle Yoga for Wellness – 5:45-7pm. With Ann Cassapini, RYT 500. Gentle level. Using chairs, props, deep relaxation/meditation to build stability, strength and flexibility. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. Ann: 917.882.0921. Prenatal Yoga – 6pm. Strengthen, stretch and align in a gentle practice that prepares the body and the mind for birth. $22. Prana Yoga at Full Circle, 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 414, Harrison. 914.421.1500; Yoga by Karen – 6pm. Personalized small group. All levels mixed style yoga: Hatha, Yoga Fit and Meditation. $15 drop-in; $60 six-sessions. 31 Johnson St, Lake Peekskill. RSVP: 914.522.1297.

December 2016

Astrology with Pamela Cucinell Sacred Days

Long View

Anticipate extraordinary results for your efforts on December 1. Handle disagreements with grace on December 2. Networking explodes on December 3 while community events glow on December 4. Enjoy the dream without attachment on December 5. Creativity and commitment on December 6 propels an idea forward.

The Mirror in the Moon

On December 7, nothing haunts, unless it’s a morning upset. Powerful drive on December 8 makes headway when you listen attentively. Blockades on December 9 become manageable with success assured through consistent effort and ingenuity. If initial goals on December 10 meet an impasse, gear up for fresh approach on Monday. Apply yourself to a task on December 11 and sidestep disagreements. Get the message out on December 12, whether professional, social or spiritual; spread with zest. The Gemini Full Moon on December 13 mirrors the need to step into action; make your choice a conscious one.

Strategic Steps

Share a meal with loved ones on December 14. Tempers fray on December 15; resist impulsive reactions. A party atmosphere on December 16 attracts, even if a bit over-the-top. Good will goes overtime on December 17 but can spread thin, so make it fun or purposeful. On December 18, what was overlooked comes back to bite. Mercury Retrograde on December 19 increases the need to double-check messages and edit over the next few weeks.

Demands ramp up December 20. The Winter Solstice on December 21 encourages increased adaptability in all relationships. Spend the evening of December 22 without agenda and with a favorite person. Intimate conversations on December 23 satisfy the soul more than power parties. Make family sacred, whether you share bloodlines or have put together people who feel like family. Christmas and Hanukkah dovetail closely this year, coupled with the need for deeper connections, which increases on December 24. A strong influence of women this December 25 suggests stories of ancestors woven with new ones this year.

Courting 2017

Outspoken thoughts on December 26 (Kwanzaa) eventually lead to resolution. December 27 offers an outstretched hand and beneficial relationships. Finish up tasks and clear clutter on December 28. The Capricorn New Moon on December 29 promises expansive options for those who act spontaneously. December 30 brings a reminder that spontaneity works best when someone is prepared for anything. Gather a group of lively companions on New Year’s Eve to invite a 2017 open to holistic perspective. Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at and offers private sessions and on-line subscriptions. Contact or call 917.796.6026. See ad page 46.

natural awakenings

December 2016


Natural Awakenings is



to the local businesses that display Natural Awakenings Magazines! Thanks to them, you can pick up your next free copy of Natural Awakenings in Westchester, Putnam or Dutchess County, at coffee shops, fitness centers, yoga and Pilates studios, healing centers, vitamin shops and more, as well as at the following food markets: Acme Markets (Brewster, Briarcliff Manor, Golden’s Bridge, Greenburgh, Hopewell Junction, Mahopac, Mohegan Lake, New Rochelle, Pleasant Valley, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Thornwood & Yorktown Heights) • Adams Fairacre Farms • B e a c o n N a t u ra l Market • Bread Alone (Rhinebeck) • BEWIES Holistic Market • DeCicco’s (Armonk, Brewster, Cross River, Jefferson Valley, Scarsdale) • Farmers Markets: Congregation Sons of Israel, Briarcliff, Hudson Valley at Greig Farm/Redhook, Hudson Valley Regional/ Brewster, Gossett Brothers/Cross River, Yonkers • Fresh Town (Amenia) • Fishkill Farm • Food Emporium (Bedford Village) • Foodtown (Cold Spring) • Freshtown (Amenia) • Gourmet Express • Green Organic Market (Hartsdale) • Greenwich Produce • Hannafords • Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard • Hayfield’s Market • Key Food (Mahopac, Peekskill) • Kobacker’s Market • Mahopac Diner • Mother’s Earth Storehouse • Nature’s Pantry • Odyssey Diner • Pathmark (Scarsdale & Yonkers) • Putnam Diner • Rhinebeck Health Foods • Sadhana Tea House • Scotts Corner Market • ShopRite (Carmel, New Rochelle) • Stop & Shop (Eastchester, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, Ossining, Peekskill, Somers, White Plains, Yonkers) • SuperFoodTown (Crotonon-Hudson) • TOPPS (Carmel, Rhinebeck) • Village Natural Market (Bronxville) and Whole Foods Market (Port Chester, Yonkers)

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natural awakenings

Still Mind Tai Chi – 6-7pm. Yang Style Tai Chi for health and self-defense. $25/2 weeks. Still Mind Yoga, 305 Central Ave, Suite 2, White Plains. 914.648.0492. Putnam Yoga Beginner to Level 1 Classes (w/ modifications) – 6:30am w/ Adrienne. For those familiar yoga, power yoga poses and techniques are incorporated for in-depth strength training, improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​30 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place. $15. Info: 845.494.8118; Integral Gentle Yoga with Matt – 7-8:15pm. Beginners welcome. A relaxing class. $10/ 2 classes. Still Mind Yoga, 305 Central Ave, Suite 2, White Plains. Info: 914.648.0492. Vinyasa Restorative Flow – 7:30-8:45pm. With Jo-Anne. All levels. Vinyasa flow class that incorporates restorative yoga. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. JoAnne: 917.364.1871.

markyourcalendar Slow Medicine Women's Wisdom Group Every Wednesday and Friday

Women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing one's full, authentic beings and, in doing so, nurturing their highest potential. Call to Register: 914.218.3113. Fee $30. 501 Guard Hill Road Bedford, NY.



Women’s Wisdom Group – Women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing one’s full, authentic beings and, in doing so, nurturing their highest potential. $30. 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford. 914.218.3113.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Day for Cats – 3rd Thurs. Sponsored by Stray HELP Inc Services by TARA, Inc mobile clinic. $70 includes: spay/neuter, rabies, ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Other services available during surgery. Info, Althea: 845.705.5020.

Free Morning Meditation – 8:45-9:15am. Singing bowls included. SkyBaby Yoga & Pilate’s Studio, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. SkyBabyYoga. com. Putnam Yoga Level 1 to Level 2 Classes (w/ modifications.) – 9:30am w/ Alison. For those familiar yoga, power yoga poses and techniques are incorporated for in-depth strength training, improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​30 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place. $15. Info: Christine Dodge 845.494.8118; New Class: Yin Yoga – 10am. With Suzette. Slow paced, comprised of mostly seated and supine poses held longer. Allowing deeper level of stretching. $20 drop-in or purchase class card. o2living, Yellow Monkey Village, Cross River. 914.763.6320. Basic Beginner Vinyasa Flow – 10-11:30am. With Diane. Tailored to the individual’s ability. $14. The Stretch Community Yoga, 467 Central Park Ave, Yonkers. Info: 914.906.8233. StretchYoga.Me. Slow Medicine Wisdom for Women – 10:30am1pm. Wed and Fri. 501 Guard Hill Rd Bedford. Gentle Flow Yoga – 11am-12pm. $20 drop-in or purchase class card for reduced fee. Sirona Therapy Spa, 280 N Bedford Rd, Ste 301, Mt Kisco. Must register: 914.241.0727. Yin Breath Yoga – 6:30-7:45pm. With Victor Gazzini. A breath bases asana practice that incorporates meditation, visualization and chanting. All levels. $18. Eastchester. Vic: 914.319.7322. Intro to Yoga – 7-8pm. Be guided step-by-step through yoga breathing, core postures and the flow that links all these elements together. $100 four weeks. Quest Yoga Arts, 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Register: 914.241.9642.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Viniyoga for Everyone – 9-10:15am. Classes held lakeside. Yoga on Lake Rippowam, 17 North Lake Circle, South Salem. $16 drop-in; rippowamyoga. com. Info: Stephanie 914.274.0007. Express Pilates Circuit (on machines) – 9:3010am. A 30 min fast-paced class, switching between the reformer, tower, springs and weights. Drop-in $40. Pilates Glow and Yoga, 241 Harrison Ave, Harrison. Info: 914.630.4594; Putnam Yoga Beginner to Level 1 Classes (w/ modifications) – 9:30am w/ Cathy. Power yoga poses and techniques are incorporated for in-depth strength training, improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​30 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place. $15. Info: 845.494.8118; Basic Beginner Vinyasa Flow – 9:30-11am. With Chrissy. Tailored to the individual’s ability. $14. The Stretch Community Yoga, 467 Central Park Ave, Yonkers. Info: 914.906.8233. StretchYoga.Me. Mommy & Me Yoga – 11am. Babies happily engage with moms in motion Moms stretch, connect and rejuvenate. $22. Prana Yoga at Full Circle, 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 414, Harrison. 914.421.1500; Pilates Mat class with Tina Sferra, MSPT – 11:3012:30pm. Pilates with a physical therapist. Focus on form, function and fitness to re-engineer the body. $20. Elite Performance @ Katonah Yoga, 39 Main St., Bedford Hills. Chivalry & Martial – 3:30-4:45pm. Arts for boys 6th grade and above. This series introduces the code of ethics and the basics of martial arts. $20 drop-in. SkyBaby Yoga, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444. Qi Gong Classes – 6-7:15pm. $15 drop-in. Class pkgs available. Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting House, 249 Hooker Ave, Poughkeepsie. 845.416.4598. Info:

natural awakenings

December 2016


Open Level Yoga – 6:30-7:30 pm. Slow Vinyasa, beginners welcome. $10/2 classes. Still Mind Yoga, 305 Central Ave, Suite 2, White Plains. Info: 914.648.0492.

Basic Beginner Vinyasa Flow – 9:30am. With Chrissy. Tailored to the individual’s ability. $14. The Stretch Community Yoga, 467 Central Park Ave, Yonkers. Info: 914.906.8233. StretchYoga.Me.

Breath & Flow – 6:30-7:45pm. With Patty Meehan, RYT 500. Vinyasa flow class using breath, movement, balance, stretch, closing with meditation. All levels. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. 914.793.2600.

Mindful Restorative Yoga – 9:30-10:45am. With Reyna. Movement through breath, props, self assists to release, calm and restore. Gentle level. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. Info: 914.793.2600.

Pre-Natal Yoga – 7-8pm. Strengthen and open, cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity through yoga poses modified for the pregnant body. $100 four weeks. Quest Yoga Arts, Mt Kisco. RSVP before first class. 914.241.9642.

Slow Medicine Wisdom for Women – 10:30am1pm. Wed and Fri. 501 Guard Hill Rd Bedford.

Sound Healing Meditation – 7-9pm. 1st and 3rd Thurs. With Channel, Eileen O’Hare. Connect with high frequencies of the celestial realm for deepest relaxation with saints and angels, stars and ancestors. $20.

Hatha Yoga – 10:30am-noon. With Nannette. Increase flexibility, strength and balance through pranayama, meditation and asana. All levels. $25 drop-in. Soulauras, 520 N State Rd, Briarcliff. Must RSVP: 914.941.2400.

Somato Respiratory Integration – 7-8:15pm. With Bob Abbruzzesse, DC. Reconnect breath, touch, movement and attention. Experience body more fully, shift state of consciousness, support trust life experience. $20 first class. Soulauras, 520 N State Rd, Briarcliff. Must RSVP: 914.941.2400. YogaShine for Adults – 7-8:30pm. With experienced teacher, Vitalah Simon. Heart-centered, Kripalu-based, developing consciousness, curiosity, strength, and compassion. Receive individual attention. First class free. 7-11 Legion Dr, Valhalla. 914.769.8745. Free Meditation Session – 2nd and 4th Thursdays. 7:15 p.m. The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation, 2 Byram Brook Place in Armonk. Info: Fertility Yoga – 7:30pm. Breath work, meditation, visualization as well as gentle and restorative yoga postures that increase circulation to reproductive organs. Safe during IUI and IVF cycles. $22. Prana Yoga at Full Circle, 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 414, Harrison. 914.421.1500;

friday Women’s Wisdom Group – Women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing one’s full, authentic being and in doing so nurturing their highest potential. $30. 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford. 914.218.3113. Chair YogaShine, Super Gentle – 9:15-10:15am. With experienced teacher, Vitalah Simon. For adults with special needs and seniors. Heart-centered, Kripalu-based, developing curiosity, flexibility, strength and compassion. Receive individual attention. First class free. 25 Broadway, Pleasantville. 914.769.8745. Putnam Yoga Level 1 to Level 2 Classes (w/ modifications.) – 9:30am w/ Christine. For those familiar yoga, power yoga poses and techniques are incorporated for in-depth strength training, improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​30 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place. $15. Info: Christine Dodge 845.494.8118;


natural awakenings

Trailside Get Fit Class on the patio at Trailside Café – 8:30-9:30am. With Rudy Lopez. Stretch warmup, boxing, kick boxing, MMA, Cross Training and Kalestentics. All levels. Trailside Cafe, 1807 Commerce St, Yorktown Heights. $15. Drop in ok, or register: 914.302.7331. Intro to Yoga – 8:30-9:30am. Guided step-by-step, through yoga breathing, core postures and the flow linking all these elements together. Weekly class. $100 four-weeks. Quest Yoga Arts. 11 E Main St, Mt Kisco. Register: 914.241.9642. Gossett Brothers Farmer’s Market – 9am–1pm. Vendors include Bee Guy Apiaries, Do-Re-Mi Farms, Johnny Cake Farms, Wave Hill Bread, Honore’s Table, Du Soleil, Bongo Pasta, also fresh fish, homemade ice cream and crafts. 1202 Rte. 35, South Salem. Info: Gossett Brothers Nursery on Facebook. Prenatal Yoga – 9:15am. Strengthen, stretch and align your changing pregnant body in a gentle practice that prepares the body and the mind for birth. $22. Prana Yoga at Full Circle, 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 414, Harrison. 914.421.1500; Basic Beginner Vinyasa Flow – 9-10:30am. With David. Tailored to the individual’s ability. $14. The Stretch Community Yoga, 467 Central Park Ave, Yonkers. Info: 914.906.8233. StretchYoga.Me.

Pickles for sale at The Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market. See Sundays. Wellness Warrior Membership – 1-2:30pm. First Fridays. speakers on various topics, includes discounts on services, discussion and meditation. Offered by Jodi Baretz, Mindfulness and Health Coach. The Center for Health and Healing, 4 Smith Ave., Mt. Kisco. $395. Register: 917.974.9446. Teen Yoga – 3:30-4:45pm. Class participation can help teens relieve stress, explore who they are and provide a positive influence for themselves. $20 drop-in. $150 ten-class card. SkyBaby Yoga, 75 Main St, Cold Spg. 845.265.4444.

saturday Yoga with Sara on the patio at Trailside Café – 7am. Class is about compassion and fun with sequencing and alignment that allows participants to deepen practice. Bring mat. Trailside Café, 1807 Commerce St, Yorktown Heights. $20. Drop in ok, or register: 914.302.7331. Peekskill Farmers Market – 8am-2pm. Year-round market offering fresh food and family fun. “Market Stage Live,” features live music, author readings, and demos with fitness and health practitioners. FMNP and SNAP accepted. Rain or Shine. Free parking. Bank St, between Park and Main. Info:

Mindful Slow Flow – 9:30-10:45pm. With Reyna. A mindful slow-flow class that focuses on alignment within the flows ending with restorative yoga. All levels. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. Info: 914.793.2600. Hudson Valley Farmers Market – 10am-3pm. Year-round. A one stop shop farmers market with fresh Hudson Valley products. Greig Farm, 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook. Info: HudsonValleyFarmersMarket. Joyful Mindful Yoga – 11:15am-12.30pm. With Ann, RYT 500. Well balanced asana sequences that focus on alignment, mindfulness, clear intention and joy. Intermediate level. $18 drop-in. Eastchester. Ann: 917.882.0921. Mindful Life Weight Loss –12:30pm. Use mindfulness to heal relationship with food, lose weight and keep it off. 305 Central Ave, Suite 2, White Plains. 914.648.0492. Parent / Child Yoga – 1-1:50pm (ages 5-8). A class that provides an opportunity for kids to practice yoga poses that build strength, balance and flexibility. $5 first class, $15 after. Pilates Glow and Yoga, 241 Harrison Ave, Harrison. Info: 914.630.4594; Yoga Teachers Association Workshops – 1:304:30pm. 2nd Sat. Open to teachers and students, members and nonmembers. The Yoga Studio, Club Fit, Briarcliff Manor. Info: Open Level Yoga – 2-3:15pm. Slow Vinyasa, beginners welcome. $10/2 classes. Still Mind Yoga, 305 Central Ave, Suite 2, White Plains. Info: 914.648.0492.

ONLINE CALENDAR – Now you can find, and post last minute event listings, on our website: It's FREE! Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

classifieds Fee for classifieds is $1 per word per month, 20 word minimum. To place listing, email content to Deadline is the 12th of the month. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY


BE YOUR OWN BOSS – Attention: Moms, Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Health Enthusiasts! Looking for health oriented partner, who wants extra income. Get healthy and work from your own location. Comprehensive, personalized training, support ongoing. Contact: Kathy Tafur, Independent Shaklee Distributor,; 914.714.2253.

HEALTH CENTER RECEPTIONIST/ADMIN ASSISTANT PT/FT - NuSpecies is a natural health company helping clients rebuild from disease conditions. Provides all front end client services. Email resume and cover letter to jillian@nuspecies. com or call 845.440.7458.

DO YOU LOVE NATURAL AWAKENINGS? We are looking for Community Ambassadors, – healthy lifestyle entrepreneurs – who would love to connect with our wellness community. In addition, we are also seeking Re-stocking Angels who are team players and have some extra time to help us. In return we can help you promote your healthy lifestyle business. Must have own transportation. Please e-mail us where you are located and what kind of business you have. Please be sure to note in email subject line "Ambassador" or "Re-stocking Angel" and email to Thank you!

FOR RENT CROTON: 1 or 2 rooms (with sinks) in lovely, homey, peaceful office available 3 days weekly. Includes use of office space, waiting room, bathroom, massage tables. Referral possibilities. View photos on Facebook, Eastmountainacupuncture PLLC. Call 914.271.3684. MOUNT KISCO Professional Office Space available with shared waiting area, in town, near shopping, restaurants, parking and train. Rents include A/C, heating, wifi and 24/7 access.   Join other health and healing professionals in this beautifully maintained building with great visibility. Call Barry for availability at 914.760.8510 or Mike at 914.907.7867.

NURSE OR NURSE PRACTITIONER - NuSpecies Health Consultant PT/FT - Provide client health management at NuSpecies to those with disease conditions seeking rebuilding their health naturally. Manage client’s NuSpecies regimen, medication, medical treatments and analyze blood work. Email resume and cover letter to jillian@ or call 845.440.7458. NYS LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST – Massage Envy Spa now hiring at four locations in Westchester: day, evening and weekend schedules. Contact: 914.902.9200 or email resume for Rt. 22/Scarsdale; call 914.422.3689 or email clinic0906@massageenv. com for 365 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale location; 914.244.3689 or email clinic0918@massageenvy. com for Bedford Hills; 914.417.6940 or email for Rye Brook. Quickly develop a strong following. SALES PERSON-FULL TIME OR PARTTIME: Self-motivated, outgoing, for local organic natural beauty product company in Westchester. Please Call 914.218.8357. VIBRANT SALES PERSON DESIRED – PartTime in Putnam/Dutchess area. Natural Awakenings of Westchester-Putnam-Dutchess is seeking

a self-motivated experienced sales person who enjoys a healthy lifestyle. This commission-based position offers flexibility and opportunity to create abundance. The right person will have their own car, computer and phone. Please e-mail Dana-na@ if interested.

PET ADOPTION SPCA OF WESTCHESTER – Open 7 Days a Week: Mon-Sat 10-4 & Sun 1-4. No appointment necessary. Come find a new best friend. 590 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510.

RETREAT YOUR RETREAT. OUR PLACE. Wainwright House is an idyllic site, set on 5 acres with magnificent water views. For info call 914.967.6080 or visit

SERVICES NEED THE COMPUTER FAIRY? I am the “Geek For Girls!”  Slow computer, virus, or chaos with your files? Wifi trouble? Need basic skills but embarrassed? Serving Southern Westchester only. “Your Computer Really Wants You To Succeed!” Call: 203.554.5975.

VOLUNTEER RYE: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Join the team! Help with marketing, promotion, events, and more, for wellness, the arts and the environment. Wainwright House, Rye. 914.967.6080. VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS available with non-profit StarVisions, Inc. Mt. Kisco. Help create diversified spiritual enriching programs for the community. Call 914.588.4079.

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December 2016


communityresourcedirectory Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.

ACUPUNCTURE EASTERN WELLNESS ACUPUNCTURE Mina Pyun L.Ac, M.S. 83 Montgomery Ave., Scarsdale, NY 10583 914.472.6688;

Our focus is Sa-Am Acupuncture, which is a non-invasive technique that uses needles to help the body get back to its balanced healthy state. This technique treats pain, addiction, gynecological, gastrointestinal, psychological disorders and more.

FLOWING RIVERS ACUPUNCTURE Pam Todd Battle, L.Ac.,Dipl. OM 603 Warburton Ave. #3 Hastings on Hudson, 10706 914.572.1559; Acupuncture’s effects have been compared to rebooting a computer, optimizing the body’s systems, thereby advancing overall well-being. Acupuncture can help with Pain, Stress, PMS, Infertility, Menopause, Insomnia, Addictions, GI or Respiratory Conditions. Most insurance plans including Acupuncture benefits are accepted.

HUDSON VALLEY NATURAL HEALTH Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH The Center for Health & Healing 4 Smith Ave, 2nd Fl; Mount Kisco, NY 914.362.8315; Chinese medicine for relieving muscle/joint pain & headaches; treating chronic disease including autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, and mental health conditions; boosting immune function; balancing hormones; helping tobacco/substance addiction; and reducing stress. Includes acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxibustion, qigong, and TENS electro-stimulation. See ad pg 52.


Dr. Fred Lisanti, ND,LAC.,RH, CHT 266 White Plains Rd, B-1, Eastchester, NY 914.337.2980; Therapeutic solutions for acute and chronic health conditions. Acupuncture is an intelligent medicine, gentle enough for pregnant women, and powerful enough to treat serious conditions like chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. It can restore harmony and balance to mind, body and spirit.


25 North Division St. Peekskill, NY 914.772.4589; Offering Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Aromatherapy. Activate your body’s own healing potential with highly targeted treatments. Specializing in fertility and women’s health, acute and chronic pain, and acute and chronic health issues, including auto-immune disorders.

natural awakenings

KARLA BOOTH DIAMOND, MAMSAT 153 Main St, Suite J Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914.649.9565

The Alexander Technique is a practical educational method for un-learning habits of tension that may be causing you stress, pain compression of the spine and joints. Learn to move with ease.


Pamela Cucinell NCGR PAA Phone, Online & In-person 917.796.6026; Why leave your business to chance? Perfect timing ensures follow-through and success. When you know the projected outcome it becomes easier to prioritize your day and choose the right partners. Westchester, NYC, Skype and phone. See ad pg 46.


Laurie R. Mallis, MD, LAc 2424 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 845.592.4310; Frustrated with not feeling or looking your best? Get on the path to better health. Utilizing Medical Acupuncture, ONDAMED Biofeedback Therapy and Reflexology achieve a better state of health and well being. Only minutes from Taconic and I-84. See ad pg 10.

ADD/ADHD COACH SUSAN LASKY MA, BCC, SCAC Certified ADHD Coach/ Organizer 914.373.4787;

Learn strategies that work with the way YOU think. ADD/ADHD or executive functioning challenges can affect every aspect of your life. Maximize your strengths and become more productive. First-hand understanding and compassion. Live the life you love!



Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition


Astrology & Tarot Skype and in-person 213 840 1187 Choice lives between pre-destiny and free will. Know your stars, control your life. A reading designed to encourage, support and empower. Call now. .


6 Yellow Monkey Village 792 Rt. 35 Cross River, NY, and NYC 646.670.6725; Combination of Ayurveda and Naturopathy is used to create a unique treatment plan to regain and maintain your health. Supplements, Dietary recommendations and life style plan is suggested base on your body-type or constitution. See ad pg 12.


Santhigram Wellness 446 5th Ave. Pelham, NY 10803 914.250.1417 Provides traditional Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapies which focuses on the removal of toxins from the body. Ayurveda is a traditional, holistic practice which offers methods and treatments aimed at preventing disease and living a pain-free balanced life. See ad pg 19.




2241 Crompond Rd. Cortlandt Manor NY 914.930.8800


PO Box 245 Fishkill, NY 12524 845.489.2378; Stray HELP is a registered not-for-profit organization, managed entirely by volunteers. Our mission is to rescue and care for stray and homeless animals, namely cats, while providing humane education to the community. We work with property owners to conduct trap/neuter/return and with pet owners to make spay/neuter affordable. In 2015, we facilitated the spay/neuter, and medical care where needed, for over 850 cats. Help us reach 1000 in 2016!


495 Central Park Ave, Suite 301, Scarsdale 914.874.1177; A whole-person, holistic approach to vision care, for all ages. Specializing in vision therapy and rehabilitation for vision problems which interfere with reading, learning, attention, performance and efficiency.


271 Veterans Road Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; 914.962.3111 We offer a full boarding facility with outdoor runs and indoor kennels. Being an animal hospital for the most part, we take pride in our capability to kennel pets with medical problems or special needs. See ad pg 51.

Optimize your body’s ability to heal and transform. Our focus is individualized and outcome based health care though functional nutrition, chiropractic a n d c r a n i o s a c r a l t h e r a p y. Cleanse, restore and repair your body, with whole food cleanses and whole food supplementation. We aim to find the root cause.


CHIROPRACTIC DR. LEIGH DAMKOHLER, CCSP, LMT 8 Bacon Place, Yonkers, NY 10710 914.523.7947

Coaching, Energy Healing, Organizing Services Peekskill, NY 914.473.1032; Tina’s coaching style allows her clients to rewrite the script of negative thoughts to create the lives they dream for themselves. During her healing sessions, Tina channels divine healing energy, promoting profound positive changes in the body, mind and spirit.

PERSONALIZED treatments designed for YOU by Westchester’s only dually licensed practicing Sports Chiropractor and Massage Therapist. Receive a unique combination of muscle work and adjustments not provided elsewhere. Dr. Leigh can help you move and feel better. Get back to the life you love!

MARY ELLEN O’BRIEN, CPCC DR. PATRICIA DOWNEY, MS DC 136 Radio Cir Dr Mt Kisco; 914.886.2011 12 Old Mam’k Rd White Plains; 886.2011

Coaching, Healing & Channeling Cold Spring, NY 845.424.6219; Mary Ellen O’Brien uses a combination of her intuitive and coaching skills to help individuals change limiting beliefs and awaken their true essence. Her clients experience more joy, fulfillment and balance in their lives. See ad pg 53.

Care for women and their families since 2001. Experience pain relief in fewer visits using modern, effective and proven therapies and personalized treatment so you can return to your active life.

CANCER SUPPORT RADIATION FREE THERMAL IMAGING 3511 Barnes Ave, # 1A Bronx, NY 10467 347.843.0789;

Dr. Lewis-Senior has been a Naturopathic physician and a healthcare provider for more than thirty years. She focuses on women’s health especially those affected by cancer, diabetes, overweight and pain. She is experienced using different modalities to establish health and bring about healing. She is a devout Christian and serves with joy to affect mind, body and spirit. Some insurance accepted. See ad pg 18.



Dr. Jodi Kennedy 11 Miller Rd Mahopac, NY 845.628.7233 (SAFE)


How would you like to wake up each day with less aches and more energy? Call today for your free consultation and find-out what is standing between you and your health goals. See ad pg 20.

914.921.LIFE (5433) Experience and personalized service you can trust. The finest in colonic irrigation and personal care. Serving the tri-state area since 1993.

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December 2016


COMPOUNDING PHARMACY LAKE MAHOPAC PHARMACY/ SURGICAL Nagi Wissa, R.Ph., IP, CEO 559 Rt, 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 T: 845.208.0424; F: 845.208.0425

We are your neighborhood holistic compounding pharmacy, ready to support y o u r h e a l t h . We o ff e r compounding prescriptions, on-line prescription renewals, supplements, homeopathic remedies, personal care products, fair trade gifts and more. We deliver and we are happy to answer your questions.


Experience Dentistry in a Whole New Way Clinical Excellence in a Calming Environment 914.713.2424 At Scarsdale Dental Spa we combine clinical excellence with comforting treatment. From the moment you enter you'll be made to feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. Kids and Adults love going to the Dentist again! See ad pg 14.


Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST, Director White Plains & Ossining offices 914.762.4693; WellOnTheWay.Com Curious about energy medicine?   Know there is something to it, from all you’ve r e a d a n d h e a r d ?  A r e y o u tingling with excitement right now, knowing you’re about to experience something life changing? Free get-acquainted phone call!

Integrative Medicine and Dermatology 17 Rodman Oval, New Rochelle, NY 914.637.0908; We clear your Skin naturally, by correcting the underlying digestive and inflammatory issues using nutrition, supplements, and energetic techniques, for diagnosis and treatment. Caring Board Certified Dermatologist and World pioneer in Holistic Dermatology. 


INTEGRITY CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Jodi Kennedy 11 Miller Rd Mahopac, NY 845.628.7233 (SAFE)

Do you struggle with stress, pain and muscle tightness? If so, call today for your free consultation and learn how to finally address these issues and experience ideal health naturally. See ad pg 20.

Dan Court, CN, CBCP, CECP, Qigong 2013 Crompond Rd., Yorktown Heights, NY 914.962.1155;

Start each day feeling energized and vibrant! Our gentle, fullysupported 21 day program leaves you feeling cleansed inside and out without going hungry. Jump start your body to living a healthier, more active life! See ad pg 27.

DOWSER CRYOTHERAPY NORDIC CRYOTHERAPY 31 Mill Road, Eastchester, NY 914.775.9596

We s t c h e s t e r C o u n t y ’s first and only Cryotherapy Wellness Center. A new approach towards pain management, performance enhancement and aesthetic struggles. We can help you achieve your wellness goals. Cool air stimulates your body and molecules begin the healing and repair process. See ad pg 25.


natural awakenings


150 Lake Drive Rhinebeck, NY 12572 1.800.944.1001; Omega is a premiere travel destination and leading nonprofit organization in NY’s Hudson Valley. It is an internationally recognized leader in health and wellness and lifelong learning—offering workshops, professional training, retreats, and online learning. See ad pg 43.





Member: Westchester Holistic Network 845.709.5245 Facebook: House Harmony Wouldn't you like to know if negative energy disturbances are affecting your home or office? These disturbances can impact our bodies, relationships, joy, and our lives. Call me today!

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition


Steven Gottlieb Personal Empowerment Coach 25 Franklin Ave #4B White Plains, NY 914.997.7873; Create more Emotional Freedom in your life. Learn EFT, a powerful yet simple to use self healing technique to help you resolve virtually any important life issue. On-going groups meet regularly. Private Empowerment Sessions available.


Mag Treanor RN, Reiki, Emotion Code NLP, Kinesiology, EFT-Adv, Hypnotist Carmel, NY; 845.228.8132 Realign mind body spirit, find core issues. Clear trauma, anxieties, negative Karma, Ancestral, Inherited, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, Release Restore Realign Balance and Heal with intuition, intention, energy techniques. Tapping, Light, Sound, Magnets, Aromas, Spirit. See ad pg 46.


Abundance Coach, Level EFT-2 Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 914.330.5328; Learn to choose what works for you now! Healing methods to raise your vibration. By Appointment; In-Person, SKYPE & Phone. Se habla español.

ANNE H. BENTZEN, MSOT, RMT, JRP Usui/KarunaÂŽ Reiki Master Teacher, Jikiden Reiki; Energetic Counseling, OT Armonk & Eastchester Offices 914.588.4079;

Energetic healing complements medical care. Experience relief from stress, trauma, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, grief and more. Restore energy flow, improve immunity and balance all 7 major chakra systems. Monthly healing circles; Reiki certificate classes.





130 Hardscrabble Rd. North Salem, NY 914.485.1210 Family owned and operated. We raise grass fed beef, free range eggs, pastured pork and turkey. Fruits/veggies from our farm and other local farms for Summer CSA. Local honey, milk and cheese. Spring/summer/fall annuals. Store open daily 8am6pm. See ad pg 35.

250 E. Hartsdale Ave. St. 22, Hartsdale, NY 400 Rella Blvd. St. 165, Montebello, NY 914.472.0666; Looking for a physician with 24 years of clinical practice using natural remedies? Expertise in treating acute and chronic illness in children and adults. Emphasis on homeopathic and functional medicine to decrease dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. If you want experienced, competent, compassionate, and exceptional care.

Healer of Heart, Mind, Body & Soul 845.702.1334; Healing through loving touch and guidance. Empath Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Angel/Adult/Child/ Animal Whisperer. In Person or Distance Healing.


Dr. Jodi Kennedy 11 Miller Rd Mahopac, NY 845.628.7233 (SAFE); Are you between the ages of 2-92 and want to experience each day with less aches and more energy? Call today for your free consultation. Our unique total body approach is beneficial with proven results. See ad pg 20.

FAMILY PSYCHOLOGIST DR. KRISTY M. VANACORE, PSY.D. 334 Underhill Avenue, Building 3, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914.497.8006;

An experienced and caring Psychologist devoted to child, teen, & family wellness utilizing an integrative approach to testing, advocacy, therapy, and parent coaching. Individuals become confident, strong, prepared for life’s challenges, and resilient enough to soar.





Improve your sexual health and intimate relationships. Vaginal dryness and changes due to pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal changes or aging can diminish female pleasure. The O-Shot and Femilift are unique procedures that rejuvenate vaginal tissue and improve urinary incontinence. Visit our website to learn more or call for consultation. See ad pg 25.

Builder and General Contractor of fine custom alterations, restorations, architectural additions, and new construction. Offering a high level of management and craftsmanship. Specializing in a 95% dust-free living environment. PHIUS Energy Efficient and non-toxic building applications.Bau-Biologist, the holistic approach to Natural Building,passive and active solar installations and retrofits, as well as conventional construction. Building design services and consultation available. 44 years experience.

1053 Saw Mill River Rd. Ardsley, NY 10502 914.231.7666;

Carmel, NY 914.804,2120



Heather Novak, M.S., WHE Education and Fertility Transformation Coaching in Westchester County, NY 914.420.3674; Are you determined to get pregnant and give your baby the healthiest start possible in life? At Whole Health Fertility we look deeply into the Five Aspects of Whole Health (Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual) to uncover and transform fertility blockages and make sure you are as healthy as possible for your future baby.

FRESH ORGANIC SALON SOLUTIONS Hair care, Skincare & Make up 190 Rt 117 By Pass, Bedford, NY 914.242.1928;

A healthy approach to beauty and wellness led by Maureen Toohey, Regional Educator for Organic Salon Systems. The fresh team is committed to making your experience fully complete and satisfying, organically. Receive a gift valued at $75 with your 1st color appointment, when you mention Natural Awakenings. See ad pg 15.

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December 2016



64 Gleneida Ave., Carmel, NY 845.878.4325 (HEAL) Chiropractic, M a s s a g e Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Nutritional Counseling/Supplements, Bio-Tracker Technologies, Ionic Footbaths, Energy Healing. Founded in response to client’s frustrations with today’s traditional medical practices. This center is based on the principal that given the proper circumstances, the body innately heals itself. “Physicians don’t heal diseases, your body does!”


Merrill Black, LCSW, Reiki Master & Instructor, Hypnotherapist Founder 453 White Plains Rd. #201, Eastchester 914.793.2600; Nurture your mind, body, and soul. Thru a variety of healing modalities and services that include, psychotherapy, reiki, hypnosis, craniosacral, massage, intuitive healing, yoga, and guided meditation classes. Rediscover your control and balance your life. See ad pg 12.

175 King St., Chappaqua NY 914.861.2712; 239.289.3744 A soul-based group of practitioners offering bio-energy medicine for body, mind and spirit. Including classes, private appointments, kids programs and wellness experiences for planetary healing.


Health coaching, with an integrative approach for corporations and families. Supportive, personalized and interactive wellness programs. Offering corporate lunch sessions and webinars increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism. Wanda educates you on your favorite health topics and more.

HERBAL MEDICINE LORRAINE HUGHES 3505 Hill Blvd, Suite K Yorktown Heights, NY 914.352.6116;

Registered Herbalist (AHG) 1129 Main St, 2nd Fl., Fishkill, NY email:; 845.416.4598

Putting wellness back into healthcare with a specialized focus on emotional health and wellness. Our team of professionals offers acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, nutritional counseling, parent coaching, psychotherapy, and psychiatry to help support clients on a customized path to wellness.

Lorraine offers Individual Wellness Consultations based on the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Paradigm which offers a preventative and individual approach to balanced health. Each “unique” individual protocol will include Chinese, Western, Ayurvedic Herbal remedies and Nutritional planning.


THE CENTER FOR HEALTH AND HEALING 4 Smith Avenue, 2nd floor Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914.864.0462

In a beautiful retreat-like setting, we offer holistic psychotherapy, body therapies, acupuncture, shamanic reiki, intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, homeopathy, naturopathic and herbal medicine, healing circles, workshops and professional trainings. See ad pg 19.

HEALTH COACH Poughkeepsie, NY 12601; 917.868.1769




777 Ulster Ave., Kingston 15 Davis Ave., Poughkeepsie 845.338.3320; 845.485.8582 Helping people relieve symptoms o f c h r o n i c Ly m e d i s e a s e , fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as many other chronic illnesses. Dramatically improve your energy levels.


250 E. Hartsdale Ave. St. 22, Hartsdale, NY 400 Rella Blvd. St. 165, Montebello, NY 914.472.0666; Looking for a physician with 24 years of clinical practice using natural remedies? Expertise in treating acute and chronic illness in children and adults. Emphasis on homeopathic and functional medicine to decrease dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. If you want experienced, competent, compassionate, and exceptional care.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE NATURAL CARE OF WESTCHESTER 20 North Ave 2nd Flr Larchmont, NY 10538 Dr. Marizelle J. Arce

A boutique naturopathic wellness center that focuses on customized visits. Offering Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, nutrition, facial acupuncture, Infrared sauna, Acoustic cardiograms, Regulation Thermography, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Reiki, and pain management.


natural awakenings

HOLISTIC DENTIST DAVID L LERNER, DDS, CAC, FIND Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914.214.9678

We offer a unique approach to the health care of the mouth based on a holistic understanding of the whole body. I invite you to explore our web site to learn how we can serve your needs. See ad pg 3.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition


Michael Finkelstein MD FACP ABIHM SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine 501 Guard Hill Rd. Bedford, NY 914.218.3113; You can attain enhanced health and wellness on every level. I will guide you and together we will transform you into your own best doctor, friend and selfadvocate. You will learn how to bring yourself back into balance. My intention is to be the best healer and teacher I can be. I offer insightful health evaluations with customized medical guidance. Uniquely qualified to offer medical advice and attention from a holistic perspective.


Dr. Timothy Morley 914.241.7030; Mt. Kisco 914.615.9004; White Plains Dr. Morley is a functional medicine specialist and is board certified in anti-aging. We offer the most extensive testing in the Tristate area which allows us to discover the root causes of imbalances in your body. Balance your body and balance your life. See ads pgs 11 & 49.

INTUITIVE JOAN CARRA, PSYCHIC MEDIUM Practitioner; Wainwright House 203.531.6387;

Understand blocks in your life or re-connect with loved ones that have passed. Joan can guide you with gentle intuitive advice; card reading, numerology, palmistry and after life communications. She has 20 years of experience and is available via telephone or in person.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN REFLECTIONS OF NATURE Landscape design/build 845.489.7250

A very organic company. We use native plants and materials to create sacred and tranquil spaces in your backyard. Our specialty is mystic and meditation gardens. We provide holistic property maintenance that is good for the environment.




Massage Therapy with a Nurturing Touch 914.320.4063; Therapeutic massage to address specific issues or promote wellness. Works with generally healthy to very ill clients. Experience with geriatric, cancer, Parkinson’s, hospice massage. Studios in Riverdale and Mamaroneck; on-site visits in Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan. See ad pg 32.

Do you ever imagine living the life of your dreams? Are you at a standstill? The best way to allow yourself to blossom is to become the master of your own destiny! Schedule a consultation today.

Holding sacred space through Relaxation, Therapeutic and Medical Massage Putnam, We s t c h e s t e r , D u t c h e s s . "Michelle's healing ability is more than the touch from her hands; she heals the soul. She brings serenity to people." ~Maureen S., Carmel. See ad pg 46.


Westchester & NYC 914.494.7468; Traveling massage service for everyone from stay-at-home moms to CrossFit athletes. Promotes healing, stress reduction and recovery of muscle injury. Specialties: sports massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. $20 dollars off first in-home massage for new clients.

Lauren Awerdick, LMT Ossining & Tarrytown offices. On-Site & In-Home 914.534.1294; Willow Wisp Wellness is an expanding private practice that provides consciously crafted therapeutic and integrative massage and energy work sessions that support your body's innate healing process. All sessions are by appointment only. Check website for more info and events.



777 White Plains Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583: 914.902.9200 365 Central Park Ave. Scarsdale, NY 10583; 914.422.3689 737 Bedford Rd., Bedford Hills, NY 10507: 914.244.3689 158 South Ridge St., Rye Brook, NY 10573; 914.417.6940 Massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your wellness program. Visit one of the four locations in Westchester to take advantage of our introductory offer. Open 7 days a week, extended hours, late evenings. See ads pgs 18 & back cover.

LEAH WILSON WATTS Master Life Coach 718.812.5166

A Healing Massage with Intuition 914.672.1916 or 914.873.1376


272 N. Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY 914.241.7363; Join us for a transformative experience as you develop your intuitive and scientific abilities to heal through therapeutic touch. Classes taught to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Financial aid available for full and part-time programs. See ad pg 53.



Laura Giacovas,LMT, MS Ed., 4th Dan Master Instructor Taekwondo Briarcliff NY 914.941.2400, Our mission is to enhance wellness and quality of life through Therapeutic Massage and Integrated Holistic Healing. We are committed to providing an inspired, nurturing environment from which wellness and harmony can be realized.

Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH The Center for Health & Healing 4 Smith Ave, 2nd Fl; Mount Kisco, NY 914.362.8315;

Utilize an integrative healing approach from a doctor trained in holistic medicine. Working with your current medical treatments & labwork, as well as botanical medicine, dietary & lifestyle counselling, nutritional supplements, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, stress reduction and ecotherapy. See ad pg 52.

natural awakenings

December 2016



Dr. Fred Lisanti, ND, LAC., RH, CHT 266 White Plains Rd, B-1, Eastchester, NY 914.337.2980; Blending the best of traditional and cutting edge natural medicine, Dr. Lisanti offers natural therapeutic solutions for acute and chronic conditions. He combines naturopathic care, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, detoxification, hypnosis, movement and lifestyle counseling allowing him to customize your program individually.


Naturopathic Clinic 6 Yellow Monkey Village 792 Rt. 35 Cross River, NY, and NYC 646.670.6725; Combination of Naturopathy and Ayurveda is used to create a unique treatment plan to regain and maintain your health. Supplements, Dietary recommendations and life style plan is suggested base on your body-type or constitution. See ad pg 12.

NURSE PRACTITIONER ASCEND HEALTH AND WELLNESS Sarah F. B. Kent, R.N., N.P. Katonah & NYC By Appointment: 914.462.7633

Overwhelmed? Learn coping skills; ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Frustration and more. As a Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, I offer integrative therapies. I work with individuals of all ages and families. See ad pg 50.

PARENT COACHING DR. KRISTY M. VANACORE, PSY.D, PC 334 Underhill Avenue, 3C Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914.497.8006;

Empowered Parent Coaching: A journey towards rediscovering your intuition and power as a joyful peaceful parent. Take control of your life and your home. For parents of tots to teens In-person, phone, and Skype options available.   


777 Ulster Ave., Kingston 15 Davis Ave., Poughkeepsie 845.338.3320; 845.485.8582 Helping people relieve symptoms o f c h r o n i c Ly m e d i s e a s e , fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as many other chronic illnesses. Dramatically improve your energy levels.


Manual PT Practice and Pilates Studio. One patient, one therapist, one hour. Integrative practice with a functional, manual approach to musculoskeletal restrictions. Specialties: Dance/Sports Medicine PT. Pilates Apparatus sessions also available. Infinite results.



The Professional Wo m e n o f P u t n a m encourages women from a variety of professions and trades to connect and support each other in a non-competitive environment. The PWP doesn’t exclude anyone from any business.

Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, works in close partnership with you to develop your natural healing plan.  Starting with a personalized review of your health goals and concerns.  A metabolic map and testing your body holistically, then interpreting the findings - The Blood Detective Way! See ads, pgs 13, 27 & 48. 347.387.3163

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN OF WESTCHESTER 347.387.3163 The Professional Women of Westchester encourages women from a variety of professions and trades to connect and support each other in a non-competitive environment. The PWW doesn’t exclude anyone from any business.


natural awakenings

86 Smith Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 914.242.8844;


241 Harrison Ave, Harrison, NY 10528 914.630.4594;

Private and semi-private classes offered on Pilates machines. Everyone’s welcome in our Pilates and Yoga classes regardless of flexibility or strength. Intimate and challenging atmosphere. Try an Extra Gentle Yoga class or a Pilates Mat class. Get your glow on! See ad pg 55.

NUSPECIES 866.624.4117 HQ: 427 Main St. Beacon, NY 12508 NuSpecies Health Centers provide free health consultations with certified nutritionists/life coaches. We make custom recommendations of our Raw, Organic, Liquid, Natural nutritional formulas and then work with our clients until they achieve their health goals. See ad pg 5.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

PILATES UNLEASHED STUDIO 274 White Plains Road, Suite 7 Eastchester, New York, 10709 914.361.1399

We are a boutique Stott Pilates studio, offering a personalized, integrated approach to Pilates and yoga. Classes are small and customized. We offer privates, small reformer/ tower classes, yoga, workshops, yoga for kids and more. Ask about our new client orientation special.


Pamela Hoffman, DPM Glenn B. Weiss, DPM 200 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY 914.232.8880; Foot care for people of all ages. Board certified holistic podiatrists who use a comprehensive, integrative approach. Customized treatments utilizing the best of today’s technology combined with nutrition and 30 years of experience.


SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine 501 Guard Hill Rd. Bedford, NY 914.218.3113; Offering a whole-being, integrative approach to wellness, nurturing clients into health on the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels. Following one’s heart to Re-envision life in order to flourish. See ad pg 19.




Yoga in the Adirondacks is nestled in the valley of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, where yoga embraces nature. Connect your mind, body and spirit and explore your retreat with like-minded people to build a happier and healthier life. Studio available for your yoga/wellness private group as well.

Alternative therapeutic strategies are implemented to help individuals struggling with the processing systems of the brain and coordination of the body through the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste, proprioception, and/or vestibular systems.

2 Coulter Road, Bakers Mills, NY 12811 518.251.3015; 914.556.8258


ARCB Certified Reflexologist 1129 Main Street, 2nd fl., Fishkill, NY email:; 845.416.4598 Foot and/or Hand Reflexology sessions are offered with the use of Essential Oils applied to acupuncture points based upon each individual’s presenting pattern.  Please refer to Services page on web site for the many benefits of this ancient modality.


Margaret C. Pelzer, RN Certified Reflexologist 2424 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 845.592.4310; Reflexology awakens the natural healing energy pathways of the body. Skillful pressure to specific reflex points creates a gentle dialogue within the body to de-stress and promote relaxation. Give your body the opportunity to energize, cleanse and attain balance. See ad pg 10.



Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914.214.9678

Yoni Hormadaly, LMT 109 Danbury Rd. Ridgefield, CT 203.550.6888 Yo n i h a s b e e n p r a c t i c i n g Structural Integration since 2002. Specializing in improving the relationship between the human body and gravity. Flat feet, chronic pain and discomfort, improvement in athletic pursuits, general selfimprovement, are some of the reasons clients of all ages have sought out this work. Free phone consultation.


83 South Bedford Road, Suite 201 Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914.244.4101;

We offer a unique approach to the health care of the mouth based on a holistic understanding of the whole body. I invite you to explore our web site to learn how we can serve your needs. See ad pg 3.

SPA GANESHA SPA Peekskill, NY 914.906.7238

SENIOR CARE ELDER CARE CONNECTION Servicing the Lower Hudson Valley & Southern CT 914.669.5200

Need guidance in caring for a parent? Let us help you, help them. We are R.N.’s with over 40 years of experience in home care. With our holistic approach you can keep your parent comfortably at home. See ad pg 50.


An Organized Reference Guide to Caring for a Loved One at Home 914.713.5354 When an elderly loved one requires special care within the home, caregivers face overwhelming challenges with no idea who to turn to for answers. Joyce Greene shares concise, step-by-step guidance to help you through.

Find your beauty in Ganesha Spa where traditional spa modalities are combined with procedures such as Microblading (3D Brows)   and Microneedling,  as well as Ayurvedic Treatments, Energy work, Anti-Aging skin care and Meditations. Complete true Spa experience with IR Sauna and a Steam Room!

SPAVIA DAY SPA WHITE PLAINS 250 Main St. White Plains NY 10601 914.368.2525

High quality, yet affordable spa services in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Highly-trained and licensed therapists and estheticians perform massage and skincare treatments that provide a nurturing and healing experience with a focus on natural products. Visit our website for information about our spa, products and services. See ad pg 7.

natural awakenings

December 2016



Joan Forlow, NYS License 3021 Route 9, Cold Spring NY 845.559.3326; Feel lighter and look brighter from a healing facial with a Dermalogica Expert. Enter into a spa like environment where the technology of skincare meets the art of well-being. Relax-ReleaseRenew. Blissful! See ad pg 75.



Shaklee Independent Distributor 914.714.2253 Weight loss that lasts, starts with the right food and the right tools. Shaklee 180 can help you achieve a leaner, healthier you!  This clinically tested weight loss program works. Call today and take your shape in a whole new direction.


Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support Services 914.962.6402, 800.532.4290 Support Connection offers free, confidential breast and ovarian cancer support services including individual peer counseling, support groups, wellness programs and educational forums. Counselors are cancer survivors.

LIFE CHANGING PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, PLLC Penni Waldman, Ph.D. B.D., C.Ht. 75 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 914.961.8412;

Holistic approach of weight loss through a comprehensive detoxification and conscious choices (nutritional, emotional, spiritual support). Guaranteed to provide results. Who knows, Dr. Waldman lost over 100 pounds. Let me help you empower your life. Teleconferences available.

TMJ DISORDER DAVID L LERNER, DDS, CAC, FIND Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914.214.9678

We offer a unique approach to the health care of the mouth based on a holistic understanding of the whole body. I invite you to explore our web site to learn how we can serve your needs. See ad pg 3.



Dr. Timothy Morley 914.241.7030; Mt. Kisco 914.615.9004; White Plains We know the science behind weight loss. Slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, metal toxicity, vitamin deficiency and lifestyle choices are a few reasons why many people don’t lose. Your personalized, physiciansupervised, real food plan will be designed for your success.See ads pgs 11 & 49.


271 Veterans Road Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; 914.962.3111 Integrative Care including Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, along with many other types of Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicinal services are offered. We also offer a full range of high tech, cutting edge, medical, surgical and dental services. See ad pg 51.


natural awakenings


SUNRAVEN: THE HOME OF SLOW MEDICINE 501 Guard Hill Rd. Bedford, NY 914.218.3113;

Promoting and supporting health and wellness; facilitating communitycentered experiential and reflective learning for individuals, families, and groups, by offering educational programs, events, and resources designed to build integrative skills and understanding for those looking to holistically care for themselves, others, and the world in which we live. Transformative Programs, holistic medicine, psycho-spiritual counseling; Women’s, Men’s and Couples Groups, Garden Co-Op, Cleansing Program; Special 12-week “immersion.” See ad pg 19.


1053 Saw Mill River Rd. Ardsley, NY 10502 914.231.7666; Improve your sexual health and intimate relationships. Vaginal dryness and changes due to pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal changes or aging can diminish female pleasure. The O-Shot and Femilift are unique procedures that rejuvenate vaginal tissue and improve urinary incontinence. Visit our website to learn more or call for consultation. See ad pg 25.


Certified Yoga Instructor Reiki Master/Teacher Northern Westchester 914.522.1297; Karen integrates different teaching styles based on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of each individual person. Private & Group Sessions. All Ages: Beginners to Advanced. “Energy is Limitless, Optimum Health is Timeless.”


20 North Salem Rd, Cross River, NY 914.763.8000


When there is an interference, the body loses its ability to heal. Our goal is to unlock the healing potential within you through holistic approaches, wellness chiropractic and network spinal analysis, massage therapy, integrative nutrition, transformational coaching and reiki healing. Call today for a complimentary wellness consultation.

We are a classic yoga studio infused with the most fundamental forms of yoga. We uphold the authentic practice of this beautiful art form while respecting its ancient roots. Our classes nurture genuine internal inspiration through an integrated mind-body-breath experience.

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

112 W. Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck NY 914.618.4887;

natural awakenings

December 2016


Natural Awakenings

Gift Guide

Meaningful gifts for the most meaningful people in your life.


HOME DÉCOR Custom Candle Co.

Candles. Soap. Gifts 25 Depot Plaza, Bedford Hills 914.218.8357;

Wellspring Holistic Health Ctr High Anti-Oxidant 914.341.1246;


HOME FURNISHINGS Healthy Choice Organic Mattress Crib to King & Custom Sizes Beacon & Mount Kisco NY

FASHION ACCESSORIES Basbag New York Sustainable Handbags

Our Local Gift Guide will help you find the perfect products and services for your gift giving needs!

Dreaming Goddess

44 Raymond Ave. Poughkeepsie 845.473.2206;

Hands of Serenity Healing 1129 Main St., Fishkill NY 845.896.1915


1511 Rt. 22, Brewster, NY 845.363.1765;

Katonah, NY 914.393.7449;

ONLINE SHOPPING Natural Awakenings Webstore

Products that support your natural lifestyle 888.822.0246;


natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

natural awakenings

December 2016



natural awakenings

Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess NY Edition

Natural Awakenings December 2016 – Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess NY Edition  
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