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summer welcome of Women Rock St. John's Harbour from Signal Hill

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WOMEN ROCK is a virtual interactive online women's magazine targeted to female audiences 30 and up while maintaining the inclusivity of younger and older women of all ages.

The Goal of Women Rock Magazine is to empower, inspire, uplift and support all women while encouraging them to be their very best selves.

We provide inspirational stories and articles that motivate and nurture the mind, body and spirit. We are dedicated to providing fun, knowledgeable and meaningful content to amazing women everywhere.

YOUAREALL ATRUEINSPIRATIONTOMEANDOURREADERSWORLDWIDE. DeanneSinhaPodcastwithDeborahDrummond(ArticleonPage26) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EcrPkObiJqMXAn15x5gCiDLLqPNiNYy3/view DeanneSinhaPodcastwithCarolStarrTaylor(ArticleonPage36) https://wwwsoulfullyblondecom/podcast 1/episode/787b56d0/ep 109 women rock together we rise soulfully blonde with deanne tobin sinha In this issue, I have the pleasure of sharing two podcasts with you Bothcontain EmpoweringwordsforWomenandwesharestoriesandlessonsthathaveguided usinLife,CareerandHappiness. ThankyouLadiesforthiswonderfulopportunity. PleaseclickthelinksbelowtolistentothePodcasts!

Women Rock Magazine is so excited to have all of these inspiring ladies in our empowering magazine. We feel so proud and privileged to be associated with such incredible women. This issue is jam packed with heartfelt stories, profound messages, tenacious entrepreneurs, gorgeous design projects and amazing travel destinations. If you would like to be a part of this beautiful inspirational online women's magazine please email us at women@womenrock.net. We would be honoured to have you. Always remember ladies....YOU ROCK!! Dee xo Iwantedtogiveaspecialmentionto4 exceptionalladiesinthis summer publication These women encompass the meaning of humankindness Sue Pitchforth of Decor Therapy Plus (along with her dedicated team)tookonthisveryspecialproject"ANewCountry,ANewLife" togive2sistersfromUkraineabrandnewstart This thoughtful team designed and decorated a gorgeous new apartment to begintheirnewlivesinOttawa,Ontario ThankyouSueandyour teammatesforyourverykindhearts. YOUALLROCK! MarieWarfordalongwithMarjorieWilliamsandafewothervery specialladiesruntheheartfeltcharityof"HOPE"(HelpingOrphans ProsperthroughEducation).Theyvolunteermuchoftheirtimeto these precious children in Uganda making sure that they have food to eat, medical supplies to stay healthy and teachers to receive an education Thank you ladies for your kind hearts and unconditionallove YOUROCK!

Deanne Sinha

As you all know, I absolutely love summer. This season gives me a feeling of pure joy andexcitement.Thissummerhowever,isa little more inspiring than others as I am back home in my beautiful Province of Newfoundland,myfirstsummerbackin25 years Theweatherhasbeengorgeous,the festivities are in high gear and the road trips have begun. It is so wonderful being back in this stunning Province. I am thrilled and delighted to rediscover my beautiful homelandalloveragain.


If you would like to submit an inspiring article or place a business ad please email us at Towomen@womenrock.netsubscribetoourmailing list please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/DeeSinha123/Followhttps://www.womenrockmagazine.com/usonFacebookat


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Yvonne Steiner and Courtney Walsh who lead the beautifully talentedSt PatsDancersoutofthegoodnessoftheirhearts They volunteer their time to these dedicated young girls who have a love for Irish dancing. Yvonnes' and Courtneys' passion for what they do runs very deep as they have a strong commitment to thesedevotedgirls

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The Social Bliss Content Club by Angela Feser T A B L E  O F C O N T E N T S PAGE50 The Art of Self Reflection by Susan McKenzie PAGE61 Crystal Tree Wellness by Jennifer Stannard PAGE52 A Quaint Getaway by Deanne Tobin Sinha PAGE55 Willowmere Lakeside Retreat by Jane Lawson PAGE58 Just Around the Corner by Deanne Tobin Sinha PAGE60 Ark Angel Animal Communication and Wellness by Jennifer Stannard PAGE66 To Leave or Not to Leave by Suzanna Guzzi PAGE62 St. Pats Dancers by Yvonne Steiner and Courtney Walsh PAGE68 Authentic Wellness Ranch by Nathalie Bourque PAGE71 Who Needs A Man? by Stephanie Coombs PAGE74 A Pretty Porch article by Stacey Spare Space designed by Dee Tobin Sinha PAGE78 My Story A Musical Journey Through Radio by Codi Jeffreys PAGE80 The Swimming Dragon by Lisa Berry PAGE82 PAGE84 Goody 2 Shoes Bead Creations by Anne Marie McEvoy CAROL STARR TAYLOR JENNIFER RANDALL LISA PIERRETTE CLOUTIER CRYSTAL JEAN STACEY SPARE A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH by Dee Tobin Sinha 8 3633322874 KATHERINE MCEACHNIE 24

A AMAGICAL MAGICAL VIEW VIEW St. John's Harbour - The S"Narrows" t. John's Harbour - The "Narrows" St. John's , Newfoundland, SCanada t. John's , Newfoundland, Canada Wome Rock Magazine| 6

SERENITY NOW! :) Women Rock Magazine | 7 Click to go back to Table of Contents Renovating My Beautiful Historic Downtown St. Johns, NL Condo a view from my living room D e e ' s I n t e r i o r D e s i g n & S t a g i n g Dee's Interior Design &

ThisCondorenolendsitself to the nautical feel of the Atlantic Ocean that we see rightoutofourfrontwindows.


Creating a nautical feel in this outdated condo was exactly what I envisioned when we purchased this property The breathtaking views of the St John's harbour are absolutely stunning and I wanted to create that same feeling of serenity within my space Using a soft light blue for the walls created the contrast I needed for my deep teal tufted sofa and club chair. I added a crisp white in the gorgeous round coffee table and 2 antique side tables. A pretty wicker chair was implemented which added beauty and texture, an elegant short back side chair with a colourful cushion added a pop of whimsy and a gorgeous gray and white shag rug which grounds the space offered a cozy comfort under foot The soft teal roman shades finishes executes a tranquil feel that I envisioned for this very exciting design project I absolutely love my new space! Staging

A Room With a View Beautiful Interiors D e e ' s I n t e r i o r D e s i g n & S t a g i n g A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH BEFORE AFTER BEFORE

a diamond in the rough A dream kitchen comes to light with old world charm

BEFORE AFTER Dee's Interior Design and Staging

am always fascinated by what you can do with paint! This very dark and dingy kitchen came to life with painted white upper cabinets and light blue lowers in a satin finish for easy cleaning. I incorporated antique bronze hardware for that old world feel, a beautiful white and gray marble design countertop, a pretty matte black spray faucet that has a very nautical feel and a stunning multicoloured glass mosaic backsplash which I have fallen deeply in love with. The style and colours of this stunning tile backsplash remind me of the old stained glass windows that you would see years ago in many old houses and churches, especially here in old downtown St John's Newfoundland I smile every time I walk in to my newly renovated kitchen as it gives me a feeling of contentment and pure joy! Dee :)

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ADREAM KITCHENCONQUERED a diamond in the rough


https://www.deesinteriordesignandstaging.com/ ClicktogotoSite

hen I stumbled upon this stunningglassmosaic walltile I fell in love instantly. It was absolutely perfect for my visionincreatinganoldworld feelwithinthisoldchurchthat wasbuiltoveracenturyago.Your eye is instantly drawn to this gorgeous multicoloured mosaic tiled backsplash. It is my WOW factor in this newly renovated kitchen.

The mosaic glass backsplash mimics the look of an old stained glass window that you would often see in an old jelly bean row house or a century old church was exactly what I had in mind. W Rock Moving into this very old church turned condominium building was a dream come true for me. The beautiful details that are apparent on the outside of this stunning structure are absolutely breathtaking. I wanted to mimic this same beauty on the inside of my condo by adding unique elements such as the multicoloured mosaic glass backsplash, the solid wood floating staircase, wrought iron accessories, historic colours that would never date and a rustic stone wall that is so very prominent in the old world design that always seemed to have a story to tell.

o l d w o r l d c h a r m

Magazine | 9

n Women Rock Magazine | 10

didn't have a huge dining space to work with so I used every inch sparingly. I placed a 4 foot by 3 foot beautiful solid natural wooden sofa trestle table to use as a dining table (the size is perfect) and paired it with my blue/white traditional wing chairs which I absolutely love I also incorporated a unique linen beige loveseat and 2 gray contemporary side chairs which are super comfy It is the perfect space for our morning coffee and pastries from our favourite café around the corner



A Diamond in the Rough

Stunning graphite porcelain floors with a light gray grout sets the stage for this adorable cozy kitchen. a cozy kitchen https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/

Dee's Interior Design & Staging

I love the versatility of this sofa table. It has two end pieces that are hinged so you can make the table smaller if you really needed the space. I absolutely love furniture that is versatile. It is a designer's dream lol. Staging

ADiamond intheRough Dee's Interior Design &

Women Rock Magazine | 11

AFTER A new look to reflect old world charm Women Rock Magazine | 12 implementing a rustic stone wall adds such beauty to this old world condo It is both elegant and charming. BEFORE A TRANSFORMATIONGORGEOUS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH ncorporationg 3" thick maple floating treads stained in a medium walnut paired contemporarywith black wrought spindlesironadds a touch of luxury and sophisticaion to these renovatednewlystairs I https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/

and elegance restoring old

recessed style newel post painted in a crisp white and gorgeous detailed squared off wrought iron spindles lends a very rustic feel to this space These elements along with the picturesque stone wall add such beauty to this unique condo. The floating stairs are not only a focal point they are a work of art that exudes style world

charm A https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/ https://www instagram com/deannesinhadesign/ click to go to sites

a d d i n g w a r m t h w i t h w o o d e n e l e m e n t s A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH it's all in the details Women Rock Magazine | 13

TRANQUILITY convey a sense of tranquility in this master bedroom I introduced some beautiful soft blues, grays, teals, greens, whites and a touch of pink. This combination of colours gives off a very serene feel which is exactly what I envisioned. This very cozy bedroom invites me in and gives me a true sense of relaxation and solitude. The breathtaking views of the St. John's harbour of course certainly do help with exuding that tranquil feel. When you are blessed with a spectacular view such as this, keeping that feel of serenity is a must! Dee :)

Women Rock Magazine | 14 A S P E C T A C U L A R V I E W To VIEW FROM MY MASTER BEDROOM StagingandDesignInteriorDee's BEFORE https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/

Women Rock Magazine | 15


whimsical washroom


My unique find for this space is a round wooden and wrought iron shelf/towel bar that is perfect and very useful. I love that it adds warmth and a new shape for interest as well. It is a perfect piece for incorporating accessories and housing your hand towel for easy access

Dee's Staging

Interior Design &

Ocean blue walls, white bead board wainscoting , a dry brushed white painted traditional mirror, a gray and white patterned floor tile and a wooden vanity paired with a matte black unique faucet lends itself to a very nautical feel Teal accents add that pop of colour which completes this space

MUSIC Always Room for

ould you consider musical instruments as pieces of art? In my house, we do The Piano was a chestnut brown, but with a few coats of chalk paint, it is now a white centerpiece, lending itself to accessories and punches of colour Of course, it is also a gathering spot as well to listen to my Daughter play some beautiful pieces Guitars are also brilliant showpieces They are works of art My Husband, an avid guitarist, has a very colourful collection We love to display these beautiful instruments for beauty and easy access usic makes the World go round, and a room that incorporates that love and appreciation will be a focal point in your home for friends and family for years to come. " Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond. " Ray Charles Women Rock

Dee's Interior Design & Staging

Magazine | 16


MUSIC IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL Women Rock Magazine | 17

Judithreceivedacallfromafriendwhohadjustrentedan apartment to the girls who had fled Ukraine, not even having time to say goodbye to their father who was fighting as part of their small town’s civil defense force Canyouimagine? I reached out right away and Judith replied almost immediately I shared with her about how I have been wanting to help and I knew this was a way that I could Judith built an amazing local network of residents, businesses and others who all came together to create a warm, welcoming home for these two young women. The apartment was about to have a fabulous transformationfromanemptyshelltoahome Everyone had so much love in their hearts as they donated everything that the girls would need to start their new life here. Judith, Dee andIpulledeverythingtogetherthemorningof the girl's arrival that evening. We were so moved with the final result We knew that the girlswouldlovetheirnewhome

A New ALife. New Country. Sue Pitchforth Women Rock Magazine | 18 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents

They say "it takes a village", and it couldn’t be more true!

We all know the power of social media. That power was witnessed by thousands here in Ottawa I was lucky enoughtojointheUkrainianSettlementHelpersOttawa: https://wwwfacebookcom/groups/ukrainianhostsandhelpersottawa IsawapostbyJudithYaworskyinvitinginterestedpeople tocontactheriftheywantedtohelpfurnishandsetupa small apartment for two Ukrainian refugee sisters, 23 and 16

We all watched in horror as Russia invaded Ukraine Like many of us here, I wondered how I could help in some small way. This is the story about a pair of young sisters whohavetouchedsomanyliveshereinOttawa

Nastia and Lina The Team

The time finally came. The girls arrived and were so overjoyed with their new home they literally danced and had such big smiles on their faces Their parents would have been so happy and proud. After the girls were settled, they hosted a thank you gathering for everyone that helped in any way. You could feel the love from these amazing people for these two brave young women. It did take a village. Each of us, doing our part to make a difference in two young lives.

A New Life A New Country Sue Pitchforth Women Rock Magazine | 19

Welcome Nastia and Lina. We are so happy that you are here in Ottawa, Canada. Your new home and life awaits! Women Rock Magazine | 20 A New Country A New Life


inding your style begins with an empty home And less than $1000 00

Barn doors found in an old barn. Here’s how we used them. We developed our plan My client would scour Facebook Marketplace, yard sales, thrift stores We would furnish her home $20 00 at a time Like most homeowners, she thought that to furnish her home and have it look stylish, she would require a big budget. Not true! As Kris learned, money doesn’t buy design, gathering pieces that call to you do!

A client bought a home in PEI and would be starting fresh She had a bed, TV, desk and a computer She was worried about how she was going to furnish her home, the cost and trying to figure out her style It truly gives me so much joy to help homeowners find their style, to create a home that reflects their personality and that they love Finding your style can bring you joy, peace and a bWe added hairpin legs to a piece of barn board and voila, a unique table Sue Pitchforth


Women Rock Magazine | 21 LOVE YOUR HOME ClicktogobacktoTableofContents

https://decortherapyplus com/ We arranged the TV on top of a vintage dresser, which also offered extra storage A rug, loveseat and coffee table were added A large basket which holds extra throws and another chair and ottoman were angled for extra seating One of the first things was to remove the upper cabinet over the peninsula. It took up so much visual space and once removed, really opened up the entire kitchen. My clients dream was to have her own dressing room. The white pieces she picked up at yard sales, the wicker chair was free at the side of the road and the rug was added. All accessories were purchased at thrift stores. A perfect space for my client to get ready for the day! Creating a cozy guest room where guests would feel welcome and comfortable was also on my clients priority list Once she saw this room come together she was thrilled and knew instantly that her guests would love it I hope that you were inspired and realize that having a beautiful home doesn’t necessarily equate to the amount of money that you spend. My design mantra is “ Surround yourself with things that you love and you will love your home” . Sue :)

wing chair, vintage dresser and a retro suitcase table were the foundation for my clients' reading nook. Wreaths from the Dollar Store outlined with a vintage frame and unique pieces of pottery finish the look: simple, yet stylish Rock https://wwwfacebookcom/decortherapyplus/ https://wwwinstagramcom/suepitchforthdesign/


Magazine | 22 A




Sue Pitchforth

Women Rock Magazine | 23


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There is no chance, no destiny and no fate that can circumvent, hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul Author Wheeler Wilcox




ForaslongasIcanremember,Ihave wanted to own a vineyard. I am passionateaboutgrapes.Idecidedto educate my passion and I have visited hundreds of vineyards and wineries around the world studying Wine & Viticulture. My dreams of running through the vines are now a reality and I am living my dream of owning a private 10 acre vineyard estate on the beautiful Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley wine region of British Columbia. Having studied mostly in Europe, I thought it was prudent to learn about the plant physiology, soil chemistry, geology, climatology and pests & diseases in our BC region. I graduated from the Viticulture program at Okanagan College the year after buying the property.Ihavenevernotworkedand always work hard I live in a way that resemblesmyfavoritesaying:




I set goals and I focus, then lean in with intention and the universe picks up on my energy and creates opportunities. I know that persistence and determination wins! After competing in six International Triathlons, I was diagnosed with cancer in my twenties and was told I had three months to live. I refused to let cancer take me out and I told the oncologists that I would turn 50 one day. Well I did and now this year I will be 60! Age is a privilege denied to many and I fully embrace it. Now that I own a vineyard, my husband Bill and I enjoy our country farm lifestyle in the Okanagan wine and lake country with our westie Gerry and cat Chip. I put all my wine education, and global wine training and travel experiences into sharing with others.


Katherine McEachnie, DipWSET, FWS, CSW & IWSC Judge Master of Champagne & Viticulture Program Graduate Owner, Winston Estate Vineyard Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC

K A T H E R I N E M C E A C H N I E Women Rock Magazine | 25 https://katherinethegrape com/

I am a wine educator and offer specially curated tastings and wine events at my vineyard. Anything from Champagne flights, wine tastings, wine & food pairing events, and educational walks through the vines. I love sharing my love for wine and viticulture with others. My best advice is to never give up. Dreams do come true, I am living proof! If you ever visit our fantastic wine region, please send me an email and perhaps we can tailor fit an event for you.


. David

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EHT testimony - "The deck was stacked against me from the very start! Because they had to use clamps for my birth, it created a blood clot and fluid on the brain that had to be drained. Although it could have been much worse, it did cause memory problems that I would need to find ways to cope with for most of my life. I did cope in my own ways for decades of my life, yet it didn’t help when I had a serious concussion from a bike accident. After that, it took a bit of a toll on my brain and my ability to function fully and remember life events. Then one day, this new “brain health supplement” called EHT - developed in Princeton University labs after over 20 years of research, can along and into my life, and I am forever changed! What EHT has done for me, my overall brain health, functioning, and ability to remember things has been simply amazing! I now have greater: clarity, focus, memory retention and recall, faster mental reflexes, better sleep, and a boosted immune system! Safe to say that there will never be a day where I do not take EHT and I am forever grateful" Cristofoli


“Once I read all the science behind it, I knew ETJ was a game changer”

• Head trauma, stress and aging cause Tau to fall off microtubules, leading to weakened neuronal connections and subsequent loss of memory, focus and performance

Fortified with vitamins D, B6, B12 and selenium to help improve memory, recall, focus and mental alertness.

• Boosts the body’s immune system

EHT also:

Princeton University and Signum Biosciences

• The positive health effects of EHT have been published in several peer-reviewed neuroscience journals, including Neurobiology of Aging and Journal of Neuroscience and Neurotherapeutics

• EHT comes from a decaffeinated coffee extract, so it only has trace amounts of caffeine (around three times less than a cup of decaf coffee)

Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide (EHT)®

• Comprised of a patented mixture of bioactive tryptamide molecules derived from coffee

EHT is a participant in the Banned Substance Control Group and is a BSCG Certified Drug Free supplement. This certification offers unparalleled protection against drug contamination and quality concerns

• Optimizes the function of Tau, ensuring healthier neurons, sustained focus and concentration on and off the field


Deb Drummond

• EHT is the active component in coffee and ensures Tau activity is optimized, resulting in healthy communication between neurons and better brain health

Women Rock Magazine | 27

• EHT is the result of 20 years of research performed by Dr Jeffry Stock at Princeton University, where it was discovered using a proprietary phosphatase screening platform

. Ken Football Player

• Protects and stimulates Tau protein in the brain


. Jimmy Farris, Former Professional Football Player

• Promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health • Combats oxidative stress • Protects and supports neuronal networking • Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions




• ET was developed as a nutritional supplement to promote brain health

• EHT was developed in part through funding received by the National Institute of Health

• Biotech company sun out of Princeton University in 2003

“I’ve tried a variety of brain health products When I discovered EHT, everything changed for me”

• Pioneers focused on brain health, performance and protection for athletes of all ages and abilities

• Neora is the sole distributor of EHT



• Dedicated to developing novel nutritional supplements and therapeutics to boost brain health and combat neurodegeneration

• EHT keeps microtubules strong and the connections between neurons robust, enhancing protection and performance.

After the birth of my third child at 41 years old, I dieted and exercised my way to a 70 lb weight loss I was immersed in a numbers game The scale symbolized food compliance and dictated my self worth Two years later I found myself living in peril of 100 lb weight gain I was in burnout and remember feeling anxious, depressed and ashamed of yet another diet failure As a nurse with a clinical mindset, I thought I knew everything necessary to lose weight, but just couldn’t do the things I knew I should do Hi,

my name is Crystal. I began my career as a Registered Nurse in British Columbia over 14 years ago I have had the honour of caring for people in every stage of life My expertise as a Mind Body Eating Coach is to help those who feel powerless over their eating behaviours fully expand into all areas of life Most clients are very surprised to learn that their challenges with food have very little to do with food itself Like many coaches, I found my way here through my own challenges I had eating concerns most of my life Some days I would wake up and eat junk food non stop until I went to bed I was using food to regulate my emotions since childhood. I carried a lot of guilt and shame for my secret eating behaviours At 18, I got stuck on a vicious diet cycle, losing and regaining a total of 300 lbs in my 48 years I truly believed that I would never be able to eat like a normal person.



Crystal Jean Women Rock Magazine | 28 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents

I found the missing link in Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. During my 8 month online training as a Mind Body Eating Coach at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I experienced a whole souled transformation This comprehensive training elevated my personal and professional skills through a deeper understanding of embodiment, energetics and the archetypal journey Words cannot fully express my gratitude for Marc David and his 40 plus years of dedication to creating such life changing and impactful work I am honoured to be part of a collective conscience of, who I feel, are soul led practitioners.. Today I receive pleasure from all kinds of food without fear of losing control I have a relaxed view on fitness and have found a wild kind of love for weight training, hiking and stretching on my yoga mat. One of the best decisions I ever made was to trade time spent counting calories and tracking macros for journaling and meditation These practices have alchemized profound shifts in personal power a d b li

https://ipe isrefer com/go/ambapp/Sweetsatiety/

https://www facebook com/sweet satiety coaching https://www.instagram.com/sweet.satiety.coaching/ click link to go to site

Reducing toxic overload of the body, mind and soul are key elements to my coaching I embrace an energetic and intuitive coaching style that leads my clients to a personally meaningful transformation experience. I do offer group coaching, though one on one coaching holds a special place in my heart. If you would like to explore working together, please email me at sweetsatietycoaching@gmail com

Women Rock Magazine | 29


Crystal Jean

elloLadies,MynameisTinaMeleandIamthe owner/operator of Dolly Diva Spa located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am thrilled to be featured in Women Rock Magazine because our businesses share the exact same desire; to empower women. I specialize in non evasive medical aesthetics, including cryotherapy fat freeze and ultrasound neck & face-lift. As a Physicians Assistant, I gained valuable knowledge about how to best treat skinconditionsandinjuries. I have traveled across Eastern and Northern Ontario, visiting with patients to help treat melasma, pigmentation, sun damage, stretch marks, and scars. It gave me deep insight on the various treatments available, and what works best for different skin types I also mastered handle placement on body contouring machines to get amazing weight lossandskintighteningresults.

Women Rock Magazine | 30 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents


TINA MELE Women Rock Magazine | 31

Through all of this, it helped me understandhowmuchpeoplelovetheir skin and body, and how they count on metodeliver.

In 2019, I ventured out on my own and opened Dolly Diva Spa. Initially, I operated as a mobile medical aesthetics clinic. Although I was a singlemomandnervoustostartup my own business, it flourished. My clients told their friends and family about their experience, and the businessgrewrapidly.

In 2020, I started to work out of my homeandbroughtinmoremachines.I visited trade shows across North America to find the latest and greatest technology. Today, I run a fully-equipped medical spa and absolutely love seeing my clientsglow! Pleasevisitdollydivaspa.comtoseethe services available and feel free to text meat: (613)402-8555withyourquestions. UntilAugust30th,2022,mentionthisad in Women Rock Magazine and I will deduct15%onyourfirsttreatment! StaybeautifulLadies! Tina

https://dollydivaspa com/ https://www facebook com/dollysmedispa/ https://www instagram com/tinameledollydiva/


WRM Releases the chains that keep you small, or stuck

Work with all aspects, parts, subpersonalities (Internal Family Systems informed) and all levels of consciousness

Learn the 5 Steps to Consciously Creating Have fun and live the life you were designed to live Skillfully Educate, Facilitate, Celebrate, Encourage, Empower and Cheer you on Jen Coaches Jennifer and Lisa invite your questions, inquiries and CURIOSITY. Please send them to magneticmindcorner@gmail com or directly to women@womenrock net Do you know and understand Newtonian Physics? Do you know and understand Quantum Physics? Why is this relevant? We will answer these and more in the upcoming Fall Issue! Lisa can be reached at: Phone: 226 921 7261 (Canada) Email: lifeitselfwithlisacloutier@gmail com elcome to The Magnetic Mind Corner with Coaches Jennifer and Lisa. Lisa Pierrette Cloutier is the Author of the upcoming book, Coming HoME. She is a Holistic Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and a Conscious Education and Magnetic Mind Coach. Lisa is passionate about helping people fully transform their grief, trauma, and limiting beliefs. Wise, gentle, intuitive, grounded, brilliant and loving, a natural teacher, inspiring many to live beyond their conditioning. For more information on Lisa please refer to the following link.

https://issuu.com/home/published/spring issue 2022 W https://www facebook com/lisacloutier11 or https://www facebook com/lisacloutierII linkedin com/in/lisa cloutier 66822435 https://bookcominghome com/ Women Rock Magazine | 32


Orientate a Creative Structure vs a problem structure Embody the 4 Core Orientational Choices

magneticmindcorner with

What does a conscious education do for you?

Liberates you to fully being the Master in your life

It uncovers the unconscious communication that stops you from simply creating the life you love in all areas of your life Lisa How will having a Magnetic Mind Coach help?WRM Get crystal clear with your creations, true goals and desires Become accountable to your daily, weekly, and monthly practices Reveal and normalize unconscious resistances

Helping your system integrate, align and become coherent through various processes and Rapid Recode

Lisa can also be reached at the following links below: Lisa Pierrette Cloutier

Meet Jennifer - Mindful Magnetic Coach MM coaches guide their clients from their Highest Level of Consciousness. Jennifer, an artist by nature, believes Art is a way of life and brings a creative perspective to all that she Jenniferdoes.is a Level III Reiki Master, certified in NLP and is trained as a Soul Realignment/ Akashic Record Reader. Having co-hosted a spiritual radio show for several years, Jennifer incorporates many life affirming principles from her faith foundation in her coaching, retaining with deep intention, an open-mind within her all of her practices. Currently, Jennifer resides stateside, in the Midwest but remains loosely tethered to any physical location of this Middle Plane, believing ‘home’ is where her heart resides, not her body.

Jennifer is a and specializes in:

By Jennifer Randall

LightWorkerGround Support, Intuitive Channeling,EnergeticReadings,DivineSoulMission & Life Purpose- Discovery/Alignment/Attunement.

Jennifer orients to life from her heartspace, she navigates with intuition, views humanity through an intrinsically empathic lens and is certified in a lifechanging modality called Magnetic MagneticMind. Mind (MM), a modality based in Neuroplasty, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Neurolinguisitic Programming and Ancient Hermetic Principles, is a culmination of crossreferenced, refined techniques and traditions best described as a comprehensive collaboration with brevity and depth, spanning across all Space and Time.

FIND https://www.facebook.com/LegacyofLoveandLighthttps://www.instagram.com/lovelightlegacy/legacyofloveandlight@gmail.comJENNIFER:

LightWorking,TruthSeeking, SpaceHolding, VibeRaising,EmotionAlchemizing,3D-Friendly Guide to theQuantumCurious


Creation Oriented Life Coaching, StarSeed

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Jennifer invites you to join her in co-creating and enlarging a more heart-centered, love-oriented, peace-filled, global community through embracing a Conscious Education, participating in creating a life you love and raising the Collective vibration of our planet.

OLIVIASINHA I worked in retail the summer of 2021 after I finished my first year of online university, until October of 2021. I made many friends at my job and I absolutely loved it. It was the same way that I made high school friends as we all worked in the same place and saw each other every day. I worked at this job for six months and it was amazing, I hadn’t felt what it was like to make friends like that since high school, and in all honesty it had been so long I wasn’t sure how to make friends again But the more time we spent together collaborating, working together, and learning together, the easier it became to become good friends with my coworkers Rock When I was in high school, making friends wasn’t as hardasitcanbetoday.Wewereallinthesameplaceat the same time for five days a week, so a few of us were boundtosticktogetherandformfriendships. I had a great group of friends all through grades ten throughtwelve,howeverCOVIDworsenedinMarch2020 (mygraduationyear)andseeingeachotherwasnotas easyasitusedtobe Wewouldfacetimeasmuchaswe could but eventually we lost that connection with not beingabletoseeeachotherinpersonlikeweusedtodo every day. We did not have a prom for my graduating class due to COVID, and eventually September rolled around. MyfriendsandIwentourseparatewaysandonourown Universitypaths Weneverreallyconnectedagain Itwas actually quite sad I've always heard that it was rare to stay in touch with your high school friends, and with the combination of all of us having different goals in life, as well as COVID 19 making it extremely difficult to stay in touchandmaintainfriendships,wepartedways.

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After losing the bond I had with my high school friends, along with University being conducted online, making friends was a lot harder than I thought. I completed two years of my University degree online and never made any new friends. I was never on a campus so therefore didn't get those opportunities to make lifelong friends like we hear about all through high school


September 2022 is around the corner, and I am so excited to be able to study on campus at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, finally getting that University experience I was promised all throughout high school.

As I wrote in the last issue, I made the decision to move to St. John’s Newfoundland with my family. I left my job in October of 2021 and set out for a new adventure. I was still studying online remotely when I moved, and making friends in a new province was automatically a million times harder than I ever thought it would be. However, once I got a new job in January here in St. John’s, I made friends instantly and we are still connected to this day, even after getting a new job and leaving the job I got in January. We always make time to see each other when our schedules line up, and when we do get together we always have so much fun. We talk about our various work stories at our new jobs and reminisce about stories from when we did work together. I must say, it's a breath of fresh air to have a good group of friends again after almost two years of being stuck on my computer during the pandemic.

MAKINGFRIENDS BYOLIVIASINHA Women Rock Magazine | 35 Olivia Sinha

Most of us focus over all the could haves, should haves This often leaves us stuck We can't seem to move passed the past Instead of blaming your past obstacles and relationships with others, look introspectively at the lessons that have come from your experiences rather than the actual experiences themselves. We often concentrate on what was done. One thing to consider here. That was YOU then. Not the YOU of now. Your experiences help shape you into the magnificent person you have become. Embrace that you had those experiences and use those nuggets of positivity that rose from that and forge ahead Leave behind the negativity and your attachment to it

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By Carol Starr Taylor

Do you want to get in the “glow zone” and shine your own light? It is time to step into your own power and rock your own star In an age of instant gratification, we get frustrated when we get stuck or things don't go the way we planned Whatever you are experiencing right now "BE PATIENT BE KIND" to yourself BELIEVE that things work out and finally LOVE YOURSELF enough to KNOW that you CAN and WILL handle the challenges in your path.


2. SAY NO TO OTHERS AND YES TO YOURSELF As an ex people pleaser myself, I have had to understand that "NO" is a complete sentence. Do you find that you are saying YES when you really want to say NO? We feel pressure. Stressed. Anxious. Pulled in so many directions. Possibly, anger or resentment sets in. Obligation to do what you think is the right thing STOP BEING NICE! Nice is fear driven You want people to think your nice so you say yes Afraid that others will think the opposite of you

By Carol Starr Taylor Rock YOU ARE A SHINING UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL STAR. NOW IS THE TIME TO ROCK IT. Carol Starr Taylor is the Founder and Publisher of Star House Publishing Inc , Radio Host and Podcaster with Soulfully Blonde, an International Bestselling Author, Certified Life Coach, Writing Coach, Inspirational Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner and Soulpreneur www Starhousepublishing com www soulfullyblonde com www Facebook com/starhousepublishing www.Facebook.com/soulfullyblondecst www.Instagram.com/Starhousepublishing www.Instagram/com/Soulfullyblonde Click to go to sites

Carol Starr Taylor

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YOUR POWER BE KIND instead Kindness is heart based not fear based Kind has power Kind is assertive You have retained your power and your control When you are saying YES out of kindness, it comes from compassion and empathy. Boundaries are important for your self love and self care. You can still say NO without any guilt. 3 BELIEF Whatever you believe, becomes reality That is the law of attraction It is your BELIEF that determines everything Positive self talk is a powerful way to shift your limiting beliefs because how we speak to ourselves matters. Your inner dialogue becomes the energy you attract. Some powerful ways you can unleash your best self is to feed yourself inspiration every single day by repeating affirmations, listen to podcasts and journal. Affirmations, I find are pivotal. Repeat constantly until you believe them to be true for yourself They become your mantra Your inner rockstar has always been there You just have to tap into HER


The NICE person, the always YES person bends over backwards to people please You crave that validation from others so much that you push your own desires aside to please others You know what? YOU RELINQUISH

The Team at boarding school


I once read hope described as a feeling of trust. This simple but powerful word takes on many meanings in my life. Hope can take many forms in our lives and it is something we need. Something we need to grow and thrive. For the past seven years, our team at H.O.P.E. (Helping Orphans Prosper through Education) has been providing hope, love and compassion to 24 children in Jinja, Uganda.

HelpingOrphansProsper ThroughEducation

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Marie Woodford


n 2015 I was volunteering in Northern Uganda As ‘luck’ would have it I was introduced to a group of children as I travelled across the country. They were what are now known as the "Jinja 24". My heart was instantly drawn to them Their living conditions at the orphanage stopped me in my tracks and I remember falling silent as I observed their innocence and happiness. This was not my first time in extreme poverty, but there was something about these children that shook me As I walked away from the chance meeting that day, I knew. I knew we would give them hope. I knew we would be there for them



Faith Zaina and Faith when younger Marie Woodford

ur H.O.P.E. team came together in 2016 to commit to enhancing the lives of the Jinja 25. Marjorie Williams, Madlyn Carew, Betty Whalen and I have partnered with a registered Canadian charity, LITA (Love is the Answer) to ensure the children are empowered through education and compassion. All of our hearts have been touched by the children and we know how special they are. We know they deserve so much more than the circumstances they were born into. We know that our efforts are worth it in every single way. Our methods of fundraising have evolved over the years. We’ve done it all. The effort of fundraising is constant. The costs to keep each child enrolled in boarding school are quite high, and the rising cost of food and other necessities is parallel to what we are seeing here at home in Newfoundland Covid 19 also proved challenging as all students were learning remotely at home Their home needed immediate attention as did the children while at home. New expenses and challenges emerged. Zaina

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ast month the team concluded our annual “Baskets of Hope” fundraiser. Marjorie, who is a gardening guru, has led this project for seven years. It has garnered quite some attention and the flowers are a hot commodity every year. Each spring, hundreds of flower baskets are prepared in her garden to be sold within our community of support The team, as well as some dedicated friends and volunteers, put in countless hours making this project work From scouring local stores for the uniform straw and wire baskets, nursing the array of Begonias and Lobelia from the local flower shop "Rise and Shine Nursery", building and lugging the soil and tossing the compost. Newfoundland spring is a curious thing and I wish Marjorie had taken a count of how many times she moved each and every basket inside to protect it from a surprise frost June morning. It's a lot of work. But then comes the pick up day for flowers. Supporters are thrilled and joyous when they see the beautiful baskets. They’re excited as they walk around the garden in awe as they choose a basket to take home It is recognized as a mindful addition to anyone's garden; a purchase that supports local businesses and charity with proceeds going to children in need This fundraiser is much like our efforts to help the children create a life of their choice. To empower and educate them. To raise them up from the poverty cycle. We are putting in the hard work behind the scenes, with the help of very special people, to help create a beautiful blooming child that beams with confidence and hope. If we water them, they will grow. If we keep them safe and protected, they will grow. If we love and nurture them, they will grow. arie Woodford to H.O.P.E. Please click the link below https://www.facebook.com/HOPEinNL

H.O.P.E. Marie Woodford A BASKET OF B a s k e t s o f H O P E E l l i e a n d J e r e m i a h M a d l y n C a r e w w a t e r i n g o u r b a s k e t s o f H O P E Women Rock Magazine | 40 LL To Donate

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The award is for my 33 year fundraising efforts for community and charity projects in Ottawa through the former New Edinburgh Players, a theatre I founded in 1980, and for my novels, in particular my children's fantasy trilogy, which I read to children in elementary schools and the Ottawa Public Library, each time encouraging students to read and write.

I’ve always told stories “Stop fibbing!” is a phrase I’ve heard many times when I was a child I loved fairy tales, and later, Greek and Roman mythologies My mind was constantly living in a fantasy world and I enjoyed spinning a good yarn. It wasn’t because I was seeking attention. I wanted to entertain. That desire led me to the theatre and later back to my love of telling fantasy stories. The Black Pearl of Osis, a trilogy for children (8 11), is the result of my first writing attempt

On June 27, 2022, I received an award from Femmes Remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women and the City of Ottawa. From there I graduated to 12 adult novellas and novels and, yes, even fantasy stories for adults (called romance novels), written under my pseudonym, Rose D Franklyn All stories are set in Canada’s capital and residents will recognize, as they turn the pages, many of Ottawa’s landmarks and may even be swept away by mystery, drama, and suspense. Women Rock Magazine

FROM FANTASYTO REALITY BY INGRID MCCARTHY Writing, in a way, for me, is a solitary and passionate occupation, and, thus, I sailed through the pandemic quite unscathed while working on I Stood Among The Ruins And Cried (my post WWII childhood memoir) and V for Vanished (a murder mystery set in COVID times) My works in progress are a second murder mystery and the German translation of my childhood memoir The unpublished manuscript of my anti war novel is still in my UK agent’s hands and waiting for an enthusiastic publishing house to take it under their wing Glancing back on my life, I’m grateful to the powers that be for having gifted me with the talent of storytelling a talent I plan to hone for a long time for my own entertainment and that of my readers https://www.amazon.com/Stood Among Ruins Cried Illustrated/dp/B09L3FLZYV/ref=tmm pap swatch 0? encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= https://www.amazon.com/Vanished mystery suspense Covid times/dp/B09JV9C8R7/ref=tmm pap swatch 0? encoding=UTF8&qid=1635712661&sr=1-1 Women Rock Magazine | 43 (click Links for Amazon)

_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=Trilogy/dp/147834296X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?https://www.amazon.com/Black-Pearl-Osis-Fantasyhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B6S1X1A? ref =dbs p pwh rwt anx cl 1&storeType=ebooks ref_=dbs_p_pwh_rwt_anx_cl_1&storeType=ebookshttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CDBWJ9E? FROM FANTASYTO REALITY BY INGRID MCCARTHY I invite you to visit my websites to check out the remaining titles. www.ingridmccarthy.com www.rosedfranklyn.com Osis Fantasy Trilogy V o l u m e 1 V o l u m e 2 V o l u m e 3 (click Links for Amazon) Ingrid McCarthy Women Rock Magazine | 44

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“The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune.” is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.”

Source https://ameliaearhart.com/quotes/

Amelia Earhart Portrait of an Aviation Pioneer by Dee Tobin Sinha ambition is to have this wonderful gift produce practical results for the future of commercial flying and for the women who may want to fly tomorrow’s planes.”



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Amelia Earhart

On July 24, 1897, Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchinson, Kansas, USA. From a very young age, she was tenacious, curious and an ambitious force of nature. As a young woman, she was introduced to the world of aviation at an air field at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. A close encounter with a low flying red Bi-Plane, rather than startle her, stirred up something that would imprint in her a love for planes, flying and adventure.

Portrait of an Aviation Pioneer

Amelia went on to break countless Transatlantic Records. Notably, on May 20, 1932, Amelia flew out from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Intending to fly to Paris, but she had to reroute to Culmore, Ireland, due to strong winds and some technical issues. Regardless, this secured her place in history as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was honored by the US Congress, and given a Gold Medal from the National Geographic Society.

Amelia Earhart and Navigator Fred Noonan Board a Mcdonnell Douglas DC-3

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Tragically, Amelia's last flight was in 1937 while she attempted to become the first lady to fly around the world. Her Lockheed Model 10E Electra disappeared and lost contact over the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. Neither, the plane, or the bodies of her and navigator Fred Noonan were ever to be found.

"The Spirit of Harbour Grace" A monument to Amelia Earhart in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Photograph Courtesy of Conception Bay Museum

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Amelia has gone down in History as an inspiration to Women. Aviation notwithstanding, she proved that with determination, belief and a strong sense of purpose, Women can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Portrait of an Aviation Pioneer

Amelia Earhart

Today, so many woman are now Commanders of large passenger aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787. They also fly in the Military in combat crafts such as the Boeing F-18 Super Hornets and huge cargo crafts such as the Lockheed Hercules and the Boeing Globemaster. So be courageous and challenge yourself. As Amelia said:

Never do things others can do and will do, if there are things others cannot do or will not do.

cherisheverymoment! Women Rock Magazine | 49

Inourselves.Self-Reflection we can find great inspiration. When we take the time to reflect on specific accomplishments or perceived failures, we can be reminded of the great knowledge we hold and a new desire to share that knowledge may arise. As well, we become more aware of the journey, and it is also about the journey. I say perceived failures as I believe there are no failures, only lessons. It is in your perception of failure, that determines whether it is a gift or not.

The direction of the mainstream work regarding manifestation and building the life of our dreams, for the most part, hinges on surrendering, flow, looking forward, visualizing, vision boards and such, and rightly so.

Self-Reflection is an awesome way to give us a nice balanced and grounded way to move forward. It helps us to become laser focused on the beautiful future we visualize for

Often, we are told to not ‘harp on’ about the past as its not ‘forward moving’, in fact, I have heard myself refer to some of these exact concepts with clients, my children, and myself. But sometimes it is good to reflect on the past to move forward.


The choice is yours. I was there and now I am here. I am proud of myself for this accomplishment, or I could have done this differently.

by Susan McKenzie noitcelfeR-fleSfotrAehT

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TheArtofSelf-Reflection by Susan McKenzie noitcelfeR-fleSfotrAehT

I have been blessed with lessons from an experience that did not go according to my plans. Self Reflection allows us to become more focused and we can better understand the lessons as gifts. This happens as we are further removed from strong emotional responses to a person or experience. Often, we are able to release the experience which is forward moving in itself. Self-Reflection helps us to find alignment and true stability before moving forward. This allows us to have a strong foundation on which to build the life of our dreams. As well, Self-Reflection provides us with a comparative experience which is crucial when manifesting our dream life. When we practice the art of manifestation, we require a comparative experience to be able to perceive things in the future. If I have a job I dislike; whether I don’t like the job because of the people, policies, hours I work or the actual work itself, I can make note of those things that I do not wish to bring forward into my next scenario. Even Artificial Intelligence in its simplest form works similar to this with comparative experience. Honest SelfReflection from a loving heart will help you move mountains. It is meant to be a beautiful experience looked at from your eyes with a loving heart. A “Remember when...” viewed without judgement and full of heart-felt compassion is the place to strive for in Self Reflection. Why not start now?

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Susan McKenzie Much Love Susan

a quaint getaway POHO BOHO ANTIQUE SHOP PORT HOPE, ON "I am like a kid in a candy store" Women Rock Magazine | 52 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents



Whenever I go antiquing I always make sure to have enough space in our truck to house my exciting finds This allotted space comes in very handy of course as I ALWAYS discover some very useful and unique antiques during my exciting expedition I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to antiquing as it one of my extreme passions. I always get super excited about finding that treasure, that piece that speaks to me, that piece that tells a story from within.


"Antiques on Queen is everything I dreamed it would be."

ROM the moment we drove into this cute little city of Port Hope, Ontario I fell in love. The beauty of this quaint little town is absolutely dreamy. Not only is this township a cozy sweet little retreat, it offers some beautiful antique shops which of course had me at hello lol.

Antiquing in Beautiful Port Hope, On.

The Willowmere Lakeside Retreat was everything that I envisioned when it came to staying in a Bed and Breakfast. It was quaint, private, clean, beautifully decorated and filled with gorgeous antiques. It couldn't have been more perfect!



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BY DEANNE TOBIN SINHA "Discovering quaint little townships have always been a passion of mine, especially when these adorable little towns house beautiful unique antique shops."

Our stay was wonderful! The weather was perfect, the water was refreshing and the local restaurants were divine I would highly recommend staying at this sweet, quaint Bed and Breakfast It was perfect and filled every expectation Rock ThankyouJane! Dee

We all need to get away at some point We need to recharge, regroup and simply just chill Enjoying some me time was definitely on the agenda, so I did just that. Our next plan after visiting Port Hope was to find a cute and cozy bed and breakfast near by. When researching surrounding areas a gorgeous little B&B in Cobourg, ON popped up called "The Willowmere Lakeside Retreat" . It was absolutely perfect! I was so excited when I called and there was availability It was sort of a last minute trip so I actually wasn't very hopeful, but when I spoke with Jane, the lady who ran the show, she said "absolutely! Your room is ready!" I was ecstatic I was thrilled as this Lakeside Retreat looked absolutely dreamy Jane greeted us at the door with a smile, showed us our private room with a private bathroom and gave us a tour She was a wonderful lady with a sweet personality Although I have to admit that if I owned this gorgeous property by the water I would be a happy camper too lol

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lowering gardens, privacy, lake vistas, pet friendly are key words in describing Willowmere Lakeside Retreat. Perched on the edge of Lake Ontario, at the eastern end of Cobourg’s Victoria Park beach, guests enjoy an oasis for peaceful relaxation on a large covered porch and patio overlooking the water They can also choose the beachside patio or make their way down a few stone steps to the beach for a swim Guests can also wander along, towel in hand, to Victoria Beach which is only a minute away Entering from the shade of the porch, tucked up next to the family home, guests may relax in their cozy suite comprising a calming sitting room (wifi, TV), cheerfully decorated bedroom (queen bed, dresser, desk) and bathroom with complimentary toiletries

Willowmere Lakeside Retreat by Jane Lawson

Magazine | 56 Willowmere Lakeside Retreat by

197 Water

willowmere197@gmail.com 905


www.willowmere.ca Women

“Thank you, Jane, Willowmere is just what the doctor ordered, a serene setting with a lake view. This prescription will require a refill. You’re a gem.”

The Midsummer Music Festival Experience Craftsman Living Newtown Store Launch Music Events Interview with stylist, Madi Ross Backpacking in Incheon Fashion Travel DIY tea with backyard leaves Craft F rom Willowmere, walking 10 minutes through Victoria Park, guests find themselves in downtown Cobourg, a town of architectural history, with restaurants, bars, café's, shops, galleries, music and theatre On tap within the lively waterfront in summer months are festivals, open air concerts, sports events, boating and beach fun. Colourful holiday lights light up snowy landscapes of the park and city streets in winter months. And there are always sounds of the water birds. Join host Jane, her gentle, small dog Finnegan, and feline Billy who happily share this beautiful property with guests, family and friends In the words of Hana, a recent guest: Rock Jane Lawson 372 9456 St, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada for links


Downtown St. John's boasts all the hustle and bustle of a Cosmopolitan Hub. Restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, modern condo living, and a huge Transatlantic shipping port. But, within a 5 minute drive, you can be swept away to a remote, tiny fishing Village known as "Quidi Vidi." Q u i d i V i d i V i l l a g e Just Around the Corner Women Rock Magazine | 58photo courtesy of women rock magazine Click to go back to Table of Contents

Just Around the Corner

photo courtesy of women rock magazine photo courtesy of women rock magazine

Photograph Courtesy of Wikipedia

Sitting and relaxing at the Quidi Vidi Brewery. Our view of the Gut from our table

Magazine | 59

Quidi Vidi Village

A view of the traditional fishing village along the "Gut" Photograph Courtesy of Wikipedia

Located just beside Quidi Vidi Lake, the village is built around a small inlent from the Atlantic Ocean known as the "Gut" A functioning fishing village from as far back as 1600, Quidi Vidi now boasts itself as a "Must See" tourist attraction, as well as a quick, relaxing getaway for locals The scenery is spectacular, and just walking around the village takes you back to the days of old Newfoundland. Peaceful, serene, and historical, Quidi Vidi is a hidden gem right around the corner Rock


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If you're looking for someone to assist with your pet's healing, balance, or behavioural issues, a free consultation is provided in order to assess if our services are the optimal treatment for your pet Animals heal us so taking care of them is always to the benefit of those who surround and love them. It's a wonderful way to give back for all they do for us.


At a very young age Jennifer always had a strong connection to nature and animals In high school she had her own pet sitting business, and had hopes to start her own animal therapy program in order to provide therapeutic services to persons in hospital care. In addition to this she also wanted to be a veterinarian. Although she did not become one, she came to discover that she had natural abilities that would bring her down the path of becoming her own of "Doctor Dolittle". Twenty years ago Jennifer noticed she had a knack for working with animals. As she began her spiritual journey she began to recognize that she is a healer, allowing her to follow her dream. This is when she was called to begin her training and start the greatest most fulfilling adventure of her life. Animals are very connected to their people energetically, therefore Jennifer offers tandem services in order to get the most favourable energetic balance Jennifer promotes natural animal well being and deeper understanding between animals and their people through private in home, telephone, text, and video call consultations

Ark Angel BIO Jennifer Stannard is an international animal communicator and certified Animal Reiki practitioner, abiding by the Animal Reiki code of ethics in partnership with the animals she provides care to. She is also educated in Trusted Techniques™ methods.

The first time she ever practiced healing in a course she was already one step ahead without even realizing it. She had no idea she was naturally gifted and has been very grateful to have the opportunity to serve her community ever since. At her very first channeling workshop both of her recipients were impressed with her intuitive channeling and thought she was a professional.


Jennifer promotes natural well being through private in home, telephone, text, and video call sessions, with a free consultation on the best services for your needs is available. We cannot pour from an empty cup, so self care is key at all times. If you wish to clear up your energetic field, let go of fears, and find the balance towards your inner peace, Jennifer will always hold a safe space for all.

https://www.facebook.com/CrystalTreeWellness/ Click to go to Sites J https://instagram.com/crystal.tree.wellness?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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Jennifer Stannard ennifer is an Integrated Energy Therapy® MasterInstructor, Usui Reiki Master, Access Bars® Practitioner, with additional certifications.


Crystal Tree Wellness

Jennifer provides spiritual counselling, energy healing, tarot readings, past-life regression hypnosis, sound and colour therapies, ergonomic coaching, and chinese cupping.

Jennifer Stannard

St. Pat's Dancers T he St. Pat's Dancers have been a fixture of the St. John's dance scene for almost a century In the 1930s, Educators came over from Ireland to teach in the Catholic schools and a dance group was formed at one of the schools St. Patrick's Hall School, in St. John's. They were called the St. Pat's Dancers, and were taught Irish step dancing, performed with tap shoes. They started performing around local festivals and shows and became popular crowd pleasers.

Girls have been members of the St Pat's Dancers since the mid 70s, and today they dominate the group although boys continue to participate. Instruction continues in the way that it has for decades. The senior group, which has learned most of the repertoire teaches the junior group consisting of children who are not yet ready to perform publicly. They don’t charge any registration fee plus they buy the shoes if the children cannot afford them they also purchase uniforms, and pay for travel and accommodations for shows. Currently the group performs 10 12 dances, including the 3 or 4 originally brought from Ireland. One dance, choreographed by Michael Flatley from Riverdance, and the rest developed over the years by the St. Pat's Dancers themselves. Children as young as 5 may train with the group, while the oldest students are in their mid twenties and early 30s They practice right now once a week at the Lantern but are trying to find a spot that isn’t carpeted for when they start teaching again. They could potentially have up to 100 children in Yvonne Courtney

The group has travelled outside the province to such places as Ottawa, where they performed on July 1st, 1997, during the Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill with Great Big Sea for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prime Minister, and millions of Canadians via CBC Television. They traveled to Nova Scotia numerous times performing at local festivals around the province, and recently they travelled to Ireland in 2014 and 2018 when they were asked by Newfoundland's own Loyola Hearn to perform at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin for their Canada Day celebrations. They also dance all over Newfoundland for various festivals including this year ' s Newfoundland Folk Festival at Bannerman Park. They are hired as well by the city of St John’s to preform for cruise ships that come into the harbor, and have danced on the wharf and on board the ships.

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To give back to their community the dancers perform at seniors homes. It used to be as frequent as once a week, but during Covid they had to stop until summertime, when they could perform outside if space allowed. They used to have their dance practice out of St. Pat’s Mercer Home but that was halted as well. St. Pat’s Dancers always have local talent as musical backup for the group and currently have Dave Penny and Daunt Lee playing for them. They are both well known in the folk arts community. For their work in promoting Newfoundland and Labrador culture, both locally and abroad, the St. Pat's Dancers were awarded in 1996 the Ambassadors of Newfoundland and Labrador Award, by the Department of Tourism, and received the Legend award in 2018 from the city of St John’s for their active work in the city. Yvonne Steiner, the group’s now coordinator, took over the group in the 90’s with her late husband Jeff and a group of parents when no one else wanted to keep it going. Having two daughters in the group it was a no brainer to keep this amazing tradition alive. Now Yvonne and her daughter Courtney, with help from the amazing dancers' parents and care givers, are still entertaining people all over and passing on the dances to a new generation of kids. Yvonne received volunteer of the year from the City of St. John’s in 2016 for all her amazing work she does with the group.

Women Rock Magazine | 63

I joined the St. Pat’s Dancers when I was around 5, it was around 1990. Mom and Dad (Yvonne and Jeff Steiner) were just taking over the group at the time. I was tagging along to all the shows with my younger sister at the time because my older sister Catherine was in the Today,group.Iabsolutely love it. I love teaching the dances to all the dancers coming up through and have made many friends along the way. I have many fond memories of trips with the group because we would use them as family vacations as well. I’m 37 now and I'm more of a co-coordinator with my Mom. She doesn’t dance, so I run the practices with help from my little sister, Rioghnach, and run the social media while she is more involved with booking the shows and overlooks everything. We work as a good team LOL! I’ve taught myself new dances to pass along to the group and try to keep things more modern. (I even convinced Mom to finally get rid of the kilt we were wearing and upgraded to black dresses and sashes.)

She never missed a practice. That started my journey with the dancers because all he wanted was her dedication to love to dance. It was great for me, as I had 7 kids, and this was an activity that was free of charge. You can’t find that anywhere!! He said we look after the children who don't have much, no one is ever turned away, we buy shoes, etc. so everyone is equal. That was the grassroots of the group and it still is today in 2022. Myself along with my late husband Jeff really took on a lot at first with this new set of kids, but we managed.

My first introduction to The St. Pat's Dancers was 37 years ago when the Principal of Our Lady of Mercy asked me to drop off mail to the Principal of St. Patrick's Hall School. I had my daughter Catherine, only 5 yrs old, with me. She heard the music and tap shoes in the cafeteria and asked Mr. Dominic Pike if she could join.

I love seeing the dancers grow up. I’ve taught some from Kindergarten right up to after University. I have even attended their weddings. Keeping this long-standing tradition is just so important to me because I love seeing the joy that it brings to people's faces when we are up on stage, there really is no greater feeling.

He said to her “you be here at 3:15 every day and you can”.

As someone who has children, I know the value of these types of activities and how important they are to develop skills and confidence. To be able to help other families give this to their children and not have the burden of constant fees for this and that just really makes sense to me. All we ask is that they are respectful, and they show up for one another. It’s a team effort for all Everyinvolved.summer we are asked by Brenda O'Reilly to perform at her pub O’Reillys Irish Pub on George Street. This year we are there every Friday evening at 6pm ! She helps us out fundraising for our travelling when we are planning a future trip. Come on down and see us !

Some of our girls are singers too, and we let them perform songs with us to get that extra practice and confidence they need.

A lot of people ask why I have volunteered so many hours of my life to these children, but I just simply say "I love it". It’s been part of my life for almost 4 decades and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Women Rock Magazine | 64

I have had a few years off from dancing because I've had three babies. But even during those times, I was there helping run the group on the side-lines. I’ve taken my kids and husband on our trips to Ireland, and even had my baby on top of Blarney Castle! We’ve had a lot to adapt to with Covid-19 in the last two years. We haven’t had any new children start, which is why our preforming group has gotten a little smaller. Dancers phase out as they leave for work or school, but we always have up-and-coming dancers to fill spots. Usually if we have enough dancers for the shows I wouldn’t need to perform myself, but myself and my sister are always there to fill spots. We had all of our dancers get individual boards to lay on the floor so we could dance socially distanced, which actually turned out to be a great idea, because we can now perform at shows that don’t have a danceable floor - like carpet or grass!

I've personally had the pleasure to dance with Great Big Sea, Ireland’s Daniel O'Donnell, The Chieftains, D’arcy Broderick in an Irish pub with the Harrington Brothers while in Dublin, and many other talented people.

The parents of the dancers that were in the group at the time we took over were very grateful that we were going to keep it going. We never would have been able to without the help of those wonderful parents and guardians. Eventually all 4 of my daughters were in the group performing and travelling so it was great because we would always make family vacations around our group trips. I would never get tired of watching them. When they learn new dances and move on it's just amazing when they perform it for the first time In front of an audience, the look on their faces is enough.

Courtney Walsh Yvonne Steiner

Courtney Yvonne St. Pat's Dancers

rish dance or Irish dancing is traditional Gaelic or Celtic dance forms that originated in Ireland. It can be performed as a solo or in groups of up to twenty or more trained dancers. In Ireland, Irish dance is part of social dancing or may be for formal performances and competitions. It is performed traditionally with intricate foot work and is most known for the dancers performing with a stiff upper body. Unlike other dance forms, Irish dancers do not move their arms or hands so that footworkisaccented. Irish step dancing is captivating to watch, and fun to do. Even if you are a beginner, there are plenty of steps and dance maneuvers that are easy to learn and perform. To accompany the traditional Irish dance, themenandwomenwhoperformthisdancehaveaverycustomizedlook. https://www.facebook.com/stpatsdancers/ click link

to go to website St. Pat's Dancers

I Irish Dance Women Rock Magazine | 65

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Leave? Written

To Leave

To leave or not to leave? That's the million dollar question that many women ask who are married to an abuser. (Of course this scenario can go the other way around between sexes, but right now I am writing specifically to women). Women often have an unspoken responsibility of maintaining the glue of the home. Many women today are brought up by the generations before them by women who would never think of leaving their husbands. They stayed together “no matter what”. But in this day and age, many women are holding the household together, not only functionally within the home, but also emotionally and financially. In my situation, I did all three. As I constantly glued the binding that was repetitively ripped by the seams from my husband at the time. Did I see the red flags people may question…

Looking back in retrospect, perhaps. But the red was a very faint hue at the time. And I never expected it to be flaming in colour one day. The fakeness of his perceived character was the playing of the drums for every beat. Was it difficult to leave? To leave I had to jump through continuous hoops so to speak. But they weren't just regular hoops. They were hoops with spikes; and every time I went through one, I had to slither through carefully to remain unscathed. My ex had an addictive personality and loved to party and drink. And when I was pregnant with my second and third child (twins), it was then he decided to altogether forgo his husbandly and fatherly duties and tear the seams in the book of marriage apart, as he abandoned his family in various ways. The extensive behavior was fairly short lived, as I very quickly gained enough courage and determination to leave. I knew the person I thought I married was indeed a very different person; and I knew with all my heart that he was unveiling his true self. So I began the separation process, hoping to be as amicable and fair as possible. As many abusers react, he had no intention in taking any ownership or responsibility for the demise of the marriage, and became extremely vindictive. or not to by Suzanna Guzzi

Throughout the process he attempted to play games with lawyers, and with that came financial abuse; hiding his income through cash, continuing to limit work to decrease his income further, and hiding assets in an attempt to take whatever little amount I was worth. This continued until I retrieved all his lies in one brew to the point he could no longer stir the pot, thus forcing him to discontinue his antics. We finally settled the separation agreement. Was it a hell of a fight? Of course it was, as it lasted for almost five years. Trying to maintain my mental and emotional wellness was a challenge, as it was often redirected by his twists and turns of continual sidetracks But I had to remain steady, not only for me, but for my children, as well as my parents who were completely taken off-guard from his treatment. Note, I empathize with anyone who has the additional challenge of tending with older fashioned family dynamics as I had to also convince my family that I will persevere one day to be happy again. I relentlessly went through all those hoops one by one until there was finally none left to jump through, as all his games were maximized and played out. So in telling you my personal story I will predict some questions you may have: How do you know when you're ready to leave the marriage? In these types of situations you are often never fully ready to leave, especially when children are involved. However, my desperate need to regain happiness was my determination and motivation every leap of the way. I only moved forward and didn't even want to remember my previous steps. As mentally all those previous paths from a life I once lived vanished as if they never existed. None of it was true or real, so they are memories I have had no problem discarding. My children are the only thing I carry forward now. How am I doing presently? Well, it's about seven years later. I have my own home that I remodeled myself I maintained my career and own an additional home business We have dual custody and are fairly amicable, despite dealing with his immature tantrums periodically. He’s fortunately a decent father and hides his toxic behaviors from them, and that, I have to be grateful for. He relies on me a lot when it comes to the children, so that may be the reason for some of the respect that has remained. My journey to leave is now over, but for you it may just be beginning. Is reading this a sign that you should leave? Everyone's reasons to leave or stay will be different. The challenges are emotional, but also stressful due to the legal aspects. Family Law can draw out the procedure as the system is antiquated and complex (Which is another topic of scrutiny for me to discuss another day). Everyone's pros and cons for leaving will also be unique. Am I happier now? Absolutely. I share my story so you may take what you want from it. Either way, you need to get equipped by gaining professional lawful counsel, to be aware of your own hoops that need to be jumped through (hopefully not as spiky as mine were). I pray my story motivates and inspires even one woman who may be like me years ago - contemplating if or how to fight one of the biggest fights of her life, to gain all the independence and happiness she deserves. To realize it is possible to remove oneself from abuse, and still get out alive (and fairly unscathed) To want to be happy and free as a divorced woman, having a chance to live her best life.

To Leave or not to Leave?

Women Rock Magazine | 67

Suzanna Guzzi

Authentik Wellness Ranch is a new business (only 2 years old), however it has been a long time in the making. A whole life’s worth of horse’s passion, to be exact! Nathalie Bourque (owner and certified coach) developed a passion for horses as a young teenager, when she saved enough money (working at a local ranch) to buy her first equine love, Cheyenne. From that point on, horses were always a part of her and her dreams. Then ‘life’ happened, as the saying goes, and two fully grown sons later, she decided to rekindle that passion along with her natural instinct to help people in need.


Nathalie Bourque

Magazine | 68

Personal & professional growth through horses Rock


Authentik Wellness Ranch was thus born as a deep desire to help and share the wonderful world of horses. Nathalie went through the rigorous certification processes of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Zootherapy, then put together a full-scope Wellness center that caters to multiple sectors, always using horses to sooth and improve people’s lives. Her range of objectively driven and proven programs address conditions that are unfortunately all too common in our modern, fast-paced world (anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, burn out, etc.).

Nathalie Bourque


Personal & professional growth through horses Rock

And then there are the Women’s Workshop and the Corporate Workshops, team building and leadership development. But wait, there is also a lighter side to the ranch, as the very popular ‘date night’ will attest to! And sometimes you just need to take your family, a long-time friend or a significant other to an outing that goes beyond a movie, a meal at a restaurant or a routine destination. How about spending a day with horses in a peaceful countryside setting, have fun and discover something wonderful? There is no riding, all the activities are done from the ground so that the horse has the freedom it needs to interact with you honestly and authentically. No previous experience with horses is required! The Horses are the teachers! They provide instant and honest feedback. They do not judge but they constantly Assess. They seek leadership and their calm and assertive nature enables them to detect unusual behavior and clearly let us know if they are interested, bored, or confused. Horses make the activity engaging, fun, challenging, and truly memorable as the sheer size of the horse adds a presence and dimension that creates a powerful retention setting and sets it apart from any other learning experience. Horses have helped folks recover from trauma, accidents, or a stressful life for a long time. Their profoundly gentle nature (often overlooked at first due to their intimidating size) and amazing capabilities to relate to humans have been kept secret for far too long. Dare to experience a truly revealing day with us! It is something you will never forget … http://www.authentikwellnessranch.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/authentikwellnessranch

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We are an established retail and full service onsite jewellery repair ship in St. John's, Newfoundland, in business since 2006. We specialize in all jewellry repairs, as well as professional 3D custom jewellery designs all done in house. Our jeweler, Melvin Coombs, is the owner of The Goldsmith. He is a local Newfoundlander with 25 years experience in the jewellery trade, who can professionally complete all jewellery repairs, from simple ring sizings and chain repairs, to all claw work, stone setting, and complete restorations. We offer competitive prices on all our jewellery repairs, custom made jewelry, and retail merchandise. We are located at 15 Rowan Street, Churchill Square, St. John's, NL. Store Hours: Mon Fri 10 to 5 / Wed 10 to 6 Phone: (709) 368 4653 https://thegoldsmith.ca/ Women Rock Magazine | 70 Click to go to Site https://www.facebook.com/15Rowan

When I told one of my staff that I planned on having a vegetable garden this summer in my backyard, her reaction was appropriate, coming from someone who knows only too well how crazy our lifestyles are. She said in a subtle, yet rhetorical fashion. “Okay, so you are not busy enough?” My answer was, “Yes Yes of course I am busy, but I just want to do it!” This summer I decided that at fifty five, I really want to start taking more time off work to focus on other things in life. As a business owner, it is so easy to become obsessed with your job and forget that there is more to life than just work, work, work And while all my cupboards do need to be sorted, my closets gutted, and my floors washed, that’s just no fun for the brief summer months.


Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t plan on spending the entire summer with a shovel in hand. But for some crazy reason I had it in my head that I wanted to try growing vegetables Perhaps it was the rising cost of food, the fear of shortages, or just because I wanted to focus my boggled mind on something totally different. For whatever the reason, I made the decision to do it. And knowing that my husband had a hundred more important jobs to do, with work, the cabin, and maintenance around our house, I knew this was my project alone Especially after he told me that it was. by Stephanie Darby Coombs

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Anyway, with the help of Princess Auto and some galvanized raised garden beds, along with the delivery of one big pile of dirt, I was off to the races But I can’t say that my husband had absolutely no part in this project He did in fact show me how to use his drill so I could put the beds together And I think he lugged over one or two wheelbarrows full of topsail. I have to give him some credit. Once my beds were made, though, the planting stage came from the advice of neighbours and friends who had their own gardens, as well as our local nursery And a bit of Google, of course You can figure out how to do just about anything on the internet

Being a novice gardener, each step was a new challenge. I had to figure it all out as I went along. It was certainly a learning experience. And I have to admit, I may have made some mistakes along the way But I won’t get in to that

Women Rock Magazine | 72 Stephanie Darby Coombs


Living here in Newfoundland, with a shorter growing season, I grew most of my plants inside from seedlings, and then planted them in the beds around the first week of June, after the last threat of frost. The work didn’t end there though. And the educating had only just begun really. I learned many things on this new venture. I learned the easy way to make a trellis by using your fence, a staple gun and a trellis net I learned certain plants need to be covered And then I learned how to cover them, with inexpensive ½” pipe tubing and gardening cloth to keep the bugs and white moths out. I also learned about what sprays to use when they get in anyway I learned a great deal about how to grow vegetables in this summer project of mine, but believe me, there is much more to learn and to perfect in future gardens. I am certainly no expert, but I have proven to myself that if I want to do something, I can certainly figure out ways to get the job done all by myself. Who needs a man? If all goes well, this fall I will yield a varied crop of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, snow peas, zucchini, and spaghetti squash Let the healthy eating begin!

Women Rock Magazine | 73

have lived in our house for 9 years The summer of 2020 was the first one where we used our porch daily. It is a large space and I didn’t know how to furnish it. I kept an eye out for items but was undecided on what I should buy. We would sit out each night but I dreamed of a comfortable space, one that we as a family could enjoy as well as a space that would also work for client meetings and drop offs. WE Stacey enjoying a superb cup of coffee on her beautifully designed front porch. photo courtesy of Stacey Spare

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Porch Design & Furniture Selection by Dee's Interior Design and Staging

porch FOR by Stacey Spare a pretty extending your living space


Women Rock Magazine | 75

PORCH RULES Takeanap Feelthebreezes Readabook Converse Listentothebirds Sipadrink Relax


All the items that Dee chose came together perfectly I am now into my second summer of enjoying my beautiful front porch and it brings a smile to my face each time I see it as it is so much more welcoming It has been a wonderful space to meet my clients distanced outside with an easy to find drop off area for them I also continue to sit out most evenings to unwind from the day T


"All the items that Dee chose came together perfectly.Iamnowintomysecondsummerof enjoyingmybeautifulfrontporchanditbrings asmiletomyfaceeachtimeIseeitasitso muchmorewelcoming"! by stacey spare - homeowner photo courtesy of Stacey Spare

a cozy corner to chill.

hat summer I met Dee at a coffee meeting with a few entrepreneurs. I was immediately drawn to Dee’s positive energy. The more I met with her and in looking at her website, I knew I wanted her help with my porch project.

BY DEE TOBIN SINHA Dee's Interior Design & Staging



Nowadays home buyers put outdoor living spaces as one of their priorities when buying a house. Some actually are willing to sacrifice square footage to build outdoor living spaces. This space can increase the value and appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Creating an outdoor living space provides an excellent area for rest and relaxation. Having a beautiful cozy place to spend time outdoors without the distraction of TV's and other electronics can give you countless hours of leisurely down time.


photo courtesy of Stacey Spare photo courtesy of Stacey Spare photo courtesy of Stacey Spare


Women Rock Magazine | 76 https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/

pending time outdoors is extremely gratifying and enjoyed by most. We look so forward to the Spring and Summer months and even Fall for that matter. Most of us love to be outside and thankfully there are some great benefits to doing just that.

Unlike family time inside the living room where TV and electronics tend to sometimes be a part of spending time together, being outdoors tends to lend itself to quality time where engaging with each other seems to be more natural. It is also a venue to host activities such as games, BBQ's, get togethers and date nights.

MOOD AND MENTAL HEALTH Studies show that spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to boost your mental health. For people with depression, anxiety and high amounts of stress and other psychological difficulties having an outdoor space to spend some quality me time can significantly relieve the symptoms of their ailments. Some benefits of having an outdoor Living Space.


photo courtesy of Stacey Spare

Thankyou for trusting me with this very important family project Stacey I thoroughly enjoyed our journey together in creating this gorgeous serene getaway Wishing you many days and nights of family fun! Dee xo

s an Interior Designer and Decorator I must admit that working on an outdoor project such as this intriguing porch design brought a pure sense of joy to my soul. I absolutely love my own outdoor space and was ecstatic to start creating Stacey's My mission was to design a space that Stacey would fall in love with, a space that would bring a smile to her face every time she stepped outside I wanted to create a sanctuary that she and her family would enjoy for years to come Being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, reading a good book, watering the flowers, dining outside with family, sipping on a morning coffee. The list is endless. There is so much to enjoy when being outside. It has a profound effect on ones soul You are at one with nature and it is a true sense of tranquility


photo courtesy of stacey spare photo courtesy of stacey spare photo courtesy of stacey spare

Women Rock Magazine | 77 https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging

Thankyou Stacey for trusting me with this very important family design project I am thrilled that you and your family are enjoying your cozy newoutdoorspace Wishing you many years of relaxationonyourprettyporch andalifeofoutdoorsimplicity Deexo com/



Ted asked me to come in to chat , which I did the following week. He asked me to go home and do up a demo for him and a resume I went home and at the time , I only had one of those little microphones attached to a cassette player that made you sound like you were two, but it was all I had. I whipped something up for him and returned the following week task in hand. Ted quickly said "that is not you, come with me" and brought me into the studio to voice a commercial, and from there my radio career began. Women Rock Magazine | 78

A Musical Journey Through Radio

My parents used to argue a lot, so when that happened, I always slept with my trusty radio and listened to the only English radio station in my small town. Music was my escape back then and being a child of the eighties, Journey, REO Speedwagon and Laura Branigan were among my favourites on the radio.

As I grew older, my dream was to become a vet and take care of animals as my love for them ran very deep. But when I learned that you had to possibly kill an animal, a.k.a. euthanize them if they got fatally ill, I had to turn that dream somewhere else as that was something that I could not understand as a child and definitely could not contemplate doing. I used to love to draw as a kid and my Dad wanted me to become an artist. However, in school I used to love to write as well, and always did well in English with my compositions. So writing was another option, but somehow fate played a hand and before I knew it, I had quit high school with my Dad's permission, on the condition that I found something career-wise.

Obviously I loved animals from the get-go in life as I was playing with rabbits, which later became a love of cats as I had one with me in my crib named Scamper. He was my protector, if he knew you as you approached my crib it was fine but if he didn't, he would hiss and not let you near me

was born an on child - "from playi with rabbits" as my D used to tell me. He explained that th kept trying and tryi to have me but it nev happened...that I w off playing with rabb 'til one day, I decided show up. That was my Da always the joker :)

Once I had quit high school and was thinking of what to do, I had this dream one night while listening to the radio, that I was on air, talking on radio, ME I awoke the next morning and thought "okay, I will try that", why not. I put in a call to that same radio station, CKTS and talked to their program director, Ted Silver, who oddly enough after all these years is my same wonderful boss today. Talk about going back to your roots.

My Story...

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He always told me two things, travel is the best form of education and you can be anything that you want to be!

In April of '99 I moved to Majic 100 to do Promo and Swing, and later became part-time Music Director. Full time Music Director followed, and then taking on the task of "That 80's Show" before becoming a part of "The Morning Show with Kevin, Bill and Codi" As it happens in radio, changes and layoffs come along, so after moving over to our sister station 93.9 Bob FM for a brief stint on afternoons, they decided to change formats and let us all go.

At this point, I thought of different options in my life...but somehow, after 3 months of being off work, all those roads led me right back to radio and hosting the first female morning show at Jewel 98.5 and yes, with my same boss that gave me my start, Ted Silver.

I'm still hosting on what is now Lite 98.5, now called "Mornings with Codi and Brian" and during this whole time my love of animals has come full circle too as I also took on the amazing job of being a Veterinary Assistant at Alta Vista Animal Hospital I am happily married to a wonderful man, Keith Chawkin, whom I met while working a "live on location" for Majic 100 back in 2011 and we are proud fur parents to all our cats, most notably Pumpkin :)

My Story A Musical Journey Through Radio Women Rock Magazine |79 Codi Jeffreys

Life starts you out on a journey and along the way, it all becomes exactly what you want it to be, even if it's not what you think at the time. Keep dreaming along that journey and it will all turn out exactly as you want it, life is funny like that. Ted trained me for 3 months before putting me on air and I stayed there for 3 years before moving on to Peterborough to work my first full time job at 980 CHEX as evening announcer. I quickly moved on to middays and music director, then helped launch the rock station, 101.5 The Wolf. I spent 5 glorious years there learning and loving radio, but when 97.7 HTZ FM in St. Catharines called, I moved myself down the dial and did Swing for 6 years before finally settling in Ottawa in 1999.

The swimming dragon is a Qi Gong movement. A posture with motion. A tuning into and being present with the vibration and energy of your own body. I’ve always been fascinated by the power and influence that our body’s posture has over us. If we slouch, we can interfere with our breathing. If we sit too long, we can become stagnant. If we overeat, we might begin to store fat. If we don’t smile, we can sink into quiet sadness.

Holistic Nutritionist Life Coach

I could feel the energy shift like little rippling waves as each of the dragon’s wings paddled from left to right. It created an underwater current that carried me and my thoughts to a deeper, calmer and more still place. I was one with the dragon as it uncoiled and recoiled in full body movements with its effortless gentle folding of the spine. In a mesmerizing, almost hypnotic way the dragon reached the surface of the water ready to emerge, but then recessed and ever so beautifully sank back to the water’s soft floor in what seemed like a reverse- levitating cradled position of being suspended in light energy. I met the swimming dragon as I was going about my day and listening to where my heart led me. I was guided to meet this powerful being because I had asked to, and I was ready.

The Swimming Dragon The Swimming Dragon

LISA BERRY Women Rock Magazine | 80 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents

Many of us will hear the calling from our bodies to move, to express, to release, to create and to act on it. We might dance, cry, rest, or stretch. But many times, we ignore nature’s calling or perhaps don’t trust what it’s requesting of us.

I say “don’t trust” because at times we don’t feel safe to acquiesce to what we hear our body is needing, which is where our energy wants to go. This "not feeling safe" might look like not wanting to interrupt what we’re currently doing. Maybe we feel we’ll look silly. Maybe we think we don’t have time and don’t feel safe to prioritize it. Maybe we don’t want to do it alone. Or maybe it physically hurts because we haven’t listened for so long and now the shift is too painful In the last few years, I pushed my own boundaries and didn’t listen to the movement requests my body was making, what my energy was needing, and the outcome was painful bursitis in my hips I didn’t feel safe enough to tell people and colleagues that sitting in front of the computer on lengthy and endless zoom calls was not comfortable or that I needed more breaks. I didn’t want to let people down and I didn’t want to miss out. What I really was doing was not letting my dragon swim.

LISA BERRY By After almost 2 years of therapy exercises and focused repair movements with the direct desired outcome of “fixing” my hips, I came across and met The Swimming Dragon Doing movements with the visualization of being the swimming dragon, while embodying a being that held the energy that I was longing for, allowed me to shift where the source of my motivation was coming from I was healing myself through and from love, and not from feeling broken or like a quitter. Perhaps your swimming dragon is a flying eagle or a tree climbing squirrel or a slow moving elephant. Take a moment every day to tune in, to listen to what your body is requesting of you and what allows your energy to be released to feel your expansion and freedom. Who is your swimming dragon? Women Rock Magazine | 81 https://www facebook com/lisa berry LOL https://www instagram com/lisaberry uplifting/ www.lightonliving.com click links to go to sites

Holistic Nutritionist Life Coach

The Swimming Dragon The Swimming Dragon

I am Angela Feser and I started Angela’s Social Bliss Blueprint in 2020 because I love being creative and organized and I wanted to share these passions with others. I enjoy helping small businesses get recognized on Social Media by creating amazing, eye catching and engaging graphics. I created the Social Bliss Content Club and Social Bliss Bundles. For a small membership fee business owners get a fresh post every day plus access to my huge vault of past posts and all my past, current and future programs, templates, journals etc..

I also offer graphics and scheduling services for coaches, speakers, creators, entrepreneurs, podcasters, fitness enthusiasts, and leaders who want to save time and engage with their audience more consistently, allowing them to focus their energy in their zones of genius. look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have regarding how I can help you spend more quality time with your friends and family while building a successful business.



I love my members and clients! Hi, Women Rock Magazine | 82 ClicktogobacktoTableofContents

SOCIAL MEDI Contact me via the links below

www.socialblissblueprint.com www.socialblisscontentclub.com www.socialblissbundles.com www.facebook.com/socialblissblueprint www.instagram.com/angelassocialblissblueprint www.linkedin.com/in/socialblissblueprint Women Rock Magazine | 83



s I got older I discovered the wild world of gemstones. No two stones are ever the same, the growth patterns, the natural colours from our own earths minerals and rock just fascinated me. I began collecting and researching where each stone originated from and what made them so attractive to me "When you are surrounded with so many beautiful coloured stones, the desire to make and create new and interesting combinations of colours and textures was very exciting It was time to share my passion with the world " I then started to research the natural healing properties of the gemstones that I was attracted to.

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Goody 2 Shoes Bead Creations was initially created to share my love of gemstones and unique hand crafted jewelry with my friends and family I loved making new creations so much that I decided to branch out and offer a broader audience an opportunity to see what I could make. What started out as a hobby for me rapidly became a passion. I started learning and working with different stock and media of supplies when I was in high school. I used to get so excited to go and see all of the new fabulous colours and patterns that could be created. It definitely stirred a creative spark in what would later grow into so much more.



Magazine | 85


Goody 2 Shoes Bead Creations primarily works with gemstones natural abilities that may help with healing of all kinds, physically, mentally and emotionally In both ancient and modern times cultures all over the world have also believed that gemstones have healing properties. Whether you believe this can help or not, perhaps you are like myself and amazed by the colours and natural beauty that come from each stone. click link to go to site I Rock https://www.facebook.com/search/topq=goody%202%20shoes%20bead%20creations https://www.instagram.com/goody2shoesbeadcreations/ goody2shoesbeadcreations@gmail.com

I have worked with many varieties of jewelry making, but my favorite and what has now become my signature pieces are the hand wire wrapped gemstone necklaces. Each piece is unique and no two can be duplicated. I am often asked to create custom orders or have been asked to use various colours to create a one of a kind piece. When you find something that you love you share it with the world. myself have endured many health obstacles in my life, and I found comfort in using the energies that can be experienced when wearing and working with natural gemstones.




https://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/trip ideas/travellers guide Women Rock Magazine | 86

Take Your Breath Away


view from just behind the Signal Hill Visitors Center. Below this lofty pearch, is St. John ' s Harbour, and a panoramic view of the St. John ' s downtown skyline. Newfoundland is full of such wonderous vistas, nestled in Coves, Shorlines, and National Parks. Come for a Visit. You won ' t be disappointed!

BeautifulSt.John'sNL.Harbour Women Rock Magazine | 87

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