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WOMEN ROCK is a virtual interactive online women's magazine targeted to female audiences 30 and up while maintaining the inclusivity of younger and older women of all ages.

We provide inspirational stories and articles that motivate and nurture the mind, body and spirit. We are dedicated to providing fun, knowledgeable and meaningful content to amazing women everywhere.

The Goal of Women Rock Magazine is to empower, inspire, uplift and support all women while encouraging them to be their very best selves.

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It's that time of year again friends when the cooler temperatures hit, Fall sweaters are a must and a pumpkin spiced latte is definitely on the menu.

I am enamoured by the gorgeous colours of Fall. The intensity of these yellow, red and orange leaves before they cascade to the ground are nothing short of breathtaking. And as you all know, I am all about colour.

Walks in the park and swinging on the swings become that much more appealing as these astonishing colours take me to my happy place where I feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

Fall is all about change and it is the perfect time of year to embrace this imminant transition and look deeper within ourselves shedding pieces of your past and starting anew.


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A RETREAT BY THE RIVER Dee's Creative Corner A Retreat by the River The Importance of Creating a Beautiful Home to Live in Add Class and Style with These Simple Decorating Tips
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Enjoy these beautiful heartwarming stories and incredible content in this colourful Fall issue friends. I have no doubt that you will be overjoyed with inspiration and empowered beyond measure. Dee xo
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The Lasting Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II 60 Deanne Tobin Sinha Feature Feature C o n t e n t s C o n t e n t s When One Day Changes Every 58 Stephanie Darby Coombs 2022 - Women Icons We Will Miss 64 Deanne Tobin Sinha Texture in Design 74 Dee Sinha My Solo Tour Du Mont Blanc at 60 68 Christianne Roy Ottawa - The Sights and Sounds of the Nations Capital 90 Deanne Tobin Sinha Integrity by McCarthy Inc. 40 Kenneth McCarthy & Katherine Snow Six Seconds 80 Elaine Lindsay A Modelling Dream Come True 86 Juanita Wilson Frozen in Time - The Four Sisters 88 Deanne Tobin Sinha
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ctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while we celebrate the remarkable progress that has been made against breast cancer, it is still true that 1 in 8 women in Canada are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Why are at-home breast self-exams so important?

Gaining awareness of what’s normal for your body and noticing (either on sight or by feel) when there’s been a change means you can promptly report it to your healthcare provider “You can’t know there’s been a change unless you know what your normal breast tissue feels like and you’d only know if you’re doing breast self-exams often,” says Dr. Paula Gordon, a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia.

That said, Gordon also emphasizes that there are many cancers that aren’t detectable by a self-exam and that at-home breast examinations should augment regular mammograms and other tests. “Understanding your entire body and anything that changes is important, but first and foremost, discuss any changes with your doctor who is familiar with your risk factors,” adds Cathy Ammendolea, the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network.

How do I examine my breasts at home?

Before jumping into the how, it’s good to set up the when: your breasts’ size, texture and lumpiness fluctuates depending on where you’re at in your menstrual cycle, making it tricky to know what your norm is If you’re still menstruating, Gordon recommends doing your breast self-exam a few days after your period. Before your period, it’s normal for your breast tissue to feel lumpier and sore. “This ensures you’re comparing apples to apples each time,” says Gordon. If you’ve gone through menopause, give yourself an exam periodically.

To perform a self-exam, start with the visual check. Stand in front of your mirror, topless, and turn side to side, checking for lumps and changes in your nipples. Then, lift your hands above your head. After that, place your hands on your hips and flex your chest muscles. Both moves can help you see lumps that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Next is the feel test Unless you have really small breasts, you should be doing your self-exam like a breast surgeon does it: lying back at about a 30-degree angle (for example, lying down in bed with your head propped up on a few pillows) Keep your fingers flat and bent slightly at the knuckles, use the undersurface of your fingers to squish your breast tissue against your ribcage Then, feel for lumps and any changes by going around the circumference of your breast to the nipple and then feeling the nipple as well Finally, check your armpits, where there may be enlarged lymph nodes Reach your hand over to hold onto the opposite shoulder and then, using your other hand, squish the tissue and fat of your armpit against your rib cage and feel for any lumps

Gordon suggests checking out this video by breast surgeon Dr Liz O’Riordan as a guide

click links below for more information




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BOOST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH a walk in the park

The connection between parks and health is well established. A 10-minute walk can enhance physical fitness, reduce the risk of chronic disease, improve brain function (learning and memory) and boost your mental health. The 10 minutes it takes to walk back home, not to mention the activity done in between, are a bonus.

A simple stay in the outdoors can do wonders for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. Countless studies have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health. What you see, hear, and experience in nature can improve your mood in a moment. There is a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced negative emotions.

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For me, the gorgeous colours alone make my heart smile this time of year. I feel a sense of peace and calmness when I spend time in a part whether it is just chilling on a bench, swinging on a swing or walking the beautiful trails. I feel connected and one with nature.


A recent study found people who frequented urban parks for an average of 20 minutes reported significant increases in life satisfaction after their visit. “We suspect that the improvement is thanks to a reduction in stress levels,” explains study author Hon Yuen, PhD, professor and director of research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s department of occupational therapy.

What’s more, “the natural setting of parks elicits a variety of experiences that facilitate spiritual expression, including a sense of wonder and awe, peacefulness, calm, stillness and/or tranquility” says Diana Allen, chief of the National Park Service’s Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative.


A growing body of research shows green spaces have positive effects on cardiovascular health: A Finnish study showed visiting urban forests or parks is better for heart health than visits to built-up urban city centers. Women who visited natural environments had lower blood-pressure levels and heart rates. A Japanese study found people who sat in forests had lower blood-pressure, heart rates and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, compared to people in urban environments. “There are also studies that demonstrate blood pressure being lowered more effectively on a walk in the woods versus the city” Allen says.


Your local park is infinitely more exciting to the senses than a treadmill. “By being outdoors you use more of your senses, taking in the changing seasons and dynamic surroundings,” says Zarr. Thus, it can be a great form of therapy and motivation for sticking with exercise. “There has been growing evidence that when people engage in physical fitness activities outdoors, rather than indoors, they spend more time doing physical activity, which makes a strong case for encouraging outdoor movement” says Allen.



a walk in the
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This homemade pumpkin pie made with mashed, cooked pumpkin, is my family's favourite. Skip the canned pumpkin and store-bought crust and make your holiday pumpkin pie from scratch with a flaky homemade pastry crust and a deliciously spiced pumpkin filling. Hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!


Pie A F a l l F a v o u r i t e
Honestly!! This IS the
YUMMMMY! ENJOY! Dee (Click to go to website) Women Rock Magazine | 12
best pumpkin pie
have ever had!
e F
https://www.allrecipes.com/gallery/apple-crumble-recipes-for-fall/ A FALL FAVOURITE Women Rock Magazine | 13
a l l R e c i
e s

Fall - a time for change & regrowth

Fall represents a time for transformations both personal and environmental The temperatures drop, leaves fall, and your wardrobe is dominated by clothing that will keep you warm. It is the favourite season for those who love cooler weather, boots, and Halloween. A season drenched in tradition, Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change We leave the scorching Summer heat behind and the pretty blooming flowers are replaced by gorageous colourful crisp leaves

The perfect Fall Day!

The temperature was great, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. It was a splendid excuse to dress up, put my lipstick on and take pictures for my Fall Edition. Take some time for YOU! Do something you love. Go shopping, have a spa day, lay in bed and read a book, get your hair done, go for a walk in the park. Or simply dress up , put on your lipstick and take pics in your back yard like I did lol. I had a blast. Take care of you! Dee


#feeling pretty
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F O R W O M E N R U N S D E E P . "

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep connection with women I remember as young as the age of 12 my friends would come to me for advice and just spill! They would feel so comfortable telling me literally "everything" I was fascinated! I remember sitting and listening and thinking "wow I can't believe she is telling me this"

I have always considered myself a great listener and I do pride myself on always being there for my friends I feel a sense of honour that I can help make someone feel better, to know that I am there for them to talk to when they need me I absolutely love that feeling of doing something good for someone, to lift them up and help give them hope

I would find myself empathizing with my girlfriends on many occasions and thinking "wow I feel so sad for her, I couldn't imagine going through what she is going through" and trying everything I could to make her feel better. It made me feel happy when my friends were happy.

I truly believe that my passion for women stems from not having a caring and loving Mother. For some reason going through and having such a chaotic childhood and living with such an unstable and neglectful mother drove me to want to be there for others. It is a feeling of pure joy as I really feel like that is what I am meant to do. It makes me feel happy knowing that I am helping someone else. It validates who I am and brings me great pleasure.

Feeling so strongly and having such love and passion for women is something that has always been a part of who I am. I am so proud to say that. And even though I grew up without the love and care of a Mom I have always been fascinated about how I ended up having so much love to give. I literally feel like my heart is bursting with love and I need to spread it everywhere which is why I I felt compelled to start this beautiful , inspiring and empowering women's magazine, a platform for women everywhere to tell their stories.

I do believe that life is a journey of learning and growing and I strongly feel that surrounding yourself with loving, positive and supportive people will bring great joy to your life. Stay close to those who honour and respect you as you truly deserve it.

" M Y P A S S I O N
heartisburstingwith loveandIneedto spreaditeverywhere.
Dee xo
The Lotus Flower Symbolizes Resilience, Strength, Power, Hope, Robustness and Resistance. It is also the symbol for Spiritual Enlightenment.
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H P E elping rphans rosper ducation through Uganda trip We are on our way back to Uganda. After three years of covid restrictions, we finally get to see the children again.
hopeinnl@gmail.com to donate to these beautiful children please contact email below Women Rock Magazine | 16 Click to Return to Table of Contents
by Marjorie Williams


elping rphans rosper through

Alotofchangecanhappeninthreeyears,but wewereveryfortunatetohavethesupportfromour family,friendsandcompanieswhohavehelpedus alongthejourney.

Ugandawashithardbythepandemicbecauseof thestrictshutdownregulations. Peoplewerenot abletoconducttheirdailyroutine activitiesof sellingtheirwares,goingtoschool,evengettingto hospitalsforcare.

Butthankfullythemoneywehavebeenabletokeep continuingtoflowtheirway,allowedthemtobefed andtakencareofmedically,allwhilestayingatthe homeinsteadofbeinginboardingschool. Missed educationcanbedetrimentaltoanychild,letalone achildrelyingonaneducationtosurviveinlife


Wearesohappy tobetravelling backinNovember togetupdateson theirdevelopment andtoletthem knowthatweare thereforthem everystepofthe way.
https://www.facebook.com/HOPEinNL/ Todonatetothesebeautifulchildrenpleaseclickthelinkbelow Women Rock Magazine | 17


The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

Are children in charge of the Internet? In most situations, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. Many parents talk about their children knowing more than they do. Most parents lack the true reality of child behaviours online, and the magnitude of predation on our children. After researching for years, and writing two books, Charlene recommends it is important for parents, grandparents, and professionals, to recognize the challenges our children are facing online.

On a daily basis, predation is a challenge, with children the easy prey. Why? Parents and other adults refuse to realize the significance of the vulnerabilities. Our children are being given too much ownership for their decisions and safety online. They do not have the life skills to make decisions required to keep them safe. It is time for parents, grandparents, and caregivers, to “digitize” their parenting skills. Traditional parenting is excellent; however, this is the digital age, and we must change our parenting to adapt to it.

When did the digital age start? Many people believe it has been in existence for far longer than the true reality As a Computer Science Specialist in Education and Network Administrator, I can safely say the Internet and the digital age became a more universal reality in the new millennium, the year 2000. At that time, people were thrilled to see an animated gif on the screen, a moving picture. We have progressed to online, real time streaming of videos, within the last twenty-two years. Not a long time to realize we need to change our parenting and professional skills.

Where is an online predator? They are where their prey is – chats, online gaming, social media In-person predators begin with a “grooming” process They work at building a trust into a relationship that gradually becomes toxic and abusive Grooming online is a different concept, and one all adults should know and understand

There is an online handbook in the Dark Web for predators to assist them in finding their prey They actually learn how to find the lonely child that will do what they want online. What would that be? Providing nudes and doing activities on camera that they should not be doing. The predator may provide pornography to the child. Grooming can be so “efficient” that a child can be coerced into doing something they should not be doing within a 30minute period. Children have to be supervised directly on devices in order for adults to intervene in a grooming, bullying, or other type of negative activity. Doak-Gebauer has developed a Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection that is proactive in helping parents digitize their parenting skills It comes in three parts –

1 Awareness ~ what is the reality of the vulnerabilities of our children online This is the most important segment of Digital Supervision. Without parents realizing the awareness factor, they will not come to the realization that they need to learn how to supervise their children directly on digital devices.

2. Method ~ How can a parent supervise their children directly on devices? It is possible and necessary

3 Hope ~ we can do this, and we must

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https:// The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

Predation comes in many forms Often, the predator can be an unknown But we must never forget the possibility of a family member or family friend causing issues for our children These predators do not follow the traditional definition of a predator Online predators are totally different They are not in a park, or mall, or religious building – they are online. Their techniques for finding children differ and are very insidious. Predators are on online games. Many parents will say their children are on educational games. Unfortunately, the children on educational games can be the vulnerable because they are more protected and naïve. Predators are on any type of platform or within any type of environment. We know about unknowns or family members, however, the largest group and the one to be feared the most, is the peer-to-peer victimizers ~ our children’s friends They are asking each other to do things they should not be doing online Peers are asking each other to produce nudes, take videos/pics of friends having sex, putting harmful data online, and other activities

The definition of a child in most criminal codes, is anyone under the age of 18 in most countries When a child is nudes, they are producing and distributing CSAM (child sexual abuse material, or the more common term, “child pornography” This is quite problematic. Their parents actually own the devices. Until they are 18, they can be charged with producing and distributing CSAM.

Because the parents actually own the devices, the parents are responsible for the content of the device and can be charged with possession In some cases, parents may be reported to child and protection services for neglecting to supervise their children adequately

What should parents do? Digitize their parenting by applying Digital Supervision The methods are user friendly and effective For example, a Digital Supervision contract needs to be in place This contract would be agreed upon by the parents and the children Digital device use rules are established through conversations between the parents and the child. Surprisingly, children may come up with rules that will be a part of the contract. One suggestion is that parents have all passwords for devices. Parents request that cellphones be docked in the parental bedroom at night for charging. There are many effective methods of telling children parents are in charge of the Internet in their homes, and not the children. This generation is the most independent generation in the history of the world This must change

Author, “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?”. “Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases”

Award-winning Producer/Director – Vulnerable Innocence Documentary Founder and Chair Internet Sense First and the AICET Council Global Speaker Click for Website

https://www cdoak-gebauer com/?

fbclid=IwAR2U4a4ooAH4vYxIirZz8OdLCjnbL24sgof n0eLzzW851PWXvGlxtXwt6zA

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Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Dress forSuccess Jen Crawford

My name is Jen Crawford and I am the Executive Director of Dress for Success Ottawa National Capital Region We are a locally-based nonprofit that is part of a worldwide network of like-minded affiliates dedicated to promoting the economic independence of women As a collective, we provide professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help women and gender non-conforming individuals to thrive in work and in life

We have 6 full time staff but are very much a volunteerdriven organization: from the Wardrobe Consultants in the Suiting Program to Clothing Donation Day sorters to Communications Committee writers and posters, volunteers are vital to every aspect of their work. In 2021, over 180 people volunteered for Dress for Success, giving 4400 hours of their time serving 862 clients who are able to move forward in their careers and towards economic independence! It is our belief that when women are succeeding in our communities, everyone benefits!

Since starting operations in New York in 1997, Dress for Success has expanded to more than 150 cities in 30 countries and has helped more than one million women toward self-sufficiency. The first Dress for Success in Canada opened in 1999 and there are now 13 affiliates from coast to coast.

Dress for Success offers over a dozen career advancement and professional development programs, including career coaching, resume writing and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, government benefits navigation, online learning modules via Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Learning Exchange, a private client-only Facebook group, and the annual All Women Empowered Client Conference, which will be happening November 16th,2022. We have over 120 folks signed up already, you should join us, did I mention it is free! Click here to sign up https://ottawa.dressforsuccess.org/get-involved/events/awe-2022/

Of course, the most well-known program is the namesake Suiting program. It pairs job-ready clients with a personal wardrobe consultant who assists them in finding clothing, toiletries and accessories for their current career stage. Clients can book up to two suitings a year.

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Dress for Success Jen Crawford

Our Dress for Success clients come from a variety of backgrounds, and each story is unique. Take, for example, Leah. In 2015, after 16 years of raising her kids and seeing them through university, she found herself in a new position: in her mid-50s, recently divorced and needing to support herself. Having been out of the workforce for an extended period, her resume and skills were outdated. She searched for work but found that, due to her age, she wasn’t getting offers in her field.

“I couldn’t even get an interview in my field; the only work I was able to find was part-time in retail which is not where my passions lie – I wanted a career I sent out many resumes and got no response It was really distressing ”

That’s when a friend suggested Ontario Works, and she found herself being referred to Dress for Success Ottawa

Leah hit the ground running She booked a personalized interview suiting session with Dress for Success, and left her appointment with a great interview outfit – simple but very professional, and something she still wears today

She continued to improve her skills through Dress for Success, improving her resume and cover letter writing skills, upskilling excel and other office programs, and attending AWE conference sessions on public speaking, leading without a title and managing teams. She secured a job as a seasonal contract worker in the Costco call centre, was extended for permanent part-time, and was eventually promoted to full-time Supervisor.

She continued to improve her skills through Dress for Success, improving her resume and cover letter writing skills, upskilling excel and other office programs, and attending AWE conference sessions on public speaking, leading without a title and managing teams She secured a job as a seasonal contract worker in the Costco call centre, was extended for permanent part-time, and was eventually promoted to full-time Supervisor

Today, Leah feels that she has realized the career path that felt impossible 7 years ago On track for additional management positions, she loves her job and finds it very rewarding to be able to help people all day


“I cannot sing the praises of Dress for Success enough. They gave me the confidence to continue to drive myself to learn new skills and to push against barriers. I sincerely credit the volunteers and staff who assisted me with getting to where I am now, a self-sufficient career-woman, who is on the path to management and a great future.” Dress for Success was so much more than just the suiting appointment for Leah.

A life-long learner, Leah continues to use her secret weapon Dress for Success. She takes online courses to keep her skills up and has attended workshops on how to advance in your career, how to make yourself more visible and how to sound professional so people take notice

“They are all really simple tips that, when you apply them, they really make a difference ”

And this is why we do what we do here at Dress for Success Ottawa! I couldn't be more proud of the work and the impact we have on so many in our community!

Take good care,

If you would like to learn more about us click here https://ottawa dressforsuccess org/ https://www.facebook.com/DFSOttawa

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The Goddess Healing Matrix System

The Goddess Healing Matrix System

Through my own lens of childhood and teenage tribulations, I saw the need to create a system that was designed to enhance our inner tools. I created the Goddess Healing Matrix™ System in 2012, which is a four level empowerment program infused with the ancient feminine archetypes from all cultures.

In this program we begin learning about the Egyptian goddess Isis, maintaining inner balance, to the Hawaiian goddess Pele and understanding how important it is to ignite your passion & creativity Fostering self-love is one of the most critical relationships to have with one self, but often the most disregarded

In the third level of the Goddess Healing Matrix™ System, the Goddess Master™ level we travel to a sacred site around the world and learn the ancient history of the goddess connected to that culture We also find a women’s charity in the local area that we can help flourish through time and finances I am a firm believer in leaving a positive footprint in all areas of life

As we move into Fall, the cycle of change continues around us through nature The goddesses have shown us through history that the cycle of life is natural and allowing yourself to be in flow with those cycles helps to support the rebirth of new opportunities. As we enter into the Fall, begin to cocoon your inspiration with the internal light of what Spring will help you to blossom. Take this time to fertilize your seeds of inspiration heightening your creativity.

One of my greatest joys is to watch teen girls discover they have that inner GPS to help navigate those tough decisions in life guiding them to look internally aligning life around them. I am a firm believer that the most balanced life is when we learn to look within; through meditation, silence and trust. This is the strongest foundation that we can create.

Contact me if you are ready to dive deep!



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/velvadawnsilver/



"The Goddess doesn't enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope. "

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Velva Dawn Silver is a keynote speaker, natural intuitive, avid traveler, and leading expert on the Divine Union between Masculine and Feminine Energy and how it affects our personal relationships and general success.

She leads intensive healing workshops and sessions for those seeking their fullest potential and is passionate about showing others how to harness energy frequencies and transform into energetically sovereign beings. Velva Dawn enjoys swimming in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, and in the lakes and waterfalls near her home in Canada. She is the mother of three daughters and teacher to hundreds of followers who turn to her for advice on how to tap into and release the fullest expression of their Divine energy.

Velva Dawn’s life work has been a fulfilling and meaningful experience. She has embraced each opportunity of ascension and all of the emotion that came with it, leaving no layer undone within. Any physical or spiritual effort Velva Dawn asks of those she connects with is work she herself has explored and mastered.

Through her wide-open lens, methodologies and exquisitely channelled meditations, Velva Dawn has become a distinguished master and Elder in the fields of divine masculine & feminine harmony, therapeutic chakra expansion, clairsentient attunement, energy alignment, quantum healing and so much more. She shares her gifts acquiescently and inspires all around her to discover and explore their own abilities in becoming a truly energetical savant.

My name is Velva Dawn Silver, I am the founder of The Goddess Healing Matrix ™ System, Goddess Girl Power™, author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, my oracle deck Awakening of the Divine Oracle deck and my latest book release Unwinding the Divine Masculine. My passion is help others remember that they have all of the tools that they need for empowerment, balance, passion, self-love and intuition.

My workshops are designed to create a space for people to deeply let go of the old programming that no longer serves their greatest expansion.The divine feminine has helped me tap into my intuition, expand my core, heal my inner child and ignite my passion creating an inner balance which then reflects externally.

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Anne Hamilton Fowler

Get ready to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Laughter, sadness, empathy, outrage. Canadian Anne Hamilton Fowler appeared to have it all. However, life is not always as idyllic as it seems and at age twenty a series of events almost destroyed her. Emerging from the wreckage she reinvented herself, started over and proceeded to live on the edge with a risk-taking life style. Then, in 1993 an event experienced during a trip to Central America changed everything.

“I’ve Worn Many Hats” is an inspirational read that demonstrates our human frailties, one’s ability to survive personal adversity and how we can learn to forgive both ourselves and others It is a story of redemption

I wrote my memoir, “I’ve Worn Many Hats” to combat boredom during the world’s Covid lockdown! It is a story that describes adventures spanning 81 years of a very unconventional life

This month, as I celebrate one year since publishing the book on Amazon, a question frequently asked is “what message do you want to convey to your readers?” My answer? After writing about and re-examining my life, I have realized that each of us needs to recognize that “who” we are is the sum of choices we’ve made in our lives. What one chooses to do with that knowledge determines their path going forward.

Anne Fowler is a retired Canadian who divides the year between her Haliburton summer cottage and a home in Central America This memoir is her first book and all proceeds will be used to support Anne’s ongoing humanitarian projects in Honduras

I am grateful not only for the book sales which benefit my Honduran children's programs but for the favorable comments I’ve received One reader said: "Your candid honesty is something few would dare, but you pulled it off in a manner that evoked understanding. The book is a humorous, sometimes shocking account recounting your life's adventures. It then goes on to further describe how in later years you topped off an already full life and moved to Central America where the work you have accomplished in Honduras as one person is nothing short of miraculous You are truly an inspiration! This memoir is an inspiring and enjoyable read!" Supportive and encouraging words to any author’s ears!

https://www facebook com/annehamiltonfowler

http://anne honduranhope net

The above web page contains pictures of my work in Honduras plus there is a short video interview done last October just as the book became available internationally on Amazon.

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https://www facebook com/christine

y name is Christine Savoy and I am a single mom to a 13 year old daughter and 12 year old son. I grew up on a farm in central Alberta. My interest in Mary Kay started when I discovered that we had a local Mary Kay consultant so my Mom set up a home party to try out the different products

Aunts and cousins and neighbours surrounded the huge kitchen table. To a little girl it was all very glamorous and I loved watching the transformation and the smiles on the faces as they tried the skincare and color products Mary Kay was relatively new in Canada at this time but it was a well established reputable company in the United States.

Fast-forward to approximately 2021 and I met my now director through a women’s networking group We bonded over being single moms and she started to bring samples to our coffee meetups for me to try the products. I started to use the skincare line and fell in love all over again.

My director knew I loved the product so she suggested that I become a Mary Kay consultant so I could get my products at a discount So with that idea in mind, I signed up to be a consultant and have never looked back. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there are so many things to love about Mary Kay, even after the discount

I am also a paralegal and work a part time job but running my own business as a Mary Kay consultant is so flexible it allows me to work it into my life with ease. I like to call Mary Kay my “fun side gig”, although there are many who do this business full-time and are extremely successful While my other job is more serious, Mary Kay allows me to be creative and work with people to make them feel important and beautiful.

The values of Mary Kay Ash (yes she was a real person!), are God first, Family second and Career third Her business model was based on the Golden Rule I was raised with these good values so incorporate them into my life and the lives of my children.

Excellent customer service, product quality and guarantee, and flexibility are just a few of the values in Mary Kay Mary Kay is now going on its 45th year of business in Canada and I am truly honoured to be a part of this legacy!

Mary Kay now allows direct shipping to anywhere within Canada I would love the opportunity to speak to you about this amazing company and our products


M CALL: (403) 991 0199 EMAIL: chriswolbeck@live com
Christine Wolbeck Savoy
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Mixing vintage and modern:

Get Your Fall Thrift On

Adding personality to your home is easier and cheaper than you think.


don’t know about you, but this summer went by much too quickly! It’s time to turn our attention to the new season ahead and fall is the perfect time to get your thrift on. By adding thrifted finds to your fall decor you’ll have fun, save some money, while adding personality to your home.

In this article, I’ll share some ways that you can incorporate thrifted items into your decor, while at the same time staying on trend. Having a beautiful home doesn’t mean having to break the bank!

I love the idea of using paint to transform dated pieces and give them a fresh, new look. It is truly incredible to see how paint and colour can transform a piece from blah to wow, while at the same time, updating your space! Check out the makeover of this vintage tea cart.

Dining Room

Have an itch to make over some of your pieces? Follow along as one of my clients got the “painting bug” and took on this fabulous project to transform their family’s vintage dining room set. It was so dated and painting was the perfect option for them! Love the idea of painting some of your pieces? You can start out on a small piece, gain some confidence and then your paint brush will guide you!


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Be creative!

Don’t be afraid to be creative when decorating for fall. Use boxes, watering cans, other unique containers or trays to build your fall vignette. Thrift stores have a treasure trove of pieces that you can use. Or even better, check around your house to see what you already have. A lot of the fall accents, leaves, pumpkins, signs I purchased from the Dollar Store.

Quick DIY Project - Perfect for Your Porch:

Boots & Flowers:

These navy rubber boots are the perfect “container” for these fall leaves & flowers! A quick & easy DIY project that will look great on the porch or balcony Total cost of the project was under $10 00 Boots were found thrifting and the faux flowers are from the Dollar Store

Update your curb appeal with paint:

Make that perfect impression by giving your front door a fresh new coat of paint. So easy to do and you still have time to give your front door a face lift before the cold weather comes. Colour is Benjamin Moore - Hudson Bay 1680.

Hope that I have inspired you to Get Your Fall Thrift On!



Adding personality to your home is easier and cheaper than you think.
DECOR THERAPY PLUS Get Your Fall Thrift On
https://www instagram com/suepitchforthdesign/ Before After After Women Rock Magazine | 27

November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Manitoba


Domestic violence is when people in relationships (current or previously dating, married or living together) use abusive behaviour to control or hurt their partners Domestic violence can happen to anyone Women, younger adults, people with disabilities, and ecently separated women and

men are even more at risk for abuse One in five women experience some form of abuse in their intimate relationship, and half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16

November is Domestic Violence Awareness month in Manitoba According to Statistics Canada, Manitoba has the second-highest rate of police-reported intimate partner violence among Canadian provinces

Domestic violence is defined as people using abusive behaviour to control or hurt their partners. This can happen between married, separated or divorced people, current or former common-law partners, current or former dating partners and other intimate partners. In Manitoba, we have many resources available to people experiencing domestic violence From websites to crisis phone lines and shelters - please know we are here to help.


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Life after Covid Return to the Office? Deanne Tobin Sinha

As the world engulfed by Covid-19 slowly begins to see sunnier days of opening up and seeing a brighter future, there remains a question in many people's minds. Companies, bosses, HR are asking their employee's to come back to the office and rekindle the office life of the workforce Are you ready?

There is a definite positive implication to this intiative. Seeing colleagues again, working at a fully functional workspace, office coffee, office parties and so on. There is also a community aspect that many find makes their work more efficient and productive.

However, the flip side also shows definite positives Working from home has been proven to show no downfall in efficiency, and many find that the flexibility of balancing work and home life is a definite plus. With the common ability to work from a home office with all the needed multimedia tools removes the stress of the daily commute, allows more family time, and can be easier on the pocket book (no expensive lunches, gas, pant suits (LOL)

At the end of the day, if your Company allows it, the choice is yours. Many Women are choosing a hybrid lifestyle of going in a couple of days a week, or for important meetings or just to have coffee with colleagues

Covid has been a test on us, but this new world of remote work opens up debates, both positive and negative, but at the end of the day, if you are happy with your choice, and it works for you and your Company, it's all good.

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Jack, being a lover of birds and an avid bird watcher, had positioned bird feeders everywhere. His feeders came in many different shapes and colours and he strategically placed them outside of his windows so that he could watch them feed as he sipped his morning coffee while overlooking the gorgeous Ottawa River.

must admit that as an Interior Designer/Decorator I am always excited about where my next project is going to be. Where will I be spending the next few weeks or even months designing this next project! Although I do have to admit that I usually always end up loving every home (and client) that I work with, this home, and client, however, were a little different. This home along with the home owner really made an impact on me as a designer and as a person.

I remember when I first spoke with Jack, my new client. I recall the intense passion that was in his voice about renovating his older home, a bungalow, something that he had wanted to do for a very long time. He had already hired a mason to build a stone wall in his kitchen eating area. This gorgeous old stone was from an old historic building that held an important place in his family history, a building he held very close to his heart , a stone that he knew he needed to incorporate into his home renovation. Jack's passion for this project was evident and he knew exactly what he wanted.

This endearing elderly man had a devotion for old world design and was determined to make his dream of turning his 3 bedroom small bungalow by the river into a charming rustic farmhouse delight. I was of course thrilled to take on this very exciting project as Farmhouse design was definitely a true passion of mine as well. So needless to say, Jack and I worked very well together and executed this home design project with great passion, devotion and a lot of love.

I soon realized that Jack not only had a passion for design, he had an immense passion for life.

Thankyou Jack for trusting me to help you see your dream of designing your very own Farmhouse come true. Working on this project together was an absolute pleasure and I hope that you get to enjoy your beautiful Farmhouse for years to come

a spectacular view

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picture courtesy of Dee Sinha picture courtesy of Dee Sinha


Farmhouse Beauty

This rustic little bungalow screams farmhouse beauty with gorgeous material selections and unique finishing touches.

Choosing finishes for this outdated home turned farmhouse with charm was easy. Besides the fact that it is my most favourite design style, it lends itself to such versatility.

I had Jack's old yellow painted cabinets sprayed in a gorgeous bright white which gave them a brand new life Pairing the cabinets with matte black contemporary knobs and a gorgeous small matte black kitchen faucet and sink was a perfect marriage. A medium gray slate porcelain tile floor (12x24) was incorporated to enhance our farmhouse look and we chose a soft dove gray paint for all walls throughout for continuity and to make this small space appear larger than it actually is. A light gray gloss subway tile was chosen for the backsplash as it was classy yet unassuming This choice of colour and finish tied everything together. A successful end result indeed! And a very happy client.

Women Rock Magazine | 31

Jack found this adorable antique toaster oven that works perfectly with the rustic farmhouse design style we were executing. It's quaint, small and definitely a conversation piece.

Incorporating these beautiful black dome shaped metal pendant lights to this space add an element of old world charm. I love how the dome shape mimics the roof of the toaster oven. It is the design rule of continuity that works well when you are trying to highlight a particular shape.

natural beauty of wood countertops is undeniable They are luxurious, versatile in style, application and finish and bring warmth to any space.

This absolutely stunning 2" thick wooden hemlock countertop was chosen for its unique rustic character and grain. The dark walnut stain finish was a perfect choice for this piece as it added a richness to this already eye catching wow factor in this very well laid out kitchen

https://www instagram com/deannesinhadesign/ Women Rock Magazine | 32 click to go to links
THE https://www.deesinteriordesignandstaging.com/


COME TRUE one stone at a time

WhenJack mentioned that he wanted to implement a collection of large stones from an old mill that his family used to own into his brick wall I was absolutely fascinated and excited of course I mean it's every designers dream to incorporate old stone from a gorgeous building in history somewhere in a space as a focal point.

Every stone had a different shape and the colours were warm and inviting The finished design was an absolute show stopper It is a true conversation piece and a true work of art It is now THE wow factor in Jack's kitchen

This was probably one of my most favourite design projects to work on as it had real meaning and depth The passion that Jack has doesn't stop at interior design as he also has a true passion for life.

When Jack starts a project, his dedication is undeniable. He does it with gusto, with heart and with love

I am so happy that Jack loves his new Farmhouse design as it was my absolute pleasure to help him execute it Along with updating his cute 3 bedroom bungalow to a design in which he desired, he has a view to die for, a spectacular view of this gorgeous Ottawa River

An Old Fireplace Shines Up Like a New Penny

With a bit of elbow grease, paint and a new stone hearth this fireplace comes to life and stands strong. The bricks were unique and rustic and in great shape All this beauty needed was some tender love and care And that is just what it got! We used a soapy water to clean up the stones, a fresh new bright white paint for the fireplace mantle, some beautiful new matching stones for the hearth and a terracotta red for the feature wall above This gem was now the focal point and wow factor in Jack's cozy family room overlooking the gorgeous pristine river A picture of the old Mill adorns the top of the mantle An heirloom that is near and dear to Jack's heart

with passion
AFTER AFTER https://www.deesinteriordesignandstaging.com/ Women Rock Magazine | 33

Develop A Thirst For

When I was a child life was different for me in Ukraine, where I was born. Yes, today life in Ukraine is extremely challenging. As I grew up in a small village with a loving family I saw how hard my parents worked from early morning until late in the evening to put food on the table.

I did not have any toys The first doll I received was when I was 6 years old At that time I already spoke three languages Currently, I speak 7 languages One of them is God's language Hebrew Life was challenging for me


If you are not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU! But if you are willing to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!

In my later life as a 15-year-old girl I always dreamed of having a blessed family and my child having a better life than the one I lived. I then decided I want to LEARN.

FIND SOMETHING THAT FEEDS YOUR DREAM. Even though I was a little girl, I had a dream of a better life. Not just for myself but for a child that I would bring into the world I left Ukraine at age of 15 Over the past 40 plus years, I have lived in three more countries Moldova, Israel, and currently Canada I have accomplished many of my goals

I have a University Degree and college diplomas in education from three different countries, which I completed in three different languages Was it easy? No I knew that no one could promise me an easy life.

How many of you'd love to help people by leveraging the challenge framework to scale your business? I have a question. Did you ever imagine your future life when you were a child? As you think about that I`d like to share my story with you.

”The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Marie Forleo
“It's not over until you win.”
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Les Brown

Develop A Thirst For

Nadia Khvorostian

Little did I know that one of the greatest struggles I had, as a mom, was creating a life, A CAREER, and spending time with my own child My son witnessed my hard work and dedication as a teacher/educator in three different countries When you SHOW a child WHAT TO DO, he learns to work hard And now my son himself, is a successful young man

What a blessing, I just made up my mind as a little girl with a dream to raise a child, AND how to provide him with a better life. Fast forward to today - I am still dreaming. I'm A WORK IN PROGRESS, I'm not finished yet! “It's not over until you win.”- Les Brown.

DO NOT STOP DREAMING! I am still dreaming! I know there is MORE IN ME, and more to share. DON'T SETTLE! I believe that when you have an idea and a dream, it is possible for such a time as this to achieve it. It is necessary to move out of your comfort zone, invest in yourself, and learn new skills Finally, it is YOU who has the power to speak into your existence, the power of choice, and the power to take a new direction It's you who needs to leave a legacy rather than a liability

My goal is to be A DOMINANT VOICE! My goal is to share my message with people and help launch a challenge In one strategically executed step so that they can quickly grow their business without being exhausted and overworked. Moreover help liberate women who have gone through many challenges in their lives, especially those who came from Ukraine. Since 2020, I have supported dozens of coaches to take a new direction, and move to the next level. I believe you can do it too. ”The world needs that special gift that only you have.”- Marie Forleo

My gifts brought me to this world to serve, love, and pursue my next dream - to build a school in my small village, in Ukraine

God gave me the power to believe in MYSELF. When it was hard I always asked this question - HOW CAN I DO IT? I invested in my education, learned new skills, engaged in new opportunities, and became a certified business coach and a speaker with a goal to serve others, to transform lives.

My gifts brought me to this world to serve, love, and pursue my next dream - to build a school in my small village, in Ukraine I'd like to make an invitation for you to join my journey and experience how a challenge framework can change your business, so you can spend more time with your family!


Develop a thirst for learning.

Find something that feeds your dream. Do not stop dreaming. Don’t settle, keep dreaming, and be unstoppable!!

Apply at (click to go to sites)

http://apply nextstepmovement com/

https://www facebook com/groups/ nextstepmovementchallenge

Founder Of The Next Step Movement (TM) Certified Speaker by Les Brown Trained In The Challenge Framework International Teacher, Educator Nadezhda Khvorostian
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My Journey in the Service Industry

Ever since I was 17 I had retail jobs However, everytime I would go to a restaurant I would wonder what it would be like to get a job in the food industry, just to see what it was like. Maybe it’d be something new for me and I would love it.

I'm fairly good at multitasking, staying organized in fast moving situations, and am definitely a people person Personally, it was hard to get a job as a server at first because a lot of places look to see if you have experience in that industry - and I did not

I had been applying to many different restaurants for server positions, as well as host positions Then I got a call from a local pub here in St John’s, to interview for a host/front of house position! I was so excited and so nervous because this was a new path I was crossing my fingers that I'd be able to walk down I interviewed - and then the next day the manager called me to offer me the position I was over the moon, so excited I did my hair and my makeup, picked a cute outfit for my first day and headed downtown for my first shift

Hosting was something I did for about three months. I was seating tables, cleaning tables, making sure I had everything ready for the reservations made every day, and all together running around like a bunny I really thrived in a fast paced environment I was quick on my feet, super organized and did everything I could to make sure the servers were not overwhelmed by the volume of customers

However, after about two months of working at this pub, I would see the servers running around with their drink trays filled with beverages - not spilling a drop I thought “I could definitely do that” I started applying again to server positions, with this new experience added to my resume. Not too long after, I got my first serving job at a quaint little restaurant in a hotel.

It’s been three months working here now and I’ve gotten pretty good at the drink tray skill :) As much as I love the fast paced environment and being so busy that the day flies by, I will say that this job has been tough on my mind and body I find that I am constantly tired, and my eating habits are all over the place It is very common in this industry to not be able to take breaks during your shift You’ll have customers at tables, orders on the food line to bring to your tables, and mainly just a lot on the go before you can take a moment to rest I have always struggled with eating It’s something that can be challenging for me - as it is for a lot of people as well Therefore, being able to keep my eating habits a routine has been difficult with this type of job - it has been tough

After experiencing this particular area of careers, I have learned that it may not be for me, and that I should look for something where I have the guaranteed time to take a test and rejuvenate. This being said, it really is a great industry in regards to making connections, new friends, having a blast in the fast moving places, and getting those steps in! Along with that, I’m sure that many people are able to work without stopping - it’s just not for me

Always remember to put your mind, body & soul first You are what keeps YOU going, and you are your own protector Keep that close to your heart, and do what you love <3

Olivia Sinha
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"Always remember to put your mind, body & soul first."

Beautifully Broken A Poem by

Her beautiful smile radiates warmth everywhere

Beneath her beautiful smile is love, heartbreak, sorrow and regrets

Beneath her strong vulnerable heart is one that has loved deeply and has shed many tears

Beneath her calm are the mighty storms in her mind

Beneath her patience are the hardest moments of giving up

Beneath her empathy is the care that she longed for

Beneath her brilliance is the many flaws that she sees in her She is Strong, Beatuifully Broken and Alive Light shines through the cracks of her broken heart

V i j i S u n d a r a m Women Rock Magazine | 37 Click to Return to Table of Contents

There are so many businesses online now that we all need to step up our online marketing in order to push through the crowd and stand above the rest How you ask? Well, I am sure you have searched for social media content ideas, promoted your products and services, and engaged here and there, but there are a few keys to finding that ideal audience online and keeping them engaged, building their trust, and having them become a paid customer or client

Here are a few tips to Successful Social Media Marketing:

1 First, always know that it is going to take time The odds of going “viral” are about the same as winning the lottery Running an online business takes time, a lot of time, and does not happen instantly

2 Recognize who you want your ideal audience to be and go like, follow, and engage with similar groups and pages

3 Have a logo, color scheme, and theme so that when you share and share and share, people will start to recognize you.

4 On your pages and groups, ask questions, post daily themes, contests, polls, hashtags, quotes, have some fun, and celebrate holidays with your followers Overall, POST CONSISTENTLY Consistency is key!

5 Before you promote your products or services, get to know your audience by sharing things with your followers that you think they will find useful Tell them about yourself and why you love what you do. Give them some tips and tricks of the trade, and let them behind the scenes every now and again.

6 Ask others to share Bring in other experts or ask your audience their opinion on things such as their favorite platform, favorite editing programs, best graphics programs to use etc GET THE CONVERSATION STARTED!

I cannot say this enough, schedule your posts!
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Angela's Social Bliss Blueprint

7. Follow back and engage on your followers’ pages and groups. Acknowledge and celebrate their successes and let them know you are there for them.

8 BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF! Speak from the heart and let yourself be human Let people know what you are all about and you will be amazed how many of your followers will resonate with you.

9 Follow the RULE OF THIRDS Whether on your pages and groups or in others always follow the Rule of Thirds; a third of your communication should be SHARING, a third should be ENGAGING, and a third should be PROMOTING.

10 And finally, and I cannot say this enough, schedule your posts! I schedule my posts a month ahead, therefore if something comes up and I am unable to work for a couple of days, or I want to take a holiday, posts will still be there every day for my audience. And if I am present each and every day but my posting is all done, well then, I have time to engage and do extra to go above and beyond and stand above the rest.

If you are in need of social media content and or scheduling services, I am here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Contact me via the links below (click to go

www.socialblisscontentclub.com www.socialblissbundles.com www.facebook.com/socialblissblueprint www.instagram.com/angelassocialblissblueprint www.linkedin.com/in/socialblissblueprint Women Rock Magazine | 39
to sites) www.socialblissblueprint.com

The dividends on the back end though, are invaluable: a healthy workplace, reduced illness and absenteeism, reduced turnover, greater job satisfaction and productivity, and a stellar reputation and attractiveness for employers who provide safe and healthy workplaces Integrity by McCarthy is in pursuit of a world where workplaces are free from harassment and violence

The company was founded in 2020 by Kenneth (Ken) McCarthy after he retired from the Canadian Federal Public Service to raise the bar in how organizations prevent and resolve incidents of workplace harassment, violence, wrongdoing and fraud The leadership team is comprised of Ken and a team of three women, who are the directors responsible for Operations, Programs and Communications Ken and the leadership team have seen the devastating consequences on individuals and organizations and set out to make a difference Ken had previously led a workplace investigation program for a workforce of over 15,000 employees.

Can we create workplaces that are free from harassment and violence?

Integrity by McCarthy is dedicated to understanding and improving everyone’s experiences in the workplace, however we recognize that women and gender nonconforming people experience higher cases of sexual harassment and impacts at work from gender-based violence When such incidents occur, everybody’s life is turned upside down

Victims are traumatized, witnesses are conflicted and confused, families are devastated, and the health of all individuals involved deteriorates If these incidents are reported and investigated, even the accused individual’s life is turned upside down Further, organizational reputations take a huge negative hit We know how hard it is to report an incident that has occurred or to be put in a position to have to testify in support of one person over another

We know what it is like to simply “suck it up” and not report an incident, only to see it happen to another person in the future. Stress, illness, shame, guilt, anger and isolation are amongst the myriad of reactions and feelings that people go through in such situations.

"We know how difficult it is for employers to attract and retain good employees, especially in industries that are rife with sexual harassment and violence Employers can feel betrayed stressed, angry, afraid, inferior, guilty, neglectful, or liable when an incident occurs within their organization under their watch "

Ken Katherine Josephine Erin
The Team
The answer is YES, but it takes effort on the front end.
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Integrity By McCarthy Inc.

According to a report from Statistics Canada, 1 in 4 women have been personally targeted with sexualized behaviours in their workplace. Close to 30% of people who have experienced these behaviours were targeted by someone who was their superior: either a direct supervisor or manager in the organization.

13% of women have experienced a sexual assault at work, often in the form of unwanted sexual touching. 1 in 10 women experience discrimination in the workplace because of gender This is entirely unacceptable Women and gender non-conforming people deserve a safe workplace free of harassment and violence If such incidents do occur, the organization has to take measures to ensure that they never occur again

Did you know that regardless of jurisdiction, whether it is federal, provincial or municipal, employers have to conduct harassment and violence risk assessments, put in programs to prevent incidents, have measures in place that empower and support people coming forward with allegations, have a mechanism to ensure that an incident is properly investigated, and put in place corrective measures to prevent reoccurrence? Sadly, many employers will take a half-hearted compliance approach of simply “checking a box” to confirm they have some form of documentation or process somewhere for employees to find if they ever need help. When they find themselves in a situation where their half-hearted approach did not protect an employee from harassment or violence, they then have to invest time, effort and money in protecting their reputations in the media or before a court or tribunal

Integrity by McCarthy is actively working to improve women’s experiences in the workplace We offer a variety of services, ranging from violence and harassment prevention training to investigation and assessment services We often joke about putting workplace investigators out of business by helping organizations prevent incidents from happening in the first place Again, we have seen what can happen to individuals and organizations if incidents are not prevented. If you’re not sure of your organization’s needs and what you must do to comply with local legislation, get in touch. We can guide you through the process. Raising awareness about the issues that women face in the workplace is part of our mission with our social media platforms and our blog.

Every year, Integrity by McCarthy participates in the United Nation’s social media campaign #16DaysOfActivisismToEndGenderBasedViolence to raise awareness about the impacts of gender-based violence in the workplace Follow along on our social media channels to learn more about the campaign We also work to support local women’s empowerment organizations At our first sponsored sporting event in August 2022, Integrity by McCarthy raised money and collected toiletries for Dress for Success Ottawa (see article page xx), a local non-profit that empowers women and gender non-conforming people to improve their economic independence Dress for Success has suiting sessions where they provide work-appropriate clothing to their clients, and training, resume prep and interview practice workshops to help secure employment.

Click to go to Link https://integritybymccarthy ca/

https://www facebook com/search/top/?


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IMAGINE THE POSSIBLE!! What if you actually allowed yourself to imagine the Possible? Let me tell you that truly can! I fully 100% believe that you, yes YOU, can do the impossible! I am living proof that the impossible is completely within your reach.

Let’s start at the beginning, (well not the very beginning because I am 63 years old and that would be just too long). Long story short, is that my life radically changed in 2018 although things had been slowly aligning for this change since 2014. I was deep in grief after the death of my Mom on September 11 the previous year. It was New Years Eve, I was standing alone on my front porch declaring that 2018 would be a year of healing for me. Little did I realize that when you make a declaration like that to the “Universe/God” that change actually gets set in motion. Healing came to me in unimaginable ways - even beyond my wildest imagination A whole new spiritual world opened up to me. I had dreams that were as real as if I were watching my life play out on the television screen. In one dream in particular, my Spirit Guide took me for a walk through my neighbourhood to teach me things about myself and about things I would be learning in the future. My life radically changed again after that dream as I began to learn new things and began the quest of finding my Soul, even if I didn’t know that was what I was looking for. I took every course that the Universe brought my way such as Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy and many more self help practices.

As a volunteer at my local hospice and in taking care of my mom, I learned about becoming a Death Doula and the huge need for end of life support in our country. It was then in the fall of 2018, I followed that path to become a Certified Death Doula. I started my business called Whispers of Wisdom to support the dying and their families, where I as well offer grief support services before and after a death. As I always tell people, the dying teach me how to live! The dying teach me what is important in life and what isn’t! I created this business to create a safe, loving, supportive environment for the dying and their families. Death is often not talked about in our culture probably because of the suffering and sadness involved in it, but I believe that the more we bring death and dying out of the darkness the more we can create beautiful memories through it. Like all other difficult life traumas, they become a little easier when you know you are not alone. I believe this particular life journey is one of the many places I learned to empower others.

Nearing the end morning, hearing writer. As a matter letters. Yet, up I poured out of me book I called “Journey to Soul – Discovering Your Authentic Life.” What do I do with it now, I thought! Long story short….the Universe sent a publisher to me through a woman I met when I was speaking at a Woman’s Conference earlier that year. Off went my manuscript to them, asking “is this a book?”

Not only was it a book, it was the beginning of an amazing writing journey for me. My book was released in March 2020 at the same time as the Covid Pandemic hit and forever changed our world. I remember my publisher asking if I still wanted to release the book or if I wanted to wait until the pandemic was over. I chose to release the book anyway as I felt the Universe would get the book into the hands of those who needed it even if I couldn’t do the usual launch party or have public book tours. Since that time I have written in five other collaborative books with that same publisher, but the story doesn’t end there. Living proof that the impossible can become the POSSIBLE!

The next year I was speaking at a virtual Woman’s Conference and one of the other speakers said something that so deeply impacted me it sank deep into my Soul. I had been asking my publisher why there wasn’t anyone like her in Canada. I had even ask her jokingly, to open a branch office here. The speaker that day said “Did you know that Louise Hay from Hay House started her company at 62 years of age in her own home, and if she can do it why can’t you.” Bam!!! Those words came out of her mouth and shot immediately deep into my Soul. It was as if a video in my mind started to play of all the times I was asking for my publisher to open in Canada and here was this woman telling me I could just do it! I could imagine the impossible being possible!!

On August 8, 2021, my business partner Bunny Keating, and I began our company, At Above and Beyond with hope to work and Inspire and Empower others to create their visions. In our first year of business we have published my poetry book as well as two collaborative books plus signed contracts for four other Solo projects with new first time authors as well as our third collaborative book. Living proof that the impossible can become the POSSIBLE!

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Maggie Morris

Maggie Morris

This year, I became a Licensed Officiant and will be partnering in business in the fall of this year with Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants. As Officiants we help clients create treasured memories by officiating weddings, funerals, memorials as well as other ceremonies as we embrace the collective energy in Ceremony I look forward to this new adventure with three other ladies that the creator has brought together in this new way Living proof that the impossible can become the POSSIBLE! When we believe in ourselves and the power of the Universe we are unstoppable! The same year that I became a Death Doula I lost my job by being told that “The direction of the company no longer includes you”.

As I sat in the office receiving that news, I smiled and thanked my employer, as I knew deep in my Soul that it was the beginning of a whole new world opening up for me The Universe was freeing me up to find my own course, to live the passions of my Soul! In my own “Journey to Soul” I had truly found my Authentic Life! I have found and believe that “Love is our Superpower” and when we change ourselves, we have the power to change our world As a Mindfulness Mentor, I love to inspire others that they too can change their world by creating their own ripple, and teach that by believing in ourselves. By letting our Soul be our guide we enable the Universe to lead us down incredible paths that open the wildest doors even greater than our imagination believes possible!

Today, I offer you the opportunity to believe in YOU! Believe deep in your Soul that “everything in life happens FOR YOU and not To You!” Tell yourself everyday that YOU ARE ENOUGH, and believe it! Take a moment and think about YOU How would your life change, if you looked past your fears and Imagined the Possible? What would you do, if you had no Fear? How would you love differently, if you Lived like you were Dying? What would you try, if you could not Fail? What limiting beliefs have kept you from living your best life?

ITrust me when I tell you, that my life has seen more darkness then I would want to talk about in this article, from abuse, estrangement, desperation, a deep loss of hope while seeing no way out of my pain Trust me when I tell you, that there have been more than a few thousand times in my journey that I felt like giving up Everyone feels like giving up, yet it’s at those times that you have the opportunity to find your strength I believe, that strength comes from our Creator, Ancestors, Guides, and Angels who always show up to guide us through the fire I believe, that it is when we feel our weakest that we truly have our greatest strength. That strength being provided by our “Supernatural Support Team” which gives us the strength as the Phoenix to “Rise from the Ashes.”

can assure you today, that “I am not everything that has happened to me, I am who I became while I healed myself” “Kintsugi” is Japan’s ancient art of embracing imperfections The 15th Century practice of Kintsugi “to join with gold” and it is a reminder to stay optimistic when life falls apart, to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life It is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with gold.

My imperfect life has become a valued work of art as my Creator has sewed together my broken pieces with golden threads of healing Imagine the Possible! What would your “Kintsugi” look like? Your own broken bits can be healed with golden thread as well You too can change your life It begins with recognizing that you need to change, followed with the commitment to yourself to do everything you need to do to change your life Imagine it is possible and if you can’t do that yet, just believe that it “might be possible.” Please remember that you were created on purpose and that you can live the life you dream of! Imagine in the Possible! Manifest Your Dreams!

Maggie is an Authentic Caring, Sensitive Soul with a Passion for nurturing others with her Soul Love. Maggie gives her gifts of service to humanity through her generosity and her ability to ignite the flame in others to see their limitless possibilities. Maggie uses her intuition and connection with Spirit to be an example of strength and courage to all she meets. Now as an Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mindfulness Master/Mentor, Meditation Facilitator, Ontario Certified Officiant and Death Doula, Maggie continues to pursue her passions as well as help those she connects with to find Healing. Maggie loves and lives to encourage others to passionately become their Authentic Self by choosing healing through letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back.


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Theskyisnotthelimit,yourmindsetis! Hello,mynameisLoriChenger,creatorof BlackSheepAcademy.Programstohelp youthbeseen,heard,andunderstood. Growingthroughafamilynarrativeof poverty,addictions,andabuseleavesa mentalimprintandchangesthelensof howyouviewyourworld.

IbecameaheartcenteredpersonwhenI learnedtoembracemychallenges becausetheyareyourgiftsandnotyour barriers Iamoftenpresentedat speakingengagementswithmytagline; “Iamahostagenegotiatorofthe mindset.”Yourpathisaspiral,nota straightlinebecauseyoucontinually comebacktothingsyouthoughtyou understood,onlywhentheycomeback toyouthedeepertruthsnowbecome morevisible.

SomeofthemodalitiesItrainedinare hypnotherapy,NeuroLinguistic Programming,SubconsciousRelease Technique,SpringForestQigong,Reiki, andHakomi.

Live Inspired LORI


CareersthatIhavebeenblessedwith thatprovidehopeforothersarewithin thefieldsofmentalhealthand addictions.

WhatisHOPE?-HelpingOtherPeople Evolve

Numbersdonotdefineyourage,they defineyourknowledgeandknowledge doesnotalwaysequalunderstanding. Thepowerofknowledgecomeswith takinggrowthactionsteps.Recently,I wasnominatedforthe2022Global EvolutionaryWomenAwardsinthearea ofeducation-womenwhoteach,grow, nurture,anddevelopothersmindsets.

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Ihavetakentheknowledgeandwisdomfrommylife experiencesandcareersandbecameaninternationalbest sellingauthor,publishedthreechildren’sbooks,began speakingatcollegesanduniversities Ifoundatalent agentandbeganauditioning,whichlandedmepaidstage work,backgroundrolesinmovies,photoshoots, commercials,andappearinginamusicvideo Allthelatter occurredinthelastthreeyearsbeginningatage59!At62, havingemersedmyselfinmyownphilosophiesofthe importanceofhavinga“wealthy”mind

IchallengedmybeliefsagainandenteredNewBeauty’s FabulousOver40contest.Theadageofgrowthdoesnot happeninsideyourcomfortzonereallyistrue!Ireally unpackedmorebeliefsthatnolongerservedmeand stemmedfromtheviewsIhadasachild.Arequirementto winthegrandprizewastoaskforvotes.

Thisquicklyuncoveredanoldbeliefthatalthoughstemmedfrom unhealthylifesituations,mademerealizethatthiscontestwasserving asmytestimonialtowomen,men,andchildrenthatyouaremore thanthesituationthatoccurredandthatawealthymindsetcanmove youforwardinsomanyunexpectedandhealthywaysnomatterwhat ageyouare.Thatrealizationwastheaskingofdonations.TheBIG takeawaywasthatheartcenteredpeoplearegreatatgivingandcan bechallengedbyaskingandreceiving.

Ilearnedthataskingcanstemfromlifechallengeswhereyouwere usedtoonlyrelyingonyourselfbecausethatwasyouronlychoiceand whenyouchangeyourmindset,youchangeyourlifeandthrivewith choices!Thisprojectallowedmetosupportbreastcancerresearch andmytwopassionprojects-keepingfamiliesconnectedduringthe diagnosisofAlzheimer’sanddementiaandhelpingyouthwiththeir mentalwealth.Amentallywealthymindsetislikeathermostat,where isyourssetat??



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Life can be very hectic as we all lead very busy lives and the last thing we need is a home that lacks the ambiance and warmth that we all crave when we enter our doors after a long chaotic and exhausting day. We need to be surrounded by beauty as it aids in helping us calm our stressed nerves.

In essence we need a home that lends us the opportunity to relax, a home where you can feel safe, comfortable and where re-charging is easy peasy. Living in a beautiful home where we feel most as peace is something we all deserve

Dee xo
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Add Class and Style with these Simple Decorating Tips

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Crown molding adds such beauty and elegance to a home. It exudes a classy and upscale presence and it is perceived as a high end architectural detail that you normally see in a well crafted home Adding a gorgeous crown molding also increases your homes value.


Paint is the easiest way to add warmth and style to your home A freshly painted home provides an instant update and portrays a sense of a well maintained space. a fresh coat of paint also increases value. Consult a design professional to pick the perfect colour for your space.


Window Treatments have a huge impact on a way a room looks and feels. They can add such warmth, beauty as well as privacy to a space. Including window treatments within a room adds that final detail, that finishing touch that is well needed in completing your design project Window Treatments add a very cozy feel


Not only will perfectly placed cushions make your space look great but it will appear more cozy and inviting too! It is also one of the more cost effective ways to update your home The array of colours and styles are endless making it an easy project for anyone to take on.


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Add Class and Style with these Simple Decorating Tips

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Replacing hardware is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a kitchen. When choosing the perfect style and colour try to keep consistency in mind.

Not only does lighting brighten up a room it adds functionality to a space and sets a mood. Lighting does not have to be expensive but choosing stylish lighting will eel.


Choosing to lay a rug in a space will not only add beauty it will add comfort, and style. A room will always feel more cozy and inviting with an area rug under foot.



Adding rattan to any space will automatically add texture to a room Texture is vital to incorporate in a space as it adds an instant wow factor which is delighted by the eye.

hat would your space, room , or home be or look like without accessories? I can't even imagine it! Can you? In our eyes, as designers, decorators, stylists we could not even envision not accessorizing a home. I mean it is the essence and soul of a space. It's like the icing on the cake. They are finishing touches that truly make a home shine!

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What's Your Decorating Style?

Knowing what you absolutely love and what you absolutely don't can help you determine your decorating style. Your home is a place where you spend much of your time and it should be a reflection of who you are as a person and what you are passionate about.

Gather clues and find your most loved items

Have a look through your home and collect things that you love. What do you love about them? What inspires you about those particular pieces? Is it the colour, style, shape?

Create a mood board

Creating a mood board is always a great way to get an idea of what you truly love Browse through a few decorating magazines and cut out some pics of what catches your eye , what inspires you! What makes you smile? It is actually a really fun task!

Take a peak inside your closet

Take a close look inside of your closet and get a sense of what you really love wearing. Maybe you have colour and style repeats. There may be colours, fabrics and patterns that you are drawn to? Are you attracted more to neutral colours or do you love a more flashy label?

Consider your current and desired atmosphere

How does your home currently feel when you are there? Does it feel cozy, warm and welcoming? Does it feel cluttered or minimal? Maybe you have too much furniture. Maybe you don't have enough. Determine the current mood of your home and compare it to your desired look and feel you've always dreamed of.

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Dee's Interior Design & Staging Be Inspired

Dee's Interior Design and Staging is an Interior Decorating/Design and Home Staging firm dedicated to providing our clients with creative concepts, high-quality design, beauty, and flawless execution. We tailor each project to our clients’ individual tastes, needs and budgets. We create beautiful homes to live in! CALL

https://www deesinteriordesignandstaging com/
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Dream Big Sing your Song

So here I am today writing my story after my beautiful dear friend Deanne asked me several times to write something for her Women Rock Magazine.

To be honest, I'm not the greatest at putting words to paper or expressing myself in such a manner, my strengths I guess, since a young girl, was expressing myself through singing music. You will never see me stand in front of a crowd and make a speech but put a mic in my hand and play music, something changes, I really can't explain how or why it happens. I've been honestly struggling to write about myself or what I have done in the past simply because it makes me uncomfortable, so I decided to take a different approach in this writing process.I decided to tell my story ( such as it is) through what I have considered my influences, the people who have molded me to who I am today and who are responsible for my accomplishments.

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Dream Big Sing your Song &

Cindy Wiechmann

So, how did I get here?.... A young girl with not much but a dream - to where I am today. I have to say my dream of singing started at a very early age from influences that didn't even know they were my influencers...my grandparents, my Uncles, my Aunts, my Mother, all of which to me had more talent then I could ever have. Watching them huddle together in the kitchen or my grandmothers living room when I was a kid, all of them sang and played instuments, I could never seem to play an instrument and feel comfortable doing it in front of people but over the years I started to take it upon myself to do so because I needed to in order to get the gigs I wanted.

As a kid, I would listen to what ever I could get my hands on, mostly my parents music at that time, one radio station that played country but I didn't care, it made me happy, then as I grew older I started to meet up with my school friends who loved to sing. Some loved to act, so I gave it a try and to my surprise people seemed to like it. I was hooked. I had a friend named Pam who would hang with me and I remember how much she loved to sing, I think we sang to the Beach Boys to no end. I never told her, but she was my influence in high school, she had a beautiful voice and knew how to sing harmonies, wow!! Then there was my friend Ambose who also influenced me to try my hand at a little acting.

Years later I realized that if you put both together you can make people think you are unstoppable even if you are scared to death on stage. YES! Just act a little and wow, it works! Some people could think your a star but meanwhile inside I felt like a small bay girl who's generally quite shy around strangers. Never thinking of myself as a real singer or even good enough for people to want to listen to I shied away from the limelight and worked odd jobs to survive, but deep down I knew that singing was what I really wanted to do. Then, one evening it happened, someone heard me sing at a party and asked me if I would be interested in auditioning for a band. At first I said no thinking I wasn't good enough to join a band, but after many phone calls and convincing I said yes and the rest was history.

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Dream Big Sing your Song &

Cindy Wiechmann

Though life was hard at times we got to travel and play in places I never could imagine and toured with some of our idols. What a thrill! We played wherever and whenever we could and didn't stop no matter how hard things got for us at times.

Now 40 years later we still play, much smaller venues and crowds but still I have as much fun now as I did touring stadiums and theatres. I still enjoy singing to people and even though I know there will always be better singers and more talented people out there, the one thing you have to remember is... it's a big world and there's a place for everyone, so never let your age or nervousness stop you from doing what you love to do. Your influencers would be proud of you today and proud they were the ones to help get you there.

Now you think maybe my influences may have stopped there but no way, they just grew over the years and still to this day, famous bands, famous singers, like every young singer (and even at my age now), they still play a part. But my biggest influence was the man I call my best friend, my musical partner, my husband. Rainer taught me with hard work and determination I could sing anywhere and for anyone - and he was right.

Best Buds

Cindy and Rainer
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Dream Big Sing your Song &

Cindy Wiechmann

This past few years have been unpredictable and hard on everyone but if somehow we can find our path back, this crazy world we now live in may one day be a better place for at least the children of our future. So let's start by teaching, influencing, and helping our children reach their goals and accomplishing their dreams.

There is no greater accomplishment than influencing others and helping them bring there dreams to life. Now that I'm older, I have young singers who remember me singing when I first started and to meet them now many years later and have them tell me I once influenced them, well, there's no greater feeling.

So go out there and influence the young with your talent no matter what it is, you will one day look back on that as your greatest accomplishment. You will be so proud of the fact that you helped make someone else's dream come true!

Cindy Wiechmann

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The Third Brain

Gut Health


That's right, the one we all know and love that processes our thoughts, but neuroscience now tells us that we each have three brains. The one we most often think about as I mentioned is the “head” or cephalic brain. We also have a heart (cardiac) and a gut (enteric) brain. Each has sensory neurons, motor neurons, ganglia, and neurotransmitters.

Let's talk about the "GUT BRAIN"

As we age, our gastrointestinal tract becomes less efficient and we often experience more and more symptoms like heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and/or diarrhea. We often either ignore it, thinking it will go away, or that it's normal, or depend on medications to mask or resolve the problem. But very often, the gut becomes more susceptible to further damage.

Not only that, but many medications can also deplete the body of essential nutrients. You see where I am going with this right? It becomes a never ending, vicious cycle.


When you eat, your body is meant to breakdown and absorb and then eliminate, you are not only what you eat, but what you absorb.

1. Eat mindfully by paying attention to your diet and selection of food that is nutrient dense. Think rich foods that are high in fibre, with adequate calories and low amounts of sugar.

2. Chew your food well! Food should be mushy before swallowing.

3. Slow down and take time to eat so that your digestive system works efficiently. When you are on the go and rush through eating, your digestive system is not focused on digestion. Focus on the task at hand by being considerate of your mind-gut connection.


People are still very apprehensive when they see the word "fats" on food labels - don't be. Did you know they are important for your nerve endings, your brain, cardiovascular, hormones and so much more? What you need to know is the difference between "good fats" vs "bad fats". Trans fats a.k.a. "trans fatty acids"are those found in fried foods, margarine, vegetable shortening and many baked goods. This is the type of fat that should be avoided, while monounsaturated fats such as those found in almonds, cashews, and avocados for example are encouraged.

Polyunsaturated fats are known as "essential" fats because the body cannot produce these. Plant-based foods and oils are the primary source of this fat. You may have heard of omega-3 fatty acids, they fall into this category and can be found in foods such as salmon, walnuts and flaxseed. So, in a nut shell, (pun intended) although the healthier fats found in many types of nuts are an important part of your diet, moderation is still the key because all nuts are still high in calories. And also friends, it depends on your individual body and how you are able to break down fats sufficiently and absorb.


1. Hydration is key, so drink plenty of water, not liquids containing water like coffee or tea, but good ol' untainted H20. Water helps the stomach contents move smoothly through the digestive system, hence promoting healthy elimination.

2. Fibre is another key component of nutrient dense food you need to be eating to help promote complete elimination. You'd be surprised how many people are constipated.


Probiotics - Although there are many on the market, form and quality is key. Look for a well researched product that is the closest to the bacteria form of your own (human) gut vs one coming from dairy, soy etc. Each individual has a constitution that is unique to them, knowing the right type is essential. If you are reading this, you are welcome to reach out for a quick one-on-one mini assessment via email or phone with me to find what is best for you and your family.

Goldenroot ™ - As many people already are not efficiently, breaking down fats to begin with, why not use something that will be easy for the body to digest and absorb in the system faster to do its job. I formulated Goldenroot ™ to be the most "bioavailable" (gets in your system fast, to work fast) turmeric blend on the market. Made in a Health Canada approved GMPlab, Goldenroot ™ is known to help with digestive issues, inflammation and immunity. Covering these 3 main systems in one product is just so easy and it tastes delicious!

I hope that you found this information helpful. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Personal thoughts

The three brains, when working together, don't lie. I know this from personal experience. When we listen to our bodies, and give attention to each brain within, we can accomplish amazing things. We can find ourselves healthier, happier, and more engaged at home, at work, and in life.


Not intended as medical advice. Always speak with a licensed healthcare professional prior to commencing any course of treatment.

Darpan is a

Certified Live Blood Analyst

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Plant Therapist



Holistic Nutritionist

Weight Loss Counselor

Body and Blood Hacker

Product Knowledge Expert, Educator/Teacher

Creator My Golden Root™ Fermented Turmeric (CA-GMP cert lab)

And soon to include Functional Medicine Practitioner to her wide selection of credentials

For over 20 years Darpan Ahluwalia aka Total Nutrition Diva has been the CEO of the "Manotick Natural Market '' health food/supplement store and the one of a kind unique clinic/wellness Hub based in Manotick in the Ottawa Valley, Canada

She is also the Creator of "My GoldenRoot™ - a gut-focused, Immune support and Anti-Inflammatory product, approved and made in a GMP approved lab in Canada This product with it's great success has made its own life and energy and has traveled around the Globe

Her sayings are "Listen to your body" & "You are what you Absorb"

Prevention is key!

Thank you with Gratitude

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"How can we improve gut health"?

So many factors to be taken into consideration for an individual, but Live yogurt is an excellent source of so-called "friendly bacteria", to improve gut health. Don't get misled by marketing labels though, pre and probiotics for example: Kefir, Miso, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Sourdough, Almonds, Olive oil, My Goldenroot ™

Other pointers to help:

Eat Fiber-Rich and Probiotic-Packed Foods. Consider a Supplement like My Goldenroot ™, pre and probiotics


Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Reduce Stress Levels easir said than done I know -but deep breathe Lower your stress levels. Chronic high levels of stress are hard on your whole body, including your gut, the gut and brain connection East slowly, chew your food

Hydration is essential

Foods that can benefit, keeping in mind again each individual needs would be different


should one take to relieve acid reflux?"

Knowing your triggers is key with acid reflux, keep a journal. Include alkaline water and herbal tea, specifically licorice, ginger, or chamomile tea can help. As simple as just drinking water can help to balance the pH of a particularly acidic meal, which can trigger acid reflux in some people but not all. Eat slowly and chew well. Ripe bananas can help. I love the B Enzymes I use in my Practice with my clients, great and safer than tums alternative.

"Is Goldenroot the same as Rhodiola, because I tried it and it didn't work for my IBS?

Great Question, I get this asked all the time. So this is a good opportunity to explain it to all. Rhodiola rosea is also known as Golden root or rose root. It is "not at all" the same product as my Goldenroot ™. Many are being misled because everyone wants to check on Google by typing Goldenroot and buying online and not getting the results as they are all purchasing Rhodiola which is not the correct product.

My Goldenroot ™ is a blend of mostly bioavailable Turmeric, ginger, oregano, black pepper and lavender in the market presently. It's a unique blend. You can find it at Manoticknaturalmarket.com.

"I have been using the same products as my sister and I cannot lose weight"?

Unfortunately, many people start taking products blindly because of an advertisement, or suggested by a friend or the latest fad, but are often disappointed because it did not do the same for them as the other person. All I have to say for that is, stop using what your friends are using. Your body and health issues and perhaps medications you might be on are all different. So one thing that works for family or friends is not necessary the right one for you. Go chat with a health practitioner that is qualified to help and guide you, to see what's best suited for your body.


Ask Darpan Diva & A


"Do you take clients online for consultation or only in person? Can you suggest someone in my area"?

For the live blood analysis consultation I do require my client in person. For all other consultations for any health issues, yes I do take clients online all across the globe. You can reach me via my website or directly at darpandiva@gmail.com.

Yes of course I can suggest other practitioners, please message me your contact and location and I can find you a practitioner best suited for your health issues.

DLink to buy Goldenroot ™



Follow me on Instagram


Website - Total Nutrition Diva






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WWhenOneDayChangesEverything henOneDayChangesEverything

What colour will I paint the nursery? Will it be a boy or a girl? What kind of crib will we buy? And what is the safest car seat out there, since the hospital won’t let us leave without one. And when the basics are covered, and your belly is busting, you dream of being freed from your tortured pregnant body. Then, at long last, you are finally holding your little bundle of joy, and feeling its sweet newborn skin against yours.

The long wait is over, and motherhood begins. You know it won’t be easy, with breastfeeding, and wakeful nights of teething and gas, but you know it will all be worth it, because you have your beautiful little baby now, for whom you know you would do anything. Your world has changed dramatically but it’s okay.

Your busy wonderful life is just like your friends’ who have also just had babies. You and your girlfriends are all going through the same things, the same daily ordeals and emotions through which all young mothers go. You are all alike. Until you are not…. It’s hard to believe how the world as you know it can change almost instantly.

One day in February, several years ago, I was a young mother too. I was with my four-yearold boy at a pre-kindergarten class at his future school. Three days later, I was sleeping on a cot beside his hospital bed at The Janeway Hospital. Within a few hours, I had travelled from my doctor’s office to the emergency room, where the doctor there very quickly diagnosed our four-year-old little boy with Type 1 Diabetes. He said he would need to be admitted for a little while, and he would need needles given to him every day. In my naivety, I asked the doctor for how long would he need needles. When he told me “for the rest of his life”. I felt as though the floor was ripped out from under me and the walls were caving in. I didn’t know what to say. I thought I might faint. I was in shock. And then I just started to cry. I think I cried for six days straight.

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WWhenOneDayChangesEverything henOneDayChangesEverything

Suddenly our lives were not going to be like our friends lives anymore. While the doctors worked to regulate his insulin dose, and to slowly bring his sugars down to a safe level, my husband and I were taken to a separate room where we had daily lessons on how to take care of our child, our little baby, all over again. It wasn’t just about heating bottles, breastfeeding, and making homemade baby food anymore We now had to learn about weighing and measuring carbohydrates

We had to learn how about much glucose to give him if his sugars ran low, and God forbid, what to do when his sugars climbed too high. We had to learn what symptoms to watch for, and to always be ready to jump into action. While our friends were giving baths and putting on socks, we were getting our child to pee on a stick to check for ketones or pricking his finger ten times a day to make sure his sugars were within range. We felt as though we had the weight of the world upon us But the truth is, you don’t know how strong you can be, until you find yourself at your weakest point It’s like being thrown into a dungeon

At first you are surrounded by darkness and you feel that you can never crawl your way back up. But the need for survival eventually takes over, and you do what needs to be done in order to see the light again. Grasping courage that you didn’t know you possessed, you face your fears head on, and pull yourself back up out of the darkness. I had to face my fear of needles, and start giving my child two a day. My middle-of-the- night breast-feedings of the past were now replaced with routine 3 am sugarchecks, waking up to an alarm every night for the rest of my son’s childhood

Life was rough for a while When we finally got home from the hospital after two weeks, we gave new meaning to the cliché of “nervous” parents Thank God for having twenty-four hour phone access to the “doctor on call for Diabetes” I can’t tell you how many times we dialed that number over the years; too many to count I won’t say it was easy, not any of it Raising a child is difficult as it is, but raising one with Diabetes ?

We had more than our share of hospital stays and close calls. But, just as nine months of pregnancy is worth it in order to finally see and hold your precious newborn, so was the extra care it took to keep my baby healthy. Today my little baby boy is all grown up and finally taking care of himself.

He is now doing all the right things to keep his sugars under control, so that when there hopefully is a cure for Diabetes someday, his body will be ready for it. I am very proud of my little boy, and how he has become such a strong, responsible adult. Now he is doing what needs to be done. I guess we taught him something. At twenty-one years old, he is doing a pretty good job at replacing me. Well almost, lol. I am still his mother.

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Stephanie and Jordan

The Lasting Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

Many of us have one thing in common. We have never lived without the Monarchy of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Countries being Governed by Queen Elizabeth

The World as we know it has now changed. With the passing of Her Majesty on September 8, 2022, the Monarchy was handed to her first Son, Prince Charles On that day, he became King Charles III

As Canadians, we have been part of the British Commonwealth since 1931 Princess Elizabeth became the Queen on February 6, 1952 when her Father King George VI passed away

As it stands, most Canadians have had Her Highness as part of their knowledge and understanding of Canada's role as a Commonwealth Country The Queens Effigy graces one side of all of our standard coins, which are updated through the years with her likeness as she matured. She is also portrayed on our $20 bill.

And while "O Canada" is known as the national anthem of Canada, "God Save the Queen" is still recognized as the royal anthem of Canada.

It is thus fair to say that Queen Elizabeth has been an integral part of Canadian Culture, both on a political and symbolic front.

As Canadians, we have been inherently engulfed in the Monarchy Following their families, their lives, their drama's the good, the bad, the beauty, and sometimes the heartbreak

We have followed the Royal Family with the respect and knowledge that we are a part of this history of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.

We are taken by the enchantment of this fairytale world, and we are proud to have called Elizabeth our Queen.

Buckingham Palace The London Residence of Queen Elizabeth
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TheLastingLegacyof QueenElizabethII

ueenElizabethwasfirstand foremost,theQueenof theUnitedKingdom whichinof itself,consistsof Britain,Ireland andScotland.Atthetimeof herascensionto thethrone,14 otherCommonwealthRealms spreadacrosstheGlobefrom Australiato Canada.

Asof 2022,thereare54 memberstatesthat makeup theCommonwealth,totalling over 2 4 billionpeoplewhopledgetheiroathtothe Queen Onecouldinvariably arguethat QueenElizabethisthemostwell known FIgureheadthroughouttheWorld

Herreignof 70andahalf yearswasthe longestof any Britishmonarch, andthe longestof any femalemonarchintheWorld. BeforeherreignasQueen,thesignificanceof WorldWarIIbegantobuildthefoundationof aLady whowaspridedonhermerit,resolve andsenseof duty.

Balmoral Castle Aberdeenshire, Scotland

During theGermanbombing campaignonLondon, Buckingham Palacewasacentral target However, ratherthanflee,King Georgeandhiswife,stayedinthe Palacetodemonstratetheirsolidarity fortheirfellow countrymen Suchexamplesof herFatherspassionfor hisCountry weighedheavily onPrincessElizabeth,who culturedthesametempermantforduty andCountry asherfatherhadshown.

She was pushed into the role of Queen at the tender age of 25. To become the leader of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries, was not an easy ascension to handle, and yet, Queen Elizabeth embraced her new title with grace, calm, and compassion that belied her years. Her first televised speech as Queen spoke of holding onto important values such as morality, religion and honesty.

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TheLastingLegacyof QueenElizabethII

Throughtheyears,theQueenhasfacedcriticism.Many haveseenher"figurehead"statureasoverrated andantiquated. Many donotcondonetherichesof theMonarchy whensomany areadversely affected by theEconomy. Mediaarecritical of herinvolvementinherFamiliesaffairs,oftensuggesting shewas overriding compassion,placing duty attheforefront,whichhascausedmuchconflictwithintheRoyal Family,including divorces,infighting andtheterribledeathof PrincessDiana1997

Throughall of this,QueenElizabeth remainedastaunchfigurehead, especially tothepeopleof the Commonwealthof theUnitedKingdom. Herlegacy,due notonly tothesheer numberof yearsof herreign,butfor peoplesneedstoholdontothevalues of theMonarchy andrecognizethat thereisapowerinholding onto tradition.

ElizabethdiedinSeptember2022 at herbelovedBalmoral Castlein Aberdeenshire,Scotlandattheageof 96,theHeirtothethroneishereldest child,King CharlesIII QueenElizabeth IIwill bemissed,butherlong chapterin theHistory of theThronewill live forever.


The Queen Elizabeth Rose is a Grandiflora This rose is a cross between a Floribunda and a Hybrid Tea and it blooms in clusters It really is a rose fit for a queen Very elegant and regal It looks wonderful in any garden bed, but especially under a window This beautiful rose will grow up to 6 feet (and maybe even up to 10 feet if you ' re lucky), and because its width can reach about 3 feet or much more, it needs plenty of space if you want to show it off as a glorious specimen shrub, or you can even train several plants to form a hedge. This can be done by keeping the lower branches cut back well which encourages most of the flowers to bloom on the upper and top parts.

Source: all-my-favourite-flowernames com

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The Queen Elizabeth Rose

Queen Elizabeth II 21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

Source: Wikipedia

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~ 2022 ~ Women Icons We Will Miss

2022 has been a year that will not be forgotten. The slowdown of Covid, allowing people to "literally" breath again, was offset by the devastating war in the Ukraine.

In such trying times, we take solace in Music, Movies and TV shows we love. Sadly, this too, sometimes is bittersweet. 2022 has seen the loss of Women that have defined our lives for so long. Women Rock Magazine pays tribute to some of the singificant Ladies that we have lost this year.

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Olivia Newton-John

Who doesn't remember the first time they saw the movie "Grease" A young breathtaking Olivia Newton-John graced the screen and defined the meaning of "Movie Star"

Born in England, Olivia Newton-John went on to win 4 Grammy Awards and also starred in many memorable roles on the big screen besides Grease. Mostly known for her music, Olivia gave us such classic song such as "Physical", "Xanadu", and "Magic".

Sadly, we lost Olivia Newton John to Breast Cancer on August 8, 2022 at the age of 73. Her legacy lives on and her radiant beauty remindes us all of the joy she brought to us through her music and film career.

Naomi Judd

Born in Ashland Kentucky, Naomi was the empitomy of a Southern Belle Her young life was difficult, and as a young Woman, she struglled as a single Mom with two daughters

Despite a challenging youth and the challenge of being on her own with two young girls, the tenacity of the Judd Women can definitely be proven as all three became very successful The youngest daughter, Ashley, went on to become a major motion picture actress, and the older daughter, Wynonna, formed the second half of the duo "The Judds" with mom Naomi

Naomi passed away on April 20, 2022. from suicide, brought on from struggles with depression and panic attacks. Naomi is a reminder to all women that fame and fortune are not remedies to struggles in the heart, and if you, or anyone else you know suffers from depression, please reach out for help.

Angela Lansbury

Another beloved British Actress, Angela Lansbury was born in 1925 in Regent's Park London During high school, she became interested in cinema, and started her acting education in 1940 at a Dramatic Arts school in London

In 1942, she did a theatrical tour of Canada with her mother, and landed her first serious start in show business in Montreal as a a nightclub singer (underage, at only 16, she lied and said that her age was 19 to get hired! ) Angela continued her career path to become a Classic Actress of stage and screen in the early years of film with works such as "Gaslight" and "Death on the Nile" She continued her acting career later life with the TV hit "Murder She Wrote"

Angela died on October 11, 2022 of natural causes She was 96 years old It was 5 days before her 97th birthday

Source - IMDB

~2022~ WomenIconsWeWillMiss
Source - IMDB
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Source - Wikipedia

Rosa Lee Hawkins

Rosa Lee Hawkins was best known as the youngest member of the Female Trio the "Dixie Cups". Born on OCtover 23, 1945, she was surrounded by music growing up in New Orleans.

The Dixie Cups had a hit with the well known "Iko Iko", which, to this day is a popular dance and party tune played at clubs, parades, and of course Mardi Gras where it originated, and made famous by the Dixie Cups

Rosa Lee passed away on December 11, 2022 of an internal bleed. She was 76 years old

Bobbe (Beegie) Long Adair

Source - People

Bobbie Long was born in Cave City, Kentucky, on December 11, 1937 She started her journey, interestingly enough, in the Sciences, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Kentucky University.

The degree was geared towards Music Education, and Bobbe used her skills to teach music to children However, the call of playing professionally made her change her direction and move to Nashville Tennessee in 1961. Here she flourished in the jazz community, getting gigs as a session musician and even sitting in as a band regular on the Johnny Cash show. Not forgetting her academic background, Bobbie earned the honour of being a Professor of Jazz Studies at the Blair School of Music

Sadly, Bobbie Adair died at her home on Jaunuary 23, 2022, at 84 years of age. The Jazz community will miss this talented and charming personality.

Sources - iHeart/Wikipedia

Loretta Lynn

Like Ashley Judd, and Bobbe Long, Loretta Lynn was also a Kentucky girl, born in Butcher Hollow on April 14, 1932. Her father was a Coalminer. Her life was the basis for the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter", which starred Sissy Spacek as Loretta, who won Best Actress at the Academy Awards

Loretta Lynn is known for her work in Country Music, and has led the industry in an unprecedented 24 hit singles and awarded ACM "Artist of the Decade" - the only female to ever receive this honour.

Loretta died of natural causes at a well earned age of 90 Her life endured many difficulties such as the death of two of her children, Jack, and Betty Sue, as well as a relationship with her husband which was ofen difficult due to alchoholism. Through all of this, Loretta left a legacy as a Country Legend.

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MySoloTourDu MontBlancat60

In 2018 I had a dream. Once I put a date to my dream it became a goal. In the summer of 2022 it became reality.

I did the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a 180 km hike in the Alps that loops around France, Italy and Switzerland. Most trekkers do the loop in 11 days with a start and finish near Chamonix, France. The highest point reached is 2,500 meters and the total height gain and loss is around 10,000 meters.

Like many people, when I became interested in doing the TMB I looked for a friend to do it with me I needed a friend who liked walking, one who could afford the trip and one who could take the time off. Once I had someone to come with me we started to plan our adventure. We purchased guide books and read about this hike on the Tour du Mont Blanc Facebook group. We planned an itinerary, booked our flights and lodging in 3 countries. Then, Covid hit. Everything was put on hold and postponed for 2 years. The 2 year wait gave me plenty of time to read about other hikers' experience but it gave my friend the time to make other plans and bail out.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason This TMB was my pilgrimage and I was meant to do it by myself I had already spent so much time watching videos of people who had done the hike that I could visualize myself walking on those mountains I even knew where I would have my first picture taken: under the TMB START sign in Les Houches The long wait often made me wonder if my dream would ever come true But on June 28, 2022 when I landed at the airport in Geneva it was like a miracle day I couldn't believe I had made it that far I was going to do the Tour du Mont Blanc! And I was excited about doing it solo

Mont Blanc as seen from Valdigne in Aosta Valley, Italy Source - Wikipedia
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intimidated by my lack of mountain climbing training and my age

Even though the Tour du Mont Blanc is known to be a 180 km loop, the daily distance to be covered is almost irrelevant What matters is the number of meters in ascent and descent in one day. 10 km on a flat terrain can easily be done in 2 hours. 10 km on the TMB might take 6 hours. Even though I walked by myself, I never felt alone. My days started around 7 in the morning and ended in bed at 9 at night. In July, it was better to start walking early in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat I usually reached my refuge early afternoon Arriving early meant I always had hot water to shower Walking by myself made me go a bit faster than I should have as I was less inclined to stop I had to make a conscious effort to stop to take pictures and admire the scenery The trails are well marked but mostly covered with rocks, roots and stumps and required my eyes to be on the ground and not in the air! Some days were harder than others but none were easy I had such a sense of pride when I reached a high point after 2-3 hours of continuous climbing. But then the hard part started: 2-3 hours of descent!

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Christianne Roy


Sleeping in dorms with 20 people was occasionally part of the adventure. It made the few days I slept in a private room feel like such a treat! Every day I met wonderful people from all over the world. I was in a world where everyone helped everyone. Regardless of people's age, the country they were from or the language they spoke, everyone came together for dinner at the refuge and it was the best part of every day It was when we shared our daily experience, the good and the bad!

At the end of my hike, when someone asked how I had trained for the TMB I realized two things:

1- I had not really trained and

2- what I needed was two of the following three:

strong legs strong cardio strong psyche

My cardio was not strong But I was ok, I had the other two

Every day that I added to my hike was a miracle day It was surreal that the 11 days I had dreamed of for so long were all happening. It was 11 days of freedom, peace, friendship, tranquility and beauty. When I did stop and took the time to admire those majestic mountains, I always had the same thoughts - how lucky I was to be surrounded by those gigantic mountains, the waterfalls, the fast flowing rivers and the beautiful blue sky. Paragliding over Chamonix Valley concluded my adventure.

Everything is possible if you really want it, if you believe in yourself and never give up.

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hen I was four years old I wanted to be an actress Charlie Chaplin was my hero and I cried when I saw him boiling his boots to make a stew for dinner. He made me believe he really lived that way. I never did become a professional actress. But little did I know what was in store for me. I did not grow up in a supportive household. Abandoned by my biological mother at the age of three, I grew up with my father and step mother and three half-brothers. I felt like an afterthought throughout my childhood and teenage years.

I think the old adage is true: "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger " I believed I would one day be able to succeed at something although I had no idea what that would be In Grade 11 at Brantford Collegiate, I fell in love with my first husband John and I were best friends and plotted and planned a future that included travelling the world together

Six years later, married, John and I set off on a yearlong, round the world adventure This trip changed my life in so many ways We even took the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia in the winter I learned that taking risks was often worth it.

Returning home, I enrolled in the journalism program at Carleton University, but after two years switched to film and theatre at Ottawa U. Before graduating I was offered a job as junior photo editor at Canadian Press. I was in seventh heaven.

After two years, I knew I wanted a change. CBC-TV Ottawa was hiring and I was brought on board to cover local news I knew instantly I loved the television medium While busy building my career at CBC, I gave birth to my son Dashiell and often brought him with me in a straw bassinnette while producing the weekend news and breastfeeding at the same time

Starting a family changed my own trajectory and I started to freelance instead of working full-time Those years were wonderful I wrote piece for MacLean's magazine, did a monthly column for the Ottawa Journal newspaper and started working for the Canadian Government Expositions Centre, developing themes for Canadian pavilions at World Fairs including a stint reimagining the Canadian site at Epcot Centre, Disney World, Florida.

After having my second baby, Brie, my busy career required me to find a full-time nanny. The children loved Joyce, our daytime caregiver, and she became as close as a grandmother to them throughout her life.

Onwards and Upwards

Merilyn Read at Canadian Press - Junior Journalist Merilyn Read
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Merilyn Read

ne evening, while reading to Dashiell, "Babar and Father Christmas" , I realized it would make a great film With no experience whatsoever, I phoned Paris information and connected with esteemed author, Laurent de Brunhoff I invited him to lunch in Paris the following January Many months and negotiations later, I secured the rights to a Christmas special which was made at Crawley Films in Ottawa and sold to 40 countries Babar and Father Christmas won a prestigious Gemini Award in 1986 and I was asked to read the story of Babar onstage at the National Arts Centre, a thrill for this aspiring actress

This wonderful project shifted my career once again and I formed my own production company in Ottawa, MTR Entertainment My amazing team supported the production of many series and specials during the next seven years. Perhaps our most notable success was The Tom Green Show which we sold to MTV networks in the US. It was amazing to see our show produced right on Broadway!

Many more productions followed including a Christmas special with Kids in the Hall alumni, Dave Foley, a special in New York with Jann Arden for CTV, a sports comedy series, Celebrity Pets with Marlen Cowpland, six seasons of BUZZ for the Comedy Network and more Another idea I had in the back of my mind moved to the forefront when I partnered with Mary Mackay-Smith, to create The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, a children's animated series In 2004, I closed MTR Entertainment Friends and family worried that I would loose my identify and my staff were sad and worried about their own futures But I felt it was a necessary step since there were changes in the industry and all signs pointed to a more difficult time ahead So I prepared myself for a quiet future

It was not to be! A friend that I ran into one day asked what I was up to Before I knew it, I was interviewing at the Portrait Gallery of Canada and within weeks I was working on communications technology Shortly thereafter, I became the Outreach Director for the Portrait Gallery which further led to more international travel to explore new ways of interpretation of art in public galleries. It also led to me producing an award-nominated film on the acclaimed photographer, Yousef Karsh.

On the eve of turning 65, I felt I was finally ready to retire and perhaps do some personal writing. On a dare from another friend, I wrote every Sunday morning for a year. The result: "Strung Out, the Life and Times of Tina Tampon", a non-award-winning comedic novel about the life of a tampon. It got picked up by an American publisher within two weeks of me sending it out

I recently played Claire in a short film that a group of friends and I are creating just for the fun of it The Director is 80! Called, “A Short Story” this little film is a comedic romp We're doing it for the sheer pleasure and fun of it You might even get to see the finished product on You Tube or at the Perth, Ontario film festival next spring

The four year old aspiring actress is now a 74 year-old grandmother and amateur performer Life has come full circle and continues to be an amazing ride!

OnwardsandUpwards MerilynRead
Merilyn Read - Executive ProducerTom Green Show Merilyn Read at Norina's Maid in Don Pasquale
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Tom Green, Tina Tampon, Merilyn Read


exture in Interior Design is crucial, and quite literally woven into the fabric of a designer's vocabulary. Simply put, without texture a space will not thrive and come to its full potential.

Texture is a way of adding depth and dimension as well as warmth and comfort. It is a means of helping make a room come alive.

Dee's Interior Design & Staging



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Adding Texture

Adds Life To a Space!

There are 2 different types of texture in Interior Design.



Tactile Texture

Visual Texture

Tactile Texture is texture that you feel with your fingers. Tactile texture is 3 dimentional because it has height, width and depth.

Visual texture refers to the artist using their skill to create the illusion of an object's texture. Visual texture creates an appearance of having physical texture but does not generally have the same influence to the touch. Such examples include matt or shiny finishes or even the use of patterns.

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My Happiness Recipe Starts with Six Seconds: Choose - Focus - Transform = Gratitude Attitude

Did you know that according to the website https://www.6seconds.org/, emotions are electrochemical signals that flow through us in an unending cycle.. only six seconds till done. The emotion, whatever it is, only lasts about six seconds. And emotions are neutral - neither good nor bad.

Emotions function to guide us to survive and thrive Emotions focus our attention and motivate us toward a specific course of action And did you know emotions are contagious? You pick up on the state of others However, you are the driver You get to choose how and if you react or simply stuff them down inside

There are so many stories of resilience, tenacity and sheer courage all around us I believe everyone has the capacity to be and do more than I will ever know until life offers me a challenge The in-between the challenges and full on wins are when I believe we can do the most good for ourselves and others.

It’s those In between times that make the difference in living fully, in living in joy and happiness. When I choose to wrap myself in gratitude for all the little wonders in my life the sheer abundance of it all is intoxicating!

These little things can be tallied and enjoyed when I remember them:

The bird song outside my window. The rainbow shining in from the prism hung at my door.

The trill of children’s laughter bubbling up and spilling over to new heights just within hearing.

The clumsy snuggles and tongue lolling kisses of my furkid for no reason at all.

Also, I’m mindful to consider and include the kind gestures that come my way, the proffered help, the unsolicited atta girl/boy/person

These are the jewels in the crown of life that keep me sparkling day to day Not necessarily the big gestures, the grand happenings It’s these tiny nuggets that combine throughout the day to fill me with wonder, happiness and love They fuel my gratitude attitude

The other side of this equation comes from all the little things I offer others

The kind gesture I pass on to someone else. The ‘hello’ to a stranger in an elevator or on the street.

The sincere compliment to a passerby wearing a lovely scarf/ shirt/ hairdo. The thank you and bravo for services rendered, too often missing out on speaking up about the good things, when interacting with those who are only around me fleetingly

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When I count my daily blessings the number can be astronomical Each day, when I have banked all the little wonders and my crown of life is sparkling with these joyous jewels, it is then easier to handle the challenges Yes, there is no denying there are all ways challenges (yes I meant "all ways" Not a spelling error)

It's how I choose to deal with challenges, the little hiccups, the detours and left turns in life that dictate whether I afford myself a great day or sink into self-pity

When I have my crown filled with the jewels of my gratitude, being kind, and empathetic is the best choice. It is ALL WAYS my CHOICE.

Banking my gratitude and savouring that feeling is the key to making my life the very best one I can enjoy!

So when I’m met with a challenge, when I see red or lash out, I can CHOOSE to STOP those negative thoughts I can choose to let the emotion do its thing

Then I can make the choice of how I will react. I let my body go through the six seconds of the emotion: fear, anger, disgust or sadness Any of those negative emotions, just let the six seconds pass as the emotion comes, goes and dissipates

And If I find myself already on the road to pitytown I simply need to stop that boo-hoo-bus!!!

I can CHOOSE to focus on the things I love on my crown filled with gratitude I can then CHOOSE to transform to a more positive vibration And guess what? Each time I make this choice it gets easier!

How that looks in Practice

It’s now late September. I am someone who loves the beach, the surf, the sand and the warmth of summer.

You would think as we head into Autumn, this could be a sad time for me It’s not I transform my thoughts of what I'm missing to thoughts of beauty and bounty that Fall offers

Every day I choose to be grateful That’s the six seconds that I want to focus on - over and over again

Elaine Lindsay
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"Make the best of your today, every day!"


Three years ago, I had a near death experience from falling down a flight of stairs following a drinking binge. After a week in ICU, I was left with a choice; stay in darkness of my grief and pain from losing my child to SIDS; Or start HEALING from my trauma and addiction.

I am thrilled to say I am sober and trauma no longer directs my life.

As an empowerment and recovery coach, I have risen from the depths of addiction and depression - leading the way for others to heal their emotional trauma. My book, Rule Your Throne: Own Your Queendom, as well as my Healing Cocoon & Worthy Femme Programs, were born out of my own healing and evolution. I committed to change - not just for me but also for my family who also were greatly impacted by my addiction. I found tools like Reiki Energy Healing and Emotion Code supported my recovery and well being. These new tools were so life-changing I became a Holy Fire® III Karuna® Il Reiki Master and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

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Nicole B Gebhardt

I now value that I can help others attune their body back to a neutral state and release the toxic energy from trauma As an example, one of my reiki clients said: "After my session today I left feeling energized in my power, lighter, and simply put Happier!" -

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, depression, or anxiety, know that you are not alone! I can help support the healing and recovery journey. Book a consultation with me and I will share the step by step method I use to help others move beyond addiction, depression and anxiety so they can feel joy and peace again. I am also available for speaking engagements, podcasts, and workshops.

I'm passionate about empowering and assisting women to embrace their authentic and full potential; perform at the highest level in their work; and realize their greatest dreams, relationships, and ambitions


Empowerment Coach

Certified Emotion Code Practiioner Sacred Usui/Holy Fire®Usui Reiki Master, Holy Fire® III

Karuna® II Reiki Master “Rule Your Throne & Own Your Queendom”







https://www instagram com/nicole gebhardt/

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Speak Your Truth Lisa Pinnock

Opportunities to Speak Your Truth

I shared some of the initial journey in the introduction of Uncover Your Light: “It’s one thing to feel in your bones that are your idea is worthwhile, but it’s another thing altogether to put it to the test with real, live people… other than your mom! Fast forward to March 2021 and, after getting the green light from our publisher, I set out to find twenty willing souls to join me on this writing adventure. Yeah, no pressure!

But here’s what I found: The more I spoke about uncovering my light, the more “A-ha’s,” and “Me too’s,” I heard from the diverse group of women I encountered Not to mention the connections that would literally fall into my lap, as if a magnetic force was moving this project on waves of momentum This happened so frequently that a second volume of Uncover Your Light was conceived in June 2021!

So, Dear Reader, what does it mean to uncover your light? How would that unfold in your personal situation? What would the process look and feel like? For each of us, the answers will be vastly different But the ways in which we approach life’s challenges, and the tools we use to overcome them, are intertwined with common threads By using writing as a tool for deeper awareness and self-love, my co-authors and I discovered a framework to begin to unravel the complexities that existed at various stages in our lives. And here’s the cool thing: When we shine our lights brightly, we become beacons of hope radiating throughout the world, and we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

As I write this article, I'm still riding the waves of momentum from the launches of my most recent co-authored books, Uncover Your Light: Empowering Stories of Hope and Resilience Seriously, somebody pinch me! These projects represent the collective effort of forty inspiring women from across Canada, the U S , England and Qatar They’re truly international compilations with voices from an array of diverse backgrounds and experiences Like so much of the juicy stuff in life, our books started off simply as an idea… a seedling that required nurturing in order to grow

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Speak Your Truth

If anything, that fire has been lit up even more as a result of our beautiful authoring journey! So here’s something to ponder: Do you feel like you have a story that needs to be told but don’t know where to start? I hear you. I’ve been there too. For years, I struggled to believe that my voice mattered because, for a long time, I bought into a narrative that it didn’t. But once I embarked on a journey of selfdiscovery, I experienced gradual shifts in my perspectives of self and others. And writing was an integral part of that healing process. I began to lean more and more into the power and creativity of my ideas.

Each of us has a voice and message that matters, and bringing them to light will create ripple effects that will last beyond the lifespan of these books. This is how we can change both our inner landscapes and the outer world - by witnessing our truths, one story at a time. I’m excited to share that my passion to help women embody their authentic writer’s voices didn’t end with these projects.

Then in the fall of 2020, after my first co-authored book became a bestseller, a huge "A-HA" moment occurred and a vision of helping other women reclaim their voices was born. It has been an honour to mentor 39 women over the past 18 months as they courageously shared their stories of hope and resilience.

The chrysalis was breaking through its cocoon and then there was no turning back! This is the reason I’ve created the Claim Your Voice Community. Because I want you to feel the energy of a circle of writers on a mission, and to be supported and inspired on your writing journey

Together we thrive! Over 6 weeks, you’ll experience a safe and nurturing space where you can: Work through writing blocks as they occur Sift through all your ideas to find the most impactful insights Experience accountability, community and so much more

If this description resonates with you (or someone you know), I encourage you to reach out for more information at any of the links below Look forward to guiding you through the journey of claiming your voice Let’s do this, together!

Click to go to sites

https://www facebook com/lisamariepinnock

https://www Instagram com/lisampinnock

https://www linkedin com/in/lisapinnock

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modelling dream come true

WWomen around the world seem to struggle to find what they need - safe places to grow personally and professionally while also finding the opportunity to develop friendships and discover their self –worth. I have always felt that learning is essential to our success. Having a deep desire to present myself as classy and professionally well dressed led me to a desire for modeling clothes but most important having a positive attitude. Women want and are able to make a difference, but sometimes need encouragement to live the bold, beautiful life they deserve. I started my modeling career age 33 when I took a modeling course and continuing modeling whenever I got the opportunity. You see - I had a dream that someday I would model and hostess a fashion show in New York City.

Juanita Wilson
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modelling dream come true A

I truly believe that beauty comes from inside and radiates outside. The purpose of my company is to be an inspiration for other women by hostessing events such as fashion shows etc. To give women the opportunity to try something new. I got my dream come true when I was invited to hostess and model in New York City in 2017 and again in 2019, but this time in Paris! This May 2023 I have been invited to participate in The Canadian Modeling and Talent Convention in Toronto

I will be competing in 4 different categories; at the age of 63 there is no time to slow down as I believe age is what you make of it I am here today to encourage you to follow your passions, work hard, practice and patience and you too will fulfill your dreams Let”s not have regrets about what we should have done Live your best life now My favorite quote is ‘This is our time’

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Frozen in Time

The Four Sisters

A Brief History

City of St. John's Heritage Building

Nestled away right next to the St. John’s Harbour, at 31 Temperance Street, is a row of dated, yet stunning houses… a piece of Newfoundland History

Frozen in time

Deanne Tobin Sinha
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photo courtesy of

Frozen in Time The Four


A Brief History

The aesthetics of the Four Sisters is not lost on either locals or travellers from away. A very rare site to see in any major city in North America are stone structures such as these, with remarkable detail and craftsmanship.

These four structures were built by Samuel Garrett, a well known Newfoundland Stonemason, and were wedding gifts for his four daughters. Of notable interest is that the stone used for the houses is left over stone from the construction of Cabot Tower on Signal Hill.

Windowframes and doorframes made of brick give display the painstaking workmanship and attention to detail that seems to be far in the past. The houses are quaint, yet still hold a majestic quality.

Sadly, they are currently abandoned. From time to time, this Interior Designer drives by and her thinking cap lights up with potential to renovate. Maybe someday LOL.

The Four Sisters are recognized as City of St. John's Heritage buildings, and they beautifully lend themselves to the charm and history of St. John's, the oldest city in North America.

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The Sights and Sounds of Canada's Capital

Ottawa. The Capital of Canada, the second largest country in the World.

Oddly enough, from a global standpoint, Ottawa is not always recognized by people to be the Capital. Many expect the larger cities such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver to be the central city of Canada. Ottawa is much smaller, much more quaint if you will, but it is a beautiful City that stands out for its cleanliness, safety, and many would say, the perfect size, a "little big City" is how a lot of residents describe it.

Ottawa is known for it's Cosmopolitan lifestyle, centrally a Government City, but it also boasts a large rural community on the outskirts, and lends itself to the French/English culture of Canada due to its location on the border of Ontario and Quebec.

There are many wonderful and exciting experiences to be had in this charming City by the Ottawa River. We list three attractions you would definitely enjoy on a visit to the Nations Capital!

Parliament Hill

Obviously, the central attraction in Ottawa would be Parliament Hill, which is the location of the Federal Government of Canada. Centre Block is the main buidling with the soaring Peace Tower as the centerpiece. Here, Laws are passed, and legislation is dictated by the Governing bodies. Parliament Hill with its European architecture, is a must see Set along the Ottawa River, it is a picturesque view of one of the most well known structures in Canada

The Centre Block - Parliament Hill Photo Courtesy of Benoit Debaix A view of the library behind Centre Block
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Byward Market

If dining and dancing is your fancy, then the B Market in the heart of downtown Ottawa w dissapoint In a condensed locality of about blocks, you can find restaurants, cafe's, mus street buskers, pubs and sidewalk shopping energy in the summer and into fall is electric, a a a great destination to spend the day or use pit stop as you explore downtown Ottawa. class cuisine, or a quick street hotdog, the ch yours!

O t t a w a O t t a w a

Canada's Capital Rideau Canal

ea Canal runs 7 8 Km, starting from the Rideau d emptying into the Ottawa River at the locks town Ottawa. During the summer, it is a wonder with a walkway along the canal from ou can watch yachts coming through and find vely eateries and grassy area's to relax and During the Winter, the Canal (when frozen) p as the Worlds's longest skating rink. Enjoy a skate for the total length of the Canal, and get to stop for a traditional Beaver Tail and a olate!

The Sights and Sounds of
A busy streetcorner in the bustling Market The Canal at Night - A enchanted view The same view by Day, equally enchanting
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The Ottawa skyline as seen from the Ottawa River

Today, enjoy being an amazing version of yourself. YOU ROCK!

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