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Sharing hope calls for us to share Christ, and the Word of God tells us how to do this.

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Message FROM TAMIKO Sharing Hope Have you ever heard someone say sharing is caring? If you have, then you may have immediately thought of sharing a physical item or providing something tangible to meet a need. We know there are many physical needs to be met in the state of Texas and across the world. Our local WMU groups are meeting those needs. Some endeavor to complete the Pad Project while others donate hygiene kits for missions outreach along our southern border. You have embraced the charge and are answering the call to missions. As we meet physical needs, God opens the door for us to supply spiritual needs as well. Who is responsible for the hope that we have? What does hope look like to you? Believers have a hope that transcends difficult circumstances. Knowing Jesus Christ can help you pass through the most challenging period of your life. Sharing hope calls for us to share Christ, The Word of God tells us how to do this. “Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone” (Colossians 4:5-6, NLT). When we provide meals or clothing, we are the provision of God. When we prayerwalk school campuses or bus stations, we are being the peace of God. When we fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, we are expressing the love of God. Sharing is caring. For 2019, the Mary Hill Davis Offering® for Texas Missions will support over 90 ministries across the state of Texas. When you financially support our annual state missions offering, you are furthering the cause of Christ within the borders of our home state. In times like these, we must share hope.

Thank you for being a partner in ministry! In His Name,

Tamiko C. Jones Executive Director-Treasurer WMU of Texas






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THE BRIDGE Published bi-annually by WMU of Texas Tamiko Jones Executive Director-Treasurer 10325 Brockwood Road Dallas, TX 75238 214.828.5150 wmutx.org

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A Word

FROM THE OUTGOING PRESIDENT “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” Philippians 1:3. As I think back over my tenure as President of WMU of Texas, this verse comes to mind. I have made so many wonderful friends over these years. I’ve visited in your churches, associations, and Wmen on Mission meetings where I’ve seen how God is working as you strive to share Christ around the world. I’ve seen women take time out of their busy lives to share Christ with a family by building a home for them during a Women’s Build. I’ve seen God working through Sisters Who Care and WorldCrafts events. I was excited to see how our associations are reaching out to so many people as I attended their meetings. What a wonderful time we had celebrating the 20th anniversary of Christian Women’s Job Corps. I loved seeing up-close and personal how our Mary Hill Davis funds assisted with the Minnesota/Wisconsin Minister/Wives Retreat. What a privilege it was for us to host the Missionary Kid Re-Entry Retreat. I have so loved working with the staff of WMU of Texas, who work so hard for you and are so dedicated to God and have such mission hearts. It was wonderful to see how God helped WMU of Texas with a move to a new building. I’m so thankful for the board and our Interim Executive Director for a smooth transition as we sought a new Executive Director. It’s been such a privilege to work side-by-side with our new Executive Director who has new and great ideas for the years to come. I count it a privilege, honor, and a blessing to have served the Lord in this position. I pray that you will continue to “pursue the things of peace and the building up of one another,” as Romans 14:19 states.

May God bless each one of you. I love you all. Shirley McDonald


WOMEN’S BUILD TEAM ONE OCTOBER 20-25 WOMEN’S BUILD TEAM TWO OCTOBER 24-29 Cost is $300 per week (scholarships available). For more information or an application, contact Pam Poole at pam.wmutx@texasbaptists.org or call 214.828.5153.

This ministry is made possible by gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering® for Texas Missions.




NON-GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATIONS 1. Asociación Bautista Hispana Norte Central de Texas 2. Asociación Bautista Latino Americana ABILENE-CALLAHAN

NEW OPPORTUNITIES As our world moves faster and faster, robots clean our floors, computers fix our cars, and social media tells us anything and everything (even things we probably don’t want or need to know!).


Recently, I was reading an article detailing the future population and demographic growth of Texas. Numbers, numbers, numbers! So many numbers. What does it all really mean? Let’s start with the basics. Here are a few facts about Texas that merit our attention: ● In 2000, the population was 20.8 million. ● In 2010, the population was 25.3 million. ● In 2020, the projected population will be 30.5 million. ● Texas will be the fastest growing state in the US for the foreseeable future. Our state population will continue to grow. The numbers are vast, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Clearly, we have work to do, but how will we accomplish the task of making disciples who make disciples? What will you do to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those God has placed in your community? I encourage you to be creative, looking for open doors and opportunities to serve others. Join me in praying for God’s direction for the task. Pray for the courage to make changes to help us in our mission and ministry to reach Texas for Jesus Christ.

By Susan Ater Retired, WMU Associational Consultant



As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

CHRISTIAN MEN’S JOB CORPS: CHANGING MEN’S LIVES “I came to Christian Men’s Job Corps® (CMJC) after being released from prison. I had nothing. I was a drug user, homeless, and I had lost everything. I came to CMJC because it was a place where they were taking their beliefs and putting them into practice. After graduating from CMJC, I received two job offers.” Brandon, CMJC graduate When Brandon graduated from CMJC of Kerr County, he became the quality assurance manager for a biotech company. He is now living and working in Austin. His life is just one of many who have been changed through CMJC since it began in 2004. In 2019, CMJC will celebrate 15 years of ministry in Texas. In 2004, National WMU recognized the impact Christian Women’s Job Corps® (CWJC) was having on women’s lives, so the natural step was to start a parallel ministry to help men make positive changes in their lives by establishing Christian Men’s Job Corps. The first community to register a CMJC site was San Angelo, Texas. There are currently 10 CMJC sites in Texas. From the beginning, Proverbs 27:17 has been the spiritual hub around which CMJC was built: As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. As men help other men to sharpen their faith and develop their life/job skills, CMJC has proven to be an environment of empowerment where men can grow in their relationship with God and become Christian leaders for their families and community. When families are strengthened, communities become stronger. Like the CWJC program, Bible study and mentoring are at the core of CMJC.

Tom Jones, executive director of CMJC of Kerr County, said that men come to CMJC from prison, college, and all socio-economic backgrounds. They don’t know how to move themselves forward. They need a unique ministry that can help them grow in their relationship with God. He points to Darrin, a CMJC grad whose journey has come full circle as he now serves in ministry leadership to help others.

“I didn’t have direction in my life. I visited CMJC and saw men growing through Bible study and fellowship. I wanted that! I wanted what they were getting. The classes oriented me to Christ and to live a full life. After graduating, I returned a year later to teach computer classes and later served as the Community Director for the SEND program.” Darrin, CMJC graduate The SEND program is a ministry of CMJC of Kerr County which helps men who are on probation to complete their community service hours. As of 2019, Darrin graduated from Schreiner University in Kerrville and is serving as associate pastor of Friendship Bible Church.


When asked what inspired him to start CMJC in Kerrville, Tom said, “I just followed the call. I had a heart to serve and I was praying about where God wanted me to serve. He called me to CMJC. God has planted seeds in this ministry, and as the ministry grows and as men’s lives are changed, CMJC’s influence grows throughout the community.” Sometimes, Tom is blessed to see “the rest of the story” in a CMJC graduate’s life in unexpected ways and in unusual places. “My son and I were walking through Home Depot when a graduate from many years ago stopped me and said, ‘I need to talk to you about how this ministry changed my life.’ For 15 minutes, he shared his testimony about the change that CMJC brought to his life.” “Those moments just affirm why I am part of God’s ministry through CMJC.” For more information about CWJC or CMJC, contact Becky Ellison, becky.wmutx@texasbaptists.org.

By Becky Ellison CWJC/CMJC Consultant, WMU of Texas




Job development and the provision of sustainable, living wages are at the heart of WorldCrafts’ vision to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth. This vision fits handin-glove with the mission of Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps (CWJC/CMJC): to equip women and men, in a faith-based context, for life and employment. CWJC/CMJC sites are changing lives around the world by offering ● High school equivalency diploma preparation ● English as a Second Language (ESL) classes ● Computer classes ● Bible study ● Mentoring ● Job readiness skills ● Life skills Are you ready to join us in the fight against poverty? What if we told you that it’s as simple as hosting a one-month online benefit? Renee Mathis of Tulip Grove Baptist Church recently hosted a benefit for Begin Anew in Nashville, TN. Renee shares, “Our WMU/Women on Mission hosted a [benefit] for Begin Anew in conjunction with our Women’s Ministry Mini Retreat August 18. The Women’s Ministry loved it so much they want to do it again for our Ladies Fall Retreat October 19-21! Our Mini Retreat raised $438.63 for Begin Anew. Our goal is to raise $500 during the Fall Retreat benefit. For us, having a WMU WorldCrafts [benefit] in conjunction with a Women’s Ministry retreat was the perfect way to partner between WMU/Women on Mission and Women’s Ministry.”

How to Host a Benefit for CWJC/CMJC You, your small group, or your whole church can host a one-month online WorldCrafts benefit for the CWJC/ CMJC site you wish to help. Simply complete an online registration form and WorldCrafts will do the rest. Be sure to register no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to host the benefit. In the week prior to your benefit, you will receive a link to a webpage created just for you, along with a promotion code, promotional pieces, and instructions for hosting the benefit. During the month of your online benefit, you simply promote the benefit through social media, email, and your church or community’s promotional systems. You can invite your friends to spread the word by liking and sharing your posts on Facebook and Instagram, and retweeting on Twitter. In the month following your benefit, we will send a check for 20% of the proceeds directly to your selected CWJC/CMJC site. You will receive an email notifying you of the total amount donated, along with fun ways to share your results on social media.

We currently have 3 sites that are listed as signing up for the benefit: ● Christian Women’s Job Corps San Angelo, San Angelo, TX ● Christian Women’s Job Corps of Rusk County, Henderson, TX ● Cleburne Christian Women’s Job Corps, Cleburne, TX


By Pam Poole Special Projects Coordinator, WMU of Texas THE BRIDGE

PASSPORT TO HOPE In 2019 and beyond, WMU of Texas will challenge you to blanket our state, country, and world with the HOPE OF JESUS CHRIST. We know that you are already serving in your communities, but we want to hear about what you are doing! We have created the Passport to Hope! It has the likeness of a real passport with an area for your picture and personal information. Here’s how it works: In order to be eligible for stamps at next year’s annual meeting (March 27-28, 2020, Oakwood Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX), we need to hear from you! Email stories to WMU of Texas (wmutx@texasbaptists.org) throughout the year. Be sure to include your name, date, and location of event, a brief story of how and who you served, including pictures! That’s it! When we see you next year, we will have a record of those stories and you will receive a corresponding number of stamps. The only way to receive stamps is to provide the stories prior to our next annual meeting. It is our prayer that in promoting this PASSPORT TO HOPE, our state, our country, and our world will see more of Christ right where they live, right where they hurt, and right where they need. We pray that you will become our MISSIONS AMBASSADORS. WMU groups of all ages, can be involved. Churches can be involved. You can be involved as we renew our commitment to PRAY, GIVE, AND GO.



We believe

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brokenness through We passionately tell HIS story. We creatively empower leaders. We obediently engage the world.

hope in Christ.



God has always had the whole world in mind. God’s global cause belongs to every member of the church. Within that context, however, Woman’s Missionary Union has a specific responsibility for missions education and participation. Helping to prepare God’s people to show and tell God’s love to Texas and the world is the main priority of WMU of Texas.

Funds a variety of ministries and projects such as leadership training events for multicultural churches, expenses for volunteer ethnic consultants, resources for missions education camps, Missionary Parents Fellowship, a pre-college retreat for MKs (Missionary Kids), and Texas Baptist Nursing Fellowship.


A partnership that began in 1999 benefiting WMU of Texas and national WMU. Its purpose is to provide strong long-term financial stability and support for the ministries of both entities.

Effective missions education impacts how we view family, how we read or listen to the news, and how we use our time, giftedness, and money every day. It also impacts how we think beyond our lifetime, influencing the legacy we leave. The rapid changes in how we do missions challenges WMU to be innovative, relevant, and personal – and adequate funds are not always available. WHAT ARE THE WMU OF TEXAS ENDOWMENTS? Endowments have been established to help provide a secure financial base for the mission and ministries of WMU. The money placed in an endowment will never be spent; the funds are invested so the interest provides an ongoing stream of income year after year, decade after decade. GIVE TO YOUR PASSION Prayerfully consider these opportunities to participate in God’s work through your endowment giving.


JEANE LAW LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENDOWMENT This endowment makes funds available to help women develop missions leadership skills for service in their local churches. JOY FENNER MISSIONS PROJECT ENDOWMENT Assists individuals to move beyond their church walls and be involved in hands-on missions experiences in the US or overseas. EULA MAE HENDERSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT This endowment provides scholarship for women pursuing a career in WMU or in missions who are enrolled in graduate study at Baylor School of Social Work, Logsdon School of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, or Truett Theological Seminary. TEXAS CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S/ MEN’S JOB CORPS ENDOWMENT Funds support various aspects of this ministry in which women and men in need are equipped

This endowment helps WMU effectively tell the missions story by developing writers, language websites, and other avenues of communication. VALERIO ENDOWMENT FOR HISPANIC MINISTRIES Funds are used to support Hispanic ministries across Texas. WMU of Texas will receive and acknowledge any contribution and deposit the funds as designated by the donor. Send contributions to WMU of Texas for these endowments: ● WorldTouch ● Jeane Law Leadership Development ● Joy Fenner Missions Project ● Eula Mae Henderson Memorial Scholarship ● Texas Christian Women’s / Men’s Job Corps ● Amelia Bishop Missions Communication WMU of Texas 10325 Brockwood Road Dallas, TX 75238 214-828-5150 Give online at www.wmutx.org/give Send contributions to the WMU Foundation for these endowments: ● Texas Touch Tomorrow Today ● Valerio Endowment for Hispanic Ministries WMU Foundation P.O. Box 11346 Birmingham, AL 3522 877-482-4483 Give online at www.wmufoundation.com

Light IN THE GAP When God opens our eyes and shows us people’s needs, it is our role as His servants to respond.

At First Woodway Baptist Church, we learned that Waco plays a unique role in the lives of many women who are being released from the state prison and jail. The nearby town of Gatesville is where nearly all women are processed before they are released to go home or to a transitional center. Women without friends or family to provide transportation upon their release, are taken to a bus station in Waco. Many of these women have no one to meet them. A few have someone who ministered to them in prison to meet them, but the others are alone, vulnerable to predators who seek to take advantage of them. Now, women released from prison are met by Christian women as part of a ministry called Light in the Gap. We chose that name because we desire to represent and share the light of Christ with women “in the gap” between prison and wherever they are going next. Our Scripture verse is John 8:12: “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” Women from Light in the Gap minister Monday through Friday, greeting the newly released with a welcoming smile. We help them interpret their bus tickets and find a phone to use. We give them homemade cookies baked by our baking team. The bag includes three cookies and a card with a Scripture verse of hope and encouragement written by a woman in our church. A homemade chocolate chip cookie is greatly appreciated by someone who has been eating prison food. Light in the Gap, also provides the women with a bag of items they might need for their journey or in the days ahead. The bags contain toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, and deodorant, as well as snacks such as crackers, cookies, gum, and water. We include a brochure with information on locations for Christian Women’s Job Corps® all over the state. A Gospel of John is included, along with a book of God’s promises from the Bible, helpful phone numbers for social services, and colorful socks. Women in prison miss color and good tastes and smells. Our THE BRIDGE

bags provide a joyful touch of color, encouragement, and help to meet some of their needs. The bags are packed by a packing team, and handsewn bags are made by our sewing team. The most important part of our ministry with these women is praying with them individually. We talk about their concerns, fears, and hopes, and we pass along those needs for prayer through an email list maintained by our prayer coordinator. This past winter, we added the coat team. They collect, store, organize, and distribute coats, sweaters, windbreakers, scarves, hats, and ear warmers. Women in Texas are released from prison wearing men’s clothing and no coat, even in the coldest weather. Many people have donated coats, and others have knitted or crocheted colorful caps and scarves. We gave a young mother a handmade afghan for the baby waiting for her at home. Women at First Woodway Baptist Church have been joined by other churches. An older woman makes sock dolls and donates matchbox cars for women to take home to their children. Another woman takes a trained service dog with her to serve as comfort at the bus station. Another woman has written a poem that we will be including on our scripture cards. People with so many different gifts are using them to minister through Light in the Gap. In a year and a half, we have met over 3,000 women at the bus station. We count it a blessing to be able to serve in this ministry that God has shown us. We know it is His ministry in all ways. Women come to the bus station in Waco, then leave to go to all parts of our state. We seldom know what happens to them, but we pray other Christians will meet them and minister to them wherever they go.

By Donna Burney Director, Light in the Gap First Woodway Baptist Church, Woodway, TX


AGE-LEVEL MISSION OPPORTUNITIES WMU of Texas announces new Age-Level Missional Lifestyle Strategist Teri Ussery has joined WMU of Texas as Missional Lifestyle Strategist for preschoolers, children, youth and young adults. Teri isn’t new to WMU of Texas,

and is excited to return to work with Texas missions.

“I am so excited to be back with WMU of Texas. This opportunity allows me to combine my love for discipleship, my heart for missions and my experience as a teacher to impact a new generation as they share Christ.” Teri is available to resource churches and associations, equipping them in age-level missions strategies. You can contact her at teri.wmutx@ texasbaptists.org. She would love to visit your church or association!

Meet Our 2019 National Acteens Panelist:

Emily Morrow

WMU of Texas is excited to introduce Emily Morrow of Ponder, Texas, who is serving as a 2019 National Acteens Panelist. Emily is one of five Acteens selected this year from applicants across the nation. Other panelists are from Virginia, California, and Louisiana. Acteens® is a missions organization for girls ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12. Through Acteens, teenage girls have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers. Acteens learn to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry. Each year, Acteens from across the nation may begin an application process requiring a state WMU recommendation. In addition to serving in their home state, the panelists serve in various ways through National WMU and receive a gift from the Loftis Endowment through the WMU Foundation. Emily, the daughter of Lisa Morrow, is a student at Ponder High School and serves with the Acteens group of First Baptist Church of Ponder. Her Acteens director is Libby Quigg, a fomer WMU of Texas board member.

It’s Time for CAMP Warmer temperatures and the sound of cicadas in the trees can only mean one thing. Summer and GA Camp are just around the corner! Texas hosts several regional missions camp experiences for children and teens. So, with camp approaching, what are some ideas for getting your missions camper ready? Here are five quick tips to help your camper have a great experience at missions camp. TIP 1. Pack each day’s outfit (including socks and underwear) in separate Ziploc bags. This keeps clothes dry and clean and helps make it easy to grab a bag and head to the showers. Which leads to tip #2. TIP 2. Pack inexpensive rubber flipflops as shower shoes. Protecting 12

feet from the shower floor will help keep feet healthy and campers happy! TIP 3. Consider purchasing a camping towel for showering. These are inexpensive and are smaller than a regular bath towel. Made of microfiber, these towels absorb a lot of water and dry quickly. And many even come with a sewn in loop for hanging. TIP 4. Make your campers day by hiding notes from family members in their luggage. Encouragement, prayers, and Bible verses can help lift the spirits of a slightly homesick camper. TIP 5. Pray for your camper every day. Missions camp is a great place to experience God. Free from the distractions of technology, campers can focus on hearing from the Lord.

Happy Camping!

Set Free



What a NIGHT! On Sunday evening, April 28, I experienced a snapshot of what age-level missions is all about. Tamiko Jones, executive director-treasurer for WMU of Texas invited me to join her at First Baptist, Nederland where she was to deliver a challenge to their Mission Friends®, Girls in Action®, Royal Ambassors®, and Acteens®, during their annual missions celebration. I saw Mission Friends who learned that not only does Jesus love them, but Jesus loves others, too. They learned that some people go to other places to tell others about Jesus. They learned Bible verses that taught them to love God by loving others. I heard about GAs who had made keychains to give to friends, inviting them to join GAs. They earned their “I Met

a Missionary” badge by meeting stateside missionaries from Israel. They learned about disaster relief from Texas Baptist Men while cleaning tools for the disaster relief trailer. They delivered valentines to a nursing home and canned goods to a food pantry. GAs and Acteens joined together for the Acteen-led International Mission Study on refugees. They did a craft to remind them to pray for refugees. RAs and GAs teamed up to clean up a local park and plant flowers. The evening culminated as the Acteens were recognized for their MissionsQuestSM advancement. Sometimes I think we “older folks” worry about the future. But my experience with the youth in Nederland reminded me that God is at work in a new generation of Christ-followers. They are learning His word in Mission Friends and GAs. They are learning His ways in Acteens as they put God’s word into action. God is preparing a generation to stand for Him and share the hope found only in Christ.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 (NLT) Teri Ussery Age-level Missional Lifestyle Strategist WMU of Texas

JULY 8 – 11, 2020 ✿ GERMANTOWN BAPTIST CHURCH MEMPHIS, TN Who remembers where you were on July,18, 1984? I know many of you are saying, “wait … I wasn’t even born yet!” Well, let me take you back. The time was 1984. The place was the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth. The event was the Nationals Acteens Convention (NAC), where thousands of Acteens from across the country gathered. We had awesome worship. We heard incredible speakers share the story of how God was using them to share the Gospel. We attended breakout sessions where we learned about life in other countries. We heard stories from missionaries who were sharing the Gospel in dangerous places. The Company, a team of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary THE BRIDGE students led by Dennis Parrish, took us on an adventure called Air Jericho, where we experienced

a small taste of what it was like to live in a third world country. That was over thirty years ago, and I still remember how powerful it was to be in an auditorium with thousands of teens experiencing the power and presence of Christ as He empowered and equipped us to go and share the Gospel. Just in case you might be feeling a little sad that you missed such a great experience, cheer up! You can be a part of Blume 2020! Mark your calendar for July 8-11, 2020 at Germantown Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. Join this incredible gathering of likeminded students who will encourage you and come alongside you in your passion to share Christ. Teri Ussery Age-level Missional Lifestyle Strategist 13 WMU of Texas

MEN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT ROYAL AMBASSADOR CAMPS Have you ever wondered what makes Royal Ambassadors Camp such a unique experience? The first time I experienced the excitement that comes from attending a Royal Ambassadors (RA) Camp, I was 10 years old. I was invited to join the RA group from First Baptist Church. Since our church did not have an RA chapter, it was at RA camp where I first heard the words of the RA Pledge spoken at flag raising. I watched as boys and men recited the RA Pledge together and could see in the eyes of the men they had a passion for living out the words of the pledge. At RA camp, I learned about archery, basic campcraft skills, and missions. I still remember the words spoken at a campfire service by young men who performed a campfire drama entitled, “My Life Was Never the Same,” illustrating how people’s lives are changed forever when they accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I was 23 years old when I began serving as an RA leader at our church. I took a group of boys to RA Camp that summer. The first day in the swimming 14

pool, I spent 45 minutes in waist-deep water, fending off boys who were determined to dunk their RA leader. When I crawled out of the pool, victorious but very exhausted, another RA leader commented to me that this must be my first time as an RA leader at camp. I asked him how he could tell, and he replied that experienced RA leaders will stand in chest-deep water so that the water is over the heads of boys, making it easier for leaders to repel the boys, I learned a lesson the hard way. I began learning how experienced RA leaders work with campers at RA Camp. I began developing relationships and friendships with other men from churches who also have RA groups and who made a commitment to attend RA Camp with their boys. For several years now, I have had the opportunity to travel and attend many RA Camps. In addition, I encourage volunteer RA leaders and young men who are working with the boys to participate in the RA Camp experience. There are many images that come to mind that help illustrate how RA Camp is such a unique experience: ● Men spending time teaching boys campcraft skills, basic marksmanship, archery skills, and other activities they enjoy. ● Veterans demonstrating respect for the flag and teaching young men how to handle and fold correctly. ● Missionaries sharing their personal experiences and praying that RAs will participate with God in His mission. ● Dads spending time with their sons at RA Camp and participating in activities such as fishing. ● RA leaders working all week with the boys they bring, helping them memorize the “Roman Road” earning the right to wear a bracelet they can use to share the plan of salvation with others. ● Boys developing new friendships at camp while eating hotdogs together. ● Warm summer evenings sitting around the campfire. ● Watching young men using a campfire dramatization to share a Bible story with the boys. ● Reciting pledges to the US flag, Christian flag, the Bible, and the RA Pledge. RA Camp provides a unique opportunity for boys and men to spend time together. It is a rite of passage for boys to attend an RA Camp, as they THE BRIDGE

learn new skills and spend time with men who will share what it means to be a man of God. RA Camp provides a great adventure for boys and young men with life-changing opportunities to grow in a relationship with Christ. Each year, many boys make commitments to Christ. I encourage you to pray about spending a week at RA Camp and sharing the RA Motto: “We are Ambassadors for Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:20). I know

boys will thank you for your commitment. See you at RA Camp! For more information about RA camps, contact Keith Mack at Keith.mack@texasbaptistmen.org. By Keith Mack Children & Youth Missions & Ministry Director, Texas Baptist Men

SISTERS WHO CARE: DEVELOPMENT, GROWTH, AND INCREASE As I think about Sisters Who Care (SWC) and our ministry to Texas Baptist churches, I am encouraged by the example of the Apostle Paul and how he ministered to the New Testament churches he birthed and oversaw. “Paul dove into his relationships with the churches with both feet, loving and investing in them without reservation” (Priscilla Shirer, Awaken.) He was all about expansion, multiplication, and growth for the glory of God. With the same ministry goals as Paul, the vision of the African American Advisory Council (AAAC) for SWC, partners with Texas Baptists’ SWC ministries to witness and be a part of their development, growth, and increase. To do so, we have council members in five locations around our state: Dallas, East Texas, Houston, Lubbock, and San Antonio. These members are available to assist existing SWC ministries and to help start new SWC ministries. In addition, the AAAC has planned experiences, along with other partnerships, to allow SWC ministries to not only develop, grow, and expand, but to connect and build new relationships. Please join us at the following events: ● SISTERS WHO CARE LUNCHEON during the African American Fellowship of Churches, July 10, First Woodway Baptist Church, Woodway. (Details to follow at texasbaptists.org) ● SISTERS WHO CARE CONFERENCE AND DAY OF SERVICE September 6-7, Community Missionary Baptist Church, Cedar Hill Campus. (Details to follow at wmutx.org) We look forward to connecting with you in 2019! As Paul said to the church of Thessalonica, we are delighted to not only show and share God’s message of love with you, but also our lives, because we care for you. By Suzette Mitchell Financial Assistant/Consultant for SWC WMU of Texas



OFFICERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS THANK YOU TO THE OUTGOING BOARD OF DIRECTORS WHO FAITHFULLY SERVED WMU OF TEXAS. Shirley McDonald, President Vanessa Quintanilla-Lerma, Area 3 Edna Ramos, Area 4 Elaine Mason, Area 5 Barbara Springer, Area 6 Naomi Key, Area 9 Libby Quigg, Member-at-Large

EARL ANN BUMPUS President (2019) Graham earlann@rocketmail. com

ELI SALAZAR Vice-President (2018) Crystal City mseli2@aol.com

SUSAN MORGAN Secretary (2018) Houston susan.morgan@ sbcglobal.net

WELCOME INCOMING BOARD OF DIRECTORS Earl Ann Bumpus, President Belva Bowers, Area 5 Sharee Wolf, Area 6 Gracie Muir, Area 9 Jackie Faughn, Member-at-Large

TAMIKO JONES Executive Director Treasurer Dallas tamko.wmutx@ texasbaptists.org

As of April 6, 2019, we welcome incoming WMU OF TEXAS BOARD OF DIRECTORS AREA 1

BRENDA BOURGEOIS Lubbock BrendaBou@aol.com




MARTHA LAY El Paso issacc@sbcglobal.net


KAY KOLB Midland kkolb351@gmail. com

DALIA MORIN Jourdanton chantanmorin@ gmail.com







RUTH HINER San Antonio chuck1711@att.net



BELVA BOWERS Texas City belva.bowers@ gmail.com


PAM DAVIS-DUCK Houston redonia51@att.net


DONNA TRUSTY Dublin detrusty@hotmail. com

SHAREE WOLF Austin swolfeone@twc.com



FRANKIE HARVEY Nacogdoches frankieharvey@ gmail.com


PAMELA LOFTIS Houston pamela.loftis@ sbcglobal.net

JACKIE FAUGHN McKinney jfaughn54@gmail. com THE BRIDGE

CHARLOTTE WRIGHT Cedar Hill neetmel@att.net

MARIA SAAVEDRA Dallas saavedra6@ sbcglobal.net

FRANKIE FALKNER Burleson frankie.falkner@ me.com

GRACIE DAVIDSON Sanger gracemdavidson1@ gmail.com


MARSHA SAUCIER Round Rock mlsaucier@gmail. com

RUTH NGUYEN Plano ruthnguyen601@ gmail.com



TAMIKO JONES Executive DirectorTreasurer O: 214.828.5150 Tamiko.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

BECKY ELLISON CWJC/CMJC Consultant C: 254.716.0319 [Based in Waco] Becky.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

PAM POOLE Special Projects Coordinator O: 214.828.5153 Pam.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

SUZETTE MITCHELL Financial Assistant/ SWC Consultant O: 214.828.5154 Suzette.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

MARIBEL PAZ Administrative Assistant & Office Manager O: 214.828.5150 Maribel.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

BETH CAMPBELL Mary Hill Davis Offering Project Manager & Communications Consultant O: 214.828.5155 Beth.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

LOOIE BIFFAR Creative Arts Director O: 214.828.5155 Looie.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

TERI USSERY Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Preschool, Children, Youth and Young Adults O:214.828.5374 Teri.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

VACANT Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Adults & Multicultural Groups

BERTHA VAUGHNS WMU African American Consultant C: 281.854.9631 (Based in Houston) bvaughns@live.com

FREDDIE MARTINKA Ministry Assistant O: 214.828.5160 Freddie.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FACEBOOK facebook.com/wmuoftexas facebook.com/childrensmissionstx facebook.com/texasacteens facebook.com/maryhilldavis VIMEO vimeo.com/wmuoftexas PINTEREST pinterest.com/wmuoftexas INSTAGRAM instagram.com/wmuof texas





Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations


Baptist Women Day of Prayer


Campout & Missions Mania (Royal Ambassadors / Challengers), Latham Springs

JUNE 9-10

National WMU Celebration & Annual Meeting, Birmingham, AL


SWC/AAF Luncheon, First Woodway Baptist Church, Woodway


Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Waco


Christmas in August


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


Texas Baptist Men’s Day


Sisters Who Care Confernece, Community Missionary Baptist Church, Cedar Hill Campus


Week of Prayer and the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions®, In Times Like These... Share HOPE


WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting, Location TBD


Women’s Build, Peñitas Week One


Women’s Build, Peñitas Week Two

2020 FEBRUARY 10-16

WMU Focus Week


Children’s Missions Day


CWJC/CMJC Day of Prayer


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting

MARCH 27-28

PURSUE - WMU of Texas Annual Meeting & Missions Celebration, Oakwood Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX

JUNE 7-8

National WMU Celebration & Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

JULY 8-11

BlumeSM (A missions gathering for girls), Memphis, TN

JULY 22-26

Baptist World Alliance Celebration 2020, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SEPTEMBER 13-20 Week of Prayer for Texas and the Mary Hill Davis Offering OCTOBER 2-3

WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting


WMU of Texas Women’s Build, Peñitas. Date TBD


Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations


Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer, TBD


Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Waco


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Dates and locations are subject to change. Watch for Facebook posts, email blasts, and www.wmutx.org for more information.



WOMAN’S MISSIONARY UNION OF TEXAS® 10325 Brockwood Road I Dallas, TX 75238

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Permit 1276 Dallas, TX

Supported by Mary Hill Davis Offering


I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NLT

SEPTEMBER 8-15, 2019 I STATE GOAL $3,800,000 wmutx.org/give I 214.828.5150

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TheBRIDGE: 2019 Spring/Summer  

In this latest edition of TheBRIDGE, we highlighted the amazing work being done across the state through the Christian Men's Job Corps and S...

TheBRIDGE: 2019 Spring/Summer  

In this latest edition of TheBRIDGE, we highlighted the amazing work being done across the state through the Christian Men's Job Corps and S...

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