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Mission Statement The Bulletin is the newsletter of the WMDDS and its mission is to inform the membership of upcoming and recent events, state & local issues related to dentistry, and as a forum for its officers, representatives, and members to discuss appropriate topics of interest to the membership. Communication & Advertising Policy The Bulletin will publish submitted articles from members and others that relate to the practice of dentistry, small business, social, or political issues affecting dentists, or other subjects of interest to the membership. All published items are subject to space restrictions and the community standards of the WMDDS. The editors reserve the right to reject any article or advertisement deemed ­inappropriate and to edit submissions as they see fit. Submission & Publication Policy: Articles and advertisements must be submitted no later than the 1st of the month preceding p ­ ublication date. The Bulletin has six publications: the winter issue, spring issue, summer issue, directory issue, fall issue, holiday issue. Direct submissions or ­correspondences to: Dr. Stephanie Rashewsky | 519 Ada Drive SE, P.O. Box 157 | Ada, MI 49301 Phone: 616.676.9177 | FAX 616.676.8836 | Email: Include “Newsletter” in the subject line




Best Year Ever! By Leonard Bartoszewicz, DDS, WMDDS President


hope that you are enjoying the holidays, spending some time with family and friends, and will feel refreshed enough to face the new year with – as Jim Harbaugh would – say “an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!” This year posed several challenges for our profession. We had our fair share of battles with insurance companies, and as a group, we had to deal with potential game-changing legislation surrounding CT scanners and mid-level providers. We also had to read a few negative stories about dentists in our local press. However, when I asked my colleagues if 2016 was a good year, most answered the question with a resounding yes! My close friends know I am not from West Michigan. I grew up in the Detroit area. My wife, Diane and I spent sixteen years in Chicago (including my four years in dental school at Northwestern) before we decided to move back to Michigan. We did our homework and picked Grand Rapids. We liked the idea of being closer to our relatives, and also knew the West Michigan area was growing. West Michigan was known for being family-friendly, and there seemed to be numerous recreational and professional opportunities. These things all added up to what we considered a better quality of life for our young family. It soon became obvious that the dentists in this part of the state had balanced lives; they had reasonable work schedules and still made a good living. The choice to move here was a very good one for us, and it’s likely that many of you feel the same about being in West Michigan. After we moved and got settled, I focused my attention on building my practice and being a good father and husband. I wasn’t too involved with our local dental society. Initially the


contact with my peers consisted of consulting with nearby specialists and going to the continuing education seminars offered by the Kent County and West Michigan District dental societies. Slowly, I started to get more involved, mostly due to the coaxing from my now good friends, Norm Palm and Sam Bander. Reggie VanderVeen (who I bought my practice from) was also a positive role model. Reggie was adamant about getting involved in organized dentistry and encouraged me to do my part. One of the best things that can happen to you when you become more involved in the local dental community is that you get to meet a lot of wonderful people. Most of you would agree that the dentists here in West Michigan are not only active in our profession, they are friendly and they don’t seem to consider the new kid in town as competition. The more dentists you meet, the more you’ll find them to be hardworking, honest and ethical. They can teach about what it really means to be a true professional. If you give them a chance, our West Michigan colleagues will show how to become involved – and also how you can give back. It’s amazing how active the dentists around here are. Despite the demands of work and family, they somehow find the time to do outstanding things for our profession and for the community as well. The dedication of our membership here in West Michigan can be very inspiring. The Connie Verhagens, the Brian Cillas, the Margaret Gingriches, the Smileys (Chris and Colette), the Steve Conlons, the Peters (Deb and Dan) and several others lead us on to achieve great things for organized dentistry. Collectively they all deserve our heartfelt thanks. A few months back, I had the pleasure of calling Scott Hodges to inform him that he was going to receive the Silent Bell Award. The Silent Bell is the highest honor given to a colleague by the West Michigan District Dental Society. Scott’s reaction during our phone call was a combination of happiness and at the same time humbleness. Scott is a perfect example of someone who knows how to give back, and was a fantastic choice to receive our Silent Bell Award. Scott, you deserve our thanks for your many years of service and dedication to our profession, and for helping out your fellow man (and woman), especially when it was needed most. It was an honor to participate in the awarding of the Silent Bell Award to a person as deserving as Scott Hodges. Scott received this WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016


ultimate honor at our Annual Holiday and Awards Dinner earlier this month. During the same Holiday and Awards dinner, the following dentists became Life Members of our dental society: Dr. Daniel Burton, Dr. William DeVries, Dr. Kim Erickson, Dr. Cornelius Hoekstra, Dr. Gerald Licari, Dr. Robert Payne, Dr. Steven Snyder, Dr. Lisa Sostecke, Dr. Robert Sterken, Dr. Patrick Sweeney, and Dr. Walter Weber. Congratulations to you all, and thank you for your many years of providing leadership and guidance to your colleagues. We are grateful for all your time and efforts in helping to make our profession a wonderful one! As the new year begins, we should make it a goal to learn from these wonderful colleagues. They are our mentors and they also are our friends. We should be appreciative of and

equally inspired by their achievements. In West Michigan, we have a good thing going here. We are thriving, and we have many new dentists that are coming to Grand Rapids and West Michigan to live and work here by choice. We need to be kind to them and welcome them. They are our present and future leaders. West Michigan is not only a special place to practice dentistry, it’s a great place to be. We should always remember to reach out to help others and give back to the communities in which we reside. May you enjoy good health and happiness and success in 2017, and may it be a year in which you are truly blessed. May it be your best year ever!

Your bank. For business. Old National proudly supports the West Michigan Dental Community. Specialties Include: • Equipment financing • Financing of partner buy-in and practice purchase • Flexible loan payments • Practice start-up loans • Real Estate Financing • Working Capital Lines of Credit


Member FDIC



Seven Dental New Year’s Resolutions for Your Patients in 2017 By Dr. Stephanie Rashewsky Jesin, WMDDS Editor


s 2016 comes to a close, it is a great time for personal and professional reflection. Many of us look back at our accomplishments of the past year, and look ahead to the immense promise that the new year holds. It is important to remember that our patients are doing the same. As dentists, we are in a great position to empower our patients to achieve their New Year’s resolutions related to dental and overall health. Here are some ideas that may be appropriate to discuss with your patients: 1. Healthy Diet – A healthy diet will help with your patient’s overall health, and may even lead to weight loss – which is a top resolution for many. Eating a well-balanced diet, cutting back on sugary snacks and beverages, and limiting in-between meal snacks is important for dental health. 2. Water is Best – For more than 70 years, optimal community water fluoridation has been effective in preventing tooth decay. Don’t forget, Grand Rapids was the first community to add fluoride to a public water supply. Encourage your patients to drink fluoridated water to prevent cavities. 3. No Smoking – Smoking increases your patient’s risk for tooth discoloration, cavities, periodontal disease, halitosis, tooth loss, and oral cancer. The good news is that the risk of tooth loss decreases after someone quits smoking or using smokeless tobacco. 4. Brush at Least Twice a Day & Floss at Least Once a Day – Teach your patients that brushing and flossing protects their teeth from decay and gum disease. Also, don’t forget to remind them about the oral-systemic health connection – the health of their mouth is integral to their overall health. 4

5. Don’t Let Your Patients Be Strangers – By visiting the dentist for regular checkups (at least twice a year), we can monitor the oral health of our patients, recommend a home oral hygiene regimen, and help prevent any dental health problems before they cause discomfort or require more comprehensive or expensive treatment. 6. Toothbrushes Carry Germs – Remind your patients to change their toothbrush at least every three months, and more frequently if they have been sick or if the bristles appear worn. Other helpful toothbrush tips include: recommending a soft bristled brush, brushing along the gumline using a gentle motion, and transitioning to electric toothbrushes can be helpful for individuals with limited dexterity (and for another plus, they often have a twominute timer feature). 7. Don’t Forget About the Kids – Teach your new moms and dads that a child needs to see the dentist within six months of eruption of their first tooth, and no later than age one. This “well baby visit” educates parents and caregivers about how to care for their children’s teeth, and gives strategies for preventing childhood tooth decay. May 2017 be a year of success, happiness, and accomplishment – for you, your families, your team at your dental practices, and of course, your patients. Happy holidays to the entire West Michigan District Dental Society Community!

W c







HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Dr. Stephen Kozak, a part-time Mel Trotter staff dentist, has pledged a $5,000 matching grant to help fund the expansion of the dental clinic at Mel Trotter Ministries. “We expect to have 3,000 visits this year for homeless, uninsured, or under-insured adults and children in the greater Grand Rapids area. Currently, we have only two chairs, but plans have been drawn up and funding is being sought for a third chair. I believe so strongly in the project and in the people Mel Trotter helps every day, I am committing $5,000 to a match challenge to help raise the $36,000 needed for construction and equipment to add the third chair.” — Dr. Stephen Kozak Please consider making a donation to fund this much-needed expansion to help serve those in need. The West Michigan District Dental Society has designated its matching grant from the Michigan Dental Association Foundation in the amount of $3,003 for this project. We hope you can help too! Donations can be sent to (checks made payable to Mel Trotter Ministries Dental Clinic):

Mel Trotter Ministries 225 Commerce Ave., SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503


& earn CEUs 616.588.8711

225 Commerce Avenue SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 W W W. M E LT R O T T E R . O R G




ADA Delegate/MDA Trustee Update By Margaret Gingrich, DDS


ow, it is time for another update! Where has the time gone? Before we know it, Christmas will be here and we will be welcoming in 2017. There has not been another Michigan Dental Association Board of Trustees Meeting since the last update, so I will give an American Dental Association House of Delegates update instead. The ADA House held its annual meeting during the America’s Dental Meeting, October 20-24, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. There was a lot of debate heard throughout the meeting, but the House ran very smoothly this year. New this year was one less day of meetings for the House. This was voted in last year to help conserve time and cost of delegates. Under budget, the dues for the ADA were approved at $532 for the 2017 year. These dues include a $10 increase from the 2016 year. Some of the most contested debate took place under the Dental Education, Science and Related Matters Committee. A resolution was passed to have the ADA “recognize operative dentistry as an interest area in general dentistry.” This does NOT mean operative dentistry is recognized as a specialty, but that the interest area more accurately acknowledges the specific areas of expertise, and focus serves both the profession and the public. This may also help enhance advanced operative dentistry education opportunities, and research can be realized with more appropriate naming. Another resolution was passed on “Proposed Amendments to the Sedation and Anesthesia Guidelines.” This amendment will help states, including Michigan, to set up their guidelines to be followed by dentists providing sedation and anesthesia dentistry. The major issues of contention included the definition of moderate sedation, routes of administration, monitoring end-tidal


CO2, assessment of BMI, and training courses in moderate sedation. This resolution will require the use of a capnography machine for all moderate or deeper sedations. It will also increase the amount of educational requirements – including 60 hours and 20 patient cases – needed for a provider to administer higher levels of sedation. There is more information available on the ADA website, or stay tuned for updated guidelines from the Michigan Board of Dentistry. Under Legislative, Health, Governance and Related Matters, a resolution was passed for “a three-year initiative to drive utilization of dental services for ADA members.” What does this mean to you? It means the ADA is following what the MDA has already done by trying to drive patients to member dentists for treatment. The ADA will be undergoing an upgrade of “Find-A-Dentist.” When a patient is directed to the MDA website “Find-A-Dentist,” it will connect them with the ADA database. In the next three years, benchmarks and metrics will be set up for approval of the ADA Board of Trustees and forwarded to the House on new marketing strategies. Since this resolution was passed, the MDA Public Relations Committee is urging all MDA members to update their profiles on the ADA website. See the next page for details. Please be aware of the following when updating: Years in practice can only be updated by calling the ADA Member Service Center directly at 1-800-621-8099 (most are off by five years). Be very aware of the character limits! Often under the “payments accepted” you must use abbreviations to be under the limited characters – if you are over, the entire page will not save. Also, if you had a picture taken at the last MDA Annual Session it will work great for this area. If you missed that opportunity, there will be another being offered by James and Matthew (our ad agency) in April at the 2017 annual meeting being held in Grand Rapids! This concludes my last update for the 2016 year. I hope everyone stays happy, healthy, and safe into the New Year! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 231-796-8715. I always look forward to the comments and questions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Brought to you by the

Which Dentist Would You Choose? Update your profile today at

To get started: 1. Go to 2. Click on the link “Log in”. 3. To sign in, enter your member number and password. If you’re not sure of your member number and password, call the ADA Member Service Center at 800.621.8099.

Update your ADA® Find-a-Dentist™ profile and give potential patients reasons to choose you. Nearly 20,000 potential patients search every month for a dentist on ADA Find-a-Dentist* which is featured on the ADA’s consumer website But your profile is only as good as you make it. Help the residents in your community see the information they need to select you as their dentist. Your updated profile will also be included in’s membersonly directory which is an easy way for your colleagues to find and contact you.

4. Once you are logged in you will be directed to the main menu where you can choose the information you would like to update. • Address and Phone Information (Office Hours, Office Address**, etc.) • Photo (.jpg only; 4 MB max) • Practice Information (Practice Website, Languages Spoken, Type of Payments Accepted, etc.) • Social Media (Office Website, Facebook, Twitter) 5. After you have updated your information, click on save changes in each section and exit the main menu when finished.

*Only ADA active licensed members will be displayed on ADA Find-a-Dentist. **Only your office address and contact info will display in your profile on, not your personal contact info.

For more information about ADA Find-a-Dentist and your other ADA benefits, call the Member Service Center at 800.621.8099. WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016



Kent County Oral Health Coalition Update By Colette Smiley, DDS


s a group that recognizes the barriers to achieving optimal health for all in our community, the Kent County Oral Health Coalition (KCOHC) was formed in 2011 with the mission to improve the oral health of Kent County citizens, particularly those with limited access to care. Dr. Edward Cox, a retired Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital pediatrician, and I, a dental educator and Dental Director at Health Net of West Michigan, lead a team of non-profits, community-based organizations, community members and systems level representatives, working together to improve the oral health of our community. Like WMDDS member dentists, we are dedicated to improving the oral health for all residents of Kent County, proudly saying as of 2016, the county and Coalition has celebrated many oral health victories. • Publication of the initial Kent County Oral Health Exam in 2013, an examination of the oral health of Kent County residents and the issues that limit access to care for vulnerable children and adults. • The full expansion of the Healthy Kids Dental program in Kent County. • The development of South Clinic – a Kent County Health Department and My Community Dental Centers partnership. • Partnership with local dental homes and the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan to pilot the Senior Dental Program, a program that offered free dental services to uninsured seniors ages 60+ living in Kent County. • Active advocacy at community events and medical homes, informing the community of the availability of Healthy Kids Dental.


With the publication of its updated 2016 Oral Health Exam, the Kent County Oral Health Coalition shares the current oral health landscape of Kent County. In partnership with the Kent County Health Department and through financial support from the DentaQuest Foundation, the Coalition conducted an examination of the current state of oral health in Kent County. Three surveys were distributed to adults, seniors and parents of children ages 0-5, and quantitative data was compiled. In addition to the surveys, the Coalition partnered with the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute (GRAAHI) to conduct three community focus groups to enhance and validate the quantitative survey results. These community outreach efforts were successful in identifying areas most in need of improvement. The areas identified and as told by the community: • There is a need for an increase in practicing dental professionals; certain zip codes in Kent County are dental care shortage areas. • High treatment fees, poor insurance coverage and lack of education around oral health are three key barriers to receiving care for low-income and Medicaid-served residents. • There is a need to educate the community about the Healthy Kids Dental benefit and the importance of reducing sugar-sweetened beverages. It is our hope that the information throughout this report will bring awareness to the severity of oral health disparities in our community and catalyze the need for immediate action. By comparing the results from the 2013 Oral Health Exam, the Coalition now possesses a better understanding of the community needs and can focus our work moving forward. We welcome your participation and look forward to continuing this work with our partner, the West Michigan District Dental Society. Join us at the next Kent County Oral Health Coalition meeting on Wednesday, February 8, Noon– 1:30pm at the Kent County Health Department, 700 Fuller NE, Grand Rapids. For a full copy of the 2016 Oral Health Exam, head to






F R I D AY, O C T O B E R 2 7, 2 0 1 7

ACHIEVING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE Presented by Mr. Brad Kucharo, Associate of John K. McGill & Co., Inc. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park | 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM | 7 CEU’s For information, call Elaine Fleming at 616.234.5605 or email at

F R I D AY, J A N U A R Y 1 2 , 2 0 1 8

INTEGRATING “PERSONALIZED PERIODONTAL MEDICINE” TO MINIMIZE SYSTEMIC HEALTH RISKS: DENTISTRY FOR TOTAL BODY WELLNESS Presented by Dr. Doug Thompson Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park | 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM | 7 CEU’s For information, call Elaine Fleming at 616.234.5605 or email at

F R I D AY, M A R C H 2 3 , 2 0 1 8

“SOME DAYS YOU’RE THE PIGEON … SOME DAYS THE STATUE!” Presented by Dave Weber, President and CEO of Weber Associates Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park | 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM | 7 CEU’s For information, call Elaine Fleming at 616.234.5605 or email at

Registration forms will be mailed 2 months prior to each course and will also be available online at 10


As yet another year draws to a close,

Studio 2 Dental Lab would like to especially

thank those we have been fortunate enough to serve and to wish everyone a safe holiday season and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity in 2017

Happy Holidays from all of us at Studio 2 Dental Lab

Where Excellence is found and Smiles are made WMDDS ad Zac 2016revFINAL.pdf



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MARK YOUR CALENDAR West Michigan Dental Foundation Annual Golf Outing

Friday, May 19, 2017 NEW LOCATION:

The Meadows on the Allendale Campus of Grand Valley State University 9:00 am shotgun start Watch for more information about the golf outing in future issues of the WMDDS Bulletin. Questions? Contact Elaine Fleming at 616.234.5605 | Mission Statement: An organization dedicated to the improvement of oral health through the financial support of education and service programs to address the needs identified by the dental profession and the communities it serves in Kent, Ottawa, Ionia, Mecosta and Montcalm counties.

Happy Holidays from



Your Practice Companions

At KELLER & ALMASSIAN, PLC we walk with you throughout your dental career to ensure that hardship is minimal and successes plentiful.

Nicholas H. Vander Veen

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Dr. Daniel Becker received a BS in Zoology at Ohio University and his DDS from Ohio State University in 1972. He is currently Professor of Allied Health Sciences at Sinclair Community College and Association Director of Education for the General Practice Dental Residency at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Dr. Becker has published numerous articles in scientific journals, authored chapters in several textbooks and is co-editor of Management of Pain & Anxiety in the Dental Office, W. B. Saunders’ Elsevier Science Pub, St. Louis, 2002. Dr. Becker is noted for his pragmatism and his ability to convert otherwise “dry” material into formats that are both entertaining and informative. MORNING PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Medical Urgencies and Emergencies in Dental Practice – Prevention, Recognition and Management 1. Describe principles of emergency prevention including office/staff preparedness and the essential components of an appropriate medical evaluation. 2. Explain components of a thorough primary assessment of a patient experiencing an adverse event. 3. Describe pathogenesis and appropriate algorithms for managing urgencies and emergencies that may present during dental treatment. AFTERNOON SESSION OBJECTIVES: Pharmacotherapeutics in Dental Practice – Managing Pain and Infection 1. Explain principal actions, effects and indications for specific drug classes. 2. Discuss basic principles that guide the selection of specific regimens for the prevention and management of pain, inflammation, and infection associated with dental care. 3. Identify significant interactions of selected drug classes with drugs that are commonly used for medical indications.

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per non-member dentist – $450


PAY BY CHECK: Make checks payable to: West Michigan District Dental Society. Remit to: Elaine Fleming | c/o WMDDS | 161 Ottawa NW | Suite 301, Waters Building | Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 | Questions? Call 616.234.5605 or email


Know Before You File: 2017 Tax Return Filing Deadlines By Brian LaFrenier, CPA, Partner


ongress issued the Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Act in 2015, which made changes to tax return filing dates for the upcoming tax season. The AICPA had been an advocate for these changes to ease the burden on both taxpayers and preparers during tax season. Take note of the following tax filing due dates, which will impact the 2017 filing season. Form 1065 – US Return of Partnership Income, due March 15. Extensions accepted until September 15. Form 1120S – US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation, due March 15. Extensions accepted until September 15. NOTE: Due dates for Form 1065 and 1120S apply to the tax return and the Schedule K-1s that the entity must provide to its owners. Form 5500 – Employee Benefit Plans, due July 31. Extensions accepted until November 15. Form W-2 –Wage and Tax Statement, due January 31. Extensions are not available. Form 1040* – US Individual Income Tax Return, due April 18. Extensions accepted until October 15. Form 1041* – US Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, due April 18. Extensions accepted until September 30. Form 1120* – US Corporation Income Tax Return, due April 18. Extensions accepted until September 15. FinCEN Form 114* – Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, due April 15. Extensions accepted until October 15. These filing date changes stem from the concerns of taxpayers regarding their ability to accurately file individual income 16

tax returns. Previously, many taxpayers were receiving their Schedule K-1s just before or after the filing date of their individual returns, which meant their returns had to be extended or filed with incorrect or missing information. Now that partnerships and S corporations must file by March 15, taxpayers should have enough time to accurately file their individual returns by April 15 (or April 18 in 2017 as noted above). The AICPA has also recognized that too many brokerage firms were issuing late or amended Form 1099s, which led to frustration and an increase of late or amended tax returns. The AICPA successfully argued for legislation to accelerate the due dates for the filing of information returns, which are detailed below. The due date for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement for the Social Security Administration and IRS has been advanced to January 31, the same date used for employee and payee statements. Employers are no longer eligible for the extended filing date as it applies to electronically filed information returns. A minimum threshold for errors on Form 1099s and other information returns was approved under the Protecting American from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015. Information returns filed with an error of up to $100 in income or up to $25 in withholdings or backup withholdings will be considered as accurately and timely filed. This should reduce the need for amended Form 1099s and hasten the filing process for taxpayers. A potential benefit of this change is a decrease in identity theft cases. Brokers should be able to provide 1099 information sooner, allowing the taxpayer time to file before an identify thief can file using the taxpayer’s information. As the end of 2016 approaches, gather all of the information needed to prepare your taxes. Be cognizant of the changes to the return due dates and the associated filing requirements as they are meant to lighten the tax preparation burden and inspire accuracy. *The deadline to file the 2016 federal returns noted above will be April 18, 2017 rather than the usual April 15 date. This is because April 15 falls on a Saturday, and the District of Columbia will observe Emancipation Day on the following Monday. This pushes the deadline to Tuesday for most of the country. Extension dates do not change even though the April deadline is a few days later than usual. The deadline for FinCEN Form 114 remains April 15, as this is not an IRS filing and Foreign Bank Account Reports do not have a next-business-day rule. WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016




Best of Tech 2016 Submitted by Greg Feutz, President, DDS Integration

Greg Feutz is President of DDS Integration, a Grand Rapids based dental technology company.

It’s that time of the year again! Cool tech stuff from the year to marvel at, scoff at, or maybe even add to someone’s Christmas list. Some of this stuff isn’t even for sale yet, but I hope it will be someday! NOTE: For even more information, including seeing these things in action and links to everything mentioned, check out our youtube channel ( and search for “gifts.”


hristmas! Gifts! Technology! Three things that I love (if done properly, that is). Here is the 2016 version of my annual holiday tech gift guide. First, a disclaimer: If you haven’t figured this out yet, not all techy gifts are right for all people. That’s why, in this guide, I’ll be sensitive to that and categorize who should get what kind of gift. It’s like I’m doing all the work for you! First is the total non-techy person in your life. This person just wants things to be simple, and so often technology which aims to be simple is not. Second is the photographer/videographer/documenter of life’s events. The person who just loves capturing pictures & videos and preserving memories. Third is the musician. If this person is like me, organizing and lugging around sheet music is such a pain!! Don’t even get me started on turning pages. Fourth is the techy, gearhead, geeky, love-my-gadgets person. The more gigahertz and gigawatts, the better! For the non-techy person, I cannot recommend enough the Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. I’ll get to the differences in a minute. These devices are considered personal assistants. 18

They are kind of like “OK google” or “Sup Siri” or however that one works. The difference lies in their designed purpose. This purpose is to sit in your home at all times and always be ready for a command. We use ours primarily in the kitchen, but also have one in the bedroom, upstairs living room, and downstairs living room. Let’s focus on the kitchen. While cooking, say “Alexa, set a 10-minute timer”, and you’ve got yourself a 10-minute timer. While cooking, say “Alexa, we need cinnamon”, and cinnamon gets added to your shopping list. While being bored, say “Alexa, play Norah Jones on Pandora”, and you can now be bored and relaxed. While wanting to know what’s happening in the world, say “Alexa, play Michigan Radio,” and you’re on your way to being totally informed. In the bedroom, we’ll do: At night, say “Alexa, play my audiobook”. “Alexa, set a 15-minute sleep timer”. Your audible book plays for 15 minutes and then shuts off. In the morning, say “Alexa, what’s the weather”. I bet you know what happens next. In the morning, say “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today”, to help decide if sweatpants will suffice or not. IT’S AWESOME. It’s good at hearing you. Once it’s set up you don’t have to do anything. It’s simple simple simple. This is how tech is supposed to be. Lastly, Echo vs Dot. The Echo is the big one and is a decent speaker in it’s own right. The Dot is very small and does have a little speaker, but really shines when you plug it into your booming stereo – something you can’t do with the Echo. Echo = standalone. Dot = best when paired with stereo, though it is adequate without. For the photographer/videographer/documenter of life’s events, I’ve got a couple of recommendations. First and most importantly, is a Sony mirror-less camera. I came from the Canon DSLR world and now shoot with the Sony a6000 and a6300. For me, they’ve been smaller, faster, and more “with the times” from a technology standpoint. For example, I can instantly transfer pictures from this camera to my phone and text them or share however I want. No more deciding “Do I want a good picture or do I want to share it right away?” Now you can have both. WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016


What it ultimately came down to for me was that ability to capture amazing pictures with little pre-planning. I have some settings manual and others automatic. I literally pick the thing up, point it at a running, expression-changing kid, and get some amazing results. I let my five-year-old shoot with the a6000 on a tripod, and he can even capture some awesome stuff. I think some DSLRs are catching up, but these things really are the way to go. They would be perfect for someone starting out (without tons of money invested in Canon or Nikon lenses), or who loves taking pictures with their phone but wants better pictures. Especially useful with kids and low-light situations, both of which make phone cameras into failures. Next is a drone. Yes, seriously. 1000% seriously. The video on our channel will have some footage. I’m telling you they are amazing. Here’s the vetting process. Does this person want a fun toy? Or, are they seriously into photography or film-making? For a fun toy, start with one of the tiny Husban or Syma models. I have (and like) the Syma x5c. If they are into photography or film-making, get them one of the tiny ones to practice – and then one of the DJI Phantom’s. The Phantom and other serious drones are not the way to learn, though they are easy to fly. I feel strongly, however, that no matter what drone you start on you will crash it. If you really love this person, get them the DJI Mavic Pro. It’s all the goodness of the Phantoms but much smaller. Like cameras, the best one you’ll ever own is the one you have with you. The Mavic would be with me a lot more than my Phantom is. That said, I paid $400 for my Phantom and the Mavic is around $1,000. Last, if this person has kids, get them a remote control car. This serves a myriad of purposes. Kids can drive it. Adults can drive it (exercise for kids). My personal favorite: Adult drives it, chases kid, has gopro attached to it. Again I’ll post some sample footage. This is not only fun but captures action and an angle that are both unique. In film-making that’s always a win. For the musician. Some people can memorize everything. I cannot. I’ve scanned my old music (fun like scanning charts) and everything I buy now is digital. Now my entire collection is on one device. Most any touchscreen device will suffice, so we’re not going to focus on that. What I recommend is a page turner, namely the pageflip cicada. This is a bluetooth device WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016

that has two piano-sized pedals for forward and backward. That’s it. I keep mine to the left of my piano’s pedals and use my left foot. No more lugging sheet music and no more being terrible at flipping pages while still playing and not dropping the music on the floor and getting embarrassed and having to stop the song and pick it back up and try to start up where you left off even though it was in the middle of a beautiful phrase. For the techy, geeky (not nerdy, that’s different) person. This one’s hard. Not because there is a shortage of good things, but because there are so many. As such, I’m going to recommend a category versus one specific product. That category is convertible, or 3-in-1, laptops. My current favorite is the HP spectre x360, but there are so many good ones at many different price points. I think I recommend this category so strongly for the simple fact that tablets are so very popular, but most everyone would be better off with a convertible. It’s a tablet if you want it or a laptop, which I’d argue, is typically more useful. Given the price of an iPad, these convertibles are definitely competitive while offering better overall usability. Thanks for reading. You are now more knowledgeable than you ever thought possible, and more prepared to be the best gift giver at your holiday parties. Happy Holidays! What are your thoughts? Comment on our Facebook or Youtube. We’d love to hear your opinions on “Best of Tech” or any other topic. Facebook: Youtube:

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The classified ad rate is $10.00 up to and including 30 words; additional words 15¢ each. Space permitting, WMDDS members may place ads free of charge as a membership service. Ads should be submitted in writing and sent with payment to Elaine Fleming, WMDDS, 301 Waters Building, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Telephone numbers and hyphenations count as two words, abbreviations count as one word. Ads received after the first of the month prior to publication may appear in the following issue. For Sale – Family practice in Grand Rapids NE that is part time with great potential, located in an excellent highvisibility location. There is 2050 sq.ft. with 5 ops and a 6th op is plumbed in. Opportunity for more footage if desired. Call 616.485.4884 for details. Holland, Michigan – Associate dentist needed for busy practice one or two days a week. Would prefer Fridays. A bit early but will be retiring in three to five years. Fee-for-service practice with no medicare/medicaid. Please contact Kate at 616.399.4490. Exciting Opportunities – for dentists, hygienists, and assistants to provide children with quality dental care in schools in Southeast and Western Michigan. No evenings or weekends. Email resumes to:

Full-time dentists earn an average of $230k. Associates enjoy freedom over treatment planning in modern, digital offices with established patient bases. Benefits include free dental care, paid vacation, continuing education, and Medical, life, vision & malpractice insurance. Visa & permanent resident sponsorship is available. Please call 312.274.4580 or email kanderson@ for more information. Full time, part time, and Saturday only positions are available and new grads and residents are encouraged to apply. Trial Partner Dentist – In $1.5 million, 2 location fee for service office in Grand Rapids Area. Expect $300,000 net per year. All inquiries to Regional Manager Rachel at

Dental Equipment for Sale – After merging my two offices – I have four rooms full of dental equipment for sale. Everything is in excellent shape and working conditions (no junk). All equipment is still installed and can be tested before you buy it. Dental chairs, delivery units, lights, x-rays, cabinets, panoramic, Dent-X 9000 zoom, compressor, separate air dryer unit, suction, lab equipment and much more. Just ask and there is a chance I have it. Please email your questions to

Looking for Motivated, Energetic General Dentist Focused on Patient Care – Needed for growing dental office in Traverse City area. Utilizing 2 Cerec units for single day dentistry. Also, general dentistry including lab fabricated crowns and bridges, fills, extractions, and root canals. Four hygienists, great staff. Fun environment. Please send resume to 202 West 17th Street, Traverse City, Michigan 49684. Required experience: Experienced preferred, or new grad if comfortable being alone in office. Required license or certification: DDS.

General Dentists Needed – In busy Dental Dreams Michigan offices. Includes signing bonus of $15-25K.

Opening for a Part-Time Dental Associate – in Grand Rapids, MI. Looking for an associate two to three


days a week for our beautiful general dentistry office. Well established practice with a large patient base and high earning potential. Excellent working environment, high-tech equipment, wonderful staff and fee-for-service! This is the perfect opportunity for an established dentist looking to add an extra day to their schedule or a dentist just interested in a part-time schedule. If interested please contact Hilary Tien: or 616.309.4567. Dental Office Condominium for Sale in Zeeland – 3,975 SF professionally designed and decorated office space with premium finishes includes; eight treatment rooms and two doctors’ offices. Facility is suitable for endodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeon or a periodontists group. Sellers are a successful general dentistry group looking to rebuild nearby and would be a great source of referrals for a specialist. 427 Centerstone Court is conveniently located with high visibility from Chicago Drive. Office photos are available online at Please contact Kris DePree at 616.355.3141 or for more information. Outstanding Dental Associate Needed in Beautiful West Michigan – We have a Full-time, Dental Associate opportunity available in our successful, well-established, growing, and privately owned general dentistry practice, located between Holland and Grand Rapids, MI. Hudsonville



Family Dentistry offers the entire family a quality dental experience in a friendly & comfortable setting. We are looking for a motivated, positive, and compassionate dentist with an outgoing personality who wants to make a difference in the lives of his/ her patients. We are looking for the perfect fit for our office; we are looking for someone who is patient, kind, hard-working, and extremely customer service driven. If you feel you fit this description and are looking for a long-term relationship with growth potential with an outstanding team, please send your resume to: Susan at Seeking Practice Purchase Opportunity – in West Michigan region. GPR training and three years solo private practice experience. Commitment to community, putting patients’ needs first, attention to detail, and practicing emphatic dentistry. Would prefer to work alongside current owner for mentorship and to ensure the continuity of the office and practice culture, open to other options as well. Please contact me at Dental Office Available – in Rockford on 10 Mile Road. Available about April 2015. Approximately 3100 ft of office space and 1500 ft of basement. Call 616.866.0921.

week for about a month. February-mid May needs include 3-4 days per week. Provider will complete exams, most restorative work, denture/partial adjustments, and emergency care. Practice description includes: A practice that is focused on patient care in a fun, friendly, comfortable environment. We have a fantastic and helpful team. We pride ourselves on excellence in quality of care. The practice is just off the expressway in Hudsonville, MI (Halfway between Grand Rapids and Holland – easy 20-25 min commute from either). Our patients are made up of mostly young to middle-aged families. There are usually one to two hygienists to cover per day. We strive to stay busy, but work at a very comfortable pace. We are an amalgam free and mostly paperless office. We utilize digital x-rays with Dexis and digital charting with Dentrix. If interested, please respond to Dr. Kristen Veltema at or 616.550.8848. Seeking Full or Part-Time Employment – Energetic and eager to produce young dentist seeking an associateship in a West Michigan private practice that values high-quality, patientcentered care. I am currently in an AEGD residency and have received

extensive training in all areas of general dentistry including endodontics, implant dentistry, and restorative dentistry. As I transition into private practice, my focus is on using my tremendous work ethic and clinical skill to earn the respect of my patients, and the dental community. I will help your practice to become more successful by being a positive influence on the culture of the office, attracting new patients, and increasing the practice’s productivity. This is an excellent opportunity for the right practice owner! If you would like a copy of my CV, or if you would like to discuss a mutually-beneficial employment opportunity, please email me at Dentist (Associate to Partner) – Check us out at if your objective is to become an associate dentist with the goal of becoming a partner. If you have further interest, please send resumés to and we can contact you to set up an opportunity to see our office and meet the team. The main requirements are that you are passionate about quality dentistry, treat patients as you would want to be treated and have 2+ years of experience.

Hudsonville Dentist Seeking Help – Beginning in mid-January through middle of May due to birth of twins. January needs coverage for 1-2 days per WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | HOLIDAY ISSUE 2016



D4346 – New Scaling Procedure Code Effective January 1 IT’S HERE – Dentists may use “D4346 Scaling in the generalized presence of moderate or severe gingival inflammation — full mouth, after oral evaluation” as of January 1. This code reflects the procedure for patients with gingival disease and no attachment loss. Dentists who have delivered the procedure have not been able to document and report it with an appropriate CDT code until now. This CDT 2017 addition has been the subject of two ADA News articles, a guidelines document posted on, and a webinar that has been accessed by thousands of dentists and practice staff. To learn more about this procedure and its new code, either for the first time or to refresh your memory, visit the CDT Code education page on Search for “Guidance on the D4346 Scaling Procedure” to watch the webinar and download the free publication “Guide to Reporting D4346. The guide, first published in May, has been updated and incorporates content and feedback from the webinar.

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