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Mission Statement The Bulletin is the newsletter of the WMDDS and its mission is to inform the membership of upcoming and recent events, state & local issues related to dentistry, and as a forum for its officers, representatives, and members to discuss appropriate topics of interest to the membership. Communication & Advertising Policy The Bulletin will publish submitted articles from members and others that relate to the practice of dentistry, small business, social, or political issues affecting dentists, or other subjects of interest to the membership. All published items are subject to space restrictions and the community standards of the WMDDS. The editors reserve the right to reject any article or advertisement deemed inappropriate and to edit submissions as they see fit. Submission & Publication Policy: Articles and advertisements must be submitted no later than the 1st of the month preceding publication date. The Bulletin has six publications: the directory issue, fall issue, holiday issue, winter issue, spring issue, and summer issue. Direct submissions or correspondences to:


Dr. James C. Papp • 4880 Cascade Road SE, Suite B • Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Phone: 616.940.9872 FAX 616.940.2854 • Email: Include “Newsletter” in the subject line



Thoughts From the President By Dr. Douglas R. Klein, WMDDS President


was recently sitting at a blackjack table with former MDA President, Dr. Steve Dater, talking all-things dental politics. After the dealer took the last of my chips, my shirt, and my dignity, I couldn’t help but wonder, how much did I just lose? How am I talking dental politics with an MDA president? How am I president of the WMDDS? How did it come to this? In case you’re asking yourself the same question… here’s the story. Incidentally, Steve confiscated my belt and shoelaces in case I decided to “do something foolish”… but that’s a whole ‘nother story. As I mentioned in my previous message, my involvement in organized dentistry is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in my career. If someone had told me this when I started practicing in West Michigan 12 years ago, I would have been skeptical. It’s fair to say that getting involved with organized dentistry was not on my radar at that time. My energy was being diverted into starting a practice and starting a family – a time in our lives to which many of us can surely relate. My involvement in organized dentistry began with little fanfare – a simple cold-call inviting me to serve as a delegate from West Michigan to the MDA House of Delegates. To this day, I’m still not certain what made me say yes, but I’m pretty sure the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn was a factor. I guess working in an office with three WMDDS pastpresidents might have factored in there, too. But who’s to say? I decided it was time to start giving back and here was my chance to “dip my toes in.” It was during that first fateful trip to Detroit in 2001 that I came across Dr. Dater holding court on a blackjack table at Greektown Casino. Six hours and $250 later I was well-versed in blackjack strategy, but completely in


the dark regarding Sturgis’ Rules of Parliamentary Order. The rest is history… Eight years later, I’m still on the delegation and still enjoying it (and still a little hazy about parliamentary rules). I was enjoying my experience on the delegation so much I also agreed to serve on the Kent County Dental Society board (again, a cold-call) and have served on the WMDDS board since 2004. So much for dipping my toes in, but I’ve never regretted accepting that invitation for a second! I’ve gotten to work with some tremendous leaders in our profession and have seen several of them elected to state offices: Dr. Steve Dater (MDA President – 2007), Dr. Deb Peters (MDA Speaker of the House – 2008) and Dr. Connie Verhagen (MDA President – 2010). I’m excited at the opportunity to be part of Chris Smiley’s campaign for Editor of the MDA Journal. You’ll be hearing more about Chris and his campaign in future Bulletins. I’ve made some great friends in West MI and around the state (not an easy task for a Buckeye) and have also raised my awareness of the myriad of issues facing dentistry and their relevance to my everyday practice. As your WMDDS president, there are a few housekeeping projects I am eager to see reach fruition this year. Admittedly, they’re not the most glamorous projects, but necessary nonetheless. The WMDDS executive committee and standing committee chairpersons have been working for several months on the creation of Committee Orientation Workbooks and Committee Operating Manuals. These documents “organize the organization” by clarifying and consolidating the purpose and scope of each of our standing committees. In other words, these documents provide future boards and committee volunteers with a detailed understanding of each committee and the role of each committee member. Our goal is improve the “volunteer experience” and ensure smooth operation of all WMDDS committees. In case you couldn’t tell, yes, this is indeed a call to action for WMDDS members. Organized dentistry needs volunteers. WMDDS needs volunteers! Join a committee, become a delegate, volunteer at Tooth Time or Give Kids A Smile, play in the New Dentist or WMDF golf outing. Just get involved. Dip your toes in or dive in head first! Don’t be afraid to take that next cold-call… don’t refuse that invitation… who knows where it might lead you! WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009


Helping Us Succeed By Dr. James C. Papp, WMDDS Editor


rganized dentistry. The ADA describes the term as combined efforts of all the organizations that work to positively contribute to the dental profession. This includes efforts of ADA members, staff, and supporters at the local, state, and national levels. Through these organized systems, we can advance the profession and better serve the public. As I begin my three year “journey” as your editor, and having the opportunity to attend local board meetings, I have started to get a taste of what organized dentistry really does for us as a dental community. I have been thoroughly impressed by the tireless efforts of our current local representatives, many of whom you see on a regular basis in this Bulletin. Our representatives, in my opinion, have our best interests in mind volunteering a great number of hours away from their families and own interests to help protect our profession. And to be honest, until participating in board meetings, I had no clue just how many issues are out there that could/may directly affect our daily practice. I personally recommend to any dentist to get involved at some level with organized dentistry. Coming from a previous skeptic, now converted advocate, I am starting to see the difference we can make in our profession.

MDA Staff Moves to New Okemos Headquarters The Michigan Dental Association is now in business at its new headquarters, located at 3657 Okemos Rd. near the I-96/Okemos Rd. exit in suburban Meridian Township, about 10 miles east of downtown Lansing. The MDA, MDA Insurance and MDA Services staff moved into the new MDA-owned structure Aug. 28. The staff had previously housed in the former MDA building in downtown Lansing, which was built in 1970. The MDA recently sold its downtown Lansing property to a Lansing-area developer. All phone numbers will remain the same at the new location. Here is the new contact information for the MDA and its subsidiaries: Michigan Dental Association 3657 Okemos Rd., Suite 200 Okemos, MI 48864-3927 800.589-2632 517.372.9070 517.372.0008 (fax) 517.372.6704 (CE dept. only) MDA Insurance 3657 Okemos Rd., Suite 100 Okemos, MI 48864-3927 800.860.2272 517.484.6765 517.484.5460 (fax) MDA Services 3657 Okemos Rd., Suite 100 Okemos, MI 48864-3927 800.860.2272 517.484.6765 517.484.5460 (fax) Michigan Dental Association Foundation 3657 Okemos Rd., Suite 200 Okemos, MI 48864-3927 800.589.2632 517.372.9070 517.484.5460 (fax) Driving directions to the new MDA headquarters are available on the MDA Web site at (dental professionals area). For a video tour of the new MDA headquarters, see the MDA’s YouTube site at




MDA Trustee Update By Dr. Brian Cilla, MDA Trustee


hope that everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the summer. It sure went by fast. Now, as I write this report, fall has commenced and football season has officially arrived (Go Blue!) The MDA Board of Trustees (BOT) met in June and September. Additionally, there was an Executive Committee session in August. Highlights of these meetings are as follows: • Discussions were held regarding ethics, the law, and our peer review system. The MDA has a code of ethics, which covers a variety of areas concerning professional conduct. Our standards for MDA members govern actions that might not be illegal, but are of ethical concern. The peer review process has been modified in order to allow committee members to address untreated and/or undiagnosed findings. The new policy allows for clarification of whether or not the treating dentist was aware of the condition and if the patient has been informed of the potential dental need. • MDAIFG is the for-profit arm of the MDA. Revenue is generated from royalties, dividends, sponsorship arrangements, and reimbursed overhead expenses. Most recently this group has contributed almost 1.5 million dollars in non-dues revenue back to the MDA. This is equivalent to $388 per active member. Congratulations are in order to Craig Start and his staff for this fine work. These efforts help the MDA manage the cost of membership. • The MDAIFG has been able to hold the line on insurance premiums. There will not be an annual increase this upcoming renewal period for members purchasing their Blue Cross health insurance through the MDA. Also, a new high deductible plan will be introduced which might be of interest for those members who have an HSA.


• Deliberations were conducted regarding the MDA strategic plan. It was resolved that these goals would be actively pursued: a. Increase non-dues revenues. b. Increase membership to 5.5% above the ADA national market share. c. Identify practice management needs for the MDA members. d. Revise organizational structure to promote operational efficiencies. e. Increase advocacy, education, and awareness on thirdparty payor relationships. f. Be the authority in addressing access to care issues in dentistry. • There have been ongoing negotiations to finalize MDA endorsements for the Mercer 360 Financial Planning Program and amalgam separators/waste management by the Solmetex and DRNA companies. • The MDA officially supports the Points of Light Program. This is an endeavor, which seeks to bring dentists and physicians together in order to encourage coordinated oral health intervention and accessibility beginning at an early age. • In the future, all recommendations or proposals being presented to the MDA HOD for deliberation will include an estimate of the potential financial implications. • Dr. Jed Jacobson, of Delta Dental, presented information regarding a pilot program called Beyond Dental. This is being developed by Delta as a mechanism for screening and referral of previously undiagnosed diabetic and hypertensive patients. The initial plan is designed to recruit twenty-five dental offices in the Lansing area for participation with the program. A health care coordinator will arrange medical referral and provide feedback to the dentist. • There is a pending piece of legislation which would mandate automatic license revocation for a conviction of any form of sexual misconduct. As proposed, this Bill would tie the regulatory hands of the State Board of Dentistry. The BOT is opposed to the current draft of this Bill and has advocated lobbying with the Michigan State Medical Society in order to achieve acceptable legislative language and to ensure that all licensed professionals are treated equally. WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009


• Of particular concern for many members is the loss of dental insurance for their patients. Tom Kochhieser, director of marketing and public relations for the MDA, has worked with our marketplace research firm (SMZ) in order to conduct focus groups with retired UAW members and dentists. It was found that the UAW retirees were upset with the union. Additionally, they did not seem to be interested in purchasing dental insurance. Most of this group desired to discuss personal circumstances and dental fees with their dentist. Importantly, the UAW retirees liked an MDA draft letter, which explained the importance of good oral health. At the present time, the dentists participating in this preliminary study were taking a wait and see approach to evaluate how their patients are reacting to loss of dental insurance benefits. They expressed a desire to see ongoing patient directed communications regarding the role of dentistry and overall health. I suspect that this is a particularly relevant issue, which will be an integral part of ongoing MDA public relation efforts. • The optional Dental PAC and Michigan Dental Foundation contributions will be included on our annual dues statement this year. All members are encouraged to continue with their ongoing support of these entities.

Various MDA representatives and staff went to Washington DC to lobby on our behalf regarding the pending health care reform bill. Subsequently, Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced an amendment that would allow dental insurance companies the ability to participate and compete if a dental health component is mandated. A long arduous process has been completed. The old MDA headquarters has finally been sold. No more HVAC or asbestos containment issues lurking in the background (Dr. Steve Dater can finally breathe a sigh of relief). Our new building has been completed on time and on budget. The MDA staff made an uneventful, rapid transition to their new offices in September. They are elated with the new setting and look forward to providing the same exemplary service as always. There are many current issues that have potential to impact the dental profession and our practices. Fortunately the MDA is a strong, member-driven organization. In particular, Muskegon and West Michigan dental societies have done an admirable job in recruiting and maintaining an active membership. Participation of our members, at both the local and state levels, continues to be encouraged. As your MDA trustee, I am interested in member concerns or opinions. Do not hesitate to call or write ( regarding any topics or issues which you feel need to be addressed.

Personally, I believe that the Dental PAC is more relevant than ever. Individually our profession can be ignored, however, our collective voice (especially with our relatively high statewide membership participation) is much more difficult to ignore. We can hardly afford, especially in these trying times, to let our guard down. Public health care policies are currently being debated. There is potential risk that the role of dentistry will be defined and/or determined by those who don’t necessarily understand or appreciate our professional concerns regarding the needs of our patients and the delivery of dental services. In Michigan, there is a State House Bill that proposes a tax on medical services to help fund Medicaid. So far dentists are not included. However, there has been discreet lobbying by interested parties for a similar dental service tax in order to enhance Michigan Medicaid dental benefits. Please be aware that the MDA is strongly against any new taxes on dental services and will take an active role in opposing this type of legislation. WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009



Actions of the ADA House of Delegates in October By Dr. Norm Palm, MDA Trustee

trustees, if you would like greater detail on any of the information that follows. I will list the resolutions by the five Reference Committees in which they were considered. Reference Committees audit comment on proposed resolutions before the House and make recommendations and modifications to resolutions based on testimony made before the Committee. The Reference Committees complete their work with a recommendation to the House on how to act on each resolution.


ello to all, and I hope this report finds you, your family, and practice doing well. This report will cover the actions of the ADA House of Delegates, which met October 2 thru 6 in Honolulu. The session marked the 150th anniversary of the American Dental Association, and it was a well attended meeting. In our delegation from West Michigan and representing Michigan in the Ninth ADA district besides myself were Brian Cilla, Deb Peters, Ryan Lebster, Connie Verhagen, Steve Dater, and Chris Smiley. My personal thanks to them as we all worked to represent you, the member dentist, at the ADA level. Before I start listing some of the resolutions that were adopted I want to stop and congratulate Dr. Ray Gist from Flint on his election by the ADA House as President Elect of the American Dental Association in a contested three-way race. Ray has distinguished himself as an ADA trustee the last number of years after completing his term as MDA president in 2003-2004. If you don’t know Ray, I can tell you that his affable manner and soft-spoken voice belies his steadiness and personal sense of resolve, strengths which are part of his many talents that will allow him to be an effective ADA president. His calm demeanor and wide smile will serve him and all of us well as he accepts the challenges that presiding over the ADA will bring. Congratulations, Ray, we are all proud of you and your accomplishment on becoming the first ADA president from Michigan since 1960. I have counted almost one-hundred resolutions and reports that were before this House of Delegates. The summary list that follows includes those actions of likely interest to you. Certainly contact me or Brian Cilla, as your West Michigan


Legal, Legislative, and Public Affairs Matters • Adopted a statement of patent rights and responsibilities • Amended the interpretation and application of the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct • Urged reform of ERISA that exempt some health plans from state regulation • Adopted a resolution requesting that the amount of interest on student loans that is deductible from income tax be raised and not be capped by income level • Urged ADA to offer student loan contract analysis • Ask federal agencies to restrict access to non-nutritious foods as part of federally-funded food assistance programs • Adopted a proposal to Develop an Action Plan to Enhance Professionalism in Dentistry • Adopted a resolution seeking to stop dental plans from setting maximum fees for non-covered services • Adopted a statement on Health Care Reform that, among other things, includes market-based solutions that support dental care as it is now delivered in multiple delivery settings • Amended the Code of Conduct and adopted a member Dentists’ Rights and Responsibilities Dental Education and Related Matters • Amended the requirement for recognition of dental specialties and national certifying boards • Referred to the Board of Trustees for further study a proposal to develop a new part three to the Dental National Boards eliminating live patients for licensure exams • Referred to the Council on Dental Education and Licensure for further study a proposal recognizing non-specialty interest areas in general dentistry • Adopted a proposal to study placing the ADA library on the web WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009


• Supported further the ADA Committee to Monitor and Assist the Council on Dental Accreditation on the implementation of 2008 ADA Task Force recommendations regarding CODA • Supported a new initiative to develop an examination to evaluate the competency of dental school seniors and graduates by quantitative examination scores to be used by post-graduate programs and applicants • Supported further work determining the equivalency for international pre-doctoral dental education programs seeking CODA accreditation • Amended the By-Laws that define the composition of the Council on Dental Education and Licensure Dental Benefits, Practice, Science and Health • Amended the “Guidelines on Coordination of Benefits for Group Dental Plans” • Adopted an amended policy on the “Report of Dental Procedures to Third Parties” • Adopted a tobacco free schools resolution • Supported a resolution defining Principles for Application Risk Assessments in Dental Benefit Plans • Referred for further study the “Comprehensive Policy Statement on Allied Dental Personnel” • Referred for further study “Opposition to Pilot Programs Which Allow Non-dentists to Diagnose Dental Needs or Perform Irreversible Procedures” • Amended “ADA’s Position on New Members of the Dental Team” • Authorized an ad hoc committee on Health Literacy in Dentistry to assist the Council on Access, Prevention, and Inter-professional Relations in strategic planning to improve oral health literacy • Adopted a Statement on Reporting Fees on Dental Claims • Referred for further study a Warning on Medications That Cause Dry Mouth • Adopted a resolution on Prevention of Bisphosphonate – Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw • Approved a resolution on education of Human Resource Professionals on the Value of Dental Benefits • Endorsed a resolution on Use of Terms “Usual, Reasonable, and Customary” WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009

• Adopted Guidelines for Self-applied Tooth Whitening Products • Enacted a Resolution Opposing External Determination of Fees for Non-Covered Dental Services • Urged the Development of a Standard for Secure Electronic Transmission of Digital Radiographs Membership and Planning • Urged New Dentist Involvement in Volunteer Leadership • Defeated a call for an ADA Governance and Strategic Planning Review • Adopted a resolution calling for an ADA Specialty Logo • Enacted a call for the Promotion of Activities for Retired Members Budget, Business and Administrative Matters • Adopted a 2010 budget of $114,836,450 • Maintained 2010 dues at $498 • Defeated a resolution calling for a Triennial Forensic Financial and Management Audit • Supported further an Electronic Format for the ADA House of Delegates by 2012 • Adopted Guidelines for Selecting an Executive Director • Referred several resolutions including Consequences for Violation of Attorney-Client Privilege in Executive Session, Qualifications for Candidates for Elective and Appointive Office, and Development of Enabling Language to Define Mechanisms for Sanctions and Hearings • Established a Special Committee to Determine Duties of a New Council on Association and Financial Affairs • Set policy on the Appointment of an Interim Executive Director • Modified existing policy on the Hiring of Consultants • Adopted a resolution calling for specific items of Budget Clarity • Authorized a Review of Health Credit Cards/Patient Financing Programs • Called for a review of ADA Employees’ Retirement Plans and also ADA Investment Policy of reserve funds • Referred to the appropriate agency parts of a complicated resolution on Transparency of the ADA



The House had an extensive attorney-client session with ADA and outside counsel. Prior to arrival in Honolulu, delegates had received detailed disclosures that were the topic of our attorney-client sessions. The information discussed is privileged, as the reports and discussions contained our attorney’s advice on numerous ADA matters. In order to protect the ADA’s legal interests, the privilege must be maintained. Any disclosure of reports outside of those covered by the privilege could result in loss. Loss of the privilege could potentially result in the compelled public disclosure of the reports and of the discussions between the House and counsel as well as opening the materials to litigation opponents of the ADA. What I can give you is a brief, generic report at this time on what has happened. Early in 2009, the ADA Board of Trustees became aware of irregularities within the ADA and our for-profit subsidiary, ADA Business Enterprises Incorporated (ADABEI). The Board hired outside counsel, who hired an external auditing firm as part of the investigation process. A forensic audit of the entire


ADA was completed. The investigation led the ADA Board to take actions regarding inappropriate activities of some ADA staff and a thorough review of the financial controls within the ADA and ADABEI. ADABEI’s Board has been restructured. A new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology officer have been hired. Corrective actions have included making whole customer/members on their previous payments for services that were not satisfactorily provided. The costs to ADABEI and the ADA continue and are substantial. As time passes, more information will become available. Look for this information in the ADA News. If you have questions, I will try to answer them within the limits imposed on me by the attorney-client privilege. At this time, I have full confidence in our new Executive Director, Dr. Kathleen O’Laughlin, the ADA Board, and our Counsel in place at the ADA. Thanks for reading this report and staying informed. Norm Palm


West Michigan District Dental Society Notice of Election (Written mail-in ballots will be sent 30 days following this notice) In accordance with the West Michigan District Dental Society by-laws, the Nominations Committee presents the following slate of candidates for the positions of Alternate Delegates and Delegates for the 2010 Michigan Dental Association House of Delegates and WMDDS offices for 2010-2011. By-laws require that a written notice of the names of the nominees for elective offices be published 30 days prior to the election. The election will be held by a mail-in ballot. Four (4) of the following will be elected to a two-year term as Delegate to the 2010 MDA House of Delegates and the remaining will serve a one-year term as Alternate Delegates. Dr. Brian Mulder Dr. Chris Morgan Dr. Leonard Bartoszewicz Dr. Steve Conlon Dr. Kirkwood Faber Dr. Margaret Gingrich Dr. James Hur Dr. Kathleen Ellsworth Dr. Suzanne Port Dr. Kathryn Swan Completing the delegation in accordance with the WMDDS by-laws are the following members: Dr. Doug Klein, chair Dr. Seth Vruggink Dr. Larissa Bishop Dr. Sam Bander Dr. Matthew Gietzen Dr. Ryan Lebster Dr. Karen O’Rourke (Drs. Klein, Vruggink and Bishop are automatic seats. Drs. Bander, Gietzen, Lebster and O’Rourke are serving the second year of a two-year term as delegates.) The Nominations Committee further recommends the following candidates to fill the following Society offices for 20102011: Dr. Seth Vruggink, President Dr. Larissa Bishop, President-elect Dr. Tyler Wolf, Vice President Dr. Ryan Lebster, Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Steve Conlon, 1st year Director Dr. Sam Bander, 2nd year Director Dr. Chris Morgan, 3rd year Director The Nominations Committee shall include as a nominee for any of the above mentioned positions the name of any West Michigan District Dental Society member in good standing for whom a petition, signed by fifteen (15) active members of the Society has been submitted. Petitions should be delivered by December 10, 2009 to the chairperson of the Nominations Committee, Dr. Doug Killian, 7255 Nine Mile Road, PO Box 236, Mecosta MI 49332.



Presents Infection Control: That Thing You Do – Why Do You Do It? Vaccination Recommendations for Healthcare Professionals: Science, Success and Misperceptions Presented by John A. Molinari, PhD | Friday, January 8, 2010 Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park | 8:00am to 4:00pm | 7 CEU’s Get your note pads ready as Dr. Molinari is going attack two hot topics and provide us with information we can use every single day. Bring the entire staff and get your office up to date with the most recent scientific evidence presented in a fun and even occasionally hands-on fashion. First, Dr. Molinari will be tackling a topic that affects every single patient in our offices. In December 2003, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published their most recent Guidelines for Infection Control in Dentistry. That document, along with the incredible amount of accumulated data regarding health care risks and preventive measures, will serve as the framework for this presentation. The most recent evidence-based information will be discussed to address certain issues where perceptions and misuse of infection control procedures and products are in conflict with scientific and clinical knowledge. A major goal of this presentation is an understanding by both dentists and staff of the “why” and the “what” of infection control practices. Next, Dr. Molinari will address the topic of vaccination recommendations for both health care professionals as well as the general public. Emphasis will be placed on vaccines used for prevention of adult infectious disease, especially those with increased occupational risks for health care workers. Dr. Molinari will wade through the myths and misperceptions about vaccines that are preventing individuals from getting recommended vaccinations. Attendees will leave armed with the correct clinical and science based information to protect both themselves and their patients. There will also be a portion of the course dedicated to the recent H1N1 flu pandemics and how they should affect our actions as health care professionals. Dr. Molinari received a B.A. in Biology from St. Vincent College and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He is a former Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Recently, Dr. Molinari decided to join The Dental Advisor as their Director of Infection Control.

For additional information and registration, call Elaine Fleming at 616.234.5605.

West Michigan District Dental Society is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

Registration Form John A. Molinari, PhD | Friday, January 8, 2010 | Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park






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2nd—5th staff members – $90 each 6th—12th staff members – $90 each 13th staff member and over – $80 each per non-member dentist – $450 TOTAL:

PAY BY CHECK: Make checks payable to: West Michigan District Dental Society. Remit to: Elaine Fleming | c/o WMDDS | 161 Ottawa NW | Suite 511-F, Waters Building | Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 | Questions? Call 616.234.5605.




Adult Dental Services Program By Rose Holmgren


y name is Rose Holmgren and I have been the Adult Dental Services Program (ADSP) Facilitator for the past four years. I would like to take a moment to give a brief update on the Adult Dental Services Program and thank all the ADSP providers for your contributions and hard work. This past year, ADSP has treated over 180 patients and we now have 147 donating providers! The approximate amount that our providers donated just last year was almost $300,000, with Cherry Street Health Services donating almost $22,000 for patient exams. We will continue to grow, especially with the poor economy. I would like to ask those of you who would like to be part of such an important and much needed program for the underserved to contact me. We are in need of specialty


providers and hope that some of you that are not already participating in the program can find time to take even one patient per year. If all of the dentists in the area would take just one patient per year, we would be able to help many more people that are desperately in need of dental services. Good oral health is a good start to a healthy individual. Thank you for your confidence, support, and participation as we move forward helping those in need. You have all been wonderful to work with and I thank each of you who have participated in ADSP helping people in our community. I am looking forward to our continued work together and your support of the program. To learn more about the Adult Dental Services Program or to become an ADSP provider, please contact me at 616.776.2372 or by email at



Seeking Volunteers By Kurt Schabes, DDS


he WMDDS annual Tooth Time educational expo to be held at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum on Feb 4–5, 2010 is in need of volunteer dentists to serve on the committee and at the event. This is a fantastic opportunity to touch the lives of over 1500 children, emphasizing dental education and the importance of oral health. Please consider helping these young smiles continue to shine during Childrens Dental Health Month at the museum. To sign up contact: Kurt Schabes DDS 616.676.2223.






Cedar Chase Hosts New Dentist Golf Outing By Devin Norman, DDS


ugust 7, 2009 brought a sunny day to the New Dentist Golf Outing. Lots of fun was had by the seventy-two players who enjoyed camaraderie, golf, and dinner. Funds raised at the outing will support the West Michigan Dental Foundation tuition grant program which provides grants to local dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students. Over $2,500 was raised to support the WMDF tuition grant program! First place in the scramble was awarded to the team of Doug Klein, Steve Dumas and Bill Smith. Congratulaitons! Mac Lab sponsored the grand prize, a 50-inch flat screen HDTV, which was won by Mark Day. Once again, Henry Schein Dental sponsored the ever-popular $25,000 “Hole in One” while Benco Dental sponsored the busy beverage cart. Thanks to our sponsors and participants.

Elizabeth Christopherson, Heather Zablocki Gietzen, Katie Van Haren, Kathryn Swan

Matt Gietzen’s group

Sponsors Please offer these sponsors your thanks when you come across them in your daily business: Mac Lab Henry Schein Dental Patterson Dental Dixon Architecture Studio 2 Digital Dental Design Dentsply MDA Insurance & Financial Group MDA Insurance MDA Services Paul Weston Financial Davis Lab AstraTech Founders Bank & Trust Midmark SciCan Volunteers A special thanks to our volunteers: Betsy Haller – Bank of Holland Shannda Ray, Molly Murphy, and Dawn Norman – Norman Family Dentistry

Andy Knowlton, Scott Strickland, Tom Williams, Andrew Van Haren, Todd Rodwell (Benco) WEST MICHIGAN DISTRICT DENTAL SOCIETY | FALL ISSUE 2009

Mark Your Calendar Next year's outing will be Friday, August 5, 2010. Everyone is welcome! Schedule the day out of the office now.



Ferris State University Dental Hygiene Program Fall 2009 Program Update Enrollment 2009-2010 Academic Year Currently the associate degree program has 40 first-year students and 57 second-year students.

Upcoming Continuing Education Workshops We are pleased to offer the following courses for the 2009-10 academic year:

Fall Community Health Fair The Ferris State University Dental Hygiene students participated in a Community Health Fair on October 3, 2009 at the Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park. The event was held in conjunction with the “Battle at the Ballpark” where the FSU Bulldog Football team took on the Huskies from Michigan Tech. Students and faculty volunteered their time and provided dental health screenings as well as oral health and oral cancer information to interested participants.

Clinical Local Anesthesia Refresher Course November 20, 2009 9 am – 1 pm

Online BS degree in Dental Hygiene Ferris State University Dental Hygiene program now offers an online Dental Hygiene degree completion program in addition to the AAS degree program. This baccalaureate program in dental hygiene is designed for dental hygienists with an associate degree who want to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in a student-centered learning environment. Students engage in self-directed learning activities, advance their knowledge in the areas of critical thinking, exhibit values for lifelong learning, synthesize evidence-based information, and develop leadership skills. Graduates from the program will be prepared with enhanced technological modalities of practice, research, communication, educational leadership, management, and dental hygiene knowledge. All required courses are offered through our distance learning platform, so students can reside anywhere. Students are not required to come to the Big Rapids campus for this program. To be eligible for the RDH to BS DH degree completion program, applicants must be a registered/licensed dental hygienist, graduate of an accredited associate/certificate dental hygiene program with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Additional information on the BS degree can be found at:


Digital Radiography for Dental Professionals February 19, 2010 9 am – 3 pm Oral Pathology and Pharmacology Review April 9, 2010 8 am - 12 pm Advanced Modalities in Dental Hygiene April 9, 2010 1 pm – 5 pm Information regarding registration is available at: d=70&tid=1



GRCC – Fall 2009 Dental Auxiliary Programs By Eve Sidney, Director of Dental Auxiliary Programs, GRCC


eptember brings with it brilliant colored landscapes, migration of various birds, cooling temperatures, and summer’s transition into fall. Changes are amongst us. The Dental Auxiliary Programs at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) are changing and growing too! The dental auxiliary faculty has been busy reviewing curriculum, updating courses, and adding a few new ones. Beginning in the fall of 2010, local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation will be included in the dental hygiene curriculum. Currently, dental hygiene graduates are able to enroll in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation courses post graduation. This change will allow students to complete training in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation as part of the two-year curriculum. Our dental assisting program has retooled courses to provide students additional time to learn and apply dental assisting skills. All expanded functions skills are currently taught within another dental assisting course. A new course has been developed to teach expanded function skills. The new expanded functions course will be taught in the curriculum beginning next fall. If in the future, there is interest within the dental assisting

community, the program could offer additional sections of the course to those interested in attaining the RDA credential. Our partnership with dental offices in the community is critical to the success of the dental assisting program and more importantly, the accomplishments of our students. Fifty-five dental offices willingly donated their time and knowledge mentoring GRCC dental assisting students this year. During the month of August, Julie Bera, Dental Assisting Supervisor, began delivering plaques of appreciation to dental offices that provided externship opportunities for dental assisting students during the spring and summer semesters. Julie is still in the process of plaque delivery, and if she hasn’t made it to your office, look for her soon. In this photograph, Julie Bera is seen presenting the plaque of appreciation to Dr. Jim Lockwood. He plans to proudly display the plaque in the reception area for patients and all that enter to see his partnership with Grand Rapids Community Colleges Dental Assisting Program. If your office is interested in mentoring a dental assisting student next spring, call Julie Bera at 616.234.4542 for additional details.

Julie Bera with Dr. Jim Lockwood




2009 Directory Corrections and Additions Changes indicated in bold BONCHER, ELISE MONTCALM HEALTH CENTER 306 MAPLEWOOD DRIVE GREENVILLE, MI 48838 225-9650 FAX 225-8525 FRIESWYK, JOHN M 203 W 30TH ST HOLLAND, MI 49423 392-2853 FAX 392-2568 KUIPERS, ADAM 190 MARCELL DRIVE ROCKFORD MI 866-0869 FAX 866-6181



MARTIN, DOUGLAS 112 N. MONROE ROCKFORD MI 49341 866-4445 FAX 866-4409



SINGSTOCK, SCOTT 2450 - 44TH STREET SE, STE 203 KENTWOOD, MI 49512 455-6601 FAX 455-6617

MARK YOUR CALENDAR West Michigan Dental Foundation Annual Golf Outing Friday June 4, 2010 Returning to beautiful Egypt Valley Country Club Watch for more information about this event! Mission Statement: An organization dedicated to the improvement of oral health through the financial support of education and service programs to address the needs identified by the dental profession and the communities it serves in Kent, Ottawa, Ionia, Mecosta and Montcalm counties.






Thank You Volunteers: You’re the Best! By JoAnne Hodder, RDH, BS, CDHO Coordinator


une, July and August – 23 hygienists, 14 dentists, and two dental assistants provided free preventive and restorative services to 148 clients (93 adults and 55 children, ages 1-17) for a value of $69,243. Of these 148 clients, 62 were residents of Mel Trotter Ministries and 86 were from the community-at-large. Additionally, eight dental specialists in orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, and pediatrics provided free dental services in their dental offices. Wow! What a blessing this year has been for the Community Dental Health Outreach (CDHO) program sponsored by the Grand Rapids Dental Hygienists’ Society and the West Michigan Dental Foundation, in partnership with the Mel Trotter Ministries dental clinic. If you know these people, please thank them personally for us: Hygienists: Marcia Brower, Elaine Szarowicz, JoAnne Hodder, Kathy Izenbaard, Linda Matthews, Sandra Krause,





Linda Dumont, Cathy Archer, Jan Brouwers, Kendra Wright, Cheryl Bentley, Linda Carlson-Raley, Pennie Lewis, Linda Slaktoski, Julie Burns, Laura Vandeberg, Maria Ellis, Val Davis, Dawn Kamyszsek, Traci Beals, Peggy Sloma, Monika Miles, Eve Sidney. Dental Assistants: Marilyn Brandt, Lisa Miller Dentists: Ben Amato, Lee McFall, Lisa Sostecke, Joffre Martin, Kurt Schabes, Robert Payne, Paul Sugiyama, Douglas Martin, Tyler Wolf, Karen O’Rourke, Peter Garchow, Steve Snyder, Terry Hurt, Robert Haack. Dental Specialists: Gary Armbrecht, David Armbrecht, Jeffrey Brooks, Charles Caldwell, Gary Cook, Scott Hodges, Ken Mulder, Suzanne Port. Community Dental Health Outreach – People caring for people.







The West Michigan District Dental Society was saddened by the passing of our colleague: Dr. Patrick O’Brien, September 11, 2009 Those wishing to make a memorial donation to the West Michigan Dental Foundation in memory of Dr. O’Brien should contact Elaine Fleming at the WMDDS office at 616.234.5605, or checks may be sent made payable to: West Michigan Dental Foundation 161 Ottawa Avenue NW, Suite 511-F Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503




Did You Know? By JoAnne Hodder, RDH, BS, CDHO Coordinator


elvin E. Trotter was born in 1870 in Orangeville, Illinois. His father tended bar and was an alcoholic. Mel liked spending time in his father's saloon and often visited the gambling den down the street. The family moved to Freeport, Illinois where Melvin learned “barbering.” By age nineteen, he was drinking heavily, gambling and lost his job. He moved to Pearl City, Iowa, married a wonderful Christian woman, Lottie Fisher. They had a baby. He continued to drink and be away from home for days at a time. When his two-year-old son died, he blamed himself. He tried to run away from his guilt, ended up in Chicago, Illinois, in January 1897, penniless. Still craving alcohol, he sold his shoes to buy a drink. When the money ran out, they kicked him out of the bar. At twenty-seven years of age, Mel Trotter was in utter despair. He headed back toward Lake Michigan to “end it all.” But Mel Trotter had two angels in his life – his mother and his wife, who never gave up on him but continued “Pacific Garden Mission.” Someone pushed this ragged looking bum into the mission where they prayed, “Oh God, save that poor, poor boy.” God saved him, breaking the alcohol cravings that bound him. He never touched another drop of liquor after that. He found a job barbering, had Lottie join him in Chicago, and he became known as “the man who raved about Jesus.” In December 1899, a committee of women and some local businessmen met in Grand Rapids to establish a city rescue mission. They decided to invite Harry Monroe and some of his converts from the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago to come to Grand Rapids to arouse public interest. Mel Trotter accompanied this group to Grand Rapids and ultimately the committee asked him to be the superintendent for their new mission in 1900. (from “Man with a Mission” by Leona Hertel) Thus began the first Mel Trotter Ministries Mission in the United States of America. For 109 years, Mel Trotter Ministries has reached out to the needy to help them to become free of their personal burdens of alcoholism, drug abuse, hunger, and homelessness, regardless of race, jobs, bible study, and chapel by establishing a dental clinic onsite. Mel Trotter Ministries has provided a forum to the Grand Rapids dental community to alleviate the dental pain, restore the smiles and educate this underprivileged clientele.



The Bulletin wishes to thank our valued advertisers who support organized dentistry by helping to defray the cost of printing and mailing. Advertising in the Bulletin is seen by over 90% of the dentists in the West Michigan District. This includes five of the fastest growing counties in the state: Kent, Ottawa, Ionia, Montcalm and Mecosta. For information on advertising rates, call Elaine Fleming, WMDDS Executive Secretary at 234-5605. Target your Market – advertise in the Bulletin! Davis Dental Laboratory .....................inside front cover

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The classified ad rate is $10.00 up to and including 30 words; additional words 15¢ each. Space permitting, WMDDS members may place ads free of charge as a membership service. Ads should be submitted in writing and sent with payment to Elaine Fleming, WMDDS, 511-F Waters Building, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Telephone numbers and hyphenations count as two words, abbreviations count as one word. Ads received after the first of the month prior to publication may appear in the following issue. Space for Lease – Holland (great north side neighborhood location). Previous tenant was a family practice dentist. High visibility sign available. Building interior is ready for equipment installation. Three ops and small lab. Owner is willing to adapt building to needs. Call 616.245.9098 or 800.669.0717. SE Grand Rapids – Opportunity for a younger dentist to begin transition to their own practice. Recently remodeled office in an excellent location. Gradually meet the patients and earn extra money as existing dentist takes additional time off over the next three to five years. If interested, email Kentwood, Muskegon, Fowlerville – We have three practices for sale. These opportunities are excellent starters and satellite offices. Kentwood and Fowlerville have buildings also for purchase. Starting gross of $470,000 to $600,000. Financing and working capital available. Contact Dr. Jim David, Henry Schein PPT Sales at 586.530.0800 or Office Space for Lease – Great location! 2426 Burton St. SE, 915 sq. ft., 3 operatories, lab, private office, reception, business office, basement. Contact Dr. Sam Bander at 616.949.5980 or email at Storage Space for Lease – Safe, secure, 24/7 access. Ideal for records, models, or just stuff you need to store. Located in the basement at 1151 East Paris Ave. Contact Dr. Sam Bander at 616.949.5980 or for more information.


Dental Practice For Sale – Jenison, Michigan. Established and growing dental practice on major Jenison traffic route. Great income potential. Call for details 616.245.2767 or cell 616.485.1348.

RDH/RDA – Dental professional with over 5 years experience seeking fulltime, part-time or subbing opportunities where I will be able to utilize my professional experience with patients. Please contact me at 616.262.8719.

Half of Building (2,424 Square Feet) for Lease. Other half is a full-service dental laboratory. Two year old building, excellent for a dental practice. Great location in Kentwood on the corner of Breton and 32nd Street. If interested please call 447.0190.

Opening a Satellite Office. Looking for a good used panoramic x-ray and some other used equipment (in good shape). Please email: or call my office at 616.774.9402 or cell phone 616.307.2213 (leave message).

Established Dentist with an Existing Office in Grand Rapids Wants to Buy – in or partner with another dentist. Open to all options. Please contact P.O. Box 141661, Grand Rapids, MI, 49514-1661.

$190,000 Medical/Dental Office Building for Sale – Just south of 28th St. off Eastern Ave. in Grand Rapids. 2,345 sq. ft. For more information call Tyler DeGraaf at NAI West Michigan 616.242.1118.

For Sale – 1998 Gendex GX-Pan, $4500. Also available: 1970 Moss Lateral Ceph. Make offer. Call 538.5920 Mon.–Thurs.

For Sale – 2 Dental EZ chairs (one seldom used), Pelton Crane autoclave, Bio Sonic ultrasonic cleaner, Vacstar 2 vacuum pump 1 HP. No reasonable offer refused. Call 616.456.7620.

Dental Practices Wanted to Buy – Two dentists separately looking for a practice to buy in the Grand Rapids area. Contact Greg McGlaun of Proveer at 616.425.5523 or

Dental Vacuum Pump – 2 Hp Matrix Model Max-2000. Excellent condition. Recently appraised at $1200. Will take $800 or best offer. Contact Chase Klinesteker at 949-8665 or

Dental Office Suite/Three Operatories for Lease – Desirable SE Grand Rapids location. Some shared space (reception room, lab, etc.) with two other general dentists. Great opportunity for general, specialty, or start-up. Excellent terms. Call 616.949.8990.

Dental Office for Lease – Sparta, MI. 2,000 sq ft., includes two x-ray machines, vacuum extraction, cabinetry, laboratory. $1,350 plus utilities. Traffic flow/14,000 daily. 616.874.4192.

Grandville: 2000+ sq. ft. office space available for lease in exclusive professional office building. Other tenants include endodontist, family dentist, pediatric dentist, oral surgeon and orthodontist. Building partnership buy-in also possible as investment. Call 616.531.6377 or 616.531.1260.

Spielmaker Accounting, Inc. – Specializing in medical practice accounting. Providing all aspects of accounting, payroll, and tax services. Licensed. Over 20 years of practice experience. References available. 616.885.0432.



Grand Rapids, Suburb – Associate needed for busy, general, restorative practice, with transition to partner as soon as possible. Two doctor, 4-hygienist, 10-operatory, highly profitable, Mercer-coached practice, based on quality, integrity, and community involvement. Our practice is located in Sparta, a rapidly growing community with a new high school, ten miles from Grand Rapids and 30 miles from the Lake Michigan shoreline. Our new facility opened in April 2008, has 5500 sq ft with an equally large lower level, is state of the art, and was needed to meet the demands of our growing patient base (377 new patients with comprehensive exams in the last 12 months). Needed is someone who sees the value of a practice that is close to a metropolis as well as recreational sports, and understands that the rewards, both financial and personal, are far greater in a setting where one can establish close relationships with their staff, patients, and residents of the town, rather than practicing in a highly competitive, anonymous, urban setting. You will have the option to live in vibrant Grand Rapids … Michigan’s second-largest city with the lowest unemployment of Michigan’s five largest cities and with an easy 10-15 minute commute, live in the country with acreage, or live in a small town with all that small-town living has to offer. Instead of signing an employment agreement with just a verbal promise to ‘buy into the practice … someday,’ consider joining a practice where there is a written agreement up front regarding your purchase and the valuation of the practice, and where the doctors are anxious to mentor their future partner and get personally involved in making them successful. Visit our website and learn more about our long-term stable staff, the doctors, and our facility. Phone 616.887.7389 or email through the website, or email

RDH – 19 years hygiene experience, professional demeanor with excellent chairside manner with patients. Seeking part-time or substitute opportunities. Flexible, proven individual/team performer, strong references. Call Kathy at 616.682.1967. Associate Position Wanted – General dentist looking for a position in a private practice as an associate in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Open to all options (buy-in, partnership). Please call 616.307.2472 or email Orthodontist Needed in Northern Kent County/Sparta – Two unequipped operatories ready in new, 2-dentist, 10-operatory, general dentistry building with room to expand to multi-chair practice. Ideal for satellite or start-up practice. Great referral base with six general dentists in Sparta and many more in just a 5-6 mile radius. See facility at Email or call 616.887.7389. We are open to all scenerios of space sharing and partnerships.

SE Grand Rapids/Cascade – Office suite available on 28th Street. Up to 3,000 sq. ft., remodel to suit, adjoining new office of established general dentist, perfect for a specialist. Lease or purchase option. Contact Randy Chambers, DDS at 616.974.9947, or Eric Trierweiler with Prime Development at 616.957.4733. Grand Rapids, Michigan area – General practice with average revenues of $600,000. Great family community convenient to Grand Rapids. Fully paperless office with complete digital, computerized system in four fully equipped operatories. Contact Phil Start, Peak Transitions, (888) 477-7325 or visit Dental Office for Lease – Rockford, MI. 1,000 sq ft, includes some dental equipment and furnishings. $675/mo., plus utilities. Traffic flow/10,000 daily. 616.874.5300, Office Condo for Sale – Income producing! 3769SF new medical tenant on 5-year lease, 5351SF available to occupy. High traffic corner. Norton Shores. Call 616.776.0100.

RDH – 19 years Hygiene experience, professional demeanor with excellent chair side manner seeking part-time or substitute opportunities, flexible, proven individual/team player, strong references. Kathy 616.682.1967. Gorgeous Brand New 9120SF Class A Grand Rapids, Michigan area – General practice with average revenues of $600,000. Great family community convenient to Grand Rapids. Fully paperless office with complete digital, computerized system in four fully equipped operatories. Contact Phil Stark, Peak Transitions 888.477.7325 or visit Wanted – Experienced general dentists wish to grow existing practice through buy-out or merger. Greater Grand Rapids. All options considered. Contact




West Michigan District Dental Society Steel Water Award


rs. Lois Havermans, R.D.H., C.H.E.S., Oral Health Team Supervisor, Ottawa County Health Department Miles of Smiles, has been selected to receive the 2009 Steel Water Award. The criteria for this award is to honor an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to dentistry or the community in the five-county WMDDS area. Lois Havermans exemplifies the true spirit of this award. We are very pleased to honor her with this award.


The 2008 Steel Water award was presented to the dental programs at Grand Rapids Community College. The award will be presented at 11:45 am at the WMDDS continuing education seminar with Dr. John Molinari on Friday, January 8, 2010 at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. If you are not attending the seminar but would like to be present for the award presentation, please contact Elaine Fleming at the WMDDS office at 616.234.5605 or by email at


WEST MICHIGAN DENTAL SOCIETY 511-F Waters Building Grand Rapids, MI 49503


2009-2010 Calendar of Events November 2009 November 19, 2009 – New Dentist Forum Meeting at Pietro’s at 6:30 pm November 19-21, 2009 – Detroit Dental Review, Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center December 2009 December 2, 2009 – WMDDS Board Meeting at Kent Country Club December 17, 2009 – WMDDS Holiday Dinner & Awards Night – Cascade Country Club January 2010 January 8, 2010 – WMDDS Continuing Education Seminar – Dr. John Molinari and Steel Water Award presentation to Lois Havermans, RDH, CHES January 8, 2010 – WMDDS New Dentist Forum Social Event at 8:00 pm January 13, 2010 – WMDDS Board Meeting at 6:15 pm January 27, 2010 – Kent County Dental Society Meeting – Dr. John Leitner, speaker at 5:30 pm February 2010 February 4-5, 2010 – WMDDS Tooth Time, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum February 25-27, 2010 – Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting, McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL February 24, 2010 – WMDDS Board Meeting at 6:15 pm March 2010 March 5, 2010 – Dental Appreciation Night at the Griffins (Hockey Game) March 11, 2010 – WMDDS New Dentist Forum Meeting at Pietro’s at 6:30 pm March 12, 2010 – WMDDS Continuing Education Seminar – Dr. Jeff Morley March 24, 2009 – WMDDS Board Meeting at 6:15 pm March 22, 2010 – Western Michigan Steering Committee Caucus in Kalamazoo for delegation March 31, 2010 – Kent County Dental Society Meeting – Mr. Richard Klein, speaker at 5:30 pm April 2010 April 8, 2010 – WMDDS New Dentist Forum Meeting at Pietro’s at 6:30 pm April 12, 2010 – WMDDS/Muskegon District Caucus for delegation at 6:15 pm April 14-17, 2010 – MDA Meeting at Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan