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Hot Pic of the Week Model: Roberto Martinez Website: Photograph by: John Anthony Sutton

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BY thomas barker

Celebrating the Art Form of Drag After a raid on the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, the New York GLBT community decided it was time to show the world that we were a force to be reckoned with by rioting in the streets. At the forefront of the riots were the loudest, most outspoken members of our community, drag queens. New York drag performers fearlessly chanted through the streets of Greenwich Village demanding equality for our community, and as a result, Gay Pride and, more importantly, the GLBT rights movement that we see today were created. Since the days of Stonewall, our community has come a long way, and so has the drag community. Famous drag performers like RuPaul, Lady Bunny, and Divine have taken a subculture that used to be subjugated to gay bars and clubs and put it into the living rooms of the mainstream community. Now even with such prominent performers gracing the silver screen, when I first moved to Miami from a small town outside of Pensacola, Florida, I didn’t know much about drag queens and drag performers. In my mind, it was a subculture within the GLBT community that made absolutely no sense to me, and as a result, I was literally terrified of drag performers. Like most people, I feared something that I did not understand. A couple years later, while covering nightlife for Wire Magazine, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Geraldine and Fernan-D-Cute of Queen Cabaret.

The more time I spent with them; the more I began to truly understand the craft of doing drag, and all of the misconceptions I had regarding drag performers began to disintegrate into thin air. In fact, because of the drag duo, I decided to face my fear of drag and do a show of my own in honor of Geraldine. Now I definitely don’t have as much talent as those two, but I will say the experience of doing drag changed me forever. Watching Geraldine and FernanD-Cute work hard to rehearse, create, and prepare for their shows made me realize that they are more than just boys who wear dresses; they are truly artists. Since my fellow publisher Rafa Carvajal and I took over Wire Magazine, we have dedicated a number of issues and features to an assortment of local artists, but we have yet to dedicate it to the fabulous art genre of drag. So for this issue, we decided to partner with the incredibly talented photographers of Image1st to bring you a Wire Magazine exclusive photo exhibition dedicated to some of “The Men Behind the Mask”. Danilo De La Torre (Adora), Raul Griffith (Vegas Dion), Fernando Dughatti (FernanD-Cute), Gerardo Pilatti (Geraldine) have all done an amazing job of creating one-of-a-kind drag personas that have made each of them famous in their own right.

Bernstein of Michy’s and SRA. Martinez. Michelle is one of those people you can immediately connect with, and is definitely one of the most talented chefs I have ever had the pleasure to meet. In Wired Inside the Chef’s Kitchen, Michelle teaches me how to make her crispy fried chicken and her watermelon Greek salad. Both of which are delicious and very simple to make. Of course, no issue would be complete without a couple photo pages of some of Miami’s hottest social functions, and this week, Wire Magazine photographer Juan Saco Mironoff was on hand at Score’s 11-Year Anniversary Party snagging photos of a who’s who of local scenesters, club kids, and socialites. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our print photo exhibition of “The Men Behind the Mask”.

So take a moment to peruse our exclusive printed photo exhibition of each of “The Men Behind the Mask” and the drag characters they portray. What you’ll learn about each may inspire you to pursue your own dreams, no matter how difficult it may be to achieve them. Also in this issue, we have the return of Wired Inside the Chef’s Kitchen. This week, I spent some time with one of Miami most famous chefs, the fabulous Michelle


Fernando, Geraldine, & Thomas

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PUBLISHERs’ CORNER Something New This week we provide our readers with a unique and artistic look behind the mask by profiling four of Miami’s best-known drag performers. We have also decided to introduce something new courtesy of Wire Magazine and Wire Media Group. Our photographers often take hundreds of photos during our photo shoots, yet only a select few pics make it to the pages of Wire Magazine. In addition, Wire Magazine has also been making videos behind the scenes of several of our photo shoots, which will provide you with a unique view of what really happens during some of the shoots. So, make sure to visit and you will have an exclusive opportunity to see many of the other photos taken during this week’s cover story photo shoot, plus videos filmed by me showing a behind the scenes look of John Anthony Sutton ( doing his amazing camera work to capture unique images of Adora, Fernan-D-Cute, Geraldine, and Vegas Dion. As we move into a new chapter in Wire Magazine’s almost 21-year history, we have decided to leverage the Internet and provide our readers in Miami, and around the world, with

unique online content that complements our traditional print magazine. Enjoy! We are also going to host an event at Halo Lounge (1621 Michigan Avenue) on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 to celebrate these very talented “men behind the mask”. So mark your calendars and join us at 8 p.m. to meet the drag performers in person and enjoy an interactive evening of additional photographs/video on Halo’s video screens. Staying on the topic of something new, Pacific Time restaurant (35 NE 40th Street, Miami Design District) has added a new twist to Miami Spice with a great summer special. Jonathan Eismann is offering a 3-course dinner for $25, which also changes every week. This is cheaper and offers more variety than the traditional Miami Spice menu of participating restaurants. Pacific Time is also serving $5 well drinks all day, every day. Based on our recent dinning experience at Pacific Time, we recommend that you definitely try out their food. We stopped by for dinner last Saturday night and the food truly lived up to Jonathan Eismann’s reputation as a top-chef. The hot and sour popcorn shrimp in Thai vinaigrette was a scrumptious way to start our meal. We complemented it with a seafood panzanella salad made to perfection with fresh calamari, rock shrimp, radish, and cilantro. We were in the mood for a light







REGAL SOUTH BEACH 18 AMC AVENTURA 24 Lincoln Rd. & Alton Rd. 19501 Biscayne Blvd. (305) 466-0450 (800) FANDANGO 198#



COBB DOLPHIN 19 11471 NW 12th St. (305) 591-0785




dinner, so we settled on fish for our main course and enjoyed the local mahi, accompanied by a tempura sweet potato, and a super flavorful sake glazed yellow tail snapper in a deliciously spicy lemongrass broth. The quality and freshness of both fish is definitely worth mentioning! And for the dessert lovers in the house, we definitely enjoyed the vanilla crème brulee and the pineapple “right-side-up” cake.

We also want to remind our readers that Miami Spice is in full swing in some of Miami’s top restaurants. Therefore, make sure to read next week’s issue of Wire Magazine, where our cover story on Miami Spice will give you a preview of some of the great restaurants and dishes you may get to enjoy if you venture out to sample our local special dining offerings.

Have a wonderful week and feel free to stop us on the streets of Miami and the Beaches to share your thoughts and ideas with Wire Magazine. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue providing great lifestyle content for our readers! Cheers, Rafa For The Publishers Rafa Carvajal: Thomas Barker:

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Score Celebrates its 11-Year Anniversary Photos by juan saco mironoff

This past Sunday night, the only gay nightclub on Lincoln Road celebrated 11 years of fabulous parties and top-notch entertainment with one hell of a party. Owners Luis Morera and Billy Kemp kicked off the evening with an hour of free Grey Goose and Bacardi cocktails and fabulous beats by DJ Oscar G. By midnight, the party was in full swing and Score was filled with a who’s who of the Miami nightlife scene. As VIPs filled Score’s tables, contortionists, fire breathers, aerialists and gorgeous pole dancers worked the room energizing the crowd. The highlight of the evening arrived when Score's most famous resident DJ, Abel, took the helm for the evening, spinning some vocal house beats that left not a single person standing still. Congratulations Billy and Luis on 11 years of success. We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you in the future!

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Score Celebrates its 11-Year Anniversary Photos by juan saco mironoff

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cover story: the men behind the mask - adora

By Thomas Barker Photos by Image1st Where are you from and when did you arrive to Miami? I was born in Havana, Cuba, and I left in 1985 to move to Paris, France. I moved to Miami for good in 1989. How did you begin doing drag?

An old friend of mine from Cuba was living in Miami when I arrived, and we got together and started to go out a lot. We were Miami club kids. One night we decided to go out in drag to a Susanne Bartsch party, and it just kind of stuck with us. The people in Miami already called my friend Adorita, so when we decided to continue doing drag together, we took on the name, Adora Sisters. My friend passed away in 1991, and when he died, I decided to keep the name Adora. Describe Adora’s personality?

Adora is a cartoon that has come to life. She is a mix of glam and camp. That’s the simplest way for me to explain it. How are you and Adora similar and how are you two different?

Adora and Danilo are two completely different people. Adora is nothing like me. I am very simple, and Adora thinks she comes from royalty. In her head, she comes from a very rich Cuban family, and expects to be treated that way. She is also so animated, colorful, and loud. I am not like that at all.

What do you think is the most difficult part about being a drag performer?

The most difficult part is to constantly evolve as a performer. Everyday I have to learn something new, and innovate the character of Adora. There is never a moment, where Adora is not evolving. That is exactly why I do it though. It’s such a fantastic creative outlet for me. I am always thinking and creating, otherwise I would explode. Being that creative is a lot of work, but it is also 12 | wire magazine | visit for additional photos & videos

cover story: the men behind the mask - adora

the most rewarding. It is a talent you just have to have; it’s not something you can learn. Where can people go if they would like to see Adora perform? I am still doing my regular club gigs, which is at TWIST on Thursday nights, where I spin music and host the evening. Now and then, I DJ at Halo on Tuesdays for the Art of Life, which I am loving. On Saturdays, I work at the Vagabond for Back Door Bamby. Once I finish there, I head over to Sandals for my Latin night. On Sundays, I started a new brunch at this restaurant called Sage in Hollywood, and on Sunday nights, I do CLICK as well. What other projects have you worked on? My boyfriend and I have also created a performance art group called Homo-Sapians. We have already performed at the Bass Museum, MOCHA, and various art galleries throughout Miami. It is something that is totally different from Adora. Sometimes I will do drag during the performances and sometimes I won’t. I thought it was important to do something serious and out of the nightlife. Where can people get more information on Homo-Sapians? They can go to our website, for more information. Any advice for people trying to break into the drag industry? You have to love it, because doing drag is a lot of hard work. Sometimes you may feel unappreciated, or that you are not going anywhere, but don’t feel discouraged. Another really important tip is to have fun with it, but to also be really professional. You don’t have to be the prettiest or have a fantastic body. You can be skinny, tall, fat, black, blue, or green. As long as you are entertaining, everyone will love you. visit for additional photos & videos | wire magazine | 13

cover story: the men behind the mask - vegas dion

By Thomas Barker Photos by Image1st

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I came to the United States when I was about 13 years old. I’ve lived in Miami ever since moving to the States, but have also traveled a lot. While living in Miami, I went to FIU and graduated with a degree in advertising, and now I am getting my Master’s Degree. How did you begin doing drag? It was actually a dare. Someone dared me to do it, because I was so against it. I am very competitive, so it became a challenge to me. Eventually it just took on a mind of its own and my drag career skyrocketed. That dare helped me discover a talent that I never knew I had. Why the name Vegas Dion?

I actually started in the Ballroom Scene. There are different categories people will walk for, and I happened to walk for this category called Hats and Pumps Ahoy, which called for a glam, yet playful look. I had to wear the biggest hat and biggest pumps to then battle it out for a trophy. I asked my mom, “what do you think is glamorous and playful,” and she said Las Vegas. I then made a hat with the entire City of Las Vegas on top of it. I wound up winning the trophy for the competition. Everyone around the club started to notice me, and began referring to me as the Vegas boy. After a while, the name Vegas just kind of stuck. When I started to dress in drag, one of my friends suggested that my name be Vegas because everyone already knew me as Vegas. Describe Vegas Dion’s personality.

Vegas is intimidating to me, but in a very classy way. Her personality and charisma are very overpowering. She is a really strong character, who is very different from me. I treat Vegas as an entirely different person.

How are you and Vegas similar and how are you two different?

I think we are both very competitive, and are complete perfectionists. When it comes to our career and looks, 14 | wire magazine | visit for additional photos & videos

cover story: the men behind the mask - vegas dion

we are very focused and driven. As for our differences, Vegas has a very different personality type than me. I am a lot more reserved than she is. I am more laid back, and Vegas is definitely not. I would do things as Vegas that I wouldn’t even imagine doing out of drag. What is the most difficult part about doing drag for Raul?

That’s a very difficult question to answer, because now after so many years, I am very comfortable in my own skin. I have really learned how to separate Raul from Vegas. To me, drag is the celebration of the female form. It’s kind of like a tribute that you are giving women, and that is how I have always approached it. I never looked at it from any other point of view. I think some people start doing drag for all the wrong reasons. I always had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to portray as Vegas. I know a lot of people who have had some personal hardships, like dating. I, personally, have never had any of those problems. Where do you perform? I perform everywhere. Since I am the general manager of Discotekka, I do try to be exclusive to the club, even though I perform at Azucar sometimes. Every Saturday night I host a party at Discotekka, so if people want to come and see my show, that’s where I’ll be. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get into this industry? Drag is universal. There are so many aspects of drag that a person can excel within. You just really have to know what you want to achieve by doing drag. If you want to do drag for the fun of it, then you know that’s why you’re doing it; if you want to do it for the entertainment factor, be sure to own it. To me, doing drag has become a part of my life. I take it very seriously, and in order to be successful in this business, you have to treat it that way. visit for additional photos & videos | wire magazine | 15

cover story: the men behind the mask - fernan-d-cute

By Thomas Barker Photos by Image1st

Where are you from and when did you come to Miami? I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Miami in June of 2000. How did you begin doing drag? It was completely an accident. I am an actor, and I love the stage. I don’t like movies or TV that much. At one point, I was helping a drag queen prepare for a role in Phantom of the Opera, and was mesmerized by the action. Eventually Adora suggested that I find my own drag persona, because of the theatrical association. I really considered it, decided to go for it, and haven’t stopped yet. Why the name Fernan-D-Cute?

Adora was hosting a show at Cactus, and that is where I really began to perform. She was trying to come up with a name for me. I didn’t really have any name other than Fernando, and my last name began with D, so she would just introduce me as Fernie Cute. I didn’t like Fernie Cute, so I decided to change it by combining the first part of my name, “Fernan,” the “D” from my last name, and “Cute,” because someone told me that I was cute. In drag, I can be a crazy bitchy woman, but I always feel like there is something cute about what I am doing. Describe Fernan-D-Cute’s personality.

Fernan-D-Cute is a 1930s, French/Italian fat woman, who loves to be a bitch. She’s not that feminine and sometimes can be downright butch. She is very strong, and creative, especially when she is spinning music. When DJ Fernan-D-Cute combines with the drag persona of Fernan-D-Cute, it is just an endless supply of energy. Fernan-D-Cute also has some chameleon traits as well. One day she can be a flapper from the 1920s, and, the next, she can be a robotic diva from the year 3000. 16 | wire magazine | visit for additional photos & videos

cover story: the men behind the mask - fernan-d-cute

How are you and Fernan-D-Cute similar and how are you different? Well I used to be a lot like Fernan-D-Cute, but as you become more well known, you become a little more introverted. Fernando is a more private person and enjoys spending time with close friends. Fernan-D-Cute is very extroverted. She loves the attention, and to be surrounded by people. She is very sexual and outlandish. FernanD-Cute is for everyone, and Fernando is for a very few. What is the most difficult part for Fernando to be Fernan-D-Cute? There really isn’t anything difficult about being Fernan-D-Cute, because I love my job. Fernan-D-Cute lives in my house. She even has her own master bedroom, and the moment I enter that room, Fernan-D-Cute possesses me. Nothing seems to bother me when I am Fernan-D-Cute. If I am tired or feeling down, the moment I channel Fernan-DCute, I am filled with energy. Even if I have to shave seven times a week, I still love it! What advice do you have for people who may want to get into the drag biz? Make sure you know what you want and where you want to go in your career. If you are going to do drag, do it with all of your heart and do it well. This is one of the most creative businesses in the world, and you should enjoy it! visit for additional photos & videos | wire magazine | 17

cover story: the men behind the mask - geraldine

By Thomas Barker Photos by Image1st Where are you from and when did you arrive to Miami?

I am from a farm in Santa Fe, Argentina. After high school, I moved to another state for seven years. When I was 24 years old I left Argentina and moved to Miami. How did you begin doing drag?

I began doing drag publicly in Miami. I used to dress up to go out but would never perform. I just really enjoyed dressing in drag. While I was in my country, I would dress up, but I would keep it hidden from everyone. The first place I went out to in drag was the Jamboree, because I lived half a block from it. I would put on the only wig I had in those days, which was just a dollar store piece of hair with no net. It was literally just like one big, long strand of hair. I would put that on my head, and then wrap a bandana or nice scarf around it to make it look nice. If anyone moved the scarf, the whole thing would come off, so I always tied it really tight. Why the name Geraldine?

The name Geraldine comes from Argentina. My name is Gerardo, and my aunt used to call me Geraldine as a nickname for Gerardo. In Argentina it isn’t necessarily a girl’s name. I didn’t want to change that name too much, because I didn’t feel like the drag persona of Geraldine was very different from Gerardo. Geraldine is me; just with a different look. I don’t consider myself acting. I am the way that I am. How are Gerardo and Geraldine different?

Well that question has more than one answer, because sometimes I feel that they are the same person. Sometimes I am a little jealous of Geraldine, because she is not shy or insecure. Some people ask me if I feel different when I do drag, and the answer is, “yes, of course!” I feel a little happier when I am in drag. I am working on that right 18 | wire magazine | visit for additional photos & videos

cover story: the men behind the mask - geraldine

now, because I want to give myself a chance out of drag. I don’t feel like I really ever gave myself a chance to truly discover the boy side of me. Out of drag I am a little shyer, but my character doesn’t change. What do you think is the most difficult part about being a drag performer? The most difficult part to me is trying to please everyone. It is impossible, because you cannot make everyone happy. No one has the same taste. There are people, who love me and what I do as a performer, and I am sure there are people who do not. It really is a matter of preference. My job is to make people laugh, so I am constantly working to better the comedic side of my shows. I want to make sure that I am doing something that people haven’t seen before, so they will continue to want to see my shows. Where can people go to see Geraldine in action? Well, I am at the Palace on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I spend a lot of time working at special events including birthdays, store openings, and other celebrations. Any advice for someone trying to get into the drag biz? I have three tips of advice: think outside the box, always be humble, and, no matter what, be yourself! visit for additional photos & videos | wire magazine | 19

wired: inside the chef's kitchen

Chef Michelle Bernstein Serves Up:

Watermelon Greek Salad and Crispy Fried Chicken BY THOMAS BARKER PHOTOGRAPHY: RAFA CARVAJAL

When I first moved to Miami in the latter part of 2002, I was lucky enough to have been invited to attend the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. It was the first year that the Festival was going to take place on South Beach, and the buzz surrounding the event was almost deafening. As a city that has played host to some of the best chefs in the country, it was an exciting opportunity to experience their delectable creations all in one place. Better yet, on the sandy shores of our fabulous beaches. Chefs like Norman Van Aken, Jonathan Eismann, Douglas Rodriguez, and Mark Militello were all definitely some of the hottest chefs to be seen at the event, but there was one chef in particular everyone just couldn’t stop talking about – Azul’s Executive Chef, Michelle Bernstein. Michelle had recently co-hosted the show, Melting Pot, on The Food Network and was currently Miami’s newest and hottest celebrity chef. What’s more, she literally put Miami on the culinary map by introducing the art of Nuevo Latino Cuisine to the rest of America, demonstrating that Latino cuisine is more than just rice and beans!

Last Tuesday, my fellow publisher, Rafa Carvajal, and I had the opportunity to swing by Michy’s to see what all the buzz was about. When we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly host, who wasted no time in seating us. Within moments I had a glass of wine along with a very simple, yet complete, menu sitting in front of me. Now for some people, that may be a turn off, but for me, it says that Michelle is incredibly thoughtful about every single dish she puts on the menu. Furthermore, because there were not hundreds of dining options, I knew that she would be using the freshest ingredients.

In 2005, Michelle decided it was time to take her career to the next level and departed Azul to open Michy’s with her husband and business partner, David Martinez, a seasoned industry veteran. The opening of Michy’s signaled the arrival of the burgeoning Biscayne Corridor area as a fertile fine dining destination. Serving delicious, haute cuisine in a warm, unpretentious setting, the gourmet neighborhood haunt was quickly dubbed one of the “Top 50 Restaurants in the Country” by Gourmet and “Best New Restaurant 2006” by Food and Wine.

When our entrées arrived neither of us were disappointed by what we had ordered. The short ribs were ridiculously tender and, as stated on the menu, completely fell off the bone. As for the fried chicken, Michelle’s recipe was flawless, and as someone who was born and raised in the South, I am picky when it comes to my fried chicken. If that were not enough, Michelle’s pastry chef made these fantastic homemade buttermilk biscuits that were just to die for. Don’t tell my grandmother, but even she would want the recipe!

20 | wire magazine

We kicked off our meal with the watermelon Greek salad with red wine vinaigrette and a roast beat salad. Both of which were incredibly refreshing after a day of running around in the summer heat. After our salads, we moved on to our entrées. Rafa opted for the short ribs falling off the bone from the Miami Spice menu, and I decided to go with Michelle’s famous crispy fried chicken. Because of Michelle’s reputation as the queen of Nuevo Latino cuisine, I was curious to see how she would prepare a dish that is stereotypically associated with the South.

After such a fantastic meal, I really wanted the opportunity to get into Michelle’s kitchen and learn how to make a couple of the delectable dishes we had just enjoyed, and lucky for me, one of Miami’s most famous chefs was willing to oblige. So the following Thursday, Rafa and I headed back to Michy’s to learn how to make Michelle’s watermelon Greek salad and crispy fried chicken.

As soon as we walked through the door, Michelle was very inviting and accommodating. You can tell that this woman just loves to create, cook, and teach. After washing up, we headed over to the prep area of the kitchen to begin the marinade for the chicken. Fried Chicken Marinade

The first thing Michelle had me do was to take about 4 to 5 fresh tarragon stems, and pull off roughly 1 tablespoon of tarragon leaves. The trick to getting the leaves off without pulling each one individually is to hold the tip of the stem in one hand and slide your index finger and thumb down the stem, pulling off each leaf as you work your way down. Michelle obviously did this faster than me, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Once we had the tarragon leaves ready, we grabbed a blender and added ½ gallon of buttermilk, 2 tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves, 6 cloves of garlic, 2 shallots, 1 tablespoon of fennel seed, 1 tablespoon of mustard seed, and 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper. We then pureed the mixture until it was very smooth.

Now that the marinade was ready, we moved on to preparing the chicken. Michelle grabbed a small chicken, approximately two to three pounds, and broke it down into 10 pieces. She began by cutting the breast in half and then worked her way down, separating legs, thighs and such. After the chicken was cut up, we poured the marinade into a Ziploc bag and placed the chicken inside. In a perfect situation, you would let the chicken sit over night. Michelle says that if you want super tender chicken, you can even let the chicken marinate in the refrigerator for two days. Unfortunately we didn’t have that amount of time, so we let the chicken marinate while we prepared the watermelon Greek salad. Watermelon Greek Salad

wired: inside the chef's kitchen The first thing we did to prepare the salad was grab a whole seedless watermelon. When I asked Michelle where to purchase nice melons in Miami, she suggested I check out the local farmer’s markets. There’s one on Lincoln Road and in MIMO every Sunday. Now as someone who has regularly gone home with a bad melon, I couldn’t resist asking Michelle how to pick a good one and, according to her, if you press on the center of the melon and it gives way a bit, it is ripe and ready. You should also be able to smell the sweetness as well. If that’s not enough, Michelle says to just look for a fruit stand worker, who is eating the melon herself. That’s usually a good indication that they’ve got some good melons. To begin slicing the watermelon, Michelle sliced off both ends of the watermelon and then sliced the entire thing in half. It is important to slice off the ends of the watermelon with a large chef’s knife, so it doesn’t wobble around while you are working on it. Michelle then removed the rest of the rein, and then began to slice the watermelon into ½ inch cubes. Once the watermelon was prepared, she then sliced 2 large beefsteak tomatoes into 16 wedges (8 wedges each). Afterwards, she sliced a couple peeled English (seedless hothouse) cucumbers diagonally, for 2 cups of ¼ inch-thick cucumbers. Once that was done, she sliced 1 cup of pitted Nicoise olives in half. Once everything was sliced and good to go, she added 2 tablespoons of dill leaves and 1 cup of crumbled feta cheese (Michelle prefers fresh French feta). Red Wine Vinaigrette To prepare the red wine vinaigrette, Michelle grabbed a medium size-mixing bowl and poured in 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder, ¼ teaspoon of onion powder, and ¼ teaspoon of oregano. Michelle also likes to add ¼ teaspoon of the Middle Eastern spice, za’atar, which can be found at various gourmet markets. This is totally optional though. Once everything was placed in the mixing bowl, Michelle whisked in ½ cup of olive oil and added kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. To my surprise, making salad dressing was a lot easier than I originally suspected. After telling Michelle this, she quickly joked, “I always wondered what type of people buy their salad dressing at the supermarket. Now I know!” To which I replied, “GUILTY!”

into a bowl of all-purpose flour that had been simply seasoned with some salt and pepper. In order to add a little extra flavor, as well as a little more crisp, Michelle then placed the floured chicken back in the marinade to then return it to the flour once more.

After double battering all the chicken pieces, Michelle placed the chicken in a industrial sized fryer filled with vegetable oil that had been heated to 350 degrees. (Since most of us do not have a industrial fryer at home, Michelle suggest using a medium-size sauce pan.) She then let it cook for 7 to 8 minutes or until everything was golden brown. In order to check for doneness, she took a paring knife and poked it into the chicken close to the bone and then lightly placed the flat side of the knife to her chin. According to Michelle, if it is not hot to the touch, the chicken is not ready. A few moments later, and our chicken was ready. After plating it, Michelle then added the red wine vinaigrette to the watermelon Greek Salad and lightly tossed it.

Finally it was time to indulge in the fruits of our labor and Rafa and I inhaled the two delicious dishes. I hope you enjoy making Michelle’s crispy fried chicken and watermelon Greek salad as much as I did. For more information on Michelle Bernstein or to purchase her latest cookbook, Cuisine a Latina, visit

Chicken Batter Now that our salad was all prepped and ready to go, it was time to finally wrap up the chicken. Michelle took the chicken out of the Ziploc bag and placed each piece

wire magazine | 21

FOOD 11th Street Diner

Corner 11th Street and Washington Ave., MB 305.534.6373

Array of home-style American diner cuisine, from meatloaf to fried chicken. Daily specials and great prix fixe menu for only $12.99. Can’t beat the prices here! It’s where the locals eat as well as the starving tourists.

outdoor seating with video screens and complimentary wi-fi. Gourmet pizza is award winning and nationally recognized! Additional Italian menu selections include paninis, salads, soups, desserts. Serves beer and wine. Now Serving Frankie’s Philly Cheese Steaks!

al fresco. Ask about their special prix fixe menus – one at $15.95 and one at $27.50. They can’t be beat. Full bar with drink specials, too. The service has been outstanding as owners Leo and Mario keep careful watch. That’s why this restaurant is so popular!

Café at Books & Books

David’s Café II

933 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.695.8898

A La Folie

516 Espanola Way MB | 305.538.4484

South Florida’s original crêperie that is more café-like in its offerings of classic French crepes, sandwiches, salads, and platters. A very casual, friendly lounge with competent, knowledgeable wait staff. No need to rush here! It’s French, after all! Sit, relax, peruse the numerous periodicals over a glass of Pouilly Fumé or a Stella Artois. Or maybe an herbal tea or infusion. Right in the heart of the fabulous Española Way neighborhood. Outside lounge open for special champagne nights in season. Call for special prix fixe international dinners.


5600 Biscayne Blvd.,Miami | 305.762.5751

Seven-year-old pizzeria that has expanded

One of the most important things that Books & Books has that sets it apart from any other chain bookstore is a wonderful personality. Not only can you find the latest books and coolest magazines, now you can enjoy truly delicious and generous food in one of the most relaxed environments possible on Lincoln Road. The food is really quite something, especially their Miami Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Da Leo Trattoria 819 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.674.0350

One of the pioneers of Lincoln Road, Da Leo is popular spot with locals, tourists, and celebrities. Where else could you enjoy rich, tasty food, which is basic homestyle pastas and meat dishes, and some of the best people-watching while dining

1654 Meridian Ave., MB | 305.672.8707

You don’t have to travel 90 miles to enjoy Cuban cuisine. Just walk over to David’s Café II off of Lincoln Road Mall on Meridian Avenue for some of the finest Cuban dishes anywhere. And all at very reasonable prices. They’re open 24 hours. Full bar. Incredible buffets for those on the go.

Front Porch Café

1418 Ocean Drive, MB | 305.531.8300

After 17 years of serving South Beach locals the freshest, impeccable meals in generous portions, this restaurant has nothing to prove. It’s the best for casual fare at any time, but especially for their breakfasts. A great menu with the most reasonable prices. You might have to wait, but be patient, it’s well worth the effort as Larry, Michael, and Dawn cater to your every need.

wire tax & accounting


701 Washington Ave., MB | 305.673.1312

Sample the haute Italian cuisine and service that have made Grazie one of the most popular fine dining restaurants in South Florida. At this 75-seat location, diners will find a rare gem – an elegant yet comfortable space that eschews pretense and embraces a dedication to hospitality that turns every diner into a VIP. www.


1444 Collins Ave., MB | 305.538.9908

Best fresh seafood in a great open-air atmosphere. Great fish and pasta combos. Very popular with the local crowd. Great bar for a drink while waiting for a table.

La Sandwicherie

229 14th St., MB | 305.532.8934

Sandwiches and salads along with fruit smoothies and shakes is what you will find at this landmark sandwich shop on 14th Street between Washington and Collins. It’s one of the best places on the Beach for an outstanding selection of light fare with a French flair. Very reasonable prices. Open from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. and delivery until 10 p.m.

BY Joe Jackson

As Business Tax Deadlines Loom, So are Great Tax Incentives

Have you filed your 2008 business tax returns yet? If not, this is a friendly reminder that all business income tax returns with a calendar year ending in 2008 have to be submitted by September 15th, 2009 to the IRS. This includes partnerships/limited liability companies income tax returns (Form 1065) and certain trust income tax returns (Form 1041). In prior years, only corporate tax returns were due this early, but the IRS changed the filing due dates and has moved up the deadline. The change was put into place to provide shareholders and/or partners sufficient time to complete their individual returns prior to October 15th, 2009. I wanted to remind all of you for several reasons, including the fact that there are a significant number of tax incentives for businesses to take advantage of in 2008 before they expire. One significant tax benefit available in 2008 is that bonus depreciation is back! Under the 2008 Economic Stimulus Act, you are entitled to depreciate 50 percent of the cost of certain business assets placed in service after December 31, 2007, but prior to January 1, 2009. This is similar to the special depreciation allowance that was previously available back in 2004. In addition to the 50 percent depreciation, the Section 179 deduction has been increased to $250,000. Therefore, if your business purchased a significant amount of new assets in 2008 make sure that you utilize these deductions to the fullest. 22 | wire magazine

In addition to the increased depreciation deductions, Uncle Sam is doing what they can to help small business during these tough times through additional tax breaks. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), enacted in February, eligible small businesses (ESB) that had expenses exceeding their income for 2008 can choose to carry the resulting loss back for up to five years, instead of the usual two. This means that a business that had a net operating loss (NOL) in 2008 could carry that loss as far back as tax-year 2003, rather than the usual 2006. Not only could this mean a special tax refund, but the refund could be larger, because the loss is being spread over as many as five tax years, rather than just two. But hurry, because time is running out! Calendar year ESB’s and eligible individuals only have until September 15th and October 15th, respectively, to make the necessary election. You may be asking what is an eligible small business. It is a business that has no more than an average of $15 million in gross receipts over the three-year period ending with the tax year of the NOL. Have you recently completed your income tax returns for 2008 and determined that you qualify for these special refund claims? What do you do next? Individuals should file the form 1045 and corporations should file Form 1039 to accelerate their refunds to be received within 45 days.

The items above are only a few tax incentives and benefits available to you for 2008. As the deadlines approach, please make sure that you take advantage of these items and the others as outlined in each act, so you are not over paying your taxes. The above two tax acts have many other incentives for both businesses and individuals - so if you have any other questions or need assistance filing the carry back forms, please give me a call. Joe Jackson, C.P.A.

Joe is a tax partner at the accounting firm, Sharff, Wittmer, Kurtz, & Jackson, P.A., which has been serving South Florida for over 55 years. Should you have any questions or comments, email him at jjackson@swkj-cpa. com or visit the firm’s website at:



1661 Meridian Ave., MB | 305.534.5488

900 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.673.3919

Not even Cameron Diaz could have a successful and long-lasting restaurant in this space, but leave it to the intrepid Jennie Yip to defy gravity. This Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant has easily become a very popular spot right off Lincoln Road in a very short time. They serve truly scrumptious homemade Wonton or hot and sour soup; really good Moo Shu pork and Mongolian beef; and a terrific variety of vegetable, rice, and noodle dishes. Don’t forget their awesome Shanghai Express $8.88 lunch specials – over 45 choices!

As one of Miami’s healthiest places to grab a bite, Pasha’s has become a staple among South Beach’s trendiest dieters. The menu features a number of delicious Mediterranean dishes including kebabs, hoummus, and falafel. You can now also grab breakfast at Pasha’s as well. Located on Lincoln Road, the restaurant also features outdoor dining for great people watching, and you can either take the food to go or have a nice sit down dinner.

Palace 1200 Ocean Drive, MB | 305.531.7234

Landmark gay owned and operated restaurant and bar on Ocean Drive and 12th Street with a simple, popular tourist and locals’ menu. An American bistro flair still with one of the best 8-ounce burgers on the Beach. The bar has long been a meeting point for American and international gay tourists. Stop by any day of the week – open from 10a.m until 2 a.m. and serving food until 10p.m.


1625 Alton Road, MB | 305.674.1660

One of the best places for fantastic thincrust pizza. Piola has made a name for itself for high quality ingredients, friendly service, and a very local and lively crowd that comes back again and again. Pizzas, pastas, salads, and a full bar.

Quattro Gastonomia Italiana 1014 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.531.4833

This 160-seat restaurant includes an outdoor terrace for the more casual look while the interior has to be one of the chicest around. It’s chock full of Murano glass chandeliers, hand-crafted Italian furniture, and leather banquettes. Twin

chefs Nicola and Fabrizio Carro from Alessandria in the Piemonte region of Italy have developed a Northern Italian menu paired with an all-Italian wine list. Quattro Gastronomia Italiana is open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Thursday, from noon until midnight and until 1 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.


1040 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.673.0047

This is the most fun and authentic Italian café in South Florida! It has coffee, deserts, light food, a fabulous bar, and the best music, all of which guarantee a fantastic time for hanging out with Miami’s hottest coolsters and tourists alike. This is where the hip hangs out with the hipper.


5556 N.E.4th Court, Miami | 305.759.3117

Famed restauranteur Mark Soyka’s namesake restaurant at 55th and Biscayne. Great array of affordable “comfort food” for everyone. Comfortable and inviting. Draws a great local crowd who like to hang out at 55th Street Station adjacent to the restaurant. Food and service are well worth a visit. Now featuring The News Lounge!


731 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.673.2020

The pizzeria restaurant of Tiramesu. Absolutely the best Italian pizza on South Beach prepared by a great pizza chef. An excellent selection of white pizzas, too. You can also order your pizza with a whole wheat crust. Sandwiches and salads are excellent. Best bet for an after movie light dinner or late night snack.

Tiramesu 721 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.532.4538 A thriving Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road with great service and excellent, moderately priced Northern Italian specialties. Expansive menu – open for lunch and dinner with very friendly staff and management. Van Dyke Café

846 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.534.3600

What News Café is to Ocean Drive, the Van Dyke is to Lincoln Road. Another huge success for Mark Soyka who has now partnered with Graziano Sbroggio to run the place. Always packed offering some of the best people-watching on the Road and a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also check out Upstairs at the Van Dyke for an evening of Jazz and entertainment.


STIMULUS IN YOUR CHECK? Come to da Leo trattoria In the heart of Lincoln Road

Most pastas $10.00 Cocktails, house wine, and imported beer $5.00 (certain restrictions apply)

Miami Beach, FL 33139 • wire magazine | 23

Thomas Barker’s Weekend of Birthday Debauchery Photos by rafa carvajal

24 | wire magazine

wire girlz

By Michelle Gaber


That summer heat just doesn’t stop and neither does my hectic schedule. Zipping around town from concerts to comedy shows to anniversary parties to sex toy soirees can be hard work and with my first pin-up photo shoot looming, I was in panic mode. You know when you get good news about a fabulous project and you get all excited? That is until you realize that it is going to entail quite a bit of planning and work, immediately placing you in panic mode. Well, that was me to a tee this past week. I received word that GO Magazine, the hot monthly magazine for girls who dig girls, wanted to write about me and my Purr Parties in their ‘Entrepreneur’s Series’’. I was super excited about the news, but then realized I had to create a biography, meet with a writer for an interview, shop for an outfit, and have a photo shoot. A voluptuous girl like me peddling sexy bedroom accessories screamed “PinUp Girl,” so that is what we did. I assembled a team of fabulous friends to make it all happen. Photographer, Jennifer Maria Cordoba, makeup artist, Joyce Fabregas, and hairstylist, Anthony Santana all joined in on the fun, and, before we knew it, photo magic was on its way. I can’t wait to see how they turned out. As if all this pin-up excitement wasn’t enough, I had a busy two weeks of events and shows in store. First on my plate was an evening of laughs in a sea of gayness at the sold out Kathy Griffin show at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort. A few notable celebs and friends were on hand, including Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Suze Orman, who were the subject of a few of Kathy’s onstage rips. Kim Stone from the Miami Heat and her partner Carla were also in the house along with Advocate writer, Loann Halden. Attorney Christine Bucci; her gal pal, Karen Brown; and my very own dad and stepmom even came out for the big show. Kathy was on fire and nothing was off-limits, including dish on her new boyfriend and Bristol Palin’s ‘baby daddy’, Levi Johnston; the Goeslin’s; her potty-mouthed mom; Oprah and her husband, ‘Gayle King’; and, of course, a few thoughts on the craziness of the Jackson family.

The next night I had a Purr Party with a twist. The evening was all about “Going Green”. Guests were encouraged to wear green, bring organic and all natural snacks, and not use any traditional power sources including electricity or air conditioning. We even displayed fun toys and lotions that were organic and body safe. Jennifer was our host for the evening and her eco-friendly posse had a great time while learning a few things. I have to say, I did manage to break a sweat in the all-natural environment. Thursday arrived, and I tagged along for a boys night out as my wifey; her “boys promoter”, Yesi Leon; celebrity chef, Sandee Birdsong; and superstar DJ, Alyson Calagna headed to West Palm Beach to re-live their youth at the Def Leopard, Poison, and Cheap

Pin-Up Panic SATURDAY, AUGUST 22nd LISA GAYLORD’S SUMMER GROOVE~FIT BLITZ 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Newport Beachside Resort & Hotel 16701 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles

Trick concert. Alyson displayed her air guitar skills, as we sang along and remembered those wild high-school days along with the sold out crowd of 40 somethings who all seemed to pull out their old 80s rocker-wear for the occasion. An evening of glam was on the calendar Friday evening, as we celebrated my mother’s birthday in style. We took advantage of Miami Spice month and headed to the hot new Bancroft SupperClub for an outrageous meal. This new South Beach restaurant meets nightclub hits lots of high notes with wonderful food, stylish décor, and a very sexy Beach crowd, enjoying Chef Tim Andriola’s culinary creations. I can’t wait to try some of the other amazing restaurants on the Miami Spice list this month, and you should all indulge as well.

Sunday quickly approached and a lazy day in bed was in order, once evening approached we headed out on a double date with Hot Spots editor, Scott Holland and his simply delicious boyfriend, Jakob. First on our plate was a quick bite at Books & Books Café. We then enjoyed a stroll and a little window shopping on Lincoln Road, until we reached our final destination for the evening, Score, which was hosting its 11Year Anniversary Bash. The club looked amazing and we ran into lots of friends, club industry vets, and community leaders, all paying their respects to Billy Kemp and Luis Morera for bringing Miami Beach 11 years of amazing events and parties. We danced with Lynn Bove and her drink-slinging partner Maria; held court with Babak Movahedi, Luke Hobbs, Jason Tamanini and the rest of the Halo clan; and sipped cocktails with Hannah and Shanna; Juan from Latino Boy Magazine; club personality, Alan T; and my favorite boy-toy/promoter Omar Gonzalez. Another exhausting week under my belt and I can’t wait for more, so bring it on Miami!

Join legendary fitness trainer and nutrition guru, Lisa Gaylord, as she launches her first official “FITBLITZ”! The day includes”SWEAT SHOP” class, a nutritional seminar, motivational speaker, heart healthy lunch specials, Co-ED Hot Bod contest, pool party, fashion show, “Dance Your Ass off Class”, games, and activities for the kids. DJ Jody Mcdonald will spin some wet jams poolside all day long. A ROYAL 10-YEAR CELEBRATION 8 p.m. to 4 a.m Grass/The King is Dead 28 NE 40th Street, Miami Icandee Events is celebrating their 10-Year Anniversary in royal style. The feast of suppers will commence at 8 p.m. at Grass Lounge. Afterwards, the merriment will continue at The King Is Dead at 10 p.m. Musical court will be held by Citizen Jane, Dezrock, and Cristi 10hagen. Proper attire is required. $35 Miami Spice menu will be offered. Reservations are highly encouraged. $10 Cover 305.573.3355 MONDAY, AUGUST 24th BACK SEAT BETTY 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Love & Hate 423 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach There’s a new girl in town, BACK SEAT BETTY, and she is more promiscuous and provocative then ever! Meet her in the alley this Monday. 786.478.8431 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26th FRENCH KISS 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. The Palace Bar 1200 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

the scene

11:11PM presents FRENCH KISS with DJ Zehno spinning the best of house/top 40/hip-hop/ punk/rock. Drink specials all night, including $4 Peronis and $6 Caipirinhas/Margaritas.



SWEET 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. HALO 1645 Michigan Avenue, South Beach

FAT KAT FRIDAYS 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. VLADA Lounge 3215 NE 2nd Ave., Miami

Pandora events presents a hip weekly women’s party at this Miami Beach hot spot. DJ Zehno and Meesh spin a fun set of electro, hip hop, and mash. $7 Stoli specials and $3 Miller Lites all night. No Cover

Icandee’s monthly girl party returns with a special performance by the State of Steph Taylor with a tribute to the King of Pop. Show starts at 11:30 p.m. Drink specials all night. $5 Cover wire magazine | 25

this weeK THURSDAY, August 20 AZUCAR: Join Shanaya Bright and Amanda West at Miami’s only seven-day-a-week Latin gay bar as they host Drag Wars, a month long competition where Miami’s fiercest drag divas duke it out for a grand prize of $500. 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami.

SCORE: The Penny Back Boyz host the all new weekly Friday night party Filthy Gorgeous Fridays with DJ Honey Dijon spinning a true open format and Score’s hottest Go-Go boys on the speaker boxes.

BUCK15 LOUNGE: It’s The Simple Life Thursdays. DJ Daisy D. spins fun hip-hop, ‘80s, rock, and dance hits, with Chyna as Door Goddess. 707 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach.

SEGAFREDO: Friday Happy Hour starts at 6 p.m. This outdoor Italian-inspired café has comfortable, living-room style furniture on the terrace so that patrons can truly enjoy themselves in friendly surroundings. 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

HALO: Tonight Halo hosts Sweet Thursdays hosted by Pandora Events. Live DJ from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. with half price drinks! Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. NEWS LOUNGE: music by a rotating repertoire of some of Miami’s best DJs, including Induce, Doormouse, Manuvers, Benton, and more. Happy hour until midnight, and there are Scrabble Battles, Book of the Month, and general fun for everyone. 55th Street Station. PALACE: Enjoy an incredible dinner and a show, complete with a fabulous menu from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can also enjoy the gayest happy hour on Ocean Drive from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Ocean Drive and 12th Street. SCORE: Enjoy cocktails out on the patio and watch the famous Lincoln Road traffic pass by as you and your friends chill and enjoy great music. Tonight Score hosts the steamiest Thursday night soiree with fab beats by DJ Pride and an incredible crowd of delicious partygoers. No cover tonight! 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST with seven different bars, DJ Mika, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover... Always a groove.” VLADA LOUNGE: Stop by for Detour Thursdays and celebrate the CD release of Sexy Bitch featuring Akon by David Guetta. Sexy beats by DJ Vinnie, door by Luscious Letty, and Bitchin’ performances by Akisha and guests! 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. CD giveaways, $5 well vodka, and never a cover! FRIDAY, August 21 AZUCAR: Stop by Miami’s hottest Latin club to enjoy a night of fabulous beats by DJ Jarel and an evening of scandalous banter by Las Divas del Jacuzzi and Mariloly the Queen of Comedy. 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami. HALO: Friday Happy Hour! Half price drinks and complimentary hors d'oeuvres from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. DJ FR8-O on the turntables all night long. Great music and never a cover! Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan.

26 | wire magazine

incomparable Geraldine and Fernan-D-Cute shows start at 9:30 p.m.

TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST with seven different bars, DJ Mika, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover... Always a groove.” VLADA LOUNGE: Swing by the hottest happy hour in Midtown with 2-4-1 well, beer, and infused vodkas from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Then stick around to dance the night away with DJ Troy London, spinning all the latest tracks from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.! SATURDAY, August 22 AZUCAR: Stop by Miami’s hottest Latin club to enjoy a night of fabulous beats by DJ George Ferraro and great shows by Naomi, Victoria Grantty, and Maite West. 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami. HALO: Tonight Halo hosts a weekly themed party with resident DJ George Figares. Happy hour from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln. NEWS LOUNGE: The Good News. Old School Miami DJ trio DHM spins a diverse mix of funk grooves, deep house, rock, disco and everything in between and beyond. 55TH Street Station. PALACE: The only gay bar on Ocean Drive and 12th Street, stop by for brunch, lunch, or dinner, and enjoy the hottest people-watching this side of the ocean. Tonight is Drags Gone Wild with Drag Shows by Geraldine and the gang today starting at 6 p.m. SCORE: Tonight is Bigger Saturdays, the largest gay dance party on the Beach with beats by DJ Kidd Madonny, and performances by CircX. 727 Lincoln Road. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 with Tommy and the locals from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Come tonight and enjoy a full house of hot men and some incredible beats by DJ Craig Demo. “Never a cover...Always a groove.” VLADA LOUNGE: Join DJ FR8-O every Saturday for some Saturday Love and enjoy the awesome music and "Show Me Love" martini specials from 10 p.m. to close! The hottest tunes and bartenders mixed with the coldest drinks in Miami only at Vlada!

NEWS LOUNGE: Amazing sounds of DJs Terence and Mike Sike, spinning an eclectic cornucopia of sound. The evening also features Newstendo, our throwback to the original Nintendo NES System, where everyone can indulge in an old school game of Galaga, Tetris, Punch Out, etc. 55th Street Station.

AZUCAR: The Best show in Florida, running for nine years now with comedy at its best as Marytrini and Las Divas del Jacuzzi (Sophia and Teresita) hit the stage to perform one hell of a show. 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami.

PALACE: The Palace is the place to be after the beach, as well as for lunch or dinner. The

HALO: Bloody Marys, mimosas, and fresh fruit cocktails! Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 8

SUNDAY, August 23

p.m. with half price drinks! Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan.

in a posh New York-style lounge and drink specials.

HEATHROW LOUNGE: Omar Gonzalez, the Penny Back Boyz, and Dustin Reffca present CLICK, SoBe’s hottest Sunday night party. Shows by Adora and Chyna Girl with special guest appearance by Misty Eyez, Elaine Lancaster and Asia Avience. DJ Kidd Madonny, DJ ROXX, and DJ Power Infiniti along with special guest DJs.

HALO: LoLo Inc., the Penny Back Boyz, and Omar Gonzales, host the Art of Life, featuring local artists paired with delicious martinis all night long. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln.

THE NEWS: The News Lounge and The Miami Art Museum Contemporaries present Cinematic Sounds. Starts at 8 p.m. 55th Street Station. PALACE: Stop by and check out Palace’s new Sunday drag brunch with the infamous Geraldine. Unlimited champagne and fabulous nibbles for only $25. You also won’t want to miss their weekly Sunday T with fab drinks, gogo dancers, and incredible drag shows at 6 p.m.! 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Stop by for Score’s weekly Karaoke night with over 2,000 titles to choose from. Grab a cocktail and belt out your favorite number. SEGAFREDO: Hip outdoor Italian-inspired café with comfortable, living-room style furniture on the terrace for patrons to truly enjoy themselves in friendly surroundings. 1040 Lincoln Road. TWIST: 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Ebonee Excell and her girls perform upstairs. At TWIST: “Never a cover...Always a groove. VLADA LOUNGE: Vlada Idol Karaoke every Sunday 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.! $5 well drinks and $4 Vlada Marys to help you show your talents all night long! MONDAY, August 24 HALO: Swing by and imbibe a 1/2 priced gin and vodka martini on Halo’s Martini Mondays. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln. PALACE: Stop in for comfort food at lunch or dinner. Monday nights you can grab an Infusion Mojito for only $6 and domestic beers for $4. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Happy Monday, where all drinks, well and domestic, are half-price from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. No cover. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 drinks ‘till 9 p.m. Then it’s “I’m A Local” night, with $3 drinks for anyone with TWIST’s “I’m A Local” I.D. all night long. Join Nathan in the Frolic Lounge for his signature mix of pop and the top 20. Also check out the fabulous men of Gaiety in the Bungalow Bar starting at 10 p.m. VLADA LOUNGE: Swing by the only gay bar in Midtown Miami for a 2-4-1 happy hour on infused vodka drinks, well drinks, and domestic beers from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. TUESDAY, August 25 BOTANICAL GARDEN: Weekly book club meeting begins at 12:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. 2000 Convention Center Drive. 305.968.1068 CRÈME LOUNGE: It’s Latin Night tonight at Crème Lounge, playing the best Latin music

MARTINI TUESDAY: Edison Farrow hosts the most sophisticated cocktail party in South Beach from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. PALACE: Better than ever before on Ocean Drive and 12th Street, try it for lunch or a late afternoon snack, or just hang out at the bar with the locals. $6 Long Island Ice Teas and frozen drinks all day. SCORE: It’s Planeta Macho, the hottest Latin Party in Miami Beach, featuring incredible Latin beats by award winner DJ George Ferrero, Pelu Rivero on drums, amazing shows by Miami’s best female impersonators, and the hottest crowd in town. Don’t miss this party – it’s South Florida’s Best Latin Party! TWIST: 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Pussila Madness night with DJ Diva Bugie in the main room and the hottest boys in South Beach. VLADA LOUNGE: Tantalizing Tuesday's hosted by the Puerto Rican princess herself Shantell Smith Williams, bringing the island heat to Midtown's HOTTEST venue at 9 p.m. WEDNESDAY, August 26 CRESCENDOS PIANO BAR: Tonight is the grand opening of Edison Farrow’s new Wednesday party, Piano Man Wednesdays with live piano performances from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. 113 Lincoln Road. 305.647.1787. HALO: Tonight Wire Magazine presents Wire Community Wednesdays with 1/2 priced Absolut Vodka drinks all night long. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln. PALACE: French Kiss for girls who loves girls with great drinks, hot music, and beautiful mommies. 8 p.m. to close. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Come and spend a pleasant evening on one of Score’s outdoor couches as they host Martini Madness Night. A half price Happy Hour runs till 9 p.m. and then it’s $7 Martinis all night long. TIRAMESU: Swing by and enjoy some delicious Italian fare while imbibing on a half price bottle of wine during Tiramesu’s Half Price Wine Wednesdays. TWIST: It’s time to hit the stage as Sean Brady hosts the Sean Brady Show. Karaoke and tons of entertainment all night long. Afterwards head upstairs to WERK @ WERK WEDNESDAYS with DJ Craig Demo. Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 2-4-1 on everything. “Never a cover...Always a groove.” VLADA LOUNGE: Swing by Midtown's hottest venue and enjoy Happy Hour with 2-4-1 wells, domestics, and infused vodka drinks from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by the premiere of Night of Secrets from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. with sexy house music by Miami's own Bad Boy DJ VAL T. Infused Vodka Martini specials all night. wire magazine | 27

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Wire Magazine Issue #34: The Men Behind the Mask  

Wire Magazine brings you a unique and artistic look at the "men behind the mask" - some of Miami's best well known drag performers.

Wire Magazine Issue #34: The Men Behind the Mask  

Wire Magazine brings you a unique and artistic look at the "men behind the mask" - some of Miami's best well known drag performers.