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ISSUE #41 | 10/13/11

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SEASON PREVIEW & A FULL MOON Well it’s official! Season has arrived, and with it comes a whole lot of arts and cultural events that are sure to titillate your senses and keep you entertained throughout the fall and winter! Every year, we dedicate this issue to all of the wonderful arts and cultural events that make South Florida one of the most vibrant hot spots for arts, culture, and entertainment. In this year’s Season Preview Issue, you will get the inside scoop on all the fabulous Broadway shows that will be hitting both the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. In our Season Preview, you’ll also get the skinny on some of the biggest events in South Florida, including Art Basel, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Winter Party, White Party, and so many more. One event that is really near and dear to me personally is the return of the monthly Full Moon Parties at The DiLido Beach Club at the Ritz Carlton South Beach. As one of the only nightspots where you can enjoy a clear ocean view while imbibing delicious cocktails and indulging in some scrumptious nibbles,

The DiLido Beach Club has always been one of my favorite watering holes! This Saturday, October 15th at 8 p.m. Miami’s most popular oceanfront party returns to the DiLido Beach Club every month through May 2012 with “Legends of the Full Moon” featuring mythological legends at each. The first Legends of the Full Moon Party Series will begin by taking revelers on a journey to the other side of the world, as they celebrate Chang’e – the chinese goddess of the moon.

Ribs, and Grilled Shrimp prepared on Robata Grills. As a DJ pumps out some Asian infused lounge beats, guests will get the chance to gaze at the moon through enormous high tech telescopes. Now, if you can’t make it to this month’s Full Moon Party, you should definitely plan to attend the next one on November 11th! In the meantime, be sure to grab a pen and paper, so you can begin planning for season with our Season Preview!

The evening will focus on Chinese lore with guests embarking upon a mystical journey of Asian inspired entertainment and culinary delights, including my personal fave – the specialty Lychee Lotus martini for only $12! Of course, there will be plenty to drink, as master mixologist Ramsey Pimentel has created an assortment of cocktails for this special soiree. If that were not enough, Chinese inspired dancers and performers will entertain and mesmerize partygoers with traditional costumes and performance art. Along with a few other surprises, the new chef de cuisine Andrew Balick has put together a fantastic menu that features $10 light bites inspired by the Far East, including Kumomoto Oysters, Korean Style Grilled Short





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All things being equal the possession of But – and this isparties the important point – the This week and last week events and taking p Basel and Art Miami, and read articles have probably small individual-use quantities of marijua- initiative is also stalled because the Miabout their famous and very collectible na should be decriminalized in Miami ami Beach city government doesn’t want inbusiest such venerable publicationsever as Beach. beenworks the weeks for Thomas parade, and to handleExpo, the political hot By ma- of The New York Times. To this day, I am nipulating law, the city is able to simply and honored to have met these art- That is in no way a statement of ethics or refuse to place the item on a ballot – citand awed I working on wire magazine. why we are including a co ists and learn from them as a young man. even preferences. It is, instead, an hon- ing that the proposed legislation would est evaluation of the political landscape be in violation of state law -- and force petition take Miami Why? For aexperiences couple very use assupporters your tomap of wh Many years after my at Saint of among motivated,good typical voters can in this the Francis, life led me from running a $120 one particular city. Miami Beach’s busi- Beach to court. Suing a municipality, of course, takes money, so the City is relyness and civic beltways, which in general million dollarWe telecommunications compa-been reasons: have working and times to tobe ing on economics crush there. the referendum are made up of frequent voters, are made ny to becoming the CEO & co-Publisher movement. MAP Magazine. Music, Art & People up of people who are cut from two parvery of(MAP) hard on producing our second was the first ever culture magazine ticular political cloths. What? Were you one of the people who As an artist, my professor was a good published in Miami. It was also a stunthe petition? You actually thought yes, I know that’s aof generalization, friend of many of Costa Rica’s masters, ever ningly Pride We signed also want toprescribed extend beautiful andcollector’s very well written 100 Yes, edition that just signing a petition, as but ride with me here. and several of them came to lecture us page glossy quarterly magazine full of by law, that democracy would play out as on art and their craft, giving us a chance some of the best arts and culture editorial intended and a public would ensue? wire magazine – that we think you welcome you tovotejoin us for t to see some of their masterpieces in our ever published in Miami. Personally for On one hand you have the old-time liberals to whom terms like “multicultural” and classroom at Saint Francis. Even though me it was also an opportunity to deepen The City staving off a public vote because “inclusive” have become In Holy Scripture. will myreally enjoy reading through. Pool at law theis ahotel V of itsParty conflict with state bogus I really enjoyed these academic pursuits, love for arts and culture from a per- This class is “old-time” because thankargument. Cities like San Francisco I must confess that at the time I failed to spective that few people ever had. fully liberals in Miami Beach still retain violate federal laws routinely when setgrasp thewe magnitude of what I was learndition, have also been working non-stop on the first ever decided to put together a traditional lefty values, as opposed to ting city policy. States that have decrimiing and the artists I was meeting in my So when I purchased Wire Magazine, I the more authoritarian, fascistic liberal nalized medical marijuana are violating very own classroom thanks to my dear values of the national ruling class.year’s These state Pride, set out to enhance its editorial and enrich laws. Miami courtesy Beach could let this ficial Gay Pride Pool Party, which Wire magazine of W “Artes Plásticas” professor. our readers’ lives by bringing in extensive folks locally – bless them – still believe in item filter through the normal process and coverage of arts and culture in the pages individual freedoms, and I think it’s fair to let the chips fall where they may. l host onlater,Saturday, April 17th at the hotel Victor with have fun in the company It was years after I moved to the U.S. of “The Wire.” I also worked very hard to say don’t think someone should be tossed and my life afforded me the opportunity The important point here – what makes develop strategic partnerships and collab- in county jail for smoking a joint. to visit top art Vodka museums in such prominent this a cautionarythe tale isParade, the subjective Ex nlandia and herradura Tequila as sponsors. complement orations with such wonderful institutions as art havens as New York, Washington nature of the process. The political class Our second biggest beltway philosophiThe Adrienne Arsht Center for the D.C., Madrid, Rome, Florence, and cal population is the libertarian-leaning. in Miami Beach doesn’t want this item to Performing Arts, Broadway Across main stages Pride, and and they of wouldn’t want it if 100 London, that I developed the full appreThese folks were lefty when it was con- advance America, the Florida Grand Opera, percent of residents supported it. To the ciation of how amazing my Saint Francis servatives seeking to control every aspect the Miami City Ballet, and many oth- of human life, but are considered more City, this is about how it looks elsewhere. professor and his friends really were! eally is hard to believe thaters.a year has already gone by since we for some additional fun at righty in an era when the left has fully The City will line up a conga line of atembraced Maoist values. One thing that torneys to find ways to manipulate the I still, and will always, vividly remember blished the first ever Pride Collector’s Edition of Wire magazine, fromsystem 1 top.m. 7 p.m. diminish to the influence of resi- thi It is with great pleasure that this week we hasn’t changed is the libertarian-leaning’s how I felt the day I got to see, right in front dents. Therefore, the City of Miami Beach of my very eyes, some of the most famous bring you our Annual Season Preview belief that individuals should have re- is willing to quash a citizen’s petition iniIssue to provide you with an overview of sponsibility for their own actions – ergo, that the case. Pride is once again taking place in miiktiativewill be spinning, worksis fromdefinitely such masters as Michelangebecause elected officials don’t like lo, da Vinci, Rembrant, Tintoretto, some of the great arts and cultural orga- marijuana is a personal choice. the subject. plus other important upcoming El Greco, Goya, Velázquez, Rubens, nizations, ami Beach this Saturday and we hope that all our readers in complimentary Finlandia v These groups, plus the generally open Picasso, and so many others I studied at events, our city has to offer. I personally Read the previous sentence again. It minded, would seem to create enough should be chilling. Saint Francis as a teenager. It was the ex- hope this serves as a small contribution critical that the current to ami and Fort lauderdale will have a chance tomassenjoy this initiative ticket purchase. from Wire Magazine to enriching your life perience of a lifetime to see their works force a public vote on reducing enforce- However you feel about the substance of as much as my love of arts and culture has in the museums, churches, and Vatican ment of marijuana laws should be a no- the proposed change in marijuana laws, mine over the years! ek’s 2010 Pride Collector’s Edition. We couldn’t have gotten buildings that house these world heritage enriched brainer. Sure, anything could happen it should be uncomfortable to see how treasures. once the item appears on a ballot. But easy the democratic process is to subvert Cheers, re without all your support, and the support of our advertisers, make to class stop by our just getting it there should be no problem whensure the political so chooses. InIt is also incredible to me that, thanks to at all, right? deed it should be off-putting – or worse. my professor’s dedication, I got to person- Rafa onsors, allfrom thesuchmembers ofPublishers the Wire staff. Thanks very much yourIt copy of this week’s sp ally meetand and learn Costa Ri- For The Wrong. should be chilling. can masters as Francisco Amighetti (or Rafa Carvajal: “Paco” as myfor professor called his friend), everyone helping us make this possible! contest, but definitely stop As reported this week, the initiative is Author and journalist Michael W. Sassand Rafa Fernández, amongst others. stalled because of lack of funding nec- er’s commentary on all things political essary to certify the signatures of all of appears exclusively in Wire Magazine. At the time I knew these were very imporhotel Victor to celebrate Pr those who signed the petition – allegedly Your e-mail is welcome at Michael@Wiretant artists. It was only years later that I Thomas Barker: some 9,000 brave souls. came to realize the magnitude of those e also hope that you will be able to participate in the party. We will be cam 6 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons ide festivities on Saturday, plus many of the ancillary some additional fun in the I am a big fan and supporter of the arts and have always loved pursuing cultural endeavors. Fortunately for me, my love of the arts was, in part, developed by a great professor I had in high school at Saint Francis High School in Costa Rica, who was also an artist in his own right.

experiences when I saw their works at Art

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The largest center for the performing arts in Miami has an amazing series of events scheduled throughout season that is as diverse as the community that surrounds it. This year, the Arsht Center will bring five incredible Broadway Across America productions, including The Addams Family, Oct. 25 – 30, which will be followed by the unabashed family romp, Shrek the Musical as a pre-holiday family show, December 6 - 11; Million Dollar Quartet, introduces families to one of the greatest moments in rock ‘n’ roll history, set to bring in the New Year, December 27 - January 1; and Twyla Tharps’s loving ode to Frank Sinatra, Come Fly with Me, locked in as the spring entry, March 20 - 25. For the first time in Miami, Disney’s The Lion King, the record-breaking musical set in the African pride lands, will play May 15 – June 10 as the season’s stunning finale! The season also features five of the world’s most superb soloists – all titans of classical music -- and an array of superlative symphonic ensembles in five vibrantly diverse concerts, including master violinist Itzhak Perlman on November 17, 2011, internationally renowned pianist JeanYves Thibaudet and Russia’s Tschaikowski St. Petersburg State Orchestra on February 1, 2012, Grammy Awardwinning piano virtuoso Garrick Ohlsson and Poland’s superb Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra on February 10, 2012, and acclaimed violinist Midori will perform with the venerable Minnesota Orchestra in an exciting program on March 10, 2012. The grand finale of the classical season features a one-night-only solo piano recital by the inimitable classical music superstar Lang Lang on May 17, 2012. With so much going on this season, a subscription is an absolute must this year!


December 1 – 4, 2011 During the first weekend in December, thousands of art collectors, connoisseurs, and artists will descend upon our sandbar to experience the largest art exhibition in the Western Hemisphere. As the sister event of Switzerland’s Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 41 years, Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties, and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture, and design. VIP tickets to events can sometimes be hard to come by, so be sure to start reserving your tickets now.


November 30 – December 4, 2011 As acclaim for Art Miami grows, the fair continues to attract the participation of affluent collectors and high-quality galleries from all over the world. It is the “can’t miss” 10 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

event for all serious art enthusiasts, curators, and museum professionals, providing an intimate look at some of the most important work at the forefront of the international contemporary art movement from more than 100 leading national and international galleries. Last year, Art Miami attracted 7,200 collectors during its Opening Night and 46,000 attendees over a six-day period. This year, Art Miami will be held in a state-of-the-art 125,000 square foot pavilion that will feature European style cafes serving delectable cuisine as well as an exclusive VIP lounge.


Over the past decade art galleries, artists, and furniture shops have opened up shop in the very bohemian Design District and Wynwood Arts District, and, as a result, these two areas have become the hottest destination to check out the latest in contemporary art. Every second Saturday of the month, both Districts host an art walk, where visitors can sip on a cocktail or two, enjoy some delicious nosh, and peruse the various galleries.

BASS MUSEUM The first fine art exhibition space in Miami Beach continually hosts a number of international exhibitions and this season definitely won’t be any different. Last year, the Bass Museum opened Florida’s only Egyptian gallery, which offers a unique opportunity to learn about one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious civilizations from its surviving objects, including an Egyptian sarcophagus and mummy to great fanfare! Additionally, the gallery will host various events for art lovers, as well as hosts a number of exhibitions for a variety of artists, including Laurent Grasso and Sandra Gamarra.


The Broward Center has an incredible line-up that is sure to entertain thousands of South Floridians by offering an assortment of theatrical productions, classical showcases, and featured performances. This year’s season will include the Pride Series, dedicated to the LGBT community with shows like Jon and Juan’s Wedding (Oct. 12-23); the holiday mayhem of The Kinsey Sicks’ Oy Vey in a Manger (Dec. 3); and two stars on one stage with Leslie Jordan and Varla Jean Merman (April 7). Audiences will enjoy the best of Broadway Across America with box office hits like RAIN - A Tribute To The Beatles (Oct. 4-16), Disney’s Beauty And The Beast (Nov. 15-27), Jersey Boys (Jan. 11-29), Billy Elliot The Musical (Feb. 29-March11), Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific (April 10-22), La Cage Aux Folles (June 12-24) and the seasonal spectacular Cirque Dreams Holidaze (Dec. 27-Jan. 1). Check out The Broward Center’s website for more information or to purchase tickets.




Looks like Miami Beach’s largest theater will keep us rocking all season long! Acts like Korn, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, and the sensational Sting are sure to get you ready to rock! Throughout the season, the Fillmore Miami Beach will also showcase some of the funniest comediennes in the biz, including David Sedaris and Mac Miller. One of the biggest highlights of the season at the Fillmore is certainly the Janet Jackson concert on December 5th!

This year the Miami City Ballet will bring South Florida audiences a world premiere ballet by Liam Scarlett, the talented young choreographer from London’s The Royal Ballet, and the return of two audience favorites, the fulllength productions of Giselle and Coppelia. The holiday season will find George Balanchines’s The Nutcracker gracing the stages in Miami and Fort Lauderdale this December. The Opus One Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Gary Sheldon, will play for all repertory programs.


For those of us who enjoy a good opera or two or three, The Florida Grand Opera has one heck of a line-up for us. The Florida Grand Opera will kick off its 71st season on November 12th with Federico Moreno Torroba’s zarzuela Luisa Fernanda. Zarzuela, a popular Spanish form of musical theater, incorporates both spoken dialogue and singing with decidedly operatic vocal requirements. The season will include two important company “firsts”: the first presentation of Torroba’s Luisa Fernanda zarzuela, and the first production of Puccini’s La rondine. The season will also include Verdi’s Rigoletto and Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette.


Three years ago, Miami Beach made history by successfully launching the first official Miami Beach Gay Pride. Last year the event broke its own record by attracting close to 40,000 people. Pride participants spent the day enjoying the official Pride parade, expo, and concert and got the chance to hang with Miami Beach Gay Pride’s famous Grand Marshal Andy Cohen. This year, Miami Beach Pride is going to be even bigger and better with an expected attendance of over 60,000 people. Throughout the season, Miami Beach Gay Pride will be hosting a number of cocktail parties, community events, and volunteer meetings. Check out the website for more information.

MIAMI FASHION WEEK March 21 – 24, 2012

In 1999, international fashion model, Beth Sobol, launched Miami Fashion Week to provide a platform for designers from Latin America to gain international exposure. During the past 13 years, MFW has evolved into one of the world’s premier fashion events, spotlighting designers from Europe, USA, and Canada, the Caribbean, Middle East, and Asia, as well as the largest showcase of Latin American design talent in the world. The best part is that the proceeds raised during this event go towards helping emerging designers and students studying fashion, photography, film, and graphic design realize their dreams through scholarships and financial support. Check out MFW’s website for updates on special fashion events taking place before and after Miami Fashion Week.


Known as the museum “where new art is discovered,” MOCA is internationally recognized as a force in defining new trends and directions in contemporary art. The museum originates most of its own exhibitions, presenting an exciting mix of both emerging and legendary artists. Visitors from around the world are drawn to its permanent collection reflecting the most important developments in contemporary art. This season, MOCA will host a number of exhibitions and events ranging from major art installations to film screenings to jazz evenings. Gear up for an incredible season of unique contemporary art!

LEFT TO RIGHT: New World Symphony WALLCAST Concert at New World Center: Photo by WorldRedEye // Photo Provided by Scope Miami // Miami City Ballet: Jennifer Kronenberg and Carlos Guerra In the Night. Choreography by Jerome Robbins © The Robbins Rights Trust. Photo © 2008 Lois Greenfield. // 3-Million Dollar Quartet Original Broadway Cast: Photo by Joan Marcus

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The 2011-12 season will explore inspiring combinations of music and visual art, made uniquely possible in the performance hall; a Journey Concert, which involves the orchestra and ensembles of varying sizes performing throughout the evening on different stages around the performance hall; thirty-minute Mini-Concerts, which allow audiences to experience music for only $2.50 per performance; and the popular New World Symphony WALLCAST™ concerts, which bring free, live performances outdoors onto the building’s 7,000-square-foot projection wall, overlooking the 2.5 acre Miami Beach SoundScape.

SAVE DADE HALLOWEEN PARTY “HELLROTIKA” Saturday, October 29, 2011 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

and curators, while networking them with potential buyers through a unique program of solo and thematic group shows presented alongside museum-quality exhibitions, collector tours, screenings, and special events. Needless to say, this event always draws an eclectic crowd of art lovers.


November 5, 2011 Tens of thousands of cultural enthusiasts will descend upon the vibrant streets and sands of Miami Beach for a unique all-night experience during Sleepless Night, taking place November 5 – 6, 2011. This year, the festival has set its sights higher than ever, pairing remarkable quality and incredible variety by presenting an eclectic mix of more than 150 local and international artists ranging from trapeze artists, symphonies, theater and dance groups, music concerts, architectural tours, museum exhibitions, and much more at various sites across Miami Beach.

For 17 years, SAVE Dade’s annual Halloween fundraiser has laid its mark as the premier fall event on the social calendar of South Florida’s GLBT community. Each year, partygoers look forward to this festive night of extravagant costumes, prizes, dancing, and electrifying music. This year, SAVE Dade’s largest fundraising event has been re-imagined as “Hellrotika: Seed of the Beast. Recreated and freshly energized by a new steering committee, this year’s event is envisioned as a perfect combination of dance party, mingling forum, and themed spectacle, with an aim to attract a diverse group of individuals from within the community. Event guests will be treated to an immersive, multi-media experience with interactive performances, a costume contest, food vendors and the latest dance music played by world class DJs. Advance tickets are only $40 for general admission and $150 for VIP, which includes an open bar.



November 29 – December 4, 2011 Prepare yourself for the largest and most global art fair in the world, featuring emerging contemporary art with seven markets worldwide. The goal and passion of Scope Miami is to present the most innovative galleries, artists,

February 23 – 26, 2012

Every February thousands of foodies from around Miami and the world rejoice as some of the best chefs in the country take to the sand to showcase their delicious culinary creations during the SoBe Wine & Food Festival. Tickets for this event always sell out way in advance, so make sure you purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Presale tickets will go on sale October 24th. This year, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival will feature its mainstay events, including the Grand Tasting, BubbleQ, and Burger Bash, as well as a variety of wine seminars to fulfill the little sommelier in all of us!

SOUTH FLORIDA SYMPHONY This season marks many milestones for the South Florida Symphony, as they will continue to expand their regional performances. The South Florida Symphony will showcase works by Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis, Saint-Saens: Havanaise and Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso with Chee-Yun on the violin, and Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Miami Beach Gay Pride // Miami City Ballet: Jeanette Delgado and Renato Penteado In the Night. Choreography by Jerome Robbins © The Robbins Rights Trust. Photo © 2008 Lois Greenfield. // White Party at Vizcaya // Winter Party Pool Party

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TOP TO BOTTOM: Winter Party Beach Party // Miami Beach Gay Pride // New World Symphony Performance at New World Center - Photo by Tomas Loewy // Florida Grand Opera: Rigoletto by Ken Howard for San Diego Opera // Art Basel: De Alvear, Madrid, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Amigos, 2011

November 23 – 28, 2011 It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving Day Weekend is right around the corner and along with it comes the arrival of Miami’s longest running gay fundraising event, White Party. This year, Care Resource promises an assortment of high-energy events that will showcase some of the biggest names in the music business at some of Miami’s hottest venues. This year will mark a new beginning for White Party, as it will relaunch the official White Party at the Miami Seaquarium. Tickets are already on sale, and VIP tickets are selling out fast. Check out White Party’s website to see the complete schedule or to purchase tickets.


Winter Music Conference celebrates its 27th year as one of the most anticipated and publicized global gatherings for pioneering artists, innovators and professionals. Long regarded as an essential proving ground for new releases, artists, and technological advances, WMC 2011 attracted tens of thousands of attendees from dozens of countries. This year, WMC will return with an over-the-top roster of international DJs, performers, and artists. From the International Dance Music Awards to the hundreds of parties set to take place, WMC 2012 is going to be one hell of a high-energy event!

WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL February 29 – March 5, 2012

Every year, over 10,000 gay men and women flock to our sandy shores to enjoy all that glitters in our fabulous town. This year, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, who organizes the massive dance and cultural event, is expecting a record-breaking year, as the event is already garnering tons of interest from international visitors and locals alike. Between the scandalous pool parties, the late night dance events, and sexually stimulating beach party, there will be so much to see, so many boys to party with, and tons of fun to be had by all. Tickets are currently on sale and there is even a special package for Florida residents. See you on the dance floor!


Stop by and enjoy one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to the fascinating world of erotic art. Owner and curator, Naomi Wilzig, has traveled the world searching for rare pieces of erotic art, and placed many of them in the World Erotic Art Museum for our viewing pleasure. This season WEAM will feature an assortment of erotic art exhibitions from a variety of genres. Whether you stop by to check out the exhibition of fab artists or just want to see all that WEAM has to offer, plan to spend hours perusing the many galleries located within the museum.

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0CTOBER 12 - 26 Miami’s cultural season has ignited full blast with a variety of music, theater, dance, and special events too numerous to list.

The impressive listing of concerts offered includes the Grammy-nominated wind quintet Imani Winds, double Grammy-winning New York Voices, Miami’s New World Symphony, the legendary Dolly Parton, and three-time Grammy Award-winner Lucinda Williams. Dance offerings include performances by Mark Morris Dance Group, Miami Contemporary Dance Company, and Miami City Ballet. Theater productions range from the smash Broadway hit The Addams Family to David Leddick’s musical How to Be Gay in the 21st Century.



The Grammy-nominated wind quintet Imani Winds performs an evening of new works at Gusman Concert Hall on October 12 at 8 p.m. For more info visit

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, the musical comedy based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, plays at the Main Street Playhouse thru October 16. David Leddick has created a musical from his book of the same name, How to Be Gay in the 21st Century, running October 14-16 at the Rising Action Theatre.

Double Grammy-winning New York Voices, along with JV1 Frost Jazz Vocal Ensemble, perform at the Gusman Concert Hall on October 13 at 8 p.m. The New World Symphony’s Opening Fanfare, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas with Javier Perianes at the piano, features an impressive program including the world premiere of Sukkot Through Orion’s Nebula. October 15 & 16 at the New World Center. The legendary Dolly Parton performs her hits at the Hard Rock Live on October 18 at 8 p.m. Three-time Grammy Award-winner, Lucinda Williams, brings her show to the Parker Playhouse on October 20 at 8 p.m. Electronic music fans will not want to miss Bassnectar, known for his live performances and light shows, appearing at the Fillmore Miami Beach on October 22. Enrique Iglesias’ Euphoria Tour with Pitbull and Prince Royce makes a stop at the American Airlines Arena on October 22. Miami Symphony Orchestra opens their season with an impressive program, including The Beatles Guide to the Orchestra (world premiere) and works by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, at the Arsht Center on October 23 at 7 p.m.

DANCE The acclaimed Mark Morris Dance Group, combining ballet, modern dance and folk dance, come to the Arsht Center on October 14 & 15. Miami Contemporary Dance Company presents Ray Sullivan’s Tango Undressed at the Colony Theatre on October 14 & 15, 22 & 23. For more info visit Ballet Etudes Company presents a special performance of Giselle with Prima Ballerina Dagmar Moradillos at the Fillmore Miami Beach on October 15 at 8 p.m. Miami City Ballet opens the season with Program I at the Arsht Center running October 21-23. The evening features four ballets with choreography from George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and Twyla Tharp.

Hairspray, one of Broadway’s hottest musical comedies, comes to the Actors’ Playhouse from October 12 thru November 13. Jon & Juan’s Wedding is a celebration of gay marriage, even though it still isn’t legal in Florida, in the Abdo New River Room of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts from October 12-23. The House of Bernarda Alba, a powerful story of a woman obsessed with maintaining the honor of her family’s name, plays at the Arsht Center from October 13 – 30. The Addams Family, the smash-hit musical comedy that brings the delirious world of Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Lurch to life, comes to the Arsht Center from October 25 – 30.

EVENTS The Incredible Dog Show, a canine extravaganza with acts like Frisbee, dog diving, obstacle course, and weave poles, brings its tent to Bicentennial Park thru October 24. The show features talented and celebrity dogs that have been featured in films like Disney’s Life is Ruff and Water for Elephants. For more info visit Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach brings six-days (October 18 – 23) of fashion shows to Miami. The event will include Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Eco Fashion Show, AHA Red Dress Fashion Show, and Nicole Miller. For locations and schedule visit Festival Miami 2011, an annual music festival held at the Frost School, showcases an impressive list of international and local guest artists. The festival continues thru November 4 at the Gusman Concert Hall. For more info visit

COMEDY Ability Explosion Comedy Festival features hilarious stand-up acts performed by disabled comics from around the country at The Colony Theatre on October 21 at 8 p.m. Performers include Judy Gold, Kyle Grooms, and Lonni Brun.

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Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables 305.444.929 or Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Downtown Miami 305.949.6722 or American Airlines Arena 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 800.745.3000 or Broward Center for the Performing Arts 201 Southwest Fifth Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 954.462.0222 or Colony Theatre 1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach 786.397.7717 Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 877.598.8690 or

Gusman Concert Hall, University of Miami 1314 Miller Drive, Coral Gables 305.284.4940 Hard Rock Live 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood 954.327.7625 New Theatre 4120 Laguna St., Coral Gables 305.443.5909 or New World Center, SunTrust Pavilion 500 17th St., Miami Beach 305.673.3331 or Parker Playhouse 707 Northeast 8th St., Ft. Lauderdale 954.462-0222 or Rising Action Theatre 1480 SW 9th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 954.561.2225 Submissions for Wired on the Arts should be sent to:


BY THOMAS BARKER Over the years, Miami Beach’s largest gay nightclub has built a reputation for bringing in some of the biggest DJs and entertainers in the music business. From DJ Abel to Lady Gaga, there seems to be an endless supply of celebs that make Score such a wonderful place to party and dance your ass off! This past Monday, Score changed things up a bit by launching a new weekly party called Madame Monsters Mondays. Hosted by Tony Ferro and the Penny Back Boyz the party is set to be an intoxicating revival in nightlife entertainment, as Madame Monsters Mondays offers a vanguard twist on the art of Vaudeville. This weekly extravaganza features the infamous Zaza, Lucky, and the rest of the Circ X troupe. Every Monday Night at 9 pm. Madame Monsters opens her doors, inviting revelers to cavort with her colorful creatures. Although guests are encouraged to participate, they can simply sit back and enjoy the journey. Lavish choreographies, outrageous theatrics, video interruptions, and avant-garde burlesque will be injected throughout the evening. The best part is that acts change each week, so guests will never experience the same show twice. I recently caught up with South Beach’s very own king of Madame Monsters Monday, the fabulous Tony Ferro, to get the scoop on this new theatrical shindig. Check out what he had to say:

You’ve been working with Score on a number of nights, and now you are starting a new night. What makes you want to continue to grow with them?

were flawless and the crowd was very enthusiastic and energetic.

are unique and cutting edge… one part circus, two parts burlesque and a pinch of class and a dash of trash!

How did you find your entertainers?

What can people expect on this night?

I have been working with Score for several years now and our events are always successful so when it came time to create a new Monday night event I felt that Score would be the obvious choice, since we have a wonderful working relationship, and I think that since they’ve known me for so long, they are more open minded to my crazy ideas and concepts. There is a trust dynamic as well. We are pretty much a family there.

Natasha Tsakos aka Zaza Zaza. I approached her in regards to doing a Monday night cabaret style weekly event and she was immediately on board. She got in contact with Diana Lozano, Circ X’s artistic director, who’s been working with them, since its inception 11 years ago and which I have worked with as well. The rest is history! These are the hardest working artists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. I was at rehearsals on Sunday and just watching them exhausted me. Everyone in the group is a remarkable independent artist. It is a pleasure to watch them share the stage. Lucky Bruo, Ana Mendez, Olga Saretsdy, Rudy Goblen, Luis Cuevas, and our guest star April Henry to name a few.

A fun, interactive night with a bunch of surprises each week! The performers will amaze and keep you entertained.

Why the name Madame Monsters? Madame Monsters, it’s not just a party; it’s not just a show, but also a surround sense experience, wherein you enter her world: the world of Madame Monsters… character, pizazz, mystery with a twist! What is the concept of this night? Music, song, dance, theater, and comedy. We have created a unique high quality cabaret-variety show in Miami, integrating videos, social media, twit-up participation, live music, theatrical shows... It’s a modern edgy cabaret with class… a place where anyone is invited to sit, have a cocktail, and be entertained. Why do you feel it was important to do this night? I am a big supporter of the arts and feel that we need to increase our knowledge and educate ourselves on different forms of artistic expression. What was the response to the first night last Monday? Amazing! Madame Monsters was a huge success! All the hard work definitely paid off! The performances

Zaza Zaza seems to be a big part of the night. Can you tell me a little bit about her? Natasha (Zaza) is a really special person. Uber-talented and professional, she directs, produces, dances, and performs! Her brain is always on the go and she comes up with the most brilliant ideas. She’s very smart as well and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Having worked in the industry for over 13 years, she needed to create a separate character for that world. She is currently developing a new show titled “hi”, which uses 3D mapping projection on stage! Now Zaza handles the cabaret performances. She is nuts, fearless, and a shape shifter! Why did you choose to collaborate with Circ X? The Circ X troupe is a class act. They take their art very seriously. I worked with them a few years back and I’m honored to be working with them again. It’s familia! Can you give me a little background on Circ X? Circ X is a traveling performance troupe and production company directed by Diana Lozano. Their performances

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Will music play a part in this night? If so, how so? The music is amazing and includes everything from 50s dance to modern day pop. April Henry, guest MC said, “Music is completely integrated to the show and really sets the tempo. Quirky cool, retro chic into cutting edge top 40. You name it and it’s involved with the show in some way or another. The entire night is like an improvised orchestration with the characters and the audience filling the melody.”


Madame Monsters Mondays Score Nightclub 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach



The notion of type A behavior was developed in the 1950s, when cardiologists Milton Friedman and R. H. Rosenman noticed that most of their heart attack patients seemed to share certain behavior patterns. They observed that people with these patterns, which they called Type A behaviors, are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and other stress-related disorders. Here is a list of some of the typical behaviors that Type A people exhibit: Enjoying highpressure situations; Taking control of most situations; Eating quickly, even when there is plenty of time; Doing most things quickly, even when there is plenty of time; Becoming angry when one has to wait for anything for more than a few minutes; Doing more than one thing at a time; Never slowing down to relax; Interrupting others frequently; Becoming annoyed when someone speaks too slowly; Preferring to work under pressure or against a deadline; Becoming bored quickly; Becoming uncomfortable when just sitting around; Taking work home every day; Having a difficult time sitting still; Becoming impatient with people who don’t work equally hard; Needing to win when playing games or sports and becoming angry upon losing; Rarely doing something special just for oneself; Resisting changes in routine and new ways of doing things; Not taking one’s full vacation time; Focusing on small details and criticizing others; Constantly thinking about work; Not relaxing on weekends; always working on a project; Arguing with people who disagree with how things should be done; Becoming irritated when faced with obstacles; Taking just about everything seriously. People who constantly engage in these behavior patterns produce large amounts of stressrelated hormones that damage heart muscle and upset the heart’s rhythm. For this reason, type A behavior is a serious threat to heart health; in fact, such behavior is considered as destructive as smoking, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It may even intensify these risk factors when they are already present. WHY DO PEOPLE ENGAGE IN TYPE A BEHAVIOR? There are many reasons why people develop a pattern of type A behavior. The underlying factors could be any of the following: •Parental models. If your parents set an example of impatient, driven behavior, you may be following in their footsteps. •Family-of-origin dynamics. If type A behavior was rewarded in your family, you may have learned to be a high-achieving, impatient person to please your parents or to survive emotionally in your family. •Social factors. Type A behavior is rewarded in American society. The American business world thrives on such behavior and admires those who exhibit it. •Rewards. Winning feels better than losing. Some people get their self-esteem from competing and winning, and are uncomfortable unless they are in competitive situations. Some people might argue that there is nothing wrong with type A behavior as long as a person is satisfied with his or her life and enjoys good health. Each person must explore the dynamics of his or her life and decide whether change is needed. HOW CAN TYPE A BEHAVIOR BE CHANGED? Mental health professionals and physicians generally agree that type A behavior is bad for your health. If you are suffering physically or emotionally from the effects of this behavior pattern, you may wish to consider taking the following steps: (1) Identify the aspects of your life with which you are dissatisfied and the specific things you want to change; (2) Set goals for changing unwanted behaviors and learning new behaviors; (3) Identify the areas of your life where you place too much pressure on yourself and others; (4) Identify the dynamics in your family of origin that contributed to your developing a type A behavior pattern; (5) Identify and explore the beliefs that underlie your driven behavior; (6) Learn and practice relaxation techniques; (7) Work fewer hours and stop taking work home with you; (8) Choose a noncompetitive leisure activity and do it regularly; (9) Build closer relationships with those you care about by spending more time with them, talking about your goals for change and asking them for feedback; (10) Teach yourself to do one thing at a time; (11) Ask for feedback on hostile, impatient behavior; (12) Develop your listening skills; (13) Challenge automatic thoughts that cause you to behave in a competitive, pressured way; (14) Read books and articles that will help you develop the skills that support your new lifestyle. Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi, Licensed Psychologist, specializes in the Emotional Health & Wellness of the GLBT community. An Imago Relationship Therapist and HIV Psychologist Trainer, he can be reached at 1.888.DRPIZZI or The content of this article is for informational purposes only. Reliance upon the information contained herein does not create a professional relationship, nor is the information intended to provide psychological evaluation or treatment. 16 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons


Seed of the Beast

DJ PABEL LIMA DJ DOUG JACKSON DJ MIIK ESSENTIAL 6 MC: Michael Martini Special appearances by MTV's Tyler Duckworth Jungle Island 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail Miami, FL 33132 hellrotika @hellrotika


17th Annual Halloween Extravaganza

Advanced VIP and General Admision tickets available at Doors open at 8pm

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THIS WEEK THURSDAY, October 13 BUCK15: BUCK is back and it is hotter than ever! Edison Farrow presents the wildest Thursday night party in South Beach, the Simple Life Thursdays. DJ Daisy D will be working the turntables, while the young and gorgeous work the room! No cover! JOHNNY’S MIAMI: It’s Miami’s hottest new Latin night. With shows by Teresita la Caliente and Marytrini, you can bet this is going to be one entertaining night! Enjoy free cuba libres and Coronas before midnight and an underwear contest at 1 a.m. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami. THE MANOR: Bittersweet Thursdays with live burlesque shows all night and $3 Budlights, $5 wells, and $2 PBR Tall Boys all night long. $100 bottle specials will keep your group hip! 18+ welcome. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by a night with the ladies, as Pandora Events hosts a fabulous nights of gorgeous girls and great music by DJ Zehno. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Palace hosts Stiletto Nights with fierce drag shows by host Missy Meiyakie and special diva cast members. Show starts at 6 p.m. Enjoy weekly drink specials all night. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Enjoy cocktails out on the patio and watch the famous Lincoln Road traffic pass by. Tonight Score hosts the steamiest Thursday night soiree with fab beats paired with an incredible crowd of delicious partygoers. 727 Lincoln Road. TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST with seven different bars, DJ Pride, stiff drinks, and beautiful dancers. And if you’re looking for some hot papis, DJ Adora will be hosting Sabroso in Bar 5! “Never a cover... Always a groove.” 1057 Washington Ave.

Royale, as she takes the Queens of the Nile on the trip of their lives! Get ready for the biggest show on South Beach at 6 p.m. TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST. Enjoy seven different bars, DJ Michael Tank, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and, of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover...Always a groove.” SCORE: The Penny Back Boyz host the weekly Friday night party Filthy Gorgeous Fridays with DJ Mac spinning a true open format of music and videos, while Score’s hottest Go-Go boys work the speaker boxes. SATURDAY, October 15 DISCOTEKKA: Downtown Miami’s only gay dance party delivers one hell of a shindig every Saturday night, and this Saturday night Latin sensation Amara will perform her new hit single Lo Que Quiero. It’s double trouble once again with DJ Miik and DJ Carlos G. $150 VIP special. Sky and Absolut Vodka. Doors open at 11 p.m. 950 NE 2nd Ave. JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami Enjoy fab beats by DJ T Promix, while Johnny’s dancers work the stage for your viewing pleasure. THE MANOR: It’s Club Night with DJ Alex Infiniti and special entertainment throughout the night. Live band in the martini bar at 9 p.m. You also won’t want to miss the hot Latin beats in the IVY Lounge. No cover all night long. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by FLASH Saturdays with the hottest music videos and visual entertainment by VJ Chris Racine till 3 a.m. with $9 Grey Goose cocktails all night.

FRIDAY, October 14

PALACE: Enjoy a special day of drag shows, great food, and stiff cocktails, as The Palace Bar hosts Drag Gone Wild with Tiffany Fantasia and her gaggle of performers! Heels hit the pavement at 6 p.m. sharp!

JOHNNY’S MIAMI: It’s Frat House Fridays at Miami’s only gay stripper club with $4 drinks all night long with a college ID. Tonight enjoy sexy beats by DJ Miik.

SCORE: Tonight is Score’s weekly Bigger Saturdays, the largest gay dance party on the Beach with beats by international DJ sensations, and performances by CircX.

THE MANOR: Bubblegum Fridays with fabulous beats and incredible performances by some of the hottest drag divas in South Florida. $3 drinks till midnight, $5 drinks after. Enjoy live music in the martini bar at 9 p.m. 18+ welcome!

TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 with Tommy and the locals from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Come tonight and enjoy a full house of hot men and some incredible beats by DJ Mika. “Never a cover...Always a groove.”

MOVA: MOVA: Edison Edison Farrow Farrow presents presents HYPE HYPE Fridays Fridays tonight tonight at at MOVA MOVA with with DJ DJ Bryan Bryan Zero. Zero. Enjoy Enjoy $6 $6 Finlandia, Finlandia, $8 $8 Stoli, Stoli, and and $9 $9 Grey Grey Goose Goose vodka vodka cocktails cocktails all all night night long. long. Snag Snag aa bottle bottle of of Finlandia Finlandia for for $100 $100 to to party party in in style. style. Located Located near near the the corner corner of of Lincoln Lincoln and and Michigan. Michigan. PALACE: Tonight is Drag Madness with fierce shows by the hot-n-heavy Latryce 18 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

THE VAGABOND: Back Door Bamby presents a night of insane beats with DJs Brad Strickland, Ray Milian, Ryan Evans, Carmel Ophir, and Wasabi. 30 NE 14th Street, Miami. SUNDAY, October 16 ANGLERS: If you are looking to nurse that hangover with some unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary’s, look no further than 660

at the Anglers. Enjoy great food and delicious libations in one of the most beautiful boutique resorts Miami Beach has to offer.

Gaiety in the Bungalow Bar starting at 10 p.m. and DJ Bryan Zero’s fab beats on the main dance floor.

JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami.

TUESDAY, October 18

MOVA: It’s time for one of the wildest parties in SoBe, as the Penny Back Boyz and Sookie Stacks host the most scandalous party in South Beach, Out-n-Ugly Sundays with DJ Latrice. Beginning at 9 p.m. enjoy $3 beers, $4 Herradura Shots, and $5 Finlandia. No cover. PALACE: South Beach’s most legendary drag brunch will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with two seatings: one at 11:30 am and another at 2 p.m. Enjoy over-the-top performances by Noel Leon paired with a delectable menu. Afterwards, check out the sexiest Sunday T Dance in SoBe with local DJs working the turntables. SCORE: If you’re looking for a taste of Caribbean music paired with the best in hip-hop and Latin beats, look no further than Score tonight. Club Boi presents a fabulous night of tropical beats from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. TWIST: 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Afterwards, some of the most scandalous drag performers will hit the stage upstairs, while DJ Paulie works it out on the main dance floor. At TWIST: “Never a cover...Always a groove. MONDAY, October 17 JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Stop by for Drag On with TP Lords, Daisy D, and DJ Rob Sky. Drags drink for free till midnight. $3 drinks all night long! MOVA: Tonight is SHOUT!, an over the top night of karaoke, where everyone can be a star or at least try to be. And if you need a little liquid courage, there will be half priced drinks all night long. PALACE: Stop in for Palace’s 2-4-1 Absolut flavored cocktails all day, while enjoying the amazing view of Ocean Drive, and don’t forget to enjoy a snack or two during the Palace’s Laid Back Mondays. SCORE: South Beach personality Tony Ferro presents Madame’s Monsters’ Mondays, featuring incredible acts by Zaza, Lucky and the rest of the Circ X troupe, beginning at 9 p.m. Lavish choreographies, outrageous theatrics, video interruptions and avant-guard burlesque make this an incredible evening. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 drinks ‘till 9 p.m. Then it’s “I’m A Local” night, with $3 drinks for anyone with TWIST’s “I’m A Local” I.D. all night long. Join Nathan in the Frolic Lounge for his signature mix of pop and the top 20. Also check out the fabulous men of

They’re coming to Miami. (There goes the neighborhood.)

JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami. Tonight it’s all about the hot hip hop beats while DJs TPromix and Surreal turnout some of your fave beats. PALACE: Stop in for Palace’s 2-4-Absolut flavored cocktails till 4 p.m. Better than ever before on Ocean Drive and 12th Street, try it for lunch or a late afternoon snack, or just hang out at the bar with the locals. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Palace is sure to have it! SCORE: It’s Planeta Macho, the hottest Latin Party in Miami Beach, featuring incredible Latin beats by award winner DJ George Ferrero, Pelu Rivero on drums, amazing shows by Miami’s best female impersonators, and the hottest crowd in town. Don’t miss this party – it’s South Florida’s Best Latin Party! TWIST: 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Fun House Tuesdays with DJ Daisy D working the turntables on the main dance floor, so you can bet the beats will be hot and the dance floor, packed. $5 Jumbo Blue Long Island Ice Teas all night long. Never a cover… Always a groove. WEDNESDAY, October 19 THE MANOR: It’s Wine Down Wednesdays with half priced bottles of wine and incredible music by Rick and Jonathan, 8 to 11 p.m. MOVA: Stop by for MOVA’s weekly College Night Wednesdays, hosted by the Penny Back Boyz and Sookie Stacks. While DJ Daisy D works the turntables, enjoy a Finlandia open vodka bar from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. followed by $4 Finlandia & $8 Stoli cocktails all night long. PALACE: It’s HUMP Wednesdays at the Palace with 2-4-1 Absolut flavored cocktails all night long. Enjoy great menu items, while taking in the latest music videos on Palace’s multiple TV screens. SCORE: Come and spend a pleasant evening on one of Score’s outdoor couches as they host Martini Madness Night. A half price Happy Hour runs till 9 p.m. TWIST: TWIST: It’s It’s time time to to hit hit the the stage stage as as Sean Sean Brady Brady hosts hosts the the Sean Sean Brady Brady Show. Show. Karaoke Karaoke and and tons tons of of entertainment entertainment all all night night long. long. After After getting getting your your jam jam on, on, head head over over to to the the main main dance dance floor floor to to snag snag some some beats beats from from DJ DJ Maximus Maximus 3000. 3000. Happy Happy Hour Hour from from 11 p.m. p.m. to to 99 p.m. p.m. with with 2-4-1 2-4-1 on on everything. everything. “Never “Never aa cover...Always cover...Always aa groove.” groove.”

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ON SALE NOW! OCTOBER 25 - 30, 2011 Ziff Ballet Opera House Tickets: or 305-949-6722 Groups (10+) 786-468-2326 or 954-626-7814

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Season has arrived, and with it comes a whole lot of arts and cultural events that are sure to titillate your senses and keep you entertaine...