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ISSUE #37 | 09/15/11

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CELEBRITIES, FASHION, AND LIVE PERFORMANCES: SEASON’S COMING! I don’t know about you, but I can feel South Florida’s social season making its way to our sandy shores, and if the busy summer was any sort of indication, we are going to have a pretty hectic fall and winter, filled with parties, premieres, fashion, celebrities and, of course, tons of cocktails!

music business. Since then, he has made some major strides, performing alongside some of the biggest names in the biz!

James Cubby has done an amazing job of finding and detailing the hottest arts and cultural events to hit South Florida.

Now we all know Palace for its fantastic entertainment and drag performers. For more than 23 years their fabulously frocked fellows have worked the sidewalk, shocking and aweing thousands of locals and out-of-towners with their banter, over the top shows, and extravagant costumes.

Finally I’d like to close with an invitation to another great event – The BASE Fall Fashion Preview and Cocktail Reception. This will be the fourth fashion event BASE has thrown for the gay community in the past year, and each event just gets better and better.

In this week’s issue, we dedicated our cover story to celeb photographer Mike Ruiz. Mike became famous as a photographer years ago, while shooting Hollywood A-listers, including Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Betty White, and Kim Kardashian among others. After gaining so much notoriety, he was asked to literally join the A-List on the Bravo hit show, A-List New York.

Palace is now evolved their entertainment line-up by adding a new element – live music, and the first opportunity to preview what they have in the works will be this Wednesday night, as Daniel Valencia will perform alongside DJ Charlie Rojas and Noel Leon. Daniel will perform a number of covers from some of his favorite artists, as well as a few of his original creations.

The cocktail reception will provide local movers and shakers with the exclusive chance to preview the soon-to-be released fall collection of adidas SLVR and the much loved adidas Originals collection on Thursday, September 22nd from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Between modeling, photographing celebrities, and staring on a number of reality shows, Mike has also found the time to launch a new tee shirt line. Mike will be one of many celebrities we will see this social season, as his new tee shirt line will make its South Florida premiere this Friday night at the gorgeous Living Room in Fort Lauderdale. Mike will be on hand signing tee shirts and partying it up with the glam and gorgeous all night long! In this week’s issue, we have also included a feature on another talented person, who is sure to become an A-lister in his own right – Daniel Valencia. Born and raised in Colombia, Daniel moved to Miami to pursue a career in the

This event will be the first of many new additions to the Palace line-up. I have been told that there are some pretty big things in the works for the only gay bar on Ocean Drive. One of which will be the addition of drag performers, who will trade in their lip-synching for a hot mic, wowing crowds with their live vocal talents. Stay tuned to Wire Magazine for more information on the evolution of Palace’s entertainment! Of course with the arrival of season comes a number of arts and cultural events, which is why our bi-weekly column, Wired on the Arts, is jam packed with events, concerts, shows, festivals, and parties. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to check out Wired on the Arts, this is one you will definitely not want to miss. Columnist




While local influencers, fashion forward socialites, and VIPs enjoy complimentary cocktails courtesy of 42BELOW vodka, they’ll get the chance to see the latest adidas SLVR stylings in action as live mannequins bust a move in the storefront windows. Afterwards, everyone will head over to Edison Farrow’s Simple Life Thursdays at Buck15 for the after party, where they will be greeted with free 42BELOW vodka drinks from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and some high energy beats by DJ Daisy D! If you are interested in attending the event, look up BASE Fall Fashion Preview and Cocktail Reception on Facebook. Cheers!

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ers eventually came crashing down as I watched it Two Presidents for the last ten years have had to This week and last week have probably events and parties taking p execute their Oval Office duties through the fog happen live on T.V. in unspeakable horror. of war and focus countless hours on foreign policy, of on the homeland and our economy. That was my neighborhood Manhattan! I lived instead been the busiest weeks everinfor Thomas parade, Expo, and dayIn aof at 2 South End Avenue for close to three years way, the terrorists did succeed in weakening our and my office was at 90 West Street, where I nation and completely altering our way of life. Afand I working wire why weneedare including was the on Executive Directormagazine. of the Costa Rican ter 10 years we to realize this and adjusta ourco Investment & Trade Development Board. sights back to caring for and investing more in our morning I saw the Twin Towers right in country. Every empire in history that overextended Why? 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If we instant before my very eyes as I watched a second that clear September 11 morning and murdered continue down this path, the terrorists that attacked airliner crash into the World Trade Center. My thousands of innocent people destroyed my neigh- us on September 11, 2001 could succeed in defeatwire – thatin utter wedisbelief think welcome you to join us for t fromyou Micountry and my former neighborhood weremagazine under borhood as I watched ing our country through a long, protracted, unaffordami. Unfortunately, they also managed to weaken attack and I knew our lives would never be the our country and lead us into a 10-year war that has able war. We must not let this happen! same. This time I wasn’t watching historical war enjoy will really reading In Pool Party at the hotel V cost over a trillion dollars andthrough. thousands of lives. footage on the History Channel. War in our Imagine what our country and our economy would Rafa homeland and the death of what I thought would look like had we invested over a trillion dollars do- For The Publishers dition, weofhave also been working non-stop on the first ever decided to put together a be hundreds people was unfolding before my mestically, rather than spending it on foreign wars very eyes. Little did I imagine that hundreds would and borrowing so much money that our debt rating Rafa Carvajal: ficial Gay asPride Pool Party, whichfor Wire year’s Pride, courtesy of W turn into thousands both of the World Trade TowThomas Barker: was downgraded the first timemagazine in our history. l host on Saturday, April 17th at the hotel Victor with have fun in the company nlandia Vodka and herradura Tequila as sponsors. complement the Parade, Ex main stages of Pride, and eally is hard to believe that a year has already gone by since we for some additional fun at blished the first ever Pride Collector’s Edition of Wire magazine, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. thi that is definitely the case. Pride is once again taking place in miik will be spinning, ami Beach this Saturday and we hope that all our readers in complimentary Finlandia v ami and Fort lauderdale will have a chance to enjoy this ticket purchase. ek’s 2010 Pride Collector’s Edition. We couldn’t have gotten re without all your support, and the support of our advertisers, make sure to stop by our onsors, and all the members of the Wire staff. Thanks very much your copy of this week’s sp everyone for helping us make this possible! contest, but definitely stop hotel Victor to celebrate Pr e also hope that you will be able to participate in the pool party. We will be cam 6 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons ide festivities on Saturday, plus many of the ancillary some additional fun in the It’s been 10 years, but I remember it like it was just yesterday. That awful day and its every detail are seared in my mind. I woke up and opened my blinds to a beautiful, sunny September 11 morning and the view of the ocean from my 20th floor apartment was as stunning as ever. I had worked very late the night before, so I had set my alarm later than usual and was getting ready to go to work while watching The Today Show with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. Then it happened...

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8/22/11 11:35 PM

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MIAMI BEACH DESERVES A MORE CONTESTED ELECTION As someone with ambivalent feelings about term limits at all levels, the strongest argument against them seems to have always been that elections are, in and of themselves, term limits – or potential term limits at least. That is, assuming elections are honest and fair, unlike those in places like Russia and Chicago. This perspective leads me to be rather disappointed in the upcoming Miami Beach elections. With the qualifying deadline now passed, Mayor Matti Bower drew three opponents – David Crystal, Steve Berke, and Laura Levey. Commissioner Deede Weithorn has one opponent -- Maria Meruelo. On the other hand, Commissioners Jonah Wolfson and Ed Tobin were reelected because they had no challengers. This is term limits? This is how the public responds to all of the questionable actions of the city commission, to the challenges of a city that spends like the federal government but lacks the ability to print money like the feds? This is the response to a police department going rogue, to deals with public employee unions that could bankrupt the city, to very visible signs of cronyism and favoritism? If Miami Beach is cruising along and everything is in such good shape that sitting representatives warrant no opposition – then where are the people so happy with the state of things? Why do most people I talk to have real concerns about the future of the city? Where is the

wave of challengers coming in to address many of the same old challenges that never seem to be addressed? Is this the best the public can muster? Understand that this isn’t a specific criticism of any member of the commission or candidate. It’s good that Bower has competition, and its even better that a couple of her challengers are young guys wading into electoral politics for the first time. It’s good that Weithorn has to run a campaign. It’s less great that Wolfson and Tobin do not. Again, not because of any negative opinion of them. The thing is, though, that not one day goes by without someone in Miami Beach – generally active, astute types -- writing or calling, up in arms about one thing or another related to the city. So where are the candidates? Commissioners in Miami Beach should always be challenged. Yes, I realize it is hard to run against an incumbent capable of raising and spending half a million dollars to keep a part-time job. Yes I realize that commissioners who effectively cater to the cabal of special interests that controls city hall will cut off potential challengers from the trough of money and support needed to mount a campaign. However, elected officials who aren’t challenged don’t have to answer tough questions, don’t have to explain their actions, or stand on their records. Without challengers, elected officials get more smug and arrogant and

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thus more likely to treat their jobs with disrespect. And in Miami Beach, elected officials are already smug and arrogant. Based on major issues Miami Beach is facing, conventional wisdom going into this election cycle was that there would be ample competition with a lot of new faces. Conventional wisdom is rarely conventional or wisdom, it seems. Instead of exciting, contested races between newcomers to politics exchanging ideas in a marketplace of ideas, we get two races in which the incumbents can rely on the power of their offices to start off well ahead of their challengers. I’m a little ashamed of our little beach town. Is there a huge silent majority of people out there who really think the city is being managed really well? Or have our friends and neighbors come to feel utter apathy, that contesting occupied seats is simply too much of a challenge and that the end result is going to be more of the same? I hope the latter isn’t the case. Because then the system wins, and when that happens, we all lose. Author and journalist Michael W. Sasser’s commentary on all things political appears exclusively in Wire Magazine. Your e-mail is welcome at Michael@Wireweekly. com.

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When it comes to celebrities and fabulous soirees no one throws a party like South Florida, and this Friday night South Florida will welcome celebrity photographer and A-List reality star, Mike Ruiz to its sandy shores at the super glamorous Friday night party at The Living Room Fort Lauderdale. Mike Ruiz is a lumber-jack of all trades. He’s been a high fashion model, celebrity photographer, reality TV star, book author, and now, designer. Yes, you heard that right, a designer. Mike recently launched his new tee shirt line called The Mike Ruiz Collection, of course. The man behind incredible images of stars like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Ricky Martin will be in Fort Lauderdale this Friday promoting his new tee shirt line by signing his latest creations. We recently caught up with Mike to get the inside scoop on his new line, experiences as a photographer, and his future. Check out what he had to say: You’re not just a man anymore, Mike. You’re now a brand. My entire life has been a series of unexpected surprises. I have the ability to recognize an opportunity when I see one and that is exactly how these T-shirts came to fruition. I can’t say that I knew that this is exactly what I had planned when I was 12, but I did know that I had a very unique skill set. Let’s take it back to the beginning. You began as a model in Miami. I moved to Miami in 1988 and started modeling with the Men/Women Agency (now called Women) and Boss Models. Those were some pretty lean times. I waited on tables to pay my bills. I knew that something was coming, though. Rather, I knew I was going to make something happen. I didn’t really begin earning a living at modeling until I moved to Los Angeles in 1993, where I modeled with Wilhelmina Models. That’s when I got the photography bug. What turned you on to photography? I received a camera as a gift and became immediately consumed. How did you create your unique photography style? My style is really an extension of my subconscious. After years of shooting, I realized that what I was doing was trying to manifest the perfect fantasy that lived in my head.

You then became a director of music videos. My favorite video to direct has to be Erika Jayne’s “Pretty Mess” video. It was glam, edgy and super sexy. Then came reality TV. I’ve lost count with how many shows I have done. Maybe six or seven? I have yet to fully discover the reasons that I have gravitated to television. All that I know at this point is that I feel a growing sense of responsibility with every appearance I make. A List: New York was the first time cameras followed you in your real life. Was it strange? Nothing seems weird to me anymore. I’ve become pretty comfortable with cameras. The A List New York Season 2 is currently airing and the response has been amazing! I’ll be appearing again this winter as a celebrity judge on Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What inspired you to create your own tee line? These days everything I do has several components to it. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response I received from a handful of T-shirts that I made as promotional gifts, I decided to give a go at merchandising them. What do you want fans to know about the collection? There’s a philanthropic component to the endeavor. $2 from the sale of every t-shirt will be donated to The Ali Forney Center. I want people to know that not only are they getting a piece of pop culture, but they are also supporting an amazing cause. Is it true you’re on a billboard in NYC? I’m the celebrity spokesperson for a fabulous vodka brand called Meoko. They surprised me with a sprawling billboard by the Holland Tunnel in NYC this past summer. So exciting! What’s next? Underwear? You can name them UnderRuiz. Get it? Underoos…underRuiz. See! That is how ideas come to me; completely haphazardly! I have a few projects I’m working on right now. I have the Meoko campaign. I’m about to publish a coffee table book, “Pretty Masculine”, featuring some of my greatest male portraits. Plus, I’m collaborating with menswear designer, J. Cheikh, on his Spring 2012 show. The Mike Ruiz Collection is available at Funky Sexy Couture Boutique in South Beach. A portion of the proceeds benefit The Ali Forney Center. For more info, visit www. or

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SEPTEMBER 15 - 28 Miami is gearing up for another incredible season of entertainment. Already the schedule is overflowing with a variety of music, theatre, dance, comedy, and film events.



The Rhythm Foundation and Little Haiti Cultural Center present another Big Night Little Haiti, a night of art and Kreyol jazz on the Plaza. September 16 from 6 – 10 p.m. at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. For more info visit Marc Anthony, winner of two Grammys and three Latin Grammys, may be best known as the husband of Jennifer Lopez. While Anthony and Lopez have announced their divorce, Anthony is still the top selling tropical salsa artist of all time. Marc Anthony performs at the American Airlines Arena on September 16 & 17. The New World Symphony offers a PreSeason Wind Ensemble Concert on September 16 at the New World Center. The program includes Husa: Fanfare for Brass and Percussion; J.S. Bach/arr. Hunsberger: Toccata and Fugue in D minor; Stucky: Threnos; G. Gabrieli/arr. Scatterday: Canzon per sonare quarti toni; Schwantner: Recoil; and Shostakovich/ arr. Hunsberger: Polka and Galop from Folk Festival. The Stage, one of Miami’s newest musical venues, offers a live performance of Bobby Lee Rodgers, guitarist and singer/songwriter, on September 17. Rodgers is known for his jazz compositions and his unique interpretations of greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, or Wes Montgomery. Bobby Lee Rodgers performs with Ketchy Shuby at 11 p.m.

The Pelican Playhouse presents The Fantasticks, one of America’s favorite musicals, at The Rebeca Sosa Theater from September 16 – 25. This musical includes the well-known songs “Try to Remember,” “Soon It’s Gonna Rain,” and “I Can See It.” The Broward Center presents Cloud Nine running from September 23 – October 2 at Studio One Broward Center. The award-winning play by British playwright Caryl Churchill is a satirical farce set in Victorian Africa that examines risqué subjects like heterosexual adultery and bisexual incest.

Cuban-born Salsa singer Rey Ruiz performs at the Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater on September 22. 8 p.m. Music in Beautiful Spaces Series presents the South Beach Chamber Ensemble at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden on September 25. The performance features Perception: a Video Igloo by artist Alfonso Corona, and a String Quartet. For more info visit

EVENTS The “Flickin’ Summer” Movie Series returns with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on September 22 at the Gusman Center. The movie series features happy hour before the film. Audience members are invited to stay after the film for dancing onstage with retro classics from DJ Mr. Pauer. 6 p.m. – midnight. Film fans are treated to another film festival with DocMiami International Film Festival, a three-day festival dedicated to documentary film. This year’s festival will be at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa from September 23-25. For more info visit

Miami Beach Stage Door Theatre presents Song Man Dance Man, a one-man show paying tribute to five artists who epitomize the heart of American music, at the Byron Carlyle Theatre on September 17 & 24. GableStage presents the Southeastern premiere of The Brothers Size running at GableStage at the Biltmore thru October 2. Written by Miami native Tarell Alvin McCraney, a playwright whose plays have not only received raves but are also known for pushing the boundaries of language, form, and sexuality. The African American Performing Arts Community Theatre presents Jelly Belly, an award-winning play by Charles Smith at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center thru October 2. This play tells the story of a convict returning home from prison. The Alliance Theatre Lab presents 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning play night, Mother at The Pelican Theatre thru September 25. Written by Marsha Norman, the play deals with a mother-daughter relationship ending in tragedy. Night Train to Boliva, a play by Pulitzer-Prizewinning playwright and Miami native Nilo Cruz, runs at the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre thru September 24. This play is set in an unidentified, war-torn Latin American country.

DANCE Fans of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance can see the finalists of the 2011 season perform at the American Airlines Arena on September 18. These incredible dancers will perform routines in a variety of dance styles, including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Tango, Broadway, and Salsa. 7 p.m. XVI International Ballet Festival of Miami, one of the most important ballet festivals in the country, comes to Miami with performances thru September 18 at various locations throughout Miami-Dade County. The festival features many prestigious international ballet companies. For more info visit Submissions for Wired on the Arts should be sent to:

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VENUES African Heritage Cultural Arts Center 6161 NW 22nd Ave., Miami 305.456.0287 or American Airlines Arena 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 800.745.3000 or Doral Golf Resort & Spa 4400 NW 87th Ave., Doral 305.592.2000 or Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 877.598.8690 or GableStage at the Biltmore 1200 Anastasia Ave., Miami 305.445.1119 or Gusman Center for the Performing Arts Olympia Theater 174 E. Flagler St., Miami 305.374.2444 or Little Haiti Cultural Center Plaza 212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami 305.672.5202 Miami Beach Botanical Garden 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach 305.673.2183 Miami Beach Stage Door Theatre at Byron Carlyle Theatre 500 71st St., Miami Beach 954.344.7765 or New World Center 500 17th St., Miami Beach 305.673.3331 or The Pelican Theatre at Barry University 11300 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores 305.259.0418 or The Rebeca Sosa Theater 1401 Westward Drive, Miami Springs The Stage 170 NE 38th St., Miami 305.576.9577 or University of Miami Jerry Herman Ring Theatre 1312 Miller Drive, Coral Gables 305.284.3355 or




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WIRED ON: MENTAL HEALTH YOU CATCH MORE BOYS WITH HONEY Gay men and women need relationships just as much as any other group of individuals. They have to find, and sometimes even create, ways to find viable candidates for dating and building their own families. The lack of role models and rites of passage often makes a complicated activity even more difficult and stressful, since many people make assumptions about what should and shouldn’t be done in the social and dating world. It is often the case that people who are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend feel insecure or afraid about meeting people and getting close to others, and then reject other people before they themselves can be rejected. Unfortunately, their negative attitude and poor treatment of others usually leaves them feeling alone and disconnected anyway.

We can improve our chances for a loving relationship by working to know ourselves well, being humble and appreciative, and realizing that in the end, we all basically have the same human needs. We all want to be loved. By putting forth a positive, complimentary attitude toward everyone we meet, we become more attractive to ourselves and others. I’m often asked questions such as, “Isn’t she supposed to call me for the second date, since I initiated the first date?” or “Is it true that couples should always split expenses straight down the middle because if they don’t, it will lead to resentment and hurt feelings later on?” The answers to these questions, as with many other issues in the complex world of emotions, lie deep within the communication that has to take place between the individuals. Just as there is no set rule about dating people of other races, religions, or economic status, there’s no such thing as an inferior or ‘unworthy’ means of meeting someone you like. Some people incorrectly think that the way in which one initially meets his or her partner determines the course of the relationship and whether it will be a healthy, happy one. I have found that it’s not the setting in which one meets his or her significant other for the first time that’s important. Rather, it’s how you treat one another from the point of initial meeting onward that impacts more greatly how the relationship will turn out. This is particularly important because initial patterns of relating often set the stage for the future of the relationship. For example, being respectful, saying nice things, offering compliments, and simply adopting a positive attitude toward the person and the relationship, are important for a growthful, intimate, adult connection. People may fall into non-productive habits like complaining, criticizing, and judging rather early in their relationship, leading to the premature development of problems that one might not expect until many years later. Setting a positive tone for the relationship early on is one of the best ways to help ensure a pleasant, productive, bond.

12-8 Mon - Fri 11-8 Sat 12-6 Sun

222 NE 25th Street. Suite 106. Miami 33137. Enter on NE 2nd Avenue 305 573 3080

I have also often heard comments to the effect that if a couple needs to resort to Relationship Therapy very early in their union, then that is a sign that the relationship is unhealthy and they are not meant to be together. This could not be further from the truth. The couple who has been dating several months, or even just a few weeks, and decides to seek the assistance of a third party to help them communicate better or resolve an issue, is placing emphasis on the value of their relationship and admitting that adult relationships are difficult. They are saying that they want to learn how to deal more effectively with one another and ensure that their future is different from their past. It is my opinion that the best time to initiate couple’s therapy is probably at the beginning of the relationship – where there’s a clean slate to be drawn upon – not in the middle, when bad habits have already become well-established and therefore hard to change, or at the painful end of a relationship when hurt feelings may abound. Couples can choose to learn how to talk to and treat one another from the beginning, possibly preventing years of unnecessary pain and increasing the probability of a well-adjusted, healthy relationship. Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi, Licensed Psychologist, specializes in the Emotional Health & Wellness of the GLBT community. An Imago Relationship Therapist and HIV Psychologist Trainer, he can be reached at 1.888.DRPIZZI or The content of this article is for informational purposes only. Reliance upon the information contained herein does not create a professional relationship, nor is the information intended to provide psychological evaluation or treatment. 16 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

* Second item must be of equal or lesser value. Cannot be used in combination with any other offer.


BY THOMAS BARKER PHOTOS PROVIDED BY DANIEL VALENCIA For more than 23 years, the Palace has continued to entertain and mesmerize South Beach’s sexiest beachgoers with some of the most over the top drag performances, high energy beats, and, of course, some stiff cocktails!

thing different for the party scene in Miami.

for music inspires me.

I understand you have performed at the Palace before. Is that true? What was the response?

I understand you will also be performing at Orgullo. How did that come about?

Starting on Wednesday, September 21st, Palace will be adding a new element to their already impressive roster of shows – live performances by local musicians. The Palace may be known for its lip synching, fabulously frocked fellows, but it will soon be known for presenting some of the most talented singers and musicians in South Florida.

Yeah, during Labor Day! It was very exciting! I played electric guitar and sang along with the music that the DJ was spinning. We wanted to mix the energy of a live performance and the grooves from the house music the DJ was playing. We had a great response and I received a lot of compliments for the energy and the new sounds we added to the traditional house music.

Yeah, Oct. 1st. I sent a few demos to the organizers of the event and they invited me to join their line up of artists. It is gonna be very exciting!

The performance series is called Elite Nights and will feature the sultry vocals of Daniel Valencia. Now this isn’t the first time Daniel will be performing at the Palace. This past Labor Day, Daniel joined DJ Charlie Rojas to pair his live vocals with Charlie’s high-energy house beats. The response was fantastic, prompting the Palace to create this new Wednesday night soiree. The evening will begin at 8 p.m. with an hour open bar, and include incredible live performances by Daniel, drag shows by Noel Leon, and music by DJ Charlie Rojas. I recently caught up with Daniel to learn more about this new night at Palace and what we can expect from this very talented musician.

What can people expect from your performance every Wednesday night? Passion! Music coming straight from the heart! I will be performing popular songs that are very meaningful to me and that I really enjoy performing. They will hear music all the way from the 60s to today’s music and also a couple of original tracks. I will make sure it is an unforgettable night for the audience. I understand you play multiple instruments. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

I was born in Cucuta, Colombia and I moved to Miami seven years ago to pursue a career in the music industry as a singer/songwriter and music producer.

When I was around six years old, I started taking piano lessons. When I became a teenager I left the piano and picked up the guitar. I got bored and then started with the drums. I was jumping from one instrument to the other and everyone was telling me that I needed to focus. I always wanted to learn a new instrument, so I went with the flow and now I can handle different instruments, which is very useful when you are in the studio producing a record. The last thing I learned was to sing and it is actually the one I enjoy the most.

How did you get connected with the Palace?

Are there any artists that have inspired you?

I met DJ Charlie Rojas through a DJ friend of mine and he heard some of my songs. Charlie was very exited about my music and suggested that the Palace start a new party that would include live music, because it would be some-

I’m a big Beatles fan! It is my favorite band but a lot of artists have inspired me, including Elton John, Freddy Mercury, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Mana, Shakira… the list is long, but pretty much anyone with a true passion

Check it out: Where are you from and why did you move to Miami?

17 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

Why do you think this type of event will work at The Palace? We party every day in South Beach and this is a new alternative for people to go and listen to some live music and feel like they are in a different place. We hear DJs everywhere, but not many places have live performers entertaining the crowd. The Palace is a place that is always trying new things. This is gonna be one of those incredible new events! What are you most looking forward to about performing every Wednesday night at Palace? To start a live music scene in the gay community! There’s a lot of talent out there and we need to open a new window for that talent to be shown. Where can people go to get more information on you? They can go to my website They can also look up my name “Daniel Valencia” on iTunes to download my songs.

PALACE PRESENTS: ELITE NIGHTS Wednesdays, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. 1200 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Open Bar: 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

THIS WEEK THURSDAY, September 15 BUCK15: BUCK is back and it is hotter than ever! Edison Farrow presents the wildest Thursday night party in South Beach, the Simple Life Thursdays. DJ Daisy D will be working the turntables, while the young and gorgeous work the room! No cover! JOHNNY’S MIAMI: It’s Miami’s hottest new Latin night. With shows by Teresita la Caliente and Marytrini, you can bet this is going to be one entertaining night! Enjoy free cuba libres and Coronas before midnight and an underwear contest at 1 a.m. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by a night with the ladies, as Pandora Events hosts a fabulous nights of gorgeous girls and great music by DJ Zehno. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Palace hosts Cabaret Thursdays with solo performances by the incomparable Tiffany Fantasia. Show starts at 6 p.m. $8 Absolut cocktails, $3 domestic beer, and $11 draft pitcher specials all night. SCORE: Enjoy cocktails out on the patio and watch the famous Lincoln Road traffic pass by as you and your friends chill and enjoy great music. Tonight Score hosts the steamiest Thursday night soiree with fab beats paired with an incredible crowd of delicious partygoers. 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST with seven different bars, DJ Pride, stiff drinks, and beautiful dancers. And if you’re looking for some hot papis, DJ Adora will be hosting Sabroso in Bar 5! “Never a cover... Always a groove.” FRIDAY, September 16 JOHNNY’S MIAMI: It’s College Night at Miami’s only gay stripper club with $2 domestic beers, $3 imports, and $4 stoli vodka cocktails. Tonight enjoy sexy beats by DJ Miik. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami. MIAMI MIAMI NIGHTS: NIGHTS: Zeus Zeus Fridays Fridays will will make make its its debut debut tonight tonight at at Miami Miami Nights. Nights. Enjoy Enjoy fantastic fantastic performances performances by by Naomi Naomi Santi Santi St. St. Laurent Laurent and and music music by by Matinee Matinee NYC NYC resident resident DJ Billy Lace. 21+ no cover, $10 cover for DJ Billy Lace. 21+ no cover, $10 cover for 18+. 18+. 26600 26600 S. S. Dixie Dixie HWY, HWY, Homestead, Homestead, FL FL 33032. 33032. MOVA: Enjoy MOVA’s half priced happy hour from 3 to 9 p.m. Afterwards, spend the evening with Pussila and DJ Latrice. Enjoy $6 Finlandia vodka cocktails all night long! Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Drag Madness is the place to be to see the hottest Friday night shows by Latrice Royale, Champagne Bordeaux, and Noel Leon beginning at 6 p.m. Enjoy $8 Absolut cocktails. You never know what these girls are gonna do, so get there early! 18 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST. Enjoy seven different bars, DJ Michael Tank, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and, of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover...Always a groove.” SCORE: The Penny Back Boyz host the weekly Friday night party Filthy Gorgeous Fridays with DJ Mac spinning a true open format of music and videos, while Score’s hottest Go-Go boys work the speaker boxes. SATURDAY, September 17 DISCOTEKKA: It’s time to get wet, wild, and scandalous at Discotekka, as the divas of the house host the Discotekka Foam Party. Tonight everyone will also be celebrating the birthday of Queen Bee Vegas Dion! Doors open at 11 p.m. 950 NE 2nd Ave. JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami. Enjoy fab beats, while Johnny’s dancers work the stage for your viewing pleasure. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by FLASH Saturdays with the hottest music videos and visual entertainment by VJ Chris Racine till 3 a.m. with $9 Grey Goose cocktails all night. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Enjoy a special day of drag shows, great food, and stiff $8 Absolut cocktails, as The Palace Bar hosts Drag Madness with Tiffany Fantasia and her gaggle of performers! Heels hit the pavement at 6 p.m. sharp! SCORE: Tonight is Score’s weekly Bigger Saturdays, the largest gay dance party on the Beach with beats by international DJ sensations, and performances by CircX. 727 Lincoln Road. 727 Lincoln Road. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 with Tommy and the locals from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Come tonight and enjoy a full house of hot men and some incredible beats by DJ Mika. “Never a cover...Always a groove.” THE VAGABOND: Back Door Bamby presents a night of insane beats with DJs Brad Strickland, Ray Milian, Ryan Evans, Carmel Ophir, and Wasabi. 30 NE 14th Street, Miami. SUNDAY, September 18 ANGLERS: If you are looking to nurse that hangover with some unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary’s, look no further than 660 at the Anglers. Enjoy great food and delicious libations in one of the most beautiful boutique resorts Miami Beach has to offer. JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami.

MOVA: It’s time for one of the wildest parties in SoBe, as the Penny Back Boyz and Sookie Stacks host the most scandalous party in South Beach, Out-n-Ugly Sundays with DJ Latrice. Beginning at 9 p.m. enjoy $3 beers, $4 Herradura Shots, and $5 Finlandia. No cover.

MOVA: Looking for a little Latin flavor? Tonight Milancita host an evening filled with delicious papis, moving to the beats of DJ David. Enjoy $6 “you call its” all night long. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan.

PALACE: South Beach’s most legendary drag brunch will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with two seatings. Enjoy over-thetop performances paired with a delectable menu and $8 Absolut cocktails. Afterwards, check out the sexiest Sunday T Dance in SoBe. 1200 Ocean Drive.

PALACE: Stop in for Palace’s 2-4-1 happy hour till 4 p.m. Better than ever before on Ocean Drive and 12th Street, try it for lunch or a late afternoon snack, or just hang out at the bar with the locals. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Palace is sure to have it!

SCORE: If you’re looking for a taste of Caribbean music paired with the best in hip-hop and Latin beats, look no further than Score tonight. Club Boi presents a fabulous night of tropical beats from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. TWIST: 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Afterwards, some of the most scandalous drag performers will hit the stage upstairs, while DJ Paulie works it out on the main dance floor. At TWIST: “Never a cover...Always a groove. MONDAY, September 19 JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Stop by for the premiere of Drag On with TP Lords, Daisy D, and DJ Rob Sky. Drags drink for free till midnight. $3 drinks all night long! 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami. MOVA: Tonight is SHOUT!, an over the top night of karaoke, where everyone can be a star or at least try to be. And if you need a little liquid courage, there will be half priced drinks all night long. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Stop in for Palace’s 2-4-1 happy hour till 4 p.m. Special bon voyage cocktail specials all day. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Swing by for one of the best happy hours in Miami Beach where all drinks are 1/2 price, followed by Video Freak where you can request your favorite music videos and enjoy $5 vodka cocktails, $7 martinis and $3 beers. No cover. TWIST: Happy Happy Hour Hour 2-4-1 2-4-1 drinks drinks ‘till ‘till 9 9 p.m. p.m. TWIST: Then it’s it’s “I’m “I’m A A Local” Local” night, night, with with $3 $3 drinks drinks Then for anyone anyone with with TWIST’s TWIST’s “I’m “I’m A A Local” Local” I.D. I.D. for all night night long. long. Join Join Nathan Nathan in in the the Frolic Frolic all Lounge for for his his signature signature mix mix of of pop pop and and the the Lounge top top 20. 20. Also Also check check out out the the fabulous fabulous men men of of Gaiety Gaiety in in the the Bungalow Bungalow Bar Bar starting starting at at 10 10 p.m. p.m. and and DJ DJ Bryan Bryan Zero’s Zero’s fab fab beats beats on on the the main main dance dance floor. floor. TUESDAY, September 20 JOHNNY’S MIAMI: Miami’s only gay stripper club features the hottest, most masculine men in Miami. Tonight is all about the brothas as present a scandalous night with music by DJs TPromix and Surreal. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami.

SCORE: It’s Planeta Macho, the hottest Latin Party in Miami Beach, featuring incredible Latin beats by award winner DJ George Ferrero, Pelu Rivero on drums, amazing shows by Miami’s best female impersonators, and the hottest crowd in town. Don’t miss this party – it’s South Florida’s Best Latin Party! TWIST: 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Tonight Dustin Reffca hosts his weekly party, Fun House Tuesdays. With DJ Daisy D working the turntables on the main dance floor, you can bet the beats will be hot and the dance floor, packed. $5 Jumbo Blue Long Island Ice Teas all night long. Never a cover… Always a groove. WEDNESDAY, September 21 THE LORDS: Enjoy a boozy take on oldschool pastimes such as Twister, Spin the Bottle, and strip-Texas Hold ‘Em, along with college frat house favorites Beer Pong and Flip Cup and classics Connect Four and Jenga. MOVA: Stop by for MOVA’s weekly College Night Wednesdays, hosted by the Penny Back Boyz and Sookie Stacks. While DJ J. Felix works the turntables, enjoy a $1 Finlandia cocktails from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. followed by $4 Finlandia & $8 Stoli cocktails all night long. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln. PALACE: It’s the premiere of Palace’s new weekly Wednesday night party, Elite Nights. Enjoy live performances by Daniel Valencia, drag shows by Noel Leon, beats by DJ Charlie Rojas, and an open bar from 8 to 9 p.m. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Come and spend a pleasant evening on one of Score’s outdoor couches as they host Martini Madness Night. A half price Happy Hour runs till 9 p.m. TWIST: It’s time to hit the stage as Sean Brady hosts the Sean Brady Show. Karaoke and tons of entertainment all night long. After getting your jam on, head over to the main dance floor to snag some beats from DJ Maximus 3000. Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 2-4-1 on everything. “Never a cover...Always a groove.”

19 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

20 | wire magazine | follow wire on facebook & twitter: visit & click on the icons

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