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ISSUE #37 | 09/13/12


Images Credit: Marc Jacobs

tyle cannot be defined by a label. It is universal and forever evolving. Whether you are an avid thrift shopper defining your own style while being glorified by street fashion photographers, a “label whore� feed ing your habit with an unfathomable appreciation for designer collections down to the needle & thread, or an VQBOEDPNJOHEFTJHOFSTIPXDBTJOHZPVSMPWFGPSGBTI ion through the art of design – fashion is a universal lan guage. Individuality, expression, and liberation are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of fashion. Never able to be contained, or limited, fashion has no boundaries. Designers use personal inspiration, outside influences, or pull from an emotion they may be feeling at the time when compiling timeless collections. 'PSIJT4QSJOH4VNNFS3FBEZUP8FBS.FOTXFBS Collection, Marc Jacobs pulled a copious amount of in spiration from the French Riviera and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic 1934 novel, Tender is the Night. Retro detailing, tailored suits, and bold stripes and prints dominate the collection. It also boasts vintage headwear and caps alongside the use of materials such as linen and seer TVDLFSJOTVOXBTIFEIVFT*GTFFLJOHUPTQPSUUIFMPPLPG a punk rocker in Jamaica circa 1978, Marc Jacobs has delivered enough safari jackets, long board shorts, linen pea coats, and papaya prints on cabana shirts to put your “character� into motion. A Buick Riviera and rum cocktails on the beach are not included!

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BRINGS THE SHAKE TO THE (RAIL) YARD Images Credit: Joan Crisol

his fall, Spanish designer brand ES is unleashing Addicted, a more affordable athletic wear line meant for young guys who want a little edge infused in their sports gear. “The collection is sexy, comfortable and easy to wear, “ says designer Ed Suner. “It’s being called the little brother to ES, which I can agree with. It’s more playful and reckless.� According to Suner, Ad dicted maintains ES’ sporty style and superior fit but BUQSJDFTNPSFBDDFTTJCMFUPDPMMFHFBHFEDPOTVNFST Addicted pieces range from $18.00 to $70.00; with most items less than $30.

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“The quality of Addicted is far superior to comparable brands,â€? confirms Nir Zilberman, CEO of Men’s Trends Agency. “The only difference is in the fabric. Where ES uses the fine Italian fabrics VTFECZ1SBEB (VDDJBOETJNJMBSIJHIFOEEFTJHOFSCSBOET "E dicted exports less expensive cotton and modal fabrics from Spain and Portugal.â€? “The same team that designs for ES designs for Addicted,â€? contin ues Suner. Yet, Addicted’s lower price point allows the designers to have more fun with the brand. Says Zilberman, “It’s hard to believe the designers of ES, known for their bold innovation, are pushing boundaries even further; but they are with Addicted.â€? Addicted was the first to introduce stretch mesh to long pants. As they do with the shorts and briefs, the mesh hugs the contours of the man’s frontal pouch and rear. Additionally, its full back DPWFSBHFXPSLTUPQVTIUIFCVUUPDLTVQ HJWJOHJUBXFMMEFĂĽOFE  muscular shape. They have also incorporated the stretch mesh in many of their tops. Aimed at shaping a man’s upper chest, tanks are looser around the waist (more forgiving to love handles) yet tighter around the arms and chest. It gives the illusion of a bigger upper build. “Autumn tends to be a time many of us feel the need to cheat on our diets and workout routines,â€? says Zilberman. “Addicted’s fall collection is designed to be forgiving so no one has to know.â€? 11 | wire magazine | issue #37, 2012 | | facebook | twitter


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ISSUE #21 | 05/24/12

COVER STORY: PISTOL PETE UNVEILS NEW SEXY CUTS FOR THE SUMMER The summer has arrived and so has the heat. It is time to get your hands on the latest fashions in swimwear and underwear to show your bod in style this summer. This week Wire MagazineDBVHIUVQXJUI1JTUPM1FUFTEFTJHOFS1FUFS%JB[BOEIJTQBSUOFS4BNJ5BSSBC BTXFMMBT UFBNNTEFTJHOFS.JDIBM/JDPMBTUPCSJOHZPVUIFEJTIBCPVUUIFJSMBUFTUDPMMFDUJPOT

by Antwyone Ingram and Rafa Carvajal 1IPUPT$PVSUFTZPG Pistol Pete

FUFS %JB[  1JTUPM 1FUFT EFTJHOFS  IBT BMXBZT IBE B passion for fashion. In 1997, he with his partner, 4BNJ 5BSSBC  MBVODIFE 1JTUPM 1FUF .FOTXFBS 1JTUPM 1FUFIBTHSPXOUPCFBXPSMEXJEFMFBEFSJOGBTIJPOGPS ward sportswear, athletic wear, swimwear, and under wear for men. Check out what they had to say about their brand and their new swimwear collection. The name of the brand has a very playful, yet masculine feel. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Pistol Pete? What was the idea behind naming the brand Pistol Pete? 1FUFS HSBEVBUFE GSPN 'BTIJPO *OTUJUVUF PG %FTJHO  .FS chandising where he learned every aspect of clothing manufacturing: design, pattern making, grading, sew ing, marketing, etc. He always felt that men’s fashion was not exciting or detailed enough. While in school, he XPVMEDSFBUFPOFPGBLJOEPVUĂĽUTGPSIJNTFMGUPXFBS&W erywhere he went, people would stop and ask him where he bought his clothes. Many people began paying him UP EFTJHO DMPUIJOH GPS UIFN  1FUFS DPVME DSFBUF JODSFE ible designs for his employers very fast‌.thus he earned UIF OJDLOBNF 1JTUPM 1FUF   *O   IF BOE * MBVODIFE 1JTUPM1FUF.FOTXFBS1FUFSTĂĽSTUTBMFTBQQPJOUNFOUXBT XJUIBWFSZMBSHFBOEXFMMLOPXOJOUFSOBUJPOBMNFOTDBUB MPHDPNQBOZ6QPOTFFJOH1JTUPM1FUFTĂĽSTUDPMMFDUJPOPG shirts, the catalog company purchased the entire collec UJPO   5IF DBUBMPH DPNQBOZ BMTP BTLFE 1FUFS UP DSFBUF men’s swimwear for them, which he did, and they loved it.

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COVER STORY: PISTOL PETE UNVEILS NEW SEXY CUTS FOR THE SUMMER What particular aspirations & expectations surrounded Pistol Pete upon its birth, and do you feel those expectations were met? We always strive for the brand to become internationally recognized for being both masculine and fashion forward. 5PEBZ 1JTUPM1FUFJTTPMEJOĂĽOFCPVUJRVFTBMMPWFSUIFXPSME Every brand reflects a certain type of man. Describe the particular type of man that was in mind when creating Pistol Pete. The man who dresses to reflect his own style and personality. There are so many underwear and swimwear companies popping up, whether very personal boutiques or large-scale national and international brands. How do you feel Pistol Pete stands out from the rest? 1JTUPM1FUFBDIJFWFTJUTVOJRVFTUZMJOHCZDPOTJTUFOUMZSFTPVSD ing and utilizing a wide array of fabrications and processes. Each season we take what we have learned from the previ ous collection and improve upon our designs and product. Describe Pistol Pete in less than 5 words, what is the epitome of Pistol Pete? Infusing individuality into men’s fashion. What suggestions, as a designer and as a successful brand, can you make to those struggling to stay relevant in the swimwear/underwear industry? ,OPXXIPZPVBSFBOELFFQZPVSWJTJPOJOGPDVT"UUIF same time, know when you need to step out of your comfort zone to evolve. Listen to your customer and keep the brand fresh. Pistol Pete definitely stands out for it’s innovative designs; most notably its sexy cuts and bold design elements such as side buckles, ties, and waist belts. Where did you find the inspiration for such creative styles, and what inspired you to create the latest collection? 1JTUPM1FUFTTJHOBUVSFTUZMFJTUIFCFMUFETXJNTVJU8FIBWF always been incredibly fond of vintage looks from the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s and we wanted to bring that clean sophisti cation from those eras into each collection. Pistol Pete never falls short of sexy surprises and swimwear/underwear that is definitely risquĂŠ. Do you have any surprises for your large following in the near future? 1JTUPM1FUFIBTBTFYZBMUFSFHPBTXFMM8FMPWFPGGFSJOH men the option to be sporty, to be classic, or sometimes to CFBCJUOBVHIUZ4UBZUVOFEy1JTUPM1FUFXJMMCFVOWFJMJOH some new sexy designs from its box of tricks. You also have quite a selection of sexy athletic wear. Can we expect to see more athletic wear in the near future or is your focus primarily on underwear and swimwear? Definitely! Our athletic wear will continue to offer sport minded fabrics with a great deal of comfort, without sacrific ing style. :PVDBOQVSDIBTF1JTUPM1FUFBU$SFBUJWF.BMF /&UI 4U 4VJUF .JBNJ

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ydney designer Michal Nicolas is the creative mas UFSNJOECFIJOEUIFNFOTTQPSUTXFBSMBCFMUFBNN -BVODIFE GPVS ZFBST BHP  UFBNNT QIJMPTPQIZ JT inspired by Aussie sporting values of team spirit, deter mination, strength and masculinity for everyday cham pions. It’s available locally in retail shops and online at If Nicolas looks familiar to you, it may be because be fore launching his fashion empire, he was a popular club performer known for his heartfelt ballads and infectious dance beats. His debut single, a cover of Billie Ray Mar UJOTi:PVS-PWJOH"SNT wXBTSFNJYFECZ%+8BZOF( and enjoyed global dancefloor success. While developing the album, Nicolas paid the bills work ing for retail clothing labels. It was on a showroom floor that his life’s dream changed from creating music to start ing his own fashion label. Most guys refer to the brand as team-8, but the correct pronunciation is team-mate, correct? A lot of people get confused but the name is in fact pro OPVODFE UFBNNBUF  BT JO B NFNCFS PG B UFBN "MTP ‘mate’ in Australia is used to describe a male buddy or a friend. Our name embodies everything about the brand: Australia, the sporting values, the masculinity and the unity. Is it true you started teamm8 from your living room? Yes! In the beginning, I operated and managed every GBDFUTJOHMFIBOEFEMZ*IBEBXFCTJUFBOEUXPTUZMFTPG underwear, that’s it. How did you grow so quickly? I was lucky to gain an international market almost instant ly. Then, over the next few years, I introduced more un derwear styles and then a basic swimwear line. When the swimwear line proved successful, I introduced a test BUIMFUJDXFBSMJOF5IBUTXIFOUFBNNCFHBOTIBQJOH into the lifestyle sportswear brand it is today.

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What is teamm8 doing to distinguish itself from the rest of the athletic wear collections on the market today? We’re unleashing fashion forward and stylish athletic wear that takes guys from the gym to a lunch date or to just hanging around all day. Are teamm8’s underwear rises lower than most briefs? We do keep a low rise to all our briefs, but not ridicu lously low. Comfort is our number one design rule and if the rise is too low then the brief is just not comfortable to wear all day. What kind of man is teamm8 catering to? The savvy, style conscious guy who has an interest in body image and fashion but is not obsessed by it. He just wants to feel and look good in his own skin. I always TBZ iBUUFBNN ZPVBSFUIFTUBSQMBZFSBOEXFBSFZPVS support team.â€? How would you describe the 2012 summer collection? Definitely our best yet. It’s bold, it’s wearable and it’s versatile ‌ we’re all very excited about it. The new underwear line is super sexy. We’ve gotten a little darker this season. We certainly noticed that. While most designers went for brighter summer colors, you chose darker, sinister shades. I love to play with color. I spend a lot of time trying combinations that feel and look fresh and exciting. For this season, I wanted colors that conveyed an even mix of strength and masculine vulnerability. The campaign images reflect that. 5IFTIPPUGFBUVSFTFY'SFODI'PSFJHO-FHJPOSFDSVJU .BUU We shot in a dingy dilapidated basement and asked the ZFBSPMEUPDIBOOFMIJTEBZTJOUIF-FHJPOUPTIPXVT the power and strength he holds within. Is ‘Power’ the theme of your summer line? Yes, power is something all men want. What advantages does a smaller company like teamm8 have over the bigger brands? How is teamm8 using the advantages to its power? 4NBMMFSCPVUJRVFDPNQBOJFTMJLFUFBNNFOKPZUIFMVY ury of dancing to the beat of their own drum. Decisions are made and acted upon quickly. We’re not dragged down by big corporate influences and strategies. We also take big risks. teamm8 was founded on a huge risk. I believe you achieve nothing without playing life that way, and that’s exactly how we approach everything IFSFBUUFBNN:PVXPSLIBSE ZPVFOKPZUIFCFOFĂĽUT 7JTJU-B+PDLDPNUPQVSDIBTFUFBNN

13 | wire magazine | issue #21, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

Michal Nicolas The creative mastermind behind the men’s sportswear label teamm8

WIre Magazine Fashion Editorial Examples  

Examples of Fashion editorials, feature stories, and photo essays in Wire Magazine.

WIre Magazine Fashion Editorial Examples  

Examples of Fashion editorials, feature stories, and photo essays in Wire Magazine.