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Village Views Christmastime

Christmastime 2016


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Volume 31

Port Chester resident recognized as Mount Rushmore’s chief carver A family’s dedication led to the honor 50 years after the sculptor’s death

Revisit lesser-known Christmas traditions Where I’m From A poem by Chris Haggerty


Bottling the spirit of New York


Salvation Army rings in the holiday season

Local brewery pays homage to NY and Europe with apple brandy

Photo by Casey Watts

COVER PHOTO: Port Chester’s Maria Torres introduces her son Rudy to Santa for the first time. With a jolly chuckle, Charlie Sacco greeted the many children who showed up to the annual Santa in the Park at Lyon Park on Dec. 10, 2015. This year’s event takes place on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Claire K. Racine|Westmore News

Publisher..................Richard Abel Editor.......................Jananne Abel Reporter.................... Casey Watts Advertising............... Elaine Lesta Circulation............. Angie Brescia Christmastime 2016

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Port Chester resident recognized as Mount Rushmore’s chief carver By Casey Watts


he only classically trained stone carver in the tradition of Michelangelo who worked on Mount Rushmore wasn’t officially named the South Dakota monument’s chief carver until almost 50 years after his death. Luigi Del Bianco was a mystery to his grandson Lou, who only knew his grandfather for five or six years before he died. Lou remembers that he was the only grandson who was his grandfather’s namesake and his grandad used to tell him: “I am Luigi, you are Luigi.” The Port Chester resident’s curiosity about Luigi began when he was in second grade and discovered a pamphlet on Mount Rushmore National Park that advertised a fundraiser to help complete the carving of the heads and bodies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln into the mountain. Inside the document, the second

grader found his grandfather’s name listed as the chief carver. He recalled running over to his mother and she told him that Luigi did indeed work on

three or four days with every trip, researching,” Lou said. He went about four times to view the Borglum Papers and other documents in the Library of Congress and the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and his uncle took six trips. But it was all necessary to get the evidence they needed to convince the National Park Service to honor Luigi separately as chief carver of the monument instead of only on the general plaque that lists all of its builders. Unfortunately, Caesar passed away in 2009 and wasn’t able to see his work pay off. “By the time my uncle passed away, I created a website to make these papers public,” Lou said. “People can download the actual documents and see them for themselves.” “Mount Rushmore historians never saw these papers before – they couldn’t have been very happy with me,” he joked. “Because here I am going in Continued

A family’s dedication led to the honor 50 years after the sculptor’s death


the sculpture. With that bit of knowledge, Lou was captivated and vowed to find out more. His journey took Lou and his late uncle Caesar Del Bianco to the Library of Congress. As Lou recalled, Caesar “was like a monk in a monastery with the research” and spent three or four days poring over documents about Mount Rushmore and their common relative. “He must have spent eight hours,

Village Views

Luigi Del Bianco works on George Washington’s forehead, creating a shallow row of holes called honeycombing, which is used during the beginning of the carving process. Courtesy of Lou Del Bianco

Continued Christmastime 2016


Luigi Del Bianco poses with designer Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum’s studio models of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It was Del Bianco’s job to figure out the best way to translate the models into the 60-foot sculptures they are today. Courtesy of Lou Del Bianco

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Standing with her nephew Lou Del Bianco, Gloria Del Bianco touches her father’s plaque at its unveiling in Port Chester on June 21, 2014.The memorial plaque is located in a small park across from 68 North Regent St. where Elizabeth Street meets Webster Place. The same plaque will be placed on the grounds of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota to honor Chief Carver Luigi Del Bianco sometime next year. Jananne Abel|Westmore News and saying ‘if you want to know more about the monument you’re in charge of, you should go to Washington.’” Lou believes he and Caesar were ignored at first, but after 25 years of work between the pair, it couldn’t be swept under the rug.

Luigi Del Bianco: From Italy to Mount Rushmore The papers told Luigi’s history: from his documentation to praise from his boss Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum, the monument’s designer. When he was 11, the Italian sculptor studied in Austria under a skilled stone carver. After two

Christmastime 2016

years of apprenticing in Vienna, Luigi moved on to Venice. After a few years, Luigi heard from his cousins in Barre, Vt., that skilled carvers were needed, so the 17-year-old boarded the La Touraine out of Naples with his sights set on America, according to Lou’s website. However, his time in America was short-lived; he returned to Italy in 1913 to fight in the Italian Army during World War I. After the war, he went back to Vermont in 1920 for a year before settling in Port Chester and meeting his wife Nicoletta Cardarelli. The construction of Mount Rushmore began in 1927 and Luigi was

brought on board in 1933 after Borglum fired his previous chief carver. His job was to refine details on the statue’s faces, such as creating Abraham Lincoln’s eyes and fixing a crack in Thomas Jefferson’s lips. He was paid $1.50 an hour and was the only man in his paygrade. He was the senior driller until Borglum designated him as chief carver at the end of July, 1935. According to the website dedicated to Luigi, in 1966 the carver told the Herald Statesman, a Yonkers-based daily newspaper, that he “could only see from this far what I was doing, but the eye of Lincoln had to look just right Continued


from many miles distant” and that he knew “every line and ridge, each small bump and all the details of [Lincoln’s] head so well.” Luigi eventually left the project due to harassment, the details of which were not contained in the documentation Lou and Caesar found. After funding for finishing Mount Rushmore ran out in 1941, the chief carver went home to 108 South Regent St. and opened a stone cutting shop where he carved approximately 500 tombstones out of marble, according to the website. Many of those headstones are in St. Mary’s Cemetery in Rye Brook. He also set many other works, including the statuary at Corpus Christi Church on South

Regent Street, the Our Lady of Fatima statue at Holy Rosary School on Central Avenue and the Spanish American War Memorial in Summerfield Park, according to a 1991 article by Yvette Kahn in Village Views. He passed away in 1969.

Getting the recognition he deserves However, Luigi was never recognized for his work on Mount Rushmore. His name appeared on a plaque at the site with those of about 400 other workers, and there were pictures of him shaping the stone, but the words “chief carver” never appeared.

Luigi Del Bianco, the chief carver on Mount Rushmore, shapes Abraham Lincoln’s eyes.  Courtesy of Lou Del Bianco 10

“History doesn’t always tell you the whole story,” Lou said. “Sometimes you have to find it.” Luigi’s recognition truly began in his hometown in 2014 when the community came together and raised $17,000 to have a memorial plaque made in his honor. Some of the contributors included the Port Chester Council for the Arts, Mayor Neil Pagano and the Port Chester Board of Trustees, Village Attorney Tony Cerreto and the Department of Public Works. The 30”x24” bronze relief sculpture was crafted by Carmel’s Michael Keropian and can be found in a small park across from 68 North Regent St. where Elizabeth Street meets Webster Place. The base was created by Lou Larizza and Nick Gonzalez of Lazz Development, Jerry LaBella of LaBella Electric did the security light installation, Ron Luiso of Byram Mason, Stone, Building and Landscape Supply donated the bluestone and the landscaping around the monument was done and continues to be maintained by John Zicca. In 2016, the National Park Service announced on its Facebook page that it recognized Luigi Del Bianco as Mount Rushmore’s chief carver. There will be a ceremony sometime next year at the site for the Del Bianco family and a plaque, almost identical to the one in Port Chester, will be placed for all tourists to see. The only difference will be the wording to make it less about the fact that he was a Port Chester resident and more about his work. Lou just finished a first draft of a book where he is telling the story of his grandfather from his family’s perspective. He also performs a one-man show about his grandfather called “In the Shadow of the Mountain.” “Don’t ever be afraid to question what you hear – sometimes you have to find the truth somewhere else,” Lou said. “That’s what happened to my grandfather.” “That’s all we really wanted – to get my grandfather the credit he deserved, no more, no less,” he said. To view all of the historic documents Lou and Caesar found, go to n

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I e m m p o r H o v a e r m e r e b nt a C


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Revisit lesser-known Christmas traditions Christmas celebrants participate in many different traditions year after year, but some may not fully understand the meaning behind such activities. A Christian holiday, Christmas did not originate with all activities centralized to the church. In fact, many of the traditions people hold dear have pagan roots which were adapted as Christmas celebrations evolved.

People who hang mistletoe in doorways may be surprised to learn that this tradition dates back to the ancient Druids. The Druids believed mistletoe possessed mystical powers that brought good luck to the household and warded off evil spirits. Evergreen trees are now associated with Christmas trees, but evergreen boughs were once used to decorate homes during

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the winter solstice to help people envision the spring to come. Christians often look at evergreen trees as a sign of everlasting life and their relationship with God. While many Christmas traditions continue to be an integral part of annual celebrations, there are some customs that have fallen out of favor. Although these traditions may no longer be widely practiced, anyone can revive them and make them part of their holiday celebration. Wassailing is a custom that has ancient origins and is not as popular today as it once was. Wassail comes from the Anglo-Saxon phrase waes hael, which means, good health. Wassail is a drink made of mulled ale, spices and other ingredients. To go wassailing meant to travel door-to-door singing and offering a drink from a wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. Wassailing has been mentioned in certain Christmas carols, including “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Largely an English tradition, wassailing was brought to America by British settlers. Jan. 17, the old Twelfth Night, is the traditional date for wassailing. Although wassailing has largely fallen by the wayside, increased interest in ales and craft brewing may help revitalize this Christmas tradition, which can inspire community spirit. Gifting with fruitcake is another tradition that has been much maligned and does not enjoy the same popularity it once did. Fruitcake is made with chopped candied fruit, nuts and spices and is occasionally soaked in spirits. Fruitcakes have been enjoyed all over the world, but Americans may never have embraced the Christmas fruitcake tradition as much as those from other countries. However, with the right recipe and an open mind, it may be possible to resurrect the fruitcake tradition once again. Mummers plays are another British tradition that arrived in North America with settlers but has largely fallen by the wayside. Mummers plays involved miming folk dramas, and the plays were commonplace around the holiday season. Celebrants may want to research such dramas and include them in this year’s festivities to liven up celebrations even more. Traditions passed on through the years help make Christmas a favorite time of celebration. People may want to explore the less popular traditions today and once again make them interesting parts of their festivities. n Village Views

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Where I’m From By Chris Haggerty

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Yoni Rabino and Noah Braunstein stand in front of their distillery for Neversink Spirits at 33 New Broad St. The two Mamaroneck residents were more than happy to be able to follow their passion of crafting fruit brandy in Port Chester.

Casey Watts|Westmore News

Bottling the spirit of New York Local brewery pays homage to NY and Europe with apple brandy By Casey Watts Two local brewery owners prefer to fly under the radar, which is why their Port Chester base doesn’t even have a sign above the door. Noah Braunstein, 32, and Yoni Rabino, 31, of Neversink Spirits at 33 New Broad St. grew up with fond childhood memories of apple picking in nearby orchards. Add in the love for

Christmastime 2016

traditional European fruit brandy and eau de vie (clear, colorless fruit brandy translated to “water of life”) combined with two backgrounds in science from McGill and Wesleyan universities, and Neversink Spirits was born. The pair got into distilled spirits about six or seven years ago and visited distilleries around New York to figure out how to

set up their own. They had the idea and quickly formed partnerships called “The Food Cycle” with Camps Road Farm and Kent Falls Brewery, both in Kent, Conn., but they needed a permanent space to make it happen. Two years ago, Braunstein and Rabino found the New Broad Street site. They cast out a net that covered the Hudson Valley all the way down to New York City. But they found the perfect spot in a building just north of their hometown of Mamaroneck in the village where the Continued


friends have fond memories of sampling the many restaurants. Now, all of the 3,000 square feet of space in their distillery is filled with tanks, 5- to 53-gallon barrels, a small lab, an office and other equipment. “As the micro distillery movement was beginning to take shape, we were really kind of inspired by the concept of doing some of these traditional European fruit brandy styles with a New York twist, using New York grown fruit and tasting the difference in how growing, climate and soil will affect the flavors,” Rabino said. “We’re highlighting the spirit of New York and paying Neversink’s aged apple brandy is stored in barrels for a year. During this time, the once clear brandy soaks in the brown colors from the wood and the harsher homage to the European tradition.” They knew one fruit that could do flavors soften. Neversink has 5- to 53-gallon barrels it uses to store its alcohol. Casey Watts|Westmore News both: apples. The red fruit is one of New York’s biggest agricultural prod- fermenting the fruit by adding yeast, put the liquid through the process twice to get a pure mixture. The last step is to ucts and the 31-year-old thinks the state which turns the sugars into alcohol. The next step is to distill the cider. add water to bring their product to 80 grows the best apples in the world. “If we’re working with fruit, we Distilling is the process of heating up the proof, which is 40 percent alcohol, and then they bottle it. wanted to work with the local It takes about 2-3 months fruit that is done the best,” before their clear, unaged he said. “It was a no brainer apple brandy is ready to be for us to work with apples.” bottled, but it could take lonRight now, Neversink ger depending on the brew, Spirits offers five products: Rabino explained. an unaged clear apple branIf the mixture needs to be dy, an apple-based gin, and aged, they store it in a bartheir seasonal products of rel for a year. After a year in pear brandy, aged apple branthe container, the once clear dy and bourbon, which is a brandy is brown and some of new offering. Their seasonal the harsher flavors have meldrinks are released in the fall lowed. and are in limited stock. Due The whole process is as to the increased amount of sustainable as the pair can production, fall harvest, and currently make it. the spirit of gift-giving, the “Sustainability is someholidays are one of the busithing that’s important to us est times for Braunstein and and something that we’re Rabino. always trying to strive for,” Their orchard, which was Rabino said. “There’s always planted in 2013, neighbors room for improvement. We’re Camps Road Farm and grows working on ways to kind of 18 apple varieties, including improve the sustainability in NY 35 (Bonkers), Goldrush and Ellis Bitter. Not all of The two friends put in about 12-13 hours a day to make our processes.” In addition to using local their apples come from the their products for Neversink Spirits. Yoni Rabino adjusts orchard – some are current- the temperature of the tank while Noah Braunstein checks agriculture whenever possible, they also recapture and ly supplied from New York on the consistency.  Casey Watts|Westmore News reuse any hot water. In the farms. After their apples are picked, they mixture to extract alcohol. Alcohol has a future, the 31-year-old said he’d like to are pressed into a cider before they lower boiling temperature, so the distill- look into more renewable, sustainable come to the distillery in Port Chester. ery captures the alcoholic steam in an- energy sources, especially if they were Braunstein and Rabino then begin other container. Rabino and Braunstein able to further expand their business.


Village Views

Expansion is something the pair knows well. At first, they started off as a self-distributing business that grew into the 50-plus cases per month production they do now. In a good month, Rabino estimated they can ship out 100 cases with 12 bottles per case and there are only two full-time people and one part-time person working on the product. The two Mamaroneck residents put in 12- to 13-hour days and often only get one or two days off in a month, but they love what they do. Rabino described it as a labor of love. But they are looking into the idea of getting extra help. “It’s a lot of work,” Rabino said. “We’re hoping to expand our staff next year.” In addition to expanding their staff, the distillery owners are interested in opening a tasting or retail shop, but that won’t be for a couple of years. Expanding was originally a part of their plan, but it was tabled as the pair began to focus on increasing their production. Now that it is legal in Port

Neversink Spirits offers five products, two of which are pictured here. The apple gin and clear unaged apple brandy in these larger bottles cost about $50. Neversink’s other products are seasonal and include aged apple brandy, bourbon and pear brandy.  Casey Watts|Westmore News Chester for breweries to open a retail store, Rabino said they would like to figure out how to make that a reality for the two friends in the coming years.

They would not be able to open a retail store at their current location, however, because it is zoned M1 inContinued


To All our PATrons & Friends

23 Putnam Avenue, Port Chester, NY Phone (914) 939-8299 • Fax (914) 939-3069 Dine-in • Pick-up • Delivery • Catering On-Line Ordering:

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dustrial. The village’s new legislation generally allows “taking retail to light industrial, not vice versa,” said Howie Ravikoff, vice president of M. Ravikoff Associates, which owns the building. Neversink Spirits products can be found all over New York, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Long Island and more. Their prices range from $30-$55. In Port Chester, Tarry Wine at 175 North Main St. and VarMax Liquor Pantry at 16 Putnam Ave. sell their spirits. No stores or restaurants in Rye Brook currently stock Neversink Spirits.

33 New Broad Street The two-story, 48,000square-foot light industrial building at 33 New Broad St., also called a flex space, is home to many other companies besides Neversink Spirits. They include: Beldotti Bakeries, also known as Good Bread Bakery, offers a full line of bakery goods such as cakes, pies, pastries, and more. This location is a bread factory and is not open to the public. Yoni Grayson De Vere Staging is all about property renovation, residential staging, design consultation and more. Their location on New Broad Street is their private warehouse showroom. It is open Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by private appointment. Hard Crack is a bakery that makes toffee cookies in mocha, chocolate chip and original toffee flavors. Their cookies are sold at Whole Foods in Port Chester. Maypro Industries manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals. Other companies in the building include Josam Foods LLC, York Fabrics LLC and Acacia.


Customizing, which occupied the entire building for at least a decade. When the Ravikoffs bought 33 New Broad, Service Customizing was on the first floor and the second floor was vacant, Howie said. “Then we did what we do best—improve the property.” The Ravikoffs overhauled the entire upper level. “We gutted it and reconfigured it as flex space,” he said. “We have light industrial and warehousing. It was configured for multiple tenancies.” There are multiple tenants and industries—offices, showrooms, warehouses, bakeries and the distillery. Tenants have come and gone over the years— “welcome to real estate in Port Chester—but now we have a very stable building,” Howie said. The longest-term tenant is Good Bread Bakery, which has been there since the Ravikoffs bought the structure. “They were the first tenant to sign up after we gutted and reconfigured the upper level,” Howie said. “They were a small bakery on Greenwich Avenue that had outgrown their space, and we custom built their commercial bakery Rabino adjusts the steam levels on the distiller. Casey Watts|Westmore News here.” It has recently been bought out by the Beldotti by Premier Microwave, a government family of Stamford, Conn. “In this environment,” Howie said, defense contractor. “When we bought the building in “tenants [like Neversink Spirits] are 1999, my father picked up Premier outgrowing their space.” Howie said his father, Marvin, who Microwave and decided to call it The grew the family’s real estate business Premier Building,” Howie Ravikoff said. “It sort of goes along with his per- along with his mother, is still president of the company and “captain of the sonality.” For a time, the editorial and cir- ship.” Although he is semi-retired and culation offices of The Daily Item, a spends most of his time in Florida, he Gannett newspaper that covered Port remains involved where he wants to. Chester, occupied the entire building “The real estate in Port Chester flows through his veins,” Howie said. n before moving out in the 1980s. Then it was purchased by a comJananne Abel contributed pany that put your business’s name to this article. on pens and key chains called Service M. Ravikoff Associates Inc. is a real estate management firm that is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week and is closed on weekends. Called The Premier Building, 33 New Broad has been owned by the Ravikoff family since 1999. It was built

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Merry as Christm

Happy o Hanukkah

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Salvation Army rings in the holiday season


ort Chester resident Dakota Davis stands on the sidewalk on Westchester Avenue near its intersection with North Main Street and rings a bell to collect donations for the Salvation Army. Many of these bell ringers can be seen on sidewalks and in front of businesses during the holidays. Casey Watts|Westmore News Christmastime 2016 21

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Friday, No 48 • An edition of Westm vember 25 - Thurs ore News day, Decem

ber 1, 201

The Por By Casey considera t Chester pol Watts ice after the bly over the station has cha renovationbuilding receivpast three monged nth ed a mu . The dep ch-neededs locker roo artment was break roo m for lieuten able to create a ant new mu m, a refurbished s and sergea new rals nts room des on the walls squad room and , a of the lob igned by two by Office A storag and squ converted e room in the r Ken Manning, ad Main St. into the locker annex buildin Jr. g bui of Public lding was ren room. The 350 was No ovated by and Ca Works person Departmerth rlo nel Ric har d s Barrenechea Mauricio Ara nt , Co ngo acc nw ay. monthly Ac cor dinording to Chief g to PC the night report, the two me a drop ceito transform the n worked we PD ’s ll into spa ling The bre , new paint andce with carpeting ak , roo ligh Port Ch ester Re m was created ting. The ren Arango creation from the ovated old has squad in the waand Barrenechea Department a four-c off olor mu room in the added somll, installed qua fixed a few ice. paneling Port and mo ral created holes rtz e by Police Chester police re. paint, Ma “We hav plumbing for countertops and nni sta Officer years tha e not had a a sink. to transfo ng went in and Ken Ma tion at 350 break roo t I’v No nning, shows phorm one of the wa worked his m in the Three-fo e been here,” Jr., stainl rth Main St. ma lls with 30 Co ottos COUR nway sai ess steel tall stainle from panelin TESY OF a mural gic reasons, The old g d. wall RICHA Conw that win white-waaround the vill as a 24- was installed in ss steel diamond RD CO of the pas age. she dow wh ay explained. NWAY inc the ere the Ab from a loc h quartz counte squad room plate and wh t. The walls d lobby is now rea ds, desk off ove the lobby as are a “Welcom thing covere the holes al vendor. Aft rtop that was bouwell the Por ite mural of his ice er Public torical phod in a black Westchester ’s e to Port Ch r sits, a sign t Chester in the wa ght ester, hom 193 hardest Works fix ll and add pol tographs “It’s am wo ed gla 0s and a cou ice that date e of ed a fre ntertop back to of all kinds azing,” Conwayrking cops.” sh coat ss door of gre wa of fice the ma tha sai s was rep t led to the s installed. Th de it loo at comments d. “We’ve got adm ten k e laced wit “We’re a lot better in about it. It’s rea h a steel inistrative ofvery lly here.” door for safety ativity in our ow impressed with som n ran Please ks and are ver e of the crey gra turn to page 11 teful and

. Susta calls for inable Alliance act Starwoo ion against d Capit al Grou For the story, pag p e7

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P.C. scho recomm ol Bond Advisory ends $78 .66 milli Committee on proje ct

The firs By Casey dum wa t step to creatin Watts s the Por completed on Tueg a new bond ref t (BAC) Chester Bond sday, Nov. 22 erenvot Ad the Board ed to send the visory Commwhen ir present, of Education recommenda ittee Briefs, tion to . Out of 20 voted page 16 roll call the vote can for the recomme 23 people You ndation be found Now the r . The BA You Village C ove might in the sidebar. r to the r , mean the Board of Educabe turning their You Paper r New , vowed to ir job is done. tion, but that doework s Ma adv ny $ 00 ocate for of the me sn’t tion pla the n mb bring 100and a few of the ir proposed con ers strucBoard of people or mo m claimed they $ could Port Ch re to Education 00 ester “The approv the polls if the Tam arack Ro High School board’s pressure is surely ed it. Tel: 91 mi sho ad and 4-939-68 renegotiat ulders. For me going to rest a new ght be receiv 64 on Fax: 91 gym adj ing my e the wh 4-939-68 acent to a new additio ole deal,” self, I would likethe the gym Tom Co would 77 the cur rbi Tom to Editor@w a sha men are rent on n above the par concerned red similar Ceruzzi said. that his concep be too great. Hy estmoren e. king lot fee wh t would man of lings. Bo abo ich has the on /Westmo more tha ut the cost of th and Board of Educa cover about predicted school COUR reNew the 80 per n wo This pro tion TESY OF dou bon uld cut s @west JOE FUL 2015 and d went to the bled since the ject, school the cost ’s charge to the cent of Ed plan is not set morenew LER ucation in of in sto fail BA las pol hal the ed. t C ls f. work at www.w Th crowding s in Port Ch puts it up for ne until the Bo the high estmoren at the hig at bond only add December wo Secretary Ste ard a est vot tac er res ew a h e. kle phe Hig floating uld be school wh sed ove 38 Bro s space n Sim h School ad Stree would rec on Tam addition built “It’s imp needs at the ele ile this plan als r- whether or presumptuous mons though Port Ch t ara above the t it bet to try and eive o not menta ester, NY ck Road. said. “O ortant we hel par ter It 10573p our stu ry schools. just looking at the bond will ne of the Locally 4197 pass, esp predict the sec student foot traf would give the king lot fact tha dents,” Co the potent owned things “We t building and and I thin you never just that hit me wa rbia menda were tasked wit ial price tag. ecially would ond floor. In this fic by creating since 196 operated a loop on tion to h ask two-sto be 4 meet the putting down a what the k [the board] ove for the min s the of the ry classroom about 17-18 Here’s imum needs, recom y nee nee new roo concept, there rreached what ms, inc “We cam d.” on exactly Hyman’s pro ” Simmons ds, not 80 per - room and s, science labs, 10573 luding cent gym said in a a e Events.. ’s inside ban com pos in bon vot and d ed put reference roo d and ers wo plan. er alm Arts & En ............ to on would be add lab. A compet m, a choir .... to think,” it bothers me ost doubled the up there n’t pass it unt “You don’t kno ed College itio Classifiedtertainment ...1 .5 what peo he Avenue adjacent to the n sized 6-1 ple are last or somethto pass. This isn il there’s som w the be ren “We hav continued. and old going Governm s ................18 7 ova eth wanted,” e given the needs to ing frivolous, ’t something for ing be on the ted into new the current gym gym m locker roo Nearby ent Meetings -19 this is som happen.” would fun we same flo reached he concluded exactly what .....5 Events ms tha ething tha or igh . Opinio t projec t room and a as the new gym t would it back.” a little bit and “I think they they n ........ .................6 The BA mu nas t hoped we over............ is ltiium People esti C’s recom pur ........ 8 He adv would cut ............ As it sta John F. mated to cost aro pose room. Th, a mendati ocated Police ............ nds Ke is und pla est now nn again for get an add on $49 n, wh imated Bri edy ..2 $78.66 , the bond wo ition to the Magnet Sch .9 million. Religiou efs................ -3 10-12 claich was concep Richard Hy 30. cla mil uld 85 ssr ool ...16 s Servic lion low mil cos man’s oom Sports the Tam ssrooms on the t 15 and only much can lion in state aid with about $29 t an nance spa s would be er building. Eig would ............ es .........15 ara add built ht new .76- sto ce ...........1 a new gymck Road side. back of the win ed School be aidable at Joh , depending ry above behind the schoolinside the mainte . These num 2-15 Corbia sai gs on n F. Kenne on how it. and Hyman’s in the high by Th be d on ber Sch he dy Ma e ma relocated the wante s are ool sch plan bec below a intenance are second ause he ool but stands d Assistant Construction Co only estimates gnet would a would new be is worrie giv d the cos by McAward Superintenden nsultants (SCC) en This ide on the same sid gymnasium, t for which a is t of are . Th and e as subject e costs and the Business Maura King Str projected to cos the current gym to change t $15 eet aidable . . amount so the cafeteria School would .37 million . get a new would be new classro a gym separa oms and Please a total of 64 parte space, two turn to kin page 10 g spaces.

arly shoes on $340 For Pol his body ice worth of

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Rye B Ro ok W West


Their trea is paperb sure acked Ridge Str eet Sch ool a pir ho ed book sts fair photos


For the

, page 11

NEWS ews.c



P.C. scho recomm ol Bond Advisory ends $78 .66 milli Committee on proje ct Vol. 52


Friday, No 48 • An edition of Westm vember 25 - Thurs ore News day, Decem

ber 1, 201


The firs By Casey dum wa t step to creatin Watts s the Por completed on Tueg a new bond ref t erensday, No (BAC) Chester Bond v. 22 wh vot Ad the Board ed to send the visory Comm en ir present, of Education recommenda ittee tion . The rol 20 voted for Out of the 23 peo to l cal the ple Now the l vote can be fourecommendation nd in the . over to the BAC might sid mean the Board of Educabe turning their ebar. vowed to ir job is done. tion, but that doework Ma tion pla advocate for the ny of the me sn’t Zach Ta n mb ir and ylor ret bring 100 a few of the proposed con ers urns to his alm strucm peo cla a mater ime ple Board of d as a footba Educationor more to the they could Port Ch ll coach polls if est “The approv For the the Tamara er High Sch board’s pressure is surely ed it. story, pag ck Road ool might sho e 12 and a new be to renego ulders. For me going to rest on the gym adj receiving a new tiate the my said. the acent to whole dea self, I would like tha gym would be the cur addition above l,” Tom Tom Co rent on too gre t his the par Ce ruzzi con e. rbia sha king lot men are of the Bo cept would covat. Hyman pre on concerned red similar dicted ard er of about feelings. which has Education COUR and wo abo Port Ch TESY OF uld cut Both ’s charge 80 percent more tha ut the cost of est JOE FUL school the sch the cos to ool in hal n dou pro LER the BAC a floating add er High Sch t of the bon ool would f. work at 2015 and d went to the bled since the ject, ition bui on Tam Sec the ret lt rec ara las polls in high ary Ste abo overcrow failed. That better stu ck Road. It wo ve the parkin eive phen Decem t would bon uld g den lot giv t plan als ding at the hig d only add ber wheth be presumptuousSimmons tho er o res ught it on the second foot traffic by e the buildin g schools. tackles space neeh school while sed just loo or not the bon to try and flo predict there would be or. In this twocreating a loop d king at ds at the this the pot will pass, abo -sto ing elementa “It’s imp “W ry me e were tasked ential price especially cho classrooms, sciut 17-18 new roo ry concept, said. “O ortant we hel tag ndation with put ms, includ ence lab ir room p our stu ne of the ting dow . and s, a fact tha dents,” Co of the nee to meet the things t needs, not n a recom- sized gym woulda computer lab band room, a ds,” Sim and I thin you never just that hit me wa rbia Hyma . A com gym be 80 mo add n’s on per ns ask pet s Co proposed ed cen sai itio what the k [the board] ove for the min the voters plan. “Yo d in reference t would be llege Avenue andadjacent to the n imum won’t y nee rreached old the cur “We cam d.” on exactly up there to pass it until u don’t know to that would renovated into new loc rent gym be on the bond and e in and alm or someth pass. This isn there’s som the gymnas Mourn ker eth sam ing fam to think,” it bothers me ost doubled the needs to ing frivolous, ’t something for ing room. ium, a weight roo e floor as therooms ily and friends what peo this is som he happen m fun $49 This projec new ho ple are goilast .” “We hav continued. t is estimaand a multi-pur ething tha .9 million a bench nor Joey with ng pos e giv ted t wa . en Th to cost aro e nted,” at Garib them e BAC’ John For the und aldi Park s recom reached he concluded exactly what get an F. Kennedy Ma photos As it . mendati add , page 10 gnet Sch it back.” a little bit and “I think they they estima stands now, the new cla ition to the on ted $78 hoped we ove lower bui ool would bond wo ssroom .66 mil s ma He adv would cutr- 30.85 mil lion in sta lion with abould cost an the intenance spa would be bui lding. Eight plan, wh ocated again mu lt ce ch ut $29 te aid ins second beh can for story abo ind the school ide the 10-12 claich was concep Richard Hy School. be aidable at Joh , depending on .76- area wo ma ve Th t ssr and 15 n F. uld be how n’s by ese ooms on and onl on the Tam relocated it. The mainte nasium School Co numbers are Kennedy Magne the y add ara , which nance nstruction only estima t the a new gymck Road side. back of the win ed Assist Rye Bro would be below a new curren tes giv ant Corbia sai Co gs ok woma Hyman’s in the high d he wanteon McAward Superintenden nsultants (SCC) en $15.37 t gym. This ide on the same sidgymwith ins n charge sch plan bec t million a is projec e as urance d . ause he ool but stands d are subjec . The costs and for Business Ma and scam ted to cos For Pol is worrie t to cha the aidabl ura so King Street Sch ice Briefs, t d the cos by nge the cafete e amoun ool would page 16 t of of This plan is not . t ria get two would Education set You new cla be a sep a new gym ssroom puts it upin stone until the r ara s and a You Village Board spaces. In cas for a vot total of te space, e e. r new cla , 64 parkin ssroom future growth You Paper g s wo is r New , By Casey Please uld be built in needed, the Blind s turn to suc $ 00 been rec Brook High SchWatts page 10 h a way rehabilitaovering in Sta ool’s principal mf on collisi tion center sin ord Hospital has $ and ce she wa on on Sep 00 s in a hea a Durin t. 18. dMonda g the Board of Blind Bro Tel: 91 y, Ed 4-939-68 into the Nov. 21, Patric ucation meetin Schuelein ok High Sch 64 Monroe Fax: 91 ool Pri said he Center E. Haas ia Lambert wa g on 4-939-68 to the ncipal wit De faculty, took her rev 77 Editor@w greeted h her family Instructional lked ised lan rek to the Media and wa wit estmoren Student department h hug s walker immedia meetin guage s. Althou the cur Congress and /Westmo rent tely gh she who all gs and principal has a boot larg reNew is usi ely due language wa believ on her wa s @west right foo ng a the revisio to the fact s the best. Th ed Her vis s nothing but morenew t, tha the it sm iles. discussed was not wit www.w s of Condu ns seemed to t those who is is estmoren hout pur what she heard agr ct is ee did not that the one or pos and in order meant 38 Bro two act ad Stree for the other faculty mee – she a Blue ions – the to limit teacheCode teach as hig Port Ch mb Rib the rs to y should ester, NY t Performa bon School h school to bec ers The iss y see fit. be able 10573for Exem ome Locally to 4197 couldn’t nce. She exp owned also cam ue of teachers lained tha plary High jus and t the hon suggestede into play. On not citing their since 196 operated “If you t be held by e or 4 Blue Rib r high school one school. “Present changing the of Adler ’s rev work Here’s is bon aw isions Co arded of Ex what tary and cally hon educational ma de of Condu 10573 middle cellence, then a National ct teri est lin Events.. ’s inside als wa e sai school in the ele y,” teachers d. She Arts & En ............ appropriatto “Recognizinan academi.....5 years for added that it is as well,” La men- Blind Bro ter by tain g oth ely tha ment ...1 Classified mbert tak ers use materi t many exemplarya student or an es more tha 6-1 Lamber ok High Schoo materials , if a teacher n Governm s ................18 7 presents als prepared education – it happens education to bec four during t speaks to the l Principal Pat product, to students tha educat throughou the om Bo Nearby ent Meetings -19 al experi ric t t their ent e how BBHS Monday, No ard of Educat ia those res properly cite is not their ow ional .....5 Events “A s ence. n v. 21 the sou Opinio ire Thi ion pon Blue Ribfar as I’m con rce and work n ........ .................6 s is the became a Blu meeting abo However sible for creatin ............ credit cer ned People e Rib first ut , Dia concludedbon District g on Sep ........ 8 ............ of Excel , we ’re a t. 18 tha time since her bon School. students cannot mond felt tha the material.” . Police ............ board me t she has car lence,” t tea of Board Pre Bri ..2 she attended accident eve responsibilit be held to the chers and eting. sident Jef Religiou efs................ -3 y wh “You sam a schoo ryt ...16 s Servic f l would hing they are en it comes e level Sports CASEY seniors can only have bluDiamond agreed office wh WA ............ es .........15 to citing if you hav arise if tea presentin ...........1 recoverin en she is rea TTS|WESTMORE e blue ribe ribbon gradua . testing Super 2-15 dy and NEWS materialschers were not g. An issue g ing forwaintendent Dr. Jon bon K-12,” he ting is glad The res well. she is heard many stu , something using original said. rd to hav ath Adler sai ing cov t of the Board dents talk som ing Lamban Ross is loo eth ered the ing d of kert back to the boa that has pre about, but this she language Education me in her Conduct, som vio etrd’ usl of eth y been is not Adler Despite s attention. brough wanted ing board me the Code of Adler t change mb d. Howe er Wendy the original lan ’s fighting for a mo gua Co ver, Ac ting we de of Conduct ge was left unc dification, han can bsite at blindbroo be read on the ged. The district’s

P.C. alumnu returns to s school

Remembe a fallen so ring n

Over $100 stolen in K scam

1 49

Blind Bro

ok High S

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chool pri


ncipal is



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